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Maan ran away with Geet from Raheja mansion. He fooled his guards and used his car for running. After driving away he asked for a place where he could drop her.




“Tell me where is your house where I can drop you?” He asked looking at her dull face.




Geet was silent. She had no answers for his questions. “Geet are you listening?” He asked again seeing her lost.




“I have no place to go. You shouldn’t have picked me up.” She said in most dull voice.




He applied the break and stopped the car. “What? Don’t tell me in this whole world there is no place where you can go.” Maan felt strange. He stared her face in hope of reply but didn’t get any. “Damn…” He hit the staring wheel in frustration. “So now where should I take you?” He was angry and frustrated both. “So tell me what should we do now?” He poured out his annoyance.




“First we ll have to leave this car. Because all his cars have GPS systems. We can be tracked any time.” She revealed and raised his anger.




“What? And you are telling me this now. Superb.” He wanted to hit some one hard this time. He clenched his eyes and started thinking. He checked map in his mobile. “Brilliant.” He smiled and almost jumped in joy.




“Come out. We are leaving this car.” He instructed her.




“But how? I am in his shirt only.” She reminded and he averted his gaze, trying not to notice how desirable she was looking even in such state. Maan grabed his  bag and gave his long shorts to her. She wore it and both left the car. He held her hand and started walking in opposite directions.




“Are we going back?” She doubted as they walked into the same direction from where they  came.




“If you trust me then relax. I won’t let him reach you. In fact no one will be able to trace us.” They started walking for half an hour. Both were tired but Maan didn’t take anyone’s help as he doesn’t want to get noticed by anyone. Soon he took a deserted road. She was scared more. Geet wasn’t left with  any choice but to follow him. He took her into a deep forest. Dark night and above all the scary surroundings took her breath away. She held his forearm firmly, getting strength from him only.




“Don’t panic. It’s a calm place. Only looking​ scary.” He sensed her fear through her shivering and cold hands.




Don’t know how deep they went inside but it was worth it when they reached to a lonely house. She scanned the place. Even in a deep jungle it was all clean and seems safe to her.



“Maan who’s cottage is this?” She asked finally​.



“It’s mine.” He told her and went inside. Their was only one keeper and his wife who took care of this.




“Maan baba aap aa gaye? Kitne bade ho gaye hai.” He felt delighted seeing him after ages. “Apka msg aaya tha ki aap aaoge to maine sari tayari kar di thi. Par aap to kal aane wale the na?” He keep talking non stop.




“Kaka kaka calm down. I will explain. First you show our rooms. We need to sleep.” He asked for rooms.




“Aaiye baba. Welcome mam.” He greets her and showed them rooms.




“Go and do rest for a while.” Maan told her but Geet does not look so comfortable. Something was bothering her.




Maan scanned​ her face expression. “What happened?” He asked and she nodded no seeing the keeper along with him.




“Kaka you go and rest.” Maan understood her turmoil and send him away. He escorted her into room.




“Now tell me what bothering you?” He asked strongly.




Geet was scared to asked. “Is this cottage on the same land which was on your name?” She feared but asked finally as she knew what might happen if Raheja will find them.




“No…” Maan replied casually first but then her words rang in his mind. His look turn stern and face muscles tighten. “Wait a minute. How do you know I have land on my name here in India?” He got suspicious now.




Shiver ran through her spine. Now she was scared of her safety again. Heart beat races​. Maan eyed her and walked slowly​ towards her. “Geet I asked something. How come you know about my land?” Seeing no reply he grasped her and gave a strong jerk to her.








“Kuchh puchh raha hu tumse?” His voice was a threat for her.




“Mr. Raheja wanted that land from your dad. But he denied every time he asked. Mr. Raheja knows this land was on your name. So when you planned​ to come here in India. Mr.Raheja saw this an golden opportunity. He knows how you are. A womaniser. He offered your dad that he will take care of you in India. Being a friend of him your dad got agreed​ and send you here….” Her voice choked and Maan pressed her more. Squeezed her inwards. Giving her immense pain.




“Aage bolo.” He demanded.




Geet saw rage in his eyes which she never experienced before. His dark chocolate brown were so intense that they spell bounded her with it’s depth. But the same eyes were today scaring her to death. She saw her end in them. “He commanded me to…” She stopped saying further but he held her more harshly. His fingers left red marks on her delicate skin.



“What he commanded you?” He jerked her again.




“He commanded me to use your lustful nature against you.” She said in a go.




“Oh so he planted you to seduce me. So I can dance in your tunes.” He completed what she wasn’t able to. Her lashes lowers before him. “And now my land is transferred on your owner’s name. Are you his wife in real? Because I doubt now. Whatever he was doing with you, you deserved every bit of that.” Maan’s voice edged​ with anger. She raised her head and her fear-filled gaze met his angry eyes.


Despair and loss welled up inside her and she suddenly couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Silent tears rolled from her eyes and all she could think about was the last four years of struggle and hardship. For nothing. All for nothing. “Yes you are right. I deserve this pain.” She sucked in a deep breath, trying to squelch her pain, but she couldn’t. Tears rolled very quickly,more than she wiped off.




Maan was very angry that he hit the wall behind her and told her about his hatred towards her. He was more angry on himself for letting​ someone fool him so easily. Maan left in anger.





Geet fell on her knees and cried out loud. Once again she was alone. Alone for forever.




Maan was fuming in his room. Now it’s his responsibility to get that land back at any cost. But how. Both are in pain for different reasons.




