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GEET stare him disgustingly. Her oceaned
eyes are windows of her soul and Maan
clearly read her round face and what she is
feeling now. Eyes that at moment were
sparkling with anger. Deciding to sort out
her doubts he said,’Geet listen to…’
Maan even not able to finish,as she ran from
there suddenly. Samarth raised his
questioning brow and stare Maan
‘Dad i can explain later right now i have an
emergency.’,Maan only confirmed his
helplessness and ran after Geet.
Meanwhile Samarth recieve a call from his
‘ha beta bolo kya baat hai?’,Samarth asked
from the caller.
‘Dad is evrything ok?’,his elder son asked.
‘yes beta all problems are sort out,’he
confirmed him.
‘Dad pls aap pehle dadima se baat
keejiye,wo kafi gussa ho rai hai.’,Angad told
‘Samarth where is my son? Baat karvaiye
humari unse?’,she commands rudely.
‘ma Maan is not with me right
now.’,Samarth told her mother.
‘kya matlab apke sath nai hai. Ek to humare
mana karne k bawjood apne unhe yaha
akela bhej dia.Aap jante hai unka dil kabu
me nai rehta. Samarth agar humare bachhe
ko kuchh…’,she was hell angry and burst on
‘ma ma calm down. Maan is not with me
right now but he is absolutely fine. Kuchh
nai hua hai use. And apse ek baat kahu?
apko badi fikar hoti thi na Maan ki canadian
girlfriends dekh k,to mujhe lagta ab apko
pareshan nai hona padega. I think ur dream
of bringing Indian bride for Maan is going
to fulfill soon.’,he said contently,having no
tension at all.
‘Samrath beta aap kya keh rae hai hume
kuch samjh nai aa raha hai’,Dadi said
‘maa main apse baad me baat karta hu sab
kuch confirm karne k baad.’,Samarth cuts
the call and complete d formalities of PL.
Geet locked herself in her flat. Maan bangs
the door but she aint intrested in heraing
any more lies from him. She is very angry
and wants to stay away,which is actually she
trying to fooling herself only. Maan,who is
use too of rock climbing and campaing. He
go back side of her house and reached to
the kitchen window through pipe. He entred
in her house from the window and found
her sobbing. Maan’s heart sinks and he
trying to persuade her. The moment she
found him in her home her anger towered
‘Geet listen to me.i can explain.’,He saw her
furious eyes and pleads softly.
Geet itched her and threw somthing on him.
It was only the slightest moment but he
noticed it and looked amused. He slant and
saved himself. Geet conti.with it. Maan
pleading and she throwing things one by
one on him. In just a few mins whole marble
floor is decorated with wall
hangings,cushions,pillows, books,lamp
shade and many more things. When she
tired and her breath get halted Maan quickly
grab her. Her creamy white cheeks turn red
due to her anger. She weltering in his grip
and making best to shove him away. Maan
felt annoyed seeing her behaviour and to
composed her he slammed his lips on hers
Her hands were pinned besides her head
and her knees rubbing his thighs provokly
as she sat on drawer table. Her eyes widned
with sudden kiss. This man had a great
effect on her. her all denials melts in his
touch. Her lips parted beneath the pressure
of his. when he deepened the kiss,he leave
her arms,which went round his neck
and,her whole body melting,she kissed him
back. Her initial protest was stifled now. She
flushed furiously while kissing when her
knee hit with his hardness protruded againt
the front of his jeans. She gasped into his
mouth and could feel herself getting warm
down below her v*****,which throbbed
badly. His hands went to her full bossoms
pressing and kneading them tenderly. He
made her flew away in his world of passion.
Maan parted and bend to devour her neck
first. He moved down and she moaned loud
as his mouth took her curve over her dress.
He wants to remove all the barriers but he
step back sencing her anger is vanished
Feeling shocked at her own behaviour,she
felt embarressed at her own actions. Maan
cupped her face and made her glance in his
dark hysterical eyes.
‘Geet pls listen to me now.i know you feel
hurt with my lie but i have valued reason for
this.’,Maan’s jaw stiffed and muscles tensed.
Geet’s almond eyes are still wet. She remove
his hands and argued,’you lied to me at
every step. I agree i used you to make Dev
jelous but never hide my any secreat from
you. And you what you did to me? You too
do the same like dev.’,she again sobbing
Maan again place his hand on his cheek and
wiped off her tears.,’Geet mere paas or koi
option nahi tha. Dev yaha pe gadbad kar ra
tha or mujhe pata lagna tha wo insaan kon
hai. Jab tumne apne friend k rup me mujhe
introduced kia or accountant bana diya to
mujhe laga ye opprtunity mere liye b achhi
hai. Tumhari b help ho jayegi or mera b
kaam ho jayega. Geet lekin insab k alwa
maine tumse kabi jhoot nai bola. The
moments we share are not fake.’ his voice is
broken and reflecting his pain.
‘you too use me all the time and making fun
of me.hai na?tumne soch hoga ye to hai
bewakuf. Maan you had a family. You never
understand how it feel live ur days
alone,unloved and lonely with no partner
and no family. First i trust on Dev but he
used me for position and when i longing for
ur friendship u too did the same.’,she
broked off.
His face taut,he demands,’Do you really wish
we’d never met?’
she tried to say yes,but was unable
to;completely wrought now,she burst into
‘oh hell!,i m sorry’,pulling her into his
arms,he cradled her dark head against his
Struggling with sobs that kept raising in her
throat,she heard the anguish in his voice as
he repeated,’i m sorry,i m sorry… Dont cry
my love,pls dont cry…’
she could feel the warmth of his skin and
his thunderig heart bneath her cheek;could
smell the clean male scent of him. Her all
feeling for him suddenly came back like a
tidal wave.
When he lifted her face to kiss away the
tears she clung to him,and when he kissed
her mouth she kissed him back with all the
love that was filling her heart.
love you Geet.be mine forever. I promised i
never leave your side anyhow.’,gathering
her into his arm,Maan held her close.
The look on his face wrung her heart and
brought fresh tears in her eyes.,’no u lied
again’,she doubted.
He began to kiss her,tender,passionate
kisses sweeter than anything. Betwwen the
kisses he murmured,you mean the world to
me. I love you more than i believed it was
possible to love anyone. I wont deny there
have been other women,but the way i feel
about you is different,unprecedented the
instant i set eyes on you,you affected me
strangely,touched my heart…’
unbearably moved she took a deep breath
and to stop herself crying teased
plaintively,’promise? Tum jhoot to nai bol
rae ho? Sabke jaise mujhe chhod k to nai
‘promise’,he said confidently glancing in her
oceaned eyes.
Suddnly her tone turned commanding and
she fists his collar,’or dusri ladkio ko b nai
Maan chuckled and said teasingly,’except
one.’, she glared him and pouts. Maan adore
her cute antics and whispered huskily,’dont
you want to know about whom i m talking?
(but she sat stiffly without moving. Maan get
more closer and whisper in her ears)i m
talking about our daughter sweetheart.’
His confession made her shied furiously and
her long lashes turn down lower
‘now miss Geet handa are you ready to
become a mrs GMSK?’,he asked softly with
his all love.
She nodded shily.
‘then tell me in you voice.’
‘I Love You,’she said simply.
‘That’s what i wanted to hear,’he
murmured,and kissed her again.
Geet wrapped her arm around him and he
too embraced her lovingly…
The sparkle in your eye,
The warmth of your skin.
