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PART – 1ITS almost 11 am. Mr. Saxena came at 10:30am in his office and desperately waiting for some one. Mr. Saxena is a old age man of age 60,but having an good physicue,heavy voice,broad sholders.large temple. In short we can say a he had a healthy and attractive personality. He is a lawyer having a prestigious position among others. In walk slowly in his cabin while taking a sip of

his coffee. Sometimes he look at his watch then on the door. At the same moment some one knock on is door. May b he is the one for whom he is waiting for a long time. He ordered in his strong and sharp voice,”come in.”
the person who enters in the cabin was damn hot and handsome. In his black valvet suit,lather shoes,raughly comb hairs, glittring eyes and the way of is walk,he can attract any one easily.Mr. Saxena:ab aa rahe ho Maan? I many times i told u be on time. (he said angrily)Maan:i m sorry sir par kya karu aap to jante hi hai delhi ke traffic ko.Mr. Saxena:yes main delhi k traffic se bhi wakiff hu or tumhari harkato se bhi.Maan:anyways sir aapne mujhe yaad kiya?He wans to know why his guru summoned him after a very long time. He wants to know the reason.He respect him so much so cant deny him. Mr saxena through a copy of 4 days old news paper on a table. He asked him.Mr. Saxena:ye news paper pada tumne?On front page of news paper a headlines attracts the attention. It is the news of death of 62 years old business tycoon Mr. Surya Prakash Khurana.Maan:yes. But what is soo important in this news paper.

He is just trying to read the expressions on his face. But rather then answering him Mr. Saxena raise one more question from him.

Mr. Saxena:how much u know about Khurana Family?

Maan:r u talking about the great Khurana’s about whom daily news is printed in news paper?

Mr. Saxena:yes i m talking about them. What you know about them?

Maan:nothing much. Bas itna hi ki kuchh dinn pehle Mr. Surya Prakash ki death ho gayi hai. Or chunki unki maut kuchh ajeeb halat me hui hai isliye polic ko shak hai hai ki ye ek planned murder hai.or shak k ghere me sabse aage hai Mr. Khurana ki 4th wife jiski bail apne kal hi karwai hai. Right?

Mr. Saxena:right. Do u know any thing about his wwife and son?

He asked while cleaning his glasses.

Maan:little bit i know about them. He had a son from his second wife named Dev khurana who used to lived with him. And his current wife, is younger then his son. Suna hai kafi khoobsurat hai mrs Khurana. (his eyes glitter suddenly)

Mr. Saxena:hmm.maine isi Mrs. Khurana ka case ladne ke liye tumhe bulaya hai….

But before he completes Maan intrupts in between.

Maan:but sir….

Mr saxena too cuts him.

Mr. Saxena: isse pehle ki tum kuchh kaho main tumhe batana chahta hu ki ye sach hai ki main ye case handle kar raha hu or aage bhi kar sakta hu. Lekin tum to jante ho us parivaar ke sath mere family kind relation hai. Late Surya Prakash is my best friend. So may be i cant able to do justice with this case. Because in my all students i only trust you. Itne kam time me jo kamyabi tumne hasil ki hai wo or koi nahi kar paya hai. You are best among all. Thats why i want you handle this case.

Maan think for a while.

Maan:alrite sir if u want me to handle this case,i ll do it. She will b free from all alligations very soon. I ll with her like a shadow.

Mr. Saxena:good mujhe tumse yahi umeed thi. But remember one thing saaya ya to aage hota hai ya picche upar nahi. (He stare him suspeciously,as he is aware of his habits.) lets go main tumhe tumhare client se milwa du. Or ye lo file isme case ki sari details hai.

He passed one file to Maan.he take the file moved to Khurana Mansion. Aftr few hours both are i front of a large and lavish Mansion. They enterd but have to cross long path to reached to the main gate. A well dressed servant came and open the door. He knew Mr. Saxena very well so he take them inside with an honour. Inside with their enterence Maan looked at big hall,which is decorated with lots of expensive and decorative items form all corners. Mr. Saxena ordered Nakul to call Mrs. Saxena. Both waited for her coming. Meanwhile one servant serve them coffee and snacks. Mr. Saxena sit very calmly,but Maan scanned the whole hall.may be he analysing something.

Nakul:sir mam bas 5 minute me neeche aa rahi hai……..

PART – 2

MRS. KHURANA’s room is at the last in the row upstairs. After few minutes a very young and beautiful girl around age of 24, in a pure white saree came from that room. She is the mrs. Khurana. Maan’s eyes still roaaming in whole mansion. Suddenly he saw her and he eyes stuck on her completely.

