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“Come on dad. At least I am not expecting this from you.” Maan was disturbed because of his father’s words.




“What wrong I said son? Look at Mayuk. I can understand your pain but will you understanding your son’s needs and pain. He is so small and need mother.” Samarth replied in same manner.



“Oh really dad. We are much smaller than Mayuk when we lost our mother. Then why you raised us alone. You didn’t bring step mother for us. Why?” Maan trapped his father in his own words. “Dad no woman can take place of biological mother. And I don’t wanna trouble my son in any way.” He was adamant on his words.




“Maan may be you are right but every coin have two sides. Like all step mothers are not good then all are not bad. Geet is my best friend and I know her since our childhood. She give the love Mayuk needs.” Adi to joined hands with Samarth.




“Step mother always a step mother. No matter what.” But Maan denied to accept their proposal.





“How can you say that?” Argument heated.




“Because I know her very well. She hates me then how come she take care of my son? No dad no way. If you want her in this house it’s fine. But don’t expect same from me. She can stay here as long as she wants but I am not going to give her my Nitya’s palace.” Maan stare both furiously.




“She is not going to take any one’s place Maan. She is going to make her own place. Just give her one chance. And please at least trust on my upbringing. I raised her like my own daughter. I know her very well. Can’t for a second you trust your dad?” Samarth annoyed.




Maan was in trauma. Lost in his own pain. “Sorry Dad. But you to try to understand my concern for my son. I have no issues with Geet. But marrying her is not a option for me.” He denied strongly and disappointed Samarth and Adi.




“Maan why you don’t want to marry her?” Adi stopped him and asked for a strong reason.




“No means no.” He denied.




Same time Geet came there, holding Mayuk in her arms. He was sleeping calmly in her warmth.




“Papa Adi…” She glanced at them. “I want to talk with him.” She told her wish and both left. Giving them proper space.




Geet went near Maan and in no second he snatched Mayuk from her. “Geet now understood how she hurt all with her possessive behavior that time. Maan is doing exactly the same.




“Maan I know the reason of your denial and I am absolutely fine with that. But one thing I want to tell you what Nitya told me before dying. She took promise from me that I will never leave Mayuk alone. She wants me to take care of him like her. Like his own mother. I have no other option but to say yes to her. That’s why I said yes for this alliance. Is promise ko pura karne k liye I need your help. Rest is up to you.” She told her point of view. “And don’t worry this marriage would not change anything between us. Neither we are bound to carry this relationship nor we force each other for anything. You can live your life in your way and I in my way. I just wanted a little space for Mayuk. Uske alwa I don’t bother you ever. You have to trust me.” Geet cleared all the points with him.




“Fine. If you ready to act then I am. But keep in mind one thing. If you ever hurt my son even by mistake then you will see your dead end.” He threaten her.




Geet glance at his. “I know. Par uski nobat nahi aayegi.” She convince him and they went out where all were waiting for their reply.




“Dad I am ready for this alliance.” He said and Samarth felt so happy along with Adi.




“But on one condition.” He said and took away the smile.







“We do court marriage. I don’t want any kind of celebration.” Maan told his condition and Samarth accepted happily.





In the presence of their loved ones they complete the formalities of court and wedded legally.




Samarth handover Mayuk in her arms. She kissed on his forehead. “I give promise to your mom. See I am fulfilling it.” She cocoon him and all left to KM.




All were happy and seeing them Maan also felt good.




Time start passing and they made all believe that they are happy together. But the reason is of their togetherness is only his son. His heartbeat. Like Maan and Yash connected with Samarth from heart. Mayuk to connected with Maan in same way. Geet is just a supporting hand. Like a friend….











TEN YEARS PASSED. It’s a beautiful morning. She very slowly step in his room. He was sleeping calmly. Geet tickle on his feet and he quickly hide under sheet. She smiled seeing his antics and tickle on his stomach. This time he wake up.




“Mumma nahi. Please stop.” He giggled and pleads not to tickle him.




“Then come here.” She opened her arms and Mayuk slipped in. She kissed him. “Many many returns of the day. Happy birthday my son.” She caress his head and kiss one more time. Mayuk to kiss his mother.




“Mumma where is my present?” He asked for the gifts.




“Uske liye apko wait karna padega. First brush your teeth and then…”




“Then Nitya mom se blessing lene hai. I know mumma.” He wrapped his tiny arms around her.




After brushing Geet lifts him up in her arms and took before the picture of Nitya hanging on the wall with garland.




“Nitya see your son. Today our baby grew one more year older. Bless him. I hope I am keeping my promise with honesty.” She smiled weakly and Mayuk kissed the picture of his mother.



“Mumma Why Nitya mom lefts me? Isn’t she loves me?” He asked innocently.



“No baby. Mom loves you so much. But Nitya mom ko pata chala ki Geet mumma ko Mayuk ki zada zaroort hai. Isliye Nitya mom ne Mayuk ko mumma ko de diya. And God send her to other child who needs her most.” She always cooked story so his little heart wouldn’t hurt.




“Mumma you need me more?” He asked and Geet nuzzles on his stomach made him burst in laugh.





“You are world’s most cutest baby I have ever seen. So I demand that I want only Mayuk baby.” She tickled him and he giggled again. He wrapped his arms around her neck.




“Happy birthday my boy.” Both heard Samarth’s voice and turned into the direction. She put him on his feet and he ran away. Samarth lifts him up. He wished him again and Mayuk kissed him.




“Dadu where is my gift?”



“Gift… Hwww… I just forget about it.” He teased his grandson. Mayuk felt sad and sat with dull face.




“No one bring gift for me.” He crossed his arms on his chest and made a grumpy face.




Geet and Samarth signal each other. He sat near him. “Bad. This is very bad. Bhai aise b koi karta hai.”




“Papa why you forget my baby’s gift? Very bad.” She tried very hard to keep he laugh inside.




He stood and went away. Soon he appeared with his gift. “Here is my Mayuk’s gift.” He unwrapped and showed him.







“Your own self balancing scooter.” He showed and Mayuk jumped in excitement. He was excited to use it.




“Mayuk be very careful.” Geet cautioned him.




“Don’t worry beta it’s safe.” Samarth assured her.




Mayuk was running in whole hall. Samarth’s phone rang. “See he is calling now.” Samarth got a call from his son who was on a business trip from last one week.




“Hi Dad.” Maan greets him.




“Hi k bachhe. Ye koi baat hui. When will you coming back?” Samarth scold him.




Mayuk listen his grandfather’s words and got it’s from his father.




“Dadu Papa hai. I want to talk.” He start jumping and tried to snatch the phone from him.”




“Ohk ohk. Son talk to your son first.” Samarth handover the phone to him.




“Happy birthday son. God bless you. How are you?” He wished him.




“I am good but I am angry on you?” He told him.



“Why?” Maan asked softly.



“It’s my birthday. But you are not here. This is not fair.” He said with authority.



“I am sorry son. Because of work I had to leave. But I promise before you cut the cake,ill be there.” He promised him.




“Promise?” He asked and he assured him one more time. “Okay then talk to mumma.” He handover phone to Geet.




“Hello.” She start talking.




“Geet I am busy right now. But I will reach on time.” He told her.




“Don’t break your promise because he is only waiting for you.” She cautioned him once again.





“Hmm…” He said and cut the call.




In evening all guests arrived but Maan was missing so he got angry and denied to cut the cake. Geet and Samarth tried his number but it’s out of reach.




“Mayuk cut the cake. Papa kahi fas gaye honge.” All tried to make him understand but he was adamant.




“Until he comes I won’t cut the cake.” He told his decision.




Soon his wish granted. Maan came in with lots of gifts for him. He rushed to him and hung up to Maan.



“Papa…” He shouted in excitement.




Maan lifts him up and kissed numerous times. Mayuk was happy. His father is arrived. He cut the cake and first feed to his grandfather and then to his parents.




At night Mayuk went to his parents room. “Mumma I want to sleep here with you.” He demands and Geet let him in. “Mumma where is Papa?” He scan all around and asked about Maan.





“Papa Bahar balcony me hai. Wait I call him.” She went outside where Maan was laying on his couch. Staring at the vast sky. “Why you left me Nitya? You have no idea how alone I am. You are the only one who accept me as a person. Without judging me. Without knowing my real identity. You love me as a person not the Maan Singh Khurana. Or else every one hates me before that and afterwards people love the name I have. Not me. 10 years passed but nothing changed. I was all alone. Only breathing for Dad and Mayuk. Our son. Beautiful gift you left me to live for. I love you and miss always.” Maan was lost in his thoughts.





Geet broke his trance. “Maan…” She called him and he alerts. He looked back. Geet was stood behind. “Maan, Mayuk want to sleep with his parents. Today you have to sleep inside.” She just told him when Mayuk to came there.




“Papa I want to sleep. Chalo na? What are you doing here in balcony?” He asked the reason of his father being there.




Maan stood up and took him his arms. “Papa Nitya mom se baat kar rahe the.” He caressed his cheek and snuggled softly.




“Mom talked to you?” He asked out of curiosity. “No she only listen to me silently.” He tolds him and all 3 went inside.




Both laid down and Mayuk occupied the center place.




Maan told him stories until he sleeps. With him Maan to slept. Geet covered both and went to Yash’s room. Stood before his pictures hanging on the wall.



She caress them tenderly. “16 years passed Yash. Still I can feel you in my breaths. I know you must be feeling proud on me. As I promised I am taking care of all. I love you Yash and always do.” She lefts and went back to their room. Geet laid next to Mayuk and he instantly turned to her. Wrapped his arms around her. Geet kissed him and turned off the lights.





True love never dies…….

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DHADKAN updated Part 29-30



PART – 29




“Geet are you ready?” He called her and she turned towards the door.





She picked up some files from her table and walked towards him. “I am ready Rohan.” She replied softly and both walked out.



Both entered in the conference Hall. But same time her phone buzzed. She saw and cut the call. “Geet please answer the call.” He requested to her.




