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JUNOON 2 Updated Last Part







Note : This is the final part of this story and no epilogue so don’t ask. Thanks for reading.






GEET was released soon after her arrest as her father buy or bribed everyone who was against his daughter. Maan left with no proof to prove her crimes. He was hell angry but helpless.



Mr. Singhania came to meet him. Riya and Dadima was there with him. He raged at his view but Savitri Devi calmed her son.




“Just get out of my house.” He roared curling his fingers into firm fist.



“Please Maan, listen to me once. She is your wife and now going to be mother of your child.” He revealed and all were confused whether they felt happiness of the coming new life or cry for the lives they lost.





Maan stood Infront of him. He gave a sarcastic smile. “So you and your daughter now playing this trick,against me and my family.” He was hurt deeply and denied to accept any lie.



“I am not lying.” He snapped.


“No matter what. But I will not accept your murderer daughter.” Maan to yelled on him.

Mr. Singhania joined his hand in front of him. “Please listen to me once. If you not convinced then i promise we won’t bother you near future.” He pleads.



All nods and he agreed. “First I am not lying. She is pregnant with your baby. Second I want you to know about her past what made her like this. Actually it wasn’t her fault. All was mine. The moment she born my wife died and I took her responsible for her demise. I hate her and denied to even look at her. She was craving for my love and attention but I engrossed myself in my business. She was love deprived,raised by servants. Gradually she stop any expressing. Neither she laugh nor she talk much. She don’t had a friend even. I changed her schools one after another because kids over there treated her ill as she never tried to defend herself. Then you came in her life. The first person who showed love care and affection all together. With you she start feeling happiness. With you she learned to cherish the moments. In you she found the protection for which she craved since long. Her suppressed emotions got unstable and she scared to lose you. Initially she like Riya to,but gradually her fear over powered her mind. She had only you and when ever you ignored,not deliberately but when ever you did she felt in secured. Her fear when turned into her obsession no one knows. Don’t even she. All she think only about you. Every person who got your attention or love seems enemy to her. As you are the only one who showed love to her. She didn’t want to lose you at any cost. Riya is your best friend. Getting same attention like her. Which made her to react in worst way. On that day when I came to know what she did,i realized what I had done to my daughter. I took her to psychiatrist to but it was to late. Her love for you became her life. You became her life. Her reason to live. Reason to smile. She lose anything but not you.” Mr. Singhania joined his hands in front of him once again. “Maan I know in her madness what crimes she commit are hard to forgiven. But Maan please don’t hate her at least. Just come and look how she is.” He was helpless father and only pleads.





“Apne jo kehna tha keh diya. Now you may leave.” Maan told his decision in a straight forward way. His wounds were so deep and scars on his soul was hard to heal. He turned his back and he left with no option but to left KM.





After his exist,Dadi and Riya tried to convince him. “Maan bete I know what she did wasn’t easy to forgive but bete giving punishment is easy. A good human being is the one who forgive.” She caress his head and asked him to forgive her.




“Dadima is right Maan. Now she is your wife. You vowed to protect her against every odd. Remember what vows you gave her at the time of marriage. Not leaving her in any condition.”





“That time I wasn’t aware that she is the one who killed my parents. Would she brought them back? Then what right she had to snatch them. I will not forgive her.” Maan was fuming and firmed on his decision. He was shaken badly in rage. His eyes were burning.




“Maan bete aap b woi karenge to what difference is left in you and her.”




“And Maan please not forgot she is not in herself. She needs medical help which only you provide. I am sure if you insists she get ready for treatment.” Riya and Dadima put their points to convince him but he silently moved towards his room. He think a lot in isolation.



At Singhania mansion there was a dead silent. She was sat on floor near locked window. She isolated herself. His words ringing in her ears. Her eyes were blank and dead.





He opened the door. “Here is she…” He guides him.





Maan saw her state and went near her. He bend on his toes and called her. His voice is like elixir for her. She slanted her neck to glance at him. He was sat near her. She touched him with trembling hands and when she was sure that he was in real she hugged him firmly. Her trembling hands not ready to leave her soul,her life. She kissed him numerous times. Seeing him near made her alive.




It was hard for him to forgive her but for sake of humanity he got ready to help her. Maan was not alone this time. Dadima and Riya was his full support.





First he took her to a separate house where only few servants lived with them. Dadima sacrifice her right for her children sake. She decided not to live with them until Geet get stable.





Maan took her to psychiatrist. She was violent but when Maan was near,situation was controlled. Gradually her counseling starts.


Months were passed and so her baby bump growing. She still needs time to get cured. Maan taking full care of her.




“Will you love baby more?” She asked one fine day.




Maan sense the insecurity of a child who afraid of losing her parents,because of her sibling’s arrival. He sat near her and hold her hands. He kissed on her forehead. “Hum dono is pyar karenge. Geet ye baby hum dono ka hissa hai. Our part. Like you missed your mother love,i don’t want our child to deprived of the same. Do you want this?” He asked politely and she nods no. “So you love our baby?” He asked and she opened her arms.



“Yes I love my baby a lot. But you love me na after baby’s birth?” Her cravings made his heart bleeds. How much monster she had in her mind and don’t know how much time it would take to leave her.





Maan scared for his baby to. But he don’t give up. “Yes I always love you.” He stroke her face and kissed again. “Now get ready as some guests are coming to see you.” He informed. She asked but he not revealed.





They came in hall and she found Riya and Dadima. Geet held his wrist firmly. “They are coming for you Geet.” He tried to made her comfortable.




She sat and stare all suspiciously. “How is my daughter?” Dadima caressed her and she stare her silently. Maan left her side.




“You wanna take him away?” She asked strongly.





“No we came to take you with me. You are my daughter and I can see he is not taking proper care of you.” She cribbed and Maan smiled.





Geet glance all around. Her temper was controlled because of the treatment but her horror still there. “No. I know it’s all your plan to snatch him from me.” She stood and held him firmly.





