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“Piyu… Wait shona. You will get hurt. Don’t run around couches.” Geet continues calling her baby,holding her dress.
“Geet..” Daija screamed in panic. “Stop. Stop there only.” She quickly rushed to her and snatch Piya’s dress from her. “Geet what is this? Your seven month is starts and you running between couch.” Daija’s trembling voice and widened eyes showed the fear gripped her. She caution Geet about her pregnancy. But when it comes to Piya she forgot everything.

“Daija relax and breath. Kuchh nahi hoga. Aap kham kha tension lete rehte ho.” Geet was carefree and suggest Daija not to get hyper unnecessarily.

“Geet you need to be careful. Piya ko school k liye main ready kar deti hu.” Daija sat her and start chasing little mischief. “Piyu sweety come. Do you want mumma and baby get hurt.” She use her possessiveness against her.
Piya quickly nodded no and went closer to Geet. “Mumma I am sorry.” She held her small ears and kissed on her mother’s baby bump. “Baby you ok? Didi saying sorry.” She was concerned for the coming one.
Geet quickly freed her ears and snuggle her baby doll. “My baby.” She kissed her back.
Piya glance up. “Mumma baby forgive me na?” She asked curiously and Geet nodded yes.
Piya place her ears on her bump and baby kicked from inside. “Mumma my baby is happy.” She told with a smile widen her arms to told how much.
“Baby loves didi so much.” Geet told her.
“And you Maan. Why you sat carefree. Can’t you came and help Geet?” Daija scold Maan who was watching his family’s adorable moment and enjoying from distance.
Maan smirked and replied. “I do not wanna came in between Mother and Daughter.” He denied to interrupt in both’s matters. Daija change her clothes and Maan lost in past moments.
“3 years had passed in a flip of second. But in past 3 years what had changed. May be every thing may be nothing. My little doll grew little older and start going school. Daija become more strict with me and Geet because of the new arrival,we are waiting for. Geet become more fussy, sply these days. And me? I am the one who enjoying seeing them happy and safe.” Maan analysing the past 3 years.
“Yes now there is no threat to their lives. One by one I omitted my all enemies. First that bastard Vikram,who killed my Tia my love. Then my so called uncle and aunt and in last that creep rahul.” Maan’s grip firmed on news paper he hold.
“He tried to kill me and hurt my Geet,my baby my every loved one. That night which connected me to Geet,would not forgivable. How can I. Once again I kill someone with my own hands. But I don’t have a choice. If I spare him then he will trouble my family,which I won’t tolerate. Yes I did crime and don’t mind do it again. Any one,who will think of harming my family, I happily kill that threat. Daija, Geet and Piya are source of my life and I can’t loose any of them now. But now I am in relief. Coz they all are safe.” He smiled slightly.
Maan was on his thoughts trip when Piya came and kiss his cheek. “Papa I am going. Aap bhulna nahi apna promise.” She reminded about his promise before leaving for school.
Maan put the paper aside and took his doll in his arms. “Never. Papa apni princess ko kiya promise kaise bhul sakte hai.” He assured her and she smile wide,while wrapping her arms around his neck. Maan kiss her. “Mumma or Daija ko bye kiya?” He asked and she nodded yes. “Let’s go then.” He took her outside to drop her.
In evening he came and as he promised to Piya,he took her to amusement park. But before that Geet gave him lecture how to protect Piya.
“Suniye iska hath mat chhodiyega. Or zada speed wali rides pe mat baitheyga. Ride ek dum baad no ice cream and juice or else she will puke. And yes….” She keep instructing when Maan shut her mouth.

“Bas Geet. I know how to handle our daughter. Relax we are going to amusement park not on some front.” He advised her not to take so much stress.

Geet glance her baby doll. Check her once again. “Ok… I am relax.” She said and both start moving. They only reached to his car when saw her coming towards them. “Suniye waha jake na phone karte rehna.”

“Don’t worry Geet I will keep the call on to we back. Now happy.” He mocked on her possessiveness but Geet smiled.
Yes. Ye theek rahega. Kam se kam mujhe tension nahi hogi.” She was now relaxing a bit.

“Shall we?” He asked and she nodded.
Piya kiss her mother and baby. “Mumma bye. Baby bye. Don’t sleep till didi come back.” She told to her sibling and left with Maan.

Piya though enjoyed a lot but missed her mother to. So they don’t spend much time there and came back soon. Geet was waiting for them so she sat in hall. Daija told her to relax in room but she denied. They entered and Piya rushed to her. “Mumma I miss you.” She told her which overwhelmed her heart. Geet cocoon her.
“Geet aaram se.” Daija again caution her.

“Its ok Daija. My baby is like a flower. Small and delicate” she kissed her baby. “Feeling hungry?” She asked and Piya nodded yes.
After dinner they sat together where Piya share all the with Geet and Daija. How much fun she had at amusement park and both the ladies hears her carefully.

“Mumma aap kyu nahi aaye?” She asked suddenly.
“Coz mumma or baby ko waha chot lag sakti tha na isliye.” Maan replied to he query.

Piya glances both for few seconds. “Papa baby mumma me kaha se aaya?” She asked and glance both for a reply.
But they turn mute over her smart questions and looking for good answer.
“Baby doc ne diya shona.” Daija replied seeing both mute.

“Doc ne?” Piya asked curiously.

“Ha don’t you see so many babiesin the hospital?” Daija reminds her and she nodded in pace. Now she satisfied with the answer.

“Piyu let’s go for a sleep. My baby must be tried hai na?” Daija distracted her and took along in her room.
Piya gave good night kiss to all 3 and left. Maan take a relief breath. “Daija ne bacha liya.”

“My intelligent baby. Mute her PAPA.” Geet giggle at his face who was still in shock.
Late night Geet awakes and poked him to. “Maan get up. I am hungry.”
He saw the side table. Alarm piece showing 2:30 am. “Is time?” He asked to confirm and she shook her head.
“Get up and cook some thing for us.” She commands.
“Yes me and baby. Hai na baby?” She stroke her bump and so was Maan.
“Maan Daija ko mat jagna.” She instruct before he left.
“Then who will make food for you?”

“Nahi unko is time disturb nahi karna. Aap khud se kuchh banao.” She demands in a dominating voice.
“Ok…” He thought what to prepare.
“And yes I don’t want your spl omelet. Last time I end up in washroom,puking all night.” Geet stare him. A frown wrinkled Geet’s brows.
Maan annoying with her so much dominance. He stare her and Geet showing more attitude. “You said I am your best friend. Aap itna nahi kar sakte.” She emotional push him he could down the same moment.
“I will do something.” He said and left. Later he came with a dish with biscuits decorated with different toppings.

Geet devour them one by one. “Now happy?” He asked.
“No. I want one more thing.” She demands and stare him with intense eyes.

“Now what you want?” He alerts and he was right when she points at him. “No. Geet your 7 month is running.” He denied.
“I asked from doc and she said its ok. No problem at all. As baby only feel l walking up and down on stairs. ” she brush her fingers to cleaned them. Maan give in her demand and made love to her.
Both are hyperventilating. Maan hold her so she would relax on him. “You ok.” He asked and she nods. “Baby?” He asked again and Geet blinked her eyes. She was in solace.
“I love you Maan.” Her fingers tracing the edge of his stubbled cheek.. Maan kissed on her eyes and snuggled her.
Very quickly time passed and she gave birth to a baby boy.

Their baby brought new happiness for them. Give reason to smile. Little Piya was more excited. She came with her grand parents. Both missed each other so much. The moment she entered into the room,leave the hand of her grandmother and rushed to Geet.
Geet sat back and Maan helped Piya to reach her. Geet embrace her baby and kissed her numerous times. “How’s my baby?” She asked.
“Mumma Piya miss you so much. When will you come back home?” She asked kissing her mother.
“Very soon. Par aap Daija or nani ki baat manna ok?” She told her to obey and Piya nodded.
“Mumma my baby.” Piya saw baby in Avantika’s arms and got excited.
“Mumma baby ko yaha laiye. My doll wants to see her brother.”
Avantika came to them and she lower down the baby who was sleeping calmly. Piya insists to hold him. And start crying when all denied.
“Daija mumma pls mere baby ko rulaiye mat.” Geet stare both in a cautioning way.
Maan helped her. He made her sit on a couch a gave baby in her lap.


