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Part – 5


Lust is a very strong desire and when it provoked for Revenge its become dangerous and gave birth to destruction. A strong desire to ruined to the person who cause rage in your heart. Geet did exactly the same. She gave birth to rage in his heart for herself. Two person who are complete strangers for each other before that unfortunate incident took place.




Maan was always like this and who ever dare to cross his path would surely paid. His mother taught him never spare your enemy. So how would he forgave her who gave several wounds on his body.





Geet was fainted but the marks of his wildness were glowing all over. Maan glance at her feeble form. He put aside the veil of hairs from her face. “now we are same. Because of you i got these wounds so i returned it to you. But it’s just a start.” Maan smirked and leaned over her unconscious form. He held her face. “when you get your conscious back,we start it again and again…. and again.” he was tired and sleepy so falls on her and slept soon.




One of Arpita’s men informed her about Maan being missing along with his friends. She alerts and called off the party. Arpita run her guards in every direction. They brought Adi and Yash to her and she interrogate them.




“i knew you both know what he is up to so tell me the truth.” she asked first normally but when they not opened their mouth she roared on both.




“wait mom.” Vikram interrupts as he knew both very well. They would prefer die but never reveal his secret to anyone. “Guys tell us. I know you were with him. What he is up to? What you all did? Please tell so we can protect him before any damage.” he tricked them and Yash opened his mouth.




“he wants revenge from Geet and we help him.” he said in a simple way as nothing had happened.




“What kind of revenge? What you all did this time?” Arpita sensed the consequences and stare both.




Adi still was silent. Its hard to get any information from him. But Yash speak out. “we help him in kidnapping her and…..”





“And?” Arpita frowned. She assumed already but want to confirm because deep inside she don’t want her guess turned right.




“Maan took her to his hideout.” Yash just spoke and both boys got slap from her.





“Mom…” Vikram tried to cool down her anger.





“Vikram let’s go before Police came here. We have to control this situation.” She knew what she had to face this time.






Soon they were there. They all invaded in his house. Arpita stopped all and knocked on his room though it wasn’t locked. She knocked and called him till he come out. Maan still had drowsiness in his eyes. “mom you here?”




Instead of replying she pushed him aside and went inside. Room was messed up and Geet’s plight confirmed her doubt. She pats her head and moved out locking the room behind.





“Mom ab kya karna hai?” Vikram to knew his anger and now wants to know what would they do.






“first we have to get rid of this girl. Maan what you did? You didn’t think about consequences.” Arpita was frustrated not because of the crime he did but how she would cover up it now.





“she got what she deserve. I suffered because of her and now she suffered for a lifetime.” he was still in rage and had no regret on his deed.






“Maan you got your revenge now it’s time to get rid of her. If she reached to her uncle we will be in trouble. Amar kill her.” She commands her one guard.





Her men took a step but Maan shoved him away. “no one would touch her. She is my culprit and i wont spare her as easily.” he was adamant to keep her while Arpita wants rid from her as soon as possible.






“have you gone mad? Maan don’t be stupid. Keeping her alive means more problems. You want to punish her you did. Now let me do my work.” Vikram tried to made him understood the gravity of situation but no use. Maan wasn’t ready to spare Geet so easily. Giving her death means end of her pain for which he wasn’t ready.





Naintara to reached there and heard everything. “Devar ji i have a solution of this problem.”




All eyes moved to her. What idea she had which no other able to think. She steps ahead and reached to them. “mumma let him keep her.” she insist.





“Naintara….” before Arpita burst Naintara interrupts and not let her complete.





“mumma listen to me.” she told her plan to all.





“No way. I love Laveena. Ye idea tha apka?” Maan yelled hearing her solution.





“Deverji you don’t have a choice. See you wanna punish her. So isse better option koi nahi hai. Marry her and you are free to do anything with her.” Naintara said cunningly.





“Maan she is right.” Vikram supported his wife.





“but i want to marry Laveena. I would not leave her.” he argued.





“easy deverji. Who told you to leave her. You can live your life like before. But this marriage solve everything. She become your wife and what had happened become legal.” She smiled and put her point.