Maan (stroke his fingers in his hairs and thought): ya allaha ye khwab hai ya haqiqat. Kya sach me koi itna haseen ho sakta hai. Ye to wo khubsurat bala hai jise banane ke baad khud khuda ki bhi neend ud gayi hogi. Iski sadgi me bhi wo kashish hai ki nigahe hatti nahi. Kash ye meri zindagi me pehle aayi hoti to aaj ye yaha iss tarah nahi balki meri baho me hoti. I know mera aisa sochna gunah hai lekin iske liye mujhe ye bhi manjoor hai..Maan scanned her from tip to toe.his heartbeat raised.time stuck and his breath caught in his lungs. He wants her full possession in a bed. Lust swarming in his blood.Meanwhile she came down and joined them. Mr. Saxena introduced her with Maan.Mr. Saxena:hello Geet kaisi ho?Geet(in low growl):i m fine.Mr. Saxena:Geet meet Mr Maan. From now he is ur lawyer and handle ur case very well. He is very capable and reliable lawyer.She looks at him. Both’s eyes looked. She had many que.in her silence. So before she can asked any thing he start talking first.Maan:mrs. Khurana i know right now u r not in a condition of trusting anyone so easily but let me tell u one thing very soon u get rid from all alligations and thats my promise. But i need ur full cooperation. Doc or lawyer se kabi kuchh nai chhupana chaiye.so dont hide anything from me. I hope u cooperate with me.She nodded yes.He gazed her dispirited face. She dont talk so much. Keep silent almost the whole day having no courage to live life.
Both Maan and Mr. Saxena left the mansion. In a way, Mr. Saxena enuired about his poin of view. He wants to know what he feels? But he ignores.

Maan:its not important what i feel.my job is to save Geet khurana from all alligations at any cost.

He drop mr. Saxena and reached home. He start studing the case. very deeply he read all the points. In this time passed quickly. Its 10pm. He made black coffee for himself. As he dont like population around him so he stays alone. After the death of his parents he shifts from his banglow to this 4 bedroom flat. He roaming in his room while sipping his coffee. Her face is fixed in his eyes. Weather he open or closed his eyes he only saw her face,it seems she was caught in his every breath. In their whole meeting session she only ans in yes or no. But her all moments captured in his mind.he laid on his bed and again start thinking about her only.

Maan (thought):kaisi simti si aankhe jhuka kar mere samne baithi thi wo. Her deep dark eyes, her rose petal lyk lips,her chiseled body structure is enough to made anyone fall for her. Wo to achhe se achhe mazhabi ka imaan dola de firr main to ek aam insaan hu. Aaj tak meri zindagi me kitni ladkiyan aai or gaayi lekin Geet me kuchh to hai jo unme nai tha. I want her.she is different…..

He only rotates on his bed but cant slept for a moment. He ie very restless. He just want to b close with her at any cost.
Next day in evening he went KM to meet her.. Geet was in her lawn as she loves plants. She watering her plants. Maan reached in KM. Nakul told him that Geet mam is in lawn now. He came out and seek for her. He saw her. Maan moved in her direction. In a way he again lost in his thoughts.

Maan talking to himself:no one can believe that she can kill anyone. She is very delicated how can she do it? And any how if she do this to b ise to 100 khoon b maaf hai.

Maan reached to Geet.its cold outside. Wind blowing very fast. Geet hairs brush her face as air ozzing with full force. Maan wants to help her and feel her soft skin. Like this was not enough, a cold wind breeze blow her pallu on his face. Wind force is very strong so geet struggling very hard to cover her again. It seems nature is also working to fullfill the desires of Maan. Her speclacular figure is now more visible to him. His eyes lingered on her curvaceous bottom,those bossoms. He took in the erotic vision of her obscenely full breasts overflowing the neckline of her blouse. He couldnt stop his gaze from devouring her curvaceous body. With a gr8 struggle with wind she sucedded to cover herself again and Maan turn his gaze as he dont want to let her know about his intentions…….

PART – 3AFTER struggling with nature she set up her pallu and look at Maan. She didnt expect him so she wants to know y he is coming here.

Geet:aap yaha is waqt kaise?Maan (gazed her innocent face and thought): tumhe dekhne ka mann jo kar raha tha.Geet:aapne bataya nai aap yaha is waqt aaye?kuchh kaam tha?Maan:actually parso case ki hearing hai to usi k regarding main aapse milna chahta tha.Both talking while walking in a lawn.Geet (with lower head and in very dim voice):kahiye kya puchhna chahte hai aap?Maan:mrs. Khurana ek baat bataiye kya Mr. Khurana ki kisi k sath koi personal prob.thi. I mean koi aisa shaks jisse unhe jaan ka khatra ho? Koi jaani dushman?

Maan continous gazing her without a blink of his eye.

Geet:unke baare me main zada kuchh nai janti coz main to unhe sirf 2 and half years se hi janti thi. Business rivalry to kaio se thi baki aisi dushmani thi i dont have any idea about that.

Maan:hmm and his son Dev.what about him? I mean dono ka relation aapas me kaisa tha?

Geet:bilkul normal jaisa hona chahiye.although he not talktive types.but he is very calm and intelligent kind of a person. Lekin aap ye sab kyu puchh rahe hai?

She wants to know his motto.but he is vry deep no one can understands what is actually running in his mind..he igores her quirey and moved on the talk.

Maan:nothing spl.bas yun hi info k liye. Ok now tell me how much you got after his death. What is your persent of share in his property.


Maan:or baki?

Geet:baki 80% Dev ka hai.

Maan:do you have some kind of rivalry with any person and hows your relationship with Dev?

Geet:as i told you before Dev is very calm. He never argue with me too. Though we dont talk much.bu he is not harmful for me.
Or raha swaal dushmani ka to mere paas aisa kuchh nai hai jisse kisi ko fayda ho.

Maan(thought:-tumhare paas kya hai uska andza to shayad tumhe bhi nahi hai). Ok to Mrs. Khurana…

But before he completes Geet cuts him between.

Geet:dekhiye ek to aap pls mujhe aap aap mat buliye or ho sake to sirf Geet bulaiye.