Night was dark and in complete silence was occupied the place that a little noise could be heard clearly. It’s 4 am when he heard the sound of someone walking on dried leaves. He got up quickly and ran outside to catch the intruder. He was more than active than the person. She was walking dead when he held her. “Now where are you going? Let me guess. Last night what I saw was all another plan of you and your husband to trap me. Now you are leaving to call him here to get this place too. Right?” His thoughts were controlled by his anger this time. All he could see is her betrayal. Now it’s hard for him to trust on her. She seems fake to him.




Geet saw the hatred for her in his eyes. “Yes you are right. It was all a trap for you. So it’s better for you to kill me before I get him here.” She said in most hurtful voice,which enraged him more.



Maan held her from hairs. “Don’t try to act smart with me. Already you fooled me. Now what more you want?” He was angry.






“Right now I am on your mercy and you are free to do anything.” She replied in a flat dead voice. Maan glared her and shoved her away.





“Just get out and never show up again.” He commanded and went inside again.












In rage he too left her to die alone. She was all alone in the whole world. No place to go. No clothes to wear. Hungry and clueless. She was in deep  forest having no idea where to move.




While in  morning one of Raheja’s servant entered in his room and found him shackled and beaten. He released him and Raheja slapped him hard.




“What the hell were you all are doing? Where is Geet?” He roared on him.




“We don’t know sir.” He replied and went out. Raheja quickly​ dressed up and took his guards on remand.




“I want both back at any cost.” He roared and his guards ran to chase them.




As Geet told his cars have GPS system,they tracked it down in few minutes and soon reached to the place where they left the car.




“Sir we found your car in mid of the road. But their is no clue of any of them.” His guards informed him.




“You jerk,were you thinking that they ll wait for you? Duffer go and search them.  Don’t leave a single place.” He gritted his teeth in anger.




“Yes sir.” He said and cut the call.





Raheja called the police and due to his status and power, officer was ready to do anything for him. One side his guards and other side police,both were searching for two souls.




It was 12 pm. Geet couldn’t​ find the route to road. She was roaming in the same place again and again. It was a maze for her. She was shattered because of hot temperature.





Maan was still in anger. So to divert his mind he went to a small river flowing through this forest.




Geet saw water and ran towards it but her foot tripped and she fell in it.




She screamed for help. Struggled to come out but didn’t knew how as she doesn’t knew how to swim.





Maan heard her voice and jump in to river to save her.




He swimed towards her.but She was already drowned.











Maan swimed inside and dragged her out safely.







She was still in  shock and waving her hands and legs but he jerks her.





Both stare each other. His glare was enough to make her calm.








She stopped struggling and he walked out with her.





Reached to the bank of river and dropped her down on the land.






He didn’t even bothered to look back and walked away.









Geet thought he again left her. But this time she was wrong. He came back to her. Giving water bottle and wrapped food to her. He didn’t said anything and start walking. Geet stood up and stopped him.




“Thank you once again. You saved my life second time.” She expressed her gratitude towards him.




Maan slanted back to glance at her. “Because I am not like you and your husband.” He was fuming in anger.




“You hate me so much then why did you saved my life?” She asked looking at him with hopeful eyes.



“Eat something and change your clothes. Then I will drop you out of this forest.” He commands her.




“If you wanna kill me then why did you saved me right now. Let me die.” She demands answer.




“Because I don’t want more complications in my life. If you wanna commit suicide then do it any where else not here before me.” Maan snapped. She raised her head and met his angry glare.




“If I wanted to commit suicide I would have done it four year back.” Despair and loss welled up inside her and she suddenly couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Silent tears rolled from her eyes and all she could think about was the last four years of struggle and hardship.





The ice around Maan’s heart cracked just a little as he watched the totally dependent, forlorn woman in front of him break down in tears, her hopeless sobs twisting in his gut.




“Wait. You wanted to commit suicide 4 years back?” Her words caught  his mind. “But why?” He turned curious to know. But Geet didn’t tell him.




“What’s the use of telling you? You will take it as my another story to trap you.” She started crying and Unable to stop himself, Maan went to her and gathered her body against his own, lifting her into his arms with careful tugs until she came to her feet and put her arms around his neck, turning her face against his chest. He could feel her body quivering, her smaller form plastered against his own, keening her misery against his shoulder.



“Shhh… Geet. It will all be okay. I’ll take care of you.” he ran a hand down her silky hair, knowing that he meant every word. It wasn’t just something he was saying to quiet her, take away her pain. He wanted to take care of this woman who had seen more than her share of bad luck and hardship, bearing it with admirable strength. She was special, and her tears nearly undid him.He took a deep breath and tightened his arms around her waist, splaying one hand along her slender back, moving the hand in soothing circles to calm her. She felt so good, so right in his arms.






He is younger to her still she felt safe with him. Maan took her  back to his cottage. Her foot was injured and she scratched herself with thorny bushes.




Maan made her sit and brought first aid box. He cleaned her wounds first. “When you don’t know how to survive in forest then why put yourself in danger?” He scolded her.




“You told me to leave and never show up again.” She reminded him.




“I was angry. Because you cheated on me. You never understood what that land meant to us. That piece of land was my grandfather’s​ first buying. My elders emotions were intact with that land.” He tilted his head up to glance in her eyes. She felt guilty.




“I know sorry isn’t enough for my sin. But….” She stopped and didn’t complete her words.




“You said you wanted to suicide 4 years back. Can I ask why?” He pressed her wrong nerve. Tears rolled out again which she trying to wipe off quickly.




“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.” Maan saw her state and decided not to force her.




“How would you get back your land?” She asked.




