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Geet couldn’t get what he did to save his land. But seeing his confidence she was relieved. The   feeling of guilt was decreased.






“I hope whatever you have planned works. Because it’s true, I wronged you and the guilt is eating me.” She shared her thoughts with him.





“Don’t worry. Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for your so called husband because for the thing, he did all this is still not in his reach. I must say his choice is very good but his business sense is zero. Because he jumped to a conclusion without getting the full information.” Maan mocked his business skills. “He will regret soon and you know what I have to do nothing for that.” His voice and confidence were showing that Raheja is going to get the biggest shock.



Maan was right. They just need to hide till his men gave up.





Their hunt is kept going on and Raheja was getting furious with each and every passing moment. In frustration he hit all of his men. “Bloody bastards. You are unable to find two people. Or should I say they are smart enough to fool my trained staff. Why did I hire you?” He burst on all his guards.





“Sir we try our level best. But…” He wasn’t able to complete as he got a slap from him.





“I don’t like ifs and buts. He must be using his mobile. Track his location. Ye bhi ab mujhe sikhana padega.”





“Sir here is his phone. But it had nothing.” Other guard showed his mobile to him which he threw in anger.





Maan knew that he could be traced because of his mobile so after checking the route he left it in his car. Leaving no information in that. Destroying his sim and leaving an empty mobile for them.






“He is unknown to this place then where did they vanish?” He was fuming badly.





“Do one thing. Search in all areas, near that place. I want result.” He commands and they ran away quickly.




Maan cooked for them. “Come and have lunch.” He invited her.



Caretakers left after their work was done. Now they were alone in that cottage. Geet came and joined him. The food is not looking  pleasant but she was hungry. Without throwing any tantrums she start eating hurriedly. His eyes widened seeing the way she was gulping food down her throat.





“You look so hungry and from many days. By the way where does all your food go?” He couldn’t resist and blurted out what he felt seeing her. She glanced at him with a grumpy face. “No I am just curious to know how you maintain your figure with such eating habits.” He teased her again.





She stop eating and realized she wasn’t at her home. “I am sorry.” Geet left the spoon and apologized.






“Hey it’s okay. I was just joking. Now finish this but slowly. Take your time.” He made her relaxed. “Okay​ baba I am sorry. I was just teasing you. You were eating so fast and it’s not good. Please.” He held his ears.








and Geet got ready to have her meal. She was so gloomy. Don’t know what is hurting her more. What was that she endured.





Both were done with their meal but then she again went to the kitchen area. Searching for something to eat. She didn’t find any so cooked for herself.





Maan came and she offered him to. “No, because if I start eating like you my clothes will get tight.” He again mocked her and she pouts. “You eat so much but God knows where your food goes.” He laughed and she left her food there only.






“Damn. Bad choice of words Maan. Remember what mom said,  never interrupt someone while eating​.” He thought of pacifying her.





Maan entered her room. He had a glass in one hand and a plate in the other. A bowl was balanced precariously between his elbow and chest. She wanted to tell him that it would be easier if he just put the bowl on the plate, but she bit back the suggestion. Geet sat there gloomily hugging her legs. He sat near her with the plate. “Geet you know how I am. So why you take me so seriously?” He rumbled. “Now eat it quickly​ or else I have other ways to.” He caution her sternly as his eyes swept over her.





Though she was angry but her stomach rumbling from the tempting aroma. Maan saw her stiff and kissed her hard till they were breathless. She was shocked, but soon she responded to him. Maan left her. “Now if you don’t want me to move further have your meal.” Geet started eating her food as she eyed his expression. He was serious. Dead serious.





She was done and Maan collected the utensils. He left the room. She sighed and leaned back against the pillows. She was so tired and so damn weak right now. All she really wanted to do was bury herself in this warm, comfortable bed and sleep until she wasn’t tired anymore. Maan left her alone to rest.






Day passed like this only. After dinner both moved to their rooms. Maan thought to roam around to confirm their security so he took his Jeep and take a round on it. He was used to the forests and deserts so nothing scared him.





Geet was silent. Not taking much. Always lost in her own thoughts. Maan came back and peeped inside her room. She stood by the window. He scanned her from tip to toe. She stood there only in his white transparent shirt …Maan could see almost every inch of her long, slender, shaped legs and his cock was instantly standing in full attention and he pulled his hands out of his pockets, walking towards her.



Geet turned around and slammed into Maan’s powerful body, a force that easily kept her body from advancing. The man was concrete, fixed and immobile. She put her hands on his solid, muscular biceps to steady herself. “Sorry,” she mumbled, but he didn’t move away. He surrounded her, holding her body in thrall, making her want to surrender to his dominance.





He has claimed her so many times before,but today he got shocked when she pushed him away. They spend time together but she did not want this right now. Maan approached her again. “What happened?” He didn’t get her actions.




“Please leave me alone.” She jerked his hands off.





Maan has never forced her or any other girl. Whenever they were intimate it was with her wish . But right now, she wasn’t herself.





“What happened Geet? Is anything wrong?” He tried to know the reason but she only shoved him away from her. Her face was dull and expressions lifeless.




She behaved irrationally and he felt hurt. He has saved her and now she was treating him like a monster similar to her husband.The shell that she built around her failed to make her notice the hurt in his eyes.







