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JUNOON 2 PART 7 and 8


PART – 7


“Maan”, Nikki moaned in her husky f**k-me voice, her warm breath wafting over his ear. 


Animal instinct slammed him in the gut, and he parted away from her. Maan glance all around. Though many couples were dancing but he able to distinguished the stares from the bunch of people. He excuse and left her hand.


She clenched his fists. Maan slanted his neck and stare her. “Dance is over miss singhania. He jerked off her hand and left the dance floor.


He joined his parents who was already upset on him. “Dad I think we should leave now.” He to felt bit weird not because the moment he share with Nikki but the stares and rage in his parents eyes.


Riya was all silent. She neither argued nor blamed him for any thing. But her eyes read by Arpita. She knew her since she was born. She easily assumed what she felt when Maan ignored her deliberately. All were silent. Riya left with her parents.


Dadima was waiting for them. She was awaked. All entered inside. “Mumma you are awake?” Arpita asked,saw her waiting.


Dadima closed the book and stood up. “Now you all came back I can relax.” She replied while scanning their face which hints her. But she hides and leave her thoughts for a while. Her stare at Maan made him shuddered.


He wants to escape that questioning stare. “Good night Dadima.” He wished her night and she moved to her room.


Arpita and Samarth also take a step ahead. Maan to move but thought of Geet disturb him. He step back,wants to confirm whether she obeyed him or not.


“Now where are you moving?” Dadima stops him.


“Dadima I want to check Geet. She wants to leave…” Maan tried to explain his fear.


“She is sleeping.” Dadima replied and Maan stare her in amusement. How come she was so sure. It was clearly pasted on his face. “I went to her half an hour ago. But she was sleeping.” Dadima read his mind and cleared the mist. “Go and relax.”


Maan now straight moved into his room. “Samarth I am upset.” Arpita told him.


He sat near her,placed his hand on her. “Hey relax. I know you why you are upset. But I don’t think you need to paid so much attention on this.” Smarth tried to calm her and assured that it just a formal dance.


“Samarth I am not a backward or some conservative types. But I can’t ignored Riya. You know her. She never complaints but that doesn’t means she doesn’t feels any thing. You to noticed her eyes. She was hurt. I don’t even couraged to glance at her parents. How much bad they mist felt that their would be son in law dancing with some other girl,leaving their daughter behind. Samarth anyone could hurt. Think if she was our daughter then how we feels?” She had a valid reasons to complaint.


“You know what now I  forced to think that mumma’s instinct may be right. Don’t know whether it is safe to Geet here or not.” Arpita right now is very upset and many thoughts made the situation more complex.


“Oh now common please don’t drag her into all this. Arpita I know your worries are not baseless and trust me I will talk to Maan in this matter. This will not happens again. Trust me.”


“Well I hope so.” She inhaled sharp.


“Now go and change.” Samarth smiled and was carefree or he don’t want his wife to took more stress.


After all slept Maan with a silent steps moved towards outhouse to make sure she was sleeping.



Like a small child a carefree baby. Maan glance her.



He smiled seeing her. Whenever he saw her a feel of care overpowered his mind. He stopped thinking about logics and doubts which he always do with any new person. Maan don’t trust people so easily but when it comes to her he actually did. Maan raise and tugged her properly. She wriggle so he left without coming into her notice. He silently locked her door and went away.


World darkened. But some one was celebrating. Nikki was out of control today. She was drinking but reason was different.


“Baby please stop. You
..” Her maid tried.


“No way. Today is my lucky day. Don’t you see how much close we are in the party. Aunty he was with me. My Maan.” She glance her image in the mirror and touched her face, neck and slipped down. She still feeling his essence, his fragrance. “He touched me aunty. Everywhere.” Her eyes gleaming. Strange spark was there.


Aarti never witness this much happiness in her stoned eyes. It was like she owned the whole world. Her every breath chants only one name and that is of Maan.


She was happy and scared to at the time. Happy to see her baby doll happy and scared what if her dream to have him in her life not fulfill then what will be the consequences. “Nikki baby change kar lo.” 


Nikki held her raised hand before she touched her dress. “Don’t you dare touch my dress.” Her gleam replaced quickly by rage.


“But Nikki…”


“I said no. Don’t you get it.” Her breaths were rapid and rage surged through her blood.


“I am sorry baby.” Aarti apologized and left her alone.


“Did you see what she tried to do? She told me to change this. How can I. Your fragrance was consumed in this. Which gives me your feel. How can I ha?” Nikki still staring in mirror. Her thoughts not leaving Maan for a second. He was with her for tonight in form of his fragrance.


Next day at office Samarth confronts Maan. He told him that Arpita was upset with his behaviour towards Riya. “Look Maan we are not interested in interfering your personal space but we can’t ignored our duties. And whenever we feel you going on wrong way,we guided you.”


“Dad it just a dance.” Maan took the issue lightly.


“I know but what about Riya. Now she is not just a friend to whom you taking for a guaranteed. Maan what happened to you? There was a time when you cares for her a lot. Where is that Maan? You ignored her like some stranger. This is not good for your relationship. You are going to marry her. So its very necessary you both understand the gravity of this. Maan she to have some expectations from you.”


Maan was listening him silently. “Dad I already told her that never expect any thing from me.” He replied in a rude tone. Samarth glared him. “Dad I cares for her and trust me I never allow any harm near her. But I can’t be like you. Roaming and drooling over my wife. I am not even want to marry at this stage of my life. But you all insists and I got agree.” Maan was disappointed and told his father his side story.


“Ok son your wish. My duty is to guide you. Manna na manna is your wish. Now you are old enough to see things clear.” Samarth stood up to leave.


Maan clenched his eyes. “Dad please. I am sorry. I shouldn’t be rude to you. I am sorry for that. And I promise I make up for this. You all want me to keep her happy. I will.” Maan promise and made his father smile.


Maan sat back and think how to make up things. He first finished his work and after that went to Riya. He greet her parents and straight went to her room. She was there but silent. Maan stood next to her and pinched her.


“Ahhh… Maan.” She winced in pain.


“What? You complaint about me so I pinched you. Matter equals.” Maan teased her.


“What complaint you jerk? What are you saying?” She rubbed her arm and asked. Maan revealed. “Oh so aunty to got upset. Good they scold you. You deserve it.” She finally turned happy.


“Ya ya now you happy?”


“Yes a lot.”


“Ya sure why not. I just don’t get why you all hype this so much.” Maan found their behaviour loud in this matter.


“Because you don’t noticed how she was glaring me.” Suddenly a chill of fear ran through her body. Maan pinched her again. “Maan…”


“You still scared? Riya that incident took place ages ago. Now we all are mature.” Maan assured her that there is nothing to worry about.


“I don’t know Maan but her eyes saying something else. I saw tha same anger which I witnessed at that time. Don’t you noticed she avoids me. I think she still not forgot about that incident.”


Maan held her. “Just calm down Riya. I think you are over reacting now. That time had passed ages ago. There is no need to afraid of…” Maan embraced her and she allowed him to absorb her as her heart was beating very fast.


“Maan you will never understand. What I saw last night.” She clenched her eyes and trying to avoid her biggest nightmare.


Geet was helping Gardner. Though it was evening time. But he found some changes to protect plants. “Beta ise us disha me rakh dete hai. Waha suraj ki roshni achhi aati hai.” He told her to put plant in particular direction.


“Laiye kaka hum rakh k aate hai.” She quickly grab and start running. Same time Maan’s car entered in the premises and sound of his horn made her scared that pot dropped from her hands. Maan left his car and reached to her.


“Geet you ok?” He went near her as she was standing like a statue.


First she glance at the broken pot and then to Maan. “Hwww ye tut gaya. Ye marr jayega.” Geet start crying and bow down to collect the mud around its roots.


Maan glance her. How tensed she was for a plant. He to bow down. “Geet…Geet..” He called her but she was in her own world.


Maan saw no other option and forced to help her. “Hato. I will do it.” He used his big hands and hold the plant roots to save it from air.