“No need of it. Because very soon your husband will get another shock.” He smirked.






“Matlab…?” She asked as she doesn’t get why he was so cool.




“Just wait. I wish I could see his face the moment he ll get his surprise.” Maan waiting for his revenge.

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PART  –  11




SAMARTH’S​ face was faded. Lost all  his charm in a few minutes. He raised her like his own daughter and now she was struggling for life. Maan stood silent next to him. It wasn’t first time he witnessed blood sight but something was bothering him this time.




“Dad please don’t panic. She will be fine.” He made him sit and tried to calm him.




Samarth held his hand. Maan felt them cold like ice. He realized how much worried this old man was for her which made him feel of guilty. Because somewhere it was him who provoked her. “Yash she is not only my daughter in law but the last symbol of my late friend Rudr Pratap Handa. If anything happens to her I will not forgive myself. Somewhere I failed to protect her.” He was blaming himself for her condition. She was only 13 when her parents died and because of relatives aloofness towards her Samarth legally took her responsibility.



Maan hold his hands. “Dad please calm down. It’s not your fault. She will be fine soon. Trust me.” He consoles him.




Meanwhile doctor came who was treating her. “How is my daughter?” His ask anxiously​ in a hoarse voice.




“Sorry but she is serious. She had fever and her stomach is almost empty. Above that this injury. She had  multiple stitches. Tell me Mr. Khurana didn’t she took her meals properly?” He revealed the facts which shocked Samarth completely.




He glance at Maan. “What is he saying son?” He was disappointed on his carelessness​ towards Geet.




Before Maan could complete Pankaj came there. “How is she doctor?” He asked formally.



“Doctor Mehra she is serious.” He informed.



“Doctor Nitin. You come with me.” He took him away and instruct him strongly not to give any shocking news to Samarth. “Listen Nitin. He is my friend and he is a heart patient so next time be very careful with your words. Don’t gave stress to him. Rest we will handle. Show me her reports. I will discuss her case with Doctor Batra. From now onwards he will personally take care of her.” Samarth was the founder of this hospital. All were working under him so he quickly appoint senior most doctor for Geet and went to console his friend.




“Pankaj what was he saying…” He was anxious.




“their is nothing to worry. Actually he is an intern and I handed over this case to doctor Batra. From now onwards he will treat her personally. So no worries she will be alright very soon. Don’t take stress. Yash take care of your dad.” He instructed to Maan who was stood by his side.




Samarth was not happy with Maan. He sense something weird because Maan was very calm even after seeing Geet’s critical condition whereas Yash couldn’t stand a little injury of his love. He bear everything but not Geet getting hurt in anyway then what has changed between them? This question was disturbing him a lot.




Adi took Maan in a corner. He was so furious on him. “Look Mr. I know it all happened because of you. I am sure you did something which leads to this. So start praying for her. Trust me Maan if anything happens to her I will not spare you. You ll pay very heavily for this. I lost my one best friend already. Not ready for another one.” His voice was low but dangerous. His eyes only carrying rage for him.




Maan too only stare him back and his fists firmed. “And yes don’t think I will stay quite because of Uncle. So pray.” He pressed his shoulder very hard.




“Adi come with me.” Pankaj listen their conversation and took his son away.




Both went to his cabin where he was all set to scold his boy. “What the hell are you doing? You threaten him why?” He yelled on him.




“Because he made her life hell. He was constantly blackmailing​ her on name of uncle. Trust me dad if anything happens to her I will not forgive him.” He retorted back.




“Shut up and listen to me very carefully. First stop threatening him and secondly​ stay out of their matters.” He cautioned​ him



“Really you think I will. By the way dad why are you so concerned about him? If he is this much dear to you then adopt him permanently​.” Adi annoyed hearing his father’s words and he to show it.




“Shut up and learn to obey your father.” He commands.




“I told you already. After Yash I can’t loose her. If you want to save your friends life then do whatever you can to save Geet’s life. Sare staff ko lagao ya bahar se doctor bulao I don’t care. I want her alright or else don’t blame me for the consequences.” He stare in his father’s eyes and alerts him.




Geet was not responding to the treatment. Seems like her will to live was died. This started effecting Samarth as well. His BP raised and health started deterioting. Pankaj acts fast and gave him treatment. But was not able to take his worries. He was not able to understand what’s going on with his kids. He kept praying for her well being and  Almighty listen too. He answered his prayers and she showed some moments.




“Good news for you Mr. Khurana. Your daughter is now out of danger.” Doctor Batra declared after examining her.




All took a relief breath. After few hours she got back her conscious and scan all around. Her head is aching badly. She touched her forehead and found bandages.




Adi went to her. “Aaram se Geet. Your stitches are new.” He didnot allowed her to move. Geet had serve pain in her body. Her left arm was broken and had many small injuries here​ and there.




“Where is Papa?” She enquired about him first.



“Wo Geet…” Adi hesitated to tell her the truth.




“Adi tell me where is he?” She screams.




“Actually he is resting in another room. Dad gave him an injection so he could sleep for a while. Seeing you like this took a toll on him and his condition was effected.” Adi revealed and she turned silent. Her forehead squeezed. “Hey don’t worry. He is fine. No need to worry.” He assured seeing her stressed.




Nurse came and send Adi outside. “Please let her rest.” She instructed​ and he left.




Maan was sitting outside getting bored. “Sala ek bed mere ko b mangta hai. Khud dono aram kar rahe hai or mujhe duty pe khada kar diya hai.” He blabbering in his mouth.