PART – 9
















Maan gaveher space and left alone. Geet was aloof and hungry. Her emotions were unstable the moment. In mid night she again felt hungry and went to search some thing to eat. She wasn’t allowed to turned on the lights as any one can find them. Though it wasn’t very easy but still Maan wants them to be prepared for any danger. Geet hit with so many things in the dim light of tourch. Noise was enough to alert Maan. He came there and turned on the lights. Many utensils were rolling around her on wooden floor. Maan shook his head.




“Don’t tell me you are still hungry.” He was actually amused seeing her fooding habits. Geet looks nervous and upset to. “Okay sit. I cook something.” He prepared instant soup for her and coffee for himself.




Her smile back on her face. Now her mood is fine than before. His eyes glued to his steaming mug of coffee, he sat across from her on another stool, lifted the spoon from the table and added a small amount of cream to his coffee. “Geet is there any problem? You can tell me if you feel right.” He felt there is something wrong with her. Her behavior is weird for him.




Geet have done so she stood up and ready to leave. Few steps and her wrist was under his clutches. Geet swirled. “When you are leaving?” Her strange question shocked him.



“You have any problem staying with me?” He question back.




“I don’t want you to risk your life for me. Already I am guilty and if anything happens to you I can’t bear.” His eyes met with her gaze. His eyes grim and holding a touch of sympathy.




Maan stood to face her. “You okay? I don’t think so.” He wants to know what actually going with this woman. She become mysterious with every passing moment. Maan palmed her face. Geet nodded.




“I am so grateful to you as you save me twice. But Mr. Raheja is not easy to fooled. He locate us any time and before….” She was panicking. Her gestures told him that she is scared of Raheja’s wrath. His fear was graved deep inside her. He pushed her in his arms.




Maan took a deep breath and tightened his arms around her waist, splaying one hand along her slender back, moving the hand in soothing circles to calm her. She felt so good, so right in his arms. His cock twitched as he breathed in her alluring scent. Maan cursed himself but he couldn’t help being her around. He wanted to make all of her problems go away, banish them like they had never existed. “We’ll deal with it, Geet. I’ll help you.”




“I don’t wanna take more advantage of you.” She told him.




“Yes you can. Anytime.” He assured her.




“Maan you don’t know anything about me.” She wants to object but he didn’t allowed.




His hands moved to her hips and stroked against the silk robe, exploring her body greedily. Her head dropped to one side, giving him free access to let him explore the sensitive skin at the side of her neck. Maan didn’t ask. He demanded.





He took her lips. Though she tried to run away but he held her back and kissed her. She released a moan into his kiss, feeling ravished and overwhelmed, her response automatic and wanting. Pushing back, she entwined his tongue with hers, exploring him, tasting him. Without releasing her from his impassioned embrace, his hands came up to spread her robe, running possessive fingers over the responsive flesh, the hardened nipples. He alternately pinched and stroked, heightening her desire. He wants her. Gasping in need. Both parted but he didn’t leave her. Drop his silken robe from her body. He lifts her and took into his room.



Maan gazed her before joining her in bed. She was about to open her mouth, when his mouth covered hers. His kiss was filled with longing. He was naked and she sighed into the embrace as she felt his blazing hot skin against hers. His tongue and mouth claimed her over and over, while a wandering hand stroked her body, teasing her nipples, sliding over her hip, slipping between her bound, spread legs and into her wet folds.She broke her mouth from his, panting as his fingers slipped into her tender flesh, brushing over her sensitive area. His lips moved down over her breasts, his tongue stroking and gently biting at one nipple, and then the other. He slid one finger into her channel and then other. He was playing with her body. His tongue trailed down her abdomen, flicking into her bellybutton, before it finally laved her V lips. Geet moan louder and begging for him. But Maan taking his own time as he got her after a long time. She was dancing on his tunes. “I need you Maan. So badly.” She begged again felt his hot mouth against her V lips. Maan thurst his fingers in pace,made her release.





“Please take me,” she groaned, her body pleading for him.



“Tell me that you want me, that you need me,” he demanded, his tone raw and harsh.She could feel the head of his member nudging against her tight opening. His hips thrust forward and she was instantly filled. His body consumed her, dominated her as he pulled back and entered her again, rubbing against her driving her higher and higher as he increased his pace. He held her to support. Both met with climax. Maan removed from her and slipped by her side. His hair was adorably mussed and his eyes were raking her nude body as though he was ready to have her again. Geet stroke his face softly. Maan held her hand and kissed on her palm.





He smiled thinking how much he was addicted to this woman. He thought it’s just an infatuation which calmed by the time but now he knew what she is for him. Love,he doesn’t believe so if it is lust then also it’s a very strong emotion for him. She tempting him to no extent.



“Come with me,to my world.” He offered.




“And become your mistress.” Geet glance in his eyes. Her question stirred many thoughts in him. “Right?



Maan left her and sat back. “Geet why you behave so weird? Isn’t I gave you some false promises. At least you get fearless life which you living with that monster.” Maan’s brown-eyed monster was clutching at him, irritated at the possibility that anything could take this woman away from him.




“Now I can’t even go back to him.” She said in a flat dead voice.




Maan held her and pulled to him.






He glance in her eyes. “So what you have decided? Living here alone and wait for him to kill you?” He was furious on her.




“Now I can’t even die.” Maan pushed her more. Geet stare up in his eyes. “I have to live for…” She turned silent.




Maan held her firmly. “Who is so much dear to you that you ready to risk your life even?”





“Leave me. You get what you want. Now leave me.” She said in cold tone.




