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Broken Hearts Part 1-12

Broken hearts
P – 1
Splendid day for her. Like every girl she was also happy. Fear, excitement, joy, bit sadness… all emotions were playing hide and seek with her. Though he is her choice. She select him for her still like every girl the thought of marriage and first night send shiver to her curvious body. Today even Angels can felt embarass and shine less before her beauty. She can bow down any one on her small signals and why not after all she is princess of Handa Empire,Geet Handa,darling daughter of Rudr Pratap and Avantika Handa. Handa’s well known name in bussiness world. No one can stand before them except their rival: The Khurana. Every high profile and page 3 star were came to bless the couple.
Servant rush and inform Avantika about the arrival of bridegroom. Avantika and her all friends left her alone to welcome the groom. All were busy in the rituals and Geet glancing her in mirror when she found some unknown figure. Before she alert all with her shriek,her mouth was shut by a strong hand,who not only shut her mouth but made her unconscious to.
He life her like sack and moved out where his men waiting for him. Soon they all made an escape with Geet.
After two hours her dizzy eyes opens to view a complete new world. Her eyes wide open and first she check herself.
“dont worry if i want to rape u then ur room is not bad place.” Strong voice grab her attention. A heavy built,having greek features with stubbled face came and sat before her. He settled his right leg on the left and stare her with furious eyes.
“why u brought me here?” she glared him with her fire emitting eyes.
Instead of giving reply he threw a file before her. “sign it.” he commands and threw a pen towards her.
“kya hai ye and why the hell u brought me here. Wait till my family found about this.” Geet annoyed and trying to threaten him.
“dont raise my anger or u pay badly.” he stood up and came near her fisting her neck made her winced in pain. “for ur kind information ur family is searching from past two hrs.” he smirked like a true devil. “let me show u.” he play a video on his laptop and show her how her parents and guests were tensed and her mother,she was crying non stop. Geet’s anger towered and she trying to stood up but the devil next to her push her down.
“let me go or else..” she hissed in anger and he firmed his grip.
He leaned over her face. “u r not in a condition to put conditions. Sign these papers or i have my own ways to convience u which u definitely dont like.” his intense eyes send a wave of fear but she try her level best not to show to her enemy.
“kya hai ye?” Geet faced him with courage.
He laugh. “marriage papers my would be wife.”
Geet trembled from inside. “u r insane. My marriage is fix and i am not going to sign.” she told him quickly.
“sweetheart u r going to sign it. Shadi to humari hogai or wo b aaj hi.” his simple sentence was not less then a threat.
“over my dead body.”
“huhh.. Not urs darling,but ur loving dad for sure.” he turned to her and gave an evil smirk.
“do u think i am scared of u? No never. U wont able to touch him.” she challenged.
“ahh ye tever. Then let me tell u sweetheart tume darna chahiye. Coz jis security pe tume itna trust hai usi ki naak k neche se main tume yaha le aaya hu and no one even have a clue.” he leave no chance to break her confidence.
Geet’s eyes were rolling all around. She found no way to escape. Her body drenched in sweat even when ac is on. “i’ll not sign.” She courage and voice out.
Next he dialled a number. “kill him.” he just said and Geet rushed to him.
“u think u can fooled me like this.” Geet still defending.
“ur dad’s guards are my men. Maan Singh Khurana never talk useless” he sat again like aking who have no fear in his eyes of his deed. Geet still not able to believe then he shows a video to her,which made her scared.
Geet was struck badly without any hope of help. She was scared and alone. Papers were laying before her. She only heared about demons but she dont even imagine that a Devil appeared in her life and destroyed everything on the day when she was dreaming of her new life. Tears rolled down over her cheeks.
“you dont have a whole night. Sign it or…” He threat her last time.
Geet hold the papers with trembling hand glance like she holds her death certificate. Geet took the pen laid besides her and sign them. Maan Singh Khurana well knows rival of Handa’s snatch the papers and check them carefully. He leaned over her. “welcome to hell sweetheart. Being ur loving husband now its my duty to make sure,u will suffer to death for your sin.” he whispered and pushed himself back,leaving her in tears.
P – 2
Geet was in shock,need time to come out of this,when he appeared again before her. Maan pulled her to him,gripping her wrist firmly deliberatily,which crushed her glass bangles in between and pierced into her delicate skin. “wiped off ur tears for now and saved them for future. I will give u many ocassion for them. Right now i need ur cunning smile,u used on others to made tham dance on ur tunes.” Maan tugged her to him and wiped her tears. His long fingers clamping on her bare waist. Geet shot glares. She felt disgust taking breath in same air in which he breathes. Least she aware what mess is waiting for her.
She trying to push him away but he held her firmly. Maan held her cheeks and squeezed inwards.”ur dad’s life still in my hand. So be a good daughter and do what i command. Now come and behave like good Khurana daughter in law.” He dragged her out where all media person were standing in their wait. Maan introduced her as his wife.
Geet stunned how cunningly he twisted the whole situation in his favour. All asked about her marriage and this secret marriage. Maan tugged her more in front of all. All clicking their pictures. “Mr. Handa were against bcoz of our business rivarly. But we love each other so we get married on the same date her father choose for her.” he handle everything as per his plan. This coverage were telecasts and Mr. Handa to came to KM.
Geet saw him and trying to rush towards her father,her hope,but Maan clenched her fist and stopps her. “Wlcm Mr. Handa.”
RP was in so much anger. “how dare u Maan?”
“calm down Mr. Handa. Aap Geet k father hai isliye chup hu or else my guards would love to ans u.” Maan again give a threaten with a devil smirk.
“i just came to take my daughter. I dont bother ewhat u told to media or why she came with u. But one thing i knew that Geet dont love and never married to u with her own will. I know u forced her. Come beta u dont need to fear from him.” RP had a full trust on his daughter that she never do any thing which harm their prestige.
Maan clenched hard her wrist,remind her about the guards of her father which in actually were his men. “why should i force her when she is ready to marry me with her own will. Right darling.” Maan encircled her waist and tugged to him.
Both are fuming but had no choice. RP tried but Geet step back. “i am sorry dad but he said right. Ye shadi meri marzi se hui hai.” she accept for her father’s sake.
“Geet beta tell me for what reason u r lying coz i know u like Vikram. U choose him that’s why i said yes for ur marraige then why? I am sure he blackmail u. Tell me the truth Geet.” RP wants to know the reason that why he dont believe on her words but on her eyes which are pleading for help.
“FIL accept the truth. She is my,whether u want or not.” Maan’s gestures showing his win over them. RP getting hyper but before he could do Geet intrupts.
“dad pls forgive me if u can. But pls go from here.” she pleads as she dont want Maan to harm her father. Her voice is broken,sound of his broken heart.