“Then go and rest.” Maan heard a voice and gets alert. Adi was standing behind him and heard everything he mummered. Maan swirled and found him standing there. “Who told you to stay here. Just go and take rest or whatever you want to do.” Adi said to him but he was confused whether he was serious or it was a taunt.




“Nahi main to waise hi…” Maan tried to cover up.




“Na na don’t even try. You should know I am a criminal lawyer and very easily scan the thoughts of criminals.” He stare like peeing in his soul. “Listen Maan don’t give so much importance to yourself. Yes we need you but that doesn’t means we can’t even breath without​ you. So just leave. Hum sab hai yaha Uncle or Geet k liye. Unke apne. We don’t need strangers.” Rift between two is only increases.




“Ho to sambhalo apni museebato ko. Mujhe kya.” He thought and left the hospital. Maan straight reached to meet the kids of orphanage and he actually got surprised seeing the condition of kids and orphanage.




“Bhaiya aa gaye.” One kid saw him and alerts all. All rushed to him.




“Wow tum sabne to bahut achhe kapde pehne hai.” Maan felt happy seeing them happy.




“Ye sab apne hi to bhijwaya tha. Aap bhul gaye.” One kid told him.




“Maine?” He was surprised knowing the fact.




“Ha wo Geet Didi or Adi bhaiya ne to yahi kaha ki ye sab apne diya hai humare liye. Ye sab toys, books or dher sare kapde.” All kids revealed together.





“Par bhaiya aap kyu nahi aate? Aap kaha chale gaye the. Hum sab aapko kitna yaad karte the.”




Maan hugged them all. “Bas kuchh kaam aa gaya hai.” Maan was still not able to believe that they not only fulfilled their promises but also gave whole credit to him only. In charge also thanked him. Because of him building was repairing.




Thanks my child. You are doing so much for these kids.” She showed gratitude.




“Nahi uska koi zarurat nahi. Kyunki main b to inhi me se ek hu. Anyways ab mujhe jana hoga.” He met with all kids before leaving. Maan was so happy seeing all the arrangements for the kids.

[5/1, 9:21 PM] RK: PART – 12




SAMARTH gained his conscious back and went to see Geet. She was lying like a dead body. No grace was left on her beautiful face. Those eyes which were always filled with mischief were dead now. He caressed her head softly which gave her a sense of being still alive. She felt a fatherly touch and slanted her neck to glance at him. He sat near her. His eyes were wet. Pain was there.



“Papa I am fine. Please don’t cry.” She assured him while wiping off his tears.



“No you are not. Geet I raised you like my own daughter and can tell that something is bothering you. Please beta tell me the reason. You are not the same Geet whom I raised.” His heart bleed seeing Geet living like a corpse.




“No Papa you are over thinking. Aisa kuchh b nahi hai.” She tried to convince him which was not easy this time.




“Really then why you always look soo gloomy and aloof? Why are you not sharing your problems with us? You had fever but you didn’t tell this to Yash. Jis Geet ko main janta hu wo to chhoti si chot lagne pe b itna hungama kiya karti thi. To ab aisa kya ho gaya hai that you have started hiding things? Where is my that Geet?” Samarth’s question was troubling her. She was neither able to reply nor skip from the situation.



“Papa that was my childishness. But every girl turn mature after marriage. That time I was only a daughter but now I have so many responsibilities.” She made excuses to convince his experience.



“Really beta? Ok if you say so. But for me you are still my daughter.” He softly patted her hand and ended the conversation. Don’t wanna give her stress but he wasn’t convinced at all. He knew something is missing but what?




“Neither she asked for Yash nor he came to meet her. What happened to him? Why he turned so careless towards us? We both are not well and he just left to take rest. No my Yash would not do this.” His mind not able to convince that his son left two ailing people who are so much dear to him. And that’s what he share with his friend Pankaj.




Doctor Pankaj heard him carefully. “Samarth I think you are over reacting.” He tried to manipulate.




“I am over thinking? Really? Then you explain me what’s​ going on which changed my son soo much.” He was annoyed on Maan and burst on his friend.




“Look Samarth I told you not to push Yash this time. He is struggling on his own. Ek saal coma me raha hai wo. He lost whole year of his life. So many memories he had lost now you think how can a person  tackle such situation. He is living in stress. Going through an emotional trauma. Please Samarth try and understand his situation. He loves you both like before but he is not happy. He is upset with his own thoughts which are troubling him.” Pankaj know Samarth has started doubting Maan so it’s very necessary he should brainwash him and that’s exactly what he did.




“At least humare pas rukk to sakta tha.” He said in a dead voice.




“Samarth he did not left you both  willingly. I forced him. He is not well so I send him back home with Adi.” Samarth turned silent as he had excuse for his every doubt.




Maan didn’t come back and Samarth was getting restless. “Pankaj can I take her home?” He wants to go back home but not ready to leave her in hospital.




“Let me discuss with doctor Batra. If he allows then yes you can take her back home.”





“Pankaj do all the arrangements at home. We are not going to stay here anymore.” He was adamant to ho back home.




“Okay if you insist.” He agreed and commanded for her discharge. Samarth took Geet back to KM in evening. Two nurses were appointed for her. One stay in morning and another one in evening. When they reached KM Maan wasn’t there.




Samarth guide nurses and staff. They took Geet to her old room which gave her a bit of relief. As of now she don’t want to face Maan daily.




“Beta I thought till you don’t get well you will rest here. I hope you are okay with it.” He asked to know her opinion about living in a separate room.




“Thank you so much Papa.” She  expressed her gratitude.




