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PART – 37

FINALLY the day of decision had come. Aseem and Sakshi waiting with their lawyer in a hall area. Soon Maan,Geet and Daija came there to join them. Mr. Handa was on time to. He came with the money Aseem asked for. Adi entered with some men.

“i think we should start the procedure.” Adi signal Maan.

Mr. Handa opened the bags and glitter the eyes of Aseem and Sakshi. Aseem stood to grab them but Maan shilded them with his hand.

“aaa not so easy Mr. Aseem. First sign these papers then you get this money.” Maan signal and his one men raised some papers towards Aseem.

His lawyer grab the papers. “Ye kya hai?”

“Sir ye legal agreement hai jisme in logo ne demand ki hai ki KM or ye money lene k baad aapka remaining Khurana Empire pe koi haq nahi hoga.” Aseem’s lawyer told him while reading the papers.

“Hmm…. As you wish.” Aseem took the papers and signed them quickly without reading as his eyes having a lust of money. All he could see was the money.

Maan took the papers confirmed them and handover it to Adi who went out to submitt them in court. Geet and Daija were fuming inside but not showed. While Aseem and Sakshi having a winning smile spread all over their faces.

Maan sat opposite to them and put his legs on table,one upon another,patting his shoes before them and havinga cuning smile which was a sign of danger of his enemies. Geet was very well aware of this expression. Once he showed her,the day he kidnapped her. He seemed same as she face on the day of their marriage. Her mind running in a pace. “Daija i am sure Maan is upto something.” she whispered in her ear.

“You are right Geet.” she to noticed and supported her.

Aseem saw his weird gestures and turned confused. “so happy to get rid of us ha… But dont you think you paid heavily.” Aseem taunt seeing him chuckled.

Maan chuckled and stare them. Finally he broke the killing silence of him. “this empire is a hard work of my Grand parents and Father. Trust me Mr. Aseem Khurana you will never forget this day.” Maan turned and signaled his guard who quickly moved out and all other just waiting for his moves.

After a couple of minutes he appeared with some men and Both’s face faded. Maan stood to welcome the new guests. “welcome Sargent i hope you felt happy after getting your escaped prisioners.” Maan stare at Aseem and Sakshi who hide herself behind Aseem.

“Thank you Mr. Khurana for your help. Canada Police was searching them since long but they sucesseded in running. But not any more. We are greatful to you and your govt.” One team of officers came from Canada to arrest Aseem and Sakshi with Indian Police team.

Senior officer command his juniors and they arrest both of them. Aseem glared Maan. “Geet you want to know na where i was? I was in Canada. I was suspicious about their sudden appearance into our lives. Adi or main soch rahe the ki inse kaise chhutkara paya jaye. To humne decide kiya ki kyu na wahi se shuruat ki jaye jaha se ye log aaye hai. Yani Canada. I went their and asked for local police help and then we got to know about their real faces. They were escaped criminals. They were help all smugglers in money laundry. Means hide their all black money and supplies girl in cooperate parties.” Maan revealed the truth to all.

“yes that’s why when We got all proofs against them they made an escape from Canada and came here.” Officer told them.

Aseem and Sakshi never imagined this move from Maan. Both are glaring and fuming furiously. “Smart move Maan but don’t think you win. This mansion and 40% k equal ka cash humare naam hai.” Aseem said proudly.

Maan again gave a smile to which Devil can feel shy. “who said you have money and KM. This money is just to trap you. And yes ye not sirf upar upar hai neche sirf scrap hai.” Maan showed them scrap paper filled in bags under the layer of money. Mr. Handa gave a cunning smile to them and Geet was amused as her father to was aware about his plan. “The papers you signed few moments ago,clearly mentioned that from now ownwards you and your family do not have any right on Khurana property and you also leaving your 40% share which by default was on your name.” Maan revealed and Aseem glared their lawyer.

“Na na don’t stare him. He was your lawyer but i paid him more than you and he told you what we want. So in short now everything is only mine. This mansion and whole Khurana property is only belongs to me. Tum dono jaoge jail wo b lambe samye k liye.” Maan’s tone was dangerous and eyes emittinh fire,reflecting the rage he had for them.

