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Part – 40

“Season come and go but nothing changed much. Is it? Don’t know. Sun dawn and set daily and in this 4 months passed. Don’t know how. It’s been 4 month,when she told me about her feelings for me. I feel bad for her because which she deserve i would never be able to give her. Tia you know na. I know you know. 9 months Tia. Only i know how i am breathing without you.” tear drop slipped from his eyes and fell on the glass of frame. He cleaned the glass quickly and placed the frame on his side table and glance it for once then slanted his neck on the other side to watch his source of life. He smiled and kiss the little soul sleeping peacefully. Maan again turned to the frame. “Tia did you know your baby grew older. Today is her b’day. Geet and Daija planned every thing to celebrate this day. Shaam ko b’day party uske baad jagraata. Daija wants she get blessings,so aaj jagraata hoga. You know she turn very naughty day by day. But Piya is our life. KM’s life. Her cute antics give us reason to smile. Or Geet,uski to jaise sari duniya hai Piya. Zada der uski aankho se durr ho jaye na to pura KM uthal puthal kar deti hai. You have to be here to see all this. Bikul pagal hai.” Unknownigly he was smiling and might he don’t even aware of it. “but sach me if she wasn’t with me then i don’t know how i raised my daughter. You know Tia she understand Piya’s every gesture. Don’t know how but she knew when she want and what? I am still learning but it comes natural with her.” Maan keep talking and slept when his eyes goes dizzy.

Sun dawn and KM followed its routine. “Geet, Geet where is my wallet?” Maan called her as he was unable to find his belongings. She raised his wallet towards him. Maan kept it in his pocket. Then he start searching his tie. “Geet meri….” She gave him even before he completes. “Geet….” He again called and Geet provide him before he even asked. “Thank you.” Maan now completely depends on her for every small thing and don’t even realised how and when. Maan still looking fofr something.

“Kya hua? Ab kya dhoondh rahe ho?” Geet asked raising her brow.

“Geet mera phone…” he looked at her helplessely.

“wo to main nahi dhoondh sakti.” she give up.

Maan clenched his eyes in anticipation and opened. He glance at Geet. “No,not again.” but he only get disappointment as she nods in pace.

“Piya. Baby where are you? Shona come out.” Both calling their little mischief but she was hiding behind the curtains.

Piya daily trouble Maan for his phone. These days its her fav toy. She loved playing with his mobile and hide her self. But her new anklets alerts her parents. Her grandparents gifted her and she to love them. The small beads spreads chimming sound and told them about her hideout.

“Shhhhh…” Geet told him to shut his mouth ad signaled with her finger. Both saw into the direction and got the view of her tiny soft feet.

“oh ho my Piyu baby kaha chhup gaya. Mumma searching for her baby.” Geet take a bay step towards her and she giggled hearing her mom’s words. Both went her and put the curtain aside. “Pakad liya.” Geet and Maan caught her and she giggled louder while patting her feet on floor. Geet lifts her up in her arms. She kissed her. “My naughty baby.” she nuzzled on her nose while tickling her stomach.

Maan to kiss her. “Piya baby papa ka phone dedo.” He asked for his mobile and she nodded no quickly.

Geet loved watching this view almost daily. How Maan struggling to got back his phone. Piya quickly turned her face and hide in her mother’s neck. Maan glance helplessly at Geet. Seeking for help. Geet blinked her lashes. Assuring him. She took a few step and grab something.

“Shona see.” Geet show her something. “See mumma’s phone is better than this. Babu Papa ka phone to bekar hai. Chi chi. give him back. You take my phone. Isme apka fav song hai. Hai na.” Geet turn on her mobile and played her fav song.”

Piya smile wide and raised her hand to grab Geet’s phone. “baby my phone.” Maan asked again and this time she gave happily. Piya took Geet’s phone and smile wide. “mumma oly…” She was happy hearing her song and share it with Geet.

“yes Mogli… Where is Mogli? Mumma k phone me.” Geet turn off the song and play a video for her.

