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Geet couldn’t get what he did to save his land. But seeing his confidence she was relieved. The   feeling of guilt was decreased.






“I hope whatever you have planned works. Because it’s true, I wronged you and the guilt is eating me.” She shared her thoughts with him.





“Don’t worry. Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for your so called husband because for the thing, he did all this is still not in his reach. I must say his choice is very good but his business sense is zero. Because he jumped to a conclusion without getting the full information.” Maan mocked his business skills. “He will regret soon and you know what I have to do nothing for that.” His voice and confidence were showing that Raheja is going to get the biggest shock.



Maan was right. They just need to hide till his men gave up.





Their hunt is kept going on and Raheja was getting furious with each and every passing moment. In frustration he hit all of his men. “Bloody bastards. You are unable to find two people. Or should I say they are smart enough to fool my trained staff. Why did I hire you?” He burst on all his guards.





“Sir we try our level best. But…” He wasn’t able to complete as he got a slap from him.





“I don’t like ifs and buts. He must be using his mobile. Track his location. Ye bhi ab mujhe sikhana padega.”





“Sir here is his phone. But it had nothing.” Other guard showed his mobile to him which he threw in anger.





Maan knew that he could be traced because of his mobile so after checking the route he left it in his car. Leaving no information in that. Destroying his sim and leaving an empty mobile for them.






“He is unknown to this place then where did they vanish?” He was fuming badly.





“Do one thing. Search in all areas, near that place. I want result.” He commands and they ran away quickly.




Maan cooked for them. “Come and have lunch.” He invited her.



Caretakers left after their work was done. Now they were alone in that cottage. Geet came and joined him. The food is not looking  pleasant but she was hungry. Without throwing any tantrums she start eating hurriedly. His eyes widened seeing the way she was gulping food down her throat.





“You look so hungry and from many days. By the way where does all your food go?” He couldn’t resist and blurted out what he felt seeing her. She glanced at him with a grumpy face. “No I am just curious to know how you maintain your figure with such eating habits.” He teased her again.





She stop eating and realized she wasn’t at her home. “I am sorry.” Geet left the spoon and apologized.






“Hey it’s okay. I was just joking. Now finish this but slowly. Take your time.” He made her relaxed. “Okay​ baba I am sorry. I was just teasing you. You were eating so fast and it’s not good. Please.” He held his ears.








and Geet got ready to have her meal. She was so gloomy. Don’t know what is hurting her more. What was that she endured.





Both were done with their meal but then she again went to the kitchen area. Searching for something to eat. She didn’t find any so cooked for herself.





Maan came and she offered him to. “No, because if I start eating like you my clothes will get tight.” He again mocked her and she pouts. “You eat so much but God knows where your food goes.” He laughed and she left her food there only.






“Damn. Bad choice of words Maan. Remember what mom said,  never interrupt someone while eating​.” He thought of pacifying her.





Maan entered her room. He had a glass in one hand and a plate in the other. A bowl was balanced precariously between his elbow and chest. She wanted to tell him that it would be easier if he just put the bowl on the plate, but she bit back the suggestion. Geet sat there gloomily hugging her legs. He sat near her with the plate. “Geet you know how I am. So why you take me so seriously?” He rumbled. “Now eat it quickly​ or else I have other ways to.” He caution her sternly as his eyes swept over her.





Though she was angry but her stomach rumbling from the tempting aroma. Maan saw her stiff and kissed her hard till they were breathless. She was shocked, but soon she responded to him. Maan left her. “Now if you don’t want me to move further have your meal.” Geet started eating her food as she eyed his expression. He was serious. Dead serious.





She was done and Maan collected the utensils. He left the room. She sighed and leaned back against the pillows. She was so tired and so damn weak right now. All she really wanted to do was bury herself in this warm, comfortable bed and sleep until she wasn’t tired anymore. Maan left her alone to rest.






Day passed like this only. After dinner both moved to their rooms. Maan thought to roam around to confirm their security so he took his Jeep and take a round on it. He was used to the forests and deserts so nothing scared him.





