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“Come on dad. At least I am not expecting this from you.” Maan was disturbed because of his father’s words.




“What wrong I said son? Look at Mayuk. I can understand your pain but will you understanding your son’s needs and pain. He is so small and need mother.” Samarth replied in same manner.



“Oh really dad. We are much smaller than Mayuk when we lost our mother. Then why you raised us alone. You didn’t bring step mother for us. Why?” Maan trapped his father in his own words. “Dad no woman can take place of biological mother. And I don’t wanna trouble my son in any way.” He was adamant on his words.




“Maan may be you are right but every coin have two sides. Like all step mothers are not good then all are not bad. Geet is my best friend and I know her since our childhood. She give the love Mayuk needs.” Adi to joined hands with Samarth.




“Step mother always a step mother. No matter what.” But Maan denied to accept their proposal.





“How can you say that?” Argument heated.




“Because I know her very well. She hates me then how come she take care of my son? No dad no way. If you want her in this house it’s fine. But don’t expect same from me. She can stay here as long as she wants but I am not going to give her my Nitya’s palace.” Maan stare both furiously.




“She is not going to take any one’s place Maan. She is going to make her own place. Just give her one chance. And please at least trust on my upbringing. I raised her like my own daughter. I know her very well. Can’t for a second you trust your dad?” Samarth annoyed.




Maan was in trauma. Lost in his own pain. “Sorry Dad. But you to try to understand my concern for my son. I have no issues with Geet. But marrying her is not a option for me.” He denied strongly and disappointed Samarth and Adi.




“Maan why you don’t want to marry her?” Adi stopped him and asked for a strong reason.




“No means no.” He denied.




Same time Geet came there, holding Mayuk in her arms. He was sleeping calmly in her warmth.




“Papa Adi…” She glanced at them. “I want to talk with him.” She told her wish and both left. Giving them proper space.




Geet went near Maan and in no second he snatched Mayuk from her. “Geet now understood how she hurt all with her possessive behavior that time. Maan is doing exactly the same.




“Maan I know the reason of your denial and I am absolutely fine with that. But one thing I want to tell you what Nitya told me before dying. She took promise from me that I will never leave Mayuk alone. She wants me to take care of him like her. Like his own mother. I have no other option but to say yes to her. That’s why I said yes for this alliance. Is promise ko pura karne k liye I need your help. Rest is up to you.” She told her point of view. “And don’t worry this marriage would not change anything between us. Neither we are bound to carry this relationship nor we force each other for anything. You can live your life in your way and I in my way. I just wanted a little space for Mayuk. Uske alwa I don’t bother you ever. You have to trust me.” Geet cleared all the points with him.




“Fine. If you ready to act then I am. But keep in mind one thing. If you ever hurt my son even by mistake then you will see your dead end.” He threaten her.




Geet glance at his. “I know. Par uski nobat nahi aayegi.” She convince him and they went out where all were waiting for their reply.




“Dad I am ready for this alliance.” He said and Samarth felt so happy along with Adi.




“But on one condition.” He said and took away the smile.







“We do court marriage. I don’t want any kind of celebration.” Maan told his condition and Samarth accepted happily.





In the presence of their loved ones they complete the formalities of court and wedded legally.




Samarth handover Mayuk in her arms. She kissed on his forehead. “I give promise to your mom. See I am fulfilling it.” She cocoon him and all left to KM.




All were happy and seeing them Maan also felt good.




Time start passing and they made all believe that they are happy together. But the reason is of their togetherness is only his son. His heartbeat. Like Maan and Yash connected with Samarth from heart. Mayuk to connected with Maan in same way. Geet is just a supporting hand. Like a friend….











TEN YEARS PASSED. It’s a beautiful morning. She very slowly step in his room. He was sleeping calmly. Geet tickle on his feet and he quickly hide under sheet. She smiled seeing his antics and tickle on his stomach. This time he wake up.




“Mumma nahi. Please stop.” He giggled and pleads not to tickle him.




“Then come here.” She opened her arms and Mayuk slipped in. She kissed him. “Many many returns of the day. Happy birthday my son.” She caress his head and kiss one more time. Mayuk to kiss his mother.




“Mumma where is my present?” He asked for the gifts.




“Uske liye apko wait karna padega. First brush your teeth and then…”




“Then Nitya mom se blessing lene hai. I know mumma.” He wrapped his tiny arms around her.




After brushing Geet lifts him up in her arms and took before the picture of Nitya hanging on the wall with garland.




“Nitya see your son. Today our baby grew one more year older. Bless him. I hope I am keeping my promise with honesty.” She smiled weakly and Mayuk kissed the picture of his mother.



“Mumma Why Nitya mom lefts me? Isn’t she loves me?” He asked innocently.



“No baby. Mom loves you so much. But Nitya mom ko pata chala ki Geet mumma ko Mayuk ki zada zaroort hai. Isliye Nitya mom ne Mayuk ko mumma ko de diya. And God send her to other child who needs her most.” She always cooked story so his little heart wouldn’t hurt.




