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Geet closed her eyes lovingly feeling his tiklish
touch. Maan bend on her flushed face and
kissed all over while his hand entwined with
hers. Her left hand snaked from his bare back
to the mane of his dense hairs. Maan sealed
her lips with his. Geet getting restless. They
devour each other taking their sweet time.
Now a days Maan wont get wild with her. He
pleasured her but tenderly. Her body
welcoming him smoothly. Geet is laying and
he sat between partion of her legs. He held
her folded legs to stregthen her and placed
himself on her v-lips. For a while after first
long and slow thurst,he simply lay,enjoying
the feeling of her body. He moved fully but
there is no urgency. The pace was luxurious
and they made love in a silence which only
served to increase all the delicious sensation
she was experiencing. He incresed the pace
still it was slow and erotic. He is very much
aware of her condition,so keep his moments
to that accord. Before drifting back to earth
both reached to the ultimate pleasure. Geet’s
breath is halted and she reached to the
climax. Maan is not fully done but he removed
from her seeing her exahustion. Maan slipped
by her side andd kissed her tenderly and
cleared the view of her furious red face,by
putting her hairs behind. Both kissed one
more time in full luxury. He parted and glance
in her eyes.
‘howz my sweetheart?’,he felt conserned for
her. Geet nodded with a smile. He slipped and
kissed on her abdomen. He stroked with his
hand tenderly and glance in her sparking
gleamed eyes. She blink and both smile. Maan
again moved to her and kissed her already
swollen lips. He embraced her and kissed her
till their breath get halted.
Both were tired and dipped in their sleep. A
sharp knock broke his sleep. He opened his
droesy eyes and found her sleeping on his
chest and couldnt resist himself for kissing
her sleeping beauty.
Knock sound rosed and his irritation too. He
carefully removed himself bneath her and
quickly slipped in his cloths. Suddenly he
realized and reluctantly awake Geet too. Maan
helped her in dressing up before he went to
open the door.
‘Maan itni der lagti hai door open karne me?’
Meera waved inside while scolding him. ‘i am
getting fed up with both of you. Maan abi to
bas karo. My poor babies,Geet k sath tum
unhe b tang karte ho.’ she continue with her
Maan glared her. ‘why you came so early
everyday?’ he cribbed frustratingly.
‘o hello mr. Akdu mujhe b koi shuk nahi
subah subah tumhara suja hua chehra
dekhne ka. Wo to mere babies k liye mujhe
roz aana padta hai.’ She irritates him
more,while examine the Geet.
‘Meera..’,Geet trying to stop her.
‘i am sorry Geet but your akdu hubby starts
first. Now let me check my cuty piees babies.’
She put the sethoscope on her baby bump
and checked her.
‘excuse me humare babies hai ok?’Maan said
in almost frustrating voice.
‘ha jaise tum palne wale ho na inhe. Tume
pata hai teen saal ho gaye hai humari shadi
ko par abi tak maine or Dev ne baby plan nahi
kia,coz hume pata hai,tum dono ko to ek
dusre se hi fursat nahi milti. Aise me main or
Dev hi sambhalne wale hai inhe. To hue na ye
humare babies.’ Meera teased both with a
Maan glared her. ‘OMG u too have no limits.
Bina lade ek b dinn reh nahi skte kya?’ geet
complaint over their chidish conflicts and
trying to stopped both.
Meera gave her vitamins and feed fruits to
her. ‘ur hubby starts or ab to mujhe b maza
aata hai.’ she winked to Geet and both ladies
grinned seeing squirm Maan.
Meanwhile Dev too came inside their room.
‘what is this Meera? Where is my tie?’ he
‘Dev cant u do one think at yourself. You
know mujhe roz subah babies or Geet ko
dekhna hota hai.’ Meera blamed him for his
‘ha to yaha aane se pehle kia karo na baki
kaam.’ Dev to scold her. And both start
Maan intrupts. ‘excuseme ye humara room
hai.’ Maan reminde the two conflinting souls.
‘no matters ye humara daily routine hai.’ both
said together and Maan’s eyes widened.
‘common Geet get up.’ Meera commande her.
‘wait Geet’, Maan went to her to lifts her in his
‘dont you dare Maan. Wo khud chalegi. Geet
beemar nahi hai.’ Meera cautioned him. She
went to Geet and asked Dev to help.
Both supports her and moved out. Maan’s
eyes panicked and he followed her. Meera
send Geet to garden area with Dev. Geet’s feet
is badly swelled but Dev supports her and
both walked gradually.
Meera clenched Maan’s wrist before he stops
her. ‘what is this Maan. Tum Geet ko chalne hi
nahidete ho. Aise to bachho ki growth pe
bura asr padega. Dont you want your babies
and Geet healthy?’ She argued.
‘ha tabi main nai chahta ki Geet ko koi b
takleef ho. See uske pair swell hai.’ Maan to
‘i know thats y i wants her to walk. Jab se
Geet ka 6 month shuru hua hai tum na use
zada bahar jane dete ho na walk karne dete
ho har waqt use god me liye ghumna theek
nahi hai. Maan try and understand wo
beemar nahi hai par aise tum kar zaroor
doge. Maan ye tumhara possesive love hai na
Geet k liye ye usi ko nuksan pahucha ra hai.”,
Meera try to make him understand.
“Par Meera bahar use lag gai or kuchh….”,
Maan’s voice shivering and wont even able to
voice out his words.
Meera gave him a comfort touch placing her
hand on his shoulder. “Maan sabse pehle to
tum khud ko strong karo. Maan tume Geet ki
strength banna hai weakness nahi. Already
uska past itna dark raha hai. Aise me tumhara
ye behaviour use or weak kar dega. Maan use
buck up karo down nahi. Wo chalegi firegi
bahar ghumegi to usse achha lagega. Maan i
dont want any complications this time. So its
very necessary she do some activites and stay
happy. Infact tum b uske sath walk kiya karo.
You lazy…” Meera teased him as per her
Both went outside where Dev supporting
Geet and walked with her. Maan rush and
held her hands. Dev handover her to him.
Meera commands him that he only supports
her not lift her up in his arms. Both left them
“Maan i felt tired.” Geet told him.
“Geet bas 10 mins then we sat on swing ok.”
He kissed her and controled his fears.
Meera took very good care of her since she
concieved. Time runs at a very high speed.
Last 3 months runs too quickly. Maan
followed Meera’s instruction and spend
quality time with her,not only physically but
mentally too. Then the most awaited moment
came. Geet is weltering due to labour pain.
Meera already planned everything for her
delivery. She took her inside and helped her.
Geet inside and Maan outside. Both are
weltering like a fish without water. Dadima
and Dev smiling secreatly at his condition.
With a force she delivers first offspring,a baby
girl. Meera quickly wrapped her and hadover
to the nurses for cleaning.
Only 5min and it starts again. Second one is
ready to come out. Maan’s hand turn cold. Its
too much for his patience level.
Finally her twin sibbling is come to this world
with a loud cry sound. Geet looked his
glimpse and lands on her bed. She is so weak
and wont able to move even an inch. Meera
and her nurses finish all the medical attention
she needs. Both babies were cleaned and
wrapped in soft cotton clothes. Meera kissed
both and handover one in Geet’s arm.
Geet’s hand were shivering seeing her
daughter. Her eyes turn wet. She still
scared,and thinking weather its dream or
reality. Meera analyise her state of mind.
“Geet its not a dream. Hold your daughter. She
is yours. Or ha jaldi karo kyunki iske baad
apke bete ki bari hai. See how he looking at
you.”, Meera showed her second baby laying
in Meera’s arm.
Geet hold her and gazed lovingly. She gently
kissed her and caress her tenderly. She feeds
her first. “Meera did u see her eyes, bilkul
Maan jaisi hai.” She said happily.
“Ha or iski bilkul tumhari jaisi. Par dono ki
nose Maan jaise hai. Bas uski tarah akdu na
ho”, Meera again teased and Geet stared her
annoyingly. “Ok ok i wont say anything
against your hubby.” She ans her back.
When first baby done,Meera hold her back
and gave second baby to her. Both were
sleeping calmly and Meera allowed alk inside.
Maan went to her and sat beside her side.
Dadima and Dev took babies and loved them.
Maan pulled her gently in his arms and kissed
her. He first asked about her well being. Geet
assured him to calm his worries.
Dadima blessed her and Dev congratulate the
proud parents. All signaled and leave them
alone with the babies. Maan loved both one
by one. He is adoring both.
“Geet see god snatch our one baby. But this
time blessed us with twin. Geet humara first
baby b wapis aa gaya hai.” He too have tears
in his eyes. Geet nodded in agreeing and he
kissed on her forehead. He snuggled his
family tight.
“Maan thanx for filling my emptyness and
moreover accepting me in your life. Tumse
shadi ek bad hi maine har rishta paaya hai.
Itni pyari dadima mili jo kabi dost to kabi
guide bankar har mushkil me sahi rah dikhati
hai. Dev or Meera k roop true friends mile. Or
sabse important tum jisne meri adhoori
jindagi me firrse apne pyar ke rang bhare or
aaj ye cute se babies diye.” Geet showing
gratitude towrds him. Today she get
everthing and so many relations in her life
just because of him.
“Nai Geet maine kuchh b nahi kiya hai. Balki
tumhare meri life me asne se maine jeena
seekha hai. Pehle to sirf main saanse leta tha
lekin maine lamho ko jeena tumhare sath
seekha. So thanx to you.” Maan gazed her and
make her feel good.
“I love you Maan.” Geet confessed and kissed
on his lips.
“I love you too Geet.”, he took her lips and
gave her a soul seering kiss.
Their story which begains from the hatred
now converted into an enternal one. Both
madly love each other and now their bond
become more strong with the arrivals of the
symbols if their love….. its a begginning of
their True and Passionate Love…. WORLD OF

