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DHADKAN updated Part 19-20


PART – 19


It was 5 am and he entered in his room and saw him sleeping. He Went near his head. His steps were silent. Not making any noise. Don’t wanna break his peaceful sleep. He sat on knees and caressed his head softly with his wrinkled hand. Staring him without a blink. He sat there gazing his sleeping baby like there is no tomorrow. This time Maan was in deep sleep but not Samarth. He talk to him in his sleep. Opening his heart to him, knowing he was not able to listen his words.


One hour passed and he stood up on his feet to leave the room. Like Maan visit Geet after her sleep, Samarth to follow the same routine. He wakes up early in morning just to spend time with his son. Geet using other room it becomes easier for him and Maan is lazy so no one noticed him. He kissed on his head and checked his son comforts before he left his room. Maan’s comforter always dropped by him. He came daily and covered him. Slowed down the AC and put pillows back on bed,which was dropped by his little baby. Maan rotates​ on whole bed while sleeping as results his comforter and pillows always fell down. But Samarth came and put everything on its place.


“Sleep my son. Till I am alive no one will ever be able to harm you. After so many prayers I got you back,now I can’t loose you.” His voice was firm and hint of fear and rage was there. He went out and called someone.

Did you get any clue?” He asked.


“Not now but we are working on this matter only.” Voice from the other side assured him.


“Pankaj I want results not words. My son was attacked again and you are only giving me consoling words.” He wanted to shout but controlled his anger as his kids were sleeping.


Samarth Adi is very close. Calm down.” He assured him again.


“How can I when my son’s life is in danger? Trust me Pankaj once I get the culprit I will kill the person with my own hands.” He walked towards his room.


“Calm down Samarth. This much anger is not good for you. Don’t worry nothing will happen to your boy. He is with you and no one snatched him from you.”


“Pankaj he escaped death second time. I can’t live like this. We need to kill our threat for forever so my son can live a fearless life.” He demanded roughly.


“Aisa hi hoga. Now stop talking. What if Geet or any one else listen. We will meet somewhere and talk.” He caution him.


“Hmm okay. I will see you in evening.” He fixed the meeting.


Samarth cut the call and went inside his room, without knowing someone is watching him.


Breakfast time and Maan went to see her. He knocked and went inside. Geet having a serve pain in her wound but she not showing it to any one.


“Dad is calling you.” Maan informed her.


“I am coming.” She stood by side table’s support.


“If you want I arrange your breakfast here in your room.” Maan scanned her condition and asked out of concern.


“Why?” Geet questioned him.


“Will you able to walk?” He asked again.


“Maan please stop acting. Here no one is noticing us. So please stop faking this concern.” Geet snapped.


His fists firmed but he cool down himself quickly​. “Look I am not faking any thing. I know you are in pain that’s why I asked.” He said in calm voice trying not to react angry in reply of her irrational behavior.


“It’s just a small wound. I beard more than this.” Her statement was released with a mournful sob.


Maan glance at her faded face. Though she controlled​ her tears but he could saw them. That moment all he could feel is pain and desperation. Pain of her wounded heart and desperation to fixed which was wrong.


Geet walked towards door slowly slowly. But she need support as her wounded foot got another wound on the same place. Before she loose balance Maan held her.


“You have strength I know but we all need support. That’s how society works. That’s how nature works. No one survive alone for long.”



His voice is neutral and eyes grim,but with a pinch of sympathy.


Geet struggle but failed as servant came to called​ both and before outsiders they had to act. Maan hold her and support her in walking.


“How are you feeling​ beta?” Samarth asked from Geet.


“I am fine Papa.” She assured seeing lines on his forehead.


“Well from now onwards you both are going to work from home. I arranged​ everything.” Samarth told them.


“But Papa?”


“Geet no arguments. Neither you are well nor…. Yash.” He glanced at both. “You both are more important for me.” He said with dominance and both agreed.


Few staff members arrived and all moved to study room. Geet and Maan both were busy with staff members and Samarth got a chance to escape. He straight went to his friend doctor Pankaj Mehra. Both discuss the matter.


“You did right Samarth. Keep both at home until we got some strong clue.” Pankaj appraised​ his wise.


“But how long? They are not toddlers to whom I cage at home. We need to find the solution at to fast.”


“Both are getting cranky and suspicious. You don’t know how many questions they asked for everything. Abhi ghar jaunga to unki enquiry shuru ho jayegi. Where I was and why?” He told his problem.


“Then my friend you are wrong. They’re still a toddlers.” Pankaj mocked.


“I wish they were. I will always kept them in my arms.” He said in a low voice while settled on chair next to him. “Anyways where his investigation reached?”


“No new updation from his side.”


“Keep me updated.” Samarth told and ready to leave.






PART – 20


“Adi good news for you. We get information about his whereabouts.” Officer in charge came and told him.


“Then we should get him before he runs away.” Adi got ready with his team.


They reached but it’s to late. They only got that man’s dead body. “He is dead.” Officer check and declared.


“Damn it. That culprit is one step ahead. Which means real culprit keep eyes on our activities.” Adi got and which make him more frustrated and angry. Every time he reached to destination and then lost. Have no direction to move. He kicked on the door and saw a secret loop. Adi went near and opened it. In which he found some CD. He grabbed it.


“I think culprit was also behind this. We should watch this.” Officer told and they collect necessary proofs before sending body for post mortem.


In India:


“Come-on kids, get ready. Today we are going for outing.” Samarth announced for a day out.


“But dad suddenly.” Maan enquires.


“Yes because you two become so dull and lazy. I am getting bored so I planned this. Now come o  get ready fast.” He commands and both follow his instructions.


Both come out and all 3 moved towards their farm house. Geet saw the place and so many memories fresh n up in her mind. She step out and walked mesmerised. Each and every thing of this place reminds her of him. She walked inside near pool area.




“Geet look what is there?” Yash points towards one direction.


Geet stirred and next moment she was drowning in pool. “Uncle help me. I don’t know how to swim.” She was waving her hands and legs.


Yash panic and jumped inside to help her. “Don’t scare Geet. I am coming.” He assured and bring her out of the pool. Her breaths were halted and body limp.


Samarth came there. “What happened?” He asked worriedly taking little Geet in his arms.


“I  sorry Dad. It’s my fault. I threw her in pool. but if I knew she doesn’t know swimming I never played this prank on her.” He genuinely apologies.


Samarth stare him angrily. “Beta you okay.” He wrapped her in towel and she nodded. “Say sorry to her.”


Yash held his ears and apologies again.” This moment bring smiles on their faces.


“Uncle I won the bet see how much scared he is.” She laughed along with Samarth.


“So it was your plan to fooled me. Rukk Geet ki bachhi. I will tell you now.” Geet hides in Samarth’s arms and giggled seeing him angry. He made grumpy face and both laughed more.




Geet smiles widened remembering this. Samarth and Maan watched her carefully. After a long they saw her smiling.


“Geet come here.” Samarth called her and broke her trance.


“Papa after how many years we visit here.” Geet said scanning the area.


“Last we visit before you both left for your studies.” He reminds.




“And we play football. Do you remember?” Samarth asked from her and she nods. “To ho jaye ek or match?” He asked from her.


Geet alerts. She knew Yash was expert in playing football but Maan? Would he able to play like him. She have no idea.


“No papa no way. You are not well.” She tried to avoid this match.


“Don’t hide behind my health you lazybones. I have decided we gonna play. Kyu Yash? Like an old days. You both in same team v/s me.” He challenged both.


Geet thought and suggest. “Papa today you team up with Yash. I play from opposite side.” She doesn’t want him to know about him being not Yash.


“No need of that. I will beat you both and in few minutes.” Maan challenge both.


“Fine then let’s go and play.” Samarth leads both.


“What the hell are you doing? When I signal you to team up with Papa then why you denied?” Geet burst on him.


“No need to get hyper. I will handle.” He said confidently.


“Really? How? I accept that you have a sharp memory but it’s not a business meeting. It’s a football and my Yash was champion.” She told proudly about him which irked Maan.


“Concentrate on your game.” He taunts and walk away. “Every time Yash chants. She don’t know anything else. Huhh… Now I’ll show what Maan can do.” He was frustrated. Reason was unknown to him but now he get irked easily on his compare with Yash.


All 3 changed and came in ground. Match starts and so her tension what if he fail d before her but soon she proved wrong. When he start hitting goal one after another and she just left to stare.


“Geet beta what are you doing?” Samarth asked her to concentrate as these two badly defeating from him. Geet was shocked and now her anger to rose but no use. Maan’s moves was perfect. Might more than Yash.



Maan teased her. He don’t allow them to reach near ball.


“Okay I will accept my defeat.” Samarth was completely tired. His breathing halted and he sat on ground. Both rushed to him. “Dad you okay?” He quickly gave him water.


“It’s okay I am fine. Now you both play.” He said in a gasping voice.


“Dad you have grown old.” Maan teased him and got sharp glare.


“Buddha hoga tera baap.” He snap.


“Exactly. I said the same.” He teased him again and Samarth stood up quickly to show his energy. He ran every where behind Maan.


“I grew old. Now I show you.” He was tired but got a new energy. An enthusiasm to live. He pounced on him and both rot in mud like small kids. Geet saw them and felt happy for him.


“Papa is so happy with him. It’s like he gave him new reasons to live.” She smiled seeing their mischiefs. But the very next moment her heart skipped many beats, thinking about the consequences of their closeness. Samarth was getting so much attached to him. “No I won’t let this happen. Papa ko Maan se alag karna hi hoga or else he wouldn’t able to bear the moment of separation.” Geet’s mind start thinking and she made a new plan.


“Papa stop it. You will get ill.” She tried to separate him from Maan.


Both stopped and stood up. “Now you both see how strong I am?” He asked and Geet get more worried.


“Papa go and change first.” She turned the topic.


“She came and save you from defeat.” Maan again teased him. Both were in jolly mood.


“Okay wait. I will show you.” He said and next moment he took him in his arms.


“Dad what are you doing? I will fell down.”Maan pleads.


“Now you convince? You father still have a strength to carry you.” He asked and Maan bow down  before him.


“Okay okay I accept. My daddy strongest.” He said and Samarth left him.


“Papa go.” She again interrupt their moment.


Samarth left and Maan went near her. “Why you are angry? Just because I can play much better than your so called champion?” He sound more sarcastic.


Geet stare him furiously. “Don’t try to act smart. Why you don’t tell me that you know how to play?” She fumed.


“You never asked. Just jumped on conclusion that a person like me is good for nothing. Miss Geet Handa never judge person without knowing.” He threw football at her smeared in mud and knuckles her nose. “I am a state level champion. Unfortunately my god father died and I had to left my school.” He told her.

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PART – 15


SAMARTH was busy with guests and Geet got a chance to run away from this atmosphere which was chocking her. She ran upstairs and entered inside her room. This incident was much more than she could bear. Geet ran into her washroom and turned on the tap. She wants to remove that vermilion as soon as possible. Her desperation to get rid of this made her insane. She loosed all her senses. All she knows is that she needs to remove this vermilion at any cost. She cried out loud while rubbing the edge of her head. But the flash of that moment was not leaving her. She fell down and sat under the running tap and let the cold water wash his touch and with it the memory of that moment.


20 minutes passed. Samarth found Geet missing and asked from his son. “Yash where is Geet?”


Maan scanned the hall. “Wait dad let me check where is she.” He excused and went in her search. He straight way went to her room. It was empty so he decided to leave but the voice of water grabbed his attention. He knocked on the door but no reply came from inside. Maan was confused what to do.


“Sound is coming from inside. But if she is inside then why is she not replying?” He asked to himself and analysed the situation.


He thought to leave but changed his mind at last moment and knocked again. Called her. But didn’t get reply. Door was open and with his forceful knock it opened fully. The view shocked him. He went inside and found her sat under running water. She was like a dead body. Stiff and immovable. He watched her face. Complete white and eyes were dead. He quickly turned off the tap first. “Geet…” He called her but no reaction came from her. He hesitated to touch her but it’s necessary so he shaked her and found her cold. He quickly wrapped her in towel and brought her outside.


In his warmth she came out of her trance, found herself in his arms and this made her more insane. He watched her face turn red and her eyes clashed with his in a disgusted stare. Maan’s breath caught silently, and his heart began to race. It was a risky move, but what else could he do? She was killing herself.


“Leave me. Leave me.” She tried to push away maan’s powerful body. The man was like concrete, fixed and immobile. She put her hands on his solid, muscular biceps to free herself.


Maan placed her on bed,but her struggle continued. One things she was sure was that she wanted to send him away from her as much as she can. “Leave me alone. You have no right on me.” She yelled in a weak voice.


Maan had enough of her. He to lost his cool and held her wrist firmly. Suppressing her struggle. “I said leave me. Don’t think because of today’s incident you got any right on me. I only belong to my love Yash.” Her dead eyes now turned red and she was glaring him furiously.


Maan pulled her to him. “Shut up.just Shut up.” He clenched her hairs and brought her closer to him. “Now listen to me very carefully. I have no Intentions of claiming you. I filled your maang because all think of me as Yash and I had no choice but to obey your Father-in-law’s commands. I know what you think of me but I am not that much mean as you think of me. What ever happened was just a part of our act. So why are you overreacting. Why punishing yourself unnecessarily? Did I asked for any favours from you? It’s your sick mind so stop torturing yourself.” His voice was deep and intense. Grip firmed and breath quicker. He was annoyed with her again. Because she act rashly and on herself. Her all bandages were wet and body turned cold.


