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PART – 2




HE tied his night gown and sat on their bed. She knew he was tensed. “Samarth stop thinking about it.” She irritate seeing him in so much tension.



“Don’t you have?” He snap.



“No.” His eyes widened at his wife’s strange answer. “I mean hai or nahi bhi.” she fumbling before him not sure what exactly se want to said.



“Some random girl came and kissed him in front of me and you saying you are stress free. How?” His bitter words showed his frustration.




“At least she was a girl. Warna aajkal to pata nahi… Kuchh bhi ho sakta hai. So I am relieved.” She got a sharp glare from her husband on her weird explanation. “Dekhiye jo hona tha wo ho gaya. Now why you are destroying your sleep along with me. Samarth I am very tired and don’t want to stress myself over this issue. Jo b hoga subah dekhenge. Now common leave it and sleep.” She told her view and laid to sleep.





His parents were tensed as their studios son hide his love life from them and now they lost their peaceful sleep. On the other hands Dadima and Annie were over excited so they chat long and lost their sleep.





But in all this mess no one is thinking for Maan,who become the victim of that forced kiss. Some random girl came and stole his first kiss. He was so restless and tossing on his bed. Usually he got tired and slept easily,but what had happened was not normal. Though many girls tried since school days. Then college, medical school, one year internship and now his colleagues but his very much professional and stay away attitude kept them away. He rejected on face if any one courage to express her feelings for him. But this was the first time who dare this much. He couldn’t able to stop himself from thinking. Her single glance strike against his neurons which results in his restless night.




“Ahhh that brainless girl… What she did?” He cursed her for her insane act.





He saw her sleeping next to him and jerked away. Then he realizes he was in his room and no one is there. It was just his illusion. Maan slapped his cheeks two three times to awake himself fully. “I am treating patients of brain but I think now I got to be treated if its going in this way for long.”




Sun dawn and on time all joined at breakfast table. Maan came and kissed his granny, mom and little sister. Wishing all morning. He sat next to his mother.



All are silent more than usual which alert him. He scanned all’s face and at last Dadi and Annie burst in laugh,seeing his face and eyes.



“What? Why you all are laughing? And Dadi you to.” He cribbed at his condition.



“I am sorry bete but what is my fault. Just look at yourself.” She told him.



Annie pinched his hand and he winced in pain. “Sorry bhai just awakes you.” She teased him.



“Mom..” poor soul turned to his mother who glared him suspiciously.




“Maan look at your eyes. Don’t you sleep in night? If you study for whole night your number will raise.” She was worried for his health.




Maan got a big relief as his mother was on his side. But it was short lived.



“Kya mom. Bhai ab bade ho gaye hai. Koi dreams me aake pareshan kar raha tha. Hai na bhai…” She winked to Dadi.



Maan curses her under breathe. He felt embarrassed like a someone caught him red handed. “Mom she is getting naughtier why don’t you control her.” Maan annoyed with her teasing.




“And what about you Maan?” Samarth came and asked strongly.



“Dad I cleared last night.” His lashes lower as he not in terms of arguing. Samarth had a hold on him and he scared to made his father angry.




“You turned 28 already and what you did last night it’s really childish which I didn’t expect from you.” It’s hard for Maan to match up with his staring eyes.




“Samarth, I forgot to inform you,that Arjun’s parents were looking for a meeting. So when we….” Arpita tried to change the topic but his one glare shut her mouth.



“Don’t even think of try.” He gave her a wry look. “Anyways I hope this chapter close here only. Annie’s alliance is in process and I don’t want any controversy. I hope you all got this.” He stare all and caution them. All turn silent and Maan got a bit relief as his family stop teasing him.



Singhania’s came to meet Khurana’s officially and their meeting goes smoothly. Most importantly both Annie and Arjun like each other and got ready for their alliance.




All are happy. “Maan called Dev.” Samarth instruct him. Dev was his childhood friend and now owning best event planner company. Maan called him and he arrived.