He checked that she had everything of her need. Instructed the nurse and other staff. He scolded and alert them to take care of her every need. Then he left.




Samarth descended down the stairs and saw Maan coming. “Where were you Yash?” He enquired staring him.




Maan saw his eyes and turned nervous. “Dad I went to hospital but you guys already left. Dad how are you?” He asked looking at his full face.




“No need to worry son. I was in hospital. All doctors were there for me and Geet.” He said wryly. Maan didn’t said word. Might understand his tone. “Go and rest in  your room. Till she won’t get alright,she will stay in her old room. In this way you both will get relief.” He commanded and Maan went away without arguing.




He entered in Yash’s room and falls on the bed. “Thank God at least for few days I won’t have to face her.” He to had the same reaction of Geet.




Samarth sensed the rift between them and got tensed.




Geet had her meal in her room so Samarth got a chance to discuss matter with Maan on dinner table. “Yash can we talk?” He asked and Maan glance in his eyes filled with queries.



“Of course dad. You don’t need my permission.”




“I don’t think so. If I look back I find so much things have changed. You are my son but still intruding your privacy is not right. But being an elder to both of you I feel concerned.” He made atmosphere before come to the point.



“Dad what happened? What’s bothering you?” Maan was getting his signals but pretend to be naïve.




“I don’t know if  it’s just a miscommunication or what. But I find you both are not in good terms. What happened son? What had changed between you two? And don’t even think of lying as I could see. I saw how you two are behaving weird with each other. Why so? Don’t you love her like before. There was a day when you both were ready to die for each other. So what happened now?” His voice wobble while talking.




His spoon struck in mid way to his mouth. Not getting any idea to avoid these questions. “Dad aisa kuchh bhi nahi hai.”




“She too said the same. Then why I don’t find ​ anything alright?” He stare in his eyes, scanning his thoughts.




Maan took a deep breath and slowly blew it back out, trying to get his body to relax and telling himself that he had to tackle him. “Dad you are over thinking. Trust me we don’t have any differences​.” Maan had to bite back a groan of frustration as he thought to ran away from them but can’t​.




“Okay I believe you for now.” Samarth end the topic and left for his room. Maan sighed and moved towards the room. In a way he accidentally peeps into Geet’s room. Her left arm had a support and bandages on forehead. Nurse was supporting​ her. She wasn’t able to walk on her own.




“Huhh…. Or karo stunt.” He said and walked away.

[5/11, 1:07 AM] RK: PART  –  13




SUN Dawn and all awake except Maan. He is not use to of early morning wake up. Geet’s nurses shift changes and other two nurses took charge. They help her and took her for breakfast. Samarth joined her but Maan not wake up yet.




Samarth send one servant to call him. He jerked off him and slept again. “Damn no I to get up because Yash use to get up early. Kaha fas gaya main.” He realized that he can’t avoid breakfast with them. Maan was frustrated but he got up and fresh n up. When he joined, Geet made a way away. She doesn’t want to see his face even after their last argument. But Samarth waits for his son and sat with him till he finished.




Geet was reading a magazine when she received a call from office. “Hello mam how are you?” Her secretary called her.




“I am fine. What’s the updation Riya?” She asked about the work as of now she had to work from home for few weeks.



“Mam Mr. Mehra was insisting for a meeting. I told them that we can’t but he giving​ me threat of canceling our deal.” She told her the problem.




Geet got tensed and she contacts Adi. Briefing him the problem. Adi thought for a while and suggest.




“Geet I have an idea,but your support is needed.” He told his plan to him.




“Adi… Have you gone mad?” She bursts on him.




“Geet I trained him. Trust me with your help he can. Please I won’t say to conversate with him. Just brief the presentation in his ear and he gave to client. Please Geet.” He tried to made her understand the need of situation and reluctantly​ she had to agree for Khurana Company.




Adi came to pickup Maan. He instruct him. “Look it’s an ear plug through which you can hear Geet’s words and you only speak what she speaking over this. And keep your phone on so she can hear what’s going in meeting room. It’s very easy so no need to worry.” Adi instructed him.




“But why me? Why you give this presentation?” Maan felt nervous. He never thought of doing all this.



“No need to be scared. Just hear her carefully.” He told him and plant plug before sending him into a conference Hall.




Maan entered and client welcome him. All happy to see Yash back. His presence is enough to gave confidence back.




Maan greets them. Maan start giving presentation,while Geet briefing him over phone. Initially he was nervous but later on he got relax and handled​ them confidently with Geet’s help.



All are happy with the presentation. Mr. Mehra shake hand and sealed the deal. He impressed them. Adi was sat silent and smiles. Maan almost dance in joy. “See how I impressed your clients.” He said proudly​.




Adi stood up and glanced​ in his eyes. “It’s not you? It’s Geet who impressed them. She gave the presentation in your voice. So need to fly high my friend.” In a second he burst his bubble.




“Ya of course. How can I forget. Your best friend is best.” Adi senses the sarcasm but didn’t react. He cut the call first so Geet would not hear their conversation.




“Yes she is. Tell me if she doesn’t brief over phone what will you going to say to them?” He showed him the mirror which muted him instantly. “Stay in your limits. No need to analyze my relationship with her.” He caution him again.




Geet was in relief because her efforts work. Deal signed. But she felt guilty for forging all. Geet picked up Yash’s photo frame and hugged near heart. “I am sorry Yash. Because of my lie you don’t get proper funeral and now he is getting praise which was yours only.” Her eyes filled with tears.




Adi left office after meeting and straight went to a place where he seeking for some help.




