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Final Part


One week they were spend with each other and in most difficult environment. Due to bad weather there is no luxury. A complete new and tough atmosphere for both Maan and Dev.

Only plus point with Dev is he was cooperative with his partner. He easily molded himself but Maan was so fussy. Geet learned one thing that to convinced him wasn’t easy so she start challenging him and he did exactly what she wants.
But this tough time taught many things to all four of them. Sply boys who were not habitual of village life. Meera and Geet were belongs to there only so they taught them how to survive and adjust in less.
After seven days they got a relief as transport service starts again. Now they were hoping to found their lost partners.

“Geet packing ho gai?” He asked and she nods. “Good. Ab hum wapis jake tumhare husband or meri wife ko dhoond sakte hai. Yaha itna time waste ho gaya already. Ab der karne ka koi matlab nahi.” He was enthusiastic to leave the place as soon as possible.

Geet though was ready but her heart was filled with so many doubts. Her eyes were the open Windows of her emotion and gradually Maan learned to read them. He got that she was upset and something was running in her mind.

“Kya hua Geet? Tum khush nahi ho ki hum yaha se ja rahe hai?” He asked staring at her dull face. She nodded yes. “To firr kya baat hai? Koi problem hai. I mean koi smasya hai?” He was tried to speak in Hindi coz Geet don’t understand English.

“Aap nahi samjhoge”, she whimper.
“To tum Samjha do. Waise b bahut smart ho tum. Pura hafta mujhse wo wo kaam karwaye jo main apni marzi se Kabhi na karu.” Maan taunts as he to understood her tricks.

“Agar Dev Ji ne hume nahi apnaya to? Hum pura hafta kisi or k sath…” Geet scared of Dev’s reaction. What if he don’t accept her because of staying with another man and for 7 days.


Maan first got angry on her thoughts but then he think coolly and realized the depth of her fear. She was right. They know they were clean but how they will prove it to world? Maan to turned mute as he had no answer to her fear.
But he need to boost her.


“Look Geet jab humne kuchh galat nahi kiya to hume darne ki koi zarurat nahi. Sab jante hai ki trains band badi hai or aane Jane k sabhi raste bhi. To ab darna chhodo or chalne ki tayari karo.”

They board a train and reached to a station,where trains stops for 10mins.
“meera kuchh chahiye khane k liye?” He asked to her.
“Ha le aayiye.”
“Kya chahiye?” Dev asked for her wish.
“Kuchh bhi jo apko pasand ho. Kyunki aap ko har thodi der me bhook lagti hai.” Meera wants food but not for herself. She knew Dev need something to chew after a short intervals.


Dev glance her in amusement and smile wide. He went out to get something to eat,when he heard a name which strikes him.

“Maanji suniye.” A girl calling one person Maan. Dev knows it is a Meera’s husband name. So he run in pace to catch him.

Maan was standing to buy water bottle. “Excuse me.” Dev called him. “Aap Delhi se hai?” He enquire to confirm.

Maan stare him with surprise. “Yes. But why you asking?”
Dev smiled wide. “Are yaar kab se tumhari amanat liye tume dhoondh raha hu” he told but Maan still not got what he was talking about. “Your wife Meera.” He told him and his eyes widened with this surprise.

“Meera? She is with you?” He asked and he nodded with a smile. “And you?” Maan asked about him.
“Hi I am Dev Malik.” Dev gave his intro.
“And your wife Geet,she is with me.” Maan told him and Dev got a relief breath.

Now all four are together. But with their correct partners. “Ye ghoonghat k chakkare me bahut confusion ho gaya us dinn.”

“Actually both wear same type of dress material and in hurry I took her by mistake.” Maan told.
“But all well that ends well.” Both boys were talking and girls sitting together.

They were sharing their experience in those seven days. “Geet aap bahut khushnaseeb ho jo Dev Ji jaisa pati mila hai. Wo bahut achhe hai.” Meera told her.

“Or aap b coz Maanji b bahut achhe hai. Unhe gussa jaldi aata hai par unka manm ek dum saaf hai. Anjaan hote hue b unhone humara dhyan rakha. Or humari madat b ki.” She told her how much he tolerate and protect her.

“Achha ha Unhe na teekha khana pasand nahi hai to unko bhool se b mat dena. Halat kharab ho jati hai unki. Or subah subah coffee zarur chahiye. Desi khana zada pasand nahi hai to ab apko angrezi khana hi bnana padega.” Geet keep telling her about his food and another habits.

“Dev Ji ko b par wo itne adiyal nahi hai. Subah k samye coffee or sham me chai chahiye. Or ha Unhe har thodi der me kuchh na kuchh khane ko chahiye.” She to share what she observe about Dev.

Both the girls know each other’s husband so much. Their habits,their likes,dislikes and their temper.


