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Part – 47

Daija reminds him about their anniversary. “Maan parso tum dono ki first anniversary hai. Kya socha hai?”

Maan’s face turn serious. “Socha to bahut kuchh hai.” He mummers in his mouth.

“Maan why you babbling in mouth? Speak loudly.” Daija grab his attention as he was on his thoughts trip.

“Sorry Daija,I was out of my mind. Any ways what are you asking for?” He alerts.

“I am asking for your plans. With in two days your first anniversary is coming. Any spl plans?” She asked in a very strong manner.

Maan think for a while. “No Daija I have no plans and I don’t want to celebrate it on a grand scale. We just celebrated Piya’s first birthday and if we celebrate our anniversary now….”

Geet complete his uncompleted words. “He is right Daija. No need to celebrate it.”

“Ok fine don’t celebrate publicly. But you both can do it privately. Maan will take you out for a dinner or a short vacation.” Daija gave options to them.

“Vacation is not possible.” Maan denied the second option.

“Ok fine then go for a dinner. Be on time. Bani sab main arrange kar dungi.” Daija commands him and he agrees with this.

Geet to turn happy as Maan not denied and ready to go with her. In past two months they come closer on emotional level which was a great part of their relationship.

Two days passed very quickly. In morning Daija blessed both a very happy married life and also taught their daughter to wish her parents. In a broken words she did which was a spl gift for both of them.

“Maan pls be on time.” Daija reminds him before he left and he nodded with a smile.

Time passed quickly but evening brought wait and torture. Geet eagerly waits for him but no clue of him to any one. Geet even calls on his number numerous times but his phone was switched off. Every second only brought more torture and mental stress for her.

Many bad thoughts tied her. Why he was not there with her. Any thing bad happened or he still don’t want her to be with him. Is she a burden on him or the mysterious attacker attack again? Struggling with all the thoughts she tried his office number again. But he already left from there and apart from that his employees had no clue of his where about. Geet turned numb.

Even Daija filled with anger and stress both. Coz if he was in trouble then its a topic of worry but if he was doing it deliberately then she wants to slap him hard for torturing an innocent soul unnecessary.

“Agar nahi Jana to subah hi mana kar deta. Aise intezaar karwane ka kya matlab.” Daija cursed him under breath.

Wait is only increasing… Little soul slept in hall only, in wait of her father. Its 11 pm. Daija took Piya with her. “I will make her sleep in my room. Geet you to come. No use of waiting for him. Use aana hota aa jata.” Daija was disappointed as she knew Maan was doing it for some reason. But what that was a mystery for all.

In his wait Daija to slept with Piya. Two more hours passed and she heard a familiar foot steps. She alerts and found Maan entered in. Geet glance him with a watery eyes for a few seconds and left without giving him a chance to explain. Maan knew what she must be going through so he following her in a room. Geet wants to shut door on his face but he was already in. She trying to avoid.

Maan held her hand and brought her to him. “Geet I am…

“Maan if you don’t want to come with me then told me in the morning only. Why all this drama? Will I ever forced you or imposed myself on you. I always give you the space you demand. Never raise question. Never forced you to accept me or do any thing for me. You agree at your own and then cancel it. Have you any idea what I am going through in past few hours. No why you care. Main konsa apke liye matter karti hu.” She plight between sobs.

Maan held her face. “Geet I know what I did is not forgivable but today what I had was important than any other thing. It was necessary for our future. And about your importance then let me tell you one thing Geet,you are my best friend with whom I can share any thing. After Tia you come closer to my heart”,Maan wiped of her tears and held his ears.

“I am sorry for spoiling this day but Geet trust me I have no intentions to hurt you.” He was explaining and apologizing for his behaviour but she was hurt deeply. Might her mind understood what ever he did was nothing to do about their relationship but her heart was wounded coz of his negligence. Geet without uttering a word start moving but Maan grasped her arm and pulled her onto him. He was furious as she was not trusting him. Maan glance into her water filled eyes and his anger vanished by her pain. He leaned and kissed her both eyes. He leaned more and took her lips without any thought. Neither is was planned nor he had any intention to do but her distrust made him insane. His best friend not trusting him,which definitely bothering him. He was bit wild initially and soon the kiss deepen as she responded him. Her hand wrapped around his neck and mind give in his intensity. Their first kiss. She always dreamed of but never thought it happened like this. But this time it was all perfect. With him every thing seems alive and perfect.

