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Protected: Game of Power Part – 40

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Protected: Game of Power Part – 39

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PART – 16




Maan was tensed because of the surroundings but somehow two months passed in a flip of seconds. Life was ran on its pace.



Riya was returned to her parents along with the guards who kept their eyes on her activities. She wasn’t allowed to meet Maan or Dadima. Neither she nor her parents. They were under threat. They are rich and powerful but Nikki is insane. She could do anything if they go against her wish.




Two months not a small period for newly wedded couple. Though their marriage was not like others but they are in good terms with each other. They like each other’s presence around.





Geet was planning so much for his birthday. She took permission from his grandma and she allowed her to as she also want to show the world that they are not weak and now stabilize again after such a huge loss. Because mourning is a sign for rivals that the person is weak and should be attacked by any one. So celebration were must to show them that they are strong enough to bear any loss.




Geet done everything so perfectly and waits to gave him surprise but all went in vain when he saw decorations and burst on her.



Maan grasped her. “Have you gone mad? Are you out of your mind. Who gave you the permission ha?” He was so angry and not spared her.



“Maan stop it. I grant her permission. But why you are so angry?” Dadima defends her and asked the reason of his anger.




“Dadima we are not safe till the culprits roamed freely. Police and our all guards are failed to track the attackers and you allowed her to do the celebrations. What if they attacked on her again?” The reason for his anger was his anxiety. He don’t want any harm reach to Dadi or Geet.



Either its his Grandma or his wife. Both were in danger till he saw culprits behind the bars and mainly he wants to know the reason which was actually missing.





He lash out his anger on both and step out. He don’t wanna celebrate his birthday. Dadima console her. “Wo pareshan apko leke. Isliye gusse me ye sab kaha.”



Geet commands the servants to remove all the decorations. Dadima apologize to the guests invited.




Savitri devi went to Maan who was sat alone in a room. Lost in his own grief. She sat near him. Maan turned his face to hide his tears. “Maan bete aap humse chhupa rahe hai. Do you think I don’t understand your frustration. I know why you don’t wanna celebrate. If you loss your parents then I also loose my children.” Her voice whimpered and eyes turn wet. Maan turned to her and she took him in her embrace.



“Dadima…” He cried in his warmth. She is the one before whom he wouldn’t have to pretend.




“Shant ho jaiye. You are my strong baby.” She stroked his back,soothing his pain. She parted and wiped off his tears. “Son I can understand your turmoil and pain you daily bears but this is the life. When your grandpa died Samarth was so small. If I had broken like you then we lost everything. Never show your sorrows to outsiders.” Dadima kissed on his forehead. “Today is your first birthday after marriage. Make new moments. Don’t let go this as this will not come back again. See you make her sad to.” Dadima points at Geet who was staring both from the door.



Dadima convinced him and took outside. “I am sorry Geet. Gusse me pata nahi kya kya keh diya.” He glance at her gloomy face and apologize for his behavior.





“Chaliye ab Apka birthday celebrate karte hai.” Dadima took both and he cuts the cake. He fed first to dadima and then to Geet. They have dinner and Savitri devi left both alone. Geet was all silent. She doesn’t utter a word.




Maan aware he hurt her deeply so in their room he initiate the talk. Maan sat next to her and held his ears.





“I am sorry Geet. Pls maaf kar do.” He talked so softly.


Geet’s stare him. Her eyes filled with tears. “Aap kyu mafi maang rahe hai. Apki koi galti nahi hai. Ulte maafi mujhe maangni chahiye. Maine apki zindagi kharab kar di hai. Na main apko samjhti hu na apke dard ko. Tabi humesha apko dukhi karti hu.” Her anger or a pain not sure but Maan sense she was saying something but meaning of her words were deep hidden.

He don’t wanna upset her. She is his wife. His responsibility. No matter how but he was the one who wants this marriage. Maan cupped her face.

He kissed on her forehead first and then on her eyes.




Her fingers curled with the touch of his lips. She was blabbering, cribbing to him. He saw her eyes and found the complaint there. That was for him. Maan took her lips and she closed hard her eyes,while gripping his shirt. He nibbles her lips made her moaned. His tongue entered and fluttering with her. His hand moved into the softness of her hairs,pushing more to him. He kissed her, pleased that she was jealous, thinking that he’d tell her anything she wanted to hear. He keep kissing her till they got out of breath. They parted and stare into each other eyes. Need was there and they accept it.



