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PART – 1

IN Past:

Bell rangs of school and all students rushed outside. A boy having a lean body,pulled up his bag on his shoulders ran outside in full pace. Ignoring everyone coming in his way. He was in hurry,may be running from some one.

One feeble figure following him. She was making her way to him. After so much hudles she managed to reached near him. She just placed her hand onto his shoulders,carrying so much weight then a normal student, to made him realize about her presence. He flinched off her hand and finally swirled to her side. She glance in his swalloed eyes,in which rage,frustration,agony,anxiety all are evidet very clearly. “hey you okay? I was trying to talk but you ignored me. I know…” her voice is soft but carried a string of pain along with it.

“yeh.. Why not? You and your family knows everything. Because it was your father who destroyed me and my world. But dont think that you won. I will make sure you all pay back…” his voice is hoarse with the anger he kept inside him since his major lost.

Her brown eyes welled up the way he treating her. She was so naive to understand his all alligations. She raised her hand which Maan shove away. “JUST STAY AWAY.” he glared and command her before leaving.


IN Present:

HE was wriggling on his bed in dream. His muscles was tensed and he wake up with a jerk. He was panting heavily. Sweat beads shines on his musculine body. Revenge he reminded himself daily. His every step was to achieve his desire.

He come out from his bed and moved toward window. Sun shines playing hide and seek with curtains. He slipped them aside and welcome the beams inside. His eyes roamed in room and struck at the clock. Made him aware about the time. He spend some time in toning his body and fresh n up he walked toward the main hall of the mansion.

Hall equipped with furniture and other expensive statues at the corners,explaining the taste of Khurana’s. Well known bussiness family of Delhi. In the center a middle aged woman was sitting on the large couch,engrossed in reading some papers.

He reached to her an greeted her morning. She tilted her head to glance his face. “have you done Maan?” she asked with smile and he nodded. “good. Maan there is no need to tell you how important this bussiness trip for us. So not to dissappoint me.” She was strict and hard in her tone.

“never mom.” he assured.

“come for breakfast.” she invite him to discuss some more matters,before he leave for air-port. “Maan i think you should leave now. Dont miss your flight.” she instruct him.

“mom i am waiting for Angad. He will be here soon.” He told her. She nodded and left the mansion with driver.

Meantime Angad,one of his best friend having same heavy built like Maan,arrived in the mansion. “Angad you are late. And where is Adi?”,He asked strongly.

“i was already here,just waiting for your mom to leave.” he explained. “hey dont gave me this look. You know how strict she is and i dont want to become her prey early morning.” he cleared and Maan stared him but he was mute as Angad was right. Maan’s mom Arpita is strict both at office and as well in house.

“bhaiyya..” when both were busy in talking a sweet voice chimmed in both’s ears. Both’s gaze turned towards the direction voice is coming. A small girl,in her night suit coming very fast,clenching her teddy in one arm. She still rubbing her eyes. She ran towards both and Angad quickly took her in his arms.

“good morning princess. How are you?” he kissed on her round cheeks.

“Angad bhaiya where is my chocolate?” she asked with authority.

Angad show tantrum and she pouts. He quickly put hand in the pocket of loose jeans and brought out two chocolates. Her glittering eyes gleamed brighten. “wow my fav. Thank you bhaiya.” she said in a excited tone.

“now where is my chocolate?” Angad demands and she kissed him back.

Maan smiled and took her from his arms. She kissed him too. “bhaiya i want lots of toys. Aap laoge na?” She demands from Maan and he gave his approval by kissing her. “Where is Adi bhaiya?” suddenly she asked and reminded Maan about his absence.

“where is he?” he asked again.

“you know him. Mr. Majnu will reach directly to air port. He text me.”, Angad show his message. “dont worry he will be there with your packet.” Angad chuckled and Maan glared him.

Both was ready to leave. Maan dropped his baby sister down. “Shreya sweetheart be a good girl and dont irritate mom with your mischiefs ok.” he cautioned and she nodded.

One servant came and informed that his luggage loaded in car. Both left the KM.

MAAN was ready to leave and Shreya,his 6 year old cuty pie sister giving him a list of her wish.

