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DHADKAN updated Part 25-26



PART – 25





“Maan please calm down. It’s a hospital. Neither it’s a place nor time to blame each other.” Nitya keep trying to cool down his anger.




Maan fumes and left from there. He was disturbed and in pain. After ages he got back his father but in a flip of seconds everything was ruined.



“It’s okay Geet. He is disturbed.” Nitya console seeing her crying.



In evening Samarth shows positive signs. He opened his eyes, though for a very short time but he got his conscious. He saw his son near and got relief.




“Maan he is out of danger now. So please go and take some rest.” Doctor Mehra advised him.




“No Uncle. Now I will only go from here when my dad is with me.” He told his decision.




“Maan it will take time. Try and understand. I can’t risk his life. Discharge me abhi time lagega. I will keep him under observation for few more days. So it’s not possible.” He tried again.




“I am not anywhere.” He replied strongly.



“Okay fine but at least eat something. I am sending your dinner.” He said and left.




Outside he saw Geet and Nitya. “Both of you please leave. No need to increase the rush. He is fine.” He said and left.




He called his son and command him to pickup the girls from hospital. He obeyed and took both from there. “He took both for dinner.




“Adi why we are here?” Geet don’t like the place.




“Because you both hadn’t eaten yet. So no excuses. We do dinner together. Nitya b kafi salo baad aai hai.” He told and took both there.




He ordered for them after asking their choice. “Nitya where were you disappeared? I mean after school we seeing you today only?” Adi enquired.




“I don’t know whether you remember or not but I was living here with my grandma. My parents shifts to New York but I stayed back here to complete my school. Afterwards I to joined them.” She told them without any hesitation.




“So why here after so many years?” He asked more.




“For some important work.” She replied briskly. She checked out her watch. “I think I should leave now. But guys you can call me anytime. Any help which I can do, please let me know.” She said and lefts.



Geet ate very little and demand to leave the place. Adi dropped her at KM. She straight went to Yash’s room and stood before his large college. “I am sorry Yash. I know I messed up the situation but you tell what option I have. I can’t able to tolerate that he is getting your share of love. Papa loves you only then how could he gave your place to him?” She was crying before him.




Sun dawn Nitya reached hospital to check Maan and Samarth. “Good morning Maan.” She greets him.



“You here this early?” Maan was surprised seeing her there.



“I know you not leaving him for a second so I bring this for you.” She brought home made breakfast for him.




“Nitya…” Maan felt awkward taking help from a person to whom he don’t even know.”



“I know what you are thinking. How can you take help from me when you don’t even know me. Okay let me make it simple. Hi I am Nitya garewal. Can you be my friend?” She raised hand towards him for friendship and her gesture bring smile on his dead face.




“Are you sure?” He asked and she nodded with smile. Maan held her hand. “Request accepted.”




“Now problem solved. Go and wash your face and then eat.”




“But dad… I can’t leave him.” Maan felt with insecurities. Don’t want to leave his father even for a second.




“I will stay with him. You can go.” She assured and Maan left.




Meanwhile nurse and Pankaj came to check Samarth. “Where is Maan and what you are doing here?” He asked strongly and she explained.




“Hmm….” He only hmmed and check his friend. He instructed nurse and stay till Maan came back.




“Good morning Uncle.” Maan came back and greet him.




“Good morning Maan. How are you?” He checked his bandage. “Is change karna padega.” He told him. “Do one thing. Come and do breakfast with me. After that I will change this to.”




“Uncle Nitya brought breakfast for us.” He told him.




“Oh… So you both enjoy then come to me.” He said and left.



.”I have no idea about your choice so bring food of my choice. I hope you don’t mind.” Her breath hitched as she looked at him.




“I am not particular about food. Just need to survive.” He growled.




“Okay now I have to go.” She said after they done.




“Stay with Dad. Just for few minutes. I will be back shortly.” He requested her.




“I will. You go and get your bandages changed.” She assured him and Maan lefts.




Meanwhile Geet to arrives. Seeing no one she to got a chance to see Samarth. She went inside and found Nitya there.




“You here?” She was surprised not expecting her to be there.




“I came to check him.” She replied softly. “Uncle is fine now. Doctor Mehra confirmed.” She saw her tense face and told to took away her worries.




“Where is Maan?” Geet enquires about him.



“He went for bandage change.” She replied.




Geet sat near him. “Papa please come back home soon.” She held his limp hand and pleads. “Nitya you can leave now. I am here with him.”




“Once Maan come back I will.” She was waiting for him.




