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Part – 12Maan decided to stay with her till she get little normal. No matters of day and night left for them after that. On that night Geet threw his ring,which wont even realized by Maan for even once. Both drowened in their tempting world of lust and desire. He cant get enough of her. Its become difficult to predict who additcted to whom. In these two months they just forgot the world around them. She completed her second trimister of pregnancy and can feel the moments inside her womb. As by the time passes her desires for him in increasing unbelievably. Everytime she wants him around her. Maan is even not less. Though she lost her form still the temptation in which he engrossed is not changing.

Crossing to her room,she is just in her robe went to terrace to get some fresh air. After having a passion filled night this roses filled fregnance carrying air freshe n up her tired body. She scanned the beauty of nature all around. This air,this atmosphere r always around her but never delighted as it today. She rested her crossed arms on railing and leaned her head over there. Her gleamed eyes looks magnificent this moment.

Maan wake and patted his arm searching her,and when he dont found his presence he opened his eyes. Geet is nt in room. Maan checked in washroom first but she wasnt there too. He slipped in robe and move to gallery. He just checking there and get a glimpse of her. Her long hairs stroking her soft cheeks. Maan mesmerized with her natural beauty.

Soon she found his arms wrapped around her. Maan kissed on her cheek and whispered in her ear. ‘feeling cold?’

Geet nodded no and turn around in his arms. Both gazed in each other eyes and welcoming their desires. He kissed hr gently. For a while a storm conti.to rage out. Thier kiss growing impatient. She nibbled his lip provocatively. In responce he deepened the kiss,lifting her into his arms,carried her over to other side of the terrace. Both settled on ground and remove their single piece of cloth. He proceeded to pleasure her. Her body welcoming him. Started with an uncountable and passionate kisses they reached to an extend. He filled her with him. The movemnts were so exotic and luxurious. Together they reached to heights of physical pleasure before drifting back to the earth. They devoue each other till their bodies fully exhaust. She wont able to move now. Maan knows she might catch cold so he instantly brought duvet for both. he took her in his embrace and wrapped both in a soft light weighted duvet. He was relaxing and she was half laying in on him.

‘Dil tu hi bataa
Kahaan tha chhupa
Kyun aaj suni
Teri dhadkan pehli baar (x2)
Haan dil ne mere
Sun li tere dil ki pukaar
Dil ki pukaar…
Dil tu hi bataa
Kahaan tha chhupa
Kyun aaj suni
Teri dhadkan pehli bar
Haan dil ne mere
Sun li tere dil ki pukar
Duniya jhooti lagti hai
Sapna saccha lagta hai
Chhup ke teri baahon mein
Sab kuch accha lagta hai…’

Both were silent. Breathing in the fresh air,she feels his warmth. Geet look upwards on his face and kissed on his jaw and neck all over. He too kissed on her forehead and she buried her face in his chest,finding her solace.

‘Yeh aisi hawaa, aisi lehar
Jisme saare beh jaate hain yahaan
Beh gayi main, Keh gayi mein
Jo bhi mujhe kehna tha (x2)
Dil ne mere
Sun li tere dil ki pukaar
Dil, tu hi bataa!
Baahon mein falak hota hai..
Baahon mein falak hota hai
Jannat ye zameen lagti hai
Kya pyaar mein ye hota hai
Har cheez haseen lagti hai
Dil khona hi tha, hona hi tha
Iss dil pe kisi ka bas hi kab chalaa
Chali main chali, Pyaar ki gali
Leke wafa ki sadayein (x2)
Dil ne mere
Sun li tere dil ki pukaar…’

She is very composed right now,but for only a few moment. After having a breakfast Geet get involved in some bussiness work. Maan is just revolving here and there. In this whole villa there is only one room which he always found locked. In past two months he almost saw whole except that room which had been locked. Maria herself kept the keys always. Curiousity kills. He tried to ask several times from Maria,but she always denied. Maan knows she never tells him,no matters how much he tries. Now Maan is seeking for a chance to unlock the mystery of that forbidden room. He decided to invade tonight and when Geet slept Maan exequte his plan after mid night. Maan saw the place where Maria hide the keys. He stole the keys from there and opened that forbiddden room silently. He entered inside and switch on the lights.

The view make him shocked. This room is not seems like a part of this villa. Whole room is filled with toys and colours. Completely differnt to other rooms. All rooms of this villa have only two colours black and white. But this room stole all the shaes fr itself. Kids bed were at the corner. Wall are filled with cartoons collage and pics. Maan scanned all around and found many photo frames. He picked up 1 and saw the picture in that. One fragile girl with very cute boy. He recognised d girl in pink col. frock. It was Geet but who is boy?

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P – 11

Maan’s eyes were on Doc’s face while Geet’s examinantion. Her stern and tensed face speak much louder than her words.

‘kitna damage hua hai?’ his tone is hard and stern.

Doc glance on his face and inhale sharp. ‘I already cautioned you. Stress is poison fr her. Whenever she stressed herself she need liquior and see the damage. Why dont u undrstnd she needs love and care this momnt. Sorry mr. Khurana if this continues fr long i scared about the baby. Anyways i gave her an injection,and now she is going to sleep for some hours. Take care of her if u can.’ she alerts him,or else said threat him regarding Geet and baby. She left the place and Maan sat near her. He tugged her properly in duvet. Soon she went to sleep mode. Maan getting worried and thinking for the solution.

Geet wake up when whole sky is filled with stars and moon. Maan help her in sitting and feed some food to her. She was silent and her eyes were blank. She ate but wont utter a single word. Maan took her to a terrace for some fresh air. She denying first but Maan forced her.

‘all the time staying in those dark rooms r nt gd fr baby. Understood?’Maan told her with a dominance. He walked with her and when she get tired he made her sit on a swing. The very moment his phone buzzed. Maan ans it because its from his sibbling. He wants to know about his where abouts. ‘Dev i am not in canada right now. Due to some work i have to leave.’ Maan lied.

‘then bro where r u and when will u come back and which work r u talking about.’ Dev get curious as Maan leave without informing anyone.

‘see i wont tell u right now. But it took months ok. I will contact u in between. So just take care of Dadima and office.’ Maan commands him and cut the call before he asked more que.from him.

Geet listening and when he turned around many que were swiming in her eyes.’from now i will stay with you here,till u get little bit normal. Geet smirked and he joined her.

Cold breeze shivered her. Maan lifts her and took her in a room. Both senses each other’s intensions. Geet pressed her lips on his. She sucked on his lips but harshly,sending shivers down his spine.

(Spl thanx to POOJA SPARKLE for this beautiful poem)

“My love take me as your comfort
wrap up me around you to hide your dignity

let me hold u in my warm embrace

With u in my arms in this chilly night
making my desire to awake

to devour you until u forget your name
to make you as breathless with my kisses

to make you crave for my one single touch
to make you as wild tigress

Your touch is fire it is burning my entire existence

your glowing skin is giving light to my dark desires.”

Maan kissed her back. Both turn wild.he pushed his tongue inside her mouth,devouring every ounce of her. Both’s tongue toyed and he dragged her tongue in his mouth. Maan licked,sucked and nibbled it.

Maan start undressing her garment by garment to explore her in detail. Her whole body is getting wet in his saliva. He kissed her from tip to toe. By now they had completely drowned in each other’s eys. She is getting impatient to feel him bare as he do. She unbuttoned his shirt and quickly take it off,throwing it to the other end of the room. She bite his neck line and ear lobes first and then leave a trail of wild and passionate bites on his chest and neck. Maan groaned in escatsy. He pulled her down in a swift moment,not to able bear her tortures anymore. Maan lost his senses and claimed her ever so hardly. He nibbled her full bossoms and pinched her erect buds hardly. His intense gaze delighted her more. She loved his wild side. Geet fists his hairs and pulled up to gaze in his eyes. She rosed up and kissed him again. While Maan’s fingers thrusting inside her femine part,before taking the final plunge. Both parted for a sec and licked the fluid of her,sending electric sensations to her body. She shuddred rythemically. Every fibre of her tormenting by his pleasureable tortures. She is moaning and he chuckled seeing her effected by his moves. He couldnt hold back any longer. Both glance in their desired eyes granting permission to each other. He entered in her. He wasnt gentle with her. He always treat her roughly and today they have on extend. Both hurt each other but still enjoying this dark temptation both feels for each other. He plunging into her completely,claiming her as his own. He thrusted in her again and again till both reached to their climax. Both’s panting heavily and drenched in their own sweat. Maan removed and falls on her side.

Geet came on him.their fingers entwined. For a while he slept but not Geet. She rosed her head to confirm wheather he is slept or not. Maan is in deep sleep. Geet rested her head on his chest and looking at his fingers locked with her. Geet rubbed her fingers around his ring finger. Gradually his engagement ring getting loose. She rubbed two three times more and ring falls from his finger. Geet threw it out of the window and clenched her eyes in solace.


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Part – 10Dadima engrossed in the preprations of engagement. She wants every thing must be done to their accord. She wont tolarate any neglancy for this ocassion. After many years she get a chance to celebrate. Her enthusiasm have no bounderies,whereas Maan behave exactly opposite.neither he take part in any activity nor he show any excitement for this. When dadima send him with Meera for shopping,he again made an excuse and fixed Dev in his place. Dev again came as a saviour and coverup his all blenders. He not only take her ffor shopping but also compleed her not to complain dadima also.

‘Dev i wont understand what i say. It seeems shadi meri or Maan ki nahi humari ho rahi hai.’ Meera said in her flow without knowing how badly it effects to Dev. Her single sentence tormented him dreadfully.

Keeping his frustration inside he ans back meakly,’sabki kismat itni achhi nahi hoti Meera.’ he said without thinking as its come out automatically. Meera get confused and ask him the meaning but Dev quickly overpowered his emotions and turn the mode of convo.

Meera gradually start enjoying his company. Maan’s behaviour make annoyed but Dev’s company lightened her mood.

One week passed with a jet speed and the day of his engagement come. Sun rises and Maan opened his dizzy eyes. Geet is laying next to him. Both glance in each other’s crimson red eyes due to the effect of sleep. Maan scan her nubile appearance and wants her again. He is about to raise when she showed him mirror.

‘i think u must leave now. Today is your engagement,so everyone is seeking for you.’ Geet said rudely. Her voice is cold.Maan was stunned hearing from her. ‘dont gave me a stupid look. I wont live in other world. Agree i wont live in city right now but run my business from there. Dosto se zada dushmno ki khabar rakhni padti hai and i dont have any friend.’ she smirked at her win and his posture went rigid.

Maan come out of the bed and search his clothes. He felt irritation dont having valid reason for that. ‘when you know everything then dont call me today.’ Maan muttered bitterly,before leaving. In his way to KM he is lost in his thoughts. The way she said him to leave disturbs Maan. Her words slapped him in the face like a doucing of ice. He reached to KM but wont talk much to anyone. In eveng all 3 went to the venue where,ceramony is going to take place. Every big name of the city is presented in the party hall. Maan dressed up in his pure black velvet taxedo and Meera in pink and golden lehanga. Media covring every moment of this grand ceramony. Maan is not in himself. He only presented physically,otherwise his mind and heart only bound with Geet’s thoughts. Dadima came on stage and announced about the engagement. Close relatives bound both. Dev took step back and set hemself alone in the corner. Dadima gave rings to both. Meera put ring in his finger but Maan is lost. Dadima hold his arm and shake his senses. Maan’s chest clenched hard and the burning sense of tension aroused in him. He glance everywhere. All eyes were on him only. He too pick up the ring and made her wear it. No happiness,no excitement was showing by him. He just do his duty. Hall is filled with the sound of claps but he wont able to connect with them. Dadima and all other turn happy except Maan.

He wants to leave now,but his ego not allowing him to do so. Everyone is enjoying dancing and he needing the space to breath. Guests enclosed him and Meera and he wont get a chance to escape. Night is very ruggedful for both Maan and Geet. Next day he spend in his cabin,gloomed as he is missing an important part of him. His anger wont allowed him to bow and sme with Geet. She wont call him as he taunts her. Maan switch the tv to change his mind but all news channel showing the glimpse of his engagement night. He threw remote on tv and leave out the cabin.

In next few hour he was again in her villa. Maan stepping towards her room and found her lifeless. She already drunk. His eyes narrowed and chil of furry rush through him like an angry wind. He held her firmly.she was fully drunk,might drinking from the noon.

‘how dare you’,he said angrily with a cold look.

Geet laughed in a sarcastic way.’how is the party? Wasie i had seen it last night.’

Maan grasped her.’u drunk again why?’

‘its none of ur bussines.’ she said recentedly.

Maan called Maria and ordered her to bring lime juice instantly. She followed his order and bring juice for Geet. Geet throw her tantrums but Maan forcily poured juice in her mouth. In this it hurts her and she coughed badly. Maan signaled and Maria left the room. Maan stroke her back to make her calm.

When she get little normal,she again shout on him.’ why u come here. Go and celebrate with your fiancee.’ she orders him angrily.

‘shut up and stop running ur small brain.’ Maan held her tight and first he call her doc at home for check up. She arrived in small time and do her complete check up. Maan is worried seeing her condition….

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Part – 9

Maan is moving in pace to her. Geet is emotionally and physically shattred the moment he reached to her. In past few days she stop drinking just becoz of Maan. Their physical intimacies divert her mind from alchohal and she can slept in solace after getting tires of their sessions. He step towards her and Geet hit him. She wont even have any explainantion of her any behaviour. Maan overpowered her and trying to stop her untamed wriggling in his embrace. She locked her arms behind her back and wont allowed her 2 move.

‘y r u so much frustrated? Tell me? U hate me. Dont like my face then y this restlessness?’ Maan asked strongly glaring in her eyes.

Geet wriggling more. She dont even know the ans then who will she explain him.’leave me u jerk and go to hell.’ filled with trepidation she only use abusive words to change the topic.

‘some ans to my que.and hopefully u get peace of mind.’ Maan forced her.

Geet exhaust and falls on his chest. Her breath is halted,he can feel her thumping heartbeat. Maan leave her hands and cupped to face her. Her furious red face,complementing her glaring and fire spitting eyes,hide under the clouds of her messy hairs. Its like dark sky hiding the new moon in its shell. Gradually he put them behind her hairs. Geet is not making any moment,but feeling his tips caressing hr cold skin. Again magic of his simple touch bounds her. She glance in his intoxic eyes and hugged him anticipatedly.

‘i want to sleep.’ she said in such a meak voice that hardly can hear by her own. But now Maan start reading the silent language of her body. He strip off both’s clothes and pleasured her in a different ways. His touch is not harsh like before. Evry day its changing. His nibbles and kisses were untamed but not rebellious ny more. He kissed her not to hurt her. He caress her bare body from tip to toe and pulled her to him. She start loving his every gesture,evry moment. Geet snaked her soft arms around his strong apetite and dug her nails in his bare skin. The more he thurst,more she sratched him. Maan winced but love this to. Maan removed and she rolled down him. Geet take charge of him. His muscles turn rigid and hard as her mouth working over him. Geet stroking like she never get enough of him. He enjoyed when she domainating while having intercourse.

On 1 side where both drowned in the world of their passion,Dev and Meera enjoyed their dinner at some small counter. They greened up their school days memories. All 4 were happy at least for this night. After dinner Dev dropped her.

Next mrng was not so fine. Dadima eagarly wating for him to arrived at home. She was angry on him. Maan arrived looking tired and exhaust. Dadima glance his condition and get suspecious about him.’where r u last nite. If i wont forgot then i send u on dinner with Meera,but you left her alone there.’ Dadima burst on him.Maan glared Dev. ‘Dev ko ghurna band keejiye. Unhone hume nahi btaya. Humne to hotel se khud pata kia hai.’

‘dadima urgent work aa gaya tha.or firr wo akeli kaha thi Dev tha na co.k liye.’ Maan defends himslf.

‘ye humare swl ka jwab nai hai. Aajkal aisi konsi meeting s ho rai hai apki jo puri raat chalti hai? Maan hum kai dino se notice kar rae hai aap roz mrng me ghar aate hai? Ye kya hai? Bussiness humne b sambhala hai. So dont trying to fool me.’ Dadima doubted on his every excuse. She knows he is lying.

‘Dadima i am tired and need some rest. Pls dont streched it. Apke kehne pe shadi kar to ra hu Meera se isse zada expect mat keejie.’ Maan said rudely and waved out through stairs.

Dadima get angry so Dev intrupts and calm her. ‘dekha apne kaise baat ki unhone?’ she complains.

Dev hugged her from behind.’kya dadima aap b chhoti chhoti bato ko dil pe lete ho. You know bro wo kaam ko lekar kitna possessive hai. Pls aap unhe galat mat samjhiye. Abi thake aaye hai isliye irritated hai. So leave him and gave me a smile. Coz i love smiling face of world most beautiful woman.’ Dev papmpered his dadima and trying to lightened the atmosphere which get stressful because of their conversation.

In room Maan fumes coz its getting frustrated managing between Dadima and Geet. He start thinking to sort it out as soon as possible. Where as Dadima decided to bound him with Meera as soon as possible. So she called her fa:mily priest and asked for the date of engagement. Priest calculate and gave her a date of next week. She turn happy and aslo informed Meer’s father about the date.

Maan came for breakfast and she informed him too about his engagement and cautioned him that he not set any appointment for that day. Maan felt bad mouthing with her so he gave his yes to her.


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YUVRAAJ MAAN SINGH: yuvraj(would b king) of Arya Nagar. He is very cruel and just opposite of is father. Whole Kingdom afraid of his name. He love torture his people. He only had two hobbies in his life:- Drinking and Hunting. Hunting of all wild beasts and Beautiful Girls.

GEETAKSHI: a very sweet and pure hearted girl who loved all the species around her. She is fun loving and very deligated. Pure Angelic beauty,no one match her.

King DIGVIJAY: rules d kingdom of Arya Nagar. He is very strong and powerful king. Very kind hearted. Take very good care of his kingdom. Expert in Archery

QUEEN DEVANSHI: she is queen of Paratapgarh. Wife of King Karanveer

DARUN: head of d local tribal Sankara. He is a very nobal and brave. All his people trust him alot. His tribal is lived in the jungles of satara. This Jungle touches the bounderies of both Kingdom of Arya nagar and Pratapgarh.He had a beautiful daughter named Geetakshi…

King KARANVEER:- he rules the kingdom of Pratapgarh. Having an old rivalry with the king Digvijay. He is a very kind hearted and expert in all kinds of physical fights.

GURU SATYA: A white saint having lot of magical powers and trying to establish the kingdom truth and humanity. Ha also had a responsibility of save d saviour SOUL from an evil eye and his men.

TAKSHAK: evil lord. Rules the kingdom of Sunargarh. He had a owner of all black magical powers…

ADITAYA:one of d weakest student of Guru Satya. Having a magical power of converted himself in any kind of animal/bird.

PRATYUSHA: only frnd of Geetakshi. Very sweet bubbly and innocent… Love churpping whloe day…



PART – 1

ITS a tale abot d dual runing btwn d Good and Evil. A long time ago dere was an evil king named Takshak earn sam black magical powers in greedyness of earning pwer 2 overruled d Whole World. He do worship of Evil spirit. Evil Spirit occured in front of him nd blessed him wid hs evil powers and magic. Spirit gv hm a Black Sword whch is d mst powerful sword in the whole world. Takshak grinned mishcheviously. Hs greedy thots now going 2 b fullfilled. Bt Evil Spirit also wnt smthng in return. So Takshak surrender hs soul 2 hm.Only once in a year hs soul cm in hs body. Now he ws only a dead body,d most pwerful dead body who can do anything,bt no1 can kills him as he is alredy dead. Only once in a year he bcm human being when his soul again cm in his body. By dis he bcm “Amar”(who die never). Evil spirit disapper. Takshak laughd in crulty. He bcm more powrful and stronger. No one is able to compete wid hm. He over ruled many kingdoms…with evry passing day his torture mannr increased. He distruct d humanity under hs feet. There was a moarn all around on earth. Weakr choped miserably. Many surredr to save themselves. One day he was on is victory tour. One saint was leaned in his worship mudra(form). Takshak bcm angry to c hm. He kicked him badly. Saint was so powerful and he cursed him coz of his oinsane action,dat very soon he got punishment for his all sins. But Takshak was mad in his pwer and dont take him seriously and laughed on him. Saint’s anger towered so he cursed him again dat from now he can not able 2 enter in d east zone… Aftr giving hm curse. He read som mantras and d body of saint destoyes immediately and converted into a 5 beam light balls and all leaned in differnt zones of nature. He take his words lightly and tryng to enter in east zone to win over the Kingdoms of that zone. But as his horse trying to enter a strong stroam came and obstruct his and his men’s way. His all force included him not able to cross d way. The whole boundry lightentd wid fire except to take step bak he had no other option. He return to Sunargarh,his kingdom. He is fuming badly. Kapali 1 of hs spl man suggest hm to delighted d Evil spirit again. He follwed hs idea and again indulge in worshipping Evil spirit.
D saint died 2ay was d main head saint of the bunch of white saints. They are 7 in no.all othr got 2 know abot his mukti(self distruct). His seat cant b left empty so with evryone’s decision day choose Guru Satya as their new head. Guru Satya hold his position in hs absence. Now he had a responsibility of stopping Takshak and his evil thots to save d humanity. Guru Satya knows dat Takshak must find d way to enter in East zone very soon. So he has 2 find d permanent sol of his end. First they find 1more saint to complete d bunch of 7. And wen he found him,Guru Satya organise a huge Havan,in which all 7 saint sits and do d mantr uchharan conti,for next 10 days widout stoping fr once. Finally they blessd wid a pure white soul,which appered to save d world frm Takshak.

Saint Dhritanj:Guru ji ye atma to utpann(aroused) hogai hai kintu(but)ise ek shreer ki b avshyakta(need) padegi.

Guru Satya:apne sahi kaha hume isi Havan se is pavitr(heavnly pure) atma k liye 1 shreer ka nirman(constuctio) karna hoga.

All again strted a Havan to construct body for dis heavenly soul who came on earth to kill Takhak and his crueality. But news of dis Havan was reached in ears of Kapali. He tuk his master’s black sword and reached to d ashram to distroy all dis to save his master as he was in his dhyan(meditation). Kapali tuk his evil force and attack on d Havan. All d men,women nd kids useto lived in ashram attacked by Kapali nd his force. All r running fr deir lives. He distruct d havan. Guru satya and his saints leave d Havan 2 save d othrs nd foughht wid him. In dis fight Kapali attack d pure Soul wid Takshak’s black sword,due 2 whch d soul divided in2 2 parts. A strong blast occured and soul cnvrted in2 a 2 light balls nd ran in diffrent directions. Due dis blast Kapali get feared and escaped wid his men.

Saint Sanatan:ye kya ho gaya Guruji. Wo pavitr atma to nasht ho gai.

Guru Satya:nai Santan wo nasht(destroy) nai hui hai.bas do hisso me bat gai hai or alg ho gai hai.

Sanatan:to ab hm kya kare?

Satya:is samy wo pavitr atma bhatak gai hai,shreer na milne k karan. Ab wo sawaym(by itself) apne shreer ka chunav karegi.

Saint Dikhshant:lekin guruji wo ab do me bat gai hai iska matlab ab use do shreero ki avshyakta padegi.

Satya:ha or hume us do shareeo k mian tak rukna padega.jab wo do shrrer milenge tab is atama ko apne asli kartvye ka gyan hoga. Kintu abi hume ye sthan chhodna hoga(we have 2 leave dis place)ab ye jagah surakshit(safe) nai hai. Kapali kabi b aa skta hai.