“Geet I love you. I never thought I would able to say this to anyone but you changed my life. Bahut pyar karta hu tumse.” He confess his deep feelings which he buried long ago.


She glance in his eyes. “Hum b apse bahut pyar karte hai. Aap sirf humare hai sirf humare(you are mine,only mine). Kisi k sath apko nahi baant sakte.” Her eyes turned dark with the desperation and panic. Panic with the thought of parting him and desperation to have him at any cost.



Both kissed again before he strip all the barriers between them. She reciprocate the love he shower on her. Maan held her.






He laid her down on bed. Their breath were quicken. He glance at his wife.






She hug him and their naked bodies joined. He nibbles her lobes and the tender flesh of her neck. His fingers graze her skin,eliciting moans from her. He lowered himself and lightly kissed her stomach. He circled her navel with kisses. She moaned. Travelling up he palmed her bosoms. He caressed her breast softly. He used both hands to stimulate both her mounds. Occasionally he rubbed her nipples between two fingers. Her hips pushed into his as her legs wrapped tightly around him.



“Maan…” She moan his name in a thick voice as her breath getting heavier with each moan. Maan raised upward and gave her hot mouth kiss. He Lowes down and again followed a trail of wet kisses from her neck to her cleavages. Her taut peaks begs for his attention. He felt little warm and wet forming on the tip of his member. He licked her nipples,running his tongue all the way around it,flicking it across the top of hard ball,before clamping down on it and sucking hard. Her chest was heaving as he switched breasts,sucking on the other one wet from tongue.



Geet start pleading. She was dying to have him in her. Her feminine part burning in the fire of desire. He paused and again kissed her tender flesh and gradually moved to her spot. His tongue along with his fingers thrusting her,tasting her delicious fluids. Gently he licks her wet folds. Slowly his tongue goes deeper. She moaned louder. She begged to have him. She helped pull him up,her body aching for him to bury himself deep into her. He held her hips and, finally, he slipped inside her again. She gasped and shut her eyes, and then neither of them spoke. She had one hand on his shoulder, the other slowly stroking his back, from the nape of his neck to the base of his spine. He began to move slowly and gently. She fought back the urge to quicken the pace. Both are enjoying every moment of their intimacy. She was in heaven of pleasure.




He could feel her warm wet muscles react to his entries, hugging his member in a sweet embrace. He could see the satisfaction in her eyes which he never noted before. Today she was calm and the glint of her eyes was mesmerizing. He penetrate her deep and harder.



Both were panting hard,moaning loudly. Her cum covered his slick member, making him bursts and cum in her,unable to hold it off. Both hit the climax yet not willing to let this moment of pleasure end. She raised and kissed him all over his face. He removed from her both kissed each other. Just wait to calm their over excited bodies.



Maan thought about her but she denied to let him go and as soon they got their breath calm,she asked him to claim her again and again. He took her again and again almost thrice they made love to each other.




She falls on his top the moment he laid to relax. He wrapped her in him. She held his possession tight. Like she was hiding him from the world. Geet kissed him all over again. Both were tired so slept soon hugging each other.



Its 4 am. Maan was in deep sleep. Geet opened her eyes and glance at him. She gazed him lovingly and kissed all over on his face. She raised her hand and softly caressed. “I love you Maan.” She whispered and peck on his lips.



She slipped out from his embrace and kissed one more time before leaving him. Geet went inside the washroom and glance her image in the mirror. She adored the bites on her body.



“Congrats darling you won. He is yours finally.” She laughed like a maniac. “Finally I got which was mine. Only mine.” Geet was happy over her won. She got what she desired for since long…









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Protected: Game of Power Part 38

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PART – 15




Marriage done and Maan again start his work. He was concentrating on his work but same question disturbed him a lot. He was still doubtful about Mr. Thakur’s behavior and sudden change of their decision.



Mr. Thakur was worried. His daughter still a captive and no hope seems of coming back.



At dinner all were together. Dadima asked about his routine. “Dadima gloominess at office was over now. Your idea of marriage works.” He appreciate her business sense.




“That is the irony of our life. We don’t have a right to mourn.” She said in a deep voice. Her sorrows were graved deep in her heart.




“Dadima our staff wants to wish us together.” Maan informed her.



“Hmm.. No problem. Take her tomorrow.” Dadima grant her permission.



“Geet kal subah ready ho jana office jana hai.” Maan told her.



“Lekin hum waha jakar kya karenge?” She asked the reason as she don’t found any.