“Rohan clients are waiting.” She said and walked away. Geet greet all clients and start her presentation. After meeting clients sealed the deal. All shake hands and lefts. Geet had a smile on her face but one stare took it away.




“What?” She asked.



“Geet stop hurting yourself.” He said and made her stunned.



“What I did?” She question.



“What you did? Geet you know it very well. You were not in yourself today. In meeting everyone noticed that you are distracted.” He said strongly.



“Aisa kuchh nahi hai. In fact we got deal if you forget.” She tried to hide her disturbance from him.




“Yes we got deal but you to know you are not the one today who you were always be. Geet 5 years had passed and you cut off with them completely and they to respect your decision but if he is calling you again and again. Then I am sure there must be a reason. Please reply. Tabi tumhe b sukoon milega.” He said and left her alone.



Geet entered in her cabin and falls on her chair. She hold her head in her hands. Thinks a lot. Glance hundreds times at her phone’s screen. Once again it buzzed and this time she answered the call to got biggest shock of her life.




“Geet you okay?” Voice from the other side asked?




“Yes I am…” She was in shock. Trying to hold her self.




“Then? What you decide? Aa rahi ho na? Tell me what should I say to her?” He asked for a proper reply.



“I am coming Adi. I am coming.” She replied in a broken voice. Tears filled her eyes. She was still in shock.




Rohan came inside and saw her shattered. He paced his step and reached to her. He gave glass of water to her. “Geet you okay? What happened? Is everything okay there?” He knew there must be some reason which brought tears in her eyes. Geet tried to answer but her voice was chocked due to lump formed in her throat. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Breath. Breath…” He help her.




Geet drank water and told her what Adi told her. “Geet tume jana chahiye.” He advised and she nodded.




“Can you help me?” She asked.




“Don’t worry. I will arrange everything for you. You just go and start packing.” He assured her.




Rohan confirm her ticket for India. Flight was on time. Geet waits for Adi on airport. He arrived and she paced her steps towards him. He hugged her.




“Good to see you after long 5 years.” He felt many emotions at the same time.




“You look weak.” She scanned him and said.



“Really? But my wife said I am gaining weight.” Both laughed.




“I am glad you decided to come back.” Suddenly their laugh vanished.




“Chale?” She asked and he nodded.




In car she sat silent next to him. So much running in her mind. Facing all that again. “Kya hua?” He asked to her.




“Nothing just feeling awkward.” She told him.



“Awkward?” Adi not get her.



“Papa ko pata hai that you called me?” She asked to change the conversation.




“No. But I am sure he have an idea. Because Nitya talked so much to him. More than she talked to Maan.” He explained.




With a jerk car stopped before a big building.







“We reached. Are you ready?” Adi asked and she nodded yes. “Then come out.” He opened door for her. She glanced all around. Old memories strikes once again. She entwined her fingers.




“Relax Geet.” He held her shoulder and nod. Both went inside. “This way.” Adi guides her. She felt hesitate but entered inside.




“Geet beta…” Samarth saw her and leave his seat. She rushed to him and he absorb her in his warmth. Samarth kissed on her forehead.




“How are you Papa?” Geet asked seeing him after a long time. Both have tears in their eyes. Samarth wiped off her tears. “You forget about me completely. That’s why cut off with us.” He complaint to her.




“I am sorry Papa. I act like a selfish. In order to get rid of my pain I run away from there. But I never thought this would happen.” Geet apologized.




“Come she is waiting for you.” He said and took her inside the room.




“Ahhhh… Sister aaram se.” She winced in pain.




“Mam this injection is necessary.” Nurse replied to her.



“Nitya beta see who is coming.” Samarth called to grab her attention.




Nurse sides and give her clear view. Nitya saw and Geet appeared. She went near her and hugged her. Nitya hug her back.




“Thank you for coming. Kitni der laga di aane me. Mujhe to laga tha tumhe dekhe bina hi ye aankhe band ho jayegi.” She breathed a sigh of relief.




“Shut up. This is not happening,” Geet choked out, feeling as if her whole world had just shattered. And actually, it had.




Nitya wiped off Geet’s tears. “It’s okay. We all accept it and I have no complaints. In last 5 years I got this much love and happiness that no wish of mine is left. No can sleep calmly..” Geet put finger on her lips. Nitya held her hand. She was smiling.




“When you left you gave me responsibility of Papa and Maan. Now it’s time for me to leave. So before that I want to handover my responsibility which you gave to me. But I added one more to it.” She turned her face to nurse. “Sister…” She signals and nurse left the room.




She came back soon with a little life in her hands.







Nurse handed two month old baby to Nitya. She kissed him so many times. Then she raised him towards Geet. “I added one more. Please hold him. He doesn’t know me as his mother. Due to my illness I don’t allowed to hold him. Geet please….” She requested as her hands started to shake. she breathed incredulously.




Geet quickly took baby from her and soon Nitya lost her conscious. “Doctor… Doctor…” Nurse ran to called the doctor.







PART – 30




MAAN rushed inside ignored his surroundings. He held his wife in his arms. “What happened?” His anxious voice was enough to convey his feelings.



“Don’t panic. I am fine.” She assured him but Maan eyes were fixed on the doctor who was examined her. He wants to hear the same from him.



“Doctor what happened?” He asked straight from him.




“Nitya you take rest and no more talking. Only rest okay?” He cautioned her in strong voice. “Mr. Khurana you come with me.” He wants to talk with him.




Maan kissed on her forehead. “I’ll be back.” He said and stood up. Nitya held his hand and stopped him.




“Don’t take much time. Because I don’t have.” She had a smile on her face but both knows how much pain she was bearing.




Maan bend and kissed her again. “You are not going anywhere. Get it.” Maan caressed her head and left with doctor.




Geet was in waiting room with Samarth. She asked about her condition.




“Doctor….” Maan staring at his stern face.




“Look Maan I already told you about her condition. So be strong. By every passing day she is heading towards her…” He left his words uncompleted. “Accept it. Only do what she wants. Keep her happy.” He explained him. His eyes shed tears. Doctor pressed his shoulder. “Be strong Maan.”




“Papa how… I mean she is so young…” Geet was in shock.




“Don’t know why this happens with my children only. First Yash and now Nitya.” Samarth hiding his pain but occasionally it’s come out. “Everything was going smoothly but then one day we got to know about her illness. But that was too late. Cancer last stage pe tha. We see every doctor. Tried various therapy but no results. Bas Mayuk safely aa gaya duniya me sahi salamat.” His eyes to wetted. He took baby from her hands. “Poor my baby. Don’t get his mother’s love for one day.” He kissed on his cheek and he smiled in sleep. Geet rested her head on his shoulder. Tried harder to stay strong but not possible.



It’s midnight when Nitya took her last breath and left all in tears. She died in his arms. Hospital done the formalities and gave body to them. Early morning Maan do the rituals of funeral. With heavy heart he forced himself to give her final bye. She lefts. Leaving her symbol Mayuk with him and Geet.





One month passed in grief and sorrows. Her memories haunted him. Maan spend all his time with his baby only. He turned mute. Don’t talk to his dad even. She left an emptiness in him which can’t be filled again.




Geet saw him dying every second. She could feel his pain as she go through the same 6 years ago. She tried to talk but he doesn’t gave her a chance.




In evening Mayuk was crying. Geet rushed to held him but Maan took before she could reached him. He tried harder to console his little soul.




“Maan can I?” She hesitated but asked seeing Mayuk restless.




Maan glanced at her. “I can handle my son. Iski adate kharab mat karo. He should know that me and Dad are his only family.” He replied straight forward.




“Maan I can understand what you are going through. Because I experienced the same. Losing someone without who you can’t live isn’t easy.”




“She is my only friend. My best friend. I not lose my life partner but my best friend too.” He said and left.




[Song link: http://youtu.be/qUiuKNjyq4c ]




Maan went to his room where their memories lies.



[ ” Saath mein the, paas mein the

Jaane kaha tum chal diye

Raahein jahan jaati nahi

Dekho wahaan tum chal diye (x2)

Yaara tum bin jeene mein

Saansein chhubhe hain seene mein

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Rozana ye uljhan rehti hai jaane kyun

Jaise kuch pyara sa kahi rakh ke bhoole ho

Tum yahi thhe haan yahi thhe

Kho gaye ho kaha

Yaara tum bin jeene mein

Saansein chhubhe hain seene mein

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Lagta hai ke tum bin

Ab hum reh na payenge

Kya toota hai andar

Yeh hum keh na payenge

Aa bhi jaao hum se aakhir kaise naraziya

Yaara tum bin jeene mein

Saansein chhubhe hain seene mein

Tum bin raha jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Tum bin jiya jaaye na

Hey oh o..”””” ]


He cocoon him near his heart. Roaming around to make him calm.




Samarth couldn’t able to see him in this condition. He tried to talked to him. Seeing Maan allowed himself to be fallen in his arms.




He console his son. But both knows these all are just words. Nothing can took this pain which was for a lifetime.




Adi went back to home. Pinky saw him tensed. “How is he?” She was worried for Mayuk.




“Binn maa ka bachha kaisa hoga. Maan ki haalt hi itni kharab hai.” He couldn’t able to handle the sorrows gripped them.




“Adi I was thinking k kyu na hum Mayuk ko yaha le aaye. Maan wouldn’t able to handle him alone. But I can.” She gave him option to help both Maan and Mayuk.




“You think I didn’t tried. I asked him but he was also right on his place. Pinky he will not going to agree for this. He is getting so much possessive for him. Ab to Uncle ko b zada chhune nahi deta. He kept him in his arms all the time.” Adi explained the situation of him to her.




“I know why he is behaving like this.” Pinky said in a deep voice.




“Don’t know what going to happen.” He threw his coat in frustration and loosened the tie.




“He is doing what his father did in his young age.” One voice came and capture their attention.