“Nothing changed because of that stupid ritual. Keep this in mind and calm down. I filled your maang that doesn’t means we become husband and wife. It was an act. Just an act.” He left her with jerk and looked outside for her nurse. He called her. “Changed her all bandages and helped her to change.” He commands her and left.


She was shivering badly. Her nurse was helping her. Maan send a servant with coffee. Servant asked for permission and came inside. “Mam Yash sir send coffee for you.”


Nurse took it and he left. Geet was silent. Not coming out of this shock. Maan informed Samarth that she is resting in her room.


Adi reached Paris and start his investigation. He first met the officer in charge of the case and get the details. Car was absolutely fine before accident. He checked CCTV footage of the office parking where he went. No one touch his car. Then he went to accident spot.


“I already told you. We checked so many times. There is no possibility of any conspiracy. It was an unfortunate accident.” Officer told him but his heart not ready to believe in the information.


“And I also told you my friend was an expert driver. He can’t hit his car this easily. He checked the whole area and tried to imagine what exactly happened to him.


Suddenly his eyes catch something. “That building…” He pointed.


“Oh that was closed from ages.” Officer told him.


“Shall we?” Don’t know why but he wanna check it.


“But what we get from there? That was too far from here?” Officer doubt his intelligence.


“Let’s go.” Adi was adamant on his words.


Reluctant he went with him. Thinking he was only wasting his time. Both reached to that building. Adi scanned from outside. “Let’s go on the top of this building.” He commands and officer called the guard of the building. He opened and all reached on the top of the building. Where they found a strange set up.


“What’s​ all this?” Officer enquire from the guard but he was clueless because that set up shouldn’t​ be there.


“But why someone​ put so many mirrors here on this barren building?” Officer was confused.


“Is there any CCTV camera?” Adi enquire.


Officer look at the guard. “Yes there is.” He told.


“I want to see all the footage.” Adi demands and they went to check it.


Adi scanned all footage again and again. “See this man. We should need to find him as soon as possible.” Adi points.


“But his face is not clear. And I don’t know what you trying to prove with this?” Officer not getting what he found and made him run behind that man.


“Okay​ you don’t believe then do what I said. May after that you believe on my analysis.” Adi now was so sure about his investigation.


Here in India it’s a night time. All went to sleep. Day was so bad for Geet. Couldn’t​ come out yet of those memories. she held Yash photo frame near her heart and slept like this only.


Maan while passing saw the door open of her room. Out of curiosity he peeped inside. He came inside to check her, knowing how much upset she was because of morning incident. Silently he made a move to her. She was slept but still little wetness was there in her eyes. Maan covered her and tried to took frame from her grip which was very firm. Like she was holding her life. Maan carefully opened her fingers one after another and managed separating that frame from her. He glance at the frame. It was like he watched himself in mirror. Everything is same except their destiny. He placed frame on side table and turned off the lights,before leaving the room.





PART – 16


Geet was better than before and Maan wants to dismissed her nurses.


“But son she is still not well.” Samarth not like his idea.


“Trust me dad she is capable of doing anything. Now when she decided to go back office then what the use of keeping these two?” He argued.


“Son they are for her take care and I think she need them for dressing.” He try to made him understand.


“If she need them for dressing then we call them whenever needed. But right now we don’t need them all the time.” Maan argued.


“No argument son. Till my daughter get fine fully,they will stay.” He said with dominance and shut his mouth.


Geet heard everything silently. She didn’t react and sat like a dead. Samarth turned to her and asked about some projects. Geet gave him details of all goings-on​ projects. “Geet this project is very necessary for our company so make sure there should be no mistake.” He caution Geet.


“Don’t worry Papa. Will not disappoint you.” She assured him. He then turned to Maan. “Yash when will you start going office regularly? I know you felt uncomfortable specially after that accident but son you love work. How could you stay away from your office?” He asked him to join back his office.


Maan was confused for reply. “Very soon dad.” He avoid talking about this.


“Not soon son. I want to see you tomorrow.” Samarth commands him and he nodded having no other choice.


Though Adi trained him for this to,but handle so many companies at the same time wasn’t easy specially for a person who never face office atmosphere.


“Geet take him with you. He becomes lazy day by day.” His tone was serious and he wants  to  see Yash at office.


Maan left and Geet start walking towards her room. “Tomorrow we have an important meeting so be on time.” She just informed and left.


Maan hit the table with his left foot in frustration. Nothing going as per his accord.


Maan waits for her to sleep and then entered to her room. It’s becoming a routine for him. He went and separate Yash’s  photo frame from Geet’s arms. He daily waits for her to sleep and then went inside to parted that photo frame from her,which she daily kept near heart.


Next day he got ready on time and reached to their office. Geet called her staff meeting before client meeting because she doesn’t want any loops. Maan joined and observe how they works. As Adi already mentioned he is a quick learner and catch things very smartly. Geet personally check all the details and so was Maan. He sat with her and learn how they worked.


Meeting is about to start. “Maan dad wants you to join this meeting. So please don’t do any blunders. Rest I will handle.” She instruct him as she had no faith on Maan.


Meeting starts. Geet is not well but this is important for their business so she gives presentation but not perfectly like always.


“Excuse me gentlemen. I will explain.” Maan stood up to give presentation.


“What the hell are you doing?” Geet whispered when he went near her.


“Go and sit on your seat.” Maan stare in her eyes and commands like a boss. Geet was about to stopped him but Maan not allowed her. “I said go.” She can’t even scold him before all. Reluctantly she sat back on her chair.


Geet was hell scared. Because of him they were going to loose an important client. She was praying to God for any miracle and searching excuses to adjourned the meeting but gradually her fear start leaving her,when Maan start giving presentation. He was admirable that time. The confidence and perfection he had no one could doubts that it was his first time in office. Last time it was Geet who gave presentation in his voice but this time Maan handle at his own without anyone’s help.


Surprisingly clients were happy with him. “Well done Mr. Khurana. Now we have no doubt that you handle our project efficiently​.” He shake hand and sealed the deal.


All members praise him and so was Geet who was in shock. Not expecting from him.  When all left she asked from him about her doubts.


“How? How would you manage all this?” She wasn’t able to believe on her eyes and ears. what she saw,what she heard it’s all like a dream for her.


“Madam you may forgot what Adi tolds you about me. Once I see something that will prints on my memory. I observed the demo and display.” His eyes were sparkling,not leaving Geet for a second.


“Thank you.” She said and left.


In Paris:


Adi was hell bend on finding that person who’s image they found on CCTV. “Officer what are you doing?” He asked in a frustrated tone.


“We are searching Mr. Mehra but it wasn’t so easy. First the video clip is not clear second he tried his level best to cover his face. Now you tell how could we found a single person in mob?” Officer shows his helplessness​. They again struck where there is no hope seeing to them.


“I can’t sit until I found you.” He fist his own hand in anger. Adi playing the video again and again.


Suddenly he saw something. “Officer look under his jacket.” Clip wasn’t clear but they got which going to help them.


“This kind and of badges were wore by security guards.” Officer told him and they ran to same building again.


They looked for the guard and caught him. “Trust me sir I am not the culprit. Before me there was one guard who was appointed there. He only works for one month and then vanished.” He told them.


“We need to find him at any cost. He is the one who did all this.” Office commands his men to get all information about him.


“He is not main. He was just a pawn. Master mind is some one else.” Adi said to himself. “But who the hell is behind Khurana’s​?” He asked from himself.


“Now Maan’s life is also in danger.” His eyes widened with the thought and he quickly dialled Geet’s number to alert her but unfortunately he doesn’t able to made contact with her. Adi got frustrated and panic to.


“Officer collect all the Info and to fast.” Desperation and fear both were visible there.


“Don’t worry. No one appointed without photo ID. We have his CV. Soon he will be under our clutches​.” He assured him.





PART – 17


Adi keep trying to make contact with her but then thought otherwise​. “Wait Adi. Just calm down and think wisely. You can’t make her scare  like this. No no no no no. Geet will be panicked if I tell her. I have to find something else to save him.” He thought for a while and called his father.


“Dad listen to me very carefully.” Adi told him everything and cautioned him to arrange security for Maan.


“Don’t worry son and keep me updated.” He assured him.


Adi went with search team. He Did not wanted to  lose any clue.


Geet came in her room and saw her mobile. There were So many missed​ calls from Adi. She called him back quickly. “Adi pick up the phone.” She was mummering in her mouth.


Adi saw a call from her and answer instantly. “Hello Geet. How are you?” He controlled his voice and emotions first so she didn’t get anything or find anything suspicious.


“I am fine. Just saw your missed calls. Adi is everything ok?” She asked worriedly.


“Yes absolutely. Actually I was free so thought to talk with you. I hope you coping with the situation. I was just worried.” He twisted his words so that she couldn’t know the real reason.


“Adi when will you come back?” She sounded so low.


“What happened Geet? Is he troubling you?” Adi sensed her gloominess and assumed ​the only obvious reason of her distress.


“Please come back soon. I am feeling so alone.” She only had him with whom she doesn’t need to pretend and could share everything.


“I will try my level best. You take care and be strong.” He boosted her courage and cut the call.


Geet went out and saw Maan talking with her nurse. She felt strange and walked towards them to hear the conversation but the moment she reached Maan had left already and nurse too was missing from the place.


“It’s not my illusion. I just saw them here but now where did they went?” She got suspicious of their activities.


“Geet beta come here.” She heard Samarth’s voice and got distracted.


Geet reached to him. “Yes Papa.” She sat before him.


“Geet beta now when we got the deal. I was thinking of throwing a party. What do you  say?” He asked for her opinion.


“As you say Papa.” She agreed.


“What’s going on Samarth?” Both heard a well known voice and glance in the direction.


Doctor Mehra was there. “Now why have  you came here?” Samarth said with annoyance.


“To give you injection.” He to snapped back.


“Good evening uncle.” Geet greeted him.


“Good evening Geet.” He replied. “How are you now?” He asked about her wounds.


“I am good uncle.” She replied swiftly​. Truth is not allowed to speak and she doesn’t have any other better reply.


“Samarth it’s time for your check up.” He start his check up and Geet left.


Geet done all the arrangements in her supervision. Two days passed and finally the day of party came. Doctor Mehra personally checked all the security systems as he didn’t believe anyone.


All reached to venue to welcome guests. Party going on smoothly. Maan and Geet stood together but not talking to each other. While Doctor Mehra again and again went on round. Hotel was lavish and any one could attack on him as it’s a open space for attacker.


Meanwhile Samarth called all for dance, mainly his son and daughter in law. Maan glanced at her. His dark eyes swept over her and saw her state. She was clearly looking uncomfortable. Destiny playing with her emotions again and again. She couldn’t​ even got a chance to object. One more announcement made by her Father in law.


Maan held her hand and dragged to dance floor. Music start playing. Geet tried to go away but Maan stops her.



He held her softly but she again tried to get rid of his touch.



He pulled her more firmly to him. “Geet cooperate. Don’t make a scene. All are staring us only. This is Dad’s second announcement. So let’s go.” He cautioned her and she was forced to suppress her denial.


[Song link : Ae Dil hai mushkil] :



Both start dancing on tune and he dance with the same perfection that ​ Yash had in him.









Her helplessness​ was reflecting but she had no choice but to match steps with him. His touch made her body reacts,like she do to Yash. Her mind create chaos and she felt it burst anytime.


He watched her carefully and something broken inside him watching her tears. He gradually removed his hands from her and freed her.


She ran away from him as much far she could. Her beautiful face fell, every ounce of hurt was showing in her expressive eyes that were filling with tears.


Maan still stood on his place. Waiting for her to come back. Gradually all pairs left. Only he stood alone on dance floor. Broken and disheartened.


Geet quickly​ wiped off her tears and came inside the party. All are lost in their issues. Gossiping​ or discussing business. Many girls approached Maan but he denied all and left the floor.  Some one held him and start talking to him about business. Maan felt nervous but he tried to talk with him. Geet to tried mingle with guests. But her eyes kept on Maan as she scared of him being exposed. “Come on Geet. Leave him for sometime. He can’t run away.”


“They still in the hangover of honeymoon.”


“chill Geet. He is fine.” Wives of other business associates teased her without knowing the truth of them. Their words pierced her heart.


“Excuse me.” She couldn’t bear any more and excused herself. Looking for him as he was not seeing anywhere to her.


Maan was stood alone in some corner. Geet reached to him. “What are you doing here?” She asked strongly.


“No I was just avoiding your guests.” He replied casually but his eyes saying something else.


“Don’t worry. Now I will stay with you. So come and join all.” She assured him and both walked in.


Geet walked away but Maan not move an inch. His eyes looked restless. Staring here and there. Geet slanted to glance back at him. “Maan what happened?” She asked but then noticed something. Some strange sound. She look all around. Scan whole area and found the chandelier was almost on his head. Geet step fast and saved him. Both falls on floor and sharp sounds of chandelier falling alerts all. Every pair of eyes was stunned seeing the view.





PART – 18


Maan was saved by her in nick of time. All closed ones gathered there to support them. Samarth hold both. “You okay?” He was panicked seeing both in danger. His heart paced and body turned cold.


“We are fine dad.” Maan replied to calm his anxiety.


