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“Geet… Geet where is my file yaar? Damn. She is so careless. Not a single thing is on it’s place.” He was cursing her for every thing.




One beautiful woman entered in the room and found him furious.






She went near him with a smile which compliment her beauty. She stare straight in his eyes.




“What is this Geet. Koi cheez apni jagah pe nahi hai. I give you one file and now that one is missing. Can’t you keep things on place.” He kept shouted.




“Have it.” She offer a mug to him..




“What is this? I ¬†asking for my file and you giving me this mug. How careless.” He annoyed with her cool behavior.




“Peejiye peejiye.” But she doesn’t pay any heed on his bitter words.




He stare her with anger. “Maan peejiye.” She insists.






Maan sipped and slowly his knotted brows turned normal.






When he done a sweet smile spread on his face.






Geet stare at him with a smile. She held his cheek.






“Finally mood set. Now tell me what you want?” She asked with authority.




“That file I give you last night.” He told her but his tone was completely changed. Geet open his drawer and show him the file. “Here it is. I keep it here before you still you forgot.”




“Wo main…” He fumbling.




“I know I know… It’s okay.” She smiled at him and he squirming badly.




“Okay I have to go.” He said and left without saying anything.




Next day same scene repeat. In fact from last 9 years it happens daily.




“Geet tume maza aata hai Bhai ko sata k?” Her sister in law asked.




“Ha aata hai. He teased me every night so I play in the morning.” Geet winked and she shook her head.




“Geet…” She showed her a big eyes.



“Mumma what bade papa do in night?” Her 6 year old daughter was sat near and asked innocently.




She stare Geet now. Looking for the answer. “Aanya do your homework.” She scold him.




“Meera it’s okay. I will handle. “Aanya your bade papa is so moody. You know na he doesn’t like anything easily. So I punished him for leaving his food in plate.” Geet explained and tackled her.




“Badi mumma I never leave my food.” She told her proudly.



“You are my good bachha.” Geet caress her head and moved to kitchen with Meera.




“Geet grow up. You said anything anywhere without notice your surroundings. Geet you are not kid any more. Infact you are mother of two kids now.” She reminded her.




Geet giggled and she stare her. “No seriously 9 years passed to our marriage I still don’t get what connection he have with his coffee. Wo sadi si coffee Pete hi unka mood kaise set ho jata hai ye muje aaj tak samjh nahi aaya.” Geet was so amused on the fact that a single mug of coffee do magic and calm down the volcano of Khurana Family.




“Do one thing. Ask him tonight.” She winked to her and Geet flushed like a new bride.




After dinner all went to their rooms. Maan was waiting for her. She arrived at 10:15. Maan hugged her from back side.






“Where you were? I was waiting for you.” He stroke her cheek with his softly. His hands caressing her body. She flushed.




“I know why you are waiting for.” She slanted and glanced in his dark eyes.




He turned her. Her hands softly caressed his chest He braced himself as her hands caressed his chest lovingly, gliding over his skin, setting his whole being on fire. The contact felt like pure sex, so erotic, so sensual.






Knock on their door and their trance broken. Geet slipped out of his arms and to open their door. Soon their kids not only entered but running here and there without caring for anything.



“Hey hey wait wait. Now what happened?” Maan stopped both and asked the reason of their chase. His voice is God’s command for both. They glued to their places. Their daughter hides in his legs.




“Dad she took my colour pencil again.” His 7 year old son cribbed.




“Ansh come here.” Geer took him to other side so he will not hit her.




Maan took his daughter in his arms. “Jaagruti you took bhaiya’s pencil?” He asked softly, stroking her head, pushed her hairs behind and she nodded no.




“Liar…” Ansh tried to hit her but Geet held his hand.




“Ansh no.” She stopped him.




Maan glared him and he sat back in his mother’s lap. Maan turned to his daughter. “Sweety give back bhaiya’s pencil.” Then he whispered something in her ears and she smiled wide and shook her head in pace. Same time she gave all pencils to her brother. Geet amused how he managed every time when she act stubborn.




“Now come on it’s to late.” Geet went with them to made them sleep in their room. She changed her clothes. She is very naughty. troubling her sibling and cousin all the time but because of Maan no one had a courage to said anything to her.