He met with all and congrats. All are happy to see him as they love him like Maan. “Looking hot and sexy Dadima.” He winked and she showed attitude.




“Or nahi to kya. Young girls ko to maintain karna hi parta hai.” She replied and all laughed.



“Dev bhai you two never changed.” Annie came and hug him.




“Never,hai na girlfriend.” He gave hi 5 to Dadima. “By the way,Meera missing you a lot so please visit her as she felt alone at home.” Dev request to Annie.




“When our great grandchild suppose to join us?” Dadima knotted her brows.




“Only two months remains and trust me these days are more complex for me. Her mood swings goes horrible every day.” Dev cribbed to Dadima and Arpita.



“To aap unhe yaha bhej deejiye. Se feel good with all.” Arpita suggested.




“Aunty I would not dare. You ask her. Anyways it’s time to concentrate on Annie’s wedding. And I am so glad i got the chance to arrange. Ha but I want you to choose my best plans so who is coming for meeting?” Dev want an official meeting at his office so he would plan all the events and their themes.




“Maan will visit you in the evening.” Arpita told him.



“Who is Maan aunty?” Dev sarcastic as his friend forgot him and never asked about his well being.


“Stop it Dev bhai. Maan bhai aise hi hai. Wo hume b shakal kamm dikhate hai.” She manipulated. Defend Maan and support Dev at the same time.




“He will see you at 7.” Arpita promised.



“Ok then let’s see. Sir ko time hota hai ki nahi.” Dev lefts…





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“Beautiful flower like you,
Delicate and divine,
But don’t take me your admirer,
Wait for me,
Because I am your worst nightmare
Coming soon to destruct you,
Crush you,under my Feet…..”









MAAN SINGH KHURANA : Younger son of Khurana Family.

Arpita Khurana : chief head of Political party.



Vikram Khurana : elder son of Arpita aka Ammaji



Naintara Khurana : wife of Vikram Khurana.




Anvesha Kapoor : cousin of Vikram and Maan. Raise by her aunt Arpita after her parents demise.




Geet Handa : simple girl raised by her uncle aunt after her parents demise.




Amit Handa : chief editor of a local newspaper.

Nupur Handa : wife of Amit Handa.




Pinky Handa : daughter of Amit and Nupur.





Yash Sabbarwal : best friend of Maan Singh Khurana


Adi Mehra : right hand and best friend of Maan Singh khurana.

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JUNOON 2 Updated Last Part







Note : This is the final part of this story and no epilogue so don’t ask. Thanks for reading.






GEET was released soon after her arrest as her father buy or bribed everyone who was against his daughter. Maan left with no proof to prove her crimes. He was hell angry but helpless.



Mr. Singhania came to meet him. Riya and Dadima was there with him. He raged at his view but Savitri Devi calmed her son.




“Just get out of my house.” He roared curling his fingers into firm fist.



“Please Maan, listen to me once. She is your wife and now going to be mother of your child.” He revealed and all were confused whether they felt happiness of the coming new life or cry for the lives they lost.





Maan stood Infront of him. He gave a sarcastic smile. “So you and your daughter now playing this trick,against me and my family.” He was hurt deeply and denied to accept any lie.



“I am not lying.” He snapped.


“No matter what. But I will not accept your murderer daughter.” Maan to yelled on him.

Mr. Singhania joined his hand in front of him. “Please listen to me once. If you not convinced then i promise we won’t bother you near future.” He pleads.



