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PART – 10




A sharp sound of slap echoes the whole hall. Pair of eyes shot glares at them who stood before her with bowed head and entwined hands.
“How dare you?” Arpita was furious on all three but more on Annie. She again raised her hand to slap her but Yash came in between.
“Please Aunt listen to me first.” He managed to grab her attention and save her from getting slapped again. “Your anger is valid but think of the consequences first. What if she died at home. Think aunt if she died at this crucial time we had to face enquiry how come she died in two months of marriage? Which definitely ruined your image. We can’t risk it. That’s why I took her to hospital but you don’t worry. I know our job. That’s why I take her to hospital which keep it secret.” Yash play with words and assured her whatever they done is to save her image.
His words forced her to think in other way. She stare all. “Bring her back right now.” She commands.
Annie who was stood silent even after getting hit by her now open her mouth. “She will die. Don’t you understand this?” Her agony,grief anger on her plight all comes out together.
Vikram dragged her from there. “Shut your mouth and dare you interfere in Mom’s decision.” He pushed her in room and locked from outside.
“Aunt think again. Doctor advised…” Yash tried but Arpita signals him and turn silent.
She send her men and they brought her back. Doctor came with her. Geet was back in her cage all silent. Her eyes were stoned. No emotion were visible.
One body from there to here again to bear never ending punishments. Arpita went to Maan’s room. “Doctor how much time she need to stood on her feet?” There is no concern,only rudeness lies.
“Amma ji I suggest you to keep her in hospital.” He voice out but soon turned silent seeing her sharp glare.
“I don’t need your advice. Just make sure no one would know about her condition and get her cure here only.” She said in a commanding tone and he nodded.
“Ji ammaji.”
“Doctor was it boy?” She asked suddenly before leaving.
“Can’t say. Embryo was only of 5 weeks.” He revealed.
“Hmm.” She hummed and left.
Vikram asked the matter. “What he said mom?”
“Nothing. I am just thinking what if the baby was boy.” Tense lines were there. “Anyways Jo hona tha ho gaya. By the way how is my grandson doing at hostel?” She asked from him and smile came on her face.
“He is good mom and coming in holidays.” Vikram told her and both smiled.
“Tell him come soon. I am missing him so much. Ansh my heir.” Arpita’s tone turned soft.
“He to miss you mumma.” Naintara came with her tea and take part in the conversation.
All were busy in their own world. Maan still unaware about the happenings as he not return yet and don’t had a plan to.
Annie locked out and she straight went to Geet. “Bhabhi?” She called her but don’t get any response. She was sat like a stone. No feelings, no emotions. Annie palmed her face. “Bhabhi please talk to me.” She wants to know what she feeling exactly.
But it was like she couldn’t able to sense anything. The pain she endure was forever. Annie cried but no effect on her.
That night Annie stayed with her. Geet don’t sleep whole night. She laid but her eyes were open. It’s like she lost in her own thoughts. Trying to find what fault she had and what fault her unborn had.
Next day to Maan not come. Annie wake up and bring breakfast for her. She gave her sponge bath and applied ointment the space not covered with bandages. She feeds her and do everything. Only she is the one who took care of her.
“Annie why you save me?” Finally she opened her mouth. “If you don’t then might I got rid of my pain. From this cursed life.” Her eyes staring at Annie and she shivered even glancing at her.
Annie came and embrace her. Tears rolled out from her eyes. Geet sense but she doesn’t react. “I am fine Annie. No need to cry for me.” She replied in a flat dead voice.
“My baby went away, to some better place. One day I met with my baby.” Geet said simply but she could sense the pain behind. Her heart bleeds seeing this living dead body. Who went far away from all.
Annie parted a bit to glance at her flat dead eyes. “Sometimes I astonished what gave her strength to bear all this torturers. Please God give me one chance.” Annie thought and pray for some hope.
She wiped off her tears and feed her. “I will be back.” She covered her and went out. Yash was coming and step towards her
He wants to talk but Annie avoided. So Yash block her way. “Hey why you avoiding me?” He asked but only got glares in return. “How is she?” He asked about Geet.
Annie frowned. “Really? Why you want to know? If your boss wants to know whether she died or not then let him know, unfortunately she survived his tortures.” Annie was full with rage and Yash become the target.
“Annie Maan not ask anything. And secondly he is my friend not some boss.” Yash offended.
“But you two behave like a bounded labour. You are not the person I knew.” Their argument fired hot.
Yash was confused. He never seen her this fragile. “Annie why you are angry at me. I was the one who help you.”
“And you are the one who help Bhai in kidnapping her.” She snapped. Her chords were unstable. Anger was there. She want the same punishment for her best friend to.
“Annie you know what Maan is for us. We will die for him and do anything for him.”
“Whether it is wrong?” She shoot.
“Yes. Whether it is wrong. Because for us Maan is right. Afterwards we don’t need to find out what is  right and what is wrong.” Yash said straight forward.
“Then no need to even talk to me. You all are monsters and nothing else.” She felt disgust at his thoughts and went away.
Yash follow her and stopped her. “Annie wait. I know you are angry at me. But for her you forgot we are childhood friends.” He couldn’t able to bear the hatred in her eyes.
Annie flinched off. “The person died ages ago. I don’t know who are you. What I am seeing only a criminal.”
Ten days passed and she feeling better as her beast wasn’t came yet. Annie was sighed as he doesn’t came and she able to took care of her. Arpita to was busy in the campaign. These days were peaceful as no one bother whether she was alive or not.
Geet don’t have any value. She is like a trash for all. Annie was sitting near her. Geet didn’t talk much. Only replies to her questions and to when she feels.
“Bhabhi are you aware of your pregnancy?” She hesitate but couldn’t able to resist.
Geet stare at her and then nodded no. “But what makes the difference? My baby had the same fate of mine. It’s better na he didn’t come.” Geet said something but her voice and eyes were briefing another story.
Same time both heard a foot steps. She alerts. She knows who was coming. Her destruction. She glance at the entrance and found him there. Maan finally arrived. He signals Annie to left.
Annie ignore which tower his anger. “Annie..” he roared her name.
“Annie I am fine. You go.” Geet don’t want trouble for her so she sent her away.
“Annie go.” She assured her and she stood to leave. Annie shoot glare at him before leaving.
Maan locked their room. He came and sat opposite to her. “What you are teaching her ha? Spoiling her mind against us? Ha. That’s what you do behind my back?” He accused her for making his sister against them.
“I didn’t do anything like this. Nor I have any intention. She could see at her own.” Geet replied without any fear.
“Again you provoking me. Don’t you like I spare you for one day.” He was drunk. His quavering voice informed her.
“Do whatever you want. Either you use or beat me.” She stared in his eyes.
Maan squeezed her cheeks inwards. “Bahut himmat badd gai hai. I wish I could kill you.” He gritted his teeth.
“Then what are you waiting for? Please do the honors. Send me to my baby.” She snapped and Maan pinned her to the mattress.
“No never.” His eyes turned furious and breath quicker. It falling rapidly on her face. “You are not going anywhere. Did you get that.” He shout on her but Geet don’t get effected. She turned her eyes from him. Her wrist was aching with the pressure he applied.
Maan left her wrist and held her face. “Look at me,when I am talking to you.” He forced her to see him. Geet didn’t argued and gave her to him once again. She was his.
He slept after their intimacy but she was awakened. Waken in wait of final sleep.
“Dry leaf like me,
Scrapped and scattered,
Everyday,under his feet.
Dry leaf like me,
Meant to crushed,
Sounds first but silent finally.
Dry leaf like me,
Lost all its water,
When falls from its tree.
Dry leaf like me,
Having no way to move,
Turned into pieces,
And die one day…””””

