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PART – 29




“Geet are you ready?” He called her and she turned towards the door.





She picked up some files from her table and walked towards him. “I am ready Rohan.” She replied softly and both walked out.



Both entered in the conference Hall. But same time her phone buzzed. She saw and cut the call. “Geet please answer the call.” He requested to her.




“Rohan clients are waiting.” She said and walked away. Geet greet all clients and start her presentation. After meeting clients sealed the deal. All shake hands and lefts. Geet had a smile on her face but one stare took it away.




“What?” She asked.



“Geet stop hurting yourself.” He said and made her stunned.



“What I did?” She question.



“What you did? Geet you know it very well. You were not in yourself today. In meeting everyone noticed that you are distracted.” He said strongly.



“Aisa kuchh nahi hai. In fact we got deal if you forget.” She tried to hide her disturbance from him.




“Yes we got deal but you to know you are not the one today who you were always be. Geet 5 years had passed and you cut off with them completely and they to respect your decision but if he is calling you again and again. Then I am sure there must be a reason. Please reply. Tabi tumhe b sukoon milega.” He said and left her alone.



Geet entered in her cabin and falls on her chair. She hold her head in her hands. Thinks a lot. Glance hundreds times at her phone’s screen. Once again it buzzed and this time she answered the call to got biggest shock of her life.




“Geet you okay?” Voice from the other side asked?




“Yes I am…” She was in shock. Trying to hold her self.




“Then? What you decide? Aa rahi ho na? Tell me what should I say to her?” He asked for a proper reply.



“I am coming Adi. I am coming.” She replied in a broken voice. Tears filled her eyes. She was still in shock.




Rohan came inside and saw her shattered. He paced his step and reached to her. He gave glass of water to her. “Geet you okay? What happened? Is everything okay there?” He knew there must be some reason which brought tears in her eyes. Geet tried to answer but her voice was chocked due to lump formed in her throat. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Breath. Breath…” He help her.




Geet drank water and told her what Adi told her. “Geet tume jana chahiye.” He advised and she nodded.




“Can you help me?” She asked.




“Don’t worry. I will arrange everything for you. You just go and start packing.” He assured her.




Rohan confirm her ticket for India. Flight was on time. Geet waits for Adi on airport. He arrived and she paced her steps towards him. He hugged her.




“Good to see you after long 5 years.” He felt many emotions at the same time.




“You look weak.” She scanned him and said.



“Really? But my wife said I am gaining weight.” Both laughed.




“I am glad you decided to come back.” Suddenly their laugh vanished.




“Chale?” She asked and he nodded.




In car she sat silent next to him. So much running in her mind. Facing all that again. “Kya hua?” He asked to her.




“Nothing just feeling awkward.” She told him.



“Awkward?” Adi not get her.



“Papa ko pata hai that you called me?” She asked to change the conversation.




“No. But I am sure he have an idea. Because Nitya talked so much to him. More than she talked to Maan.” He explained.




With a jerk car stopped before a big building.







“We reached. Are you ready?” Adi asked and she nodded yes. “Then come out.” He opened door for her. She glanced all around. Old memories strikes once again. She entwined her fingers.




“Relax Geet.” He held her shoulder and nod. Both went inside. “This way.” Adi guides her. She felt hesitate but entered inside.




“Geet beta…” Samarth saw her and leave his seat. She rushed to him and he absorb her in his warmth. Samarth kissed on her forehead.




“How are you Papa?” Geet asked seeing him after a long time. Both have tears in their eyes. Samarth wiped off her tears. “You forget about me completely. That’s why cut off with us.” He complaint to her.




“I am sorry Papa. I act like a selfish. In order to get rid of my pain I run away from there. But I never thought this would happen.” Geet apologized.




“Come she is waiting for you.” He said and took her inside the room.




“Ahhhh… Sister aaram se.” She winced in pain.




“Mam this injection is necessary.” Nurse replied to her.



“Nitya beta see who is coming.” Samarth called to grab her attention.




Nurse sides and give her clear view. Nitya saw and Geet appeared. She went near her and hugged her. Nitya hug her back.