“Maan think wisely. Your sister in law is right. You just got release and now this problem. Think Maan or let us kill her.” Arpita gave him options and asked him to choose.





Maan was fuming badly. He wants to troubled her,not to tied for long. But if he not, he had to let her go which he can’t as his lust still not satisfied.




“ok fine i will.” he got agree and Arpita instruct all.




“Mom you command for quick arrangements but will she get ready for this marriage?” Vikram asked his doubt.





“Don’t worry son i know how to bow down her.” Arpita smirked. She is indeed a mother of a devil.





“and what about media?” He worried for their image.





“This marriage shut everyone’s mouth. Don’t worry. Indeed Naintara gave a superb idea. I am proud on her.” She praised her and laughed.




There men run for work before world awakes. They arranged everything in a short period of time. Her fate is decided. Everything was decided before knowing her wish. Without Geet’s consent Arpita wrote her fate. She commands Naintara to awake Geet.





“Just awake her and get ready for this alliance.” She commands.





Naintara nods and start walking but Maan stopped her. “No one touch her. She is my slave. My possession.” His eyes were wild and tone furious.





“Calm down Deverji. Ok I will not. Go and awake her. But make sure she will not faint again.” She teased him and Maan went away.

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PART – 4



Warning : written content is not suitable for sensitive readers.


The news of her son’s arrest spread like a fire. Reporters enclosed their mansion and waiting for her reply.




“Mom you need to handle them or else they would be free to publish anything.” Naintara saw the situation and alerts her.




“It’s all because of bhai. If he don’t killed that goon….” Annie did a mistake of putting her thoughts again where no one had a value of them.




“Shut up Annie and go back to your room. Girls should open their mouths in limit.” Arpita commands her to leave the hall.




She turned to Vikram who was on conversation with the lawyer. “What he said?” Arpita saw his tensed face and guessed what’s going on.





“Mom he said he was trying, but….” His voice was low.




“I don’t need any but. I want my son back at home at any cost.” She roared and snatch phone from his hands.


“Mam it’s not possible. Officer in charge made a very strong case against Maan sir. Moreover you assured me about proofs but he had an eye witness. So try and understand.” His voice was trembling.


Arpita threw the phone in anger. “Mom cool down please.” Naintara gave her a glass of water.




She calmed herself and went out to shut the mouths of media. They asking about his arrest and crimes.




“I completely denied it. It’s a conspiracy of our rivals and their supporters. My son is clean and innocent and we can prove it very soon. Till the time no more comments.” Arpita went out to handle the situation.




“But mam Police had strong proofs against your son. One eye witness. So what would you want to say about this? If your son is guilty what would you do?” Several voices but questions were same.




“I already told you what had happened. And about eyes witness,she to a part of this. I respect my law and have faith that nothing happens to my innocent son. Now please do publish fake news and support us.” She shed tears and very cleverly manipulated.




She denied to answer any more questions and get back to her mission. She wants Maan back at any cost. Her lawyer came and suggested her other solution.




They hired one man who get ready to put all blame on himself. He surrender himself. Though officer knew he was faking but lawyer made him ready for interrogation. Inspector trier but he doesn’t change his statement. He also gave him the weapon of murder on which his finger prints were imprinted.




But in this process Maan suffered more than he could bear. Till then now he lived a life of fearless tiger who rules his world without anyone’s interruption,but this time he had to spend two nights in the lock up where Inspector gave him hard time so he would commit his crime.




Maan came out cleanly. Only one eye witness inspector had but Arpita create so many fake eyes witness who proved Maan’s innocence. Her lawyer also proved that Geet is a niece of Amit Handa who constantly wrote article against Arpita and was a man of opposition so Geet was a part of conspiracy against his client.




Maan shoot a glare to Geet. She tremble like a dry leaf. His eyes were like he was ready to torn her apart. Maan was silent. All celebrate his win but he was silent. Not utter a word since he came back.


Arpita attend a press conference and showed her win. All are busy in their own works while Devil on his own. He inject high amount of drugs in his vein and let his madness took over his charge.





He reached to Handa house with his few men and without making any noise kidnapped Geet from her room. First he made her unconscious like their guards and then put her on his shoulder like a sack.