“Isko leke chaliye mali kaka k pass.” Geet commands and most surprisingly he following without any argument. Geet guides him. Her full concentration was on the plant.


“Kya hua beta?” Maan saw both and asked.


“Kaka humse gamla(flowerpot) tut gaya.” She whimpered. Her tears won’t tale a pause.


“Ro nahi beta. Abhi isko dusre flowerpot me daal dete hai. He quickly brought new pot and put mud to made some base. ” Maan baba ise yaha rakhiye aaram se.” He guides him and Maan carefully placed it. He covered it and sprinkled water.


“Lao main rakh aata hu.” Gardner left with the plant.


Geet was tensed and Maan sense. “You still crying?” He asked and she glance at his face. “I mean ab kyu ro rahi ho? Ab to sab theek ho gaya na. So don’t cry. Ab rona band karo.” He asked her no to worry much as every thing is under control.


“Hume maaf kar deejiye. Wo hum ek dum se aawaz sunn k ghabra gaye the. Or apke kapde b gande ho gaye na.” She revealed and then only Maan noticed his clothes got dirty in all this.


But strangly instead of getting angry he was smiling. He smile and Geet asked the reason. Maan hit her nose softly with his mud smeared finger. “You are so innocent and cute.” He compliment her and she stare him amusingly.


“Ha… CUTT…” She repeats.


Maan laughed hearing her assent. “Cutt nahi cute. Bolo qu…ta” be broke words so she could repeats correctly.


“Cutt…” But Geet couldn’t able to catch the correct word.


It repeats again and again when Dadima came there and Geet shivered. Seeing her she ran away from there…
PART – 8
Nikki visit Maan at his office. Because his PA denied to transfer her calls to Maan. She was fuming and wants to kill him.
“Sorry mam I already told you at phone, he is busy.” He obstruct her way without knowing that what trouble he was invited for him.
Nikki shot a sharp glare. “And I also told you that I want to meet Maan. Don’t you get that.” Her voice was dangerous. Her fingers curled into a firm fist. Torning her own flesh.
Meanwhile Maan came out with his clients. Both saw each other. Maan see off his clients and came to her.
“Hi Maan.” She said huskily. Her voice and gesture changed suddenly. She become soft and spark for her eyes is something which is differ.
“Hi… You here? Any reason?” He asked in a a firm voice.
“You wanna talk here only?” She glance all around. Maan to stare his staff and escort her to his cabin.
She glance carefully. “Beautiful I must say.” She compliments and he offered her seat.
“So Miss. Singhania…”
“Nikki… Call me Nikki only.” Her eyes scanned him only. She not leaving him for a second. Like she hold him for her eyes.
“Look Nikki this is my office and I am very busy here. So straight come to the point. Better for us. Because I am sure you to have lot of work to do. Don’t you?” Maan directly asked the reason of her visit.
“But nothing is more important than you.” She told him without any hesitation.
“Nikki I have no time to entertain you. If you have valid reason then fine or else please leave.” Maan told her rudely as he don’t want any one would interfere in his work.
“You changed a lot. When we were in school…” Before she completes Maan cut her words.
“We all Nikki. And I hope you to. For our better we need to change by the time.” Maan opened his laptop and turned his eyes from Nikki,showing not interested attitude to her.
“Well may be but I am still the same. Like before.” Nikki indicates.
“I am waiting Nikki”, he only interested in official work and asked again.
“Me to.” She told and got stare from Maan but she wasn’t of those who scared or mind. “Maan your staff forced me to come. Teach them some manners. I called you but they don’t connec. That’s why I came.”
“They are doing what I instruct them. And as I already told you I am not interested in any other work apart from business, so if don’t mind…” Maan one more time showed her door.
“Ok fine if there is the only way to get your time then I have one deal for you. Come to my office. We discuss there only and yes I have time for you. So you are free to arrive any time.” She placed her card underneath his hand,just to touch his hand.
Maan tried to keep his cool and not utter any wrong word. He snatched back his hand. “I will see.” He avoided in a descent manner and she left.
In evening he received call from Inspector. He summoned him at police station.
“Inspector I hope you understand with whom you are dealing.” Maan was pissed off by his visit to police station as it was not good for his image.
“I know how you must be feeling but I am expected you as a sincere citizen as well. And today I called you for last time. There is a goof news for you.” He told her and Maan arched back at the chair.
“Really?” He sound sarcastic.
Inspector smiled and signed his constables. They brought one messy person with them. “He is one of those who attacked you both. Last and third one.”
Maan alerts and scanned him carefully. “Ya I remember him. Because he to attacks on me.” Maan recognised.
“Yes you are right. They are three in which two already murdered. And third one is standing before you.” Inspector confirmed.
“Did he tell why they are after Geet?” Maan was only concerned for a scared rabbit living at his place.
“That’s why I called you. This case is solved. But one thing I want to know from miss Geet.” He wants to interrogate her one more time.
“Please officer. You already troubled us enough. Now why you want her here?” Maan get annoyed as he doesn’t want any kind of trouble for her. He know how much she get scared from this atmosphere.
“Mr. Khurana please cooperate. Actually these three were hiding something. He told us that they hiding an illegal weapons there when she by mistake entered there and after seeing her alone they wanted to take advantage of her. Luckily you arrived and saved her. I just wanted to ask if she had saw something or not?” Officer told the reason of enquiry and also explain why they all chasing her.
“I think you have very short memory. She already told you so many times that she saw nothing. She was walking and forgot the route and suddenly they all start chasing her to which she ran for her life and bumped on my car. Now what the use of asking same thing again and again? Better you interrogate him.” Maan unknowingly become very protective for her and don’t want any trouble near her. He told his decision with dominance.
“Its ok Mr. Khurana. If you don’t want we will not trouble her.” Officer bow down as he knew there is no ise of argue with him. If he doesn’t want then they would not go against of it.
Maan stood up on his feet to leave. “By the way who killed his other mates?” He suddenly reminded and asked.
“He admit that they had a heated argument which lead him to killed both his mates.” Officer calmed his anxiety. “Don’t worry Mr.khurana now he will not harm any one.” He assured him the security of all.
Maan left the police station, having a solace that third one was arrested and now there is no threat on her life. He moved towards his route to KM.
Maan changed and moved towards study followed by Geet. Maan smiles seeing her. “You here? I mean kuchh kamm tha?” He asked the reason of being here.
She nodded. “Ye dena tha apko. Wo nakul bhaiya ne sikhai. Aap peete ho na ye Kali KAFI.” She heard words and utter in her own style which made Maan laugh whole heartily.
Geet saw him laughing and felt nervous.
“Kya hua? Humse koi galti hui?” She sound so innocent whenever she get nervous.
“No no. Actually ise Black Coffee bolte hai.” Maan took fish from him and also teach her how to spell it correctly.
“Black Kafi.” She tried to catch up as much she can.
“Coffee…” Finally she catches.
“Good. Dekha kitna asaan hai. By the way why you made this? Its not your work…” Maan asked but the he reminds and translate his whole sentence in Hindi,so she understood.
“Wo hum akele baithe baithe bahut ukta gaye the to humne Nakul bhaiya se kaha ki hume koi kaam de. To unhone hume ye bana b sikhaya or ye b btaya ki apko bahut pasand hai. Taki jab aap aao main bana k de du.” Geet explained.
Maan took a sip. “Wow you learned things fast. Its so good. Lag hi nahi raha ki pehli baar banai hai.” Maan praised her.
“Apko achhi nahi lagi. Wo hum seekh lenge.” She through Maan don’t likes.
“No no its just perfect. I mean bahut achhi bani hai.” When he assured her that its really good then only she smiles.