“Thank you for coming. Kitni der laga di aane me. Mujhe to laga tha tumhe dekhe bina hi ye aankhe band ho jayegi.” She breathed a sigh of relief.




“Shut up. This is not happening,” Geet choked out, feeling as if her whole world had just shattered. And actually, it had.




Nitya wiped off Geet’s tears. “It’s okay. We all accept it and I have no complaints. In last 5 years I got this much love and happiness that no wish of mine is left. No can sleep calmly..” Geet put finger on her lips. Nitya held her hand. She was smiling.




“When you left you gave me responsibility of Papa and Maan. Now it’s time for me to leave. So before that I want to handover my responsibility which you gave to me. But I added one more to it.” She turned her face to nurse. “Sister…” She signals and nurse left the room.




She came back soon with a little life in her hands.







Nurse handed two month old baby to Nitya. She kissed him so many times. Then she raised him towards Geet. “I added one more. Please hold him. He doesn’t know me as his mother. Due to my illness I don’t allowed to hold him. Geet please….” She requested as her hands started to shake. she breathed incredulously.




Geet quickly took baby from her and soon Nitya lost her conscious. “Doctor… Doctor…” Nurse ran to called the doctor.







PART – 30




MAAN rushed inside ignored his surroundings. He held his wife in his arms. “What happened?” His anxious voice was enough to convey his feelings.



“Don’t panic. I am fine.” She assured him but Maan eyes were fixed on the doctor who was examined her. He wants to hear the same from him.



“Doctor what happened?” He asked straight from him.




“Nitya you take rest and no more talking. Only rest okay?” He cautioned her in strong voice. “Mr. Khurana you come with me.” He wants to talk with him.




Maan kissed on her forehead. “I’ll be back.” He said and stood up. Nitya held his hand and stopped him.




“Don’t take much time. Because I don’t have.” She had a smile on her face but both knows how much pain she was bearing.




Maan bend and kissed her again. “You are not going anywhere. Get it.” Maan caressed her head and left with doctor.




Geet was in waiting room with Samarth. She asked about her condition.




“Doctor….” Maan staring at his stern face.




“Look Maan I already told you about her condition. So be strong. By every passing day she is heading towards her…” He left his words uncompleted. “Accept it. Only do what she wants. Keep her happy.” He explained him. His eyes shed tears. Doctor pressed his shoulder. “Be strong Maan.”




“Papa how… I mean she is so young…” Geet was in shock.




“Don’t know why this happens with my children only. First Yash and now Nitya.” Samarth hiding his pain but occasionally it’s come out. “Everything was going smoothly but then one day we got to know about her illness. But that was too late. Cancer last stage pe tha. We see every doctor. Tried various therapy but no results. Bas Mayuk safely aa gaya duniya me sahi salamat.” His eyes to wetted. He took baby from her hands. “Poor my baby. Don’t get his mother’s love for one day.” He kissed on his cheek and he smiled in sleep. Geet rested her head on his shoulder. Tried harder to stay strong but not possible.



It’s midnight when Nitya took her last breath and left all in tears. She died in his arms. Hospital done the formalities and gave body to them. Early morning Maan do the rituals of funeral. With heavy heart he forced himself to give her final bye. She lefts. Leaving her symbol Mayuk with him and Geet.





One month passed in grief and sorrows. Her memories haunted him. Maan spend all his time with his baby only. He turned mute. Don’t talk to his dad even. She left an emptiness in him which can’t be filled again.




Geet saw him dying every second. She could feel his pain as she go through the same 6 years ago. She tried to talk but he doesn’t gave her a chance.




In evening Mayuk was crying. Geet rushed to held him but Maan took before she could reached him. He tried harder to console his little soul.




“Maan can I?” She hesitated but asked seeing Mayuk restless.




Maan glanced at her. “I can handle my son. Iski adate kharab mat karo. He should know that me and Dad are his only family.” He replied straight forward.




“Maan I can understand what you are going through. Because I experienced the same. Losing someone without who you can’t live isn’t easy.”




“She is my only friend. My best friend. I not lose my life partner but my best friend too.” He said and left.




[Song link: http://youtu.be/qUiuKNjyq4c ]




Maan went to his room where their memories lies.