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Last Part
Destiney played with both,stiil they overcome
from from all the hurdels. Maan got discharge
and they all reached to KM. Dadima welcomed
Geet and put her wish infront of them. She
wants them to marry before any cyclone
come to their life. Maan too wants but he
wasnt sure about her feelings. He was sure
that she loves him but rather she is ready for
marriage is not confirm. He excused and took
her aside to some lonely place. Maan cupped
her face and asked softly what she wants.
‘Geet i want to listen from u what u feel and
want?’ her wish is very impor.fr him.
Geet hold his hands and gaze in his dark
eyes,which hoping for positive ans. ‘Maan
marry me pls. I love you and cant live without
you.’ her eyes were wet but she is happy.
Maan embraced her in a swift moment and
kissed her. ‘i love u to jaan. Just want to listen
it from you.’
both r agree now,so Dadima wont waste any
single sec. She do all the prepration on their
scale. Dev and Meera assist her in every
prepration. Maan make sure that Geet get all
the happines and rejoy each and every single
moment. She only faced agony in her life but
not anymore. Maan take care of her all needs
and wishes. Meera,daima and dadi also gave
her company and make every moment blissful
for her. She scared but gradually she again
start laughing.
Just in a week she get married to Maan. She
get what she never ever gave right to herself
even for imagine. All r happy to see both
happy. Their forgotten smile is come back and
with that whole KM is drowened in
celebration. The moment they done with all
the rituals,both leave for their long
They are now in their new world of love and
passion where there is no need of worried
and hatred. Both forgot the whole world
around them and just lost in each other. No
matter its day or night,what they want is each
other. Its a beyound a dream to Geet. She
feared many times but Maan couraged her
and she start enjoying even small small things.
Sunset, moon filled sky, vast sea and the
sounds of waves, warm sand in noon and
cold breeze in mid nights,she feels the beauty
of surrounding when he made love to
her,rather in open or in their lavish bedroom.
Child breeze is oozing and both wrapped in a
single light weight duvet. Both are resting
bneath the vast sky in open air. Maan is half
laying,wrapping her arms around her and
Geet is settled on him,relaxing after their
passionate intercourse. Geet’s warm cheek is
rubbing on his widened chest. He is just lost
in this deligted moment till he felt her warm
tears on his bare chest. He alerts and palmed
her face to glance her face.
‘kya hua Geet? Y r u crying?’ Maan got worred
for her.
‘dont worry Maan i am fine.?’ she assured him
but he wont satisfied and ask again. He
forced her till she wont tell the reason. To
make him calm she to open up. ‘Maan i was
just thinking about our past. How much i
tormented u,but u waits for me.’ she said
‘Geet i love and wait till my last breath. Sach
kahu to main bahut darr gaya tha ki ab kabi
tume nai dekh paunga. I wont know what
makes u change ur mind. If d reason is my
acc.or mujhe pehle pata hota to main roz
acc.karta taki tum mere pas pehhle hi aa jati
or 6 mahine ki dusri na sehni padti.’ Maan
‘pls Maan aaj keh dia hai dobra mat kehna. I
wont able to loose u at any cost.’she hugged
him more firmly. ‘Maan i only have u in my life.
Bachpan se leke aaj ak maine sirf khoya hai.
Pehle Veerji,firr parents or firr nanu. Sabne
mujhe chhod dia akela. Isliye nanu ki deat k
baad maine kabi kisi ko apne nazdeek nai
aane dia. Maine decide kar lia tha ki ab kisi ko
apna frnd b na bnaungi. Isliye tume b mana
kar dia. Maine sirf studies or competition ko
apni life ka aim bana liya. Maan main tume
neecha nahi dikhana chahti thi par un do
cheezo k alwa or kuchh tha hi nai mere pass
jeene k liye. Parr…’ before she completes Maan
‘par main humesha use tumhara attitude
samjha or tume apna dushman bna lia. I m
sorry Geet,i always hurt u. Bina tumari takleef
ko jane humesha tume kosa or tang kia. I m
so sorry jaan.’ he ffelt agony realizing how
much he tormenting her in past and hates
her without any reason.
Geet sense his pain and palmed his cheek.’its
not ur fault Maan. I want u to hate me and
never tried to be my friend again. Main nai
chahti thi ki kisi or ko meri wajhse takleef ho.
Us din jab meeting k liye main nai aai thi wo
sirf isliye kyunki usi dinn veerji ki death hui
thi.’ she broked and burst in tears. Maan
cuddled her,feels guilt for hurting her on that
‘bas Geet ab hum un purani bato ko kabi yaad
nahi karenge and i promise,ki ab tumari aank
me ek b aansu nai aane dunga. I love u jaan
and promise to fill every sec of ur life with
happiness. Bahut seh lia tumne par ab or nai.
U deserve only happiness and love in life.
Bhagwan ne jitni takleef deni thi de par ab or
nai.’ Maan wiped off her tears and kissed her
“I love you too Maan. Please never leave me
alone. Badi mushkil se maine khud ko kisi
rishte k liye manaya hai. I cant live without
you.”, Geet’s word clearly shows her fear.
“I promise never leave you alone.” Maan
stroked her back and trying to sooth her pain.
He kissed her numerous times.
Both have a agonyfilled past. Her fate
tormented both but not anymore. Their love
for each other is strong enough that defeat
the ill fate too. Geet come out of her bitter
past just because of his love. His love
strengthen her and the sepration forced her
to came back. Both wrote a new saga of Love
together. Now their is no space of any
bitterness and hatred between then. If
anything stays with them is their pure Love.
Their dark temptation gave them a way to
Divine and Pure Love.