Riya came to her. “Geet calm down. I am not coming for your sadu husband. I came here to invite my both friends.” Riya had her own fears but she not showed. Geet’s doctor viewing all this from upstairs. She was observing her behavior. This encounter was a part of her treatment so she can plan further treatment.




“Invitation for what?” Geet enquired.



Riya gave card of her marriage to her. She called her fiance inside. One boy came a d stood next to Riya. “Meet my would be husband.” Riya formally introduced him with both.





“You are going to marry?” Geet asked curiously.





“Yes. He is smart na? Next month tumhara delivery hai. Or do mahine baad humari shadi to ye chhotu baby b invited hai.” She was smiling and showing no rage no complaints against her.





Geet to notice this and that’s a good sign for all. Riya gave card and ready to move with her fiance. Geet left Maan’s arm and went behind her. “I am sorry for everything.” She apologized which was a big step for her and all others to.



Riya now genuinely happy. She caressed her cheek and kissed on her forehead. “God bless you and your sweet family. And yes don’t forget my marriage ok.” She said and left.





This was big step for all. Geet took a first step to interact. Now it was dadi’s turn. She got ready to live with her. Dadima was very conscious being her around. She make sure Geet don’t offend by any of her action…





Slowly she mingles with her to. It takes time but she tried with the help of Maan and doctor. On right time she delivered a very beautiful baby girl. All were happy.







Dadima named her Siya. Little joy of bundle for all. Dadima got new comrade as Geet don’t know how to handle her. Sge taught her and most of the kept with her to.




“Forgive her was never be easy for me. But Dadima and my best friend taught me forgiveness is far better than punishment. Love gave me the strength to accept her with all her sins. I am still in wait of day when she get release from her all horrors fully…. ” Maan saw his little family spending good time together and hope for that day when he got solace…..

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JUNOON 2 Updated Part – 20

PART – 20






Important note please read before you read update:




“Those who think that Dadima or Riya are responsible for Geet insane state,then let me clear you all. They have nothing to do with her condition. Geet is insane and killed anyone. Dadima and Riya are victims of her. So please stop cursing them.






“Nikki tell me na where we are leading?” Riya asked waving her pony tail.



“It’s a surprise for you my dear.” Her voice is stiffen like her.



“Wow I love surprise. But you taking me to terrace. Nikki waha jana allowed nahi hai.” She alerts her friend.



“Don’t worry no one knows about this.” She told her while leading.



“See it’s locked.” Riya was about to take U turn when Geet held her wrist firmly.




“I have keys.” She stopped her and opened the lock.



“Nikki how did you get the keys? Ye to…” She was in shock.



“I stole it.” Geet told her with a wicked smile.



“But It’s wrong. We should not do this. Come with me and return these to peon.” She doesn’t like the idea of stealing keys from the office.




“Come on Riya don’t spoil my arrangements.” She insists and asked her to closed her eyes.




Riya consider her as a true friend so she agreed and closed her eyes without a think what was her intentions. Geet took her to the edge and pushed her. Luckily her skirt tugged in something and she don’t fell down direct. Riya held a rod to save herself.



“Nikki please help me.” She pleads to her friend,but in return Geet hit her hand again and again so she loose her grip and fell down. “Nikki what are you doing. Please save me. I am your friend.” Riya start crying but had no effects on Geet. Her vision going blurred and grip loosen gradually.



“No you are not my friend. You are just a hurdle between us. But today I removed you for forever.” She was filled with rage and animosity. Her eyes were furious and voice hard.




“Nikki what are you talking?” Poor girl don’t understand what she was talking about.” Riya cried for help. Fortunately Maan was following both girls and when he saw how Geet pushed Riya near death he quickly called the security. They came on time and rescued her.




Geet was furious as he failed in her plan. Principal called their parents immediately. Riya’s parents were out of town and she was living with Maan’s family,so as a guardian Savitri Khurana came on his call. Mr. Singhania to reached.



Riya was fainted and got her conscious back few minutes ago. Seeing Savitri Khurana she ran to her allowed her self to hide in her. Seeing her state she cocoons her protectively. Maan to told everything to his grandmother in a go.





Meanwhile Mr. Singhania to arrived. All three students were also there. Principal told the whole matter to elders.





“Nikki beta,she is your friend so why you did this? Now come on say sorry and be friends again.” Savitri Khurana tried to make up between both the girls,so she politely asked her to be friend with Riya again.



But Geet was furious as her plan to kill Riya goes in vain. She was fuming furiously.




“Look Mr. Singhania we don’t tolerate such behavior.” Principal complaints.





“Geet beta aise nahi karte.” She again tried but this time Geet threw a paper weight on her. Savitri Devi dodged and save herself.




Now Principal grew more angry. “See how dangerous she is. Sorry Mr. Singhania but we not allowed this kind of sick patients in our school. Your daughter need medical treatment. She is out from our school.” He prepared the papers and gave to her father.




Riya still shivering and not ready to leave her. She saw the death so nearly. While Geet was getting angry on all. Her father taking her away.



“Mr. Singhania I think she need medical treatment.” Dadima suggested her father but he ignored and took her away.



Geet was glaring all while dragging off. “I will kill all of you. You came in my way. I won’t spare anyone.” She glared Savitri Khurana and threatened everyone.




Maan and her friendship break up which build only 9 months ago. He was scared for Riya,his first and last friend. Since they were toddlers they were friends and on that day was about to loose her for forever if he don’t reached on time. He was angry on himself for bringing Geet into their life. He lost something in him on that day. Afterwards he never smiles.







“Maan bete…” Savitri Khurana came to her grandson who was lost in past memories and broken badly.




“Dadima I repeat my mistake. Again I gave her chance to harm my closed ones. Why Dadima why? Kya bigada hai maine uska jo wo har baar mere apno ko hi chot pahunchati hai?” He talked in a hoarse voice. His hands still trembling with fear and rage both. Fear for the person left in his life and rage on himself that he allowed her once again to hurt his closed ones.