Maan kissed her and promised that he brought each and every thing she demands. He called Nakul and handover Shreya to him. He took Shreya inside and Maan left with Angad. Both reached air port and waiting in a parking area. Soon one familier car enterd and their wait overed. One of their best buddy just parked the car in next que near Maan’s car. Adi,their another best friend come out of the car and run to both.
“sorry sorry guys. I know we are late but what to do,this traffic made us sucks.” he apolozise and explain,while Maan’s eyes are clearly found restless by both. Like he was searching for someone. Angad nudge Adi and both winked to each other. “Maan are you listening or not?” Adi called bit loud to grab his attention.
Maan focused again to him and hit him. “why are you screaming? I am not deaf.” he was frustrated which was clear by his words.
Meantime one more girl come out from the car. She came and stood next to Adi. Maan glared both. “isi k chakkar me late hua hai na tu?” he gritted his teeth and got that girl’s glare in return.
“Maan don’t blame me ok? This all happen because of your…” Before she completes Angad jumped in the conversation.
“because of your packet…” he smile wide and enjoyed Maan’s anger and frustration.
Maan glance all again carefully. Cars coming and moving but nothing seems as special which deserve his attention. He turned sad and turned to bring out his luggage. Angad moved to him. “why are you doing all this. Hum hai na you will enjoy with your chhota packet.” Angad’s word definitely testing his patience and rosed his anger. But he dont gave his reaction,so Angad hold him and swirled to another side,facing Adi and his girlfriend.
“Angad let me do my work. Why you showing me these owls?” he remarked and she opened her mouth wide.
“hww you called us owl? Fine from next time i don’t do your any work.” She to snap back briskly over his annoying remark.
“Maan you can named me anything but don’t call my sherni an owl ok?” Adi to retorted back,to which he start fuming.
“why the hell you both glued to each other? This is air port ok.” Maan yelled but not loud. He was pissed off right now and everything just irritating him. “and your Pinky koi kaam ki nahi hai ye.” Maan’s judgemental comments burst all three in laugh and Maan staring all 3 in confusion. He wasn’t aware that all these three just enjoying his plights. They were intentionally teasing and provoking him,to which he reacts exactly they want.
“common guys lets stop. Don’t irritate him more.” Adi now don’t want to mock his restlessness any more so he asked both as well to stop. “Geet come out.” he called and one more girl appeared from the back side.
A sweet round shaped face,brown hazled eyes with sharp nose. Skin like a butter smooth. In short an epitome of beauty for which any one can falls so easily. But above all which make her special was her eyes seemd so silent yet absorbing many thing at once in it. Seeing her Maan’s stern face turn down to calm. His stretched muscles relaxed. Pinky hit his arm. “now tell who did this.”
“here is your chhota packet. I told you Adi would brought her at any cost.” Angad talking to him but now for him all world seemed vanished. If anything is getting his attention was his Geet only. Love of his life or can say his Life.
Maan opened his arms for her and she run to absorbed by him. Both hugged each other firmly. After whole two weeks both were able to see each other,and yet their sepration period is not overing. It increased for one more month as Maan was ready to leave India for a bussiness trip. Her eyes shed tears and damp his chest. Maan sense and tilted her head to glance her face. He palmed her face and wiped of the tears. “you ok?” his tone is serious.
“i am fine dont worry.” Geet kissed on his palm while conforming but her face told otherwise.
Maan’s heart squeezed hard and once again he engulfed her in him. “guys this place is still air port.” Angad teased,reminding Maan about his words he passed few minutes before.
“and you call my sherni is useless. Its her magic that your packet is here. Or else who had a courage to bring her out of that haunted house and without guards.” Adi to got a chance to show their effect. They still teasing both.
“guys..” Maan said sternly and all turn quite.
Angad caress Geet’s head softly.”hey chutki why are you crying? Dekh ye ek mahina kaise nikal jayega pata b nahi chalega.” He tried to comfort her but no words are able to sooth her pain.
Inside all knows the situation but Geet is the one who had facing indeed. Already they met after two weeks and now they going to parted for whole month. Moreover he is going abroad so there is no chance to meet in between.
Maan parted her and framed her face. “Geet don’t make me weak. You know i have to go. I can’t disappoint my mom and family.” he said in a firm voice. She nodded and tried to hold back her flowing tears but her heart sobbed badly.