Geet was silent. Not taking much. Always lost in her own thoughts. Maan came back and peeped inside her room. She stood by the window. He scanned her from tip to toe. She stood there only in his white transparent shirt …Maan could see almost every inch of her long, slender, shaped legs and his cock was instantly standing in full attention and he pulled his hands out of his pockets, walking towards her.



Geet turned around and slammed into Maan’s powerful body, a force that easily kept her body from advancing. The man was concrete, fixed and immobile. She put her hands on his solid, muscular biceps to steady herself. “Sorry,” she mumbled, but he didn’t move away. He surrounded her, holding her body in thrall, making her want to surrender to his dominance.





He has claimed her so many times before,but today he got shocked when she pushed him away. They spend time together but she did not want this right now. Maan approached her again. “What happened?” He didn’t get her actions.




“Please leave me alone.” She jerked his hands off.





Maan has never forced her or any other girl. Whenever they were intimate it was with her wish . But right now, she wasn’t herself.





“What happened Geet? Is anything wrong?” He tried to know the reason but she only shoved him away from her. Her face was dull and expressions lifeless.




She behaved irrationally and he felt hurt. He has saved her and now she was treating him like a monster similar to her husband.The shell that she built around her failed to make her notice the hurt in his eyes.







PART – 9
















Maan gaveher space and left alone. Geet was aloof and hungry. Her emotions were unstable the moment. In mid night she again felt hungry and went to search some thing to eat. She wasn’t allowed to turned on the lights as any one can find them. Though it wasn’t very easy but still Maan wants them to be prepared for any danger. Geet hit with so many things in the dim light of tourch. Noise was enough to alert Maan. He came there and turned on the lights. Many utensils were rolling around her on wooden floor. Maan shook his head.




“Don’t tell me you are still hungry.” He was actually amused seeing her fooding habits. Geet looks nervous and upset to. “Okay sit. I cook something.” He prepared instant soup for her and coffee for himself.




Her smile back on her face. Now her mood is fine than before. His eyes glued to his steaming mug of coffee, he sat across from her on another stool, lifted the spoon from the table and added a small amount of cream to his coffee. “Geet is there any problem? You can tell me if you feel right.” He felt there is something wrong with her. Her behavior is weird for him.




Geet have done so she stood up and ready to leave. Few steps and her wrist was under his clutches. Geet swirled. “When you are leaving?” Her strange question shocked him.



“You have any problem staying with me?” He question back.




“I don’t want you to risk your life for me. Already I am guilty and if anything happens to you I can’t bear.” His eyes met with her gaze. His eyes grim and holding a touch of sympathy.




Maan stood to face her. “You okay? I don’t think so.” He wants to know what actually going with this woman. She become mysterious with every passing moment. Maan palmed her face. Geet nodded.




“I am so grateful to you as you save me twice. But Mr. Raheja is not easy to fooled. He locate us any time and before….” She was panicking. Her gestures told him that she is scared of Raheja’s wrath. His fear was graved deep inside her. He pushed her in his arms.




Maan took a deep breath and tightened his arms around her waist, splaying one hand along her slender back, moving the hand in soothing circles to calm her. She felt so good, so right in his arms. His cock twitched as he breathed in her alluring scent. Maan cursed himself but he couldn’t help being her around. He wanted to make all of her problems go away, banish them like they had never existed. “We’ll deal with it, Geet. I’ll help you.”




“I don’t wanna take more advantage of you.” She told him.




“Yes you can. Anytime.” He assured her.




“Maan you don’t know anything about me.” She wants to object but he didn’t allowed.




His hands moved to her hips and stroked against the silk robe, exploring her body greedily. Her head dropped to one side, giving him free access to let him explore the sensitive skin at the side of her neck. Maan didn’t ask. He demanded.





He took her lips. Though she tried to run away but he held her back and kissed her. She released a moan into his kiss, feeling ravished and overwhelmed, her response automatic and wanting. Pushing back, she entwined his tongue with hers, exploring him, tasting him. Without releasing her from his impassioned embrace, his hands came up to spread her robe, running possessive fingers over the responsive flesh, the hardened nipples. He alternately pinched and stroked, heightening her desire. He wants her. Gasping in need. Both parted but he didn’t leave her. Drop his silken robe from her body. He lifts her and took into his room.