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Part – 20
warning:- 18+
Sepration raise the value of togetherness.
Today both are with each other,need no one
around them. Maan palmed her cheek and
peck on her jucious lips. She shurderred with
the touch sensing his intentions,by the way
he claim her. Maan locked the room from
inside and held her more firmly. His eyes
never looks so hysterical as it turn this
moment. Gradually she step back and falls on
his bed. Maan hovered over her and start
giving untamed kisses all over. The
beast,sleeping inside him from past six
months is ready to unleashed. His sexy witch
is in front of him and both express their love
only this way. Maan’s hand romed over her
clothes and reached to her pant. He unzipped
it and slipped inside in search of his
forbidden pleasure. She is already moist with
his mere foreplay and it took sec to him,when
his 2 fingers easily thursting in between her
v-lips. Softness not meant for them. She
gasped and moan his name. Maan glance in
her eyes,seeking for her intentions. Geet
raised and bite his lower lips,wrapping her
arms around him. She pulled him,giving him
an open invitation. Maan kissed her on her
chest veviously. He unbottoned his shirt and
realeased her mounds. He licked and bite her
erect buds. She moaned in anticipation and
fists his hairs. Maan sooth her pain,licking all
bite marks he marked on her delicate body.
His cool saliva sooth the sensation. Soon they
were released from all the barriers between
them. She rolled him down and kissed all over
on his chest. For a moment her melodious
moaning replaced by his groans. Geet
tourtred him like he do. She palmed his hard
length,while making lazy circles with her wet
tongue on his peaks. Both want to explore
each other throughly. The drift of six month
turn both more wild and desperate.
Forgetting aboud the surrounding,they just
so much in each other. Uncountale kisses and
warmth of them delighted their desires. He
grabbed her to fill her with him. “i was dying
to be in you.” he said hoarsly. His simple
confession and his voice enough to told her
his pain. Maan rested her forehead on hers
and slid inside her. A tear escaped from her
clenched eyes. Their fate tormented them,but
not any more. He buried his head in the corck
of her neck,locking her fingers with him. Both
eyes were closed and he rubbed himself
inside her till they reached to their climax.
With their realese,Maan removed and raised
his head to glance her. Her eyes still wet from
the corners. Maan get worried,seeing the
tears. As she never ever cried,no matters how
much harsh and wild he turn while their
“am i hurt…”,Maan’s heart clenched hard for a
sce,but her no with a smile calmed him little
bit. She put her finger to shut his mouth and
assured him that she is fine. She wrapped her
arms around his shoulders and embraced
him firmly. His head is buried in her chest and
she stroke his hairs tenderly. Geet kissed on
his hairs and he hold her more firmly. Dont
want to loose her now. The way he held her
clearly shows his insecurities. Geet is crying
inside seeing him. Due to her fear,she tourted
both of them immensely.
Here Meera and Dev conflict is over and they
are waiting for them. But when they wont
come for a long,Meera ran towards his room
and try to open it. Room was locked from
inside so she bend on her knees to peep from
the key hole. Dev saw her antics and felt both
scared and embarassed. He pulled her up and
forced her towards her cabin.
‘Meera r u crazy? What r u trying to do?’ He is
just shocked with her weired behaviour.
‘are itni der ho gai wo bahar nahi aaye to i
was just checking ki wo kya kar rae hai.’ she
said in a very calm tone.
‘have u gone mad? Bro ko pta chala na to
hum dono ki khiar nai.’ dev threating her.
‘o hello main nai darti tumhare us khudus se.
And secondly i was only checking ki wo dono
kai firr se to nai ladd rae.’ Meera protect.
‘common Meera grow up.’ Dev frustrates.
‘hww patidev u r doubting on ur wife,though
after our marriage. I am already
grownup.’She teased him.
‘o really.let me check.’Dev smirked and said
Meera wrapped her arms around him.’to itne
dinno se kya kar rae the?’ she glance in his
Dev pulled her and clenched firmly.’i was
thinking of check again.’ he said huskily,while
nuzzling her nose.
Meera shied and shove him away. ‘this not
our bedroom,what if anyone come?’
Dev locked the room first. Then he took her to
the couch,covered her underneath him. ‘tume
mere kuch karne se problem hai ya kisi k
aane se?’ his eyes poured so much intencity
which she cant denied. Her face flushed
furiosly and eyes gleamed.
He held her hand softly and kissing on her
face tenderly. She is loosing herself before his
demands. She too kiss him back,with that
much love,same as he have for her.
Soon they two also lost themselves to each
other. Both the couples r completely drowned
in the world of temptation nd desires.Their
love wont let them in a peace nd they dipped
more deepr and deepr in it.

