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PART – 2

Arpita took Geet to hall area where both can discuss about Maan. “Sit Geet..” she offered a seat opposite to her.

Geet sat and trying to scanned her mind. “Is anything wrong mam?” She sense tension on her face.

“Okay. Let’s make it simple and straight.” She said seeing her face which also getting serious. “You came to our school for your project. Now it’s completed. I help you what was needed. So now why you coming here, increasing friendship with Maan?” She asked staring and left the girl stunned. She never ever expecting this from her.

Geet pressed her lips. Thinking what to say. She took few seconds. “You don’t want me to meet him?” She was still in shock.

“Yes. That’s exactly what I want.” She told her.

Shocked Geet felt really awkward at the time. “But why? What wrong I did?” She asked staring at his worried mother.

“Don’t you know Geet what you are doing?” Her voice was broken, chocked in her throat.

“What? I am just spending time with my friend. So what’s wrong in that?” She was confused with her weird behavior.

“You know what’s wrong in that. Right now you feel sympathetic to him, that’s why giving time too, but this will not going like this after sometime. After sometime you get back to your normal life and forget him. Geet you are matured and have a social life. Easily forgot everything and choose best for yourself. But Maan… My son. He is 23,just physically. But from mind he is still a kid.” Her eyes moist and voice wobble. “If he get habitual of you then it will be very difficult for me make him understand. Since the day he was born, only got ignorance. Even from his own dad. Till the day he is craving for his love. He doesn’t understand why he left us. Why he not coming to see him. Now you tell what I will say to him when you too left like other?” Hurt was showing in her voice. Her eyes trying not to show those tears but they betrayed and flowed out.

“Mu.mmma..” Both heard his voice. He was stood on stairs. Arpita quickly wiped off her tears before Maan could reach her. He paced his step as much he could. He scanned her face and trying to analyze. “Mumma.. what…what happened? Aap ro.. rahe ho?” He got tense. He glanced at Geet. Looking for the reason.

“No I am not crying. See I am not crying.” She gave a weak smile to assure him.

Maan scanned both one by one. “I will..not go.. no go…with Geet. Mu..mma.. you… don’t cry… Don’t cry…” He hugged her, assuring in his own way.

Geet felt awkward so she thought to left. She took her car and drove back to her home. In whole route she was only thinking about the facts his mother put before. She wasn’t wrong. Her fears, her doubts were right on her place.

“Geet where you were since evening?” A roar catches her attention.

“Dad…” She saw her father who looks displeased.

“Kaha thi aap?” He asked again.

“Dad I told you na. About my project.” She reminds him.

“And you submitted that one 3 months back. You told me that also.” His voice and face stern. “Look Geet you wanna social work, do it. I have no problem with that. Go to NGOs and help them like before. But no need to get personal with anyone. That boy… What’s his name…” He tried to remind.

“Dad….” Before she told his name he continued.

“Whatever was. Its not my concern. My concern is you. Geet you are in your final year. Afterwards I want you to join me in my business. So please stop wasting your time on him.” He told her strongly his wish.

This is the second shock for her in a day. “Dad… I am not wasting my time. He is my friend just like others.” She said casually.

“That’s what you mistaken my sweetheart. He is not like others. He is mentally retarded.” He snapped seeing her arguing.

“So what dad? What if his IQ level is less than others? Will this made him less valuable? Won’t he feel anything? Dad he is also a human being like us. He feels same like all of us. In fact better than us as his mind and thoughts were pure not polluted and corrupt like all of us.” She was angry hearing her father’s opinion which trigged her anger and she burst.

“Listen girl. This words of yours are good for argument but not enough to impress me. No one can change the truth that he is mad and have no sense of life. He won’t take a step without his mother and I don’t want my girl spoil her valuable time on someone like him. You have so many responsibilities so focus on them. Focus on yourself dear.” He told her furiously.

“Please spare me. I am tired.” She retorted annoyance and step up towards her room.

Next day was busy for Geet as her father had some plans for her. “Ready Geet.” He asked from her on breakfast.

“Yes dad.” She replied.

“Good. Today you are coming with me.” He told her.

“Sorry dad i have an exam.” She lied to avoid her father.

“No issue. I don’t even care if you failed. Because RP handa ki beti ko koi naukari to karni hai nahi. You are coming with me.” He told her and she knew his decision was final.

He kept her busy in office. Wants her to join him. After office he left with her. ” From now onwards you daily visit our office. After your classes I want to see in office.” He commands her.

“Okay dad.” She not step into an argument because she knew why her father imposing new rules and responsibilities on her.

Geet follow the routine. Not went to meet Maan as his mother wishes the same. She was sad and upset.

Other side Maan was same like her. Or even more. He was like a kid. Not understand why his friend not coming to meet him.

