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“GEET… Listen to me.” He roared and she ran away as much she can.
He was not in himself. Eyes emitting fire, breath are quicker and blood rushing in veins in full pace. All he want is her. He ran behind but she lost in mob of students. He hit the wall so hardly and leave his mark.
She was panting heavily when her friends caught her. “Geet just relax. Drink it.” One of them offer water to her. Her face was full red because of running and anger both.
Geet allowed water to go down through her neck. Some droplets hung with her luscious lips. Enough to drive anyone crazy but no one had a courage who even look at her for more than few seconds.
“What happened? Don’t tell me you fought again.” She almost predict what exactly happened.
“I don’t wanna talk Sasha.” She said in rude tone while checking he wrist watch which also remind her of the person who gifted not only this but everything she wore. “Girls we are getting for class. So shall we?” She asked and both shook their head.
Class was just started when someone barges inside. His eyes only searching her and she hide her face with her hand.
“What is this Maan? Don’t you have any manners left?” Professor got angry on his act of entering forcefully.
But he just ignore him and straight went to Geet. “Get up. We need to talk.” He commands her and she turned her face. Maan dumped hs hands on desk to gain her attention. We not yet finished so come with me.” He stare in her eyes and command again.
“Maan just get out of my class. Whatever you want to talk, do it after my class.” Professor yelled again but Maan’s act like all deaf. He only want is her. Nothing else can reach to him.
“Geet don’t you listen to me?” He asked in a threatening manner and when she didn’t replied he lifts her forcibly. Geet tried to free herself but no use before  his power she is a feeble doll.
Geet hitting his chest but hardly it hurts him. The fact hurting him was her aloofness.
Professor’s anger towered and he did a biggest mistake of obstructing his way. “Maan put her down and get out now. Or else I have to inform you Dad about your hooliganism.” He tried a useless effort of threatening him.
“Don’t forget very soon all power is going to be mine and when I hold the Khurana Empire who will save you.” He said in most dangerous voice staring him furiously.
All scared of his demeanor. Not only this but many colleges running on Samarth Singh Khurana’s charity. Samarth Khurana not only Delhi’s but coming on world’s second most rich businessman and Maan is his only heir. All knew messing with him definitely not a good choice. That’s why leave students, no teacher even stop him for doing anything. He is a free bird with one weakness only which he carries in his arms that time.
Professor gluped and left his way. He walked away. All stare them secretly but no one interfere. He put her down and made her sit in his car.
Geet not cooperating but he was adamant. He took her to his farmhouse. Where they get full privacy.
Maan lifts her again and went inside. He straight went to his room.
He leaned over her and she trying to shove him away. His eyes were dark but with passion this time because now he had his solace with him. Maan held her hand and kissed softly. Her protest to subsided gradually and he took full charge of her. Press her down on her back. He kissed her like a man possessed and reluctantly she to responded. Though her mind warned her and reminded her that she is mad on him but their physical intimacy made her weak before him.
Still she managed to broke their kiss and push him away. Geet  get up but Maan caught her. “I need you Geet. I’ll always need you. Please don’t do this.” His statement was low, dangerous, spoken like he was barely able to contain his caveman instincts…which he was. Right now, he wanted to pin her to the wall and get inside of her so deeply, take her so thoroughly, that she never again considered saying that she couldn’t stay with him. And if she needed a reminder of how they fit together, how much he wanted and needed her, he’d be glad to give it to her. Right here. Right now.     Eyes wild, Geet backed up as he followed slowly, stalking her until he had her pinned to the wall beside the door. Her eyes shot to his face, then the door, and back to his face.”Don’t even think about it,” he rumbled, slamming a hand beside each of her arms, caging her from both sides. Leaving no space of her escape.
“Talk to me.” He roared. Need to sort the matter as he can’t see her in pain. Least he knew he himself was the reason.