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Part – 19
Six months passed and as he promised her he
never tried to find about her. Though they
were not completely unknown about each
other’s whereabouts. Media played a great
source. Two big names of Bussiness world
cant hide from each other. But they never talk
after that day.
Meera was on round,checking all her patients
one by one,when Dev came to meet her.
‘sweetheart i want to talk,shall we?’,Dev asked
while kissing her.
Meera nodded with a smile and asked him to
wait in her room. Dev moved from there.
Meera finished and proceed towards her
room. As she entered Maan shower his anger
on her.
‘what the hell is going on Meera? Abi k abi
mujhe discharge karo.’ he commands with
furious tone. While Dev stand aside smirking
seeing Maan and Meera conflict.
‘Maan dont behave like a kid. Abi tumhari chot
heal nahi hui hai.’ She glared back and said
Maan fumed and moved to Dev. ‘Dev told your
wife that i am fine and not gonna stay here
‘Maan doc main hu ya tum?’ Meera poked his
‘excuse me tum gyno ho. And for ur kind
information i am not pregnant.’He said angrily
whatever come to his mind without thinking.
Both laugh secreatly at him.
‘right but still i know u need rest. Or ab agr or
argument kiya to main dadima se tumhari
shikayat karungi. Fir woi decide karengi ki
tume kaha rehna hai.’ Meera threat him on
dadima’s name. Because he only listen to her
and everyone knows that.
‘dekh lunga main tum dono ko.’ He fumed on
his defeat and moved outside ragefully.
‘Meera tum bro ko discharge de kyu nahi
deti? Main janta hu unhe,jitna aaram unhe
karna tha usse zada kar chuke hai. Ab nahi
rukenge. But my que is why you wont gave
him discharge?’ Dev asked for the reason and
request for his brother.
‘Geet k liye.’ Meera confirmed shortly.
‘Geet?’ Dev get confused with her strange
‘Dev tume yaad hai do mahine pehle b Maan
ka acc.hua tha. Us time b Geet aai thi Maan ko
dekhne par chupke se. Is baar maine media
me is khabar ko itna hype kiya hai ki wo cha k
b khud ko rok nahi payegi. Geet ko aana hi
padega,tum dekhan.’ Meera told him the
‘r u sure?’ He doubts.
‘trust me.’ she confirmed him with a smile.
Maan standing in a corridor when he feels
something. Maan waved towards his room.
His steps paced. He was in front of his
room,raised his arm. A new hope,enveloping
inside the feel of shatteredness occured in his
heart. He open the door and glance all
around. This time his heart wont betrayed
him. he was right. He feels her and she was
standing infront of his eyes,after six months.
Geet’s eyes were wet. A sound in room grab
her attention and she turn towards him. Both
saw each other and she run towards him.
Both hugged in anticipation. Maan caged her
in bone crush hug.
Both come alive after ages. Past six months
tormented both dreadfully. Maan loosen the
hug to gaze her face but Geet’s heart is so
scared and worried. She cupped his face and
kissed all over maniacly. Maan pulled her and
both again lost in each other’s warmth. Both
smiled with teary eyes. This sepration raised
the value of togetherness. The smile he lost
much before again dancing on his sculptured
lips. The music of her raised beats soothing
his all sores. After a long hug both parted an
inch,glancing in their eyes. Geet caress his
cheek softly and reached to his head
‘ye kya haal kar liya hai apna? Kaha dhyan
rehta hai tumhara? 6 mahine me ye dusri
baar tume itni chot lagi hai.’ She whimering in
‘meri zindagi jo mujhse durr chali gai thi. Geet
hai to Maan hai. Tumhare bina is zindagi k koi
mayne nahi hai Geet.’ He is gazing her
lovingly,caress ing her cheek with his
‘chup rao tum. Kitni chot lagi hai. Aise koi car
chalata hai kya?’ she embraced him
again,making herself sure that he is fine and
‘Geet tume lagta tha ki tum agr meri life me
rai to meri jaan pe khtra hai. Par Geet sach to
ye hai that u r my lucky charm. Promise me aaj
k baad mujhse kabi durr nahi jaogi,warna iss
baar shyad main na bach pau.’ Maan poured
his pain in word which tormented her more.
She palmed his mouth and nodded no again
and again. ‘I love u Maan. I love u so much. I
promise i wont leave u again.’ Geet said while
kissing him more and more. Their every
gesture reflecting the pain both bear without
each other.
Here Meera and Dev still arguing when a
person came inside hher cabin. He knocked
and she granted a permission.’mam main
Geet mam ka shuffer hu wo apna mobile car
me hi bhul gai thi. Par abi wo kaha hai?
Reception pe to yai btaya tha.’ her shauffer
confirmed her presences to both.
‘aap ek kaam keejiye ye mujhe de deejiye. I
will give it to her.’ Meera took mobile from
him and he leave. Meera gave a winning look
to Dev.
‘so patidev ab apko kuchh kehna hai? Kya
kaha tha maine Geet nahi rok payegi khud ko.
See she is here. And if i am not wrong she is
definately in Maan’s room.’ Meera said
proudely over her win.

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OT’s door was lockd 4 anothr 4 hours. 4 hrs of Death.4 hrs of Life. Only que is who get wht? It was confirmed that today Maan is going to loose an important part of his life. All are tensed and worried,roaming here and there. This 4 hrs seems never ending tormentation for Maan.

Soon Doc come out and Maan confront her. Her stern face definately dont gave him a relief. ‘doc..?’ Maan’s voice is died inside him. He wont able to ask anything.