Maan gazed her before joining her in bed. She was about to open her mouth, when his mouth covered hers. His kiss was filled with longing. He was naked and she sighed into the embrace as she felt his blazing hot skin against hers. His tongue and mouth claimed her over and over, while a wandering hand stroked her body, teasing her nipples, sliding over her hip, slipping between her bound, spread legs and into her wet folds.She broke her mouth from his, panting as his fingers slipped into her tender flesh, brushing over her sensitive area. His lips moved down over her breasts, his tongue stroking and gently biting at one nipple, and then the other. He slid one finger into her channel and then other. He was playing with her body. His tongue trailed down her abdomen, flicking into her bellybutton, before it finally laved her V lips. Geet moan louder and begging for him. But Maan taking his own time as he got her after a long time. She was dancing on his tunes. “I need you Maan. So badly.” She begged again felt his hot mouth against her V lips. Maan thurst his fingers in pace,made her release.





“Please take me,” she groaned, her body pleading for him.



“Tell me that you want me, that you need me,” he demanded, his tone raw and harsh.She could feel the head of his member nudging against her tight opening. His hips thrust forward and she was instantly filled. His body consumed her, dominated her as he pulled back and entered her again, rubbing against her driving her higher and higher as he increased his pace. He held her to support. Both met with climax. Maan removed from her and slipped by her side. His hair was adorably mussed and his eyes were raking her nude body as though he was ready to have her again. Geet stroke his face softly. Maan held her hand and kissed on her palm.





He smiled thinking how much he was addicted to this woman. He thought it’s just an infatuation which calmed by the time but now he knew what she is for him. Love,he doesn’t believe so if it is lust then also it’s a very strong emotion for him. She tempting him to no extent.



“Come with me,to my world.” He offered.




“And become your mistress.” Geet glance in his eyes. Her question stirred many thoughts in him. “Right?



Maan left her and sat back. “Geet why you behave so weird? Isn’t I gave you some false promises. At least you get fearless life which you living with that monster.” Maan’s brown-eyed monster was clutching at him, irritated at the possibility that anything could take this woman away from him.




“Now I can’t even go back to him.” She said in a flat dead voice.




Maan held her and pulled to him.






He glance in her eyes. “So what you have decided? Living here alone and wait for him to kill you?” He was furious on her.




“Now I can’t even die.” Maan pushed her more. Geet stare up in his eyes. “I have to live for…” She turned silent.




Maan held her firmly. “Who is so much dear to you that you ready to risk your life even?”





“Leave me. You get what you want. Now leave me.” She said in cold tone.




“Stop it. Just stop behaving like as I took advantage of you. Am I forcing you? No you came with your own will.” He yelled on her in frustration.




“I didn’t said this. Please leave me alone.” She said and Maan freed her. Geet collect herself and ran towards her room but Maan wasn’t in peace. He had enough of her so he to went behind. Wants to know the reason behind her changed behavior. Maan wants to confront her and he did. He asked her strongly and she blurted out the truth that shocked him.

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PART – 15


SAMARTH was busy with guests and Geet got a chance to run away from this atmosphere which was chocking her. She ran upstairs and entered inside her room. This incident was much more than she could bear. Geet ran into her washroom and turned on the tap. She wants to remove that vermilion as soon as possible. Her desperation to get rid of this made her insane. She loosed all her senses. All she knows is that she needs to remove this vermilion at any cost. She cried out loud while rubbing the edge of her head. But the flash of that moment was not leaving her. She fell down and sat under the running tap and let the cold water wash his touch and with it the memory of that moment.


20 minutes passed. Samarth found Geet missing and asked from his son. “Yash where is Geet?”


Maan scanned the hall. “Wait dad let me check where is she.” He excused and went in her search. He straight way went to her room. It was empty so he decided to leave but the voice of water grabbed his attention. He knocked on the door but no reply came from inside. Maan was confused what to do.


“Sound is coming from inside. But if she is inside then why is she not replying?” He asked to himself and analysed the situation.


He thought to leave but changed his mind at last moment and knocked again. Called her. But didn’t get reply. Door was open and with his forceful knock it opened fully. The view shocked him. He went inside and found her sat under running water. She was like a dead body. Stiff and immovable. He watched her face. Complete white and eyes were dead. He quickly turned off the tap first. “Geet…” He called her but no reaction came from her. He hesitated to touch her but it’s necessary so he shaked her and found her cold. He quickly wrapped her in towel and brought her outside.


