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DHADKAN updated Part 23-24



PART – 23




Samarth admitted to hospital again. Maan was missing and Geet was shattered.





“Dad….” He wake up with a jerk. Breathing heavily. Wetted in his own sweat. Looking all around. Completely new place.






It’s some one’s mansion but not his. Doctor and nurses where there to take care of him. He was confused and panicked. He trying to detached all the bandages so he can move easily.




“Calm down Yash. Please don’t get up.” One soft voice stopped him. He try to concentrate but the head injury not let him do properly.




Maan stare her beautiful face. “Please Yash, you are injured.” She trying to made him laid back.



Maan shoved her away. “Leave me alone. I am not Yash.” He hissed in anger. Again that feeling of living in shadow of his brother irked him.



She doesn’t understand his behaviors but ready to co operate. “Okay okay as you said. But please don’t stressed yourself. You need rest. It’s good that you don’t have major injures. But that doesn’t means you ignore your wounds.” She pleads and made him laid back. She signals doctor and he gave him injections so he could sleep calmly.




“Doctor what happened to him? Why he is not recognizing himself?” She sounds worried.




“May be the injury he have on his head. But that was a minor one.” Doctor was not sure about his condition. “Right now I gave him an injection due to which he will sleep properly. I leave one nurse with him. In case of emergency you can call me. Take care.” He said and left. She was waiting for his reports because then only doctor would able to handle his case properly.




In hospital all were worried for Maan and Samarth. Samarth was in bad state and Maan was missing. They search him but didn’t get any clue.





“What would we do now?” Geet panicked.



“It’s all your fault. Can’t you keep your mouth shut for few more days?” A strong voice scolded her.



“Dad please.” Adi tried to defend but Doctor Mehra’s anger had no bound today.



“Shut up and dare you even think of defending her. Show your expertise to other not to me. Ask her what’s she wants. She want him to die to. Now listen to me very carefully Geet. If anything happens to my friend or his son, I will not spare you.” He said in rage and left from there.




Geet to felt guilty. Her insecurities lead them here in hospital. Once again situation turned worst. Samarth is critical and his son is missing.




“Adi I had never thought something like this happened.” She was in pain of having guilty for putting both lives in danger.




Adi cocoons her. Patted her head. He cautioned her but she didn’t listen to him and now he to was confused what to do and how.




Night passed. All were restless. “Any news of Maan?” She asked from Adi.



He nodded no. “My men searching him every where. Don’t know where he left?” He hit the door in anger.




“Orphanage may be.” Geet trying to figure out the possible place where he went.




“They search every where but couldn’t found a single clue yet.” He said in frustrated tone.




“Adi we have to find him and soon.” She pleads.




“I know Geet.” Both felt miserable. “But how? I am trying my level best.”




“I have one way.” She suggested him and he agreed.





“I think or koi option b nahi hai.” He said and left.




In mid noon Maan got up and she came to him. “How you feeling now?” She asked softly.




“I am fine.” He replied roughly.




“Yash…” She address him with this name and enraged him.




“Shut up. Nahi hu main Yash. I am Maan. Did you get that?” He bursts on her and she scared seeing his anger.




“Okay calm down. Calm down.” She trying to cool down his temper.




“Yash… Sorry I mean Maan… What are you doing on that road and alone. Where were your car or driver?” She enquired. Wants to know what exactly happened with him.




Maan remembered the last night. Still struggling with his own emotions. He wasn’t sure. Maan touched his bandage. “I don’t know. I was walking and one car came in speed towards me. I ran other side to save me and hit with something. I lost my conscious and when awake I was here. Who are you?” He asked about her identity.




“Yash I am your classmate. Nitya.” She was astonished on his strange behavior.




“Oh so are also his friend. Listen girl. I am not the one who you are looking for. Yash is my twin and he was died in an accident last year.” He told her rudely. Getting pissed off completely.




Nitya was in shock. Couldn’t able to come out of this news.




“You mean the news last year spread was true?” She asked to confirm again. Not able to believe on this horrible truth.