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JUNOON 2 Part 5 and 6

PART – 5
AFTER her check had been done Riya dropped her to KM. She parked the car and went inside. Arpita was on some call but Dadima noticed both the girls walking in.
“Omg. Riya what happened?” Dadima saw a bandage on her forehead and she panicked.
Hearing her,Arpita drop her call and came there. She to was in shock. “Ye kya hua beta. How you hurt?”
“Ya ye kahiye who hurt her.” Dadima remarked staring at Geet. She clearly accused her.
“Dadima, aunty please just relax. Its just a minor wound. Nothing to worry about that.” Riya assured them.
Dadima still staring Geet who was standing scared at one side. “Riya humne apse puchha ye hua kaise. Aap to inhe leke gai thi or khud ko hi chot laga li?”
“Ye humari wajhse lagi hai.” Geet opened her mouth and told them the answer they,actually Dadima waiting for.
“I knew it. It was her who was behind her injury.” She glared a shot towards Geet.
“Dadima hold on…hold on please. Isse pehle ki aap us bechari ko dantna shuru kare let me tell you one thing,it’s not her fault.” Riya defends her.
“But she accepted.” Dadima not ready to listen.
“Common mumma let her speak first. Riya you tell beta what happened exactly.” She advised her mother in law to be patient and listen them.
“Aunty actually she was so scared. All new place and so many patients. She saw them all and felt like vomit. So she start running from there. I chased,so she did not missed from me. But on staircase my foot tripped and I hit my forehead against the wall. It was just an accident. And see one the positive side. I was in hospital so get medical attention immediately.” Riya who was injured but was very calm and composed. She didn’t hyped it. But Dadima’s anger roses against Geet. As for her she was responsible for Riya’s injury.
“Only God knows what was the truth.” She mummers in her mouth.
“Ok aunty I have to go. Mom is waiting for me. And yes one more thing. Aap kisi ko bhej k reports mangwa lena. Sham tak aa jayenge.” She told Arpita about the timings and left.
Dadima step towards Geet but before she took her on remand Arpita jumped in. “Geet you to go and take rest.” She commands her but she don’t move an inch then she reminded and translated her words in Hindi for her.
Geet nodded and left the main hall of the mansion.
“Arpita I am warning you. There is something in this girl which I don’t found correct.” Dadima cautioned her once again.
“Mumma bad keejiye. We are not gonna keep her here for a life time. Once she get alright tab sochenge.” She requests her not to hype the matter any more. Though Savitri Devi is the commander of Khurana Brigade but this time all were against of her wish.
Mid noon. He turned on the light of a dark place and his eyes horrified. He command his men and they came into an action.
Maan was busy in his office for whole day. In evening Samarth came to his cabin. “Let’s go son. Your mom is waiting for us.” He came to remind him.
“Bas dad just 10 mins.” Maan finished his work and both left the office.
In car Samarth handover one card into his hand. It was an invitation for a party. Maan glance at the card.
“Dad ye card… What do you thing? Mr. Singhania wants to socialite with Indian market.” Maan review.
“Definitely son. He had his business all over the world. Even here to. But many businessman don’t know about him on personal level. He runs his business from London. But now hr came back to India and this party is only for that.” Both were talking about the invitation and reached to KM.
After fresh n up all unite on dinner table. “Hows your day?” Arpita asked from both.
“Fab as usual.” Samarth replied and show same card to his wife.
Dadima to scan the card and read the details. “Ye woi to nahi jo kuchh saal pehle permanently London me shift ho gaye the.” She enquired.
“Yes mom you are right. He is the one.” Samarth confirmed.
“If I am not wrong. His daughter studied with Maan. They are in same class.” Dadima reminded quickly.
“Seriously, he is the one?” Arpita’s eyes widened and she stare all.
“What was her name?” Dadima tried harder to remind but nothing came to her. “Maan did you remember her name?” She asked from him.
“How can I Dadima. Humare sath to 35 students or the class me ab sabke naam thodi na yaad rakh sakta hu main.” He denied.
“Ha but sabko rusticate nahi kiya gaya tha tunhare kehne pe.” Arpita to remind the incident.
Maan suddenly stop his spoon and glance at his mother and granny.
“Common mom, Arpita ye sab kya leke baith gaye ap log. Wo 6th standard ki baat thi. Ab time badal chuka hai. Ab to wo b humare Maan ki tarah badi ho gai hogi and I am sure she would be very intelligent like her dad.” Samarth don’t got why his family over reacts on a simple invitation.
“I think dad is right. Aap dono to aise react kar rahe hai jaise party me hume us rustication ka badla lene k bulaya ja raha hai. Easy mom. Dad I think we should go there. Its a grand party and as we all know our rivals and friends both would be there so why don’t we?” Maan showed his interest from business point of view.
“Maan is right we had to go.” Samarth supported him.
“Nothing had changed Maan. You are still mine and this time I won’t let you go. Last time you are not by my side but this time I came to make you mine for forever.” Nikki kissed on his pic and as usual lost in her imaginary world.
Singhania turned on the lights and came inside. “Nikki…” He called her.
“Dad you send invitation to him?” She asked.
“Yes sweetheart I did.” He assured her,which brought huge grin on her face.
“Wow he is coming. My Maan is going to come for me.” She got excited even with the thought.
“Nikki look at me. Tell me first what you do at out godown?” He tried to confront her.
She turned to her and shot a glare with her furious eyes. “I did right.”
Her breaths getting faster and anger towering. “Ok ok calm down just calm down. Ok leave it. Maan se milna hai na? I am sure you decide about the dress.” He diverted her to Maan as he is the only name in her life which makes her calm and composed.
Sun dawn and new chapter starts. Maan received a call from Inspector. He hung up after talking. “Mom where is Geet?” He asked about her.
“Apne room me hi hogi. Kyu kya hua?” Arpita saw his face and tried to read this mind.
“Hum dono ko police station bulaya hai.” Maan told her and also saw the change of her expression. “Relax mom nothing to worry about. They just found some clue about the person attacked on her so we are called for confirmation.” He told her before she start worrying.
Maan went to out house. Room was empty but soon she appeared from washroom and sprinkled water drops on his face,by mistake as she was jerking water from her wet hairs. She was in her own world and don’t noticed his presence. But Maan staring her constantly.
When she done she look at him and stopped there only. “Aap yaha?” She asked for the reason.
“Taiyar ho jao hume police station jana hai.” He commands her.
“Police station.” She repeats his words. “Par kyu?”
Maan noticed panic in her voice and eyes. “Dekho Daro mat. Mamuli puchh tachh k liye bulaya hai bas.” He told her.
Geet quickly tied her hairs and covered her neck with scarf. Maan leads her and both settled in his car. In a way Maan noticed her silent. As she was afraid of something.
Both reached to Police station. He parked the car. “Geet I am with you. So pls calm down. Main hu na daro mat. Kuchh nahi hoga.” Maan assured her and both went inside.
“Let’s go Mr. Khurana.” He told him.
“But where officer?” Maan enquired as they just come and he asked them to leave.
“We had to go to morgue.” He informed.
“But why?”
“Mr. Khurana we got two dead bodies last evening. We send them to postmortem. One of them was of a wardboy and second one was of a local goon. I want you both saw and trying to recognized them.” He took them with him.
In a room they all 3 entered where he showed two dead bodies which were brutally stabbed by the killer. Geet saw and shriek comes out of her mouth. Bodies were badly damaged. She against felt like puking. Geet quickly covered her mouth with her scarf.
“I know apko kaisa lag raha hai par jaanch to karne padegi. Dekhiye madam kya in me se koi tha jisne aap pe hamla kiya tha.” Officer asked her. But Geet denied to look at them..
She saw when he forced her but she was dead scared and grasped Maan’s forearm. Her sharp nails dig into his flesh and she wasn’t ready to leave her..
“Geet please koshish karo.” Maan saw her condition. She hides her face behind his back.
He forced her to look carefully and she did but as a result her vision go blurred and she faints there. Maan sprinkled water on her face but no use.
“I am sorry inspector but I had to take her home.” Maan excused and walked outside.
Inspector followed him. “Dekhiye Mr. Khurana its for your safety. We need to know why those goons are behind her?” He told the importance of the situation. Maan think and leave her in his car and went with him.