“Papa aap aa gaye.” Pinky said and left to brought coffee for him.




“He is not exceptional. He behaves like his father. Even Samarth not allowed anyone near Yash. He scared to lose him to.” Pankaj told them.




“I know how you must be feeling time. Because I to felt very bad for both. I tried to talk to him but he is aloof from all of us.” Adi felt so helpless.




“It’s okay son. Don’t force him for anything. Time cure every wound. Geet ko dekha maine. She looks normal than before. Likewise Maan b ho jayega.. it’s just another hard face of life.” He boost his son.




“I think you are right dad.” Adi convinced with him.

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DHADKAN updated Part 27-28




Part – 27




Maan reached Police station with Adi. They took him to confirm that whether the body they found was of the attacker or not. “This way sir.”




All reached to a room. “The description you gave us was resembling to this body.” He showed him.



“I didn’t get a chance to see his face.” Maan told again.



Officer in charge showed him some things which they found with him. Maan recognized his clothes. “It’s confirmed that he was the one who attacked you that night.” Officer said.



“But he is dead,how?” Adi and Maan both asked the same.



“We found his car in woods and he was dead. Report says that the reason for his death is chocking of his throat.” Officer told them.



“It’s a murder. Culprit killed him to safeguard his/her identity.” Adi said confidently.



“That’s exactly what we feel.” Officer to had the same doubt.




“Any thing else you found near his body which can help us in the further investigation.” Adi enquired.



“No. The Culprit is very smart. Left no clue for us.” His statement disappointed both.




“Alright officer.” He said and both left.




“Culprit is keeping an eye on us.” Maan guess and share.




“Yes you are right. Even in Paris She tried to remove each and every evidence.” Adi shared his experience.




“Maan hospital is not safe. You should agree with Dad.” Adi suggested him and Maan was about to deny but he added. “Don’t worry. Uncle will be alright. Trust us.”



“I know I can count on you.” Maan said with a weak smile.




“Now let’s go back.” Both settled in the car and drove back to hospital.




Meanwhile Pankaj was done all the arrangements. “Nitya you are still here?” Maan was surprised.




“Oh yes. She is a very nice girl. Helping me.” Samarth said with a smile.




“Thanks Nitya.” Maan showed gratitude towards her.



“It’s okay you are my friend and I have done nothing special.” She squeezed his hand softly. “Take care.”





Ambulance took Samarth to KM. Pankaj entered with his small team of doctors and nurses and in another car some equipments were carried.



“Geet is Uncle’s room ready?” He asked and she nodded.




They installed all the equipment to monitor his condition. Pankaj discussed all the details with his Junior before leaving. Dr. Sagar you and Sister Diti will stay here alternatively and switch with Dr. Satish and sister Anna. Is that clear to everyone?” He announced and all nods.




He took Maan to the corner. “These 4 are trustworthy. Still I installed cameras every where to monitor their moments. Now don’t worry. I also instructed Adi. He will help you. So don’t worry.” He said and left.




Adi met with Geet and left. Man came back to his father’s room and sat near him. “Dad how are you feeling now?” He was only worried for him.



“Absolutely fine. My kids are with me. Now I will get back to normal very soon.” He glanced both Geet and Maan.




“Dad you need rest. Now please save your energy.” Maan said and left the room. Not wanting to share space with her when she was showing only hatred for him.




“Is there any problem?” Samarth sensed the tension between them.




“No Papa. Every thing is fine.” She wants to assure him. “Now you take rest okay.” Geet covered him and walked out.




Maan was there in hall. Geet went to meet him. “I don’t care who you are and what relationship you have with this house. But one thing I know is Papa needs you. So better we act like before. I mean stay normal in front of him. As he already sense the tension between us.” Geet cautioned him in rude and rough manner.




Maan glanced at her and step away without replying. So she obstructed his way.







“Keep my warning in your mind.” She cautioned him again but Maan jerked her hand off and step up to reach his room.




Samarth wants to clear his side of story to Geet but wasn’t getting the chance. He was disturbed and upset too.




On the other side the Police and Adi’s men were trying to search for that woman who was playing with their lives.





One week passed and he was safe at home as all guards were working properly. Nitya to daily visited KM to see Samarth.



“You like her?” Samarth asked suddenly and left him stunned.




“What?” Maan acted like unaware.




“I know you do. So don’t act before me.” Samarth teased him.




“Come on dad. She is my friend.” Maan tried covering up.



“Wow that’s great. Now at least you and Geet become friends.” Samarth laid half back. So much relaxed and calm.




“Geet? I thought you were talking about Nitya.” Maan himself blurted out the truth.




Samarth play his card and trapped Maan so easily. “You are caught my boy. I knew it. Yes I was talking about Nitya and now don’t lie to me. I know you like her.”



“No use dad. She to loved Yash. I am just his shadow. Every one who is close to me is just because of him. She is trying to find him in me.” Maan’s voice turned low suddenly.




Samarth held his hand and made him sit near him. “No you are wrong my boy. She likes you. For the person you are. I saw it in her eyes the way she looks at you.” He tried to boost him.




“I don’t know Dad. This time I don’t want to hurt myself.” His eyes turned dead voice leave all enthusiasm.




Samarth coocoon him. Caress his head and kissed on his forehead.




Maan went out to call Adi and found Geet ready to leave. “Where are you going?” He asked before she left.




“It’s none of your business.” She again replied in her rough tone.




Maan held her from forearm and pulled to him. “It’s my business. You are my father’s daughter in law. And anything related to him is my concern.” He hissed in anger.






Geet flinched him off. “I have a very important meeting at office.”



“You are not going anywhere. Don’t forget what Adi cautioned you.” Maan reminds her.




“I know what I am doing. And I can take care of myself.” She glared him and stepped ahead.



Maan held her and tried to drag her inside but she was adamant and quick to. Geet bite on his hand and ran away.




Maan send some guards behind her and informed Adi as well. “Adi stop her before it’s too late. She will listen to you.”




“You don’t worry I will handle her.” Adi assured him and dialled her number but she was in hurry and  was not able to pick his calls up.




“I know Maan had send you behind me. But I am not his slave who will breath as per his accord. I feel suffocated seeing him all the time.” Geet talked to herself and paced her car.





Adi took his car to catch her but all failed as she had been kidnapped. Her car was empty and almost damaged.





Her eyes were covered. Her hands and legs were tied firmly with rope.







She struggled to free herself but no use as the grip was firm and her kidnappers turned her blind folded.




“See how she is wriggling. Like fish without water.” One voice hit her ears. She tried to recognize it but was not able to.




“Don’t take her as soft target. She is very hard to kill. You know what how many times I tried but she is a curse on our lives.” There was so much of hatred in second voice and she recognized it to.




“Mamaji…” Geet mummers.




“Suddenly her blind fold was removed and she got a biggest shock of her life. Her own uncle was standing with one person.





“When you killed Yash I thought she will die automatically but no she found new husband to play. Bloody bitch. First she killed my sister then brother in law a big omen you are. Curse on every one’s life. I wish jeeja killed you the moment you were born. But no he decided to keep you and raised you. Because of you my sister lost her life. Just to safeguard you and when I was going to get compensation in the  form of your property don’t know from where that Khurana came in between and took you away. How many time I tried to kill that bastard but no. He is same like you escaped his death every time. But today no one is going to save you. You will have to die.” He pointed his gun on her forehead and was ready to kill her but another person pushed his hand and he missed the target.




“Don’t act like a stupid. Don’t forget what deal we have. You want her dead and I want Maan dead. She is the only key to bring him here.” She reminded him of what they deals.




“Who are you and why you killed my Yash?” Geet yelled on her.




She fists her hairs. “Awaz niche. I don’t like voices raised against me. Yash ko marna hi tha and now it’s Maan turns. The work left incompleted 27 years ago would be done today only. He will come to rescue you and give his life. Then only my Revenge get completed.” Her eyes were filled with anger and her laugh was sound of death…




PART – 28




Geet was scared and now in a complete mess. She was clueless now. Seeking for a some solution. But her legs and hands were tied.







“Call Maan now.” Other woman commands. Geet’s uncle obeyed and text him.




Maan received message about Geet. Her life is on threat and they wanted him to visit them but alone without informing anyone. Maan panic for few seconds but soon composed himself. He made an excuse and left the mansion.




Her men giving him instructions over phone and he followed their every command. That time Geet’s life was on stake and he wouldn’t risk it.




There was an old godown far away from the city. Her guards check him properly and snatched his phone too.




Maan entered and scanned the area around. He knows they were in danger so his mind start thinking of a plan to escape.




“I am here. Now let her go.” He said while staring all around.




Two men quickly tied his hands to and took him to Geet who was already struggling with her ropes. “Maan run. She wants to kill you.” Geet saw him and screamed.



One hard spank was enough to shut her mouth. “None of you is going from there. You both will die today.” Geet’s uncle roared.



“Who are you and why you want to kill us?” Maan wriggled badly to free himself.




“You don’t need to know this.” She signals and her men pushed Maan inside the same room and locked from outside. “Burn this place so no one found any clue.” She commands and her men put fire on the place. They all ran outside only to welcomed by police who bounded the place from all sides.




“Samarth was panicking but rescue team went inside and brought both Maan and Geet safely.




“Thank you Nitya.” Officer in charge shakes hand with her. “Without your help we never able to catch these culprits.”



“It’s my duty officer. Yash was my friend and I want his culprit behind bars. When Adi called me for help I couldn’t resist.” She smiled.



“I knew it culprit keeping eye on us and know all of us very well. So I need a person who is clean and not with us from a long time and who is trustworthy to. Nitya se better option nahi tha mere pas. When Maan left the mansion without telling us,I alerted her and she hides inside your car due to which we able to track you so easily.” Adi revealed this truth to all.



Samarth hug his kids and then moved towards the culprits. He slapped both. “Shame on both of you. You are her uncle and you.” His eyes filled with anger. “You are his aunt. Massi of Yash and Maan. Did you understand the depth of the word Massi. Maa jaisi and mother give birth not killed. You snatched my son. Why?” His every fiber vibrated with anger surged through him.