“door is there.” Maan show him the door. RP is boiling in rage but his daughter bcom his weakness and Maan’s weapon this time so he had to leave.
“ok fine. I u think by doing this u can overpowered me in business then let me tell u one thing,i disown Geet right now and u cant force me for anything.” he went closer to Geet,caressed her head and leave.
“u will pay for this Maan.” Geet grab his collars and warned him,lashing out her anger on him but Maan wont take anything. He jerked her off and pushed her on couch. He put his leg up and setteled his arms over it. He bend on her.
“kamal k log hai Handa’s. Everything is business. Loss profit. Isse upar kuchh nazar hi nahi aata right. Ee how quickly he disowned his loving daughter.” Maan taunts.
“he did right. Handa empire ko tum jaise rakshas se bachane k liye dad jo b decision lenge mujhe manzoor hoga.” Geet had no rage on this decision. She openly accept it right.
“Ppl like u only care for money. What u think i did all this to get Handa legasy. Huhh. Cheap ppl cheap thoughts.” he pushed back and increase the distance betwen them.
“huh,monster like u calling me cheap and what a crap u r,who kidnap a girl from her house and forced her for this marriage. Apne bare me kya kehna chahoge.” Geet to taunts and snap.
Maan swirled in a swift and clenched hard her cheeks. “yes u r right. I am a monster and i promise u would face my worst side,every day,every min,every sec.”Maan’s rage and uncontrolled anger scared her again. Surely it was only a start and no one know what he is up to.
RP returend empty hand and all asked about Geet but he had no ans. “Geet kaha hai sir?” Vikram asked but only get a silence.
Then Avantika asked about her daughter. “she denied to come with me. Right now i cant do anything.” RP was so helpless so without facing his wife’s eyes he replied and went to his room.
P – 3
Maan came to her and without any warning he hd her wrist and pulled her up on her feet. She tried to free herself but waste. Maan dragged her in a direction. He opened the door,dark from inside. He pushed her inside. “from now its ur only world. Darkness-i am sure u will love it as u only gift his to others. Geet was confused with her words but before she asked any thing a strange voice grab her attention. Maan’s stiff face changed suddenly and he rushed outside,locking her in that scary dark room.
Geet scann all around. A very small source of light beam guided her towards bed. She was tired because of all the happenings in a day. Geet rested her head on the edge and slept soon.
Hardly one hour had passed when a loud noise broke her sleep. Geet rushed towards door. Fortunately it opened and she went out to check what’s going on. Vikram was shouting on Maan. Geet run over stairs and came down. She tried to reached to him but Maan grasped her and stood her near him. “very eager to go to ur lover boy.” Maan taunts.
“Maan..”he roared.
“awaj neche. This is my house not a street where dogs barks with their will.” Maan retroted.
“what u think of urself. Geet come with me.” Vikram commands and Geet to tried to free herself. Seeing this Vikram came forward to help her but got a punch from Maan.
“dare u touch my wife. Guards.” his one signal and all came to beat him.
Seeing his condition Geet’s rage towered and she digged her sharp canine in his skin till it bleeds. She wants to freee herself but Maan’s grip was so firm. “throw this dirt out.” Maan commands when Vikram lost his conscious completely. And he dragged Geet to same dark room. He threw her on the bed and took baby steps towards her,while licking his blood. “today i will teach how to behave.” his every step towards Geet rosed her heart beat. She is scared visible in her drowsy hazels.
Maan hovered over her. His rough and uncontrolled heavy built body was impossible for Geet. He pinned her hands and locked her legs between him,in order to stop her wriggle. Maan slammed his lips on her and she locked her. But he was in anger. Maan bite her viciously and her lips start bleeding. He riped off her dress from one side. Geet was lost her senses. All she was doing is pleading and sobbing. Soon Maan left her and moved outside setting his hairs.
Geet was laid like a dead bosy. She needs time to get out of this. She was totally numb. Geet got her senses back when she heared a sound of car. Geet stood up and couraged to peep out of the window. Maan was in hurry. Same sound she heared again but not able to saw anything coz of darkness.
Geet collect herself. Maan was about to ruined her but stop before. He only wants to roped the seeds of fear in her heart,but Geet was struggling to know what he is upto. One thing which was sure is that he was sucesseded in this. Geet’s courage leaving her gradually.
Next morning she got up when a full glass of water was splashed on her face with force. Her temper rosed bu in next min when she found him standing next to her,she turn silent. Geet controlled her rage.
“get up u r not on some holiday.” Maan commands rudely and she stood up. Geet realized her clothes were torned so she trying to cover herself. “change ur clothes.”
“i am not ur servant,who obey ur every command. U r sick.” Geet snapped.
Maan break the glass and rosed his step towards Geet gradually,to which she took a back. Maan locked not only her but her courage and breath as well. “i thought u r smart enough who learnt lesson at once. Dont force me to repeat myself.” a dangerous threat,cautioning her no use of argument.
“sir, Adi sir…” Maan raised his hand and stopped him. He left.
“do what i said.” Maan threat her beore leaving.
Maan came down to meet his friend, lawyer, guide every thing. Both hug. “how is she?” Adi asked.
“same like before.” Maan’s tone lowered and voice wimpered. Both were tensed.
“Maan mujhe abhi bhi lagta hai.” Adi got glare from Maan.
“Adi i dont want to argue over this matter again and again. Atleast i expecting from u to understand my pain.” Maan’s anger was not the same this time. A sort of pain was added.
Adi stood up and clenched his shoulder. “ok i m sorry. Pls calm down.” Adi apolozised as he knew what his friend going through this time.
P – 4
“Adi from now i wont be able to come office so make sure..”
“Dont worry about office. Main Sasha or Amy hai. u will get every second detail here only.” Adi assured him.
“hmm.” Maan trusted on these three,sply Adi.
“by the where is our sweetheart? I want to see her?” Adi asked.
“in my bedroom.” Maan replied briskly. Adi asked in signals whether she is sleeping or awake. “may be awake,go and check yourself.” he guranted and Adi rush towards his room.
RP summoned his lawyer and discuss the whole matter with him. He wants his daughter back at any cost. “Sir i can understand your situation but right now i cant do anything. He execute his plan so smartly. Moreover your own daughter is supporting him. In that case we cant take legal action against him.”
“pls Mr. Sharma koi to rasta hoga. I want my daughter back. Dont know what he was doing with her and what is his intentions.” Avantika handa was miserable. The mere thought of of Geet with that monster khurana shaked her badly. They were scared for her safety.