Maan:fine no problem lekin ek shart hai fir tum b mujhe sirf Maan hi bulao.

She nodded in yes. He continues his investigation.

Maan:ek baat or Mr. Khurana ko kisi tarah ki koi trouble,allergy ya koi or beemari to nahi thi?

Geet:ha unhe heart trouble thi. Do major attack bhi aa chuke the.

Maan (to himself:tumhe dekhne k baad to koi b dil ka mareej bann jayega…bechara kaha sehan kar paya hoga): ok its enouh for me. Now i have to go.coz kafi prepration karni hai.

Geet nodded and just moved to go inside but suddenly she slipped as lawn’s clay is wet and sticky. She lost her balance. But before she falls down Maan hold her. She closed her eyes in fear. Maan arm is on her bare waist. He feels her smooth and silky skin beneath his fingers. His whole body is burning with the heat of her body. He look at her juicy lips and have a strong urge to taste them. She open her eyes saw her safe in his arms. Both’s eyes met. Anyhow he control on his desires and make her stand properly.

Geet:thank you.you saved me. Agar tum sambhalte nahi to…

Maan: yahi karne to aaya hu. Tumhe har takleef or museebat se durr rakhna hi mera kaam hai. Chalta hu you take care.

He left and made a way to pub where he goes casually. But today he not enjoying as he always. He drink alot but cant stop thinking about her. He just know only one thing that he needs her. Wants her at any cost. Somehow he manage to drive and go back to his place.
Next day he get busy in his case. Coz he knew his side is weak as all proofs are against her. But he make promised to himself that he can win this case too as per his nature…….



PART – 4today is d day of her case hearing. All the persons who are directly or indirectly involved in this case are present in the court. Public prosecutor start the case and present his points b4 court.

PP:yourhonour case is as clear as a glass. Muljima ne property hasil karne k liye badi hi safai se Mr. Khurana ko apne raste se hatane ke liye coffee me zehar mila kar unki hatya kar di. And the proof of dis is that bottle which is found on the place where incident take place. Second proof is the report of post mortem which proof that a same poision is found in the victim’s body which is mixed in coffee. And third proof is finger prints reports which proves that the prints found on bottle is of none other then Mrs. Khurana. Thats all ur honour.Now its turn of Maan.all start whispering listing Public Prosecuter’s arguments.Maan:yourhonour i think my dear friend is some kind of a story teller.how perfectly he spoke a story to us.but we are in court,not on a stage… Court belive only on solid proofs. All the proofs showed by him have no base and i can prove it…let me allowed to do so. I can prove it that my client is innocent.Judge:permission guranted.Maan.thanku my lord. Proof no 1 jis posion ki ye baat kr rahe hai wo actual me ek pesticide hai. Chunki meri client apne lawn ki care khud karti hai to unke fingerprints us bottle pe hona natural hai. Proof two no one see her mixing it in coffee.may its done by somone else to trap my client. Or jaha tak paiso ka sawaal hai meri client ko to sirf 20% share milne wala hai baki sab to Mr. Dev Khurana k naam hai. Yourhonour all proofs are baseless.unki binah pe meri client ko guilt nai mana ja sakta.PP:mylord let me allowed to ask some que from Mrs. Khurana?

Judge:permission guranteed.

PP truing to trap her in his words.

PP:Mrs. Khurana ek baat batiye aap itni khoobsurat hai young hai fir aapne ek bude aadmi se shadi kyu ki?

Geet(she is very nervous and scared not able to ans any que.):ji wo…

PP:main batat hu.mrs. Khurana kya ye sach hai ki Mr. Khurana ne paiso k bal pe aapse shadi ki thi?
(Geet was silent and scared both) apne mere swal ka jawab nai diya-yes or no?

Geet (afraidly):ha

PP:its means apne paiso ki khatir hi shadi ki thi.its not ur actual will?

Geet:nai ye sach nai hai…

But bf she completes PP cuts hr.

PP:only Yes or No.

Geet:ji ha.

PP:or jb shadi k baad bhi aapki ye khwaish puri nahi hui to aapne Mr. Khurana se peechha chhudana chaha,lekin Mr. Khurana aisa nahi chahte the. Isliye aapne coffe me zehar mila kr unhe humesha humesha ke liye apne raste se hata diya. Boliye yehi sach hai ya nahi?

Geet is little afraifd.his que make hr disturbed. She start sobbing and her teras make Maan restless. He cant resist his tortyer on her.

Maan:i object urhonour ye meri client pe jabrdsati dabav daal kr apni baat manwana chahte hai.

PP:urhonoue main sirf sach amne lana chahta hu.

Judge:objection overruled.apko mauka diya jayega tab tak PP ko unka kaam karne diya jaye.

Maan is boiling in anger. He hits the table’s corner and make his hand injured.

PP(he again prerssurise her):boliye ye sach hai ya nahi? Aap unhe raste se hatana chahti thi.aapne paiso ke liye unse shadi to kar li,lekin jab aapki wish puri nahi hui tab apne socha ki ye buda ab apke kisi kaam ka nahi hai to kyu na ise raste se hata diya jaye. Boliye ye sach hai ya nahi…boliye yahi sach hai.aapmne mara hai Mr. Khurana ko.its the truth.tell tell the truth..

He repeats again and again and she cant take this anymore.