“Officer I am not sure but may be he was the one who attacked on me. But as I already said there was all darkness except my car headlights,in which I saw the goon. But as you can see his face and body was badly damaged so nothing is confirmed.” Maan told him exactly what he knows or remember about that night.
“Ok. Thanks for the cooperation.” Officer allowed him to leave.
Maan quickly drove back to KM…
PART – 6
GEET reports came. She was fine. No internal injuries were found. Police investigating about the reason behind the attack on her. As Geet herself not aware. She don’t even recognized those bodies found in morgue as she was scared.
Dadima had their doubts and not ready to trust Geet. Her appearance is suspicious for her. “Dadima I know you. Aisa mujhe lagta tha. But these days your behavior confused me. I never saw you this much restless and for what? A mere scaring my granny is not digestive for me.” Maan thought to talk with Dadima as she was still angry on all.
She was all silent and not react much. She was waving on her rocking chair. Her thoughts were messed up. Maan put his hand on her to got her attention.
Dadima caressed his head. “Your granny not scared of a mere girl. But I can’t ignores the consequences.” She said in deep voice.
“What kind of consequences,you are talking about?” Maan surprised.
Dadima glance at him and kissed on his forehead. “Did they found why goons chasing her?” She question back instead of giving answer to him.
“They are searching. Dadima they were 3 and police found two dead bodies murdered in a same way. Mat be they are two o f those. Not sure as we both failed to recognize them. And most amazing part is one of them was a ward boy.” Maan told her but she was webbing the pieces.
“Who killed them and why?” She asked suddenly.
“Don’t know dadima. Police found their bodies near by Jungle. They had a doubt that they killed first and then thrown there.” Maan stare his Dadima who was lost in deep thoughts.
“Dadima you ok?’ Maan saw her lost and shake her to bring back to him.
“Of course son.” She smiles and assured. “Now go and get ready for a party.” She pretended as nothing bothered her.
Maan was moving and she asked one more question before he vanished. “Maan did they tell you in which hospital that ward boy was working?” She enquired.
“No Dadima.” Maan haven’t a clue about that.
“Ohk” she allowed him to go and lost in deep thoughts.
Maan step out of her room and banged with Geet on stairs. She lost her balance but Maan saved her. Like a feeble bird she was stayed in his arms with her eyes closed. He saw her and smiles. She is just like a small rabbit who scared a every single noise. He thought whether he should tell or not that she was safe,because he enjoying her antics. Fear was on her face and she don’t even opening her eyes to confirm what exactly happened.
“Tum aankhe khol sakti ho.” He finally told her that she was safe.
Geet opened her one eye first to confirm and then realized she was safe and in his arms. She come out of his arms.
“Hume maaf kar deejiye.” She apologize in a hardly audible voice.
“Sorry? I can’t get you.” Maan don’t understand what she just said to him. “Kuchh kaha kya tumne?” He asked in the language she understand. Geet nods.
“I won’t get you. Thoda tez bologi?” He asked her to speak in bit raised volume as he can’t hear her. Geet nods again.
Maan waits for her to speak. Geet was nervous as he was staring her constantly.”wo hum jaldi jaldi ja rahe the apko dekha nahi or takra gaye. Hume maaf kar deejiye. ” she apologize for banging him.
“Hmm…” Maan smile seeing her nervousness.
“Aap has rahe hai.” She pouts thinking he was making fun of her.
“Nahi. By the way itni raat ko kya kaam tha?” He asked the reason why she was in hurry,at this time.”
Geet glance up at his face and quickly down her lashes. “Wo nakul bhaiya keh rahe the humari jaanch ka nateeza aa gaya hai”, she couraged.
“Ha to?” He not leaving her for a second. His eyes stuck on her. He was smiling seeing her antics the way she hesitate, the way she talk,the way she felt scared like a small rabbit. All make him smile like old days. He himself even amazed why he smiles for no reasons.
“Ha to hum ye kehne aaye the ki ab hume yaha se jana chahiye. Humari wajhse pehle hi kafi takleef hui hai sabko. Isliye hum dadima se jane se pehle maafi mangna chahte the.” Geet revealed the reason of her coming which changes the atmosphere.
Maan’s brows joined and his look turn stern. He stare her silently for few seconds. “Or kaha jaogi itni raat me? Kisne pas rukogi? Tumhari jo dwaiya chal rahi hai wo kaha se laogi?” He shoot so many questions one after another and wait for her to reply.
Geet was all silent as she had no answer to his questions. She was alone and don’t know any one here. She stood silent with head bow down.
“Until you found the answer of these questions I won’t let you go. Did you get that.” His smile vanished and anger take place.
Arpita saw them and came there. She asked and Maan briefs. She to grew angry on her decision. “What is this Geet? Have you any idea how much risky is this to go out when those goons are moving freely. We can’t risk your life. This matter is serious and we need to settle it down but till then you are not going any where.” She commands and Geet staring her.
Arpita reminded. “Khana khaya?”she asked and change the topic. Geet nods yes. ” to jao dawai kha k so jao. Hum log subah baat karenge. Or kahi nahi ja rahi tum. Chalo ab jao or aaram kar lo..
She send her back to her room and all moved to get ready for the party. All reached to Singhania Mansion. A symbols of perfect architect. Beautiful wasn’t enough to praise it.
Every famous name was present in the party. And that was main motive of Maan coming there. These kind of parties helps in making new contacts. People enjoying with business.
Mr. Singhania came and greet his guests like a good host and meet each and every one personally. But all are waiting for his daughter to join.
“Nikki baby let’s go sweety all are waiting for you.” Her maid told her.
“Is he there?” She asked and her maid nods with a smile. Her lips curved and she rushed outside. She was descended from the stairs like a true princess. Spot light covers her and all eyes moved towards her. But her eyes were lingering on one man. Maan Singh Khurana.
“Tujhe pane ki zidd,
Tujhe zeene ka junoon hai,
Tu meri har dhadkan,
                                Har saans ka suroor hai,
                                  Tu hai mera sarmaya,
Aankho k kareeb,
Yehi ek sukoon hai..
Ha mujhe Junoon hai, Junoon hai, Junoon hai…”
Ignoring all she straight went to Maan who was standing next to Riya. Her eyes gleaming seeing Maan in front of her eyes. She straight kissed on his cheek.
“Hello Maan. Its been long since we met.” She raised her hand towards him,ignoring whole world.
Riya felt a bit awkward but she don’t reacts. “Hello miss Singhania.” He talk formal.
“Nikki… Call me Nikki only. I had waited so long for this moment.” Her breaths coming very faster and eyes glued to him. “I think you forgot me.” She reminded him about those period they were together.
“It was our past. Let me introduce you my fianc,Riya.” He introduce her to Riya.
Nikki gave a murderous look to her.. Her fists gripped, pinning her own flesh and torning the soft skin of her palm.
Mr. Singhania invite all for dance to avoide any mishappening. Nikki once again stare him. “Shall we?” She asked for his hand to dance with him.
Maan took this as a formal invite and went with her. Both hold each other’s hands to sync on the beats of music. She was in her dreamland. Her Maan,her dream, her desire, her obsession was with her and came to become her for eternity..
Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re
Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiyaan
Tu jog laga de re
Ram ratan dhan
Lagan magan man
Tan mora chandan re
Ujli kori preet piya
Satrang laga de re
Ang laga de re
Mohey rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re
Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Raat banjar si hai
Kaale khanjar si hai
Tere seene ki lau
Mere andar bhi hai
Tu hawa de isey
Toh mera tann jale
Jala de re sang jala de re
Mohey ang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re…”
Maan tried to leave her but she wasn’t in term of let him go. How can she. He came for her only. For her…
“Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Raas hai raat mein
Teri har baat mein
Bol main kya karun
Aise haalaat mein
Hoon main teri malang
Tu hi mera nasha
Chadha de re bhang chadha de re
Prem ki bhang chadha de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re
Jog laga de re
                                 Prem ka rog laga de re
                                  Main toh teri joganiya
                                        Tu jog laga de re
Ram ratan dhan
                                     Lagan magan man
                                     Tan mora chandan re…
Surely they gain so much attention and his parents dislike the way they were closer. Specially seeing Riya’s eyes they grew angry but don’t wanna catch unnecessary gossips