“Papa see Arav is smiles.” She suddenly called him Arav and turned all amused.
“Aarav?'” Maan sat near her,to support both. His one hand was there underneath the baby to support his delicate form. “Mere baby ko Arav naam rakhna hai apne bhai ka?” He asked and she nods in pace.
All smiled and approved the name. RP caressed both the kids and left with his wife and all others I.e Adi, Pinky and Daija. All blessed the new arrival and congratulate the blessed parents.

Soon Geet for discharge and she got grand welcome with the baby. Piya not ready to leave her mother and baby brother.
“Mumma mujhe… Mujhe…. Give Aarav to me.” Piya sat quickly and made lap to hold him.

All smiled on her gestures. Geet placed baby in her lap and sat near her. Maan to joined them and caress his baby but Piya push his hand away. “Papa don’t touch. You awake him.” She caution.
“One time…” Maan tried to touch baby again but Piya slap his hand.

“Papa no. My baby is sleeping. Aap jaha doge…”
Piya not let any one touch his baby brother except Naman. Naman moved on his tiny feet and stare baby.
“Naman see my baby.” Piya showed baby to him and he raised his small hands to touch the baby. All glancing small kids and adored their cute antics. Naman glance baby and then to his parents(Adi and Pinky). Pinky came to her baby.
“Naman see your brother. Wanna love him.” She raise his hand and he caressed new born softly. Naman smile wide.
“Mumma baby is so soft.” He revealed and all laugh on his comment.

“Shhh don’t laugh. You all are disturbing my baby.” Piya scold all and all shut their mouth.

Geet took Baby for feed and Piya followed her. All left leaving lot of gifts for them.
Late night both kids were sleeping in their parents room. Maan gazing them constantly. Geet come out from washroom and saw him adoring their babies. She quickly covered his eyes. “Don’t stare continuously my babies. Nazar lag jayegi.” She instrust him.
Maan freed his eyes. “Really? Par mere babies hai na to meri nazar nahi lagegi.”
“Apke nahi mere hai.”
“Why?” Maan argued.
“Coz Piya said Arav uska baby hai or Piya meri. To logically dono mere hue.” Geet dominate and Maan smiles. “Ha par aap mujhe dekh sakte ho?” She Nuzzled his nose while wrapping her arms around his neck.
Maan reciprocate. “Sach me Geet. I have no words to give thanks to you. I am greatful to God for giving me you as a life partner,who assemble my scattered life and motivate at every step. You are not only my wife but a best friend who was always with me in my thick and thin. Thank you Geet. Thank you for you unconditional love.” Maan express his gratitude towards her.

Geet raised and shut his mouth with her peck. Both turn silent and he embraced her in his warmth. She rested her head on his heart to hear his unsaid words. Which she always enjoy there only. Maan never said that he loves her. But she knew what she is for her. Geet had no intentions of taking Tia’s place so never forced him to confess his love for her. But she knew she made her spl place in his heart which no one can take.

Maan respect his wife a lot. He cares for her and even love her but may be he fails to acknowledge this feeling. He considered her as his wife who is friend more for him. Geet always confessed her love and never hesitate to confess it again and again. But she never forced Maan to say these three words. Coz she knew what she is for him so no need to force Maan. In his embrace she got her world.
Every love story is unique. Sometimes you don’t need to express through words. Your actions are enough. Geet and Maan both having a wounded hearts which healed by their togetherness. Now two broken hearts become one and beats in rhythms of giggles of their kids. Two broken person come together and built one new beautiful world for them…….

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Part – 47

Daija reminds him about their anniversary. “Maan parso tum dono ki first anniversary hai. Kya socha hai?”

Maan’s face turn serious. “Socha to bahut kuchh hai.” He mummers in his mouth.

“Maan why you babbling in mouth? Speak loudly.” Daija grab his attention as he was on his thoughts trip.

“Sorry Daija,I was out of my mind. Any ways what are you asking for?” He alerts.

“I am asking for your plans. With in two days your first anniversary is coming. Any spl plans?” She asked in a very strong manner.

Maan think for a while. “No Daija I have no plans and I don’t want to celebrate it on a grand scale. We just celebrated Piya’s first birthday and if we celebrate our anniversary now….”

Geet complete his uncompleted words. “He is right Daija. No need to celebrate it.”

“Ok fine don’t celebrate publicly. But you both can do it privately. Maan will take you out for a dinner or a short vacation.” Daija gave options to them.

“Vacation is not possible.” Maan denied the second option.

“Ok fine then go for a dinner. Be on time. Bani sab main arrange kar dungi.” Daija commands him and he agrees with this.

Geet to turn happy as Maan not denied and ready to go with her. In past two months they come closer on emotional level which was a great part of their relationship.

Two days passed very quickly. In morning Daija blessed both a very happy married life and also taught their daughter to wish her parents. In a broken words she did which was a spl gift for both of them.

“Maan pls be on time.” Daija reminds him before he left and he nodded with a smile.

Time passed quickly but evening brought wait and torture. Geet eagerly waits for him but no clue of him to any one. Geet even calls on his number numerous times but his phone was switched off. Every second only brought more torture and mental stress for her.

Many bad thoughts tied her. Why he was not there with her. Any thing bad happened or he still don’t want her to be with him. Is she a burden on him or the mysterious attacker attack again? Struggling with all the thoughts she tried his office number again. But he already left from there and apart from that his employees had no clue of his where about. Geet turned numb.

Even Daija filled with anger and stress both. Coz if he was in trouble then its a topic of worry but if he was doing it deliberately then she wants to slap him hard for torturing an innocent soul unnecessary.

“Agar nahi Jana to subah hi mana kar deta. Aise intezaar karwane ka kya matlab.” Daija cursed him under breath.

Wait is only increasing… Little soul slept in hall only, in wait of her father. Its 11 pm. Daija took Piya with her. “I will make her sleep in my room. Geet you to come. No use of waiting for him. Use aana hota aa jata.” Daija was disappointed as she knew Maan was doing it for some reason. But what that was a mystery for all.

In his wait Daija to slept with Piya. Two more hours passed and she heard a familiar foot steps. She alerts and found Maan entered in. Geet glance him with a watery eyes for a few seconds and left without giving him a chance to explain. Maan knew what she must be going through so he following her in a room. Geet wants to shut door on his face but he was already in. She trying to avoid.

Maan held her hand and brought her to him. “Geet I am…

“Maan if you don’t want to come with me then told me in the morning only. Why all this drama? Will I ever forced you or imposed myself on you. I always give you the space you demand. Never raise question. Never forced you to accept me or do any thing for me. You agree at your own and then cancel it. Have you any idea what I am going through in past few hours. No why you care. Main konsa apke liye matter karti hu.” She plight between sobs.

Maan held her face. “Geet I know what I did is not forgivable but today what I had was important than any other thing. It was necessary for our future. And about your importance then let me tell you one thing Geet,you are my best friend with whom I can share any thing. After Tia you come closer to my heart”,Maan wiped of her tears and held his ears.

“I am sorry for spoiling this day but Geet trust me I have no intentions to hurt you.” He was explaining and apologizing for his behaviour but she was hurt deeply. Might her mind understood what ever he did was nothing to do about their relationship but her heart was wounded coz of his negligence. Geet without uttering a word start moving but Maan grasped her arm and pulled her onto him. He was furious as she was not trusting him. Maan glance into her water filled eyes and his anger vanished by her pain. He leaned and kissed her both eyes. He leaned more and took her lips without any thought. Neither is was planned nor he had any intention to do but her distrust made him insane. His best friend not trusting him,which definitely bothering him. He was bit wild initially and soon the kiss deepen as she responded him. Her hand wrapped around his neck and mind give in his intensity. Their first kiss. She always dreamed of but never thought it happened like this. But this time it was all perfect. With him every thing seems alive and perfect.