“Dad who is she?” Maan asked.




“Saudamini,your mom’s elder sister.” Samarth revealed.




“Samarth she is the one who stole Maan from hospital.” Pankaj saw same bracelet and told all.




“I took what was mine.” She yelled. “Your alliance came for me but you choose Arpita over me. So I decided to took what was mine. If you marry me then they would be mine.” She hissed in anger. No regret was visible in her eyes.




“Then why you killed my Yash?” Geet screams louder in pain.




“27 years ago when I was running with Maan, Samarth and Pankaj chasing me. My car fell in deep water fall due to which I hit with some stone and went in to coma. Some people saved me and admitted to hospital. When I came back to conscious 26 years had passed and I have nothing. Then I decided to give same emptiness to Samarth from which I was suffering. I made a plan and on right time I killed the source of his happiness. But when you introduced Maan as Yash I got that his twin is alive and I have decided to kill him to.” She told in a proud tone.




“Just to satisfy your ego,see what you did. My one son died. My daughter in law turned widow and another one lives a life of beggar. What you get by doing all this? And Himanshu you. You to joined hands with her. Just to get money. Is money matters you this much that you ready to kill the last symbol of your sister?” He felt disgust at the sight of both. “Now I will make sure you both get deserved punishment. Your crimes never let you stay in peace.” He wants to kill both at the moment but Pankaj held his hands and not allowed to commit any crime. Police arrest all and took away.




After completing the formalities Samarth took his kids back to KM. Both Maan and Geet suffered a lot and need time to recover from this incident. Their closed ones wants to killed them and they were disturbed.





Samarth requested to Nitya and send him to Maan. She knocked on his door and entered. “You okay?” She asked and Maan glanced at her but not react. “Are you angry on me?” She saw his eyes and enquired.




“You are here for some purpose. Now that reason is over.” He said without glancing at her.




“Yes the reason was over but not our friendship. You can share your feelings with me.” She said softly.




On the other side Samarth went to see Geet. He knew what pain she must be going through. “Geet beta how are you?” He started with casual talk. She was silent. “Geet look at me beta. What happened?” He asked again to catch her attention.




“Papa why she did this to us? For no reason. What a foolish reasons she gave. She killed my Yash Papa.” Once again her wounds green up and she cried lungs out. He cocoon her and tried to calm her down.




“Calm down my child. Calm down. May be it’s our punishment for unknown sins we commit. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” He wiped off her tears. “Be strong my bachha.” He console her and himself too. Their pain and loss were same.




Trail goes on and culprit got what they deserved. Life Time imprisonment. In this one month had passed and Adi did his level best.




Whole world now came to know about Maan and he got his identity in true manner. Geet decided to leave all of them for forever.




“No I don’t allow you to do this. Geet if you are angry because I hided the truth from you…” Samarth thought she must be angry on him for hiding Maan’s truth from her.




“No Papa I am not going because I am angry on you. I am sure you had valid reasons for doing that but now I can’t breath in this mansion. Every thing of this house reminds me of the time I spend with Yash. His absence killing me every day. Please let me go. I can’t breath here.” Geet cried again.



“Geet at least wait for their marriage.” He tried to stop her by any means.




“Please Papa don’t force me. And promise me you will not try to find me. I want to go a place where may I get rid of my pain. Please Papa allow me.” She joined hands before him and he melted.





“Fine beta. If you want this then I will not come in your way.” He went inside and brought some papers with him. “This belongs to you.”




“Ye kya hai Papa?” She asked.




“Will papers. I am the legal guardian but now it’s your responsibility.” He handed her and allow her to leave. He kissed on her head and turned his back as he can’t able to see her exit.




Geet came down. Driver took her luggage. “Geet please don’t go. I need my friend in my marriage.” She insisted.



Geet palmed her cheek. “I will if I can. Try to understand my situation. But you don’t worry my all best wishes and prayers are with you. I know you will take better care of both Maan and Papa. Promise me you will never let me down. I am leaving him in your hands.” Geet took promise and Nitya nods.




Maan proposed Nitya and she said yes to him. Now when all mess was settled they decided to marry but Geet leaving them behind for her betterment. She decided to go far away from the house where her pain never got cured. She just glanced all for the last time and left.




After two months both get married. Maan starts his new life with Nitya while Geet start a fresh in new place. She got job and engrossed herself in her work completely.

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DHADKAN updated Part 25-26



PART – 25





“Maan please calm down. It’s a hospital. Neither it’s a place nor time to blame each other.” Nitya keep trying to cool down his anger.




Maan fumes and left from there. He was disturbed and in pain. After ages he got back his father but in a flip of seconds everything was ruined.



“It’s okay Geet. He is disturbed.” Nitya console seeing her crying.



In evening Samarth shows positive signs. He opened his eyes, though for a very short time but he got his conscious. He saw his son near and got relief.




“Maan he is out of danger now. So please go and take some rest.” Doctor Mehra advised him.




“No Uncle. Now I will only go from here when my dad is with me.” He told his decision.




“Maan it will take time. Try and understand. I can’t risk his life. Discharge me abhi time lagega. I will keep him under observation for few more days. So it’s not possible.” He tried again.




“I am not anywhere.” He replied strongly.



“Okay fine but at least eat something. I am sending your dinner.” He said and left.




Outside he saw Geet and Nitya. “Both of you please leave. No need to increase the rush. He is fine.” He said and left.




He called his son and command him to pickup the girls from hospital. He obeyed and took both from there. “He took both for dinner.




“Adi why we are here?” Geet don’t like the place.




“Because you both hadn’t eaten yet. So no excuses. We do dinner together. Nitya b kafi salo baad aai hai.” He told and took both there.




He ordered for them after asking their choice. “Nitya where were you disappeared? I mean after school we seeing you today only?” Adi enquired.




“I don’t know whether you remember or not but I was living here with my grandma. My parents shifts to New York but I stayed back here to complete my school. Afterwards I to joined them.” She told them without any hesitation.




“So why here after so many years?” He asked more.




“For some important work.” She replied briskly. She checked out her watch. “I think I should leave now. But guys you can call me anytime. Any help which I can do, please let me know.” She said and lefts.



Geet ate very little and demand to leave the place. Adi dropped her at KM. She straight went to Yash’s room and stood before his large college. “I am sorry Yash. I know I messed up the situation but you tell what option I have. I can’t able to tolerate that he is getting your share of love. Papa loves you only then how could he gave your place to him?” She was crying before him.




Sun dawn Nitya reached hospital to check Maan and Samarth. “Good morning Maan.” She greets him.



“You here this early?” Maan was surprised seeing her there.



“I know you not leaving him for a second so I bring this for you.” She brought home made breakfast for him.




“Nitya…” Maan felt awkward taking help from a person to whom he don’t even know.”



“I know what you are thinking. How can you take help from me when you don’t even know me. Okay let me make it simple. Hi I am Nitya garewal. Can you be my friend?” She raised hand towards him for friendship and her gesture bring smile on his dead face.




“Are you sure?” He asked and she nodded with smile. Maan held her hand. “Request accepted.”




“Now problem solved. Go and wash your face and then eat.”




“But dad… I can’t leave him.” Maan felt with insecurities. Don’t want to leave his father even for a second.




“I will stay with him. You can go.” She assured and Maan left.




Meanwhile nurse and Pankaj came to check Samarth. “Where is Maan and what you are doing here?” He asked strongly and she explained.




“Hmm….” He only hmmed and check his friend. He instructed nurse and stay till Maan came back.




“Good morning Uncle.” Maan came back and greet him.




“Good morning Maan. How are you?” He checked his bandage. “Is change karna padega.” He told him. “Do one thing. Come and do breakfast with me. After that I will change this to.”




“Uncle Nitya brought breakfast for us.” He told him.




“Oh… So you both enjoy then come to me.” He said and left.



.”I have no idea about your choice so bring food of my choice. I hope you don’t mind.” Her breath hitched as she looked at him.




“I am not particular about food. Just need to survive.” He growled.




“Okay now I have to go.” She said after they done.




“Stay with Dad. Just for few minutes. I will be back shortly.” He requested her.




“I will. You go and get your bandages changed.” She assured him and Maan lefts.




Meanwhile Geet to arrives. Seeing no one she to got a chance to see Samarth. She went inside and found Nitya there.




“You here?” She was surprised not expecting her to be there.




“I came to check him.” She replied softly. “Uncle is fine now. Doctor Mehra confirmed.” She saw her tense face and told to took away her worries.




“Where is Maan?” Geet enquires about him.



“He went for bandage change.” She replied.




Geet sat near him. “Papa please come back home soon.” She held his limp hand and pleads. “Nitya you can leave now. I am here with him.”




“Once Maan come back I will.” She was waiting for him.




Maan came back and seeing her near his father turned furious. “Now what you want?” He asked in a low but dangerous voice.




“I only came to see Papa.” She replied in a dead voice.




“Huhh… Now if you have seen then please leave us alone.” His voice was rough and slightly irritated.




“I will when I want. He is not only your father but my father in-law to.” She replied in same manner.



“I don’t have a right to interfere but please both of you behave like an adults. Uncle is not well and you are fighting near him.” Nitya reminds them where they were quarreling.




“Then told him stop ordering me. Waise bhi nothing is change for me. For me only my Yash was his true son. He did everything for Papa. Where were he when he was facing problems? One report could not change anything. I will not accept him as a true Khurana.” Geet not ready to accept to him. “Who knows you killed my Yash to take his place. I don’t trust you now.”





Maan shot her an aggravated look. His fists firmed which held by Nitya on time, before he loose his cool completely.