Officers took them away. They loose everything. Daija came and hug Maan. “i am proud of you son. Aaj agar Savitri ji jinda hoti to wo be proud karti apne pote pe jisne Khurana Khandan ka naam barbad hone se bacha liya.” Daija was so happy that Maan not only threw those monsters out of the KM but from their lives permanently.

Geet went near her father and hug him. “apko pata tha sab pehle se?” she asked and he nodded yes.

“Maan came to me and told everything then we decide it is the only way to trap them. Because arrest hone par bhi property uske naam rehti. Isliye zaroori thi ki hum usse wo papers sign karwaye.” Mr. Handa explained why Maan bow down so easily before Aseem.

“so finally we get rid of them.” All sighed and happy that they now got a breath of relief.

Late night Geet entered in their room. Maan was laying and try to made sleep his naughty daughter,who was keep talking and Maan answering her. “uuu mumm aaaa nunu….”

“hehe Papa having tough time with daughter.” Geet giggled seeing Maan’s face who was struggling to understand her broken words.

“i think she telling me something about Mr. Handa but kya? I know she called him nunu. Did she wanna go to him?” Maan was confused.

“Na na she is sharing her day schedule with you. MR. Husband aap bade bade game plans to kar sakte ho par apni beti ki chhoti chhoti bate nahi samjh pate. Very bad.” Geet teased him.

“wo isliye Mrs. Geet Khurana kyunki meri baby uski mumma se zada attach hai. She share a spl bond with you.” He cribbed.

“ha to apko jalan ho rahi hai?” Geet stare him with sharp eyes.

“not at all. Atleast koi to hai yaha jo iski bate samjh pata hai. Warna how can i handle her.” Maan glance at her with a adorable smile. “Thank you.”

Geet once again over whelemed with his sweet talk. His rudness is vanishing gradually. He now behave or could say tried to behave normal with Geet. Geet took Piya from him. “ab itna senty mat hoiye. I didn’t do any thing spl. Every mother knows her baby in and out. Apko pata hai Daija kya kehti hai. Gunge ki bhasha gunge ki maa jane. Maa or bachhe ka rishta hi aisa hai..” Geet kissed her baby doll and she to kiss her back. “waise i must say apne kya bhagya hai un shaitano ko. Uff finally i can feel at home. Or else unke rehte to aisa lagta tha jaise jail me band hai. Har waqt sir pe guards or pehra.” Geet was in relief.

“i can understand but that was for your saftey.”

“I know but har time b aise rehna. Feels suffocated. But not any more. Now we can live a normal life. Waise app waha se aaye Piyu k liye kuchh kyu nahi laye?” suddenly she demands and shift of topic stunned him for few seconds.

“You always talk in this speed or today’s a spl reason?” Maan asked and got glare from her. “hey no need to stare me ok. I brought doll set for my doll. Wait.” Maan went out and came after 10 mins with one bag which was hide in his car. He wants to over Aseem’s chapter first before leading to a normal life.

Maan opened the bag full with toys and clothes for their baby girl. “i buyed some dresses i hope they fit to her.” he showed to Geet.

“Maan ye kapde bade hai.”Geet told at a single view.

“but i buyed them from 6 to 8 months baby section.”

“ya but she is weak then normal kids.” Geet explained and Maan turned Sad. “are aap sad kyu ho gaye. I keep them and when she grow more then used them.” she told a solution.

They were busy in discussing about her clother while Piya investigated the whole bag. She was busy in examining her new toys. “Look at her usko koi farak hi nahi parta. She is happy with her toys.”

“Mumm…” suddenly she gave a call in excited tone. Geet glance at her. Piya raised a doll and showed to her mother.

“aww my baby love this doll. Mumma iski packing khol de.” Geet took the box from her and gave back the doll to play. Piya took doll in arms and hug and kiss her. “see now this doll is gonna her fav. Isne sare toys me se ise select kar liya hai na ab ye isi k sath khelgi.” Geet share her experience with Maan and he smile seeing his daughter happy. “or daija k liye?” Geet asked and Maan showed her gift to her. “wow its beautiful. She gonna love it.” she approved her gift too and engrossed back in Piya.

Maan was amused as she don’t asked any thing for herself. “Geet don’t you want any thing for your self?” he asked.