Maan explain her every thing. How he replaced him. “The person you are looking for is not me.”




She needs time to come out of this shocking news. “I am sorry.” She ran away from there. Maan was scanning her expressions and assumed. He sat back. Not sure from here where he leads. His life is clueless.




“All only love Yash. Dad love him. Geet love him. This girl to love him. What about me? I am just unwanted since my birth. Then why God keep me alive. It’s better he killed me instead of him. All needs him only.” His heart is heavy. Feeling of being alone between own loved ones is worst punishment. He felt like an empty vessel.




Other side his father’s condition going more worst.







PART – 24



“Maan I think you should see this.” Maan was in his own griefs when Nitya came to him all shocked.




Maan follow her and reached to her room. She pointed at the tv screen. Where a famous billionaire’s ailing news flashing on screen.



Maan panicked. “I have to go.” He turned restless forgetting his rage.




“Wait Maan. You are not well to drive. I take you there.” She offered help and escorted him.




Both reached to hospital. Adi and Geet turned happy seeing him back but he ignored both and rushed to meet his father. Doctor Mehra was there in I.C.U. he barged inside.




“Maan…” He saw and hug him. “Thank God you come back.” He was happy to see him.



“Dad.” He went near Samarth. Sat near while holding his hand. Tear drop float out.



Doctor Mehra caressed his head. “Uncle, Dad…” His voice died inside. “I don’t want to be an orphan again.” His voice was low and lips wobble. There was a pain of a abandoned child reflecting through his every gesture.




“Don’t worry son. Now you come back to my friend. I am sure he will be fine soon. Just stay with him and never leave alone.” He allowed him to stay with Samarth and console him.



“Hi Geet.” Nitya start casual talk.



“Nitya?” She was surprised seeing her with Maan. “After school hum aaj mill rahe hai.” It’s a long time they last saw each other.



“Yeah… How are you?” She asked about her well being. Nitya went near her. “Maan told me everything.” She told and Geet left stunned. “It’s okay Geet no need to pretend. I can understand what you are going through.” She consoling her.



“Thanks for bringing him back.” She tried to change the topic.



“If I have idea what’s going on here, I brought him earlier.” She replied softly.




“Why he have bandages?” Geet enquires and Nitya explained her about his accident.



Adi came there. “Hi Nitya.” He saw and recognized.



“Hi Adi how are you?” Both talk casually. Geet told him about Maan’s accident.




“Nitya can you tell me some details about that car who trying to harm him?” Adi’s brain start questioning.




“I don’t know anything. Because when I picked up Maan from roadside there was no car there. Maan himself told me about the incident after getting his conscious back.” Nitya cleared everything.




Doctor come out. “All of you leave.” He commands to all. “This is my hospital. Not some play ground where you all are hanging out.” He was rude and rough. Because of his health his anger coming out eventually.




“We are here for uncle,not for partying.” Adi snapped in a same way.




“We don’t need you. Jiski zaroorat hai wo a chuka hai.” He kept showing his anger till one Junior doctor distracted him.




“Sir here are the reports.” He gave him Samarth’s latest report.




“Leave.” He stare all and left with his Junior.




Maan hold his limp hand between his hands. Resting his forehead on it. “I am sorry Dad. I shouldn’t blame you. Please open your eyes. I promise I will never leave you alone.” He watched him carefully. He was fighting for his life and seeing this his heart break more. “Dad please talk to me.” He pleads. Maan was crying. Pleading to him.




“Calm down son.” A hand on his shoulder and a soothing voice console him.




Mann slanted his neck and back to glance at him. “He is stable now.” Doctor Mehra was stood behind him.




“Uncle dad theek ho jayenge na?” He asked like a small child who was scared to core. All he knew was panic and pain. Pain of loosing him for forever.