Mr. Aakash Sabbarwal. His mentor. Adi rang a bell and cute chubby girl opened​ the door. “Dad look who is coming to see you.” She shout and their was a pinch of excitement in her voice.




Adi remove his shades and glance at her. “Lot of change. For a second I don’t even recognize you.” He compliment her.




“How would you. It’s been two years since you visit us.” Her eyes not leaving him for a second.



“Wo actually I was busy….” He giving lame excuses.




“I know I know what you want to say. Busy the,time nahi mila. After all Mr. Adi Mehra become one of best lawyer in the town. Now how he get time for any one.” She talked​ continuously and not let him complete.




Meanwhile one heavy built figure came there. “Who is there Pinky?” He asked while walking towards them. Pinky gave a side and he saw his disciple before him. “Adi. How are you?” He felt happy seeing him after long time.



“At least welcomed him inside.” He told his daughter.




Adi went inside with him. He touched his feet and got blessings from him. Both relaxed and Pinky went to prepare some snacks.




“Tell me what’s bothering you?” He scanned his tensed face and asked straight.




“Actually sir I came to discuss one case with you. I need your advice as my all hopes are dying.” He sound so low and weak.




“Adi what I taught you? Jab tak saans hai tab tak aas hai”




“And what if breath stopped.” His eyes burned because of the tears he never allowed to come out.




Mr. Sabbarwal held his shoulder. “Tell me what you want to discuss.”




“Their is an accident case which happened one year ago. That time I got some clues which proves that it wasn’t an accident but a planned murder. But after that I got nothing. I don’t know how I proceed and from where?” He share his dilemma with him.




“Adi one year is a long time. You to know road accident me proof milna wo b ek saal baad it’s next to impossible.” His forehead squeeze.




“I know that’s why I visit you.” His voice is deep and eyes only looking at his mentor in hope of some help.




Mr. Sabbarwal was silent. Meanwhile Pinky came with snacks and tea. “What happened Mr. Prefect? Why this dull face?” She trying to cheer him up.




“Pinky can you give me file number 265?” He asked for some file and she nodded.




Pinky gave him file and he reads the details. “Adi study this case. It looks similar to your case. And yes if possible visit the spot again. May you get something.”  He handover the file to him.




Adi read and kept it. “Thank you so much sir.” He showed gratitude and stood up to leave.




“O hello ye chai Kon peeyega?” Pinky asked with dominance.




“Next time. Surely.” He said with a smile.




“And when that time going to come? 4 or 5 years?” She taunts.




“Very soon.” He said and left in rush.




“Pinky there is no scope for you.” She felt sad again.




After meeting Maan spend time in Yash’s cabin. Want to avoid Geet and Samarth at home. In evening he reached to KM and saw Geet alone at the edge of stairs. She was waiting for her nurse to come. She told her to wait till she come back.




Geet get fed up standing there so thought to walk at her own as her nurse took so much time to show up again. Gradually she start stooping down with the support of grill. But she her feet was injured and as a result she lost balance again but this time she not fell down like last time.




Maan rushed to hold her on time.







She opened her eyes which she clenched hard out of fear,and saw Maan who was panic more than her.




Geet felt disgust on his touch but before she shout or shoved him off Samarth’s voice alerts them. He to came up. “Beta you alright?” His heart thumping badly.




“Its okay Dad. She is fine.” Maan assured him.




“Where is her nurse?” She shouted and she showed up quickly. He scolded her for her negligence and she only made excuses to save herself.




“Yash took Geet in her room now I don’t trust anyone.” He commands him. Though she denied but Samarth don’t listen and adamant on his decision. Maan lifts her up in his arms and walked away.






Geet hate every second in his arms but don’t had choice. He entered in her room.




“Put me down.” She commands him strongly. Maan stare her and wants to drop her on her bed but she was not able to took his touch any more. “I said put me down.” She yelled on him and he put her down on floor. Geet start walking towards her bed but her foot tripped and Maan raised hand of support but Geet neither look at him nor hold his hand and manage at her own. No matter how much painful it was for her​ but taking his help not acceptable for her.




“Leave….” She commands and he to went out in anger.

[5/23, 7:54 PM] RK: PART – 14




“What she think of herself? Bloody jerk.” He threw his tie and jacked in anger. Fuming furiously​. “Both are hypocrites and taunts me always.” Maan lash out his anger on immovable things.



Geet was crying in her room. He held her was not less than a torture for her. She couldn’t bear but can’t do anything. Same time her phone buzzed. Adi was on the line. She wiped off her tears and answer his call.




“Hello Adi.”




“What happened Geet? Are you crying?” He sense through her tone.




“No I am not. You tell me what’s up? Calling​ this time.” She distracted​ him.




“Are you sure Geet?” He asked again.



“Yes… You tell me what’s the matter.”




Though he not convinced but don’t want to forced her for anything. Okay​ as you say. I called to inform ​you that I am going abroad for some urgent work. Don’t know how much time it will take. So I just want to say please Geet never felt alone and be strong in my absence. I know it’s a most tough face of your life but I believe in you Geet so never give up. He is irritating but you have to handle him. Make sure his truth not come out no matter how much effort it take.” Adi know how she was feeling in his presence so before leaving he want to make sure she will not do any blender.




Geet was silent. Not replying to his words. Only hearing silently​. She was numb as of now she has to handle him alone. Bear everything without anyone’s help.




“Geet you there? Are you listening what I said?” Adi tried to grab her attention.




“Yeah….” Finally she replied while wiping off her tears. “How much time you will take?” She wants to know when her only support would come back to her.