The chapter all think was closed ages ago again reopened and this time took his parents away. Savitri Devi knows he was broken beyond repair. She cocoons her son.




“Excuse me Mr. Khurana.” Both glance up at the call of inspector who came on his complaint.




The moment Maan closed himself her insanity raised and she fired on Savitri Devi. Mr. Singhania interrupt and she saved. Maan came out and instantly called the cops.




Inspector arrested her and and do all the legal formalities. He handover the paper for his signature. Maan signed them and they took away her from there. Though it was the most harder as Geet was out of control and tough to handle.




Whole day passed,but he don’t utter a word. His emotions were fluctuating in a pace. In evening he left KM and reached to Thakur’s haveli. He wants to apologise.



All guards who was there to kept eyes on her were removed. So they could talk freely.




Maan went up to her room. They have so much to pored out. Maan apologize for everything and hug her. “I am sorry Riya. I had to listen you and Dadima.” His eyes shed tears.




Riya still in deep fears. What she had faced from last few months was to much. Someone’s insanity made her life hell.




Riya was still under her threat. “Maan you should not come here. If she got to know she will kill me.”




“Don’t worry Riya. She is under police custody. Now she won’t able to harm anyone.” Maan consoles her. Though he himself was worried for her and Dadima.




Case starts and Police start case enquiry.

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JUNOON 2 Updated Part – 19

PART – 19





“LOVE four letter word but defined by individuals in their own way. Love for me is not a beautiful story. I hate this word as it haunts me. Only brought pain and destruction for me and my loved ones…..”








Maan was stunned looking at all the pictures of his naïve wife in Nikki’s room.









It was a new face of his wife which was came in front of him by chance. It’s just a coincidence or a planned conspiracy.



“What is this?” He turned to Aarti and asked in most shocking tone. “This is Nikki’s room so what my wife’s pictures doing here? What was going on here which I wasn’t aware of?” He asked but only got her famous silent. Maan held her forearm firmly and jerked off still she would not consider his voice and stick to her decision of not open her mouth.




Seeing her stubbornness he thought to change his ways. He left her and lower down his voice. “See I only want to know the truth. It’s my life damn it. Please tell me what’s going on.” He roared but nothing effects her so he moved towards Aasha playing fake Nikki in front of him and his family. He asked the same to her and she glance at Aarti who signal her not to reveal anything.




“I don’t know anything.” She denied knowing anything.





Maan hit the wall near her. “Look you don’t need to scare from any one. Please tell me the truth and I promise, I will protect you.” Maan glance back at Aarti who was staring Aasha. He pleaded but she was scared of the wrath of Geet and decided not to reveal the truth.





“Fine. Now I will confront Geet only. Or Police enquire in their own way.” Maan said and waved out like a wild air.





Seeing his temper Aarti informed Mr. Singhania and told him what happened there. Both trying to alert Geet but her number was out of reach as she broken her mobile in anger. Mr. Singhania left his office to reach KM before Maan.




Maan reached there and found Mr. Singhania with his granny. He rushed to her and cocoon. “Dadima you ok?” He asked hoarsely while glaring unwanted guest.



“Hum theek hai bete.” She gave assurance to him. “Maan what happened and why he came here?” She glance both one by one.




Maan left her and stood in front him. “Good you came. Now took your daughter along with you. Jhootho ki yaha koi jagah nahi hai.” He yelled on him.




“Look Maan. Give me a chance to explain. There is something you need to know.” He pleads.





Dadima got a little shock but not like Maan. “Geet inki beti hai? You mean she is real Nikki Singhania?” She asked and Maan nodded. “Shak to hume pehle dinn se tha unpe. Humne aap sabko aagah b kiya ki wo Jo dikhti hai wo hai nahi. Unki annkhe hum aaj tak nahi bhul paye. Usme woi gussa tha jab humne Geet ko pehle baar dekha tha. Tabi se hume wo sahi nahi lagi thi. My conscious alerts me again and again but all the time you shut me.” She was angry on herself for letting Geet win over her experience. “But fault was mine. I had to act strongly before she got success in her plan of becoming your wife by false methods. But when you all met Nikki in party I to give up. Maan you met her in party then how…”





“Dadima I wouldn’t,because these two played so well. They introduced a fake girl as his daughter.” He revealed.




“Why you did all this?” Dadima confront Mr. Singhania but he was muted or can say ashamed of his sins.




“He didn’t do anything. It was all my plan to get my Maan and I don’t regret it.” Geet got her conscious back and descended down the stairs and accept the truth.





It’s her new face to them. Maan went to her and fists her arm. “You cheat me all the time. Or kya kya hai Jo tumne mujhse chhupaya hai, Ha?” His jaw stiffen and teeth gritted.



“Maan don’t get angry. They all parted us. I had left with no option. Look at her…” She glared his grandmother. “She always trying to push me away from you. But my bad luck she is still alive.” She was fuming and blood rushed rapidly in her veins.




Maan’s anger rose and he compressed her throat,pushing her against the pillar. Mr. Singhania came in between to save her. “Dad stay away. She commands him.




“How dare you talk like this about my grandmother?” His anger had no bound. Her betrayal and hurtful words for his grandmother broken him.





“She not only saying but killed your parents to.” One voice broken him to the end.





One person came with one young widow. Maan turned to him. He was the private detective hired by him to clear his doubts. “Mr. Khurana she is the widow of that goon or I can say Mrs Geet’s bodyguard. Yes Mr. Khurana he wasn’t some goon. He was her bodyguard and came to mislead you so she could get a chance to enter in your house. She told me everything. Your wife not only killed her husband brutally but also tried to kill Riya and your grandmother several times. In fact in the process your parents got killed. That was also a trap for her but unfortunately they took the car and she hit them into deep ditch.” He told him every thing and Maan along with Savitri Devi got the biggest shock of their life.