All nods and he agreed. “First I am not lying. She is pregnant with your baby. Second I want you to know about her past what made her like this. Actually it wasn’t her fault. All was mine. The moment she born my wife died and I took her responsible for her demise. I hate her and denied to even look at her. She was craving for my love and attention but I engrossed myself in my business. She was love deprived,raised by servants. Gradually she stop any expressing. Neither she laugh nor she talk much. She don’t had a friend even. I changed her schools one after another because kids over there treated her ill as she never tried to defend herself. Then you came in her life. The first person who showed love care and affection all together. With you she start feeling happiness. With you she learned to cherish the moments. In you she found the protection for which she craved since long. Her suppressed emotions got unstable and she scared to lose you. Initially she like Riya to,but gradually her fear over powered her mind. She had only you and when ever you ignored,not deliberately but when ever you did she felt in secured. Her fear when turned into her obsession no one knows. Don’t even she. All she think only about you. Every person who got your attention or love seems enemy to her. As you are the only one who showed love to her. She didn’t want to lose you at any cost. Riya is your best friend. Getting same attention like her. Which made her to react in worst way. On that day when I came to know what she did,i realized what I had done to my daughter. I took her to psychiatrist to but it was to late. Her love for you became her life. You became her life. Her reason to live. Reason to smile. She lose anything but not you.” Mr. Singhania joined his hands in front of him once again. “Maan I know in her madness what crimes she commit are hard to forgiven. But Maan please don’t hate her at least. Just come and look how she is.” He was helpless father and only pleads.





“Apne jo kehna tha keh diya. Now you may leave.” Maan told his decision in a straight forward way. His wounds were so deep and scars on his soul was hard to heal. He turned his back and he left with no option but to left KM.





After his exist,Dadi and Riya tried to convince him. “Maan bete I know what she did wasn’t easy to forgive but bete giving punishment is easy. A good human being is the one who forgive.” She caress his head and asked him to forgive her.




“Dadima is right Maan. Now she is your wife. You vowed to protect her against every odd. Remember what vows you gave her at the time of marriage. Not leaving her in any condition.”





“That time I wasn’t aware that she is the one who killed my parents. Would she brought them back? Then what right she had to snatch them. I will not forgive her.” Maan was fuming and firmed on his decision. He was shaken badly in rage. His eyes were burning.




“Maan bete aap b woi karenge to what difference is left in you and her.”




“And Maan please not forgot she is not in herself. She needs medical help which only you provide. I am sure if you insists she get ready for treatment.” Riya and Dadima put their points to convince him but he silently moved towards his room. He think a lot in isolation.



At Singhania mansion there was a dead silent. She was sat on floor near locked window. She isolated herself. His words ringing in her ears. Her eyes were blank and dead.





He opened the door. “Here is she…” He guides him.





Maan saw her state and went near her. He bend on his toes and called her. His voice is like elixir for her. She slanted her neck to glance at him. He was sat near her. She touched him with trembling hands and when she was sure that he was in real she hugged him firmly. Her trembling hands not ready to leave her soul,her life. She kissed him numerous times. Seeing him near made her alive.




It was hard for him to forgive her but for sake of humanity he got ready to help her. Maan was not alone this time. Dadima and Riya was his full support.





First he took her to a separate house where only few servants lived with them. Dadima sacrifice her right for her children sake. She decided not to live with them until Geet get stable.





Maan took her to psychiatrist. She was violent but when Maan was near,situation was controlled. Gradually her counseling starts.


Months were passed and so her baby bump growing. She still needs time to get cured. Maan taking full care of her.




“Will you love baby more?” She asked one fine day.




Maan sense the insecurity of a child who afraid of losing her parents,because of her sibling’s arrival. He sat near her and hold her hands. He kissed on her forehead. “Hum dono is pyar karenge. Geet ye baby hum dono ka hissa hai. Our part. Like you missed your mother love,i don’t want our child to deprived of the same. Do you want this?” He asked politely and she nods no. “So you love our baby?” He asked and she opened her arms.



“Yes I love my baby a lot. But you love me na after baby’s birth?” Her cravings made his heart bleeds. How much monster she had in her mind and don’t know how much time it would take to leave her.





Maan scared for his baby to. But he don’t give up. “Yes I always love you.” He stroke her face and kissed again. “Now get ready as some guests are coming to see you.” He informed. She asked but he not revealed.