“Yes Maan. He is stable and now when you are with him,I am sure he recovers soon.” He said with a smile. “Just stay with him. He needs you and love you so much. Never doubt on his love for you. Because I saw him crying for you. Maan we don’t tell you because we don’t know how will you react. Hume isi reaction ka darr tha or wahi hua. But Geet spoiled every thing. Maan your dad love you so much. See your separation did this to him. So never leave your father. He is breathing only to see you.” He explained to him the reason why they hide the truth from him.




“I am sorry Uncle. But I promise I will never do this again. No matter what. I just want my dad alright.” He realized his mistake and apologized to. Pankaj embrace him.




“It’s okay son. He will be fine soon. Don’t worry I won’t let him leave us as easily.” His statement was filled with confidence.




He left him with Samarth. Adi followed him in his cabin. “Adi spare us. Take your intelligent friend out of my sight.” He was very angry on Geet and don’t wanna see her face.




“Dad please it’s urgent.” He told him everything what Nitya told him.




“Adi this girl Nitya. How much trustable she is?” He enquired.



“Dad she is with us in school. Afterwards we don’t know where she lefts. In fact after school I am seeing her today only.” Adi to don’t know whether to trust her or not.




“Now we have to be more careful as Maan told her everything about his identity. And at this point we can’t take any risk. Don’t trust anyone easily.” His forehead squeezed which he rubbed between his thumb and index finger. “Adi keep eye on this girl. Because CD me Jo hath dikha hai wo kisi female ka hai. That bracelet,I don’t remember but it seems I had seen before.” He strained on his memory to remind but no use.




“Sure Dad.” He said and left.




Adi went to Geet. “Geet I think we should leave now. Dad is very angry.”



“No I won’t.” She was adamant.



“Geet try to understand this. He will not let you go near him.” He explained but Geet was stiffened.




“I don’t care how much he scolds me. Until I see Papa fine I won’t go anywhere.” Geet stood on her place.




“Adi don’t worry. I will stay with her.” Nitya decided to stay with her.



“Okay but try to avoid Dad. You know his anger.” He cautioned them and left.




Both sat and wait outside. In evening Maan came outside and saw both.




“How is Papa?” Geet asked from him but he didn’t want to talk to her.




“By the grace of God he is still breathing or else you leave no stone to kill him.” Maan to blamed her as he was trying to stop her but Geet didn’t listen to him that time.



“Maan please. It’s not a time to blame each other. I don’t know the exact matter but I know one thing that Geet never do anything which harm Yash and his family.” Nitya sided her and trying to calm down his anger.




“Nitya stay out of you and stop defending your friend. I know what she did and can do.” Maan stare her furiously. “I warned you not open your mouth but you did exactly opposite. Now listen to me very carefully if anything happens to him I will kill you. Bahut shuk hai na Yash k pas jane ka. I will arrange for you.” His fear come out in the form of anger on her. Maan was fuming furiously and she could see the hatred for her in his eyes.

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PART – 21



Maan went inside and she received a call from Adi.



“Yes Adi?” She received and replied.




“How’s going on? Everything?” He asked, trying to calm his voice.




“Nothing is right Adi. I am so confused. When you will come? I am tired handling all this alone.” Geet start cribbing seeking her support.




“Don’t worry. My work is done and soon I will be there with you.” He told her and assured.



“Thank God. By the way what was your so called important work?” She asked again.




“I will tell you everything once I visit you.” Adi still glued on his decision and don’t disclose anything on her.




“Come back soon.” She said in a pleading way.




She to went inside. Wants to talk with him. He was inside washroom so she wait outside. Maan came out. He glance at her. “You here?” He asked while rubbing his wet hairs.




Geet crossed her arms on her chest. “Yes I want to talk with you.” She stare him. Clear sign that again came to pin point at him.




“Now what you want?” He asked.




“Now listen to me very carefully. I don’t know whether you notice or not but Papa is getting closer to you with each passing day.” She start explaining.




“So?” He didn’t get her.



“So…” She get bit annoyed. “Don’t you understand what are the consequences of this?” She stare him. Her eyes shot glares.




“Geet I don’t get what’s your problem? I think this is the reason you brought me here.” Maan to annoyed at her every second changing rules.