Your breath on my neck,
That shakes me within.
The touch of your hand,
The smell of your hair.
The naughtiness in your smile,
That strength in your stare.
Your kiss on my lips,
Your body near mine.
The stroke of your touch,
That feeling inside.
The Compassion in your embrace.
The power in your face.
The beating of your heart.
That we may never part
The beauty of your kiss,
and that magic in your touch.
It is for all these reasons and more,
Why I love you so much”’..
Cold breeze is oozing,birds tweeting and
sun’s light beam is peeping from the gaps
between the long green curtains. A large
king size bed covered with white sheet is
attached with textured wall.
Maan is half
laying on his right elbow,resting his head on
hand,gazing Geet lovengly. Maan bend and
kissed her,to which she smiles back to him
Her supple pink lips tasted soo sweet
bneath his hungry lips. Geet parted her lips
and allowing him to deepen the kiss.she
wrapped hr arms around his neck and
snaked one hand in hs hairs and pulled hm
mor. Maan bite her lower lip nd suck one by
one. he licked hr lips.Geet to kissed him back
wid d hunger matched to him. his fingers
dug into d soft skin of hr waist.His tongue
invaded in hr mouth and explore evry
corner of hr mouth with his tongue.
reluctantly both parted for some oxygen.Her
lips swollen more. Both panting badly. Hs
eyelids are heavy wid d desires. He lost
himself in d hot nd exquisite fulfilment, her
body offered.he buried his head in her neck
and leave a wet kisses on hr nek to hr calvic
bone. Geet unbuttoned his shirt with her
trembling hands nd remove it. Maan coverd
hr wid hs body. Both look in each others
eyes naughtily .driven by desires and d
intensity of a passion such as she nevr
known b4,letting hr hands caress on his
cheek.she wanted more than dis.she
wanted all of him. He bend on hr face nd
kiss evry where not leaving any place
untouched.his hands slipped down so he
could claim the aching fullness of hr eager
breasts. He squezeed both one by one. She
moaned hs name in pleasure. He is d one
who drive her to heaven of pleasure. He lick
her hardened peaks with hs wet tounge
and teased her. He rasied a little bit. He cant
stop his gaze devouring hr curvaceous
body. Hr full pink lips suddnly curved into a
smile as hs deep dark eyes twinkled. She
shoved her hand against hs hardend
chest,his deliciously muscular taut body.
Maan slowly kissed her throat and she
closed her eyes tossing hr head back wid a
silent gasp. Geet felt his teeth nibbling her
neck.while biting,she felt hs hands
skimming from her bare shoulder down to
the leanth of her arm. With the proficiency
of a master,he read her body’s silent
language. Drawing his toungue teasingly
down the silken valley between her aching
brests and chuckling softly at her stifled little
groan of need. His one hand sliding over
each breast,he cupped them as if dey were
prize roses. Vry gently he dipped hs head to
suckle frst on one and then the other,tasting
each sensitive tip b4 exploring pink halo
around it wid his toungue. He incresed her
pleasure wid d cooling dew of his saliva. She
wanted him more,wanted hm as she never
wanted any man.Wanted him without d
barriers of any clothes between dem. Maan
bite on hr waist to whch she feels pain and
cleanched d sheet tightly. Maan leave hr fr
few sec.to gt rid of his shorts. He also ripped
off her panty. Maan kissed on her toe
frst,den her ankle,her calf and den thighs.
She parted her legs to feel him against her.
He grind hs hardend part on hr sensitive
area,feeling her ready wetness. He entered
in hr wid a jerk.
“Maaannn”,she moaned in pleasure and
encircling his waist in her legs tighter
pulling him closer as he thrust in and out
again nd again with a friction of sec. Maan
pulld her up. Geet dig her nails in his bare
skin,and suck his lips and his earlobes. He
moved his hands on her back. They continue
this for sevral hours until their bodies get
tired completely.he removed and both
parted from each other and laid to calm
down their over excited bodies.
Both hyperventilated.
Maan(wid a deep concern in his eyes asked
huskily):r u ok sweetheart?
She nodded and smiled slightly.Maan turned
half to her and kissed on her forhead. Geet
moved to him and buried herself in him.
Maan laid on his back and she rested her
head on his shoulder andwrapped her arm
around his waist. Maan coverd them with
duvet and both drifted to a peaceful sleep…
Start a day with passionate moments,both
again went to sleep for few hours. After
their marriage of six months it bcom Maan’s
daily routine. Thats why in pretext of
handling India’s office he bring her
here,where no one disturbs them.
In past six months they hardly go 20 times
only to a office. Neither Maan go himself nor
he allowed her to go. Both fully enjoying
their passion filled honey moon.
When Maan proposed her she was scared of
his parents reaction but after seeing her all
aproved her easily. Dadima take advise of
their family priest and he finalize the date of
marriage. Both’s marriage was held on
grand scale and after 3 days of their
marriage Maan convienced everyone that for
some time he will stay back in India and
handle here’s branch office. Dadima allowed
and both came there,where he alredy buyed
the same house which Geet hired for him on
rent coz it is the same place where Maan
expressed his love to her in intence manner
and realized himself that how much he fond
of her.
Both found their true love which completes
their emptyness. All we can say its a
Destiny’s Play only which bring two
complete stranger closer and turned them
into a one soul…

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PART – 5
GEET’s reaction is normal. Maan ran his
fingers in his messier hairs and hit the
obstacles in his way. He felt very strong for
her and aware of that but she is not ready
for a new relationship. She just hurted badly
and now this sudden bold expression of
him scared her badly. She was all confused
with herself. Though she felt comfortable
and save in his company but is in’t that she
gave its a name of love. Being a heart
broken she cant able to trust any one so
easily sply in case of Love.
Maan act was impatient. He must gave her
time to make up her mind for him,but it was
too late and no benifit of repenting. The res
of the day,Geet spend in crying while locking
herself in her lonely home. She sat on her
bed curled up in herself and pouring tears.
Dont know from what reason she hurted
most. Is Dev’s engagement or Maan’s
impatientness. She is not a doll to whom all
used for their own reasons.
Maan calls her conti.she glance the
screen,avoid and start crying more. Her
aignorance killing him more and rosed his
‘damn it. Common Geet pick up the
phone,we need to talk.’,he yelled in
frustration,but forget that she cant hear her
from this far.
Maan’s patience give up and he reached to
her house in mid night and bang her door
‘Geet come out pls and talk to me. I can
explain yaar.’,he shouts,but no respond
from her side is coming.
He hit the door with his foot but she wont
ready to hear him right now. She want to be
‘Maan go away.right now i dont want to talk
you.’,after his numerous try she forced
herslef to speak up.
‘Geet pls’,Maan beg.
‘Maan i said no. I want to b alone for some
time. Right now i dont wanna saw ur face
even.’,she shout from inside. Maan hurts and
his heart wrenched with her reply. He know
unknowingly he raised her sore.
‘theek hai Geet aaj k baad main apna chehra
tumhe kabi nahi dikhaunga.’,he said
Maan came down heavy hearted and sat in
his car,when one hard thing hit his head
from behind. Blood start oozing from his
and he faints instantly.
Geet was not in state to react. She is crying
for hours and dont know when she slept. Its
4 am. Her body is drenched in sweat and
she wake up jerkly. Nightmare broke her
sleep. She is sweating badly and her throat
went dry. Maan’s last word banging in her
head. Unknown fear bounds her and she
wants to talk to Maan right now. She calls
him but his phone ans out of coverage area.