She fell on floor and Maan rushed to her. He held to support her. Meanwhile Geet got a chance to attack those who ruined her plans. She hit the detective with a vass and in continuation. Mr. Singhania tried to control her but she was uncontrollable. She pushed him and attacks him till Maan came in between and slapped her harder which made her fell down. Both were raged for different reasons.



But nothing would able to stop her. She stood up frequently and snatch his license gun. She fired on the detective but he managed to dodge and save himself.




Maan’s eyes narrowed. His eyes was bright red. His body was fuming with anger. The blood started to rush on his face making him bright red… Like he will burst any minute.






Maan held her from arm and twisted to face her.






“Enough Geet or whoever you are. Just stop your madness.” He roared and pushed against the wall. His eyes were red in agony,in anger. “Why Geet why?” His every fibre were burning in rage and veins turned prominent. “Speak up dimn it.” He yelled on her but she wasn’t fear. Instead she raised her hand and caress his cheek softly with all love she had for him.







“For you Maan. Just for you. I love you Maan but all trying to snatch you from me. Every time since our childhood,including my dad. I hate all of them. But you are mine only mine.” Suddenly her voice turned dangerous. “But not any more. I will omit the one who even think of parting you from me.”




“You killed my parents. Why?” He raged.




“I don’t want to but your granny’s luck pushed them to death. But not anymore. I will kill her.” Geet glared her furiously and tried to pounce on her but Maan not let her and slapped her many times to control her.





But it doesn’t effects her all. All she wants to kill her. “Maan please let me kill her. She and Riya wants to snatch you from me.”




Maan compressed her neck,trying to kill her,but she don’t have a crinkle on her face. Because it was her Maan who had a right to do anything with her.




Savitri Devi sense his anger so she along with Mr. Singhania tried to pushed him back before he killed her.



“Maan bete chhodiye unhe. Please leave her.” She requested.




“Maan leave my daughter please.” Mr. Singhania pleaded with guilty face.




Finally all guards joined and parted them. Maan broke down. “Dadima she broke my trust. She killed mom and dad.”




She cocoon her broken baby. Tears rolled out of her eyes. “I know son.”



“I wish I would heard you.” He regretted on believing her lies she fed to him.




“Calm down son. Please calm down.”




Geet came to him and she showed her away. “Dare you touch me. I hate you. I hate you.” Maan showed his anger which Geet couldn’t able to resist.




“No you don’t.” She tried to hold his face with her trembling hands. “You never hates me. I know. Just say it once. You don’t hate me.” She is going insane. How can she. She turned restless and only craving to listen from that person whom she loved most on the earth,that he never hate her,but she only found hatred in his eyes….





Maan jerked her off. Her touch gave a disgust feel to him. Her hands was drenched in the blood of his parents. His soul pierced into many pieces. She broke him beyond repairs. She not only broke his trust but gave him a lifetime wound which would never healed.





Mr. Singhania held his daughter but she only wants to go to Maan. She was wriggling badly to come out of his grip and she got succeeded to but Maan not allowed her to come near to him.



“Never show me your face. Tumhare hone k ehsaas se bhi mujhe nafrat hai. Apne aap se nafrat hai. How could I turned so blind?” He hit his hand against the lamp shade and got many wounds,which hurt her more.





“Maan khoon aa raha hai…” She panicked and wants to sooth him but not understand what wounds she actually have him.





“It’s all you caring? I hate you. Just get out of my sight and beer show up.” He commands and went up to his room. He locked himself. Geet followed him and patted at the door but he not replied.



Next was a one gun shot sound which echoes the whole KM.

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JUNOON 2 Updated Part – 18

PART – 18




More than a month had passed but her all plans to kill her rivals goes failed. Fortunately Maan saved his granny all the time. But one after another incident develop doubt in him.



He was getting tense with each day. His every try to catch the culprit goes failed but on the same time defeat turned her insane.





“Damn it. It’s all dad’s fault. If he wasn’t came and protect Riya, atleast I got rid of her. Till she is alive and will never be in peace. And her this old lady. Every time he came rescue her. My all plans turn fail.” she was getting mad and threw things as per her nature. Soon her body turned limp and she fells down.





Maan was in deep thought. Wants to figure out,when one of his client came to meet him. But their conversation heat up and Maan broke the deal.



“Fine Mr. Khurana. Even I wasn’t interested in working with you. It Mr. Singhania who forced me to gave this deal to you. But now I am free as you broke this tie up.” In a fit of anger he revealed what he should not.



“Wait a minute. What you just said?” Maan stopped him and interrogates.




“You heard right Mr. Khurana. The deals you recently got suddenly just because the influence of Mr. Singhania.” He revealed and left.



Maan was fuming. It was a defeat for him,which he couldn’t resist. He opened his wallet and got the card Nikki left for him. “So it’s you. I know it’s you.” Maan in rage left his cabin,leaving all his guards. They ran behind but they miss.




Maan was driving madly in anger to reach her as soon as possible. On red light all vehicles stopped so was Maan. He hit the staring wheel in anger. He glance all around and something catches his eyes.






Light turned green and he changed his route. His car following someone but with every minute he got shock after shock.




On the other hands,his guard called Geet to inform her. “What do you mean he vanished suddenly? I am telling you find him as soon as possible or I will kill you all.” She threatened him and threw her mobile in anger.



“Bloody hell. Now where he went in anger.” She was nervous and this gave air to her anger. Whenever her fears overpowered her she lost her cool and her mind stop working. Maan’s all guards actually employed by her to keep him under her protection.



Maan reached to a area which was very tacky and congested. He left his car and follow the girl he saw taking bus. He reached to her home and rang the bell.




“Asha look who is on the door.” He heated a voice coming from inside.



One young girl opened the door and both was in a bit shock. Her eyes widened.