This kiss evokes so many suppressed emotions in them. He placed her on the bed and rolled over her. He would make every part of her come alive with the intensity of his touch. Both glance in each other’s eyes and he let his hands get lost in her hair and then kissed her plum lips. Her lips demanded to be kissed and they felt so good. Neither of them want to break the kiss, but he wants to gave a pause or seeking for her permission as their mind alerts where they were heading. Maan stare in her eyes. Geet laid on her back and raised her arms to invite him. Now he had her whole body to love. He kissed on her face gently and then proceeded to her neck, and start kissing gently first. He kept on kissing her until she was out of her senses. Geet was moaning his name in ecstasy. He stripped her gradually, taking their sweet time. She shuddered violently under his touch,so was he. She is like a treasure to explore. They never come closer before this and today when they are both heart beats in a pace. Thumping like a hammer against their ribs. He joined her naked on bed,kissed on her forehead first. Slipping from there he leaned on her cleavages and licked them gently. With a trembling hands he touched her bossoms slightly. He didn’t tug them too hard, but could feel how they had become hard. Her peaks stood out as if they were waiting for his attention. He touched them with his fingers and played with them. He didn’t pull or bite them hard but flicking it with the tip of his tongue and send her shivers. Geet arched, giving more access to him.

“Maan…” She moaned again as her breast sucked by him. Her warm mouth took right one softly and sucked,licked slowly, while rubbing the other one in hands. Her taut peaks stroked against his rough palms. Maan switched to other one and played with his tongue. She screamed in delight and he travel down further,sucking her navel. He tilted her head and both stare in each others eyes. They were filled with the desire to have him more. Geet raised and took his lips. Both kissed and devoured the moment. She fists his hairs and pulled more to him. Both quenching the thirst of ages. Both parted and she laid on her back again,demanding him to mark her every where. Maan moved to her legs and kissed the spot between her thighs. She was hot and wet,ready to have him. Maan very gradually lick her forbidden part,desperate to feel him.

He could sense the way she shivered in delight and stretched her legs further so that he could get enough room. Maan’s tongue continued to dance and as it pushed deeper inside her. He could feel her fluid and licked it. He stroked her hard making her come out more and more. He licked all her fluid and saw her craving vagina. Maan pulled her to him and she wrapped her legs around him. “Maan pls..” She pleads hoarsely and without waisting a second he penetrate her. She screamed loud and he moved in pace. She kept moaning his name and clenched him firmly,digging her fingers deep into his flesh.

Maan was inside her,rotating his shaft,took her to new world,where she forgot every thing except his name. Maan leaned and kissed her,while pushing his shaft and the moment he touched her G-spot, she bit his lips harder and he immediately ejaculated and she rocked her orgasm. Their bodies vibrated as they had hit the orgasm together and the pleasure was out of the world.

The moment was so perfect. Their hidden love touched them today. He broke the kiss and slipped to her side. She wouldn’t let him go away so hug him instantly. Both were entwined perfectly and so in each other. They were so tired to speak or express any thing but they don’t need it. Her lids turn heavy and she drifting to sleep. Maan kissed on her both eyes and she slept holding him tight. Wanna hold on this moment which was so perfect and complete. They become one today and no gift is better then this moment which gave her life time memory. He accept her as his life partner. Today not only on physical level but on every level he become her and she was his.

Maan stroke her vibrated body. Remembering why he not came on time. But then he glance at her face which was calm and in peace. He thought to give up on this moment and slept with her.

Maan kissed on her forehead and embraced in his warmth. “Good night Geet. Sleep peacefully. From now onwards no one trouble you, Daija and Piyu. You all are safe.” He kissed her again and slept in content….



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Part – 45

Maan took Piya to washroom to washed her where she applied jam. Piya was in total mischief mode who caress her father’s cheek with her jam smearing hand. “Piya no sweety.” Maan told her to behave but Piya only giggle. He got tough time with her.

“Now why you jumping here and there?” Maan scold seeing Geet moving in room.

“AC off kar rahi thi. Iske kapde badalne hai. Ac to off karna padega na.” She told him the reason and Maan realized.

“O yes.” He placed Piya on bed and removed her wet clothes. The moment he turned his back towards Piya to get fresh clothes for her,she jumped from the bed and hide.

“Now where she gone?” Maan amused how can she vanished in a couple of seconds.

“Heheheh….” Geet giggle seeing Maan’s condition as she know what he gonna face. “Mr. Maan Singh Khurana Ji aap badi se badi business deal to minto me crack kar sakte hai. Zara apni beti ki kapde badal k dikhaiye to Jane.” Geet challenges him and Maan stare her.

He call his baby doll who was playing hide and seek with him. “Piya come out darling. Papa apke liye bahut sari chocolates laye hai.” He tried to attract her.

Piya who was hiding behind the bed shook her head in no no. Maan tried everything thing but no use. At last Geet told him where she was hides. Maan bow down as Piya now hides under the bed. Maan dragged her out forcibly. One task completed but another one is waiting. Maan dried her but she wriggle so much and not wear her dress.

Mean time his phone buzzed. “Geet took her clothes from him and help him. Maan Ans the call and meantime Geet dressed up Piya.

” No Aakash cancel the meeting for few days.” He commands and cut the call.

“Now why you cancel the meeting?” Geet asked.

“Geet you are not well fully.” He told the reason.

“Maan it’s ok. Here all are with me. Pls don’t neglect your work.”

“But Geet ..”

“Maan I am fine.” She assured him.

Maan agree and ready to walk out,so Geet rushed before he left. “Maan wait.”

“What?” He cautioned suddenly.

“Change your shirt. See Piyu ki dress ka jam laga hua hai.” Geet alerts him and he noticed when he took her in arms his shirt to painted with Jam.

“O yes. Damn she is getting very naughty day by day.” Maan cribbed on his baby’s mischiefs. “Geet I am telling you. You spoiled her so much.”

He keep cribbing till she gave him a shock.

Geet lick the jam Piya smearing on his cheek. His eyes popped out and mouth turned shut. Her soft tongue caressing his stubbled cheek very slowly. Geet pulled herself back and both glance into each other eyes silently. “Wo jam laga tha. Par ab saaf ho gaya.” Geet fumble to end the awkwardness. Her eyes staring to observe what was his reaction. Though he accept her but still they need time to get into each other.

“Thanks…” Maan rubbed his cheek and left the room.

In evening when he returned, one pleasant surprise was waiting for him. His best friends…

“Mayank, Deepak. What a pleasant surprise.” Maan rushed and hug both.

Riddhima and Niharika to came and hug him. They all studied together. But time apart all. “At least we came. Tum or Adi to bhul hi gaye ho hume.” Riddhima complaints.

“No Ridzi it’s not like that.”

“Achha? Its not like that. Tabi itna kuchh ho gaya but you don’t even bother to share with us.” Mayank to said in disappointed voice.

“Come kids,first have your meal then start your complaining session.” Daija invite all for dinner.

After dinner all friends sat together and remember old days. Mayank and Deepak told Geet how mischievous Maan was in college days and literally shocked her as it was alien to her.

“Geet trust me iske is angry young man look pe mat jao. He was a devil in college.” Riddhima told her.

“How can I know. Mujhe to humesha gusse wali aankhe hi dikhate hai.” Geet add fuel to their leg pulling session and all laughed.

Maan glared Geet. “See see…” She pointed at him and all got one more reason to make fun of him. “By the way Maan from now onwards aap mere baby ko blame nahi karoge. She is just like you.” Geet knotted her brows and he cursed his friends under breaths.

Daija was happy seeing Maan old self. Though its for a short period. “Let’s play truth and dare.” Deepak suggested and all got agree. Initially Maan denied but later he to joined.

Bottle spins and one by one all caught. When it stops on Geet she choose truth. “Ok Geet so tell what Maan is for you?”

Geet stare at him. Shied a bit but not more than Maan.

“Maan is life of me. He is another name of love for me. Life saviour for all of us. He is like God to me. I know one thing only that Maan can go to any extend for us,which I never able to repay.” Geet stare into his eyes and speak without a blink though her voice whimper with the flow of emotions.