“My staff wants to meet you. I mean wo sab Khurana’s ki bahu se milna or wish karna chahte hai.” He told her and she nods yes.



Next morning she was ready but silent. Maan asked why she seems so lost. “Maanji agar humne koi gadbad kar di to. Matlab hum nahi chahte ki humari wajhse apki bezati ho.” She lowered her head.



Maan held her chin and tilted up. “Kis baat ka darr hai tumhe?” He asked softly.



“Wo sab bahut pade likhe hai. Unhe pata lagega apki biwi gwar hai to wo log mazak banayenge.” She pouts at her situation.






Maan smiles at her innocence and straight forward behavior. He palmed her cheek.






“You don’t need to worry about anything. Jaisi ho waise raho. Koi mazak nahi banayega. Or main hu na sath.” He assured her not to stress for small things when he is with her.




Geet smiles and both moved out. They reached to his office. Geet glance all around. Maan escorts her and they step in lift.



“Apka office bahut achha hai.” She adored the place.




“Abhi office pahunche nahi hai. Waise to ye puri building hi Khurana’s ki hai. Par mera office 10th floor pe hai. Is lift se jaldi pahunch jayenge.” Maan explained her everything and she enjoyed exploring things around.


They were busy in talking when lift struck in mid and lights turned off. She got scared with the darkness and hug him quickly. “Maan Ji light jagaiye hume darr lag raha hai.” Her breaths quicken and heart beat paced.


Maan felt strange first but then he holds her. “Don’t scared Geet. Main hu na.” He assure her. His hands splayed over her back, pulling her body completely into his. Her soft curves pressed against his rock hard chest. She to held him firmly. She could feel his arousal against her heated core. His hand roamed freely on her back,while another went inside his pocket and drag out a small lighter. He turned on it. A small light brighten the glow of her face.



He pulled her more. “Nikki….” He mummers and same time light turned on.




He felt awkward with their position and lefts her instantly. Maan turned his face and wait for his floor. Soon they reached and got a warm welcome from his staff. All greets Geet and congratulate her. Geet smiles and accept their gifts and greetings. Maan already guides her how to behave and being with him she got his help to. Maan took her to his cabin. Geet was very happy with the treatment she got.




“Apke sab log bahut achhe hai. Dekhiye kitne sunder phool hai. Par inhe todna nahi chahiye. Hai na?” She asked him but hr was just lost in the thoughts of what had happened in the lift.



“Aap sunn b rahe hai k nahi?” She touched his shoulder to grab his attention.



“Hmm.. Kuchh kaha kya tumne?” He just come out of his trance so asked what she was talking about.



“Chhodiye Jane deejiye. Waise Apka office bahut achha hai. Khaskar apka kamra. Bahut sunder hai. Ye phoolo ka guldasta hum yaha laga dete hai.” She put the flowers in an empty vase and placed them on the corner near window.




“Tum abhi kuchh keh rahi thi na.” Maan asked again.



“Maan ye Nikki kon hai?” Her question stunned him. He glance up at her. Maan stare her and she got might he don’t like her question. “Nahi wo aap light aane se pehle yehi naam le rahe the. Apki dost to Riya Ji hai na to ye Nikki?” Geet asked in a least audible voice. Scared of his reaction.



“Koi nahi hai wo.” He replied in a rude and rough voice. “Geet I think ab tume ghar wapis jana chahiye. Waise b yaha tumhara koi kaam nahi hai.” He told her to leave.




Maan called his one guard and handover her to him. “Take her home.” He commands and she lefts.




Maan occupied himself in work when he got one call which shakes him from inside. He left his all work and rushed. Soon he reached KM and ran towards his room. Dadima was there with Geet and doctor. Geet had bandage on her head and few more injuries on her body. His guard was injured badly who was with Geet. Maan sat near her and she slipped into his embrace. Maan to cocoon her in his warmth. He could feel her uneven heartbeat and fasten breaths. Dadima left both alone and went outside with doctor and others.



“You ok. Geet kya hua tha btao mujhe?” Maan asked what exactly happened,but Geet don’t able to explained.



He checked her. She had many wounds,which showed her struggle to safeguard herself. Maan cocoon her again. Soon she slept in his arms because of the effects of medicine. Maan laid and cover her. Then he went out to interrogate from his guard.




“Sir we are on our way when one car blocked it. Some goons cone out and attacked on us. They were trying to kidnapped her but mam and I struggle. Afterwards some by passers came to help us due to which they all ran away.” His guard brief description of the incident.