“Who is there?” One old lady came from behind and asked about the visitor.




“Maa he is from my office.” She lied and sent her mother away.




“What drama you are playing miss Nikki Singhania?” He bursts on her.



“Please low down your voice and leave.” She was frightened and wants to escape this situation.




Maan went inside forcibly. “So tell me quickly what’s going on here? A business tycoon’s only daughter. what is doing here in such a down market place?” His eyes goes suspicious and he wants to know the truth only.




Her eyes filled with horror and hands turned cold. Her fingers scratches her other hand. “Look I don’t know what are you saying. Please leave.” She glued to her words and denied to opened her mouth.



“Don’t force me.” Maan threaten her. “Tell me the truth who are you? And why Mr. Singhania introduced you as his daughter in a party?” His mind was filled with so many doubts and queries. His own heart was thumping badly. Don’t know what dark truth was waiting for him.




“Look Mr. Khurana I can’t tell you anything. Please don’t force me.” She pleads seeing him adamant.




“Alright I called the police.” He tried his last weapon. The girls pleads more.





“Please ask Mr. Singhania. Don’t asked anything from me.” She was crying and scared for her life.





“Why? What you are hiding from me?” He clutched her hand firmly.




“Please let me go. If I open my mouth she kills me.” Unknowingly she spilled the beans.




Maan narrowed his eyes. “Who? Who kills you?” He gave a jerk to her.



“No one. I won’t tell you anything.” She denied and next he dragged her along with him.




Soon they were in Singhania mansion. All knew him so no one courage to stop him. Maan drag girl inside and roared Nikki’s name. Mr. Singhania wasn’t at home so he went inside.



Aarti,her maid come out hearing his voice. Her faded face confirm Maan’s doubt. “Where is Mr. Singhania and Nikki?” He asked strongly.



“You came at wrong time. Just leave.” She asked in a pleading manner.




“Your so called Nikki found a low class area. Please explain.” He trying to trap but she was strong enough.



“I don’t know what you are talking. She is not my Nikki baby.” She denied to recognize and told him he had some illusion.





“Really. You think I am blind. She is the girl whom Mr. Singhania introduced as his daughter in party. Now I want to know why?” What he is planning against me?” He yelled on her.





“As I said. You have mistaken my boy. I don’t get what you are trying to prove.” She doesn’t get in terms of accepting any flaw of their side.





Maan jerked her and went up in search of Nikki. Aarti ran behind to stop him. She couldn’t use security to stop him as she scared if he got hurt by mistake then Geet don’t take second before killing all. She was pleading but Maan check all rooms one by one and soon he entered in the room where he got biggest shock of his life. But least he was aware that bigger one was waiting for him. He found a room full of his sketches and portraits. He freeze for a second. Maan turned to glance in her eyes.





What is all this?” He asked and she lower down her lashes. “I asked what the hell is this? And where is Nikki. I thought wo Uska bachpana tha…. Damn it where is she?” He roared but Aarti had a seal on her mouth. Maan torn all the sketches into pieces and went to another room in search of her. One more room attached with this room. He went inside and got the actual shock.




It was Nikki’s room. Geet’s frame stunned him. His eyes widened as someone snatch his land. He froze on his place. Everything just blow his head.

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PART – 17




Geet come out of washroom and laid next to him. She slipped in his embrace and rested her head on his shoulder. She leave a feather kiss on his chest and wrapped her arm around him. Tenderly she allowed her fingers to roam over his chest.



“I know here only I live. That’s why your heart recognized me unconsciously. I still not forgot the day we met.” Geet was talking to herself. She remembered the day they met.



“I can’t feel anything. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to feel emotions. I pretend to be normal around other people,b but deep inside, I feel nothing. It’s not as bad as it may sound. I know I’m broken, but I don’t care. This is normal for me. But everything had changed when I met you. For the first time, I felt something. A strong desire. A longing. A yearning. A craving. For the first time I learned the meaning of being alive. Saans lene ka matlab kya hai.” Smile crept on her lips suddenly and she kissed him again.







A girl was bullied by some kids. But she was neither crying nor protesting. They hit her still she was bearing silently. One of them pushed her so strongly and she fell down. Her knee got injured still not a single tear come out of her face. She just sat holding her injured knee when a hand of help came to her. She raised her innocent eyes towards the person who raised hand of towards her. One boy of her age was standing over there.




“You ok?” He asked softly.



She was staring at him with doubts. She thought he also came to play some prank on her like all others. So she bow her head again and clutched her knee to stop bleeding.




“Come I will take you to medical room.” He offered. But she doesn’t paid heed. “Trust me I will not hurt you.” He glance straight in her eyes. His chocolate brown eyes and smile send positive vibes to her.





She thought a lot and decided to take a chance. She held his hand and he pulled her up on her feet and she lands on him.



GEET remembered that moment and flushed. She tilted her head to stare at his face and hug him more firmly.



“I know that memories was buried here only.” She again lost in past.






Boy took her to medical room where she got proper treatment. He supports her. No one do this much for her before. She was all silent. Not talking to any one. He supports her and both walked out silently. “Where is your class?” He asked so he could help her. She pointed and he walked there. “So you to read in 6th standard. But I never saw you here before.”



“It’s my second day in this school.” Finally she opened her mouth and speak up. Her sweet voice melts in his ears.



“Finally one thing is confirmed. You are able to speak.” He giggled but stop when he looked at her dull face. She hardly able to trust and his joke might turns the table again. “I am sorry. Mera wo matlab nahi tha. Par tum bolti hi nahi so I thought… Ok forgot it. Here is your classroom. 6(A). Mine was there 6(B)” he pointed and showed his classroom to her. “You are new in our school and I know it need time to adjust but don’t hesitate. If you need anything come to my class,i will help you.” He assured her that he would be sides her whenever she needs him. She to mods. Her lips slightly tried to but failed as she never smiles.