She feared more and calls him for next
sevral hours.
‘pls Maan just for once pick up the call. Mera
dil itna kyu ghbra rha hai? Kya matlab tha
uska ki fir wo apna chehra kabi nai
dikhayega.or kya connection hai mere us
sapne se uska. Babaji pls Maan ko kuch mat
hone dena.’,she prayed for his well being
and ran outside in order to reach his place.
House’s door was open wide. Her eyes filled
with scaryness. She entred afraidly and
found his all belongings were scattred
everywhere on floor. Geet went go inide but
no sign of him at all. Her eyes were
tormenting only for his single glimpse.
At the same moment Maan open his dizzy
eyes slowly 2. His vision is still blurred. He
only saw one human figure. He look
upwards to saw the face. Maan wriggles
badly but his hand is tightly tied with ropes.
A man is smirking more seeing his
miserable condition.
‘relax koi fayeda nai hai,tum kai nai bhag
skte so be a good boy and tell me where is
the file?’,he said with a evil grinn on his face.
‘tum ghatia ho ye to main janta tha par tim
to coward bhi ho.’,Maan yelled while
wriggling to free himself to which his wrist
also starts bleeding.
He grew angry and slapped him hardly.
Maan slant and glared him furiously,to
which he clenched his hairs and pulled
back.’Maan dont force me to hurt you more.
Geet nai aayegi yaha tume bachane. Wo to
waise b tumse kafi naraz hai right?’,he said
‘dont you dare called her name with your
mouth.’,Maan bursts this time.
‘woho you scared me.itne kam time me
lagta hai kafi nazdeek pahunch gaye ho
uske. Mere sath to bado morality talk karti
thi fir ab kaha gaye wo sare rules and
morals’,He smirked again and taunts,which
boile his blood. His nostrails fluffred and
fists clenched hard.
‘DEV’,’ he shout loud and Dev squeezed his
cheeks inwrds.
‘dont shout infront of me understood.itni
hasiyat nai hai tumhari.’He leave his face
with a jerk and slapped once again.’last time
puch raha hu file kaha hai? 2 ghante hai
tumhare paas. Agar mujhe nai bataya to tum
soch b nai skte main kya kar skta hu.’ he
warned him viciously and orderd his men to
keep their eyes on him. Dev come out from
that old junkyard and moved from there.
Geet’s condition going more worst with
every passing momnt. She wont understand
what she do now and to whom she asked
for help. Her all tries go in vein. No clue is
seeing. She went to office may she got some
clue from there.she straight rush to his
cabin,where she collapsed with Dev.
‘sorry’,he apolozise but not really.[/B
[B]Dev moved ahead,but Geet found
somthing weired that what he is doing in
his cabin. She went inside and found same
condition as of his home. Geet get
suspecious with Dev regarding Maan. She
went to him and asked what he is doing in
his cabin? Dev dont talk to her and avoid her
all questions. She wont have any proof so
she leave his cabin in her recent. She was
going mad on all today. As her
impatientness rosed with her fear of loosing
Maan. But she have a strong feeling that may
Dev know somthing about Maan,so in
evening she followed him. She spying and
reached to the same junkyard where Maan
had been kept. Geet followed him silently
and went behind him. Dev entred inside.
Geet hide behind one strong tree. She wont
able go inside easily as one guard is
standing on the main door. She changed the
direction and went from backside where
she peeped inside from the window. Her
eyes opened wide when she saw him
torturing Maan. Maan’s head is wounded.
She felt weltered and wants to go inside as
soon she can. Dev again tortured him but
Maan denied like before. Dev get tired and
orderd his men to torture him untill he open
his mouth. He went outside and two heavy
built men beats him. Geet’s fists tighten but
they much stronger for her. She got some
idea. She immediately called romeo and told
him about this fisco and orderd him to
bring police as much faster he can. Romeo
assured her and cuts the call. But geet cant
stop herseif for so long as they beaten him
conti. Meanwhile one of them go outside.
Only one is remaining. She secreatlt entred
from backside and grab one strong log. She
moved silently and banged that goon’s head
strongly as much she can. He turned to her
and saw her with his big scary eyes. Geet
get nervous and log falls from her cod
hands. He stepped towrds her. She scared
and start moving backwrds. He itched his
hand and she covered her face out of fear.
At very momnt she heard a strange voice.
She pepped from the gap of her fingers and
found only Maan face. She remove hr hands
and found that man laying unconcious on
ground. She sighed and rush to Maan. His
face is bleeding from many places. Geet’s
heart cried loud seeing him like that. She
quicklu untied his ropes and freed him.
Maan sood up from the chair and bith
hugged anticipatedly. Maan gave her a bone
crush hus as he is holding his life in his
embrace and dont let go her this time
Both parted and Geet tenderly stroked her
shivring fingers on his wounds. Her teras
filled eyes and tence faced told her state of
mind to him. She checked him again and
‘kaha chale gaye the? Aise koi bolta hai kya
ki ab apna chehra nai dikhunga. Pata hai
kaise paglo jaise main tab se tumhe dhoond
rai hu. Tumhare ghar ki halat dekh k jaan
nikal gai thi meri.’,she cribbing cutely and
Maan only chuckled watching her concerned
and tension for him. He enjoying her cute
Maan cupped her face.’relax Geet main theek
hu. Or waise b tumne hi kaha tha shakal mat
Geet get mad over him and remove his hand
angrily and slapped his arm with her both
palms..’main to bahut kuch kehti hu wo to
nai sunte. Apna dhyan nai rakh skte the.
Maine kaha tha apni jaan khtre mat
dalna.they y?’,she showring her nager and
was so restless. Maan read her body
language which urgently needed to be
calmed by him. He grabbed her. Though she
wriggles but he crushed her inside his hard
frame. Soon she get composed.
‘Geet lets go from here. He will b there at any
moment.’Maan alerts her. She nodded and
both was about to reached to exit when
their steps struck at a clap sound.
Both turned and saw Dev standing there.
Maan pulled her behind him.
‘wah kya ishq hai.’he gave his evil smirk
again. ‘so i was right. My plan is working
and she is here.’ both cant get him and glare
him only. ‘nai samjhe. Ok let me explain. Geet
u are not smart enough ki Dev ka pichha
karo or yaha tak aa jao. Tum yaha aai ho
meri marzi se.’
‘why her? File to mere paas hai?’,Maan
asked confusingly.
‘oh common Maan dont test my intelligence.
Dont you ever heared a story of magician
whoes life is kept safe inside a bird. Geet is
same in your case’,Dev said with a wicked
Maan fumed,’dont you dare touch her
ok?’,Maan warned.
Dev instantlypoint gun on Maan’s forhead
and and his men clenched his both arms. He
dragged Geet also.’Maan i m asking last time
where is my file?’,he grittted in anger.
‘nai bataunga and i dont afraid of you’,he
Dev change the direction of gun and placed
it on Geet’s temple who is fixed in his grip
badly.’who told you that i m gonna shoot
you. Apni jaan ki parwah nai hai par iski to
hogi?’,Dev now blackmail him emotionaly.
Maan get numb seeing her life in danger.
Now he had to act fast now. ‘Tell me fast i
said’,Dev yelled.
