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PART – 1

(WARNING – 18 )

IT ws slight dark inside d room,whch is fully decorated wid expensive accessories,bt d most used item at dis time is d lavish bed centred laying in d room,cvrd wid cream colourd satin sheet,on whch a beautiful girl,hving petite structure,full bossoms,luscious pink lips,sharp white nose,crimson red cheeks,hazeld eyes filled wid naughtyness,sleek waist nd cylinderical creamy legs,laying nude wid a boy having chiseld body structure,perfect abbs, sharp
cut face. He luking at hr wid hs deep dark hysterical filled eyes. He strt taking hs time.he gently strt wid a giving a peck on hr lips,while hs hand caressing hr bossoms.Hs hands playing wid taut peaks of hr glourious globe.
He entrd in hr mouth,sucking sweet juice of hr,relishing it fully. She respond in d hungr matchd wid hm. She clenchd hs hairs in hr
small fist nd pulld hr more 2hr. He movd hs lips 2 hr nek nd traces hr neck line 2 hr clevage. He bite nd mark hs possesion dere. Den he tuk hr 1 bossom in hs warm wet
mouth. She could feel hs sliva around hr nipples. He suck nd lick until it sour nd den switch 2 anothr 1.while festing hr globes,he caressed hr smooth skin nd reached 2 hr thighs. He caressed hr thigh gve hr pleasure.slowly 2he movd 2 hr 4biddn area.now hs fingrs touched d core line. He just gv a glance.both eyes met.he smirkd nd den he again induldge in festing hr bossoms nd hs fingers enterd inside hr ready wet core.
He thursting hs finger rythemically,made hr release hr juice. She moaned countlessly
clenching d sheet tightly.soon hs middle finger joind 2 double d amount of pleasure.wen he done,he leave hr swallowd nd red trnd bossoms nd start kissing on hr whole body cm 2 hr naval nd bite wildly.a scream sound cm out frm hr mouth whch felt hm lyk a
music. Wen hr v***** moist fully he remove hs fingers. He pulled hr up nd she suck hs fingeres 1 by 1. He tuk hr lips 1c again nd maid hr laid on hr back.widout leaving hr
lucious lips he parted hr legs rubbed hr vagina gently. She bite on hs lowr lips made hm moan.both brokn d smooch need sm air. She pulled hm down nd take a charge ovr hm. She sat ovr hs abbs nd massged hs chest
gently. He grinned seeng hr advancmnt. He hold hr waist firmly nd squeezd in anticipation. She rubbed hr thighs against hs
body nd bend ovr hm. She rythmically move from hs neck 2 hs chest nd leave bite marks
evrywhere.nd in dis hr bossoms rubbed againt hs chest,sending hm ripples of pleasure. He cant take hr sweet torture.he bend hr down in a swift nd pinnd hr 2 bed.’Not much mor,now my turn’,he said hukily,she wriggled.’Leave me i ll show u’,she
said making angry face.’wild cat,ha,now get ready 4 my surprize’, he leave hr hands nd
parted hr legs again. He bend hs face betwn hr thighs nd slowly relish hr juice,she tasted so sweet.hs tounge flick undr hr vaginal lips nd suck wildly. She moaning mor louder. D way he ws feeling hr made hr crazy. Now she
gt enough of hm torture. “pls,stop na,i want u now”. He accept hs plead nd sit btwn hr legs.He gently entrd tip of hs erect manhood in hr core in a swift momnt nd wen he adjust he
slipped under fully nd take hr 2 d edge of d pleasure.he thurst in out in out strongly nd filled hr wid pleasure. She gv hm mor space
nd desired hm mor. Aftr sevral round of love making wen dey exahust fully nd deir bodies
trned limp,both leave each other nd falls on deir back,panting heavily. Dey jst kissed 1 mor last time nd slept 2 calm deir ovr excaited body. Sun down nd its beams come inside. Its 6 am.
He was half laying on hr. She get up nd pushd hm harshly,due 2 whch hs peaceful sleep broked wid a jerk. Actually hr knee hit wid hs hardnd manhood.”hey aram se,its still erect,lagti hai mujhe b.”,he said politely.den he gazed hr nude body,nd lust swarms in hs veins. She luks
more desireable evn wid d last nite marks on hr evrywhere.”waise kya khyal hai?i mean ab jb uth hi gaye hai to kyu na 1 or round lele.1 passionate mrng aftr a nite 1″,he asked huskily while
pushing hr hairs behind hr ears,coming 2 hr beautiful nd innocent face.”o really,bt i m in hurry no time 4 u at all”,she rudly denied hs plead.

“Y r u in so hurry?”,curiosity blends hs mind.

“Bcoz 2dy is my frst dy of my frst job nd i dont want 2 b late”,she explains hm.

“so its only a 6,we hardly need 15mins nd if bcoz of u i lost my cntrl,4 a while,as u r d hottest nite partner i evr hv had,still it need
half an hour” he tryng 2 convience hr.

“No,i hv heard many stories abot my boss,so dont wanna take chance.or waise b 4 me dis 1 nite stand is enough.now no need 2 c each othr again.”

He felt sad as she denied,bt no strong reason he had 2 made hr stop. He met hr just few hrs b4. Bt she hd a charm or smthng spl whch made hm crazy 4 hr…..

HIS nostrils were filld wid hr aroma. He hd a
stong urge 2 feel hr mor nd more bt she ws
in hurry. She gt up nd search hr clothe scattrd

on floor evrywhere. She collct all nd movd 2
wshrum. He lean bak nd rested hs head on
wall. Evry crease on sheet gve d detail of deir
passionate love making lst nite. He sw nd
“wow she hd smthng whch othrs dont hv.”he
chuckld at hs weaknes.
She cm out aftr frsh n up. Hr essense made
hm uncntrolld. Hr smell,hr arouma reminds hr
wen he frst sw hr last nite on deir blind date.
At d very momnt he lost hs all sences except
1;). She luks soo fresh nd ready 2 eat.
“I m leaving,nd pls dont bother abot d bill,i’ll
paid dat.”she had a confidence in hr
voice.very cleard abot hrslf.
“no.pls.pleasur e is all mine” he wore hs shots
nd movd 2 hr.
“bt y u alone?we both used it.luk i dont wnt
ny favour frm u”,she made hr clear.
He taggd hr 2 wall nd tuk hr,still swallowed
lips in hs hungry mouth. Although she is
strong enough,bt he also nt lyk,2 whom ny1
cn ignore so easily. He nibbled hr lowr lip as
he hungry frm ages nd hs tongue seeking 4
its treasure. Soon she parted nd he get in
more nd more,if it is possible. She 2 lost in hm
nd hr tongur toying wid hm. Hs hands movd
inside hr shrt whch alrmd hr mind,as if she
dont stop rite now den sit.trnd 2 worst. She
pushd hm wid a gr8 force nd stare hm
“u r 2 much”,hr tone filld wid angr nd
frustration both.
He licked hs lips,tasting hr in hs own way.”its
u who made me mad.bt nywys dis time i do
to make our balance clear. U wants 2 paid nd
i take it.now u r free”. He said naughtly. She
ws abot 2 leave nd he stoppd 1c again.”hey
aest gv me ur no.how cn i contact u again.”
“no need 2 c each othr.byeeee”,sh e ans nd
leave instantly.
Aftr 2 hours she ws in hr office in hrblack
colrd jeans nd lite pink shrt. She ws waiting.
Meanwhile a grl in cut sleeves top nd short
skirt cm 2 hr nd snd hr 2 boss’s cabin. She
showd hr a way. She felt little nerveous as
evryone talking about boss’s rude nd
arrogant behavior. She askd nd get in. Boss
signld hr 2 sit. She pass hr file. Aftr reading
carfully dey strt talking.
SAMEERA KHANNA:so miss Geet handa frm
now u r going 2 work as my secratory. I hop
Tasha told u evrthng?
GEET:yes mam.
SAMEERA:cn i askd 1 que?u hv done a corse of
interior decorator den y u joined on a
secratory job?
GEET:mam i realy need job,nd cant wait 4
bettr job suits 2 my qualification.
SAMEERA:hmm.wel l let c how strong u r?coz
no grl stays on dis post more den 6months.i
hope u r nt weak lile dem.i sw sm confidence
in u dats y i select u.now dont let me down.
GEET:nvr mam.i do my best.
SAMEERA:no go nd strt ur work.(she stnds nd
strt moving)1 min Geet,i 4gt 2 tell u dat ur
cabin is nt ready rite now as my old secratry’s
belonging occupied dat place.she came
2mmorrow,so 2day u hav 2 manage in file’s
GEET:no prob.mam i ‘ll manage.
SAMEERA:gud.(sh e summnd Tasha in hr
room. She came instantly) Tasha shw hr files
rum. She will operate frn deir until hr cabin gt
ready 4 hr.
TASHA:ys mam.
Geet went wid hr. She show hr file room near
watr cooler. It ws vry messy nd dark. She trn
on d lite nd find place 4 hr.
TASAHA:dis ur files.now strt ur wrk as mam is
vry strict.nd if u need ny thing askd me ok?
Geet nodded nd she leave hr. Room ws realy
messy. She tuk dustr nd cleand hr chair frst
den she clean d dust frm d table nd put all
files nd othr accessories on it.
GEET:frst day hi jhadu wali bai bna dia.chal
Geet pehle hath dho le. She rembers water
cooler is jut few step away frm hr room. She
movd 2 dat. She wshd dust nd splshd water
on hr face 2. Now she feels bettr. Wen she ws
so much busy in dis,a drak brown pair of eyes
ws busy in gazing hr cute antics. She movd 2
hr room nd those eyes followed hr insane.
She ws unawre of wat is going happnd next.
Wen she realized,she ws taggd aginst d wall
nd dose intense eyes gazing hr contently. B4
she askd or uttr ny word hr parted lips,due 2
dis shok treatmnt ws seald by hs perfect m-
shaped lips.he frst suck all d watr drops
hanging on hr lucious lips. “Wow she tasted
soo sweet.evry time wen i kissed u my
hunger incresd more”,he thot while exploring
evry bit of hr mouth. Hr hand moved 2 hs
hairs nd clenched it tightly. Hs hands slipped
on hr sleek waist. He squeezd it wildly,making
pressure on hr. She nibbled hs lips,whch help
dem 2 grab sm air betwn deir passionate
HE claimed hr in hs possession fully.deir
passion given rein in a mutually antagonised
kiss. He didnt kno wat he had been intending