“Mrs. Handa i can understand ur worry but we have no proof against him. Even all cctv footage were blank. As i said,he planned everything so well. But we can do one thing only. If he want Handa property then i suggest u leagally disowned her,so he would not be able to harm Handa Empire.” He suggest them a solution but Avantika was not happy. She only want her daughter back. RP was also silent. He never felt helpless before this.
Vikram to was there in bandages. “sir what are u doing. U cant disowned her.” he objects.
RP raised his hand,signals him to shut his mouth. “i will ready for this.” he agree which fumed wounded Vikram.
News spread that RP disowned Geet from his will. Now she dont have any right on Handa Property. Maan who was watching this news smirked like a devil. He was so happy with the news. Maan straight went to the same dark room to share this news with Geet. He found her in same torned bridal wear. “i think u need one more dose,then only u learn to obey.” he gritted his jaw and Geet step back.
“mere washroom me garam pani nahi hai.” she excused in a meak voice.
Maan went near her. “so little Handa Princess..ops let me correct disowned Princess,need warm water.” in a flip she was in his arms,struggling to get down but Maan took her inside the washroom and next she was dropped in the cold water tub. A chilled water able to shiver anyone’s soul. “see its a one time pain. Now u can bath. Ab is thande pani se darr nahi lagega.” Maan whispered huskily,while putting her hair string behind her ears. “by the way ur father disowned u legally and Princess handa bcom pouper handa. But dont worry ur husband have so many tortures for u my dear wife. Now enjoy ur bath.” Maan gave her a evil winning smile and left.
Geet shivered in spine chilling water. Her whole body turn numb. She couraged to come out and dried herself. But there is warm clothes for her,only normal summer wear. Not even a extra sheet except laying on her hard bed. Geet used the same sheet to safe herself from cold. Whole day passed but no one came to asked her for food or a single cup of coffee. Because of cold her body turm limp. In this cold and dark room she dont even realised how much time had passed. At 10 pm Maan enters in her room and held her hand. He felt it warm then usual but he ignored deliberately and dragged out towards kitchen. “bhola leave.” he command his servant.
“but sir abhi to.” Maan gave a deadly glare and he without completing left from there.
“from now u wash all the dishes.” Maan commands.
“and what if i denied.” Geet snap.
“then u knw what i can do with u and with ur family.” Maan threatened her again in a cold voice like his behaviour. He sat there to keep his eyes on her. Geet who never took a glass of water at her own,today forced to work like a servant. But she quitely obyed. Her whole body was already aching and after this work she loose her all remaining strength and fell down on the floor. Maan saw and left his laptop instantly. He patted her cheek and poured whole glass of water to brought her back in senses but no use. She was burning with high fever.
“i wont let u die so soon,miss Geet Handa.” he lifts her in his arms and commands to call the doc. Doc came and examine her.
“she catches cold,so pls take care of her or else it turn dangerous and u need to admit her to hospital.” Doc cautioned seeing her state.
“do anything but i want her alright.” he demands and doc nods. He gave her injection and prescribed some medi.
Doc left and Maan tugged her under warm and comfy quilt. He set the room temp.also according to her need and sat near her. Servant brought all the medi,prescribed by the doc. In mid night,in her semi conscious state he gave her medi on time and take full care of her.
PART – 5
Its 10 am when he awake,getting late than his normal routine. He check her temprature before leaving the room. Outside he hear the voice of his friend Adi and he step towards in the direction. Meen step in and he greeted him. “very late.” he remarked seeing him in night wear.
“hmm. But u r here early morng. Any thing serious?” Maan asked the reason.
“she had fever so i thought come and check before leaving for office.” he told and Maan quickly check her. Her cry sound pierced his soul.
“ise to abhi b fvr hai.” he got tensed and his brows knotted. “why the hell u not informed me?” he burst on her care taker.
“sir u were busy..” she fumbbles.
“its none of ur business,how busy i am..if u were not..” Maan’s anger getting out of control.
“Maan leave her,i think we should take her to hospital first.” Adi distract him before he lash out his all anger on poor old woman.
“dont cry sweetheart,no dont.. Adi come.” both run out taking her with them. Soon they were in hospital. Doc examine her. Her cries made Maan weak. He cant see her in pain. His stoned eyes shedding tears. Adi consoled him.
“dont worry she will be alright soon. She is fighter and u know that.” though he tried not to show his weak side but Adi is his best friend knows him in and out.
“its all bcoz of that b****. I was busy in taking care of her and see here my…” he wouldnt able to complete.
“dont worry Mr. Khurana she will be fine soon.” Doc gave her injection and allowed both to ake her home.
“but doc frv ja kyu nahi ra?” Maan asked in a whimpering sound.
“bcoz she is a born weak. But dont worry there is nothing to fear about.” he assured them.
“Doc how is she?” he asked and doc’s eyes turn empty. He dont have ans of this que.
“from past 7 months u were asking the same que Mr. Khurana and like before i dont have any ans. You know she getting best treatment,but in case of comma patient nothing is confirm.” his hopes trashed down once again. From past 7 months he was coming here in a hope that may be one day she will open her eyes but evet time he only get disappointment.
His feet took him towards the direction,where a lifeless soul laying and breathing only bcoz of life support system. He just saw her through glass window and his eyes burn with rage and tears,he hold inside. Adi came there. “Lets go,let her rest.” he said and dragged him away.
Adi drop him at KM and moved for he office. He took her inside. She was sleeping now. Maan placed her on bed and caressed her head softly. He leaned over her and kissed on her forhead. “get well soon my sweetheart. U know na i cant see u in pain.” he held her soft hand and kissed it. He stood up. “next time ye galti nahi honi chahiye. Now take care of her.” he instruct and moved towards his room for fresh n up. Geet was still sleeping in his bed. He stare her in rage and went inside his washroom. When he comes out he found her awake. Geet was scared seeing new surroundings. She needs time to absorb every thing. Both were silent. He dont want to and she was scared to ask. Maan went and summon his servant. He came with glass of milk. Maan signals and he placed it on the side table. “take ur medi with Milk.” Maan commands but she dont made any movement which engraged him. “dont u get my words clearly. Drink it or stay hungry for whole day. Coz kaam to tume aaj b karne hai. Whether u r well or not,i dont care.” he yelled on her. Next she quickly gulped the whole milk in a go,but one question was troubling her and she cant resist back. Maan to guess seeing her face. “what?” he asked.
“who changed my clothes?” finally she asked and his mind start running on devil mode again.
His anger replaced by his devil smirk. “obviously its dont by ur loving husband. But if u dont like then dont worry next time i will ask to my any servant.” his gleaming eyes scared her and she clenched the collar of his shirt more firmly as she had nothing inside his shirt. Warm drop of water rolled over her cheeks. Maan was happy over her thoughts. He knew Geet never saw any female in the house,so she can believe what he said.