They came in hall and she found Riya and Dadima. Geet held his wrist firmly. “They are coming for you Geet.” He tried to made her comfortable.




She sat and stare all suspiciously. “How is my daughter?” Dadima caressed her and she stare her silently. Maan left her side.




“You wanna take him away?” She asked strongly.





“No we came to take you with me. You are my daughter and I can see he is not taking proper care of you.” She cribbed and Maan smiled.





Geet glance all around. Her temper was controlled because of the treatment but her horror still there. “No. I know it’s all your plan to snatch him from me.” She stood and held him firmly.





Riya came to her. “Geet calm down. I am not coming for your sadu husband. I came here to invite my both friends.” Riya had her own fears but she not showed. Geet’s doctor viewing all this from upstairs. She was observing her behavior. This encounter was a part of her treatment so she can plan further treatment.




“Invitation for what?” Geet enquired.



Riya gave card of her marriage to her. She called her fiance inside. One boy came a d stood next to Riya. “Meet my would be husband.” Riya formally introduced him with both.





“You are going to marry?” Geet asked curiously.





“Yes. He is smart na? Next month tumhara delivery hai. Or do mahine baad humari shadi to ye chhotu baby b invited hai.” She was smiling and showing no rage no complaints against her.





Geet to notice this and that’s a good sign for all. Riya gave card and ready to move with her fiance. Geet left Maan’s arm and went behind her. “I am sorry for everything.” She apologized which was a big step for her and all others to.



Riya now genuinely happy. She caressed her cheek and kissed on her forehead. “God bless you and your sweet family. And yes don’t forget my marriage ok.” She said and left.





This was big step for all. Geet took a first step to interact. Now it was dadi’s turn. She got ready to live with her. Dadima was very conscious being her around. She make sure Geet don’t offend by any of her action…





Slowly she mingles with her to. It takes time but she tried with the help of Maan and doctor. On right time she delivered a very beautiful baby girl. All were happy.







Dadima named her Siya. Little joy of bundle for all. Dadima got new comrade as Geet don’t know how to handle her. Sge taught her and most of the kept with her to.




“Forgive her was never be easy for me. But Dadima and my best friend taught me forgiveness is far better than punishment. Love gave me the strength to accept her with all her sins. I am still in wait of day when she get release from her all horrors fully…. ” Maan saw his little family spending good time together and hope for that day when he got solace…..

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JUNOON 2 Updated Part – 20

PART – 20






Important note please read before you read update:




“Those who think that Dadima or Riya are responsible for Geet insane state,then let me clear you all. They have nothing to do with her condition. Geet is insane and killed anyone. Dadima and Riya are victims of her. So please stop cursing them.






“Nikki tell me na where we are leading?” Riya asked waving her pony tail.



“It’s a surprise for you my dear.” Her voice is stiffen like her.



“Wow I love surprise. But you taking me to terrace. Nikki waha jana allowed nahi hai.” She alerts her friend.



“Don’t worry no one knows about this.” She told her while leading.



“See it’s locked.” Riya was about to take U turn when Geet held her wrist firmly.




“I have keys.” She stopped her and opened the lock.



“Nikki how did you get the keys? Ye to…” She was in shock.



“I stole it.” Geet told her with a wicked smile.



“But It’s wrong. We should not do this. Come with me and return these to peon.” She doesn’t like the idea of stealing keys from the office.




“Come on Riya don’t spoil my arrangements.” She insists and asked her to closed her eyes.




Riya consider her as a true friend so she agreed and closed her eyes without a think what was her intentions. Geet took her to the edge and pushed her. Luckily her skirt tugged in something and she don’t fell down direct. Riya held a rod to save herself.



“Nikki please help me.” She pleads to her friend,but in return Geet hit her hand again and again so she loose her grip and fell down. “Nikki what are you doing. Please save me. I am your friend.” Riya start crying but had no effects on Geet. Her vision going blurred and grip loosen gradually.