2 do wen he hd cm aftr hr,bt dis,he
realised,plunde ring hr soft eager mouth ws d
only outcm. He nvr allowd hmslf 2 entrtain evn
wen hs had beeen shokd in2 realising how
nerveous she ws in hs arms during d dance
last night,nd how he obviously affected hr.
Evn if she refused 2 acknowledge it,he thot
grimly. Bt dere ws no need 4 denial or 4 ny
reservations now. As he shiftd hs arm 2 pull
hr in2 hs roch hard length of hs body,Geet
made a guttural sound deep in hr
throat,clawing at d warmness of hs back wid
desperate nd greedy hands. Driven by
desire,nd d insensity of passion such as she
hd nvr knon b4 she could met hm. She gv in2
its demand,letting hr trembling hands slide up
2 tangle in d black thickness of hs
hair,responding 2 datt hungry musculine
mouth wid unrelenting demands of hr own.
“oh dear!.. She gv a torturd groan. She wantd
mor dan dis. She wanted hm 2.
Hr thots driven frm hr mind as hs hands
suddnly spannd hr waist,lifting hr up so hr
legs automatically movd around hm.
Supportng hr wid hs arms,he ws tilting hr
head bak. His mouth closing ovr hr clinging
shrt through whch hr nipples were
protruding in unshamed arousal. Hs actions
snt red hot spears of desire piercing down
through hr body,igniting a flame at d vry
heart of hr femininity. She could feel hs own
arousal,pulsing nd hard nd moved against
hm lyk a wild thng as he pulld hr shrt so dat
hs hands could claim d aching fullness of hr
eager breasts. Suddnly she remind hrslf abot
d sit. Lust she thot bitterly nd she wrenched
hrslf away frm hm,hr feet touching bottom,hr
face screwd up in disgust as she pulled at hr
top,trning hr head away,unable 2 face d
mocking derision she knew she would c in hs
“wats d mattr Geet?cant u luk at me?” hs voice
ws surprisingly hoarse,nd he sounded
breathless as she ws.
Chancing a glance at hm she noticed beneath
dat transperant shrt how hs chest ws rising
nd falling heavily.
“i didnt intend dat 2 happn either”,he admitt.
“dont lied atlest. And wat d hell r u doing here
in my office? U followd me?now c’mmon get
out frm here b4 my boss sw u”,she aksd
Wen she ws so much busy in scolding hm,
Sammera cm here 2 watch hr how she is
“what happnd here?” Sameera’s simple que
alrmed Geet nd tuk hr breath. She scred now
may she lost hr job on d vry frstt day bcoz of
hm.”I think u cant hear me.” she show hr
GEETt:mam i’ll explain,she trying 2 clerify hr bt
Sameera ignored hr nd trnd 2 dis Handsome
Hunk,standing besides Geet.
SAMEERA:wow luk at man,who is here d gr8
MSK. Finally u gt d time 4 our meeting.
She taunts hm nd Geet gt more confused.
“mam u know hm?”,Geet askd stupidtily.
“Geet dont behave like a jerk,evry1 knows hm.
He is a famous business tycoon Maan Singh
Khurana nd my would b fiancee. Soon we r
going 2 engaged”,Sameer a explains hr.bt last
line of hs intro is nt liked by hm vry much.
“its ok Sameera,no need 2 gv such an
explainatory intro 2 dis normal kind grl.btw
who is she? I nvr sw hr dis b4”,he intrupt
Sameera,teased Geet nd gv a grinn 2 hr.
SAMEERA:she is my new secratory.joind
2day.wait a min.wat r u doing here,wid hr?
She askd suspeciously bt Maan in nt 1 who
trappd easily.
MAAN:wtrcooler k paas log kyu aate hai
Sameera?i cm her bcz i felt thursty(he lukd at
Geet hysterically)nd accidently my cell falls frm
my hand nd slippd in dis rum.wen i gt in she
misundrstud me nd we get in little argumnt.
SAMEERA:nyways lets go 4 a meeting. We hv 2
discuss many points on our joint vanture.
MAAN:So here i m only 4 dis.
Suddnly Sameera gt sm call.she luked at d
screen nd gt tensent instantly.
SAMEERA:Maan dis is an imp.call u wait 4 just
few min.in my cabin.i ll joined u shotly nd Geet
go 2 Tasha,she had all d files of dis proj. Go
nd collect all.
She nodded nd made an escape frm dere.
Maan movd 2 hr cabin. Geet askd 4 all d files
frm Tasha. Hearing dis she gt excited 2.
TASHA wid a big smile on hr face:OMG u mean
DD aaye hai?
GEET cnt gt hr:wat?who is DD now?
TASHA:tymne lgta hai dekha nai hai mam k
hone wale fiancee ko.d MSK,who kitne hot
dikhte hai(she drooled ovr hm nd Geet gt
bored)ny ways tm rehne do ye files main leke
jaungi,isi bhane DD ko dekh lungi.
GEET:as u wish.
Tasha moved excitidely bt den she realized
wat if Sameera asked hr y she cm hrslf wen
she odred dis 2 Geet. She gt scared of hr
anger nd annoyingily handover all d files 2
TASHA:tumi le jao.agar mama ko pata chala to
meri job to gai.poor me.
She made bad faces nd Geet pity on hr. Geet
chuckeld at her situation.
Maan is waiting 4 Sameera 4 a meeting. She
tuk so much time on hr call. Geet moved
towards her cabin,2 gv all d necessary files of
their project….
PART – IVGEET tuk all d files nd step ahead 2wrds Sameera’s cabin.Maan ws alredy dere.He trying 2 compsing hmslf nd gt out of hs wild thots. Geet entrd in cabin.Maan sw hr. He

wants 2 talk 2 hr,bt b4 he uttered single word,Sameera entrd in hr cabin.”u brot all files?”,Sameera enquired bossily.In reply she only nodded yes,nd handover all d files 2 Sameera.”u may leave now.go bak 2 ur seat nd arranged my meeting wid Bhatia’s”,she ordrd Geet. Sameera wants 2 concntrate only on dis

Maan doesnt lyk hr exit,bt he cant reacts now.Geet left d cabin nd Sameera strt hr meeting. She discussed on d issues related 2
dis proj.she explaining evrthng,bt Maan seems lost in hs own world. He dosnt hear ny word frm hr nd she senced it.