“Stop it. Just stop behaving like as I took advantage of you. Am I forcing you? No you came with your own will.” He yelled on her in frustration.




“I didn’t said this. Please leave me alone.” She said and Maan freed her. Geet collect herself and ran towards her room but Maan wasn’t in peace. He had enough of her so he to went behind. Wants to know the reason behind her changed behavior. Maan wants to confront her and he did. He asked her strongly and she blurted out the truth that shocked him.

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Maan ran away with Geet from Raheja mansion. He fooled his guards and used his car for running. After driving away he asked for a place where he could drop her.




“Tell me where is your house where I can drop you?” He asked looking at her dull face.




Geet was silent. She had no answers for his questions. “Geet are you listening?” He asked again seeing her lost.




“I have no place to go. You shouldn’t have picked me up.” She said in most dull voice.




He applied the break and stopped the car. “What? Don’t tell me in this whole world there is no place where you can go.” Maan felt strange. He stared her face in hope of reply but didn’t get any. “Damn…” He hit the staring wheel in frustration. “So now where should I take you?” He was angry and frustrated both. “So tell me what should we do now?” He poured out his annoyance.




“First we ll have to leave this car. Because all his cars have GPS systems. We can be tracked any time.” She revealed and raised his anger.




“What? And you are telling me this now. Superb.” He wanted to hit some one hard this time. He clenched his eyes and started thinking. He checked map in his mobile. “Brilliant.” He smiled and almost jumped in joy.




“Come out. We are leaving this car.” He instructed her.




“But how? I am in his shirt only.” She reminded and he averted his gaze, trying not to notice how desirable she was looking even in such state. Maan grabed his  bag and gave his long shorts to her. She wore it and both left the car. He held her hand and started walking in opposite directions.




“Are we going back?” She doubted as they walked into the same direction from where they  came.




“If you trust me then relax. I won’t let him reach you. In fact no one will be able to trace us.” They started walking for half an hour. Both were tired but Maan didn’t take anyone’s help as he doesn’t want to get noticed by anyone. Soon he took a deserted road. She was scared more. Geet wasn’t left with  any choice but to follow him. He took her into a deep forest. Dark night and above all the scary surroundings took her breath away. She held his forearm firmly, getting strength from him only.




“Don’t panic. It’s a calm place. Only looking​ scary.” He sensed her fear through her shivering and cold hands.




Don’t know how deep they went inside but it was worth it when they reached to a lonely house. She scanned the place. Even in a deep jungle it was all clean and seems safe to her.



“Maan who’s cottage is this?” She asked finally​.



“It’s mine.” He told her and went inside. Their was only one keeper and his wife who took care of this.




“Maan baba aap aa gaye? Kitne bade ho gaye hai.” He felt delighted seeing him after ages. “Apka msg aaya tha ki aap aaoge to maine sari tayari kar di thi. Par aap to kal aane wale the na?” He keep talking non stop.




“Kaka kaka calm down. I will explain. First you show our rooms. We need to sleep.” He asked for rooms.




“Aaiye baba. Welcome mam.” He greets her and showed them rooms.




“Go and do rest for a while.” Maan told her but Geet does not look so comfortable. Something was bothering her.




Maan scanned​ her face expression. “What happened?” He asked and she nodded no seeing the keeper along with him.




“Kaka you go and rest.” Maan understood her turmoil and send him away. He escorted her into room.




“Now tell me what bothering you?” He asked strongly.




Geet was scared to asked. “Is this cottage on the same land which was on your name?” She feared but asked finally as she knew what might happen if Raheja will find them.




“No…” Maan replied casually first but then her words rang in his mind. His look turn stern and face muscles tighten. “Wait a minute. How do you know I have land on my name here in India?” He got suspicious now.




Shiver ran through her spine. Now she was scared of her safety again. Heart beat races​. Maan eyed her and walked slowly​ towards her. “Geet I asked something. How come you know about my land?” Seeing no reply he grasped her and gave a strong jerk to her.








“Kuchh puchh raha hu tumse?” His voice was a threat for her.




“Mr. Raheja wanted that land from your dad. But he denied every time he asked. Mr. Raheja knows this land was on your name. So when you planned​ to come here in India. Mr.Raheja saw this an golden opportunity. He knows how you are. A womaniser. He offered your dad that he will take care of you in India. Being a friend of him your dad got agreed​ and send you here….” Her voice choked and Maan pressed her more. Squeezed her inwards. Giving her immense pain.




“Aage bolo.” He demanded.




Geet saw rage in his eyes which she never experienced before. His dark chocolate brown were so intense that they spell bounded her with it’s depth. But the same eyes were today scaring her to death. She saw her end in them. “He commanded me to…” She stopped saying further but he held her more harshly. His fingers left red marks on her delicate skin.



“What he commanded you?” He jerked her again.




“He commanded me to use your lustful nature against you.” She said in a go.




“Oh so he planted you to seduce me. So I can dance in your tunes.” He completed what she wasn’t able to. Her lashes lowers before him. “And now my land is transferred on your owner’s name. Are you his wife in real? Because I doubt now. Whatever he was doing with you, you deserved every bit of that.” Maan’s voice edged​ with anger. She raised her head and her fear-filled gaze met his angry eyes.


Despair and loss welled up inside her and she suddenly couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Silent tears rolled from her eyes and all she could think about was the last four years of struggle and hardship. For nothing. All for nothing. “Yes you are right. I deserve this pain.” She sucked in a deep breath, trying to squelch her pain, but she couldn’t. Tears rolled very quickly,more than she wiped off.




