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His warm breath falling on her nipple and she felt ticklish. She caress his hairs and he firmed his grip on her. His long fingers beneath her stroking her skin softly.



“Maan get up. Look at the time.” She mummers but no use. Maan was in no mood of obeying. He was in playful mood and teasing her while his head resting on her chest. Maan open his dark eyes and raised to glance at her. His fingers traced her swollen, sensitive nipples, she moaned. She was so, so ready.




“Please, Maan.” She saw his mischievous eyes and know what he is up to.




His moist skin plastered against her, but he was keeping most of his weight from her with his arms. “You’re going to come for me while I taste you.” he said in a hoarse voice. She gasped as he tongued her breasts, moving from one to other.




He spread her thighs. She shivered as he blew a warm breath on her naked feminine part. “I can already smell your arousal, see how wet you are,” he growled, his fingers trailing over the bare flesh. She wants to feel his hot mouth there but he pleasured her with his fingers first. She was losing it, her body begging for him. His mouth closed over her tender flesh, his tongue lapping, licking her arousal, consuming her. She get tired easily these days so he don’t teased her more and filled her with him but the pace was controlled. He make sure she got all the pleasure without getting hurt. He know her feeble body not able to match his aggressive body. He was claiming her she loved to be claimed by him. Both were halted and reached to climax. He took her mouth. Devoured  slowly, quenching each ounce of her.




He rolled off her immediately, clutching her against him, pulling her into his protective arms. His chest still heaving, he choked out, “Did I hurt you?” She shook her head, her body still quivering.


“No,” she whispered, still short of breath. “You gave me exactly what I needed.”  Geet kissed his forehead before burying her face in his neck, still trying to recover.




“Maan you getting late for office.” She reminded him after an hour of relax.




He kissed her gently. “Today I have no work. I take an off.” He told her.




“Why?” She look into his eyes.



“Because today I have some important work.” He caress his fingers and put her messy hairs behind her ear.




“Any private photoshoot?” She asked and he nodded.




“With whom?” She asked casually not because she felt insecure of his work as a professional photographer.




After getting married to her Maan joined a fashion world. His hobby of photography become his weapon to fight with all odds. One Fashion House appointments him as their personal photographer. He was surrounded by hot models all the time but she never questioned him for his loyalty towards her.




“She is very special.” He teased her. Wanted her to feel jealous but no use.



Geet kissed him. “All the best.” She said with genuine smile.




Maan pouts. “Why you so cool? Don’t you feel jealous sending me to hot hot models?” He questioned. Geet giggled and nod no. “Why?”



“Because I know where ever you go. In the end come back to me only. Maan when I marry you,you have a image of Playboy. Still I accept you. Because I have faith in you. It’s your work. You go to them for your work not to play with them. Then why I feel jealous? You left everything for me. Accept me with my past then why should I doubt on your intentions?” She caress his face and kissed all over. “I love you.” She confess and Maan embrace her.




After breakfast he told her to get ready. “But why me?”




“Because I want you to come with me. I want to show how I work.” He said casually.



” No way. Maan look at me. I am 8 and half months pregnant. Loose my shape. Having no charm and you want me to take to a place of glamour. I definitely not fit there. They will mocked.” She felt hesitate but Maan was adamant.




“Geet I am not asking. I am telling you that today you are coming with me or else I leave my job.” He blackmail her emotionally.




“Maan what is this?” She annoyed on his stubborn behavior.




“Get ready” his demeanor always works and she reluctantly got ready.




Maan took her to a place. Her foot tripped but he held her before any mishappening.


“Geet be careful.” Maan cautioned her and took her inside.




His assistant was ready. “Welcome mam.” He greets.




“Is everything ready?” Maan enquires.




“Yes sir. We are ready for photoshoot. Is mam going to change or we will start?” He asked and made Geet confused.




“Take some pictures like this then we change.” He told him and he went to check camera and lights.




“Maan where is your model?” She enquires.




“Come I ll show you.” He took her and stood before the camera. Geet stare him in confusion. “Still confused? Sweetheart you are my model today. I planned this photoshoot specially for us. In few days our baby arrives so before that I want to capture these moments” he told her and her eyes welled up. He was not good with words. Never said cheesy lines. Just command or demand like a small kid. But this made him more special for her. “No no no please don’t cry. Not this time. or else whole shoot get spoiled.” He saw her and trying to cheer her up.




She smiled and slapped his arm softly. “Now come on.” Photoshoot starts. After few pics both changed. Though she felt little uncomfortable in revealing clothes but Maan want some pics of baby bump. So she do it for him.




Day was hectic and in mid night she went into labor. Maan took her to hospital where she gave birth to baby boy.






Maan was worried for her. He hold her tight and kissed her.







“You okay?” He asked in anxious voice. Geet nodded to took his worries.




But this wasn’t end. One surprise was waiting for both. Savitiri Khurana entered the same moment with her son and daughter-in-law. Maan’s eyes widened seeing them all.




“Can I hold my great grandson?” She asked but in a commanding way.




Geet gave baby to her. Maan went to his mother and hug her. “How are you mom?” He asked and She kissed on his forehead.