Geet:ha ha ha maine hi Mr Khurana……

But b4 she complete her sentence she faints suddenly. Sawing her in this condition Maan burnt deep inside.he feels as much pain as someone pierced him with many sharp arrows together. He wants to beat PP. But somhow he controls his emotions.he pleads.

Maan:urhonour my client is very distureb these days and PP forced her. She is not in condition to tell anything.pls give some time to me.so i can collect some evidence for my client.

Judge approved his request and gave him time of one month. Geet is quickly taken to a hospital. Sawinge her he become so reatlessa new feeling which he never feels before. He saw her going in an ambulance and asked que to him self.

Maan:ye kya ho raha hai mujhe? Aaj se pehle itni ladkiya aayi or gai sabne MSK ko chaha lekin maine nahi.firr ab kya ho raha hai? Kyu main chahta hu wo har waqt meri ankho k samne rahe? kyu uski takleef main bardasht nahi kar pata.o god pls help me and save her too.use kuchh nahi hona chahiye…..

PART – 5NEXT day Maan went to see Geet. She got discharged and now in KM. Maan reached KM. She is resting in her room. Maan entered in her room. She sits immediately. The pain of Geet,which he feel,clearly shown on his face. He asked how is she now.

Maan:how are u Geet?Geet:i m f9.Maan:Geet y dont u tell me the whole truth? Do u have any idea what u did yesterday? Geet iss se humara case kamjor ho sakta hai. Pls Geet i m ur lawyer.abhi b mujhe puri baat bata do.Geet:Maan ab kuchh nai ho sakta. Next hearing me b wahi hoga jo kal hua tha. Coffee me zehar maine hi milaya tha. Or main apni saza ke liye ready hu.tum meri chinta karna chhod do.Maan:Geet tum kyu apni jaan ki dushman bani hui ho?ek main hu jo puri duniya se ladd raha hu tume bachane ki khatir or ek tum ho… Y dont u undrstands that i….

But he cant able to complete himself coz at d same moment geet’s maid Tasha entered with refreshments. He scanned her fully. She lefts d room.

Geet:apko or kuchh puchhna hai?

Maan nodded no and lefts d room. He went after Tasha. As he is bery expert in winning every women’s heart. He trap her in his charm too and take her in confidence. Due which she tells him many important information about Geet,which know one know in this mansion. She knows bcoz she is her personal maid. In their casul talk Maan got to know about Dr. Chaturvedi, d famous psychetrist. She want to him for her treatment from last 6 months. Maan immediately leaves the KM and visit to him. But Dr chaturvedi is very stubborn types. He refuse to leak any information about Geet. But Maan is Maan and he knows how to handle this kind of a people. Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed. He knows who to use these weapons and when. Finally Dr. Chatirvedi give up in front of him. He paid high amount and got the sessions CD’s and report files of Geet’s treatment. He studied all d files and collect the important info.from them. He also made proofs in favour of her on d behalf of these cd’s and files. He only had a month to save her. In collecting and searching process he didnt met with her for a once. When he collect d required material for a court,he went to KM to saw her. Where he founds that Geet is rite now noty there.. She was in her Gurgaoun’s farmhouse. Maan drive very fast and reched to his destination wid in few hours. Khurana’s farmhouse was in a very lonely place far away from society. Only one guard is available at the main gate. A beautiful bunglow which is covered by a very large lawn frm all sides. He enters in and Geet shocked seeing him there suddenly.

Maan:what happnd Mrs. Khurana u looking very tensed.shayad mera aana apko achha nai laga.( he stared her suspiciously trying to read her mind)

Geet:nai aisi to koi bat nai hai.bas thoda hairan hu,pata nai tha na aap aane wale hai.waise b yaha koi aata jata nai hai,isiliye koi naukar b nai hai.(her tension clerly shows on her face)

Maan:ye baat hai to theek hai warna mujhe laga apko meri shakal dekhna pasand nahi hai.

He trying to find out hr feelings.bt she remain silent nd stared hm quitely.

Maan:are aap to ekdum chup ho gai.i m just joking.

Geet:aap baithiye main coffe banakr lati hu.

Maan:o no pls.agr kai usme kuchh gir gaya to main to…(He leave hs words uncomplete.she shockingly looked hm.) are tm fir pareshan ho gai.chalo main tumara mood thek krta hu ek story sunata hu tme. Ek aisi ladki ki khani jo hadd se jada khoobsurat hai,lekin bahut gareeb hai.hr father is vry ill nd she dont hv enough money fr hs treatment. Uske boss uski isi majburi ka fayda uthata hai.she sacrifise hr life nd happiness to save d life of hr father,bt all spoiled when hr father died after 1nd half year of hr marriage. Wo ladki ab sirf jee rahi thi she hav no courage to live hr life.dhere 2 wo depression ka shikar ho gai. Isliye usne do baar sucide krne ki b koshish ki jiski wajh se uska ilaz Dr. Chaturvedi k pas chal raha hai.or wo ladki tum ho Geet. (he point finger on hr.he went closer to her nd grazed hr) bolo Geet ye sab sach hai ya nai? Speak? He snaped.

Geet(confess while sobbing)ha ha ha ye sach hai.lekin main majboor thi papa ki death k bad meri jeene ki ichha khatam ho chuki thi jinda lash bann chuki thi. Mr. Khurana k ab main kisi kaam ki nai thi coz mere jism se jitna wo khel skte the khel chuke the. Ab unka naya shikar thi Meera.

Maan shocked listing hr.

Maan:who is Meera?