“Shona don’t jump. Let me change your clothes.” Geet pleads and she giggled exactly like her mom. Geet nuzzles and kissed her. “My naughty girl.”




“Mumma I love you.” She said sweetly and kissed on her cheek.




“I love you too baby.” ¬†Geet kissed her sweetheart.




After made her laid on her bed, Geet moved to her son. She gave him change when Maan entered in their room. He moved to her princess and kissed on her forehead. She to kissed back to him and showed her love towards him.




Geet made her son laid on his bed. She kissed him. “Mumma I to love you.” He too confessed.




Geet caressed his head tenderly. “We to love you son.” Maan sat near him and told him. ” We both love you two equal but you are her elder and it’s your responsibility to take care of her. Protect her. Don’t you?” He asked and Ansh nodded in pace.




“I am sorry Dad.” He apologized.



Maan smiled and caressed his head with all love and care. “My good boy.”




Both covered him and turned off the lights. They went to their room. Maan locked it quickly. His gazed her and quickly grabbed in his arms.




“Now all set.” He nuzzles her. Pulled her more to him.




“You are so hard Maan.”



He pressed her against him. Leaned her down to bed. Their hands entwined.








Maan glance at her. Leaned to took her luscious lips.








Her brown eyes darkened as she looked up at him with a pleading glance. He just peck on her lips when another knock disturbed their moment.




“Maan”, she alerts him. Asking him to leave her. Maan nodded no. “Maan please…”




“Badi mumma….” She heard cry sounds of Aanya.




“Maan Aanya is crying. Leave me.” She pushed him away and freed herself. Geet opened door and found little girl in tears.




Geet bend on knees and wiped off her tears. “What happened? Why my doll is crying?”




She showed her one broken doll. “Badi mumma Devansh broke my doll which you gifted me.”




Geet took the broken pieces from her. “Okay don’t cry. Don’t cry. Badi mumma apko new doll la dengi. Tomorrow we all go for shopping. Now stop crying.” She took her up in arms and went outside. She tried to sort their fight. Devansh is exact copy of Jaagruti. Both love to tease their siblings. He broke his sister’s toys. It took lot of time to sort the matter




After half an hour she arrived in her room. Maan was in bad mood. She steadily went near him and hugged from backside.







“Angry?” She asked but Maan didn’t replied. “But I know how to make it again.” She left him and pass a mug to him. Aroma hit his nostrils. He smiled. “Have it we have long night.” She winked and Maan grabbed her.




Once again his coffee did magic to him. His eyes glints. “By the way what connection your mood have with coffee?” Geet finally asked.



“I will explain in detail…” He lifts her in his arms and took her to their bed. Loving each other forgetting rest of the world.