Same moment wardboys brought Geet out on stretcher. They were shifting hetr again to I.C.U ward.’She is out of danger now.’ she informed him.

‘or humara baby?’ Maan staring in her eyes.

Doc lowered her head and patted his arm in consoling way. ‘be strong she must needs you,after regaining her concious’. Doc consoled and left from there.

Maan broked down. His world shattred completely. He saves her on the cost of baby. Dadima embraced him. Every eye turn wet. She is stroking his back to sooth his unbearable sore. ‘smbhaliye khud ko beta,abi apko Geet ko b smbhalna hai.’

‘dadima she will hates me more and nvr frgv me after this. I snatch our baby frm her. Usne kaha tha i must choose our baby over her. But how can i loose her?’ Maan is cried in her embrace like a feared child.

Daima came near him and caress his head. ‘Maan bete apne kuchh glat nai kia hai. Or yai baat apko apne sath2 Geet ko b samjhana hai.’ Daima strengthen him,supporting his decision. All came and console him ad made him prepared to face Geet.

Geet get her concious. Maan glance her from the window. She is sat like a dead body. No courage and enthusiasm for life is left in her. All push Maan inside. Only he cn handle her this momnt coz both loose is same. Their pain is same.

Darkness is spread due to the dim light in room. Maan couraged and sat near her. Her innocent eyes questioned him. Both stare in each other’s dead eyes. Maan raised his hand but she clenched in mid way.’why Maan? Why u do this? U always said that u love our baby and wants him,then y u save me?’ She yelled on him giving stress on her last words. Geet clenched his collar with her valunerable hands. Tears wont take a pause from both’s eyes. Geet is showering her all anger and frustration on him. She blamed him for killing the baby and Maan only hear her all blames lowering his head in remorse. ‘u snatch my only happiness.’

Geet ws nt in herself. She lost hr last relation again. Maan wont able to see her breaking like this. He cupped her face firml and jerked her to bring her back in senses.’Listen to me Geet. Listen to me.’ he roared to overpowered her. ‘humara baby mere liye b utna hi imp.tha jitne tumhare liye. Par me baby k liye tumhari bali nai chada skta tha.

Geet wriggled and try to flinch off his hands but cant able to do so.’kyu? Maine tumse kaha tha na humare baby ko bachana,or koi guilt mat rakhna. Firr kyu nai bachaya use? Meri zindagi waise b kisi k kaam ki nai hai. Par wo to tumhara b ansh tha na?’ Geet sobbed badly.

Maan bring her face more closer to him. Both glancing in each other’s eyes.’ha tha wo mera part. But i cant loose my soul for my part. I love u and only u. Tume kho k mujhe kuchh nahi pana. I know i had been always rude to u. But there is more truth Geet,in my Life i only love one girl and that is u. Jitna mere kareeb tum aa gai humari itni nafrat k bawjood, aaj tak koi nahi aai. Geet i love and cant live without you. So now u tell me as for u our baby is imp.,but for me u r most imp.how can let u die?’ Maan’s eyes shedding tears and voice carrying pain. He put his POV in frnt of her. Geet turn mute again. She wont gave any reply to his confession. She flinch off his hands and turn her face to another side.

Maan sense her pain. Dadima & daima both came inside and Maan left the room. Both ladies console her and boosting her.

One week passed and Geet get discharge. Maan came to pick up her. Geet was as usual silent from that day. She wont utter single word not even any responce to his proposal. completeing after formalities Maan pick up her bag and both come out. Her car is already waiting on her order. Maan clench her hand and stopped her. Both scann in each other’ eyes.

‘Maan let me go. Humare raste alag hai.’ Geet said coldly removing her gaze.

‘stopit Geet. Badi mushkil se is pyar ka ehsaas hua hai. Ab main tume nai kho skta.’ Maan said in almost pleading tone.

‘u love me not i. u cant force me for anything.’ she said rudely.

‘Geet ab main tumhari bato me nai aaunga. I know u love me. Daima ne mujhe sab bta dia hai. Geet Brij ki death ek hadsa tha. Usme tumhara koi kasoor nahi tha.’ Maan held her face and made her look at him. He confront her,by talking her dark past from which she always trying to ran away.

‘tum kya keh rae ho mujhe nai pata.’ Geet avoide gazing in his intense eyes.

‘Geet look at me. I wont see u dying like this in guitl feeling wo b us gunah k liye jo tumne kabi kiya hi inai.Geet whtevr had happened is god’s wish.Tumhari koi galti nahi hai.Suna tumne.’ Maan shout loud.

“I wont know what are u talking about”, Geet trying to escape from there.

Maan pulled her on him and held her more firmly. “Stop blaming yourself Geet. Tumhari koi galti nahi hai.khud ko saza dena band karo. You too deserve happiness. Geet zindagi bahe pasare tumhara wait kar rai hai apne past ko apni zindagi ko khrab karne mat do.”, Maan do his level best to bring her out of her from darkness which is enclosed her from all sides.

” its only my fault tabi to sab mujhe ek ek kar k chhod gaye. Maan stay away from me or else tume b sirf chot hi milegi.” Geet’s voice trembled. Her eyes reflecting her turmoil. How much she torned from inside.

“Tumhare sath mujhe maut b manjoor hai. Par tumse juda hoke jeena manjoor nahi hai.” Maan argued.

“pyar karte ho na mujhse to kya kar skte ho mere liye?”, Geet aksed suddenly.

“Anything you want.” He said strongly.

“To aaj k bad mujhse milne ya mujhe dhoondne ki kabi koshish mat karna. Let me go Maan.” She glanced in his eyes last time. Her eyes shed one more tear drop,symbol of her immense pain which she again kepting only for her.

Maan loosen his grip and she sat in her car without gkancing back for once. Maan saw her going far away from him…

6 months passed and he had no clue exactly where is she now. Both dont even talked to each other in past six months… …..

