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DHADKAN updated Part 19-20


PART – 19


It was 5 am and he entered in his room and saw him sleeping. He Went near his head. His steps were silent. Not making any noise. Don’t wanna break his peaceful sleep. He sat on knees and caressed his head softly with his wrinkled hand. Staring him without a blink. He sat there gazing his sleeping baby like there is no tomorrow. This time Maan was in deep sleep but not Samarth. He talk to him in his sleep. Opening his heart to him, knowing he was not able to listen his words.


One hour passed and he stood up on his feet to leave the room. Like Maan visit Geet after her sleep, Samarth to follow the same routine. He wakes up early in morning just to spend time with his son. Geet using other room it becomes easier for him and Maan is lazy so no one noticed him. He kissed on his head and checked his son comforts before he left his room. Maan’s comforter always dropped by him. He came daily and covered him. Slowed down the AC and put pillows back on bed,which was dropped by his little baby. Maan rotates​ on whole bed while sleeping as results his comforter and pillows always fell down. But Samarth came and put everything on its place.


“Sleep my son. Till I am alive no one will ever be able to harm you. After so many prayers I got you back,now I can’t loose you.” His voice was firm and hint of fear and rage was there. He went out and called someone.

Did you get any clue?” He asked.


“Not now but we are working on this matter only.” Voice from the other side assured him.


“Pankaj I want results not words. My son was attacked again and you are only giving me consoling words.” He wanted to shout but controlled his anger as his kids were sleeping.


Samarth Adi is very close. Calm down.” He assured him again.


“How can I when my son’s life is in danger? Trust me Pankaj once I get the culprit I will kill the person with my own hands.” He walked towards his room.


“Calm down Samarth. This much anger is not good for you. Don’t worry nothing will happen to your boy. He is with you and no one snatched him from you.”


“Pankaj he escaped death second time. I can’t live like this. We need to kill our threat for forever so my son can live a fearless life.” He demanded roughly.


“Aisa hi hoga. Now stop talking. What if Geet or any one else listen. We will meet somewhere and talk.” He caution him.


“Hmm okay. I will see you in evening.” He fixed the meeting.


Samarth cut the call and went inside his room, without knowing someone is watching him.


Breakfast time and Maan went to see her. He knocked and went inside. Geet having a serve pain in her wound but she not showing it to any one.


“Dad is calling you.” Maan informed her.


“I am coming.” She stood by side table’s support.


“If you want I arrange your breakfast here in your room.” Maan scanned her condition and asked out of concern.


“Why?” Geet questioned him.


“Will you able to walk?” He asked again.


“Maan please stop acting. Here no one is noticing us. So please stop faking this concern.” Geet snapped.


His fists firmed but he cool down himself quickly​. “Look I am not faking any thing. I know you are in pain that’s why I asked.” He said in calm voice trying not to react angry in reply of her irrational behavior.


“It’s just a small wound. I beard more than this.” Her statement was released with a mournful sob.


Maan glance at her faded face. Though she controlled​ her tears but he could saw them. That moment all he could feel is pain and desperation. Pain of her wounded heart and desperation to fixed which was wrong.


Geet walked towards door slowly slowly. But she need support as her wounded foot got another wound on the same place. Before she loose balance Maan held her.


“You have strength I know but we all need support. That’s how society works. That’s how nature works. No one survive alone for long.”



His voice is neutral and eyes grim,but with a pinch of sympathy.


Geet struggle but failed as servant came to called​ both and before outsiders they had to act. Maan hold her and support her in walking.


“How are you feeling​ beta?” Samarth asked from Geet.


“I am fine Papa.” She assured seeing lines on his forehead.


“Well from now onwards you both are going to work from home. I arranged​ everything.” Samarth told them.


“But Papa?”


“Geet no arguments. Neither you are well nor…. Yash.” He glanced at both. “You both are more important for me.” He said with dominance and both agreed.


Few staff members arrived and all moved to study room. Geet and Maan both were busy with staff members and Samarth got a chance to escape. He straight went to his friend doctor Pankaj Mehra. Both discuss the matter.


“You did right Samarth. Keep both at home until we got some strong clue.” Pankaj appraised​ his wise.


“But how long? They are not toddlers to whom I cage at home. We need to find the solution at to fast.”


“Both are getting cranky and suspicious. You don’t know how many questions they asked for everything. Abhi ghar jaunga to unki enquiry shuru ho jayegi. Where I was and why?” He told his problem.


“Then my friend you are wrong. They’re still a toddlers.” Pankaj mocked.


“I wish they were. I will always kept them in my arms.” He said in a low voice while settled on chair next to him. “Anyways where his investigation reached?”


“No new updation from his side.”


“Keep me updated.” Samarth told and ready to leave.






PART – 20


“Adi good news for you. We get information about his whereabouts.” Officer in charge came and told him.


“Then we should get him before he runs away.” Adi got ready with his team.


They reached but it’s to late. They only got that man’s dead body. “He is dead.” Officer check and declared.


“Damn it. That culprit is one step ahead. Which means real culprit keep eyes on our activities.” Adi got and which make him more frustrated and angry. Every time he reached to destination and then lost. Have no direction to move. He kicked on the door and saw a secret loop. Adi went near and opened it. In which he found some CD. He grabbed it.


“I think culprit was also behind this. We should watch this.” Officer told and they collect necessary proofs before sending body for post mortem.


In India:


“Come-on kids, get ready. Today we are going for outing.” Samarth announced for a day out.