Deep inside she wants but same time she was aware of the reality of their relationship. Maan dragged out one small box from the side pocket. This is for you. I hope you like it.” he raised the box towards her. Geet got excited and hug him in anticipations.

“Thank you so much. I really not expecting but i am glad you remembered me. Thank you.” Maan felt strange every time. A kind of hesitation but he don’t push her away. Infact he caressed her head,accepting her hug. Piya saw her parents and grinned. She to crawled towards them. Maan absorbed her to….

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Part – 35

MAAN was back in KM,for their loved ones. Geet and Maan both pace their steps to reach other. She wanna hug him but their hesitation stops her as he show no intrest in their relation. Piya was the only one who was free to show their emotions and get love from both. Seeing her father back she get desperate,throwing her arms to go to him. Maan too quickly grab his daughter and shower kisses on her. Piya to kiss him back and wrapped his neck with her tiny arms. She was happy. Maan tickle on her stomach and she laugh loud.

“my naughty baby. Again called fever.” both were so much in each other that forgot about the surroundings. Geet felt left out but she was happy for her baby and dont wanna snatch their moment so thought to move away.

This was her decision not Piya’s wish and she forgot they were bound to her wishes only. Piya sensed and alerts quickly. She raised her head and stop her. “mum mumm” Piya called her. She stretched her arm and curled and open her fingers again and again. Don’t want her to go away from them.

Maan went near her. “kaha ja rahi ho? You know na she will not let you go any where.” Maan said so much without elobrating. Piya leaned on her mother and kissed her,made her mother smile. Geet to kiss her back.

“My baby happy? Papa is back.” Geet asked in a sweet voice and Piya gave a ear to ear smile. Then she done something which made Maan’s eyes widened. Piya repeat her action of that day but this time she demands from Geet and Geet without any hesitation kiss on his cheek. Piya imitates and clapped as well. She was happy as her mother not denied her demand.

“what? Why are you staring like this? I am not like you jo apne baby ki itni si wish b puri na karu? Usne us dinn apse kaha apne nahi mani uski baat. Pata hai mera baby kitna upset ho gaya tha.” Geet saw his shocked eyes and explain. Then she glance at Piya. “See how happy she is. Piyu mumma ne apki baat maan li.” Piya’s antics were enough to tell how much happy she was. She raised her arms and Geet took her from Maan. “ab chaliye fresh ho jaiye.” she command him and he to followed her without fussing.

Daija saw him and felt happy. She welcome back her son. Aseem and Sakshi though not seems very happy but they want their share so its very necessary that Maan would return. So they are hoping only their intrest.

“Good you come back. I want to talk with you.” Aseem demands. Maan stare him but not replied. He descended down and stood opposite to him. “i hope you are not tired.”

“Not now Mr. Aseem. Right now i only wanna spend time with my family.” Maan embrace Daija and held Geet’s wrist firmly. “only with my family. You can wait. After lunch,may be.” Maan shot a glare and move,holding his posessions. Aseem left behind.

Maan was in washroom and she was busy in unpacking. “kitna messy hai. Bilkul Dad jaisa. All men are same hai na Piyu?” she is babling and Piya repond,showing her milky white teeth.

While setting his wardrobe,his air ticket falls on floor. Geet picked up. “ye b abhi tak sambhal k rakhi hai.” she was about to threw it when her eyes got something. Her face expression changed quickly.

Maan come out the same time. “what happened Geet? Why are you shouting?” he asked,unknown to the fact what she had in her hands.

Geet swirled. “Maan your ticket.” she don’t said any thing but her eyes questioning so many questions.

Maan glance and his brows knotted. He snatched the ticket and dump in bin. “Maan aap to Paris gaye the na,firr….” Geet couraged and asked her query.

Maan shot a glare to her as well. “its none of your business.” he turn angry and went out. After so many days she saw his anger and for her. The moment Tia told about her innosence,Maan never glared her or show any kind of hatered but today,though its for a few seconds but he glared her.

Without telling any one Maan left KM. Daija saw him leaving and came to Geet. She asked. “Geet is evevry thing ok? I saw Maan leaving KM in rage.” Geet told her what exactly happened there. Her forehead squezzed to. “Geet you don’t take stress and its not your fault. Don’t worry when he come back i will ask him what’s going on.” Daija herself got tensed after hearing Gee but she don’t showed it to her. She stayed calm in front of her so she could composed her.