Guards help them and Maan noticed injury in Geet’s foot and arm. Some glass pieces torned her delicate skin.


Maan rushed to help her. He held her. “Geet your foot is injured.” He asked in anxious voice.


“Yash took her to suite.” Samarth send both and called the manager and security staff.


He burst on all. “Is this your security arrangements? What if my son got injured? I will not spare any of you.” He bellowed in most dangerous way.


“Calm down Samarth. We should found out the culprit soon. Because I personally checked all the arrangements. I don’t leave any loop then how?” He was tensed to.


“I don’t care. Who did. I want culprit before my eyes. So I could punish him with my own hands.” He was fuming badly as his son just escape the death.


Waiter guide them and handed first aid box. “Sir we called the doctor. He will be here soon. Anything else sir?” He asked if they need any help. Maan nodded no and he left.


Geet don’t react in front of him but the moment he left she shoved him away. But Maan not let her this time.


“You are injured. Let me help you.”


“I can refuse,” she answered hesitantly, her gaze finally meeting the dark eyes of him.


“You won’t,” he told her in a warning voice.


His perilous appearance kept a sharp retort from exiting her mouth. He was huge for her. Broad shoulders filled her vision as he crouched beside the bed. She had felt his muscular body while he was carrying her, but now she could visually appreciate the strength of those arms. Geet’s eyes clashed with his dark brown stare, his look so ferocious that it was almost frightening.  He was handsome same like Yash. damn…he was appealing in a carnal, sensual sort of way. Geet could feel the intensity vibrating from his body and entering hers, making her vulnerable before him.



Maan placed her on bed and remove her sandals to check her wound but she stood up quickly, too quickly, and the room rotated for a minute before her head cleared. she was as weak as a small kid return of the fever and lack of food. She bent slowly and snatched her shoes from the floor, sitting on the bed to cram her feet into them without even untying the laces. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”


Geet jerked up at the sound of the booming voice, her foot only halfway into her second shoe. “I need to get home,” she answered, uncomfortable now that she was alone with Maan. He was too big, too gruff, too demanding, too much of everything. He swung her legs back onto the bed and pulled her shoes off.


“You’re injured and not going anywhere. Let me help you,” Maan told her sternly as his dark eyes swept over her and he grimaced.


“I don’t need any one’s sympathy, specially from you.” She retorted​.


Maan ignored her warning and held her wounded foot. He cleaned it first. Blood was oozing and cut marks were visible now. It was to painful for anyone but she didn’t react. Maan glance up to saw her face but found her lost. She was physically there but mentally she is with Yash.




“Yash keep it away. Keep this away from me.” She screams louder and running with her wounded foot.


“Baby come here. Your foot is bleeding. Let me clean it first with antiseptic lotion.” Yash running with antiseptic lotion after her.


Seeing no option he stood one place and winked to his father who was coming from the other direction. “Okay​ I won’t apply. Calm down.” He tried to coax her. Meanwhile Samarth appears and held her firmly.


Geet screams louder and stamping her feet but no use. Now she was caught. Yash was fast but her screams echoed the whole mansion.


“I hate you both.” She pouts and cursed both and made them laugh.




Geet was in trance until Samarth entered with doctor. “Doctor please careful. My daughter scared of antiseptic.” He caution and Maan gave him a side.


Doctor cleaned her wounds properly and put bandages. “I prescribe some medicines. She will be fine very soon.” He assured them.


“Thank you doctor.” Samarth showed gratitude and doctor left with a smile.


“Yash we should leave now.” He commands and Maan carries her in his arms.


Samarth called the cops for investigation. He doesn’t want any kind of negligence regarding his kids safety.


After little enquiry all reached to KM. “Yash take care of her.” He commands him.


“Sure Dad.” He assured and Samarth kissed on his forehead. “God bless you both. Now go. You both need rest.”


Maan took her to her room. “Geet I wanna give thanks to you. You saved me.” He was hesitant first but then he showed his gratitude towards her.


“You don’t need to. What ever I do,it’s for him. My father in-law who’s breath lies in you. You are his life line and to save it I can face any danger. Bear any thing.” She said straight to him her reason of putting her life in danger.


“Whatever the reason but you are my savior. So thanks once again.” He said and left the room.


Other side Adi was tensed for that person. They still searching him. Without him his investigation couldn’t proceed. He felt like struck in no where.


Geet quickly​ called Adi and told him about the incident. “Adi what going on tell me? Once you said you had a doubt on Yash’s​ accident. Adi tell me the truth where were you are and what important work you are doing?” This incident made her soul tremble. She saw death so nearly.


Adi to got tensed after hearing about the incident took place in party. But right now he can’t revealed anything to her. “Geet I think you over react. It’s just an accident.” He tried to coax her.


“Adi it’s not just an accident. My heart is still thumping badly. I could not forget the sight. You can’t even imagine what had happened if that chandelier falls on him. He died Adi. Now this lie is getting to dangerous.” She was sobbing and her throat chocked badly.


“Calm down Geet and control your emotions. It’s not a time to get weak. I know you scared seeing all that but good part is,he is fine and trust me I will not let any reach him. I will talk to Dad to arrange more security for him. Okay?” He asked as she turned silent. She was scared to death. One person’s​ life was on stake. This mere thought made her guilty.


“Geet… Is it okay with you?” He asked strongly and she nodded over phone and just gave a hmm sound.


“Now go and sleep. It’s already late. I will be back very soon. Good night.” He wished her night and cuts the calls.


Geet put a phone on side table and about to laid on bed but her eyes catch something unusual. She felt as someone staring her. She stood up and rush to her door. But the moment she reached no one is there. Corridor was empty like her life. She glance all around and went back to her room. She locked it from inside and went to grab some moment of sleep.

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PART  –  11




SAMARTH’S​ face was faded. Lost all  his charm in a few minutes. He raised her like his own daughter and now she was struggling for life. Maan stood silent next to him. It wasn’t first time he witnessed blood sight but something was bothering him this time.




“Dad please don’t panic. She will be fine.” He made him sit and tried to calm him.




Samarth held his hand. Maan felt them cold like ice. He realized how much worried this old man was for her which made him feel of guilty. Because somewhere it was him who provoked her. “Yash she is not only my daughter in law but the last symbol of my late friend Rudr Pratap Handa. If anything happens to her I will not forgive myself. Somewhere I failed to protect her.” He was blaming himself for her condition. She was only 13 when her parents died and because of relatives aloofness towards her Samarth legally took her responsibility.



Maan hold his hands. “Dad please calm down. It’s not your fault. She will be fine soon. Trust me.” He consoles him.




Meanwhile doctor came who was treating her. “How is my daughter?” His ask anxiously​ in a hoarse voice.




“Sorry but she is serious. She had fever and her stomach is almost empty. Above that this injury. She had  multiple stitches. Tell me Mr. Khurana didn’t she took her meals properly?” He revealed the facts which shocked Samarth completely.




He glance at Maan. “What is he saying son?” He was disappointed on his carelessness​ towards Geet.




Before Maan could complete Pankaj came there. “How is she doctor?” He asked formally.



“Doctor Mehra she is serious.” He informed.



“Doctor Nitin. You come with me.” He took him away and instruct him strongly not to give any shocking news to Samarth. “Listen Nitin. He is my friend and he is a heart patient so next time be very careful with your words. Don’t gave stress to him. Rest we will handle. Show me her reports. I will discuss her case with Doctor Batra. From now onwards he will personally take care of her.” Samarth was the founder of this hospital. All were working under him so he quickly appoint senior most doctor for Geet and went to console his friend.




“Pankaj what was he saying…” He was anxious.




“their is nothing to worry. Actually he is an intern and I handed over this case to doctor Batra. From now onwards he will treat her personally. So no worries she will be alright very soon. Don’t take stress. Yash take care of your dad.” He instructed to Maan who was stood by his side.




Samarth was not happy with Maan. He sense something weird because Maan was very calm even after seeing Geet’s critical condition whereas Yash couldn’t stand a little injury of his love. He bear everything but not Geet getting hurt in anyway then what has changed between them? This question was disturbing him a lot.




Adi took Maan in a corner. He was so furious on him. “Look Mr. I know it all happened because of you. I am sure you did something which leads to this. So start praying for her. Trust me Maan if anything happens to her I will not spare you. You ll pay very heavily for this. I lost my one best friend already. Not ready for another one.” His voice was low but dangerous. His eyes only carrying rage for him.




Maan too only stare him back and his fists firmed. “And yes don’t think I will stay quite because of Uncle. So pray.” He pressed his shoulder very hard.




“Adi come with me.” Pankaj listen their conversation and took his son away.




Both went to his cabin where he was all set to scold his boy. “What the hell are you doing? You threaten him why?” He yelled on him.




“Because he made her life hell. He was constantly blackmailing​ her on name of uncle. Trust me dad if anything happens to her I will not forgive him.” He retorted back.




“Shut up and listen to me very carefully. First stop threatening him and secondly​ stay out of their matters.” He cautioned​ him



“Really you think I will. By the way dad why are you so concerned about him? If he is this much dear to you then adopt him permanently​.” Adi annoyed hearing his father’s words and he to show it.




“Shut up and learn to obey your father.” He commands.




“I told you already. After Yash I can’t loose her. If you want to save your friends life then do whatever you can to save Geet’s life. Sare staff ko lagao ya bahar se doctor bulao I don’t care. I want her alright or else don’t blame me for the consequences.” He stare in his father’s eyes and alerts him.




Geet was not responding to the treatment. Seems like her will to live was died. This started effecting Samarth as well. His BP raised and health started deterioting. Pankaj acts fast and gave him treatment. But was not able to take his worries. He was not able to understand what’s going on with his kids. He kept praying for her well being and  Almighty listen too. He answered his prayers and she showed some moments.




“Good news for you Mr. Khurana. Your daughter is now out of danger.” Doctor Batra declared after examining her.




All took a relief breath. After few hours she got back her conscious and scan all around. Her head is aching badly. She touched her forehead and found bandages.




Adi went to her. “Aaram se Geet. Your stitches are new.” He didnot allowed her to move. Geet had serve pain in her body. Her left arm was broken and had many small injuries here​ and there.




“Where is Papa?” She enquired about him first.



“Wo Geet…” Adi hesitated to tell her the truth.




“Adi tell me where is he?” She screams.




“Actually he is resting in another room. Dad gave him an injection so he could sleep for a while. Seeing you like this took a toll on him and his condition was effected.” Adi revealed and she turned silent. Her forehead squeezed. “Hey don’t worry. He is fine. No need to worry.” He assured seeing her stressed.




Nurse came and send Adi outside. “Please let her rest.” She instructed​ and he left.




Maan was sitting outside getting bored. “Sala ek bed mere ko b mangta hai. Khud dono aram kar rahe hai or mujhe duty pe khada kar diya hai.” He blabbering in his mouth.




“Then go and rest.” Maan heard a voice and gets alert. Adi was standing behind him and heard everything he mummered. Maan swirled and found him standing there. “Who told you to stay here. Just go and take rest or whatever you want to do.” Adi said to him but he was confused whether he was serious or it was a taunt.




“Nahi main to waise hi…” Maan tried to cover up.




“Na na don’t even try. You should know I am a criminal lawyer and very easily scan the thoughts of criminals.” He stare like peeing in his soul. “Listen Maan don’t give so much importance to yourself. Yes we need you but that doesn’t means we can’t even breath without​ you. So just leave. Hum sab hai yaha Uncle or Geet k liye. Unke apne. We don’t need strangers.” Rift between two is only increases.




“Ho to sambhalo apni museebato ko. Mujhe kya.” He thought and left the hospital. Maan straight reached to meet the kids of orphanage and he actually got surprised seeing the condition of kids and orphanage.




“Bhaiya aa gaye.” One kid saw him and alerts all. All rushed to him.




“Wow tum sabne to bahut achhe kapde pehne hai.” Maan felt happy seeing them happy.




“Ye sab apne hi to bhijwaya tha. Aap bhul gaye.” One kid told him.




“Maine?” He was surprised knowing the fact.




“Ha wo Geet Didi or Adi bhaiya ne to yahi kaha ki ye sab apne diya hai humare liye. Ye sab toys, books or dher sare kapde.” All kids revealed together.





“Par bhaiya aap kyu nahi aate? Aap kaha chale gaye the. Hum sab aapko kitna yaad karte the.”




Maan hugged them all. “Bas kuchh kaam aa gaya hai.” Maan was still not able to believe that they not only fulfilled their promises but also gave whole credit to him only. In charge also thanked him. Because of him building was repairing.




Thanks my child. You are doing so much for these kids.” She showed gratitude.




“Nahi uska koi zarurat nahi. Kyunki main b to inhi me se ek hu. Anyways ab mujhe jana hoga.” He met with all kids before leaving. Maan was so happy seeing all the arrangements for the kids.

[5/1, 9:21 PM] RK: PART – 12




SAMARTH gained his conscious back and went to see Geet. She was lying like a dead body. No grace was left on her beautiful face. Those eyes which were always filled with mischief were dead now. He caressed her head softly which gave her a sense of being still alive. She felt a fatherly touch and slanted her neck to glance at him. He sat near her. His eyes were wet. Pain was there.



“Papa I am fine. Please don’t cry.” She assured him while wiping off his tears.