“No..no…no.. I will not.. eat.. you call…her.. call her…I will… Talk..” Maan denied to eat anything as he wants to know why suddenly his only friend start avoid him.

This what she exactly feared of. Now he got attached with Geet and it’s going to be tough for her to handle him.

“Maan… Listen baby. She is busy son.” She lied to calm him.

Maan shook his head in pace. “No…no.. call her.. main baat… Karunga.” He insists. “Papa b busy… Geet bhi… No one have…have…time for me..” he was frustrated and sad too.

Before Arpita dialled to her his maid came to inform about Geet’s arrival. “Maan baba Geet aai hai.” She told him and he smile wide like before..

“Geet aai… Geet aai… Mumma she is… My.. best friend.” He said proudly with a smile. His trust won this time. Maan rushed to meet her.

She was waiting in a hall. Both smile seeing each other. He went near her in excitement and hug her instantly. She could sense from his touch and hold how much he missed her. His grip wasn’t firm but the way he hold her saying all. Geet too wrapped her arms around him.

“Where…were…you?” A lump was formed in his throat. Maan broke the hug and stare her. “Katti…(KATTI: This is the word used; when the kids used to fight over something and decide that they will never talk to each other from now on…)” Maan showing his anger and turned to other side.

Geet smiled seeing his innocence. “Oh so you are angry with me?” She asked and he nodded. “Hona bhi chahiye. Aise thodi na hota hai. That you made your friend wait for this long. Bad very bad Geet.” She trying to pacify him. “Maan I am sorry. This time forgive me. I promise it won’t happen again.” She asked for forgiveness but Maan shook his head. “Okay see i hold my ears. Now please forgive me. Aisi galti firr nahi hogi.” Geet held her ears and promised that she would not break sher promise. Inside she was feeling broken seeing him upset. She knew what he must be going through in past one week.

Maan not glanced at her directly but from thief eye. Made sure that she actually held her ears or not.

He smiles automatically and swirled to her. “I will….talk… First…you promise…that you..will…not leave…not leave again.” He put his condition before her.

Geet palmed his face. “I promise, I will never leave you. Never ever.” She made him happy and he hugged her again.

“For… ever…. Friennndddzzz.” He said in happiness.

“Yes, forever friends.” Geet assured him.

“Maan now please eat.” His mother asked him to leave indirectly.

He was skeptical about the idea of leaving Geet. What of she left in meantime. Geet saw him pouting. “Don’t worry. I will wait here in hall. You go and finish your meal first.” She was like reading his thoughts.

“You too come with me.” He insists.

“But I thought now you are a big boy. You scared in room?” She manipulate him.

Maan pouts again and left nodding in no. Arpita turned to Geet. “Why did you come?” She was worried for her son.

“As you can see,he missed me badly. He not even ready to eat.” Geet explains.

“I am use to of it. I will manage. From last 17 years I am managing him alone. He was only 6 when Samarth gave divorce to me. Since the day I am managing. You again came after whole one week of disappearance which increase my problems.” A lack of support from her own family and the struggle she faced made her over protective for her son. Which was natural and Geet absolutely understanding her worry.

She glance straight into her eyes. “That day I left because you asked something for which I never thought thoroughly, but after leaving I think a lot. For whole one week I am thinking about this. Will I able to take care of him. Will I am capable of be with him in every thick and think. Will I have such courage which you have. After thinking on all aspects, now I have no doubts in my mind.” She held her hands. Felt bit hesitant but she had no choice at all. “You are scared what if I left and never come back then I have a solution.” She paused. “Keep me here in your house for forever. Accept me as your daughter in law.” She told the solution.

Arpita was stunned and snatch back her hands from her hands. “Are you out of your mind Geet?”

Before Arpita gave the same lecture she cut her words. “Please mam don’t ask that I have no idea what I am saying or what will be the consequences. I already told you I had think about this for whole week. I know marrying him bring lot of responsibilities for me as a wife. Trust me I ready for everything.” She said confidentiality without blinking or breaking their eye contact. She was so confident.

“Geet don’t act like a stupid. He is my son. My love for him is natural but…”

“But you don’t trust me. I can completely understand your turmoil. You faced a lot and I can imagine your pain. You have all the reasons to reject me. But mam just think about it. Don’t take my words otherwise. aaj aap hai kal jab nahi honge tab? Kya hoga Maan ka. He needs someone to love him and I am ready for this. Why don’t you want me to ne a part of his life?” Geet was so strongly stuck to her words.

“Do chaar ghante sath rehne or zindagi bhar ke liye pati k naam pe ek chhote bachhe ko sambhalna, dono alag baate hai. May be right now you are feeling for him. But at a certain point you will give up. Like his father do. Samarth spend money like water for his treatment but Maan was born with this disability. All told me to kill him in womb but I was adamant. It was my decision and i have no regrets. He is my baby. My special child. But you have whole life before you. Go and make your career.” She tried to change her decision.