He was about to leave but came back. “I am sorry but I don’t asked your name.” He wants to know about her.



“Nikki…” She said in a least audible voice.



“Nikki… Sweet name. By the way my name is Maan Singh Khurana. So friends?” He raised his hand of friendship and without second thought she accepted.








“That was our first meeting. I still feel the sensation inside me. But Maan why you brought that Riya between us. What wrong I did if I want to remove her from my way. Why don’t you understand that I couldn’t able to share you with anyone. Not even with your granny. Today also you feed the cake,first to her. Why? It was my right. Only mine. Only I had a right on your everything then why Maan. When will you understand this? You are mine only mine. Tume pata hai how much I cried when you got engaged with that Riya. Tabi ye sab natal karna pada. Apne hi guards ko goons banaya. Khud ko bechari banaya. Kya kya nahi karna pada tume pane k liye. Why Maan why? Why always I? You know what that guard was an idiot. I told him just to threaten. But that bastard gave wound to you. But you don’t worry. I punished him properly. I stabbed him like he gave a cut on your arm. I gave him thousands cuts. No one had a right to harm you. That’s why I killed him. I tried to kill Riya to and many times but she saved. First that wardboy saw me,so I had to kill him to and next time in hospital I was almost got her but you came and saved her.  ” Geet caressing his cheeks with trembling fingers. He was like a precious treasure for him which she don’t want to share.



Geet’s grip firmed more. “I will not let any one take you from me. And for that Riya or Dadima ko jana hoga. They have to say goodbye to this world like your parents. Though it wasn’t my plan. But it’s ok. Share to main tume unke sath b nahi kar sakti. No one means no one.” She grew angry with each and every second by the thought of sharing him with someone and in anger her own nails dig so deeply in his bare skin and broke his sleep. Maan waked up with a jerk. He was wincing in pain.




“Geet what are you doing?” He was in pain as her nails scratch a portion and made a small wound.




She senses and fumble. She turned on the lights and saw the wound made by her. “Wo galti se ho gaya. Aap rukiye.” She quickly applied an ointment and blew to sooth his pain.





Maan noticed the tears in her eyes. He tilted her chin and saw the guilt. He wiped off her tears. “Don’t cry. It’s ok. I am fine.” He embrace her. “Bura sapna dekha?” He senses her disturbed mind. Geet nodded against his chest. “It’s ok. It’s ok. Just a bad dream. Don’t scared. Main hu na tumhare sath.” He assured her and cocoon in his warmth. Maan strokes her softly in order to calm her.





Both laid again and he slept soon but not Geet. She can bear any pain on her but not of Maan. Geet come out of his embrace and injured herself. “How could I. I hurt my Maan.” She hit her hand on the sharp edge till blood oozed out. I deserve this for hurting him. She feels no pain for herself. All she could know or feel is her Maan. Her whole world revolves around him only….

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PART – 16




Maan was tensed because of the surroundings but somehow two months passed in a flip of seconds. Life was ran on its pace.



Riya was returned to her parents along with the guards who kept their eyes on her activities. She wasn’t allowed to meet Maan or Dadima. Neither she nor her parents. They were under threat. They are rich and powerful but Nikki is insane. She could do anything if they go against her wish.




Two months not a small period for newly wedded couple. Though their marriage was not like others but they are in good terms with each other. They like each other’s presence around.





Geet was planning so much for his birthday. She took permission from his grandma and she allowed her to as she also want to show the world that they are not weak and now stabilize again after such a huge loss. Because mourning is a sign for rivals that the person is weak and should be attacked by any one. So celebration were must to show them that they are strong enough to bear any loss.




Geet done everything so perfectly and waits to gave him surprise but all went in vain when he saw decorations and burst on her.



Maan grasped her. “Have you gone mad? Are you out of your mind. Who gave you the permission ha?” He was so angry and not spared her.



“Maan stop it. I grant her permission. But why you are so angry?” Dadima defends her and asked the reason of his anger.




“Dadima we are not safe till the culprits roamed freely. Police and our all guards are failed to track the attackers and you allowed her to do the celebrations. What if they attacked on her again?” The reason for his anger was his anxiety. He don’t want any harm reach to Dadi or Geet.



Either its his Grandma or his wife. Both were in danger till he saw culprits behind the bars and mainly he wants to know the reason which was actually missing.





He lash out his anger on both and step out. He don’t wanna celebrate his birthday. Dadima console her. “Wo pareshan apko leke. Isliye gusse me ye sab kaha.”



Geet commands the servants to remove all the decorations. Dadima apologize to the guests invited.




Savitri devi went to Maan who was sat alone in a room. Lost in his own grief. She sat near him. Maan turned his face to hide his tears. “Maan bete aap humse chhupa rahe hai. Do you think I don’t understand your frustration. I know why you don’t wanna celebrate. If you loss your parents then I also loose my children.” Her voice whimpered and eyes turn wet. Maan turned to her and she took him in her embrace.



“Dadima…” He cried in his warmth. She is the one before whom he wouldn’t have to pretend.




“Shant ho jaiye. You are my strong baby.” She stroked his back,soothing his pain. She parted and wiped off his tears. “Son I can understand your turmoil and pain you daily bears but this is the life. When your grandpa died Samarth was so small. If I had broken like you then we lost everything. Never show your sorrows to outsiders.” Dadima kissed on his forehead. “Today is your first birthday after marriage. Make new moments. Don’t let go this as this will not come back again. See you make her sad to.” Dadima points at Geet who was staring both from the door.



Dadima convinced him and took outside. “I am sorry Geet. Gusse me pata nahi kya kya keh diya.” He glance at her gloomy face and apologize for his behavior.





“Chaliye ab Apka birthday celebrate karte hai.” Dadima took both and he cuts the cake. He fed first to dadima and then to Geet. They have dinner and Savitri devi left both alone. Geet was all silent. She doesn’t utter a word.