Doctor Mehra entered there. “Geet enough. I had enough of your tantrums. You are the curse on my friend’s life. The trouble you are asking about cause because of you. Because of your adoption my friend’s life put in danger. Your so called relatives trying every possible way to remove him from their way so they get your property and you blaming Maan for that. Now if I see you again here I will forget everything and throw you out of my hospital.” His patience give up and he revealed the truth. Doctor Mehra fixed camera in his room to keep personal watch on him and now when he noticed Geet accusing him for no reason he lost his patience. “You are a big curse on Samarth and his family. Now just get lost.”




“Geet please come.” Nitya sense the tension rosing there so she dragged her out.




“Nitya leave my hand. I will not going anywhere.” Geet bursts on her to.




“Geet please calm down. You will get nothing by getting hyper on Maan. Please try and understand the need of situation. Be mature. Now you are not a school kid who commit mistake after mistake and none say anything to you. He is his father whether you want to accept or not.” In a flow she to get hyper but control quickly. “I am sorry. I should not talk like this.” She paused and scan her eyes. “Geet I can understand your pain. It’s not easy for you to accept him but think about Uncle. He got back his son after ages. Why you want to parted him again? Please think about it calmly. Rest is up to you.” Nitya advised and leave.




“No I will never accept him. He have no right to take my Yash’s place in Papa’s life.” She wiped off her tears and walked out.




Its mid night when Maan felt thirsty. He checked the water bottle but it was empty so he walked out to get some water. Corridor was silent and deserted at that time. He walked on his normal pace. Suddenly he feels some one is following him. Maan got alert. His doubt was right. He hide quickly behind near wall to catch his follower.




Stalker to stopped and look all around. Seeking for him. Maan was in wait and at the right time he attacked on him. Person’s face was covered. He try to unmasked but person run away as their noise alerts the security staff. But in hurry that person dropped his gun which was a clear sign the motive was only one and that is to kill Maan….











PART – 26




AGAIN Maan was  attacked but this time this was hiden from his father as he just opened  his eyes. But Doctor Mehra was loosing his cool.




“We have to find her. That woman whose hand was showing in that CD.” He strained his memory and a blurred flash widened his eyes.




“That bracelet… I got it. But how can I tell this toamarth. He is weak.” He was in dilemma but Maan’s security was his priority that time so he called Adi and explained to him.




“Dad are you sure?” His lawyer mind wants confirmation.



“Hundred percent sure. And if I am not wrong she will do everything to harm Maan.” His voice was heavy and shoulders leaned. He was stressed badly.




“Don’t worry dad. Nothing will happen to Maan.” He assured.




“I think I should discharge Samarth. They will be more safe in KM.” He called his all reports.




Samarth saw Maan sleeping on his side when he opened his eyes. He stroked his hair back. Love this feeling of loving his baby. His heart swelled because he knows he had been there with him all the time. He could feel his presence even in his unconscious state. He have a strong connection. Heart to heart connection with his boys. Arpita died the moment they arrived to the world. He is the one who raised them since their first breath in this world. But destiny snatch him and for whole 27 years. He was only 3 that time. He wants to reach him but all the machines attached stopped him.



“Maan…” He whispered but his voice reached to him.




Maan was instantly awake, his eyes jerking to his face, scanning it with obvious uneasiness. “Dad what are you doing?” He panicked seeing him struggling to get up. Maan sprang from his chair and laid him back. “Dad relax. I am here with you and will never leave you again. I promise.” He held his hand near his heart. Gave reason to smile.




“I equally love you my son.” Samarth tried to explain to him in broken voice.




“Dad please don’t try to talk. You need rest.” He requested. “I know it’s my fault. I over reacted that time. Please forgive me dad.” He apologized. Maan signals him and and he bow down to him. He kissed on his forehead.




“I miss you every second of my life. That day I felt I lost you again.” He poured out his pain before him.




“I am sorry Dad. Aap please shant ho jao. I will not leave you alone ever.” He kept promising him to made his father believe that he would stay with him till his last breath.




Samarth slept and Nitya came to see both. “How is he today?” She asked politely.



“Just slept. He is feeling insecure.” Maan told her.




“It’s natural when he is already lost so much in life. First your mom, then you, then Yash. Now he is not in a state of loosing any of his loved one. Maan I don’t come to preach you but please never hurt your dad. He face so much in life.” She very carefully made him understand that what his father felt. Maan nodded. She saw him silent and serious so change the topic instantly. “Maan you removed your bandages?” She asked.




“Ha wo itching ho rahi thi.” Maan replied.




“Maan you should ask from the doctor first.” She is worried.




Meanwhile Doctor Mehra came there. “Good morning my friend.” He greets his sleeping friend.”




“How are you my boy?” He asked from Maan.




“Uncle I am good but I want to know about dad.”




“He is absolutely fine. Infact I am giving him discharge.” He told him. “You come with me.” He took him along.




“Uncle discharge?” Maan was surprised by his decision.



“It’s necessary for your safety my son. Though I put security every where still that gun man entered. I can’t risk your life.” He told the reason.




“And I can’t risk my dad’s life. He need full medical attention.” Maan denied to take Samarth home.




“Don’t worry about him. I will arrange everything at home. And most importantly he needs you near. I am sure at home he will recover soon.” He was reasonable but Maan was adamant.




“No I can’t take chance. Last time the nurse you send was mysterious. I saw her spying us.” Maan told to him.




“What? Then why didn’t you tell this to us?” Doctor was shocked hearing this.




“I threaten her but she made excuses and apologized so I spare her. That time I have no idea what she is up to.” Maan told him his reason.




Running a frustrated hand through his already-tortured hair, he growled. “Maan you have no idea what you did. I am sure she must be spying for the person who killed Yash and now she is after you.”




Maan eyed him. “She? You know her? Tell me her name I will kill her right now.” Maan turned furious. His eyes burned with rage.




“I don’t know about her but yes I got some clues which indicates….” He turned silent.




“What indicates? Uncle what you and Dad hiding from me?” He asked strongly.




Doctor Mehra showed him that CD. “See this hand in this video. This is our only clue. Adi got that CD from the house of that hired killer who killed Yash in Paris.” He told him and his every fiber burned with rage. Angry and completely desperate,he only thinking of killing the culprit who gave pain to his family.




“Look at her hand. This bracelet. I think so much and finally remembered. The woman who stole you from hospital wearing the same bracelet. I still horrible remembering that day.” he rumbled, his chest vibrating with emotion.




“Uncly who is she? And why she kidnapped me?” So many revelation in a day give birth to so many queries.





“Even we don’t know who was she and why she kidnapped you. That time to she was hided her face in burka. Maan you and Yash were entwined twins. Have you ever noticed why you have a strange marks on your chest?” He showed him and Maan nodded no. “Because you and Yash were inseparable. Operation was risky so we waited till you turn 3. Tum dono bhai dil or DHADKAN se jude hue the. Shyad tume alag karna hi humari mistake thi. Samarth  hired best doctor for this operation. Puri team India aai thi and they got success to. But hardly we know our happiness was only for a short time. The day you were discharged one woman came and kidnapped you in front of our eyes. We chased her but her car fell in deep water fall. We search for whole month but got nothing. The flow of water was fast enough to take you away. In fact search team had a doubt that you must be drowned and died. Gradually we all believe that we lost you but Samarth kept trying for several years. But couldn’t find you. Neither we found that woman nor you. Now I had a strong feeling it must be the same woman who kidnapped you. Like you are alive so why not she?”




“But if she is the one then why she don’t do anything in past 27 years? Why waited for long 27 years?” Maan’s mind running in pace and they think on every possibilities.




“That’s what I to want to know. Where were she and from where appears suddenly.” Many questions but no answer.




They were busy in talking when his phone rang. Maan answer the call and hung up.



“Uncle I have to go.” He told him.




“But where?”




“Police station.” He told him. “They found one dead body who is resembling with the person,who attacked me on that night.” Maan told him.




“Okay but you are not going alone. Adi ko sath leke jao.” He instructed him and Maan nodded.

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DHADKAN updated Part 23-24



PART – 23




Samarth admitted to hospital again. Maan was missing and Geet was shattered.





“Dad….” He wake up with a jerk. Breathing heavily. Wetted in his own sweat. Looking all around. Completely new place.






It’s some one’s mansion but not his. Doctor and nurses where there to take care of him. He was confused and panicked. He trying to detached all the bandages so he can move easily.




“Calm down Yash. Please don’t get up.” One soft voice stopped him. He try to concentrate but the head injury not let him do properly.




Maan stare her beautiful face. “Please Yash, you are injured.” She trying to made him laid back.



Maan shoved her away. “Leave me alone. I am not Yash.” He hissed in anger. Again that feeling of living in shadow of his brother irked him.



She doesn’t understand his behaviors but ready to co operate. “Okay okay as you said. But please don’t stressed yourself. You need rest. It’s good that you don’t have major injures. But that doesn’t means you ignore your wounds.” She pleads and made him laid back. She signals doctor and he gave him injections so he could sleep calmly.




“Doctor what happened to him? Why he is not recognizing himself?” She sounds worried.




“May be the injury he have on his head. But that was a minor one.” Doctor was not sure about his condition. “Right now I gave him an injection due to which he will sleep properly. I leave one nurse with him. In case of emergency you can call me. Take care.” He said and left. She was waiting for his reports because then only doctor would able to handle his case properly.




In hospital all were worried for Maan and Samarth. Samarth was in bad state and Maan was missing. They search him but didn’t get any clue.





“What would we do now?” Geet panicked.



“It’s all your fault. Can’t you keep your mouth shut for few more days?” A strong voice scolded her.



“Dad please.” Adi tried to defend but Doctor Mehra’s anger had no bound today.



“Shut up and dare you even think of defending her. Show your expertise to other not to me. Ask her what’s she wants. She want him to die to. Now listen to me very carefully Geet. If anything happens to my friend or his son, I will not spare you.” He said in rage and left from there.




Geet to felt guilty. Her insecurities lead them here in hospital. Once again situation turned worst. Samarth is critical and his son is missing.