“But dad suddenly.” Maan enquires.


“Yes because you two become so dull and lazy. I am getting bored so I planned this. Now come o  get ready fast.” He commands and both follow his instructions.


Both come out and all 3 moved towards their farm house. Geet saw the place and so many memories fresh n up in her mind. She step out and walked mesmerised. Each and every thing of this place reminds her of him. She walked inside near pool area.




“Geet look what is there?” Yash points towards one direction.


Geet stirred and next moment she was drowning in pool. “Uncle help me. I don’t know how to swim.” She was waving her hands and legs.


Yash panic and jumped inside to help her. “Don’t scare Geet. I am coming.” He assured and bring her out of the pool. Her breaths were halted and body limp.


Samarth came there. “What happened?” He asked worriedly taking little Geet in his arms.


“I  sorry Dad. It’s my fault. I threw her in pool. but if I knew she doesn’t know swimming I never played this prank on her.” He genuinely apologies.


Samarth stare him angrily. “Beta you okay.” He wrapped her in towel and she nodded. “Say sorry to her.”


Yash held his ears and apologies again.” This moment bring smiles on their faces.


“Uncle I won the bet see how much scared he is.” She laughed along with Samarth.


“So it was your plan to fooled me. Rukk Geet ki bachhi. I will tell you now.” Geet hides in Samarth’s arms and giggled seeing him angry. He made grumpy face and both laughed more.




Geet smiles widened remembering this. Samarth and Maan watched her carefully. After a long they saw her smiling.


“Geet come here.” Samarth called her and broke her trance.


“Papa after how many years we visit here.” Geet said scanning the area.


“Last we visit before you both left for your studies.” He reminds.




“And we play football. Do you remember?” Samarth asked from her and she nods. “To ho jaye ek or match?” He asked from her.


Geet alerts. She knew Yash was expert in playing football but Maan? Would he able to play like him. She have no idea.


“No papa no way. You are not well.” She tried to avoid this match.


“Don’t hide behind my health you lazybones. I have decided we gonna play. Kyu Yash? Like an old days. You both in same team v/s me.” He challenged both.


Geet thought and suggest. “Papa today you team up with Yash. I play from opposite side.” She doesn’t want him to know about him being not Yash.


“No need of that. I will beat you both and in few minutes.” Maan challenge both.


“Fine then let’s go and play.” Samarth leads both.


“What the hell are you doing? When I signal you to team up with Papa then why you denied?” Geet burst on him.


“No need to get hyper. I will handle.” He said confidently.


“Really? How? I accept that you have a sharp memory but it’s not a business meeting. It’s a football and my Yash was champion.” She told proudly about him which irked Maan.


“Concentrate on your game.” He taunts and walk away. “Every time Yash chants. She don’t know anything else. Huhh… Now I’ll show what Maan can do.” He was frustrated. Reason was unknown to him but now he get irked easily on his compare with Yash.


All 3 changed and came in ground. Match starts and so her tension what if he fail d before her but soon she proved wrong. When he start hitting goal one after another and she just left to stare.


“Geet beta what are you doing?” Samarth asked her to concentrate as these two badly defeating from him. Geet was shocked and now her anger to rose but no use. Maan’s moves was perfect. Might more than Yash.



Maan teased her. He don’t allow them to reach near ball.


“Okay I will accept my defeat.” Samarth was completely tired. His breathing halted and he sat on ground. Both rushed to him. “Dad you okay?” He quickly gave him water.


“It’s okay I am fine. Now you both play.” He said in a gasping voice.


“Dad you have grown old.” Maan teased him and got sharp glare.


“Buddha hoga tera baap.” He snap.


“Exactly. I said the same.” He teased him again and Samarth stood up quickly to show his energy. He ran every where behind Maan.


“I grew old. Now I show you.” He was tired but got a new energy. An enthusiasm to live. He pounced on him and both rot in mud like small kids. Geet saw them and felt happy for him.


“Papa is so happy with him. It’s like he gave him new reasons to live.” She smiled seeing their mischiefs. But the very next moment her heart skipped many beats, thinking about the consequences of their closeness. Samarth was getting so much attached to him. “No I won’t let this happen. Papa ko Maan se alag karna hi hoga or else he wouldn’t able to bear the moment of separation.” Geet’s mind start thinking and she made a new plan.


“Papa stop it. You will get ill.” She tried to separate him from Maan.


Both stopped and stood up. “Now you both see how strong I am?” He asked and Geet get more worried.


“Papa go and change first.” She turned the topic.


“She came and save you from defeat.” Maan again teased him. Both were in jolly mood.


“Okay wait. I will show you.” He said and next moment he took him in his arms.


“Dad what are you doing? I will fell down.”Maan pleads.


“Now you convince? You father still have a strength to carry you.” He asked and Maan bow down  before him.


“Okay okay I accept. My daddy strongest.” He said and Samarth left him.


“Papa go.” She again interrupt their moment.


Samarth left and Maan went near her. “Why you are angry? Just because I can play much better than your so called champion?” He sound more sarcastic.


Geet stare him furiously. “Don’t try to act smart. Why you don’t tell me that you know how to play?” She fumed.


“You never asked. Just jumped on conclusion that a person like me is good for nothing. Miss Geet Handa never judge person without knowing.” He threw football at her smeared in mud and knuckles her nose. “I am a state level champion. Unfortunately my god father died and I had to left my school.” He told her.

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