Maan came back and seeing her near his father turned furious. “Now what you want?” He asked in a low but dangerous voice.




“I only came to see Papa.” She replied in a dead voice.




“Huhh… Now if you have seen then please leave us alone.” His voice was rough and slightly irritated.




“I will when I want. He is not only your father but my father in-law to.” She replied in same manner.



“I don’t have a right to interfere but please both of you behave like an adults. Uncle is not well and you are fighting near him.” Nitya reminds them where they were quarreling.




“Then told him stop ordering me. Waise bhi nothing is change for me. For me only my Yash was his true son. He did everything for Papa. Where were he when he was facing problems? One report could not change anything. I will not accept him as a true Khurana.” Geet not ready to accept to him. “Who knows you killed my Yash to take his place. I don’t trust you now.”





Maan shot her an aggravated look. His fists firmed which held by Nitya on time, before he loose his cool completely.




Doctor Mehra entered there. “Geet enough. I had enough of your tantrums. You are the curse on my friend’s life. The trouble you are asking about cause because of you. Because of your adoption my friend’s life put in danger. Your so called relatives trying every possible way to remove him from their way so they get your property and you blaming Maan for that. Now if I see you again here I will forget everything and throw you out of my hospital.” His patience give up and he revealed the truth. Doctor Mehra fixed camera in his room to keep personal watch on him and now when he noticed Geet accusing him for no reason he lost his patience. “You are a big curse on Samarth and his family. Now just get lost.”




“Geet please come.” Nitya sense the tension rosing there so she dragged her out.




“Nitya leave my hand. I will not going anywhere.” Geet bursts on her to.




“Geet please calm down. You will get nothing by getting hyper on Maan. Please try and understand the need of situation. Be mature. Now you are not a school kid who commit mistake after mistake and none say anything to you. He is his father whether you want to accept or not.” In a flow she to get hyper but control quickly. “I am sorry. I should not talk like this.” She paused and scan her eyes. “Geet I can understand your pain. It’s not easy for you to accept him but think about Uncle. He got back his son after ages. Why you want to parted him again? Please think about it calmly. Rest is up to you.” Nitya advised and leave.




“No I will never accept him. He have no right to take my Yash’s place in Papa’s life.” She wiped off her tears and walked out.




Its mid night when Maan felt thirsty. He checked the water bottle but it was empty so he walked out to get some water. Corridor was silent and deserted at that time. He walked on his normal pace. Suddenly he feels some one is following him. Maan got alert. His doubt was right. He hide quickly behind near wall to catch his follower.




Stalker to stopped and look all around. Seeking for him. Maan was in wait and at the right time he attacked on him. Person’s face was covered. He try to unmasked but person run away as their noise alerts the security staff. But in hurry that person dropped his gun which was a clear sign the motive was only one and that is to kill Maan….











PART – 26




AGAIN Maan was  attacked but this time this was hiden from his father as he just opened  his eyes. But Doctor Mehra was loosing his cool.




“We have to find her. That woman whose hand was showing in that CD.” He strained his memory and a blurred flash widened his eyes.




“That bracelet… I got it. But how can I tell this toamarth. He is weak.” He was in dilemma but Maan’s security was his priority that time so he called Adi and explained to him.




“Dad are you sure?” His lawyer mind wants confirmation.



“Hundred percent sure. And if I am not wrong she will do everything to harm Maan.” His voice was heavy and shoulders leaned. He was stressed badly.




“Don’t worry dad. Nothing will happen to Maan.” He assured.




“I think I should discharge Samarth. They will be more safe in KM.” He called his all reports.




Samarth saw Maan sleeping on his side when he opened his eyes. He stroked his hair back. Love this feeling of loving his baby. His heart swelled because he knows he had been there with him all the time. He could feel his presence even in his unconscious state. He have a strong connection. Heart to heart connection with his boys. Arpita died the moment they arrived to the world. He is the one who raised them since their first breath in this world. But destiny snatch him and for whole 27 years. He was only 3 that time. He wants to reach him but all the machines attached stopped him.



“Maan…” He whispered but his voice reached to him.




Maan was instantly awake, his eyes jerking to his face, scanning it with obvious uneasiness. “Dad what are you doing?” He panicked seeing him struggling to get up. Maan sprang from his chair and laid him back. “Dad relax. I am here with you and will never leave you again. I promise.” He held his hand near his heart. Gave reason to smile.




“I equally love you my son.” Samarth tried to explain to him in broken voice.




