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PART – 1




Her photoshoot is going on all media was waiting for her.





After shoot all gathered in a big hall where a press conference was held for her.



She was shining like a star. All wants to capture her in their cameras. From One corner a well toned guy came and held her hand. He took her to that stage.






After formal greetings conference starts. “Mam you are top model this time they why you think of joining Fashion World as CEO?” Reporter start asking questions.



She smiled. “Well I have worked for long 7 years as a model. I achieved what other dreaming of. Staying at top for whole 7 years wasn’t easy but I did.” She said in a deep calm and sophisticated voice. Her dominance said all. “Now it’s time to move on.” She added.




“We heard you are going to engage with Mr. Samar which is the main reason behind this decision.” Other one asked.




“No personal question.” She replied briskly and strongly.




“Mam any plans after joining?”




“So many. I never take step until it’s needed.” She was so strong and confident.




“Mam would you like to share any?”




“You will see soon. I always let my work speaks for me.”




Same time in India.



“Awww don’t cry. Don’t cry. Daddy is here to hold you.” He cocoon and patted the back and roamed in whole room. After half and hour he placed his doll in crib and covered it. “Sleep calmly and don’t worry your daddy is here to protect you.”





“I wish I could punish that creep.” pairs of eyes staring from far and cursed someone.




In USA….



Press conference completed and all congrats her. She received many gifts from her fans and well wishers.




Samar whisper in her ears and both went to their ways. She took her car and reached to a farm house.







Geet come out of her car and remove her shades.






She walked inside where someone was waiting for her desperately.




He hugged her. “You took so long to come here?” He complained while biting her ear lobe.



“You know these reporter. How much sticky they are.” She explained.



“Oh leave them. It’s time to celebrate.” He said and took her to their private bar.



“Champaign or wine?” He asked for her choice.



“Champaign. After all it’s celebration time.” She replied while removing her sandals.




“Here is your glass madam.” He handed glass to her. “Cheers.”




She emptied it quickly. Both drank till they almost lost their conscious. He encircled her waist and tugged to his hard frame.




“I am so lucky to have you.” He bend down on her neck and kissed on her bare shoulder. “You are a perfect combo of beauty with brain.” He praised her while nuzzling her neckline.




He glance up in her eyes. She kissed him. A long kiss which continue till they get rid of their all clothes. “Geet I love you.” He said while claiming her. Filling her with him.



“I love you too Samar.” She replied in heavy breath voice. Wrapping her arms around him. Pulling him more near. Again he took her lips and she responded with mutual hunger.



Whole day they spend in each other’s arms.



“I think I should leave now.” Geet saw the time in her watch and said.




“But why?” He wasn’t ready to leave her.




“Because from the very next day I have to join the Fashion World as a CEO. So I don’t wanna be late on my first day at work.” She explained.



He pulled her again while she struggled to step out of the sheet. He embrace her again. “Don’t go.”




“Samar behave like a chairman.” She advised him to be more practical for their work.




“Okay madam CEO.” He leave her reluctantly and she stepped out. Collect her clothes and dressed up.



She bend on him. Kissed him one more time. “Bye. Good night.” She wished and walked out.




Next morning brought new beginning for her. She got ready and reached to a multinational building. She walked in and wait inside life to reach her destination. The moment she entered in her new office which not so new for her but as a CEO it’s her first time,all employees welcome her and Samar himself came to show her the new cabin of hers.




“So how it is?” He asked cheerfully.



“Hmm… It’s good but I will make it much better now.” She replied roughly.




“O come Geet be generous. It’s wonderful sweetheart. I mean I did lot of efforts to make it superb like you.” He bend and glance in her eyes.




Geet smirked. “Samar some time you surprised me.” She was definitely sarcastic in her tone. “Do you really think that anyone or thing can match up with Geet Handa. No really?” She eyed him.




“Okay my fault. I accept it. Do whatever changes you wanted.” He smiled and kissed her.




“Send someone I need to do lot of change here.” She commands him.




“Sure.” He said and left.




Geet sat on chair and look around carefully. At the same time one employee knocked and with her permission came inside. Geet instructed him and told her wish. She almost changed everything there. Whole day passed in this only.




“Now it’s much better. Geet you are superb darling no wonder.” She praised herself. And the moment her work done she called the meeting in conference Hall.




“Samar I have a project in mind and for that we should called for new talent.” She suggested.



“New talent means?” He asked.



“We need new fashion designers.” She demands.




“But Geet we have experienced designer.” He objects.




“I know what we have that’s why I want new recruits.” She was adamant on her decision.




“Okay as you wish.” He bow down before her wish. “Leena arrange interview.” He instructed his secretary and adjourned the meeting.”




“Geet you are impossible. At least tell me what you have in your mind?” Samar asked from her about her plans.





“Samar I want to launch new summer collection and to little simple. For that we need new talent because our designer are not capable of what I want. I know they are experienced but not of my use. So please arrange what I want. My target is big this time.” She told him and sealed his mouth. Stop arguing.



Interview arranged and one after another she rejected all. “What the fuck. All are dumb.” None design’s passed by her.




“”Pinky called off this. I am done.” She literally pissed off.




“Mam only one is left. Can I called him?” She asked as only one was left.




“What so special about him?” She gave a glare to her. Pinky shivers.




“Sorry mam.” She apologized.




“It’s okay called him in.” She said in annoying voice.




“Excuse me. Now you can go inside.” She told him and he smiled.




He went inside. Geet scan him tip to toe. He was simple not impressed her much. “Show me your designs.” She asked straight.




“I have nothing.” He told and made her fumed furiously.




“So what the hell are you doing here? You think we are sit here for time pass.” She yelled on him.




“Mam I don’t brought my work because I work as per your need.” He replied confidently.




“We have not much time to waste.” She yelled.



“5 min. Just 5 minutes tell me your wish and I show you my design.” He glance in her eyes straight and said with a smile.




“Geet stare him. Though she was annoyed still give a thought and told him her rough idea. Here she was explaining and same time his hands running on the canvas. The moment she completed he present his designs before her.




Her eyes widened because indeed he gave her what she wants. She still couldn’t believe that he actually impressed her.




“Fine for now. You are hired.” She called her secretary. “Pinky gave him appointment letter.” She turned to him. “By the way what’s your name?”




“Adi… Adi Mehra.” He told her and shake hand with her.




“Don’t disappoint me.” She cautioned and he left with a smirk.”




Happy Friendship Day guys



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