“Adi I had never thought something like this happened.” She was in pain of having guilty for putting both lives in danger.




Adi cocoons her. Patted her head. He cautioned her but she didn’t listen to him and now he to was confused what to do and how.




Night passed. All were restless. “Any news of Maan?” She asked from Adi.



He nodded no. “My men searching him every where. Don’t know where he left?” He hit the door in anger.




“Orphanage may be.” Geet trying to figure out the possible place where he went.




“They search every where but couldn’t found a single clue yet.” He said in frustrated tone.




“Adi we have to find him and soon.” She pleads.




“I know Geet.” Both felt miserable. “But how? I am trying my level best.”




“I have one way.” She suggested him and he agreed.





“I think or koi option b nahi hai.” He said and left.




In mid noon Maan got up and she came to him. “How you feeling now?” She asked softly.




“I am fine.” He replied roughly.




“Yash…” She address him with this name and enraged him.




“Shut up. Nahi hu main Yash. I am Maan. Did you get that?” He bursts on her and she scared seeing his anger.




“Okay calm down. Calm down.” She trying to cool down his temper.




“Yash… Sorry I mean Maan… What are you doing on that road and alone. Where were your car or driver?” She enquired. Wants to know what exactly happened with him.




Maan remembered the last night. Still struggling with his own emotions. He wasn’t sure. Maan touched his bandage. “I don’t know. I was walking and one car came in speed towards me. I ran other side to save me and hit with something. I lost my conscious and when awake I was here. Who are you?” He asked about her identity.




“Yash I am your classmate. Nitya.” She was astonished on his strange behavior.




“Oh so are also his friend. Listen girl. I am not the one who you are looking for. Yash is my twin and he was died in an accident last year.” He told her rudely. Getting pissed off completely.




Nitya was in shock. Couldn’t able to come out of this news.




“You mean the news last year spread was true?” She asked to confirm again. Not able to believe on this horrible truth.




Maan explain her every thing. How he replaced him. “The person you are looking for is not me.”




She needs time to come out of this shocking news. “I am sorry.” She ran away from there. Maan was scanning her expressions and assumed. He sat back. Not sure from here where he leads. His life is clueless.




“All only love Yash. Dad love him. Geet love him. This girl to love him. What about me? I am just unwanted since my birth. Then why God keep me alive. It’s better he killed me instead of him. All needs him only.” His heart is heavy. Feeling of being alone between own loved ones is worst punishment. He felt like an empty vessel.




Other side his father’s condition going more worst.







PART – 24



“Maan I think you should see this.” Maan was in his own griefs when Nitya came to him all shocked.




Maan follow her and reached to her room. She pointed at the tv screen. Where a famous billionaire’s ailing news flashing on screen.



Maan panicked. “I have to go.” He turned restless forgetting his rage.




“Wait Maan. You are not well to drive. I take you there.” She offered help and escorted him.




Both reached to hospital. Adi and Geet turned happy seeing him back but he ignored both and rushed to meet his father. Doctor Mehra was there in I.C.U. he barged inside.




“Maan…” He saw and hug him. “Thank God you come back.” He was happy to see him.



“Dad.” He went near Samarth. Sat near while holding his hand. Tear drop float out.



Doctor Mehra caressed his head. “Uncle, Dad…” His voice died inside. “I don’t want to be an orphan again.” His voice was low and lips wobble. There was a pain of a abandoned child reflecting through his every gesture.




“Don’t worry son. Now you come back to my friend. I am sure he will be fine soon. Just stay with him and never leave alone.” He allowed him to stay with Samarth and console him.



“Hi Geet.” Nitya start casual talk.



“Nitya?” She was surprised seeing her with Maan. “After school hum aaj mill rahe hai.” It’s a long time they last saw each other.



“Yeah… How are you?” She asked about her well being. Nitya went near her. “Maan told me everything.” She told and Geet left stunned. “It’s okay Geet no need to pretend. I can understand what you are going through.” She consoling her.



“Thanks for bringing him back.” She tried to change the topic.



“If I have idea what’s going on here, I brought him earlier.” She replied softly.




“Why he have bandages?” Geet enquires and Nitya explained her about his accident.



Adi came there. “Hi Nitya.” He saw and recognized.



“Hi Adi how are you?” Both talk casually. Geet told him about Maan’s accident.




“Nitya can you tell me some details about that car who trying to harm him?” Adi’s brain start questioning.




“I don’t know anything. Because when I picked up Maan from roadside there was no car there. Maan himself told me about the incident after getting his conscious back.” Nitya cleared everything.




Doctor come out. “All of you leave.” He commands to all. “This is my hospital. Not some play ground where you all are hanging out.” He was rude and rough. Because of his health his anger coming out eventually.




“We are here for uncle,not for partying.” Adi snapped in a same way.




“We don’t need you. Jiski zaroorat hai wo a chuka hai.” He kept showing his anger till one Junior doctor distracted him.




“Sir here are the reports.” He gave him Samarth’s latest report.




“Leave.” He stare all and left with his Junior.




Maan hold his limp hand between his hands. Resting his forehead on it. “I am sorry Dad. I shouldn’t blame you. Please open your eyes. I promise I will never leave you alone.” He watched him carefully. He was fighting for his life and seeing this his heart break more. “Dad please talk to me.” He pleads. Maan was crying. Pleading to him.




“Calm down son.” A hand on his shoulder and a soothing voice console him.




Mann slanted his neck and back to glance at him. “He is stable now.” Doctor Mehra was stood behind him.




“Uncle dad theek ho jayenge na?” He asked like a small child who was scared to core. All he knew was panic and pain. Pain of loosing him for forever.



“Yes Maan. He is stable and now when you are with him,I am sure he recovers soon.” He said with a smile. “Just stay with him. He needs you and love you so much. Never doubt on his love for you. Because I saw him crying for you. Maan we don’t tell you because we don’t know how will you react. Hume isi reaction ka darr tha or wahi hua. But Geet spoiled every thing. Maan your dad love you so much. See your separation did this to him. So never leave your father. He is breathing only to see you.” He explained to him the reason why they hide the truth from him.




“I am sorry Uncle. But I promise I will never do this again. No matter what. I just want my dad alright.” He realized his mistake and apologized to. Pankaj embrace him.




“It’s okay son. He will be fine soon. Don’t worry I won’t let him leave us as easily.” His statement was filled with confidence.




He left him with Samarth. Adi followed him in his cabin. “Adi spare us. Take your intelligent friend out of my sight.” He was very angry on Geet and don’t wanna see her face.




“Dad please it’s urgent.” He told him everything what Nitya told him.




“Adi this girl Nitya. How much trustable she is?” He enquired.



“Dad she is with us in school. Afterwards we don’t know where she lefts. In fact after school I am seeing her today only.” Adi to don’t know whether to trust her or not.




“Now we have to be more careful as Maan told her everything about his identity. And at this point we can’t take any risk. Don’t trust anyone easily.” His forehead squeezed which he rubbed between his thumb and index finger. “Adi keep eye on this girl. Because CD me Jo hath dikha hai wo kisi female ka hai. That bracelet,I don’t remember but it seems I had seen before.” He strained on his memory to remind but no use.




“Sure Dad.” He said and left.




Adi went to Geet. “Geet I think we should leave now. Dad is very angry.”



“No I won’t.” She was adamant.



“Geet try to understand this. He will not let you go near him.” He explained but Geet was stiffened.




“I don’t care how much he scolds me. Until I see Papa fine I won’t go anywhere.” Geet stood on her place.




“Adi don’t worry. I will stay with her.” Nitya decided to stay with her.



“Okay but try to avoid Dad. You know his anger.” He cautioned them and left.




Both sat and wait outside. In evening Maan came outside and saw both.




“How is Papa?” Geet asked from him but he didn’t want to talk to her.




“By the grace of God he is still breathing or else you leave no stone to kill him.” Maan to blamed her as he was trying to stop her but Geet didn’t listen to him that time.



“Maan please. It’s not a time to blame each other. I don’t know the exact matter but I know one thing that Geet never do anything which harm Yash and his family.” Nitya sided her and trying to calm down his anger.




“Nitya stay out of you and stop defending your friend. I know what she did and can do.” Maan stare her furiously. “I warned you not open your mouth but you did exactly opposite. Now listen to me very carefully if anything happens to him I will kill you. Bahut shuk hai na Yash k pas jane ka. I will arrange for you.” His fear come out in the form of anger on her. Maan was fuming furiously and she could see the hatred for her in his eyes.

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PART – 21



Maan went inside and she received a call from Adi.



“Yes Adi?” She received and replied.




“How’s going on? Everything?” He asked, trying to calm his voice.




“Nothing is right Adi. I am so confused. When you will come? I am tired handling all this alone.” Geet start cribbing seeking her support.




“Don’t worry. My work is done and soon I will be there with you.” He told her and assured.



“Thank God. By the way what was your so called important work?” She asked again.




“I will tell you everything once I visit you.” Adi still glued on his decision and don’t disclose anything on her.




“Come back soon.” She said in a pleading way.




She to went inside. Wants to talk with him. He was inside washroom so she wait outside. Maan came out. He glance at her. “You here?” He asked while rubbing his wet hairs.




Geet crossed her arms on her chest. “Yes I want to talk with you.” She stare him. Clear sign that again came to pin point at him.




“Now what you want?” He asked.




“Now listen to me very carefully. I don’t know whether you notice or not but Papa is getting closer to you with each passing day.” She start explaining.




“So?” He didn’t get her.



“So…” She get bit annoyed. “Don’t you understand what are the consequences of this?” She stare him. Her eyes shot glares.




“Geet I don’t get what’s your problem? I think this is the reason you brought me here.” Maan to annoyed at her every second changing rules.




“I brought you to save him. But you doing exactly opposite.” She accused her.




Maan’s jaw clenched hard and he held her from arms.








“What’s your problem tell me? Now what wrong I did?” he rasped, trying to squelch his anger.