She confessed and all clapped for her honest answer. Any one can tell that what she said was came straight from her heart. But after Geet bottle stopped on Maan and he choose dare. All his friends also wanted only this.

Deepak and Mayank winked. “So your dare is kiss Geet right here.” They put his dare.

“Isme dare kya hai? Khelna hai to theek se khelo.” Maan objects as he feels weird.

“Maan tume kab se dare lagne laga?” Niharika teased him and all joined hands to pushed him.

“Maan nahi karega.” Adi winked and poked his ego.

“Hey I can do it ok.” He stood and asked for Geet’s hand. She gave and he pulled her up on her feet. Maan hold her and kissed on her forehead.

“Cheating cheating…” All shout a loud.

Maan glance all. “Dare kiss karne ka tha and I did. Your fault.” He smirked like a devil on his win over all and all only stare each other in disappointment.




Part – 46



“What are you thinking?” Adi asked to his friend while sipping his drink. All males cornered and enjoyed drinks.

“Adi I feel there is a strong hesitation between these two. I mean I am not sure…” Mayank told what he feels.

Before he finished Adi confirmed. “because there it is.”

Maan came there with his glass. All stare him which he felt awkward.

“Maan I don’t wanna interfere in your personal life but apne personal experience se bol raha hu. Husband wife lovers ho na ho lekin friends zarur hone chahiye. Unke bech kisi b tarah ki jijhak nahi chahiye. You both need a bond where you can share any thing with her. She is your wife. Life partner. Means you both have to be comfortable with each other on every level.” Manyank guided him the need of their relationship.

“He is right. If you never tried to initiate then where would you lead with her?” Deepak supported as all noticed them.

“Guys it’s nothing like that.” Maan tried to cover,stealing his eyes.

“You think we are blind.”

“Maan think over it. Kal ko Piya chali jayegi tab kya karoge tum dono?” Mayank suddenly burst and stole his breath.

“Matlab?” Maan’s eyes narrowed.

Mayank called his wife Riddhima. “Ridzi tell them ki Piya ko to hum le ke jayenge.”

He States and his wife support him. “Or kya. Humara Pratham koi kamm hai. Jaise hi Piyu stand ho jayegi hum use le jayenge apne Pratham ki dulhan bana k.”

All females came there and discussed and making fun.

“To ab tum dono apna socho.” Deepak teased.

“Sochna kya hai. Plan second baby.” Niharika to teased them.

“Nice idea Niki. Mere baby k sath hi le aao. Kyu bhai.” Pinky winked and hi fi to Niharika.

“You guys are to much.” Maan glared all and cribbed while all are busy in making fun of them.

Late night Maan entered in their room after spending time with his friends. Piya was sleeping near her mother but Geet still awake. Her eyes lingering on her baby doll,who kept her with her gaze. She constantly staring her without a blink.

Maan noticed and silently slipped on the other side of their baby. A warm fresh tear falls on Piya’s tiny hand. Geet quickly cleaned her hand and kissed softly. Maan stood up and moved to her side.

“Geet come out.” He took her to balcony in fresh air so they can talk properly.

Maan palmed her face and wiped of her tears. He was about to ask when she hug him in a next moment. “I will not give her to any one.” She babbles hoarsely.

Maan paid heed on her broken words. He parted her so he could glance into her eyes,an open window of her heart. “Who? Geet what are you talking about?” He asked to clear her words.

Geet tilted her head and glance straight into his eyes. “Piyu.”

“Piya?” He asked and she nodded.

“Piyu is mine. Only mine. I will not give her to any one.” Geet whimper.

Maan smiled over her possessiveness for her baby. Aap has rahe ho?” Geet cribbed.

“Or nahi to kya. Geet sometimes you behave to childish. Are wo log mazak kar rahe the. Wo konsa kal le ja rahe hai humari Piya ko. No one is going to take her from you. Geet she is only one. Come look at her.” Both move in. “See how calmly she is sleeping. Coz she is with us. Or abhi to humari princess bahut small hai. Jab tak ye life me stand nahi ho jati tab tak hum is bare me sochenge b nahi.” He hold Geet from side and embraced in his warmth soothing her.

Next morning his all friends are ready to leave. Though he don’t want but they to have professional life so they have to.

Maan think over their suggestion. And when he decided to give life to their relationship then its very necessary he to take initiatives. So as Mayank advised he starts with the friendship. Maan start taking interest in her works and words. Spend time with her and Piya.

One Sunday and Maan was at home so he decide to cook for his family. All 3 girls of his life waiting for his surprise. Maan who never step in kitchen, today decide to cook for all.

“Daija what he is doing?” Geet asked as she worried for her kitchen more.

“I have no idea sweety.”

“Papa” only Piya was excited.

Maan took her with him in kitchen and placed on slab. She is playing with veggies like her father,who don’t know how to cook.

“Papa ye b.” She raised whatever she likes from the platform.

“Maan or kitna time.” Geet came inside and asked as all are hungry.

“Bas Geet hua hi samjho.” He assured her.

“You sure na?” Geet doubted.

“Papa Pasta banaya.” Piya told her mom proudly.

“Ok Papa’s tail.” Geet replied pulling her into her arms. “Aap jaldi karo pls.” Geet warned him.

“He done?” Daija asked.

“Pasta… ” Piya screaming proudly.

“Koshish jari hai.” She told sitting on chair.

He come out and sat with them and assured them that only 15 mins. Suddenly she smells. “Maan ye smell kaisi?”

“Nothing to worry. Relax.”

But Geet found fishy and went inside to check and she was right. Whatever he cooked was all burn. “Maan.” She yelled and he to went inside.

Both are staring at the burnt food. “O shit.” Maan clenched his eyes in disappointment.

“I told you it smelling weird but you never listen to me. Now go and sit with all,till I cook something.” Geet said with dominance.

“I will help you.” He offered in a very soft tone.

“Aise?” She filled with doubts.

Maan nodded no. “You guide me and I will cook.”

Geet smiled and kissed on his cheek. “Aap na bahut smart ho. Melt me na.” She blamed and he smiled.

Both cooked together and gradually the distance between them was decreasing. In a few weeks they are coming closer and getting comfortable with each other which was seemed so difficult few weeks ago….

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Part – 44
Its been two weeks when Police found the dead body of a shooter who tried to kill Maan,but no clue they have. Even Maan’s men were clueless. Still the picture of real culprit was fogged.
“Do hafte ho chuke hai par Rahul ka kuchh pata nahi why?” Maan burst on his men.
All are stood with bowed head as they failed for the first time. Maan’s anger rosing every second with the thought that his family’s culprit still moving freely.

Adi came and signals all. They left. “Calm down Maan. Even Police is failed to track him or the real culprit.”
“Rahul is the real culprit, I knew it. Or else why he tried to hide from the world. If he doesn’t do anything wrong?” Maan’s doubt increased on Rahul. Gradually they were concluded that its only him who attacked.
“Ok relax. I have increased man force to search him. You don’t worry. Plus security of mansion and all family members are also raised so no need to worry. Just focus on Geet.” He assured Maan for all’s safety.
“Hmm” Maan hummed.

“When she is getting discharge?” Adi divert the conversation to change his foul mood.

“Tomorrow.” Maan told him.
“That’s great. Finally she will be at home. And where is our princess?” Adi asked about Piya.
Maan smiled.

“Or kaha hogi. Wahi jaha Geet hai. Hospital me.” Maan told him.
“She love Geet so much.” He replied.
“So much. She doesn’t even care about any other thing. Bas mumma chahiye firr chahe hospital me hi rehna pade. In fact she made many new friends there. Geet’s nurse,docs all are her friends.” Maan distracted and now share his doll’s Mischief’s with Adi. He adore his baby doll.

Sun dawn and bring happiness for KM. After so many days Geet was going to enter in KM. All are happy. Maan do the formalities and took Geet with him to KM. Adi and her parents were waiting for her. Soon they all entered and all welcomed her back. She felt so relief.