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“GEET… Listen to me.” He roared and she ran away as much she can.
He was not in himself. Eyes emitting fire, breath are quicker and blood rushing in veins in full pace. All he want is her. He ran behind but she lost in mob of students. He hit the wall so hardly and leave his mark.
She was panting heavily when her friends caught her. “Geet just relax. Drink it.” One of them offer water to her. Her face was full red because of running and anger both.
Geet allowed water to go down through her neck. Some droplets hung with her luscious lips. Enough to drive anyone crazy but no one had a courage who even look at her for more than few seconds.
“What happened? Don’t tell me you fought again.” She almost predict what exactly happened.
“I don’t wanna talk Sasha.” She said in rude tone while checking he wrist watch which also remind her of the person who gifted not only this but everything she wore. “Girls we are getting for class. So shall we?” She asked and both shook their head.
Class was just started when someone barges inside. His eyes only searching her and she hide her face with her hand.
“What is this Maan? Don’t you have any manners left?” Professor got angry on his act of entering forcefully.
But he just ignore him and straight went to Geet. “Get up. We need to talk.” He commands her and she turned her face. Maan dumped hs hands on desk to gain her attention. We not yet finished so come with me.” He stare in her eyes and command again.
“Maan just get out of my class. Whatever you want to talk, do it after my class.” Professor yelled again but Maan’s act like all deaf. He only want is her. Nothing else can reach to him.
“Geet don’t you listen to me?” He asked in a threatening manner and when she didn’t replied he lifts her forcibly. Geet tried to free herself but no use before ¬†his power she is a feeble doll.
Geet hitting his chest but hardly it hurts him. The fact hurting him was her aloofness.
Professor’s anger towered and he did a biggest mistake of obstructing his way. “Maan put her down and get out now. Or else I have to inform you Dad about your hooliganism.” He tried a useless effort of threatening him.
“Don’t forget very soon all power is going to be mine and when I hold the Khurana Empire who will save you.” He said in most dangerous voice staring him furiously.
All scared of his demeanor. Not only this but many colleges running on Samarth Singh Khurana’s charity. Samarth Khurana not only Delhi’s but coming on world’s second most rich businessman and Maan is his only heir. All knew messing with him definitely not a good choice. That’s why leave students, no teacher even stop him for doing anything. He is a free bird with one weakness only which he carries in his arms that time.
Professor gluped and left his way. He walked away. All stare them secretly but no one interfere. He put her down and made her sit in his car.
Geet not cooperating but he was adamant. He took her to his farmhouse. Where they get full privacy.
Maan lifts her again and went inside. He straight went to his room.
He leaned over her and she trying to shove him away. His eyes were dark but with passion this time because now he had his solace with him. Maan held her hand and kissed softly. Her protest to subsided gradually and he took full charge of her. Press her down on her back. He kissed her like a man possessed and reluctantly she to responded. Though her mind warned her and reminded her that she is mad on him but their physical intimacy made her weak before him.
Still she managed to broke their kiss and push him away. Geet ¬†get up but Maan caught her. “I need you Geet. I’ll always need you. Please don’t do this.” His statement was low, dangerous, spoken like he was barely able to contain his caveman instincts…which he was. Right now, he wanted to pin her to the wall and get inside of her so deeply, take her so thoroughly, that she never again considered saying that she couldn’t stay with him. And if she needed a reminder of how they fit together, how much he wanted and needed her, he’d be glad to give it to her. Right here. Right now. ¬† ¬† Eyes wild, Geet backed up as he followed slowly, stalking her until he had her pinned to the wall beside the door. Her eyes shot to his face, then the door, and back to his face.”Don’t even think about it,” he rumbled, slamming a hand beside each of her arms, caging her from both sides. Leaving no space of her escape.
“Talk to me.” He roared. Need to sort the matter as he can’t see her in pain. Least he knew he himself was the reason.
“Maan leave me. I want to go and I don’t wanna talk to you.” Geet was hurt and scared to.
Maan scan her face. Want to fix whatever was not well. He was the ne who ruled her and when she go against of him he goes wild. Geet is his weakness and to keep her with himself he can do anything. “Please don’t do this.” He almost begged. “You know I can’t live without you.”
“I don’t know. Maan your actions sometimes scared me.” Tears rolled out which was not less than a sharp arrow for Maan.
“Gosh don’t cry baby. You know I can’t handle your tears. Please don’t cry.” He wiped and embrace her firmly. This much that she couldn’t able to breath.
“Can’t breath…” Geet told him and he loose his grip on her.
“I am sorry. I am sorry.” keeping her pliant body against his, feeling completely helpless and hating every moment of it,He keep chanting for apology.
Maan fell down on his knees before her begging like helpless. She is the only one who brought him on his knees. Her heart to ached. She to come on knees to face him. Held his face. “Then why you never heard of me? What if the person died? Jail ho jati tume.” She tried to made him understood the consequences of his irrational behavior but Maan never cared because he knew what he is and what power his father had.
“I will if you don’t interrupt.” Suddenly his fists firmed. Maan held her from neck. “Any one see you with wrong intentions,I don’t tolerate.” He was fuming. That thought still troubling him.
“So what you want? Wanna kill whole world?” She enraged.
“Yes I will. No one had a right to see you except Maan. You are only mine and I will kill every person who had bad eye on you.” His rapid breaths falling on her face. She could sense his restlessness.
Geet turned silent. He was in pain. When it comes to her he lost his all senses. Maan hugged her again. “Please don’t fight with me.” All he needs is, she.”
Geet was sleeping in his arms and he gazing her. Maan never slept after their intimacy. He love to watch her for whole time. He caressed her hairs and kissed softly. He was calm now.
He admiring her and can do for hours but her phone call awake her and she realizes how much time had passed.
“Drop me.” She demands.
Maan took her lips again. Both dressed up and he dropped her on home. Pinky and Sasha was waiting for her. They knew what was going on so wait for her to come. They handover her notes because once again she missed her classes because of him.
“Now what happened today?” Both wants to know the reason of argument.
“Same old one.” Geet went in deep thoughts. “You know now he start scaring me. I am scared of his over possessive love. He turned wild and beat anyone without even thinking of consequences. My personal life also suffering because of him.” She just poured out what had come to her mind without noticing he was hearing everything.
Maan came back because she left her mobile in his car. Maan came inside and gave her phone. His eyes said everything. Silently he moved out. But she knew this was a silence of destruction.
“I think he heard everything.” Pinky cautioned her.
Geet held her head and falls on bed. Both girls console her. “Geet make up your mind first. Either let him go this time. As he heard how much he troubles you. Or accept him the way he is.” She told her to choose and Geet ran behind him.
Maan was in his gym. Lashing out his anger on every instrument. Hurting himself. His knuckles were bleeding but he kept hurting himself. Geet panicked seeing his state.
Geet rushed to him and hug him to stop him.
“I am sorry. Please stop hurting yourself.” She was crying seeing him giving pain to himself.
Maan was silent. Only his heart beating talking to her. Geet glance in his dead eyes. She raised and kissed him all over on his face. “I didn’t meant that.” She clarified.
“I make your life hell.” He said in dead voice.
“No you don’t. Please forgive me. Maan I am just scared of your anger. Your over possessive love. Because of which you loose your cool and do drastic things. It scares me. Because I don’t wanna loose you. What if he harm you?” Geet now uses every word very carefully.
Maan encircled his arm around her waist and pulled more to him. “You love me?” He asked and she nodded quickly. “Keep loving me only. Rest leave on me.” He caressed her face with his fingers. “Just keep in mind I won’t let any one harm you. Hmm…” He again start dominating her and she submit to him. She only want him to cool down because like he love her she to love him. Difference is that his love is possessive and dangerous…