“Maan my time is also precious,if u r nt intrestd den y u cm here”, Sameera shout at hs irritating behaviour.

“go 2 hell wid ur meeting.if u dont cmfrtable wid me,den i m leaving rite now.”,Maan burst in angr 2 due 2 hs frustration of nt talking
wid hr.

“i just cant imagine,how unprofessional u r.if we r nt able 2 work 2gethr on a single proj.den
how can we able 2 handle our married lyf?Maan if u hd sec thots regarding dis marriage
proposal,dan pls tell me clearly,coz i dont want 2 spoil my lyf wid u.”,Sameera wants 2
know hs opinion coz both nvr shared good moments.

“askd our parnts,dey bound us togthr lyk som kind of deal.we both know,we r bussiness
associates mor den a would b life partner.nd dis meeting we met later,rite now i m leaving”,Maan recentd nd leave d cabin.

Maan walk out. Hs eyes scanned whole office in hr search,nd stuck wen he sw hr,but she ws wid her staf membrs,so he left in aggression frm dere. In evng in KM he is doing tai-chi practise 2 calm down himself.

“y Maan y?wat r u doing urself.she is just an ordinary grl,2 whom u ignored easily.”he is thinking while crushing hmslf nd drenched in hs own sweat.

While doing he lost hs balance
nd falls on floor. Hr face swimmed in hs eyes. He irritates nd closed hs eyes,but dere he sw hr only.

“ye kya ho raha hai mere sath.kyu bhul nai pa raha main use?”

“ye kya MSK girr gaya.itne salo ki practise k baad.how is it possible?”

suddnly a voice broke hs trance nd he gtup on hs feet again. He movd 2wrds d source of voice. A young man standing behind hm. He
was hs best frnd Adi.

“Kya baat hai Maan?” Adi askd
suspeciously.”Mr.Perfect or ye behaviour not suits 2 ur image man”,he teased hm.

“yaha kaise?”,Maan raised que in hs ans while drying hm wid hs towel.

“u 4gt but nt me.now cmmon tell me wat happnd last nite?i mean on my blind date,jispe tu gaya tha? Howz she?do u njoy wid hr or nt?”he shower hs curiosity on hm.

Maan only gv a stern luk2 hm in rply.

“what?Tu gaya b tha ya nahi?” he enquired.

“gaya tha”,Maan replied coldly.

“kya baat hai itna bhujha 2 sa ans kr raha hai?1 min koi buddhi to nahi thi na date pe?”he worrdly 4 hs experience,sply aftr hs cold expressions. Maan stare him.”ok buddhi to nai thi firr kya panga hua?wait a sec dont tell me ki teri blind date Sameera thi or usne
tere sath jhagda kiya firr se?”

“we fought again bt nt bcoz of my date.nd she is nt my blind date.”,Maan clerify hs curiosity,nd Adi sighed.

“thank God,she ws nt hr.btw,y u r so upset now?kuchh hua kya uske sath?”,Adi wants 2 read hs mind.

“hmm.i spend whole night wid hr”,Maan ans feeling weak again.

“so wats a big deal in dis.ye sb to aisi dates pe hota hi rehta hai”,he trying 2 calm him.

“no Adi she is diffrnt. She is nt lyk all d casual grls 2 whom i ignored easily. Normally girls drool ovr me nd i m playing wid dem.but dont
know y she had sm spark in hr whch seprate hr frm ny other grl. I cant stop myself thinking abot hr.evry where i only sw hr face.
She is 1 who ignored me.”,Maan open his heart nd mind state 2 in front of Adi,coz he is d only 1 who undrstands hm.

“what she denied u.hmm tb to zarur usme koi baat to hai?,so miya majnu uska kuchh naam
ata ya pata malum hai ya bas usi me sara time spend ho gaya?”,Adi teased hm more nd he glared hm.

“Geet,geet handa naam hai uska.nd i met hr 2day again,coz she is a secratery of Sameera”,Maan gv all info he knows abot hr.

Adi’s eyes popped out wid a shok knowing about hr.”wat?wo Sameera ki secratory hai? abe kyu khel raha hai aag se.Aunty ya uske
parents ko zara si bhanak b lag gai na to prob ho jayegi.forget her Maan.”,Adi advised coz he
know d sit nd his mom’s nature.

“agar ye mumkin hota to kar deta.aaj tak kisi ladki ne mujhe itna effect nai kiya jitna usne
kiya hai.main jitna usse durr jane ko koshish krta hu use hasil karne ki mera junoon or badd jata hai.No Adi its 2 late now. I want her only at any cost.” Maan told his decision clerly 2 hm.

“Maan tujhe jo krna hai soch samjh k karna,coz naam pta krne se kuchh nai hota tu janta hi kya hai us ladki k bare me?I suggest
u last time 4 ur gud sake 4get hr,else as u wish.i only ant ur good.” Adi trying 2 clear hs mind bt no voice no face affects hm.He ws caught wid sm chain bounds hm wid hr


“Maan wat r u thinking now.r u listening 2 me or nt?”,Adi trying 2 talk 2 hm,coz he knows,somwhere Maan’s mind is nt listning 2 ny1. 4 d frst time he sw hs dat kind of
restlessness.”hmm”,Maan’s only reply 2 Adi.Now Adi knows dat nothng divert hs mind.so he made an exit. Maan went 2 freshn up.He ws standing under shower,letting water cool down hs mind. He placed hs both hands on wall nd closed hs eyes,in hop he gt sm relief,bt soon hs relief momnts ends,wen pair of soft hands snaked over hs bare body. He opnd hs eyes wid shokd. She hugged hs hard frame frm bakside. Hr soft bossoms squeezed btwn dem nd he feels hr taut nipples. Hs cold body burns in desire. She arosed him mor,by sucking water drops frm hs bak. evry time wen hr soft supple pink lips touched hs back 2 suck drops,hr bossoms rubbed hs skin nd groan escaped from hs mouth. He cnt bear hr torture ny mor so he clenched hr 1 wrist nd pulled hr in front of hm. Hs dark intence eyes filled wid mor wildness seeing hr naked drenched body. He gt closr 2 hr bt she playing wid hm. She trying 2 pushed hm away bt Maan caught hr hand nd pinned against d wall,besides hr head.She
is trying 2 do it again bt hr sec hand met wid d same treatment. Water falls over dem. He njoying seeing d view nd she is fuming coz he is nt releasing hr hands. Maan cm mor closr nd bend on hr neck. He nibbles d soft flesh of
hers nd made hr moned. Den he followed a trail of wet kisses on hr whole nek. She arched 2 gv hm moe space. Maan smirked nd
moved 2 hr clevage,wher he bite very harshly marking hs possesion ovr hr. She screamed in pain bt soon gt cmposed wen Maan licks dat bite mark wid hs warm tongue. He caress hr red mark wid hs tongue frst nd moved 2 hr
eager bossoms,wanting hs attention. He feasting 1 nd latches 2 it. He licked hr hardned buds den tuk full bossom in hs warm wet mouth nd sucked it until hs hunger frm ages satisfied,den he switchd 2 other 1. She moaned mor nd hr moaning session trnd
hm mor aggressive. After relishing hr both bossoms he snakd hr arm around hr sleek waist nd pulld near hm. He luk in hr deep
oceaned eyes 4 a sec nd slammed hs lips on hr. Hr lips felt very soft bneath hs. He nibbles lowr lip gently nd seeking entrence in hr
mouth. She 2 responds hm in manner he wants. She partd hr lips nd pulld hm mor.Maan plundering each nd evry corner and hs right hand caressing hr bossom 4 few sec.den hs hands massagd her smooth skin wid hs rough palm nd reached 2 d hiddn
treasure. He gently strt rubbing hr v*****. She moaned in hs mouth. Her body trembled. Maan felt warmness hr body producing due 2 hs action. He insert hs fingrs in hr nd thurst in nd out until she produce hr warm fluid. Hs fingers turn wet wid hr fluid. He felt hr ready wetness. Both leave deir lips 4 breathing. Maan pulld out hs fingers nd licked dem tasting hr juice. She fed up wid hs tortures.
She firmly tuk his ready manhood in hr small hand nd made hs eyes popped out wid hr advancmnt. He whisperd huskily,”bahot jaldi hai
Geet”,2 whch she rplied”coz u r so lazy.dont tease me”. He grinned nd tuk hr lips 1 mor time….Beep beep dis sound frm hs mobile laying outside on hs bed,broked hs trance. His eyes
search hr evrywhere,bt she ws no where. He tangled hs fingers in hs dark dence hairs nd thot”ye ladki mujhe sach me pagal kr degi”.
Next day he ws again in Sam’s office. Last days wild thot distrbing hm alot. Hs eyes want
2 sw hr. Hs arms wants 2 embrace hr.in short hs whole body wants hr fully. Its only 10am. Geet entrd in lift 2 reach 2 hr floor,unaware of dat who is inside. As she entrd Maan pulled hr nd tagged against wall. His dark eyes clerly shows hs intense desires. Geet glared hm.