“Maan leave me. I want to go and I don’t wanna talk to you.” Geet was hurt and scared to.
Maan scan her face. Want to fix whatever was not well. He was the ne who ruled her and when she go against of him he goes wild. Geet is his weakness and to keep her with himself he can do anything. “Please don’t do this.” He almost begged. “You know I can’t live without you.”
“I don’t know. Maan your actions sometimes scared me.” Tears rolled out which was not less than a sharp arrow for Maan.
“Gosh don’t cry baby. You know I can’t handle your tears. Please don’t cry.” He wiped and embrace her firmly. This much that she couldn’t able to breath.
“Can’t breath…” Geet told him and he loose his grip on her.
“I am sorry. I am sorry.” keeping her pliant body against his, feeling completely helpless and hating every moment of it,He keep chanting for apology.
Maan fell down on his knees before her begging like helpless. She is the only one who brought him on his knees. Her heart to ached. She to come on knees to face him. Held his face. “Then why you never heard of me? What if the person died? Jail ho jati tume.” She tried to made him understood the consequences of his irrational behavior but Maan never cared because he knew what he is and what power his father had.
“I will if you don’t interrupt.” Suddenly his fists firmed. Maan held her from neck. “Any one see you with wrong intentions,I don’t tolerate.” He was fuming. That thought still troubling him.
“So what you want? Wanna kill whole world?” She enraged.
“Yes I will. No one had a right to see you except Maan. You are only mine and I will kill every person who had bad eye on you.” His rapid breaths falling on her face. She could sense his restlessness.
Geet turned silent. He was in pain. When it comes to her he lost his all senses. Maan hugged her again. “Please don’t fight with me.” All he needs is, she.”
Geet was sleeping in his arms and he gazing her. Maan never slept after their intimacy. He love to watch her for whole time. He caressed her hairs and kissed softly. He was calm now.
He admiring her and can do for hours but her phone call awake her and she realizes how much time had passed.
“Drop me.” She demands.
Maan took her lips again. Both dressed up and he dropped her on home. Pinky and Sasha was waiting for her. They knew what was going on so wait for her to come. They handover her notes because once again she missed her classes because of him.
“Now what happened today?” Both wants to know the reason of argument.
“Same old one.” Geet went in deep thoughts. “You know now he start scaring me. I am scared of his over possessive love. He turned wild and beat anyone without even thinking of consequences. My personal life also suffering because of him.” She just poured out what had come to her mind without noticing he was hearing everything.
Maan came back because she left her mobile in his car. Maan came inside and gave her phone. His eyes said everything. Silently he moved out. But she knew this was a silence of destruction.
“I think he heard everything.” Pinky cautioned her.
Geet held her head and falls on bed. Both girls console her. “Geet make up your mind first. Either let him go this time. As he heard how much he troubles you. Or accept him the way he is.” She told her to choose and Geet ran behind him.
Maan was in his gym. Lashing out his anger on every instrument. Hurting himself. His knuckles were bleeding but he kept hurting himself. Geet panicked seeing his state.
Geet rushed to him and hug him to stop him.
“I am sorry. Please stop hurting yourself.” She was crying seeing him giving pain to himself.
Maan was silent. Only his heart beating talking to her. Geet glance in his dead eyes. She raised and kissed him all over on his face. “I didn’t meant that.” She clarified.
“I make your life hell.” He said in dead voice.
“No you don’t. Please forgive me. Maan I am just scared of your anger. Your over possessive love. Because of which you loose your cool and do drastic things. It scares me. Because I don’t wanna loose you. What if he harm you?” Geet now uses every word very carefully.
Maan encircled his arm around her waist and pulled more to him. “You love me?” He asked and she nodded quickly. “Keep loving me only. Rest leave on me.” He caressed her face with his fingers. “Just keep in mind I won’t let any one harm you. Hmm…” He again start dominating her and she submit to him. She only want him to cool down because like he love her she to love him. Difference is that his love is possessive and dangerous…