Maan was in dilemma what he do
now,when a siren sound of police jeep gave
him a chance to escape.
Dev’s attention diverts because of that
sound and Maan quickly kicked off his gun
far away from his reach.
Maan freed himself and Geet too bite on
Dev’s hand in order to make her free from
his grip. Maan kicked off his men
quickly,clenched Geet’s hand and both ran
away outside
Dev scold his men and ordered them to
follow both. Maaneet ran outside for sake of
their life and Dev’s men followed them.
Romeo came with police on the address she
told him. The ropes on chair and other
traces cleared their doubts. Insp.command
his men to search all of them. Maaneet is
running but soon found by Dev. Both come
face to face again, Maan pushed her away to
teach him better. Both attacked each other
and giving touch time to one. Geet act
quickly and call Romeo again. she
told him about their location and Romeo
take Insp.in that direction. Maan and Dev
hitting each other badly and make both
bleeds,until police reach there. Dev’s all men
caught one by one. Insp.came and intrupt
their fight by seprating them. Insp. took all
of them to police station. Geet told
everything to him but Dev denied completly
and put all blames on both. Geet shocked
more seeing Dev’s worst side. She slapped
him in fit of her anger over him.
‘today i felt detest on myself that i love a
person like u,who dont even deserve to be
called a human being.’,her anger boiled over
and she threw it on him. Maan smirked
seeing her attitude. This woman intrested
and intrigued him. As well as beauty,she had
brains,charachter and spirit,but also a
‘Stopit you all. This is PL,so behave
yourself.’,Insp shout on all,as they again
going to collapsed.
They still arguing and no one ready to give
up till Samarth Singh Khurana himself
entered in the Police station with his
security. All eyes struck on him. He was
somwhere in the region of 57. Well built,six
feet tall,dressed in smart office attire. He had
a gleam on his face that no one can made
eye contatc with him directly. He introduced
himself and Insp.stood up in his welcome.
He offred him seat but he denied.
‘Insp.i only come here to settle down the
issue. From past one year our India’s branch
facing many losses and i want the reason.
Some is doing mess in my co.for his/her(he
glance all 3)own benifits.’,Samarth
confirmed shortly.
Dev instantly trying to pretend himself.’sir i
told you who are the one. This Geet and her
so called boyfriend Maan in involved in this
consipracy against you.’
Samarth glared Maan,’is he right?’
Geet intrupts before Maan said anything.’no
sir Dev is liying to you. He do all this and
know blame us for his sins.’
she defends both.
‘o shut up u ok. Tumhare paas koi proof nai
hai.bas hawa me bate kiye ja rai hu is Maan
ko bacahne k liye.’,Dev raised his voice to
prove himself right.
Samarth glance all again and slapped Dev
tightly. He showed him a file which having a
all proofs against him and enough to prove
him guilty. Dev was in shock and Maan
grinned wide on his victory.
‘Dev ye file to maine usi time send kar di thi
jab tumhara call aaya tha. Main samjh gaya
tha ki ab tum is file ko pane k liye kuchh b
karoge.’,Maan told him with a wide smile.
Geet too sighed.
‘Insp.arrest this man and put him behinds
the bars.(then he turns to Maan)or aap
sahebzade idhar aaiye humare paas.’,he
caaled Maan to him. Maan went to him and
he embraced him lovingly first.then kissed
on his forhead.’kya zarurat thi apni jaan
khatre me dalne ki? What i told to ur mom if
anything happens to you.’,Samrth showing
all love to him and leave all other astonished.
‘sir aap Maan ko jante hai?’,Geet asked
innocently,to which both chuckled.
‘Geet beta hum inhe tab se jante hai jab se
ye paida hue hai.(seeing her confused eyes
he cleared her)he is my younger son beta.
He wants to sort the matter in his own
way,thats why he came here. Maaan ko yaha
kisi ne nai dekha tha,isliye uske liye sab pata
lagna or b easy ho gaya.’,Samarth revealed
the truth and she again felt betrayed. Maan
lied to her on all stages. She again used and

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PART – 4
BOTH were looking smoking desirable in
their wet attire,that every eye on the pool
capturing both only. Maan less bother on the
girls drooled over him,but how he can avoid
men lusty gaze on Geet. He removed his
jacket and coverd her immediately.
‘Geet lets go’,Maan glared all and took her
along with him outside.
Maan and Geet both came her in her car,so
he drove and moved to her place. Both stay
silent but when he stopped,Geet offered him
to came inside. Maan denied and wants to
go to his place.
‘ok then take my car.’,Geet wants him to
change as quickly as possible.
Maan chuckled. ‘soch lo? What if i stole it?’
he mock.
Geet take a pause,’in that case i have to buy
new one.’,she ans simply with a
smile,showing how much trust she had on
him,in a short period of time.
Maan smirked and sat behind the wheels
again. Geet went inside to change and
warm herself. In midnight Maan calls her
without any reason,though its not true but
he told her this only.
‘madam ur car is safe u sleep calmly.’,he
teased her.
‘oh really? Good you told me otherwise i
was thinking of doing complaint in nearby
PL.’, Geet too gave ans in same tone. He
laughed at her sence of humor. ‘anyways
are you ok? I mean i dont know how much
time you need to reach to your place or
tumhara jacket b mere pas hai.’,she
showing concerned as she tensed may he
not catch the cold.
Maan hearts start thumping joyfully.’dont
worry i reached my hotel in 15mins.’
‘you are staying in a hotel?’,she enquired. He
confirmed. ‘where? I mean i which hotel?’
‘hotel dreamland’,he told instantly.
Geet’s eyes popped out.’what? Hotel
Dreamland. Have you gone mad? Us hotel
me to normal room ka fare bhi 15k hai and
you staying there.’,she burst on him.
‘ha wo actually i dont have any idea about
Delhi much,as this is not my native
place,’Maan mummers fussily.
‘ok not to worry,i find some place for you on
rent.’,Geet assured him.
Maan thanx her and both talked for next
two hours.
Geet’ bound getting strong with him in just
20days. She talked with him daily on phone
beforw both went to sleep. Though she still
have a Dev in her mind but Maan succedded
in grabbing a spl place in her heart. Few
more days passed. Sam get irritate seeing
her so this time she made a plan to tortured
her. She through a party and invite all staff
members including Maaneet. Maan sence
her intensions that she is planned
something big. He pick up Geet and in whole
way he only making her mind that whatever
she do,Geet will not overreact and not to
loose her patience and control at any cost.
Geet nodded like good student but all
instructions vanished when they entred in a
party hall. All are enjoying there. Sam is only
in her wait. As they entred she grab
everyone’s attention and announced her
engagement with Dev. All cheer for them
except Geet. Both exchanged rings happily
and againg indulge in party mood. Alla are
dancing madly. Maan is expacting some kind
of this. He looked around and find her
missing. Maan get tensed. He placed his
hand on his forhead and rubbed with his
fingers in tension.
‘o god where is she now? Geet kuchh ulta
seedha mat karna until i found you.’,Maan
looking for everywhere,but loudness and
dancing mob create more mess for him. But
she cant hide from his eyes for long. He
found her on the bar counter,gulping drinks
one after another. Maan went to her and
clenched her wrist to twist her to him. Her
eyes were red and dizzy. She was not in
herself right now.
‘Geet get up we are leaving?’,he commands
She snatch back her hand and denied to go
with him. ‘why abi to celebration shuru hua
hai,abi kyu…jayenge? Partyyy’ she said in a
broken voice and gulped one more peg.