“I am not denying whatever you saying. You are his mother. Your concern is right on place. But I can assure you, I will not disappoint you.” She said again to convince her.

Arpita wiped off her tears. “Your family know about this decision of yours?” She asked straight.

“No they don’t know yet. I thought first I take your permission then I will tell them.” Her voice was low.

“Fine. Now go and tell about this to your parents. If they have no issue with this, then I will say yes.” She put her condition because she knew her parents never support her this decision.

“Alright.” Geet got agree.

She waits for Maan to come. After spending some time with him, she left for her home.

Geet told the same to her parents and as expected they too oppose her decision and in a strong way.

“That’s why I am telling you don’t give her this much freedom. See she too loose her mind because of that mad boy.” Her mother was on the verge of crying.

“Mom please. He is not mad. Just a slow learner.” Geet was annoyed the way they use bad words for him.

“Geet stop playing with words. By using other word sun won’t turned into a moon. He is mad and you know that.” His father scold her.

Geet laugh softly. “Absolutely right dad. Sun is sun. His shine never disappeared. It’s our eyes who won’t be able to see the brightness in the darkness of night. My Maan is just like this. Har koi uski shine nahi dekh sakta.” She taunts.

“Is all boy died in delhi that you choose a mentally retarded person for yourself?” Her mother snarled.

“I don’t care about rest of the world. I got what I wanted. I always wanted someone special for me. Maan is the person. You both only seeing his one weakness and ignoring all the goodness he have.” She shrugged off.

“Oh so now our darling daughter can teach us how to judge a person. She is more smarter than us.” RP too taunts.

“That’s what you all are doing. Judging a person o the basis on society rules. How much boy is earning? How much property he have? Is he able to take care of needs of our daughter. Fine selected. But not a single one trying to find out what exactly their daughter wants. What are her needs. All running like a cattle. Sorry, but I do not wanna be a part of this mob mentality.” She snapped.

“So what you have decided for yourself? Wanna be a babysitter of your husband. Because you will never be able to have your own kid.” Her mother finally play her last card.

“Mom if you forgotten then let me remind you the actual meaning of wife.

“Karyeshu dasi, Karaneshu manthri;
Bhojeshu mata, Shayaneshu rambha;
Kshamayeshu dharithri, Roopeshu lakshmi;
Satkarma yukta, Kuladharma pathni.”

{The sloka says that: A homemaker (wife) must be a good loyal worker just like a maid; a good adviser like a minister of King’s court; a caretaker like a mother; Romantic like Rambha, in bed room; a pardoner just like a goddess of earth; a beautiful like Lakshmi, the goddess of leaning and wife of Brahma; and perfect duty minded one.”}

Isn’t that dad is disable still you participate with him in every decision. Manage his life with your efforts. Dad is absolutely fine the why you doing all this for him?” She asked and made her mother shut.

“And dad for a second imagine what if after marriage any mishappening took place in my life and my husband become doll then what you are expecting me in that state? Should I leave him?” Geet stare both. “Leave it. If this happens with me what you guys do? Left me to die? As I am of no use that time. Hai na? Dad just meet him for once you both too start loving him. He is so pure and that’s what I want.”

Arpita called Samarth. “You? Aaj kaise yaad kiya?” He taunts.

“Samarth what kind of a father you are. Your son daily ask for you. Don’t you feel to see him for once?”

“Arpita bhul to tum gai ho that you have one more son. Kabhi tumne use dekhne ki koshish ki. Nahi. Maan maan maan.. you have only one son.” He hissed in anger.

“Because of you and your parents. You all treated him like a piece of shit. He is your blood Samarth.”

“And I am the one who told you to terminate your pregnancy. Now face the consequences of your decision. I already spend so much on him but no use. He is still same like before. Aaj tum ho uske sath but kal kya hoga? Kon dekhega use? Tab bhi to pagalkhane hi jayega na. Yahi option maine tume 17 saal pehle diya tha but you divorced me.”

“It’s you Samarth who leave us. You left no option before me. I can’t see my son dying there. Fine no need to come.” She wiped off her tears and hung the call.

She turned and saw Maan stood there. He stepped near her and hug her. “Mu.mma don’t cry… I will…not ask…for… Papa again…” She kissed on his head and took him to his bed.

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PART – 1

HE was running in his whole room. Making his mom run behind. “No no no…I…can…do…” He told her.

“Maan come here son.” Arpita pleads and open her arms for her boy.

“No… I… Can… Do….mumma. you… not… believe…” He complaints shaking his head in pace.

“I believe you shona. Come here.” She slowly stepped towards him and kissed on his forehead. “I believe you. Always do.” She smiled and gave him his shirt.