“I brought you to save him. But you doing exactly opposite.” She accused her.




Maan’s jaw clenched hard and he held her from arms.








“What’s your problem tell me? Now what wrong I did?” he rasped, trying to squelch his anger.




Geet jerked him off. “My problem is you. Stop playing with his emotions.” She yelled on him.




“I am playing with his emotions? Or you guys playing. I am not coming here with my own will. It’s you who lied to him.” He was hurt with her endless allegations.




“Stop arguing and listen to me. From now onwards you will not obey him. Don’t reciprocate his love and…” She paused and Maan glance in her eyes.




“And? What you want tell me Geet?”he shrugged.




“Start disrespecting him.” She command him with heavy heart.




“How dare you?” His statement was low, dangerous, spoken like he was barely able to contain his caveman instincts…which he was. Right now he wanted to slap her hard and his hand raised to but somehow he controlled.






He tried to walked out but Geet stopped him.






“I am not done yet. And never show me this attitude of yours again. I am paying you. So do what I said.” She commands and expected him to do so. “And I am sure it wouldn’t be difficult for you as you have no respect for him.” She taunts.




His icy stare said everything still she was adamant on her demand.




“Do what ever you want to think? But I am not going to hurt my dad.” He said with such accord which astonished her.




“He is not your dad. So don’t try to act smart.” She yelled.




“He is my dad. Not by blood but by heart he is. You have no idea what we share from past few months. I agree initially I don’t like his behaviors but now I understand why he doing all this. Daily he comes to my room and share stories which he used to tell Yash in his childhood. He share his feelings for me. He cares for me. He thinks I am sleeping but actually I was waiting for him,….” He paused. His voice turn heavy and eyes burned because of holding water drops inside. ” He never missed a day and you wants me to hurt a person who love me this much that he avoid his sleep just to spend time with me.” His voice was raspy and low. His eyes heated and intense.




Geet’s fists firmed to much harder that torn the soft and delicate skin of her palm. “He is not your father and the love he showering on you is also not yours. He is doing all this just because he think you as Yash or else he wouldn’t even glance a bastard like you.” She again remind him of his status. She had slung the hurtful words at him out of frustration and more than a little fear. And the words weren’t the least bit true.




Maan wants to serve her right but for Samarth’s sake he stopped himself as he knew how much he love her,like his own daughter.




“It’s not you. It’s your jealousy talking. You scared might I will replace your Yash.” He rubbed her on wrong side.




“Look who is talking? No one take my Yash’s place in his heart. You have no idea what he feels for him. So don’t even think  about it. I know what you are up to. You have changed your mind. Now you are thinking of grabbing more money but let me tell me tell you one thing. Until I am alive this will not gonna happen.” Frustrated she blurted out what ever comes to her mind without even analysing the effects of her words.




“I don’t care. Think whatever you want. But keep my words in your mind. I am not going to leave my dad. Understand.”  His statement was fierce and his eyes were shooting fire.




Maan in anger rushed out and found Samarth there. His face faded seeing him. Not sure how much he heard of their conversation. His heart beating very fast. Out of fear because he doesn’t want to lose a father again.






PART – 22


Maan was scared. Once again he was going to lose his only relation. He live life of orphan. Bear abusive language. Do crimes to survive because no one was in his life to guide or take care of him. By the grace of God he got his father in Samarth,which he want to possess for life time. His mind knows it’s a beautiful lie but he wants to live this lie only.


“Dad you here?” He break the silence to know what he heard.


“Yes my son I am here to call both of you for lunch. See the time. Don’t you feel hungry?” He caress his head and invite for lunch.


Maan took a long breath. He was in relief that he didn’t heard anything. “Of course dad.” He said with a smile and walked with him.


Geet followed both. She is still fuming as Maan denied to obey her instructions.


After spending a beautiful day out all drove back to KM.


Adi got what he want so he returned to India. He straight went to meet his father. Doctor Mehra was waiting for his arrival.


“Did you get for what you went there?” He asked.