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JUNOON 2 Part 2 – 4

PART – 2
NEXT morning when she opened her eyes, her maid Aarti took a relief breath. She don’t able to sleep for a minute and that was the reason Nikki might attached with her apart from her insane love. Her eyes burning with rage. She come out of bed and asked for a drink. “Aunty I need it badly.”
“Nikki pls baby don’t play with your life.” She tried to showed the bad side of drinking but got glare in returned.
Nikki saw her wrist and start opening the bandage. “Baby I will bring your drink but pls don’t do this. Your stitches get…”
Nikki glare her again. She step towards her. “Aunty you sacred for this? Why? Its just a minor cut. Now pls stop being my mom. Maan ko paye bina maut b mujhe chhu nahi sakti.”
Nikki doesn’t feel anything,except the feeling of love for Maan. All she knew only a pain of separation. Other pain become routine for her as she hurt herself several times and since she got to know about Maan’s marriage fixed with Riya her insanity knows no bounds. Unwillingly Aarti left the room and Nikki went inside for a shower.
“Bath time Maan.” She whispered to herself and drop her dress for a bath. she entered in her bath tub.
And feels him against her. Ripples of water gave her the delight of his caressing. She was totally in his world. Soon she turned warm feeling him with her. Aarti brought her drink inside and broke her fascination. Nikki hold the glass and threw near her feet. She trembled badly.
“Nikki baby…” She screams.
“Can’t you wait for few more seconds. Give thank to your God that I won’t hate you or else you don’t even imagine what would I do with you.” She roared and commands her to brought new glass. Aarti quickly collected all the pieces of glass before any one pierced in her delicate skin. Nikki won’t cares for her wounds but she did and why not? After all she raised her since she was born.
In KM :
Maan got ready as par his daily routine. He came for breakfast and join his family. He wished all and kissed his mother and grandmom.
“Good morning son. But why you get ready so early?” His mom enquired.
“Common Mom,its my daily routine. I have so many important meetings today.”
“Arpita why taking a load. Aaj tak isne mani hai humari. Ab to Riya hi sudharegi ise.” Dadima teased him again.
“Oh pls dadima don’t start all this again. Already you guys embarrass both of us so much last night. Now pls spare me.” Maan cribbage as he had enough of this teasing session.
“Maan where is your ring son?” His father asked suddenly.
“Dad that was so irritated. So I just removed it.” He explains.
“Maan its not right. You are ready to go office what all thing if they found your finger empty.” Dadima don’t like his so much casual behaviour towards marriage rituals and functions.
“Dadima no one have a courage to question me. You think they courage to ask me?” Maan replied briskly.
“I know may be no one ask you directly but behind your back all gossips for sure. Maan don’t give reason to any one.” Dadima sounds strict in her tone. She don’t want any one mistook his actions.
“Ok don’t get angry. I wear it again.” He don’t want her to upset so agreed quickly.
After breakfast he left with his father. In office he was busy in his work. At work place he don’t like casual behaviour. Perfection is the other name of Maan Singh Khurana. Samarth felt proud when all praised his son’s hard work. Neither he do mistakes nor he spare other’s.
Some one knocked his door. He allowed and Riya appeared. Maan glance for a sec and then moved his eyes back to laptop screen.
“Hwww so rude Mr. Maan. Your fiance is here and instead of welcoming her you are busy in playing with keyboard.” Riya complaints seeing his aloofness.
“Riya this is my work place and here I don’t want any disturbances.” Maan told her straight forward.
“Maan ye kya baat hui?”
Maan fed up with her cribbing so he left his work for a couple of minutes. “Look Riya you know me more then any one after my family. So I believe you to become my strength instead of hurdle. My work is more important for me than any other things. I set some goals for me and don’t want any one to become hurdle in that.” He sounds rude but Riya knows he was always like this.
“Very bad. I thought after our engagement you might changed your this khaduspan, but no you still the same.” She thought to pull his leg like she always do.
“What? What you called me? Khadus?” He glares a shot to her. A threatening tone. Riya nodded with a smile. “Well miss Riya Thakur I am an ambitious one. Did you get that?” His stern face telling her now he irritates to the edge.
“Ok ok dont get irritate. I am leaving. But don’t forgot kal tum mujhe dinner pe leke jaoge.” She reminds him.
“Promise. Now pls leave.” He asked her to leave.
“Maan can I ask one question? Pls just one.” She requests.
Like her he also knows if he don’t allowed her then she don’t stop irritating him. “Go ahead but be quick.” He allowed her.
“Maan sach bolna. You don’t love me right?” Her smiling face turned faded as she might aware of the reply.
“Now what kind of a stupid question is this?”
“Pls Maan…” She pleads again.
“You know me still. Ok if you wanna know my views from my mouth then listen. I don’t believe in this shity presumption. It’s just a waste of time and money. Riya love is word which companies use to sell their products in market. Roses, candles gifts? Yehi hai na pyar sabke liye? Then I don’t have time and money to waste on that. Now if you satisfied with me ans then spare me. I need to concentrate on my work. I chose you because I believe at least you understand me and support me.” Maan share his thoughts which she already knew but still hopes him to be turn little romantic like her friend’s boyfriends or husbands but his words crushed her last hope to.
“Yeah… Bye…” She turned sad and moved to leave when peon knocked and came with a large bouquet.
“Sir this for you.” He told him.
Riya got excited seeing such a beautiful bouquet. “Wow its so beautiful.”
“You like it? Then take it.” Maan was pissed off as his work was disturbing by all.
“Don’t be rude Maan. Some one had send with so much love. Just look at it.” Riya told him to show some curtsey.
“I don’t ask for this ok.”
“At least give thanks to sender. Let’s see who send this.” Riya searching for a tag and found one beautiful card pinned with it. She reads. “I love you Maan.” Riya read a loud and laughed like a hell.
“What so funny in this?” Maan don’t got the reason.
“Maan abhi tum keh rahe the that you don’t believe in love. Ye cards candles etc etc…” Riya imitate exactly like him. “Now see kisi ne bade pyar se tumhare liye kafi paise kharch kiye hai. Isn’t it funny?” She laughed more seeing Maan’s face.
“You found this funny and beautiful na. Then take along with you and enjoys. Shyam ise madam ki car me rakhwa do.” He commands his peon.
“Yes sir.” He took his command and left with bouquet.
Riya to left and he sighed. Now he had his own peaceful time to concentrate on his work.
Maan completely forgot about that bouquet but not the one who send that. She was getting out of control. Mr. Singhal and her maid getting tough time seeing her out of control. She broked every thing around her. He gave her roses to Riya. How come she tolerate this…
Today Maan was late so he took short cut to reached Riya as quickly as possible. He drove really fast when some one appeared before his car. He breaks on time or else the person died on the stop. Maan fumed and come out of the car to scold the person. He went to the person. She was badly wounded. He can saw her in the lights of his car. His anger replaced by sympathy.
Maan bend on his toes. “Are you alright?” He asked and she hold him tight for sake of her life.
“Mujhe bacha lo. Wo log mujhe maar dalenge.” She was blabbering in a hoarse voice. Her words are broken and she was breathless, might she ran so much to save herself. Before Maan asked she lost her consciousness.
PART – 3
Alone road and one stranger was fainted in his arms. Before Maan could think 3 goons appeared there to. Drenched in sweat and look furious. Maan stood up, leaving the girl on ground.
“Leave her and get lost.” One of them commands him.
“Who are you? And why chasing her?” Maan enquired in return.
“Bakwas band kar or ja yaha se.” He stroked his knife against his cheek,like he was trying to threatened him.
Maan was very practical in nature. Don’t act in haste. He quickly tried to call the cops but before that one of them attacked on him. A large cut on his arm and his phone dropped. Maan turn furious.
It’s time for some decision. Either he left or saved both of them. Maan choose to fight back. Soon all of them made an escaped. That vulnerable girl was still not in senses so he scooped her and placed in his car.
Maan reached to KM first and all got a shock seeing one girl in his arms. Maan laid her on couch and commands his servant to get some water.
All showered question on him. “Pls aap log thodi dee shant rahenge.” He pissed off and snapped. But his mother saw his wounds.
“Maan ye chot kaise lagi?” Arpita panicked.
“Mom please don’t panic. Its just a minor cut.” Maan cupped his mother face and tried to calm her.
“Maan what’s going on? Hume to kuchh samjh nahi aa raha.” Dadima showed her disappointment.
“Dadima even I don’t know. So please for a while you stop showering your questions.” He told his Dadima what he knows and asked her to keep patience.
Maan sprinkled water on her face and gradually she opened her eyes. She saw whole strange surroundings and slipped back. She slipped to corner and cocooned herself. Her eyes carried so much fear of death.
“Don’t panic. Calm down.” Maan tried to calm her but she fainted again.
Soon doc arrived. “Doctor here is the patient.” Servant guided him and he came to check the girl.
“Ise to kafi chot lagi hai.” Doc saw and told. He checks her nerve.
“Doctor why she faints again and again? Do you think she had some internal injuries?” Maan enquired.
“May be. But that I can’t tell right now. We have to go for some tests.” He told, filling his injection.
Dadima was so upset. Not liking what’s going on. “Ye sab kya hai Maan we need answer. Aap rah chalte kisi ko b utha k ghar le aaye hai.”
“Son why don’t you tell us the matter?” Samarth to support his mother’s words.
He explained every thing of the incident to his family. “Maan ye police case hai or hum is ladki ko yaha rehne ki izzazat bilkul nahi de sakte. God knows what is the truth. Ho sakta hai ye ladki un goons k sath ho or yaha kisi maksad se aai ho.” Dadima objects.
“Dadima I won’t say your worries are baseless. But on that time I act according the situation. I can’t left a her to die. And think dadima she is a girl. They could do any thing with her.” Maan’s explained his side of theory why he help that strange girl.
“Dadima please don’t get upset. Do you think I am this much careless. I already informed Police about this incident. They will handle this matter properly.” Maan assured he would not do any thing which harm his family and name.
Inspector came and Maan told him every bit of the encounter. “Mr. Khurana only this girl will tell us what exactly happened there. Waise aap kuchh bata sakte hai in goons k bare me. Like how were they look or something which would help us?” He enquired.
“Not exactly as every thing happened so fast. Or waha andhera b kafi tha.” Maan wouldn’t able to give their details.
All are waiting for her to gain conscious. Doctor was also there for any emergency. She gained her conscious but scared again like before. Finally Arpita take a step. “Calm down beta. Here no one harms you.” She told her no need to worry but she was glancing her face as she don’t get her. She glance all the new faces.
“Madam can you please tell us what exactly happened with you there? Why those goons chasing you?” Inspector enquired but she stare him silently.