Maan was very angry that he hit the wall behind her and told her about his hatred towards her. He was more angry on himself for letting​ someone fool him so easily. Maan left in anger.





Geet fell on her knees and cried out loud. Once again she was alone. Alone for forever.




Maan was fuming in his room. Now it’s his responsibility to get that land back at any cost. But how. Both are in pain for different reasons.




Night was dark and in complete silence was occupied the place that a little noise could be heard clearly. It’s 4 am when he heard the sound of someone walking on dried leaves. He got up quickly and ran outside to catch the intruder. He was more than active than the person. She was walking dead when he held her. “Now where are you going? Let me guess. Last night what I saw was all another plan of you and your husband to trap me. Now you are leaving to call him here to get this place too. Right?” His thoughts were controlled by his anger this time. All he could see is her betrayal. Now it’s hard for him to trust on her. She seems fake to him.




Geet saw the hatred for her in his eyes. “Yes you are right. It was all a trap for you. So it’s better for you to kill me before I get him here.” She said in most hurtful voice,which enraged him more.



Maan held her from hairs. “Don’t try to act smart with me. Already you fooled me. Now what more you want?” He was angry.






“Right now I am on your mercy and you are free to do anything.” She replied in a flat dead voice. Maan glared her and shoved her away.





“Just get out and never show up again.” He commanded and went inside again.












In rage he too left her to die alone. She was all alone in the whole world. No place to go. No clothes to wear. Hungry and clueless. She was in deep  forest having no idea where to move.




While in  morning one of Raheja’s servant entered in his room and found him shackled and beaten. He released him and Raheja slapped him hard.




“What the hell were you all are doing? Where is Geet?” He roared on him.




“We don’t know sir.” He replied and went out. Raheja quickly​ dressed up and took his guards on remand.




“I want both back at any cost.” He roared and his guards ran to chase them.




As Geet told his cars have GPS system,they tracked it down in few minutes and soon reached to the place where they left the car.




“Sir we found your car in mid of the road. But their is no clue of any of them.” His guards informed him.




“You jerk,were you thinking that they ll wait for you? Duffer go and search them.  Don’t leave a single place.” He gritted his teeth in anger.




“Yes sir.” He said and cut the call.





Raheja called the police and due to his status and power, officer was ready to do anything for him. One side his guards and other side police,both were searching for two souls.




It was 12 pm. Geet couldn’t​ find the route to road. She was roaming in the same place again and again. It was a maze for her. She was shattered because of hot temperature.





Maan was still in anger. So to divert his mind he went to a small river flowing through this forest.




Geet saw water and ran towards it but her foot tripped and she fell in it.




She screamed for help. Struggled to come out but didn’t knew how as she doesn’t knew how to swim.





Maan heard her voice and jump in to river to save her.




He swimed towards her.but She was already drowned.











Maan swimed inside and dragged her out safely.







She was still in  shock and waving her hands and legs but he jerks her.





Both stare each other. His glare was enough to make her calm.








She stopped struggling and he walked out with her.





Reached to the bank of river and dropped her down on the land.






He didn’t even bothered to look back and walked away.









Geet thought he again left her. But this time she was wrong. He came back to her. Giving water bottle and wrapped food to her. He didn’t said anything and start walking. Geet stood up and stopped him.




“Thank you once again. You saved my life second time.” She expressed her gratitude towards him.




Maan slanted back to glance at her. “Because I am not like you and your husband.” He was fuming in anger.




“You hate me so much then why did you saved my life?” She asked looking at him with hopeful eyes.



“Eat something and change your clothes. Then I will drop you out of this forest.” He commands her.




“If you wanna kill me then why did you saved me right now. Let me die.” She demands answer.




“Because I don’t want more complications in my life. If you wanna commit suicide then do it any where else not here before me.” Maan snapped. She raised her head and met his angry glare.




“If I wanted to commit suicide I would have done it four year back.” Despair and loss welled up inside her and she suddenly couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Silent tears rolled from her eyes and all she could think about was the last four years of struggle and hardship.





The ice around Maan’s heart cracked just a little as he watched the totally dependent, forlorn woman in front of him break down in tears, her hopeless sobs twisting in his gut.




“Wait. You wanted to commit suicide 4 years back?” Her words caught  his mind. “But why?” He turned curious to know. But Geet didn’t tell him.




“What’s the use of telling you? You will take it as my another story to trap you.” She started crying and Unable to stop himself, Maan went to her and gathered her body against his own, lifting her into his arms with careful tugs until she came to her feet and put her arms around his neck, turning her face against his chest. He could feel her body quivering, her smaller form plastered against his own, keening her misery against his shoulder.



“Shhh… Geet. It will all be okay. I’ll take care of you.” he ran a hand down her silky hair, knowing that he meant every word. It wasn’t just something he was saying to quiet her, take away her pain. He wanted to take care of this woman who had seen more than her share of bad luck and hardship, bearing it with admirable strength. She was special, and her tears nearly undid him.He took a deep breath and tightened his arms around her waist, splaying one hand along her slender back, moving the hand in soothing circles to calm her. She felt so good, so right in his arms.






He is younger to her still she felt safe with him. Maan took her  back to his cottage. Her foot was injured and she scratched herself with thorny bushes.




Maan made her sit and brought first aid box. He cleaned her wounds first. “When you don’t know how to survive in forest then why put yourself in danger?” He scolded her.