“wat d hell r u doing sir?ye office hai or aap meri boss k hone wale fiancee hai.wat if ny…”

she wnts 2 cmplte bt Maan tuk hr lips nd shut hr. She trying 2 push hm bt Maan forced hr 2 respond 2 hm and he wins in dat. Geet gvup
nd strt responding. She nibbles hs lips nd lick dem. Both relishd deir mouth.both tongue playing wid ech othr nd exchanging sliva in
betwn. She wrappd hr arms round hs neck,caressing hs nape nd pulled mor 2 deepen d kiss. Both now panting heavily nd leave ech othr. Geet cm bak 2 sences.

“Geet,i want u”,Maan demands softly while panting heaving against hr ears.

“stop it sir.aap meri boss k partner
hai,according 2 dat u r also my boss.so behave like dat”,she spoke in frustration.

Maan squeezed hr frm both side nd sw in hr eyes.”dont tell me ki mujhe kya krna hai.frst u made me crazy and now u avoiding me.”

“leave me sir.u r my boss,it dosnt suits u 2 maintain dis kind of relationship.” Geet argued.

“den f*** ur boss”,he rested hs head on hr.”Geet i know Sameera or meri engagement ki baat sunkar tumhe shock laga hai.bt pls dont avoid me”.Hs voice turnd soft again.He cant able 2 talk harshly wid hr.

Geet push hm away.

Geet:sorry sir.bt pls 4gt me 4 sake of all of us.

Lifts door opns and she left out..

PART – VIGEET lft hm in frustration,a strange frustration evn he dont kno y he always lost cntrl around hr. Maan also cm out nd reachd 2 Sameera’s

“u here?”,she askd surprzingly.”i m sorry 4 lst dy,shall we proceed?”,Maan ans in normal tone.She nodded. Meanwhile Geet cm inside hr cabin wid som blue prints.”mam if u allowed me i want 2 tell u smthng.”,Geet wnts 2 talk 2 hr. Sameera allowed hr.”Mam i just sw dis blue print nd c dis”.

She point out at sheet nd shw hr d flause she noticd nd suggest hr suggestions. Sameera impressd wid hr nd immediately summnd hr chief engineer in hr cabin. Wid in 2min a young guy wid a good physicque cm in hr cabin. Sameera introduced both.

“Geet,he is Rahul our co.’s chief
engineer.inhone hi ye blue print ready kia hai and Rahul she is Geet my new secratory”.

Rahul raised hs arm 2 hr. Geet hold hs hand professionaly.he shaked hand wid hr nd felt hr soft palm. He mesmerized wid hr natural beauty nd 4gt 2 leave hr hand. Maan sw all dis nd hs blood strt boiling. “How dare he?”,d only thot running in hs Mind. Geet hrslf felt awkwrd nd remov hr hand.

“Rahul she point out sm mistakes in dis print,nd i also felt dat she is rite. So i want u both discussed it rite now nd correct evrythng”,Sameera orderd both.

“Sure mam.agar Miss Geet or aap 2 keh rae hai to i m sure kuchh galt hoga.i m sorry 4 dat…”,he is still nt comp.hs talk nd Maan intrupt nd made hm shut.

“Mr. Rahul aise kaam karne hi nahi chahiye jo galat ho”,he said taunting hm. Hs tone filled wid jelousy nd anger.

“i m sorry sir.but i promise it dosnt happnd nxt time”,he apolozise 1 mor time.

“better 4 u”,Maan said rudly nd in a warning tone. He dosnt lyk hm around Geet.

“Miss Geet shall we proceed?”,he askd politely wid a smile on lips nd spark in hs eyes.whch is noticed by evry1.

Geet follwed hm nd both leave d cabin.Sameera asked 4 meeting nd Maan allowed hr. But hs body is only dere. Again hs mind ws focused on both Rahul nd Geet. Meanwhile Sameera gt a call on hr cell. She gt tensend again.

“i told u…hello..abi, i m in meeting..ok ok relax i m cmng”,she cant able 2 talk proprly. D caller is ruling hr.”I m sorry Maan mujhe abi jana padega its urgent.kal main tumhare office
aake ye meeting kr lungi,pls excuse me”. She apolozise nd Maan allowed hr as he 2 wants 2 get rid of dis meeting.

He is vry upset nd disturbed. Hs emotions violate hs mind.Sameera left d cabin. Maan 2 cm out nd sw
Geet wid Rahul. Dey were talking while passing smile 2 each other.

“Miss Geet cn i ask smthng?” Rahul strt talking 2 hr nd she nodded yes.”casully koi b normal person ye galtia point out nai kr skta tha,coz blue print ko samjhna hi aasan nahi hai to usme galti kaise nikalega.firr apne ye kaise kiya?” he is curious 2 know abot hr.

“actully i m an interior decorater, dats y i kno agr ye doors rum me is taraf honge to view bahut khrab hoga”,she explained him.

“wow,its amazing. i must say u impressed me”,he praised hr.”bt aap itni talanted hai to ye secratory ka job kyu?y u wasting ur time nd talent here?”,he askd 2 gt mor comfortable wd hr.

“job koi chhota nai hota Mr. Rahul.now if u dont mind shall we focused on dis?”she ans straight 4wrdly.

“ya sure nd i m sorry if u dont like my que.” Rahul gt dat she is vry strong grl.

Both start discussing on d proj. Maan left d office in anger. He felt helpless dis momnt. In evng she set 2 go bak frm office. As she cm
out a black bentley stoppd in frnt of hr. She rooted at hr place. Slowly2 its window gt down. Maan glared hr frm inside. Geet sw hm nd step 4wrd,ignoring hm. Maan cm out of hs car nd grabbed hr frm hr waist. He taggd her 2
his hard frame. She wriggling bt his grip prooves vry strong 4 her.

“stop it sir all r staring us”,Geet worridly luk around nd commnds hm.

Maan ignored it fully.

“i dont care damn it”,Maan’s tone is vry harsh dis time.

“apko nai hai lekin mujhe hai,chhodye mujhe.”she tried again.

“agr tm chahti ho ki koi tamasha na ho to chup chap chal k gadi me baith jao”,he commands hr staring in her angry eyes.

Geet:or agar main inkar kar du to?

Maan:to mere paas or b tarike hai tumhe le jane k.

He clenched her arm tightly nd dragged her wid him 2 hs car. He opnd d door nd pulled hr inside forcily nmd locked d door. He cm 2 hs side nd strt hs car.

Geet:Maan ye tum theek nai kar rahe ho.kaha le ja rae ho mujhe? (Maan sit silently dosnt wnt2 ans hr)Maan main tumse baat kar rai hu,jwab do.

He turnd 2 hr.

Maan:bura laga na mujhe b lagta hai.aaj wahi hoga jo main chahta hu.tumhare paas sabke liye time hai sivaye mere.ab jab tak jo mujhe chahiye wo mill nahi jata tab tak nai tum aaj kahi nahi jaogi.ab chupchap baitho coz u
dont hav any othr option.

He drove d car madly at full speed and reachd 2 a lonly dark place. He stoppd d car nd again dragged hr out. She get irritates wid his
wierd behaviour. Maan pulled hr out nd leave her wid a jerk….

PART – VIIMAAN cm out nd mv 2 hr side. He opnd hr side door,clenchd hr arm rashly nd dragged hr out. Geet luk around it ws deserted places,except trees nd large endless sea,no1 is dere. Moon lite is d only source of lite. She is trying 2 free hrslf. Maan leave hr wid a jerk wid aggression.