Her mother and Daija help her and sat her comfortably. Piya cherished her moments with whole family. It seems life of the house returned. All servants greet her. But main surprise was waiting for her.
“I think we let her rest. She must be tired.” Avantika suggests all to leave her alone. RP agreed and they left after blessing their daughter. Adi and Pinky to leave as she needs rest. Daija took Piya along with her who was falling into sleep.
“Maan Piya ab soyegi. So I will take care of her. You take Geet to your room.” Daija took her away.
Maan support Geet and both walked towards their room. At the entrance he stopped. “Wait Geet.” He commands and panics her. Geet’s heart Skipped many beats. As she still struggling to understand him fully.
Maan went and came back with some dish. Geet stare him in confusion. Maan stood before her. “Last time when you entered in my room,was a compromise for both of us. Today…” He paused and glance at her. “I accept you as my life partner whole heartily.” He confessed and amused Geet. She couldn’t able to believe what she just heard. “Ha Geet,I want to tell you this before but always lacking for words. Then I had decided to make in this way. That incident made me realized that what you are for me and Piya. I was always unfair to you. But now I want to mend all which I destroyed.” Maan keep talking, pouring what he feels which makes her heart swelled in happiness.
She always dreaming of the day when he accept her whole heartily but that was only a dream for her. She never thought that,fortune day will ever come. But today,is the day she always dreamed of.
“Geet I won’t promise that I am the best for you but yes I promise you one thing that I do my best to make you and Piya happy. I will do any thing for both of you. Will you be my strength in this journey?” He asked for her wish and Geet nodded happily. Her tears was a sign of her suppress feelings for him.

Maan welcomed her with all rituals given to newly wed bride. “Come Geet.” He hold her hand softly and both entered into their room.

Her eyes welled up. Maan took her to the bed and laid her. “Now you take rest.” He said softly while sitting next to her. She still not able to believe what just happened was a reality or her another beautiful dream..
“If it is a dream then I wish I never open my eyes and my dream goes on like this.” She confessed. Her every words was coated with the pain she enduring and longing for his love.
Maan caress her head. “It’s not a dream Geet. I want a fresh start with you and our baby. I know what you feel for me and now its my turn to give you what you deserve.” He hold her hands in between his palms. “You always do everything to bind us in a thread. Geet you are that thread which connected all of us. And now its my turn to keep hold this thread.” He bend and kissed on her forehead and eyes. “Now do some rest.” Maan covered her and stroking her head till she slept.
After few hours of sleep she awakes with a jerk. The sleep she was drifted was the most peaceful she ever had. But the moment she awakes scared her. She still thinking it was all a dream of hers. But soon her fear vanished when she saw Maan and Piya besides her.
“Good noon. Now its lunch time.” Maan wishes her sweetly.
“Aap office nahi gaye?” She concerned.

“Today I have important work at home. Right Piya?” He took her in confidence and she smile wide as usual.
Servant knocked and he received a food trolley. Maan dragged it inside. “What would you like to eat? Fruits or toast?” He asked for her choice.

“Maan I want normal food.” She cribbed.
“Sorry not allowed.” He denied completely and she twitching her lips in an annoying manner. But give up on toast

“Ok don’t sad. We make this boaring toast a bit tasty. Guess what?” Maan placed a jam bottle in front of her. Her eyes sparked. “See you to like this. I told you.” He took piece of bread and start applying jam on it. Piya observed her father.
Maan gave piece to Geet and left to pick up his ringing phone. In his absence Piya took one piece and dip her finger in bottle. She drag out some jam which her tiny finger able to carry and applied on that piece. She continued till jam fully covered the piece of bread. Piya stood up and went to Geet.
“Mumma jam…” She got that her mother like jam so she do it for her mother. But in this she spread jam all over face and clothes. Geet saw her baby and laughed. Piya don’t get why her mother laughing but seeing her she too start laughing.
Maan came to see what’s going on. “Awww my baby.” Geet kissed her. “My baby prepared toast for Mumma.” She kissed her more.
“O god. Piya what you did sweetheart?” Maan saw her masked jam all over and regrets.
“Don’t scold my baby.” Geet caution Maan not to said anything to Piya.
“Mumma.” Piya raised that piece again to Geet.
She took that piece and pulled Piya towards her. “Mumma isko kha le. No Mumma to ye wala toast khayegi. Its look more yummy.” Geet talked in a baby way and lick jam from Piya’s cheeks.
Piya delighted to have fun time with her mom and Maan just adored them helplessly. His whole world smiles when he found them happy.
“Come baby I wash your mouth.” Maan took her to washroom and washed her face and arms where she applied jam.

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Part – 43
Swallowing hard, trying to get the coffee down around the huge lump in his throat, he tried not to notice how adorable Geet looked while staring him with annoyance. Holding her baby tight she was laying on her bed. Limp and tired but in anger because the negligence Piya bears in her absence.
“I am the MSK, owner of Khurana Industries, rule my world. Sensible in every field of life. How can a mere woman scared me?” He talks to himself. Found no way to escape of her anger. Since she awaked her anger don’t take a pause for second. Her baby suffered.

“Pls bursts coz doc said it will increase your stress.” Maan asked her to react and poured out all the anger she stored in her.
“What’s the use? Apse ek dinn handle nahi hua mera baby.” She recented.
“As you don’t know her.” Maan clarified.
“Leave it…” Geet turn louder and Piya’s sleep broke.

She raised rubbing her eyes and glance her parents one by one. “Mumma…” Piya stood up on her feet and kissed on Geet’s forehead.
Geet held her so she don’t fell down. Piya sat down. “Mumma dudu..” She finally asked for milk. After Geet got shot it was first time Piya asked for something. Her demand only gifts glares to Maan. “Ek to mera bachha waise hi weak hai upar se apne usko bhookha rakha…” Geet cursed him under breath.

Without saying a word Maan rushed out and brought her feeding bottle. Daija tried to feed her but she denied earlier.
Adi and Pinky to came inside to see Geet. “Hi Geet? How you feeling?” Both asked about her well being.
“Much better.” She replied while adoring her baby who was clung to her.
“So finally Piya baby is happy.” Pinky addressed her but she ignored every one. “She love you so much Geet. Only we know how much she suffered without you. One side you are struggling for life on the other side she. Every one tried to calm her but no use. As we all not exist for her. Even Maan bhai fails to feed her.” Pinky clear the air and explains how much she missed her.
“Seriously Geet past 36 hours were most horrible for all of us.” Adi to expressed what they all going through.
Geet overwhelmed with all the love she is getting from her loved ones. Only tough time tell us who cares how much and this incident changed many things. Geet learnt many new things which she might not earlier. Geet just want to cocoon her baby and shower all the love her heart overflows,on Piya but the shooting pain in her left shoulder bound her and forced her to shed tears.
Adi took Maan outside. Pinky noticed her tears. “Hey what happened? Did I said some thing wrong?” Pinky wants to know what she exactly feeling.
“No,its just because of the love you all gave me and most important my Piyu. I hurt my baby most.” Geet just imaging her condition, which enough to horrified her.
Pinky wiped off her tears before Piya saw them as her eyes only linger on Geet. “Its not your fault Geet. Just a bad time. But good part is that was passed. Now we don’t need to remembers. Just focus on the future.” Pinky consoles her and Geet smiles in tears. She nodded her head,in yes.
“Ok I have one good news for you. Just because you are not well,so I give you this piece of information first.” Suddenly she was flushing like a new bride. She whispered into her ears and Geet’s smile widened to ears.
“What? Really? Have you tell this to Adi?” She shoot so many questions out of excitement.
“I suppose to be but then all this happened. Any ways you are going to be a Mami so I tell you first.” Both smiled wide with the news of new arrival.
“Congrats to both of you. God bless you. I am so happy today.” Geet wants to hug her but again her health become obstacles in her joy.
Outside both Maan and Adi discussing over this shoot out. “Adi who was the master mind behind this attack?”
“That’s what I am thinking since that day. And I analysis over our rivals. But they are were clean. Then my mind told that some thing is missing on which we are not focusing. And guess what I found.” Adi threw a mysterious look on Maan. “Rahul.” Adi shared a piece of information he got.
Maan clenched his fists to hold the anger fueled in his veins after hearing his name. “That bastard.”
“Yes he was the one. Coz except him no one having a valid reason. Though I am not sure right now but I have strong doubt on him.” Adi run his lawyer mind and hold the picture of culprit.
“But he was behind the bars.” Maan was shocked.
“Yes he was but not any more. Actually he was released two months ago. So according to my logic he had enough time to plan this attack.” Adi put the reason of his doubt.
“Inspector told me that the gun was highly advance. So you think he would be able to do this?”
“Who knows. Don’t forget his parents are criminals. May be he know how to operate that gun also. Or may be he hired any paid shooter.” Adi concluded because of his parents.
“May be. We have to find out about him to clear our doubts. And trust me Adi if he was behind this attack then no person on this earth will save him from me.” Maan was fuming badly. He dialled a number and instruct some one.
“Adi we have to reach first so I will punish him with my own hands. Rahul ko bhi woi saza milegi jo Vikram ko mili thi.” He talk murderous. “No one will escape after harming my loved ones.” His eyes turn dark and tone was dangerous. Its not new for Adi but he witnessed it after ages. Past four months was so beautiful. Maan turned very calmed but this shoot out unleashed the devil inside him who only love to play with blood. Maan is a person of few words. He wasn’t very expressive but one emotion he displayed with all perfection and that is Animosity.
Inside the giggling of Piya chanting. She have her mumma. Then she have the whole world. “Isko hum le jate hai. We will take care of her in your absence. Isi bhane thodi practice b ho jayegi.” Pinky offered. “Piyu bua k sath chaloge?” She asked and in no time Piya shook her head in denial. “Hwww why?”
Piya turned and clenched Geet’s clothes. “Mumma pas.” She replied simply that she only wants to be with her mom.
Geet grinned seeing her antics and possessiveness for her. “Piyu you know what? Bua soon bring small baby. You wanna play with small baby?” Geet tried to attract her and she nodded to. “Then go with her.” Geet only wants her baby’s comfort. But Piya’s all comfort existing in her.
“Baby ya…” She patting her hands on bed. Demand to bring the baby here as she is not going to leave Geet.