“Aap kya keh rahe hai hume kuchh samjh nahi aa raha.” She finally couraged to open her mouth.
“Oh… Dekhiye him ye zanna chahte hai ki jo log Apka pichha kar rahe the wo kon the?” Inspector got her problem. She not understand English so he asked in Hindi.
“Hume nahi pata. Hum to waha se ja rahe the. Achanak ye log humare pichhe padd gaye.” She told all.
“Par aap us sunsaan road pe akele itni raat ko kya kar rahi thi?” He enquired.
“Hum yaha k nahi hai. Ye shehar anjaan hai. Hum to bas rehne ki jagah dhoondh rahe the. Chalte chalte waha pahunch gaye.” She told him.
“Ok so you are new here?” He again asked in English.
“Ji?” But she don’t replied as she don’t get what he asked.
“I mean aap yaha ki nahi hai to kaha se hai or Apka naam kya hai?” This time he asked again in Hindi.
“Humara naam Geet Handa hai. Hum Punjab ek chhote se gau se hai.” She told her name and address to inspector.
“To yaha kya karne aai hai aap? I mean koi rishtedar hai yaha?” He enquired more.
“Nahi. Humara koi nahi hai.” She told and start crying.
“To firr yaha kaise?” He go with his enquiry.
But Geet keep crying. “Inspector I think she need rest. Please don’t gave stress to her.” Doctor interrupt.
“I think doctor is right. Ye bahut darii hui hai.” Arpita to saw her and told inspector not to pressurised her.
“Alright we seal that area and let’s see what we get. Mr. Khurana I will cme tomorrow.” He took Maan to the other corner. “Don’t worry we will do whole enquiry. The address she gave us waha se confirm ho jayega ki ye sach bol rahi hai ya jhooth.”
“Hmm. Inspector go ahead and do what you want.” Maan to satisfied with his ways. He left with his team.
“Mr. Khurana kal aap inhe hospital le aaiye. We need to do some tests to make sure she will not have some internal injuries.” Doctor to left.
“Now can you please tell us what we will do with this girl? Maan ye KM hai koi dharamshala nahi jaha raha chalte aap kisi ko b utha k le aayenge.”
“Dadima please try and understand.” Maan don’t get why his dadima was so against of his decision.
Geet heard every thing so she get up from the couch and tried to walk out. “Beta you are not well. I mean apko aaram karna chahiye.” Arpita saw her struggling to walk out so she stops her.
“Aap logo ne humari bahut madad ki. Humari jaan bachai. Uske liye hum Apka kitna b shukriya kare kam hai. Par ab hum aap sabko koi or takleef nahi dena chahte.” She was weak but don’t want accuses.
“Geet stop. You are not going anywhere.” Maan went near her. “Tum kahi nahi ja rahi ho.” He commands her.
“Maan…” Dadima roared.
“Mumma please. Look at her. She have no one here. Itni raat ko kaha jayegi.” Arpita requests.
“Mom I think Arpita is right. Ladki hai or chot b bahut lagi hai. And what if thay are still after her. They will harm her if she went from here.” Samarth to insists his mother.
“Jo jee me aaye karo. But mark my words she will cause trouble for us.” Dadima moved from there as all wants Geet to stayed there.
“Maan Ji hume Jane deejiye apki dadima naraz hai.” Geet asked to leave.
“Nahi beta aisi koi baat nahi hai. Tum unki bato ko dil pe na lo.” Arpita handles her.
“Mom I need a change.” Maan to left.
“Nakul, Geet ko out house me jo room khali hai waha le jao.” Arpita commands to servant and handover Geet to him.
He guided her towards the room and told her to relax. In all this hustle Maan completely forgot about Riya. He was injured and tired.
Geet was tired and scared but she left the KM when all slept. “Hum yaha nahi reh sakte. Maan Ji ki dadima ko achha nahi lag raha. Yaha rehna sahi nahi hai.” She took her belongings and left the KM.
PART – 4
Breakfast time and all as per daily routine came on time. Dadima looked upset. No one was aware that Geet left the mansion last night. “I hope that your girl enjoying her stay.” Dadima taunts and Maan tried to stay silent as he don’t wanna argue early morning.
“Mumma pls aap kyu itna stress le rahe hai?” Arpita tried to cool down her temper.
“Kyunki aap sab nahi le rahi hai. Samarth you are a businessman. Think logically. Is it safe to keep an unknown person in the house? And what about Media? Think if they get any hint about all the mess,what will be the consequence. We are Khurana’s. Our ever act targets. Parso hi Maan ki engagement hui hai. Does any body here think on that way? What if Riya and her family found about that? What if they saw that girl in his arms?” Dadima shoot her doubts and reasons of anger on her family and muted her son and daughter in law.
“Dadima I carried her because she was unconscious.” Maan defended.
“Wo sirf hum jante hai. Logo ko baat ko badane me der nahi lagti. And mind it Maan I will not allowed any one to play with our name.” She warned each and everyone,shooting a glare to.
“Good morning everyone.” They all in discussion when a soft morning wish strikes against their ears. All alerts as it was none other then Riya. She was standing behind with a smile.
“Good morning Beta.” Dadima changed her expression quickly and replied with a smile. “Come and join.” She invites her for breakfast.
Riya went to them and touched her feet first and then moved to Maan’s parents but they don’t allowed her to touch as she was like daughter to them.
“Kya baat hai aaj subah subah?” Dadima enquired the reason.
“What to do dadima? Your grandson is very bad. He broke his promise of dinner last night. So I thought dinner na sahi breakfast hi sath kar lete hai. Apko pata hai pure 3 ghante wait kiya maine iska but,neither he came nor he called to inform. I called him but his phone was switched off since last night.” Riya very cutely complaints that Maan broke his promise.
Dadima and his parents got why this happened but they don’t have excuse to cover up. Maan was silent. See all silent and serious she thought to change the topic but his phone buzzed. Maan hung up the call and stood up quickly.
“What happened? Kiska phone tha?” All enquired one by one.
“I have to rush. Wapis aake detail de dunga.” He said in hurry and pace his step.
“Maan wait I will come.” Riya wants to go with him.
“No Riya. You stay here and do breakfast. I will come back soon.” He denied her wish and left in hurry.
Maan reached to Police Station. “GM Mr. Khurana.” Officer greets him.
“Where is she?” He directly asked about her.
“Here is she.” Officer pointed towards the direction Geet was sat,feared and squeezed in her self.
“Where did you found her?” Maan enquired.
“Mr. Khurana she is lucky. You know what she was arrested by xyz area’s officer with those girls. Wo to achha hua mere constable ne inhe pechan liya warna jail me hoti. Mera constable waha kisi kaam se gaya tha or usi time in ladkio ko arrest kar k laya gaya. She was one of those and he recognized her. He quickly informed me and I brought her here. But she was all silent so I thought to inform you.” Inspector told him whole story.
Maan turned towards her and glared furiously. She scared more. He clenched her forearm and pulled up on her feet.
“Have you gone mad? What the hell are you doing there? Or that is your job?” He shoots in anger don’t even realized that she won’t get him.
“No Mr. Khurana. She is not one of them. Us area ki sari call girls ka records hai police station me. In fact jo address miss Geet ne hume kal btaya tha waha se hum logo ne confirm kiya hai. She is not lying. Ye waha apne massi k sath rehti thi par inki massi ki death k baad unki family inki rakhna nahi chahti thi. That’s why she left their house. Bas ab wo gunde mill jaye to pata lag jayega ki wo log kyu chase kar rahe the inhe.” Inspector heard his scold and cleared the mist.
“Come with me.” Maan commands her. But she not moved an inch so he fists her hand and dragged her with him.
“Chhodiye, chhodiye hume.” She couraged and protests.
Maan stopped and face her. His jaw clenched hard and eyes staring her. “Tum ghar chhod k gai kyu? Or us area me kya kar rahi thi?” He shouts on her. Geet didn’t replied and enraged him. He shakes her and asked more strongly.
“Hume nahi pata. Hum to bas chal rahe the. Hume nahi pata waha kya hua. Achanak police aai or sabke sath hume b pakad k le gai.” She told him out of fear.
“Tum ghar chhod k gai hi kyu?”
Geet’s lashes lowered. He gave a jerk to her again. “Hum nahi chahte humari wajhse apki Dadima naraz ho. Unhe achha nahi lag raha humara waha rehna. Aap humari wajhse unhe naraz mat kariye.” She whimper in a meek voice.
“Geet listen to me very carefully.” Every time he spoke in English, Geet stare him innocently. “Geet abhi to Police le ke gai thi. Kal ka kya bhrosa. Gunde utha k le jate tab kya karti? Isliye ye bekar ka jazbati bona chhodo or Chalo mere sath.” Maan was annoyed because of her careless act towards herself. She put her life in danger,without a second thought.
He moved ahead but Geet glued to her place. He glared her and moved out. But not to left her. He brought his car in front of her and opened the door of her side. Geet was nervous and confused. And every passing second raised his anger so she quickly sat inside.
“Seat belt lagao.” He commands her but she glance him with a confuse look. Maan realized and help her. He was so close to her. She scared a bit but controls.
Maan drove back to KM. Geet was nervous and silent. He took her inside and Dadima annoyed. “What is all this Maan?” She enquired. His parents to stare him with suspicious eyes.
“Shelly, Shelly…” He called the care taker. “Take her to out house and make sure she will eat something. Kal se isne kuchh nahi khaya hai.” 
“Ok sir.” Shelly came to escort Geet.
“Iske sath jao. Or ab se mujhse bina puchhe kahi nahi jana.” He instruct her story and she nods like a good student.
Both lefts and Maan now on the remand of his granny. “Now what drama she played. Where did you get her?”
“Maan who is she?” Riya was all confused and curious to know about the girl her would be husband brought with him. So many questions were floating in her eyes.
But Maan didn’t hide a single detail from her. He told every thing to Riya and and also what happened with her after she lefts. “Dadima pls spare that girl. If you don’t trust her,fine. But don’t pushed her to shameful death. What if some one rape her?” Maan argued as he was concerned for a helpless girl.
“Maan is tarah k logo k liye humare kafi NGOs hai. Send her there. KM koi dharamshala nahi hai.” She wouldn’t melt a bit and still doubting on her.
“Common mumma. She was scared. Let her stay till her wounds get alright. Pls.” 
“Oh yes. Doc ne to use bulaya tha na check up k liye.” Samarth remind all.
“Dadima I know I have no right to interfere bug I think Maan is right. I saw her eyes. She was so scared and also not well. To aap agar…” Riya to requests her to behave soft towards Geet.
“Fine beta. If you to wish this then go ahead. Lekin baad me kehna nahi humane warn Nahi kiya tha.” She stare all and left.
“Mom I have to go. Aap Geet ko hospital check up k liye bhej dena and yes send someone with her.” Maan kissed his mother and left the mansion.
“Aunty you don’t worry. I will take her to hospital.” Riya took her responsibility.
“No sweety,you don’t worry. I will send Shelly with her.” Arpita was happy seeing her concern.
“Its ok aunty. Waise b aaj main free hu.” Riya smiled and reached to her room. “Easy easy.” Geet stood up seeing her so she tried to calm her. But Geet don’t get her.
“Shant ho jao. Sab theek hai. Achha ye btao breakfast kiya? Kuchh khaya?” She asked to get comfortable with her. Geet nodded. “Good to ready ho jao. I mean kapde badal lo hume doc k pass jana hai.” Riya told her that she was came to take her to hospital.
“Aap?” Geet asked for her identity.
“Hi, I am Riya. Maan ki mangetar.” She introduced herself to Geet. “Now common go and change. She send her to change. Afterwards she took her to hospital. Where doc do all the tests.
“Doctor I hope nothing is serious.” She asked in concerned voice.
“Well we can tell only after her reports come.”
“Ok doctor we will wait for her reports. Thank you.” She stood up and left his cabin with Geet.