Guru Satya read some mantras and d whole asram disappered wid all d people lived dere.

The Pure Soul travelng here nd dere in search of a body. His biggest part ws vry fast nd restles,while d smallr part is vry calm nd cmposed..

PART – 2

GURU SATYA vanished wid their ashram leaving Pure Soul behind. Dey leave d whole decision on Soul’s own wish. The PURE SOUL travelled 4 many years in search of body… Finally the bigger nd restless part found a body and dis part entered in her womb. She was none other then d queen of Aryanagar named Sukanya,wife of Digvijay. She was sleeping wen SOUL’S part 1 enterd in her womb. As its entered in her she awked wid a jerk. Due 2 whch king Digvijay was awaked too.

DIGVIJAY:kya hua maharani aap aise achanak se…

SUKANYA:maharaj pata nai achank ye kuchh alag 2 sa aabhas(feel) ho rha hai.jaise kuch hua ho.

DIGVIJAY:apne avashye hi koi swapn(dream) dekha hoga.chinta(tension) mat keejiye or so jaiye.

Both slept calmly and Guru Satya awaked suddnly.

SAINT PRASHANT:gurudev kya hua aap aise achanak uth kyu gaye?

GURU SATYA:aaj aaksh me bahut hulchal hai Prashant.


SATYA:sitaro ko dekho wo kis or ishara kr rahe hai. Prashant pratah kaal(early morng) is beej(seed) ko
bo dena.

Satya gave one seed in hs hand.He look at d sky and tryng to read dem.

SATYA(thot):aaj pavitr aatma k pehle bhag ko shareer mil gaya hai or jald hi unka janam hoga.

Guru Satya tied his hands and pray 2 god. He closed his eyes and sleep again. After few days later maharani Sukanya felt strange uneasyness in her body. Digvijay summoned raj vady(doc). He cm and examined her properly. After his examine complete he gave report to Digvijay.

DIGVIJAY:kya baat hai vaidji? Sab theek to hai na?

Vaid:ji maharaj sab theek hai.ya yu kahu ki apke or is rajya k liye 1 shub samachar(news) hai.

DIGVIJAY:shub samachar?

VAID:ji maharaj maharani ji maa banne wali hai.

A huge grinned came on hs face. He cant express in words.

DIGVIJAY:Aap sach keh rahe hai vaidji.

VAID:ji maharaj into varsho baa ab apka or is rajya ka swapn pura hone ka samy aa gaya hai.

DIGVIJAY:hum bta nai skte aaj hum kitne prasnn(happy)hai.

Digvijay gave him lot of money fr giving hm such a good news. He went 2 Sukanya. She was sat on their bed. Her al personal servants leave her sawing Maharaj. Digvijay came,sat near her and hugged his wife.

DIGVIJAY:aaj hm bahut prasann hai.akhir ishwar(god) ne itne varsho(years) k baad humari parthna sweekar(aceept) kar li.ab is rajay ko uska utradhikari(would b king) milega.

SUKANYA:apne sahi kaha maharaj ab hume koi chinta nai hai.akhir ab is Rajya ko uska bhavi maharj milega.

Days start passing. And d seed whch Guru Satya gave 2 saint Prashant was str growing lyk Sukanya’s baby bump. Finaly a day of baby’s birth came. Maharani Sukanya was crying in pain alot. Daima came for delivary. After dealing wid dis difficult process she gave birth to a baby boy. One of her dasi(servant) ran to Digvijay to gave dis good news to Maharaj.

Dasi:maharaj badai ho maharani ji ne putr ko janam dia hai.

He was overwhelmed wid dis news.nd gave many jwels to her. And ran to her room. Daima washed d baby nd wrapped him in a soft silk cloth piece nd gave him to Digvijay’s arm. Baby looks so cute wid sharp features having angelic glow on his face,very active and cycling his legs conti.in Digvijay’s arms. He kissed on his forhead and sat near her.

DIGVIJAY:badhai ho maharani or apka shukriya b jo apne itna pyar rajkumar humare rajy ko diya hai.

He kissed on her forhead. Meanwhile baby strt crying and Digvijay passd him to his mother. Sukanya hold him in hs arms nd Digvijay leaved dem alone. As he start cryng a lightining spark occured in sky evrywhere. And d meditation of Takshak broked. His eyes opnd suddnly wid d thunder sound. It feels lyk his whole palace is trembling. All lamps turned off instantly. Takshak shouts.

TAKSHAK:kapali ye sab garjan kaisa?

KAPALI SCARED:pta nai maharaj lekin aap chinta mat keejiye main pta laga lunga.

TAKSHAK:jante ho is bhuchal ki wajah se humhara dhyan bhang ho gaya hai.

KAPALI;shama(sorry) keejiye maharaj lekin aisa ddobara nai hoga.main abi pta krta hu kya bat hai.

He leave and Takshak leaned in hs meditation again. He searched but found nothing. Next day Digvijay organised a grand fun in honour of prince’s arrival. He gav mny gifts to d people of Aryanagar. All blessed deir would b king. Raj purohitji came nd do havan 4 him and made his kundali and named him.

DIGVIJAY:purohitji to kaisa hai bhagye humare nanhe rajkumar ka.

PUROHIT:apke rajkumar ki kundali maine bana li hai or uske anusar inka naam hoga…”MAAN”. Rajkumar Maan. Or jaisa inka naam hai waise hi ye khud b honge. Har vidya me nipun(expert). Koi dushman inko jeet nai payega. Kintu…

DIGVIJAY:kya hua purohitji aap ruk kyu gaye?

PUROHITJI:kintu maharaj 25 varsh ki aayu me inke parno pe sankt hai.yadi wo samay nikal gaya to firr ye ek lamba or vaibhavshali(graceful) jeevan jeeyenge.

Listen to dis His parents scared alot for his saftey.

DIGVIJAY:iska koi to upaye hoga?

PUROHITJI:25 varsh se pehle Yuvraj ko Aryanagar ki seema se durr na jane de.

Purohit do tilak on his4head and baby smiles…

PART – 3

ARYANAGAR celebrating d arrival of rajkumar. In ashram Gury Satya was busy in his meditation when Saint Prashant came to him. He came to informed him about the seed Guru Satya gave to him 9months ago.

PRASHANT:gusruji bahar chaliye apko kuch dikhana hai.

GURU SATYA:aap hume us podhe me pushp(flowrer) ko dikhna chahte hai na?hume gayat hai kal ratri k samy usme pehli baar pushp utpann(origin)hua hai.

PRASHANT(in tense voice):apka kathan(ur words)satya hai maha guru. Kintu…

SATYA:Kintu…jaise shabd ka tatprya ye hai ki apke mann me koi shanka(doubt)hai.

PRASHANT:maha guru aap swayam(at own) hi dekh le to achha hoga.

Prashant tuk him along with him. Both came outside of his hut. Guru Satya saw a pure white flower is origin on that plant…but wen he luked that closly a tense lines occured on his face. But he dont want 2 show it 2 his other saints so he coverup quickly.

SATYA:Prashant aap vayarth(yu hi) hi chinta kar rahe hai.aisi bhayebheet(being scared) hone wali koi baat nahi hai. Aap chinta na kare or jaiye havan ki vayvastha(arrangements) keejiye aaj bahut hi shubh samay hai.

Prashant follw his order but Guru Satya losse in deep thots.

SATYA(thot):is shwet(white) pushp k aane ka matlab hai ki atma k pehle bhag ka janam hua hai,kintu ye kale dhabbe(spots)kyu. Ye sahi nai hai.iska to ek hi arth hai us.jadui talwar ke katne se pavitr atma k na sirf do hisse ho gaye balki uski kali shaktiyo ka asar ab iske jeevan or vayktitv (personality) pe b padega. Iska shuddhikaran karna hoga. Wrna jis prayayojan(goal) hetu iska awhan(at request) kiya gaya hai wo vayarth(waste) chala jayega. Ab hume dusre hisse k janam ka intezar krna hoga.

He went for havan too and pray to god for being settle down all things. Slowly 2 time start passing. Second part is still in search of appropriate body. Finally that part too found correct body for its origin. On d other hands Maan strt growing too. He is very naughty and aggresive too. He is only 4 years old and dont listen to anyone. Only do the things which he likes to do. His parents are blind in his love so they enjoyed his wrong done tooo,and nevr scolds him for his any mistake.
After four years second part is born too. Sanatan called Guruji and show him a flower origin with d birth of Pure Soul’s sec.part.

SANATAN:mahaguru ye dekhiye ispe kitna sunder or pyara pusp khila hai aaj subah hi.

Guru Satya hv sm tension again so he curiously saw it carefull from all sides. But his tense lines vanished instantly when he saw no black spot on dis one. A pure pink colourd flower seems so gentle and sweet.

SATYA(thot):iska arth ye hua ki pavitar atma k iss hisse pe us talwar ki kali chhaya(shadow) ka koi asar nahi hua hai. Ab is pavitr atma ka yahi bhag pehle bhag ko uska kartvya smaran(remember) karwayega. Aapka sanket main samjh gaya prabhu.

He take a deep thot then he summoned Kartik one of his student lived in aashram,and gave him a task.

KARTIK:par maha guru kya aisa karna uchit hoga?

SATYA:Kartik tume humpe sandeh(doubt) hai?

KARTIK:nai maha guru.

SATYA:to jaisa kaha hai waisa karo.

KARTIK:ji maha guru.

He went to follow his order.

In Aryanagar:
Maan was so happy and restless today. His mother trying all possible ways to convience him but he was not in mood of hearing her.

DIGVIJAY:kya baat hai maharani aap itni bechain kyu hai?

SUKANYA:maharaj bechain main nahi apka putr(son) hai. Pata nahi aaj subah se ki kuch alag se lag raha hai.

DIGVAJAY:ap yu hi chinta kar rahi hai. Kunwar abi sirf 4 varsh k hai. Or baalpan me to bachhe shrarte karte hi hai.

SUKANYA:whi to baat hai. Aaj isne koi shrart nahi ki bas kabi muskurane lagta hai or kabi yaha waha bhagne lagta hai,mano kuch dhoond raha ho.

DIGVIJAY:ap chinta mat keejiye hum baat karte hai apne putr se.

Digvijay went closer to him and scooped him in his arms.

DIGVIJAYA:Maan aaj aap khelne nai jayenge?(he noddded no) kyu bhala.

Maan saw his father wid his dark brown,restless eyes:mujhe wo chahiye.

DIGVIJAY:kya chaiye apko?

MAAN:wo jo meri hai.

DIGVIJAY:kintu kya apki hai?

Maan wriggled in his arms,so he freed him and Maan ran away…

SUKANYA tensly:dekha apne subah se aisi hi ajeeb ajeeb bate kar raha hai?or pata nahi kiske bare me bol raha hai.

DIGVIJAY:wo abi balak hai or bachhe to apni hi duniya me rehte hai.itna mat socho.aise hi koi swapn dekha hoga usne.tum itna pareshan mat ho.dekhna wo thodi der me pehle jaisa ho jayega.

Maan was soo restless today he ran in the garden…

MAAN:bahut jald main tume dhoond lunga…

Kartik return to the aashram.

SATYA:Kartik kaam saftapurvak hua ki nahi?

KARTIK:Jaisa apne kaha maine bilkul waisa hi kiya hai.

SATYA:theek hai ab tum jao.

He went out and Guru Satya again leaned in his meditation…

PART – 4

DAYS start passing.Maan’s mother fall ill when he was only 6. She died due to her illness. But before she died she take promise from Digvijay that he will take good care of their son. Nevr scold him for his any mistake and protect him from all kind of danger. Digvijay was in great pain. He gave all promise to his dying wife. She died in front of both. Maan was soo small to bear all this. He cried alot and its bcm very difficult for Divijay to carry him alone. So he send him to Gurukul(school for worriars),where he learnt all the necessary subj and arts of fighting. In Gurukul Maan learnt many things but he forgot about his true identity and his seperated part of Soul. He only know that he is a prince of Aryanagr and become King very soon. All his people are his slaves. He return after 12 years from Gurukul. But in these 12 years he in not only bcom a true worriar,but also a proudy,mean, cunning and self centerd person. He was completely a bull head. No one is able to match him in bravness. He scared of no one. All wlcomed their prince,but they dont aware of the coming danger. King Digvijay welcomed his son with grand celebration and decorated whole Aryanagar with flowers. But it was a start…all are happy with his arrival. Digvijay gifted him a private palace of his own,in which no 1 is allowed without his permission. Slowly 2 time start passing and his true colours start showing to everyone. People of Aryanagar threatend with his name as he was very cruel. If he get angry with anyone he beats that one brutually. And if he find any girl beautiful,he made her his own for atleast one night. Casually he fed up easily with any girl so he follow the rule of use and through. He think all girls are like tissue papers ment for his use only. His men kidnapped the girl which he selected and placed her to his private palace… Where he use to do his lusty activities. Most of the time he was drnked and enjoyed girls around him. And if he need some adventure,he went to Jungles for hunting. Pepole complaints to Digvijay,but in his blind love he ignores all pleads. He only trying to convience him lovenly,but dis doesnt affect him much. Situations going worst and as his terror increased people scared of do his complaints. Soon Maan is going to 25. One day his evil eye catch some local girl. He ordered his man to placed her in his bedroom for tonight. His men follows his order and kidnapped that girl for which he ordered. Girl cries alot but no one come for her help as all afraid of his terror. His men locked her in his room. She patted the door continously but all behave like deaf and dumb. Maan is busy in drinking before he went to her. When he done he went to his room. His eyes are dizzy and turn red. His dark brown eyes filled with lust. He only wants to fulfill his physical need only. He get inside and grabbed her. She cried for mercy but its doesnt affect him soo much. He ignored it completely and lifts her in his arms. She wriggled badly and trying to free herself from his grip but it was not posiible for her to fight with his huge and hard frame.

GIRL cried alot:yuvraj kripya kar mujhe chhod deejiye.aisa zulm mat keejiye.

MAAN:chhod dunga mujhe konsa tumhare sath puri zindagi rehna hai. Bas sirf aaj ki raat ki baat hai kal tumhe jaha jaana hai tum ja skti ho.

GIRL:do dinn baad meri shadi hai or apne hone wali pati k siva main or kisi ki nahi houngi.

MAAN:yaha nirnay(decision) lene ka adhikar(right) kewal hume hai. Or humne kaha na sirf aaj ki raat or uske baad tum mukt(free). Ab humara samay barbad karne se achha hai ki humari baat maan lo.warna hume dusre raste b aate hai apni baat manwane k liye.

She denied him and trying to ran from there. Maan catch her and threw her on his bed. She trying to slipped from another side but he clenched her legs and dragged her under his hard frame. She trying to push him over her,but no so easy. Somehow she push him with her full strength and stand from bed. But Maan again follws her. She saw a knief and hold it in her hand and warned him not come closer to her.

MAAN laughed evily:agar hum tumhari ye baat na mane to?

GIRL;aage mat badiye rajkumar.

But Maan ignored her warnings and step towrds her. Seeing no other option when Maan clenched her arm she stabbed herself wid dat knief to end her life. Maan leav her. Bt b4 iying she cursed him.

GIRL:aaj apki wjah se mujhe meri jaan deni pad rai hai. Aaj jaise main majbu thi ek dinn ap bhi honge. Ek dinn apko b sach me kisi se pyar hoga or use pane k liye ap tarsenge lekin wo apko nai milegi or use pane k liye apko apni jaan deni padegi…

She cursed him and died on d spot. Maan made face in disgust for spoiling his mood. He had no regrets for this. He called his men and orders them to threw her body out. His guards folow hs ordr. He felt bad as she died b4 fulfilled his desires,so he drank more and went to sleep calmly…

PART – 5
( WARNING 18 +)

MAAN is very upset,not on the death of a girl,just becoz she deied before fulfilled his physical needs,. Although he trying to sleep but not possible,his desires diturbs him. So he summoned CHANDRIKA,his substitute. A main dancer of Aryanagar. But whenever Maan is fail to find a prey for him. He used her. On that night he again summoned her. She came in his room,only in a satin sheet wrapped around her. Maan is in anger mood. She knew how to tackle him. She step toward him,while he engulf many glass of drink. She caress her fingers on his back to divert his attention,in which she suceeded too. Maan turns toward her. She politely enquired y he is so upset and He told her what happens tonight. To which she dropped her only satin sheet and revealed her naked body to him. Maan saw her lustfully and instantly tagged her to him. She snaked her arms from his shoulder to his hairs. Maan clenched her hairs nd pulled her head backward. She gave a smile to him and Maan bend on her neck and start leaving wet kisses all around, then he moved to her bossom which are in very much begging of his attention. He played with her buds first and then lift her up and moved to his large bed. He threw her and drop his all clothes too. He come over her and coverd her in his hard frame. She took his hard body in her arms and Maan start souring her bossoms first. His erect m****** is playing with her w********. His hands moved to her butt and he thurst in her with jerk and pull her towrds him. He tuk her lips and kissed her hungrily and swallowed them. He Continuing thursting in and out untill he felt tired. When he done he orderd her to leave from there. She follwed hid order and leace him alone. Now he slept camly.
The parents of that girl trying to reach to Digvijay for justice but his men not allowed them to go. Both were only cried on theor painful destiney,but it ws not a new thing…som how the mahamantri got to know about this incident and he do complaint to Digvijay on his own behalf,but he doesnt having any proof against him so Digvijay shut his mouth by scolding him. He cant listen anything against is only son. Digvijay scold him but he knw Mahamantri(cheif advisor) was very faithful and honest person so he reached to his son’s private palace to meet him and clearify his all doubts. He found him sleeping and saw the condition of his room. He got some doubt so he ordered his servants to awaked him. Servants have no option so they awakked him. Maan’s eyes are still red and dizzy. Due to his hangover of last night he cant even able to stand properly. Digvijay get angry on him.

DIGVIJAY:Maan ye kya kar rahe hai aap? Apki halat dekhiye kon kahega ki aap Aryanagar k yuvraj hai. Itni kyu peene lage hai aap ki theek se khade b nahi ho pa rahe hai.

MAAN:pitashree itni pratah(early mrng)aap humse prashn karne aaye hai? Abi umara mann udas hai isliye raat ko zada ho gai.

DIGVIJAY melt instantly:apka mann udas kyu hai putr.hume bataiye hum uska nivaran(solution) karenge.

MAAN bcm cow in frnt of hm:nai pitashree aap pe pehle hi pure rajye ki zimmedari ka bhar hai.hum apko or preshan nai kar skte.isliye humne socha hai hum aaj shikar pe jayenge.

DIGVIJAY:jaisa aap chahe.hum to bas apko muskurata hua dekhna chahte hai. Jaiye pehle snana(bath) kr lejiye or hum apke niklne ki tayiyari krwate hai.

He left and Maan smirked. He get ready for his hunting mission. A large no of servants and security men get along with him. He sat on his horse and ride like a thunder. When he ride no one match his speed. In few hours he reached to the boundries of Aryanagar.

Security chief:Yuvraj hum aaj yaha kyu aa gaye? Iske aage jo jungle hai wo humari seema shetr(area) k bahar hai. Waha Satra jungle shuru ho jayega or waha pe Sankara jati k adivasi(tribal people) logo ka raj hai wo swbhav(nature) se hi ladaku hai. Waha jana uchit nahi hai Yuvraj.

MAAN:ab tum hume bataoge ki kha jana hai or kaha nai?humne suna ki us jungle k janwar or ladkiya dono hi lajwab hai.to humara jana to bnta hai. Waha k sardar(learder/head) ki beti ki bahut chrcha suni hai,ab jab tak hum use apna shikar nai bna lete hume chain nahi aayega.

SECURITY CHIEF:yuvraj maharaj ne ako Aryanagar ki seema se bahar jane se mana kiya hai.or fir sankara kabile ki kanaya pe hath dalna itna asan nahi hai.wo log bahut hi khatnak haior firr aap to Geetakshi pe hath dalna chahte hai joki waha k sardar Darun ki beti hai.

MAAN’S eyes flled with lust again:GEETAKSHI…ab tume mujhse koi nahi bacha skta.bas thoda sa sabar karo hum aa rahe hai tumhe lene…

He anniyed his securtiy’s guard’s warning and ran his horse towards the jungle of Satra…

PART – 6

MAAN was in one of those hunters who cant sit until he found his prey. And the day he hear about the beauty of Geetakshi,he gone insane to see her. He entered in the bounderies of Satra jungle. His all men followed him. He madly run his horse in jungle evrywhere. His horse’s foot sound disturbs the silence of whole jungle. But somwhere a girl who had long black hairs, big hazeld eyes and white milky skin was taking bath in a lake surrounded with greenry and flowers all around. She was so much busy in playing with a water and unaware of evrything. Her skin is very soft and deligated as if any one can touch her leave his mark on her skin a red mark. She was so deligate,like a flower made by heaven. Her dimpled cheeks shows when she smiles whch increased her anglic charm. No one can tuk off his eyes from her. She is playing with water,patted her hands and bare legs in water and made splashes evrywhere. The sound of water mixed with her laugh seems like som one singing a sweet melody. Maan came there finally and with that sound he stood there to watch who is in the water. He jumped from his horse and went near lake. He hide behind some tree bushes and peeped secreatly. Suddnly his breth tuk away when she saw a girl occured inside from the water. She threw her hairs on her white silky back with a jerk. He saw her angelic face on which water droplets roaming from her temple to her chin and dropped again in water,like these drops just want to made kiss and went to their orign bak. Maan saw her playing. His whole body burns with some unusual desires his erotic thots made increased his intoxination. His manhood protruded against his lower. He lost his sences in his lustful desires. Lust swarmed in his blood,demanding he take full posession of het in his bed. He took in the erotic vision of her obscenely full breasts overflowing the neckline of her white cloth in whch she just wrapped herself. He couldnt luk away from the fabric outlining her full buttocks and hips. He couldnt stop his gaze from devouring her curveous body. He wanted her rite now. Her full pink lips suddnly curved into a smile as her hazled eyes twinkled. She washed her arms,massged both one by one with other hand. Maan head towrds her as she came out of lake. She was unaware of d danger around her. But b4 he reached 2 hr he hear anothr sound of a girl.

PRATYUSHA:Geetakshi… Geetakshi kaha hai tu?

The ran to her and a sweet melodious voice melts in his ears.

Geetakshi:kya hua?tu inta parehan kyu hai?

MAAN:to yahi hai Geetakshi.ab tk jitna suna tha km tha.ise to hum paa k hi rahenge.

PRATYUSHA:jaldi chal kaka naraj ho rahe hai,teri wajh se 1 dinn main b marungi.

Both start running but their steps rooted suddnly wen both saw somone standing in their route nd obstuct their way. Both luk at ech other in confuson. Maan scanned her each nd evry curve frm tip to toe.Her wet skin gave him open invitation to him he wants to suck each nd evry drop on her. Geetakshi dont like d way he gazed hr.

GEETAKSHI:kon ho tm?or is trah hamara marg(rasta) kyu rok rkha hai?

MAAN’S eyelids bcm heavy:bata denge itni b kya jaldi hai.

Pratyusha encircled her arm.

GEETAKSHI:apki inn bekar bato k lie samay nai hai humare pas.hatiye hume der ho rahi hai.