In his warmth she came out of her trance, found herself in his arms and this made her more insane. He watched her face turn red and her eyes clashed with his in a disgusted stare. Maan’s breath caught silently, and his heart began to race. It was a risky move, but what else could he do? She was killing herself.


“Leave me. Leave me.” She tried to push away maan’s powerful body. The man was like concrete, fixed and immobile. She put her hands on his solid, muscular biceps to free herself.


Maan placed her on bed,but her struggle continued. One things she was sure was that she wanted to send him away from her as much as she can. “Leave me alone. You have no right on me.” She yelled in a weak voice.


Maan had enough of her. He to lost his cool and held her wrist firmly. Suppressing her struggle. “I said leave me. Don’t think because of today’s incident you got any right on me. I only belong to my love Yash.” Her dead eyes now turned red and she was glaring him furiously.


Maan pulled her to him. “Shut up.just Shut up.” He clenched her hairs and brought her closer to him. “Now listen to me very carefully. I have no Intentions of claiming you. I filled your maang because all think of me as Yash and I had no choice but to obey your Father-in-law’s commands. I know what you think of me but I am not that much mean as you think of me. What ever happened was just a part of our act. So why are you overreacting. Why punishing yourself unnecessarily? Did I asked for any favours from you? It’s your sick mind so stop torturing yourself.” His voice was deep and intense. Grip firmed and breath quicker. He was annoyed with her again. Because she act rashly and on herself. Her all bandages were wet and body turned cold.


“Nothing changed because of that stupid ritual. Keep this in mind and calm down. I filled your maang that doesn’t means we become husband and wife. It was an act. Just an act.” He left her with jerk and looked outside for her nurse. He called her. “Changed her all bandages and helped her to change.” He commands her and left.


She was shivering badly. Her nurse was helping her. Maan send a servant with coffee. Servant asked for permission and came inside. “Mam Yash sir send coffee for you.”


Nurse took it and he left. Geet was silent. Not coming out of this shock. Maan informed Samarth that she is resting in her room.


Adi reached Paris and start his investigation. He first met the officer in charge of the case and get the details. Car was absolutely fine before accident. He checked CCTV footage of the office parking where he went. No one touch his car. Then he went to accident spot.


“I already told you. We checked so many times. There is no possibility of any conspiracy. It was an unfortunate accident.” Officer told him but his heart not ready to believe in the information.


“And I also told you my friend was an expert driver. He can’t hit his car this easily. He checked the whole area and tried to imagine what exactly happened to him.


Suddenly his eyes catch something. “That building…” He pointed.


“Oh that was closed from ages.” Officer told him.


“Shall we?” Don’t know why but he wanna check it.


“But what we get from there? That was too far from here?” Officer doubt his intelligence.


“Let’s go.” Adi was adamant on his words.


Reluctant he went with him. Thinking he was only wasting his time. Both reached to that building. Adi scanned from outside. “Let’s go on the top of this building.” He commands and officer called the guard of the building. He opened and all reached on the top of the building. Where they found a strange set up.


“What’s​ all this?” Officer enquire from the guard but he was clueless because that set up shouldn’t​ be there.


“But why someone​ put so many mirrors here on this barren building?” Officer was confused.


“Is there any CCTV camera?” Adi enquire.


Officer look at the guard. “Yes there is.” He told.


“I want to see all the footage.” Adi demands and they went to check it.


Adi scanned all footage again and again. “See this man. We should need to find him as soon as possible.” Adi points.


“But his face is not clear. And I don’t know what you trying to prove with this?” Officer not getting what he found and made him run behind that man.


“Okay​ you don’t believe then do what I said. May after that you believe on my analysis.” Adi now was so sure about his investigation.


Here in India it’s a night time. All went to sleep. Day was so bad for Geet. Couldn’t​ come out yet of those memories. she held Yash photo frame near her heart and slept like this only.