Geet:Dev ka pyar.wo dono ek dusre ko bahut chahte hai. Lekin Mr. Khurana ki gandi nazar uspe b padd gai.agr us dinn main zear na milati to ek or jindagi tabah ho jati.

Maan:iska mtlb us dinn tumne sucide krne k liye balki Mr. Khurana ko marne k irade se..

B4 he completes Geet cuts hm in btwn.

Geet:ha coz mai nai chahti thi ki Dev 1baar fir apne pyar ko kho de.

Maan:nd wat abot u.tmne 1 baar b apne bare me nai socha.tumhare samne puri zindagi padi hai tumhara kya hoga.

Geet:meri zindagi khtm ho chuki hai.ab usme kuch nai bacha.

Maan cupped hr face:yehi bat meri ankho me dekh k bolo Geet…..

She stared him

PART – 6GEET jerked hs hand nd gt seprated frm hm.

Geet:no Maan its wrong.i know wat u feel fr me,but now its to late.this way only leads to u towards regrets nd disappointment,so its bettr u back out b4 its too late.She trying to move away bt Maan dragged hr towards hm,clenching hr waist tightly.both luk in each other’s eyes. He get more closer to hr ear nd whisper.Maan:wen u know wat i feel fr u,den u bettr b know k MSK sirf apne kadam aage badata hai,fir chahe mujhe kisi b hadd ko par kyu na krna pade.(she bcm numb with hs sensuious touch)only listen to ur heart.She lost in hs voice.she is in hs arms,may b that is d same thng she wants too. She want him too as he wants hr. Maan bend nd tuk hr lips in hs. Hr supple pink lips tasted soo sweet bneath hs hungry lips.Geet prted hr lips nd allowing hm to deepn d kiss.she wrapped hr arms around hs neck nd snaked one hand in hs hairs nd pulled hm mor. Maan bite hr lower lip nd suck one by one.he licked hr lips.Geet to kissed hm bak wid d hunger matched hs own.hs fingr dug into d soft skin of hr waist. Hs tongue invadedin hr mouth nd explore evry corner of hr mouth wid hs tongue.reluctantly both parted fr sm oxygen. Both panting badly. Hs eyelids r heavy wid d desires. He lost hmself in d hot nd exquisite fulfilment hr body offered.he buried hs head in hr nek nd leave a wet kisses on hr nek to hr calvic bone.he pulled hr pallu,un do it nd scooped hr in hs arms.he made a way to hr rum. In their way she opened two buttons of hs shrt nd kissed on hs throat and chest. He made hr stand on hr feet. He snaked hs one hand on hr back nd onother to hr lower waist where she tied hr skirt. Maan loosen it nd pulld it down. He opened d dori of hr strapless blouse nd remove it too. Geet too unbuttoned hs shirt with hr trembling hands nd remove it. Maan take hr to a bed nd coverd hr wid hs body. Both luk in each others eyes.driven by desires nd d intensity of a passion such as she nevr known b4,letting hr hnds caress on hs cheek.she wanted mor than dis.she wanted all d things she hd imagining wid hm. He bend on hr face nd kiss evrywhere not leaving ny place untouched.his handds slipped down so he could claim the aching fullness of hr eager breasts. He squezeed both one by one. She moaned hs name in pleasure. He is d one who drive hr to heaven of pleasure. He lick hr hardened peaks wid hs wet tounge nd teased hr. He rasied a little bit. He cnat stop hs gaze devouring hr curvaceous body. Hr full pink lips suddnly curved into a smile as hs deep dark eyes twinkled. She shoved hr hand against hs hardend chest,his deliciously muscular taut body. Maan slowly kissed hr throat nd closed hr eyes tossing hr head back wid a silent gasp. Geet felt his teeth nibbling hr neck.while biting,she felt hs hands skimming frm hr bare shoulder down to the leanth of her arm. With the proficiency of a master,he read her body’s silent language. Drawing his toungue teasingly down the silken valley between hr aching brests nd chuckling softly at her stifled little groan of need. Hs one hand sliding over each breast,he cupped them as if dey were prize roses. Vry gently he dipped hs head to suckle frst on one nd den d other,tasting each sensitive tip b4 exploring pink halo around it wid hs toungue. He incresed hr pleasure wid d cooling dew of hs saliva. She wanted hm mor,wanted hm as she never wnted any man. Wanted hm without d barriers of ny clothes between dem. Maan bite on hr waist to whch she feels pain nd cleanched d sheet tightly. Maanm leave hr fr few sec.to gt rid of hs pants nd shorts. He also ripped off hr panty. Maan kissed on hr toe frst,den her ankle,her calf nd den thighs. She prted hr legs to feel hm against hr. He grind hs hrdend part on hr sensitive area,feeling her ready wetness. He entered in hr wid a jerk. “Maaannn”,she moaned in pleasure nd encircling his waist in hr legs tighter pulling hm closer as he thrust in nd out again nd again wid a friction of sec. Maan pulld her up. Geet dig her nails in hs bare skin,and suck his lips and his earlobes. He moved his hands on her back. They continue this for sevral hours until their bodies get tired completely.he removed and both parted from each other and laid to calm down their over excited bodies. Both hyperventilated.Maan(wid a deep concern in his eyes asked huskily): r u ok Geet?

She nodded and smiled slightly. Maan turned half to her and kissed on her forhead. Geet moved to him and buried herself in him. Maan laid on his back and she rested her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm around his waist. Maan coverd them with duvet and both drifted to a peaceful sleep….