“wat d hell r u doing?y u brout me here?”,she also glared hm.Maan tuk tiny steps 2wrds hm widout ans.hr ny query.He gazed hr wid hs dark intence eyes,whch made hr step bak until hr bak hit wid 1 of tree in d row,standing on d shores. Maan locked hr frm both sides. She gaspd wid dis proxcimity. Both r silent. Hr heartbeat raised nd legs strt trembling,feeling vry weak at hr knee. Hs warm nd sharp breath fanned on hr deligate skin. Hs gaze made hr throat dry. She licked hr lips due 2 strange fear,bt she trying hr lvl best 2 pretend normal.”kyu laye ho mujhe yaha?r u trying 2 violate me?”,she blamed hm,whch made hm act wildly.He clenchd hr both arms nd squeezed hr.

“wat r u think abot me?main koi sadak pe chalne wala ghtia gunda mawali nai hu jo tume hasil krne k liye rape attempt kru?agr yei krna hota to kb ka kr chuka hota,or koi mujhe rok nai pata. Lekin tume ye kyu samjh ane laga.main agr deewano ki tarh tumhare pichhhe pagal ho raha hu,to isme mera kya kasoor hai.aaj se pehle maine khud kabi aisa kisi k liye feel nai kia.”,he free hr jerkly again. She now able 2 breath normally bt hr body aching wid hs aggressive touch.”kyu avoid kr rai hu mujhe?prob kya hai yahi jaane k liye main tume yaha laya hu taki firr koi bahana bana kr tum bina mere swalo ka jwab diye yaha se bhag na sako”,he glared hr,bt his voice convey d pain also.

“sir aap bina wajh khud ko preshan kr rae hai.humara rishta hi kya hai?us raat hum 1 blind date pe mile jo ki humari thi b nai.aap apne frnd ki jagh aaye or main apni.1 weak momnt nd we end up in one nite stand.now its all over wat u want now?”,she make hrslf clear.

“i want u Geet,dnt kno y evrytime i sw u,i lst myslf. Cnt able 2 thnk evn proprly.”

“so its ur prob.nt mine.Maan sir apki engagment hone wali hai Sameera mam k sath,so its better ki aap unpe dhyan de.”

“sirf 1 bat ka jwab do. dont u feel nythng wen i touched u?” Maan cupped hr face nd try 2 find ans in hr eyes whch r windows of hr soul.

“no”,she said in a sharp voice nd remove hs hands.

“jhooth mat bolo,tmhari aankhe saaf keh rai hai jis baat se tm mukar rai ho.y u doing dis 2 me.”Maan kno she is lieng.”ok tell me only 1 thng kya koi or hai tumari life me?” hs que made hr silent.”ans Geet ans 2 my que.agr aisa hai den i promise main tume firr kabi pareshan nai karunga.

“agar tume yahi sunna hai to ha hai koi or meri life me.hai koi aisa jiske aage ye puri duniya mere liye koi mayne nai rakhti. He is my only life.” she ans wid a confidence in hr voice nd hr words wrenched hs heart.

Her words pierced in hs heart like an sharp arrow. Rain start falling and drenched both. Both luking at each other. Both able 2 recognize d tear drop of each other in rain also. She made move frm dere,leaving hm dispereced. He falls on hs knees nd sit numb in rain.

“Maan mere sath apko sivaye takleef k or kuchh nai milega.u deserve much better girl den me nd she is only Sameera mam. She only match up wid u.”,she thot while walking blindly on a lonly road.

In KM at 10pm
Maan arrived lost in hs own thots. He went up 2 stairs,stoppd by his mom.

PARMINDER:Maan beta rukiye hume aapse baat karni hai.

“hmm,boliye mom”,he replied in a dull voice.

“aap pure bheeg gaye jaiye pehle change kar k aaiye”,she orderd hm.

“mom pls dont waste time,tell me wat u want frm me now?”,he askd rudly.

“aap humesha aise kyu rehte hai?mana hum apki step mom hai bt it dsnt meant u alwys talk 2 me in dat tone”,she complaints.

“pls mom dont make a sce.aaj tk is ghar me wai hua hai jo apne chaha hai.now tell me is baar apko kya chahiye?”

“panditji ne do dates di hai,engagemnt k liye,1, 16 ki or dusri 25 ki.apko konsi pasand hai?hum wai date final karenge”,she askd politely.

“mere chahne se kya hota hai?apko jo date sahi lagti hai final kr dijiye or mujhe inform kr dejiyega main vanue pe pahunch jaunga.waise b ye sirf 1 deal hi hai to kya fark padta hai.”,he ws fuming inside at hs helplesness.

“theek hai to firr hm 16 ko final kr dete hai yani ki parso”.she decided.

“as u wish mom,who cares.”,he moved 2 hs room wid hs frustration.

“suna apne Maan ne ha kr di wo b bina kisi argument k.hum Mr. Singhania ko inform kr dete hai,firr prepration b to krni hai”,she told 2 hr husband, Samarth singh Khurana.

“hmm,hm b hairan hai,well hume or kya chahiye,aap jaldi se sari preprations kr leejiye…”

“ha isse pehle ki Maan ka mood firr se change ho jaye”.

Both smiles at their win over him. She informed Sameera’s parents about d date fixed by deir priest for engagmnt.

Maan throw all his clothes on floor nd went 2 washroom. He stand under shower,wanna vanish her memories out of his mind…

PART – VIII”no Maan,no bs baot ho gaya.no grl cn change u.tu wai hai jiske aage ye duniya sar jhukati hai.us ladki ne jitna khelna tha khel liya.bs ab or nai.aaj k bad mera or uska hr rishta khtam.Now i show hr who i m”,he is tryng 2 hide hs unknown feelings in pretext of hs ego nd anger. Hr words still echoed in hs mind,whch made hm act mor aggresivly.

Next day he wnt 2 Sam’s office again. He just glance at hr cabin nd moved 2 Sam’s cabin. Sam’s surprized 2 c hm at suddn.”hi Maan,u here?”,she askd while hugging hm.

“tmhre parents ne bta hi dia hoga,firr b socha khud b mil k bta du”,Maan hugged hr bak.

Meanwhile Geet knocked on hr door nd cm in. She sw dem isn dat state nd decided 2 step bak,bt Maan stoppd hr.

“wait a min.tm jis kaam k liye aayi ho kr skti ho.i m jst huggng my fiancee.”,Sam tryng 2 cm out of hs embrace,bt he tighten hs grip mor.”relax Sameera,its ok.ab to hmari shadi hone wali hai,so it all will b f9.”Maan stare Geet’s face nd trying 2 read hr mind.

Geet trn hr face 2 anothr side nd wnts 2 mov frm dere as soon as possible. So she pass a file 2 Sam widout glancig dem. Sam cnt undrstand hs strange behaviour. She tuk file nd read it. Geet steps 2wrds dor bt Sam calld hr again.

“Geet where is ur mind?i dont think so u need dis job seriously?”Sam scolds hr.

Geet stood at hr place,cnt gt hr words. Maan also loosen d hug nd leave hr.

“bt mam…”,she cant even cmplete

“bt mam kya Geet?where is ur attentions?maine tmse Mittals ki file manwayi thi.or tm mujhe Jindals ki file de rai ho”,she shouts on hr furiously.

“no mam,apne yegi file lane ko kaha tha”,Geet trting 2 explain,bt she is no mood 2 hear hr.

“how dare u?tm mujhse argue karogi?dis is my office?apni aukat mat bhulo.u r just a mere secratory nd now u tell me ki maine kya kaha tha.dont try 2 b smart ok.jo kaha jata hai use dhang se follow karo or else,leave dis job”,she scold s hr badly.

“i m sorry mam,main abi dusri file lati hu”,she said in whimpering tone.although she cntrls in frnt of dem,bt she cry silently.

Geet leave frm dere. Maan tolrate all dis,like a deaf nd dumb. Hs fists tighten wen she is scolding hr unnecessarily,bt he cant able reacts.how he cn said nythng wen she threw herslf hm out of hs life. Maan felt restlessness,aftr seeing wetness in those hazled eyes whch alwys made hm adore hr.

“i hv 2 go now,c u at our engagemnt”,he leave as hs breath caught in hs throat.he felt suffocated here.

2 days passd.nd finally d dy of deir engagemnt cm.all reachd 2 party hall 4 dis grand engagemnt of 2 gr8 bussiness families. Whole media of Canada is covring dis grand joint venture.Khurana’s nd Singhania’s r 2 biggest name of bussiness field r going 2 engaged 2day. All dressed so gracefully. Sam wears pink colured low waist designer net saree wid silver work nd simple bt elegant diamond jwellery. Maan dressed up in black traditional sherwani,hving embriodery work on it. All guest cm nd wished d couple. Both sit silently. Geet also cm 2 d party. She reachd 2 dem nd wishd dem.