“No you are not. Geet I raised you like my own daughter and can tell that something is bothering you. Please beta tell me the reason. You are not the same Geet whom I raised.” His heart bleed seeing Geet living like a corpse.




“No Papa you are over thinking. Aisa kuchh b nahi hai.” She tried to convince him which was not easy this time.




“Really then why you always look soo gloomy and aloof? Why are you not sharing your problems with us? You had fever but you didn’t tell this to Yash. Jis Geet ko main janta hu wo to chhoti si chot lagne pe b itna hungama kiya karti thi. To ab aisa kya ho gaya hai that you have started hiding things? Where is my that Geet?” Samarth’s question was troubling her. She was neither able to reply nor skip from the situation.



“Papa that was my childishness. But every girl turn mature after marriage. That time I was only a daughter but now I have so many responsibilities.” She made excuses to convince his experience.



“Really beta? Ok if you say so. But for me you are still my daughter.” He softly patted her hand and ended the conversation. Don’t wanna give her stress but he wasn’t convinced at all. He knew something is missing but what?




“Neither she asked for Yash nor he came to meet her. What happened to him? Why he turned so careless towards us? We both are not well and he just left to take rest. No my Yash would not do this.” His mind not able to convince that his son left two ailing people who are so much dear to him. And that’s what he share with his friend Pankaj.




Doctor Pankaj heard him carefully. “Samarth I think you are over reacting.” He tried to manipulate.




“I am over thinking? Really? Then you explain me what’s​ going on which changed my son soo much.” He was annoyed on Maan and burst on his friend.




“Look Samarth I told you not to push Yash this time. He is struggling on his own. Ek saal coma me raha hai wo. He lost whole year of his life. So many memories he had lost now you think how can a person  tackle such situation. He is living in stress. Going through an emotional trauma. Please Samarth try and understand his situation. He loves you both like before but he is not happy. He is upset with his own thoughts which are troubling him.” Pankaj know Samarth has started doubting Maan so it’s very necessary he should brainwash him and that’s exactly what he did.




“At least humare pas rukk to sakta tha.” He said in a dead voice.




“Samarth he did not left you both  willingly. I forced him. He is not well so I send him back home with Adi.” Samarth turned silent as he had excuse for his every doubt.




Maan didn’t come back and Samarth was getting restless. “Pankaj can I take her home?” He wants to go back home but not ready to leave her in hospital.




“Let me discuss with doctor Batra. If he allows then yes you can take her back home.”





“Pankaj do all the arrangements at home. We are not going to stay here anymore.” He was adamant to ho back home.




“Okay if you insist.” He agreed and commanded for her discharge. Samarth took Geet back to KM in evening. Two nurses were appointed for her. One stay in morning and another one in evening. When they reached KM Maan wasn’t there.




Samarth guide nurses and staff. They took Geet to her old room which gave her a bit of relief. As of now she don’t want to face Maan daily.




“Beta I thought till you don’t get well you will rest here. I hope you are okay with it.” He asked to know her opinion about living in a separate room.




“Thank you so much Papa.” She  expressed her gratitude.




He checked that she had everything of her need. Instructed the nurse and other staff. He scolded and alert them to take care of her every need. Then he left.




Samarth descended down the stairs and saw Maan coming. “Where were you Yash?” He enquired staring him.




Maan saw his eyes and turned nervous. “Dad I went to hospital but you guys already left. Dad how are you?” He asked looking at his full face.




“No need to worry son. I was in hospital. All doctors were there for me and Geet.” He said wryly. Maan didn’t said word. Might understand his tone. “Go and rest in  your room. Till she won’t get alright,she will stay in her old room. In this way you both will get relief.” He commanded and Maan went away without arguing.




He entered in Yash’s room and falls on the bed. “Thank God at least for few days I won’t have to face her.” He to had the same reaction of Geet.




Samarth sensed the rift between them and got tensed.




Geet had her meal in her room so Samarth got a chance to discuss matter with Maan on dinner table. “Yash can we talk?” He asked and Maan glance in his eyes filled with queries.



“Of course dad. You don’t need my permission.”




“I don’t think so. If I look back I find so much things have changed. You are my son but still intruding your privacy is not right. But being an elder to both of you I feel concerned.” He made atmosphere before come to the point.



“Dad what happened? What’s bothering you?” Maan was getting his signals but pretend to be naïve.




“I don’t know if  it’s just a miscommunication or what. But I find you both are not in good terms. What happened son? What had changed between you two? And don’t even think of lying as I could see. I saw how you two are behaving weird with each other. Why so? Don’t you love her like before. There was a day when you both were ready to die for each other. So what happened now?” His voice wobble while talking.




His spoon struck in mid way to his mouth. Not getting any idea to avoid these questions. “Dad aisa kuchh bhi nahi hai.”




“She too said the same. Then why I don’t find ​ anything alright?” He stare in his eyes, scanning his thoughts.




Maan took a deep breath and slowly blew it back out, trying to get his body to relax and telling himself that he had to tackle him. “Dad you are over thinking. Trust me we don’t have any differences​.” Maan had to bite back a groan of frustration as he thought to ran away from them but can’t​.




“Okay I believe you for now.” Samarth end the topic and left for his room. Maan sighed and moved towards the room. In a way he accidentally peeps into Geet’s room. Her left arm had a support and bandages on forehead. Nurse was supporting​ her. She wasn’t able to walk on her own.




“Huhh…. Or karo stunt.” He said and walked away.

[5/11, 1:07 AM] RK: PART  –  13




SUN Dawn and all awake except Maan. He is not use to of early morning wake up. Geet’s nurses shift changes and other two nurses took charge. They help her and took her for breakfast. Samarth joined her but Maan not wake up yet.




Samarth send one servant to call him. He jerked off him and slept again. “Damn no I to get up because Yash use to get up early. Kaha fas gaya main.” He realized that he can’t avoid breakfast with them. Maan was frustrated but he got up and fresh n up. When he joined, Geet made a way away. She doesn’t want to see his face even after their last argument. But Samarth waits for his son and sat with him till he finished.




Geet was reading a magazine when she received a call from office. “Hello mam how are you?” Her secretary called her.




“I am fine. What’s the updation Riya?” She asked about the work as of now she had to work from home for few weeks.



“Mam Mr. Mehra was insisting for a meeting. I told them that we can’t but he giving​ me threat of canceling our deal.” She told her the problem.




Geet got tensed and she contacts Adi. Briefing him the problem. Adi thought for a while and suggest.




“Geet I have an idea,but your support is needed.” He told his plan to him.




“Adi… Have you gone mad?” She bursts on him.




“Geet I trained him. Trust me with your help he can. Please I won’t say to conversate with him. Just brief the presentation in his ear and he gave to client. Please Geet.” He tried to made her understand the need of situation and reluctantly​ she had to agree for Khurana Company.




Adi came to pickup Maan. He instruct him. “Look it’s an ear plug through which you can hear Geet’s words and you only speak what she speaking over this. And keep your phone on so she can hear what’s going in meeting room. It’s very easy so no need to worry.” Adi instructed him.




“But why me? Why you give this presentation?” Maan felt nervous. He never thought of doing all this.



“No need to be scared. Just hear her carefully.” He told him and plant plug before sending him into a conference Hall.




Maan entered and client welcome him. All happy to see Yash back. His presence is enough to gave confidence back.




Maan greets them. Maan start giving presentation,while Geet briefing him over phone. Initially he was nervous but later on he got relax and handled​ them confidently with Geet’s help.



All are happy with the presentation. Mr. Mehra shake hand and sealed the deal. He impressed them. Adi was sat silent and smiles. Maan almost dance in joy. “See how I impressed your clients.” He said proudly​.




Adi stood up and glanced​ in his eyes. “It’s not you? It’s Geet who impressed them. She gave the presentation in your voice. So need to fly high my friend.” In a second he burst his bubble.




“Ya of course. How can I forget. Your best friend is best.” Adi senses the sarcasm but didn’t react. He cut the call first so Geet would not hear their conversation.




“Yes she is. Tell me if she doesn’t brief over phone what will you going to say to them?” He showed him the mirror which muted him instantly. “Stay in your limits. No need to analyze my relationship with her.” He caution him again.




Geet was in relief because her efforts work. Deal signed. But she felt guilty for forging all. Geet picked up Yash’s photo frame and hugged near heart. “I am sorry Yash. Because of my lie you don’t get proper funeral and now he is getting praise which was yours only.” Her eyes filled with tears.




Adi left office after meeting and straight went to a place where he seeking for some help.




Mr. Aakash Sabbarwal. His mentor. Adi rang a bell and cute chubby girl opened​ the door. “Dad look who is coming to see you.” She shout and their was a pinch of excitement in her voice.




Adi remove his shades and glance at her. “Lot of change. For a second I don’t even recognize you.” He compliment her.




“How would you. It’s been two years since you visit us.” Her eyes not leaving him for a second.



“Wo actually I was busy….” He giving lame excuses.




“I know I know what you want to say. Busy the,time nahi mila. After all Mr. Adi Mehra become one of best lawyer in the town. Now how he get time for any one.” She talked​ continuously and not let him complete.




Meanwhile one heavy built figure came there. “Who is there Pinky?” He asked while walking towards them. Pinky gave a side and he saw his disciple before him. “Adi. How are you?” He felt happy seeing him after long time.



“At least welcomed him inside.” He told his daughter.




Adi went inside with him. He touched his feet and got blessings from him. Both relaxed and Pinky went to prepare some snacks.




“Tell me what’s bothering you?” He scanned his tensed face and asked straight.




“Actually sir I came to discuss one case with you. I need your advice as my all hopes are dying.” He sound so low and weak.




“Adi what I taught you? Jab tak saans hai tab tak aas hai”




“And what if breath stopped.” His eyes burned because of the tears he never allowed to come out.




Mr. Sabbarwal held his shoulder. “Tell me what you want to discuss.”




“Their is an accident case which happened one year ago. That time I got some clues which proves that it wasn’t an accident but a planned murder. But after that I got nothing. I don’t know how I proceed and from where?” He share his dilemma with him.




“Adi one year is a long time. You to know road accident me proof milna wo b ek saal baad it’s next to impossible.” His forehead squeeze.




“I know that’s why I visit you.” His voice is deep and eyes only looking at his mentor in hope of some help.




Mr. Sabbarwal was silent. Meanwhile Pinky came with snacks and tea. “What happened Mr. Prefect? Why this dull face?” She trying to cheer him up.




“Pinky can you give me file number 265?” He asked for some file and she nodded.




Pinky gave him file and he reads the details. “Adi study this case. It looks similar to your case. And yes if possible visit the spot again. May you get something.”  He handover the file to him.




Adi read and kept it. “Thank you so much sir.” He showed gratitude and stood up to leave.




“O hello ye chai Kon peeyega?” Pinky asked with dominance.




“Next time. Surely.” He said with a smile.




“And when that time going to come? 4 or 5 years?” She taunts.




“Very soon.” He said and left in rush.




“Pinky there is no scope for you.” She felt sad again.




After meeting Maan spend time in Yash’s cabin. Want to avoid Geet and Samarth at home. In evening he reached to KM and saw Geet alone at the edge of stairs. She was waiting for her nurse to come. She told her to wait till she come back.




Geet get fed up standing there so thought to walk at her own as her nurse took so much time to show up again. Gradually she start stooping down with the support of grill. But she her feet was injured and as a result she lost balance again but this time she not fell down like last time.




Maan rushed to hold her on time.







She opened her eyes which she clenched hard out of fear,and saw Maan who was panic more than her.




Geet felt disgust on his touch but before she shout or shoved him off Samarth’s voice alerts them. He to came up. “Beta you alright?” His heart thumping badly.




“Its okay Dad. She is fine.” Maan assured him.




“Where is her nurse?” She shouted and she showed up quickly. He scolded her for her negligence and she only made excuses to save herself.




“Yash took Geet in her room now I don’t trust anyone.” He commands him. Though she denied but Samarth don’t listen and adamant on his decision. Maan lifts her up in his arms and walked away.






Geet hate every second in his arms but don’t had choice. He entered in her room.




“Put me down.” She commands him strongly. Maan stare her and wants to drop her on her bed but she was not able to took his touch any more. “I said put me down.” She yelled on him and he put her down on floor. Geet start walking towards her bed but her foot tripped and Maan raised hand of support but Geet neither look at him nor hold his hand and manage at her own. No matter how much painful it was for her​ but taking his help not acceptable for her.




“Leave….” She commands and he to went out in anger.

[5/23, 7:54 PM] RK: PART – 14




“What she think of herself? Bloody jerk.” He threw his tie and jacked in anger. Fuming furiously​. “Both are hypocrites and taunts me always.” Maan lash out his anger on immovable things.



Geet was crying in her room. He held her was not less than a torture for her. She couldn’t bear but can’t do anything. Same time her phone buzzed. Adi was on the line. She wiped off her tears and answer his call.




“Hello Adi.”




“What happened Geet? Are you crying?” He sense through her tone.




“No I am not. You tell me what’s up? Calling​ this time.” She distracted​ him.




“Are you sure Geet?” He asked again.



“Yes… You tell me what’s the matter.”




Though he not convinced but don’t want to forced her for anything. Okay​ as you say. I called to inform ​you that I am going abroad for some urgent work. Don’t know how much time it will take. So I just want to say please Geet never felt alone and be strong in my absence. I know it’s a most tough face of your life but I believe in you Geet so never give up. He is irritating but you have to handle him. Make sure his truth not come out no matter how much effort it take.” Adi know how she was feeling in his presence so before leaving he want to make sure she will not do any blender.