Seeing no other option he scooped her
forcily,to which Geet start hitting his chest
with her small fists,but Maan pay less
attention on this. His only motive is too took
her out of this.
Maan was about to reach to the exit when
Sam stopped him. ‘what is this Maan? You
both leaving? Abi to congrats bhi nahi kiya
or na kuchh liya.’,she wants to teased her
Maan’s anger towered and he snuggled
Geet more to him.’ congrats Sameera.thanx
for invitation but now we have some other
plans.’,he said sarcasticaly.
Geet who was not in her concious jumped
off his arms and argued with her.’you cheap
i wont spare you. You snatch him from me.
Why tou do this to me. He is the only
happiness in my life or wo b tumne leli…’,she
babble conti,while drooping tears.
‘Geet.,… Geet come her lets go.’,once again
he clenched her,but she attacking her.
Maan glared Sameera.’tume jo chahiye tha
wo mill gaya na now leave my way before i
forget that you are a female.’,he threat her
and Sam stare both. Seeing his anger she
leave his way and Maan again scooped her
in his strong arms. Geet waving her legs in
air,but only for few mins. He placed her in a
car and moved to her house.
Maan lifts her and moved upwrds to her
room. He placed her on her bed and remove
her shoes. After covring her,he turn off the
lights and step back little when he found her
soft palm gripping his fingers tightly. He
slanted his head to glance her. She sat back
and stare him with her teary eyes. The panic
and pain of lonliness is clearly visible to him.
Being an expert he can able to read her
mind. He sit near her. She not utter a single
word but he knows she needs him most.
Maan slipped besides her and snuggled her
near his chest
She instantly rounded his waist possesively.
Her hold convienced him more. He slipped
his fingers in mane of her hairs and caress
to sooth her sore. Slowly slowly her lids turn
heavy and she slept,but for few moments
only. She conti.babbles in her sleep for next
unknown hours. His heart ached seeing her
New day begins with sun shine. Geet’s sleep
disturbed and she awake,opening her dizzy
eyes. She felt heavy headache.remembring
last night she gloomed once again. Her eyes
shed tears when she saw a small glass near
her face collecting her tear drops. She look
upwards and found Maan smiling.
‘thanx. But i need few more tears pls shed
them for me.’kya hai na main lime juice me
salt zada leta hu.’,he teased her with smirk.
Geet wiped her tears instantly,’you too
making mock of me?(she lowered her
head)but not your fault,life itself made me
amere piece of mock for everyone.’ she
turned silent.
Maan felt frustrated and came near her in
swift momnt. He cupped her face.’look at me
Geet and dont u dare talk to me like this.
Stop cribbing and cursing urself. You aint
weak ok? Abi tak apni life handle kar rai ho
na then why you need him? He dont
deserves you. Samjhi tum.’Maan scold her to
boost her courage. He wants her to be come
out of her shattred state. Geet glance in his
fire emitting eyes.
‘Geet he never loves you but only using you
to get higher rank in KI. If he does then he
never move on so easily. Come out of ur
trance and face the truth’,he added.
She again stat sobbing and Maan freed her.
He asked why she crying now?’tum mujhe
itni zorse kyu dant rae ho? Aramse b to yai
baat bol skte ho. Ek to mera sar dard ho
raha hai uparse tum mujhe dante ja rae ho’.
She complaints cutely and Maan glance her
amusingly. What she is actually,he asking
from himself.
‘ok,i m sorry,i know i behave so loud.but
tume meri baat samjh aai?’
she nodded and he looked satisfied. He
offered lime juice to broke her hangover.
‘Maan tum raat bhar yahi the?’,she asked
Maan nodded and her gaze automatically
turn all around.
‘hello kuch nai kia maine?’,he read her face
and felt wiered.
‘Tumhara kya bharosa.pehli meeting me kiss
kar skte ho to kuchh b kar skte ho’,she said
without thinking. Maan grinned on her
‘hmm so u still remember our first kiss,’he
raised questioning brow.
‘First and last’,she said sharply.
‘r u sure’,he meant about the last.
Maan get more closer to her and his warm
breath fanning her lips. She gulped hard and
felt as her breat struck in her lungs.
Both glancing each other till her phone
broke their moment. Maan leaned back and
she sighed. Geet talked for two mins and
drop the call.
‘maan good news hai’,she said innocently.
‘itni jaldi?abi tak to maine kuchh kia b
nai?’,he is best in teasing her.
Geet gave him a deadly glare and he sealed
his lips,not with her.
‘proceed’,Maan only said.
‘tumhare liye rented house ka arrangement
ho gaya hai. Now go back to hotel and meet
me at this address.maine sab discuss kar liya
hai abi adhe ghante tak mujhe keys mil
jayengi firr tum posession le lena. Now
common fast’,she orderd him bossily and he
chuckled. Maan feeling good watching her
normal after last night.
He moved from there to pack his
belongings. Both reached to a definate
address. It was an old house,not looking
cool from any side. Paint of walls had been
dig up from many places. Many spider webs
are decorated. Walls are moist. Maan gave
detest look after scanning all around. Geet
noticed too.
‘koi baat nai bas thodi der me jagah rehne
layak ho jayegi.’,she said meekly.
‘thodi der matlab 5-6 saal me?’,he taunts.
She glared him,’nawabshab agar aap help
kar denge to abi kuchh ghanto me hi ho
‘tell me kya karu?’,Maan asked annoyingly.
She passed him a broom and asked to
remove all spider webs. Maan glanced
broom shockingly.
‘main jhadu maru?’,Maan asked weakly.
‘nai princeji abi apki naukro ki batalian
aayegi ye sab karne ko. Koi kaam aata bhi
hai tumhe sivaye muje chhedne k?
Useless’,Geet taunts.
Hearing word useless his ego hurts and
after giving her a deadly glare he moved
with his broom. Both start doing their
works. Maan removed all webs and Geet
collect unnecessary scrap and sweep the
whole house quickly. Afterwards she bring
paint colour. Both clenched brush and start
painting like perfectionist.
All the time Maan only adoring her. Geet
wears loose top with baggey jeans. Even in
her clumsy state,she attracts him beyond
imagination. She looks delighted to him all
the time. Suddnly Geet noticed him and to
cover up him he splash paint on her. Her
mouth open wide and she look at
herself,which rosed her anger. She ans back
and splash paint on him. Maan too look at
himself and repeats his action. Geet too
repeats. Then again Maan. This time when
she she about to splash Maan hoverd over
her and tagged her against the wall. Geet
wriggles so Maan clamp her both wrists and
pinned besides her head
He pressed his hard frame on her and
obstuct her moments. Geet glaring him and
trying to shoved him away,but its not
possible for her. Maan gazing her only and
she too settle down and stop wriggling.
Seeing his intence dark brown eyes,she
found drowned herself in them. With this
position his body touching her in very
arousing way. Maan blew on her sweat
beads and Geet clenched her eyes ad fists in
anticipation. He effects her and today she
showed it to him. Instead of stiffing her
body responding in a way even she cant
think of. Her arousals wants him,wants him
more than he wants her. Maan buried his
face in her neck and brushed his lips on her
neck line teasingly. Geet moaned. Maan leave
her left hand and she instantly grasped his
nape. Maan’s hand slippped inside her top
and stroked her curve above her inners. She
moaned more and grasped his nape hard.