“You told me to leave and never show up again.” She reminded him.




“I was angry. Because you cheated on me. You never understood what that land meant to us. That piece of land was my grandfather’s​ first buying. My elders emotions were intact with that land.” He tilted his head up to glance in her eyes. She felt guilty.




“I know sorry isn’t enough for my sin. But….” She stopped and didn’t complete her words.




“You said you wanted to suicide 4 years back. Can I ask why?” He pressed her wrong nerve. Tears rolled out again which she trying to wipe off quickly.




“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.” Maan saw her state and decided not to force her.




“How would you get back your land?” She asked.




“No need of it. Because very soon your husband will get another shock.” He smirked.






“Matlab…?” She asked as she doesn’t get why he was so cool.




“Just wait. I wish I could see his face the moment he ll get his surprise.” Maan waiting for his revenge.

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PART  –  5
Maan left the Raheja mansion. Geet was hoping he would not but all her hopes died with his retreating form.
She clenched her eyes. Accepting her fate. It was all physical. He never said or gave any promises then why this tears that were struggling to come out at any cost. When in this cruel world no one truly loved her. Whenever some one came to her it is always for her body. owe the beauty she have.
Raheja got some call and he was screaming on the person other side. Geet was far away so not able to hear his exact words ,but his loud voice and ways told her that he was angry. He cuts the call and came to her.
“Geet I have to go for another trip. Keep my luggage ready. I will go and fresh n up.” He commands her in most frustrated tone. But Geet took a relief breath.
He was all set to leave. “Love you. Be in limits.” He cautioned her before leaving. A threat in his voice made her trembled.
He lefts for a business tour and for  50 days. Maan to got busy in his passion forgetting everything else. He was all set to go back to his father. 
50 days passed but he never tried to contact her. But before leaving he found some documents were missing which he needs so to collect them he went back to Raheja mansion.
It’s 1 am when he reached to Raheja mansion. “It’s to late Maan. But no other option I have.” He thought before entering. “Hope not to see that old frustrated man.” He referred to Raheja.
Servant allowed him in as they knew him. “Welcome back sir.” He greets.
“I only came to collect my papers. Is my room open?” He asked.
“You wait sir. I will bring the keys.” Servant lefts and he went up stairs. While crossing Geet’s room he heard some noise. For once he thought to hear what’s going on but then he changed his mind. Maan smirked because of his wild imagination. He assumed what’s happening inside and walked away.
Servant follow him and unlocked the room. “Your room sir. Anything else sir?” 
“No. Leave.” He said and went inside. Servant lefts and he started searching his documents. He collected all and packed his bag, carrying on his back. Maan came out and step away to leave the place but his ears alerts him. He heard her shriek followed by her sobs.
He tried to avoid. Devoid of any emotional connection with her. Still those shrieks were not leaving him. He glanced all around. All were dead and deaf. No one heard her screams. It was like they all were used to it. Maan took a step away but wasn’t able to leave.
His dragged out his hands out of his pocket and curled into a fist. Anger towering and he took decision.
He knew from front it couldn’t be possible to enter and it’s not logical to peep in their privacy but her shrieks forced him to find out  what’s going on. Maan again went inside and took his secret way to her room. He jumped into the balcony attached to her room where he first saw her. Curtains blocked the view but he knew how to enter. He knew Raheja was with her and this was going to be most weird step of him but he can’t avoid her sobs and went inside to see the most painful sight. It wasn’t like he was very sensitive or never experienced such kind of sex activities but it was something which was brutal too.
She was not only shackled and beaten but burnt marks were visible on many places. He saw cigar in his hands which made those burnt marks. Her delicate skin turned red with a rashes made with all spank he made on her.
The situation was weird and embarrassing for all. Geet tried to fold her legs as she was all naked. Raheja got mad seeing Maan in his room.
“How dare you enter in my room?” He firmed the grip on his cigar shooting glares at him.
Maan took a quick view of the room and found a key on table. He quickly freed her hands and she pulled the sheet up to cover herself.
Raheja came to interrupt but Maan pushed him away. Maan searched and gave his shirt to her. He went to Raheja who was trying to stand up on his feet. He held his neck. “You tell me what the hell were you doing with her? Are you an animal? Can’t you see her pain?” Gritting his teeth he suppress him little more.
“She is my wife and I have  right to do anything with her. It’s Her duty to give me pleasure.” Raheja was of 45 but with strong physique. He pushed Maan and tried to call his security but Maan act fast and over powered him again.
“Geet quick. Give those hand cuffs to me.” Maan commands and Geet obeyed. She came out and gave those hand cuffs of hers to him. Meanwhile Maan stuffed his mouth with her scarf to avoid any trouble. Now Raheja wasn’t able to call his security. Maan tied him with his own bed like he did with Geet. He beat him like he was beating Geet.
“Maan leave please or guards will come.” Geet pleads to him.
“Yes I am leaving.” He held her wrist. “But not alone.” He took her along but it wasn’t easy for them. He managed things and distracted his guards and then managed some how.


Raheja was struggling to get free of those handcuffs but his strength left him because of those hits he got from Maan.