Geet was silent. Not replying to his words. Only hearing silently​. She was numb as of now she has to handle him alone. Bear everything without anyone’s help.




“Geet you there? Are you listening what I said?” Adi tried to grab her attention.




“Yeah….” Finally she replied while wiping off her tears. “How much time you will take?” She wants to know when her only support would come back to her.




“Geet I tried my level best to finish my work as soon as possible. Don’t feel lonely. Because you are not.” He boosted her.




“Take care Adi and come back soon.” She wished him in a meak voice and cut the call.





Samarth called Maan and talk with him. He send him to call Geet as well as he wants to talk with both. Maan went to see but she wasn’t in her room. “Where is she?” He asked from her nurse.




“Sir Mam is on terrace.” She informed.




“So what the hell are you doing here? We appoint you to look after her and be with her. She was on terrace and you resting here.” Maan scolded her.




“Sorry sir. But she wants to stay alone. Nurse explain.




“I don’t care what she told you. But dare you leave her alone next time. Mark my words if anything happens to her I will not spare any of you.” He was angry and poured out all on her. Maan rushed towards terrace in hurry.




Wind blowing and sending chill to her but she wants to be alone. Looking in one direction without a blink. Like a statue. No sense of anything.




Maan rushed to her. She didn’t react. Still staring in same direction. Maan thought to shake her and broke her trance but then he stretch back his hand. Remembering​ how she reacts when  he held her earlier. So he called out her name loudly. Geet heard his voice. Voice similar to Yash. Fortunately or unfortunately he had full similarities​ of Yash except the background. Yash born with a silver spoon and Maan don’t even know about his parents.




She turned to him. “What you want?” She asked the reason.




“I don’t want anything. Your father in law calling us together.” He informed her.




“Okay. You go. I will come soon.” She said in a flat dead voice.




“He send to take you with me. If I go alone he will be suspicious.” He caution her.




Geet walked little and tripped again as her foot wounds not healed yet. Maan saw and in turmoil what to do as she got angry again if he helps her. Finally she fells on floor and without second thought Maan reached to her and held up in his arms.



“Now before you start screaming let me clear you one thing. I do this just because you help my kids. So need to run your mind on other side.” He didn’t even allowed her to open her mouth and walked​ away.




He carried her in his arms and reached to Samarths room. He felt happy seeing his kids on good terms again.




“Papa you called me?” Geet asked while settling on couch where Maan placed her.




“Yes I called both of you. I want to inform you about an ritual which I forgot because of all the happenings in our life. After marriage a  couple must do this prayers but we all know what happened one after another and we don’t get time. But now I don’t want any delay do I called my priest and arrange everything. Pooja kal hi hogi so be on time.” He commands both and left them astonished. This prayers is for married couples. How come they sit together in it.




“But dad she is not well. We will postpone it for few days.” Maan saw her faded faces and realize her fear.




“Geet is my strong girl. Or use konsa koi kaam karna Hai. Sirf pooja me baithna hi hai. Yash this prayer is very important for your life and marriage. This ritual practices​ in our family from ages and there is no reason of denying. Now go and rest.” Samarth is not in a mood of listening​ any excuse. He was adamant on his words.




Once again she was in turmoil. Once again destiny dropped bomb on her. Once again she felt trapped. “Why shouldn’t​ I die instead of Yash. Why God you left me to die daily. I am widow. How can I take part in this prayers. This prayers meant for newly wedded couple. But I lost my mate. Now I have no right to sit in this prayers. What would I do now.” She was talking to herself. Darkness all around. No space of escape for her. Trapped between the devil and deep sea. No way seeing her.





She thought to call him but then remind his instructions. She can’t be weak. But she doesn’t want to betrayed Yash as well. Maan took his place for others not for her. “No I can’t do this. I should tell Papa about Yash. Now it’s high time he should know about his son’s death.” Geet determined and walked out of her room. Gradually she reached to Samarths’s room and found Doctor Mehra there. He was checking his blood pressure.




“Hello Uncle.” She greets him. “What happened?” She asked worriedly​.




“As usual his BP is high. Samarth you taking so much stress which is not good for you. I don’t understand what’s your problem? Now your kids are with you still you taking so much stress why?” He caution Geet about his health once again and her courage and determination left the moment she came to know about his health.




“But we gave him medicine on time and took care of his food as well.” Geet seeking for some hope.




“That’s​ all secondary Geet. Basically human need love and happiness. That’s it. So make sure you both not give him reason to stress himself.” He alerts her strongly .




“Oh you stop scaring my daughter. Geet no need to pay heed on his words. I am absolutely fine.” He saw her eyes and​ know she took tension of him so he tried to assure her that there is no need to worry.




Small drop of tear manage to escape from her left eye. Which she wiped of quickly​. “Look what you did. You scared her.” Samarth noticed and scold him.




She sat next to him. “We am fine Papa. And I promise I won’t let any harm reach you.” She stood up and walked outside.




“Geet beta you came this time? Anything you want to discuss?” Samarth stopped her and asked the reason of coming.




Geet smiles fake. “No Papa I just came to asked about timing.” She lied.




Samarth told her and she left to die in her own griefs. All she could wish is to die instead of bearing all this. Whole night she won’t be able to sleep. Rituals are not for name sake for her. Geet respect them alot. But her father figure’s life was on stake.




All arrangements were done. Maan sat before fire place and all waits for her only. “She would not come.” Maan thinks. But proven wrong when she arrives on time. Samarth had a huge smile on his face. She took blessings from him and sat next to Maan.







Both look at each other.






Knowing how discomfort they were in such situation. He occasionally got angry with her but he knew she would doing all this for her father in law.




“O God you know everything and understand my helplessness​. I don’t wanna make fun of these rituals but my father’s life is more important for me. Please forgive me.” She felt guilty for disrespecting her rituals but she had her own reasons. Someone’s life is more important than any ritual.




Priest start chanting mantra and they do what he said. “Now hold her hand and repeat after me.” He commands to Maan and he obyed. He held her soft hand in his and owed to be with her in every think and thin. With a heavy heart she do all what he said but main bombard was left for them when in last priest commands Maan to fill her maang. Her heart bleeds hearing this. Maan to saw the panic and pain on her face. She wants to cried louder and denied for it but same time she saw the happiness on Samarth’s face after ages. Many thoughts running in her mind. One side his happiness and doctor’s caution other side her dignity. To whom she would choose. Both glance at each other.







Priest commands again. “Yash what are you thinking?” Samarth to forced Maan to obey what he said. Maan clenched his eyes for a second. “How can I? She is someone else’s wife. How could I?” Maan was not equally​ felt but he understood her condition this time. Geet’s eyes were burning because of tears she hold in. But he doesn’t have any other options but to fill her maang. Maan took vermilion box and filled the mane between her hairs with vermilion. Geet clenched her eyes. Died thousands death at the same time.






“Pooja sampann hui. Ab aap dono khade hokar apne bado ka aashirwaad leejiye.” Priest declared but Geet still in her grief sat glued to her place. Need time to bear this sudden knock on her. Maan held her hand to bring her back to world. “Geet….” He signal and she stood up to take blessings from elders…..

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PART – 9


GEET reached KM. The Place where everything remind her of her late husband. Her feet had froze. Every step she took needed lot of strength. Gradually, holding her emotions  she entered inside.


“Where were you Geet?” She was walking silently but one familiar voice stopped her.


She was nervous and sad both. All lights turned on and he appeared before her. “Papa you are still awake?” She asked to avoid his stare. Lying won’t do any good she knew and confrontation samarth couldn’t take.


“How can a father sleep if his children are not at home?” He asked strongly. “Geet what’s going on beta? Yash came after one year and you left him alone and that too you  Vanished don’t know where? No one had any information about you. I enquired from the staff. They were also unaware. What is this Geet. Beta since when did you start behaving so careless?” His anxiety was reflected in his hard words. Yash and Geet are only family to him. One’s absence made him anxious.


Geet knew now it’s gonna be difficult for her to explain him. Her cold fingers playing with each other. Searching for some valid excuse.but before she could have replied , his query was answered.


“She went to Temple dad.” One more was  voice added and grabbed their attention.


Both stared in the direction where Maan was standing holding the railing upstairs. “Dad she had already told me about this.” He covered up.


“Temple? Ok but what took so long?” He was worried and wanted to know what his kids were doing behind his back.


Maan came down. “Relax dad. She is going for me. Geet held prayers for my well being and she wants to to it privately without telling anyone. That’s why she don’t informed anyone. Right Geet.” Maan explained and took away all his worries.


He caressed her head. “God bless you beta. I am so glad to have you as my daughter in law.” He held her hand. “Now I am getting old. Can’t take care of everything. Specially of him.” He tapped on his head. “He is so silly and I don’t trust him. But I know till you are with him I don’t need to worry about anything.” He gave her hand in Maan’s hand. “And you? Keep her with love and care. No one loves you like she do.” He embraced both land f them kissed their foreheads “Now go and take some rest.” 


The moment he turned his back she freed her hand and shoved him away. Both walked away.


Geet was in mourning still doing for her ailing father in law. Bearing a man as her husband. She wanted to cry. Louder and louder. Let out the pain and hurt she was feeling just for her father’s sake. But she couldn’t.


Sky was dark and thunderstorms striking. Like nature was accompanying her. Maan followed her in the room. “You can thank me later. Now you seem tired.” He teased her but got a sharp glare in return. She wasn’t in a mood of talking to anyone. Specially Maan.


Maan laid on his bed which irked her and she pushed him out of the bed. This enraged him. The way she behaves with him. “Don’t you dare?” She warned him.


Her warning doesn’t work on him. He stood and laid again on the bed. “Listen miss attitude change your ways with me or else you will pay badly.” He threatened her.


Geet stood and faced him. “Really what would you do?”


Maan stood up and cornered her. Her blood boiled as he touched her. She tried to shove him away but the pressure he​ applied was to much for her delicate form. He leaned over her. His warm breath falling on her face. All she wanted was to hit him badly for this misbehaviour. He watched her carefully. Geet angrily swiped away a tear that escaped from her liquid brown eyes. His eyes to turned dark. Both stare in each other’s eyes.


“Now listen to me carefully. If you want me to help you then start giving respect to me or else I won’t take a second to burst a beautiful bubble of your old guy.” He whispered in her ears. He fed up with her irrational behaviour. All the time she treated him like a dirt.


Her eyes turned wild. “No. You will not.” Her statement released with a mournful sob.


“I will and surely will.” His words were low and dangerous.


“Don’t even think about it.” She rumbled. Saw in his dark eyes. Don’t trust this man this time. “Okay fine. You wanna sleep here. Go ahead.” She mumbled wiping off her tears which was coming more rapidly then she controlled.


Geet come out of his grip,took her pillow and went outside in a lobby attached with their room. “You want this room. Now it all yours.” She said while locking the divider. There was a small swing. She laid on it. But sleep is far away from her eyes. Maan got whole room for himself.


“Ye achha hai. Is sherni ki kamzori ab mere ko malum hai. Shabash Maan beta. Teri to nikal padi. Ab is sherni ko apne isharo or nahi nachwaya na to mera b naam Maan nahi. Bahut attitude dikhati hai na. Mere ko gandi nali ka keeda samjhti hai. Ab ise dikhata hu ye keeda kya kar sakta hai.” He was filled with rage for Geet.


Maan consider her possessiveness for her last husband’s things as her ego. She wasn’t in a state to handle so much trauma. Her pain she tried to buried and smile before the world but her heart wants to cry. She had no one to console her. For her Yash was there in his every thing. His fragrance is all around. She could feel him near her.


Sun dawn. Maan was sleeping. She thought to take bath but suddenly he wakes up and blocked her way. “First I am going to use. Main b to dekhu Ameer loga ka bathroom kaisa hota hai.”


“Aside.” She commands him.


“Sorry. I can’t hear you. What did you say?” He irritate her more. Geet glared him but doesn’t effect him. “I think you forgot what i said last night. Obey me or…” He reminded her about the threat he gave her last night. Which cause panic in her eyes. She felt detest on his behaviour but couldn’t do anything right now.


“Don’t test my patience.” She warned.


“Okay. Nahi karte. Come let’s​ go together and tell your father in law a breaking news. How is it?” A cunning smile playing on his well sculptured lips.


Her anger replaced by fear. She took back her steps. “that’s​ so nice of you. You know what in this world every family need daughter in law like you. Ready to do anything for her family. Kaha milti aisi bahue sach me.” His sarcastic statement fueled her anger but she controlled for Samarth’s sake. She took her clothes and went to use her old room’s washroom. Maan was happy seeing her helplessness. How she bow down before him. It really gave him happiness. He went inside and explore the luxurious washroom.


“Ye sala ameer log kitna paisa bahata hai. Ek dum pani k mafik. Ek apna wo basti hai jaha hafta hafta Pani nahi aata.” He was so excited like a kid get whole world. He jumped in his jacuzzi and play with water. “Batao bathroom me b swing pool bana dala. Sahi hai. Ye Yash na bahut aish mari sale ne. God tu apun ko thobda to Yash wala diyela pann kismat itna alag Kyu? Uske pas itna kuchh or apun k pas wo chhota sa jhopra jisme sardi Garmi, barish sab ander aata hai. Ye Yash solid kismat wala tha. Sab usko pyar karte hai. Duniya ka har aisho aaram tha uske pas. Apun b yaha se jane k baad na aisa hi ghar banayega.” He was comparing his life with Yash while enjoying the luxury.