“Yes dad.” He showed him the CD. “Just look at this dad.” He played it on his laptop. Both watch the video very carefully.


“Face is not clear but now we have some clues.” His voice was firm and forehead squeezed.


“What happened dad? Is anything which you hiding from me?” Adi scanned him carefully and stared like he is interrogating some criminal.


“Don’t talk to me like this. Dare you crossed your limits.” He scolded him and Adi left the room in anger.


He was tensed for sure. He instantly picked up his phone and dialled. ” Please come as soon as possible. You need to see this.” He cleaned the sweat beads and hung the call.


Adi drove to KM. He wants to meet Geet. So he after meeting Samarth he straight went to meet her. He knocked and she got his view. Geet left all her work and rushed to him.


“Adi I am so happy to see you back. You have no idea what’s going on here?” She start talking without a pause and told him what had happened in his absence.


“Geet please calm down and tell my why you so much disturb? It’s our plan to save uncle then why you want him to give pain to Uncle? Geet try and understand we have no idea what is his exact condition. Don’t know if he misbehave how would Uncle react. What if he take this on heart?” Adi cautioned her but she was restless. Seeking support from him but he to sided with Maan.


“Adi you are not understanding this. Because you haven’t seen what I noticed in last few days. Papa is getting so much possessive about him. Raat raat bhar sote nahi hai. Every time roaming around him. Sharing his thoughts with him. Adi you are not understanding. We should parted him from Papa.” She is restless and panicked.


“Geet please. Just few days. You have to bear this.” Adi caress her head. “Now you are not alone. I  always with you on every step.” He assured her and told her to maintain her patience. Adi lefts.


In evening Geet again found Maan with Samarth and now her patience left her. She straight went to them. Anger rose inside of her like a phoenix, climbing higher and high, stronger and stronger. She could barely see through beyond her anger.


“Papa I want to talk with you.” She said and glance at Maan.


He could sense danger through her gestures. “Yes beta tell me.” He asked.


She sat near him and hold his hand but Maan pushed her away. “Geet dad is tired. You can talk later.” Maan tried to avoid the situation which only bring destruction for all of them.


She flinched off his hands. “I want to talk right now.” She glared him.


“I said no.” Maan roared.


“Just shut up okay. Now I am not going to tolerate this nonsense any more.” Geet yelled and Samarth senses their tension.


“I said no.” Maan held her forearm firmly and she kept trying to freed her. Wriggling badly.


“You can’t stop me today. Papa your son is dead.” She said and with a hard spank falls on floor.


Samarth rushed to strengthen her. “Maan….” He roared and stunned both.


“Papa you know this? How and when?” So many questions were troubling both of them now.


“Yes I knew he is not Yash.” Samarth admit.


“Papa you know this. Then why?” Geet felt hurt and betrayed. “How could you forget your own son and give his to this stranger. Why Papa why? Tell me why?” She screams while shedding tears. Her anger was on peak.


“Geet listen to me.” Samarth pleads.


“No Papa no. How could you. You know everything still apne is sadakchhap ko humare sir pe baithe diya. Or to or mujhe majboor kiya iske sath rasme nibhane k liye… How could you? You are like father to me. Still you did all this with me?” Geet’s anger was out of control the very moment.


“Yes he did but you are wrong Geet. Maan koi sadakchhap nahi hai or na hi wo orphan hai. He is a true heir of Khurana empire.” One familiar voice revealed one more truth and stunned both Maan and Geet. “Yes it’s true Maan is not Yash but he is elder twin of Yash to whom we considered as dead. 27 years ago we lost him. Even after searching a lot we didn’t found him and assumed him dead. But destiny had her own plans. Maan was alive and safe. The day I saw him in hospital i got that to whom we are searching from ages is alive.” Doctor Mehra revealed the truth which was hidden from world.


“Yes Maan you are also a Khurana blood. You are Yash’s elder brother and stop blaming my friend.” He was annoyed.


“Pankaj please.” Samarth signal him to calm down.