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PART – 4
It’s morning and Mr. Raheja arrived one day before the scheduled time. He actually surprised both. Geet was in room when one servant informed her about his return. She quickly came out to welcome him. Maan to heard and came out to see.
Mr. Raheja scan all around. “Welcome back.” She said with a smile and he kissed her. It’s common but he did it purposely.
Maan stare them and turned to adjust his camera. Mr. Raheja went to meet him. “So how’s your holidays going on?” He asked wryly.
“Fantastic,till now. I will make sure it goes on like this.” He replied with equal attitude,while glancing at Geet who stood behind her husband.
“Well let’s see.” He kind of challenge him.
“Mr. Raheja you must be tired. Why don’t you take rest for a while.” Geet interrupted them and took him away.
He swirled to her and encircled her waist. His hand clamping her sleek waist and tugged her delicate form to him. “Let’s go love.” He had a crook smile on his face. Both went inside and Maan waved out.
He wasn’t a man who cared for anything. Geet is just a bed warmer for him so when he needs her he want her in his bed. After that whatever she do wasn’t his concern. He left the mansion for a while.
Mr. Raheja and Geet went inside. She tried to escape his grip but he didn’t let her. “Easy my love. How much I missed you and you r treating me like this.” He held her chin to make her face him.
Geet paniced a bit. “No it’s not like that.” She replied to cover up.
“Did you missed me?” He enquired and she nodded with a forced smile.
“Now come on make a drink for us.” He left her and she walked away.
He threw his coat and settled on a large couch. Geet came with drinks. He walked gradually towards her. Both were close. Having a wicked smile on his face,he passed a glass of wine to her. She smiled back and took the glass from him. “i hope my work is done.”
She sipped from her glass. Walked few steps ahead,glancing at the table then towards her husband. “have i ever disappointed you?” She told and both had a huge grin on their faces.
Geet handed over some papers and he read every paper with glint in his eyes. He hugged her firmly. Crushing her body in his firm grip. He parted and she breath.
“But don’t you think we did wrong?” She asked and got sharp glare from him.
“Come again” ,his voice was threatening .
“Sorry but I said because he is son of your best friend and cheating on him means you cheated Mr. Khurana.” She gathered her courage and got reward instantly.
Mr. Raheja squeezed her cheeks inwards giving her immense pain as his fingers and nails torturing her soft skin. “Bahut zuban chalne lagi hai tumhari. I left you for a month and you forgot who I am?” He pressed more and made her winced in pain.
“I am sorry.” She apologized.
“You should be.” He left her with jolt. “In business the words like friendship does not exist. I wanted this piece of land since long. I offered to buy it but Samarth always denied. But now I got what I wanted and too in free.” He was announcing his win loudly.
Geet stood all gloomy and scared. Unable to predict her husband’s actions. He again clutched her. “Hey don’t get scared.” He caressed her jaw line. “I don’t like fear on your face. Just be ready for tonight. I missed you so much.” He said huskily. She scanned the lust in his eyes. Always do.
“Me or my body?” She mummers in her mouth.
He leaned over her and kissed on her neck. Geet stood silent not reacting and he don’t even care. All he wants from her is to fulfill his desire.
Same time his phone rang and she got a chance to escape. At least for few minutes. When she went out,her eyes moved towards Maan’s room. He was coming out with his small bag. Her heart squeeze suddenly. It wasn’t like they are in love or he made fake promises to her. But her heart and mind was unknowingly captured by him. His demeanor,his touch and most importantly his eyes which were leaving her for a second.
Both glance at each other but did not initiated a talk. Maan walked towards the exit. Mr. Raheja too came out and saw him going somewhere. He felt delighted as he didn’t wanted to see him again. His purpose was fulfilled now he has no concern where he goes and what he do.
“Are you leaving?” He asked for formality.
“Yes. I am leaving to explore rest of India.” He said in a firm voice and left without glancing at her.
“Take your time and enjoy.” Mr. Raheja was on cloud nine as his all purpose solved. He turned to Geet who stood there like a dead body.
Raheja held her again and went inside. “Geet I want to know how he is? Then how did you manage everything?” He wanted her answer to calm his male ego.
“I made him drunk and got his sign.” She told in meek voice.
“Great. I knew it you will not allow him to touch you. How could you when you are my wife.” He kissed her again not bothering what she wants.


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PART – 1




“Atmosphere is fine and flight was full of beautiful faces. I wish i use my camera.” he smirked full of naughtyness. “but no regrets. I am sure this trip makes me fresh. Looking forward for all beautiful faces,soon going to addictive of me.” leaning his head back,he again closed his eyes.



Flight lands and after going through checking procedure he went outside and looking forward for the one who came to recieve him. Soon one guard came to escort him. “Good mrng sir.” he took his luggage and guide. Driver open the door and he settled himself,but now he was free to use his camera hanging in his neck. He pulled down the window and clicked whatever he liked. Its 7 am and Indian roads are active.



It took full one hour to reached the destination. Car enters in the premises of a huge and lavish villa.



He came out and glance all around. Guard guide him inside. He saw a person must be the owner of the house was busy on the phone. He smirked again and waits for him to get free from his call.



Soon he hung up and looked at him. “hello Maan. So hows your trip?” he start with a formal talk.



“fantastic.”he replied shortly.



“by the way, why dont you come with your own jet?” he asked while sitting next to him.



“i think dad told you already about this.” he replied briskly.



“yeah Samarth told me about your stubborn behaviour. Anyways leave it now. You are here on holiday and he dont want you to stay alone,so be comfortable.” he stood up and tide his robe. “and ya wanna tell you one thing. Ye US nahi hai. So better if you leave your attitude for some days. Thode dinn k liye aaye ho achhe se enjoy karo.” His body language and tone signals many thing which he not spoke on his face. Though he was smiling but Maan,neither he was a kid nor a fool. He is 24 but much matured than his body age.