“Dekha junior MSK. Har cheez apne according chahiye.” Geet compared but not sarcastically. There was so much proud in her statement.

In evening they left as per hospital’s rule. Only one person is allowed and Maan stayed with her. He came with some eating stuff for Piya and found Geet lost some where as much that she don’t even realized when he came inside. Piya was sleeping peacefully near Geet. Her one arm protecting her. Maan placed all the stuff aside and took Piya carefully.
“Maan she awakes….” Then only she alerts when Maan dragged her out of her arm.
“Shh…” He signals and laid Piya on couch comfortably. He even covered the boundary for her protection and then step back to Geet. He sat near her.
“You was so lost some where when I came? What happened? Kya soch rahi ho?” He asked so softly.
Geet nodded but he knew she was hiding. “Geet don’t even try to lie coz you are very bad in that. Plus I already caught you. If I don’t drag Piya out of your arms you don’t even noticed me.” Maan paused. “What’s bothering you so much?”
Geet released a shaky breath. “Maan I was… I mean I am so…” She was disturbed and Maan noticed it in her gestures.
Maan slipped more closer to her and held her hand. “Relax no need to scare of any thing.”
Tears rolled out in anticipation. “Maan he attacked you once. What if he will try again. I am scared. We don’t even know who is our enemy this time. He attacked you secretly.” She whimpering in between sobbing.

Maan cupped her face and wiped off her tears. “Shhh relax. Just relax. Don’t you remember what doc instruct? No stress ok?” He said with an authority.
“But Maan if he tried again before Police reach him.” Geet’s fears over powers her.

“Geet look into my eyes.” He commands. His eyes held Geet with so much intensity that she spell bound to that. “You trust me?” He asked and spell bound she nodded yes. “Then I am assure you before our enemy do something I will catch him. So no need to worry about any thing. Ok.” Maan assured her.

“Promise.” She asked in a meek voice. Maan blinked. “Maan you and Piyu are my whole world, without you both i can’t survive.” Geet had a deep fear of loosing him. Their unknown enemy had one benefit that he was hidden from them so must be dangerous.
Maan leaned over her and kissed on her forehead. “Take a deep breath and try to sleep. We both are with you.” Maan whispered in a most caressing tone.

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Part – 42

Some Lonely and deserted place. One man was enclosed between many armed man. Their head was glaring one of his ruffin. He slap him hard,made him fall on road. His ruffin hold his feet and pleads for mercy but his stern face turn more harder. He pointed gun on his forehead. “how dare you hit her? I gave you simple task of shot Maan dead and what you did?” He was fuming.

“I am sorry boss but it wasn’t my mistake. I fired on Maan but don’t know from where she came in between.” He clearified but he wasn’t capable to pacify his anger and he shoot in his dead.

“threw it out.” he commands to his other goons. “Maan this time you escaped but you can’t be lucky all the time. What you did with me and my parents isn’t forgivable. You have to pay for it.” Rahul was boiling in anger and annoyance enclosed ecause his enemy escaped the death which was meant for him.

Maan searching is Tia like madly when he felt something. Geet’s tiny finger looped his tiny finger. Maan swirled in apce to check her out. Her eyes was closed and breath was rapid. A sign of gaining conscious but same time of worry as her breaths grew rapid. Maan leaned over her,caressing her head softly.

“don’t worry,i won’t let happen any thing to you.” Maan rushed outside and brought doc back into the room.

Maan wait outside till doc completes his examine. Maan was constantly observing their expressions from glass window and he was assuming what they came tot told him. “How is she doc?” he asked.

“She show some sign for few seconds but again lost.” His voice was dim like his expressions which clearly showed his worry. “Have Faith Mr. Khurana.” He console and left.

Maan came inside and sat near her limp form. He hold her lifeless hand and kissed it gently. He strokes her hairs and his eyes shed tears.

Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai
Kya ye woh makaam mera hai
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun
Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai
Jazbaat naye se mile hain
Jaane kya asar ye huaa hai
Ik aas mili phir mujhko
Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai

Kisi shaayar ki ghazal
Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar

Jaise koi kinaara
Deta ho sahaara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par
Koi raat ka taara
Karta ho ujaala
Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar.

Whole night passed like this,but Geet not open her eyes again. It’s only 6 am when Daija was there with Piyu who was crying like hell.

“Papa… Mumma…” Maan stood and took Piya from Daija. He snuggle her but she wants her mother’s warmth only.

“Ye roye hi ja rahi thi. I can’t see her like this.” She was also in a broken state but not showed.

Piya raised her arms seeing laying Geet… “Mumma…. Mumma…” She sobbed and coughed badly. Her breathe got halted coz of crying like this.

Maan’s heart broken into many pieces seeing his loved ones suffering.

He placed Piya near Geet as she was wriggling in his arms. Piya stood on bed and raised. She was unable to understand why her mother laid like this and not taking her into her arms. Piya out her tiny palms on Geet’s hand and rubbed. “Mumma….” She called but when she don’t responded she cried more louder.

“Daija Piya ko bahar le jaiye.” Maan don’t want that she hurt herself more.

Least he was aware that Piya’s voice reaching her mother’s heart. Daija took Piya and lead outside. Piya waving her hands and called her mother. She was stubbornly demanding her warmth.

“Pi….ya….” Maan heard a whimper coming from her side. He leaned over her and scan her. “Pi…ya..” Geet replied to her daughter.

“Daija stop. Piya ko yaha laiye.” He stopped and placed Piya near her. He leave daija with them and rushed to bring doc.

This time Geet responded properly. Maan cocooned Piya and stood aside. “Congrats Mr. Khurana. Your wife is out of danger now. We hoping for her coming into consciousness soon.” He said with a smile and left after adjusting the machines attached with her to monitor her state.

Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa
Kuch aisa asar huaa
Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha
Hmm.. Jaise baarish kar de tar
Yaa marham dard par
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar….

As they expected she gain consciousness back and Piya laid next to her. Holding her firmly. She wrapped her tiny arm on her waist from right side and fists her cloth firmly. Though she was weak but mother is mother. Geet stroke her baby with her right hand.