“Dad please don’t try to talk. You need rest.” He requested. “I know it’s my fault. I over reacted that time. Please forgive me dad.” He apologized. Maan signals him and and he bow down to him. He kissed on his forehead.




“I miss you every second of my life. That day I felt I lost you again.” He poured out his pain before him.




“I am sorry Dad. Aap please shant ho jao. I will not leave you alone ever.” He kept promising him to made his father believe that he would stay with him till his last breath.




Samarth slept and Nitya came to see both. “How is he today?” She asked politely.



“Just slept. He is feeling insecure.” Maan told her.




“It’s natural when he is already lost so much in life. First your mom, then you, then Yash. Now he is not in a state of loosing any of his loved one. Maan I don’t come to preach you but please never hurt your dad. He face so much in life.” She very carefully made him understand that what his father felt. Maan nodded. She saw him silent and serious so change the topic instantly. “Maan you removed your bandages?” She asked.




“Ha wo itching ho rahi thi.” Maan replied.




“Maan you should ask from the doctor first.” She is worried.




Meanwhile Doctor Mehra came there. “Good morning my friend.” He greets his sleeping friend.”




“How are you my boy?” He asked from Maan.




“Uncle I am good but I want to know about dad.”




“He is absolutely fine. Infact I am giving him discharge.” He told him. “You come with me.” He took him along.




“Uncle discharge?” Maan was surprised by his decision.



“It’s necessary for your safety my son. Though I put security every where still that gun man entered. I can’t risk your life.” He told the reason.




“And I can’t risk my dad’s life. He need full medical attention.” Maan denied to take Samarth home.




“Don’t worry about him. I will arrange everything at home. And most importantly he needs you near. I am sure at home he will recover soon.” He was reasonable but Maan was adamant.




“No I can’t take chance. Last time the nurse you send was mysterious. I saw her spying us.” Maan told to him.




“What? Then why didn’t you tell this to us?” Doctor was shocked hearing this.




“I threaten her but she made excuses and apologized so I spare her. That time I have no idea what she is up to.” Maan told him his reason.




Running a frustrated hand through his already-tortured hair, he growled. “Maan you have no idea what you did. I am sure she must be spying for the person who killed Yash and now she is after you.”




Maan eyed him. “She? You know her? Tell me her name I will kill her right now.” Maan turned furious. His eyes burned with rage.




“I don’t know about her but yes I got some clues which indicates….” He turned silent.




“What indicates? Uncle what you and Dad hiding from me?” He asked strongly.




Doctor Mehra showed him that CD. “See this hand in this video. This is our only clue. Adi got that CD from the house of that hired killer who killed Yash in Paris.” He told him and his every fiber burned with rage. Angry and completely desperate,he only thinking of killing the culprit who gave pain to his family.




“Look at her hand. This bracelet. I think so much and finally remembered. The woman who stole you from hospital wearing the same bracelet. I still horrible remembering that day.” he rumbled, his chest vibrating with emotion.




“Uncly who is she? And why she kidnapped me?” So many revelation in a day give birth to so many queries.





“Even we don’t know who was she and why she kidnapped you. That time to she was hided her face in burka. Maan you and Yash were entwined twins. Have you ever noticed why you have a strange marks on your chest?” He showed him and Maan nodded no. “Because you and Yash were inseparable. Operation was risky so we waited till you turn 3. Tum dono bhai dil or DHADKAN se jude hue the. Shyad tume alag karna hi humari mistake thi. Samarth  hired best doctor for this operation. Puri team India aai thi and they got success to. But hardly we know our happiness was only for a short time. The day you were discharged one woman came and kidnapped you in front of our eyes. We chased her but her car fell in deep water fall. We search for whole month but got nothing. The flow of water was fast enough to take you away. In fact search team had a doubt that you must be drowned and died. Gradually we all believe that we lost you but Samarth kept trying for several years. But couldn’t find you. Neither we found that woman nor you. Now I had a strong feeling it must be the same woman who kidnapped you. Like you are alive so why not she?”




“But if she is the one then why she don’t do anything in past 27 years? Why waited for long 27 years?” Maan’s mind running in pace and they think on every possibilities.




“That’s what I to want to know. Where were she and from where appears suddenly.” Many questions but no answer.




They were busy in talking when his phone rang. Maan answer the call and hung up.



“Uncle I have to go.” He told him.




“But where?”




“Police station.” He told him. “They found one dead body who is resembling with the person,who attacked me on that night.” Maan told him.




“Okay but you are not going alone. Adi ko sath leke jao.” He instructed him and Maan nodded.

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