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Protected: JUNOON 2 Part 1

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JUNOON 2 CS and Prologue



MD of Khurana Industries. 26year old. Very strict and rude.



A very sweet and simple girl from the small village.



RIYA THAKUR: Best Friend of MSK.




“I felt nothing, before I met my life. My life was before the appearance of my love to my life…
” Uske aane se zana zindagi kya hai,
Zeena kise kehte hai. Kisi ko chahne ka matlab kya hai…”
Now I won’t let my love go anywhere. My love only belongs to me and I won’t allowed any one to come between us. And for that if I had to kill some one then I also don’t mind. No one means no me. My Love belongs to me Alone…

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PART – 32

Maan and all friends discussed about their further plan. While Geet rushed to Shreya’s room,who was busy in throwing tantrums on her maid hired by Maan to look after his baby sister. Geet went up and opened the door of her room. Her maid was trying to feed her but Shreya threw spoon away in anger. “I don’t wanna eat. I only eat if my bhabhi mom come.” She was adamant only to get meal by her sister in law.



“Shreya…” She called and little soul screamed in happiness.


“Bhabhi mom…” She jumped and cling to her legs. Geet bow down and lifts her in her arms.


She put her hairs behind and kissed all on her face. “How’s my baby?” She asked seeing her dull and pale face.