Maan moved towrds her,she scared but nt show her fear,and stand on hr place. But bF Maan touched her an arrow came between dem wid a very high speed. All looked in d direction from where arrow had cm. Darun,father and head of Sankara tribal was standing wid his force. His eyes was filled wid extreame anger. Darun came and both girl ran and hide behind him. Maan’s men was also cm dere.

DARUN:yuvraj is shan(time) Satra ki zameen chhodkar apni rajdhani laut jao.anyatha tumhare liye achha nai hoga.

Maan glared him too:koi aaj tak aisa is dharti pe paida nai hua jo hume aadesh(order) de sake.

DARUN:to firr udh hoga.lekin tume bta du yaha khade mere har aadmi k paas jo b hathiyar(weapon) hai wo sab k sab wish me sane hue hai. Chaho to namoona dekh lo.

He signled and his man kills one of Maan’s man instantly by his posinous weapon. His seacurtiy chief alarmed instantly.

S.CHIEF:yuvraj chaliye yaha se.

MAAN’S arms fluffered:bilkul nai agr yudh chahte hai to yudh hoga.

S.CHIEF:nai srkar samjhne ka pryas keejiye inke sare hathiyar vishele hai hum abi inka mukabala nai kr skte.chaliye baat ko samjhiye.

Maan nd Darun both glared each othr. Maan dont to leave without her. His madness dont allowed him 2 leave hr untouched. But his all men dragged him forcefully out of d jungle. Darun tuk both d girls safely wid him.

MAAN:tumari himmat kaise hui hume waha se kheench k lane ki?

S.CHIEF:yuvarj halat ki nzakt ko samjhiye.apko wo ldki mill jayegi lekin is samay yadi hm yudh krte to bewajh maut ko bulna hota.aap thda sa sabar rakhiye.

MAAN:wai to hum nai kr skte. Geetakshi hume chahiye kisi b keemat pe.

He punched his fist angrily in a tree…

PART – 7

MAAN is fuming. His royal blood boiling badly.

S.CHIEF:Yuvraj bat samjhne ki koshish kariye. Aapki jaan bahut keemti hai.aap 1 mamuli si ladki k liye use dau pe nai laga sakte.

MAAN put his sword on hs neck:apni slah(advise) apne pas rakho.wo ladki to ab mera junoon bann gai hai.a jb tk hum uske is rup ka paan nai kr lete hum chain se nai baithenge.isliye jo keh rhe hai wahi kro.

S.CHIEF got a cut mark on his nek wid his sharp sword:samjh gaya Yuvraj.jo aap chahte hai wahi hoga.

MAAN leve hm wid jerk nd he gt relief breath:chhavi lagao. He shout in anger.

In SANKARA tribal’s place:
Darun bring both girl safly bak 2 hs place.Pratyusha go2 hr hom nd Darun dragged Geetakshi wid him in deir hut. He shouts on her.

DARUN:kisse puchh k pachhim disha k talab pe snan krne gai thi?

GEETAKSHI:baba aap mujhe dant kyu rae hai?

DARUN:to tm meri koi b bat sunti kyu nai ho?wo ilaka surakshit nai hai.or koi b waha se is jungle me aa skta hai jaise aaj wo dusht aa gaya.

GEET:Pr baba hum to bchpn se hi wha jati hai.

DARUN:chup kr.kitni bar samjhau ki ab tu bachhi nai rai badi ho gai hai.lekin akal to teri abi b ghutno me hai.

GEETAKSHI:ap isliye mujhe dante hai kyunki ma nai hai wo hoti to…

DARUN:wo aj jeevit hoti to mujhe itna chinta hi nai hoti.wo khud tujhe sb smjha deti.ab main tujhe kaise samjhau.Geet tu nai janti wo kitna bada shaitan hai.wo to achha hua ki main samay pe waha pahunch gaya wrna wo janwar tuje utha k le jata.

GEETAKSHI(hr eyes trn wet):kintu baba isme meri kya galti hai ki wo waha aa gaya?

DARUN melt immediately cing tears in his loving daughter’s eyes. He cant c hr lyk dat. He step 2wrds hr nd filled hr in hs embrace.

DARUN:beti firr tu apne baba ki bat sunti kyu nai hai?mujhe b tujhpe gussa hona psnd nai hai.teri suraksha ko leke ghabrata hu.tu meri bhot badi zimmedari hai.

GEETAKSHI rested hr head on hr father’s chest.she still sobbing:baba ap mujpe gussa mat hua karo hm sehan nai kr pate.

DARUN patted hr head lovingly:firr vachan(promise)de age se akele bina kisi ko bataye kai nai jayegi.

GEETAKSHI:hm vachan dete hai baba.hum ab kai nai jayenge.

DARUN thot:beti mujhe shama kr de lekin tu meri bahut badi jimmedari hai.tu nai janti lekin tu meri amanat hai.

In mid nite all tribal people were in sleep except some worriars who guard d sleeping people. Geetakshi 2 in sleep. Suddnly she felt som weight on he. She open her eyes nd sw Maan was on her. She his lustful intense eyes and get scared alot. She wants 2 shout but he slammed his lips on hers. Geetakshi wake up out of fear,bt her nightmare came true coz Maan was standing in hr room. She was about to shout but he placed his rough hands on hr nd made her shut. He made hr faint by put his finger pressure on her neck’s vain. She lost her concious. Maan put her on his shoulder and made an escape from deir carefully. He sit on his horse wid her and reached to his palace. His all men also follows them and make sure no one follows them. Maan killed all the security guards to reached her. Maan reached 2 his palace nd tuk hr 2 his bedroom. He threw hr on hs bed. She ws still unconcious. Maan order hs dasi(female servant) 2 made hr wake up nd get hr ready 4 him. He went out of d room 4 hs drinks. All dasis do deir job. She wake up nd scared seeng her in a new place. All dasi force hr 2 dressup an gt ready 4 hm. But she denied and push dem all nd trying 2 escape frm dere. Bt as she reached 2 d door,b4 she open it,it open by outside and Maan was stndng dere. She scared and steps back.

Dasi:Yuvraj ye manti hi nai.

Maan made dem quite by showing his hand nd signaled dem all 2 leave d room instantly. Dey all followd hs order nd leave dem alone.Maan cm in nd locked d door.He strt movng 2wrds hr nd she steps back to save hr self from him. Bt Maan ws intoxination. He wnts hr at ny cost.

GEETAKSHI:tm mujhe yaha kyu laye ho?jane do mujhe.

MAAN:jane dunga.lekin pehle tumhe hasil kar lu uske bad.itni pyas to hume aaj tk nai lgi jitni tumhe dekh k lgi hai.

GEETAKSHI sw hm in disgust:tumari ye ichha kbi puri nai hogi.mere baba tume nai chhodenge.

MAAN laughed at her:wo to tb jb wo yaha tak pahunchenge.tumari jaan kari k liye bta du ki ye mera mahal hai or charo or mere sipahi(soldiers) tainat hai.tumari cheekhe b dur2 tk kisi ko sunai nai dengi.

GEETAKSHI sobbed nd pleads 4 mercy:jane do mujhe maine tumhra kya bigada hai?

MAAN grabbed hr nd lift hr in hs strong arms nd movd 2 hs bed. He placed hr on bed. She tryng 2 gt up bt he pinned her hands 2 d mattres and come over her.he locked hr deligate body in his hard frame.She is struggling to free hrself nd crying contibut his pressure was on hers.

MAAN:bigada to tmhri is khubsurti ne hai jisne hmara dinn ka chain or rato ki neend chhen li hai.aaj to hm tmhe apna bnakr rhenge.or duniya ki koi takt tme aaj bacha nhi skti.

He slammd hs hungry lips on hrs bt she dsnt respond 2 whch he nibbled on hr nek nd made hr cry in pain.she felt hs shrp teeth whch gave hr lot of pain.

PART – 8

MAAN forcing his lustful desires on her.nd she trying 2 save her verginity frm this devil at ny cost… Guru Satya was in meditation at that time whch was distrubed by som violent vibes. He can feels d negative vibes in the atmosphere. All bells of temple rings violently. Whole sky was filled with black clouds and its lightened badly… Whole jungle was filled wid d noisy sound of wolfs and other wild beasts who cm 4 their prey in dark night. Around 300 people lived in this ashram(place 4 holy people) Saint Sanatan ran to Guru Satya.

SANATAN:mahaguru apne dekha aaj ye kaise ashubh snket(negativ/evil signs) mill rahe hai. Pura vatavaran(atmosphere) jaise kuch bura hone ki or ishara kar raha hai(all things singled 2wrds smthng bad).

GURU SATYA:jo ho raha hai wo sach me bura hai…yadi aisa ho gaya to 2 pavitr aatma k 2 hisse nasht ho jayenge[if it happns den both d parts of pure soul destroyed completly]

SANATAN:ye aap kya keh rahe hai maha guru?

SATYA:wai jo hm dekh pa rahe hai.

Tense lines occurd on hs 4head. He cn able 2 sw wat Maan is doing wid hr coz of hs powers.
In Maan’s palace:
Maan forcing hr nd she struggling,due 2 whch hs angr raised nd he slaps hr 2 cntrl hr nd torn hr all clothes nd made hr nude in frnt of hm. He clpsd hr hnds nd bite hr brutually nd she cried in pain alot.
Guru Satya able 2 saw dis. Hs eyes opnd nd hs face filled wid angr expressions. All scared seeing hm lyk dat 4 d frst time. He immediately read some mantras(magical words) and a light beam occured in hs hand 2 whch he send 2 Maan’s place. Lite beam travell vry fast nd b4 thngs going worst dat beam enters in Maan’s head nd he faints on d spot. Hs grip loosnd nd Geetakshi throw hm frm hr. Geetaskhi cried in pain. She tuk bed sheet 2 cvr hrslf. Although hr varginity is saved by d god bt hr body is aching by d force nd pressure he applied on hr. Hr deligate skin trn red cmplety nd hs nails made many scratches evrywhere. Blood is also oozng frm sm of dem. Hr lower lips bleeds 2 nd both lips swelled badly as he kissd nd bite hr wildly. She was not able 2 made escape frm dere coz his guards r all around so she hide hrslf in1 of d corner of d rum. She missed hr fathr badly.

Geet sobbing:baba ap kaha ho.aap aa jao na hume bachane.

Whole nite spend in crying due 2 whch hr eyes swelled 2. She tired alot nd hr body is aching cmletly so she slept resting hr head on a wall. Next day sun rises and Darun not found hs daugher in his area. He send hs guards in hr search bt no result. She was no where. Darun’s heartbeat raised. Many bad thots swimmed in hs mind. Meanwhile 1 of hs guard cm nd infrm dat sm1 kills hs all guards. Now he was sured who was behind all dis. He summoned his all people. All male members of dis tribe get united and assured hm dey only cm bak wen Geetakshi ws wid dem. Darun leads hs people. All men force sit on deir horses nd run dem 2wrds d Aryanagar. Dey forcily enterd in d boundries of Arynagar nd killed each nd evry guard who use 2 cm in deir way. Digvijay gt informd abot all dis. He tuk his sword nd men wid hm nd reached where all Sankara Tribal’s people fought wid his men.

DIGVIJAY shout:ye sab kya utpat macha rkha hai tm logo ne?

DARUN angrily:ye bat aap apne bete se puchhiye.jisne humari izzat k sath khelne ka zurrat ki hai.

DIGVIJAY:jivha(TOUNGE)ko kabu me rakho Darun.bolne pehle soch lo ki kiske bare me bol rahe ho. Maan aisa gira hua kam kr hi nai skta.

DARUN:maharaj apki ankho pe apke bete k pyar ki patti bandhi hui hai isliye sach nai dikh raha.lekin sach wai hai jo maine kaha hai.or main GEETAKSHI ko liye bina nai jaunga.

Digvijay’s mahamantri cm nd tell hm.

MAHAMNTRI:maharaj meri galti shama kariyega lekin Darun jhooth nai bol rha hai. Apko pehle b kai bar maine aagah krne ki koshish ki hai pr apne hr bar andekha kr dia. Maharaj Yuraj pehle b kai ladkio ki zindagi brbad kr chuke hai.

DIGVIJAY still dont wont 2 belive on dis:thek hai aaj hm tume or Is Darun 2 ko glat sabit kr denge. Tm 2 humare sath chalo.

DIGVIJAY leads nd all follows him..
MAAN wake up nd his eyes searched hr restlessly nd he suceded in searcing hr. She was sleeping unconsiously on floor. He saw hr lustfully nd caress his sinful hands on her whit red mix cheek. Hs harsh behaviour’s marks was still on hr. Wid his unpleasent touch she wake up wid a jerk. Hr eyes filled wid terror instantly.

MAAN:maine kaha tha na bina meri ichha puri kie tm kahi nai ja skti.dekho tumari aana kani me puri raat beet gayi pr koi baat nai jo kaam kal raat nai hui wo abi pura ho jayega.

GEETAKSHI:nai hm apki ye khwaish kabi puri nai hone denge.apni jaan de denge lekin apko apke irado me kamyab nai hone denge.

MAAN:dekhte hai.

Maan grapsed her hand nd pulled her out. She trying go far frm hm but he pulled hr to him nd locked in hs arms. She punched hs rock hard chest wid hr small soft fists.

MAAN:bekar koshishe krna chhod do.

He lifts her up in his strong arms and moved to his bed…

PART – 9

MAAN found her nd take her to his bed again. Dis time he was full in hs form. He have no intension to drop his lust. He cm on her nd to made shut hr scream he slammed his rough lips on hers. Her voice caught in her mouth. Geetakshi lost hr all hope nd stop defending. Her body is still aching badly wid last nite encounter. Now she dnt hve ny hope left. She laid lyk a dead body. Maan stop nd luk at hr eyes whch r life less nd still. Maan cnfusd seeng hr lyk dat. He check hr heartbeat 2 make sure dat she is alive. D sound of hr heartbeat is lyk music 2 hm.He lost in dat,bt his concentration brokd wen he hears a knok sound on hs door. He recented nd opn d door. Hs security gurd is trmbling wid terror,coz he knos he might kill him 4 distrubing him.

MAAN fuming:tume pta hai na firr b tumari itni himmat.

S.GUARD:shama kre Yuvraj kintu apko suchit krna jruri tha
[sorry sir bt its imp.2 alert u]

MAAN:aisi konsi aaft aa gai thi jo tumne apni jan ki b prwah nai ki?

S.GUARD:yuraj is ladki ka baba maharaj or apni puri sena(men force) k sath yaha aa rahe hai.


GEETAKSHI hear dis nd it gves hope 2 hr. She stands again:ap tume tumhare kiye ki saza milne ka samay aa gaya hai.

MAAN glared hr nd grabbed hr wid hr hairs. She whimpred in pain.


MAAN:bahut zban chal rai hai magr 1 baat bta du,ki tume hona hi hai.ab to bhgwan b tume mujhse alag nai kr skta.chalo mere sath.

MAAN dragged hr out forcily nd she wriggling conti.,to whch he made hr unconcious again nd put hr on his shoulder. Digvijay nd Darun also reached dere nd sw Geetakshi wid him. Digvijay felt ashmed on hs act nd morovr felt guilt 4 ignored hs cruel acts.

DIGVIJAY rored:Yuvraj chhod dejiye us ladki ko uspe apka koi adhikar nai hai.

Maan ignored hs father’s warning nd sat on hs horse wid hr:maharaj aap isme na pade to achha hoga. Geetakshi meri hai or meri hi rahegi.use ap to kya duniya ki koi takat mujhse juda nai kr skti.

DARUN glared hm:dusht chhod de meri beti ko wrna tujhe marne se pehle 1 bar nai sochunga.

Maan ignord evry1 nd ran hs horse. Digvijay orderd hs men 2 arrest hm at ny cost. All force followed hm. Darun’s men was also behind him. He was madly run hs horse 2wrds d jungle. Darun’s many men attacked him wid posinous arrow,bt unfortunately all stabbed in Geetakshi’s body. Maan was so stubborn. He wont stop hs horse nd entr in d deep dark area of d jungle. All men force all enter behind him. Suddenly Maan’s horse enter in a area through invisible wall and vanished from d eyes of all soldiers follows hm. He 2 luk behind nd found no1 is behind hm now. He was still in jungle but d place was seemed so heavenly. Dere is much diffrence in d atmosphere and air of this portion. He cant able 2 undrstand where he was now. He stop hs horce nd chek Geetakshi who’s body was strt turning blue due 2 d effect of posion. Blood is also oozing frm hr injuries. B4 he can do nythng suddnly a young boy attacks on hm. Maan get involved in fighting wid hm. Meanwhile Guru Satya nd his 6 saint cm dere. Maan enter in d area whch is vanished frm d eyes of world. They were dere but Guru Satya made an invisible protective wall around dis area. Now only those entr in dis 2 whom dey want entr.

GURU SATYA:Aditya shant.

ADITYA:pr mahaguru ye ajnabi yaha ghus aaya hai.

SATYA:shant vats(SON)hum dekhte hai. Aap yaha kaise aaye vats?

MAAN:hme nai pata.hum yaha kaise aa gaye or aap log kon pehle to kabi nai dekha is jungle me?

SATYA:hm kon hai wo b jaan jaoge kintu is samye is kanya(GIRL) ki jaan bachna zada zaruri hai.

MAAN:ap ise bacha skte hai?

Guru order nd many girls came nd tuk hr wid dem. All were moved behind Guruji. Girls placed her in a cottage of Guruji. Maan was scared 4 d frst time. He dnt wont 2 loose hr. Guru Satya dragged out all d arrows frm hr body nd placed som ointment on hr injuries.

MAAN:ab to ye theek ho jayegi na?

SATYA smild nd luk at hs face:ise jeevit rkhna to sirf tumare hath me hai vats.

MAAN:main samjha nai main kaise?

SATYA:ise vish lage teer lage hai.maine jo dawa lagai hai wo us vish ka asr km to kr skti hai lekin puri tarah se samapt[FINISH COMPLETELY] nai kr skti.

MAAN:koi to ilaz hoga na iske pran[LIFE] bachane ka?

SATYA:hai lekin zohkim[DANGEROUS] bhar hai.

MAAN:ise pane k liye main har khtra utha skta hu.bataiye kya karna hoga mujhe?

SATYA:soch lo?

MAAN:Maan Singh sochta nai hai sirf kr k dikhta hai aap batiye kya krna hai mujhe?

SATYA:1mah[MONTH] hai tumare pas.is 1 mah me tumhe 4 alag dishao[frm 4 zones] se 1 khas cheez lani hai unhi ko mila kr main iske liye dawa bana sakunga.Lkin un sabi cheezo ko pana namumkin hai isme jaan jane ka b khtra hai.

MAAN:ap sirf ye bataiye lana kya hai or kaha se baki meri zimmedari hai.

SATYA:thek hai pehle tume purv disha[EAST ZONE] zana hai or waha se swarnkamal[Golden lotus] lana hai jo waha k junglo me kahi ugta hai.lekin koi nai janta ki kaha. Un jnglo tak jane ka naksha[MAP] ye raha.ise tume kafi madat milegi…
SATYA:Lekin yaad rahe tumhare paas us Swarn Kamal ko lane k liye kewal 1 saptah(WEEK) ka hi samay hai. Kyunki har disha se 4 cheeze lani hai or har cheez ko lane k liye sirf 1 saptah ka samay hai. Meri dawaiya ise kwal 1 mah tak hi jeevit rakh paayengi uske baad main b ise nai bacha paunga.

MAAN:Aap chitna mat kariye main har disha se jo b cheez chahiye launga.bas tab tak aap log iska dhyan rakhiye.ise kuchh nahi hona chahiye.

GURU SATYAbhagwan tumhe shakti de. Is yatra(JOURNEY) me Aditya tumhare sath jayega.

ADITYA dont like Maan coz he alwyas kept his eyes on him since Maan meet GEETAKHI. So he knew how he is and what he done with her.

ADITYA:mahaguru main kyu?

GURU SATYA:Kyunki hum chahte hai tum yuvraj k sath jao.or is yatra me inki sahayta(HELP) karo.

MAAN:hme is kaam k liye is maskhare ki koi avashyakta nai hai.

GURU SATYA:yuvraj cheenti chhoti avashye hoti hai par hathi ko nachane ki shamta(CAPABILITY) rakhti hai. Aditya kisi b pashu/pakshi(BIRD/ANIMAL) ka roop lene me saksham(ABLE) hai. Isliye ye apke sath jayega.

MAAN:theek hai lekin isse kahiye ki ye mere raste me nahi aayega warna main bhul jaunga ki ye mere sath hai.

GURU SATYA:aap nikalne ki tayayri kariye.

All people of Guru Satya helped him for his journey. He get redy to leave.

MAAN:jane se pehle main 1 bar Geetakshi ko dekhna chahta hu.

GURU SATYA:theek hai par jaldi keejiye.

MAAN wnt 2 her. She was unconciously laid lyk a dead body on a bed. But still her face seemd so angelic. He sat near her and gazed her conti. He caressed her face.

MAAN:main nai janta ki tum me aisa kya hai lekin tum meri kamzori bann gayi ho.tumhe paye bina to ab main marr b nahi skta.tumhari jaan bachane k liye mujhe jo b karna pade main karunga lekin tumhe kuchh nahi hone dunga.

He bend on her face and kissed on her forhead gently. At the same time Aditya came in the room and knocked on the door to made him realize about his presence. Maan alerts with the sound.

ADITYA:mere khyal se ab hume chalna chaiye safar bahut lamba hai.or jinti jaldi jayenge utni jaldi laut sakenge.


Both take necessary items with them and leave the ashram.

SANATAN:mahaguru ab kya hoga?

SATYA:Maan ko Takshak se ladna hai to use is 1 mah me hi taiyar hona hoga kyunki i mah k baad Takshak ki tapsya puri ho jayegi or wo itna shaktishali ho jayega ki uska samna Pavitr Aatma K alaa or koi nai kar payega.

SANATAN:mahaguru Maan to sirf apni vasna purti(LUSTFUL DESIRES) hetu gaya hai.wo kya samna karega Takshak ka.upar se uske 25 varsh ka hone ka samy b nazdeek aa gaya hai jisme uska mrituyog b hai.

GURU SATYA:kewal ishwar pe bharosa rakhiye.wo jo karenge uchit hi karenge…

PART – 10

MAAN sit on his horse nd Aditya on hs. Both tuk deir horse 2 d direction. Maan madly run hs horse nd Aditya follows hm both doesnt talk 2 each other 4 1ce. Coz both hates each other.
ADITYA:mujhe lgta hai tume maanchitr(map)1 bar firr se dekhna chahiye coz hum pichhle kai ghanto se chal rahe hai lekin Darukh van ka kuch ata pta nai hai.

MAAN:ab tm hume bataoge ki hume kya krna hai?

ADITYA:ha coz tm bina soche samjhe apna ghoda dudaye ja rahe ho.

MAAN:him aise hi kam krte hai tume nai psnd to qapis laut jao.

ADITYA:laut jata agr mahaguru ka adesh na hota.

Maan nevr listn ny1 so he run fst,bt cluelsly. Aftr sevral hours of running deir horses tired nd sun start setting down.so dey decided 2 tak rest 4 a while. Aditya wnt nd collect sm woods to lignite d fire. He cook food 4 dem. Although he hates hm bt he cnt denied d orders of Mahaguru. Maan dosnt lyk d food,bt seeing no choice he ate.

Aditya:tm so jao main pehra dunga.

MAAN:hme tumari madat ki koi avashyakta nai hai.

ADITYA:main ye sb..

MAAN:pta hai mahaguru k kehne pe kr rae ho.