“Ok Geet now i have to go.” Maan collect his files and start moving.

“Ha par sham ko time pe aa jaiyega. Late mat kariyega. Today is my baby’s first b’day.” Geet remind him again.

“Don’t worry i will be on time.” He came and kissed both the girls before leaving. Yes he kissed Geet to before leaving the room coz Piya made it his daily routine. Initally he kissed on ly Piya but she grew angry and not leave him till he kissed her mom to. So he start kissing her as well. First he kiss both the girls then he go for his work.

Daija and Geet were busy in preprations. Piya’s first birthday wasn’t less than a festival for KM. Every thing they want perfect so doing efforts to make it happen.

In evening all were ready except Piya. Birthday girl busy in playing with her new toys,send by her grand parents. Even guests were arrived and waiting for birthday girl. Avantika went upstairs to see her grand daughter.

“What happened Geet? What are you doing? See Piya ko abhi tak ready b nahi kiya or neeche sab log puchh rahe hai.” She scold her for her carelessness. Don’t aware that it wasn’t Geet,its her grand daughter who delaying.

“Aap b mere ko hi daant lo. Apko zada pata hai na to ye lo iska top or pehnao agar pehanti hai to. Tab ye skirt pehan k baithi hai par top pehnane jati hu to madam k nakhre shuru.” Geet cribbed to her mother.

Piya giggled seeing her mother’s bigger eyes who staring her. “hehehehe. Mumma bunny…”

“No bunny, no mogli, no tweety. Now c’mon get ready for the party. Shona all are waiting for you. Come. Mumma apni Angel ko ready karegi tab to ready hogi. Or else sab cake finish kar denge. Piyu ka cake hwwww.” Geet manipulated her,if she don’t get ready all guests would eat her cake and nothing left for her.

Piya shook her head in a pace. “no no no Papa cake…. Hehehehe.” Piya is four step ahead.

“Dekha ise. Ye mujhse zada smart hai. Heheh Papa ki bachhi idhar aa…” Piya wasn’t fooled by her. She told her mother that not to worry if cake was eaten up by all. Her father brought new one.

“Geet you go and change. Ise main ready kar deti hu.” Avantika helped her daughter. Geet changed and She made her grand daughter ready in a meantime.

“mumma ye konsa dress hai?” Geet saw complete new dress in which her Angel actually look like an Angel.

“iske nunu laye the iske liye. Wo top Piyu ko chub raha tha isliye nahi pehan rahi thi wo. Now see how cute our Angel looking.” Experience always works.

Geet took her baby in arms. “Aww i am so sorry sweetheat. Mumma buddhu hai. Mere baby ko wo chub raha tha. We will throw that dress.” Geet apolozised and kiss her. Piya too kiss her mother and grand mother. All the 3 ladies came into the party. Maan’s eyes struck on Geet and Piya. Both the girls looking graceful and adorable.

Many compliments Geet. But most imp for her was Maan’s compliment. Who wasn’t a expressive one and very conscious to coz he scared of giving false hopes to her. “You both look like two Angels.” he said meekly but able to spread smile on her lips.

He took Piya from her and made her cut the cake. All blessed the little soul. After party they moved to the garden area,backside of the mansion where they arranged Jagrata. Daija wants blessings for their little girl. Their priest come and starts. He gave red headbands to all family members and red chunri for Piya. Maan drapped his baby in that and Geet helplessly adored her baby who look so adorable. Pure Kanjak of Goddess. Piya was quite excited. Though she was very small but she enjoying the events with her parents. Whole night passed. Its 5 am and their priest anounced the completion. Piya was slept in her grandmother’s lap. One by one all stood and moved towards the stage for devotional offering. Geet to went there where priest gave her blessing which gave her happiness and pain at the same time.

Maan recieved a call from some private number. He moved from there to attend the call.

“Geet where is Maan? Call him. Panditji wait kar rahe hai.” Daija asked about him.