Maan sat near her and she sqeezing in herself,as much he tries to approched her. “now why this drama when u r an open book for me. Last night i got te whole view now what u r hiding?” Maan’s voice and getures was a threta for her. She believed every single word of him and start crying. “u wanna cry go ahead. I wont stop u coz i love to see u in pain. Aaj tak tumne sabko pain diya hai. Now its ur turn to taste ur own medicine.” Maan laughed over her helplessness.
P – 6
Maan was faking to torture her but she took it serious. His lie killed her fully. Maan stood up to left her in tears and move ahead towards the door when she utter his name and stoped him. Maan stoped but not turned to her. “that’s what u only want to do,i knew it. But why in my unconscious state? You runied me but when i am unscious. Do it now. I also want to see how much disgusting you are.”
Geet’s words gave him joy. He was sure that the lie he fed to her,she believed and now weltering which surely a treat for him but least he was aware what she is upto. When he turned to tease her more,she was stood fully naked. Maan quickly lower down his eyes and Geet threw his shirt on his face. She went near him and grab his shirt. “now why lowering your eyes? When u dont have any shame then do it now again.” Her anger was out of control and she instigate him.
His jaw stiffened and fists firmed. First he held her hand to shove her away but when she not he slap her hard. Geet lands on floor and he threw his shirt over her to cover her. He was fuming so badly and left the room without even glancing a back. Geet was still in grip of fvr and this slap made her lip bleed again. Geet sobbing but no one is here to comfort her. She missed her mother so badly. She managed to stood up on her wobbling legs and only reached near her bed when she faints again.
Maan was fuming on her insane action. “shameless. What else can expected from her.” he was so angry on her when a call distract him. He need some detail so went back to his room,where he found her unconscious. He annoyed but cut his call and placed her on bed first then covered properly. He put aside hr hairs and found her lip bleeding. Maan touched softly and cleaned. He quickly rub ointment with gentle hand. “Maan no need to show sympathy. Dont forgot what she did.” next sec his sub conscious mind alert him and he left her side.
Till evening he dont go back to his room. He do his all work through his study.
Adi arrived in eveng and straight went to meet him.”Adi what about the work i told u?” he asked.
“dont worry very soon u will get the results.” Adi was so sure.
On the other hands Geet was awake and gloomed when she heared the same sound. This made her curious and she went out to found from where its coming. Soon she entered in a room where her eyes assumed her. She was doubted that in this devil house and Angel to exist. A very small baby girl was crying in very sweet and meak sound. She couldnt hold back and without a sec thoughts,Geet took her in arms. Baby was crying so Geet wiggle herself and humming a tune to distract her. First baby was so restless but then her cries start subsiding not fully but her warmth reached to her. She was staring Geet constantly as she was trying to recognise her. But their moment not stay long. A strong pair of hand snatch her from Geet’s hands and the same moment she start crying again.
Geet tilted her head to found a furious Maan. “how dare u touch her?” his tone was not only harsh but scary to. Geet was so numb to ans back. “when u dont able to revenge on me u choose to harm my Piya.” he blamed Geet and snuggled Piya firmly after checking her.
“harm? Why should i harm such a small baby? Logo ko bewajh hurt karna tuhara shuk hai mera nahi.” Geet retroted.
“huh..look who is talking?” Maan taunts. Hearing their sound Adi to came there and her nany. “where were u r? I warned u not to leave her side then y left her alone?” Maan roared on her.
“wo.. Main washroom…” she fummbled.
“then y u not informed any one. How many times i told u,tell me first before leaving her side.”Maan wasn’t ready to listen any excuse and seeing his this side Geet to was in shock. First time she saw a pinch of fear in his scary eyes.
“Maan its ok..” Adi tried but waste.
“its not ok Adi. What if i dont come on time. She will kill her.” Geet was silent but not ready to take this blame.
“what? Main mar deti. Logo ko tadpa tadpa k marna tumhari hobby hai. I am sure iski mom ko b tumhi ne aise mara hoga.” Geet retured his accquse on him which broke all the bounderies of his patience. He placed Piya on bed and grasped her neck.
“what u said? I killed my Tia. How dare u.” he firmed his grip which chocking Geet.
Adi intrupts.” Maan she will die. Chhod use.” he was trying but Maan’s grip was so firm.
“today i will kill her. How dare she said that i killed my Tia.” Maan’s voice having a pain. Adi managed to parted them bu he was trying to pounce on her. “Adi leave me,i will not spare hr today. She said i killed my Tia. Main marunga use. Ha. I love her u know na. Maine nahi mara use. Isne cheena hai use.” Maan this time seemed a small child who’s fav toy was broken by some one and he was only weltering to get it back in perfect condition. This anger was not a normal one. It carrying a immence pain which he hiding from world. Adi dragged him out as he need to calm Maan first and till he see Geet,its not
P – 7
Maan enraged. He left the mansion. Adi knew he dont do any thing stupid but he cant denied the truth that he is disturbed,and he needs to check upon him.
Geet was numb,scared and in shock. Her breath was chocked. Piya’s nanny made her sat on bed and stroked her back while giving a glass of water to him. Adi came there and keep two guards there and left to follow Maan.
Maan reached to hospital. He was restless and only found solace with a person who laying dead on hospital bed. “Tia pls open ur eyes. Did u know what she said? She said i hurt u.” while holding her limp hand he pleads. Maan caressed her head. “but u dont worry. I will punish her. What she did with u,i will never forgive her.” his eyes shed tears. “but Tia pls wake up. Your Piya needs u.”
MAAN: Piya? Ye kaisa naam hai?
TIA: shut up Maan. Its a very cute name plus rhyme with my name. You know in future when ever i get a chance to become mother i want baby girl. Or uska yahi naam hoga samjhe tum.
MAAN(laughed): and what if boy born? You name him puppaya?
Maan teased Tia and she grew angry. She hit him and Maan run to save himself. Tia running behind him and hitted against the couch.
TIA: ouch..
MAAN: Tiaaaa….
Tears and smile both were there on his face. But all suddenly changed when he looked at Tia. “Piya, yahi naam rakhna chahti thi na tum apni beti ka? Tia maine woi naam diya hai use. But Tia she dont even got a chance to feel your warmth,or ye sab us Geet ki wajhse.” his voice broken and hopes shattred bit by bit. Corner of his eyes turn red not with anger but the pain he endured since the day he brought Tia here, drenched in her own blood pool. The flashes of that moment is still green. Maan leaned over her and kissed on her forehead.
Adi glance them from outside,but not come inside. He was in peace that Maan was here. Maan rest his head on her lifeless hand. She was breathing with the help of life support system only. He stayed with her. His heart only found solace near her.
