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DHADKAN updated Part 5 – 6

Part – 5


Reluctantly she agreed as no choice left for her. She said yes to save one life. She said yes to fulfill her promise she gave to Yash.



Adi now had a tough work. He had to convince a bull head. Adi want to make sure he balance everything.



His father put him in such tough situation. Adi went inside to meet ruffian Maan who was not only hot head but also a dumb one.


“Listen Maan mere pass jada time nahi hai. Last time I am going to give you my offer. Deal is of one crore.” Adi offered such a big amount which he can’t denied.



Maan’s eyes widened hearing such amount. “Dekh agar ye mazak hai to apun ko bilkul pasand nahi hai.” He wants to confirm.




“Same here. I don’t joke. Kaam karo humara. Paise tumhe mill jayenge. 25lakh advance or baki kaam pura hone k baad. So now if you interested I will proceed.” He asked and Maan stare him in confusion. “I mean agar tum razi ho to aage ki planning kare.”



Maan still have doubts. “Aisa konsa kaam hai,jiske liye itne paise de rahe ho?”



“Kaam aasan hai. Kisi ki jaan bachani hai.”



“Kiski?” He enquired.


“Mere uncle ki. He lost his son. I mean abi do dinn pehle ek hadse me unke bete ki maut hui hai,jiski wajhse unhe heart attack aaya hai.” Adi explained.


“To usme apun kya kar sakta hai?”


“Bahut kuchh. Tume unke samne Yash banna hai. Taki unki Jaan bachai ja sake.”






“Matlab ye ki,tume Yash hone ki acting karni hai. Taki unhe yakeen ho jaye ki Unka beta abhi b jinda hai.”



“Par main hi kyu?”



“Kyunki tumhari shakal Yash se milti hai.” He told.



Maan was in shock. “Matlab double role. Ram or Shyam. Sala apun filmo me bahut dekha asal zindagi me b ye hota hai.” He laughed.



“Dekho tumhari faltu bakfas k liye mere pas na to time hai or na patience. Sirf itna bolo ki ha ya na?” Adi straight come to the point.



“Tum log to Ameer ho na. Wo tumhara kya naam hai uska… Ha Yash. Wo to kafi pads likha hoyega na. To uske baap ko….



“Samarth Uncle. Apni zuban or harkato ko kabu me rakhna. Baki sabki training time milegi.” Adi shoot glare to him.

“Theek hai. Apun karega par wo tumhara Buddha…” He again got sharp glare. “Matlab uncle. Wo apun ko permanent apne pas rehne ko bola to?”



“Ek baar uncle theek ho jaye. Uske baad hum unhe sach btayenge par muka dekh k.” Adi cleared his doubts.



“Theek hai firr. Apun karega. Par 25lakh abhi chahiye. Advance and cash.” He demands.



“Mill jayenge. Par kya guarantee hai tum bhag nahi jaoge?” Adi stare him suspiciously.

“Kaise bhagunga. Tumhari wo madam ne pair jo todi diya hai apun ka.” He taunts.


“Waise b mera paisa leke bhagna aasan nahi hai. I will kill before you even think.” Adi’s voice was dangerous and his eyes emitting fire only.



He left the room and straight went to Geet and his father. “He agree.” He confirmed.

Doc Mehra glance both. “And what about you?”


“Come on dad. Don’t behave like we are enemies to Uncle. Bola na we are in this plan.” Adi was frustrated and he burst. Adi understood her condition. Their pain is not less and but no one understands.


“Good. Now listen what we have to do.” He explained his plan.


Now they all are waiting for him to get conscious again. The moment Samarth got his conscious Dr. Mehra told him that his son is alive. Samarth won’t believe first but then Geet came with a laptop and gave fake smile.



“Papa your son is fine. It was just a misunderstanding.” She showed him a live telecast of Maan’s room.



He laid with closed eyes as per Adi’s instructions. Samarth glance at the screen and sighed. He brush his trembling fingers on the screen to make sure his part is alive. “Ye….” He couldn’t able to talk.
“Easy my friend easy. Yash is fine,but he is in coma.” Doc Mehra told him and his eyes turn wet.



“Papa please don’t cry. He is fine and out of danger. It’s just he got some injury on head due to which he went to coma.” Geet boost him before he lost his conscious again.