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PART – 9




Warning : written content is not suitable for sensitive readers. Read at your own wish.



Arpita threatened Amit Handa in a very polite manner. Like she was warning him.



“Look Mr. Handa now she is our daughter in law. And I know you can understand they are newly wedded. So stop interfere in her life or how will she adjusts with us. I am sure you want don’t want,she cries?” She took a pause to look at his furious face. A smirk came to see his plight. How helpless he was in front of her that moment and this gave her true happiness. People bowed to her gave her feel of power. “I mean If she met with you all,she wouldn’t get ready to except her new life with Maan.”




“Mr. Handa please you may leave now. We have more important work to do.” Vikram saw him the door to exit. They didn’t allow her to met with him.





Geet was completely their prisoner. Maan’s prisoner. He treated her like some criminal who came to jail for hardcore punishment. He tamed her. After taking drugs Maan went to sleep and remind how Officer beat him with his belt. Maan waked up with a jerk. Geet was unaware of the storm heading towards her. Maan opened his room’s door. Geet saw his stern face and staring eyes like he burned her with his furious eyes. She stood up and he came to her. Though she get use to of this humiliation still hope for a change. Maan’s palm curled to held her shoulder. His rough touch told her that whatever she was hoping only a dream. Maan undressed her and tied hands like always. He made a distance to glance her full form. Next what she experienced wasn’t expecting for her. she thought he came to use her. But tonight he had some other payback for her. Maan’s leather belt turned her white skin into a ruby red. Whip sound oh his belt,which caused by air told her before landing to her bare skin. His kinky behavior was out of control. All she could do was crying. Infact the sound echoes in the silence of night and told everyone what’s going on but all become deaf towards her sobbings.





Annie heard and patted on his door but it was locked. “Bhai please don’t beat her. Bhai please…” She pleaded but no effect on Maan. He was in his own tune.




“Buaji please stop him. I know you can.” When he doesn’t opened she went to her aunt and pleads for mercy. But se forgot KM don’t know the meaning of it.





“Annie,how many times I have to tell you,do not interfere in his matters. They are husband and wife and it’s their personal matter. We should not poke our nose. Now go and sleep.” Arpita jerked off her bluntly.




Same do Vikram and Naintara. They repeat her words when Annie went to them for help. All doors were closed for help. All heard Geet’s screaming but no one came to rescue her.