PART – 10


MAAN made mess of washroom completely. He was like a child who got everything suddenly after craving since long.


He descended down and saw Geet was with Samarth. He joined and wished them morning. Samarth kissed on his forehead. “Attitude queen is sitting calmly. Now I will show her with whom she is dealing.” Maan thought for a while and got an idea to irritate her. Servant serve breakfast but denied. “Dad today I want to eat something from Indian cuisine. So what I am thinking Geet will cook something for us.” He demands and she glared him secretly, making sure Samarth wouldn’t notice this.


“What should I say. Ask your wife.” Samarth dragged himself aside and leave matter on them.


“Geet please cook for us. I don’t wanna eat this and please do hurry as I am hungry.” Maan took advantage of her weaknesses and before Samarth he knew she wouldn’t be able to react. Maan smiled seeing her face.


“Geet beta please prepare something if he is insisting so much.” Samarth to support his demand and reluctantly she had to obey.


Geet left the table and went to kitchen. She prepares breakfast for him and left for office without eating anything as she had an important meeting at office and she was already late for it.


“Yash why don’t you to join office again? Geet is handling everything alone.” Samarth insists him to take over the command of their business empire again. Like before.


“I will dad.” Maan had to agreed. “Huh ab main waha kya karunga?” He thought but left for his happiness.


Maan reached there. His eyes widened with shock. “Sala ye office hai? Aise lagta hai kisi hotel me aa gaya hu. Bahut shokeen hai ye log.” He praised and criticise both at same time.


Seeing him all alerts. All asked about his well being and give respect to him. For the first time in life he get this much respect. He felt like a king.


Some how he managed to find Yash’s cabin as Adi already show him the videos so he should know which room and cabin was in which direction. Maan scan all around and straight went to Yash’s cabin. He saw and was flattered.


Maan sat on Yash’s chair which was not less a throne for him. “Ek dum jhakas hai sab kuchh.” He sat and started playing with things on the table.


Geet came to know about his arrival and left every work of her. She barged inside. Seeing her furious Adi to followed her. “What the hell are you doing here?” She asked seeing him sat on Yash’s chair. Every time she saw him using his things her blood boiled and something die inside her.


“Awaz neeche.” He stood and crossed the path between them. He came near her. “If you forgot then let me remind you,this is my cabin.”


She shot glares at him. “This is not your cabin. Do you get that?” She pointed finger at him which curled by him badly.


“Keep your fingers safe. Or else I break them. Don’t forget for your father in law and world I am the Yash Singh Khurana. And this empire belongs to him. So you can’t stop me coming here.


There argument heat up. Same time Adi to enter in side. “What happened guys?” He asked and Geet left glaring him to.


Adi got he annoyed her so he confront him. What’s going on?” He asked.


“Better you ask her. She herself is confused. One side she want me to act like Yash but don’t want to use his things. I can’t work like this. Either you keep this mad girl in control or let me go my way.” Maan told strongly.


“Dare you call her mad. She is not insane like you. I know she goes overboard when it comes to Yash. She hates when you use his things because she felt as someone snatching him again from her. You will never understand this feeling because you never love someone in your life. When you fall in love with someone this deeply then only you understand her point of view. Yash’s everything remind her of him. Gave her a feel of him being around.” Adi tried but all goes in vein.


“Then let me go and let her feel her husband. I can’t work like this.” Maan showing tantrums to him.


Adi clenched his shoulder. “Maan aaj tak tumne bade Kamine dekhe honge. Main unme sabse bada hu. So don’t force me to show my that side. If you make her cry then trust me you will curse the day you born.” Adi smile softly and threatened him very politely. “And yes stop blackmailing​ her on the name of Uncle. If you know her weakness then I know yours.” Adi confront him. His eyes were dangerous. “That orphanage and it’s kids. Very small they are. What happened if roof falls on them.” Adi’s each and every word pricks to him.


He rushed to attack on him and he pressed his weak nerve. Adi was quick. He dodged and show him his tablet. “Last time I am bearing your misbehaviour. Next time I won’t even warn. Geet ko pareshan karna band kar do warna achha nahi hoga. Mark my words.”


He left and Maan’s fists harder. He punched in wall. He wants to poured out his anger but one knock alert him. He allowed and one employee came inside. “Sir please come fast. Geet mam is not well.” He informed.


“To main kya karu?” He roared on him and that employee of his trembling like a dry leaf.


“Calm down Maan. Kya kar raha hai? For world she is your wife. You have to act like loving husband before them.” He cool down his temper and rushed with him.


Geet was with staff girls. She is not feeling well. Maan went there. Sat next to her. “You okay?” He asked for formality. There is no love and care in his voice and gestures. Geet to act calmly as staff members were there.


“What you all looking for? Go back to your work.” He yelled and all rushed.


Maan to left her side. Feeling better as he got freedom. No need to act. “Mam your file. One girl came and handover her file which she dropped outside when she lost her balance and falls down.


Her foot twisted and she fell. Still not able to walk properly as it aching badly. She took support of wall to stand. Trying to walk out but loosing balance again and again. Though it would not bother him but to show all he came forward to help her but she showed her hand to him. “I will manage.” She said in a straight dead voice. Not allowed him to touch her.


Geet was in bad mood. She couldn’t eat her dinner properly and went to bedroom. She felt tired and want to sleep. Her body giving up now..


Geet took her pillow and start walking towards lobby. “Hello. Wait no need to go there. You can sleep here on your bed.” Maan told her.


“I don’t need your pity.” She replied.


“I am not pity on you. Majburi hai. If I said something or misbehave with Princess then her one man army ready to pounce on me.” He taunts. All the rage he had inside coming out like venom.


Geet stare him. “What do you mean?” She asked strongly glancing in his eyes.


“Oh don’t act so innocent before me as you don’t know anything. You send that Adi to threaten me. How mean you all are. Using me on name of kids. You all are same. White collar criminals.” Maan kept spitting venomous words on her.


“I don’t tell anything to him.” She defend.


Oh to pakka aakashvani hui hogi use. Right. Or uska pyar tumhare liye kuchh zada hi hai that he can sense at his own.” He pressed Geet on wrong side.


“How dare you?” She roared.


“Bura laga. You know what. Now I get how Yash died. You both planned his murder or he himself manage everything alone to get you.” One after another he put allegations on them. What he observe what he feels he said on her face which was an outcome of his frustration also.


Next was the sound of spank he got from her. “I was right. Chhota Admi chhoti soch. That’s why I didn’t want you here. You showed your standard​ today completely. What else can be expected from a person like you. Bloody bastard.” She loose her cool and was fuming furiously. Her breathing was quicker than before.


“But now it’s over. I can’t stand you one more second. What you said? You tell him the truth. But now I am going to tell him everything.” Geet rushed outside in rage. Her mind was blocked. She Couldn’t take his abusive words. He questions her character which broke her to no limits.


“Geet…..” A shriek reached to his ears. It was of Samarth. He rushed out and got shock.


Geet falls from stairs and now laid unconscious in her own blood pool. Samarth held her and called his son. It was a call for him so he rushed down. They took her to hospital.

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PART – 7




GEET was in doubt after having a rageful conversation with Maan. “Adi search more about this man. I have a strong doubt on him.” She said while wearing her aviator.




“What happened?” He enquired.



“Don’t you see how fluently he spoke English. He not only understand the meaning of my words but snap back to.” She doubted.




“Geet don’t over react. You are thinking so much. Might you don’t read his bio data fully. He is not uneducated.” Adi told to cleared her doubt.



“But uski bato se to yahi lagta hai.” Geet don’t believe on this piece of information.




“That’s because he is comfortable with this type of accent. He just pass out his tenth when his father died. Lack of financial aid lead him to bad company and he become a ruffian. But one thing which impressed me about him is his catching power is mindblowing.”




His words invite glares from Geet. She found him good for nothing so his praise wasn’t digestible for her. “No I am serious. I notice him. Just on a glance, things imprinted on his memory. He learn things very quickly. But his carefree nature spoiled him. He doesn’t take life seriously.” He told thoughtfully.




Geet’s eyes widened as she thought about her friend’s statement. “Trust me Geet he only need focus.” Adi praised him which surely not liked by her so he kept quiet.




“Adi leave him and focus on investigation. I want to know who killed my Yash. Who snatched my all happiness.” Tears sprung to her eyes.



“His car was fully damaged that’s why it causes problem for police to. They even think of closing the case.” 




“Adi we should go back to Paris.” She said wiping of her tears.



“Geet my men was already there. They are investigating on personal level. There is no logic of going there and what you tell uncle about this visit have you think?” Adi made her realized that things are not easy. They have to think a lot before taking any step.



“So you mean..” she disheartened.




“Don’t loose hope. I will keep searching the culprits. That’s why I arrange special security for Maan to. Because for world he is Yash now.” 



He dropped her at KM and moved back to his home. Samarth is waiting for her. “Where  you were beta?” He saw  his wrist watch.




“Papa we struck because of jam. Please don’t take stress. It’s not good for you.” She made him sat back. “And where is your nurse?” She was anxious.




“Geet… Geet relax. She just left.” He told he while caressing her head. Geet saw happiness in his eyes. Happiness of hope. Happiness of having his son alive. He kissed on her forehead. “I know you miss him. Don’t worry when he get up from his sleep we both punish him for troubling like this.” Both’s eyes welled up.




Her heart bleeds more. She wouldn’t able to met his eyes so she hide her face in his lap. “Papa how can I tell you,your son leave us for never coming back.” She thought and went into deep sadness. 




Geet wiped off her tears and stood up. “Papa it’s to late. Chaliye so jaiye.” She went him into his room.




Geet took a heavy steps. Her feet frozen going to same room where she entered like a bride and now her whole charm died with Yash. She went inside and took his frame. “You are very bad. Very bad. You betrayed me it’s ok. But why you do this to your dad? Can’t you think about him for once. He is hoping one day he get you back. Now tell me how I tell him that his only son left us alone.” Her tears falls on the picture and she cocoon the frame.




Adi planned something else for Maan so he went up to meet him again. “Look Maan I know you need money for that orphanage and we need you. I promise if you help us properly I will give you the money you demand.” Adi made deal him as now he know his week nerve.




Maan was silent. Hearing his proposal. “Apun ko tum logo pe trust nahi hai.” Maan was angry on him because of Geet.




“Maan, please come out of your shoes and step in Yash’s. We need Yash and I know,now you can speak English and with fluency. So please stop talking in this low class style” Adi to pissed off with his accent but being a lawyer he know how to tackle situation.




“Maan you know we both are need. You help us and I help you. It’s simple. But for that you have to work hard. Learn everything we teach you.” Adi cleared his intentions and knows how to handle him.




“Ok I will.” Reluctantly he got agree.



“Adi reached office. “Where is that dumb?” Geet asked while preparing plan for project.




“Sorry Geet say whatever you want but don’t call him dumb. Because he is very intelligent. Geet I changed my plan. I thought to teach him properly so he can understand and handle our meetings and clients.” Adi share his thoughts.




“No way. I can’t trust that man and you want to teach him business. Taki wo sab apne naam pe kar le.” She was against of his idea.




“He won’t be. Main hu na. Don’t worry.” Adi was so sure and proceeded with his plan. 



They planned for six months but Adi wants him to make him complete Yash so he started his training on that way. Gradually time passes and one year completed.




“Come Geet I have to show you something.” Adi took her to a place where his training going on.




“Adi please tell me where we are going?” Geet was not getting what he is up to.




“Have patience.” He remove her blindfold. Geet scan all around. Her eyes betrayed her. He was there. He swirled.





and walked towards her with rose in hand.








Geet turned numb. Her own heart betraying her. Maan came near her and took her hand in his own. Geet was dumbstruck. Couldn’t able to differentiate between reality and illusion. Her Yash stood before her after one year. Maan handover the rose to her and one spike pierced into his finger and she came to senses.




“Pleasant to see you my love.” His tone is so soft and husky.




“Our Yash is ready. Tomorrow dad declared him alright.” Adi said with a smile and Geet realized the date.




PART – 8




Reality or mirage? Geet who was Yash’s soulmate and childhood friend, wasn’t able to differentiate. Her heart and mind knows that her love is no more but her eyes betraying every sense of her. What she is seeing was very soothing for her broken heart. Yash was stood before her eyes and to alright. Maan’s eyes lingerie on her.




“Now you to can’t denied. He is just perfect.” Adi’s word hit her hard. She collects herself and threw that rose he gave her. 




“Adi I hope you instruct him clearly. I don’t want any trouble.” Geet’s tone change and she talk rudely.




Adi swirled her. “I told him what I share with Yash. But your part is remaining.” He whispered. Geet stare him back furiously. “Easy. I am not saying to share your beautiful moments. Only told him those stories which uncle knows.” Adi know this is most tough part on her.




Geet slanted her neck to glance back at him. “I can’t.” She thought and feels miserable.




“Geet please.” Adi boost her. Geet clenched her eyes but one drop manage to escape. She wiped off and stirred to face him.



Geet went to him. “I hope what Adi told, you bi-heart every thing.