Whole night Maan spend in hospital room,near Tia and came back to KM when sun dawn. He was completely forgotten about locking Geet before leaving so he straight went to the dark room whre he used to kept her. He entered and found the room empty. His temper goes high and he bursts on all servants.
“sssir wo Piya baby k room me hai.” one of his servant informed and he rushed towards the room.
Maan was struggling with so many emotions in just few seconds. Fear and anger both. With a jerk he entered but the view fumed him more. Geet was sleeping on the bed. Maan raised his hand to dragged her out of the bed but another old hand clenched his fist and stop him doing so. He stare her furiously but before he burst on her,she took him aside. “Maan baba Geet ko uthane se pehle ye dekh lo.” she showed him from other side and his eyes widened with shock. Piya was clinged to her. Maan’s anger towered more.
“daija aap aise kaise kar sakti hai?” he gritted his teeth and fists his hands.
“coz i want Piya’s health first. Did you know after how many days Piya slept peacefully. Two month baby and not a single day of proper sleep. Maan baba apko pata hai indono ka fvr kal raat se kam hone laga hai. May be u dont know but i know Geet to had a high fvr. That night when i changed her clothes,her body was heated with high fvr. Pls Maan baba let both sleep.” she tried to convience him but Maan was only staring Geet in anger. Her proxmity with Piya was not acceptable for him. When daija not got any reply she spoke to him again. “ok Geet k liye na sahi par Piya baby k liye hi maan jao. If u awake Geet and parted both then Piya’s sleep get disturb and she start crying. Did u want her to cry?”
This was the thing which Maan cant handle. He cant see little soul in pain and only for her sake he sapre Geet. “jaise hi Piya uthegi ise iske room me wapis jana hoga.” he declared and left disappointed. Maan changed and Adi came to check him. Seeing him he got relief. “kaisa hai tu?” he asked and Maan signals only him. “ok one good news for you. What we plan for him is on last stage. Till evening you got the result.”
Maan rested his hand on couch. “now that bastard know what he had done. Mr. Handa khud use uski aukat dikhayenge.” his eyes and voice reflect the strom he planned for his enemy.
P – 8
Maan got busy on some call,so Adi step moved upstairs to see the little one. He entered inside and saw her comfortable with Geet. Both were awaked and Geet pampering the little soul. Adi amused seeing them. He sat near Geet at a decent distance. “are wah aaj to humari Piya happy happy hai.” he called baby to attract her but she only staring Geet. Her all attention was only fixed to Geet. “achha ji mumma milli to chachu ki taraf dekhna b nahi hai.” Adi touched her little finger but Piya not turn her eyes from Geet.
He address Geet as a mom to Piya which stunned Geet. She felt awkward but Piya made her so much engrossed as she dont got a time to react. “iska fever b kam ho gaya hai.” Daija indirectly support his words.
Adi touched her cheek. “thank God she is getting better.” Piya yawning and struggling with her eyes as she dont want to sleep. Furious he came inside and snatch Piya from her lap. It happened so quickly that shocked all. “Maan what are you doing?”he objects.
“kaha tha maine Daija se,she would be back to her room the moment Piya awake. Then why no one informed me?”He was so furious on everyone.
“Maan baba just listen to me.” Daija wants to convience him but he was recented on everyone.
He handover Piya to Daija and dragged Geet out. He even ignored the cries of Piya,who craving for Geet’s warmth. Adi’s tries to failed. He pushed him aside and went away. Maan push her away in same dark room with a jerk. Before he locked Geet yelled on him. “what’s wrong with u. U torturing me,i can understand but y u torturing ur own baby? Or u dont have a bit humanity to feel anything.”
Her words sctratched his wounds. “humanity? Tum baat kar rahi hu humanity ki. Jisne khud dusro k sath itna galat kiya hai.” Maan snapped.
“what i did ha? You always accused me. Today i want to know what i did. Why u punishing me?” She screamed and demand the reason of his immence hatred.
Maan pulled her out and. He took her to the hospital where Tia is admit. He dragged her and jerked before Tia. “look at her. She is my Tia,my love. Just bcoz of u she is in this state.” his eyes turn red again and Geet’s eyes popped out.
“Tia Mehra.” she went closer to her and held her face. “omg. Ye what happened to her?” she asked in shock.
Maan fliched off her hands. “dont touch my Tia.” he threaten her.
Geet was stunned seeing her condition. “but what happened to her? Pls tell me..”
Maan not allowed her to complete. He showed his finger and signals her to shut her mouth. “dont pretend. I know,i had all proofs against u. It was u who push her to death but ur badluck i reached on time and save my Tia. But no one save u from me. I will make sure u to suffer to death like my Tia do.” Maan was not ready to listen to her as he only believes on the proofs he had.
“Maan Tia is my friend why should i hurt her. Trust me..”
“sshhh… Trust. This word not suits from the mouth of back stabber. Now just get out of my sight before i kill u.” Maan command her to leave. Geet know right now there is no use to argue with him so she step outside. “and let me remind u,straight go to KM or else u know what will be the consequences.” he coutioned her, not even think of running. Outside his guards are waiting who took her back to KM.
Geet was so curious to know what exactly happened with Tia and why Maan blame her for Tia’s condition. How she was involved in all this.
Maan’s guards locked her in same dark room. While Piya cried and raised her fever but Maan stick to his decision. In evening Adi came to see Piya. Little was crying and having a high fever. No medi works. Maan roaming here and there took her in his arms but she was craving for something else. Daija already tried so Adi snatch Piya and move towards Geet’s room. Maan obstruct his way. “kaha le ja raha?”
“Geet k pas.”
“Adi”,he roared,which doesnt effect Adi. “leave her.” He demand but Adi not agree. “i said leave her. She is mine.”
“to mera koi haq nahi hai?” Adi argued.
“Geet ise nahi chhuyegi.”
“i wont allow her mother’s culprit harm her to.”
“she will not harm her. Only for once try to see beyond ur anger.” Adi snap.
“i have proofs.”
“Proofs? Huh.. Maan i am a lawyer. Aise sabbot paida hote roz dekhta hu. Sach ko jhoot or jhoot ko sach banne me zada der nahi lagti. What proofs we have against her r not enough. Kabhi kabhi sachhai soch se pare hoti hai. Geet culprit hai ya nahi wo main nahi janta par maine uski aankho me Piya k liye pyar dekha tha or wo jhooth nahi tha.”
“if u r my frnd then u wont go to her.” Maan put condition.
“and if u dont want to loose me then u will not stop me.” Adi muted him finally as he dont want loose him.