Both r stubborn so no1 slept. Both awked bt slowly2 both’s eyelids bcm heavy wid sleep nd both went 2 dreamland. Maan ws in own world,where he saw Geetakshi was playing in water nd he reached 2 hr. Geetakshi felt shyied. Maan snaked hs strong arm around hr deligate waist nd tagged hr soft petite figure 2 hs strong frame. He squeezed hr waist in hs fingers she whimpered at hs advancment nd clenched hs broad shoulders nd dug hr nails in hs bare skin. Maan moved 2 hr ears nd bite nd suck hr earlobes. She shuddred in hs arms. Maan moved 2 hr soft pink lips nd slammed hs hungry lips on hr. Hr lips seemed heavenly 2 hm. He sucked d sweet honey juice of hr. But suddnly she bite on hs neck vry sharply. Maan realy felt d pain nd slowly2 opned hs dizzy eyes.

Maan:ye humari griva(neck)me sach me dard kyu ho rha hai,hum 2 sapna dekh rahe the na?

Wen he opend hs eyes fully,he found hmslf tied in ropes nd many horrer luking tribal people having red eyes nd black faces r,standing around hm wid deir sharp weapons. Aditya ws alredy in deir grip nd dey made hm stand on hs feet. Maan glared dem all bt dey dnt scared of hm.

MAAN:kon ho tm sb,or tumari himmat kaise hui hume is tarah bandhne ki?

Tribal man:ise sardar k pas le chalo wo hi iski akal thikane lagayenge.

Maan tried hard bt nt able 2 free hmslf. Tribal men dragged dem 2 deir place nd present both in frnt of deir head,who was a aged man nd all r standing bending position in hs honour.

T.Man:sardar ye 2 hume jungle me mile.

T.Head saw dem carefully:inhe pinjare me daal do.ab inki wajah se kal humare do admi bach jayenge.

ADITYA:lekin hmara kasoor kya hai?

T.Head:yahi ki tm manushya(human) ho or hr puranmashi ko hme Jhingara ko do manushya bhent(gift)krne hote hai.is bar tm 2 k aane se humare kabile k 2 logo k pran bach jayenge.

MAAN:ye Jhingara kon hai?or hume uska chara kyu banaya ja raha hai.

T.Head:Jhingara 1 jinn hai jo manushya ka maas khata hai.ab kal hum tm 2 ko uske hawale karenge.le jao or daal do kaidkhane me.

His men folloewd hs order nd throw dem in dark jail.

MAAN:ye sb tmhari galti hai.tm to sone nai wale the na fir kyu so gaye?

ADITYA:ye meri nai tumari bewajah akad ka nateeja hai.agr tumne maanchitr ko dekha hota to hm yaha nai faste or agr raat me bari bari se sote to ye sb nai hota.

MAAN:is waqt mujhe humse zada Geetakshi ki chinta ho rai hai.agr use dwa samay pe na mili to wo marr jayegi.kisi b trah yaha se niklna hi hoga pehle hi 7 me se 1 dinn brbad ho chuka hai.

ADITYA:waise wo bach b gai to b konsa fayda hai uska.tm jaisa janwar uska shikar krne ki tak me hai ye main achho trah janta hu.

MAAN punched hm in angr nd he 2 ans hm.bt he overpowerd Adi.

MAAN:tmari himmat kaise hui humse aise bat krne ki?

ADITYA:sach kadwa hota hai.ya to keh do ye jhoot hai?tume sirf uska shareer chahiye apni wasna(Lust) purti ki liye.

Dont know how bt hs words trembeled hs soul. He hav no ans 2 hs assicuations. He leve hm jerkly. Both bcm silent dnt want 2 talk 2 ech othr. In mid night Maan trying 2 found d way of escaping.

ADITYA:ye tm kya kr rae ho?

MAAN shut hs mouth wid hs hands nd whispered:shhh. Dekho filhal apna jhagda bhulkr yaha se niklne ki sochte hai.

ADITYA:magar kaise?

MAAN:mahaguru ne kaha tha tm kisi b janwar ka roop le skte ho.to kya tum kisi chhote janwar ka rup leke is kaid se bhar ja skte ho firr wo chabi le aana or drwaja khol dena or hum dono yaha se bhag jayenge.

Aditya agreed wid hm. He cnverted hmslf in2 a small cat nd com out through d distance between d bars. He strt searchng d keys of d door. Finaly he found a guard who hv d keys. Aditya cm 2 hs identity nd made hm unconcious.he stole d keys nd freed Maan also. Both fought wid d security guards nd cm out of deir grip. Both start running from dere…

PART – 11

MAAN & ADITYA both suceeded in escaping frm d range of security guards. Both ran fastly nd panting heavily,but hd a relief of saving frm d tribal people.Both r sat calm down,but suddnly whipering sound broke deir relif moments. Both alerted wid a voice whch piercing deir heart’s nd echoed badly in deir ears. Both cant able 2 resist dis.

MAAN:ye itna bhayanak rudan(crying sound) kiska ka hai?

ADITYA:ye awaj udhar se aa rai hai,chal k dekhna chahiye.

Both agreed nd went in d directin of voice coming. Dey saw an old temple coverd wid hey grass,having in avery bad condition. Goddess Durga’s statue ws situated in between d main area. 1 tribal lady was crying badly nd praying 4 hr son. Hr voice hv d pain whch she feels exactly. She pleaded 4 d sake of hr only son. Although Maan doesnt bother dis kind of happnings,coz no1 able 2 affect on hm,bt dis time he cant able 2 stop hmslf. He wnt 2 dat lady.

ADITYA:Yuvraj ruk jaiye kaha ja rahe hai aap?waha khtra ho skta hai.

Bt Maan ignored hs warning nd entered in temple.

MAAN:suniye aap is tarah se ro kyu rahi hai?

Lady stop crying hearing strange voice. She turned 2 hm nd shoked.


MAAN:tm hume janti ho?

T.womn:ha aap unhi do ladko me se 1 hai jise aaj Jhingara k paas bhejna tha.

MAAN:lekin tm ro kyu rai ho?

T.WOMAN:kyunki hr 15 din bad Jhingara rakshas(demon/monster) k paas humare kabile walo ko do admi bhejne hote hai.

MAAN:lekin kyu?

T.Womn:uski bhuk mitane k liye.agar himne aisa nai kiya to wo 1 hi bar me sabko maar dega.isliye sardar ne uske sath sauda kr liya.is baar jab aap or apka sathi pakde gaye to mujhe laga mere bete k pran bach jayenge.lekin ab sardar ne yahi nirnaye(decision) liya hai ki wo mere bete ko hi bhejenge. Mera 1 hi beta bacha hai wo hi mera iklauta shara hai uske bina main kaise jeeungi.pati ko to pehle hi kho chuki hu or aj bete ko b kho dungi.

MAAN fills wid sm unusual feeling do nt able 2 undrstand dem. He felt weired at hr cond. Lady ran frm dere. Aditya came 2 hm.

ADITYA:chale yuvraj?hume abi sarn kamal ko dhudna b hai jisme pehle hi pure 2 dinn barbad ho chuke hai.

MAAN:nai Aditya main in sbko aise museebat me chhodke nai ja skta.

ADITYA:to kya karoge tm?

MAAN:kuchh b lekin inhe aise mrne k liye to nai chhodunga.

ADITYA:apne bare me socho Maan,Geetakshi k pas jada samy nai hai.

MAAN:aj tk srf woi to kia hai.sirf apne bare me socha hai.lekin pta nai nai kyu aaj mera dil mujhe is baat ki izzazat(permission)nai de raha ki main inse muh mod k chala jau.

ADITYA:wah kya baat hai khud apni praza ki jindagi ko maut se b battr(worst) banane wala insan aaj insaniyat ka path pda raha hai.

MAAN glared hm:tume jo sochna hai sochte raho.

ADITYA:or Geetakshi uska kya?

MAAN:wo sirf meri hai use to bhgwan b mujhse chhen nai skte. Duniya ki koi takat aisi nai hai jo use mujhse chhen ske.wo meri hai meri thi or meri hi rahegi.

ADITYA:kya karna chahte ho?

MAAN:in kabile walo ki madat.chahe tm sath do ya na do.

ADITYA:chalo tumhara sath to main apni akhri saans tak nai chhodunga.

Both return 2 d places of tribal people. All stunned seeing dem again. All sadness vanished bcoz of confusion.

T.HEAD:tm dono yaha pe?tm wapis kyu aa gaye?

MAAN:aap logo ki maat karne k liye.

T.HEAD:madat or wo kaise?

MAAN:tm hume us Jhingara k paas bhejna chahte the na…(he luk at all feared faces)hum taiyar hai.

All shocked hearing hs disclaimer.

T.HEAD:kya pagal ho tm log.sb sach jante hue b maut k muh me jana chahte ho,wo b khud?

MAAN:tume kya farak padta hai?jaise pehle tum hum2 ko bhejne wale the waise hi ab bhej do.

SARDAR:tme shayad pta nai hai wo kitna khatrnak hai.

MAAN:hmne kaha na hum jayenge.

Both get ready 2 go in hs den. Dat temple Lady cm 2 dem nd blessd both.

T.LADY:beta tumne mere bete ki museebbat apne sir le li kyu?tumari maa ko pta chalega to usko kitna dukh hoga.

ADITYA:meri maan nai hai maaji.

MAAN:or na meri.lekin ap fikar mat kariye ab wo rakshas kisi ko nuksan nai pahunchayega.

LADY:main tm 2 k liye prarthna karungi or tb tk jal or ann nahi luni jb tk tm 2 sahi slamat laut k nai aa jate.

She kissed both on deir 4heads. Both wnt inside d den,which smelled so badly. Its roof cvrd wid bats who luk more scary in mid nite. Deir is a complete darkness evrywhere. Both moved 4wrd sloly 2. Suddnly Aditya fall on grnd coz smthing ws struk in hs foot. Maan stretched hs hand 2 help hm. Unwillingly he tuk hs help nd stand bak on hs feet.

MAAN:dekh k chalo.

ADITYA:mere pau me kuchh atak gaya tha.lekin wo tha kya?

Both lukd down nd found lot of human skelton dere nd many bones. Both luk at each other.

ADITYA:yuvraj hume savdhani se aage badna hoga ye mujhe thoda khatrnak lagta hai.

MAAN:sahi kaha hume yojna bnani hogi.

ADITYA:main 1kam krta hu,pehle jake main pta lgta hu ki uski takat kya hai.


ADITYA closd hs eyes nd trned hmself in2 a snake. He crawled frm deir…

PART – 12

ADITYA wnt nd analyise d whole sit.den he came bak2Maan nd told hm evry deatail.
ADITYA:Yuvraj maine us rakshas ko dekh liya hai wo is gufa k pachimi chor(west side) pe so raha hai.yaha waha sb jagh manav haddiya bekhri padi hai bas.

MAAN:thek hai Aditya tm taiyar ho?(Aditya nodded yes)to chale fir?

Both secreatly went inside without makin any noise.bt d smell of deir bodies alert Jhingara nd he get up. He is a very huge in size nd horriable. He had only one big eye nd horn on hs large 4head. Hs bumped bak hav many throns. Maan nd Aditya tightly hold deir swords coz he attacks on both. Although he is vry huge,still he moves rely fast. Aditya nd Maan faced hard time wid dis demon den suddnly Aditya jumped nd hit hs horn. Demon cried in pain nd Maan found d way 2 ovrpowerd hm. Maan jumped nd cut his horn wid hs sword. Demon drenched in hs own blood. He cgroaned loud nd fall on ground, r wriigle in pain 4 few momnt nd died soon. Both hug in rejoice bt leave soon.

ADITYA:bahut badia.waise tume kaise pta chala wo aise hi marega

MAAN:baut aasan tha humara hr waar beasr ho raha tha tabi maine dekha jb tumne uske seeng(horn)pe war kiya to wo tilmila utha.bs usi samy main smjh gya ki uski jan us seeng me hai.

ADITYA:chale ab?

Both wnt 2 tribal people nd informed dem abot hs death. All tribal people ovrwhelmed nd start dancing in happiness.

T.HEAD:ap logo ka jitna dhanywad du kam hai aap logo ne wo kr diya jo or koi b nai kr paya.hum to umeed hi kho baithe the ki kabi us shaitan se mukti milegi.ab badle me hm b apke lie kuch krna chahte hai.kuch b aisa taki hm b ap logo k kaam aa sake.

MAAN:nai hme kuch nai chahiye.darhasal hme arnak k jngle jana hai swrnkamal ko dhundhne.

T.HEAD:kya kaha apne Arnak k jungle.dekhiye maaf keejiye arnak koi jungle nai nai hai.

ADITYA:to kyta hai firr?

T.HEAD:wo 1 nadi hai jo yaha se 10kos ki duri pe hai.usi ki gehriyo me ugta hai swarnkamal.lekin 1badha hai?

MAAN:kaisi badha?

T.HEAD:us nadi ka pani din hote hi tejab bann jata hai.usme koi b cheez gal jati hai.

MAAN:koi b badha mere irado ko pura krne se nai rok skti.apki jaankari ka shukriya.

T.Head:rukiye Yuvraj ye beej rakh leejiye.

MAAN:Ye kisliye.

T.Head:jab aap us nadi me raat ko utrenge to apko bahut gehrio tak jana padega,to apko saans lene me takleef hogi.lekin in beejo ko khane k baad aap andr b aise hi saans le payenge jaise dharti pe le pate hai.

MAAN:shukriya.ab hume chlna chaiye.

Both tuk d road 2 deir destination. 1 whole dy passed nd finally dey reached 2 d Arnak river. It ws a day time so both wait 4 sun set.

ADITYA:yuvraj hume raat hone ka intezar krna hoga.


Both waits nd as sun set both dive inside nd start searching d swarnkamal,bt as easy it seems it was nt. Coz whole river was filled with long grass nd many weird species were dere who bcom obstruct in deir way. Both fight wid evry1. Bcoz of dis dier time waste alots.

ADITYA:yuvraj tm jao or swarnkamal dhoondho insabko main sambhalta hu.

MAAN:nai Aditya akele ye sab baut zada hai.

ADITYA:tm meri chinta mat kro or Geetakshi ka socho uski jeevan mujhse kai adhik anmol hai.jao.

MAAN go deepr nd Aditya fought wid d wierd luking fishes+ raptiles. Finally he found d bushes in deep core of river,where golden lotus grow. He wnt nd grabbed 1.he kept it safly nd swimmed 2 Aditya.

MAAN:Aditya chhodo in sbko or steh ki or chalo mujhe swarnkamal mil gya hai.

Aditya nodded yes nd strt swimming upwrds. Bt suddnly Maan’s leg trapped in sm long leafs nd he cnt able 2swim nymor. Slowly 2 sun strt rising.

ADITYA:Maan jaldi surudye hone wala hai.

MAAN:Aditya ye lataye mujhe chhod nai rai hai.tm ye swarnkamal lo or bahar chale jao.

ADITYA:nai maha guru ne tumahari jimmedari mujhe di hai tumhare prano ki raksha mujhe hr hal me krni hi hai or waise b ye ldai tumari hai meri nai.jayenge to sath or marenge to sath.

Aditya immediatelt truned hslf in a swordfish who hv a shrp nose like sm sword.he cuts all d barroers around hs legs. Wen he freed both went up nd cm out frm d river. As both cm out sun rises at d same momnt nd river’s water again turned in2 a acid.
Both jumpd in rejoice.

ADITYA:hmne ye pariksha par kr li.

MAAN:ab hume jaldi se ashram jana chahiye.

Both ride deir horses at full speed nd aftr 2dys both reached 2 ashram again. Both bowed in front of mahaguru.Maan prsent swarnkamal 2hm.

MAAN:mahaguru jo apne kaha tha main le aaya hu ab to Geetakshi bach jayegi na.

MAHAGURU:avashye bach jayegi yadi tm baki ki 3 cheeze b samy rehte le aaye to.

MAAN:aap mujhe batayie ab or kya lana hai or kaha se? Geetakshi ki jaan bachane k liye mujhe jo b krna padega main karunga.

MAHAGURU:uttum ati uttam yahi hosla hona chahiye 1 yodha me. Yuvraj ab aap thoda vishram(rest) kr leejiye fir main apko aage ki rah ka margdarshan karunga.

MAAN:nai mahaguru ab main vishram usi dinn karunga jiss dinn meri Geetakshi aankhe kholegi.aap bs mujhe itna bta deejiye ki mujhe krna kya hai…

MAHAGURU:kintu Yuvraj kuch aram krna aavshyak hai.

MAAN:maine kaha na aap jaldi bataye ki mujhe kya karna hai.

MAHAGURU:to suniye ab apko pachim ki roshni lani hai or ye uska maan chitr.

Maan cnfused how he can caught light.

MAAN:lekin mahaguru main roshni ko kaise pakad skta hu?

MAHAGURU:wo to ab tume sochna hai.

MAAN:thek hai lekin jane se pehle main Ek baar Geeakshi ko dekhna chahta hu.

MAHAGURU:kyu vats humari seva par vishwas nahi hai.

MAAN:wo baat nahi hai bs main use dekhna chahta hu.yadi apko koi apatti na ho to.

MAHAGURU:theek hai aap jaiye tb tak main aap logo k nikalne ki vayvastha krwata hu.

MAAN ran 2 d room in whch she laid like a dead body no more sign of life in her. He sat near her and saw her bluish face coz of d effect of posion running wid her blood. He cant see her in pain. He raised his sinful hand to touch her,but dont know what happened he stops immediately.

MAAN:mujhe maaf kar do Geetakshi aaj tumhari is halat ka zimmedar sirf main hu yadi us dinn maine tumhare sath wo sab na kiya hota to tumhari halat aaj ye na hoti. Lekin tum bilkul b mat ghbrana main vachan deta hu bhale hi meri jaan b kyu na chali jaye main tumhe kuchh nahi hone dunga tuhare ilaz k liye jo b mujhe karna pade main karunga or bahut zald tum pehle ki tarah ho jaogi waise hi muskuraogi waise hi jindagi jeeogi jaise tum jeena chahti ho.

Meanwhile Aditya came inside wid some saint girl.

Girl:yuvraj ji apni bah dikhaiye main ispe patti band deti hu.nahi to ghav or gehra ho jayega.

She was a small grl around 10 year old.

MAAN:aap bandegi patti.apko aata hai ye sab upchar krna?kya naam hai apka?

Suknya:mera naam suknya hai or main guru Prashant k sath jungle ki vanaspatio(plants) k bare me seekhti hu isliye mujhe pata hai konsi aushadhi(medi) se konsa upchar hota hai.

She bandaged his wound. Maan sw he lovingly. He caress hr head.

MAAN:ap to bahut samjhdar or zimmedar hai.mera ek kaam krogi?(she nodded yes) jab main yaha se jaunga na tab tume apni didi ka dhyan rakhna hoga. Ye dekho Ye Geetakshi hai(he showed hr ) ye aswasth(ill) hai to inka b dhyan rakhogi na.kyunki tum bahut achhe se dawa k bare me janti ho bolo rakhogi na firr main b nishchint(carefree) ho jaunga.

Sukanya nodded yes nd he smiled.

SUKANYA:ap jao main Geetakshi didi ka pura dhyan rakhungi.

ADITYA:chale yuvraj.


Both wnt not nd atake permissin from Mahaguru. He blessed both. Both sat on deir horses nd leave d ashram.

Guru Sanatan:Mahaguru apko kya lagta hai wo kr payega.

MAHAGURU:samaye bada balwan hai Guru Sanatan. Pehli pariksha main Maan safal hue hai or aage bhi ho aisi hume aasha hai…hawwyie kya rukh legi ye to kewal wo hi janti hai…

PART – 13

MAAN & ADI again went 4 deir second task at d west zone. Both seems more confident den b4. Aftr travelling 4 so long both decided 2 rest 4 a momnt. Maan ws so lost in d map. Aditya enquired.

ADITYA:Maan hum pachim ki roshni ko kaise pakdenge? Mera matlab hai koi roshni ko kaise pakad skta hai.

MAAN:wai main b soch raha hu.lekin agar mahaguru ne hume bheja hai to koi na koi baat to hogi hi.

ADITYA:mujhe lgta hai ye koi or hi cheez hai jise shayad roshni kehte honge.

MAAN:ha main b yahi soch raha hu lekin aisa kya ho skta hai?

ADITYA:ye to ab waha jakar pta chalega.waise ab is maanchitr(map) k anusar(according) hume kaha jana hai?

MAAN:iske anusar ab hume 5kos tak chalna hai firr hume registan milega.usko paar karne k baad hum is jagah pe pahunchenge(he pointed his finger on d spot) jaha hume wo roshni milegi.

ADITYA:to chalo firr chalte hai.

Both run deir horses 2 d direction. But after 5 kos dey found a beautiful place instead of deserted area.

ADITYA:rajkumar kai hum galat jagah pe to nahi aa gaye?

MAAN:nai jagah to sahi hai lekin ye kaise sambhav(possible) hai. Yaha pe to sunsan registan hona chahiye tha.lekin yaha to charo or hariyali hai.

ADITYA:chalo achha hai ab kam se kam peene ka pani to milega.

Both came down from deir horses but Maan was suspecious about d place. He was confused how it is possible. Aditya jumped in a lake nd also offerd hm 2.

MAAN(thot):mujhe ye jagah kuch theek nahi lagti kuchh to gadbad hai.maanchitr galat nai ho skta. Jo b ho ab hum yaha aa chuke hai to dekhte hai kya hota hai.

He 2 jumped in lake.both fresh n up in fresh and chilled water of lake. But soon water dragged dem inside. Both swimmed fast towrds d bank but all tries ruined and both sinked in it. Aftr few hours wen both awaked dey found demselves in dark den. Deir heads r paining.

ADITYA:Maan hum kaha hai?

MAAN:us pani k maya jaal ki duniya me.maine kaha tha na wo jagah waha nahi honi chahiye. Hume yaha fasaya gaya hai.

Both trying 2 movd bt found impossible,as deir hands nd feet was locked in chains.

ADITYA:Maan humare hath pau me ye bediya kaisi hai?

MAAN:Aditya lgta hai jisne hume us pani k dwara yaha kheencha hai usi ne ye bediya humare hath or pau me dali hai taki hum yaha se bhag na ske.

ADITYA:to ab hum kya kare?

MAAN:aditya tum kisi chhote janwar ka rup leke unme se nikalne ki koshish karo.

Aditya tried 2 convert himself but d chains are magical. He got some kind of current whenevr he tries 2 use his power.

MAAN:kya baat hai Aditya tm rup badal kyu nahi pa rahe ho?

ADITYA:pata nahi.mujhe lagta hai ye zanjeere jadui hai jiski wajhase meri shaktikiya kaam nahi kar rahi hai.

Suddnly chains strat dragging dem into another direction. Dey went 2 a room where a bald wizard sit near havan kund and put sm aahutiyan in it. He was sat in opposite of some weired luking statue nd mummered som words conti. His name is haka.

HAKA:to tum dono aa gaye? Mujhe apni is sadhna ko pura karne k liye ab sirf 2 hi manushyo ki zarurat thi jo tum dono k aane se puri ho gai.ab tumhari bali dekar main or shaktishali bann jaunga.

ADITYA:1 bar humare hath- pair khol fir tujhe batate hai.


