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“Piyu… Wait shona. You will get hurt. Don’t run around couches.” Geet continues calling her baby,holding her dress.
“Geet..” Daija screamed in panic. “Stop. Stop there only.” She quickly rushed to her and snatch Piya’s dress from her. “Geet what is this? Your seven month is starts and you running between couch.” Daija’s trembling voice and widened eyes showed the fear gripped her. She caution Geet about her pregnancy. But when it comes to Piya she forgot everything.

“Daija relax and breath. Kuchh nahi hoga. Aap kham kha tension lete rehte ho.” Geet was carefree and suggest Daija not to get hyper unnecessarily.

“Geet you need to be careful. Piya ko school k liye main ready kar deti hu.” Daija sat her and start chasing little mischief. “Piyu sweety come. Do you want mumma and baby get hurt.” She use her possessiveness against her.
Piya quickly nodded no and went closer to Geet. “Mumma I am sorry.” She held her small ears and kissed on her mother’s baby bump. “Baby you ok? Didi saying sorry.” She was concerned for the coming one.
Geet quickly freed her ears and snuggle her baby doll. “My baby.” She kissed her back.
Piya glance up. “Mumma baby forgive me na?” She asked curiously and Geet nodded yes.
Piya place her ears on her bump and baby kicked from inside. “Mumma my baby is happy.” She told with a smile widen her arms to told how much.
“Baby loves didi so much.” Geet told her.
“And you Maan. Why you sat carefree. Can’t you came and help Geet?” Daija scold Maan who was watching his family’s adorable moment and enjoying from distance.
Maan smirked and replied. “I do not wanna came in between Mother and Daughter.” He denied to interrupt in both’s matters. Daija change her clothes and Maan lost in past moments.
“3 years had passed in a flip of second. But in past 3 years what had changed. May be every thing may be nothing. My little doll grew little older and start going school. Daija become more strict with me and Geet because of the new arrival,we are waiting for. Geet become more fussy, sply these days. And me? I am the one who enjoying seeing them happy and safe.” Maan analysing the past 3 years.
“Yes now there is no threat to their lives. One by one I omitted my all enemies. First that bastard Vikram,who killed my Tia my love. Then my so called uncle and aunt and in last that creep rahul.” Maan’s grip firmed on news paper he hold.
“He tried to kill me and hurt my Geet,my baby my every loved one. That night which connected me to Geet,would not forgivable. How can I. Once again I kill someone with my own hands. But I don’t have a choice. If I spare him then he will trouble my family,which I won’t tolerate. Yes I did crime and don’t mind do it again. Any one,who will think of harming my family, I happily kill that threat. Daija, Geet and Piya are source of my life and I can’t loose any of them now. But now I am in relief. Coz they all are safe.” He smiled slightly.
Maan was on his thoughts trip when Piya came and kiss his cheek. “Papa I am going. Aap bhulna nahi apna promise.” She reminded about his promise before leaving for school.
Maan put the paper aside and took his doll in his arms. “Never. Papa apni princess ko kiya promise kaise bhul sakte hai.” He assured her and she smile wide,while wrapping her arms around his neck. Maan kiss her. “Mumma or Daija ko bye kiya?” He asked and she nodded yes. “Let’s go then.” He took her outside to drop her.
In evening he came and as he promised to Piya,he took her to amusement park. But before that Geet gave him lecture how to protect Piya.
“Suniye iska hath mat chhodiyega. Or zada speed wali rides pe mat baitheyga. Ride ek dum baad no ice cream and juice or else she will puke. And yes….” She keep instructing when Maan shut her mouth.

“Bas Geet. I know how to handle our daughter. Relax we are going to amusement park not on some front.” He advised her not to take so much stress.

Geet glance her baby doll. Check her once again. “Ok… I am relax.” She said and both start moving. They only reached to his car when saw her coming towards them. “Suniye waha jake na phone karte rehna.”