Next morning Geet couldn’t able to move an inch. Her whole body is aching badly. Her skin cracked from many places. Her body explained how much she beard. Geet was silent. Dead soul in a pained body. Maan caught her. He wants her. No matter how much pain she bearing but he enjoyed her curves. No hope left. Just a living dead soul.



Two months had passed since she stepped out of this house. Stuck in between this 4 Walls. She looked back at Maan,who was all set to move out. Who looked least bothered about her. Not surprising. She only a bed warmer for him. After he leaves Geet gets up and fresh n up to pray.




Maan joined his mother. “Mom ready?” He asked.



“Yes almost. Today I have to gave speech on women empowerment. Check whether my speech is ready or not?” She commands to her son and Maan went to look all the arrangements. Annie who was sat there gave a sarcastic laugh.





Arpita glared her. “All he best bua. Today you are going for a tough job. I really appreciate your courage.” She taunts and left. She went to see Geet. Her only support.



In his absence Laveena came to see him in KM. All know her so no one stops. In fact she got warm welcome like always. Naintara saw her and wicked plan came to her mind.




“Hi Laveena. How are you?” She welcome her with a sugar coated words.



“I am good. But where is Maan?” She enquired as they don’t met for whole one week.




“Oh I really felt bad for you. Even after loving him truly you don’t got what you deserve. Trust me Laveena I felt really bad for both of you.” She start playing her tricks.



Laveena’s face flushed furiously. “But Maan told me. It’s your idea. You tied her with him. She annoyed.





“So what other option we had. It’s all because of this sinful girl. Who ruined our life.” Naintara pointed at Geet who was passing from there.




Laveena stopped Geet. “Hey you stop. She went to her. “So you are the one who spoiled our life. Right.” She accused her but Geet remain silent. She learned one thing in past two months. Don’t talk to dumb headed people. They only cause trouble.





“I am talking to you. You bitch.” She dig her nails in her arm and Geet winced. Seeing all this Naintara smiled wickedly. She enjoyed her in pain.




Geet wriggle to free herself which made Laveena unbalanced and she falls down. Naintara came to help her.




“Geet are you mad. What you did?” She scold her.




“Bhabhi didn’t do anything. Instead she was hurting her.” Annie defend.





Laveena stomped her feet and left. After Arpita’s meetings Maan went to Laveena. She cried before him and poison his mind against Geet. “Maan I just went to ask for you but she pushed me down. She was angry at me.” Laveena sheds tears before him.





Maan’s eyes was bright red. His body was fuming with anger. The blood started to rush on his face making him bright red… Like he will burst any minute. Maan lefts in rage.





Naintara was in his wait. She to spoiled his mind like Laveena. “Maan I am warning you. Gripped her or else you pay badly.” Her tone gave air to his anger and he banged his door. He held Geet from hairs. “What you did today? Already getting punishment for your sins. But seems not enough for you.” He gritted his teeth and eyes widened with anger. He got her hand and she lands on floor. Maan kicked her hard.





Maan didn’t stop kicking. Nor shouting. He was angry. Furious. Mad. He kicked on her hand… Nearly breaking it… Actually her finger broke.





Annie this time went to Yash and Adi who was chillax in the main hall. “Yash please save her. Please stop Bhai.” Seeing her crying Yash melts.





“Yash don’t be stupid.” Adi caution him.




“Adi she will die.” He said and went with Annie followed by Adi.




Both somehow managed to drag Maan out. Because of Yash Adi to got agree. “Maan leave her or she will die.” Yash pleads almost.




“I want her to die.” Maan retorted.




“Calm down Maan. Calm down. She got her punishment now leave. Look you want to spend time with Laveena then go to her.” Adi diverted him to Laveena and send away.



Maan left KM to go back to her. Geet was fainted. Annie tried but she doesn’t open her eyes.





“Yash please help me. We should take her to hospital.” She pleads.





“Annie we can’t. If we did it will cause trouble for Aunt and Maan.” Yash scared of the consequences.





“He is right. You asked for our help we did. Now don’t expect to much from us.” Adi denied to help her any more.




Annie glance at Yash with tears filled eyes. She pleaded again. Please help or she will die. You two knows she wasn’t at fault. Then why you all are punishing her?” Annie held his collar and falls down on her knees. She broken down. Seeing no way to help her.





Yash held her and brought back on her feet. He wiped off her tears. “Don’t cry. We will help.” He assured her.





“Yash no. You invite trouble.” Adi caution him again.




“I don’t care. If you scared so much then it’s ok. But I will help her. We to know what we are doing is wrong. To ek achha kaam karne se kuchh badlane nahi wala.” Yash was determined.





He went with her and lift Geet’s lifeless body. Adi reluctantly got ready and both secretly took her to hospital which ran on Arpita’s charity so it was safe to admit her there.





They were in time. Doctor save her. “She is stable now. But…”





Annie panicked with his pause. “What doctor?”




“She had a miscarriage. We couldn’t able to save the baby. I am sorry.” He told and left her in grief…..

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