“Geet is right Samarth. Yash is out of danger. Please don’t loose hope. Atleast he is alive.” He console him and told not to give up.



Samarth’s all happiness vanished again but he had a relief that his baby is alive. He still breathing. Last symbol of his love. His wife Arpita who died the moment he came into the world. Since that day he becomes over protective for his son.



“Pankaj my son….” He would not able to speak but his love and worry not let him in peace.



“I assure you. He will be fine soon. Don’t worry.” Doctor Mehra constantly boosting him and made him believe that his only is alive.



This effect will work like elixir. Now medicine start showing its effects on him.



Gee was happy but sad at the same time. She was crying in lonely area. When one soothing hand approached her. “Geet it’s not a time to turn weak.” Adi sat next to her.



“Adi I don’t know. I mean whatever I do,I can’t take place of Yash in Papa’s life. He will die the moment he knows the truth. I don’t know how I face him when he came to know that we all lied to him about his son.” She broken badly and thinking about the consequences.

Adi to worried for the same. His brows narrowed but even after convincing with her,he can’t do anything. Situation is tough. Yash is went far away from their lives and now his father’s life on stake. What is wrong and what’s right. They will not able to decide.


PART – 6

New day rise but same sadness for Geet. She was not able to decide what to do and how.



“Geet let’s go.” Adi came and told her.

“Where?” She asked.

“Geet we have to reach office right now.” He told her. His tone was anxious.

“Adi you sound anxious?” She stare at his face.

Adi show news paper to her. Geet read and her tension roses. “Geet our shares are falling rapidly. News of Yash’s demise and Uncle’s heart attack spread like a fire.” His face expression was tensed. One after another problem.

“What? How that news…?” Her lips still trembling while talking about Yash’s demise.



“I don’t know how but we have to make all believe that this news is fake. We have to convince our investors that everything is alright and there is no need to panic.” Adi cleared her now they need to act fast.


“Adi call the press conference.” She instruct.


“Geet I know whatever you think was right. But one thought is troubling me since long.” Suddenly his jaw stiffened and voice deepen more.


“Adi are you hiding something from me?” She asked scanning his face. He was stood silent. Like some thing is troubling him deep inside.

Geet shake him and asked again. “Geet I don’t know whether its my illusion or over thinking. You can say anything but I have a strong doubt that….” He paused and her beats roses more. “Geet I think that accident. That was not some natural disaster. That was a planned murder.” He finally revealed and stunned her.



Her legs shake badly and she about to fall down when Adi held her. “Geet sambhalo khud ko.”


“How it can be possible? Business rivalary I can understand but how can someone stoop this low? No it’s not possible.” Geet was in shock to understand this revelation.



“Calm Down Geet. I told you it’s may be my illusion. But I can’t risk it. If in press conference we revealed that Yash is fine and soon going to be alright then I am scared his attacker get alert and tried to kill him again.” Adi shared his fear with her.

Now she to lost her confidence. One side she need to protect Khurana Empire and same time this mystery came to her. “What if your doubt is right?” Her eyes having a fear of consequences.



“We will carry on with press conference but now I will make sure no one harm Maan. I will arrange security for him.” Adi gave solution to her.



Both start walking out. Geet was lost in deep thought. “Adi please tell me. What make you feel that Yash’s accident was a planned murder.” She wants proper answer. Can’t let go this matter so easily.



“Geet focus on press conference right now. Today we had to convince this world that our Yash is alive.” He twisted the topic to distract her. This revelation was more than she can bear. How can someone be so cruel who parted her from her love.




Her sadness deepened. She attended the much needed press conference. Before world she is totally different. Like a perfect business woman. Very confidentially she replied to reporters and assured them that their information was wrong. Yash is fine and very soon going to take in charge of Khurana Empire like before. Adi second hand her. They even show reports to them.



Somehow they managed to handle the situation. But it was not end. It’s just a start.

“Thank God they convince.” Adi sighed.



“But how long?” Disappointed was there in her gestures. “One side that this big empire and other side that dumbhead. He will Never understand the depth of our need.” Geet was upset.

Adi embrace to sooth her pain. “Just leave everything on time.”


After press conference they attend meeting with board of directors and investors. Both assured them that their shares will be safe with them.