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Part I

Three guys seems very worried,having blood stains on their shirts, bring an accidental couple to a hospital both were unconcious nd bleed badly. Boy was in bridegroom outfit and girl in bridal wear. She also wear chura, maangtika with heavy golden and diamond jwellery. Three boys shout for doc’s help urgently. One seniour doc came dere by chance.

1st boy: doc doc pls help us.Doc: relax what happened? And who are they? (pointing on that injured couple)

2nd Boy: doc sahab hum collage students hai. Hum party se wapis aa rahe the to highway pe in dono is situation me pade dekha.

3rd Boy: pls doc attend them. They need medical attention right now.

Doc:ok relax i’ll check.

Doc check both one by one. He called nurse and ward boys.

Doc:nurse ladke ko chot kam aayi hai so use doc mishra ke pass le jao or ladki ki surgery karni hogi right now as she had a serious medical injuries. Quick do it fast. Send her to OT. And you guys stay there i call police so we need yor help.

1st Boy:dont worry doc we coperate with police.

Doc: good. Waise ye dono kon hai kuchh pata chala aap logo ko?

3rd Boy: no sir inke pass se aisa kuchh nai mila jisse inke bare me kuchh pata chal pata.

Doc:ok. Well guys u have done very good job. Now i hav to leave.

Doc went to change as he has to operate right now on a girl. Dr Mishra handle the boy’s injuries. But is in not in danger. He had injuries on his head and some visible injuries on his upper chest. Doc clesan his wounds first and bandaged on his wounds.

In OT Doc Kapoor start his treatment. She bleeds badly. Her left leg damaged badly and had many injuries on her body all over. Dr kapoor with his two juniors start operating on her. She cant even to take a breath properly. Doc put oxygen mask.

Meanwhile boy got his concious. He visualise some truck hit his car and he and new beautifull bride fallen from the car……. as he regain his complete standibility he shouts in fear……

Maan: Geeeeeettttttttt………

Nurse call the dr. Mishra,inform him that his patient got his concious. Dr. Mishra rush to chek him. When he entered in his ward,boy wriggle and struggle with the machines attached to monitior his condition. Dr Mishra and nurse rush to stop him but he is totally out of control. dont want to listen to any one. He just want to see his wife. Doc call wardboys. With ward boys,those three boys also came inside and help Doc to control him. But he wants to go. With very hard struggle they all succseded to bring back him on his bed.as he is weak due to blood loss.