“Don’t worry Geet I will keep the call on to we back. Now happy.” He mocked on her possessiveness but Geet smiled.
Yes. Ye theek rahega. Kam se kam mujhe tension nahi hogi.” She was now relaxing a bit.

“Shall we?” He asked and she nodded.
Piya kiss her mother and baby. “Mumma bye. Baby bye. Don’t sleep till didi come back.” She told to her sibling and left with Maan.

Piya though enjoyed a lot but missed her mother to. So they don’t spend much time there and came back soon. Geet was waiting for them so she sat in hall. Daija told her to relax in room but she denied. They entered and Piya rushed to her. “Mumma I miss you.” She told her which overwhelmed her heart. Geet cocoon her.
“Geet aaram se.” Daija again caution her.

“Its ok Daija. My baby is like a flower. Small and delicate” she kissed her baby. “Feeling hungry?” She asked and Piya nodded yes.
After dinner they sat together where Piya share all the with Geet and Daija. How much fun she had at amusement park and both the ladies hears her carefully.

“Mumma aap kyu nahi aaye?” She asked suddenly.
“Coz mumma or baby ko waha chot lag sakti tha na isliye.” Maan replied to he query.

Piya glances both for few seconds. “Papa baby mumma me kaha se aaya?” She asked and glance both for a reply.
But they turn mute over her smart questions and looking for good answer.
“Baby doc ne diya shona.” Daija replied seeing both mute.

“Doc ne?” Piya asked curiously.

“Ha don’t you see so many babiesin the hospital?” Daija reminds her and she nodded in pace. Now she satisfied with the answer.

“Piyu let’s go for a sleep. My baby must be tried hai na?” Daija distracted her and took along in her room.
Piya gave good night kiss to all 3 and left. Maan take a relief breath. “Daija ne bacha liya.”

“My intelligent baby. Mute her PAPA.” Geet giggle at his face who was still in shock.
Late night Geet awakes and poked him to. “Maan get up. I am hungry.”
He saw the side table. Alarm piece showing 2:30 am. “Is time?” He asked to confirm and she shook her head.
“Get up and cook some thing for us.” She commands.
“Yes me and baby. Hai na baby?” She stroke her bump and so was Maan.
“Maan Daija ko mat jagna.” She instruct before he left.
“Then who will make food for you?”

“Nahi unko is time disturb nahi karna. Aap khud se kuchh banao.” She demands in a dominating voice.
“Ok…” He thought what to prepare.
“And yes I don’t want your spl omelet. Last time I end up in washroom,puking all night.” Geet stare him. A frown wrinkled Geet’s brows.
Maan annoying with her so much dominance. He stare her and Geet showing more attitude. “You said I am your best friend. Aap itna nahi kar sakte.” She emotional push him he could down the same moment.
“I will do something.” He said and left. Later he came with a dish with biscuits decorated with different toppings.

Geet devour them one by one. “Now happy?” He asked.
“No. I want one more thing.” She demands and stare him with intense eyes.

“Now what you want?” He alerts and he was right when she points at him. “No. Geet your 7 month is running.” He denied.
“I asked from doc and she said its ok. No problem at all. As baby only feel l walking up and down on stairs. ” she brush her fingers to cleaned them. Maan give in her demand and made love to her.
Both are hyperventilating. Maan hold her so she would relax on him. “You ok.” He asked and she nods. “Baby?” He asked again and Geet blinked her eyes. She was in solace.
“I love you Maan.” Her fingers tracing the edge of his stubbled cheek.. Maan kissed on her eyes and snuggled her.
Very quickly time passed and she gave birth to a baby boy.

Their baby brought new happiness for them. Give reason to smile. Little Piya was more excited. She came with her grand parents. Both missed each other so much. The moment she entered into the room,leave the hand of her grandmother and rushed to Geet.
Geet sat back and Maan helped Piya to reach her. Geet embrace her baby and kissed her numerous times. “How’s my baby?” She asked.
“Mumma Piya miss you so much. When will you come back home?” She asked kissing her mother.
“Very soon. Par aap Daija or nani ki baat manna ok?” She told her to obey and Piya nodded.
“Mumma my baby.” Piya saw baby in Avantika’s arms and got excited.
“Mumma baby ko yaha laiye. My doll wants to see her brother.”
Avantika came to them and she lower down the baby who was sleeping calmly. Piya insists to hold him. And start crying when all denied.
“Daija mumma pls mere baby ko rulaiye mat.” Geet stare both in a cautioning way.
Maan helped her. He made her sit on a couch a gave baby in her lap.