“Abhi thodi der pehle to yahi the. Aap rukiye main dekhti hu.”Geet looked here and there and went out to search him.

After few minutes a sharp and loud sound stole every eye’s dizzyness. Whole KM alerts with that sound and all rushed towards the source….
PART – 41

“His Phone dropped on the ground coz of trembling hands. Blood frozed in veins. Only a shriek come out and he muted…..”

ALL were crying,but Piya was uncontrollable. She was patting her hands and waving legs to free herself from Daija’s grip. She wants to go to her parents only. But they were not in a condition.

Ambulance arrived and wardboys took the body, which was drenched in a blood pool. “Mumma……” Piya waving her hands and crying endlessly. She wants to know why her mumma not carrying her.

All reached to hospital. Where docs took the body inside the OT. Bullet was insert deep in body. It take hours and all outside praying every second for the saftey of the soul. Piya was in a bad state and plight non stop which makes her body weak and gradually her cries subsiding as she slowly drifting towards sleep. But little soul not ready to sleep. She rubbing her eyes non stop,but asking only for her mother.

Daija’s heart went for her. She never found herself this much helpless. Maan went to her and took Piya from her arms. He wont utter a word,since Geet got shot in front of his eyes. His eyes was stoned and he was silent till now. The bullet which actually came to hit Maan made its target Geet by mistake coz she came in front of Maan when Killer alread fired. Maan snuggled his daughter and moved from there. He roam here and there while stroking her back but since she saw her mother Unconscious and in blood,no rest come to her. She was small unable to express herself propely. But know something hapen to her mother. While roaming Maan saw the idol of God there. He went near and his stoned eyes shed a tear drops. “you always snatch the person i love. But what mistake she had did? Why you punishing my baby? You snatch my mom, dad, Dadima and Tia. Everyone i love.” his throat choked and eyes shed tears without acknowledging him. “but pls don’t snatch my baby’s mom from her. Piya and Geet both love each other. Pls dont seprate them. They are innocent. Don’t punish them.” Maan pleading for her life sake.

Adi came there in his search and saw both praying. Piya imitate her father. He joined hands so was she. Adi put his hand on Maan’s shoulder to gain his attention as well as to console him.

Operation was done and now they shifter her in I.C.U. Geet still not responding to treament which worried docs to. They want her to show positive sign but she not giving any one.

“doc almost 8 hours passed she you operate but still she not gain her conscious why?” Geet’s parents and Daija asked again and again from docs.

“we are doing our best. Pls pray to GOD.” they have nothing to assured them.

12 hours passed since they were there without eating any thing. Daija tried to feed Piya but she to behave stubborn. Only wants Geet and slept empty stomach. “Daija aap Piyu ko leke ghar chale jaiye. Mumma Papa aap log b rest kariye. Main hu yaha Geet k pas. Waise b docs ne kaha hai raat me zada log nahi ruk skte.” Maan asked all them to leave and take rest. Though no one is ready but he sucessded in sending all of them.

In mid night he went near Geet and sat besides her. He stroked her head softly and leaned to kiss on her forehead. Maan sat holdinng her limp hand. “Pls wake up Geet. Pls wake up. Don’t punish every one for my mistakes. Your parents, Daija and most important your daughter to whom you love so much. Pls wake up for her sake.” Maan pleads her to come back to life again.

Darkness occupied the whole room. Suddenly a beam of light catch his attention. He run to catch that source. Gradually the light beam taking shape and he saw Geet in that light beam. Maan tried to catch her but she was slippng away from him. “Geet… Geet stop….” Maan called her and shout her name louder.

Maan waked up with jerk and found darkness alla round. He stood and check Geet. She was laying there like before. Maan checked her properly. She was breathing. Though the signs of life was very low but she is alive. Maan sighed and sat near her again.

He felt something on his shoulder. The moment he slanted his neck to saw who was behind him,made him stunned. Tia was standing behind him in a pure white outfit. Her face was calm and smiling. Maan stood instantly to face her. Butthe moment he tried to hug her she step back. But still giving him a smile. Maan dont understand why she was running away from him.