These moments taken her all worries…dont know what result had come out but tonight,like she lives her whole life…..

PART – 7

I wnt u to Hug me,weh i get scared.
I wnt u to Kiss me,wen i act lyk a kid.

I wnt u to Care fr me,wen i m sick.
I wnt u to listen to me wen i wanna say smthng.
I wnt u to understnd my silence wen I dont hav words to express wat i feel.
I wnt u to Love me fr wat i am.
And above all I wnt u to Complete me.
Geet kissed hm.Sun rises& its rays cmng frm d window.Geet awakn nd gazing Maan.He is sleeping on hs stomach.she stroked her fingers in hs hairs lovengly. She is half laying on hm,rubbing hr soft palm on hs bare bak. She kised hm and went to washrum. Aftr taking bath she cames out,wearing only bathrobe wid drippy hairs.water droplets roming on hr delicate face. She bcm numb sawing Maan in frnt of hr. He is waiting fr hr. She looks more nubile in wet look. Geet tryng to stp bak,bt Maan encircled hs arm in hr waist nd pulled hr towards hm. Hs eyes luks more hysterical den last nite.He nuzzled hr cheek.Maan(huskily):kaha chali gayi thi Geet?Geet:wo…main…washroom..Maan pulled hr more closer leaving no space between dem.

Maan:itni jaldi kya hai Geet.abi to pura dinn pada hai,kitni baar jaogi haan?

Maan strt sucking droplets frm hr face.Geet closd hr eyes,and he tuk hr lips.both smooched.He take hr to bed again. Maan laid on hs back nd Geet sat over hm nd rubbed her palms on hs hardend chest.She bend nd kissed hm on hs chest nd gave bites on hs shoulder nd throat.Geet licks hs chin wnts to taste hm. Maan opnd hr bathrobe nd pulled it off. Geet raised to hs lips.He bite on hr lowerd lip.He pushed her naked chest against his nd he felt hr hardend nipples. Maan turned hr down nd moved to hr nipples nd took dem in his warm and wet mouth. Hs body parts touched hr in evry aroused way.Maan entered her again in a jerk.Geet moaning. He kissed hr to soath hr pain.Maan dis time entered her wid his two fingers whch doubled d amount of pleasure fr hr. He knew dat she was coming to climax soon. So he lowerd down hs moment and just rbbed her sensitve part to calm down hr…..
In noon: Maan patted other side of bed,tryng to find hr,bt she ws nt dere.He getup nd wear hs pant.He searchs hr evrywher.She was in kitchen as she is busy in cooking food fr dem. Maaan came to hr nd hugged hr frm bak.He kissed on hr shoulder.

Maan:busy in cooking hmm?

Geet:kal se hmne kuch nai khaya hai remember?

Maan trnd hr to hm nd made hr sit on a slab.

Maan:gd idea.i thnk u need mor nrgy fr us(lukng notily to hr)bt now u rest here nd let me cook fr us.

Geet laugh.fr d frst tim he saw hr laughing like dat.

Geet:sory,bt pls dont tel me tm ye sach me krne wale ho.nw pls let me cook.

Maan(kissed on hr earlobe):so u thnk i cant do dat?madam i can live lonely so able to do nythng.so sit calmly nd let me do it.

Geet:Maan tm akele kyu rehte ho?

Maan:mom dad k baad akele rehne ki habbit ho gai.

Geet:Maan tumare parents ki luv marriage thi hai na?

Maan(grinned):how u know dat?

Geet:ur name.

Maan:vry smart.mom hindu family se thi isliye. Mom dad se ek dusre se itna pyar krte the ki maut b unhe juda nai kr pai.1 hi dinn dono mujhe chhodkr chale gaye.

Hs eyes bcm heavy wid pain,geet hld hs shouldr.

Geet:i m sory Maan.

Maan:no its ok.i m stable now.

Geet:Maan kitni ajeb bat hai tmare parents 1dusre se kitna pyar krte the or fir b tme pyar pe trust nai hai.

Maan(lukd in confusion):kya mtlab?

Geet:Maan i kno neither i m ur frst nor last.mujhse pehle b kitni ladkia aai or mere bad b na jane kitni aaengi.

Maan(relcutantly):bt Geet i thnk i luv u.

Geet:Maan ye lfz tmne kitni bar use kia hoga shyad tm khud b nai jante hoge.hai na?

Maan(irritates):Geet tm kya bekar ki bate lekr baith gai ho?

Geet(caress hs cheek):Maan pls dont MU me.i hav no complaints.na koi regrets hai.d momnt i spnd wid uvry spl 4me.its magical wen u hld me.u wil nvr kno d wrmth i feel inside me wen i m wid u.u r ol i evr wntd.Maan i ♥ u,nd i nvr except d same frm u.i kno lyk all girls i m only a physical need fr u.although knowing evrythng i cant stp myslf falling fr u.u kno kal rat k bad mujhe ab koi dar nai hai.jo b saza mile main khush hu,coz u r mine chahe kuchh der k liye hi sai.i dont evn kno k case khatm hone k bad tume fir kabi dekh b paungi ya nai lekin 1 baat sure hai dat no1 cn touch me again as u did.

Maan gettng vry distrbd.a dual of heart nd mind running inside hm.he feel vry guilty knoing abot hr feelings.cant able to face hr.