“Geet beta it’s true I hide the truth but I explained. Initially I wasn’t aware that he is my son. I to think him Yash as you all told me. But when he comes home my doubt rise on him. I feel he is not my Yash and the day you falls from stairs my doubt confirms. Because I knew Yash will never leave both of us in such critical condition like he did. I confronted Doctor Mehra and he told me the whole truth. That moment I don’t know how to react. Whether to mourn on my one son’s death or celebrate to got my other son back after 27 years.” He explained.


“Papa it’s your doubt only. Who knows…” Geet don’t want to believe that Maan belongs to him.


“There is no scope of doubt Geet. Because I have a DNA report which clearly shows he is Samarth’s only heir.” Doctor Mehra leave no space of doubt.


Maan was upset. This truth came like a shock to him. He not able to handle all this. “Dad you know who I am still you hides. Forced me to live life of someone else. Since I came to my senses, always face hatred and slangs on being orphan. At every step of life I face humiliation even after taking birth in a reputed family. And when I found my family what I get. Name of my dead brother. You only love him dad.” Maan was angry because they hide his true identity from him.


“No Maan. You mistook us.” Samarth was badly trapped between both. Both are blaming him.


“You don’t need me dad. you never needs me.” He said and rushed away from KM. He was boiling in anger.


“Pankaj stop him. I don’t want to lose him again.” Samarth felt uneasiness in his body. Slight ache in his heart.


“Papa…” Geet holds him. Pankaj to rushed to him as he needs doctor.


Outside Maan walked on lonely roads and one car come and hit him. He met with an accident.

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PART – 1




Her photoshoot is going on all media was waiting for her.





After shoot all gathered in a big hall where a press conference was held for her.



She was shining like a star. All wants to capture her in their cameras. From One corner a well toned guy came and held her hand. He took her to that stage.






After formal greetings conference starts. “Mam you are top model this time they why you think of joining Fashion World as CEO?” Reporter start asking questions.



She smiled. “Well I have worked for long 7 years as a model. I achieved what other dreaming of. Staying at top for whole 7 years wasn’t easy but I did.” She said in a deep calm and sophisticated voice. Her dominance said all. “Now it’s time to move on.” She added.




“We heard you are going to engage with Mr. Samar which is the main reason behind this decision.” Other one asked.




“No personal question.” She replied briskly and strongly.




“Mam any plans after joining?”




“So many. I never take step until it’s needed.” She was so strong and confident.




“Mam would you like to share any?”




“You will see soon. I always let my work speaks for me.”




Same time in India.



“Awww don’t cry. Don’t cry. Daddy is here to hold you.” He cocoon and patted the back and roamed in whole room. After half and hour he placed his doll in crib and covered it. “Sleep calmly and don’t worry your daddy is here to protect you.”





“I wish I could punish that creep.” pairs of eyes staring from far and cursed someone.




In USA….



Press conference completed and all congrats her. She received many gifts from her fans and well wishers.




Samar whisper in her ears and both went to their ways. She took her car and reached to a farm house.







Geet come out of her car and remove her shades.






She walked inside where someone was waiting for her desperately.




He hugged her. “You took so long to come here?” He complained while biting her ear lobe.



“You know these reporter. How much sticky they are.” She explained.



“Oh leave them. It’s time to celebrate.” He said and took her to their private bar.



“Champaign or wine?” He asked for her choice.



“Champaign. After all it’s celebration time.” She replied while removing her sandals.




“Here is your glass madam.” He handed glass to her. “Cheers.”




She emptied it quickly. Both drank till they almost lost their conscious. He encircled her waist and tugged to his hard frame.




“I am so lucky to have you.” He bend down on her neck and kissed on her bare shoulder. “You are a perfect combo of beauty with brain.” He praised her while nuzzling her neckline.




He glance up in her eyes. She kissed him. A long kiss which continue till they get rid of their all clothes. “Geet I love you.” He said while claiming her. Filling her with him.



“I love you too Samar.” She replied in heavy breath voice. Wrapping her arms around him. Pulling him more near. Again he took her lips and she responded with mutual hunger.