Adi free Geet,but she hesitate to hold her. “Geet Piya ko high fvr hai.” the moment he told,Geet quickly took Piya and snuggled near her heart. She was crying and throwing her legs,hitting geet’s chest with her limp hands,showing her anger for leaving her this long. Geet kissed her and stroked to calm little soul.
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Padma Priya
Wow Richu, Love the way you unfold the story slowy
loved it.. Tia is Geet’s friend and Maan accuses her for her state phew bechari Geet is clueless on why she is blamed and what had happened to Tia
.. Maan is super duper blind in his anger waise he is right at his place as he cannot trust Pia’s culprit. Loved the way Adi tried to put some sense in him and gave the baby to Geet to pacify the baby .. Hayee cutie is angry on Geet for leaving her for long .. lovely
Part – 9
He just stood there and stared at her and didnt know what to say. His inner voice scolds him for allowing his love’s culprit won over him. He felt so helpless and weak. Anger which radiated through his blood was only for himself. Daija took Geet to her room and he just stared her going.
“i am sorry Maan. I know u r angry with me but its a que of Piya’s life. She is so small to understand ur logics. Maan whether u want to accept it or not but Piya accept Geet as her mother.” Adi apolozise as he knew he hurt Maan. His broken heart crushed more with this bitter truth that Piya choose Geet over him and Tia.
But the amount Adi assumed was very less than the actual damage. Maan only gave a recentful glare and left,without replying.
In Geet’s warmth,baby was calm. Daija and Adi reliefed,least they aware about Maan’s condition. Two days passed and Maan dont gave any punishment to her because of Piya. Piya was well than before. But she is so insecure and not ready to leave Geet. The moment Geet left her side she start crying. Which made her bound with Piya and stop Maan taking any action against Geet.
Adi as per daily routine came to see Piya in eveng. She was sleeping,so he just glance and leave to meet Maan. He was no where. So he went to his gym and the view shocked him. Furious and gripped in his anger,Maan was beating himself. Every move of hunter leave mark on his bare body. Adi couldnt even able to reach near as his moves r fast. He trying to stop but Maan closed his ears for any voice. Adi paniced and called Daija. She came followed by Geet. All’s eyes popped out.
“Maan baba what r u doing. Pls stop it.” she to tried but Maan keep going on. Daija start crying but no effect on Maan. Adi couraged and tried to reach near him and got hit also. So Maan showed him his hand.
“Adi dont come near me.” he cautioned.
“Have u gone mad? What r u doing? Maan pls stop it.”
“i already listened to both of u and spare her. Now u listen to me and just stay away.” Maan glance towards them and his eyes had only hatred for Geet.
“Maan chhod.” Adi tried but he shoved him away.
“i leave her for Piya’s sake. But what about my Tia? If i am not able to punish her culprit then its my fault and i deserve punishment. All of u leave.” he glared and indirectly told them to took Geet away from his sight.
Reluctantly they had to leave as they knew his insanity for Tia. Geet now experienced the depth of his insane love and pain.
Unwantedly a feel of guilt gripped her. And when it conti. again on next day to,she couraged to talk to him. First she thought not to explain him but now its very necessary she tell him that she wasnt responsible for Tia’s condition. She went to him. No space left where marks were not present. He bruised himself badly and still not stoping. She hold his hand to stop him and got his glare. “how dare u?”
“just listen to me once pls.” she pleads in a whipmering voice. “stop punishing yourself for someone else’s sin.”
“Piya bound my hand. Go and thanks to her. She saves u.” he turn his face dont want to see her.
“Maan maine Tia ko hurt nahi kiya. I dont even know when and how she would reach to this condition. Maan i dont know y u consider me her culprit but trust me..” Geet tried but only enraged his anger.
He clenched her wrist and dragged her to his study. He open one drawer and pick something. It was a mobile which he threw on table. Geet was staring in confusion. “keh do ye tumhara nahi hai. Though its broken but chip is working. 96xxxxxxxx ye tumhara no nahi hai?. Bol do ye jhooth hai.” he threw some papers. Geet picked up. They are customised bills. “Ye tumhare hi number k bills hai. Which clearly shows that it was ur no and u talked with Tia on the day u tried to kill her. Bol do ye tumhara nahi hai.”
Geet was in shock. “no its mine but where u got this?” Geet accept.
“it was in my Tia’s hand when she was laying half dead.” Maan told which shocked her more. Before she said anything Maan show more proofs. “DLxxxx its your car no? Right? Tumhi ne ye car kahraidi thi na. Us waqt ye car waha kya kar rahi thi agar tum waha nahi thi to? Tumhara phone or car dono crime spot pe the. And now u want me to trust u.” he disgust even seeing near him and not intrested in hearing any explainantion.
“Maan its true that i buy that car but i not for my own use. I buy this car for…” suddenly her mind striked.
“what happened? Koi bahana sujh nahi raha?” Maan taunts.
“Maan..its not..” he wont let her complete.
“hust shut up and get out of my sight before i forgot about Piya.” Maan commands.
“Maan listen to me…” she tried but Maan hit his fist against the sharp edge of table very hard and hurt his knuckles. Blood start oozing and his anger chocked Geet. It was a clear signal that he dont want to breathe in same air.
Geet move ahead. “Maan itni bhi nafrat mat karo ki mujhe khud se hi nafrat ho jaye.” she said and left
– 10
“Maan, Geet destroyed everything. She betrayed me.”, Tia’s breath choked coz of conti. crying.
Maan clenched his eyes,blocking his tears inside but they made their way to come out. Tia’s last words never let him in peace. His fists clenched hard and biceps turned prominent. Dont found a way to deal with situation.
Two broken hearts under 1 roof,restless, helpless strucked with endless pain. One’s dreams were shattred by the 1,who himself fully broken. He was breathing in a hope of his love.
Maan’s heart was over burdened. Where he dont even tolerate her sight,he had to bear her for Piya. Neither he stay nor able to leave. He can not trust Geet,that’s bound him to stay at KM,but her sight made him furious,so he locked himself & only roam when much needed.
Adi as per daily routine came to meet both Maan and Piya. First he met with Maan but he was still angry so not talk much. Then Adi went to Piya’s room,where Geet to was lost in her thoughts. His presence alerts her. “where were ur attentions?” Adi asked in strong cold voice as she was so lost to notice Piya’s meak sounds.
“i am sorry.” she came back to senses and snuggled little soul. “sorry sorry. Pls dont cry my baby.” Geet pamper her and she calmed quickly. Piya only want her mother’s attention and when she got she relaxed.
Adi made a move towards exit,when Geet stopped him. “Adi,wait a min. I need to talk.” he stood and she walked towards him. “can i ask something?” she stare at his face and doubted but seeking for help. Adi nodded. “i know Maan had proofs against me but trust me Adi i wouldnt harm Tia. She is my friend and about proofs i to have explainantion. I even tried but Maan in not ready to listen to me. I dont know why he hate me so much,just becoz of those two proofs.”