He dragged both and put Aditya’s head on rock sill to cut it wid a sharp knief. Maan ws scared bt nt lost hs concious. He immediately tuk d sword laid around hm,nd cut hs chains. Now he is free nd get up b4 Haka cuts Aditya’s head. He kicks him nd cuts Aditya’s chains. Aditya 2 get up,but Haka ws also vry powerful. He used hs magical powers on dem to catch dem again. Maan signaled Aditya,nd he hide himself. Maan jumps here nd dere 2 protect himself from his magical powers. Haka gt angry more. Finally Maan kicked hm bak nd throw hm on ground. Aditya quickly grabbed his magical stick nd Maan cuts his head. He died on d spot and d illusion he created wid hs power,vanished instantly. All greenry gone nd a large desert occured in front of dere eyes.

MAAN:dekha Aditya ab hm sahi jagah aa gaye hai. Bas ab hume bina ruke aage badna hai.

ADITYA:nai Yuvraj raat ho gai hai is samay me aage badna ghatak sabit ho skta hai isliye aaj ki raat yahi guzarte hai or subah hote hi ham aage bad jayege.

Maan agree and both laid on cold sand. Aditya soon went 2 sleep bt Maan cant able. His empty eyes luking at d stars above. His evry nerve missed Geetakshi badly. He wants 2 talk her,eants 2 listen hr voice nd d magical sound of her laughing whch is free from any fear.

MAAN:Geetakshi ghbrana mat chahe mujhe ye zameen or aasman b ek kyu na karne pade main wo b tumhare liye kar dunga.lekin tume kuchh nai hone dunga…

Whole night he only saw her face in his imagination…

PART – 14

MAAN remembred Geetakshi in hr dreams nd confess hs love 4 hr in hs mind nd at d same time Geetakshi’s body shivers suddnly. Mahaguru ws dere in hr room 2 chek hr. Seeing hr trembling Mahaguru put his hand on hr 4head nd caressed lovingly,due 2 whch hr shuddring stops nd hr body relaxed in peace. When she turnd calm Maan also felt sleepy nd fall in d lap of deep sleep aftr many days. Mahaguru smiles nd left d room. Styanand asked d reason of hs happiness.

SATYANAND:mahaguru aap muskura kyu rahe hai?

GURU SATYA:kyunki aaj tak hume gyat tha ki atma or pramatma ka sambandh kya hota hai kintu(bt)aaj humne uske sakshat(direct) darshan kr liye hai. Ishwar ki leela ko samjhna kathin jarur hai kintu namumkin nahi.

SATYANAD:apko lgta hai Maan…

SATYA:mere lagne ka prashn nai hai Maan Geetakshi ka hissa hai or Geetakshi Maan ko. Dono ki sukh dukh alag nai hai. 1 ki takleef dusre k dukh ka kaaran(reason) hai. Isliye inhe hi apni samsyaie suljhani hai.

Next day in mrng both wake up and start deir journey again. Both found many obstecles in dis route 3 days spend. Both were hungry nd tired. Suddnly both found a den. Both entred nd saw many eating items.

MAAN:ye khana yaha kyu pada hai?

ADITYA:pta nai par mujhe bahut bhuk lagi hai or maine ise khane wala hu.

MAAN:agr ye surakshit na hua to?

ADITYA:uski fikar mat karo.(Aditya again transformed himself in a snake nd smell d food) Yuvraj ye khana surakshit hai isme kisi b trah ka vish(poision) nahi milla hua hai.

As both were hungry so dey eat it. Wen dey full both sat down in order 2 relaxed demselves. Suddnly a giant demon who had a spider like face appers in front of dem. Both’s eyes popped out. Both stands on deir feet and start running fastly.but it was not possible coz d food dey eat made dem slow. The spider faced demon spit stings 2 catch both. Bt Maan nd Aditya proves tough 4 hm. Dey were still fast frm hs expectation. Demon runs aftr dem nd caught Aditya. He wrapped him in hs stings. Maan hidly snaked on d wall 2 save Aditya nd jump over hs head he stabbed hs sword in demon’s head due 2 whch he threw Aditya nd screamed in pain. Maan do dis again nd again until d demon died. Finally Demon died. Maan jumped aside nd went 2 Aditya. He ws unconcious. Maan freed hm frm hs sting web nd splashed water 2 bring hm bak in concious. Aditya responds and opned hs eyes slowly 2. He saw Maan’s worried face. Wen he got up Maan immediately truned hs tone.

MAAN:tme pta nai kyu mere sath bheja hai main roshni ko dhundu ya tumhari raksha karu hr baar?

Bt dis time Aditya dont fought wid hm.coz he sence hs care 4 hm so he pas only a smile 2 Maan. Maan confused wid hs responce. He amused y he not snap bak as alwys.

MAAN:tm thek to ho?

ADITYA:ha kyu?

MAAN:aaj koi ulta jwab nai diya?

ADITYA:tm itne bure ho nai jitna main sochta tha. Jane do abi humare pas bas 1 hi dinn bacha hai hume roshni ko dhoodna bhi hai or use Gurukul b pahuchana hai.

MAAN:ha aage hi humara bahut samay barbad ho chuka hai or abi tak to humne is gutthi ko suljhaya b nai hai.

ADITYA:maan wo jagah kaha hai nakshe me?

Maan:Bas thodi hi durri pr hai.

ADITYA:to theek hai hume ab bina ruke waha jana hai.jaldi chalo.

Both ran deir horses like wind nd in eveng both reached near a large sea. Now and eneds here. Wherevr dey sw only a large sea is in deir sight.

MAAN;is maanchitr k anusar wo roshni hume yahi kahi milegi.

ADITYA:lekin yaha to durr durr tak sivaye is vishal sagar k or kuch nazar nahi aa raha.ha wha 1 tapu dikh raha hai.

MAAN:kaha par? He enquired.

ADITYA raised hs finger nd showed hm;wo dekho Maan wo raha?

MAAN:iska matlb wo roshni wahi hai.

ADITYA:par waha jayenge kaise?

MAAN:naav bnakar.

ADITYA:theek hai main jungle se lakdiya leke aata hu.

Aditya quickly went inside d jungle behind nd came wid a large bundle of wood sticks and hey stack. Wid d help of dis Maan made craft 4 both. Both sit nd swimmed wid d help of craft. As dey reaced near d island dey sae a huge glass castel on it. Castel having a large v shaped edges. As sun sets,nd moon start glowing wid hs glory, whole castel sparkeld wid a sharp lite. Due 2 which all things in sea were glowing. Evrythng was visilbe clearly as in day light. All things are glowig in d white milky light coming from d Glass Castel. Maan nd Aditya amised nd mesmerized wid d view.

ADITYA:Ye kaise jadu hai Maan. Pura sagar jagmaga utha is roshni ki chamak se.

MAAN:iska arth ye hua ki paschim ki jis roshni ki tash hume ha wo yahi is mahal me hai.jiski wajh se itni roshni ho gayi hai mano dinn chadd aaya ho.

ADITYA:chalo fir jaldi se use le le or gurukul pahunche.

MAAN:ha chalo lekin sawdhan rehna coz na jane aage konsa khtra humara rasta rok le.

Aditya nodded and both made deir craft saflt wid a tree nd entered in dis amazing castel. Whole castel ws glittering wid d light. It was very beautiful nd precious luking,thing whch both nvr seened b4. Dey steps very slowly nd carefully…

Both steps forward in searching d source of dir brightned light. Maan getting more suspecious as d whole Castel ws empty. No security chekc nd guards r available.

MAAN:Aditya dhyan se yaha abi tak koi samne nahi aaya iska matlab yaha koi chhupa hua khtra ho skta hai.

Aditya nodded nd carefully luks here and dere. Both reached at d bottom of d castel. Suddnly a wall of glass appered nd seprated dem. Both hit d wall sevral times bt it was unbreakable. Both get alerted coz now dey know dey must face some unseen danger. And as per dey asumed, Aditya was surrounde by sevral men who hiding deir face in long rob. All having a sword in deir hands. Bt Aditya ws 2 ready 2 face dem all. he tuk out hs sword nd start fighting dem all. Maan sw dis bt unable 2 help hm coz d wall between dem ws unbreakable. He turned around nd trying 2 find d way 2 com out frm dis. Wen he steps forwrd he trapped in one room. Instantly all sides of moving ws coverd by glass shield. Nd he saw a huge diamond was placed on a small piller in d middle of dis room. Dis was called d light of west. Due 2 dis diamond sparkling ranges whole castel nd sea glowing. Maan never saw such a huge Diamond in hs whole life. Bt as he touched it,some lightining was appered nd from each glass door 1 soldier is appered. Dey all also in a long robe nd dey also hide deir face like d soldiers wid whom Aditya is fighting conti. Maan also get ready wid hs sword. He made a posture and tightened hs grip over hs sword. He ws amused actully coz all soldiers come closer nd all was absorbed by 1 of dem,nd now dey bcam 1 soldier. But Maan nt scared he still ready 4 a fight. D soldier threw hs hood backside nd show his ugly hupy nd scary face 2 Maan. He groaned loud nd show hs large sharped teeth 2 scared gm bt fail 2 affectd hm. Maan kicked hm. Bt he quicky stand back on hs feet. He was very quick nd dangerous. He hit Maan’s head badly wid hs large head. Maan falls on floor. Den he cm 2 hm beat him conti. He was so fast dat Maan cant find d chance 2 hit hm bak. Guard tuk him up wid hs legs and start spinning him in around hm. Maan heads hit wid many thngs and he injured badly. Den guard threw hm again. Although he ws badly injured bt he doent loose hs hope. He collect hs courage nd power nd quickly made a move b4 he again start hm beating. Maan hold hs sword again nd stabbed in guard’s stomach,bt hs eyes widened wid shock wen he found it doesnt affects on guard. He made his sword move on hs body bt sword com out as it was only moving in air. No cut mark no bleeding 2 d guard wid hs movs. He cant able 2 hit hm nd d guard laugh on hsuseless tries. Maan tired bt cant able 2 kill hm. Guard hit hm nd he fall on 1 glass door,due 2 whch hs sword hit 1 glass door nd its broked in sevral pieces. At d same time dat giant gurad scream wid pain.. Maan saw he start bleeding. He saw cut mark occured on hs face. Now he got 2 know how he can kills hm. Maan start broking all d glasse of d room. And as he thot wid evry broken glass d giant guard hurted alot. His whole dark black body covered wid hs own boold. He shouts loud but Maan conti.until he falls on floor nd died in hs long robe. As d guard died all wall vanished whch apart Aditya frm Maan. Also d soldiers wid whom Aditya fights non stop disapper suddnly. Aditya ran 2 Maan. Both were happy seeing each other alrite. Bt Maan’s fhead bleeds badly. Aditya hugged hm and Maan 2 hug hm back.

ADITYA:Maan tumne kr dikhaya.akhirkar tume pachhim ki roshni mill hi gayi.

MAAN:mujhe nai hume mill gai.

But deir happiness was not long last. Bcoz of d guard’s death whole catel start falling and its all part start broking into pieces. Maan tuk d Diamond nd both ran 4 deir life. Everywhere in deir way dey faced falling glass pices,but both leave deir courage nd finally cm out of d falling castel. Aditya float d craft again on sea nd both sit on it. As dey drove away whole castel blasts nd island too disappear. Both siled in a relief. Aditya tuk a piece of clothand wrapped around hs wounds. Both tuk deir horses and start deir journey towrds the ashram…

PART – 15

MAAN gt diamond bt he was injured badly in grabbing dis. Aditya bandaged hs wound,bt it still bleeds. Aditya suggest he shuld take rest 4 few hours. Bt time dosnt allowed hm 2 do so coz already 7days hd passd nd dey need alest 1 mor day 2 reach 2 ashram whch means 1 less day 4 next target. He ws happy bt worried 2.

MAAN:Aditya hm pehle hi 1din pichhe chal rahe hai ab agar aaram krne ruke to na jane or kitne din brbad ho jayenge. Isliye ab hume bina ruke ashrm lutna hai.

Both ran deir horses 2wrds aashrm nd nxt day in evng dey arrived in ashram. Maan handover d diamond 2 Mahaguru. Mahaguru praise hm 4 hs intelligence nd bravery. Mahaguru noticed blood oozing frm hs wounds. He wanna ask hm 4 medi.attention bt widout listining hm he ran 2wrds Geetakshi’s room where she laid like a dead body. She ws in bad condition since d day dey came deir bt 2day she luks more paler. Maan sit near her nd scared more. Hecaress her cheek nd bend oved hr face. His blood drop falls on hr face.

MAAN felt pain seeing hr condition,hs own injuries r vry much painful nd he ignores all. Bt Geetakshi’s paler face trembled hs soul.

MAAN:Geetakshi tume kuchh nai hoga main tume kuchh nai hone dunga or tum fikar mat karo tumhare theek hote hi main khud tume tumhare baba k pass chhodkar aaunga wo b pure samman k sath. Geetakshi bhgwan k liye is trah mera imtehan mat lo.tum baut himmat wali ho or main ye janta hu tume itni jaldi himmat nai har skti.main kuchh nai hone dunga tume.

Meantime Mahaguru ji came here wid vaidji(doc)

Vaidji:yuvraj ap idhar aaiye mujhe apke ghavo pe lep lagna hai.

But Maan is no mood 2 hear ny1 he cant undrstnds wat happn 2 hr suddnly. Though he kno she is nt well bt 2dy hr condition made hm restless.

MAHAGURU:vats vaidji ki baat mano or upchar(treatment) krwa lo.

Maan ran 2 Mahaguru:aap meri chinta mat kariye bas mujhe ye btaiye ki Geetakshi ko chanak hua kya hai?iski halat itni khrab pichle saptah(week) tk to nai thi.

MAHAGURU:shnt ho jao vats.

MAAN:nai ho skta main shant.nai dekh skta main Geetakshi ko is halat me.iski ye halat meri wajh se hi hui hai. Aap mujhe jaldi se batiye ki ab mujhe kya lana hai main abi niklunga use lane.

MAHAGURU:lekin putr is samy nikalna theek nai hai or fir tum buri tarah ghayal ho. Isliye kal subah…

MAAN:kal subah tak to bahut der ho jayegi.har shan Geetakshi k liye maut ka sbab bn raha hai or main ye hone nahi dunga.aap mujhe btaiye ki 3 konsi cheez lani hai?

MAHAGURU:or tumhare ghavo ka kya?inka upchar nai kiya to..

MAAN:is jaan pe ab sirf Geetakshi ka adhikar hai.use bachane k liye mujhe deni b padi to b main pichhe nai hatunga.bas ab or der na kare Mahaguru mujhe aage ki rah dikhayiye.

MAHAGURU:theek hai to suno ab tume sirf 1 hi vastu hai jo lani hai or wo hai prandayni shkti,jo ki tume uttar disha me milegi.kintu us tak pahunchanne ka marg tume Dakshin disha me milega.


MAHAGURU:mtlb ye ki prandayni shkti hai to uttar disha me.lekin use hasil kaise kiya jaye ye janne k liye tume daksin disha me jana hoga. Wahi pe tume use hasil krne ka marg milega or main isse zada tumhari koi sahayta nai kr skta.

MAAN:theek hai main abi niklunga.

Mahaguru blessd hm nd moved frm deir. Maan went 2 Geetakshi again.

MAAN(hold hr soft palm in hs rough hands. D blood oozing frm hs arm now reach 2 her hands. Although she is laid unconcious bt she able 2 hear and sence all things going around her. Even she can able 2 hear evrything which Maan said 2 her):Geetakshi bas kuchh dinn or,uske bad tum apne baba k pas hogi pehle jaise.

Maan drop her hand nd left d room. She was all alone nd helpless. Tear drops falling frm her closed eyes.
Maan ws reached 2 hs horse nd about 2 leave d ashram wen he stopped by Aditya.

ADITYA:ruk jao Maan aise akele kaha ja rae ho?

MAAN:tume chot aai hai or tume aram ki zarurat hai.

ADITYA:chot to tume b lagi hai or wo b mujhse zada.firr b tm ja rae ho na?

MAAN:ye ladai meri hai.pehle hi main Geetakshi ko maut k muh me dhakel chuka hu lekin ab or nai.

ADITYA:itna kamzor smjha hai mujhe?

MAAN:nai Aditya,pichhli baar do baar tumhari jaan khtre me padi hai.main ab or koi khtra uthna nai chahta.

ADITYA:ye safar sath me shuru kia tha to manzil tak b sath hi pahunchenge. Mana main pehle tumhare sath nai aana chahta tha.lekin ab tume akele nai chhod skta.

MAAN:achha ab aisa kya ho gaya hai?

ADITYA:ab tumhari aankho me Geetakshi k liye jo vasna thi na uski jagah pyar ne le li hai.or sacha pyar ka sath to uparwala b deta hai firr main tum dono ko kaise akela chhod skta hu.ab to chahe aaandhi aaye ya tufan lekin main tumhara sath nai chhodunga. Chale humare pas ab samye bahut kam hai.

Maan hugged him. Both’s frndship grew stronger more. Both tuk deir horses nd ran 2wrds d south direction. This journey ws nt easy as both have no clue…

MAAN & ADITYA both reached 2 d south direction. Dey ran deir horses cluelessly. As in both reaced 2 village wich is very wired. Dey notice smthng unusual deir. All kids beteen d age of 12 – 16 wre seems vry old. All children hv white hairs nd many wrnkle on deir faces. Som of den even cant walk nd talk properly. Both forund dis very strange. All people’s faces seems scared. Dey all r afraid of somthng. Dey trying 2 enquired whats going on deir bt no1 ans dem nd closed deir door.

ADITYA:Maan ye kaisi jagh hai koi seedhe muh bat hi nai krta.

MAAN:sb lgta hai tumhare rishtedar hai,seedhe muh baat hi nahi krte.(ADITYA glared hm) are main to mazak kr raha hu.

Meantime an old man cm 2 dem.hs name is Bindari.

BINDARI:beta kyu apna samy nasht kr rae ho yaha koi tume kuchh nai btayega.

MAAN:lekin baba ye bachhe aise budde kyu ho rae hai.ye kaisa rog hai yaha par?

BINDARI:ye rog nai hai.ye sab us jadugar Kaya kalap ka jadu hai.

ADITYA curiously:jadugar Kaya kalp?

BINDARI:ha jadugar Kayakalp,jo kisi ki b kaya ko badal skta hai. Ye bacche jo tum dekh rahe ho humesha se aise nai the.humara gau b kushhal tha.magar pata nahi ye jadugar 1 dinn kaha se aa gaya or us dinn se wo lagatar is gau k bachho ko apna shikar bana raha hai.

MAAN:wo krta kya hai in bachho k sath?

BINDARI:wo aaye din 12 se 16 sal k bachho ko utha kr le jata hai or unka youvan cheen leta hai isse uski jwani or jaduo shaktiya 2 bad rahe hai.

MAAN:baba in bachho ko theek krne ka koi upaye nai hai?

BINDARI:upaye to hai par beta kisi praye k liye tum 2 kyu apni jaan khatre me dalte ho?

ADITYA:ap humari chinta mat keejiye bas hume ye bataiye ki in bachho ko pehle jaisa bnane k liye kya krna hoga hume.

BINDARI:us jadugar ki maut hi in bachho ko inka alsi roop dila skti hai wrna aise hi budde hohokar ye marr jayenge.

MAAN:nai baba ab or koi bachha nai marega. Hum us Kayakalp ko uske kiye ki saza avashye denge.bas ap ye batayie wo milega kaha.

BINDARI:yaha se seedhe jane par 1 kali pahari milegi,usi ki guffa me uska thikana hai.bhagwan tum dono ki raksha kare.

Maan nd Aditya moved 2 d directiom showed by d old man. Aditya insist Maan dat he allowed hm 2 go inside nd find out d conditin. Maan dont want bt ageed soon. Aditya trned hmself in2 a rat nd go inside. He saw a long thin man was doing somthng in a large bowl,somthng magical activity. White smoke was cm out of dat bowl. He must b kayakalp who was standing with a long snake head stick in hs hand. Den Aditya saw some kids were locked in a magical cage whch placed at sm far place. He wnt 2 deir nd trned hmslf in human again. All children scared more. Dey thot may b he is also wid hm dey strt crying.

ADITYA:Shhh bachho daro nahi main tume yaha se chhudane aaya hu.

1 elder kid:lekin ap kon hai?

ADITYA:wo sb bad me pehle main tum sbko khol du.

Elder boy:lekin ap iska darwaja nai khol skte ispe jo tala laga hua hai wo kisi chabi se nahi balki Kayakalp ki us jadui chhadi se khulta hai.

ADITYA:fir to use marna hoga pehle.

BOY:aap use nai maar skte?


BOY:kyunki use sirf us jadui khanjar(knief) se hi mara ja skta hai jo usne is pahari ki kisi gufa me chhupa rakha hai.

ADITYA:theek hai tum log ghbrana mat sab theek ho jyega.

Aditya came out safly nd told Maan evrythng. Maan decide 2 search dat den in whch he hide dat magical knief. After crossing sevral hurdels he found dat den whch seems very scary. Maan decided 2 go alone inside. He entered nd sevral small bats attack on hm. As he get rid of dem he steps forwrd nd found very scary animal who was like a guard of dat knief. He attacks on Maan but made a quick move nd save himslf. Dat animal through his long tongue on Maan nd wrapped hm tightly. Maan unable 2 move as his grip was vry tight. He slowly slowly dragged hm in hs mouth. Maan wriggle conti.nd finally he able 2 free hs arms. As he went near hs mouth Maan stabbed his sword in hs 4head 3-4 times quicly. Due 2 whch dat scary animal died on d spot nd Maan freed frm hm. Suddnly dat animal’s dead body turned in2 d knief. Maan ot it dat it was dat magical knief which he wants 2 kill Kaya kalp. He tuk nd cm out. Now both made a plan 2 kill Kaya kalp. Maan secreatly went inside but Kayakalp sw hm. He attack on him again and again wid his magical stick. Maan injured 2. Aditya cm nd threw a stone on hs stick. Stick falls far awy frm hs reach. Maan jump nd kick on hs face. Kaya kalp falls. Aditya grab hs stick nd broke it. All cages opens as it broked. Aditya safly tuk all d childern out of d den. Maan put hs sword on hm. He pleads 4 mercy.

MAAN:tmne un masom bachho pe daya dikhai thi?pr main tumhari trah kayar nai hu jo 1 nihathe pe war karu. Maan thre 1 sword 2 hm nd gave hm equal chance. Kayakalp tryng 2 threw mud in hs eyes luckily Maan moves nd safe. Dat was enough of dis Maan threw dat magical knief straight in hs heart due 2 whch dat magician died. As he died hs body blasts nd light balls cm out of it. All lite beams ran outside…

PART – 16

ALL light beams ran to vilaage and insert in evry child who bcm old due 2 hs magic.. As all light balls entrd evry child trnd normal. Maan nd Aditya returnd 2 village wid all d captured kids. All parents were happy nd blessd both 4 giving deir child bak normal 2 dem. Vilaage’s head cm nd blessd both nd also sho grattitude 2wrds dem.

HEAD:hum ap 2 ka ye ehsan jeevan bhar nai bhulenge.or hm chahte hai ki hum b apke liye kuchh kare.

MAAN:humne jo b kiya insaniyat k liye kia.

HEAD:fir b hm apke liye kuch karna chahte hai.

MAAN:hm prandayani shakti ki khoj me nikale hai. Kya aap hume bta skte hai wo kaise milegi?

HEAD:humne uske bare me suna to hai par kaha milegi ye sirf tume pahari baba hi bata skte hai.

ADITYA:PAHARI BABA?ye kon or kaha milenge.