Maan:chod do mujhe meri wife k paas jana hai.mujhe meri Geet k pass jana hai. Leave me now.

Doc: relax mr relax, she is in OT. DR. Kapoor uski surgery kar rahe hai?

Listening to this he tenced more.

Maan:OT me? Kyu kya hua hai use.chhodo mujhe. I want to see her.

1st Boy: plss yaar shant ho jao,apki wife ka treatment chal raha hai. ( Maan stared him in amuzment) aap mujhe nahi jante. Mera naam prashant hai or ye haai mere do dost Sameer and Rahul. Hum teeno hi apko or apki wife ko yaha hospital laye hai. Aapko chot kam aayi thi lekin aapki wife ko kafi chote aayi thi islie unhe operate karna pada.

Doc:dont worry. Is hospital k bets surgen Mr. Kapoor unhe handle kar rahe hai. She will b alrite soon. By the way apka naam kuchh pata wagerah. Taki apki family ko inform kiya ja sake?

Maan: i m Maan. Maan Singh Khurana. And she is my wife Geet Singh Khurana.

All person in room shocke listining his name and identity.

Rahul:aap Msk hai the Famous business tycoon of Delhi? Lekin maine to sunaa tha aaj apki marriage hai.oh now we got it that y u both are in wedding dress. But sir ye kaise?

Meanwhile police too came to take his statement.

Insp: mr. Khurana aap? Ye accident kaise hua? Or wo teeno kaha hai jo apko yaha laaye hai?

Doc showed them to insp.

Maan:Insp. Actually hum dono ape farmhouse ja rahe the raste me ek truch zig zag driving kar raha tha or usni ne meri car ko hit kiya? Ye teeno by chance waha se guzar rahe the. Ye hi hume yaha lay hai….

Insp:well done boys.aap logo ne achha kaam kiya. Waise apne kisi ko dekha waha? I mean any truck or something?

Sameer:no sir jab tak hum waha pahunche truck wala bhag chuka tha.

Maan:insp i want him. Usne meri Geet ko chot pahunchai hai. He will pay for that?

Insp:dont worry sir bhag karjayega kaha. Aap rest kijiye main chalta hu. Boys come with me aap logo ka kuchh formalities complete karne k liye polise station chala hai.

Insp. and boys wnt from there. Doc gave him injection to make him sleep….as he getting very impatient to see his love Geet….

PART – IIDadima(Savitari devi) came to hospital wid Adi. Insp. informd hr abot dere acci. She is so worried fr hr chidrn. She straight went to Maan’s ward. Maan too got hs concious back. Dadima rush to hm and hugged hr only grandson. Hr eyes trnd wet seeing hm like dat. She caressed hs cheek annd kissed on hs frhead.

Dadima:Maan beta shukar hai aap thek hai,bt where is Geet beta?Maan wiped hr tears:dadima Geet ko bahut chot aai hai wo OT mme hai or ye log mujhe uske pas jane b nai de rahe hai.

Adi:dont worry sir,i’ll check whats going on.

Adi went to meet hs doc and discuss abot hs dischrge. Doc came and check him again. He allowed him to move frm hs room,but warm hm dont stressed hmself. Maan and dadi gettng vry impatient to c Geet. Aftr d wait of long 12 hours Dr. Kapoor shifts hr to I.C.U. Maan,dadi and Adi went to doc’s cabin.

Maan:doc howz my Geet now? I wanna c hr pls.

Dadi:pls doc say smthng howz she now?

Doc:mr. Khurana calm down first. Kyunki ab jo main aap logo se kehne ja raha hu,use jhelene k liye apko himmat ki zarurat padegi.

All scared more.

Maan:pls doc make it clearly.why u talk like dis. What happend to my Geet?

Doc looks vry serious:look,we saved hr life but….
He feels hesitation to tell dem the bad news about hr,as dey all look him with great hope.

Maan(worridly):but kya doc?

Doc:Mr. Khurana is acci me truck apki wife k left leg k upar se nikla,due to whch all bones of her leg damaged badly. She lost her left leg below knee forever.