Maan:Geet ye sb kya..or kyu? Geet dont love as much.i dont deserve dis.main tmare kabil nai hu.

Geet:Maan u kno wen i first sw in KM u tuk my breath.wen u talked to me,i cdnt thnk nd wen u touch me i gt shiver all through my body.u make me live life again….or ye sab ab tm mujhe kabi alag nai kr paoge.u lived in my soul. Maan i nver bound u.so dont feel bad. U r free as u r before….maine kaha na i dont expect anything frm u….bas jane se pehle ek baar tumhe batana chahti thi dat what i feel for u firr pata nahi kudrat ye mauka dobara de ya na de…..

PART – 8

MAAN cnt take it ny mor. Hr uncnditional Luv fr hm tortured hm.though its true d feeling it totally diffrent he feel fr hr,bt still he dont kno wheather it is love or nt.he is nt ready fr ny kind of commitmnt.So he leave d convrsaton in betwn.Both do Lunch nd Dinner togthr.bt widout talkng much.She sences hs restlessness so she decided nt to talk hm on dis topic ny mor.Maan ws

standing near window in hr rum.winds blow realy vry fst lyk a strom of thoughts running inside hm.Geet came bt he dont kno abot dat as he lost in hs thots.She went to hm nd hugged hm frm bak.He feels d warmth of hr body.Geet:Maan i want u again fr d last time.parso case ki hearing hai isliye kal main KM chali jaungi,so pls make me urs fr tonite.Maan trns to hr,cupped hr face nd kissed on hr eyes.Geet hld hs hands.

Geet:pls Maan i want to feel u.

Maan embraced hr.He cant annoyed hr.Both indulge in dere passionate love makng session.dont know wats gong nxt,bt dese moments r wholy deir’s.No1 snatch dis frm dem.
nxt mrng while driving he thot of last nite.aftr deir love making Geet take two promise frm hm.1st dat he will go b4 she wake up coz she cant c hm going. And 2nd in process of saving hr he will not involved Meera at ny condition. Maan wake up nd kissed hr nd leave hr at farmhouse.He dont want to do so bt as he promise hr so he leave.
now d dy of case hearing came finally.Maan hv to save hr nd also savng d name of Meera too. PP alredy provd dat she is d 1 who mixed poision in coffee. Bt Maan is nt a easy game.He is a champion of dis field.Dr. Chaturvedi nd Tasha’s statemnt regarding hr behavior nd Character provs dat she is a loyal towrds Mr. Khurana. Nd Dr’s report dat she had a sucidal tendancies proves dat she mixed poision fr hrself not fr hm.Onm d vry date she again try to kill hrself. Mann proves dat she is mentally disturbed nd need medical attention.He also gave 1mor proof in court.He gave Mr. Khurana’s med.report whch shows dat he is a heart patient.,hvng 2 major attacks. Wid dis he also presents a lab report.

Maan:urhonour is lab repot k according ek heart patient b us poision ko peene k aad kam se kam adha ghanta lega.lekin Mr.Khurana ki maut coffee pene k 15 min me hi ho gai or iski wajah batayenge Mr. Khurana k MD mr. Sharma.

Court order hm to present nd give hs statement.

Mr. Sharma:urhonour hadse wale din mr. Hurana ko bahut bada nusan hua tha jiski news milte hi unke heart me achanak pain hone lagi or wo ghr chale gaye.

Maan.isse ye saaf zahir hai urhonour ki Mr. Khurana ki maut business me hue major loss ki wajah se hui na coffee me mile poision se.Dis is case of natural death urhounour. Meri client bekasur hai.Dats all urhonour.

All new proffs nd statments shows dat Geet is innocent so Judge gave decision in hr favour nd freed hr. All congrts Maan,as 1ce again he won d case.Accordng to Mr. Khurana’s will Dev nd Geet gt dere shares but aftr takin hr share she lost.No1 kno were is she now?
1nn1/2 years passed.2dy is d dy of Dev nd Meera’s engagement.aftr celeb.Dev left d party nd reachd to hs Gurgaon farmhouse.coz sm1 is waitng fr hm dere desperatily.As he ebtrs dat person hugged hm nd gave hm a gift fr hs engagement.

Dev:thnx yaar lekin ye lane ki kya zarurt thi.mera gift to tu mujhe pehle hi de chuka hai. (Maan grinned. Yes d person waitng fr hm is none other den Maan,hs childhood best frnd.bt no1 know abot dem. Dev pass a cheque to hm.) waise to case k duran Geet ne kafi achhi tarah se tujhe pay kiya hai lekin fir b tere ehsano k badle ye 10crore to kuchh b nai hai.

Maan:it ok yaar maine sirf wahi kia jo 1 dost hone k nate mujhe karna chahiye tha.

Dev:no Maan.ye kam itna asan nai tha.Mera plan bilkul sahi ja raha tha.main dad ko aisi medi.de raha tha,jo apna asr to chhodti hai lekin sabut nai.maine wo medi.dad ko us dinn di taki kisi ko mujhpe shak na ho.uski wajah se dad ka bp itna zada badd gaya ki sbko lagta maut business me hue loss ki wajah se bp badne k karn hui. Lekin gadbad tb ho gai jb Geet ne b apna plan bech me ghusa dia.warna itna jhamela hota hi nai.bt thanx to u ki tune us masoom ko is museebat se bacha lia.