“Bhabhi I don’t wanna live here. Take me with you.” She demands.


“No need shona. Because from now onwards babhi mom going to live here with her princess.” She kissed and assured her.


Geet put her down on bed and took plate from her maid. She feeds her with her hands and Shreya eat without any fuss.



“My bachha.” She kissed her. “Never do this again. Always eat on time ok.” She tried to made her understand never show anger on food.


“I will but on a condition, that you will never leave me again.” Shreya demands and Geet kissed her one more time and promised her.


“Promise. I will never leave your side.” She promised her. Geet spend lot of time with her and don’t realised how much it would took.



But downstairs in a hall,Maan’s eyes glued to his wrist watch. His friends not ready to leave as past 3 months were torture all of them. Due to their act they had to live a fake life and pretend hatred for each other. But now they were back to each other so no one was ready to move.


“Guys guys. Look at the time. Don’t you want to go home?” Finally his patience left and he opened his mouth.




“Ahhh why don’t you said that you want us to leave so you would get time to romance with your wife.” Adi teased him and he glare a shot.



Looking at his face they laugh more. “See see,how he glare us?” Angad to joined hands with Adi.


“Look buddy you are not alone who parted from your girl. We to separate.” Pinky complaints.


“I know and I am lucky to have you all in my life. But right now I am asking for all of us.” Maan twisted.




“Then make rooms for us. Because outside its to dark because of raining so we are going to stay tonight.” Adi demands.



“To pehle bolna tha na. Now go and take rooms.” He annoyed and ask them to choose rooms they want.


Angad moved in one room but Adi and Pinky went in same room where Maan follows them. “Hey wait wait. You both going to share same room?” He asked like some old suspicious man.


Adi pushed him softly out of the room. “Yes”, and bang door on his face.


Maan squirmed and wait for a second to calm himself. Then he moved towards Shreya room. He without making any noise step in and saw Geet laying half next to Shreya and caressing her head.


” she slept?” He asked and Geet meekly hummed. “Ohk so i thought, I mean we need to talk if you want.” He was hesitate to call her with authority because of his unfair plan.



“Are you seriously want or just giving me an option?” She made a strange question which confused him. “No I want to know what you are thinking right now? Is I am talking to my husband or some game planner.” She teased not taunts.



But Maan’s heart filled with guilty. “Geet please try and understand.” He said in a loud voice.



“Shhhhh don’t shout. My baby will awake.” She scolds him for disturbing Shreya’s sleep.



“I am sorry. But could you please come out?” He pleads and apologies both.



Geet tugged her properly and walked out with him. Both were alone in a corridor. “Speak up. I am listening.” She Starr in his eyes and sense the pain he endure alone all the time without showing to any one.



“Geet you still angry on me right? Look I am not saying you forgot all this in a second I know I hurt you so much. You even tried to commit suicide because of my stupidity. Have you any idea what bear on me when I saw you doing all that?” Maan’s bounded tears come out which he obstructed long away.



Geet was stunned. “You saw me? How?”



“So you think I send you without any arrangements. We knew it RP is up to something so we but cameras in all houses,I.e of our all friends home. Because I don’t know where you were head after I throw you out. Their cameras are connected with net so I can watch you any time and keep my eyes on you always. I had an idea that you would do such things.” Maan explained her that all the time his eyes watching her.



“So you called Adi?” She asked and he nodded yes. “That’s why he came on time and stopped me. And afterwards Shreya took promise to me that no matters what but I would not leave her side.” Geet now getting how much Maan cares for her. He make sure at every step that she will be safe.



“RP’s men was watching us so to made them sure that I broke up with you its needed I said those hurtful words to you. But I know at the same time what impact they leave on you that’s why I appoint maid at Adi’s home so when he was not at home and I was busy she kept eyes on you and stopped you for doing any wrong thing.” Maan explained her every doubt one by one. “Geet I know I was wrong for not telling you but I done all this for our safety. If I told you before you couldn’t able to control on your emotions sply for Shreya and that cause us big that’s why I hided but i know no excuse justify my mistakes. I know I hurt you badly and for that whatever punishment you wanna give I am ready for that.” Maan asked for his punishment.



Tears drops falls and Maan catches quickly. “Yes I am angry on you and will never forgive. Not because what you do. But for what you do with my love. Or koi samjhe na samjhe par in ankho ka card maine humesha dekha which you tried to hide behind your fake anger. Whenever I came to you I saw in your eyes. That pain that suffering you bearing alone.” Geet went closer to him and held his collars. “Why Maan why? Why you give so much to my love. My Maan?” Maan’s eyes to turned red at the corners. She was angry because he hurt herself. That was the purity of her love. No matter what but her love for him never changed. It is so strong and pure. No problem no issues are strong enough to change her love for him. Only she is the one who can sense his silent cries. Read his thoughts. Though he was pretending to be hard still she had a believes that Maan hiding something from her.




“I am sorry Geet.” He cupped his face but she jerked him off.



“No Maan I will not forgive you for this. You hurt my love.” She was wriggling not allowing him to come near him but he initiate and filled her in his firm embrace. He kissed on her head and tighten his grip.





But she tilted her head to glance in his eyes. She raised and kiss on his face all over and in last took his lips. He opened his mouth,allowed her to take the charge. Geet held his nape,pushing more to her. Both parted to get some air to breath. Maan lifts her and took her to their room,where she came as a bride first. It was the same feel she felts inside her.



“” ISS qadar tu mujhe pyaar kar
Jise kabhi na main sakoon phir bhula
Zindagi layi humein yahan
Koi iraada toh raha hoga bhala

Ki darkhaast hai yeh
Jo aayi raat hai yeh
Tu meri bahon mein duniya bhula de….””

MAAN put her on feet and removed her dress material. He bend his head,capturing her lips again,while his hands moved over her body. Geet’s hand to exploring, running over Maan’s arms. She pulled out his shirt and start unbuttoned. Soon his shirt lands on floor. While their kiss deepened more and mounted their mutual desire. She wants to feel him,to have him all for herself without any barriers. She parted and first they get rod of their remaining clothes. Geet laid and he bend while capturing her breasts. He buried his face in their softness.


His lips moved up,slid over her mouth,his kiss was urgent and demanding,while his hands on her skin made her body out of control.


Maan gradually moved his hands between her thighs, gently easing them apart. She arched beneath his fingers. He was moving against them to gave her pleasurable sensations. He kissed on her coller bone and moved down over one erect nipple and moistened it with his saliva. Her hands gripping him. She was soaring, flying and falling at the same time.



“”” JO ab lamhaat hai yeh
Bade hi khaas hai yeh
Tu meri bahon mein duniya bhula de

Raahon mein mere sath chal tu
Thaame mera hath chal tu

Waqt jitna bhi ho haasil
Sara mere naam kar tu (x2)

Ke armaan hai yeh
Guzaarish jaan hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de

Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh
(Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh)

Bade hi khaas hai yeh
(Bade hi khaas hai yeh)
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de

Lamz jismo pe aise sajaaye
Baarishon se bhi wo dhul na paaye
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de….”””‘

She hit with her first orgasm. His pleasurable fingers eased away and Maan rolled over and kissed her before entering in her. She gave a little cry and he frozed. Geet caress his cheek. “No I am fine. Please don’t stop.” She gasped.


Maan gently kissed on her lips and start moving in her. Blood was pounding in her ears. Their bodies moving together in a rhythm. She matched her moments to Maan’s, running her hands over his muscled back,keeping pace with him as the tempo increased. Heat waving and she felt like explode any time. His thrust was harder and in pace. Then she heard a little groan,not sure whom did but a warm fluid come out. Both hit their climax. Their breath were halted and he falls next to her. Though he was panting heavily still he pulled her in his arms. Kissed all over again.




Maan held her hand and entwined their fingers. He kissed on her softly. He was worried she could read so easily. Maan don’t need to expressed. She knew him more than he knew himself. “I am fine and happy to.” Geet told so he can relax. He held her so he grab the moment of solace. Both slept holding each other. It was like ages they get back their sleep….



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