Maan while passing saw the door open of her room. Out of curiosity he peeped inside. He came inside to check her, knowing how much upset she was because of morning incident. Silently he made a move to her. She was slept but still little wetness was there in her eyes. Maan covered her and tried to took frame from her grip which was very firm. Like she was holding her life. Maan carefully opened her fingers one after another and managed separating that frame from her. He glance at the frame. It was like he watched himself in mirror. Everything is same except their destiny. He placed frame on side table and turned off the lights,before leaving the room.





PART – 16


Geet was better than before and Maan wants to dismissed her nurses.


“But son she is still not well.” Samarth not like his idea.


“Trust me dad she is capable of doing anything. Now when she decided to go back office then what the use of keeping these two?” He argued.


“Son they are for her take care and I think she need them for dressing.” He try to made him understand.


“If she need them for dressing then we call them whenever needed. But right now we don’t need them all the time.” Maan argued.


“No argument son. Till my daughter get fine fully,they will stay.” He said with dominance and shut his mouth.


Geet heard everything silently. She didn’t react and sat like a dead. Samarth turned to her and asked about some projects. Geet gave him details of all goings-on​ projects. “Geet this project is very necessary for our company so make sure there should be no mistake.” He caution Geet.


“Don’t worry Papa. Will not disappoint you.” She assured him. He then turned to Maan. “Yash when will you start going office regularly? I know you felt uncomfortable specially after that accident but son you love work. How could you stay away from your office?” He asked him to join back his office.


Maan was confused for reply. “Very soon dad.” He avoid talking about this.


“Not soon son. I want to see you tomorrow.” Samarth commands him and he nodded having no other choice.


Though Adi trained him for this to,but handle so many companies at the same time wasn’t easy specially for a person who never face office atmosphere.


“Geet take him with you. He becomes lazy day by day.” His tone was serious and he wants  to  see Yash at office.


Maan left and Geet start walking towards her room. “Tomorrow we have an important meeting so be on time.” She just informed and left.


Maan hit the table with his left foot in frustration. Nothing going as per his accord.


Maan waits for her to sleep and then entered to her room. It’s becoming a routine for him. He went and separate Yash’s  photo frame from Geet’s arms. He daily waits for her to sleep and then went inside to parted that photo frame from her,which she daily kept near heart.


Next day he got ready on time and reached to their office. Geet called her staff meeting before client meeting because she doesn’t want any loops. Maan joined and observe how they works. As Adi already mentioned he is a quick learner and catch things very smartly. Geet personally check all the details and so was Maan. He sat with her and learn how they worked.


Meeting is about to start. “Maan dad wants you to join this meeting. So please don’t do any blunders. Rest I will handle.” She instruct him as she had no faith on Maan.


Meeting starts. Geet is not well but this is important for their business so she gives presentation but not perfectly like always.


“Excuse me gentlemen. I will explain.” Maan stood up to give presentation.


“What the hell are you doing?” Geet whispered when he went near her.


“Go and sit on your seat.” Maan stare in her eyes and commands like a boss. Geet was about to stopped him but Maan not allowed her. “I said go.” She can’t even scold him before all. Reluctantly she sat back on her chair.


Geet was hell scared. Because of him they were going to loose an important client. She was praying to God for any miracle and searching excuses to adjourned the meeting but gradually her fear start leaving her,when Maan start giving presentation. He was admirable that time. The confidence and perfection he had no one could doubts that it was his first time in office. Last time it was Geet who gave presentation in his voice but this time Maan handle at his own without anyone’s help.


Surprisingly clients were happy with him. “Well done Mr. Khurana. Now we have no doubt that you handle our project efficiently​.” He shake hand and sealed the deal.


All members praise him and so was Geet who was in shock. Not expecting from him.  When all left she asked from him about her doubts.


“How? How would you manage all this?” She wasn’t able to believe on her eyes and ears. what she saw,what she heard it’s all like a dream for her.


“Madam you may forgot what Adi tolds you about me. Once I see something that will prints on my memory. I observed the demo and display.” His eyes were sparkling,not leaving Geet for a second.


“Thank you.” She said and left.


In Paris:


Adi was hell bend on finding that person who’s image they found on CCTV. “Officer what are you doing?” He asked in a frustrated tone.