All stunned listin to dis heartbreaking news. Maan feel somone pierced a sharp arrow to hm. Dadima strt sobbing. Maan’s soul shudders badly. Tear drop rolled on his cheeks.

Dadima:pls doc dont said like dis. She is only 23,see nthng in life. Pls do smthinh no cares how much spend but cure her at any cost. Whatever u required fr hr treatment tell us we brought to u but pls cure hr.

Doc:pls aap los shant ho jaiye. Hm Geet ko artificial limb lagaenge. Aftr dat she can able to walk like b4 without anyone’s help.

Dadima:artificial limb k alwa or koi rasta nai hai?

Doc:i m sorry.

Maan:can i meet her?

Doc nodded yes. Maan went to her. Geet is laying on a bed. She is crying. Maan sit near her. Geet turned her face to other side.

Maan:Geet naraz ho mujhse?

Geet:Maan pls leave me alone.

Maan:Maan apni misti ko chhodk kaha ja skta hai.ha Geet?

Geet:Maan bhul jaiye ki apne kabi kisi Geet ko chaha tha.

Maan:dil se uski dhadkan ko bhulane k liye keh rai ho.

Geet(sobbing):Maan apne jis Geet ko chaha tha wo koi or thi aaj apke samne jo Geet hai wo ab apke layak nahi hai. I dont deserve u..

Maan placed a palm on hr face and trned hr to him. He pulled hr up and cupped her face. He wiped her tears with his thumb.

Maan:Geet ye hum dono ki zindagi hai tumne akele kaise decide kar liya ki meri Mishti mere layak hai ya nahi. Geet to Maan ki rooh hai,jiske bina wo sirf ek bejan shareer hai.

Geet:kya fayda aisi roo ka jo apke sath chal b nai skti. Ek bhoj ko kab tak dhote rahoge.

Maan:ye to or b achha hai. Now i can hold u in my arms forever.

Geet:lekin Maan…..

B4 she completes Maan slammed his lips on hers and intrupts her sentence. She feels his intence and Unconditional love for her. He softly kissed on her lips. She stop crying. Maan broke the lip lock and embrassed her in hs arms. In cage of hs arms she feels very good and safe. Maan trying to lightened hr mood nd dwraw hr attention to other side. He start teasing her.

Maan:geet waise ek baat hai.ab jb main dusri ladkio k sath flert karunga to tum typical wifes ki tarah belan leke mere pichhe nahi bhaogi. Sare mard jalenge mujhse kahenge dekho kitna lucky hai jo use Geet jaisi biwi mili hai.

Geet got angry and slapped on hs chest.

Geet:Mr. MSK aisa sochna b mat or i’ll kill u.

Maan:are baap re meri Mishti to badi khatrnak hai.(both smiled) geet meri doc se baat ho gai hai. They will placed an artificial limb by operation.and aftr dat u can walk like before. Trust me jaan sab theek ho jayega.

Geet huggd hm tightly.

Geet:Maan aap pe to mujhe mere rabb se b zada bharosa hai.aap k hote hue mujhe kisi baat ki fikar nai hai.

Maan kissed on hr forhead. Meanwhile Dadi, Adi and doc came there.. Maan loosen the hug. Dadi sit near her and hugged her,as she needs love and affection.

Dadi:meri bachhi theek hai na?

Geet nodded yes and Dadima kissed her and caressed her.

Maan:doc aap Geet ki surgery kb tak kar sakte hai?

Doc:right now she is very weak due to this accident. We have to wait till she recovers.

Dadi:dont worry beta aap bilkul theek ho jayengi.

Geet’s wounds star recovering. 15 days passed. Maan cares for her alot, treat her like a baby. She recvering quickly. Today is the day of her surgery. Geet hold his hand b4 going to OT.

Geet: Maan..

Maan kissed her: daro mat Geet main hu na tumhare paas. Sab theek ho jayega. U will b fine very soon……


PART – 3 (OS)
last part….Doc take Geet for surgery. Maan and Dadi waiting for her outside d OT. Dadima praying for her. After 4ew hours,doc ca:e out and shifted her to a normal ward.

Maan(curiously):how is she doc?Doc:dont worry Mr. Khurana,she is alrite.operation kamyab raha.

Maan(a smile of hope came on his face):u mean?