He threw her in his car and drove towards deserted forest,at his hide out. It was deep dark. Her eyes still need strength to open fully. Gradually she opened her eyes and the view gave a biggest shock of a life. She tried to get up but something dragging her back. She found her hand tied to bed with handcuffs. She tried to free herself but only hurting herself.

Maan enjoying his drink. “Don’t give pain yourself. It’s a right of mine.” He finished his glass and threw on side. He turned and show her. Geet felt disgust and tried harder as she don’t have any cloth on her body. She was like a open book for him.


Maan caressed her face with his finger and she turned her face. “Easy.”



“Please let me go.” Tears rolled out as she pleaded in a whimper voice.





“I did. But you misused my generosity. I gave you the chance but what would you do?” He roared squeezing her cheeks inwards.





“Please leave me. My uncle not spare you.” She tried whatever she could do but her voice not reached to him.




Maan start opening his shirt and she start wriggling in pace. Maan hovering over her. She was pleading for mercy but no use. She screamed in pain as he bites her viciously everywhere. Tonight she was his. No matter what she was his prey. He bit her lips to invade in her mouth. Blood start oozing but don’t had an effect on him. Geet cries louder. But no use. Maan was out of control tonight. Nothing could stop him. Nothing…. His aggressive body was ripping her apart.





She cried louder. It echoed through the jungle, but no use. It was a private land, owned by him and hardly any one was aware about this. He misused her till she faints.


Her beast come out from her imagination and dragged her into his hell. He ruined her to calm his thirst for Revenge… Lust for Revenge.

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PART – 3




THE news of his act reached to his mother. Arpita fumed furiously. She informed her lawyer and called him immediately. Vikram was in office and got the news. He quickly send his men on the spot,to confirm whether he left and proof behind or not and if he,then surly his men destroyed all evidence.



“Vikram did you heard?”




Vikram heard the anxious sound of his mother and cut her words in between. “Calm down mom. Just calm down. I already send my men to find out the matter. You just don’t worry. No one will open their mouth against us.” Vikram senses the tension in her voice.





“How can I son when you know air is blowing against. One side that Amit Handa and other side this new officer. Vikram we can’t take chances and Maan is getting out of my control. How would I restrain him?” She was anxious.





“Mom I would talk to him. You please just calm down.” Vikram assured her and hung up call.





Geet was afraid and sat or could said hide in her room. She just witnessed the murder in front of her. She was shivering badly. Lost she sat like lifeless body. Suddenly a current of shiver pass through her with one touch. She scared to death.





“What happened beta? It’s me your aunt.” The way Geet reacts to her aunt’s touch,made her suspicious.






“Nothing aunt.” She lied. “I was just lost in my thoughts and you came suddenly,so I react like that.”




“Are you sure Geet? Because you are shivering. Beta you can tell me if you want to.” She trying to get the source of disturbance.





“Yes aunt. Very much sure.” Her voice is low and eyes were dull. Definitely she was hiding something,her aunt knows but she doesn’t force her.





One side she was the only eye witness of the murder and hiding. On the other side. Amit Handa trying his level best to join the dots so he would reached to main culprit which he was pretty sure related to Khurana’s.





New officer also trying to find out. Arpita consult her lawyer,when she got a call from her opponent. He trying to threaten her but forgot whom with he was dealing.



“This time I spare you Pradhan. But next time may be I am not able to control my son. So be in limits.” She threatened back in a calm tone and cut the phone.





“Mr. Gupta you just tell me what would you gonna do?” She asked in a straight voice.





“Mam till they have any solid proof or eye witness,its next to impossible for any one to prove Maan guilty. And Vikram sir assured me that Maan sir left no proof there. So you just relax and forgot about this.” Mr. Gupta,their legal adviser informed her that there is nothing to worry about.





Maan need to chill out after a stressful day so he went to Laveena.




One who struggle to become a top model. Maan went to her and she knew what he wants. Maan bang on her and soon they were into each other,forgetting about everything else. She knew how to please him. Maan love playing with her curvaceous body,perfectly sculptured in every manner.





Geet was silent and both her uncle aunt turned suspicious. They knew her very well and forced to tell them the reason. Pinky tried to cover up.