“Mumma you need me more?” He asked and Geet nuzzles on his stomach made him burst in laugh.





“You are world’s most cutest baby I have ever seen. So I demand that I want only Mayuk baby.” She tickled him and he giggled again. He wrapped his arms around her neck.




“Happy birthday my boy.” Both heard Samarth’s voice and turned into the direction. She put him on his feet and he ran away. Samarth lifts him up. He wished him again and Mayuk kissed him.




“Dadu where is my gift?”



“Gift… Hwww… I just forget about it.” He teased his grandson. Mayuk felt sad and sat with dull face.




“No one bring gift for me.” He crossed his arms on his chest and made a grumpy face.




Geet and Samarth signal each other. He sat near him. “Bad. This is very bad. Bhai aise b koi karta hai.”




“Papa why you forget my baby’s gift? Very bad.” She tried very hard to keep he laugh inside.




He stood and went away. Soon he appeared with his gift. “Here is my Mayuk’s gift.” He unwrapped and showed him.







“Your own self balancing scooter.” He showed and Mayuk jumped in excitement. He was excited to use it.




“Mayuk be very careful.” Geet cautioned him.




“Don’t worry beta it’s safe.” Samarth assured her.




Mayuk was running in whole hall. Samarth’s phone rang. “See he is calling now.” Samarth got a call from his son who was on a business trip from last one week.




“Hi Dad.” Maan greets him.




“Hi k bachhe. Ye koi baat hui. When will you coming back?” Samarth scold him.




Mayuk listen his grandfather’s words and got it’s from his father.




“Dadu Papa hai. I want to talk.” He start jumping and tried to snatch the phone from him.”




“Ohk ohk. Son talk to your son first.” Samarth handover the phone to him.




“Happy birthday son. God bless you. How are you?” He wished him.




“I am good but I am angry on you?” He told him.



“Why?” Maan asked softly.



“It’s my birthday. But you are not here. This is not fair.” He said with authority.



“I am sorry son. Because of work I had to leave. But I promise before you cut the cake,ill be there.” He promised him.




“Promise?” He asked and he assured him one more time. “Okay then talk to mumma.” He handover phone to Geet.




“Hello.” She start talking.




“Geet I am busy right now. But I will reach on time.” He told her.




“Don’t break your promise because he is only waiting for you.” She cautioned him once again.





“Hmm…” He said and cut the call.




In evening all guests arrived but Maan was missing so he got angry and denied to cut the cake. Geet and Samarth tried his number but it’s out of reach.




“Mayuk cut the cake. Papa kahi fas gaye honge.” All tried to make him understand but he was adamant.




“Until he comes I won’t cut the cake.” He told his decision.




Soon his wish granted. Maan came in with lots of gifts for him. He rushed to him and hung up to Maan.



“Papa…” He shouted in excitement.




Maan lifts him up and kissed numerous times. Mayuk was happy. His father is arrived. He cut the cake and first feed to his grandfather and then to his parents.




At night Mayuk went to his parents room. “Mumma I want to sleep here with you.” He demands and Geet let him in. “Mumma where is Papa?” He scan all around and asked about Maan.





“Papa Bahar balcony me hai. Wait I call him.” She went outside where Maan was laying on his couch. Staring at the vast sky. “Why you left me Nitya? You have no idea how alone I am. You are the only one who accept me as a person. Without judging me. Without knowing my real identity. You love me as a person not the Maan Singh Khurana. Or else every one hates me before that and afterwards people love the name I have. Not me. 10 years passed but nothing changed. I was all alone. Only breathing for Dad and Mayuk. Our son. Beautiful gift you left me to live for. I love you and miss always.” Maan was lost in his thoughts.





Geet broke his trance. “Maan…” She called him and he alerts. He looked back. Geet was stood behind. “Maan, Mayuk want to sleep with his parents. Today you have to sleep inside.” She just told him when Mayuk to came there.




“Papa I want to sleep. Chalo na? What are you doing here in balcony?” He asked the reason of his father being there.




Maan stood up and took him his arms. “Papa Nitya mom se baat kar rahe the.” He caressed his cheek and snuggled softly.




“Mom talked to you?” He asked out of curiosity. “No she only listen to me silently.” He tolds him and all 3 went inside.




Both laid down and Mayuk occupied the center place.




Maan told him stories until he sleeps. With him Maan to slept. Geet covered both and went to Yash’s room. Stood before his pictures hanging on the wall.



She caress them tenderly. “16 years passed Yash. Still I can feel you in my breaths. I know you must be feeling proud on me. As I promised I am taking care of all. I love you Yash and always do.” She lefts and went back to their room. Geet laid next to Mayuk and he instantly turned to her. Wrapped his arms around her. Geet kissed him and turned off the lights.





True love never dies…….

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