[ ” Saath mein the, paas mein the

Jaane kaha tum chal diye

Raahein jahan jaati nahi

Dekho wahaan tum chal diye (x2)

Yaara tum bin jeene mein

Saansein chhubhe hain seene mein

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Rozana ye uljhan rehti hai jaane kyun

Jaise kuch pyara sa kahi rakh ke bhoole ho

Tum yahi thhe haan yahi thhe

Kho gaye ho kaha

Yaara tum bin jeene mein

Saansein chhubhe hain seene mein

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Lagta hai ke tum bin

Ab hum reh na payenge

Kya toota hai andar

Yeh hum keh na payenge

Aa bhi jaao hum se aakhir kaise naraziya

Yaara tum bin jeene mein

Saansein chhubhe hain seene mein

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Hey oh o..”””” ]


He cocoon him near his heart. Roaming around to make him calm.




Samarth couldn’t able to see him in this condition. He tried to talked to him. Seeing Maan allowed himself to be fallen in his arms.




He console his son. But both knows these all are just words. Nothing can took this pain which was for a lifetime.




Adi went back to home. Pinky saw him tensed. “How is he?” She was worried for Mayuk.




“Binn maa ka bachha kaisa hoga. Maan ki haalt hi itni kharab hai.” He couldn’t able to handle the sorrows gripped them.




“Adi I was thinking k kyu na hum Mayuk ko yaha le aaye. Maan wouldn’t able to handle him alone. But I can.” She gave him option to help both Maan and Mayuk.




“You think I didn’t tried. I asked him but he was also right on his place. Pinky he will not going to agree for this. He is getting so much possessive for him. Ab to Uncle ko b zada chhune nahi deta. He kept him in his arms all the time.” Adi explained the situation of him to her.




“I know why he is behaving like this.” Pinky said in a deep voice.




“Don’t know what going to happen.” He threw his coat in frustration and loosened the tie.




“He is doing what his father did in his young age.” One voice came and capture their attention.




“Papa aap aa gaye.” Pinky said and left to brought coffee for him.




“He is not exceptional. He behaves like his father. Even Samarth not allowed anyone near Yash. He scared to lose him to.” Pankaj told them.




“I know how you must be feeling time. Because I to felt very bad for both. I tried to talk to him but he is aloof from all of us.” Adi felt so helpless.




“It’s okay son. Don’t force him for anything. Time cure every wound. Geet ko dekha maine. She looks normal than before. Likewise Maan b ho jayega.. it’s just another hard face of life.” He boost his son.




“I think you are right dad.” Adi convinced with him.

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Part – 27




Maan reached Police station with Adi. They took him to confirm that whether the body they found was of the attacker or not. “This way sir.”




All reached to a room. “The description you gave us was resembling to this body.” He showed him.



“I didn’t get a chance to see his face.” Maan told again.



Officer in charge showed him some things which they found with him. Maan recognized his clothes. “It’s confirmed that he was the one who attacked you that night.” Officer said.



“But he is dead,how?” Adi and Maan both asked the same.



“We found his car in woods and he was dead. Report says that the reason for his death is chocking of his throat.” Officer told them.



“It’s a murder. Culprit killed him to safeguard his/her identity.” Adi said confidently.



“That’s exactly what we feel.” Officer to had the same doubt.




“Any thing else you found near his body which can help us in the further investigation.” Adi enquired.



“No. The Culprit is very smart. Left no clue for us.” His statement disappointed both.




“Alright officer.” He said and both left.




“Culprit is keeping an eye on us.” Maan guess and share.




“Yes you are right. Even in Paris She tried to remove each and every evidence.” Adi shared his experience.




“Maan hospital is not safe. You should agree with Dad.” Adi suggested him and Maan was about to deny but he added. “Don’t worry. Uncle will be alright. Trust us.”



“I know I can count on you.” Maan said with a weak smile.




“Now let’s go back.” Both settled in the car and drove back to hospital.




Meanwhile Pankaj was done all the arrangements. “Nitya you are still here?” Maan was surprised.




“Oh yes. She is a very nice girl. Helping me.” Samarth said with a smile.