“Have you noticed the number or any other detail about them?” He enquire more.




“Yes sir I gave all the details to officer and they are working on it.”




Maan called the commissioner and instruct him to put pressure on his inspector as he want the culprit behind the bars as soon as possible.




“Dadima I found all this weird. There is something which is not normal. You know what sometimes I doubt that the accident took away mom and dad was also planned.” He was in deep thoughts and confessed to his grandma.



She knotted. “Maan what you are hiding from me?” She to turn suspicious.



“I don’t know Dadima. I am very confused with the turns of events. Couldn’t able to believe on anyone.” Maan was in pain and confusion. He wants to joined the loops missing.



Maan was stressed but he was not aloof towards his duties. When Geet awake she found Maan near her,who was waiting for her to awake. She smell the fresh food.



Maan help her in sitting and support her. “Bhook lagi hai?” He asked softly and she glance at the food.




“Apne kuchh khaya?” Like him she to cares for him and Maan smiles automatically.




“Hum dono khayenge na.” Maan made plate for both and feeds her with his hands.




“Aap khaiye. Hum kha lenge.” She tried to took plate but Maan drag away from her reach.




“Chup chap khao. Main khila raha hu na. Tumhari chot abi theek hone me time legi. Use zada hilao nahi. Waise dikhne me chhui mui ho par fight puri ki. I am proud on you meri Sherni.” Maan praised and pampered both which made her flushed. Red hues appears on her cheek made her more adorable.




“Chalo ab aise tamatar jaise lal hona chhodo or ise finish karna hai pura. Now common eat.” Maan lighten the air. She was happy, living the moments of joy with her husband who pampered her a lot. She love the care he shower on her.

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PART – 14

SUN dawn. He slept in the morning at 4 so couldn’t hear the knock on the door. It was 6 am. Geet get up and glance the timepiece. She opened the door and found Dadima there. Her hand entwined first but quickly she bow down to touch her feet. She blessed her

“Good you awake. Aap tayiyar hoke neche aa jaiye.” She commands her and Geet nodded.
Savitri devi left and she locked the door again. Maan was sleeping on couch which definitely not comfortable for him. Geet went to him. She bow down on knees and stare him for few minutes. Her hands raised,craving to touch him but she hold her back and covered him properly.






“So jaiye. Hum jante hai ye sab aasan nahi hai apke liye. Thoda waqt lagega.” She gaze him and stood up to fresh n up. Afterwards she joined Dadima.



“Maan uth gaye?” She asked and Geet nods no. “Theek hai unhe abhi sone deejiye. Aap aaiye humare sath kuchh rasme baki hai.” She took her to temple first. “Aaj aap vart rakhegi or sirf suryast k baad hi kuchh khayengi.” She instruct her and their priest came to start the prayers..



“Maan Ji k liye hum ek dinn to kya aakhri saans tak bhuke reh sakte hai.” She stare in her old eyes and accept the challenge with confidence.



Savitri devi was mute. Her wrinkles appears suddenly. She was sat next to her without any more argument. When prayers are done they left and she took her to kitchen. “Apko zada kuchh karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Ek chhota sa function hai apki muh dikhai ka to cook sab smbhal lenge. Aap bas isme cheeni daal dijiye rasam ho jayegi.” Dadima showed her half cooked halwa and instruct her to add sugar,which was enough. Geet obeyed and both come out.





“Ab jaiye or Maan ko jaga deejiye. Or ha unse kahiyega aaj ghar pe rahe.” She instruct her and left.





Geet went up to check Maan. Who was in deep sleep. “Ye to so rahe hai. Or main inki neend kharab nahi kar sakti. Waise b puri raat bechain rahe hai.” She decided not to break his sleep as he was awake last night due to restlessness. She turned off the alarm as well so no one break his sleep.




At 11:30 he awake with a jerk and check the time first. Roughly he stroke back his hairs. “Why don’t you awake me?” He shouted on her and rushed inside the washroom.





Maan was battling with himself. He wants to know the answers of some unsolved mysteries around him. So he quickly got a hot water shower and come out. Got his all clothes ready. She done everything before he asked. Maan took them inside got ready.



“Wo… Dadima ne kaha hai ki aaj aap office nahi jayenge. Ghar pe mehmaan aa rahe hai.” She saw him wearing his shoes and told his granny’s decision.





“I am not going to office.” He told and she staring him like a fool. Maan shook his head. “Kuchh or kaam hai waha ja raha hu. Or function se pehle laut aaunga.” He told her in frustration.