They were so busy in talking that not realised how much time had passed and they reached to their destination.

On station their families came to pick up so they don’t talk before them and went with them silently. Their families were worried for them and asked about their journey of temple. One side Maan and Meera was silent and other side Dev and Geet as they don’t know what they share. Because it’s a small village so they decided not to share the news of swapping to any of them.

Late night they got personal room for rest but Maan maintain distance with Meera and so was Dev with Geet.
“Tum so jao mujhe neend nahi aa rahi.” He told.

Meera stood and brought oil for his head massage. Maan was shocked. “Geet ne btaya tha aap ko isse achhi neend aati hai.”

Unknowingly a smile spread on his face hearing her name. “Ye adat b usi ne dali thi. You know what meri neend bahut kachhi hai. To usne ye idea dhoondha.” Maan share and Meera smiled hearing him talking politely.

“In 7 dino me kitna kuchh jaan gai na wo apke bare me?” Meera said calmly.

“Ha or tume pata hai wo waha biscuit ka stock rakhti thi taki mujhe koi pareshani na ho.” Other side Dev to talking about Meera with Geet.

Geet was smiling and he stare her in confusion. “I am sorry agar tume bura laga ho to. Actually….” Dev sacred of her reaction as he was praising another girl in front of his wife.

“Bura kyu lagega. Pure 7 dinn aap sath the. Usne apna khyal rakha. Ye to achhi baat hai na. jaise Maan Ji ne mera.” Unknowingly she was to missing Maan.

They were with their spouse but strangely all four of them missing that one stranger who become spl for them in just seven days.

Maan denied for massage and went out to breath and to get rid of Geet’s thoughts and same Dev did.


Even girls are not in themselves. Their brain and heart were in dual.
“Ye galat hai Meera. Teri shadi Maan Ji se hui hai.” She was constantly telling herself to whom she get married and now its forbidden feeling only destroyed her.

But they all are failed. As on every note Maan and Dev compare Geet and Meera and same with the girls. In a single day they got frustrated from themselves.

Dadima already noticed and confront Maan first who told her every thing. Even what he feels for Geet. Dadima was shocked but she think wisely and confront Meera. Dadima manage to broke her as well and she to confessed. Dadima now decided to meet Dev and Geet before it get to late. They were also belongs to same village so it was easy task to find them. Dadima went to Geet’s house where they were staying right now before Dev and his family took her to Mumbai.
Dadima introduced herself and asked to meet Dev and Geet. Her parents recognised when she told Meera’s father name.

“Oh aap unki sambdhan hai. Par yaha kaise?” He welcomed her but enquire the reason of coming.

“Apke bachhe humare bachho k sath hi the wo saat dinn. To humne socha hum b mill le.” Dadima handle the situation tactfully.

“Ji Ji kyu nahi. Aayiye.” Geet’s mother took her to their room. “Bachho ne hume btaya hi nahi kuchh.” She told and both entered in their room.

“Bachho ye Mahesh Ji ki sambdhan hai. Unki beti Meera ki dadi saas.” She gave intro of her and both get alerts.

“To ye hai Geet.” She went inside and adore his grandson’s choice. Geet quickly bow down and touched her feet. “Hum aap dono se kuchh baat karna chahte the.

Her mother left and she confront both one by one and even told them about Maan and Meera’s feeling towards them. When they got to know they to confessed their feelings.

” Lekin Dadima it’s to late.” Dev doubted.

“Nahi beta. Baat sirf ek insaan ki hoti to alag baat thi yaha chaar chaar Jindigio ka swal hai. Aap log aise kabhi khush nahi reh payenge.”

“Lekin Dadima ye sab log….”

“Life apki hai to marzi b apki hogi. Logo ka kaam sirf bolna hai. Nibhani to aap logo ko hai. Or aap log fikar mat kariye hum hai na aap sab k sath. Or firr bhagwan ki b yahi marzi hai tabi usne apne darbaar me bulakar humse hui galti ko theek kiya.” Dadima assured them and she did what she said.
She called a meeting of all the families and told them every thing. Initially some opposed but after a long discussion they mend.
Sarpanch of the village gave his approval for the abolish of their respective marriage. After doing some formality they were free from their forced marriage and now its time to get married to their correct partners.

“Aa aa no more ghoonghat. Ye hataiye Taki ab or koi gadbad na ho.” Dadima asked both the girls to remove their veil and all laughs.
With all rituals they married to a person whim they want in their life. Afterwards they took blessings from their elders and leave the village.

Dev took Meera to his home town and Maan took Geet to KM,where Dadima welcomed her daughter in law in a grand way.

All four are happy now. Having their true soulmates. One mistake changes their life and prospective to see the life. They learned from each other and become better in each other’s company…..




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