“I am so happy my son. You made me proud. You full fill your promise.” Arpita was so happy as her son finally proved himself worthy.




She went to Geet and blessed her to. “Thanks to you. Because this credit goes to you only. You made my baby a responsible adult.”



“No aunt…”



She stopped her. “Aunt nahi mumma.” She commands her with authority.




“So you all keeping eyes on us?” Maan stare all.




“Of course yes. How can we leave our daughter in law  and her coming baby with a person like you.” Samarth teased him. And Maan stare him annoyingly. “But I am glad you proved us wrong. Even I am proud of you my son.” He to hug him and made Maan smile.



All blessed Geet and baby. “Better apne koi naam socha hai ya hum rakh de?” Dadima asked first from Geet is she desire any name for her son.




“Ansh… My Maan’s ansh.” She told her wish and all got agreed.




“We talked with your boss. Now you all are coming with us.” Dadima commands and she took all back to U.S.




Where Geet got a grand welcome by her brother-in-law and his wife(jeth-jethani). Their two kids were more excited to see their cousin baby.




“Piyush Harsh behave.” Their mom commands them as both were eager to take baby in their arms.




“We want to play with him.” Both demands.




“Not now. He is tired from a long journey.” Their father made them understand and both got agree.





Sakshi took Geet and baby to their room. While Maan stay back with his brother. Both met after a long time.




“Take rest. And don’t feel awkward. It’s your home.” She tried to made her comfortable. She blessed both and left as both need rest.




Geet’s most of the time now consume by her little bundle of joy which irked Maan sometimes. “This is wrong. He glued to you all the time.” He cribbed and made her laugh how he act like a child.




“I cautioned you.” Geet reminds him.



“Ya but you don’t tell me that he occupied my favorite part to.” He said and her jaw dropped.




“Maan… How shameless you are?”




“Don’t change the topic. And I am not shameless. He is shameless. Took my palace and don’t spare a little for me.” Maan continue and she shook her head.




Baby was laying in her lap and stare Maan with annoyance.




“See how he staring at me.” Maan pointed.


“Ha to usko Ulta Ulta bologe to ghurega hi. You competing with your own son?” Geet to stare him with annoyance.




“Sadu. Wait I click your pic and show to all.” Maan literally fight with his own son.




He quickly hide in his mother’s chest. “Hwww he turned his face.” Maan cribbed and she laughed on his defeat.




“Smart hai humara baby. Just like his father.” She trying every possible way to connect him with his son. Maan felt proud and smiles.




Dadima knocked and came inside with their family doctor. “Geet beta she came to check you and baby.” She introduced her to their doctor.




“Dadima it’s his feed time.” Geet told her.




“Then no issue you feed him first. I am glad you choose to feed. Because these moments are necessary for baby and mother. When a mother feeds both baby and mother connected emotionally and affectionately.” Doctor told and Maan got the importance. When he done she checked both one by one.




“Mrs. Khurana no need to worry. both are fine.” She said and left.




Arpita came with milk for Geet. “Is he sleeping” she asked.




“Yes mumma.”



“Exactly like Maan.” She told her. “When he was of his age he to slept like this.”



“Mumma but Maan calling him sadu” she revealed and all eyes points on him. Maan stare Geet and cursed under breath.




“Don’t worry beta. Ab beta to baap pe hi jayega na. Like father like son.” Dadima said and all laughed. Poor soul squirming badly.





In mid night he start crying. Broke Maan’s sleep. “Geet look at him. He is crying.” He called her but she didn’t answer and jerked his hand off.




His cries turned louder and Maan got confused as no one is there to help. All are sleeping and Geet not ready to get up. Reluctantly he moved to him. His hands shivering badly. Don’t know how to held him up.




“Damn you are so small. How can I. What if I hurt you? Your mom get angry on me.” Maan was worried but his cries pained him. So finally he courage and took him up in his arms.




“It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t cry.” Maan cocoons him near his heart and held his protectively. “Hey my boy don’t cry. Your dad is here to take care of you.” He stroke him softly. This is the first time he held him. Maan kisses him tenderly and trying to calm him. Soon he will. He got relief seeing his baby calm. He was moving towards their bed but found Geet near him and with a grin.




“So finally you two resolve the issue. Baap betee dosti ho hi gai.” She held his arm and kiss her baby.




“Okay so you do it deliberately?” Maan got it and she smiled. He to smiled and kiss on her forehead. He held both protectively.




“I love you Geet. Always shows me right path by any means.”




“I love you too.” She kissed him. “What to do. I have two babies. Handle to karna padega na.” She teased and both laughed but their son start crying. Maan handed him to Geet.




“He needs you.” This time he wasn’t upset. He was understanding that he needs his mom.




“He needs both of us.” She told him and he hugged her with their baby. Learning new things every day. Their life was not so easy and with baby it’s becoming more complicated but with her love he love to learn and discover himself with each passing day. That made her special for him and that’s why love to be with her.





Temptation starts their story but two different poles found love and much more with each other. Become each other’s strength…..

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