“i know. Dont worry i will not cry.” she said quarreling with her sobs.
“and why you scared? I am leaving these three na. They will be with you in every situation in my absence.” He tried his level best to cheer her up. Maan kissed her and left to catch his flight.
Geet was so upset and gloomed. Something is bothering her. Angad took all of them to college. Already they missed their morning classes. Even in the class Geet behave subduded. Physically she was there but her mind was absent.
In break time all 4 reached to canteen. Angad and Adi moved to brought something they could eat. Pinky got time and she confronts her. “Geet what happened? I notice you since morning. You seemed scared? What happened? Did you father or brother again scold or threatened you?” Pinky was concerned and wants to know the reason of her aloof behaviour.
“no i try my level best to avoid them. Waise b unhe konsa time hai.” she was disappointed with him clearly evident.
“then what? Ok i got it. You again saw that dream right?” Pinky guess and Geet nodded to confirm. “common Geet it was your past. 6 saal ho chuke hai us baat ko.”
“i know but what to do. My heart never forgot his eyes carrying hatred for me and my family that time. Pinky i almost loosed him.” Geet shared her fears with Pinky.
“Geet i think us baat ko to Maan b bhul chuka hoga tu kyu pakad k baithi hai? I agree that time he was angry on you but now things were change. He accept you in his life na. He forgive you 6 years back Geet.”
“but only me. He accept me,not my family. Kuchh nahi bhula hai wo. He still burning in the fire of revenge. Pinky i don’t want to loose him again. Par kya karu? I dont know what exactly happened and how my father involved in that. One thing which is sure is that Maan never forgive him. I am scared of his anger. Still his hate fills eyes haunted me in nights. The way he reacted that time…what if he do it again? Pinky if this happene again then this time i am surly die.” Geet’s heart thumping badly. Her mind was struggling with the consequences of this Revenge game.
PART – 3
Geet sat next to Pinky and go in her past memories again. 
“Bell rangs of school and all students rushed outside. A boy having a lean body,pulled up his bag on his shoulders ran outside in full pace. Ignoring everyone coming in his way. He was in hurry,may be running from some one.
One feeble figure following him. She was making her way to him. After so much hudles she managed to reached near him. She just placed her hand onto his shoulders,carrying so much weight then a normal student, to made him realize about her presence. He flinched off her hand and finally swirled to her side. She glance in his swelled eyes,in which rage,frustration,agony,anxiety all are evidet very clearly. “hey you okay? I was trying to talk but you ignored me. I know…” her voice is soft but carried a string of pain along with it.
“yeh.. Why not? You and your family knows everything. Because it was your father who destroyed me and my world. But dont think that you won. I will make sure you all pay back…” his voice is hoarse with the anger he kept inside him since his major lost.
Her brown eyes welled up the way he treating her. She was so naive to understand his all alligations. She raised her hand which Maan shove away. “JUST STAY AWAY.” he glared and command her before leaving.”
“Geet…”,Pinky placed her hand on hers to gain her attention. Tear drop falls down from Geet’s eyes. She came back to senses again. “aaj firr woi sapna dekha?”
“JUST STAY AWAY.” These three words always echoed in her mind,day or night.
Geet nodded and Pinky tried to calm her. “Geet he was not in himself at that time. But after that he forgave you.”
“because of that incident. If that don’t happened he will never accept me. One incident parted us and another brought closer again.” Geet was disturbed.
Angad and Adi arrived with food. Both saw her gloomed. Adi silently hit Pinky and asked in signal. Pinky told him in signal ad Adi told Angad.
“Adi dont you think chhota packet put on weight. Chutki patli hoja warna Maan nai girlfriend dhoond lega wo bhi London me.” Angad teased her to distract but it gave adverse effect reaction. Now her tears raise their pace.
Pinky slapped both of them. “Angad you ain’t helping.”
“ok ok relax i am just kidding. Geet why you think so much? Whatever had happend was our past and neither of us can change it. But it doesn’t mean we stop living our present peacefully. Don’t worry he is yours and no one can take him from you.” He said in a very calm voice to sooth her pain,while wiped off her tears. “now stop crying and eat something. Or ha usko call kar lena okay.” Angad manage to distracted her.