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Part – 17
Maan was in turmoil. He knows what he had
done was wrong. One after another he only
committ mistakes and todays he is on the
verge of commetting another sin. If he marry
her,definately it spoils 3 lifes and if he denied
it will be a unjustice to Meera and her
family.He simply runied their prestige.
‘bro i know what you are thinking of? What
turmoil you are going through? I know i have
no right to gave you suggestion but bro ab b
agr aap chup rae to bahut galat hoga. More
then before. Apka jo b faisla hai wo apko
Dadima or Meera ko bta dena chahiye.’ Dev
came in his room and saw him tensed,so he
compell him to reveal the truth to everyone.
Maan nodded and Dev brought Dadima,Meera
and her father there. All are staring him in
confusion.Maan told them the whole truth
which is not degistable for them easily.
Dadima slapped Maan. She was hell angry on
him. Dev came in between and defend his
‘Dadima pls forgive him. Jo hua wo
missunderstandi ng ki wajhse hua.’ Dev take
a stand for him.
‘Dev aap chup rahiye. Maan koi chhote bachhe
nahi hai. Yaha koi mazak ho raha hai kya. Ek
ladki se shadi karne ja rae hai or dusri inke
bachhe ki maa banne wali hai.Maan jwab
deejiye ye sab kya hai?’ Dadima yelled on him.
Maan bend on his knees and hold her hand.’i
am sorry dadima. I know my sin is not
forgivable. I was so blind in my ego,and never
tried to listen my heart.’ He shook his head
upwards and glance at her face. ‘Dadima i
know i realized so late but in my life i only
love one girl,and that is Geet. I only love her
Dadima please let me go to her.’ Maan is so
weak this time. He wants to correct his all
On other side now Dadima also know if they
marry will never stay happy for a second.
‘apka faisla Meera karengi hum nahi.’ Dadima
gave right to Meera.
All eyes moved on her. ‘Maan i know from
start that our marriage is just a
compromise,but later i get so much involved
and wanted u too like that. Today i saw your
soft side first time,but this is not for me. This
change is only because of Geet.Maan you only
love her,so no one have a right to came
between you both. I free you from this
unwanted bound. Go and get her.’ she said
with a smile. No regreat no compaints seems
on her face. She is pretty calm and composed.
‘par beta…what we said to our guests?’ her
father objects.
‘papa shadi logo ki dikhane k liye nahi k jati.
Is shadi se koi khush nahi rahega.’ Meera
make her father understand.
All gave their permission and Maan rushed
outside. Dadima decided to announce
outside. ‘i think ab hume sare guests ko bta
dena chahiye.’
‘ek min dadima. Isse pehle ki aap log kuchh b
faisla le,ek confession main b karna chahta
hu.’ Dev stops his dadima. All again get
curious and confuse hearing about his
confession. They wants to know now what
he have to say? ‘Meera i always wanted to
told you that i love you. Tumne bro se shadi k
liye ha keh diya isliye main chup raha. Meera i
love you and wants to live my life with you.
See i am not forcing you for any
compromise.Par main bro wali galti nahi
karna chahta. Baki jo b tumhara faisla hai
mujhe manjoor hai.’Dev confessed his love to
her infront of all. Meera scanned his eyes
which is filled with immence love and this is
only for her. Meera’s own heart confusing
her. Now she understand why she is happy
by getting rid of this marriage. Her own heart
start beating for someone. Now she know
who is the who is ruling her heart these days.
Dadima and her
father waiting for her reply. ‘Dev i also like
you but can you gave me some more time.’
she agree but need some time. Dev accept his
decision happily. Dadima blessed her children
and they declared their decision to their
guests and apolozise for the
inconvience.Dad ima very samrtly coverup the
situation. Dev calls the Maan to know about
Geet and baby.
Maan reached to her villa but she was not
there. Maan manage to contact Maria and she
told him where is she now. Maan drove back
his car to Hospital,where Geet is admitt again.
Maan is hell worried for her. Dev called him
and Maan informed about Geet’s
condition.Dev and Dadima too get tensed for
‘Dev dont worry Geet jis hospital me hai wo
mera hospital hai. I know everyone there,so
lets go.’,Meera assured him not to worry
about her well being. They all also moved
towards the hospital.
Maan reached there. He was droodling deeply
inside for the safty of Geet and baby. He
reached to I.C.U room,where she was
admitted. Maria, Adi,and Daima was already
‘Kya hua? Aise achanak kyu admitt karna
pada?’ Maan’s voice is trembling and heart
thuming very fast.
‘jis dinn se tum akhri baar Geet baby se milne
aaye the us dinn se Geet ki tabiyat kafi khrab
hai. She was emotionally broken from
inside.’Daima answered his que while
pouring tears.
Maan step pacefully inside the room,seeing
her laying pale and lifeless. She is looking
more valunerable then before. Her eyes are
half open and mouth was covered with
oxygen mask as she wont able to breath
properly.Maan’s heart clenched hard seeing
her condition.
Maan take a baby step and sat near her. She
sense him and opened her eyes fully. Maan’s
head is lower down. He have no words to
start the converstation. Geet glance him
silent,so she removed her mask to talk with
‘nai Geet. Dont remove.’ Maan panicked more.
‘its ok Maan. I can bear this. Aaj to tumhari
shadi hai na,tume yaha nahi hona chahiye.’
Geet hardly able to talk but she did with great
‘please Geet dont talk much. Your condition
not allowing you.’ Maan avoid the
converstation. He is tormenting with the feel
of guilt.
‘bas kuchh der ki baat hai akhri baar meri
bakwas sunn lo firr to humesha k liye pichha
chhutne hi wala hai…’ Geet said meakly but in
a calm voice. Her words pierced him like
‘chup bilkul chup. Tum doc ho?kuchh nahi
pata tume.’ Maan consoling himself much
then her.
‘doc kuchh b bole i knew k kya hone wala hai.
Maan waise to mujhe pata hai that you hate
me and love our baby. Isliye jab doc tume
choose karne k liye bolenge to definately tum
humare baby ko hi choose karoge. Or Maan
main b yahi chahti hu k tum humare baby ko
choose karo. I only said because main chahti
k tumhare mann me thodasa b guilt na
aaye.Save our baby first and promise me k
tum uska khyal rakhoge. Use kabi akela nahi
chhodoge. Usko life ki har khushi doge.
Promise me Maan,ise kuchh nahi hone doge.
Itna ehsaan to kar skte ho.’She said frequently
while caressing her bump. Geet knows her
condition is worst and due to emotional
exhustion and her weak body,it become
difficult to survive for both her and baby
Maan shattred completely the moment she
said he hates her most. Maan wont listen any
other thing,only those words of her echoing
in his mind. Seeing him mute like a statue
Geet manage to hold his hand and repeats
herself. Tears wet his dark eyes.Heart filled
with heavyness. He wants to tell her how
much he loves her but,she is losting her
concious gradually. Maan panicked. He called
the docs. They instantly made her ready for
OT. All are worried and scared. Meanwhile Dev
came with Meera and Dadima.
Meera quickly enquired who is operating
‘bro Geet kaisi hai?’ He asked worridely.
Maan was silent. He was still in shock. Her
words wrenching him. He is weltering in fire
of remorse. Dadima clutch his arm and bring
back to senses. ‘Maan bete Geet kaisi hai?’
‘i dont know Dadima. I have spoil everything.
She is suffering because of my ego.’ Maan
burst and broked down before her.Dadima
embraced him and console.
‘kuchh nahi hoga beta aap ghbraiye mat.’
‘maine sab pata kar liya hai. Geet ka case
Dr.Mittal handle kar rahi hai and she is a very
experienced doc. Now hope for the best.’
Meera came and try to compose them. She
have full trust on dr because she is the best
and senior most.
Every passing seems like ages to Maan. His
everybeat is praying for her life. This was the
first time he only thinking about her only.
Today if he cares for anyone,is Geet,his love.
Complications are already exist in her
pregnancy and past 15 days add more. After
15mins. Doc came outside and threw a bomb
on him. As already, they all feared she asked
him to choose between baby and Geet.
Maan’s heart skipped several beats. He felt like
someone stole the earth beneath his feet. A
shiver ran through his body which trumbled
him like a dry leaf. He step back as he wants
to avoid this.
‘dr. Mittal have you tried that therapy?’ Meera
concerned and discuss with her to save both
baby and Geet.
‘i tried everything Dr.Meera but now its too
late. Mr. Khurana pls make a choice fast,Geet is
sinking. Kahi aisa na ho aap dono ko kho de.’
She cautioned and reminds him about the
demand of situation.
Dadima tried to intrupt but Dev stops her. ‘nai
dadima aaj hum me se koi nahi bolega. Bro
khud hi faisla lena hoga,ki unhe kon zada
pyara hai.’
Maan glancing the papers blankly. Those
papers were not just an ordinary papers.
They are the death ceritificate of
anyone,either its
Geet or a baby. His blood frozed in veins. How
can he make choice between both and what
about the promise which Geet demands from
him before getting unconcious few moments
before. Maan clenched his eyes hard. Tears
poured out from them. He wants to cried loud
to express his pain. Todays only he get his
love and now he is on the verge of loosing
her for forever.Maan signed the papers with
trembling hands and told his decision to doc.
She quickly move inside and he falls on his
knees,crying on their fate.