Doc:yes now she can walk lyk before.but it take some time.so b careful with her. She need some time to adjust with her artificial limb.

Maan:dont worry doc. I’ll care of her all needs. Can i meet her?

Doc:ya sure.

He ran to her.

Dadi:thank u so much doc.

Doc:no need to say thanx mrs. Khurana. Its our duty.

Maan enetrs in her ward and sit besides her. Geet hold his hand. Maan bend on her and kissed her.

Geet:Maan hum ghar kab jayenge?

Maan:bas kuchh dinn fir hum apne ghar jayenge.

Both smiled. Aftr 1 week Geet get discharged frm hospital. Maan take her home. He scooped her in his arms. Dadi welcomed with all rituals of grehparvesh. Maan take her to dere rum and made hr laid on a bed comfortably.

Maan:jaan kal se hum tumhe chalne ki practise karwaunga.

She nodded yes. Maan embrassed her lovengly. From next day as he said he daily help her in walking with an artifical limb. Its very painful for her. But she never give up as Maan bcom her strenght and boost her all the time. His Love care and affection and morovr his faith strenghtend her. Slowly 2 she bcom use to it. Now she can able to walk comfortably without any one’s help. 6 month passed in all dis…. Today she is waiting for him,as he is coming frm Business tour aftr 25 days. His flights lands at 11pm. He ie vry eager to see her as he too missed his love alot. Since d dy of their marriage they only faced sepration and problems. But today is d day of their love. Now no prob apart dem. When Maan enters in his room Geet standing near window in his wait. Dim lite of moon increase d glow of hr angelic face and wind play with her hairs. Maan went closer to her. He snaked his arm around hr waist nd pulled hr to hm. Hr back tagged to hm.sensation ran through her spine. He bend on hr neck.

Maan:i miss u jaan soo much.

He made a trail of wet kisses on her neckline. Geet closed hr eyes and turned to him.

Geet:i miss u too Maan.

Maan:Geet i wanna feel u.

Geet kissed on hs chect exposing frm hs shrt: me too.

Maan’s hand snaked under her top. She feels goosebumps with his touch. Her skin was on fire beneth his cold fingers. He kissed on her face evrywhere,on her forhead,on hr cheeks,hr eyes. She too kissed him. Geet gasped wen his hand under her top unhooked her corset. He bend on her lips and start sucking it passionately. She too moved him closer to her. Geet start unbuttoning his shirt. Maan scooped her nd maid her laid on bed. He removed her top and Geet dai the same wid hs shirt. First Geet came over Maan. She kissed on his chest and face. Geet bite d sensetive flesh of hs earlobes and whispered,”i love u maan”. That was enough for maan to charge. He rolled her down but vry carefully,tring not to hurt hr in nyway.Maan made Geet free of her all clothes.she blused. Maan kissed hr all over. He didnt let go any part untouched. He get rid off his all clothes too and start playing wid hr sensitive parts. She cant handle his sweet torture.”maan pls i want u rite now”,she pleaded. Geet screamed in pain as well as in pleasure,moaning his name,as Maan entered in her. She digged her nails in Maan’s flesh on his back as he made hs way. Geeet had tears in her eyes,tears of happiness.finally dey took their relationship to a new level. Geeet felt complete today.maan kissed her to soath hr pain.he locked her hands with hm.. Maan bend over hr and lick on her lower lip and suck both one by one. Geet to respond wid d same hunger matched him. She stroked his hairs and pulled him to deepen d smooch. He filled her with his love again and agian. But now he knew dat she is tired,so he removed frm her. He loosen hs grip over her,and laid straight beside her. Both panting. Maan coverd both under soft duvet. He pulled her in his arms and rubbed hr arm softly to made her relax. She hugged him.

Geet:i love u maan.
Maan:i love u too jaan.

He kisssed on hr frhead.she slept in hs arms.he too felt sleepy.both slept in each others arms calmly…
Today they found their new world of love. And bound of their love grew stronger as time passes…

Their world of love felt wid extreame happiness wen after tow years Geet gave birth to a sweet angel named PALAK.

Maan took his little angel in his arms and kissed both his daughter and his love Geet:thank u soo much love for giving me such a precious gift.

Geet hugeed Maan.

Maaneet(to each other):i love u……

Both kissed thier cute angel……

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