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PART – 32

Maan and all friends discussed about their further plan. While Geet rushed to Shreya’s room,who was busy in throwing tantrums on her maid hired by Maan to look after his baby sister. Geet went up and opened the door of her room. Her maid was trying to feed her but Shreya threw spoon away in anger. “I don’t wanna eat. I only eat if my bhabhi mom come.” She was adamant only to get meal by her sister in law.



“Shreya…” She called and little soul screamed in happiness.


“Bhabhi mom…” She jumped and cling to her legs. Geet bow down and lifts her in her arms.


She put her hairs behind and kissed all on her face. “How’s my baby?” She asked seeing her dull and pale face.


“Bhabhi I don’t wanna live here. Take me with you.” She demands.


“No need shona. Because from now onwards babhi mom going to live here with her princess.” She kissed and assured her.


Geet put her down on bed and took plate from her maid. She feeds her with her hands and Shreya eat without any fuss.



“My bachha.” She kissed her. “Never do this again. Always eat on time ok.” She tried to made her understand never show anger on food.


“I will but on a condition, that you will never leave me again.” Shreya demands and Geet kissed her one more time and promised her.


“Promise. I will never leave your side.” She promised her. Geet spend lot of time with her and don’t realised how much it would took.



But downstairs in a hall,Maan’s eyes glued to his wrist watch. His friends not ready to leave as past 3 months were torture all of them. Due to their act they had to live a fake life and pretend hatred for each other. But now they were back to each other so no one was ready to move.


“Guys guys. Look at the time. Don’t you want to go home?” Finally his patience left and he opened his mouth.




“Ahhh why don’t you said that you want us to leave so you would get time to romance with your wife.” Adi teased him and he glare a shot.



Looking at his face they laugh more. “See see,how he glare us?” Angad to joined hands with Adi.


“Look buddy you are not alone who parted from your girl. We to separate.” Pinky complaints.


“I know and I am lucky to have you all in my life. But right now I am asking for all of us.” Maan twisted.




“Then make rooms for us. Because outside its to dark because of raining so we are going to stay tonight.” Adi demands.



“To pehle bolna tha na. Now go and take rooms.” He annoyed and ask them to choose rooms they want.


Angad moved in one room but Adi and Pinky went in same room where Maan follows them. “Hey wait wait. You both going to share same room?” He asked like some old suspicious man.


Adi pushed him softly out of the room. “Yes”, and bang door on his face.


Maan squirmed and wait for a second to calm himself. Then he moved towards Shreya room. He without making any noise step in and saw Geet laying half next to Shreya and caressing her head.


” she slept?” He asked and Geet meekly hummed. “Ohk so i thought, I mean we need to talk if you want.” He was hesitate to call her with authority because of his unfair plan.



“Are you seriously want or just giving me an option?” She made a strange question which confused him. “No I want to know what you are thinking right now? Is I am talking to my husband or some game planner.” She teased not taunts.



But Maan’s heart filled with guilty. “Geet please try and understand.” He said in a loud voice.



“Shhhhh don’t shout. My baby will awake.” She scolds him for disturbing Shreya’s sleep.



“I am sorry. But could you please come out?” He pleads and apologies both.



Geet tugged her properly and walked out with him. Both were alone in a corridor. “Speak up. I am listening.” She Starr in his eyes and sense the pain he endure alone all the time without showing to any one.



“Geet you still angry on me right? Look I am not saying you forgot all this in a second I know I hurt you so much. You even tried to commit suicide because of my stupidity. Have you any idea what bear on me when I saw you doing all that?” Maan’s bounded tears come out which he obstructed long away.



Geet was stunned. “You saw me? How?”



“So you think I send you without any arrangements. We knew it RP is up to something so we but cameras in all houses,I.e of our all friends home. Because I don’t know where you were head after I throw you out. Their cameras are connected with net so I can watch you any time and keep my eyes on you always. I had an idea that you would do such things.” Maan explained her that all the time his eyes watching her.



“So you called Adi?” She asked and he nodded yes. “That’s why he came on time and stopped me. And afterwards Shreya took promise to me that no matters what but I would not leave her side.” Geet now getting how much Maan cares for her. He make sure at every step that she will be safe.