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PART – 9


GEET reached KM. The Place where everything remind her of her late husband. Her feet had froze. Every step she took needed lot of strength. Gradually, holding her emotions  she entered inside.


“Where were you Geet?” She was walking silently but one familiar voice stopped her.


She was nervous and sad both. All lights turned on and he appeared before her. “Papa you are still awake?” She asked to avoid his stare. Lying won’t do any good she knew and confrontation samarth couldn’t take.


“How can a father sleep if his children are not at home?” He asked strongly. “Geet what’s going on beta? Yash came after one year and you left him alone and that too you  Vanished don’t know where? No one had any information about you. I enquired from the staff. They were also unaware. What is this Geet. Beta since when did you start behaving so careless?” His anxiety was reflected in his hard words. Yash and Geet are only family to him. One’s absence made him anxious.


Geet knew now it’s gonna be difficult for her to explain him. Her cold fingers playing with each other. Searching for some valid excuse.but before she could have replied , his query was answered.


“She went to Temple dad.” One more was  voice added and grabbed their attention.


Both stared in the direction where Maan was standing holding the railing upstairs. “Dad she had already told me about this.” He covered up.


“Temple? Ok but what took so long?” He was worried and wanted to know what his kids were doing behind his back.


Maan came down. “Relax dad. She is going for me. Geet held prayers for my well being and she wants to to it privately without telling anyone. That’s why she don’t informed anyone. Right Geet.” Maan explained and took away all his worries.


He caressed her head. “God bless you beta. I am so glad to have you as my daughter in law.” He held her hand. “Now I am getting old. Can’t take care of everything. Specially of him.” He tapped on his head. “He is so silly and I don’t trust him. But I know till you are with him I don’t need to worry about anything.” He gave her hand in Maan’s hand. “And you? Keep her with love and care. No one loves you like she do.” He embraced both land f them kissed their foreheads “Now go and take some rest.” 


The moment he turned his back she freed her hand and shoved him away. Both walked away.


Geet was in mourning still doing for her ailing father in law. Bearing a man as her husband. She wanted to cry. Louder and louder. Let out the pain and hurt she was feeling just for her father’s sake. But she couldn’t.


Sky was dark and thunderstorms striking. Like nature was accompanying her. Maan followed her in the room. “You can thank me later. Now you seem tired.” He teased her but got a sharp glare in return. She wasn’t in a mood of talking to anyone. Specially Maan.


Maan laid on his bed which irked her and she pushed him out of the bed. This enraged him. The way she behaves with him. “Don’t you dare?” She warned him.


Her warning doesn’t work on him. He stood and laid again on the bed. “Listen miss attitude change your ways with me or else you will pay badly.” He threatened her.


Geet stood and faced him. “Really what would you do?”


Maan stood up and cornered her. Her blood boiled as he touched her. She tried to shove him away but the pressure he​ applied was to much for her delicate form. He leaned over her. His warm breath falling on her face. All she wanted was to hit him badly for this misbehaviour. He watched her carefully. Geet angrily swiped away a tear that escaped from her liquid brown eyes. His eyes to turned dark. Both stare in each other’s eyes.


“Now listen to me carefully. If you want me to help you then start giving respect to me or else I won’t take a second to burst a beautiful bubble of your old guy.” He whispered in her ears. He fed up with her irrational behaviour. All the time she treated him like a dirt.


Her eyes turned wild. “No. You will not.” Her statement released with a mournful sob.


“I will and surely will.” His words were low and dangerous.


“Don’t even think about it.” She rumbled. Saw in his dark eyes. Don’t trust this man this time. “Okay fine. You wanna sleep here. Go ahead.” She mumbled wiping off her tears which was coming more rapidly then she controlled.


Geet come out of his grip,took her pillow and went outside in a lobby attached with their room. “You want this room. Now it all yours.” She said while locking the divider. There was a small swing. She laid on it. But sleep is far away from her eyes. Maan got whole room for himself.


“Ye achha hai. Is sherni ki kamzori ab mere ko malum hai. Shabash Maan beta. Teri to nikal padi. Ab is sherni ko apne isharo or nahi nachwaya na to mera b naam Maan nahi. Bahut attitude dikhati hai na. Mere ko gandi nali ka keeda samjhti hai. Ab ise dikhata hu ye keeda kya kar sakta hai.” He was filled with rage for Geet.


Maan consider her possessiveness for her last husband’s things as her ego. She wasn’t in a state to handle so much trauma. Her pain she tried to buried and smile before the world but her heart wants to cry. She had no one to console her. For her Yash was there in his every thing. His fragrance is all around. She could feel him near her.


Sun dawn. Maan was sleeping. She thought to take bath but suddenly he wakes up and blocked her way. “First I am going to use. Main b to dekhu Ameer loga ka bathroom kaisa hota hai.”


“Aside.” She commands him.


“Sorry. I can’t hear you. What did you say?” He irritate her more. Geet glared him but doesn’t effect him. “I think you forgot what i said last night. Obey me or…” He reminded her about the threat he gave her last night. Which cause panic in her eyes. She felt detest on his behaviour but couldn’t do anything right now.