Adi saw his watch and alert all others. They moved for there next lecture. “i wish he is with us. Because of responsibilities he wont able to do his MBA.” Adi felt bad for Maan.
“what to do? Aunt is all alone after that incident,handling everything.i am happy atleast Maan complete his graduation. I miss those days when we all are happy enjoying our life freely but that incident not only change Maan’s life but also snatch our carefree friend. He was the one who love to do pranks and enjoy life full on. Aaj use dekh k kon kahega ye wahi Maan hai.” Angad’s voice is heavy with the pain he felt at his heart.
“you are right. Anyways but be careful in front of Geet or else she start blaming herself for Maan’s miseries. Her dad did wrong but usme uski koi galti nahi hai.” Adi cautioned Angad.
“i really felt bad for both Maan and Geet. Her father spoiled everything.” Angad strained on his words. His jaw clenched on the reminder of her father’s deed.
Geet reached to her large but life less mansion after her classes got over,where one stroam was waiting for her. “Geet.” one strong voice carring all harshness summoned her. Her rosed foot towards stair took a back. She rooted on her place. One heavy built middle aged man stood before her. Geet was tried to stole her eyes. “where were you are since morning?” He asked in a interrogating way and when he don’t got reply he sharpen his voice which shivered her from inside.
“in college.” she replied briskly.
“Geet don’t even think of lying to me. I know what you are doing behind my back. You met him right? Am i right?” He shout. Geet shook her head up and met his eyes directly. “dont you dare saw me like this. Have you any shame? You met with a person who hates me and want to destroy me?” he scold her.
“Dad he hates you because you gave him reason for that. My Maan is not like this before. You destroyed his happiness.” Geet snap back without any fear.
He glared her dreadfully and fists her hair strongly made her winced in pain. “its not you,its his teachings. You taken my love for guaranteed but don’t forget i am your father. If i love you then i will punish you as well.” He continously hurting her. His grip was firm and not showing any mercy on her. “Abhimanyu.” he called his son and threw Geet on him. “lock her in a room till Rahul came back from new york. I want their engagement as soon as possible.” he declared his decision.
“aap aise nahi kar sakte. I don’t want to marry him.” she is wriggling and denying his command.
“i am not asking you. I am telling you. Rahul is our family friend. His father is my best friend and Rahul is friend of your brother. We select him because he is perfect in every way.” He gripped his rude voice to taught her there is no space to escape this marriage. “Abhi take her phone.” he commands and left.
“bhaiya leave me.” Geet wriggling but no use.
“Look Geet don’t make thing complicated for all of us. Just do it what dad wants. Rahul is my friend and i know him. He will make you happy. So be a good girl and listen to us.” Abhimanyu supports his father’s decision and adviced her to obey him. He snatch her phone and locked her in a room. Geet ws helplessly bangaing the door but in this heartless mansion her voice died in that room only. No one is there who help her or understand her pain and agony.
Three days were passed and she was caged in her own room. All are worried for her as they knew how she treated at home,because of her love for Maan. When Maan don’t received any call from her he enquired from Adi and Angad.
“Angad where is Geet?” Maan sounds tensed.
“don’t she call you even?” He asked instead of replying.
“if she did then why i asked from you guys.”
“Maan don’t worry. We will try to find out the matter.” Adi replied to calm him. They cut is call.
“i think something wrong had happened. She don’t even came to college.” Adi’s forehead squeezed.
“where is Pinky ask her.”
Pinky joined them. “guys problem. Her dad locked her in mansion,not allowed to go anywhere. Even took her phone.” She told them everything.
“ab hume hi kuchh karna padega. Sabse pehle to kisi tarah Geet tak ek mobile pahunchana padega. Uske baad dekhte hai aage kya karna hai.” Adi gave the first solution to handle this situation.
PART – 4
TWO weeks was passed and Geet was still in house arrest. Adi’s all tries were failed because her no friends is allowed in the mansion. All are tensed founding no solution of this problem. There Maan was also tensed as he was struck there with his bussiness deal. He cant came before his work has done. Geet’s condition was miserable in her own house. Flashes of past start tormenting her more.
“sharp lights all around with loud music mixed with unpleasent sounds. Blood oozing and made its way to float everywhere. ‘Geeet’, he patting her cheek but her vision went blurr with each passing second.”