Maan aware he hurt her deeply so in their room he initiate the talk. Maan sat next to her and held his ears.





“I am sorry Geet. Pls maaf kar do.” He talked so softly.


Geet’s stare him. Her eyes filled with tears. “Aap kyu mafi maang rahe hai. Apki koi galti nahi hai. Ulte maafi mujhe maangni chahiye. Maine apki zindagi kharab kar di hai. Na main apko samjhti hu na apke dard ko. Tabi humesha apko dukhi karti hu.” Her anger or a pain not sure but Maan sense she was saying something but meaning of her words were deep hidden.

He don’t wanna upset her. She is his wife. His responsibility. No matter how but he was the one who wants this marriage. Maan cupped her face.

He kissed on her forehead first and then on her eyes.




Her fingers curled with the touch of his lips. She was blabbering, cribbing to him. He saw her eyes and found the complaint there. That was for him. Maan took her lips and she closed hard her eyes,while gripping his shirt. He nibbles her lips made her moaned. His tongue entered and fluttering with her. His hand moved into the softness of her hairs,pushing more to him. He kissed her, pleased that she was jealous, thinking that he’d tell her anything she wanted to hear. He keep kissing her till they got out of breath. They parted and stare into each other eyes. Need was there and they accept it.



“Geet I love you. I never thought I would able to say this to anyone but you changed my life. Bahut pyar karta hu tumse.” He confess his deep feelings which he buried long ago.


She glance in his eyes. “Hum b apse bahut pyar karte hai. Aap sirf humare hai sirf humare(you are mine,only mine). Kisi k sath apko nahi baant sakte.” Her eyes turned dark with the desperation and panic. Panic with the thought of parting him and desperation to have him at any cost.



Both kissed again before he strip all the barriers between them. She reciprocate the love he shower on her. Maan held her.






He laid her down on bed. Their breath were quicken. He glance at his wife.






She hug him and their naked bodies joined. He nibbles her lobes and the tender flesh of her neck. His fingers graze her skin,eliciting moans from her. He lowered himself and lightly kissed her stomach. He circled her navel with kisses. She moaned. Travelling up he palmed her bosoms. He caressed her breast softly. He used both hands to stimulate both her mounds. Occasionally he rubbed her nipples between two fingers. Her hips pushed into his as her legs wrapped tightly around him.



“Maan…” She moan his name in a thick voice as her breath getting heavier with each moan. Maan raised upward and gave her hot mouth kiss. He Lowes down and again followed a trail of wet kisses from her neck to her cleavages. Her taut peaks begs for his attention. He felt little warm and wet forming on the tip of his member. He licked her nipples,running his tongue all the way around it,flicking it across the top of hard ball,before clamping down on it and sucking hard. Her chest was heaving as he switched breasts,sucking on the other one wet from tongue.



Geet start pleading. She was dying to have him in her. Her feminine part burning in the fire of desire. He paused and again kissed her tender flesh and gradually moved to her spot. His tongue along with his fingers thrusting her,tasting her delicious fluids. Gently he licks her wet folds. Slowly his tongue goes deeper. She moaned louder. She begged to have him. She helped pull him up,her body aching for him to bury himself deep into her. He held her hips and, finally, he slipped inside her again. She gasped and shut her eyes, and then neither of them spoke. She had one hand on his shoulder, the other slowly stroking his back, from the nape of his neck to the base of his spine. He began to move slowly and gently. She fought back the urge to quicken the pace. Both are enjoying every moment of their intimacy. She was in heaven of pleasure.




He could feel her warm wet muscles react to his entries, hugging his member in a sweet embrace. He could see the satisfaction in her eyes which he never noted before. Today she was calm and the glint of her eyes was mesmerizing. He penetrate her deep and harder.



Both were panting hard,moaning loudly. Her cum covered his slick member, making him bursts and cum in her,unable to hold it off. Both hit the climax yet not willing to let this moment of pleasure end. She raised and kissed him all over his face. He removed from her both kissed each other. Just wait to calm their over excited bodies.



Maan thought about her but she denied to let him go and as soon they got their breath calm,she asked him to claim her again and again. He took her again and again almost thrice they made love to each other.




She falls on his top the moment he laid to relax. He wrapped her in him. She held his possession tight. Like she was hiding him from the world. Geet kissed him all over again. Both were tired so slept soon hugging each other.



Its 4 am. Maan was in deep sleep. Geet opened her eyes and glance at him. She gazed him lovingly and kissed all over on his face. She raised her hand and softly caressed. “I love you Maan.” She whispered and peck on his lips.



She slipped out from his embrace and kissed one more time before leaving him. Geet went inside the washroom and glance her image in the mirror. She adored the bites on her body.



“Congrats darling you won. He is yours finally.” She laughed like a maniac. “Finally I got which was mine. Only mine.” Geet was happy over her won. She got what she desired for since long…









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PART – 15




Marriage done and Maan again start his work. He was concentrating on his work but same question disturbed him a lot. He was still doubtful about Mr. Thakur’s behavior and sudden change of their decision.



Mr. Thakur was worried. His daughter still a captive and no hope seems of coming back.



At dinner all were together. Dadima asked about his routine. “Dadima gloominess at office was over now. Your idea of marriage works.” He appreciate her business sense.




“That is the irony of our life. We don’t have a right to mourn.” She said in a deep voice. Her sorrows were graved deep in her heart.




“Dadima our staff wants to wish us together.” Maan informed her.



“Hmm.. No problem. Take her tomorrow.” Dadima grant her permission.



“Geet kal subah ready ho jana office jana hai.” Maan told her.



“Lekin hum waha jakar kya karenge?” She asked the reason as she don’t found any.



“My staff wants to meet you. I mean wo sab Khurana’s ki bahu se milna or wish karna chahte hai.” He told her and she nods yes.



Next morning she was ready but silent. Maan asked why she seems so lost. “Maanji agar humne koi gadbad kar di to. Matlab hum nahi chahte ki humari wajhse apki bezati ho.” She lowered her head.