“Geet I tried my level best to finish my work as soon as possible. Don’t feel lonely. Because you are not.” He boosted her.




“Take care Adi and come back soon.” She wished him in a meak voice and cut the call.





Samarth called Maan and talk with him. He send him to call Geet as well as he wants to talk with both. Maan went to see but she wasn’t in her room. “Where is she?” He asked from her nurse.




“Sir Mam is on terrace.” She informed.




“So what the hell are you doing here? We appoint you to look after her and be with her. She was on terrace and you resting here.” Maan scolded her.




“Sorry sir. But she wants to stay alone. Nurse explain.




“I don’t care what she told you. But dare you leave her alone next time. Mark my words if anything happens to her I will not spare any of you.” He was angry and poured out all on her. Maan rushed towards terrace in hurry.




Wind blowing and sending chill to her but she wants to be alone. Looking in one direction without a blink. Like a statue. No sense of anything.




Maan rushed to her. She didn’t react. Still staring in same direction. Maan thought to shake her and broke her trance but then he stretch back his hand. Remembering​ how she reacts when  he held her earlier. So he called out her name loudly. Geet heard his voice. Voice similar to Yash. Fortunately or unfortunately he had full similarities​ of Yash except the background. Yash born with a silver spoon and Maan don’t even know about his parents.




She turned to him. “What you want?” She asked the reason.




“I don’t want anything. Your father in law calling us together.” He informed her.




“Okay. You go. I will come soon.” She said in a flat dead voice.




“He send to take you with me. If I go alone he will be suspicious.” He caution her.




Geet walked little and tripped again as her foot wounds not healed yet. Maan saw and in turmoil what to do as she got angry again if he helps her. Finally she fells on floor and without second thought Maan reached to her and held up in his arms.



“Now before you start screaming let me clear you one thing. I do this just because you help my kids. So need to run your mind on other side.” He didn’t even allowed her to open her mouth and walked​ away.




He carried her in his arms and reached to Samarths room. He felt happy seeing his kids on good terms again.




“Papa you called me?” Geet asked while settling on couch where Maan placed her.




“Yes I called both of you. I want to inform you about an ritual which I forgot because of all the happenings in our life. After marriage a  couple must do this prayers but we all know what happened one after another and we don’t get time. But now I don’t want any delay do I called my priest and arrange everything. Pooja kal hi hogi so be on time.” He commands both and left them astonished. This prayers is for married couples. How come they sit together in it.




“But dad she is not well. We will postpone it for few days.” Maan saw her faded faces and realize her fear.




“Geet is my strong girl. Or use konsa koi kaam karna Hai. Sirf pooja me baithna hi hai. Yash this prayer is very important for your life and marriage. This ritual practices​ in our family from ages and there is no reason of denying. Now go and rest.” Samarth is not in a mood of listening​ any excuse. He was adamant on his words.




Once again she was in turmoil. Once again destiny dropped bomb on her. Once again she felt trapped. “Why shouldn’t​ I die instead of Yash. Why God you left me to die daily. I am widow. How can I take part in this prayers. This prayers meant for newly wedded couple. But I lost my mate. Now I have no right to sit in this prayers. What would I do now.” She was talking to herself. Darkness all around. No space of escape for her. Trapped between the devil and deep sea. No way seeing her.





She thought to call him but then remind his instructions. She can’t be weak. But she doesn’t want to betrayed Yash as well. Maan took his place for others not for her. “No I can’t do this. I should tell Papa about Yash. Now it’s high time he should know about his son’s death.” Geet determined and walked out of her room. Gradually she reached to Samarths’s room and found Doctor Mehra there. He was checking his blood pressure.




“Hello Uncle.” She greets him. “What happened?” She asked worriedly​.




“As usual his BP is high. Samarth you taking so much stress which is not good for you. I don’t understand what’s your problem? Now your kids are with you still you taking so much stress why?” He caution Geet about his health once again and her courage and determination left the moment she came to know about his health.




“But we gave him medicine on time and took care of his food as well.” Geet seeking for some hope.




“That’s​ all secondary Geet. Basically human need love and happiness. That’s it. So make sure you both not give him reason to stress himself.” He alerts her strongly .




“Oh you stop scaring my daughter. Geet no need to pay heed on his words. I am absolutely fine.” He saw her eyes and​ know she took tension of him so he tried to assure her that there is no need to worry.




Small drop of tear manage to escape from her left eye. Which she wiped of quickly​. “Look what you did. You scared her.” Samarth noticed and scold him.




She sat next to him. “We am fine Papa. And I promise I won’t let any harm reach you.” She stood up and walked outside.




“Geet beta you came this time? Anything you want to discuss?” Samarth stopped her and asked the reason of coming.




Geet smiles fake. “No Papa I just came to asked about timing.” She lied.




Samarth told her and she left to die in her own griefs. All she could wish is to die instead of bearing all this. Whole night she won’t be able to sleep. Rituals are not for name sake for her. Geet respect them alot. But her father figure’s life was on stake.




All arrangements were done. Maan sat before fire place and all waits for her only. “She would not come.” Maan thinks. But proven wrong when she arrives on time. Samarth had a huge smile on his face. She took blessings from him and sat next to Maan.







Both look at each other.






Knowing how discomfort they were in such situation. He occasionally got angry with her but he knew she would doing all this for her father in law.




“O God you know everything and understand my helplessness​. I don’t wanna make fun of these rituals but my father’s life is more important for me. Please forgive me.” She felt guilty for disrespecting her rituals but she had her own reasons. Someone’s life is more important than any ritual.