“Adi we need to focus on business. We can’t let go every thing so easily.” Gee was worried.


“Yes you are right. From now onwards we should pay heed on our work.” He assured her.



“And what about that dumb head?” She enquired.

“He is alright and I had started his training. Professionals are hired to improve his language first.” Adi brief.



“We only hope. Seeing him I am not sure whether he learned basic A B C in next 6 months or not.” Geet had no hope from Maan. According to her he is a nut case.



“Don’t loose hope. I am sure we manage to convert him to a human.” Adi boost her.



Geet and Adi start going office and Maan started his training. Adi hired best teachers but Maan irritated them a lot with his mischief. He love to make fun of them.



Two month passes and now Samarth was fine. He got discharged from hospital but Geet appointment full time nurses for his take care. He was at home but still on strict diet. She also look at his workout. She wants to make him healthy like before. But irony is that he was doing all this just to see his son back. He want him all the time before his eyes. His day starts from Yash and end on him. Daily he visit hospital just to see his son. That was most tough time for all. As he spend several hours near him and reluctantly he had to laid like a vegetable before him. Maan highly pissed off with this time. As Samarth stayed near him for hours.



Maan called both to complaint. “Dekho baap ye natak apun se hoyega. Tumhara would buddha… Matlab uncle bahut pakau hai. Sala kitne kitne ghante apun ko dead body k jaise pada rehna parta hai tum logo ki wajhse. Sala itna dimag Khata hai ki puchho mat. Bakar bakar bina rule bakwas chalu rehta Jai uska. Apun nahi kar sakta. Ya to us buddhe ko durr….” Before he use one more wrong word for Samarth his mouth was shut by a hard slap he received on his face by Geet.

When he glance up a pair of furious eyes shoot glares at him. Adi hold her before she slapped him again and again. This time her temper was so high and uncontrolled.



“Calm Down Geet. Please.” Adi tried to compose her.



“Tu apun ko mara. Ja rela hai apun. Bhad me jao tum sab.” Maan also turn furious.



“You can’t Maan. You took 25laks advance and also signed a mutual agreement with us.” Adi threw papers on his face.



“Apun lauta Dega 25 lakh tumhara.” Maan replied without reading.



5croeres. Tumne shayad theek se pada nahi. Agar tumne ye contact toda to tume hume 5 crores dene honge as a penalty.” Adi smirked like a devil seeing his faded face.

“Kya hua? Sab rang udd gaya? I told you mera paisa leke bhagna aasan nahi hai.” His all guards were their so he can’t ran away.


“Adi let him go. I don’t need a bastard like him.” She was still angry. Her rage only pacing.

“No Geet we can’t.” Adi cleared her and remind her about Samarth’s health.



“I don’t need a cockroach to cure my dad. Look at him Adi. Still a road side dust. You know what their is an proverb. “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Her every word only conveyed her hatred towards him.



Maan glare her back. “Look at him. What he learned in past two months. Nothing. Because a bastard like him remain bastard for whole life. He never saw parents to kaise ek baap ka dard samjh aayega. People like him born orphan and die like dog on streets.” Her teeth gritted and she poured out her all anger and frustration on him.



“Enough.” Maan retorted.

Both were astonished that he understood what she said in English. Maan walked towards her. “You slapped me I said nothing but dare curse my blood.” He replied in witty manner.



Both were amused seeing him speaking in English. But that doesn’t make a big difference.

“Bura laga? Same with me. Next time think 100 times before cursing my dad. He is everything to me and I won’t spare you for insulting him. You are here because of him. So better you do your work properly and leave. We are not interested in you. You have to act like his son so be comfortable with this. Baki sab samjhna tumhare bas ka waise bhi nahi hai.” Geet’s demeanour shut his mouth.

“Concentrate on your work.” She turned to Adi. “Let’s go Adi.” She commands him and both left.

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DHADKAN updated Part 3 &4

PART – 3



“Uncle what happened?” She was even scared to ask.



“He got his conscious for few minutes and…” He paused. His voice was so deep.






“He utter his name only.” He told in great disappointment.



They all knew now it wasn’t possible but they couldn’t take the risk of his life.


She shattered more. Warm water comes out from her eyes. She was broken. Where she don’t have a time to mourn for her husband’s demise,she was forced to see her father in law die gradually.