its 3 am when se turned on all the lights of her room. Geet pushed back all hairs coming on wet face,covered with sweat beads. Geet come out of her bed and went to washroom. She turn on the tap and splash water on her face. Her face was dull and eyes gloomed. Geet was only thinking how can she made an escape from there. “I have to escape before they tied me with Rahul.”
Geet now start planning to reach to Maan at any cost. She was surely have a gifted friends. Even all doors are closed still they never give up. Angad managed to bribe his one man and handover mobile to him. With her food trolly he send phone inside her room. In her rage she was almost about to threw the food but her eyes got the glimpse of some thing. She quickly grabbed it and hide before anyone can see it. As soon she on it, a msg received. It was from her friends. They assured her that they will never leave her alone. Geet replied what’s going on with her. Angad suggests her to talk with Maan first then they plan something. Geet tried but he was unavailable. So she decided to run away from there. Geet told her plan to gang and they arranged everything in just two days. In mid night Geet jumped out from the window and vert carefully reached to the back side of her mansion, where Adi had been waiting for her. He help her and she able to climb the wall with the help of rope. She was very scared because single noise by her get her into a trouble. Her knees scratched badly but she avoided and after a great struggle manage to reach on the other side of the wall. Adi help her and ahe jumped. Angad was already waiting with his car, parked far enough, to avoid any trouble.
“Geet are you sure you want to do this? I mean Maan is still unaware. Even we try his number several time but all the time he was unavailable. Will you able to manage all alone?” Angad cautioned her. They were not sure about this plan of hers but supports her.
“Angad I don’t have any choice. Right now Rahul is in Germany but the day he arrived they force me to marry him.” Geet was also helpless. Angad released a breath ane start driving in a pace.
 All reached air port. Adi handover every thing she needed. She hugged both and vanished out of their sights. “I hope every thing goes fine with both.” Adi was doubted. 
“Why Maan not answers our calls. Damnit.” Angad jerked his arm in frustration. Every action and carrying uncertainty. They were not sure about the success of this plan. They helped Geet but what next?
Geet’s heart was thumping badly. She took a big step and without his consent. How will he react? Was the only question messed up her mind. What if he denied to accept her. She was confuse, scared and uncertain with her actions.
Finally plane lands. After crossing all security gates she come out and turn on her phone. She call Maan but again his phone rings but no answer from other side. Adi gave her the name of the hotel he is staying. Geet thought to reach direct there. She don’t even reached to their destination when cab driver dropped her in mid way, dur to some problem in his car. Geet was looking for help. Almost lonely roads with darkness all around. Though it wasn’t much late. But due to weather darkness occupied the city. Geet looking for another cab. Cars coming and going in pace but not stop for her. Suddenly one car stopped near her. Driver pulled down the mirror and scaned her from tip to toe. His physique was heavy and buttoned eyes send a shiver to her. Geet stepped back and took few steps to avoid him but it was only her assumptions that she got rid of him by this. He start moving his car towards her in a very slow speed. Now she sacred for her safty. There is no one to help her. He stopped his car near her and come out. Geet leave her luggage and ran in a pace but he to followed her. She was running but not so far. His steps were long then hers. That bully guy clenched her wrist and pulled her to him. Geet wriggle amd hit him but it hardly effective. He smiled more evils seeing her helplessness. She cried for help but this heart less city not bother to help her. Rains starts and more darkness gulfed the surroundings. Geet’s heart skip many beats. Her every try failed and his grip tightened over her. He hovered over her and Geet screaming for help…
PART – 5
Eyes panic and head sweating even in such a cold weather. Her mind start running fastly. She wants to escape the consequences. She was fell on hard ground looking all around. Her screams fail to call help and now only she is the one who can help herself.
In India: at Angad’s house.
One strong built man in a uniform enterd with is men in the house. Angad saw him and paced to eascape but failed. “Angad.” he roared and he clenched his eyes. He went near to him and turned. “what are you doing?” he asked strongly.