Priest start chanting mantra and they do what he said. “Now hold her hand and repeat after me.” He commands to Maan and he obyed. He held her soft hand in his and owed to be with her in every think and thin. With a heavy heart she do all what he said but main bombard was left for them when in last priest commands Maan to fill her maang. Her heart bleeds hearing this. Maan to saw the panic and pain on her face. She wants to cried louder and denied for it but same time she saw the happiness on Samarth’s face after ages. Many thoughts running in her mind. One side his happiness and doctor’s caution other side her dignity. To whom she would choose. Both glance at each other.







Priest commands again. “Yash what are you thinking?” Samarth to forced Maan to obey what he said. Maan clenched his eyes for a second. “How can I? She is someone else’s wife. How could I?” Maan was not equally​ felt but he understood her condition this time. Geet’s eyes were burning because of tears she hold in. But he doesn’t have any other options but to fill her maang. Maan took vermilion box and filled the mane between her hairs with vermilion. Geet clenched her eyes. Died thousands death at the same time.






“Pooja sampann hui. Ab aap dono khade hokar apne bado ka aashirwaad leejiye.” Priest declared but Geet still in her grief sat glued to her place. Need time to bear this sudden knock on her. Maan held her hand to bring her back to world. “Geet….” He signal and she stood up to take blessings from elders…..

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PART  –  5
Maan left the Raheja mansion. Geet was hoping he would not but all her hopes died with his retreating form.
She clenched her eyes. Accepting her fate. It was all physical. He never said or gave any promises then why this tears that were struggling to come out at any cost. When in this cruel world no one truly loved her. Whenever some one came to her it is always for her body. owe the beauty she have.
Raheja got some call and he was screaming on the person other side. Geet was far away so not able to hear his exact words ,but his loud voice and ways told her that he was angry. He cuts the call and came to her.
“Geet I have to go for another trip. Keep my luggage ready. I will go and fresh n up.” He commands her in most frustrated tone. But Geet took a relief breath.
He was all set to leave. “Love you. Be in limits.” He cautioned her before leaving. A threat in his voice made her trembled.
He lefts for a business tour and for  50 days. Maan to got busy in his passion forgetting everything else. He was all set to go back to his father. 
50 days passed but he never tried to contact her. But before leaving he found some documents were missing which he needs so to collect them he went back to Raheja mansion.
It’s 1 am when he reached to Raheja mansion. “It’s to late Maan. But no other option I have.” He thought before entering. “Hope not to see that old frustrated man.” He referred to Raheja.
Servant allowed him in as they knew him. “Welcome back sir.” He greets.
“I only came to collect my papers. Is my room open?” He asked.
“You wait sir. I will bring the keys.” Servant lefts and he went up stairs. While crossing Geet’s room he heard some noise. For once he thought to hear what’s going on but then he changed his mind. Maan smirked because of his wild imagination. He assumed what’s happening inside and walked away.
Servant follow him and unlocked the room. “Your room sir. Anything else sir?” 
“No. Leave.” He said and went inside. Servant lefts and he started searching his documents. He collected all and packed his bag, carrying on his back. Maan came out and step away to leave the place but his ears alerts him. He heard her shriek followed by her sobs.
He tried to avoid. Devoid of any emotional connection with her. Still those shrieks were not leaving him. He glanced all around. All were dead and deaf. No one heard her screams. It was like they all were used to it. Maan took a step away but wasn’t able to leave.
His dragged out his hands out of his pocket and curled into a fist. Anger towering and he took decision.
He knew from front it couldn’t be possible to enter and it’s not logical to peep in their privacy but her shrieks forced him to find out  what’s going on. Maan again went inside and took his secret way to her room. He jumped into the balcony attached to her room where he first saw her. Curtains blocked the view but he knew how to enter. He knew Raheja was with her and this was going to be most weird step of him but he can’t avoid her sobs and went inside to see the most painful sight. It wasn’t like he was very sensitive or never experienced such kind of sex activities but it was something which was brutal too.
She was not only shackled and beaten but burnt marks were visible on many places. He saw cigar in his hands which made those burnt marks. Her delicate skin turned red with a rashes made with all spank he made on her.
The situation was weird and embarrassing for all. Geet tried to fold her legs as she was all naked. Raheja got mad seeing Maan in his room.
“How dare you enter in my room?” He firmed the grip on his cigar shooting glares at him.
Maan took a quick view of the room and found a key on table. He quickly freed her hands and she pulled the sheet up to cover herself.
Raheja came to interrupt but Maan pushed him away. Maan searched and gave his shirt to her. He went to Raheja who was trying to stand up on his feet. He held his neck. “You tell me what the hell were you doing with her? Are you an animal? Can’t you see her pain?” Gritting his teeth he suppress him little more.
“She is my wife and I have  right to do anything with her. It’s Her duty to give me pleasure.” Raheja was of 45 but with strong physique. He pushed Maan and tried to call his security but Maan act fast and over powered him again.
“Geet quick. Give those hand cuffs to me.” Maan commands and Geet obeyed. She came out and gave those hand cuffs of hers to him. Meanwhile Maan stuffed his mouth with her scarf to avoid any trouble. Now Raheja wasn’t able to call his security. Maan tied him with his own bed like he did with Geet. He beat him like he was beating Geet.
“Maan leave please or guards will come.” Geet pleads to him.
“Yes I am leaving.” He held her wrist. “But not alone.” He took her along but it wasn’t easy for them. He managed things and distracted his guards and then managed some how.


Raheja was struggling to get free of those handcuffs but his strength left him because of those hits he got from Maan.

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