“sure.. MR. Rajeha.”, he stressed and smile back wickedly. Raheja is his Father’s friend so he is trusted by Samarth Khurana for his son’s care as he dont want him to live alone in unknown country. It was his first visit to India. Though Samarth starts his business from India but he settles in US before Maan’s birth and never came back.

Servant guide him to his room and asked if need something. Maan signals and he left. He check his camera and went outside. Through his camera he was scanning all around when an eye catching view hold him. A woman in her nighty standing in her balcony. Her long hair cascading over her bare shoulders,but some strings curtian her beautiful creamy white face.


Maan adjust the zoom focus of his camera to explore her in detail. Her nighty is transparent,giving full view of her generous bossoms. Her taut peaks rubbed againt the soft fabric each time her body made any movement.



She was definetely an instrument to play, so finely tuned, he wildely desired to touched her right now and every where, and made her to moan most glorious sounds ” raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure.


A knock on his door and his all attention diverted. He swirled to look behind. One servant was there to invite for a breakfast,but he refused and turned his focus again but this time he only got disappointment. She wasn’t there any more. Like a wild wind she to gone. Maan push his hairs behind.


“damn where she is vanished?” he cursed,but cool down next moment. “no problem. She to live here in this Raheja Mansion. So you cant escape from me sweetheart.”He smirked like a true devil. But this evilly smile and intoxic eyes were his weapons to trap his prey.


Maan moved inside again and thought of a change. He also felt bit sleepy so after having a warm bath he falls on his bed and relaxing his muscles. He tried to sleep but the images of her flases and not let him rest. He wants her at any cost but before its very necessary for him to know who is she and other important details.


At 2 pm he woke up and get ready to go outside. He thought to explore the place first. Raheja appoint one person who will take care of his needs. He asked him to help but Maan denied and went alone. He dont want any one interfere in his life. He dont even bother about the instruction or commands given by his dad and brother. He always do what he wants to do.







P – 2


Raheja Mansion was full of guests. All money minded show off of the society ppl were present there. Shampigne, wine etc all kind of liquor flowing like a sea. Where Men were higly engrossed in showing their power through numbers women were indulged in gossping. Maan entered late as he wants. Mr. Raheja noticed and excuse his guests.


“what the hell are you doing? This is my party so i expected from u to behave. I already cautioned u this is not ur US. Now go and wear some formals.” Mr. Raheja grew angry on his dressing and send him to his room back. Maan smirked like he dont get affected. He love seeing his angry expressions.


Maan went to his room and laid on his bed. “huh,as if i am gonna hear him.” Maan picked up his camera and glance at the pics he clicked since morning. In those his mystery girl came before him. His eyes sparked. “damn how i forgot about u. If u live in this jail then i am damn sure u r present here. Lets go Maan show these fools what u can do.” Maan quickly changed his clothes and dressed up in a black suit.



He decended down stairs and grasped every girl’s attention. All were staring him,some with theft eyes and some openly. But his eyes were searching for his prey. Mr. Raheja introduced him with some of his clients and he do the formality. Maan mixed up and start searching her. Many girls came up to him and asked for a night. Maan love to but right now his concentration was fixed on his mystery girl. Soon mr. Raheja asked for all’s attention and told them the reason of party. His company got a big deal. Its normal for Maan. Infact he was fed up with these boaring and monotous life. But suddenly he got the glimpse of her. He alerts and walked towards her. Her eyes were dull or said dear. She was dressed up like any other woman in the party but her dull eyes made her different from others. Maan dont wanna loose this chance. He wants to know about her. So he reached near Mr. Raheja. He was confused as all are congrats Mr. Raheja and that girl.


“congrats Mr. Raheja for the deal.”


“thanks Maan.” he said and she sligtly raised her eyes. Maan’s body burnt with desire. Her dull eyes approched him.


“well you not introduced this beautiful girl.” Maan raise his hand to hold her but she tturn nerveous and step back. Maan found it bit weird as its normal in their society.


Mr. Raheja to sheilded her. “Maan, she is my wife. Mrs. Geet Raheja.” his voice was a cautioned more than introduction.


Though he was a bit shocked but not showed. “wow sir. I must say you have a brilliant choice.”


“yes i know.” he stare at both. “Maan why dont you go and join the girls of your age. I saw here many girls were intrested in you.” he suggests him to mingle with single girls.


“what’s new in that. Every girl want Maan Singh Khurana.” He to know how to shut other’s mouth. Maan smirked at his knotted brows and left. He reached to bar and asked for a drink.


All engrossed again like before but his eyes were lingered on her. In this mob she is the one who lignite his desires. “so Mr. Rajeha was hiding this. But not so long. Aaj nahi to kal she have to come to my bed.” his eyes were filled with lust.


Maan gulp his drink when all couple start dancing. He to accept one girl to dance with so he can got a chance to dance with Geet. But when couple changes she left the floor and he missed the chance. Geet not mingling with any one.


Party over and all left so was Maan with the girl he is with. Next morning when he came,Mr. Raheja was waiting for him on breakfast table. He asked him to join and he to settled.


“so hows ur day?” he asked formally.


“day was normal but was good.” he said in husky tone stressing on the his last words. Raheja stare him. “itni achhi party jo di apne.”