Maan came back in evening and Aseem approched him again. This time he get ready to talk. “boliye what you want?” he asked. Daija and Geet to came there.

“let’s talk simple. I want my share of property and KM.” he put his deman before him.

Geet and Daija enraged with his blunt demand but Maan was very calm and composed. “fine diya. Give me some time to arrange money. Parso apko apka hiisa mill jayega. I also dont wanna share same roof with you all. So better we finished this chapter.” Maan agree his all terms and conditions which annoyed Both the women.

“Maan what are you doing?” Daija opposed.

“Daija trust its for the betterment of all of us.” he said and left.

Where one side his loved one’s were in doubt, Aseem and his wife got a reason to celebrate on the other hands.

“i just can’t believe wo itni easaily maan jaeyga. I am so glad Aseem.” Sakshi was on the cloud nine aftter the decision taken by Maan.

“Aarti tum bada dhamka rahi thi. Ab kya hua. Seee you coward son. How easily he get ready to leave his house. Sach kahu to main b darr gaya tha ki pata nahi Maan b kahi bhaisahab jaisa hua to but no. He is a bloody coward.” Aseem taunt to Daija as she threaten him on the name of Maan.

“Aseem…” She roared. Her fists clenched hard and same was of Geet. Both turned furious. “Dont you dare call my Maan a coward. Tume wo bheek de raha hai to usme kush raho samjhe tum.” Aarti don’t bear a single word against Maan and snap.

“oh really? Whatever. Just because of you mom threw me out of this mansion but now its my turn. I will throw you all out and then only my wounded heart get solace.” Aseem challenged.

“itna khush mat hoiye Mr. Aseem Khurana. Who know what will be hidden in your future. Kabhi kabhi nivala muh tak aa kar b naseeb nahi hota.” Geet broke her silence and challenged him back. “Chaliye Daija. They are not worth it.” Geet left with her.

Part – 36

SURELY they were upset with his decision. But Daija don’t raised her voice against Maan as he was wise enough. Geet entered in he room and placed Piya on the bed. Maan was there still she cover her bounderies before leaving. Geet come back with her feeding bottle and found her playing with Maan. She went near to him and asked for Piya but in signals.

“you are upset with my decision. Right?”he asked directly in a flat voice.

She tried to take away her daughter but Maan don’t give in. Finally she broke her silence before him. “i have full faith in you. If you decide something then i am with you in your every decision. Its you who don’t trust me.” her emotion reflect in her confession. Her trust and love for him but the same time his distrust caused pain in her heart as well. He can sense it.

“You are angry because i scold you that time?” He was glancing at the vast sky and asked without facing her.

“i am no one to get angry with you. Apne wo haq kabhi diya nahi. But yes i feel hurt when you show dis trust towards me.” her eyes filled with water layer.

Maan swirled to face her tears. He wiped off them and Piya imitate her father’s action. Her cute antics and Maan’s little gesture towards her,took away her all pain and sorrows. She forgot every thing and took Piya in her arms. Geet moved towards bed and fixed her in lap so she can feed her with her favourite bottle. Geet hold her bottle and Piya enjoying her milk. Maan locked the door first then move and sat near both. “Geet you wanna know,where i was? If i am not in Paris then where i was from past few days? Then listen i was in….” He got ready to tell her about the name of place he visit actually but Geet placed his palm and shut his mouth.

“no need of any explainantion. Agar apko theek lagta to aap bata dete. Man i dont want to force you for any thing. I will wait till you gain full trust on me.” Geet understand that he why he don’t reciprocrate her love but he don’t even trust her is definitely hurting but the same time she don’t want him to force him for any thing.

Both glance in each other eyes for a few seconds and Maan confessed. “Ihave full faith on you. I don’t doubt you for any thing. Geet tume paa hona chahiye ye business ye paise bahut chhota hai meri Piya k samne. Jab main ise leke tum pe pura trust karta hu to or koi cheez mayne nahi rakhti. I have full faith on you like i have on Daija and Adi. The way you handle her,i never interfere and never do in future to coz i know whatever you do or decide for her is only for her well being. Ek achhi maa apne bachhe k liye sab karti hai. Zarurat apdne pe samjhati hai danti hai par sabse zada pyar karti hai and trust me i will not ask you question for this. Now about my tour and tickets. Yes you are right. Main Paris nahi gaya tha.” Maan take a pause.