“Thanks Nitya.” Maan showed gratitude towards her.



“It’s okay you are my friend and I have done nothing special.” She squeezed his hand softly. “Take care.”





Ambulance took Samarth to KM. Pankaj entered with his small team of doctors and nurses and in another car some equipments were carried.



“Geet is Uncle’s room ready?” He asked and she nodded.




They installed all the equipment to monitor his condition. Pankaj discussed all the details with his Junior before leaving. Dr. Sagar you and Sister Diti will stay here alternatively and switch with Dr. Satish and sister Anna. Is that clear to everyone?” He announced and all nods.




He took Maan to the corner. “These 4 are trustworthy. Still I installed cameras every where to monitor their moments. Now don’t worry. I also instructed Adi. He will help you. So don’t worry.” He said and left.




Adi met with Geet and left. Man came back to his father’s room and sat near him. “Dad how are you feeling now?” He was only worried for him.



“Absolutely fine. My kids are with me. Now I will get back to normal very soon.” He glanced both Geet and Maan.




“Dad you need rest. Now please save your energy.” Maan said and left the room. Not wanting to share space with her when she was showing only hatred for him.




“Is there any problem?” Samarth sensed the tension between them.




“No Papa. Every thing is fine.” She wants to assure him. “Now you take rest okay.” Geet covered him and walked out.




Maan was there in hall. Geet went to meet him. “I don’t care who you are and what relationship you have with this house. But one thing I know is Papa needs you. So better we act like before. I mean stay normal in front of him. As he already sense the tension between us.” Geet cautioned him in rude and rough manner.




Maan glanced at her and step away without replying. So she obstructed his way.







“Keep my warning in your mind.” She cautioned him again but Maan jerked her hand off and step up to reach his room.




Samarth wants to clear his side of story to Geet but wasn’t getting the chance. He was disturbed and upset too.




On the other side the Police and Adi’s men were trying to search for that woman who was playing with their lives.





One week passed and he was safe at home as all guards were working properly. Nitya to daily visited KM to see Samarth.



“You like her?” Samarth asked suddenly and left him stunned.




“What?” Maan acted like unaware.




“I know you do. So don’t act before me.” Samarth teased him.




“Come on dad. She is my friend.” Maan tried covering up.



“Wow that’s great. Now at least you and Geet become friends.” Samarth laid half back. So much relaxed and calm.




“Geet? I thought you were talking about Nitya.” Maan himself blurted out the truth.




Samarth play his card and trapped Maan so easily. “You are caught my boy. I knew it. Yes I was talking about Nitya and now don’t lie to me. I know you like her.”



“No use dad. She to loved Yash. I am just his shadow. Every one who is close to me is just because of him. She is trying to find him in me.” Maan’s voice turned low suddenly.




Samarth held his hand and made him sit near him. “No you are wrong my boy. She likes you. For the person you are. I saw it in her eyes the way she looks at you.” He tried to boost him.




“I don’t know Dad. This time I don’t want to hurt myself.” His eyes turned dead voice leave all enthusiasm.




Samarth coocoon him. Caress his head and kissed on his forehead.




Maan went out to call Adi and found Geet ready to leave. “Where are you going?” He asked before she left.




“It’s none of your business.” She again replied in her rough tone.




Maan held her from forearm and pulled to him. “It’s my business. You are my father’s daughter in law. And anything related to him is my concern.” He hissed in anger.






Geet flinched him off. “I have a very important meeting at office.”



“You are not going anywhere. Don’t forget what Adi cautioned you.” Maan reminds her.




“I know what I am doing. And I can take care of myself.” She glared him and stepped ahead.



Maan held her and tried to drag her inside but she was adamant and quick to. Geet bite on his hand and ran away.




Maan send some guards behind her and informed Adi as well. “Adi stop her before it’s too late. She will listen to you.”




“You don’t worry I will handle her.” Adi assured him and dialled her number but she was in hurry and  was not able to pick his calls up.




“I know Maan had send you behind me. But I am not his slave who will breath as per his accord. I feel suffocated seeing him all the time.” Geet talked to herself and paced her car.





Adi took his car to catch her but all failed as she had been kidnapped. Her car was empty and almost damaged.