Geet jerked him off. “My problem is you. Stop playing with his emotions.” She yelled on him.




“I am playing with his emotions? Or you guys playing. I am not coming here with my own will. It’s you who lied to him.” He was hurt with her endless allegations.




“Stop arguing and listen to me. From now onwards you will not obey him. Don’t reciprocate his love and…” She paused and Maan glance in her eyes.




“And? What you want tell me Geet?”he shrugged.




“Start disrespecting him.” She command him with heavy heart.




“How dare you?” His statement was low, dangerous, spoken like he was barely able to contain his caveman instincts…which he was. Right now he wanted to slap her hard and his hand raised to but somehow he controlled.






He tried to walked out but Geet stopped him.






“I am not done yet. And never show me this attitude of yours again. I am paying you. So do what I said.” She commands and expected him to do so. “And I am sure it wouldn’t be difficult for you as you have no respect for him.” She taunts.




His icy stare said everything still she was adamant on her demand.




“Do what ever you want to think? But I am not going to hurt my dad.” He said with such accord which astonished her.




“He is not your dad. So don’t try to act smart.” She yelled.




“He is my dad. Not by blood but by heart he is. You have no idea what we share from past few months. I agree initially I don’t like his behaviors but now I understand why he doing all this. Daily he comes to my room and share stories which he used to tell Yash in his childhood. He share his feelings for me. He cares for me. He thinks I am sleeping but actually I was waiting for him,….” He paused. His voice turn heavy and eyes burned because of holding water drops inside. ” He never missed a day and you wants me to hurt a person who love me this much that he avoid his sleep just to spend time with me.” His voice was raspy and low. His eyes heated and intense.




Geet’s fists firmed to much harder that torn the soft and delicate skin of her palm. “He is not your father and the love he showering on you is also not yours. He is doing all this just because he think you as Yash or else he wouldn’t even glance a bastard like you.” She again remind him of his status. She had slung the hurtful words at him out of frustration and more than a little fear. And the words weren’t the least bit true.




Maan wants to serve her right but for Samarth’s sake he stopped himself as he knew how much he love her,like his own daughter.




“It’s not you. It’s your jealousy talking. You scared might I will replace your Yash.” He rubbed her on wrong side.




“Look who is talking? No one take my Yash’s place in his heart. You have no idea what he feels for him. So don’t even think  about it. I know what you are up to. You have changed your mind. Now you are thinking of grabbing more money but let me tell me tell you one thing. Until I am alive this will not gonna happen.” Frustrated she blurted out what ever comes to her mind without even analysing the effects of her words.




“I don’t care. Think whatever you want. But keep my words in your mind. I am not going to leave my dad. Understand.”  His statement was fierce and his eyes were shooting fire.




Maan in anger rushed out and found Samarth there. His face faded seeing him. Not sure how much he heard of their conversation. His heart beating very fast. Out of fear because he doesn’t want to lose a father again.






PART – 22


Maan was scared. Once again he was going to lose his only relation. He live life of orphan. Bear abusive language. Do crimes to survive because no one was in his life to guide or take care of him. By the grace of God he got his father in Samarth,which he want to possess for life time. His mind knows it’s a beautiful lie but he wants to live this lie only.


“Dad you here?” He break the silence to know what he heard.


“Yes my son I am here to call both of you for lunch. See the time. Don’t you feel hungry?” He caress his head and invite for lunch.


Maan took a long breath. He was in relief that he didn’t heard anything. “Of course dad.” He said with a smile and walked with him.


Geet followed both. She is still fuming as Maan denied to obey her instructions.


After spending a beautiful day out all drove back to KM.


Adi got what he want so he returned to India. He straight went to meet his father. Doctor Mehra was waiting for his arrival.


“Did you get for what you went there?” He asked.


“Yes dad.” He showed him the CD. “Just look at this dad.” He played it on his laptop. Both watch the video very carefully.


“Face is not clear but now we have some clues.” His voice was firm and forehead squeezed.


“What happened dad? Is anything which you hiding from me?” Adi scanned him carefully and stared like he is interrogating some criminal.


“Don’t talk to me like this. Dare you crossed your limits.” He scolded him and Adi left the room in anger.


He was tensed for sure. He instantly picked up his phone and dialled. ” Please come as soon as possible. You need to see this.” He cleaned the sweat beads and hung the call.


Adi drove to KM. He wants to meet Geet. So he after meeting Samarth he straight went to meet her. He knocked and she got his view. Geet left all her work and rushed to him.


“Adi I am so happy to see you back. You have no idea what’s going on here?” She start talking without a pause and told him what had happened in his absence.


“Geet please calm down and tell my why you so much disturb? It’s our plan to save uncle then why you want him to give pain to Uncle? Geet try and understand we have no idea what is his exact condition. Don’t know if he misbehave how would Uncle react. What if he take this on heart?” Adi cautioned her but she was restless. Seeking support from him but he to sided with Maan.


“Adi you are not understanding this. Because you haven’t seen what I noticed in last few days. Papa is getting so much possessive about him. Raat raat bhar sote nahi hai. Every time roaming around him. Sharing his thoughts with him. Adi you are not understanding. We should parted him from Papa.” She is restless and panicked.


“Geet please. Just few days. You have to bear this.” Adi caress her head. “Now you are not alone. I  always with you on every step.” He assured her and told her to maintain her patience. Adi lefts.


In evening Geet again found Maan with Samarth and now her patience left her. She straight went to them. Anger rose inside of her like a phoenix, climbing higher and high, stronger and stronger. She could barely see through beyond her anger.


“Papa I want to talk with you.” She said and glance at Maan.


He could sense danger through her gestures. “Yes beta tell me.” He asked.


She sat near him and hold his hand but Maan pushed her away. “Geet dad is tired. You can talk later.” Maan tried to avoid the situation which only bring destruction for all of them.


She flinched off his hands. “I want to talk right now.” She glared him.


“I said no.” Maan roared.


“Just shut up okay. Now I am not going to tolerate this nonsense any more.” Geet yelled and Samarth senses their tension.


“I said no.” Maan held her forearm firmly and she kept trying to freed her. Wriggling badly.


“You can’t stop me today. Papa your son is dead.” She said and with a hard spank falls on floor.


Samarth rushed to strengthen her. “Maan….” He roared and stunned both.


“Papa you know this? How and when?” So many questions were troubling both of them now.


“Yes I knew he is not Yash.” Samarth admit.


“Papa you know this. Then why?” Geet felt hurt and betrayed. “How could you forget your own son and give his to this stranger. Why Papa why? Tell me why?” She screams while shedding tears. Her anger was on peak.


“Geet listen to me.” Samarth pleads.


“No Papa no. How could you. You know everything still apne is sadakchhap ko humare sir pe baithe diya. Or to or mujhe majboor kiya iske sath rasme nibhane k liye… How could you? You are like father to me. Still you did all this with me?” Geet’s anger was out of control the very moment.


“Yes he did but you are wrong Geet. Maan koi sadakchhap nahi hai or na hi wo orphan hai. He is a true heir of Khurana empire.” One familiar voice revealed one more truth and stunned both Maan and Geet. “Yes it’s true Maan is not Yash but he is elder twin of Yash to whom we considered as dead. 27 years ago we lost him. Even after searching a lot we didn’t found him and assumed him dead. But destiny had her own plans. Maan was alive and safe. The day I saw him in hospital i got that to whom we are searching from ages is alive.” Doctor Mehra revealed the truth which was hidden from world.


“Yes Maan you are also a Khurana blood. You are Yash’s elder brother and stop blaming my friend.” He was annoyed.


“Pankaj please.” Samarth signal him to calm down.


“Geet beta it’s true I hide the truth but I explained. Initially I wasn’t aware that he is my son. I to think him Yash as you all told me. But when he comes home my doubt rise on him. I feel he is not my Yash and the day you falls from stairs my doubt confirms. Because I knew Yash will never leave both of us in such critical condition like he did. I confronted Doctor Mehra and he told me the whole truth. That moment I don’t know how to react. Whether to mourn on my one son’s death or celebrate to got my other son back after 27 years.” He explained.


“Papa it’s your doubt only. Who knows…” Geet don’t want to believe that Maan belongs to him.


“There is no scope of doubt Geet. Because I have a DNA report which clearly shows he is Samarth’s only heir.” Doctor Mehra leave no space of doubt.


Maan was upset. This truth came like a shock to him. He not able to handle all this. “Dad you know who I am still you hides. Forced me to live life of someone else. Since I came to my senses, always face hatred and slangs on being orphan. At every step of life I face humiliation even after taking birth in a reputed family. And when I found my family what I get. Name of my dead brother. You only love him dad.” Maan was angry because they hide his true identity from him.


“No Maan. You mistook us.” Samarth was badly trapped between both. Both are blaming him.


“You don’t need me dad. you never needs me.” He said and rushed away from KM. He was boiling in anger.


“Pankaj stop him. I don’t want to lose him again.” Samarth felt uneasiness in his body. Slight ache in his heart.


“Papa…” Geet holds him. Pankaj to rushed to him as he needs doctor.


Outside Maan walked on lonely roads and one car come and hit him. He met with an accident.

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DHADKAN updated Part 19-20


PART – 19


It was 5 am and he entered in his room and saw him sleeping. He Went near his head. His steps were silent. Not making any noise. Don’t wanna break his peaceful sleep. He sat on knees and caressed his head softly with his wrinkled hand. Staring him without a blink. He sat there gazing his sleeping baby like there is no tomorrow. This time Maan was in deep sleep but not Samarth. He talk to him in his sleep. Opening his heart to him, knowing he was not able to listen his words.


One hour passed and he stood up on his feet to leave the room. Like Maan visit Geet after her sleep, Samarth to follow the same routine. He wakes up early in morning just to spend time with his son. Geet using other room it becomes easier for him and Maan is lazy so no one noticed him. He kissed on his head and checked his son comforts before he left his room. Maan’s comforter always dropped by him. He came daily and covered him. Slowed down the AC and put pillows back on bed,which was dropped by his little baby. Maan rotates​ on whole bed while sleeping as results his comforter and pillows always fell down. But Samarth came and put everything on its place.