“We are searching Mr. Mehra but it wasn’t so easy. First the video clip is not clear second he tried his level best to cover his face. Now you tell how could we found a single person in mob?” Officer shows his helplessness​. They again struck where there is no hope seeing to them.


“I can’t sit until I found you.” He fist his own hand in anger. Adi playing the video again and again.


Suddenly he saw something. “Officer look under his jacket.” Clip wasn’t clear but they got which going to help them.


“This kind and of badges were wore by security guards.” Officer told him and they ran to same building again.


They looked for the guard and caught him. “Trust me sir I am not the culprit. Before me there was one guard who was appointed there. He only works for one month and then vanished.” He told them.


“We need to find him at any cost. He is the one who did all this.” Office commands his men to get all information about him.


“He is not main. He was just a pawn. Master mind is some one else.” Adi said to himself. “But who the hell is behind Khurana’s​?” He asked from himself.


“Now Maan’s life is also in danger.” His eyes widened with the thought and he quickly dialled Geet’s number to alert her but unfortunately he doesn’t able to made contact with her. Adi got frustrated and panic to.


“Officer collect all the Info and to fast.” Desperation and fear both were visible there.


“Don’t worry. No one appointed without photo ID. We have his CV. Soon he will be under our clutches​.” He assured him.





PART – 17


Adi keep trying to make contact with her but then thought otherwise​. “Wait Adi. Just calm down and think wisely. You can’t make her scare  like this. No no no no no. Geet will be panicked if I tell her. I have to find something else to save him.” He thought for a while and called his father.


“Dad listen to me very carefully.” Adi told him everything and cautioned him to arrange security for Maan.


“Don’t worry son and keep me updated.” He assured him.


Adi went with search team. He Did not wanted to  lose any clue.


Geet came in her room and saw her mobile. There were So many missed​ calls from Adi. She called him back quickly. “Adi pick up the phone.” She was mummering in her mouth.


Adi saw a call from her and answer instantly. “Hello Geet. How are you?” He controlled his voice and emotions first so she didn’t get anything or find anything suspicious.


“I am fine. Just saw your missed calls. Adi is everything ok?” She asked worriedly.


“Yes absolutely. Actually I was free so thought to talk with you. I hope you coping with the situation. I was just worried.” He twisted his words so that she couldn’t know the real reason.


“Adi when will you come back?” She sounded so low.


“What happened Geet? Is he troubling you?” Adi sensed her gloominess and assumed ​the only obvious reason of her distress.


“Please come back soon. I am feeling so alone.” She only had him with whom she doesn’t need to pretend and could share everything.


“I will try my level best. You take care and be strong.” He boosted her courage and cut the call.


Geet went out and saw Maan talking with her nurse. She felt strange and walked towards them to hear the conversation but the moment she reached Maan had left already and nurse too was missing from the place.


“It’s not my illusion. I just saw them here but now where did they went?” She got suspicious of their activities.


“Geet beta come here.” She heard Samarth’s voice and got distracted.


Geet reached to him. “Yes Papa.” She sat before him.


“Geet beta now when we got the deal. I was thinking of throwing a party. What do you  say?” He asked for her opinion.


“As you say Papa.” She agreed.


“What’s going on Samarth?” Both heard a well known voice and glance in the direction.


Doctor Mehra was there. “Now why have  you came here?” Samarth said with annoyance.


“To give you injection.” He to snapped back.


“Good evening uncle.” Geet greeted him.


“Good evening Geet.” He replied. “How are you now?” He asked about her wounds.


“I am good uncle.” She replied swiftly​. Truth is not allowed to speak and she doesn’t have any other better reply.


“Samarth it’s time for your check up.” He start his check up and Geet left.


Geet done all the arrangements in her supervision. Two days passed and finally the day of party came. Doctor Mehra personally checked all the security systems as he didn’t believe anyone.


All reached to venue to welcome guests. Party going on smoothly. Maan and Geet stood together but not talking to each other. While Doctor Mehra again and again went on round. Hotel was lavish and any one could attack on him as it’s a open space for attacker.


Meanwhile Samarth called all for dance, mainly his son and daughter in law. Maan glanced at her. His dark eyes swept over her and saw her state. She was clearly looking uncomfortable. Destiny playing with her emotions again and again. She couldn’t​ even got a chance to object. One more announcement made by her Father in law.