HEAD:pahari baba yaha kuchh hi duri pe ek pahari hai waha tapsya kar rahe hai.lekin?

MAAN:lekin kya?

HEAD:lekin wo kabi kiski bat ka jwab nai dete?unse sirf 1 hi wajh se khush kiya ja skta hai,agr tm unke liye sunhra aam le jao to?

ADITYA:sunhara aam ab ye kaha se milega?

HEAD:usi pahari ek pas ek nadi behti hai waha bahut sare jadui vraksho k ped lage hai uni me se ‘ ped hai sunehre aam ka. Keval wahi fal hai jo baba ko prasann(happy) kar skta hai.uske baad tum unse jo b puchhoge wo tume uska uttar(ans.) avashye denge.

MAAN:apne hume jo b bataya uske liye bahut bahut shukriya.

HEAD:lekin beta 1 baat ka dhyan rkhna keval 1 hi fal lena koi or nahi or ha waha bahut se khtre hai unse sawdhan rehna.

MAAN:khtro ki chinta hume nai hai isliye aap chinta na kare.bas ab hm niklenge kyunki samye bahut kam hai humare pas.

Maan & Aditya leave. Dey reached 2 d river where golden mango grows. But b4 dis dey saw many heads were hanging wid a tree. Both felt weird. All heads strt talking 2 dem nd trying 2 terrified dem,but both ignored deir babbling nd moved in next dey found2 small dwarf who obstruct deir way. As both trying 2 move dey split fire on both Maan & Aditya get ready 4 d quoncar,bt deir magical powers r strong enough.it seems impossible 2 win over dem.

MAAN:kya chahte ho tm2?

1st:humare prashno k uttar do yadi tune sahi uttr de diye to hum tume yaha se 1 fal le jane denge. Or agar tumne 1 b uttr galat diya to tum 2 k sir b bahar un sabi ki tarah latak jayenge.

MAAN:puchho kya puchhna hai?

1st:wo aisi konsi cheez hai jo ek bar manushye ko mill jaye tu uska sath kabi nahi chhodti? Chahe halat kaise b kyu na ho?

MAAN:vidya or gyan 1 bar milne pe jivan bhar apka sath nai chhodte.

2nd:sachha sadhk kon hai?

MAAN:jisne apne mann(heart)pe kabu pa liya wahi sachha sadhak hai.

1st:wo konsi cheex hai jiski gati(speed) ki koi seema nai hai?

MAAN:humara mann uski koi seema nai hai wo jo chata hai usi ko pane k dhun me rehta hai kabi b kahi b pahunch jata hai.

1st:hmm jaise iss samaye tumhara mann Geetakshi k paas hai.

Maan shoked.

2nd:jao 1fal le lo.

Maan gt inside nd tuk 1 golden mango. Both reached 2 pahari baba,who ws lean in his meditation. Maan placed mango in hs feets nd utter hs name 2 awake hm.

BABA:aa gaye vats hume tumhari hi pratiksha(wait)thi.(both shoked,baba open hs eyes) choko mat har 1 manushe i neeyati uske karam nirdharit(sure)karte hai or tumhare karm aaj tumhe yaha le aaye hai.

MAAN:baba jb itna jante hai to aap ye b jante honge ki main yaha kyu aaaya hu?mujhe wo..

BABA:prandayni shakti chahiye Geetakshi ko pane k liye.kinto pana hi khona hai ot khona hi pana hai.kintu wo tume abi smajh nai aayega.ab suno waha uttar purv disha me 1 chalne wala jungle hai jo har shan badalta rehta hai usi k bheetar ek jwalamukhi hai,us jwalamukhi 1 andr 1 paudha hai usi pe ye prandayani booti ugti hai wahi lani hai tumhe.

MAAN:baba apka bahut dhnywad.

BABA:dhyanyewad bad me filhal apne lakshye pe nazar rakho din bahut kam hai or kam bahut zada.iswar tumhe us bachhi ki rakhsha karne ki shkti de. Ab jao samye nasht mat karo.

Maan nd Aditya touch hs feet nd leave 8 days paased 2 reach 2 dat jungle. Maan’ fear increased coz total11 days are passed nd dey hd only 2 days left in deir hand in whch dey have 2 search nd uk dat power 2 ashram. Maan nd Aditya trying 2 found dat volcano but as its a moving jungle changes evrytime so dey found very difficult in serching. Maan found a sol. He sence d temp of jungle nd dey ran in d direction where is exceptional more hottness den other part nd finally hs idea works nd he reached 2 volcano. Now its difficult time. Maan told Aditya 2 stay here nd he go inside. Aditya argued bt Maan orderd hm nd entrd in volcano. He sw it ws burning deep hollow nd on its 1side deir ws a small plant. It ws burning hot bt Maan carefully reached 2 dat plant nd bear all d hot temp. Hs skin strt burning nd whole bidy swets badly he grabbed dat flower whch is required nd cm out. Hs cndition is worst. He is going 2 faint ny time but he camyt even hav a time 2o do so…

ADITYA suggest hm 2 relax 4 sm time but he cant nd forced hm 2 ran as fast as possible. Aditya help hm 2 sat on hs horse. Again jugle creaye prob.4 both 2com out as it moving constantly. Aditya stop hs horse nd cnvert hmslf in2 a bird. He fly high nd saw d pattern of changes done in dis jungle den he reached 2 hs horse nd ran fastly wid horse of Maan. Finally both cm ot nd moved deir horses in d direction of aashram. Dey ran non stop without evn drinking a single drop. Dey only had 2 hrs 2 reach 2 aashram as Sun drown fastly. Bt Maan’s courage defeats d destiney. He reached 15 mins b4 d sun sets cmpletely. He ran nd handover d flower 2 Mahaguru. Mahaguru passed dis flower 2 styanand.

MAHAGURU:sStyanand is pushp ko b baki vastuo k sath rakh do.

MAAN in shok:ye aap kya kar rahe hai? Chaliye Geetakshi ka upchar keejiye warna wo…

MAHAGURU:Yuvraj chaliye humare sath.

Both reached in d room where Geetakshi laid like a laid body. Maan ws panting heavily. His eyes filled wid terror as time is less and he doing nothing 2 cure her.

MAAN:ap sari vastue to laye nai hai,jaldi keejiye.

MAHAGURU placed hs hand on her 4head nd its lightened suddnly. In few secs Geetakshi gt her consious. She is cmpltly well now as she nvr fell ill dis b4. She sw Maan nd both’s eyes locked a few sce. Though she laid unconciuos but she able 2 hear evrythng in hr deep sleep whch Maan said 2 hr. A big smile cm on hs perfect m shaped lips nd tear drop in hs derk eyes.

MAHAGURU:Geetakshi ab theek hai.ab tum yaha se ja skte ho.

MAAN still cant gt if Guru dont need dat all things den y he waste a tim of 1 month 2 cure her. Bt he is happy 2 c hr ok once agin.

MAAN:Geetakshi chalo tume tumhare baba k paas pahuchana hai.

B4 she gt up Mahagur intrupts.

MAHAGURU:Yuvraj apne theek se shayad suna nahi humne kaha aap ja skte hai lekin Geetakshi yahi rahegi isi aashram me humeha humesha k liye.

All 3 stunned Aditya cant able 2 undrstands Mahaguru’s behaviour.

MAAN:ye aap kya keh rahe hai main ise liye bina kai nahi jaunga.maine Geetakshi ko wada kiya tha ki main uske thek hote hi use uske baba k pas le jaunga.

Geetakshi scared now.

MAHAGURU:ap jaynge ya nahi?

MAAN angrily:Geetakshi k bina nai.

Mahaguru caught hm in magical chains nd orderd hs saints 2 imprisioned hm. Maan feels helpless.dey all put hm in jail. Aditya ws cnfused,cnt get whats going on. Nd Geetkshi is crying in hr room cum jail. In nite Aditya secreatly go nd freed Maan frm d jail. Maan hugged hm nd both reached 2 Geetakshi’s rom. Maan broke d lock nd entrd in. C hm Geetkshi ran 2 Maan nd hugged hm suddnly out of fear, whch is unexpected 2 hm. It ws d most pleasent momnt 4 hm,bt it ws nt d rite time 2 feel dis so he broke d hugg nd orderd hr 2 escpe wid hm. Both cm out of d ashram nd reaced 2 d invisible wall frm where dey gt inside dis place. Bt b4 dey go outside dey all Coverd by Manahgur nd hs saints nd students. All having wepons in deir hands. Mahagur signaled nd hs students caught Adita frst.

MAHAGURU:Aditya tume is apradh ka dand milega.

MAAN:apko jo b dand dena hai mujhe deejiye lekin Aditya ki koi galti nahi hai.wo wahi kar raha hai jo apne use sikhya tha lekin aap khud bhul gaye hai.

MAHAGURU:aaj Yuvraj apka janmdin hai.aaj aap 25 varsh k ho gaye hai.isliye hum nahi chahte ki apko koi saza mile wo b aaj hi k dinn islie Geetakshi ko chhodiye or chale jaiye.

MAAN:ye to mumkin nai hai.apni jaan de dunga lekin Geetakshi ko liye bina nahi jaunga.

MAHAGURU:to theek hai hum ise hi nasht kr dete hai jike karan ap bagavat kr rae hai.

Mahaguru threw arrow 2wrds Geetakshi nd Maan cm between d arrow nd Hr. Arrow stabbed in hs heart nd bloods oozed frm its wound. Aditya nd Geetalkhi both shout in fear. Maan falls on earth nd died on d sopt…
As his pandit told while reading his kundli that he had a mrituyog on hs 25th birthday. Bhvishyvani come true. Maan laid dead on d earth…

PART – 17

MAAN ws stabbed by Mahaguru’s arrow nd he died on d spot. Geetakshi screamed seeing him like dat in pain. Her eyes popped out wid horrer nd trned red coz of coni.oozing tears from those hazeled eyes which r struk on Maan only. She ran 2 Mahaguru nd fall on hs feet. She begged 4 hs life’s sake while crying. Bt Mahaguru doesnt affected by hr tears. He stand liky a dead statue,nt evn respond 2 hr plea. Aditya felt vry weak nd helpless. Hs eyes trn wet 2. Geetakshi movd bak 2 Maan’s limp body. She cupped hs face nd tryng 2 wake up him,bt no respond frm hs side. Geetakhi hell crying nd fall on hm. She felt hr own part is died 2day.She half laid on hm nd caress hr hand on hs face. Hr own face is rested on hs face. Suddnly hr tear drop falls on hs face nd strt roming 2 hs rough lips. Dat drop made a way from hs lips nd entrd in hs mouth. D very moment Maan gulp hr tear drop,hs fingers start moving frst. Slowly 2 hs whole body show sm momnts which is noticed by all except Geetakshi coz she ws in hr deep morn nd cant able 2 understand nythng. A weak smile came on Aditya’s face. Geetakshi’s rite hand ws laying on hs left side chest. Wen hs heart pump in hs full volume nd she felt it 2. Her tears conti.rolling on hs face nd he open hs eyes. All standing people smiles. Mahaguru Satya joined hands nd thanks 2 God. Maan sw hr in pain nd hs soul strt crying. He cant see tears in hr eyes

MAAN:Geetakshi kya hua.dekho ro mat kuch nai hua hai sb theek hai.

Geetakshi raised hr face,hearing hs low voice nd hs face,shwing pain in hs eyes. She wrapped hr arms around hs neck immediately insane nd 4got about d people around de wen she hugged hm tightly,Maan 2 embraced hr,nd on d same time some black sparkling vapour come out of hs body nd vanished. His whole sins destroyed now nd he bcom a part of pure soul again. Both now bcm 2 bodies 1 soul. A white beam sparkled around dem nd whole saints nd public standing dere joined deir hands bow deir hands 2 dem,coz now dey sw d pure soul in its full glory. Aftr few time Geetakshi realize wat she is doing nd out of shyness she left hm nd stood stand on hr feet. Maan 2 stand up nd covrd hr behind hm.

MAAN:Mahaguru main apka bahut upkar manta hu ki apne Geetakshi ko jeevit kr diya.main nai janta ki aap aisa kyu kr rae hai kintu main ab Geetakshi ko liye bina nai jaunga. Ise iske pita k paas pahuchana hi hai.

Mahaguru cm near both. Geetakshi scared nd hide more behind Maan nd clenched hs shoulder tightly. Mahaguru put hs hand on Maan’s head.

MAHAGURU:Yuvraj Geetakshi to hamesha se hi apki amanat hai aap inhe jaha chahe le ja skte hai.

Mahaguru closed hs eyes nd raised hs hand. All 3 things which Maan brot 4 Geetakshi appear on hs hand nd all sparkled nd strt floating in air under a light beam. In few seconds all 3 thing convert in2 in a sword. Mahaguru present dis sword 2 Maan.

MAHAGURU:apki antim pariksha(exam) b apne safaltapurvak paar kr li hai ab is talwar pe apka adhikar hai.(Maan sw in confusion)le lijiye Yuvraj ispe keval apka adhikar hai. Ab apka mann b Geetakshi ki tarah pavitr ho chuka hai.ab apko apni praja or unke sukh dukh ka dhyan hai isliye ab apko 1 bade yudh k liye taiyar hona hai,jiske liye apko is talwar ki avshyakta padegi.or waise b ie apne apni himmat or sujh bujh se hasil kiya hai.

Maan hold d sword in hs hand nd feeld more powerful. Sword connect wid hs body nd soul.

MAAN:Mahaguru kya main apse 1 baat puchh skta hu?(he nodded yes nd gave permission)jab aapko ye sb chahiye hi nai tha Geet ko theek krne k liye to apne ye sab mangwaya hi kyu?

MAHAGURU:ye sb apke liye avashyak hai. Yuvraj hum jante hai apke mann me is samay kai swaal uth rae hai,bas aap itna jaan lijiye ki apko is talwr ki zarurt hai kyunki abi apko kai bade kaam karne hai.ab aap samye nasht mat keejiye or jane ki taiyari keejiye. Geetakshi ko le jana hai apne.

MAAN nodded. Both Maan nd Geetakshi touched hs feet nd Mahaguru blessed both.

MAAN:ab aagya(permission) dejiye.

MAHAGURU:jaiye yuvraj bas ek baat ka hamesha dhyan rakhiyega.kabi b Geetakshi ka sath math chhodiyega.

Both amused and luk each other. Geetkshi turned red nd 4 d frst time Maan felt shy. Both strt moving bt smthng stops hm.

MAAN:Mahaguru wo main apse…

MAHAGURU cuts b4 he completes:Aditya aaj se tum b Yuvraj k sath rahoge. Jao inke suraksha ka bhar ab tumpe hai.

ADITYA & MAAN both smiled. Aditya ran 2 dem nd Maan cross d invisible wall wid both…

PART – 18

MAAN cm out wid both. It was mid nite so all decided 2 stay at sm safe place in night nd move on in d mrng. Maan put Geetakshi on hs horse nd Aditya ride on hs. Geetakshi’s bak glued 2 hs rock hard chest. Maan slipped bak trying 2 made distance frm hr coz dis proxcimity trnd hm vulunerable. Maan’s arm touchd hs silky arms as she sits envelopd inside hs frame. Geet felt chill ran through hr spine. She shivers badly nd 4 dis cold wind oozing nt playing ny role. Maan’s presence is enough 2 trembled hr. Maan ran is horse bt in cntrlld speed. Hr arouma filled hs nostrils nd snd hm2 intoxcination. He chuckld on hs condi.how strongly she affects hm. It dsnt meant only he felt all dose changes. Geet’s condi,is nt much bettr den hm. Hr heart throbbed desperately. Wenevr hs arm touchd hr,heartbeat raised nd throat bcm dry. She nvr felt like dis in hr whole life. Soon dey found a den 2 spnd nite safly. Maan jump nd help Geet also by puttng hs hand on hr waist nd made hr land on ground. All leave deir horses nd wnt inside. Geetakshi felt shivring now bcoz of cold nd lack of hs warmth around hr. Maaan sw hr nd got hr silent appeal.

MAAN:bhuk lagi hogi tume?main khane ka prabandh(arrangement) kr k aata hu.

Geetakshi felt strange fear inside as she just sw hm dying nd thot of sending hm outside in such a dangerous jungle in mid nite is nt vry much gud idea. Maan is moving.

GEETAKSHI:nai yuvraj ruk jaiye.(Maan stops isntantly)main theek hu mujhe kuchh nai chahiye.

MAAN:pr tumne kb se kuchh nai khaya hai.

GEETAKSHI:nai sach me koi zarurt nai hai bahar jane ki.main thek hu.

Aditya smirked seeing hr possesiveness 4 hm.

ADITYA:Maan Geetakshi thek keh rai hai andhera bahut hai bahar jana khtrnak ho skta hai.tm chinta mat karo.tm iske paas ruko main khane ka prabandh krta hu.

MAAN:to khtra tumhare liye b hai.

ADITYA:tm bhul rae ho Maan main kisi b pashu pakhsi ka roop le skta hu.janwaro se mujhe koi khtra nahi hai.

GEETAKSHI:suniye aap meri wajhse koi kasht mat uthayiye.main thek hu.

ADITYA:Geetakshi tm mujhe nai janti isliye ghbrana band karo.main yu gaya or yu aaya.

Aditya leave dem alone in search of sm food. Both wnts 2 talk 2 each other bt found uneasy. Maan tried 2 talk 2 hr frst.

MAAN:Geetakshi wo main…wo main tumse mafi mangna chahta hu.mera matlab hai maine tumhare sath jo durvyvhar(ill treat)kia,tume balpurvak(forcefully)apne sath le aaya in sbke k liye main tumse shama maanga chahta hu(while saying hs eyelids lowrd nd pain occurd in hs low voice).jnta hu itna asan nai hai firr b ho ske to mujhe maaf kr do. Waise to maine na jane kitne paap kie hai.pata nai wo sab kaise sudharunga.meri apni praja jiski mujhe raksh krni chahiye thi aaj ujhse na keval darti hai balki mujhse grahana b karti hai.kab itna neeche girr gaya pata hi nai chala.lekin sb theek kaise hoga pata nai.

Geetakshi cm nd sits besides hm. She put hr soft palm on hs sholder.

GEET:yuvraj jb koi b insan sach me apne kiye pr pachhtata hai to use apni galtio ko sudharne ka marg mill hi jata hai.mujhe pura vishwas hai aap apni praja ka mann firr se jeet lenge or unki aashao pr khare b uterenge.

Maan gazed hr face nd sw confidence on hm in hr voice:tume aisa lgta hai?

GEET:ha kyunki jaise maine apko shama kr diya hai apki praja b apko kr degi.(He sw hr wid que filled eyes)ha yuvraj maine apko usi shan shama kr dia tha jb apne mujhe vachn dia tha ki aap mujhe mere baba k paas leke jayenge.

Maan shokd:lein us shan to tum behosh thi na.

GEET:ha lekin main apko sunn pati thi.apko mehsus kr pati thi apne aas paas.

MAAN:Geetakshi 1 baat puchhu?(she nodded yes)jb mujhe mahaguru ka teer laga or main murchit ho gay tha,tb tm roi kyu thi?

GEETAKSHI trmbled,as he caught hr red handed:nai aisa to kuchh nai hai.

MAAN:geetakshi jhoot mat bolo,kyunki hosh me aate hi maine dekha tha,tume mere seene pr sar rakhkr rote hue.

GEETAKSHI tryng 2 avoid hm:wo to main darr gai thi.

MAAN:kis baat se?

GEETAKSHI:wo mahaguru ko ne apko mara isliye main darr gai.

MAAN:iska arth ye hua ki agar mujhe kuchh ho to tue bura lagega? Bolo Geetakshi?

GEETAKSHI:aap kya bate lekar baith gaye.main abi aati hu.

She stands nd trying 2 move bt Maan quickly made a move nd hold hr wrist. He pulld hr 2 hm,clamping hr wrist in hs arm nd tagged hr 2 hm. He steadily gazed in hr eyes. Dis closeness made hr mor uncomfortable. She melts in hs velvoty caress.

MAAN:Geetakshi main srf tumhare mann ki baat janna chahta hu.tumpe koi zabardasti nai kr raha hu.isliye mujhe galat mat samjho sirf sach sunna chahta hu.tum to mujhse nafrat karti ho na firr mere jeene or marne se tumhe kyu itna fark padta hai. Maine tumhare sath kitna bura kia.uske baad agar mujhe marr b jata to kya fark padta? Bolo Geetakshi kyu tumhe mere jeene ya marne se farak padta hai kyu Geetakshi kyu?

GEETAKSHI was still silent nd felt shy.cant able 2 ans hs sudden que.

MAAN:Geetakshi thek hai sirf itna batao agar main marr jau to…

His words pierced hr soft heart. She put hr soft palm on hs mouth nd made hm stop saying bad words. She cnt able 2hear dis.

GEETAKSHI shook hr head:aisi ashubh baat dobara mat nikaleyega muh se. Apko kuchh nai hoga.

Maan gently removed hr hand:Geetakshi main tumhari aankhe padd skta hu.tumhari dhadkno ko mehsus kr skta hu lekin firr b tumhare muh se sunna chaht hu.

GEETAKSHI lower hr eyes nd blushed.hr cheek trn cripmson red nd hr voice fluffred:aap jo soch rae hai..wo..wo…

Her voice caught in hr throat. She felt as hr whle mouth ws dry frm ages.

MAAN:wo wo kya Geet,main kya soch raha hu?

He teased hr more. She trying 2 move bt he deligate body cant match up wid hs strength.

GEETAKSHI:aap aise tang mat keejiye chhodiye mujhe.

MAAN:pehle wo bolo jo bolna chahti ho.

GEETAKSHI:nai mujhe kuchh nai kehna hai.

MAAN:theek hai ab main puchhunga b nahi.

He leave hr nd she felt strange as he leave hr at suddn. Both again trnd silent. Maan trned hs bak 2 hr. She felt bad,coz she know he hurts. She moved 2 hm nd trying 2 monifying hm.

GEETAKSHI:aap aise kyu kr rae ho?(he trned again nd Geetakshi movd wid hm)ye galat baat hai aap aise mat kariye.

MAAN:maine kya kia hai main to chup hu bilkul.

GEETAKSHI 2 BCM ANGRY:theek hai mat boliye main b nai bolungi. Both movd 2 anothr directions. Meanwhile Aditya cm wid food. He sensed d tension btwen dem coz both talk wid each other through hm. He bcm their telephone.

ADITYA:dekho bai main to ab chala sone tum dono ka jo b jhgda hai khud hi suljha lo.shubh ratri.

He select 1 cornr nd laid. Soon he slept.bt dere eyes r opend. Sleep is far away frm dem.

GEET babbles:haye bhagwanji ye itne akde hue kyu hai?mujhe to laga ab to sudhar gaye honge lekin gussa to ju ka tyu hai jane ka naam hi nahi leta. Kaise rahungi inke sath jindagi bhar.

Den she caught hr tounge in hr teeth as she realized wat she said actually. Maan hear hr babbling nd smirked at hs win ovr hr. He cm 2 hr.

MAAN:ab jb tumhare dil ne maan hi liye hai to mere samne b sweekar(accept)kar lo.

GEETAKSHI stands again:maine kuchh nahi mana hai samjhe aap.

she trying 2 move bt hr foot twisted at d slope as it was unbalanced ground. She was abot 2 fall bt Maan holds hr and safe hr.
Both’s eyes met nd dey lost in each other.