Geet come out and falls on seat. She lost all hopes still wants any hope of ray.



10 mins passed and he came back to her. “Geet today you hit someone?” He asked and shocked her.

Geet feared. “Is he die?” Now she only see wrong in every thing. It seems all hopes of her died with Yash. It’s all darkness around with no light.



Doctor Mehra was scanning her face and she waiting for reply. “Come with me.” He asked her to follow him.



“Doctor uncle please tell me. Don’t scare me more.” She begged and hope for positive reply.



But he doesn’t said a word and just step forward. Soon they reach to a room where that person was admitted. Her legs wobble and feet frozen. She doesn’t want to step in.


“Geet please come. You need to see this.” His voice like betraying his stern features. Adi was already in the room which astonished her. What’s going on? Her mind keep asking from her.


She step in and walked slowly towards the bed,half covered because of divider. Doctor Mehra locked the room from inside.

Adi step aside and gave her a full view of the patient. Who was unconscious that time. Geet saw him and her eyes widened with shock.




“How is it possible? How is it possible?” She keep chanting,not believing on her eyes.




Adi hold her. She was trembling badly. “Calm down Geet. He is not our Yash.”



“But a look like.” Dr. Mehra complete his words.



Geet stare at his face. Same like Yash. She went near him and stretch her arm to touch him. She knew it was not her Yash but his face trouble her a lot.





“Uncle…” She wants to know what’s running in his mind.


“Listen Geet. He is our last and only hope. If he get ready to help us we can save Samarth.” Now he cleared his intentions.




Geet glared him with shock. “What rubbish are you talking? You wanna lie him. Present him as Yash before him. No way.” She yelled at him.



“So what you want? Like Yash we lose him to?” He taunts. “Geet I thought you care for my friend but no.” He was angry at her denial.



“Think whatever but I wouldn’t going to lie him.” She denied and ran out of the room.



“Dad she is right. Uncle love Yash a lot. He got it at single sight.” Adi support her.




“He wouldn’t. Adi go and convince your friend or else Samarth died. After two major losses he won’t be able to bear this loss. We should keep his son before him. Try and understand. Now go and convince her.” He commands him strongly. Not ready to compromise.



Adi went behind her and talked again over this.



“Adi no. I thought atleast you will understand me.” Geet was on denials mode.



“Geet I know what dad said is not practical. But you think just for once think about Uncle.” Adi tried to made her emotional on his name but she was adamant on her point.



“Adi you are wasting your time only. I told my decision already. Or waise bhi who knows what kind of a person he is and from where he came. We can’t risk it. I don’t trust him.” Geet gave points of her denial.



“Geet I know your worries are not invalid. That’s why when I saw his driving license I send my men to find out more about him. Very soon we have his full history. Geet maan jao please.” Adi already started his work on that look a like but convincing her wasn’t easy for sure.


Geet was about to open her mouth when she heard noise of a nurse who was calling doctor in hurry. Geet rush towards the room. Samarth’s heart beat was not normal. Her eyes horrified seeing him struggling with life. Doctor send her out and start his treatment.



Geet burst into tears, larges drops rolling down her cheeks as her face contorted with remorse. “I’m sorry Yash. I am so sorry. But I won’t let anything happens to him.” Emotions rolled through her one after another. Adi sat next to her. “Adi. .” she wailed against his shoulder.



“Geet are you ready now?” He tripped over the last word.



Geet glance up at him. Still not sure what to do.


PART – 4



Geet was walking madly,chased by Adi. He paced and held her by arm. “Geet listen to me.” He swirled her. His breath coming faster matching the pace with hers. She was furious.



Geet jerked him off. Adi held her again but this time from both sides. “Listen to me Geet. Don’t make a scene for god sake.”


Geet wriggle. Not in a mood to pay heed on his words. “No I won’t. I am not interested in your foolish idea. How could you Adi?” Her eyes were red showing her hurt over the issue.



Adi’s heart ached but he didn’t show it. “Geet please. We don’t have a choice. Please.” He pleads.


“No way. He is a bloody criminal. Jiske na maa ka pata hai na baap ka. And you wanna him to portray before papa. No way.” A feel of disgust develop in her heart after reading his history.