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Part – 16
Anger leads distruction only. In fit of his rage
Maan agreed to do marriage with
Meera,within 15 days. He felt betrayed and
hurt with Geet’s denial and calming himself
through this marriage. In pretext of this
marriage he wants to snap back Geet’s denial.
Now there is n confusion no doubt is left in
his heart. He knows he loves her. Not from
today but from that day he first saw her.
Maan even tried to her friend on that time
too. But the same answer he got which she
gave him today. She rejects him twice,which
is definately not be acceptable for his male
ego. In his anger he greened up her all
wounds which she always hide from the
Maan’s evey fiber is burning in anger. He
wants to blow it on someone. Even this
marriage drama is not claming him as he
thought of. One week is passed. Preprations
are going at full pace,but no one seems happy
with this marriage. Dev hide his love and
engrossed himself in work. Maan burst his
anger on staff or doing taichi in lonly times.
Meera too is confused. Now she also have
many doubts regarding this marriage.
‘dad do you think my decision is right?’ she
asked to her dad.
‘i have full faith on u beta’,her father assured
her but her heart not satisfied. Something is
disturbing her. She herself admitt that she
wont have any expectations then what had
happened in past few days,which changed
her believes.
In past 7 days she do all the shopping of
marraige with Dev. Dadima send Maan but
always Dev replace him as Maan had no
intrest in doing anything for this marraige. He
leave all his shopping on Dev and Dadima.
Past one week Meera spend lot of time with
Dev. She start knowing him more strongly.
Now she wants to think again but its too late
now. Only few days are left and now she
wont change her mind as her father’s
reputation is being associated with this.
Maan is disturbed. As he said,he wont look
back. He dont even tried to know about her.
Though his mind is always fearing but his
rage wont allowed him to bend.
Days passed in jet way speed and finally the
day of their wedding is arrived. All were hell
busy in their works as this is Canada’s biggest
tycoon’s wedding. Media is covring every bit
of it. All are waiting for single glimpse of the
bride and groom. Meera is looking beautiful
in her pink bridal wear but there is no spark
no rejoice is coming on her dull face. She only
smiles when ordered her. Maan in not
different. He only carrying is famous anger on
his face. His heart is thumping badly. Exact
reason is missing but he was restless today
more then ever. Both families were at the
venue. Maan is in his room and Meera is in
her. Guests start coming.
Maan is sitting blank,when a knock on his
door knock his senses to. He opened the door
and found Dev.
‘kya hau?’ he asked coldly.
‘bro someone wants to meet you.’ Dev said
‘i dont want to meet her.’ Maan said in his
flow. His mind is only thinking about Geet.
‘bro but she said its urgent.’ Dev insist him
politely. ‘wait a min. Bro how did you know
an old lady is coming to meet you?’ Dev asked
suddenly,as he wont gave any clue about the
coming guest.
‘old lady?who?’Maan alerts and now thinking
who is coming at this moment? Before Dev
said anything an old lady in mid 50s
come inside with Adi. Maan glared Adi. ‘why
you are coming here. And who is she?’ Maan
asked furiously.
‘aap hi Maan ho beta? Mujhe apse hi milna
tha. Adi ko kuchh mat kahiye. Mujhe apse
milna tha isliye wo mujhe yaha leke aaya. Agr
aap…’ she defends Adi and clear her
intensions. She was continue,but Maan cuts
her words.
‘i dont wana talk with anyone. Sply Geet k
himayetio se.’ he said in a frustrating tone.
‘mujhe pata hai apko itna gussa kyu hai. Par
koi b faisla lene se pehle meri baat ek baar
sunn lo beta. Uske baad jo aap chaho aap
karo.’ she pleads politely.
‘5 min. Sirf 5 min hai apke paas”,Maan
granted her 5 mins only.
‘utne hi chahiye. Main janti hu wo sab kuchh
jo tumhare or Geet baby k bech hua. Mujhe
Maria ne sab bta diya.’she reveals.
‘to ab aap kya kehne aai hai. Geet ka koi msg.
Mujhe kuchh nahi sunna.’ Maan fumed more
and roared on her.
‘nai main koi msg leke nahi aai Balki Geet ko
to pata b nahi hai ki main yaha hu. If she
came to know,she will never allowed me to
come here. Maan bete aaj tume ek sach janna
bahut zaruri hai. Its very necessary for your
baby.’ She hold him on the name of baby.
Because she wants him to listen her with cool
minded. Dev turn astonished hearing about
‘baby k bare me kya hua baby ko?’ Maan turn
panicked at sudden.
‘waise to kuchh nai hua par apne socha us
dinn jis haal me aap Geet ko itna torture kar k
aaye ho,uska kya effect pada hoga baby pe?
Geet ki condition us dinn se bahut khrab hai
bhagwan na kare kuchh ho gaya to kya maaf
kar paoge khud ko? Maan apne Geet pe ilzam
