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Khushi’s word ranging to him. He couldn’t able to sleep peacefully. Right now she is small but one day she will definitely find out the truth of her mother. 3 years had passed and they have no clue about her. Neither they trying to contact her nor does she.

Maan wants to give everything to her but how can he brought her when she wasn’t willing.

Few more days passed and Maan called Ananya. Took appointment to meet her. She was in a meeting when he reached to her office. Ananya Taneja, daughter of Ashish Taneja. Very dear friend of his father. She use to visit them before leaving for higher studies.

Maan was patiently waiting for her. She attended her clients very well and quickly called off the meeting. Ananya invite him to her cabin and apologize for the delay.

“It’s okay Ananya. No need to be formal.” Maan told her to be comfortable.

“Well you are doing very well. Handling everything gracefully.” Maan admired.

“Maan straight come to the point. Because I know tumne apna homework achhe se kar k aaye ho. You know me since childhood and now you enquired about me. So what you want?” She asked straight.

“Ananya if you know this much then you must know the reason of my visit. Ananya you have everything a person desired. Name, fame, money, career everything. Any boy would do anything to marry you then why you want to marry a person who is not only 10 year older but having a daughter too. For a second if I get agree for her then also I will not give assurance of any happiness and blissful life to you.” Maan was straight forward.

“I know this very well.” She to talk in same way.

“Then why? For sympathy or for Khurana tag?” 

“I don’t need that because I am already a big name like Khuranas.” She snapped and Maan know she was right.

“Then why you want to spoil your life?” He questioned.

“I am not spoiling my life but want to save one life from spoiling. Maan I saw myself in Khushi. I was like her so I can understand her cravings for mother’s love. I lost my mother when I was 5. I can feel the pain she going through. So I just want her to get that warmth which I craved for.” She poured her true feelings and Maan can sense it very well. She was not faking it was clear.

“But how would you able to do so? You are handling your business as well.”

“If my work is coming between me and Khushi then I am ready to leave it as well. Bhaiya can handle all this alone.”  Ananya ready to give up her career. “Maan I am sending proposal for marriage just because of her not for you. But it’s okay if you don’t want. You allowed me to meet her this is not less.” Without hiding or buttering any thing she clearly told her thoughts to him.

“I have to leave.” He glanced his watch and left.

He thought for few days. His mom and grandma was quite as he already denied so they don’t force him. But Khushi wants Ananya at her mom near her. So he decided to give a thought to her proposal. He already enquired about her and no doubt she was a nice girl.

“Mom, dadima I am ready for this marriage.” Maan said yes and all got happy. They send message to her and her brother came for official meeting.

They talk and fixed the date of engagement. On a grand scale party was arranged. Two big names gathered under one roof so everyone wants to become a part of this. Khushi, Arushi and Vihan were so excited. They exchanged the rings and all guests congratulate them. Finally he step out of his bad past. Moving on towards better life which he deserves as well.

Sun dawn. Maan was laying having Khushi in his arms. She was slept contently after grand celebrations. But Maan was thinking about her safety only. So he secretly got Ananya’s sign on legal documents which no one aware. It’s a deal between Maan and Ananya only. Papers clearly mentioned that he can threw her from his life any time if he found her hurting his daughter and without alimony. Ananya understood his fear and love for Khushi so she got agree to his terms and signed the papers.

All were discussing about the last night party when he got a call which shake him very well. Maan leave without telling anyone. All were worried for him.

After 3 hours he returned but with a biggest nightmare of all Khuranas. He entered with Geet who lost her all charm. Her clothes were dirty and eyes dull. Hairs messy and conscious lost. She was not in her senses and not even recognizing anyone. She scared seeing all and hides behind Maan.

Dadima glared Maan. “Maan why you bring her here now?” She roared.

“Dadima I can explain. Please calm down. Her mental condition is not good.” Maan told all but none effects them.

“So what we can do bro? We don’t care what she going through because this life had chosen by her.” Dev to annoyed with him.

“Please everyone calm down. At least give a chance to explain.” He pleads.

“We are not interested.” Arpita said clearly. 

“Mom she is not well. For humanity sake. After all she is Khushi’s mother.” Maan request all.

“Huhh… Mother. Really? And you want her to keep here with our kids.” Dev mocked.

“If not here then fine. I will take her to some where else. Me and Khushi…”

Dev not let him complete. “Bro if you are so eager to help her then fine but I won’t let her near my niece. If you forgot then let me remind you,maine dinn raat ek kiye hai use bachane me or else this so called mom of her leave no space to kill her. I will not give her any chance to harm her now. Khushi is not going to stay with this woman and that’s final.” Dev was fuming badly and all stood in his support against Maan and Geet.

“And you still believe in her? Why?” Dadima asked.

“Dadima I got a call from asylum. From past 6 months Geet was staying there. Her condition is not good. She only tell my name so they called me to confirm. That’s why I brought her here. With us she get fine very soon.” He explained but none was ready to accept her and believe on her.

“She is not going to stay here. And think about Ananya. You just engaged with her and now you want to stay with her. Have you gone mad?” His mother reminds him about the promise they gave to Ananya and her brother that they would take care of her like their own daughter.

“Mom we can discuss it further. Right now I am concerned for her only.”

“Fine… Do whatever you want. But don’t expect anything from us. And this girl… I am not going to allow her near my grandchildren so better you take her somewhere else.” Arpita told him clearly. He had left with no choice so he lefts with her.

Maan took her to their farmhouse and arranged everything for her treatment. She troubled him a lot but Maan never get tired of doing her any work.

After lunch he made her sleep when a door bell distracted him. He went to see who was coming. Ananya was there. He felt awkward but allowed her inside. She came inside and sat. Maan asked for some refreshments but she denied.

“No need to be formal Maan. I just came there to give you this.” She put engagement ring on the table before him.


“Now I have no right on this. Geet is back and I believe after getting alright Khushi will get the love of her mother. So now she don’t needs me any more.” She said and stood up. “Good bye Maan and have a lovely life.” She gave him blessings and left.

Maan held the ring and put in his pocket. After 3 months Geet get back normal to herself. 

Maan help her in her needs. Always. “Maan thanks for everything you do for me.” She said in low voice.

“Geet please stop pretending. At least now.” His words shocked her. “You think you can fool me anytime but no. Yes I already know that you are always fine. Nothing had happened to you.” Geet was shocked that Maan was aware of everything.

“You planning all this just to secure your life as your career is sinking. After Samar’s exist you had no one to help. Dev and Adi stopped the funds which I used to built up your career. Gradually your savings start drowning so you made a plan to enter in my life again. I showed your reports and record your behavior in past 3 months. Doctor clearly told us that you are acting and nothing had happened to you. I just wanted to see how much low you can stoop. Geet you have no limits.” Maan was fuming in disgust and so was Geet. Her perfect plan backfired.

“Why Geet why? First when I saw you in asylum I thought you got your punishment. I felt pain seeing you in that condition. I genuinely wants to take care of you but I forget who you are. Every time I think you might changed but no. A self centered like you never change. You came for money right? Fine.” Maan signed a check of 50 crores and threw on her face. “Take this and leave us alone. I don’t wanna see your face again.” Maan was firm on his decision and this time he threw her out of his life for forever.

Maan went back to his family and his only love his baby doll Khushi.

Geet left India with money he gave to her and Maan moved on with Ananya and Khushi. He married to her and Khushi finally got mother in form of her. Who give her love she craved for…

Love is not complicated but when we start giving preferences to other things nothing will left in hand….

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