“Yes of course.” He said without glancing at her.




Geet sat with him and share some moments she had with Samarth and Yash. They want him to know about them. So he will able to answer him.




“Adi told me you had a very sharp memory. Let’s see how much right he is. Geet indirectly challenge him and left.




As per their plan Doctor Pankaj who is a very best friend of Samarth,informed him that his son gain conscious. Samarth had no bound of happiness. It’s like one spell a new life in his old body. He felt energetic and healthy. Samarth share this piece of information first with his daughter figure who show her fake happiness for him only.




Both rushed towards hospital. His steps were pacing that he can beat any runner today. His father heart can’t wait to embrace his Lost child.




“Pankaj…” His tongue not supporting him today. We much he want to say bye to not found the right words



Dr. Mehra smiles at him. “Relax my friend. Your boy is fit and fine now. Come.” He took him to the room where Maan was laying.



Samarth daily entered in his room but today he was scared. Scared of losing his dream. “Pankaj are your sure?” He asked again.




“Yes my friend. Go and meet him.” He put comfort hand on his and he step in. Maan saw him and pas a smile. He went near him and sat on his bed,took his hand in his hands and kissed softly. He caressed his face and leaned to kissed on his forehead. He got his life back. Maan is not use to of this kind of treatment so he irked quickly.




“Damn now he started again. How much over dramatic they are?” He talked to himself but gave smile to him.





Maan wiped off his tears. “Dad please. I am fine.” He assured him.



Samarth glance back at Geet who stood far away. “Come beta.” He called her near. “Look at her. What you did see.” Samarth saw her dull face and eyes and complaint to Maan.




Geet stood silent. She was present physically but mentally absent. Her mind was thinking something else. “Come sit near him.” Samarth leave a space for her. Reluctantly she sat but avoid looking at him.




“How are you M….” She was about to break but controlled. “Mad Man.” Geet covered before Samarth.




Maan glared her for calling him mad man. “Main mad hu?” He asked in annoying tone.



 “See Pankaj. That’s what I miss from past one year.” Seeing them arguing his heart swelled with happiness.




“I will keep him for strength one more day. After that he is all yours.” Pankaj told him which he denied straight.


“No no no. I don’t leave my kid for one more second. You keep him with you from past one year but no more. He is going with us right now. Whatever treatment you want to give, arrange at our home. But now I want my son at home.” His possessiveness,his love and care for his son all are reflected through his actions. Yash is his part. His son. His heartbeat. How could he managed to keep himself away from him. 




Pankaj bow down before him and give discharge to him but with some instructions.

“Samarth I know you want him back. But make sure don’t give him any kind of stress. He was in coma from past one year. We don’t know what effect it leave on his brain.”




“Is anything serious?” He got worried for his son.



“No it’s not like that. I am just caution. By chance if he don’t remember some memories or failed to recognise any thing or people then don’t force him. It will harmful for him.” Dr. Mehra knows his weakness and he use it for him. He leave no space of doubts.



“Don’t worry we will not force him to remember things.” He assure.




They took him to KM. Maan got a warm and grand welcome. Maan glance all around and mesmerized by the lavishness of Khurana Mansion. Numbers of servant was stood in his service. He feels like king. All welcome him back and asking if he need something.




Samarth commands all to leave. “Geet take him to your room. He must be tired.” Geet nodded and took him to their room. Maan scanning things around.




“This is my room. I mean our room and now yours to unfortunately. But only for few days.” She reminded him again about his status and the place he belongs








Every corner of the house telling the story of their high class style. Maan scan every thing which is not only beautiful but also expensive.




Geet saw how his eyes widened. “What are you watching?” She asked strongly.



Maan got she caught him. “Room is very dull. Washing powder ka add shoot karte hai kya yaha. Every thing is white. XYZ washing powder. Safedi ki chamkar…Ting ting ting…” He mocked but this made her more angry.




“This is called Elegance which you don’t able to develop as it’s come by birth.” Again she taunt him.




He fumed and his fists firmed. “If you have so much problem with me then why you want me to help you?” He retorted back at her rude behavior.




“Majburi hai. God given you face similar to my Yash. This face is reason for my father to breath.” Her voice wobbled and lower lips trembling. “But you will never understand this. Because for you money is everything and I don’t have problem with that.” Her eyes burned as she trying harder to control her tears in her eyes. Don’t wanna lose before him.



“White is my husband’s favorite colour so nothing gonna change in this room. Hi cheez Jaisi hai waisi hi rahegi. The way he wants.” Her beautiful face fell, every ounce of hurt showing in her expressive eyes that were filling with tears.




This time both were new for each other. Their emotions,their life styles,their problems are far away from each other so understanding other’s prospective was next to impossible.




“Show off. You rich people only believe in show off and gave it name of Elegance. Din me das das baar kapde badlo. Spa me jao. Kabhi dekha hai hum jaise logo ko. How we survive. Leave it. Why you cares for people like us. Bas charity k cheque fado or mahan banne ka dhong Karo public k samne.” Maan was also hurt and answer back in his own way. “Tumko jaise rehna raho. I don’t care. Waise b mujhe konsa yaha permanent hona hai.” 




Geet stare him and left in rush. She leave in hurry. First she went to Adi and then both reached to Haridwar for Yash’s shraad. Today is the day when she lost him forever one year ago. They arranged prayers for him and both sat in that. Priest start havan on his name. Her hands shaking nervously, she swiped at both her eyes, the tears coming so fast she couldn’t keep up with them. Adi hold her hand to support. He never saw this fragile expect the time of Yash’s death. She broken again. Her breath felt burden to her. If Samarth wasn’t with her she end her life much before. After prayer she donate on his name.




“Adi I asked about orphanage. Uska kya hua?” She wants to support any orphanage and look after their needs.




“I had one in my eye and started work on it. You just don’t worry. Jaldi hi construction ka kaam pura ho jayega.”




“Hmm. Make sure unhe koi problem na ho.” Geet instruct and both left for Delhi.

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DHADKAN updated Part 5 – 6

Part – 5


Reluctantly she agreed as no choice left for her. She said yes to save one life. She said yes to fulfill her promise she gave to Yash.



Adi now had a tough work. He had to convince a bull head. Adi want to make sure he balance everything.



His father put him in such tough situation. Adi went inside to meet ruffian Maan who was not only hot head but also a dumb one.


“Listen Maan mere pass jada time nahi hai. Last time I am going to give you my offer. Deal is of one crore.” Adi offered such a big amount which he can’t denied.



Maan’s eyes widened hearing such amount. “Dekh agar ye mazak hai to apun ko bilkul pasand nahi hai.” He wants to confirm.




“Same here. I don’t joke. Kaam karo humara. Paise tumhe mill jayenge. 25lakh advance or baki kaam pura hone k baad. So now if you interested I will proceed.” He asked and Maan stare him in confusion. “I mean agar tum razi ho to aage ki planning kare.”



Maan still have doubts. “Aisa konsa kaam hai,jiske liye itne paise de rahe ho?”



“Kaam aasan hai. Kisi ki jaan bachani hai.”



“Kiski?” He enquired.


“Mere uncle ki. He lost his son. I mean abi do dinn pehle ek hadse me unke bete ki maut hui hai,jiski wajhse unhe heart attack aaya hai.” Adi explained.


“To usme apun kya kar sakta hai?”


“Bahut kuchh. Tume unke samne Yash banna hai. Taki unki Jaan bachai ja sake.”






“Matlab ye ki,tume Yash hone ki acting karni hai. Taki unhe yakeen ho jaye ki Unka beta abhi b jinda hai.”



“Par main hi kyu?”



“Kyunki tumhari shakal Yash se milti hai.” He told.



Maan was in shock. “Matlab double role. Ram or Shyam. Sala apun filmo me bahut dekha asal zindagi me b ye hota hai.” He laughed.



“Dekho tumhari faltu bakfas k liye mere pas na to time hai or na patience. Sirf itna bolo ki ha ya na?” Adi straight come to the point.



“Tum log to Ameer ho na. Wo tumhara kya naam hai uska… Ha Yash. Wo to kafi pads likha hoyega na. To uske baap ko….



“Samarth Uncle. Apni zuban or harkato ko kabu me rakhna. Baki sabki training time milegi.” Adi shoot glare to him.

“Theek hai. Apun karega par wo tumhara Buddha…” He again got sharp glare. “Matlab uncle. Wo apun ko permanent apne pas rehne ko bola to?”



“Ek baar uncle theek ho jaye. Uske baad hum unhe sach btayenge par muka dekh k.” Adi cleared his doubts.



“Theek hai firr. Apun karega. Par 25lakh abhi chahiye. Advance and cash.” He demands.



“Mill jayenge. Par kya guarantee hai tum bhag nahi jaoge?” Adi stare him suspiciously.

“Kaise bhagunga. Tumhari wo madam ne pair jo todi diya hai apun ka.” He taunts.


“Waise b mera paisa leke bhagna aasan nahi hai. I will kill before you even think.” Adi’s voice was dangerous and his eyes emitting fire only.



He left the room and straight went to Geet and his father. “He agree.” He confirmed.

Doc Mehra glance both. “And what about you?”


“Come on dad. Don’t behave like we are enemies to Uncle. Bola na we are in this plan.” Adi was frustrated and he burst. Adi understood her condition. Their pain is not less and but no one understands.


“Good. Now listen what we have to do.” He explained his plan.


Now they all are waiting for him to get conscious again. The moment Samarth got his conscious Dr. Mehra told him that his son is alive. Samarth won’t believe first but then Geet came with a laptop and gave fake smile.



“Papa your son is fine. It was just a misunderstanding.” She showed him a live telecast of Maan’s room.



He laid with closed eyes as per Adi’s instructions. Samarth glance at the screen and sighed. He brush his trembling fingers on the screen to make sure his part is alive. “Ye….” He couldn’t able to talk.
“Easy my friend easy. Yash is fine,but he is in coma.” Doc Mehra told him and his eyes turn wet.



“Papa please don’t cry. He is fine and out of danger. It’s just he got some injury on head due to which he went to coma.” Geet boost him before he lost his conscious again.



“Geet is right Samarth. Yash is out of danger. Please don’t loose hope. Atleast he is alive.” He console him and told not to give up.



Samarth’s all happiness vanished again but he had a relief that his baby is alive. He still breathing. Last symbol of his love. His wife Arpita who died the moment he came into the world. Since that day he becomes over protective for his son.



“Pankaj my son….” He would not able to speak but his love and worry not let him in peace.



“I assure you. He will be fine soon. Don’t worry.” Doctor Mehra constantly boosting him and made him believe that his only is alive.



This effect will work like elixir. Now medicine start showing its effects on him.



Gee was happy but sad at the same time. She was crying in lonely area. When one soothing hand approached her. “Geet it’s not a time to turn weak.” Adi sat next to her.



“Adi I don’t know. I mean whatever I do,I can’t take place of Yash in Papa’s life. He will die the moment he knows the truth. I don’t know how I face him when he came to know that we all lied to him about his son.” She broken badly and thinking about the consequences.

Adi to worried for the same. His brows narrowed but even after convincing with her,he can’t do anything. Situation is tough. Yash is went far away from their lives and now his father’s life on stake. What is wrong and what’s right. They will not able to decide.


PART – 6

New day rise but same sadness for Geet. She was not able to decide what to do and how.



“Geet let’s go.” Adi came and told her.

“Where?” She asked.

“Geet we have to reach office right now.” He told her. His tone was anxious.

“Adi you sound anxious?” She stare at his face.

Adi show news paper to her. Geet read and her tension roses. “Geet our shares are falling rapidly. News of Yash’s demise and Uncle’s heart attack spread like a fire.” His face expression was tensed. One after another problem.

“What? How that news…?” Her lips still trembling while talking about Yash’s demise.



“I don’t know how but we have to make all believe that this news is fake. We have to convince our investors that everything is alright and there is no need to panic.” Adi cleared her now they need to act fast.


“Adi call the press conference.” She instruct.


“Geet I know whatever you think was right. But one thought is troubling me since long.” Suddenly his jaw stiffened and voice deepen more.


“Adi are you hiding something from me?” She asked scanning his face. He was stood silent. Like some thing is troubling him deep inside.

Geet shake him and asked again. “Geet I don’t know whether its my illusion or over thinking. You can say anything but I have a strong doubt that….” He paused and her beats roses more. “Geet I think that accident. That was not some natural disaster. That was a planned murder.” He finally revealed and stunned her.



Her legs shake badly and she about to fall down when Adi held her. “Geet sambhalo khud ko.”


“How it can be possible? Business rivalary I can understand but how can someone stoop this low? No it’s not possible.” Geet was in shock to understand this revelation.



“Calm Down Geet. I told you it’s may be my illusion. But I can’t risk it. If in press conference we revealed that Yash is fine and soon going to be alright then I am scared his attacker get alert and tried to kill him again.” Adi shared his fear with her.

Now she to lost her confidence. One side she need to protect Khurana Empire and same time this mystery came to her. “What if your doubt is right?” Her eyes having a fear of consequences.



“We will carry on with press conference but now I will make sure no one harm Maan. I will arrange security for him.” Adi gave solution to her.



Both start walking out. Geet was lost in deep thought. “Adi please tell me. What make you feel that Yash’s accident was a planned murder.” She wants proper answer. Can’t let go this matter so easily.