They loosing themselves in each other.
Suddenly his phone start ringing,intrupting
their passionate moments. Her hand fell of
off him as she had suddnely awakened and
her eyes looked away. She felt ashamed of
herself for what she had done… Geet
covered her mouth with her palm. Tears
pouring from her eyes and Maan gently
removed from her. He was too in shock how
to react as both loosing control today if his
phone not buzzed. She shoved him away
and ran outside… Maan ran behind herand
called her sevral times. Ignoring his every
call she just sit in her car and ran away from
there. Maan came inside and threw the
phone on wall in fir of his anger. He kicked
off the paint boxes in frustration…

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PART – 3
GEET was all settle to make Dev jelous and
remind him about their love. In her pretend
Maan is adjust himself smoothly. He enjoy
teasing Geet more than Dev. In pretext of
jelous him,he grab Geet most of the time
casually. Geet only left stunned after his
insane actions.
Geet summoned emergency meeting of all
directors,as they again lost an important
deal. Maan is already present in confrence
hall with Sameera, Dev and another
directors. Geet is not come yet.
‘who is the smart one?’,Sameera show her
curiosity seeing Maan,sitting just next on
Geet’s seat.
‘why are you looking so curious about
him?’,Dev said annoyingly.
‘what?i m only asking,itna irritate kyu ho rae
ho?’she gave him a disguest look.
‘he is Geet’s new boyfriend and our new
accountant.’,Dev told her.
Meanwhile Geet came inside.Sam gave her a
detest look. Her mind filled with mischevious
thoughts. In ordere to hurt her,she itched
her foot in her way to make her fall down.
Sam tripped Geet and she lost her balance.
Geet falls but not on floor. Geet clenched her
eyes in fear,but when she open her
eyes,found herself safely in lap of Maan.
Seeing her fall,Maan twist his chair and catch
her safely. His arms wrapped around her
and his long fingers clamping her sleek
waist possessively.
Their proxcimity
aroused both. She opened her eyes. Her
warm breath fanning his neck and her soft
palm rubbing the portion of his chest
exposing from his shirt. Her small deligate
body is just perfectly adjust in his embrace.
She felt shiver in her whole body and apart
herself instantly. She stood up and moved to
her seat. She scanned everyone and lowered
her lashed feeling embaressed when she
found all eyes in hall watching both only.
Avoiding every gaze she bowred herself in
the file and ordered to start the meetinng.
They talk over the issues and present their
POV. The new deal which she owned was
very important for them.
‘this contract is very imp,so need to gave spl
attention to this. If we again loose this then
Samrth sir clearly warned me that he will
take strong action against all of us.’,Geet
threat them.
‘according to my pov hume material k liye
xyz co.ko order nai dena chahiye. Unki
quallty humare acc.nai hai.’,Maan suggests
‘what rubbish. Tume aaye do dinn nai hue
or tum decide karofe ki hume kya krna hai
or kya nai?contract to xyz co.ko hi
milega.’Dev cuts him.
‘wait a min. I think Maan is right last do
contract bhi to unhe hi diye the or baad me
costumer ne hume complaint ki.’,Geet
agreed with him.
‘why not. He is your spl one.iski baat to sai
lagegi hi. But this co.is not yours Geet
understood. Or ye decision mere under hai
ki material ka contract kisko dena hai or
kisko nai. And my decision is not going to
change.’,Dev knotted his brow and gave a
stern look to her.
‘i thought you have some spl intrest in that
co. Do you tell me why?’Maan asked him.
Dev fumed and snap on him,’for ur kind info
you are here only a mere accountant so
keep urself in your limits. Ye tumhari malkin
ho skti hai KI ki nai.’ Dev taunts both and
maaneet’s blood boil but both are matured
enough and controlled their anger..
‘Guys meeting is over and i promised this
time we gave any chance of complaint to
sir.’,Dev stood up and walked off the
meeting. Other directors also supports his
decision and wants to gave chance to him
last time atleast.
Meanwhile peon came and told Geet about
the banner.
‘mam wo banner ready hoke aa gaya hai
aap ek baar terrace pe jake dekh leejiye.’
Geet nodded and excused all to saw the
new banner. She went to top floor and Maan
went to check inventory of old files. Geet is
busy in looking the banner and its
position,that she dont even realized when
her feet is tripped in ropes dispercing here
and there. She step backwrds in locting the
location and come on the edge almost. She
step banck mistakely and falls back. Luckily
her feet is wraaped under ropes thats why
she dont fal directly,but hang in air with the
rope. Her head is downwrds so her all
efforts only create problem for her. One of
employeee on top floor luckily saww her
and informed whole staff about this. All
rushed to terrace. Dev called for help,but it
takes time and Geet dont have that. Maan
came there and saw her swinging with rope
in air. The rope is hanged on second last
floor to which they cant reached as some
construction work is going there. The rope
is just struck there and slowly slowly it
loosen. Maaan’s eyes widened and his heart
thumped badly. She immediately need help.
Geet caaled Dev for help but he only looking
here and there helplessly. Maan glance him
once as he is going to do something or
not,but watching him rooted with his
place,he come to an action himself. Maan
take a long rope and tied its one end with a
strong pole tightly and another tied around
his waist. He take some collouges in
confidence and moved down with edge
slowly and carefully
He set his feet on the wall for strength and
moves downwards until he reached to her.
Geet is hanging with head downwards,so
the blood is start reaching in head,due to
which her eyes turn heavy and head start
spinning. Moreover her rope is loosing
slowly 2. Maan raised his pace and reached
to her. But isnt realifing,coz her position is
creating problem for both.
‘Geet give me ur hand..’,Maan screamed.
Geet’s eyes going dizzy,she dont have a
power to raised her self. Maan bend more
for and again screamed to make her awake.
‘Geet dont give and raied ur hand. Common
do it.i know u can..’,Maan buckup her conti.
He raised his arm as much he can. Geet try
hard,but itched her arm to catch his hand.
Her fingers reaching towards him and he
hold her tips and strech himself more..
Somehow he manage to hold her wrist and
on the same time the rope opened full and
Geet hanged only with his hand. Maan’s arm
ached badly as Geet is hanging only with his
stretched arm. Maan clenched her wrist
tightly and signald the staff to pulled them
up. 4 men pulled the rope upwards. Geet’s
arm is also aching. Both’s muscles stretched
dreadfully. When they reached to the
edge,Maan pulled her up and tagged her to
him. All staff members dragged both on
terrace again. She is panting heavily. Maan
grasped her shoulders tenderly.
‘Geet r u ok?’,he asked terrifiedly,without
bothering that his arm is wounded through
the edges.
Geet nodded,while sweating badly. Maan
placed his hand on her cheek and she
noticed oozing blood from his arm.
‘Maan ur arm is bleeding.’,she terrified too
and said concerned fuly.
‘Geet my injury is not big enough. First you
tell me tume to chot nai lagi hai.’,he avoid
his pain and paying all attention to her only.
His heart still beating unevenly. He hugged
her in anticipation. Geet felt awkward as all
are eyeing on them only but unknowingly
her hands moved and she reciprocate the
hug. She can felt her raised beat and uneven
breath. When she senced his breath getting
normal she parted with him and dragged
him to her cabin. All follwed them. Pinky
instantly bring first aid box. Geet cleaned his
arm’s wound with antiseptic. She blew softly
to gave him relief of itching. Maan gazed her
lovingly and wants to kiss one more time
and grab those lips,which giving relief to
him. His eyes struck only on them. Geet busy
in giving first aid to him only and least pay
attention on him.