This kiss evokes so many suppressed emotions in them. He placed her on the bed and rolled over her. He would make every part of her come alive with the intensity of his touch. Both glance in each other’s eyes and he let his hands get lost in her hair and then kissed her plum lips. Her lips demanded to be kissed and they felt so good. Neither of them want to break the kiss, but he wants to gave a pause or seeking for her permission as their mind alerts where they were heading. Maan stare in her eyes. Geet laid on her back and raised her arms to invite him. Now he had her whole body to love. He kissed on her face gently and then proceeded to her neck, and start kissing gently first. He kept on kissing her until she was out of her senses. Geet was moaning his name in ecstasy. He stripped her gradually, taking their sweet time. She shuddered violently under his touch,so was he. She is like a treasure to explore. They never come closer before this and today when they are both heart beats in a pace. Thumping like a hammer against their ribs. He joined her naked on bed,kissed on her forehead first. Slipping from there he leaned on her cleavages and licked them gently. With a trembling hands he touched her bossoms slightly. He didn’t tug them too hard, but could feel how they had become hard. Her peaks stood out as if they were waiting for his attention. He touched them with his fingers and played with them. He didn’t pull or bite them hard but flicking it with the tip of his tongue and send her shivers. Geet arched, giving more access to him.

“Maan…” She moaned again as her breast sucked by him. Her warm mouth took right one softly and sucked,licked slowly, while rubbing the other one in hands. Her taut peaks stroked against his rough palms. Maan switched to other one and played with his tongue. She screamed in delight and he travel down further,sucking her navel. He tilted her head and both stare in each others eyes. They were filled with the desire to have him more. Geet raised and took his lips. Both kissed and devoured the moment. She fists his hairs and pulled more to him. Both quenching the thirst of ages. Both parted and she laid on her back again,demanding him to mark her every where. Maan moved to her legs and kissed the spot between her thighs. She was hot and wet,ready to have him. Maan very gradually lick her forbidden part,desperate to feel him.

He could sense the way she shivered in delight and stretched her legs further so that he could get enough room. Maan’s tongue continued to dance and as it pushed deeper inside her. He could feel her fluid and licked it. He stroked her hard making her come out more and more. He licked all her fluid and saw her craving vagina. Maan pulled her to him and she wrapped her legs around him. “Maan pls..” She pleads hoarsely and without waisting a second he penetrate her. She screamed loud and he moved in pace. She kept moaning his name and clenched him firmly,digging her fingers deep into his flesh.

Maan was inside her,rotating his shaft,took her to new world,where she forgot every thing except his name. Maan leaned and kissed her,while pushing his shaft and the moment he touched her G-spot, she bit his lips harder and he immediately ejaculated and she rocked her orgasm. Their bodies vibrated as they had hit the orgasm together and the pleasure was out of the world.

The moment was so perfect. Their hidden love touched them today. He broke the kiss and slipped to her side. She wouldn’t let him go away so hug him instantly. Both were entwined perfectly and so in each other. They were so tired to speak or express any thing but they don’t need it. Her lids turn heavy and she drifting to sleep. Maan kissed on her both eyes and she slept holding him tight. Wanna hold on this moment which was so perfect and complete. They become one today and no gift is better then this moment which gave her life time memory. He accept her as his life partner. Today not only on physical level but on every level he become her and she was his.

Maan stroke her vibrated body. Remembering why he not came on time. But then he glance at her face which was calm and in peace. He thought to give up on this moment and slept with her.

Maan kissed on her forehead and embraced in his warmth. “Good night Geet. Sleep peacefully. From now onwards no one trouble you, Daija and Piyu. You all are safe.” He kissed her again and slept in content….



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