“congrats mam,congrats sir”,she wished politly.

Sameera nodded wid a weak smile,bt Maan turnd hs gaze on anothr side avoids hr cmpletely. Geet went awy frm dere.aftr she left d stage Maan’s eyes restlessly scanned d whole party hall in search of hr. He cant found hr at all. At d vry momnt Adi cm 2 hm.he sences hs restlessness nd asked d reason. Maan orderd hm 2 search Geet rite now.

“lekin main use pehchanuga kaise?”

Maan gv hs mobile 2 hm nd show hr pic.”she is Geet,find hr now.”

Adi nodded nd strt searchmg hr in whole hall. He went outside in hr search. Meanwhile Parminder made an announcemnt of deir engagemnt. All family members cm 2 stage. Maan eyes still searching hr face only.

“Maan ring pehnao beta”,Samarth orderd hm.

Adi cm dere 2. Maan asked hm in signal nd he whisper in hs ears.

“ring pehna de Maan,wo kahi nahi hai”

Maan closd hs eyes 4 once.hs words filled hs heart wid pain. Reluctantly he wear ring in hr finger nd Sam do d same. Whole hall filled wid sound of applouse nd clicks of camers. Except both of dem all faces r smiling widly.

Aftr party is ovr wen Maan reachd 2 KM nd indulge hmslf in tai chi practise. Hs mind ask svral que frm hm.

“y my eyes alwys searhcing hr.i wnt 2 hurt hr dats y i went 2 Sam’s office nd show hr how happy i m widout hr.bt y i wnt 2 show hr all dis. Y i wnt 2 made hr jelous. Nd wen Sameers hurts hr,y i feeld pain in my heart. Main b to yahi chahta tha na use takleef dena to jb Sameera ne use kuchh kaha to mujhe itna bura kyu laga. Kyu uske aansu mujhe itna dard dete hai.use to meri koi parwah b nai hai. Kitni asani se usne aaj wish kr dia or aram se chali gai. Lekin main kyu use bhul nai pa ra hu.ye kya ho raha hai mujhe(den he luk at hs ring)or ye unchaha rishta. Maan tu aisw khud pe se kabu nai kho skta. Lekin kyu main use bhula b nai pa raha hu….”

(18+)NEXT dy Sam tuk wid hr2 a exasotic villa,whch is gifted by Maan’s parents 2 on deir engagmnt.

“Geet i brot u here,coz i want u2decorate dis house.”,Sam ordrd hr”bt Mam how cn i do dis?i hv nvr dne dis”,b4 she cmpletes Sam intrupts.

“u hv a profesinal degree of ID+i hv a ful faith on u. I wnt u 2decorte ech nd evry cornr of dis house acc.2ur taste.couch se lekr bed tk,curtains se lekr bed sheets tk tmhri choice ka hona chahiye.(Geet wants2sy bt she dnt alowd hr)Kaha na ye kam srf tm krogi.its my ordr.”Sam 4cd hr nd lft no choice.

Geet agrd nd strt hr work. Wid in a week she do hr wrk nd calld Sam.Sam arrivd at6pm 2sw hr wrk.She adore evry rum.While inspecting she recievd a cal again.She told Geet dat she is lefts frm dere.

“Geet mujhe jana padega,bt u stay here coz Maan ane wala hai.use pura ghar dikha dena.”

“bt Mam”,she wnts2deny coz she dnt hv a corage 2 met d gaze of dose choclate brown eyes filed wid extreme angr nd intensity. She dnt wnt2 face hm.

“Geet jst do it,i hv 2 go”,Sam left in hurry,levng hr bhind wid fear nd nervesousnes.

Maan arrivd.Geet tld hr abot Sam,nd tuk hm inside2show d villa.He quitly sw evrythng widot uttrng a wrd.in lst she tuk hm2 mastr bedrum nd shw hm,Maan’s patience gvup nd he grabbd hr in a swift momnt.

“or kitna apni feelng ko chupaogi?i kno u feel sm as i felt 4 u”,Maan pulld hr mor2hm.

“Maan”,Geet groand.She wnts2 denying hr urges bt Hs touch melts hr,by evry passng sec.”Maan pls lve dis topic”,she pleads.

“kyu drr lgta hai ki tm khud pe kabu nai rkh paogi”,he kept kissing hr nek. She ws 2 lst 2 cncntrate on wat he ws saying,hs kisses wer deep nd intense,he roughly caressd hr exposd skin wid hs stubble, kissing harder.hs tongue licked hr creamy skin,she gripped hs hair, puling hm closer,inviting hm mor,he couldnt hve denied.Hs teeth caught hr flesh in btwn nd bit hr collar bone,eliciting a
moan.Hr thots wer drivn frm hr mind as hs hands suddnly spannd hr waist,lifting hr up so hr legs automatically movd around hm. He movd 2 side table nd makng hr sit on d table in cornr nd mvd 4ward,he now stud btwn both hr legs,instinctively she puld hm 2wards hr wid hr legs wrappd around,ech nd evry contour in its rite place,only d barriers of clothes stoppng d2frm binding 2gether,hs hardned manhood pushed on2 hr core, she gasped nd moaned,hs lips mvd up 2 hr face capturing hr lips,hs tongue parted in btwn thrusting in,caressing ech nd evry contour,relishing hr sweetnes,hs hand went 2hr breasts nd cupped hr,she gasped in2 hs mouth,deir tongues toyed 2gther while hs hand fondled hr curve,she arched against hm giving hm mor access.
Mindlessly,he moved in btwn hr legs,grinding against hr, arousing hr evn further,she could feel hr warm fluids.intensity of hs movments increased,she broke away,hr head arching bak,hs
mouth went down hr nek placing kisses as he moved, increasing hs passionate filled movements even further, she felt hr insides explode, he quickly locked hs lips wid hrs 1ce again sensing she’ll scream, she dug hr nails in hs shoulders,both panting heavily.

“I want u Geet”Maan clerly demands.

She swallowed hard, she wanted hm as much he wnts hr,she couldnt open hr mouth2 speak so she hugged hm tight by hs nek, nodding positively. Dat ws all he needed 2 make hr hs,he gently movd bck nd kissd hr1 mor tim nd lifts hr in hs arms. Maan sit on bed nd she ws sit on hs lap. Maan kssd conti.on hr face evry where,nd hs hands undo hr shrts’ buttn.Geet gv hm mor space nd threw it.Geet do d sm wid hr trembling hnds.Maan mvd 2 hr nek nd hs hands undo hr b** nd release hr globes,begging 4 hs attensions.Maan claim dem nd sqeezd in hs palms. She moand nd made hm wild. Maan bite hr clevage,mark hs possesion nd hs fingers playing wid hr erect buds. Maan movd 2 hr bossoms nd tuk 1 in hs wet mouth,she arched mor nd falls on hr bak. Maan supports hr nd she laid comfrtably on deir lavish bed. Maan mvd hs hand down nd pulled down hr lowers nd inner both in a swift wid support of hs leg. She clenched hs hairs in hr sml fist nd pushd mor 2hr chest.Maan switchd 2 anothr1 aftr festing nd turn it swalowd. Hs hand caress hr velvety skin.she moand countlesly wid hs tortures.she trnd hm down nd kissed hs chest nd nek,she bite on hs buds made hm moand in pain. Maan squezd hr waist harshly nd she lick hr bite mark,tasting hs salty flesh nd sooth hs pain.

“r u going2take it off?”she suggst.hr hands wer dealng wid d buttns at hs waist,hr eyes brite wid devlish excitmnt.

“i ws hopng u wer”,he sadi wid equaly wickd smile.

She do it wid trembling fingers.Maan hlpd hr nd pulld it dwn wid hs shorts nd freed hs erect manhud. Both exchangd a glance nd he tuk d chrge.he trnd hr nd again kissd hr whol bdy.Geet pleads,nd wen he njoyed fuly trturng hr he thurst in hr wid a swift momnt nd aftr adjustng,he thurst rythmically.she moand loud dis tim.He bnd nd smooch hr 2 sooth hr pain,she hold hm tightly nd he fild hr wid hs luv.