Her eyes were covered. Her hands and legs were tied firmly with rope.







She struggled to free herself but no use as the grip was firm and her kidnappers turned her blind folded.




“See how she is wriggling. Like fish without water.” One voice hit her ears. She tried to recognize it but was not able to.




“Don’t take her as soft target. She is very hard to kill. You know what how many times I tried but she is a curse on our lives.” There was so much of hatred in second voice and she recognized it to.




“Mamaji…” Geet mummers.




“Suddenly her blind fold was removed and she got a biggest shock of her life. Her own uncle was standing with one person.





“When you killed Yash I thought she will die automatically but no she found new husband to play. Bloody bitch. First she killed my sister then brother in law a big omen you are. Curse on every one’s life. I wish jeeja killed you the moment you were born. But no he decided to keep you and raised you. Because of you my sister lost her life. Just to safeguard you and when I was going to get compensation in the  form of your property don’t know from where that Khurana came in between and took you away. How many time I tried to kill that bastard but no. He is same like you escaped his death every time. But today no one is going to save you. You will have to die.” He pointed his gun on her forehead and was ready to kill her but another person pushed his hand and he missed the target.




“Don’t act like a stupid. Don’t forget what deal we have. You want her dead and I want Maan dead. She is the only key to bring him here.” She reminded him of what they deals.




“Who are you and why you killed my Yash?” Geet yelled on her.




She fists her hairs. “Awaz niche. I don’t like voices raised against me. Yash ko marna hi tha and now it’s Maan turns. The work left incompleted 27 years ago would be done today only. He will come to rescue you and give his life. Then only my Revenge get completed.” Her eyes were filled with anger and her laugh was sound of death…




PART – 28




Geet was scared and now in a complete mess. She was clueless now. Seeking for a some solution. But her legs and hands were tied.







“Call Maan now.” Other woman commands. Geet’s uncle obeyed and text him.




Maan received message about Geet. Her life is on threat and they wanted him to visit them but alone without informing anyone. Maan panic for few seconds but soon composed himself. He made an excuse and left the mansion.




Her men giving him instructions over phone and he followed their every command. That time Geet’s life was on stake and he wouldn’t risk it.




There was an old godown far away from the city. Her guards check him properly and snatched his phone too.




Maan entered and scanned the area around. He knows they were in danger so his mind start thinking of a plan to escape.




“I am here. Now let her go.” He said while staring all around.




Two men quickly tied his hands to and took him to Geet who was already struggling with her ropes. “Maan run. She wants to kill you.” Geet saw him and screamed.



One hard spank was enough to shut her mouth. “None of you is going from there. You both will die today.” Geet’s uncle roared.



“Who are you and why you want to kill us?” Maan wriggled badly to free himself.




“You don’t need to know this.” She signals and her men pushed Maan inside the same room and locked from outside. “Burn this place so no one found any clue.” She commands and her men put fire on the place. They all ran outside only to welcomed by police who bounded the place from all sides.




“Samarth was panicking but rescue team went inside and brought both Maan and Geet safely.




“Thank you Nitya.” Officer in charge shakes hand with her. “Without your help we never able to catch these culprits.”



“It’s my duty officer. Yash was my friend and I want his culprit behind bars. When Adi called me for help I couldn’t resist.” She smiled.



“I knew it culprit keeping eye on us and know all of us very well. So I need a person who is clean and not with us from a long time and who is trustworthy to. Nitya se better option nahi tha mere pas. When Maan left the mansion without telling us,I alerted her and she hides inside your car due to which we able to track you so easily.” Adi revealed this truth to all.



Samarth hug his kids and then moved towards the culprits. He slapped both. “Shame on both of you. You are her uncle and you.” His eyes filled with anger. “You are his aunt. Massi of Yash and Maan. Did you understand the depth of the word Massi. Maa jaisi and mother give birth not killed. You snatched my son. Why?” His every fiber vibrated with anger surged through him.




“Dad who is she?” Maan asked.




“Saudamini,your mom’s elder sister.” Samarth revealed.




“Samarth she is the one who stole Maan from hospital.” Pankaj saw same bracelet and told all.