“Sleep my son. Till I am alive no one will ever be able to harm you. After so many prayers I got you back,now I can’t loose you.” His voice was firm and hint of fear and rage was there. He went out and called someone.

Did you get any clue?” He asked.


“Not now but we are working on this matter only.” Voice from the other side assured him.


“Pankaj I want results not words. My son was attacked again and you are only giving me consoling words.” He wanted to shout but controlled his anger as his kids were sleeping.


Samarth Adi is very close. Calm down.” He assured him again.


“How can I when my son’s life is in danger? Trust me Pankaj once I get the culprit I will kill the person with my own hands.” He walked towards his room.


“Calm down Samarth. This much anger is not good for you. Don’t worry nothing will happen to your boy. He is with you and no one snatched him from you.”


“Pankaj he escaped death second time. I can’t live like this. We need to kill our threat for forever so my son can live a fearless life.” He demanded roughly.


“Aisa hi hoga. Now stop talking. What if Geet or any one else listen. We will meet somewhere and talk.” He caution him.


“Hmm okay. I will see you in evening.” He fixed the meeting.


Samarth cut the call and went inside his room, without knowing someone is watching him.


Breakfast time and Maan went to see her. He knocked and went inside. Geet having a serve pain in her wound but she not showing it to any one.


“Dad is calling you.” Maan informed her.


“I am coming.” She stood by side table’s support.


“If you want I arrange your breakfast here in your room.” Maan scanned her condition and asked out of concern.


“Why?” Geet questioned him.


“Will you able to walk?” He asked again.


“Maan please stop acting. Here no one is noticing us. So please stop faking this concern.” Geet snapped.


His fists firmed but he cool down himself quickly​. “Look I am not faking any thing. I know you are in pain that’s why I asked.” He said in calm voice trying not to react angry in reply of her irrational behavior.


“It’s just a small wound. I beard more than this.” Her statement was released with a mournful sob.


Maan glance at her faded face. Though she controlled​ her tears but he could saw them. That moment all he could feel is pain and desperation. Pain of her wounded heart and desperation to fixed which was wrong.


Geet walked towards door slowly slowly. But she need support as her wounded foot got another wound on the same place. Before she loose balance Maan held her.


“You have strength I know but we all need support. That’s how society works. That’s how nature works. No one survive alone for long.”



His voice is neutral and eyes grim,but with a pinch of sympathy.


Geet struggle but failed as servant came to called​ both and before outsiders they had to act. Maan hold her and support her in walking.


“How are you feeling​ beta?” Samarth asked from Geet.


“I am fine Papa.” She assured seeing lines on his forehead.


“Well from now onwards you both are going to work from home. I arranged​ everything.” Samarth told them.


“But Papa?”


“Geet no arguments. Neither you are well nor…. Yash.” He glanced at both. “You both are more important for me.” He said with dominance and both agreed.


Few staff members arrived and all moved to study room. Geet and Maan both were busy with staff members and Samarth got a chance to escape. He straight went to his friend doctor Pankaj Mehra. Both discuss the matter.


“You did right Samarth. Keep both at home until we got some strong clue.” Pankaj appraised​ his wise.


“But how long? They are not toddlers to whom I cage at home. We need to find the solution at to fast.”


“Both are getting cranky and suspicious. You don’t know how many questions they asked for everything. Abhi ghar jaunga to unki enquiry shuru ho jayegi. Where I was and why?” He told his problem.


“Then my friend you are wrong. They’re still a toddlers.” Pankaj mocked.


“I wish they were. I will always kept them in my arms.” He said in a low voice while settled on chair next to him. “Anyways where his investigation reached?”


“No new updation from his side.”


“Keep me updated.” Samarth told and ready to leave.






PART – 20


“Adi good news for you. We get information about his whereabouts.” Officer in charge came and told him.


“Then we should get him before he runs away.” Adi got ready with his team.


They reached but it’s to late. They only got that man’s dead body. “He is dead.” Officer check and declared.


“Damn it. That culprit is one step ahead. Which means real culprit keep eyes on our activities.” Adi got and which make him more frustrated and angry. Every time he reached to destination and then lost. Have no direction to move. He kicked on the door and saw a secret loop. Adi went near and opened it. In which he found some CD. He grabbed it.


“I think culprit was also behind this. We should watch this.” Officer told and they collect necessary proofs before sending body for post mortem.


In India:


“Come-on kids, get ready. Today we are going for outing.” Samarth announced for a day out.


“But dad suddenly.” Maan enquires.


“Yes because you two become so dull and lazy. I am getting bored so I planned this. Now come o  get ready fast.” He commands and both follow his instructions.


Both come out and all 3 moved towards their farm house. Geet saw the place and so many memories fresh n up in her mind. She step out and walked mesmerised. Each and every thing of this place reminds her of him. She walked inside near pool area.




“Geet look what is there?” Yash points towards one direction.


Geet stirred and next moment she was drowning in pool. “Uncle help me. I don’t know how to swim.” She was waving her hands and legs.


Yash panic and jumped inside to help her. “Don’t scare Geet. I am coming.” He assured and bring her out of the pool. Her breaths were halted and body limp.


Samarth came there. “What happened?” He asked worriedly taking little Geet in his arms.


“I  sorry Dad. It’s my fault. I threw her in pool. but if I knew she doesn’t know swimming I never played this prank on her.” He genuinely apologies.


Samarth stare him angrily. “Beta you okay.” He wrapped her in towel and she nodded. “Say sorry to her.”


Yash held his ears and apologies again.” This moment bring smiles on their faces.


“Uncle I won the bet see how much scared he is.” She laughed along with Samarth.


“So it was your plan to fooled me. Rukk Geet ki bachhi. I will tell you now.” Geet hides in Samarth’s arms and giggled seeing him angry. He made grumpy face and both laughed more.




Geet smiles widened remembering this. Samarth and Maan watched her carefully. After a long they saw her smiling.


“Geet come here.” Samarth called her and broke her trance.


“Papa after how many years we visit here.” Geet said scanning the area.


“Last we visit before you both left for your studies.” He reminds.




“And we play football. Do you remember?” Samarth asked from her and she nods. “To ho jaye ek or match?” He asked from her.


Geet alerts. She knew Yash was expert in playing football but Maan? Would he able to play like him. She have no idea.


“No papa no way. You are not well.” She tried to avoid this match.


“Don’t hide behind my health you lazybones. I have decided we gonna play. Kyu Yash? Like an old days. You both in same team v/s me.” He challenged both.


Geet thought and suggest. “Papa today you team up with Yash. I play from opposite side.” She doesn’t want him to know about him being not Yash.


“No need of that. I will beat you both and in few minutes.” Maan challenge both.


“Fine then let’s go and play.” Samarth leads both.


“What the hell are you doing? When I signal you to team up with Papa then why you denied?” Geet burst on him.


“No need to get hyper. I will handle.” He said confidently.


“Really? How? I accept that you have a sharp memory but it’s not a business meeting. It’s a football and my Yash was champion.” She told proudly about him which irked Maan.


“Concentrate on your game.” He taunts and walk away. “Every time Yash chants. She don’t know anything else. Huhh… Now I’ll show what Maan can do.” He was frustrated. Reason was unknown to him but now he get irked easily on his compare with Yash.


All 3 changed and came in ground. Match starts and so her tension what if he fail d before her but soon she proved wrong. When he start hitting goal one after another and she just left to stare.


“Geet beta what are you doing?” Samarth asked her to concentrate as these two badly defeating from him. Geet was shocked and now her anger to rose but no use. Maan’s moves was perfect. Might more than Yash.



Maan teased her. He don’t allow them to reach near ball.


“Okay I will accept my defeat.” Samarth was completely tired. His breathing halted and he sat on ground. Both rushed to him. “Dad you okay?” He quickly gave him water.


“It’s okay I am fine. Now you both play.” He said in a gasping voice.


“Dad you have grown old.” Maan teased him and got sharp glare.


“Buddha hoga tera baap.” He snap.


“Exactly. I said the same.” He teased him again and Samarth stood up quickly to show his energy. He ran every where behind Maan.


“I grew old. Now I show you.” He was tired but got a new energy. An enthusiasm to live. He pounced on him and both rot in mud like small kids. Geet saw them and felt happy for him.


“Papa is so happy with him. It’s like he gave him new reasons to live.” She smiled seeing their mischiefs. But the very next moment her heart skipped many beats, thinking about the consequences of their closeness. Samarth was getting so much attached to him. “No I won’t let this happen. Papa ko Maan se alag karna hi hoga or else he wouldn’t able to bear the moment of separation.” Geet’s mind start thinking and she made a new plan.


“Papa stop it. You will get ill.” She tried to separate him from Maan.


Both stopped and stood up. “Now you both see how strong I am?” He asked and Geet get more worried.


“Papa go and change first.” She turned the topic.


“She came and save you from defeat.” Maan again teased him. Both were in jolly mood.


“Okay wait. I will show you.” He said and next moment he took him in his arms.


“Dad what are you doing? I will fell down.”Maan pleads.


“Now you convince? You father still have a strength to carry you.” He asked and Maan bow down  before him.


“Okay okay I accept. My daddy strongest.” He said and Samarth left him.


“Papa go.” She again interrupt their moment.


Samarth left and Maan went near her. “Why you are angry? Just because I can play much better than your so called champion?” He sound more sarcastic.


Geet stare him furiously. “Don’t try to act smart. Why you don’t tell me that you know how to play?” She fumed.


“You never asked. Just jumped on conclusion that a person like me is good for nothing. Miss Geet Handa never judge person without knowing.” He threw football at her smeared in mud and knuckles her nose. “I am a state level champion. Unfortunately my god father died and I had to left my school.” He told her.

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