“Mom dad please don’t treat di like her.” She tried to distract but one sharp glare from her father and all her courage lefts.





“Geet beta tell me what happened? Today one person was murdered in your campus. Did you saw anything?” Her uncle pressed her nerves and she spoke out what Pinky tried to hide. Geet tell him the whole truth and without wasting a second he informed Officer in charge of the murder. They took Geet to police station where she gave her statement.





Amit had a personal talk with the officer. He granted a permission and next morning got a arrest warrant against Maan. With his whole team he reached to Khurana Mansion. Which is not less then a castle encloses by armed men. One servant informed about the arrival of Police.





All are on breakfast table. Maan’s fists gripping firmed quickly. “How dare he?”





“Maan… Easy. Let me find out the matter first.” Arpita command him to stay inside and she went with Vikram to check the matter.





“Yes officer.” She welcome him and asked the reason of his visit.





“Ammaji my duty brought me here.” He said is a sarcastic tone.





“Really? So how can I help you?” She sat on her swing and stare in his eyes.



“Where is your son Maan?” He asked strongly.





“What work you have tell first.” Vikram interrupt.





Inspector signals his constable who handover the copy of arrest warrant to Arpita. Her eyes widened.





“I am sure you able to read this.” He taunts and Vikram raged.


“Don’t you dare officer.”


“Vikram.” Arpita signals him and he step back.




“Call your son.” He commands.



Before Arpita denied Maan himself appeared in front of him. He had no regrets or fear on his face. He took the papers and torned into pieces.




“What he did?” Vikram came in between to control the situation.




“List is so long. But today I came for the murder case of Shiva.” He told fearlessly.


“Inspector stay in your limit. You accuse my brother for no reason.” He only wasting a time.





“Easy Mr. Khurana. Without proof I won’t do anything. I have an eye witness of that murder case. Who gave statement against him. She saw him killing that local goon.” He snap back and shake their confidence.





“Arrest him.” He commands and Constable walked having a fear but forced to obey.




Maan was about to punch him but Arpita held his hand and signals him not to do anything as his one more wrong action put them into trouble.





“But Mom.” He gritted his teeth.





“Cooperate or else we have more ways.” He said with a demeanour.




Maan glared him. “You have no idea what you did today.” He threatened him but no effects on him. He dragged him with them.




Adi and Yash arrived,saw him going with handcuffs. Adi turned furious instantly but Yash stopped him. He dragged him inside and asked the matter.



Arpita slapped Vikram. “This is your sure work? How could you Vikram. Just because of your negligence that useless Inspector courage to show me attitude and arrest my son.”



“I am sorry mom.” He apologized.


“And both of you. Called yourself his friend. Why don’t you informed me that there was some girl who saw him killing Shiva.” She accused all for Maan’s arrest.






“Called the lawyer right now. I want my son back at any cost.” She burst like a volcano.

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PART – 2





SUN dawn and nothing new brought with it’s shine,because the people lived under threat. They just dragging their lives.




She was engrossed in newspaper when her son called her. “Mom is anything serious?” Vikram asked seeing Arpita so stern.



She raised that paper towards him and his eyes to turn dark. “Mom I tell you this Amit Handa gonna create trouble for us. Daily he published news against of us. Those intruders Maan killed last night was working for him. Now when they were missing he will try to find those chips. Hume to ye b nahi pata ki wo chips ise mill chuki hai ya nahi.” Vikram’s voice turn hard and rapid.



“Calm down son. If he got that then headlines would be differ.” She told while sipping her tea. “But yes we need to be careful in this matter. Already Maan did a blunder. Now we can’t take more risk.” She noticed Maan is missing. “Where is he?” She asked about him suddenly.




“Mumma he wasn’t here from last night.” Naintara came and informed her.



“Damn, one his anger and second his habits.” She annoyed and shrugged her shoulder. “Vikram find out where is he?” She commands.



Before Vikram made a call Yash and Adi entered. Seeing them Arpita shoot at them. “Maan is not with you?” She asked strongly.



“No aunt. We came to picked him up. Today we had to go on campaign.” Yash informed her.




“Now only two options are left. Either he is on his hide out or with Laveena.” Naintara interrupt.