PART – XHER slender was resting on hs abdomen nd hr head on hs rock hard chest. He turnd 2 hr side nd enveloped in hm. Deir bodies trnd limp cmpletly aftr deir passionate love making session. Both’s breath get halted,bt still deir urges of having ech othr demands mor. He tuk hr swalloed lips 1 mor tim b4 dey went 2 sleep. D kiss ws vry calm nd gentle. Hs grip on hr sleek wais

t ws tightn nd he pulled hr mor as he dont wnt 2 gt seprate frm hr. She caressd hr cheek nd he kissed on hr hand possesivly. He embraced hr,nd slept soon. Geet ws in wait,nd wen she assured dat he ws in deep sleep,she slipped frm hs embrace. Aftr dressed up she glance hm 1 mor tim.”Maan now u affacting me byound my imagination,nd if i dont made distance wid u sit.turns worst.now its time 2 leave.”,she kissed hm nd left d mansion.

Wen Maan awake nd nt found hr he gt disturbd nd restless. 1nc he thot weathr its true or mere hs imagination again.bt hs body told hm d whole truth.he nail scratch marks ws d clear evidence of deir wild love. Maan stroked hs messy hairs.

“o man,she is soo hot 4 me.no grl hv a spark 2 tempt me in dat way like she do.bt again dis mysterious grl leave me.”,he lost in hr thots again.

Next dy Geet infrmd Sameera dat she is on leave 4 1 week. Sam sanstion hr leave. Maan cm 2 c hr,bt she ws nt in office.he felt dissappointd coz he dont evn hv ny contact no.of hr nd he cant evn ask frm Sam also. He decided 2 c hr in office aftr sm days.he wnts 2 talk 2 hr. 7 dys passd,Geet still nt cm bak on hr job. Sam tryng 2 made contact bt all no. r nt in use. 2 mor days passd nd she recieved hr resignantion lettr. Sam went 2 hr home she wnts 2 knw d reason. Geet ws nt at home. Meanwhile she gt a call nd she vanished frm dere. She went 2 meet d 1 who call hr again nd again in a coffe shop. She ws wid a guy,holding hs hands. Both were tensnd,nd caught by Geet acci. Geet ws in shock seeing dem lyk dat. Sam ws also shockd seeing hr dere. Now she knows wat ws running in Geet’s mind.

‘Vikram aap jao,mujhe Geet se kuch bat krni hai”,she said 2 d person who ws wid hr in coffe shop.

‘r u sure’?,he askd worridly.(She nodded yes.He caressd hr face nd left)’take care.’

‘baitho Geet’,she offrd hr nd Geet sit quitly.’i kno is tim tumhare mind me bahut swal uth rae honge,main aai thi un sabka jwab dene tumhare ghar pr tm waha thi nai.Geet abi jis insan ko tumne dekha wo mera pehle or akhri pyar hai Vikram.’

‘agar ap Vikramji se pyar krti hai to..?’,she wnts 2 kno…

‘to maine tumhare Maan se sagai kyu ki yahi na?'(hr words tumhara maan gv 1 mor shok 2 hr.)’aise mt dekho Geet main tm 2 k bare me sb janti hu.jis din tumne join kiya tha or Maan tumhare cabin me ….,waha tm 2 ne jo b kiya maine sb dekha tha.puri bat to mujhe samjh nai aai pr itna zarur samjh aaya dat u both love ech othr.den i decided,i help u both.d dy he cm nd hugged me infront of u,i gt dat dere is smthng going wrong btwn u both,dats y i scold u intentionaly.i wnt 2 sw d expressions of Maan. Nd he reacted exactly d sme i hd expected frm hm. Geet he is madly in love wid u.i kno humari eng.ki wjah se tm 2 me duria aa gai hai isliye maine us sham tm 2 ko waha akela chhoda tha,tki tm 2 apne issues sort out kr sko.nd i kno u both spend gud time dere(Geet’s eyes widnd wid embaresmnt)ya i kno coz,aftr u both leave i wnt dere nd sw d cond.of bed sheet whch tell me evrythng.i ws happy 4 both of u.nd trust me Geet mere or Maan k bech aisa kuch nai hai jiski wajh se tume insecured hona pade.he is all urs.now tell me y u r leaving dis job?’she tell hr d whole truth nd Geet listen hr carefully.

”mam jaisa aap soch rae ho waisa kuch nai hai.he dosnt love me.he only lusts 4 my body.it ws only a physical attraction.we met on a blind date just a dy b4 i joind ur comp.or raha swal job ka to main ab Maan k pas dobara nai jana chahti.meri or uski rahe alag hai.”,she ws abot 2 leave bt Sam clenched hr arm nd stoppd hr.

‘wait a min Geet,ho skta hai tm 2 1 blind date pe mile ho.ho skta hai ki pehel ye sirf lust ho,lekin jaha tk main tm 2 ko janti hu u guys mad 4 ech othr.or ye pyar hai.main ye samjh skti hu coz main khud kisi se pyar krti hu.Geet Maan alag hai ho skta hai use abi khud ye ehsas na hua ho,bt he loves u truly. Geet pyar ko samjhna nai padta use mehsus krna padta hai.ho skta hai tm 2 ko abi apni feelings samjh me na aa rahi ho lekin isse pehle ki bahut der ho jaye i think u both talk wid ech othr.’,Sam suggest hr.

‘sorry Sam mam.its alredy 2 late.main 2 bar apne hosh kho chuki hu.lekin ab or nahi.mujhe apse koi shikayat nahi hai.and i pry ki kam se kam apko apka pyar mill jaye.Mam 1 baat bolu apne pyar ka hath tham leejiye warna kai aisa na ho ki bahut der ho jaye.best of luck mam.’,Geet left frm dere.

Although she tried 2 convience her hardr bt Geet was fixed on hr decision.

PART – XI (last)PART – A

LOCATION: HOSPITAL”thanx sir 4 dis donation u made evry year 4 our hospi.but sir u cm urslf u can also send it through currior”,a middle aged Doc showing gratitude 2wrds Maan.

“i kno,bt i cm here frm Vancouver bcz dis Hosp.is a dream proj of my grand parents. Dey want 2 do smthng 4 d people who cnt afford d expenses of dis kind of hospi.dats y its my duty 2 take care of dis personally.can we go?”Maan order nd want 2 se d progress of dis hospital,made on d donation gvn by hs GP.

“ya sure sir cm wid me i’ll sho u”

Both strt walkng. Maan prsnaly chk al d arrangmnts,medi. wards nd instrumnts.Sudnly sm1 stole hs attenton.He ran in d dirctn bt dat ws far away 4m hs reach now.he hit hs fist in angr nd injurd hmslf.Doc cm bhnd hm nd gv frst aid cing hs hnd’s bledng.

‘wat hpnd sir y rn madly aftr hr?’Doc enquird.

‘u kno hr?’,(he nodded yes)’i wnt ech &evry info.abot hr’,he ordrd bosily.

2weeks pasd 2 dat dy. Arond 2 nd a half month ago Geet leave Vancouver,widout lettng kno ny1 nd strt livng in Toronto. Maan srchd hr madly bt no clue.bt wen he sw hr in hosp.hs hope arisd. She ws wrkng in a co.as a secratory. She ws on leave of 3 dys due 2 sm prsnl reasns nd joined again 2dy. Wen she cm in hr office all thngs seemed changd.she askd abot dis,bt no1 ans hr accurately.

“Priya,pls tell me wats going on?”she askd 4m hr colouge tensly.

“Geet ye co.himare new boss Mr.MK ne khreed li hai.or ate hi unhone sbki class li hai.nd most worst thng he enquired abot u alredy.although he is vry hot luking bt vry dangerous types u kno.God bless u sweety”,she drool ovr hr new boss bt scared wid hs tempramnt.

“MK”,Maan’s memory strt swimmng in Geet’s mind again.’nai Geet shnt ho ja MK to kisi ka b inetial ho skta hai.wo yaha kaise aa skta hai?relx ho or kam pe dhyan de.waise b boss pe pehla impression hi glat pada hai’,she mummbles 2 hrslf nd rechd 2 boss cabin. She knokd d gt inside.

New boss ws sittng shwng bk 2 hr. He cnt able 2 hs face.She ws scared inside.

“u r 10mins late Miss Handa”

she only hear a voice whch pass currnt 2 string of hr heart,bt still she dnt wnt 2 accept dis.