He smiled and hugged his mother with left arm. “Now come on wear this or else you catch cold.” She said and help him in wearing his school shirt.

“Ye hui na baat. Now my baby is ready for his school.” She said proudly and kissed him once again.

“Mu…mma… I.. am…not…a… Baby.” He complaints.

Arpita hold her ears. “Oops… I forgot. Now you are my big boy.” She apologized and Maan laugh loudly.

She picked up his bag and other accessories. “Mu…mma, is.. she… Coming… Today?” He asked with all hopes in his eyes.

Arpita got serious. She knew for whom her boy is asking but she don’t want her to came actually.

When Maan don’t got his reply he shake her arm to grab her attention. “Mu…mma…tell..na..is.. she… coming…. She… Pro… promised…me..” he asked again.

Arpita stroked his head softly. “If she promised, then she will definitely come. She is your friend right?” She don’t wanna upset him for any reason.

Maan smiled and clap in excitement. “You like her?” She asked and he nodded in pace.

“A… A…lot. You know… She gave…me this..notebook…” He opened his bag and showed his mother a brand new notebook. Isn’t that he don’t have anything or craving for new things. Because Arpita always make sure her son get everything he wants but this time she scared. What if he demands something which she wouldn’t be able to gift him then what. Already he was craving for his father now she don’t want any one hurt him by any means.

“Maan what your teacher taught you yesterday?” Though he already told her but still she asked again just to distracted him.

Maan glanced at his mother for a moment. Trying to recall everything he learned and then he start explaining one by one. “Wow my good bachha.” She stroked him again.

Meantime his school came and driver stopped the car. “Mu…mma… Geet…” He come out of car and saw her at the gate.

“Maan sambhal k beta…” He just rushed to her forgetting everything.

A very beautiful girl wearing baby pink suit was stood there. She waved her hand seeing Maan coming.

“Good… morning.. Geet.” He wished her.

“Good morning Maan. How are you?” She replied softly.

“See… I am.. good.” He replied confidentially.

“Wow that’s great. Are you ready for exam?” She asked softly.

“Yes…” He nodded in pace.

“Maan let’s go. You are getting late for your class.” Arpita came there and took Maan from there. “Geet please excuse us.”

“Sure…” She simply replied. “Bye Maan. all the best.” She wished him and Maan smiles while waving his hand towards Geet.

Geet too left from there. Days passed and she become his best friend. First and best friend. Before that he have no one to call a friend.

Geet regularly visit him. “Maan see what is this?” She came to meet him in evening after her classes.

“Foot… Football… Wow…” He almost jump and went near her to grab that ball. “Is… Is.. it for me?” He smiled and asked to confirm.

Geet nodded the way he do always. “Wanna play?” She asked.

“But… I…I don’t know..how to play.” He told her.

“Don’t worry. I will teach you.” She assured and drag him out in the garden. Geet told him to kick. She keep trying till he perfectly kicked. Maan clapped and jumped in happiness.

“Goal… Goal…” He was shouting in excitement.

Geet kissed him on cheek in happiness and cheer him up. “See it’s easy.” She said and Maan nodded in pace.

Geet play with him for half an hour. “I… I am hungry…” He told her.

“Bhook lagi hai… Mujhe bhi. Let’s go inside.” Geet and Maan both went inside the mansion.

“Aunty… I am hungry…” He said to his maid.”

“Maan baba wash your hand and I will bring snacks for both of you.” She told him and he walked to his washroom. He washed his hands and come out.

Soon his maid brought his favorite snacks. “Geet… you like this?” He picked up his favorite bread pakora and asked for her choice.

“Yes I like it. And one day I will take you out with me and we enjoy all my favorite snacks.” She rolled her eyes while eating her piece.

“You… You will.. take me…out? Pakka?” He asked to confirm.

“Yes I will.” She assured.

“When…when we go…out?” Maan glancing at her with hope she gave him.

“First…” She stressed. “First I need the permission of your mom.

“Mu..mma..” he glanced at the clock to check the time. “Hehehe…she… She is coming…in half an hour…” He told her.

“Come come… I show… Show you my… Drawing.” He held her hand and took him to his room where he showed her all his drawings.

“Ye…ye wali..isme…first prize… Mila mujhe…” He showed her his trophy with all pride in his eyes.

“Maan…. Come here baby. Where are you?” Both heard his mother’s voice and he ran outside to meet his mother.

She smiled and kissed on his head. “Khana khaya?” She asked with a smile which vanished the moment she saw Geet behind.

Maan nodded in pace. “Mu.mma.. come. Geet will…take me out..take me out. You say yes… Say yes..” he seems so enthusiastic for going out.

“Maan baba your favorite cartoon show has started… Come…” His maid distracted him and he left with her.

“Mam can i?” Geet asked formally from Arpita.

“Geet can we talk?” She asked and Geet nodded.

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