“Tia you here? I know one day you will come back to me.” He whimpered. “why you leave me alone. Bolo.” Maan cribbed to her and she only gave a smile. “Tia i need you. Don’t go away.” Maan pleads.

“Maan i am with you. Its you who not recognise me. I was waiting when you accept me.” Tia said and confused him to edge.

“Maan released a shaky breath. “No Tia you left me.” he complaints.

“No Maan i never leave you. I am alive in Geet. Par tum to aage badna hi nahi chahte. Maan jo pyar karta hai uska dil nahi dukhte. Hai na? I commit this mistake but tum mat karna. She loves you a lot Maan. Love her back.”

“Aaj ro Len de ve jee bhar ke,
Meri saanso se daga kar ke,
Gaya mujhko fana kar k ve janiya..
Mera zakhmi dil hara kar de,
Is gam ki ab dava kar de,
Nazro ko bawafa kar de ve janiya,
Aadat hai teri ya tera nasha hai,
Kaise btao tujhko rehbara….”

Maan heard her silently and his eyes poured out tears…

“Saanson ko teri zaroorat
Kare kaise byaan koi
Aankhon mein hai aisi rangat
Ke roshan ho jahaan koi

Dil bimar-e-mohabbat
Bas chahta thodi raahat hai

Tera gham hi meri manzil hai
Tu na kyun mujhko haansil hai
Hoon main dariya tu saahil hai ve jaaniya

Ve aaj ro len de ve jee bhar ke
Meri saanson se daga karke
Tu gaya mujhko fanaa karke o.. jaaniya
Ve jaaniya… o jaaniya…

Hmm.. zinda hoon hai mujhko hairat
Main tere bin jiya kaise
Hmm.. saanson ne ki aisi zurrat
Zehar hans ke piya kaise

Tere dard se meri nisbat hai
Teri yaadon ki haseen sohbat hai
Ashqon se dil ko tar karde
Meri aahon mein asar bharde
Meri nazron pe nazar karde ve jaaniya

Ve aaj ro len de ve jee bhar ke
Meri saanson se daga karke
Tu gaya mujhko fanaa karke.

“And what about…?” Before he asked she shut his mouth.

“Maan as I said I am with you. I am every where around you. Geet k pyar me, Piya ki hasi me, Daija ki blessings me or sabse zada tumhare dil me zinda hu. Maan keep me in your heart but not in your life. Your life now belongs to Geet only. And you know what? You to start loving her. Bas accept karna baki hai. And I am waiting when my best friend accept his new feelings. You need her Maan. Usse zada tume uski zarurat hai. My simple friend needs some one to look after him like a baby and she is the one. You know why I asked her not to leave Piya?” Tia asked and Maan nods no.

“Because I want to bound her with you. Meri tarah wo tumhari best friend banegi I was sure about that. Maan hold her before it’s to late. True love is hard to find and toughest to hold on. Piya ko uske siblings b to chahiye.” Tia winked and widened his eyes.

“Maan tumhi ne to kaha tha na ki Piya Geet ki duniya hai to tum kyu us duniya ka hissa bana nahi chahte. My baby and her mother are waiting for you to join and complete this family picture. With love and care. I was dead Maan but they are alive for you. Make them happy. Meri wali galti mat karo. I was late to recognised your feelings towards me but you know what she feels for you then why Maan?”

Tia’s soul tried hard to convinced him and he was only staring her silently with his drowsy eyes. Because of tears his vision was fogged. Maan was muted and now she to start moving.

“Geet don’t go….” Suddenly he mistook her with Geet. “I mean Tia. Pls don’t leave me.”

“Listen to your heart patiently Maan.” She paced and increased the distance between them. “And yes kuchh nahi hoga tumhari Geet ko.” She blinked her eyes with a smile and vanished.

Maan opened his eyes and search her in whole room but except darkness he found nothing….

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