‘kya zarurat thi ye kartab karne ki agr kuchh
ho jata to?’,she scold him and showing fake
anger to him.
‘and what if anything happens to you?’,he
question back.
‘to kya hota?koi nai hai mere liye rone wala.
Lekin tumhara to parivar hoga na?’,she said
casually but her words needled his heart
badly. Suddnly his heart felt bad for her.
Now he got why she is craving for Dev’s love
as he is the only relation in her life.
‘kal tak koi na tha par aaj to hai. Bhale hi
jhoot se shuru hua par ab to tum meri dost
ho.’,he said sharply and having strength in
his voice.
Geet glance in his eyes and saw the concern
and care which she always wants to saw in
Dev’s eyes. Both lost for few moments and
then she broke the eye lock abruptly
realzing herslef.’tum har ladki k sath aise hi
flirt karte ho ya alag alag style me?’she
teased him with a smile.
‘only if her face is like flower,she has a hairs
as silky-dark as night and eyes as deep like
ocean. Only if she is warm and sweet and
feminine and a delight to…’
Watching her cheek turn pink,he stopped
himself. ‘Maan you are too much. Anyways
ab seedh off lo or doc k paas jao.’,she
ordered him.
‘no…’,he try to make argue byt she cuts him.
‘kaha na jaoge matlab jaoge’no more
arguements or haaage se aisi stuntbazi
karne ki zarurat nai hai samjhe tum?,’,she
commands him bossily. Maan chuckled on
the way she ordering him. Seeing him
smiling she too gave smile. When both are
enjoying talking someone is peeping inside
secreatly. Maan moves towrds door and the
person step back. Mn come out and saw all
around as he sence something weired. He
look all around all are busy in their work so
Maan move ahead.
3 more days paased. And by the time passes
Geet’s activities raised for teasing Dev. But in
this unknowingly she attracts Maan more. Is
n’t it that he never saw any beautiful girl
before,but the attraction he feels for her is
unmexpressable for him too. Though he
helps her and make every possible try to
keep himsel away,but as much he tries to
get away from her attraction he feels more
crazy hi is going.
One of their client called them for a meeting
in a pool side area. Geet had to went with
Dev but she took Maan also. Seeing him
along with them Dev too took Sameera,as
her position is upper than Maan. Sam and
Maan not sit in a meeting and went for
exploring the place. Maan attracts her so
violate the mind of Dev for Geet’s sake and
its work effectively.
‘look at ur so called boyfriend.how cheap is
he,who flirts with other girls
deloberately.’,Dev spit venomous against
Geet too glared him and snap back,’then
why you dont look at your girlfriend. If my
Maan is cheap then what she is doing wth
him? Why she is enjoying his company? First
look at yourself then blamed my Maan?’,she
get up and moved from there. Unknowingly
she called him as her own private property.
She went near to them and glared Sameera.
She leaves from there seeing her angry and
reached to Dev,who is hell angry on her.
Both start arguing with each other. Maan
and Geet looking them from far place.
‘dekha madam ye sab mera kmaal hai’,he
said showing his superiority.
Geet gave him a furious look,’ha dekh hi rai
hu ki tum kitne achhe se use line maar rae
the.’,her tone is rageful.
‘u feels jelous?’,Maan teased her.
‘no why should i’you are only my partner so
do what you want but she is not good for
you.’,she twisted her lips angrily.
‘why?i mean just look at her..what a terrific
figure,perfect sexy piece. Is in it?’,watching
her fire emitting eyes Maan teased her more.
He wants to know how she feels if he is
with other girls.
Geet also getting hell angry on him,’meri
bala se jo jee me aaye wo karo…’,she said
ragefully and moved pacefully without
realizing that she is stepping towrds
swimming pool. And exactly that happned
which is expected,she falls in pool. First
Maan laugh badly but when she dont come
out,he jumped too. Maan immediately pulled
her out of water. She is looking so scared,so
she cleched him so hard that her nails even
pierced in his bare skin
Again their boy aroused in this new
position. Now both start getting scared of
their proxcimity. Geet is lost in his dark
intense eyes forgot everything in that
moment. That is something new which she
never feels before. His touch around her
feminine parts send her ripples of pleasure.
Maan holds her from the side of her right
bossom. Her curves pressed against his
chest. She hear his meek groaned.
Both avoid their urges strongly,knowing
what happned next if tey cant.Maan bring
her out of the pool and the staff immediately
provide towels to both. Maan wrapped her.
She still shivering badly more then fear.
‘Geet u dont know how to swim?’,Maan
asked softly but she is angry with him so
turned her face to other side.
Maan hold her ears and said sorry to monify
her.’Geet i m sorry,pls talk to me.’
‘first you promise that you wont go to her
again’.,she orderd cutely.
Maan made promise and took her inside. He
ordered coffe for both so they give warmth
to their cold bodies

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PART – 2
GEET gave her intro to him. Maan chuckled
and introduced himself as Maan Singhania.
‘by the way miss Handa ye apki file wai lift
me reh gai thi.’,he passd file and remind her
about it. Geet patted her head in fussy
‘thank god u bring this. Its very imp’.(and
she look at her wrist watch and her mouth
wide open again)o my god meri to meeting
hai. Maan u wait here in my cabin. I ‘ll b back
shortly. Ok and no need to talk to any1.’,she
instructs before leaving her cabin. She left in
hurry with that file.
‘Geet Handa,hmm quite an intresting
character.’Maan grinned widely.
Geet went for a video confrence and came
back after half an hour.
‘so now can u pls tell me what is the
click?’,Maan asked sharply.
Holding her breath she stabled herself
first.’excuse me.’
‘common we both know that u need me
most than i need this job. Tell ur story.’this
woman intrested and intrigued him. As well
as beauty,she had brains,character and
She tookk a deep,steady breath,before
saying coolly,’well if u intend to help me,Mr.
Singhania,perhaps you’d like to sit down?’
Ignoring the chair,he came and sat on the
edhe of the desk,turning slightly to face her.
Suddenly he was much too close and
instinctively she flenched away. She kept her
Before she could speak,he asked with
smooth effrontery,’so you introduced me as
ur friend,i m sure that boy must b the reson
A flush rising in her cheeks,she said
tightly,’yes u r right. The one whom u met
outside is Dev Arora my ex-boyfriend’,she
licked her dried lips. I want to…
‘make him Jelous right?’,deciding to change
tactics,he slid off the desk and turned to
face her in 1 fluid movement.’but he ur past
then y?’
‘coz i love him. He ditched me bcoz that
stupid girl Sameera. Dev is very nice but she
allure him by false tricks. I know i m not
stylish like her,but i know my love bring him
back to me.’
Maan leaned over her and,when both
browen eyes met,he asked simply,’so what
you wanted to do exactly?’
‘i want u…
Before she completes,she found his lips on
hers. Gently he laid the flat of his hand
against her cheek. His other hand
controlling her struggle and then his mouth
was moving against hers.
Their first kiss,a kiss which come as shock
for her.he gently brush his lips. It sent a
charge like electricty running through her.
Lips a little parted,she swayed towards him.
His mouth was on
hers,tasting,enjoying,lingering seductively as
though he could happily spend the rest of
his life just kissing her.