“I am sorry for scolding you. But you asked suddenly and same time Sakshi khurana was standing outside our room.” He revealed.

“what? She was spying on us?” Geet was in shock.

” yes she is. I saw how her eyes turned. Her curiousity to know where i was gone was clearly reflecting in her eyes. That time sach main bata nahi sakta tha or jhooth b bolta to use shak ho jata. I want to mislead her by our conflict. That’s why i scold you. I am sorry Geet but i have no intentions of hurting you by any mean. If i lied on that time you asked more questions from me. That’s why i scold you and end the conversation there only.” Maan explain the reason of his rude behaviour.

Geet placed her hand on his. Maan raised his eyes and met with hers. “I ma sorry Maan. Ek baar firr maine apko samjhne me galti ki.” she apolozised.

“No Geet you don’t have any fault. I know i was rude but that time mujhe jo theek laga maine woi kiya.” Maan have no complaints nor she had. Both were calm and composed so was Piya.

Amazingly she was connected to her parents so deeply. When they were content she feels content and if they were hurt she automatically turn disturbed. She was staring both while enjoying her milk.

“i think she had done.” Maan points.

Geet leaned over her and kissed on her head. “dudu pam. Mumma lele isko. Its empty.” Geet asked and she quickly leave her bottle. Piya hold her finger firmly and patted her other hand on Maan’s thigh. It was a signal. Maan give his hand to her and she held his finger as well. She was happy and smiling while playing with her parents.

“give her to me. I will take her to balcony till she burp.” Maan took her from Geet’s lap and walked towards balcony. He stroked her back to help her in digest what she intake or else in no time she puke out whole milk.

“liya?” Geet asked worriedly. A mother’s worry.

“nahi abhi nahi.” Maan told her and both walked from one corner to another till she gave a burp sound.

When she done Geet raised her another query. “Maan if you don’t mind i have one suggestion.” she hesitate a bit while offering. “i know parso hume apke uncle ko 40% k brabar cash dena hai. Its big amout Maan. And i know itna hard cash ek sath nikalna possible nahi hai. I have some cash in bank and some jewellery which we can use. Because i don’t want you sell any of Khurana property.” Geet offers.

“Don’t even think about that.” Maan said strongly.

“why? Kya main is ghar ka hissa nahi hu?” Geet raised query.

“ho Geet.

“then why you don’t want to take my help? Apko lagta hai meri help lene se apki respect kam ho jayegi?”

“no never. But main already Mr. Handa se help le chuka hu.” he revealed and stunned her. “ha maine baat ki unse or unhone market me apne sources se baat ki or maine apne. We already arranged the money. So you don’t need to touch your personal money.”

“aap sach bol rahe ho? Apne Dad se help li?” Geet still not able to believe.

“Ha kyu nahi le sakta? Wo b to apne hai. Or bure waqt me apne hi kaam aate hai. Am i right?”

Maan himself even don’t aware how much happiness he gave to her in one day. First he apologised and told share his feelings towards her. The respect he had for her and now he consider her parents as his own was cherry on the top. Geet was on cloud nine. She grinned wide. Though she looked fool to him but she didn’t bother. What her heart was feeling in this moment was more important.

“Geet daant ander karo you look fool.” Maan teased her. He wants her to feel comfortable after such a bad day. “now come daija wait kar rahi hongi. Hum b dinner kar lete hai.” Maan hold her hand and both walked out….

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PART – 34

DAIJA and Adi both were discussing about the incident happened. “Thank you beta. Mere zara se batane pe tumne quick action liya.”

Adi put his hand on her wrinkled hand. “Nahi Daija. Aap Maan ko thank you bolti kya? Waise b Rahul ki harkat ko lightly nahi liya ja sakta tha. The moment you called me in the morning and told about him i got that if we ignore him now then it will be our biggest mistake.” Adi’s broows narrowed.

“Adi make sure he will not come out till Maan came back.” she commands.