All were there. Having a huge relief. Nurse came and asked all of them to leave. “Sister pls allow my daughter here.” Geet knows Piya. She won’t able to stay away from her.

“No mam it’s dressing time. Pls…” She told the reason.

Before Geet do argue Maan dragged Piya. Though its a tough job but he did. “Its ok Geet hum yahi hai.”

After she done Maan came back with Piya and she clung to her again. Piya raised and kissed her mother on her face every where.

“My baby. Miss kiya Mumma ko.” She asked seeing her red eyes. Geet embraced her.

“She cried hai na? Mera bachha itna miss kiya Mumma ko?” Geet’s heart wrenching seeing her condition. Maan help her and she kissed her numerous times.

“Bahut. Geet without you I am nothing or ye ab samjh aaya hai mujhe.” His voice was deep and eyes intensely dark.

Geet glance and saw red layers in them,proof of the pain he was going through. “And you? Your eyes said every thing Maan.”

Maan came near and hold her hand in his palms. “Geet you are our lifeline. Without you we are empty. Geet i …..” Maan was still struggling with his emotions and don’t found the right words to express what he felt and what he want to express.

Geet kissed her baby. “You don’t need to explain anything. I can read it in your eyes.” She gave a weak smile to him.

Muskaata yeh chehra
Deta hai jo pehraa
Jaane chhupata kya dil ka samandar
Auron ko toh hardam saaya deta hai
Woh dhoop mein hai khada khud magar
Chot lagi hai usey,
Phir kyun mehsoos mujhe ho raha hai
Dil tu bata de kya hai iraada tera

Main parinda besabar
Tha uda jo darbadar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjarey ko ghar

Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar..
Jaise banjare ko ghar…
Jaise banjare ko ghar….

In her mother’s warmth Piya got solace and slept instantly. “Maan Piya ne kya khaya subah se?” She asked in most worried tone.

Maan smiled and it seems like after ages. “She is very stubborn.”

“Just like you.” She replied briskly.

“You didn’t feed any thing to my baby?” Suddenly her eyes turn complaining. It was a glare of annoyance.

“All tried but she pushed away every thing.” Maan was fumblings before her.

Geet was angry for keeping her baby starved and its reflecting in her eyes.

“Geet I am sorry but I was so scared and…” Before he complete Inspector came inside for her statement.

“How are you Mrs. Khurana?” He started with formal talk and then asked about the incident.

“I was only came to call him but suddenly something hit me and blood start oozing. I fell down and everything goes blank.” Geet told what she remembered.

“Bullet was fired from a distance. And the size it self shows that its a very advance rifle. And what she told usse saaf pata lagta hai that bullet was fired to kill Mr. Khurana. Aap to galti se beech me aa gai.”

“Excuse me officer.” Maan signal him and escort him outside. “Officer don’t share it with my wife. She just gain her consciousness and I don’t want she take any kind of stress.” Maan told him in a much commanding way as he noticed tense lines on Geet’s forehead when he revealed the truth of that attack.

“And Inform me every single detail. I want that person at any cost.” Maan demands.

“We are trying our level best.” He assured him and left.

“Maan what are you thinking?” Daija observed and asked.

“Daija I want the culprit at any cost but the main question is who is he? My any business rival won’t go to such extend.” Maan was fuming. His mind want answers so he could punish the culprit at his own.

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Part – 40

“Season come and go but nothing changed much. Is it? Don’t know. Sun dawn and set daily and in this 4 months passed. Don’t know how. It’s been 4 month,when she told me about her feelings for me. I feel bad for her because which she deserve i would never be able to give her. Tia you know na. I know you know. 9 months Tia. Only i know how i am breathing without you.” tear drop slipped from his eyes and fell on the glass of frame. He cleaned the glass quickly and placed the frame on his side table and glance it for once then slanted his neck on the other side to watch his source of life. He smiled and kiss the little soul sleeping peacefully. Maan again turned to the frame. “Tia did you know your baby grew older. Today is her b’day. Geet and Daija planned every thing to celebrate this day. Shaam ko b’day party uske baad jagraata. Daija wants she get blessings,so aaj jagraata hoga. You know she turn very naughty day by day. But Piya is our life. KM’s life. Her cute antics give us reason to smile. Or Geet,uski to jaise sari duniya hai Piya. Zada der uski aankho se durr ho jaye na to pura KM uthal puthal kar deti hai. You have to be here to see all this. Bikul pagal hai.” Unknownigly he was smiling and might he don’t even aware of it. “but sach me if she wasn’t with me then i don’t know how i raised my daughter. You know Tia she understand Piya’s every gesture. Don’t know how but she knew when she want and what? I am still learning but it comes natural with her.” Maan keep talking and slept when his eyes goes dizzy.

Sun dawn and KM followed its routine. “Geet, Geet where is my wallet?” Maan called her as he was unable to find his belongings. She raised his wallet towards him. Maan kept it in his pocket. Then he start searching his tie. “Geet meri….” She gave him even before he completes. “Geet….” He again called and Geet provide him before he even asked. “Thank you.” Maan now completely depends on her for every small thing and don’t even realised how and when. Maan still looking fofr something.

“Kya hua? Ab kya dhoondh rahe ho?” Geet asked raising her brow.

“Geet mera phone…” he looked at her helplessely.

“wo to main nahi dhoondh sakti.” she give up.

Maan clenched his eyes in anticipation and opened. He glance at Geet. “No,not again.” but he only get disappointment as she nods in pace.

“Piya. Baby where are you? Shona come out.” Both calling their little mischief but she was hiding behind the curtains.

Piya daily trouble Maan for his phone. These days its her fav toy. She loved playing with his mobile and hide her self. But her new anklets alerts her parents. Her grandparents gifted her and she to love them. The small beads spreads chimming sound and told them about her hideout.

“Shhhhh…” Geet told him to shut his mouth ad signaled with her finger. Both saw into the direction and got the view of her tiny soft feet.

“oh ho my Piyu baby kaha chhup gaya. Mumma searching for her baby.” Geet take a bay step towards her and she giggled hearing her mom’s words. Both went her and put the curtain aside. “Pakad liya.” Geet and Maan caught her and she giggled louder while patting her feet on floor. Geet lifts her up in her arms. She kissed her. “My naughty baby.” she nuzzled on her nose while tickling her stomach.

Maan to kiss her. “Piya baby papa ka phone dedo.” He asked for his mobile and she nodded no quickly.

Geet loved watching this view almost daily. How Maan struggling to got back his phone. Piya quickly turned her face and hide in her mother’s neck. Maan glance helplessly at Geet. Seeking for help. Geet blinked her lashes. Assuring him. She took a few step and grab something.

“Shona see.” Geet show her something. “See mumma’s phone is better than this. Babu Papa ka phone to bekar hai. Chi chi. give him back. You take my phone. Isme apka fav song hai. Hai na.” Geet turn on her mobile and played her fav song.”

Piya smile wide and raised her hand to grab Geet’s phone. “baby my phone.” Maan asked again and this time she gave happily. Piya took Geet’s phone and smile wide. “mumma oly…” She was happy hearing her song and share it with Geet.

“yes Mogli… Where is Mogli? Mumma k phone me.” Geet turn off the song and play a video for her.

“Ok Geet now i have to go.” Maan collect his files and start moving.

“Ha par sham ko time pe aa jaiyega. Late mat kariyega. Today is my baby’s first b’day.” Geet remind him again.

“Don’t worry i will be on time.” He came and kissed both the girls before leaving. Yes he kissed Geet to before leaving the room coz Piya made it his daily routine. Initally he kissed on ly Piya but she grew angry and not leave him till he kissed her mom to. So he start kissing her as well. First he kiss both the girls then he go for his work.

Daija and Geet were busy in preprations. Piya’s first birthday wasn’t less than a festival for KM. Every thing they want perfect so doing efforts to make it happen.

In evening all were ready except Piya. Birthday girl busy in playing with her new toys,send by her grand parents. Even guests were arrived and waiting for birthday girl. Avantika went upstairs to see her grand daughter.