“I took what was mine.” She yelled. “Your alliance came for me but you choose Arpita over me. So I decided to took what was mine. If you marry me then they would be mine.” She hissed in anger. No regret was visible in her eyes.




“Then why you killed my Yash?” Geet screams louder in pain.




“27 years ago when I was running with Maan, Samarth and Pankaj chasing me. My car fell in deep water fall due to which I hit with some stone and went in to coma. Some people saved me and admitted to hospital. When I came back to conscious 26 years had passed and I have nothing. Then I decided to give same emptiness to Samarth from which I was suffering. I made a plan and on right time I killed the source of his happiness. But when you introduced Maan as Yash I got that his twin is alive and I have decided to kill him to.” She told in a proud tone.




“Just to satisfy your ego,see what you did. My one son died. My daughter in law turned widow and another one lives a life of beggar. What you get by doing all this? And Himanshu you. You to joined hands with her. Just to get money. Is money matters you this much that you ready to kill the last symbol of your sister?” He felt disgust at the sight of both. “Now I will make sure you both get deserved punishment. Your crimes never let you stay in peace.” He wants to kill both at the moment but Pankaj held his hands and not allowed to commit any crime. Police arrest all and took away.




After completing the formalities Samarth took his kids back to KM. Both Maan and Geet suffered a lot and need time to recover from this incident. Their closed ones wants to killed them and they were disturbed.





Samarth requested to Nitya and send him to Maan. She knocked on his door and entered. “You okay?” She asked and Maan glanced at her but not react. “Are you angry on me?” She saw his eyes and enquired.




“You are here for some purpose. Now that reason is over.” He said without glancing at her.




“Yes the reason was over but not our friendship. You can share your feelings with me.” She said softly.




On the other side Samarth went to see Geet. He knew what pain she must be going through. “Geet beta how are you?” He started with casual talk. She was silent. “Geet look at me beta. What happened?” He asked again to catch her attention.




“Papa why she did this to us? For no reason. What a foolish reasons she gave. She killed my Yash Papa.” Once again her wounds green up and she cried lungs out. He cocoon her and tried to calm her down.




“Calm down my child. Calm down. May be it’s our punishment for unknown sins we commit. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” He wiped off her tears. “Be strong my bachha.” He console her and himself too. Their pain and loss were same.




Trail goes on and culprit got what they deserved. Life Time imprisonment. In this one month had passed and Adi did his level best.




Whole world now came to know about Maan and he got his identity in true manner. Geet decided to leave all of them for forever.




“No I don’t allow you to do this. Geet if you are angry because I hided the truth from you…” Samarth thought she must be angry on him for hiding Maan’s truth from her.




“No Papa I am not going because I am angry on you. I am sure you had valid reasons for doing that but now I can’t breath in this mansion. Every thing of this house reminds me of the time I spend with Yash. His absence killing me every day. Please let me go. I can’t breath here.” Geet cried again.



“Geet at least wait for their marriage.” He tried to stop her by any means.




“Please Papa don’t force me. And promise me you will not try to find me. I want to go a place where may I get rid of my pain. Please Papa allow me.” She joined hands before him and he melted.





“Fine beta. If you want this then I will not come in your way.” He went inside and brought some papers with him. “This belongs to you.”




“Ye kya hai Papa?” She asked.




“Will papers. I am the legal guardian but now it’s your responsibility.” He handed her and allow her to leave. He kissed on her head and turned his back as he can’t able to see her exit.




Geet came down. Driver took her luggage. “Geet please don’t go. I need my friend in my marriage.” She insisted.



Geet palmed her cheek. “I will if I can. Try to understand my situation. But you don’t worry my all best wishes and prayers are with you. I know you will take better care of both Maan and Papa. Promise me you will never let me down. I am leaving him in your hands.” Geet took promise and Nitya nods.




Maan proposed Nitya and she said yes to him. Now when all mess was settled they decided to marry but Geet leaving them behind for her betterment. She decided to go far away from the house where her pain never got cured. She just glanced all for the last time and left.




After two months both get married. Maan starts his new life with Nitya while Geet start a fresh in new place. She got job and engrossed herself in her work completely.

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