MAAN huskily whiperd in hr ear:ab to Maan lo.kyu khud ko or mujhe dono ko tadpa rai ho?(He pulled hr nd made hr stand. Maan raise hr chin 2 met d gaze)pyar krti ho na mujhse? Ha Geetakshi bolo.

She felt shy,bt nodded yes nd instantly hugged hm nd hide hr face in hs chest. Maan smiled at hr cute antics nd hugged hr bak. He loosen d hug nd caessed hr angelic face gently.

MAAN:tumhare aane k baad zindagi ka mtlab samjh me aaya hai.in aankho ko na jaane kis ki talassh thi ab tak,lekin tumhe dekhta hu to manzil ko paane ka abhimaan hota hai. Geetakshi tumhare bina main adhura hu,isliye mujhe kabi chhodkar mat jana.nai jee paunga main tumhare begair.

GEETAKSHI overwhelemd wid hs cute confession whch made hr eyes trm wet coz of happiness. She caress hs face too nd hugged hm again:apke bina main b to adhuri hu.or Geetakshi Maan ko chhodkar kabi kahi nahi ja skti.apke bina to in saanso ka mtlab hi nahi hai.

Maan snuggled hr more. Both lost in each other embrace,bt disturbed by caough sound frm Aditya.

ADITYA:ahem ahem…agar dono ka premalaap ho gaya ho to sone ka kasht karenge.raat bahut ho chuki hai or mere vichar se tum dono ko hi aaram ki sakht aavshyakta hai. Aaiye or aakr so jaiye maine aap dono k sone ki vyvastha kar di hai.subah uthkar apna kryekram dubara shuru kar skte ho,koi pabandi nahi hai.

Both shied cutley nd loosend deir hug. Both laid on d bed made by Adi for both and slept camly…

PART -19
NEXT day wen sun rises all 3 wake up. Geet went for fresh n up on near by waterfall. Geet splash cold water on her face again and again. water droplets falling from her face. Maan gazing her continously without a blink. wen she done she come upto Maan. he felt mesmerised in the very moment. Geet come near him amd he was so lost in her. she looks very fresh and eatible. Maan wants to remove his eyes bcoz it bcom uncontrolable for him. he snaked his arm around her buttery soft sleek waist and pulled her on him. his sudden action shocked her and she trembled badly out of shynessand his velvety caress at her back. words caught in her throat. her chest turned heavy andbreath get halted. Maan bend on her face and start sucking each and evry waterdroplet of her deligate face. every time his lips touched her face she shivers and Maan sences her reactions to him. finaly he reached to the dropshanging to her rose petals lips. Geetakshi closed her eyes Maan suck oneand feel her soft petal lips undrneath his rough one. Geetakshi’s hand moved under his dark hairs. Maan suck all drops. her sylendrical fingers playing in his hairs,which turn hin insane. he wants to feel her more,so he peck on her full pink lips. she moaned with his advancement and bcoz of their her lips parted and Maan got a chance to plunder her mouth fully. He nibbled her lips and suck both one by one. when both get out of their breath both get parted reluctantly. he gazed her crimson red cheeks and adore her swallowed lips,he left after a hungry kiss. it was a just a simple love confession,both showed towards each other. Aditya came to them with some fruits for breakfast. all eat peacefully.
ADITYA:yuvraj ab kya socha hai?aage kya karna hai?
MAAN felt little annoyed with this que,thinking about the consequences.
Maan:ha bas ab hum log niklenge or seedha meri rhadhani Arya Nagar. kyunki Geetakhi ko uske baba k paas b to bhejna hai.
this words of MAAN sinks both’s heart. she cant even imagine of seprating from him in her worst dreams. both’s heart are one now. they beat rythemicaly for each other only. she saw him with pain filled eyes adn Maan turned his gaze coz he know he cant see that. she sat her with him on horse. he ride madly and entered under the bounderies of Arya Nagar. all armed person of her/his father trying to attack on him,but her fater saw his daughter all right and stops all. they jumped off from their horses. his father come forward and slaps him countlessly until Geetakshi com betwn them and stoped him. All get huge shock with her strange and unexpected behaviour.
DARUN:Geetakshiii(he shouts on her) ye kya kar rahi hai.use bacha rahi hai jo tujhe balpurvak utha kar apne sath na jane kaha le gaya tha.
his eyes filled with extreame anger ans Geetakshi”s with tears.
GEETAKSHI:nai baba inki koi galti nahi hai main khud apni marzi se inke sath gayi thi.
she lied for him and dis turn him more angry.
KING:Geetakshi putri tujhe darne ki bilkul b avashyakta nahi hai. ab tu surakshit hai.isliye bina bhaye(fear) k apni baat keh.aaj agar ise mujhe pran dand(death sentence) bhi dena pade to wo b main ise dene se pichhe nahi hatunga.
his words scared her more.  how can she tolrate all this. he is her life.
GEETAKSHI:nahi maharaj yuvraj ne mere sath kuchh galat nahi kiya. unhone to mere prano ki raksha ki hai.unhe dant mat deejiye.
she cried more for him and Darun doesnt like all dis melodrama.
DARUN:main nahi janta is ladke ne kya jadu kar diya hai meri bachhi par.lekin ab main yaha ek or shan nahi ruk skta. main isi shan apne saniko or apni putri ko lekar yaha se ja raha hu.
she saw Maan in a great hope.
MAAN:ruk jaiye sardar aap Geetakshi ko nahi le ja skte. main usse prem karta hu or usse vivah karna chahta hu.
he hold her arm tightly but Darun dragged her forcefully with her without paying any attention to both plead.
DIGVIJAY:yuvraj ye humari aagya hai Geetkshi ka hath chhod dijiye.
MAAN:pitaji ek baar meri baat sunn to leejiye. main or Geetakshi ek dusre se bahut pyar karte hai.aap is tarah se koi b nirnaye nahi le sakte.
DIGVIJAY:aap humari aagya(order)manege ya nahi?agar apke dil me humare liye thodi si bhi izzat baki hai to aap sis shan Geetakshi ka hath chhodenge.anyatha hum samjhenge ki ab aap hume apna pita bhi nahi mante.
Maan dont want to disobey his fathe,and on the other hands Darun dragged his sobbing daughter badly. Maan’s grip loosen and he dragged his daughter out of his range. Maan only saw her with his tear ful eyes. he felt very weak in his life for the first time. his heart wrenched badly. Digvijay send him to his room. Aditya took him to his room…
PART – 20Geetakshi crying noisly but Darun pretend like a deaf. At 1 momnt he is able 2 hear hr silent cry but 2 day he annoyed totally. She trying to convience him bt her evry plea only gave rraise 2 hs endless angr. If his wish is fulfilled,he will Kill Maan by hmslf,nd aftr seeing hr madly fall 4 hm he gt recnted mor. As he reached in d boundries of hs tribal place he draggd hr 2 hr rum nd lockd hr inside. Geetakshi patted door conti.nd pleading 4 hr father’s mercy,bt it seems it only affects in reverse on hm. He appoint many security guards around hr room nd instructs dem dat no1 open d lock widout hs permission… Maaan ws also nt seprate from dis sit. Hs father do d same wid hm. He was also locked in hs room. Digvijay snatch all powers of hm as bing Prince of d state. Now he is only a prisoner of Digvijaye 2 whom he imprisioned in hs own room. Maan nvr felt so helpless. He kno Geetakshi cant survive widout hm,nd wat conditions,she going through. Tear drop fall on hs cheek.only she can made hm cry.coz Maan is a worrior,nd tears dont suits 2 hs image.Aditya try 2 cnsole hm.ADITYA:Maan jb pehle tume maine jungle me dekha tha tb tm mujhe baot bure lage the. Kungi jinn vasna(lustful) bhari nazro se tm Geetakshi ko dekh rae the mujhe bahut gussa aaya tha(Maan shoked knowing dis truth)ha main tum 2 pe usi dinn se nazar rakh rha tha.Mahaguru ka adesh tha.kyunki unhe pata tha jaise tum pehle the tm Geetakshi k sath kuchh b kr skte the.or agr aisa ho jata to tum dono usi shan nasht ho jate.MAAN:to isliye tm mujhse itni nfrat kte the the,tm sb pata tha humare waha aane se pehle(he nodded yes).lekin Mahaguru ne ye sb kyu kiya.mera matlb hai unhe kyu farak padta hai hm2 se. Geetakshi sirf meri bhuk thi,ek khoobsurat jism jise main hasil krna chahta tha.pyar kya hota hai ye samjhne me bahut smaye lag gaya isliye use kho baitha.ADITYA:Maan tum 2 ko koi alag nai kr skta.tm 2 ka janam hi 1 hone k liye hua hai.abi sirf itna jaan lo Geetakshi tumhara hi hissa hai,or ye baat Mahaguru jante the isliye wo nai chahte the ki tum uske sath koi b galat harkat karo.isliye aise himmat mat haro.

MAAN:lekin main pehle hi pitaji ko bahut kasht de chuka hu ab or nahi de skta.aise me main Geetakshi tk kaise ja skta hu.

ADITYA:main kisliye hu.bhul gaye Mahaguru ne tm2 ka dhyan rakhne ki zimmedari mujhe saupi hai.wo jante the ye sb hoga,isliye tume chinta krni ki koi avashyakta nahi hai,yuvraj apka ye das yu gaya or yu aaya.

Maan hugged hm.He realy need sm1 2 suport hm. Aditya loosn d hug nd tyrned in2 an Eagel nd flew in sky. He reaschd 2 Geetakshi’s room window nd cm inside. She ws still crying nd hr only frnd Pratyusha tryig 2 feed her,bt she denied. Aditya transfrm in human again nd Pratyusha scared seeing dis nd hr shokd eyes alarmed Aditya. So he quicklu put hs palm on hr mouth b4 she shouts nd invite all here.

ADITYA:chp bilkul chup.

Geetakshi smiled weakly seeing hm nd rush 2 hm.

GEETAKSHI:aditya bhaiya aap yaha kaise aaye?or Maan kaise hai?wo kyu nai aaye?

ADITYA:geetakhi main sb samjhta hu pehle tum isse bolo ki ye vada kare ki jb main apna hath hataunga ye chiilayegi nai.

Geetaskhi joint hr hand nd pleds. Pratyusha accepted. Aditya leave hr. She tuk a relif breath.

PRATYUSHA shouts on hm:suno tum jo koi b ho agli bar aisa kia na to main tumhari wo halat karungi ki tume tumhari nani yaad aa jayegi.

She glared hm.

ADITYA:samjh gaya.algi baar aisa nai hoga.ab main kaam ki baat karu?(she sw hm suspeciously)Geetakshi Maan ka haal b tumse juda nai hai isliye usne mujhe bheja hai.wo janta hai is waqt tm pe kya beet rai hogi.lekin wo b majbur hai.Maharaj ne use nazarband jo kr dia hai.

GEETAKSHI:Aditya bhaiya apke paas to kitni shktiya hai.kuch b keejiye lekin mujhe mere Maan se milna hai.apko nai pata baba meri shadi ki baat kr rae hai wo b jitni jaldi ho ske.

She strt crying again.

ADITYA:kya?aisa kaise kr skte hai wo?bina soche vichare itna bada faisla.nai tume Maan se koi alag nai kr skta.suno mere pas 1 yojna hai main aaj Maan ko lekar kali pahari wale mandir me aaunga raat me bas kisi b tarah tm waha aa jana.firr koi na kou upaye nakalenge is samsya ka.ab main chalta hu tm daro mat.teek hai.

He caress hs palm on hr head.

PRATYUSHA:Geetakshi ko lane ki zimedari meri wo pahunch jayegi.

ADITYA:thek hai fir main chalta hu.

He transfomed again nmd flew frm dere.

GEETAKSHI in whimpring sound:lekin hm jayenge kaise baba ne to bahar surksha ka kada prabandh kia hai.

PRATYUSHA:wo sb tu mujhpe chood de.ab rona band kr or jaldi se kuchh kha le wrna yuvraj bolenge meri Rajkumari ko kuch khane ko nai diya.

She smiled weakly nd Pratyusha feed hr…

PART – 21 ADITYA tell evrthng 2 hm. MAAN:main nai jaunga. Aditya shokd hearing hs words. ADITYA:ye kya keh rae ho Maan.tume abi bataya na maine Geetakshi ka ro ro k bura haal hai or tum keh rae ho ki nai jaoge puchh skta hu kyu? MAAN:kyunki ye galat hai. ADITYA:tm dono 1 dusre se pyar krte ho to kyu nai jana chahte uske paas.ya firr tumhara wo sara pyar sirf ek natak tha. Aditya put blame on him in anger,coz he denying. MAAN:Adityaaa.tm jante ho main Geetakshi se apni jaan se b zada pyar krta hu. ADITYA:to firr kyu mana kr rae ho? MAAN:kyunki ye sahi nahi hai.uske or apne dono k pita ko dukh pahunchakar use hasil krna nahi chahta.pehle main uske baba ki ankho ki ankho me khud k liye samman paida krunga tabi Geetakshi ka hath manguga. ADITYA:tumhara dimag sahi jagah pe hai ki nahi? Jo tum karne ki soch rahe usme varsho lag jayenge,or Geetakshi k baba uske vivah ki yojna bna rae hai.bhagwan k liye apna ye natikta ka gyan dena bandh karo or chalo mere sath. MAAN:main pehle hi itni galtiyan kr chuka hu.badi mushkil se to apni galtio ka ehsas hua hai or abb tum chahte ho main 1 or galat kaam karu? ADITYA:theek hai jo jee me aaye wo karo lekin meri 1 baat achhe se samajh lo,agar aaj tum nai gaye na to firr Geetakshi ko kabi dekh nai paoge.wo apni jaan de degi. Aditya left hm 2 analyise nd act according 2 sit. Maan scared wid hs words. He cant evn tolrate single drop of tear in her almond eyes then how he bear dat bad 4 hr. Time passd quickly nd yet he dosnt decided nythng. Aditya gt tensed 4 both,coz if anythng happnd wrong 2 hr,Maan also finished… Nite darken nd Praytusha managed 2 gt hr out of d sight of hr father nd security guards. Both reachd 2 temple as decided by Aditya. Both were scared coz no 1 is here. Geet gt impatient nd scared both nt 4 hrslf bt 4 Maan’s sake. Pratyusha senced hr restlessnes so she trying 2 calm down hr,bt all in vein. Half an hour passd nd their tension rosed nd many bad thots caught their mind. PRATYUSHA:Geetakshi mujhe lagta hai Yuvraj ab nai aayenge hume lautna chahiye. GEETAKSHI:nai Pratyusha wo aayenge or main unse mile bina kahi nahi jaungi tujhe jana hai to shok se ja par Maan ko dekhe bina main kahi nai jaungi. PRATYUSHA:pagal mat ban agar wo puri raat nai aaye to? GEETAKSHI:Pratyusha tu 1 rat ki bat kr rai hai main yaha pura jeevan unka intezar kr skti hu.tu ja laut ja. PRATYUSHA:bas itna hi samjhi hai na mujhe.aaj tk kabi tujhe akela chhoda hai jo aaj choodungi.agar tujhe Yuvraj pe itna bharosa hai to mujhe tere bharose pe bharosa hai sath aaye the sath hi jayenge. Meanwhile both hear a tapping of horeses. Both gt alerted. An image cm 2 lite and both saw Aditya. Seeing him Geetakshi’s eyes searched Maan nd found hm alsone she felt disappointed. Her heart sinks badly. ADITYA smirked:kya baat hai Geetakshi itni udas kyu ho? GEETAKSHI whimpring:bhaiya aapne to kaha tha ki aap… ADITYA:ki main Maan ko launga pr wo baat ye hai ki. . Geetakshi felt hurted nd step bak up at temples stairs 2 complaint 2 god. She ran in Temple premises nd hit wid 1 hard frame. She luked up nd found 2 dark eyes filled wid intense love,only 4 hr.’Maan’,single word cm out frm her mouth nd she hugged him in anticipation. He hugged hm 2. GEETAKSHI:apko maza aata hai na mujhe tang karne me,chahe meri jaan kyu na chali jaye hai na. Maan loosen d hug nd cupped hr face. MAAN:Geetakshi firr aisi baat kabi nahi kehne.dekho meri taraf(she luked in hs eyes)tum ho to main hu warna in sanso ka koi matlab nahi hai.maut ko tume chhune se pehle meri izzazat leni padegi. GEETAKSHI:lekin Maan baba meri shadi kisi or k sath tai kr chuke hai.or tm meri 1 bat kaan khol kr sunn lo,main tumhare siva kisi or ki kabi nai banungi,isse pehle ki koi or mujhe chhue main apni jaan de dungi. MAAN placed hs fingr on hr rose petal lips,feeling hr soft supple pink lips bneath hs finger:Geetakshi pehle to tum mujhe ye batao tume jaan dene k alwa or koi baat sujh nai rahi kya? Har thodi der me jaan de dungi… Maan teasd hr 2 change hr mind. She gt angry and pouts. She trnd hr face 2 another side. Maan hugged hm frm back side nd Geetakshi nudge hs abdomin. MAAN:aaaooouuccchh.itna gussa.are main to isliye bol raha hu tum kbse meri jaan k pichhe hath dho k padi to mujhse raha na gaya.(she turnd nd sw hm in amusemnt)or nai to kya.tum me hi to meri jaan basti hai,ab aisi apni jaan dene ki baat karogi to mujhe to bura lagega na? Slight cm on hr baby pink lips nd she hit hs rock hard chest wid hr small fist lovengily nd buried hr face in hm. He embraced hr in hm. Both lost in ech othr nd feel ech othr warmth. GEETAKSHI:Maan main apse agr kuch mangu to ap doge. MAAN:Ye jaan b tumari chaho to maang k dekh lo. GEETAKSHI:Maan mujhe abi or isi waqt apse vivah krna hai.(Maan shoked wid her strange demand,cant able 2 said nythng.) Maan apne vachan diya hai boliye aap karenge na abi mujhse vivah?… Maan was in turmoil dont know what to say to her…
PART – 22MAAN ws in dilemma. Dis ws d hs wish also 2 made hr hs own. But not d way she demands frm hm. He wants 2 marry hr bt wid grand celebration and wid d blessings of deir parents.MAAN:Geetakshi ye tum kya keh rai ho hum aise kaise bina kisi ko bataye vivah kr skte hai?GEETAKSHI:baba meri shadi 1 mah me karne ka pran le chuke hai,wo apni jaan de skte hai lekin apna pran pura avashye karnge.unhone saf kaha hai wo apko kabi maaf nai krenge. Wo nfrat krte hai apse.MAAN:unka gussa jayaz b to hai.jo maine tumhare sath kiya duniya ka koi b baap use kabi maaf nai karega.

GEETAKSHI:aap sirf ye bataiye aapne jo abi mujhe vachan diya use pura karenge ya nahi.

She asked in whipring voice.


GEETAKSHI:theek ab apko kuch or kehne ki koi zrurat nai hai.bas itna vachan de dijiye ki meri arthi ko kandha dene to aap zarur aa jayenge na.

Hr harsh wrods nd hr angred nd pained filled eyes broked hm completly.He filled hr in a bone crush hug. Nd tear drop pour frm hs eyes. Dis ws hr effect on hm. Only she hd a power 2 made hm cry like dis.

MAAN:Geetakshi aaj keh dia hai 2 ye bat apne muh se kabi mat nikalna.tm jo kahogi wo main karung lekin bhagwan k liye dobara aisa kabi mat kehna,main bardasht nai kr paunga.

He kissed on hr 4head nd hugged hr again. Aftr few mins both loosn nd went inside d temple nd infront of GOD both accept each other as deir life partner. He filled hr maang wid sindoor nd tied hs gold chain as mangalsutr in hr deligate neck. She bend on hs feet but he held hr arms nd stopped in btwn nd embraced hr. Pratyusha nd Adi cm dere nd felt happy 4 both.

At Darun’s place:
Darun ws busy in hs meetng wd hs armed force,wen 1 of hs security incharge cm nd informed hm about d arrival of KARANVEER, King of Pratapgarh,rival state of Arya Nagar. Darun enuireq y dey here,2 whch hs guard told hm dat he cm here 4 hunting purpouse. Darun take a deep thot nd fixed hs meeting wid King, he gave hm honour nd invite hm 2 hs place,living area of Sankara Tribal. King Karanveer ws kind hearted so he accept hs invitation nd went 2 meet hm mid nite. Darun gv hm a warm welcm. King impressd wid hs grattitude affection. Darun serevd hm nd hs men. Both talking casually. Darun actually wants 2 talk hm 4 sm security against Digvijay coz,he knows dat Karanveer and Digvijay dont like each othr. He told hs prob 2 hm nd Karanveer assured hm dat he will provide full protection against Maan nd hs force. Aftr deir convo Karanveer decided 2 leave,bt he found dat hs ansetrnal chain is missing. Darun searched dat by hmslf nd he succesded in finding dat chain. Wen he sw hs eyes stuck on dat chain.

DARUN:Maharaj ye mala???

KARANVEER:shukar ye apko milll gayi.ye sirf 1 mala nahi hai humare raj parivar ki nishani hai.

DARUN:maharaj aap aagya de to main apse kuchh puchhna chahta hu(he allowed hm) kya ye chin keval apke parvar k log hi pehnte hai?

KARANVEER:ha kevel humre parivar me janam lene wala pratyek(ech1) balak ise dharan krta hai.kintu ap ye sb kyu puch rae hai sardar?

DARUN:ap 1 shan rukiye.(he went inside nd cm wid 1 golden chain same as Karanveer wear in hs neck)kya ap ise pehchante hai?

Karanveer’s eyes widnd seeing dat chain.many memories were swimmed in hs mind whch he buried years ago.

KARANVEER:ye mala?ye apke paas kaha se aai?ise to humne apni navjat rajkumari k gale me akhri baar dekha tha.ye apke paas kaha se aai?boliye sardar ye aap k paaas kya kr rai hai?kyunki varsho pehle jab wo vishal baaz humari bachhi ko uthakar le gaya tha tab ye uske gale me thi.bataiye ye apke paas kaha se aai.

He sw hm suspeciousliy. Darun’s heart trn heavy telling hm d ruth bt he know it necessary 2 told hm.

DARUN:maharaj ye mere pas isliye hai kyunki us baaz ne apki kanya(girl) ko fek diya th upar se jal me.us samy ain surye bhagwan ko arg de raha tha or apki wo masoom kanya mere inhi hatho me aakar giri thi.

Karanveer’s eyes filled wid gr8 hop. A hope whch he lost cmpletely years ago. He made hr face hm.

KARANVEER:saradar apko apki putri ki sugandh kripa kar batiye meri putri kaha hai?kya wo jeevit hai.main use dekhna chahta hu.kaha hai wo kripa kar mujhe meri bachhi se milwa deejiye.varsho maine or uski maa ne uski yaad me bitaye hai.kaha hai wo,main sada apka aabhar manuga or jo aap kahenge wo main karunga bas 1 baar mujhe meri putri se milwa deejiye.

DARUN:nai maharaj ye aap kaisi bate kar rahe hai maharaj wo apki putri hai pura adhikar hai apka us par.

KARANVEER:to firr vilamb na keejiye mujhe usse milwa deejiye.

