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PART – 4

MAAN was very sure about one thing that she wont have any one on her life,so he determined to propose her. But before that he took his mother in confidence. Maan told her each and everything. Sakshi was happy as she had a full faith on her son’s choice. Moreover,she was none other ther but niece of her childhood friend Aasha,with whom she share a great bond till she left Canada after her husband’s death. Maan showed Geet’s pic to her mother and she too proved instantly.

‘i am so happy for you son.’ she kissed on his forehead and granted his choice.

As decided both reached to Geet’s house. Aasha welcomed both. Intially Sakshi showing fake anger to her but when she manofy her pulling her hears both smiled nd hugged each other. Maan’s eyes only looking for his love. She is no where.’aunt where is Geet?’, when he failed to hold his eagerness he asked quickly.

Before Asha replied Geet appeared from the kitchen with snacks and coffee. She moved to Sakshi and wished her bending on her feet. Sakshi blessed her,kissing on her forehead. ‘bilkul Divya di pe gai hai.’ she remarked.She sat near her and Sakshi start takling to her casually. Geet mixed with her. First time Maan saw her talking normaly other then work. Or else in office she only open her mouth for work sake.

After Lunch Maan went behind her in kitchen. ‘Geet need to talk with you.’ he said straightly without sugering his words. Geet staring in his eyes,dark and intense. ‘Geet i don’t know what you feel about me,my feelings are very clear for you. I love you and want rejoice me whole life with you. Will you marry me?’ he proposed directly after confessing his feelings to her which are very clear and transparent.

Geet dropped all utensils carrying in her hands and her face again squeezed as someone strangling her neck. She push backwards and panic was clearly evident in her eyes.

Outside same time Sakshi to told Aasha about the proposal of Maan which her aunt denied completely. The sound from kitchen area alerts her and she ran to Geet. Seeing her condition Aasha quickly went to her and embraced her.’massi pls tell them go from there.’ i dont wanna talk on this matter.’ Geet sound so disturbed even her words are broken and she whimpering hiding her face in her aunt’s chest. Maan was in shock seeing her reaction.

No is quite expecting but this reaction is not unerstood by him. He raised towards her but Aasha stops him.’pls Maan bete. Is waqt aap chale jaiye. And its my req dont ask again for marriage.’ her words are cold but she wont have a choice.

Broken heartedly he left from there with Sakshi. She too felt annoyed on their behaviour but tried to pretend calm in front of him as she knew his heart hurt badly and only she can handle him. Maan wont showed but he is very sensitive. Geet was his first love and whatever had happened there will effect him definately.’Maan bhul jao use.’ She consoling him as he was silent since they came from there.

‘nai mom i cant. Pehli baar kisi ko chaha hai. Or firr mujhe jaana hai uske inkaar ki wajh kya hai. Why she was reacting like that.’ Maan denied as his heart only want her at any cost.For his son sake Sakshi too change her mind and thought of confront Asha. Night was very long and painful for all four. Unknowingly Maan greend her all wounds. All four are in pain childeren for their own reasons and their mother due to them.

Next day after reaching office, Geet straight went to Maan’s cabin and gave him a resignation letter. Maan struck her way. She trying to stole her eyes from him but he not allowed her to go.’what is this Geet?’ he need explainantion of her insane action.

‘kal jo hua…’ Geet wont able to talk about the incident but she had to explain him.

‘kal jo hua wo humara personal matter hai. Uski wajhse main company ko nuksaan nahi hone dunga. Geet you reject me its your right. But you leaving job is completely unprofessional which is not acceptable.’ Maan torned the letter and told her clearly that he wont allowed her to leave job.

‘par main apko koi takleef nahi dena chahti.’ Geet cleared the reason.

‘wo to tum de hi rahi ho job chhodkar. Geet you are my most capable employee and i cant loose you. Meri feelings tumhare liye genuine hai. But its ok if you are not ready. Lekin job chhodkar tum koi solution nahi de rahi ho. Geet i promise you at offce i wont ask you again to accept my proposal but please dont leave job for that.’ Maan not ready to let her go so he sucedded in conviencing her to stay in office. Geet silently moved to her cabin and start working again like before. Maan sighed as she agreed atleast on this. He still have a hope if she stays with him he can mend her for marriage.