Whole day they spend in each other’s arms.



“I think I should leave now.” Geet saw the time in her watch and said.




“But why?” He wasn’t ready to leave her.




“Because from the very next day I have to join the Fashion World as a CEO. So I don’t wanna be late on my first day at work.” She explained.



He pulled her again while she struggled to step out of the sheet. He embrace her again. “Don’t go.”




“Samar behave like a chairman.” She advised him to be more practical for their work.




“Okay madam CEO.” He leave her reluctantly and she stepped out. Collect her clothes and dressed up.



She bend on him. Kissed him one more time. “Bye. Good night.” She wished and walked out.




Next morning brought new beginning for her. She got ready and reached to a multinational building. She walked in and wait inside life to reach her destination. The moment she entered in her new office which not so new for her but as a CEO it’s her first time,all employees welcome her and Samar himself came to show her the new cabin of hers.




“So how it is?” He asked cheerfully.



“Hmm… It’s good but I will make it much better now.” She replied roughly.




“O come Geet be generous. It’s wonderful sweetheart. I mean I did lot of efforts to make it superb like you.” He bend and glance in her eyes.




Geet smirked. “Samar some time you surprised me.” She was definitely sarcastic in her tone. “Do you really think that anyone or thing can match up with Geet Handa. No really?” She eyed him.




“Okay my fault. I accept it. Do whatever changes you wanted.” He smiled and kissed her.




“Send someone I need to do lot of change here.” She commands him.




“Sure.” He said and left.




Geet sat on chair and look around carefully. At the same time one employee knocked and with her permission came inside. Geet instructed him and told her wish. She almost changed everything there. Whole day passed in this only.




“Now it’s much better. Geet you are superb darling no wonder.” She praised herself. And the moment her work done she called the meeting in conference Hall.




“Samar I have a project in mind and for that we should called for new talent.” She suggested.



“New talent means?” He asked.



“We need new fashion designers.” She demands.




“But Geet we have experienced designer.” He objects.




“I know what we have that’s why I want new recruits.” She was adamant on her decision.




“Okay as you wish.” He bow down before her wish. “Leena arrange interview.” He instructed his secretary and adjourned the meeting.”




“Geet you are impossible. At least tell me what you have in your mind?” Samar asked from her about her plans.





“Samar I want to launch new summer collection and to little simple. For that we need new talent because our designer are not capable of what I want. I know they are experienced but not of my use. So please arrange what I want. My target is big this time.” She told him and sealed his mouth. Stop arguing.



Interview arranged and one after another she rejected all. “What the fuck. All are dumb.” None design’s passed by her.




“”Pinky called off this. I am done.” She literally pissed off.




“Mam only one is left. Can I called him?” She asked as only one was left.




“What so special about him?” She gave a glare to her. Pinky shivers.




“Sorry mam.” She apologized.




“It’s okay called him in.” She said in annoying voice.




“Excuse me. Now you can go inside.” She told him and he smiled.




He went inside. Geet scan him tip to toe. He was simple not impressed her much. “Show me your designs.” She asked straight.




“I have nothing.” He told and made her fumed furiously.




“So what the hell are you doing here? You think we are sit here for time pass.” She yelled on him.




“Mam I don’t brought my work because I work as per your need.” He replied confidently.




“We have not much time to waste.” She yelled.



“5 min. Just 5 minutes tell me your wish and I show you my design.” He glance in her eyes straight and said with a smile.




“Geet stare him. Though she was annoyed still give a thought and told him her rough idea. Here she was explaining and same time his hands running on the canvas. The moment she completed he present his designs before her.




Her eyes widened because indeed he gave her what she wants. She still couldn’t believe that he actually impressed her.




“Fine for now. You are hired.” She called her secretary. “Pinky gave him appointment letter.” She turned to him. “By the way what’s your name?”




“Adi… Adi Mehra.” He told her and shake hand with her.




“Don’t disappoint me.” She cautioned and he left with a smirk.”




Happy Friendship Day guys



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