Maan:yaar 1bat bata.agr Geet fas jati to b to tera hi fayda hota.fir tune use kyu bachaya?

Dev:Maan maine dad ki jaan property ki wajah se nai li thi jo Geet k fasne se mera fayda hota. Dad r nihayati ghatiya insan the.na jane kitni ladkio ki zindagi unhone apni hawas mitane k lie barbad kr di thi,or uni me ek thi my frst love Geet. Lekin dad ne use b nai chhoda.mujhe business k bahane india se durr bhejkr forcefully usse shadi kr li.lekin isse b unka mann nai bhara. Geet ne apni zindagi to tabah kr li thi lekin wo nai chahti thi ki meri zindagi dobara ujade.usne jo b kia mere or Meera ki khatir kia. She is very innocent nd i dont wnt hr to suffer any more. Now i only hope ki wo jaha bhi ho khush ho..i hope wo apni life ek naye sire se shuru kar paye….

PART – 9 (last part)

MAAN & DEV talk casually. Aftr spending time maan is just abot to leave. Bt Dev stops hm again.

Dev:Maan ek bat kehna chahta hu tujhse.Maan:ha bol na.

Dev:is bar apne dil ki bat sunn le.kyunki abi to waqt hai. Kai aisa na ho ki tu itna age chala jaye or jab palat k dekhe to akelepan or adhuri zindagi k alawa kuch na ho.

Maan:Dev saaf2 bol kehna kya chahta hai.

Dev:abe sale kam se kam khud se jhoot mat bol. Teri ankho me jo Junoon or pagalpan maine uske liye dekha hai wo kabi kisi k liye nai dekha. Or main janta or kisi ko pata ho na ho lekin tu ye janta hai ki wo kaha hai.apna le use.

Maan:Dev i m tired i hav to leave now.

Dev hugged hm:ja chala ja lekin tu khud se nai bhag skta.(MAAN leave) Maan tu mane ya na mane lekin teri ankhe sirf usi ko dekhna chahti hai.nd i m sure bahut jald tu ye baat samjh jayega…
Days passed frequently… Dev get married wid Meera. On hs wedding day Maan call hm to congratulate hm. Maan informed hm dat he is leaving India frevr and shifted to Cape Town,to his parental home,where dey casually use to go to spend time togther.


Maan:for what?

Dev:coz tune sahi faisla liya hai.chal ab main rakhta hu.best of luck.

Dev cuts the call. Maan take a flight. He lands to d city nd take a cab to reached his parent’s home. In few hours he was in front of a beautiful and glourious bunglow. Its 9pm. He rings. A servany opens the door and took his luggage inside.

Servant:sir aap kya lenge?

Maan:kuchh nai.or kisi tarah ki disturbance nahi chahiye.

Seravnt(nodded):ok sir.

Servant left and Maan go upstairs nd entered in a room wich is beautifully decorated with red curtains and other precious and luxurious items. His eyes stuck on a girl lstanding near window and luking at the waves cming to meet the shores again and again. In full moon nite this view looks more beautiful. Her long hairs flies as winds playing with them. Maan go and hugged her tightly frm backside. He kissed on her shoulder. She recognise this touch as it is a part of her soul. She feels the warmth of his body which she missed from a very long time. She closed her eyes. Maan is too getting desperate to see her,aftr such a long time.He truns her to make an eye contact with her. As she truns in his arms wid eyes closed,hugged him tightly and buried her face in hs hardened chest. Maan caress her hairs and kissed dem.

Maan:Geet pls i want to see u sweetheart.

Geet:Maan pls kuchh der or aise hi mujhe apni baho me rehne do.kyuni agar ye khwab hai to main abi neend se jagna nai chahti or agar ye haqikat hai to let me feel u properly.kam se kam is dil ko yakeen to aa jaye ki tm sach me mere paas aa gaye ho.1.1/2 saal kaise bitaya hai maine tumhare bina ye mujhe hi pata hai.i love ann miss u as i miss myself.i feel uncomplete widout u.

Maan(rubbed hr back gently,tryng to calm down hr emotions):Jaan luk at me.i m not ur dream.from now onone can seprate us.i m urs and only urs.i leave India and all things behind.

Geet open her eyes and luk upwards.Maan cupped hr face nd kissed on hr frhead first nd den on hr whole face.he bend on hr lips and kissed dem softly,whch truns into a passionate one soon. Maan loosen d kiss nd bend on hs knees.He hold hr hands.

Maan:will u marry me.ill promise dat from now onone have a right to came betwn us.i love u until my last breath,like my father loves my mom. I ll try my level best to make u haapy in all condition and we never get seprated wether d condition is worst or good. Pls came in my life.

A smile came on hr angelic face and tears in her eyes. Dats what she always imagine,now finally hr dream com true.

Geet:I love u Maan.
Maan(stand up nd embraced hr tightly):I Love u too Jaan.

Both smooched.He scooped hr nd maid hr laid on a bed. He laid on hr. She too hugged hr.startin wid d wet kisses to each other on whole body,both get rid of their clothes soon nd made love to each other…and aftr dat,get slept in each others arms peacefully…
Both r now feel completed…thier love for each other make them secured.Her empty nd lonly life now fill wid d happiness she found with him. And his meaningless life found new meaning of life. He knews her happiness nd her unconditional love for him is d biggest achievement of his life… Their true love brings a meaning to their lifes and its grew stronger more with each day…..

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