“Don’t test my patience.” She warned.


“Okay. Nahi karte. Come let’s​ go together and tell your father in law a breaking news. How is it?” A cunning smile playing on his well sculptured lips.


Her anger replaced by fear. She took back her steps. “that’s​ so nice of you. You know what in this world every family need daughter in law like you. Ready to do anything for her family. Kaha milti aisi bahue sach me.” His sarcastic statement fueled her anger but she controlled for Samarth’s sake. She took her clothes and went to use her old room’s washroom. Maan was happy seeing her helplessness. How she bow down before him. It really gave him happiness. He went inside and explore the luxurious washroom.


“Ye sala ameer log kitna paisa bahata hai. Ek dum pani k mafik. Ek apna wo basti hai jaha hafta hafta Pani nahi aata.” He was so excited like a kid get whole world. He jumped in his jacuzzi and play with water. “Batao bathroom me b swing pool bana dala. Sahi hai. Ye Yash na bahut aish mari sale ne. God tu apun ko thobda to Yash wala diyela pann kismat itna alag Kyu? Uske pas itna kuchh or apun k pas wo chhota sa jhopra jisme sardi Garmi, barish sab ander aata hai. Ye Yash solid kismat wala tha. Sab usko pyar karte hai. Duniya ka har aisho aaram tha uske pas. Apun b yaha se jane k baad na aisa hi ghar banayega.” He was comparing his life with Yash while enjoying the luxury.







PART – 10


MAAN made mess of washroom completely. He was like a child who got everything suddenly after craving since long.


He descended down and saw Geet was with Samarth. He joined and wished them morning. Samarth kissed on his forehead. “Attitude queen is sitting calmly. Now I will show her with whom she is dealing.” Maan thought for a while and got an idea to irritate her. Servant serve breakfast but denied. “Dad today I want to eat something from Indian cuisine. So what I am thinking Geet will cook something for us.” He demands and she glared him secretly, making sure Samarth wouldn’t notice this.


“What should I say. Ask your wife.” Samarth dragged himself aside and leave matter on them.


“Geet please cook for us. I don’t wanna eat this and please do hurry as I am hungry.” Maan took advantage of her weaknesses and before Samarth he knew she wouldn’t be able to react. Maan smiled seeing her face.


“Geet beta please prepare something if he is insisting so much.” Samarth to support his demand and reluctantly she had to obey.


Geet left the table and went to kitchen. She prepares breakfast for him and left for office without eating anything as she had an important meeting at office and she was already late for it.


“Yash why don’t you to join office again? Geet is handling everything alone.” Samarth insists him to take over the command of their business empire again. Like before.


“I will dad.” Maan had to agreed. “Huh ab main waha kya karunga?” He thought but left for his happiness.


Maan reached there. His eyes widened with shock. “Sala ye office hai? Aise lagta hai kisi hotel me aa gaya hu. Bahut shokeen hai ye log.” He praised and criticise both at same time.


Seeing him all alerts. All asked about his well being and give respect to him. For the first time in life he get this much respect. He felt like a king.


Some how he managed to find Yash’s cabin as Adi already show him the videos so he should know which room and cabin was in which direction. Maan scan all around and straight went to Yash’s cabin. He saw and was flattered.


Maan sat on Yash’s chair which was not less a throne for him. “Ek dum jhakas hai sab kuchh.” He sat and started playing with things on the table.


Geet came to know about his arrival and left every work of her. She barged inside. Seeing her furious Adi to followed her. “What the hell are you doing here?” She asked seeing him sat on Yash’s chair. Every time she saw him using his things her blood boiled and something die inside her.


“Awaz neeche.” He stood and crossed the path between them. He came near her. “If you forgot then let me remind you,this is my cabin.”


She shot glares at him. “This is not your cabin. Do you get that?” She pointed finger at him which curled by him badly.


“Keep your fingers safe. Or else I break them. Don’t forget for your father in law and world I am the Yash Singh Khurana. And this empire belongs to him. So you can’t stop me coming here.


There argument heat up. Same time Adi to enter in side. “What happened guys?” He asked and Geet left glaring him to.


Adi got he annoyed her so he confront him. What’s going on?” He asked.


“Better you ask her. She herself is confused. One side she want me to act like Yash but don’t want to use his things. I can’t work like this. Either you keep this mad girl in control or let me go my way.” Maan told strongly.