She wants to push him away but cant able
to do so. His touch,his kiss made her
paralytic and unwillingly she floats in the
‘i m sorry.i think main galat waqt pe aa gaya.
U guys carry on.’,a familiar voice alrmed her
and Maan broke the kiss in a swift momnt.
Geet glance at the source of voice and found
Dev is standing here.
‘i think tume knock krna chahiye tha?’,she
said stiffly,while glaring Maan.
‘sorry but u introduced him as ur friend
mujhe nai pata tha ki itna spl friend hai.
Now i got why u gave him a job?’,he said
‘i dont think u hav any right to pin point my
personal life’.,she tried not to sound
‘yes u r right but this company is not yours.
So..’,he opposed.
‘same applicable on u. Job pe kise rakha hai
or kise nahi ye main decide karungi jiska
haq mujhe meri post deti hai jise Samarth
sir ne mujhe diya hai understood?’,she snap
‘can i saw his work experience or any other
relivant paper?’,
‘no.can u pls leave us alone for some
momnt,if u dont mind?’,she confirmed
Carrying his frustration he leave the room
and Geet turned to face Maan. She glared
him furiously.’how dare you kiss me? Mujhe
laga tha tum…’
she was shouting and wanna scold him
more but Maan placed his finger on her
lucious lips to make her mouth shut.’shh
kitna bolti ho. wo b bina soche samjhe.
Maine Dev ko ander ate dekh liya tha or usi
time tum apna plan volne wali thi,plan ko
bachane k liye tumhara muh band karna
zaruri tha so maine kar diya.’
every nerve in her body came 2 life and she
shiver coz of hs touch. She jerly removed his
finger frm hr mouth nd snap back.’muh
band krwane ka yai rasta sujha tume? Mujhe
ishara b to de skte the.
‘ha bt wat if dont gt me clearly so i choose
this option. On d other hand if think
patiently this kiss proved a good strt of our
plan. Cant u see its impact ovr him?’,he
manuplate her immediately. She think 4 a
while nd convienced.
‘ok but next time mujhe aise kiss mat
krna.’she warned.
‘to firr kaise karu?’,he asked innocently.
‘ahh…kaise b nai.tum mujhe kiss nai
karoge.na aise na kisi or tarah se
understood? You only gonna help me.’,she
showed him her finger,while threatning
‘par mujhe kya milega?’
‘aww hello itne greedy mat bano.tume bina
mehnat ki itni achhi job di na badle me meri
thodi si help kar doge to ghis nai jaoge.’
he really enjoyed her cute antics,’ok i’ll do it
now happy?.’
she smiles..

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PART – 1
CASUAL day. Ppl so much in hurry to start
their daily routine. All are running to win the
race and when talking about the Khurana’s
Industries, perfection and punctuality is
compulsary. Although boss himself not visit
in India’s branch coz all Khurana’s are set in
Canada,still their rules followed by pure
dedication. In this hurry a girl in office
attire,having cute round face,tence lines
filled forhead,brown hairs with waving
pony,white sharp nose and luscious lips
which praying for herself as todays she is
gonna late. Perfect firm bossoms half covred
with files she carring in her hand,sleek waist
and sylender smooth legs. She rushed
blindly towrda the lift and press the button
of her floor without noticing any 1 around
herself. When her floor came she rushed
outside and in this hurry she droped 1 file in
floor. Junior staff wished her good mrng coz
she is Geet Handa, CEO of Khurana
Industries. She straight ran in her cabin and
then realized that she dont have her
impo.file. She tensed more coz that was a
file of annual report which she has tt
present to Samarth Khurana in video
confrence shortly. Her white cheeks turned
red furiously in tension. She ran madly
towards the lifts blindly when a collapsed
against a strong built boy. Before both can
understand what happned,their foot slipped
coz floor is still wet and both falls down. He
was underneath her and whole staff was
looking them curiously rasing from their
seats as she was full laying on that stranger.
‘ouch..u stupid cant walk seeing around.hey
babaji kya bekar dinn hai aaj ka.’,she is
cribbing as her elbow hit against the floor
and ached her badly.
Before that boy can explain anything
suddnly a hand is coming for her help. She
slant her head to see the helper. A very
handsom figure in office attaire is standing
there having very bad expression on his
face. He is none other than the Manging
Director of the KI,Dev Arora. Geet helt
butterflies seeing him coming for her helf as
he is her ex-affair,till Sameera is not caming
in his life. The day she joined KI,Dev start
loosing intrest in Geet and start falling for
Sameera,but Geet still loves him. She was
about to gave her hand but he notices his
disguest expressions. She again look at the
boy whom she is still laying. He is not less
than any one’s dream man. A sharp edged
face underneath dence hairs was enough to
snatch any1’s breath. Geet’s mind start
running very fast. She keep back her hand
and stood up herslef.
‘its ok i can do my work at my own without
any1’s help.’,she stretched her hand to help
tat stranger. He looked at her and took her
help. She dragged him with her full force.
Geet wanna scold him but now her mind is
‘excuse me who is he?aaj se pehle to is
office me kabi nahi dekha.’Dev enquired
about that stranger.
‘he is my friend and from now he is gonna
work here as our new accountant.’,she lied
with a confidence. That stranger looked at
her astonishingly. His eyes widned at her lie.
‘oh so u choose him alredy then why we call
the other candidates?’,he spat sharply.
‘coz he is well qualified from all and i
showed you.’,Geet said proudly.
‘What is his name?’,Dev do normal enquiry.
‘look guys i m not the one…ouch’,that
stranger wants to clear all things but Geet
not want that so he pinced on his back
sharplay and stop him.
He looked at Geet and she singlned him to
shut his mouth. Before her lied detect she
clenched his hand and dragged him in her
‘Dev right now i m very busy tum apni
enquiry baad me karna ok bye.’,she dragged
him from there.
‘everybody back to ur work.’,Dev shout on
staff and clenched his jwas.
She locked her cabin and sighed.
‘look miss apne bahar jhooth kyu bola?’,he
shout on her now.
‘suno i know i lied but wo long story
hai.pehle ye btao kitna pade likhe ho? Coz
shakal or kapdo se to well qualified hi lagte
ho.’,she raise her queries to prove herself
right in front of DEV.
‘excuse me apko isse kya matlab?’,instead of
ans.he also raise his doubts.
‘tum kai job krte ho kya?’her eyes glancing
his face in a gr8 hope.
‘nai par..’,he confirmed shortly but his
words againg cut of by her.
‘good now tume kai to job krni hi hai to
yaha kya burai hai salry b achhi milegi.dekho
pls mana mat karo wrna meri baut band baj
jayegi.plss.itni req to maine kabi babaji ko b
nai ki.’
He think 4 few sec and said yes finaly.’ok
mujhe krna kya hoga?or by the way why u
lied that i m ur friend?’he knotted his brow
‘wo sab baad me filhal mujhe tumhara
appoinment letter ready krna hai. Btw what
is ur name?’,she asked hurredly.
‘kmal hai apko apne dost ka naam b nai
pata.bande ko Maan Singh.. Maan
Singhania.’he told quickly,having a grinn on
his face.
She raised her soft palm towrds him. He held
her and a shiver ran through his whole
body. She is so soft like baby.’hi i m Geet
Handa,CEO of KI. Nice to meet u Maan.’she
shaked his hand deliberately…
Both smiles…

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