“Don’t worry Daija. Itna strong case banaya hai,uski bail nahi hogi.” Adi assured her.

Both discuss about Aseem and his family,while they were busy in finding a solution.

“Aseem i dont wanna listen any excuse. I want my son back at any cost.” Sakshi declared her demand before him.

His forehead squeezed. “or main kya kar raha hu. Can’t you see i am trying. That Adi. He is very clever. Usne har cheez plan kar k ki hai. All proofs are against Rahul.” Aseem replied in most irritated way.

“i dont know any thing. Do whatever you want. I only want my baby right know.” Sakshi was glued to her words.

“Just shut up. He is my son to. Ab hume Maan pe pressure bnana hi hoga ki wo hume humara share de de.” Aseem mummerd in his mouth and thought.

Whole day passed and night arrived. Piya was still low and sat silent,only observing her mother. She was busy in some work. Geet followed Adi’s advice and arranged a video call to Maan. She alread told him about Piya so he was also waiting on the other side. Both connects and Maan become visible on screen of laptop. Geet slipped the laptop in front of Piya.

Geet wrapped her arm around her hips and indicate towards screen. “Piyu, baby see Papa. See…”

Piya glancing at her mother. “baby say hello to papa.” Suddenly she heard Maan’s voice and glance all around. She alerts quickly. “Baby i am here see.” Maan called to gain her attention.

Piya glance at the screen and see Maan smiling. Piya stare him for few seconds to confirm whether its he or his image but when he called her many times a wide smile came on her dull face. “mumm uuuu” Piya joined her hands and clap then she raised her small arm towards screen. She showing her mother and sharing her happiness.

“Hows my baby? Papa miss Piya. Do you miss me?” Maan keep talking with his doll. Geet to overwhelmed as she saw her smiling after so many days.

“eeeeee.” By making different sounds she showing her happiness. Piya patting her hands in air.

“Piyu papa se kaho ki baby or mumma unko bahut miss kar rahe hai so come back soon.” Geet glance and convey her heart’s wish to.

Piya glance both one by one both turn silent. Piya again turn silent so Geet kiss her. She smiled and slipped to kiss Maan but keypad of Laptop become obsctacle s she patted all the keys and by mistake turn off the camera. Piya’s mood turned off.

“mum mum uuuuuuu.” She complaint to her mom. Geet act fact and turn on he camera. Maan is visible to her again. Her lost smile, her chiming giggles came back to her again. Geet parted the keyboard and Piya kissed her father. She patted her small hand on screen and kissed her father. Maan to kiss her. Seeing her happy Geet took a relief breath. Like she got a lost treasure,her baby’s smile. Maan talk till Piya felt dizzy. Her tiny body get tired easily and she slept in her mother’s lap. Geet absorbed her baby. She patted her and waved for few seconds. Piya stare her parents till her eyes fully closed. She wanna make sure that they were with her. Piya slept in solace.

“Thank you Maan. She was so restless without you.” Geet thanked him.

“and so was you.” Maan added.

“waise Adi ko thanks who gave the idea of video call. She is relax now.” Geet glance at her first then to Maan.

“Don’t worry Geet i come back soon.” he assured her.

“Maan pls jaldi aa jao. Piya needs her uuu. When she start crying for you i felt like someone…”

“Pierced your heart.” Maan astonished her by giving voice to her heart. Geet stare him in amusement. She never expected that he could ever understand her so clearly. Is she was so transparent or he start understanding her emotions. Geet’s mind puzzled between her so many contrary thoughts.

Geet was mute so he broke the silence. “Don’t worry Geet you are not alone. I am always there for you.” Maan once again promise her and unknown to her feelings towards him he rosed her beats. His promise swelled her heart with happiness.

Two more days passed. Aseem tried harder to get their son bail but Adi made it impossible for them.

Their temper cause lack of patience. Both are now want their share and KM. Because of their guards Aseem and his wife were not even able to talk with Geet so now they also waiting for Maan to return.

Moring time and Geet took Piya to garden area. So she could feel better. Piya saw beautiful buteerflies and got excited easily. She wants to catch them and scann all around. Suddenly her giggles get higher.

“Mum aanu…” Piya told the reason of her excitement to her mother. Geet stirred and saw Maan coming towards them…

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