“Dare you call her mad. She is not insane like you. I know she goes overboard when it comes to Yash. She hates when you use his things because she felt as someone snatching him again from her. You will never understand this feeling because you never love someone in your life. When you fall in love with someone this deeply then only you understand her point of view. Yash’s everything remind her of him. Gave her a feel of him being around.” Adi tried but all goes in vein.


“Then let me go and let her feel her husband. I can’t work like this.” Maan showing tantrums to him.


Adi clenched his shoulder. “Maan aaj tak tumne bade Kamine dekhe honge. Main unme sabse bada hu. So don’t force me to show my that side. If you make her cry then trust me you will curse the day you born.” Adi smile softly and threatened him very politely. “And yes stop blackmailing​ her on the name of Uncle. If you know her weakness then I know yours.” Adi confront him. His eyes were dangerous. “That orphanage and it’s kids. Very small they are. What happened if roof falls on them.” Adi’s each and every word pricks to him.


He rushed to attack on him and he pressed his weak nerve. Adi was quick. He dodged and show him his tablet. “Last time I am bearing your misbehaviour. Next time I won’t even warn. Geet ko pareshan karna band kar do warna achha nahi hoga. Mark my words.”


He left and Maan’s fists harder. He punched in wall. He wants to poured out his anger but one knock alert him. He allowed and one employee came inside. “Sir please come fast. Geet mam is not well.” He informed.


“To main kya karu?” He roared on him and that employee of his trembling like a dry leaf.


“Calm down Maan. Kya kar raha hai? For world she is your wife. You have to act like loving husband before them.” He cool down his temper and rushed with him.


Geet was with staff girls. She is not feeling well. Maan went there. Sat next to her. “You okay?” He asked for formality. There is no love and care in his voice and gestures. Geet to act calmly as staff members were there.


“What you all looking for? Go back to your work.” He yelled and all rushed.


Maan to left her side. Feeling better as he got freedom. No need to act. “Mam your file. One girl came and handover her file which she dropped outside when she lost her balance and falls down.


Her foot twisted and she fell. Still not able to walk properly as it aching badly. She took support of wall to stand. Trying to walk out but loosing balance again and again. Though it would not bother him but to show all he came forward to help her but she showed her hand to him. “I will manage.” She said in a straight dead voice. Not allowed him to touch her.


Geet was in bad mood. She couldn’t eat her dinner properly and went to bedroom. She felt tired and want to sleep. Her body giving up now..


Geet took her pillow and start walking towards lobby. “Hello. Wait no need to go there. You can sleep here on your bed.” Maan told her.


“I don’t need your pity.” She replied.


“I am not pity on you. Majburi hai. If I said something or misbehave with Princess then her one man army ready to pounce on me.” He taunts. All the rage he had inside coming out like venom.


Geet stare him. “What do you mean?” She asked strongly glancing in his eyes.


“Oh don’t act so innocent before me as you don’t know anything. You send that Adi to threaten me. How mean you all are. Using me on name of kids. You all are same. White collar criminals.” Maan kept spitting venomous words on her.


“I don’t tell anything to him.” She defend.


Oh to pakka aakashvani hui hogi use. Right. Or uska pyar tumhare liye kuchh zada hi hai that he can sense at his own.” He pressed Geet on wrong side.


“How dare you?” She roared.


“Bura laga. You know what. Now I get how Yash died. You both planned his murder or he himself manage everything alone to get you.” One after another he put allegations on them. What he observe what he feels he said on her face which was an outcome of his frustration also.


Next was the sound of spank he got from her. “I was right. Chhota Admi chhoti soch. That’s why I didn’t want you here. You showed your standard​ today completely. What else can be expected from a person like you. Bloody bastard.” She loose her cool and was fuming furiously. Her breathing was quicker than before.


“But now it’s over. I can’t stand you one more second. What you said? You tell him the truth. But now I am going to tell him everything.” Geet rushed outside in rage. Her mind was blocked. She Couldn’t take his abusive words. He questions her character which broke her to no limits.


“Geet…..” A shriek reached to his ears. It was of Samarth. He rushed out and got shock.


Geet falls from stairs and now laid unconscious in her own blood pool. Samarth held her and called his son. It was a call for him so he rushed down. They took her to hospital.

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