Maan held her hand and dragged to dance floor. Music start playing. Geet tried to go away but Maan stops her.



He held her softly but she again tried to get rid of his touch.



He pulled her more firmly to him. “Geet cooperate. Don’t make a scene. All are staring us only. This is Dad’s second announcement. So let’s go.” He cautioned her and she was forced to suppress her denial.


[Song link : Ae Dil hai mushkil] :



Both start dancing on tune and he dance with the same perfection that ​ Yash had in him.









Her helplessness​ was reflecting but she had no choice but to match steps with him. His touch made her body reacts,like she do to Yash. Her mind create chaos and she felt it burst anytime.


He watched her carefully and something broken inside him watching her tears. He gradually removed his hands from her and freed her.


She ran away from him as much far she could. Her beautiful face fell, every ounce of hurt was showing in her expressive eyes that were filling with tears.


Maan still stood on his place. Waiting for her to come back. Gradually all pairs left. Only he stood alone on dance floor. Broken and disheartened.


Geet quickly​ wiped off her tears and came inside the party. All are lost in their issues. Gossiping​ or discussing business. Many girls approached Maan but he denied all and left the floor.  Some one held him and start talking to him about business. Maan felt nervous but he tried to talk with him. Geet to tried mingle with guests. But her eyes kept on Maan as she scared of him being exposed. “Come on Geet. Leave him for sometime. He can’t run away.”


“They still in the hangover of honeymoon.”


“chill Geet. He is fine.” Wives of other business associates teased her without knowing the truth of them. Their words pierced her heart.


“Excuse me.” She couldn’t bear any more and excused herself. Looking for him as he was not seeing anywhere to her.


Maan was stood alone in some corner. Geet reached to him. “What are you doing here?” She asked strongly.


“No I was just avoiding your guests.” He replied casually but his eyes saying something else.


“Don’t worry. Now I will stay with you. So come and join all.” She assured him and both walked in.


Geet walked away but Maan not move an inch. His eyes looked restless. Staring here and there. Geet slanted to glance back at him. “Maan what happened?” She asked but then noticed something. Some strange sound. She look all around. Scan whole area and found the chandelier was almost on his head. Geet step fast and saved him. Both falls on floor and sharp sounds of chandelier falling alerts all. Every pair of eyes was stunned seeing the view.





PART – 18


Maan was saved by her in nick of time. All closed ones gathered there to support them. Samarth hold both. “You okay?” He was panicked seeing both in danger. His heart paced and body turned cold.


“We are fine dad.” Maan replied to calm his anxiety.


Guards help them and Maan noticed injury in Geet’s foot and arm. Some glass pieces torned her delicate skin.


Maan rushed to help her. He held her. “Geet your foot is injured.” He asked in anxious voice.


“Yash took her to suite.” Samarth send both and called the manager and security staff.


He burst on all. “Is this your security arrangements? What if my son got injured? I will not spare any of you.” He bellowed in most dangerous way.


“Calm down Samarth. We should found out the culprit soon. Because I personally checked all the arrangements. I don’t leave any loop then how?” He was tensed to.


“I don’t care. Who did. I want culprit before my eyes. So I could punish him with my own hands.” He was fuming badly as his son just escape the death.


Waiter guide them and handed first aid box. “Sir we called the doctor. He will be here soon. Anything else sir?” He asked if they need any help. Maan nodded no and he left.


Geet don’t react in front of him but the moment he left she shoved him away. But Maan not let her this time.


“You are injured. Let me help you.”


“I can refuse,” she answered hesitantly, her gaze finally meeting the dark eyes of him.


“You won’t,” he told her in a warning voice.


His perilous appearance kept a sharp retort from exiting her mouth. He was huge for her. Broad shoulders filled her vision as he crouched beside the bed. She had felt his muscular body while he was carrying her, but now she could visually appreciate the strength of those arms. Geet’s eyes clashed with his dark brown stare, his look so ferocious that it was almost frightening.  He was handsome same like Yash. damn…he was appealing in a carnal, sensual sort of way. Geet could feel the intensity vibrating from his body and entering hers, making her vulnerable before him.