“I hope he is with Laveena. Because if he is at his hide out means….” Crinkles of the corners appeared and forehead squeezed.



“Mom relax. Let me find out first.” Vikram called his girlfriend but she denied of being with him. Now they knew where were Maan.




Yash and Adi ran without wasting a second. They reached to his hide out and found him sleeping. He was still under the effects of drugs he took last night. Adi and Yash got tensed as all knew of his this habit but no one able to control. Not even his mother for whom he could go to any extend.




“Where are you going?” A strong voice held the pair of foot running towards the main door. Arpita walked towards her and she tremble badly. “Humne puchha where you were heading Annie?” She confronts her.




She doesn’t have a courage to met her eyes. “Bua ji college.” She told her in a meek voice.




Arpita scanned her and release a sharp breath. “Don’t I tell you stay at home and learn some good for your future.”




“But buaji I want to do post graduation.” She pleads.




“Look Annie you don’t need to do job,and your graduation is completed.” She told her rudely.




“But bua…” Poor girl tried to convince her. But luck wasn’t in her favor.




“Mummy Ji is right Annie. Learn to obey.” Naintara to demoralized and promote her rule.




“Naina taught her how to behave because very soon she is going to marry and I don’t want demeaned our name in front of her would be in-laws.” Arpita instruct her and left Annie in tears. She missed her parents so much. Because after their demise she brought here in a cage.




Naintara smiled wicked. “Come on Annie don’t start crying. We are doing it for you.”




“I know.” She replied in a hard tone and left.




It’s 11 am all the students were busy in classes when two political party’s goons quarrels in front of college where they came to convert students into their followers but other party goons came at the same time and they indulge in to a fight.




Maan was viewing from his Jeep but when his goons seems in trouble he jump out of his Jeep.




He took his hockey stick and start beating up,no matter who coming up. He beat all brutally and broke their bones like toys. Other’s side’s head hit Maan which proved his biggest mistake. He aired his rage which cost his life.




Maan’s anger towered. His grip loosen on his stick. He turned towards him and start walk like a death. Yash threw a sharp dagger towards him which he stabbed into his lower abdomen and blood shower spilled. But Maan wouldn’t stop at once. He stabbed him several times until he falls down on earth.



The moment he died all his men made an escape. Students in the campus already horrified so they hide apart from the one who stood and witnessed all. Adi signals Maan and he turned towards the one. Her feet frozen like hard ice. Not able to move,still she tried to run away. Maan was so close to her and she struck between him and tree.






Geet was horrified. It was might be her last day on earth. Her chest falling up and down and face turned pale. Her fingers curled into fists which torning her soft palms.






Maan bend and took her scarf. She scared. He cleaned all the blood marks on his face. Her heart thumping badly against her rib cage. She felt to dig in ground. Maan stare her and in his fire emitting eyes she was caught. Her body stiffen,denied to made any movement.



Maan leave her and move towards his jeep. “Maan she saw everything.” Yash cautioned.


Maan wore his glasses.






He was cool and calm and paced his jeep. “Maan why you leave her?” Adi asked strongly.




“She would not speak. Don’t worry guys. Just chill.” He paced his jeep and left the place.




The news spread like a fire. Police came to investigate but as usual they don’t have any eye witness. Media came to cover up but Police don’t share much information as the person died was a wanted goon so no one is ready to take responsibility.




Mr. Handa was sure but don’t have any proof against Khurana’s. His reporters share the lead information.




Geet was still in shock. Pinky gave her water and tried to calm her. “Geet Di calm down. They were left.” Geet’s breath are still un even. His eyes, blood smeared face and the demeanor when h was heading towards him. He doesn’t seems like a horrible beast.





“Pinky he was a monster. He killed a person before my eyes.” She couldn’t able to speak properly.





“Shhhh di somebody hear us. Please calm down di. I know it’s tough for you but please calm down.”




Police asked random questions from the students but all denied. They came to them also. Pinky to denied confidently but when they asked from her she turned cold.



Her eyes widened with shock. The view green before her eyes again. She nodded in pace and ran away.




“I am sorry sir. She is disturbed because of her health issues.” Pinky made an excuse and escaped.

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