“nothing dad. Just moving to my room.” he said brishkly and again start moving when his stick obstruct his way.
“where is Geet?” He asked and Angad’s pupil widened with fear.
“Geet…tt…t dad… How can i know?” Angad fumbles.
“she is your friend and you don’t know about her?” He scanning his body language.
“na i know everything about her. Like use rats se bahut darr lagta hai. She like all kind of junk food…” Angad twisting their talk.
“shut up. Dont try to be smart ok.” He roared glarig with his fire emitting eyes.
“what happened? Why you are shouting on him?” Angad got a life line. His mother came there and interfere.
“if i found you and your gang involved in her escape then my boy no one save you from me.” He cautioned and moved to change.
“kya hua?” His mother asked politely.
“nothing mom. As usual he love to scold me. Sometimes i feel he brought me from orphanage.” Angad showing anger to his mother.
“Angad… You know him. Wo police wale pehle hai or father and husband baad me. So why getting upset? Common cheer up and come for breakfast.” Her mother calmed him and trying to make him understand what responsibilities his father carried being a commissioner.
Angad was tensed and call an emergency meeting of his friends. All met in college and e told everything to them.
“damn it here investigation starts and we dont even know about Maan and Geet.”Adi to tensed.
“should we make a call to them.” Pinky asked.
“no way. Dad already suspected me and if we made call to any of them we dead along with them.” Angad cautioned him.
In New York:
Geet seeking for a chance and she got that. Her hand reached to some rod. Geet glance and quickly hit his head with force she can,which gave her a chance to run away. Geet running madly on roads as that man still chasing her. Suddenly she came in front of one cab coming from the airport. Driver quickly pull the leaver and car stops instantly before Geet got injured with it. She was so scared and panting heavily.
“please help me.” Geet pleads and the driver come out along with the pessanger.
“Geet…” he called her with name and she glance up. She got her source of life and rush to him. She hugged him and he enveloped her in him. He glance all around. Seeing Geet with two other men that goon step back.
He was trying to run after him but Geet not allowed him to go any where. She feels protected. She knew now no one can harm her. “sir we should call the cops.” Driver suggest but Geet denied. She was just not leaving him. Her body was cold and she was shivering badly,not sure out of cold or fear. He enveloped her in over coat. Covered her properly. His hand caressing her and gradually her halted breath subsiding.
“Geet lets move in.” he told her and both sat inside,but Geet still not ready to leave. Her source of breath was now with her. Her Maan is with her.
Cab driver drop them at the hotel. Maan again covered her because her clothes clinged to her body and he dont want to invite unwanted stares. Both head towards his room.
The moment they entered Maan just burst on her. “Geet what are you doing here tell me. Have you any idea what had happened there.” Maan crushed her arm and jerked her. His anger rosing which was an outcome of fear he had. “now don’t stay silent. Speak up damn it.” Maan yelled and scared her more.
Maan got no answer but her tears. So he made call to Adi. As he treated him same like Geet. Maan bursts on him. “Geet me to bachpana bhara hua hai what about you guys? Now open your mouth and tell me what’s going on?” Maan scold him as well.
Angad took his phone hearing his yelling sounds. “Geet reached safly? Thank God she is with you.”
“shut up.” Maan yelled and told them what happened with Geet.
“is she okay?” Pinky snatch the phone and asked fiercely.
“yes she is. But why you guys send her here even without my concern.” Maan was on his anger mode and only scolding his friends one by one.
“o hello sadu. First listen to us carefully. We dont have an option. You tell why you dont pick our calls. How many times we all tried but no mr. MSK was hell busy.” Pinky snapped equally and told him about Geet’s problem. Her words supressed his anger and shocked him. He knows that how her father is,but he do something like this made him surprize. “Now you tell us why you don’t answer our calls.” Pinky bursts.
Angad took phone from him and raised same question. Maan told them and Geet. “Guys I am not on a picnic okay. After talking to you I left for Manchester and left my second mobile here in hotel room. I carried my another mobile, having contacts of clients. That’s why. I know I had to made contact but I was struck badly plus my second mobileis not with me. I am sorry guys.” Maan apologies and clear the mist.
“Maan just take care of her. She is very disturb and faced so much.” Angad told and cut the calls.