Maan placed her on bed and remove her sandals to check her wound but she stood up quickly, too quickly, and the room rotated for a minute before her head cleared. she was as weak as a small kid return of the fever and lack of food. She bent slowly and snatched her shoes from the floor, sitting on the bed to cram her feet into them without even untying the laces. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”


Geet jerked up at the sound of the booming voice, her foot only halfway into her second shoe. “I need to get home,” she answered, uncomfortable now that she was alone with Maan. He was too big, too gruff, too demanding, too much of everything. He swung her legs back onto the bed and pulled her shoes off.


“You’re injured and not going anywhere. Let me help you,” Maan told her sternly as his dark eyes swept over her and he grimaced.


“I don’t need any one’s sympathy, specially from you.” She retorted​.


Maan ignored her warning and held her wounded foot. He cleaned it first. Blood was oozing and cut marks were visible now. It was to painful for anyone but she didn’t react. Maan glance up to saw her face but found her lost. She was physically there but mentally she is with Yash.




“Yash keep it away. Keep this away from me.” She screams louder and running with her wounded foot.


“Baby come here. Your foot is bleeding. Let me clean it first with antiseptic lotion.” Yash running with antiseptic lotion after her.


Seeing no option he stood one place and winked to his father who was coming from the other direction. “Okay​ I won’t apply. Calm down.” He tried to coax her. Meanwhile Samarth appears and held her firmly.


Geet screams louder and stamping her feet but no use. Now she was caught. Yash was fast but her screams echoed the whole mansion.


“I hate you both.” She pouts and cursed both and made them laugh.




Geet was in trance until Samarth entered with doctor. “Doctor please careful. My daughter scared of antiseptic.” He caution and Maan gave him a side.


Doctor cleaned her wounds properly and put bandages. “I prescribe some medicines. She will be fine very soon.” He assured them.


“Thank you doctor.” Samarth showed gratitude and doctor left with a smile.


“Yash we should leave now.” He commands and Maan carries her in his arms.


Samarth called the cops for investigation. He doesn’t want any kind of negligence regarding his kids safety.


After little enquiry all reached to KM. “Yash take care of her.” He commands him.


“Sure Dad.” He assured and Samarth kissed on his forehead. “God bless you both. Now go. You both need rest.”


Maan took her to her room. “Geet I wanna give thanks to you. You saved me.” He was hesitant first but then he showed his gratitude towards her.


“You don’t need to. What ever I do,it’s for him. My father in-law who’s breath lies in you. You are his life line and to save it I can face any danger. Bear any thing.” She said straight to him her reason of putting her life in danger.


“Whatever the reason but you are my savior. So thanks once again.” He said and left the room.


Other side Adi was tensed for that person. They still searching him. Without him his investigation couldn’t proceed. He felt like struck in no where.


Geet quickly​ called Adi and told him about the incident. “Adi what going on tell me? Once you said you had a doubt on Yash’s​ accident. Adi tell me the truth where were you are and what important work you are doing?” This incident made her soul tremble. She saw death so nearly.


Adi to got tensed after hearing about the incident took place in party. But right now he can’t revealed anything to her. “Geet I think you over react. It’s just an accident.” He tried to coax her.


“Adi it’s not just an accident. My heart is still thumping badly. I could not forget the sight. You can’t even imagine what had happened if that chandelier falls on him. He died Adi. Now this lie is getting to dangerous.” She was sobbing and her throat chocked badly.


“Calm down Geet and control your emotions. It’s not a time to get weak. I know you scared seeing all that but good part is,he is fine and trust me I will not let any reach him. I will talk to Dad to arrange more security for him. Okay?” He asked as she turned silent. She was scared to death. One person’s​ life was on stake. This mere thought made her guilty.


“Geet… Is it okay with you?” He asked strongly and she nodded over phone and just gave a hmm sound.


“Now go and sleep. It’s already late. I will be back very soon. Good night.” He wished her night and cuts the calls.


Geet put a phone on side table and about to laid on bed but her eyes catch something unusual. She felt as someone staring her. She stood up and rush to her door. But the moment she reached no one is there. Corridor was empty like her life. She glance all around and went back to her room. She locked it from inside and went to grab some moment of sleep.

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