“RP’s men was watching us so to made them sure that I broke up with you its needed I said those hurtful words to you. But I know at the same time what impact they leave on you that’s why I appoint maid at Adi’s home so when he was not at home and I was busy she kept eyes on you and stopped you for doing any wrong thing.” Maan explained her every doubt one by one. “Geet I know I was wrong for not telling you but I done all this for our safety. If I told you before you couldn’t able to control on your emotions sply for Shreya and that cause us big that’s why I hided but i know no excuse justify my mistakes. I know I hurt you badly and for that whatever punishment you wanna give I am ready for that.” Maan asked for his punishment.



Tears drops falls and Maan catches quickly. “Yes I am angry on you and will never forgive. Not because what you do. But for what you do with my love. Or koi samjhe na samjhe par in ankho ka card maine humesha dekha which you tried to hide behind your fake anger. Whenever I came to you I saw in your eyes. That pain that suffering you bearing alone.” Geet went closer to him and held his collars. “Why Maan why? Why you give so much to my love. My Maan?” Maan’s eyes to turned red at the corners. She was angry because he hurt herself. That was the purity of her love. No matter what but her love for him never changed. It is so strong and pure. No problem no issues are strong enough to change her love for him. Only she is the one who can sense his silent cries. Read his thoughts. Though he was pretending to be hard still she had a believes that Maan hiding something from her.




“I am sorry Geet.” He cupped his face but she jerked him off.



“No Maan I will not forgive you for this. You hurt my love.” She was wriggling not allowing him to come near him but he initiate and filled her in his firm embrace. He kissed on her head and tighten his grip.





But she tilted her head to glance in his eyes. She raised and kiss on his face all over and in last took his lips. He opened his mouth,allowed her to take the charge. Geet held his nape,pushing more to her. Both parted to get some air to breath. Maan lifts her and took her to their room,where she came as a bride first. It was the same feel she felts inside her.



“” ISS qadar tu mujhe pyaar kar
Jise kabhi na main sakoon phir bhula
Zindagi layi humein yahan
Koi iraada toh raha hoga bhala

Ki darkhaast hai yeh
Jo aayi raat hai yeh
Tu meri bahon mein duniya bhula de….””

MAAN put her on feet and removed her dress material. He bend his head,capturing her lips again,while his hands moved over her body. Geet’s hand to exploring, running over Maan’s arms. She pulled out his shirt and start unbuttoned. Soon his shirt lands on floor. While their kiss deepened more and mounted their mutual desire. She wants to feel him,to have him all for herself without any barriers. She parted and first they get rod of their remaining clothes. Geet laid and he bend while capturing her breasts. He buried his face in their softness.


His lips moved up,slid over her mouth,his kiss was urgent and demanding,while his hands on her skin made her body out of control.


Maan gradually moved his hands between her thighs, gently easing them apart. She arched beneath his fingers. He was moving against them to gave her pleasurable sensations. He kissed on her coller bone and moved down over one erect nipple and moistened it with his saliva. Her hands gripping him. She was soaring, flying and falling at the same time.



“”” JO ab lamhaat hai yeh
Bade hi khaas hai yeh
Tu meri bahon mein duniya bhula de

Raahon mein mere sath chal tu
Thaame mera hath chal tu

Waqt jitna bhi ho haasil
Sara mere naam kar tu (x2)

Ke armaan hai yeh
Guzaarish jaan hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de

Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh
(Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh)

Bade hi khaas hai yeh
(Bade hi khaas hai yeh)
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de

Lamz jismo pe aise sajaaye
Baarishon se bhi wo dhul na paaye
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de….”””‘

She hit with her first orgasm. His pleasurable fingers eased away and Maan rolled over and kissed her before entering in her. She gave a little cry and he frozed. Geet caress his cheek. “No I am fine. Please don’t stop.” She gasped.


Maan gently kissed on her lips and start moving in her. Blood was pounding in her ears. Their bodies moving together in a rhythm. She matched her moments to Maan’s, running her hands over his muscled back,keeping pace with him as the tempo increased. Heat waving and she felt like explode any time. His thrust was harder and in pace. Then she heard a little groan,not sure whom did but a warm fluid come out. Both hit their climax. Their breath were halted and he falls next to her. Though he was panting heavily still he pulled her in his arms. Kissed all over again.




Maan held her hand and entwined their fingers. He kissed on her softly. He was worried she could read so easily. Maan don’t need to expressed. She knew him more than he knew himself. “I am fine and happy to.” Geet told so he can relax. He held her so he grab the moment of solace. Both slept holding each other. It was like ages they get back their sleep….



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