“Aap pehle kuchh kha to le jiye.” Geet obstruct his way but Maan was determined and he waved out like a wild wind blown and thrown everything coming in the way.





Dadima saw him furious and she to tried to stop him but no use. “Please Dadima let me go. I’ll be back the moment I got my answers.” He said and left the place.





Maan drove madly and reached to Thakur Haveli. He pushed aside everyone and straight entered in Riya’s room. But she wasn’t there. Her room was empty. Servants informed and Mr. Thakur appeared.
Maan gave him a furious look. He swirled and stare him,fists tightly. “Why you denied? One day before you all are excited and agreed. Then what happened suddenly that change your decision?” Maan control his anger and asked strongly. Restraining himself to act harsh.




“I know you Maan you and aunty are upset with us and you have right to. This time I won’t able to show my face aunty. But Maan it was all Riya’s decision. She think deeply and decided to break this alliance. I am sorry Maan.” He showed his helplessness and apologize.




“Uncle where is she?” He trying yo read his mind.


Mr. Thakur turned nervous. He was glancing here and there. “She is not here.” He told him.




“That I can see. Tell me where is she?” He asked and found him silent. “What you are trying to hide uncle?” He got suspicious with his behavior. His body language was different and forced him to doubt.





“Nothing. What can I? I won’t. Look Maan what had happened wasn’t normal for her to. She wants to stay alone for some time so she lefts.” He collapsed his fingers heads again and again. Maan noticed tense lines to.





“Uncle please. Don’t be formal. If you are in trouble or any problem please tell me.” Maan insists.



“Its nothing like that. As I told you already it was her decision.” Mr. Thakur denied and assured it was all Riya’s decision




Maan lefts in anger and straight went to KM where Dadima and Geet waiting for him. Guests start coming.




“Where were you Maan? I told you be at home but you not listen to me. Now go and sit with her.” Dadima commands him to join her as all guests want to bless the couple. He follows her wish and sat with her. All came and blessed them. All praised his choice and adored the beautiful bride.





Function goes long and all enjoyed lunch but not her. She didn’t ate. Time passing and Maan noticed. He got juice for her.




“Geet ye pee lo. Ye sab to chalta hi rahega.” He was worried for her.




She denied. “Aaj humara vrat hai. Hum kuchh b kha pee nahi sakte.”



Maan turned furious and went to His grandma. “What is this Dadima?” He excused the guests and took her in corner. She asked the reason of his anger and he brief her.




“Humne khane se mana kiya hai. Pene se nahi.” Dadima went with him. “Geet humne pene se kab mana kiya apko. Aap ye juice pee sakti hai.”




“Dadima panditji ne kaha tha ki agar nirjal vrat rakha to wo sabse uttam hai. Or hum Maanji k liye kar rahe hai. Hume koi kasht nahi hai.” She told them the reason of fasting without water even. She don’t mind doing this for his sake.




“What a nonsense this is. Look Geet drink this right now.” He raised the glass and commands her to have it. But she glued with her decision. Maan turned more angry and left the hall.





After sunset Geet entered into their room. Maan was sitting all alone and gloomed. Geet came and he stood up.






“Aap naraz hai humse? Humse gussa mat hoiye. Aap naraz ho jayenge to humara vrat pura nahi hoga.” She tried to cool down his anger.





“Geet I am not angry with you. Bas jo ho raha hai main usi ko samjhne ki koshish kar raha hu.” He hold her. “Tumhari koi galti nahi hai. In fact I trapped you in all this. Sab meri galti hai. Tumhari nahi.”





“To aap naraz nahi hai na?” She asked softly having tears in her eyes. Maan nods no and she raised his plate towards him. “Ye aap pilayenge to mera vrat pura hoga.” She told him and Maan made her drink with his hands.






Geet bow down but Maan holds her before. He caress her cheek. “You are so pure and innocent. Jao kuchh kha lo.” He adored her simplicity.



“Aap nahi khayenge to hum b nahi.” She denied to have her meal.





Maan bow down before her wish and all have dinner together….



Day passed calmly. Mr. Thakur secretly went somewhere. “I did what you said. Now please let my daughter go.” He requests to someone who was hide in dark.




“We will but not now.” He told him and commands to leave the place.







“Relax dad. No one snatch him from me. After all he is mine only.” Nikki sounds so confident and determined to made him her…..

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Protected: Game of Power Part – 37

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