“No you are not my friend. You are just a hurdle between us. But today I removed you for forever.” She was filled with rage and animosity. Her eyes were furious and voice hard.




“Nikki what are you talking?” Poor girl don’t understand what she was talking about.” Riya cried for help. Fortunately Maan was following both girls and when he saw how Geet pushed Riya near death he quickly called the security. They came on time and rescued her.




Geet was furious as he failed in her plan. Principal called their parents immediately. Riya’s parents were out of town and she was living with Maan’s family,so as a guardian Savitri Khurana came on his call. Mr. Singhania to reached.



Riya was fainted and got her conscious back few minutes ago. Seeing Savitri Khurana she ran to her allowed her self to hide in her. Seeing her state she cocoons her protectively. Maan to told everything to his grandmother in a go.





Meanwhile Mr. Singhania to arrived. All three students were also there. Principal told the whole matter to elders.





“Nikki beta,she is your friend so why you did this? Now come on say sorry and be friends again.” Savitri Khurana tried to make up between both the girls,so she politely asked her to be friend with Riya again.



But Geet was furious as her plan to kill Riya goes in vain. She was fuming furiously.




“Look Mr. Singhania we don’t tolerate such behavior.” Principal complaints.





“Geet beta aise nahi karte.” She again tried but this time Geet threw a paper weight on her. Savitri Devi dodged and save herself.




Now Principal grew more angry. “See how dangerous she is. Sorry Mr. Singhania but we not allowed this kind of sick patients in our school. Your daughter need medical treatment. She is out from our school.” He prepared the papers and gave to her father.




Riya still shivering and not ready to leave her. She saw the death so nearly. While Geet was getting angry on all. Her father taking her away.



“Mr. Singhania I think she need medical treatment.” Dadima suggested her father but he ignored and took her away.



Geet was glaring all while dragging off. “I will kill all of you. You came in my way. I won’t spare anyone.” She glared Savitri Khurana and threatened everyone.




Maan and her friendship break up which build only 9 months ago. He was scared for Riya,his first and last friend. Since they were toddlers they were friends and on that day was about to loose her for forever if he don’t reached on time. He was angry on himself for bringing Geet into their life. He lost something in him on that day. Afterwards he never smiles.







“Maan bete…” Savitri Khurana came to her grandson who was lost in past memories and broken badly.




“Dadima I repeat my mistake. Again I gave her chance to harm my closed ones. Why Dadima why? Kya bigada hai maine uska jo wo har baar mere apno ko hi chot pahunchati hai?” He talked in a hoarse voice. His hands still trembling with fear and rage both. Fear for the person left in his life and rage on himself that he allowed her once again to hurt his closed ones.




The chapter all think was closed ages ago again reopened and this time took his parents away. Savitri Devi knows he was broken beyond repair. She cocoons her son.




“Excuse me Mr. Khurana.” Both glance up at the call of inspector who came on his complaint.




The moment Maan closed himself her insanity raised and she fired on Savitri Devi. Mr. Singhania interrupt and she saved. Maan came out and instantly called the cops.




Inspector arrested her and and do all the legal formalities. He handover the paper for his signature. Maan signed them and they took away her from there. Though it was the most harder as Geet was out of control and tough to handle.




Whole day passed,but he don’t utter a word. His emotions were fluctuating in a pace. In evening he left KM and reached to Thakur’s haveli. He wants to apologise.



All guards who was there to kept eyes on her were removed. So they could talk freely.




Maan went up to her room. They have so much to pored out. Maan apologize for everything and hug her. “I am sorry Riya. I had to listen you and Dadima.” His eyes shed tears.




Riya still in deep fears. What she had faced from last few months was to much. Someone’s insanity made her life hell.




Riya was still under her threat. “Maan you should not come here. If she got to know she will kill me.”




“Don’t worry Riya. She is under police custody. Now she won’t able to harm anyone.” Maan consoles her. Though he himself was worried for her and Dadima.




Case starts and Police start case enquiry.

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