“Geet please try to understand the need of situation.” He to was not sure but following the instructions of his father.


“You want him to take place of your friend. This blood criminal.” Geet held his shoulder. “Adi how could you? You to read his file. He is a goon. Bloody cheap.” A wave of rage surged through her veins. Her eyes were emitting fire of anger.


This thought of giving place to this low class rat,of her Yash actually boiling her blood.


“I know. I to read each and every detail of him.” His breaths were quicker more frequent than usual. “Geet do you have better option? Nahi na then cooperate or else…” He paused and stare in her eyes.




Geet clenched her eyes, giving her silent approval. Adi cocoons her. He know how much this going to be difficult for her. Duping her father figure isn’t easy for her.




They all were waiting outside of his room. Not sure how would they convince him. But one thing she learned from his history that money will work for them.




“He is awake. You can meet him.” Doctor informed.




Geet signals Adi and both went inside. He was awake and sat on his bed. Cunning smile was spread on his face.

“Aaiye aaiye. Mujhe pata hai tumne mujhe Thoka. Ab tum nahi bachogi. Ye sara paisa to tum dogi hi uske alwa Baki….” Before he complete Geet interrupt.




“Paise tume mill jayenge. Ye sab k b or ek or kaam hai tumse.” Geet straight come to the point. She knew how to talk with people like him. With Yash she handles many labour problem.




“We know about you. You can do anything for money.” Adi added.




“Kon ho tum log? Koi police wale ho kya?” His smile vanished and tense lines took place.




“Who we are is none of your business. Just tell me what you think about our offer?” Geet don’t want to get soften with him. She knew it’s all a mind game.




Maan don’t understand. “Kya?”



“Geet wait.” He stopped her. “Hume ek kaam hai tumse. Tum paise leke kaam karte ho. Yaha tak ki koi b crime.”




“Kiske hath pair todne hai?” While stretching his body he asked. He now start taking interest in their words.




“Todna nahi hai.” Geet yelled.


“To khoon karna hai? Na wo main nahi karta.” He denied.



“Marna nahi hai bachana hai.” Adi made him confuse.



Maan glance both carefully. “Yede ho kya dono. Apun doctor nazar aa rela hai kya?” He get annoyed easily.




“Adi think once again. I don’t think we made a right choice. Loot at this jerk.” Geet still try to avoid this option. Seeing him her heart and mind conflicting.




“O hello jo bolna hai saaf bolo.” Maan don’t understand what they saying but he able to read her expression which clearly explained her annoyance.




“Geet let me handle him.” He told her to keep quite for some time. “Maan hume ek kaam hai jo sirf tum kar sakte ho.”




“Kaam kya hai?” He asked straight.




“Acting karni hai. Kuchh time k liye.” He brief.




“Tum dono film banate ho? Apun smart hai malum hai apun ko.” Maan praised himself.



“First we need to work on his language. Papa caught the moment he opened his mouth before him.” Geet stare him in disgust. One thing she was sure that he was the most unpleasant creature she ever met in her life.



“Maan you take rest. Hum bata denege ki tume kya karna hai. Aaram karo.” Adi end the conversation for a while.




“Rokra kitna doge. Or ha paise advance chahiye.” He demands.

Geet glared him again. Adi swirl her. “Aata hu main.” He said and left with Geet.




He could feel her fuming. “Geet have you gone mad. What the hell are you doing inside?” Adi know his friend’s temper and the way she reacts would create problem for them.




“I don’t wanna see this man. You want him to take place of my Yash. No way. Trash won’t take place of diamond.” She crossed her arms over chest.




“Geet don’t get personal. Only think of Uncle’s health. What is more important for you this time? Think about it.”



“Janwar hai ye Admi. Neither have any etiquette nor any sense. He never fits in Yash’s shoes.” Fury built to a raging inferno inside of her.



“Geet we can trained him. And who told you to bear him for a life time. Please Geet if you are not helping me then who? After Uncle,only we know the secrets of Yash,his behavior his mannerisms. We should teach him and English isn’t a big problem. We should work on that.” Adi had a double responsibility. One side he had to convince Geet and other side Maan.


Geet lost in deep thought. Her heart bleeds and eyes welled up. But she nodded in yes. “Great.” Adi got a hope. He kissed on her forehead and went inside to convince Maan.

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