Adi stood calm. He was reading her mind. “u tell why he hate u?” his que stunned her more.
“Adi i dont harm Tia.” she repeats.
“then why she took ur name?” Adi interogate which shocked her. “the day u got engaged Tia called Maan and told ur name that u destroy her life and betrayed her. And next day she found almost dead on her house how?”
Adi’s revealation shocked Geet. She was like on a roller coaster ride of bitter truth comin out one after another. First she got to know about Tia’s condition and now this. She was in shock why Tia took her name. Geet turn mute and Adi lead a step. “that car,i buyed that for Vikram.” she told and he stepped back. “trust me i buyed that car but to gift to my fiance Vikram.”
“and what about your phone? It was found in Tia’s hand.”
“believe it or not but few days before our engagement by mistake i broke Vikram’s mobile. He was so upset as he had to went for a business meeting,so i gave him my spare mobile. I had two numbers so i gave one him. Later neither i asked nor he returned.” Geet told what she knew without hesitating.
Adi was confused. He wasnt sure whether he believe her or not. “Geet u said Tia is ur friend. Then why u approch Vikram? Jabki Vikarm or Tia pehle se engaged the.” now more darker truths are coming out.
One more shock. “no its not truth. I agree i met him because of Tia. But any of them never told me about their relationship. Infact when Vikram joined our firm..
“because u convience Mr. Handa.” Adi corrects.
“ok right,i convience my dad,because he is well deserve candidate and Tia’s good friend. Adi before step in relationship i clearly asked from him whether he love some one else or not and he denied.”
Adi gave disgust look at Geet. “bloody bastard. If i believe on your words then let me tell you Geet the baby you carried in your arms this time,is an offspring of your lover boy – Vikram Sabbarwal.” her whole body trembled with this cold truth. Her hand turn weaken that she about to fell Piya but Adi hold before anything happened bad.
“no its not true. You r lying. Piya to Maan or Tia ki beti hai.” Geet wasnt ready to believe.
“no Geet. Its true that Maan love Tia insanly or wo b tab se jab se use pyar ka mtlab tak pata nahi tha. But he never able to tell her about his feelings. And Tia always considered him as her best friend only. Later Maan shifts to London for higher studies which turned out the events. It was to late for him. When he decide to tell her. Tia already fell in love with Vikram. She was so happy to have him and Maan. He lover her so much that kept his love in his heart for her happines. He was happy bcoz his Tia was happy. Maan shift his office to london so he would not come in between both. But the day of ur engagement Tia called him and told how u snatch Vikram from her. Because of money and power he left her. That time she was pregnant. Maan left everything and came back to India. But when he reached at her home he only found half dead Tia laying on floor,drenched in her own blood. He took hr to hospital where doc declared her in comma. They maage to save her and baby some how but not able bring her out of comma.” Adi keep telling and shake her whole world.
P – 11
Geet was shaken from inside. Adi’s words crushed her dreams she weaved around Vikram. If she trust on his words then Vikram played a very dangerous game with her & Tia, and why she not trust. She had a valid reason but still she was praying that Adi proved wrong. “why i trust u?” she raised hr doubt. “when u guys dont trust me then y should i? May be Maan hurt Tia & now u both planned to frame me and Vikram. These proofs…These can be forged.”
“then dont trust us. Who cares? Geet u r not in a position to put conditions. U r trapped here and Maan can do anything freely. These proofs r enough to prove u guilty in a court and trust me no lawyer could save u. But Maan wants to punish u by his own, that’s y he married to u on the day u supposed to marrying that b***d. He wants to punish both of u,that’s y he choose the day of ur marriage. Now u r in his den & he free to do any thing. So que is not whether u believe on us or not. Que is whether Maan believe on ur words or not and trust me he would not. Coz as i told u he love Tia insanely and till she would not approve ur innosence before him no one helps u,not even i. Maan sirf Tia ki baat ko sach manta hai or Tia ne tumhe guilty bataya hai. As far i know Tia,she never lied.” Adi showed her the mirror. He was trying her to analyise the situation rather then believing on Vikram blindly. He placed Piya on bed and left the room as Daija came and he was relaxed reagarding the safety of her.
Geet was in dilemma. On what she should believe? Her mind switching between hr emotions and logics. How can she doubted on Vikram. He was her fiance. She spend so beautiful moments with him. “no he cant lied. But if yes then those all moments we share and his promises all r fake?” she questioned to herself. “how could i trust on Adi. He is a friend of that monster.” clenching her eyes hard she held her head in her thumbs and fingers,rubbing her forehead and seeking for the truth.
Days were passing and Geet was strucked there only. She wasnt ready to believe on Maan and Adi. Her breath was chocking and she feels suffocated,so went to the balcony for some fresh air. Maan peeped inside. Piya was alone. Found Geet vanished he came inside and took Piya in his arms. Geet’s sight boost his temper so he was avoiding coming here,that’s why not even got a chance to see the baby. A calm expression was spread on his face. Geet was ready to step inside but seeing him she step back and wait for him to leave. She was string both from outside,hiding behind the thick curtain. Since the day she came here,never found Maan calm and composed. Maan talking in baby way to her. He kissed her tiny fists. No one can say that,she is not his daughter. The way he pamperd her reflecting his fatherhood only. “kya hua hmm? Gussa ho,Papa se gussa ho? But y? Papa love Piya so much,hai na? Then y u go to Geet ha? She is not ur mumma. Ur mumma is Tia. My baby miss her mumma hai na”,Maan kiss her several times while talking and Piya to staring him like she understanding every word of him. “apko pata hai,mumma is ill. So doc keep hr in hospital and she is sleeping there. But Mumma told Papa to love Piya. Ur mumma love u alot. Mumma jaldi aayegi. Aap wait karoge na?” Maan keep talking and giving her a light wave which made her yawn and soon drifted her to sleep. He placed her on bed and patted softly to gave her a sense of security. Geet felt shivered due to cold breeze so she step inside which annoyed Maan and he left after shot a dreadful glare. Quick switch of his expressions astonished her.
She sat next to Piya and stare her constantly. “the way he was talking to Piya,that reflecting his genuine love for both the girls. Then…? God pls help me and guide who was the real culprit.”
* * *
“bring him out.” Inspector command to his constable.
Vikram come out with constable. He glance all around. An unknown face came to help him when his all tries proved failed. His own lawyer failed to get him bail then who is he? He asked from himself. “Hello mr. Vikram.” that man dressed up in a lawyer attire raised his hand towards him. “i hope they wont trouble u alot. Insp. now if u satisfied with paper work then let me take my clint with me.” he asked and Insp. nods.