PART – 6

Maan cut the call and rubbed is forehead. Tension was clearly visiible on his face. He sat back on bed and found the room empty. “Geet… Geet..” He panicked for a moment but then he hear sound of water coming from the washroom. He stood up and moved in. Light was dim,coming from the room, but he knew she was crying. Maan framed her face and kissed on her eyes one by one. Geet gasped and he enveloped her. “i am sorry. I had to be with you.” Geet encircled her arms around him more firmly,holding her source of breath. “dont cry.” he rubbed her back stroking her softly. “we will find some thing.” he assured her to lower her fear and pain,he sensed through her uneven beats.

“i dont want to go back.” she babbled through sobbings.

Maan hold her face and both glance each other. He kissed on her forehead. “relax. We handle it also. But first change your clothes.” her all clothes are wet coz of rain so he advised her to change as soon as possible. But then only they realised Geet missed her luggage coz of that goon. She was so scared to remind where exactly she left it. “its ok,no need to panic.” Maan went out and brought his clothes for her. He went out of washroom. Phone buzzed and he left the room. “Geet i ll be back till then change and order what you want to eat.”

Maan left in hurry. Geet wore his long kurta and lower but that was loose for her so she removed it. Maan came back and found her lost in her thoughts that she dont even realized when he open the door and came inside. Geet was staring outside without a blink. All events took place made her restless. Maan went near and hugged her from backside. His touch bring senses to her body. “still thinking. I told you we can find some solution then why you are stressing yourself.” Maan trying to stay strong before her or else her courage give up completely.

Geet swirled in his arms. “Maan what we do now?” She hoping for some strong way.

“but why he want you to marry so soon?”

“he want us to parted.” She told briskly.

Maan’s eyes filled with rage and he glued her more to him. “no one can able to do it.” his voice is firm. “have you eat something?” He asked to lighten her mood. She nodded no.

Maan thought of order some food but Geet stopped him. “dont go any where. Just stay with me.” she demands and he step back.

Her eyes raking over her body.”where is lowers?” he asked.

“that was long and loose. I removed it.” she explained and Maan pulled her to him.

“then why this kurta? This is also long and loose.” his eyes gazing her with all intensity and voice turn husky. Geet hooked her finger in his chain and pulled her face to her. She raised her self and peck on his lips. With a small kisses they proceed further. His tongue toying with hers. Geet holod him firmly and his hand supporting her back. Both entwined in each other. Her skin was warm under his fingers. For very first time both were this close to each other. Mostly he stayed busy due to his work and other time all were around them. Both’s suppressed emotions flowed out and getting out of control. Much he touched her and much he want her. Same with her. Gradually he left her mouth. They were so much in the moment but Maan step back. But Geet’s fear over powered her conscious and only she want is Maan. She kissed him again and he pushed her up. Geet encircled her legs around his waist and he moved towards the bed. He leaned and she laid on bed,free him. He removed his shirt and came over her. His plam caressing her bare skin. Maan pulled up his kurta and soon she was out of it. Shiver ran through her body. Every fibre of her vibrated with teir proximity. Maan kissed on her whole face and slipped down. She moaned his name when his warm tongue caressing the hard tips of her mounds. Maan glance up and she clenched hard her eyes. He palmed her bossoms and let the buds caressing his rough palm. Maan kissed every part gently. Geet soaked. Her beats steadier and breath halted. Maan’s fingers stroking her inside made her ready for his member. Geet wants him badly and pleads in between her moanings. He entered with a strong push and made her scream in pain. She bleeds also. “Geet.. You ok?” Maan concerned and stopped seeing her in pain. She was laying limp but raised her arm and caressed him. Maan leaned and kissed her several times,and his member stroked her in pace. Geet moaned loud in his mouth. Geet hugged him and both kissed hard. Even in cold weather both were drenched in their sweat beads. She bit on is shoulder and Maan thriust more harder. They hot the climax and he removed himself but only for few minutes. After they gain their breath he filled her again with him.

Both were exhaust and slept holding each other after claming their love…

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