“Papa see Arav is smiles.” She suddenly called him Arav and turned all amused.
“Aarav?'” Maan sat near her,to support both. His one hand was there underneath the baby to support his delicate form. “Mere baby ko Arav naam rakhna hai apne bhai ka?” He asked and she nods in pace.
All smiled and approved the name. RP caressed both the kids and left with his wife and all others I.e Adi, Pinky and Daija. All blessed the new arrival and congratulate the blessed parents.

Soon Geet for discharge and she got grand welcome with the baby. Piya not ready to leave her mother and baby brother.
“Mumma mujhe… Mujhe…. Give Aarav to me.” Piya sat quickly and made lap to hold him.

All smiled on her gestures. Geet placed baby in her lap and sat near her. Maan to joined them and caress his baby but Piya push his hand away. “Papa don’t touch. You awake him.” She caution.
“One time…” Maan tried to touch baby again but Piya slap his hand.

“Papa no. My baby is sleeping. Aap jaha doge…”
Piya not let any one touch his baby brother except Naman. Naman moved on his tiny feet and stare baby.
“Naman see my baby.” Piya showed baby to him and he raised his small hands to touch the baby. All glancing small kids and adored their cute antics. Naman glance baby and then to his parents(Adi and Pinky). Pinky came to her baby.
“Naman see your brother. Wanna love him.” She raise his hand and he caressed new born softly. Naman smile wide.
“Mumma baby is so soft.” He revealed and all laugh on his comment.

“Shhh don’t laugh. You all are disturbing my baby.” Piya scold all and all shut their mouth.

Geet took Baby for feed and Piya followed her. All left leaving lot of gifts for them.
Late night both kids were sleeping in their parents room. Maan gazing them constantly. Geet come out from washroom and saw him adoring their babies. She quickly covered his eyes. “Don’t stare continuously my babies. Nazar lag jayegi.” She instrust him.
Maan freed his eyes. “Really? Par mere babies hai na to meri nazar nahi lagegi.”
“Apke nahi mere hai.”
“Why?” Maan argued.
“Coz Piya said Arav uska baby hai or Piya meri. To logically dono mere hue.” Geet dominate and Maan smiles. “Ha par aap mujhe dekh sakte ho?” She Nuzzled his nose while wrapping her arms around his neck.
Maan reciprocate. “Sach me Geet. I have no words to give thanks to you. I am greatful to God for giving me you as a life partner,who assemble my scattered life and motivate at every step. You are not only my wife but a best friend who was always with me in my thick and thin. Thank you Geet. Thank you for you unconditional love.” Maan express his gratitude towards her.

Geet raised and shut his mouth with her peck. Both turn silent and he embraced her in his warmth. She rested her head on his heart to hear his unsaid words. Which she always enjoy there only. Maan never said that he loves her. But she knew what she is for her. Geet had no intentions of taking Tia’s place so never forced him to confess his love for her. But she knew she made her spl place in his heart which no one can take.

Maan respect his wife a lot. He cares for her and even love her but may be he fails to acknowledge this feeling. He considered her as his wife who is friend more for him. Geet always confessed her love and never hesitate to confess it again and again. But she never forced Maan to say these three words. Coz she knew what she is for him so no need to force Maan. In his embrace she got her world.
Every love story is unique. Sometimes you don’t need to express through words. Your actions are enough. Geet and Maan both having a wounded hearts which healed by their togetherness. Now two broken hearts become one and beats in rhythms of giggles of their kids. Two broken person come together and built one new beautiful world for them…….

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