“What happened Geet? What are you doing? See Piya ko abhi tak ready b nahi kiya or neeche sab log puchh rahe hai.” She scold her for her carelessness. Don’t aware that it wasn’t Geet,its her grand daughter who delaying.

“Aap b mere ko hi daant lo. Apko zada pata hai na to ye lo iska top or pehnao agar pehanti hai to. Tab ye skirt pehan k baithi hai par top pehnane jati hu to madam k nakhre shuru.” Geet cribbed to her mother.

Piya giggled seeing her mother’s bigger eyes who staring her. “hehehehe. Mumma bunny…”

“No bunny, no mogli, no tweety. Now c’mon get ready for the party. Shona all are waiting for you. Come. Mumma apni Angel ko ready karegi tab to ready hogi. Or else sab cake finish kar denge. Piyu ka cake hwwww.” Geet manipulated her,if she don’t get ready all guests would eat her cake and nothing left for her.

Piya shook her head in a pace. “no no no Papa cake…. Hehehehe.” Piya is four step ahead.

“Dekha ise. Ye mujhse zada smart hai. Heheh Papa ki bachhi idhar aa…” Piya wasn’t fooled by her. She told her mother that not to worry if cake was eaten up by all. Her father brought new one.

“Geet you go and change. Ise main ready kar deti hu.” Avantika helped her daughter. Geet changed and She made her grand daughter ready in a meantime.

“mumma ye konsa dress hai?” Geet saw complete new dress in which her Angel actually look like an Angel.

“iske nunu laye the iske liye. Wo top Piyu ko chub raha tha isliye nahi pehan rahi thi wo. Now see how cute our Angel looking.” Experience always works.

Geet took her baby in arms. “Aww i am so sorry sweetheat. Mumma buddhu hai. Mere baby ko wo chub raha tha. We will throw that dress.” Geet apolozised and kiss her. Piya too kiss her mother and grand mother. All the 3 ladies came into the party. Maan’s eyes struck on Geet and Piya. Both the girls looking graceful and adorable.

Many compliments Geet. But most imp for her was Maan’s compliment. Who wasn’t a expressive one and very conscious to coz he scared of giving false hopes to her. “You both look like two Angels.” he said meekly but able to spread smile on her lips.

He took Piya from her and made her cut the cake. All blessed the little soul. After party they moved to the garden area,backside of the mansion where they arranged Jagrata. Daija wants blessings for their little girl. Their priest come and starts. He gave red headbands to all family members and red chunri for Piya. Maan drapped his baby in that and Geet helplessly adored her baby who look so adorable. Pure Kanjak of Goddess. Piya was quite excited. Though she was very small but she enjoying the events with her parents. Whole night passed. Its 5 am and their priest anounced the completion. Piya was slept in her grandmother’s lap. One by one all stood and moved towards the stage for devotional offering. Geet to went there where priest gave her blessing which gave her happiness and pain at the same time.

Maan recieved a call from some private number. He moved from there to attend the call.

“Geet where is Maan? Call him. Panditji wait kar rahe hai.” Daija asked about him.

“Abhi thodi der pehle to yahi the. Aap rukiye main dekhti hu.”Geet looked here and there and went out to search him.

After few minutes a sharp and loud sound stole every eye’s dizzyness. Whole KM alerts with that sound and all rushed towards the source….

PART – 41

“His Phone dropped on the ground coz of trembling hands. Blood frozed in veins. Only a shriek come out and he muted…..”

ALL were crying,but Piya was uncontrollable. She was patting her hands and waving legs to free herself from Daija’s grip. She wants to go to her parents only. But they were not in a condition.

Ambulance arrived and wardboys took the body, which was drenched in a blood pool. “Mumma……” Piya waving her hands and crying endlessly. She wants to know why her mumma not carrying her.

All reached to hospital. Where docs took the body inside the OT. Bullet was insert deep in body. It take hours and all outside praying every second for the saftey of the soul. Piya was in a bad state and plight non stop which makes her body weak and gradually her cries subsiding as she slowly drifting towards sleep. But little soul not ready to sleep. She rubbing her eyes non stop,but asking only for her mother.

Daija’s heart went for her. She never found herself this much helpless. Maan went to her and took Piya from her arms. He wont utter a word,since Geet got shot in front of his eyes. His eyes was stoned and he was silent till now. The bullet which actually came to hit Maan made its target Geet by mistake coz she came in front of Maan when Killer alread fired. Maan snuggled his daughter and moved from there. He roam here and there while stroking her back but since she saw her mother Unconscious and in blood,no rest come to her. She was small unable to express herself propely. But know something hapen to her mother. While roaming Maan saw the idol of God there. He went near and his stoned eyes shed a tear drops. “you always snatch the person i love. But what mistake she had did? Why you punishing my baby? You snatch my mom, dad, Dadima and Tia. Everyone i love.” his throat choked and eyes shed tears without acknowledging him. “but pls don’t snatch my baby’s mom from her. Piya and Geet both love each other. Pls dont seprate them. They are innocent. Don’t punish them.” Maan pleading for her life sake.

Adi came there in his search and saw both praying. Piya imitate her father. He joined hands so was she. Adi put his hand on Maan’s shoulder to gain his attention as well as to console him.

Operation was done and now they shifter her in I.C.U. Geet still not responding to treament which worried docs to. They want her to show positive sign but she not giving any one.

“doc almost 8 hours passed she you operate but still she not gain her conscious why?” Geet’s parents and Daija asked again and again from docs.

“we are doing our best. Pls pray to GOD.” they have nothing to assured them.

12 hours passed since they were there without eating any thing. Daija tried to feed Piya but she to behave stubborn. Only wants Geet and slept empty stomach. “Daija aap Piyu ko leke ghar chale jaiye. Mumma Papa aap log b rest kariye. Main hu yaha Geet k pas. Waise b docs ne kaha hai raat me zada log nahi ruk skte.” Maan asked all them to leave and take rest. Though no one is ready but he sucessded in sending all of them.

In mid night he went near Geet and sat besides her. He stroked her head softly and leaned to kiss on her forehead. Maan sat holdinng her limp hand. “Pls wake up Geet. Pls wake up. Don’t punish every one for my mistakes. Your parents, Daija and most important your daughter to whom you love so much. Pls wake up for her sake.” Maan pleads her to come back to life again.

Darkness occupied the whole room. Suddenly a beam of light catch his attention. He run to catch that source. Gradually the light beam taking shape and he saw Geet in that light beam. Maan tried to catch her but she was slippng away from him. “Geet… Geet stop….” Maan called her and shout her name louder.

Maan waked up with jerk and found darkness alla round. He stood and check Geet. She was laying there like before. Maan checked her properly. She was breathing. Though the signs of life was very low but she is alive. Maan sighed and sat near her again.

He felt something on his shoulder. The moment he slanted his neck to saw who was behind him,made him stunned. Tia was standing behind him in a pure white outfit. Her face was calm and smiling. Maan stood instantly to face her. Butthe moment he tried to hug her she step back. But still giving him a smile. Maan dont understand why she was running away from him.

“Tia you here? I know one day you will come back to me.” He whimpered. “why you leave me alone. Bolo.” Maan cribbed to her and she only gave a smile. “Tia i need you. Don’t go away.” Maan pleads.

“Maan i am with you. Its you who not recognise me. I was waiting when you accept me.” Tia said and confused him to edge.

“Maan released a shaky breath. “No Tia you left me.” he complaints.

“No Maan i never leave you. I am alive in Geet. Par tum to aage badna hi nahi chahte. Maan jo pyar karta hai uska dil nahi dukhte. Hai na? I commit this mistake but tum mat karna. She loves you a lot Maan. Love her back.”

“Aaj ro Len de ve jee bhar ke,
Meri saanso se daga kar ke,
Gaya mujhko fana kar k ve janiya..
Mera zakhmi dil hara kar de,
Is gam ki ab dava kar de,
Nazro ko bawafa kar de ve janiya,
Aadat hai teri ya tera nasha hai,
Kaise btao tujhko rehbara….”

Maan heard her silently and his eyes poured out tears…


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