Vikram was silent and confused. He followed his newly come help. “wait who r u and why u help me?” he asked the moment he crossed the premises of Police station.
“well u can consider me ur well wisher and ppl called me Ajay Raheja.” he gave his formal intro.
“nice to meet u mr. Ajay. But my que is still there. Who r u and why u save me when my own lawyer fails to.” he got suspecious.
“tumhare liye itna janna hi bahut hai that i am ur well wisher. Every enemy to Mr. Handa is my friend.” he said with a devil smirk.
“Mr. Handa? What issue u had with him?” he wants to know.
“its none of ur business. For now u enjoy ur freedom. Inspite of being his loyal employee he send u jail for a small mistake,but no worry i am with u.” he smiled and left.
Part – 12
One month passed,when Geet came here in her cage. But only destiny would tell for whom. Here she was brought to live her worst nightmare but in form of Piya she found her rescuer angle. Piya connect herself with Geet which end up torture for Maan. Her monster turn devil for himself. He punished himself as he failed to punish his prey.
Vikram was rescued by unknown help in form of Ajay Raheja. He is a lawyer. Maan hired some men which forged in Handa company and framed Vikram. Mr. Handa saw proofs and send him to jail. In a way Maan punished him but Ajay managed to bailed him out.
“I am so thankful to Ajay. You help or that Handa leave no stone to punish me. That bloody bas***d, now I won’t spare him.” In past two weeks he become very comfortable with Ajay.
“Relax,it’s not a right time. We will teach him a lesson but on right time. If we do hurry we we’re land in trouble.” Ajay gave a drink to him and both share their thoughts.
“By the way you still don’t tell me. What’s your catch?” Vikram eyed him.
“that Handa ruined my father. Just because of him my family forced to beg on roads. I won’t spare him. He will pay for it. Even I had a palm but that Khurana ruined every thing. He kidnapped his daughter or else she was a key to my master plan.” Ajay sipped and clenched his glass more firmly. Vikram noticed his anger filled eyes burning in rage.
“How?” He asked curiously.
“Leave now I can’t. Khurna love her and he is very shrewd.” He sounds depressed.
“Aaha that was your mistake. He kidnapped her but not for the reason of love. That khurana abducted her for some other reason.” Vikram circling the rim of his glass and lost in deep thoughts.
“How can you say that?” His eyes gleam.
Vikram gulp his drink. “Geet,that stupid girl loves me. She don’t even knew him before that incident.” He mocked.
“Then why he married to her?” Ajay thinks.
“May be he had some personal issue with her or her family.” Vikram to searching about reason.
“So you don’t love her?” He asked suspiciously.
“I am only interested in her property. Use hasil karne k liye bahut kuchh karna pada. But that khurana ruined my all plan.” His jaw harden with his defeat.
“Main samjha nahi. Aisa kya karna pada?” Ajay filled his empty glass and Vikram gulp in a go.
“I was dating a girl named Tia. She is Geet’s classmate. I was searching for job. Tia invite her on her birthday party and we met. Bas the same time I planned every thing. Coz of Tia she preferred me and gave chance to join her company but she was unaware that I was dating Tia. And both stupid girls fell in love with me. But ek mistake ho gai. Tia pregnant ho gai and when she came to know about us,she tried to contact Geet. Thankfully her mobile was with me and I came to know about her intentions. I used Geet’s mobile and threat her. But she was over smart. On the day of our engagement she again tried to reached to Geet.” Vikram in intoxic state keep telling his deeds.
“Hello”, Maan ans his call and turned silent. He hung the call and rushed towards his car.
Maan call Adi to and soon both were in hospital. “Doc?” His voice was trembling and body turned cold.
“Hurry up Mr. Khuran.” Doc took him with him,following by Adi. All entered in Tia’s room. Her eyes were open. Maan’s eyes welled up seeing his love back to life. He rushed towards her and bend to kiss on her forehead. Tia raised her limp hand and tried to remove her oxygen mask. Doc help her. “Tia nahi.” Maan tried to stop but she denied.
Maan held her hand and kissed, while shedding tears. “Maan I please sambhalo khud ko. I don’t have a much time, so listen to me very carefully.” She gasped as it taking lot of energy which she don’t have but she collected her breath and couraged.
Maan caresses her head. “Chup kuchh nahi hoga tujhe.” He said to assure himself.
Weak smile came on her face. “Maan I want to talk Geet. Right now. Please call her and my Piya.” She demands and Adi left the room.
Soon Geet was there,carrying Piya in her arms. Geet’s eyes to poured tears. She lowered sleeping Piya so Tia can see her. Maan support her limp hand and she stroke her baby. “Maan now I don’t have much time. So listen to me carefully. Geet is innocent. She wasn’t at fault. Meri ye halat Vikram ki wajhse hai.” She gasped. Her breath halted.
“Tia please don’t strain yourself.” Geet saw her condition and requests.
“Nahi Geet. Meri wajhse Maan tume or khud ko punish kar raha hai. Because of Vikram I mistook you. He played and I got trapped. He used your phone to mislead me and I blamed you. Jiski wajhse I know is pagal ne tume bahut tang kiya hoga. I am sorry Geet but don’t hate him. Isne jo bhi kiya meri wajhse kiya. Meri takleef ko dekh k kiya. I apologized from his side.” Her breath chocked and doc again put oxygen mask on Ber mouth which she removed instantly.
“Tia please ye bate baad me b ho sakti hai.” Maan was on the verge of broken to death. He scared seeing her dying.
“No Maan its necessary.” She asked for both’s hand. Geet and Maan obyed. “Both of you promise me ki meri Piya ko kabi parents ki kami mehsoos nahi hone doge. Promise me you both that you both raise like your own daughter.” She demands and Geet with tears in her eyes.
“Tujhe Kuchh nahi hoga. You will take care of her.” Maan not ready to accept the truth.
“Geet from now she is your daughter. Never let her know about me and Vikram. Promise me Geet. I know I am demanding so much but what to do being a mother I am selfish and only thinking about my Piya.” She demands and Geet nods again like before. She promised her what ever she demands.
“Then how will you managed?” Ajay asked curiously.
“Coz of my friends. I told them to keep eye on her. They were present there in form of guards and the moment they saw her,they taught her on name of Geet.” He laughed. “But I knew its risky to leave her free so next day I went to her and tried to shut her mouth but she wasn’t ready for any deal so I just threw her and she died. Every thing was now under control but don’t know from where this Khurana appeared and crushed my whole plan.” Vikram threw his glass in anger.
There Tia closed her eyes again and this time for forever…… Maan’s every try to awake her again go in vain. She slept this time,for never to awake again….

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