Maan held her chin and tilted up. “Kis baat ka darr hai tumhe?” He asked softly.



“Wo sab bahut pade likhe hai. Unhe pata lagega apki biwi gwar hai to wo log mazak banayenge.” She pouts at her situation.






Maan smiles at her innocence and straight forward behavior. He palmed her cheek.






“You don’t need to worry about anything. Jaisi ho waise raho. Koi mazak nahi banayega. Or main hu na sath.” He assured her not to stress for small things when he is with her.




Geet smiles and both moved out. They reached to his office. Geet glance all around. Maan escorts her and they step in lift.



“Apka office bahut achha hai.” She adored the place.




“Abhi office pahunche nahi hai. Waise to ye puri building hi Khurana’s ki hai. Par mera office 10th floor pe hai. Is lift se jaldi pahunch jayenge.” Maan explained her everything and she enjoyed exploring things around.


They were busy in talking when lift struck in mid and lights turned off. She got scared with the darkness and hug him quickly. “Maan Ji light jagaiye hume darr lag raha hai.” Her breaths quicken and heart beat paced.


Maan felt strange first but then he holds her. “Don’t scared Geet. Main hu na.” He assure her. His hands splayed over her back, pulling her body completely into his. Her soft curves pressed against his rock hard chest. She to held him firmly. She could feel his arousal against her heated core. His hand roamed freely on her back,while another went inside his pocket and drag out a small lighter. He turned on it. A small light brighten the glow of her face.



He pulled her more. “Nikki….” He mummers and same time light turned on.




He felt awkward with their position and lefts her instantly. Maan turned his face and wait for his floor. Soon they reached and got a warm welcome from his staff. All greets Geet and congratulate her. Geet smiles and accept their gifts and greetings. Maan already guides her how to behave and being with him she got his help to. Maan took her to his cabin. Geet was very happy with the treatment she got.




“Apke sab log bahut achhe hai. Dekhiye kitne sunder phool hai. Par inhe todna nahi chahiye. Hai na?” She asked him but hr was just lost in the thoughts of what had happened in the lift.



“Aap sunn b rahe hai k nahi?” She touched his shoulder to grab his attention.



“Hmm.. Kuchh kaha kya tumne?” He just come out of his trance so asked what she was talking about.



“Chhodiye Jane deejiye. Waise Apka office bahut achha hai. Khaskar apka kamra. Bahut sunder hai. Ye phoolo ka guldasta hum yaha laga dete hai.” She put the flowers in an empty vase and placed them on the corner near window.




“Tum abhi kuchh keh rahi thi na.” Maan asked again.



“Maan ye Nikki kon hai?” Her question stunned him. He glance up at her. Maan stare her and she got might he don’t like her question. “Nahi wo aap light aane se pehle yehi naam le rahe the. Apki dost to Riya Ji hai na to ye Nikki?” Geet asked in a least audible voice. Scared of his reaction.



“Koi nahi hai wo.” He replied in a rude and rough voice. “Geet I think ab tume ghar wapis jana chahiye. Waise b yaha tumhara koi kaam nahi hai.” He told her to leave.




Maan called his one guard and handover her to him. “Take her home.” He commands and she lefts.




Maan occupied himself in work when he got one call which shakes him from inside. He left his all work and rushed. Soon he reached KM and ran towards his room. Dadima was there with Geet and doctor. Geet had bandage on her head and few more injuries on her body. His guard was injured badly who was with Geet. Maan sat near her and she slipped into his embrace. Maan to cocoon her in his warmth. He could feel her uneven heartbeat and fasten breaths. Dadima left both alone and went outside with doctor and others.



“You ok. Geet kya hua tha btao mujhe?” Maan asked what exactly happened,but Geet don’t able to explained.



He checked her. She had many wounds,which showed her struggle to safeguard herself. Maan cocoon her again. Soon she slept in his arms because of the effects of medicine. Maan laid and cover her. Then he went out to interrogate from his guard.




“Sir we are on our way when one car blocked it. Some goons cone out and attacked on us. They were trying to kidnapped her but mam and I struggle. Afterwards some by passers came to help us due to which they all ran away.” His guard brief description of the incident.



“Have you noticed the number or any other detail about them?” He enquire more.




“Yes sir I gave all the details to officer and they are working on it.”




Maan called the commissioner and instruct him to put pressure on his inspector as he want the culprit behind the bars as soon as possible.




“Dadima I found all this weird. There is something which is not normal. You know what sometimes I doubt that the accident took away mom and dad was also planned.” He was in deep thoughts and confessed to his grandma.



She knotted. “Maan what you are hiding from me?” She to turn suspicious.



“I don’t know Dadima. I am very confused with the turns of events. Couldn’t able to believe on anyone.” Maan was in pain and confusion. He wants to joined the loops missing.



Maan was stressed but he was not aloof towards his duties. When Geet awake she found Maan near her,who was waiting for her to awake. She smell the fresh food.



Maan help her in sitting and support her. “Bhook lagi hai?” He asked softly and she glance at the food.




“Apne kuchh khaya?” Like him she to cares for him and Maan smiles automatically.




“Hum dono khayenge na.” Maan made plate for both and feeds her with his hands.




“Aap khaiye. Hum kha lenge.” She tried to took plate but Maan drag away from her reach.




“Chup chap khao. Main khila raha hu na. Tumhari chot abi theek hone me time legi. Use zada hilao nahi. Waise dikhne me chhui mui ho par fight puri ki. I am proud on you meri Sherni.” Maan praised and pampered both which made her flushed. Red hues appears on her cheek made her more adorable.




“Chalo ab aise tamatar jaise lal hona chhodo or ise finish karna hai pura. Now common eat.” Maan lighten the air. She was happy, living the moments of joy with her husband who pampered her a lot. She love the care he shower on her.

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