“Geet focus on press conference right now. Today we had to convince this world that our Yash is alive.” He twisted the topic to distract her. This revelation was more than she can bear. How can someone be so cruel who parted her from her love.




Her sadness deepened. She attended the much needed press conference. Before world she is totally different. Like a perfect business woman. Very confidentially she replied to reporters and assured them that their information was wrong. Yash is fine and very soon going to take in charge of Khurana Empire like before. Adi second hand her. They even show reports to them.



Somehow they managed to handle the situation. But it was not end. It’s just a start.

“Thank God they convince.” Adi sighed.



“But how long?” Disappointed was there in her gestures. “One side that this big empire and other side that dumbhead. He will Never understand the depth of our need.” Geet was upset.

Adi embrace to sooth her pain. “Just leave everything on time.”


After press conference they attend meeting with board of directors and investors. Both assured them that their shares will be safe with them.


“Adi we need to focus on business. We can’t let go every thing so easily.” Gee was worried.


“Yes you are right. From now onwards we should pay heed on our work.” He assured her.



“And what about that dumb head?” She enquired.

“He is alright and I had started his training. Professionals are hired to improve his language first.” Adi brief.



“We only hope. Seeing him I am not sure whether he learned basic A B C in next 6 months or not.” Geet had no hope from Maan. According to her he is a nut case.



“Don’t loose hope. I am sure we manage to convert him to a human.” Adi boost her.



Geet and Adi start going office and Maan started his training. Adi hired best teachers but Maan irritated them a lot with his mischief. He love to make fun of them.



Two month passes and now Samarth was fine. He got discharged from hospital but Geet appointment full time nurses for his take care. He was at home but still on strict diet. She also look at his workout. She wants to make him healthy like before. But irony is that he was doing all this just to see his son back. He want him all the time before his eyes. His day starts from Yash and end on him. Daily he visit hospital just to see his son. That was most tough time for all. As he spend several hours near him and reluctantly he had to laid like a vegetable before him. Maan highly pissed off with this time. As Samarth stayed near him for hours.



Maan called both to complaint. “Dekho baap ye natak apun se hoyega. Tumhara would buddha… Matlab uncle bahut pakau hai. Sala kitne kitne ghante apun ko dead body k jaise pada rehna parta hai tum logo ki wajhse. Sala itna dimag Khata hai ki puchho mat. Bakar bakar bina rule bakwas chalu rehta Jai uska. Apun nahi kar sakta. Ya to us buddhe ko durr….” Before he use one more wrong word for Samarth his mouth was shut by a hard slap he received on his face by Geet.

When he glance up a pair of furious eyes shoot glares at him. Adi hold her before she slapped him again and again. This time her temper was so high and uncontrolled.



“Calm Down Geet. Please.” Adi tried to compose her.



“Tu apun ko mara. Ja rela hai apun. Bhad me jao tum sab.” Maan also turn furious.



“You can’t Maan. You took 25laks advance and also signed a mutual agreement with us.” Adi threw papers on his face.



“Apun lauta Dega 25 lakh tumhara.” Maan replied without reading.



5croeres. Tumne shayad theek se pada nahi. Agar tumne ye contact toda to tume hume 5 crores dene honge as a penalty.” Adi smirked like a devil seeing his faded face.

“Kya hua? Sab rang udd gaya? I told you mera paisa leke bhagna aasan nahi hai.” His all guards were their so he can’t ran away.


“Adi let him go. I don’t need a bastard like him.” She was still angry. Her rage only pacing.

“No Geet we can’t.” Adi cleared her and remind her about Samarth’s health.



“I don’t need a cockroach to cure my dad. Look at him Adi. Still a road side dust. You know what their is an proverb. “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Her every word only conveyed her hatred towards him.



Maan glare her back. “Look at him. What he learned in past two months. Nothing. Because a bastard like him remain bastard for whole life. He never saw parents to kaise ek baap ka dard samjh aayega. People like him born orphan and die like dog on streets.” Her teeth gritted and she poured out her all anger and frustration on him.



“Enough.” Maan retorted.

Both were astonished that he understood what she said in English. Maan walked towards her. “You slapped me I said nothing but dare curse my blood.” He replied in witty manner.



Both were amused seeing him speaking in English. But that doesn’t make a big difference.

“Bura laga? Same with me. Next time think 100 times before cursing my dad. He is everything to me and I won’t spare you for insulting him. You are here because of him. So better you do your work properly and leave. We are not interested in you. You have to act like his son so be comfortable with this. Baki sab samjhna tumhare bas ka waise bhi nahi hai.” Geet’s demeanour shut his mouth.

“Concentrate on your work.” She turned to Adi. “Let’s go Adi.” She commands him and both left.

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DHADKAN updated Part 3 &4

PART – 3



“Uncle what happened?” She was even scared to ask.



“He got his conscious for few minutes and…” He paused. His voice was so deep.






“He utter his name only.” He told in great disappointment.



They all knew now it wasn’t possible but they couldn’t take the risk of his life.


She shattered more. Warm water comes out from her eyes. She was broken. Where she don’t have a time to mourn for her husband’s demise,she was forced to see her father in law die gradually.


Geet come out and falls on seat. She lost all hopes still wants any hope of ray.



10 mins passed and he came back to her. “Geet today you hit someone?” He asked and shocked her.

Geet feared. “Is he die?” Now she only see wrong in every thing. It seems all hopes of her died with Yash. It’s all darkness around with no light.



Doctor Mehra was scanning her face and she waiting for reply. “Come with me.” He asked her to follow him.



“Doctor uncle please tell me. Don’t scare me more.” She begged and hope for positive reply.



But he doesn’t said a word and just step forward. Soon they reach to a room where that person was admitted. Her legs wobble and feet frozen. She doesn’t want to step in.


“Geet please come. You need to see this.” His voice like betraying his stern features. Adi was already in the room which astonished her. What’s going on? Her mind keep asking from her.


She step in and walked slowly towards the bed,half covered because of divider. Doctor Mehra locked the room from inside.

Adi step aside and gave her a full view of the patient. Who was unconscious that time. Geet saw him and her eyes widened with shock.




“How is it possible? How is it possible?” She keep chanting,not believing on her eyes.




Adi hold her. She was trembling badly. “Calm down Geet. He is not our Yash.”



“But a look like.” Dr. Mehra complete his words.



Geet stare at his face. Same like Yash. She went near him and stretch her arm to touch him. She knew it was not her Yash but his face trouble her a lot.





“Uncle…” She wants to know what’s running in his mind.


“Listen Geet. He is our last and only hope. If he get ready to help us we can save Samarth.” Now he cleared his intentions.




Geet glared him with shock. “What rubbish are you talking? You wanna lie him. Present him as Yash before him. No way.” She yelled at him.



“So what you want? Like Yash we lose him to?” He taunts. “Geet I thought you care for my friend but no.” He was angry at her denial.



“Think whatever but I wouldn’t going to lie him.” She denied and ran out of the room.



“Dad she is right. Uncle love Yash a lot. He got it at single sight.” Adi support her.




“He wouldn’t. Adi go and convince your friend or else Samarth died. After two major losses he won’t be able to bear this loss. We should keep his son before him. Try and understand. Now go and convince her.” He commands him strongly. Not ready to compromise.



Adi went behind her and talked again over this.



“Adi no. I thought atleast you will understand me.” Geet was on denials mode.



“Geet I know what dad said is not practical. But you think just for once think about Uncle.” Adi tried to made her emotional on his name but she was adamant on her point.



“Adi you are wasting your time only. I told my decision already. Or waise bhi who knows what kind of a person he is and from where he came. We can’t risk it. I don’t trust him.” Geet gave points of her denial.



“Geet I know your worries are not invalid. That’s why when I saw his driving license I send my men to find out more about him. Very soon we have his full history. Geet maan jao please.” Adi already started his work on that look a like but convincing her wasn’t easy for sure.


Geet was about to open her mouth when she heard noise of a nurse who was calling doctor in hurry. Geet rush towards the room. Samarth’s heart beat was not normal. Her eyes horrified seeing him struggling with life. Doctor send her out and start his treatment.



Geet burst into tears, larges drops rolling down her cheeks as her face contorted with remorse. “I’m sorry Yash. I am so sorry. But I won’t let anything happens to him.” Emotions rolled through her one after another. Adi sat next to her. “Adi. .” she wailed against his shoulder.



“Geet are you ready now?” He tripped over the last word.



Geet glance up at him. Still not sure what to do.


PART – 4



Geet was walking madly,chased by Adi. He paced and held her by arm. “Geet listen to me.” He swirled her. His breath coming faster matching the pace with hers. She was furious.



Geet jerked him off. Adi held her again but this time from both sides. “Listen to me Geet. Don’t make a scene for god sake.”


Geet wriggle. Not in a mood to pay heed on his words. “No I won’t. I am not interested in your foolish idea. How could you Adi?” Her eyes were red showing her hurt over the issue.



Adi’s heart ached but he didn’t show it. “Geet please. We don’t have a choice. Please.” He pleads.


“No way. He is a bloody criminal. Jiske na maa ka pata hai na baap ka. And you wanna him to portray before papa. No way.” A feel of disgust develop in her heart after reading his history.



“Geet please try to understand the need of situation.” He to was not sure but following the instructions of his father.


“You want him to take place of your friend. This blood criminal.” Geet held his shoulder. “Adi how could you? You to read his file. He is a goon. Bloody cheap.” A wave of rage surged through her veins. Her eyes were emitting fire of anger.


This thought of giving place to this low class rat,of her Yash actually boiling her blood.


“I know. I to read each and every detail of him.” His breaths were quicker more frequent than usual. “Geet do you have better option? Nahi na then cooperate or else…” He paused and stare in her eyes.




Geet clenched her eyes, giving her silent approval. Adi cocoons her. He know how much this going to be difficult for her. Duping her father figure isn’t easy for her.




They all were waiting outside of his room. Not sure how would they convince him. But one thing she learned from his history that money will work for them.




“He is awake. You can meet him.” Doctor informed.




Geet signals Adi and both went inside. He was awake and sat on his bed. Cunning smile was spread on his face.

“Aaiye aaiye. Mujhe pata hai tumne mujhe Thoka. Ab tum nahi bachogi. Ye sara paisa to tum dogi hi uske alwa Baki….” Before he complete Geet interrupt.




“Paise tume mill jayenge. Ye sab k b or ek or kaam hai tumse.” Geet straight come to the point. She knew how to talk with people like him. With Yash she handles many labour problem.




“We know about you. You can do anything for money.” Adi added.




“Kon ho tum log? Koi police wale ho kya?” His smile vanished and tense lines took place.




“Who we are is none of your business. Just tell me what you think about our offer?” Geet don’t want to get soften with him. She knew it’s all a mind game.




Maan don’t understand. “Kya?”



“Geet wait.” He stopped her. “Hume ek kaam hai tumse. Tum paise leke kaam karte ho. Yaha tak ki koi b crime.”




“Kiske hath pair todne hai?” While stretching his body he asked. He now start taking interest in their words.




“Todna nahi hai.” Geet yelled.


“To khoon karna hai? Na wo main nahi karta.” He denied.



“Marna nahi hai bachana hai.” Adi made him confuse.



Maan glance both carefully. “Yede ho kya dono. Apun doctor nazar aa rela hai kya?” He get annoyed easily.




“Adi think once again. I don’t think we made a right choice. Loot at this jerk.” Geet still try to avoid this option. Seeing him her heart and mind conflicting.




“O hello jo bolna hai saaf bolo.” Maan don’t understand what they saying but he able to read her expression which clearly explained her annoyance.




“Geet let me handle him.” He told her to keep quite for some time. “Maan hume ek kaam hai jo sirf tum kar sakte ho.”




“Kaam kya hai?” He asked straight.




“Acting karni hai. Kuchh time k liye.” He brief.




“Tum dono film banate ho? Apun smart hai malum hai apun ko.” Maan praised himself.



“First we need to work on his language. Papa caught the moment he opened his mouth before him.” Geet stare him in disgust. One thing she was sure that he was the most unpleasant creature she ever met in her life.



“Maan you take rest. Hum bata denege ki tume kya karna hai. Aaram karo.” Adi end the conversation for a while.




“Rokra kitna doge. Or ha paise advance chahiye.” He demands.

Geet glared him again. Adi swirl her. “Aata hu main.” He said and left with Geet.




He could feel her fuming. “Geet have you gone mad. What the hell are you doing inside?” Adi know his friend’s temper and the way she reacts would create problem for them.




“I don’t wanna see this man. You want him to take place of my Yash. No way. Trash won’t take place of diamond.” She crossed her arms over chest.




“Geet don’t get personal. Only think of Uncle’s health. What is more important for you this time? Think about it.”



“Janwar hai ye Admi. Neither have any etiquette nor any sense. He never fits in Yash’s shoes.” Fury built to a raging inferno inside of her.



“Geet we can trained him. And who told you to bear him for a life time. Please Geet if you are not helping me then who? After Uncle,only we know the secrets of Yash,his behavior his mannerisms. We should teach him and English isn’t a big problem. We should work on that.” Adi had a double responsibility. One side he had to convince Geet and other side Maan.


Geet lost in deep thought. Her heart bleeds and eyes welled up. But she nodded in yes. “Great.” Adi got a hope. He kissed on her forehead and went inside to convince Maan.

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The greatest WordPress.com site in all the land!


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