“hmm. Ok now tell me what’s ur plan? Are you only planning to explore Delhi or want to go other states as well?” Raheja raised a toast towards him and kept his eyes on him while asking.


Maan was again searching for her. “Where is your wife? Is she done?” he asked straight about her.


“she dont like here. You dont give ans to my question” he twisted again.



“right now i dont have any plan. Lets see where fate take me.” he to give twisted reply.


“only weak can faith on fate. Strong man write his fate by his own.” he taunts.


“like you do.” Maan to use sarcasm.


“yes. I get every thing on my feet. There is nothing left which i desired and not get. What i want i have.” he said proudely with a pinch of threat added.


“ya i can see that. Then i have to stay here to learn these skills. Right mr. Raheja.” Maan again stare him without any fear and gave a good reply.


“huhh. Lets see how good learner you prove. But i promise when you leave India you would have a life time lesson with you.” he stood up. And hiss ervant came to made him wear his coat. “see you at dinner. Tab tak jao ghumo firo.” he left cautioning him,leaving his one guard with him.



Part – 3



WARNING : guys this fiction is not for every one. Once again I am warning you,its a Dark tale so pls don’t judge the characters on the basis of ethics. Don’t expect from the characters that the act as per right. They act what they feel right. So any one not found its correct pls leave.






Maan understood one thing that Mr. Raheja was over conscious  his wife. But he also knows that he would get her into his bed at any how. Few days passed and Maan explore the places and used his camera. He behaved the way Mr. Raheja expecting from him. He only stays in his room when at home,otherwise spend time with his photography. But it was the picture for showing to other. In reality he leave no way to approach Geet. Whenever he got chance he touched her,seduce her and try his level best to talk which was very difficult in the presence of guards but he manage.




Luck also favour him. Mr. Raheja need to leave city and for a month. Though he don’t want but he had to. He command his guards to keep eye on both and they doing very well.




Geet’s silent eyes saying much more then any one can understand. But right now its not his focus. What he desired for is her body.




Maan received one parcel and Geet entered on his room to handover it. She saw the room empty. So she leave the packet on table and got ready to leave quickly as she don’t want him to caught her. But it was only a myth of her. Maan appeared suddenly and caught her. Geet tried to free her hand but Maan pushed her against the wall and locked in between. His bare chest still wet with the recent shower. Drops playing on his toned abb’s and sucked by the towel he wrapped on his waist. Her breath chocked. She looking into his dark intense brown eyes. Those eyes were so captive. Like a dry leaf she was trembling. “Let me go. I only came here to give the parcel.” Her lashes were lower but her eyes got the view which made her breath halted and that to reflected in her words.




Maan smirked evilly. He raised his hand and allowed his fingers touch her skin in pretext of putting her hairs strings aside. Geet turn nervous and felt arousals to. How easily just in a few days he start affected her that she forgot the fear of her being married. “Achha?” Maan took her hand and kissed gently. Geet was numb. “We both know why you came here. Look at me Geet.” Maan leaned over her and start kissing on her neck,lowering down towards her cleavages, showing up from her dress. Maan pull down her scarf and struggle with her shirt. Geet raise her hand to shove him but he was so rough with her. Caught her wrists so firmly so she doesn’t stopped him. Maan swirled and threw her on bed and hovers her. “Maan leave me this is wrong.” She asked him to leave but lack of confidence was louder then any other sound. Geet managed to push him away. Maan again trying and got slap from her. She stood up,correct her clothes and ran outside. Geet locked herself in her room. She was scared. Scared of his life more then hers. Whole day she not saw him. He don’t even came for dinner. Geet was worried for him. She wants to tell him to leave and never came for her but now its to late. She become his obsession.



Late night when she was resting on her bed like a dead soul,one strong pull shakes her violently. Maan was there with her on her bed. “Maan have you gone mad? Just leave.”




“No I won’t.” He again start kissing her every where and turned her weak.



She collected her last piece of courage and hit him hard. Maan glare her. He held her hand firmly. “You wanna slap me go ahead. Hit me as much you want. Now common hit me. But truth will not change. We both know what we want.” He placed his hr hand on his cheek and forced her hand to hit him. Her eyes shed tears and she snatched back her hand. She turned her gaze.



“I am elder to you.” Her last try to send him away.



Maan made her face look at her. “Geet any more excuses?” He slammed his lips on her,force her to respond. Shuddering as he breathed in her unique, feminine scent, he turned her around, holding hand of her, imprisoning her. She was his surrender now. Maan take a quick glance of her and with in a seconds she exposed her curious body to him. Her full breasts invited him. Maan touched her every where, with his hungry lips and tongue. She felt shame when his hands reached to her forbidden folds between her thighs. Warm fluid come out when his fingers rubbed the sensitive flesh and thurst harder. Geet moaned in the darkness. Sex is not new for her. But the pleasure he gave was her first experience. She come out thrice for him and he played well to calm his libido. Whole night he used her as he wants.




After several days he was calm as he got what he wants. She was sleeping holding him. Maan glance at her. He scanned her naked form last time before leaving the room. Maan thought it was over when he done. But this night proved him wrong. One night with her raised his uncontrolled desires.




“Damn I thought I got rid of her fascination but no,I want her more.” Maan was disturbed. Laying alone on his bed,he was only thinking of having her more. But he was happy to,as Mr. Raheja still not come.



Next whole month Maan passionately used her day and night,fooling his guard. But their honeymoon period got over when they heard the news of him coming back.

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