laga diya sirf ek bachhe ki tasveer dekhkar.
Apko pata bhi hai wo ladka kon hai. Wo ladka
Geet ka sab kuchh tha. Uski sari khushiya uski
puri duniya tha wo bachha. Geet ka veerji tha
Maan turn stunned hearing this. He was
confused more. His mind filled with many
question. ‘ye aap kya keh rai hai? If he was
her brother then why she wont told me?’
‘because you taken her wrong or woi wo
chahti thi. Wo nahi chahti thi ki tumhari
zindagi pe koi khtra aaye,isliye tume khudse
durr karne k liye usne tumhare doubt ko bane
rehne diya. Maan aaj main tume wo sach
btane ja rai hu jo koi nahi janta. Sabko lagta
hai, the Geet Handa ek baut hi arrogant or
magroor ladki hai. Par wo humesha se aisi
nahi thi. Wo b dusre bachho ki tarah khush
rehna chahti. But life is not always easy for
Her. Itne bade ghar me paida hone k baad b
uska koi nahi tha. Uske parents ne use paida
to kar diya par kabi uski taraf palat k b nahi
dekha. Main uski daima hu. Maine hi use paal
pos k bada kiya. Uska agr koi apna tha to ya
main ya uska bhai Brij. Wo apna har suk dukh
sirf uske sath share karti. Brij uski puri duniya
tha. Use koi b takleef hoti to wo use
btati,kyunki agr wo apne parents k paas jati
thi to wo dono ladna shuru kar dete the. Ek
dusre pe ilazm lagta the. Both are so much
involved in their personals life. Brij chhoti si
age me kafi mature ho gaya tha. Wo Geet ki
har takleef samjhta tha. Uske bina bole hi uski
bato ko samjh jata tha.’ She revealing and her
eyes turn wet slowly slowly.
‘firr kya hau? I mean ab Brij kaha hai? Kyu
nahi wo Geet k sath?’ Maan also turn curious
to know about her past.
‘as i told u life never be so beautiful for Geet.
Wo villa jaha wo aajkal rehti hai. Wo uske
nanaji ka hai. Dono bhai behan chhutiyo me
waha jaya karte the. Ek dinn Geet or Brij
garden me khel rae the or football bahar ja
giri. Geet ball lene k liye bahar bhagi. Brij uske
pichhe bhaga. Usi time ek truck bahut teji se
Geet ki traf aa ra tha. Geet ko pata nahi
tha,par Brij ne dekh liya tha. Apni behan ko
bachate bachate wo khud us truck ki chapet
me aa gaya.’ Daima’s voice is chocked in her
throat. She felt uneasyness in talking more.
Dev quickly gave her a glass of water to
comfort her.
‘us hadse ne sab kuchh bekhair k rakh diya.
Geet was in shock for next six month,she
wont speak a single word. Uske nana ne kafi
ilaaz karwaya,tab jake usne thoda bolna
shuru kiya. But her torture wont ends here.
After Brij’s death the issues between her
parents rosed more then before. They blamed
each other for his death. Geet daily saw them
arguing. They were busy in their fights. No
one had care about that remaining innocent
life in their home. Both’s diffrences rosed as
much that they decided to divorceed each
other. Dono k divorce k baad jab Geet ki
custody ki baat aai to dono ne use apne paas
rakhne se mana kar diya. Uski aankho k
samne dono ek dusre ko force kar rae the.
Dono me se koi use rakhne ko taiyar nahi tha.
Tab Geet k nanaji ne appeal ki or court ne
unki appeal manzoor kar di. Wo use humesha
k liye yaha le aaye. Or yahi ek school me uska
admission karwa diya. Par uske nana b
beemar rehte the the kuchh mahino baad
unki b death ho gai. Par jane se pehle wo
apna nominee Geet ko bana gaye the. Or ek
trust b banaya uski dekh rekh k liye jab tak
wo khud ko sambhalne layak na ho jaye. Wo
akhri rishta b use chhod k ja chuka.’
Maan was completely blank hearing about the
painful past of hers. He wont understands
how to react now. ‘par daima usne shadi se
inkar kyu kar diya? Main to use or baby dono
ko apnana chahta tha na?’
‘she denied for your sake. In sari incidents ne
uske dil me ek darr baith diya hai. Use lagta
hai jo b usse pyar karega wo marr jayega. Ek
ek kar jaise usne sabko khoya,wo darr gai.
Isliye us dinn se usne khud ko aisa bana liye.
Wo nahi chahti koi b usse pyar kare ya uske
nazdeek jaye. Tum chot lagi thi na. Use lagta
hai wo b uski wajhse hua hai. Isliye jab tumne
puchha unse maan kar diya. Wo kehti nahi hai
par main janti wo tumse pyar karti hai. Usne
tume b khudse waise hi durr kar diya jaise
mujhe kar diya tha. Beta main yaha tumhari
shadi rokne nahi aai bas ek request leke aai
hu. Please usse uska baby mat chhenna. Usme
wo apne bhai ko dhoondh rai hai. Badi
mushkil se use jeene ki ek wajh mili hai.’ she
clears his each and every doubt now and also
pleads for some mercy. Daima herself was not
well. She is weltering for Geet’s sake. Adi gave
her a support and both left the marriage hall.
Dev to leave him alone. Maan clenched his
eyes in remorse. He remind how much he had
tortured her sevral times without any reason
and mainly when she needs his love,care and
affection most. Few moments before he was
burning in the fire of anger and now he is
burning in fire of remorse. He ruined his love
with his own hands.

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