“i m sorry sir,wo main”,she cnt evn cmplte hr sentnce nd he intrupts.

‘dnt made excuses sweety.nw sit nd pen down d dictation i gv u(she sit widout arguing.he strt dictating hr)i m sorry Maan,main apko bina bataye yaha aa gai thi..

She stp writng nd cm2 sw hs face.

‘so u r here,mera picha chhodne kya loge?’,she askd,while glaring hm.

Maan stud nd wrappd hs arms around hr.Geet wriggld nd punching hs rok hrd chest wid hr small fists.Maan chukld nd gazing hr gestures nd njying dem.bt she conti.hittng hm so he slammd hr lips on hrs 2 clam hr.Geet’ hand reachd 2 hs sholdrs nd clenchd dem tightly.He gv hr a soul searing kiss,whch is hell missd by Hr 2,nd d wy she respond 2 hm tell hm evrythng.Both’s urges wnts 2 unleashed. Both prtd 4 a sec nd agin explored ech otr 4 so long as dey missd dis 4 ages. She stroked hr fingers in hs hairs nd pulld hm 2 deepn d kiss.wen deir brath gt haltd badly both leav ech othr. He smirkd cing hs impact ovr hr. He put aside hr flicks nd gaze hr anglic face wid intence eyes.he lips swallowd badly,evidnce of hs hungr 4 hr.

‘y u cm her’,she askd in whipring voic.

‘i thnk we both kno’.Geet mana der se smjh aya or jb btana chaha to tm thi nai(both’ gazed met,he tuk a deep breath,hold hs all emotns crefully)I Love You Geet nd wnna spend my whole life wid u.(he held hr soft hand nd bend on hs knees lyk gntlman do)will u b part of my meaningless life nd filld maing 2 it.’hs eyes shw luv dis tim,whch she clerly read,bt still dere is smthng whch stopd hr.

‘no Maan i wont’,ters falng frm hr eyes.

‘y,itna haq to bnta hai mera.kyu mujhe apna nai skti?’he askd clnchng hr arm gently.

‘Maan u dn kno nythng abot me.i told u alredy ki meri zindagi me koi hai.’she said while sobbng.

‘ha to mujhe uske hone se koi prob.nai hai.shadi k baad hm 3 sath rahenge.(she sw hm in amusmnt)aise kyu dekh rai ho?main achhi trah janta hu wo 3 or koi nai blki tmhara chota bhai hai,jo dimai rup se thoda..’,he stppd hmslf.

‘wo hmesha se aisa nai tha.2 sal 1mom or dad ka jis acci.me intekal hua usi me Chotu ka ye hal ho gya.wo bach to gya mgr’,she strt cryng.’bt tme ye sb…?’

”2 hfte 1 tme Hosp.me dekha use bad sb asan ho gya.’

‘Maan dnt spoil ur lyf wid me,he is my responsiblty nd dnt wnt 2 invlv ny1.coz wo meri priority hai.ho skta hai shadi k bad b main tume wo time na de pau jo tm desrv krte ho. Maan chhotu bilkul 3 saal k bachhe jaisa ho gaya hai.wo apna koi kaam theek se nahi kar pata.aise me tum batao humari shadi ki needs ko jab main pura nahi kar paungi tab kya karoge?us dinn b jab main date pe aayi thi tab Pinky ne 1 nurse arrange ki thi uske liye.mostly use khana tak hath se khilana padta hai. Or waise bmain koi ehsan nai lena chahti.’,she cleared herslf.

LAST PART – XI (B)GEET ws very strong enough of hr decision. She was not of those types who depends on others and in case of her brother he dont want 2 take any chance.

“Maan if i stay wid u i loosing myslf,den how can i fulfilled d promise i made 2 my parents and most important 2 myslf”,she made a distance wid hm.Maan clnchd hr arm nd taggd hr 2 hm.

“Geet i kno u thot dat i m only craving 4 ur body,lekin tumse durr rehne k baad mujhe samjh me aaya wat place u hd in my heart. Geet main chahta to tume live in k liye b bol skta tha.but i want 2 marry wid u.or shadi ka matlab main samjhta hu.sari responcibility srf wife ki nai hoti.being a husband of urs its also my duty 2 share ur all responsibilities. Nd turst me maine ye sab bahot samjh k keh raha hu.jab 2 hafte pehle maine tumhe hospital me dekha or mujhe chhotu k bare me pata chala,tab tumse puchhne se pehle maine khud se ye swal kiya tha kya main ye sab sambhal paunga.tab pata hai mujhe kya jawab mila?(he kno dere is no need 2 tell hr coz she also kno d ans alredy,d way she sw luk in hs eyes. She hugged hm in hr intoxination)My heart tolds me wen u r wid me den we handle nythng,solvd evry prob. nd find ans of all que. My love is much stronger dan dis prob.nd i assured u,u nvr regrt on dis decision. widout u evrythng is meaningless in my useless life.(he caressed hr hairs lovengly while talking. He loosen d hug nd cupped her face) Geet nvr felt dat i m going 2 favor u.coz i kno u handle ur life alone,lekin main nai kar skta.so if u said yes den in dis way u favours on me.pls Geet dont say no.i want 2 marry u.marry me.”

Geet over whelmed by hs words,touched d strings of hr heart nd tears pours frm hr eyes. She only blink hr eyes nd dat is enough 4 hm. Both hugged each othr.

‘I love u Geet’,he confess having a gr8 calmness in hs voice.

‘i love u too’,she confess hr feelings aftr all doubts cleard in hr mind.

Finally he hears dose words frm hr mouth,whch he always wanted.

‘lekin Maan tumari to engagemnt Sameera k sath hui thi na?nd ur parents?’she had sm doubts.actually a little fear of loosing dis happiness.

‘tumare jane k baad maine tume bahot dhoonda,or fir har kr Sameera k pas gaya,to usne mujhe sb bta dia.fir humne decide kia ki ab hm apne parents ko sab sach bta denge or wahi kiya.Sam ne apna decisin bta dia ki wo srf Vikram se shadi karegi,or uske parents ko manna hi pada. 2 ki kuchh din pehle engamnt thi.maine b mom dad se bol dia ya to Geet ya koi nai’,he explains hr.

‘to fir unhone kya kaha?’,she hd a fear nd curious 2 kno.

‘ha wo kaha manne wale the kaha khurana’s ka status or kaha.’,he teased hr nd sucessded as hr face lowerd down.’kya hua pehle meri bat to suno’.

‘Maan wo sai keh rae hai i m nt matchd wid ur status’.

‘sahi kaha u dont kaha main,itna uncntrold or kaha tm itni searne.(she lukd at hm)exactly yahi kaha tha mom dad ne tumhare bare me jb Sam ne sb btaya tha unhe.lekin maine b keh diya i only want u.bechare manna hi pada unhe’,he chuckld seeing hr pouts in angr.

‘u alwys teased me.i hate u’,she trnd 2 othr side.

Maan cm closr nd huggd hr frm bak side’chalega bs shadi se na mat kehne,bhot mushkil se mili ho.she nudge in hs abdomen.

‘sari ladkio se aise hi flirt krte ho hai na?’

‘ahhh sirf tumse,u r my frst nd last 1.(she shokd hearing dis)yes aaj tk try to bahot ne kia lekin koi b kamiyab nai ho pai,sivaye tumhare.’

both sw each othr wid a mutual hungr reslts in a deep smooch.

‘Geet,i wnt 2 take care of u both.will u marry me?’desperately hs eyes searcd hrs’wat is it?’ he enquired,frowning.

‘it isnt just 2 of us.its 3 of us. I m pregnant’,she told hm anxiously.’i dont kno how it could hv happnd,bt u r going 2 b a fathr big time. Do u think u cn handle dat?’

he lukd hr wid a pleasent shok.’wid u besides me i cn handle nythng.he placing a tendr hand ovr d as yet unnoticeable little life dat ws growing inside hr.

‘r u sure?’she enuired uncertainly,evn though hr heart ws singing.

‘I hv nvr been surer of nythng in my life ,he admitted deeply,smiling down at hr nd den understanding hr fears,he said gently,dont worry darling u fced tough time bt u nd i 2gther r going 2 put thngs rite.

Clapsed against hs hard warmth,she knew she didnt need 2 worry now.his action tell her dat he is all hers for eternity They stood up in each other’s arms until no 1 cm 2 distrb dem…….

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