PART – 5

MAAN convienced her and changed her mind to leave the job. On the other side Sakshi thought of asking the reason behind Asha and Geet’s weired behaviour so she straight went to her home. Aasha welcome her inside. ‘i knew it that you will come for sure.’ her head bowed before her.

‘Aasha you hurt me alot yesterday. You know me and Maan both. Infact mujhse pehle tumne use god me liye tha,when he was born. Still you wont have trust on him,that he is a good match for Geet?’ Sakshi was so hurt and she told her without hesitation.

‘your anger is justified but behind my denial there is a reason. I denied for good sake of Maan.’ Aashae voice is trembling and her eyes turn little wet at the corners. ‘Maan deserve best in his life.’

‘Aasha pls dont twisted it and tell me clearly. Dont you see his eyes,how much he love Geet.’ Sakshi was damn annoying and not ready to calm down.

‘Sakshi trust me i am not enemy of Maan. He is like son to me and i dont wanna make his life worst then hell. Geet is not suitable for him.’ Aasha hesitated and want her to compell.

Sakshi hold her arms and shaked her. ‘Aasha please tell me clearly. I only want to know the truth. Is there anyone in her life? She love someone else? What ever the reason pls tell me because i cant see my son in pain.’ She burst on her and forced her to revealed the truth before her.

‘ok if you forced i let you know. Neither she love someone nor she able to do so. Geet is married seven year back. She wont even completed her studies when Yash came in her life. He liked her send marriage propsal. Divya di was died when she was only three. No one is there with whom she can share her feelings. Geet was not ready for this marriage but no one can think of ask her for once. Her father and step mother accept the propsal and forced her to. Somehow she convienced herself and accept the marriage whole heartedly. She accept what life choose for her and trying to find happiness with Yash. Everything is going smoothly till she get pregnant. Geet is internally weak but Yash want this baby,so she decided to carry on with her pregnancy. But doc strictly banned any physical hard work for her, as she tired easily. Mahesh jijaji send Sameera to take care of her till baby arrived. Geet was happy as now she got company of her sister during this tough time. But that innocent life is unaware of the danger waiting for her. Gradually Yash and Sameera’s closeness start increasing. Geet ignored as she take their acts normally. But behind her back Yash and Sameera cross their all limits. They involved physically as Geet is not able to do so. Sameera to grab the chance as she also attracted by him. One day Geet caught both. She decided to leave Yash but Mahesh jijaji forced her to stay with Yash and forgive him. They took Sameera along with them but its not end yet. Sameera and Yash continue their relation. Sameera wants rid from Geet so she went to her home and querral with her. She pushed her from stairs due to which Geet lost her baby. Still her parents forcing her not tell anyone about this incident. On the name of society they shut her mouth. Geet betrayed by the hands of her own sister and husband who clamied of loving her. She lost everything in her life,but forced to live with Yash. Yash tortured her for killing the baby,and no one is there to save her.

Sameera’s plan failed. Only baby died in that accident so she went to Yash’s office one day and demands to gave divorcee to her.’

‘I cant baby. Because according to will half of my property was on the name of wife and if i divorced her she took all plus alimony deni padegi so alag. Samjh nahi aata kaise pichha chudau is museebat se.’,he said frustratingly.

‘i have an idea. Yash killed her in road accident. Kisko shak b nahi hoga or humara kaam b ho jayega.’ Sameera gave an idea to Yash and both made a plan to kill her in accident.


Aasha continued. ‘but least they are aware the servant of his house who went to gave lucnh to him hear each and everything. He was so kind. Without wasting a minute he reached to Geet and told her everything. Geet was scared,she called me and tell me everything. With the help of that servant she manage to escape from there and came to me. I instantly shifted to hotel with her,because i knew they came her after her. I will manage to sell my house and came back here to my old house with her. Thankfully she had all the legal documents with her. After coming here i will enouraged her and she completed her studies. Though time had passed but still she was struck in those memories. Sakshi Geet is not normal. Uska rishto pe se khaskar se shadi se vishwas uth gaya hai. She scared of this relation most thats why she wont allowed anyone in her life.’ Her eyes pouring tears remembring how much Geet suffered and still suffering. Finally she revealed everything to her.

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