Darun tuk him along wid hm andd made a move from dere…

PART – 23KARANVEER’S heart is bouncing wid rejoice as he is going2c hs daughtr nytime. Both wnt in Geetakshi’s room bt she is nt dere. Darun summond all d security guards,bt dey dnt hav ny clue about hr coz as per deir in4mation she ws inside in hr room. Darun’s fist tightend in anger nd hs eyes turn furious red.KARANVEER:kya bat hai sardar ap itna adhik krodh me kyu hai?DARUN:maharaj mujhe shama kare main apki amant ko sambhal k nai rakh saka.Tense lines occured on Karanveer’s large temple nd hs heart is thumping badly in fear of somthng bad.

KARANVEER:dekhiye aise paheliya mat bhujaiye jo b khna chahte hai saaf2 kahiye.

DARUN wid joind hands:maharaj Geetakshi hi apki putri hai.18 varsh purv wo hi mujhe mili thi.kintu us samy meri koi sntan nai thi or mujhe ye b pata nai tha ki ye apki putri hai.main swarthi ho gaya tha.

KARANVEER:sardar meri bachhi kaha hai is waqt.

DARUN:maine to use isi kamre me chhoda tha,lekin lgta hai wo dusht fir use uthakar le gaya hai.

KARANVEER:kon utha k le gaya hai meri bachhi ko?

Karanveer’s anger towerd at 7th cloud.

DARUN:Maan,Aryanagar ka yuvraj.

Both’s nose fluffered in angr nd fists tighten 2beat hm.

KARANVEER:sardar wo abi jungle me hi honge.chalo sb mere sath.

Both went out in jungle wid deir army forces in search of both. Maaneet r so much lost in ech othr,dat dey 4got d requirmnt of d sit.1 of Darun’s army man sw dm nd he brot all dere. Darun nd Karveer entrd in Temple nd sw both in each other’s embrace. Darun wnt nd snatch Geetakshi frm hs embrace.b4 Maan take ny action Karanveer put hs sword on hs neck.

KARANVEER:sochna b mat yuvraj wrna ye talwar tumhari griva(neck)k par krne me mujhe shan bhar b nai lagega.

Maan remvd hs sword jerkly wid hs bare hands:dhamki kisi or ko dejiyega.

DARAUN cm nd slappd hm:beshrm tu sudhar hi nai skta chahe kuch b ho jaye.lekin meri 1 bat kaan khol k sunn Geetakshi ko pane ka tera spna humesha sapna hi reh jayega.

Geetakshi wriggled 2 free frm hs grip,bt she cnt. Maan angr boild seeing Geetakshi’s condi.bt he stpd hmslf taking ny action against coz he is hr father. Darun handovr Geetakshi’s hand in Karanveer’s hand.

DARUN:ye leejiye maharaj apki amanat apki putri.

All 4(Geetakshi,Maan,Aditya and Pratyusha) stunned hearing dis. She luk at Darun wid shoked filled eyes.

GEETAKSHI:baba ye ap kya keh rae hai.

DARUN:wai jo sach hai.maine sirf tumhe pala hai.janam tumhe inhone diya hai.yahi tumhare asli pita hai.

GEETAKSHI:Chodiye mera hath(she ordrd bossily nd Karanveer leave hr hand.she ran 2 Darun nd huggd hm)baba mujhe pata hai aap mujhe naraz hai.lekin baba aisa mat kahiye ki main apki beti nai hu.bolo na baba k aap jhooth bol rae ho.

She pleads nd cried alot,nd falls on floor. Darun made hr stand again.

DARUN:beta main sach keh raha hu.Maharj Karanveer hi tere pita hai(she shook hr head nd denied it)beti maan ja yahi satya hai. Maharj ise le jaiye.

Karanveer dragged hr forcily wid hm.Maan nd Aditya tried 2 intrupt bt Darun cvrd dem nd Maan dont want2 hurt hm. She cried bt no1 hear hr plead. Soon hr picture vanished frm all’s sight. KARANVEER tul hr 2 Pratapgarh. Hs in4mer already in4md 2 Maharani nd whole state dat Maharaj is comng back wid rajkumari. Her mother’s eyes desperatly waiting 2 c hr only daughter aftr such a long time. Devanshi ordr nd decorate d whole palace with diyas and flowers. Their servants also cvrd d whole path wid flowers. Soon both father and daughter entred in d premises of Palace of Paratapgarh. Whole crowed is waiting 2 c deir lost princess. All gave dem a warm wlcm nd shower flowers of blessings on her. Dis was all new 4 hr. She ws so confused nd emotionaly weak cnt able 2 undrstand whats going on wid hr at sudden. She entrd in palace where Devanshi,hr mother wlcm hr wid a thal of aarti. Geetakshi sho no courage nd excitemnt. She ws disturbed nd restless. Hr all hopes shed wid hr tears. Devanshi hugged hr as she found hr lost treasure nd kissed hr on hr face evrywhere. But she dosnt resond 2 it nd stand like a dead body. Devanshi felt bad. She wants 2 talk wid hr,bt Karanveer stops hr.

KARANVEER:maharani ji shant ho jaiye.apki putri thak k aai hai pehle use aram to karne deejiye.fir bate kr leejiyega.or ye mat bhuliye ki apke pati b lau k aaye hai.

DEVANSHI:itne varsho k baad to ye lauti hai abi to 1 maa ki aankho ko sukun b nai mila hai.

KARANVEER:hm samjhte hai lekin aap b samjhiye.(he signld nd a female servnt tuk hr along wid hr) Maharni jitna aap dekh rai hai baat usse b zada bigdi hui hai.1 to wo hume apna mata pita maane ko hi tayiyar nai hai,dusre tume ye jaan kar or b dhukh hoga ki hme sabse bade dushman k bete se prem karti hai.isliye use hm sb sirf uske dushmann nazar aa rahe hai bas.

DEVANSHI tensioly:ye aap kya kh rae hai wo Maan se prem kaise kr skti hai jaha tk hmne uske bare me suna hai wo to nihayati ghatia insan hai.

KARANVEER:isi bat ka khed hai pta nai kya jadu kr diya hai usne humari beti pr ki ise uske alwa or kisi ki bat smjh hi nai ati

PART – 24

All 3 i Maan’s room

ADITYA:ab chain mil gaya tujhe? Pta nai kya haal ho rha hoga uska wha.bas 1 bat btaiye yuvraj ji kya soch k aap waha butt banke khade the? Kya mahaguru ne ye talwar apko dikhava krne k liye di hai.is miyan me se kon nikalega?

MAAN:tume kya lgta hai Geetakshi ko khud se durr bhej k main boht khush hu.Geetakhsi ki hr dhadkn,har saans,hr takleef ka pata mujhe usse pehle chal jata hai.meri aan basti hai usme.

ADITYA:to firr use le jane kyu dia?

MAAN:to kya krta main? Maharaj Karanveer Geetakshi k pita hai unpe vaar kaise krta?

ADITYA:bhane mat bnao.

He left hm in anger nd Pratyusha follwed hm.

MAAN:main bhane nai bna rha hu. Geetakshi tum to smjhti ho na maine ye kyu kia ya tum b mujhe in 2 ki tarah galat maan rai ho?

Maan closd hs eyes in pain nd sw hr face.

At d same time in Pratapgarh’s Palace..
Geetakshi ws standing in window. She ws luking at moon. Tear drop sheds conti. frm hr deep oceand eyes.

GEETAKSHI:Yuvraj koi or apko smjhe na samjhe lekin mujhe pta hai apne ye kyu kia hai. Lekin Maan aap jante hai na aapki Geetakshi apse durr nai reh skti.isliye jaldi aaiye or mujhe apne sath leke jaiye.

Devanshi wants 2 spnd som time wid hr. She sent food 4 hr but she denied 2 take nythng so she ordr all maids 2leave. Devanshi gt closr 2 hr. She trnd hr 2 face hr. Geetakshi’s eyes still wet nd she glared hr also. Devanshi caressd hr cheek nd kissed on hr 4head. Geetakshi stand numb.she dosnt respon nd talk wid hr. Devanshi know dis ws a difficult task 2 made hr belive on dem. Its not easy 4 hr 2 accept dem as hr parents at suddn.

DEVANSHI:Geetakshi aap khana kyu nai kha rai hai?

GEETAKSHI:mujhe bhuk nai hai.

DEVANSHI:achha zada nai thoda sa kha leejiye.

GEETAKSHI:maine kaha na mujhe nai khana hai.or aap mere sath koi zabardasti nai kr skti.

DEVANSHI:hum aap pe koi dbav nai dall rae hai srf ye aagreh(request)kr rae hai ki aap kuch kha leejiye.

GEETAKSHI:apko 1 bar me humari baat samjh nai aati.bhagwan k liye hume akela chhod deejiye.nai rehna mujhe yaha ap logo k sath or kuchh nai khana samjhi aap. Akela chhod deejiye hume,nai manti main apko apni maa.

Geetakshi ws nt in hr,dats y in fit of anger she talkd vry rudly wid hr mothr,widout realising dat hr words pierced hr own mothers heart badly. She trnd 2 othr side. Devanshi felt shettrd wid hr behaviour,bt as she is hr mother nd understnds d strom of emotions is running inside hr,so she left hr room. Geetakshi falls on hr bed nd hugged hr pillow. She cried alot as she missed hm badly. Maan ws nt so much in differ condi.morovr Aditya get angry wid dem. 3 days passd. Geetakshi stay loked in hr room widout eating nythng. She stick 2 hr decision nd annoyed evry1 here. Hr condi.trn worst. Now she lost all hopes of hs comng nd decided 2 end hr life. She ws abot 2 eat posion bt stoppd by image of Mahaguru. She shoked seeing hm here.

MAHAGURU:geetakshi ye ap kya krne ki soch rai thi?

GEETAKSHI:Mahaguru mujhe ab or jeene ki ichha samapt ho chuki hai Baba or Maan 2 ne mujhe chhod dia.

MAHAGURU:ye kaise bate kr rai hai aap. Koi nai bhula hai apko.or 1 rehsaye aaj hum apko btane aaye hai. Aap Maan ka hissa hai.yadi apko koi ghav ya chot lagi to uski peeda(pain)Maan ko b hoga.yadi apke prano pe sankat aaya to samjh leejiye k Maan b jeevit nai rahenge.(hearing dis she immediately drooped d bottle of poison) Geetakshi apka or Maan ka janam 1 khas uddeshye ki purti k liye hua hai.aap 2 ko bahot bada kaam krna hai.isliye hosla rakhiye.


MAHAGURU:apke Baba b apse baot prem krte hai,lekin usi trah ye b stye hai ki Maharaj or Maharani apke asli mata pita hai. Maharani Devanshi ne apko janam dia hai. Geetakshi apka aisa veyvhar apki maa ko kasht de raha hai.apko pta hai 3 dinn se unhone b ann jal tyaga hua hai. Geetakshi aap or Maan pavitr atma k 2 hisse hai aisa achran apko shobha nai deta. Apko puri duniya me shanti or vyvstha kayam krni hai.ab aap hi sochiye ki aapko kya krna hai.

Mahaguru’s image vanished,bt hs words echod in hr ears. She stabled hrslf nd think quitly. She is regreating on hr behaviour,so she summnd hr maids.

GEETAKSHI:ranima kaha hai?

Maid:ji wo apne kaksh(room)me hai.

She gv s instructions 2 hr nd straight went 2 hr mother’s room. Devanshi half laid on hr bed. Geetakshi went near hr nd toched hr feet. Hr touch awkd hr n she sat bak.seeing hr in hr room she felt so glad.

DEVANSHI:are ap yaha? Kuch chahiye tha to hume bula liya hota.hum aa jate apke paas.

GEETAKSHI:jo main mangungi wo ap doge mujhe?

DEVANSHI:yadi humare bas me hua to hm avashye denge.

GEETAKSHI:mujhe jo chahiye wo aap de skti hai isliye vachan deejiye aap humari maang ko pura karengi.(Devanshi doesnt want to denied hr so she agrd. Meanwhile hr maid brot food 4 dem)apne vachan diya tha,isliye ab main chahti hu ki aap bhojan kare.

She trying 2 feed hr bt Devanshi stoppd hr in btwn.

DEVANSHI:humne vchan dia tha ki hm apna vacha pura karenge yadi humare bas me hua to…

DEVANSHI:aap jo humse maang rai hai wo humare bas me nai hai.GEETAKSHI:mujhe pata hai aap mere karan khana nahi kha rai hai.lekin ranima aap agar nai khayengi to apki tabiyat khrab ho jayegi.DEVANSHI:jb santan bhuki ho to kisi maa ko bhuk kaise lag skti hai putri.aap bhale hi hume apni maa na mane kintu satye to yahi ki humne apko janam dia hai.apki hr takleef se hme takleef hoti hai.GEETAKSHI:or agar main kahu ki main apke sath bhojan krne k liye taiyar hu to?Her words gv hr a big relief. She talking hr very gently dn agreed 2 eat wid hr. Devanshi’s eyes glitterd wid happiness she felt at d momnt.

DEVANSHI:aap stye keh rai hai aap bhojan karengi?

GEETAKSHI:ji ranima.

DEVANSHI HUGGED HR DAUGHTER:ranima nai keval maa kahiye hume.varsho se hum ye 1 shabd sunne ko taras rae hai.


DEVANSHI felt extrmly happy. She ws on cloud nine as Geetakshi accept hr as hr mother. Karanveer saw all dis frm outside nd tuk a relief breath. Devanshi kissed hr nd feed hr frm hr hands. Both broke deir long running fast. Atlast Geetakshi melts by her mother’s affection. She start living like a princess of Pratapgarh,but deeply inside she ws missing Maan. She only smiles 4 hr parents’s sake. Meanwhile Takshak gained more black magical powers.hs long running mediation cm 2 an end. He wake up nd hs men told hm evrythng. He is boiling coz his men was failed 2 end the pure soul…

PART – 25TAKSHAK,regin of Sunargarh complete hs Tapasya(meditation). Hs evil lord not only blessd hm wid many powers,bt also warned him abot Pure Soul. He warned against hs destiny 2 b killed by Pure Soul. Takshak bcm angry aftr he know about Pure soul.TAKSHAK:hm tapasya kr rae the magr tm sb nahi.Kapali tmne us pavitr atma ka khtama kyu nahi kiya ab tak?Hs eyes spit fire on hs all men.Kapali bowed hs head in frnt of hm:shma kijiye maharaj kintu maine to apki talwar se uspe war b kiya tha,mujhe laga wo nasht ho gai hogi.

Takshak:Kapali…(he roared)hwa k mahal bnana band karo tume ye gyat hona chaiye tha bina pushti kiye tum itna asawdhan kaise ho gaye.? Tumne us atma ka khtma karne k bajaye use 2 bhago me vibhajit(divide) kr dia tha. Ab agar un dono bhago ka punah milan ho gaya to wo hume nasht karne ki shakti prapt kar lenge.kaise b kar k hume unhe milne se rokna hai or isk liye ye bahut avshyak hai ki hum un dono shareero ko nasht kr de.

Kapali:yadi aap krodh tyag de to mere pas apke liye 1 sujhav hai jo apko avshye pasand aayega.

Takshak:kaisa sujhav?

Kapali:maharaj un do bhago me se 1 bhag ne Geetakshi k roop me janam liya hai.

He smiled mischeviously.


Kapali:to ye maharaj maine suna hai Geetakshi se sundar kanya is pure rajye me to kya pure sansar me dusri nahi hai.

Takshak:wo meri jaan ki dushmann hai or tum uski khoobsurati ki bakhaan kr rae ho?

Kapali:meri baat suniye to maharaj.yadi aap usse vivah kr le to 1 pant 2 kaaj ho jayenge. Pavitr atma ka milan nahi hoga to apko hani nahi pahuncha payegi or dusre apko duniya ki sabse khoobsurat ladki mil jayegi.

His eyes sparkled wid lust.

Takshak:kya aisa ho skta hai?

Kapali:bilkul ho skta hai maharaj. Karnveer Maan ko pasnad nai karta,isi baat ka fyda hume uthana hai. Isse pehle ki pavitr atma ka dusra hissa yani ki Yuvraj Maan or Rajkumari Geetakshi ka milan ho aap usse vivah kr leejiye.

Takshak:to hm aaj raat hi Geetakshi ko utha kr lr aayenge.

Kapali:sham kare maharj kintu aap shyad bhul rae hai ki Karanveer ko vardan prapt hai uski seema me aap balpurvak nai ja skte.

Takshak:to firr kya kare ab hum?

Kapali told hs plan 2 hm which he accpet happily and laugh in a loud voice. All night travller animals gave bad sounds wid him. Owl, wolf, bats, dogs all blew sounds in hs favpours and whole jungle shivered wid bad voices and sinister signs.

Next day a marriage proposal in send by a young and bold Princess Someshwar 4 Geetakshi. Karanveer enquired abot hm. Someshwar’s relaible minister told evrythng abot hm whch is absoloutely false,coz Someshwar is none other then Takshak. He convrt hmslf in a young lad 2 gt married wid Geetakshi. Karanveer wlcmed hm and do all arrangements of hs comfortable stay. When she got 2 know about dis marraige proposal she shout loud at hr mom.

Geetakshi:maa aap pitaji se keh dijiye hume majbur na kare koi kadam uthane k liye.aisa kaise kr skte hai wo jabki wo achhi tarah jante hai humara vivah ho chuka hai.

Devanshi:Geetakshi hosh me to ho.janti b ho kya bole ja rai ho. Tmne Maan k sath jo b kia use kisi b samj me vivah ka darja nai milega. Na koi skashi na koi riwaz aise kaise koi vivah sampann hota hai bhala?

Geetakshi:maa humare maan ne 1 dusre ko apna maan liya hai.or sakshi swayam bhwan hai. Unhi ki murti k samksh Maan ne mujhe apni patni sweekar kia hai.isse zada hume kisi or ki sweekrati ki avshayakta nai hai.

Devanshi:dekh Geetakshi pagal mat bann.tu b janti hai tera ye pagalpan maharaj kabi sweekar nai karenge,isliye achha yahi hai ki tu apni ye jidd chood de.

Geetakshi:to theek hai main b dekhti hu aap mera vivah balpurvak kaise krwate hai.beti to main aap dono ki hu.pitaji ki jidd mere khoon me b daud rai hai.

Devanshi:Geetakshi tujhe humari sugandh hai jo tune khud ko nuksan pahuchaya to.

Geetakshi:chinta mat keejiye maa apki putri itni kamzor nai hai.or waise b hum to marr b nai skte kyunki ab in sannso pe keval Yuvarj ka adhikar hai unki aagya k bina to hm pran tayag b nai skte.

Geetakshi patted hr foot in anger and closed hrslf in hr own room. Devanshi scared seeing d madness in hr eyes 4 Maan. Prityusha ws worried 4 hr,so she insisit Aditya 2 go nd chek hr condi. Aditya ws spying on hr secreatly and 2dy wen he knows abot hr marraige he 2 scared badly wat if she gt married wid som 1 othr rather den Maan. He immediatly retrn 2 Maan nand told hm evrythng…

PART – 27THE crash sound grab evry1’s attention outside nd made Karveer suspecious.Karanveer:ye awaz kaise?baba andr kya ho raha hai?He said in such a bossy voice,dat junior saint trembld nd thinking wat shall he tell dem now. Inside d room Elder Saint movs mor closr 2 hr as deir is sm inches gap is lft only btwn 2 of dem. Geetakshi quickly movd frm hs proxcimity nd search smthng 2 hit hs head. Luckily she found 1 mor Vass nd threw dis also on hm. He turn nd saved again,bt Karanveer is nt pleaed wid dese noisy sound whch made hm suspecious.Karanveer:baba ap chup kyu hai?btate kyu nai andr ho kya raha hai? Ye kis tarah ka ilaz chal raha hai andr?

He roared,made Aditya threat nd shuddred like a dry leaf.

Aditya:maharajis trah k ilaz me aisi awaze aati hai.

He tryng 2 avoid hs gaze,as he dnt hv ans 2 hs que.

Karanveer:kintu baba andr ho kya raha hai hume btaiye to.

Aditya:(ab main kaise btau ki andr ho kya raha hai. Maan tume Geetakshi se milne andr bheja tha ye jung ka maidan kyu bana diya dono ne)maharaj kripya aap thodi shanti bnaye rakhe.nishchint rae rajkumari theek hoke hi bahar aayengi (or Maan ka bhagwan hi malik hai)

Maan in disguise of old saint still running behind hs wife nd finaly suceded in capturing hr. Maan locked hr in hs hard frame and about 2 tuk hr lips whch tempt hm frm a long time. B4 he relish it,Geetakshi cme in lioness mode nd tapped hs foot strongly wid hr shoes,nd leave hm moaning in pain. Maan hold hs foot,bt Geetakshi is nt yet ovr. She clenchd hs white hairs in hr smal fists nd dragged it 2 made hm scream in pain. Geet’s eyes widnd wid shock wen his beard nd hairs wig cm in hr hands. Maan sat on bed rubbed hs injured foot. Geetakshi eyes turnd furious red in angr. She rush 2 hm nd hit hm wid pillow conti.

Maan:Geetakshi kya kr rai ho..pati to parmeshwr hota hai or tm mujhe peeet rai ho.

Geetakshi:pati? Konsa pati kiska pati? Main to 1 bhuddhe chalbaz ko peet rai hu. Sharm nai aati na mujhe state hue,1 main hu jo apki judai me mari ja rai hu or 1 aap ho jo mujhse milne ana to durr,ulte aake aise tang krne lage hue ho.

Maan snatch pillow frm hr hands 2 sv hmslf frm hs angrd wife who wont stop nyhow. Geet’s breath gettng harder nd she sat besides hr wid hr leg folded nd fuming badly. Maan touchd hr sholder bt she jerkly remvd dem.

Maan:gussa ho?baat nai karogi?achha galti ho gai.(she luks steadily nd dont ans hs ny que)theek hai to firr main jata hu jab meri patni ko meri zarurat hi nai hai.

She still dnt reacts so Maan mvd 2wrds window. He ws just ready 2 jump outside wen pair of soft arms held hm 4m hs bak. Maan groaned wid hr proxcimity,wen hr soft curves rubbed hs bak temptengly. He chulkd nd tryng 2 stay calm,bt it turn mor difficult wen she rested hr warm cheek on hs bak nd her soft palm stroaking hs chest in a seducing manner. He felt as his whole body is on flame md burnd hm fuly. He held hr wrist nd bring hr in a swift momnt 2 face hm. Both’s eyes lockd 4 sm sec.widout hesitation,Maan leand 4wrd nd cvrd Geet’s mouth wid hs,dipping hs hands in2 hr skin 2 curl hs fingers ovr hr bare shouldr as he deepnd d kiss. Hr skin ws warm nd fragnant grew both strongr nd more delicate as he sloly playing wid d strings of hr blouse. He traced d delicate line of hr collarbone 2 d divot at d base of hr throat,den hs fingers stole around 2 hr nape. He wishd dey could stay embraced dis wys 4evr. He would nvr grow tired of touching hr. She responds hm d hunger matchd wid hm. She rubbed hs bare chest nd he allowed hs rough palm to endavoured hr curves in full manner.

Outside d room all getting irritation,as accordig 2 dem Saint taking so much time.

Karanveer:baba ab to bahut samay ho gaya hai.or kitna samy lagega upchar me?

Aditya whispered in hs breath:ab pati patni itne dino ki tadap k baad milenge to samye to lagega na alag hone me. Maan bas kr yaar baad k liye b kuchh bacha le ya sb abhi hi karega…

Karanveer:kya? Kya kaha baba apne?

Aditya:nahi kuch nai. Kuch b to nai.hum b yahi soch rae the ki baba ko itna smye kyu lag raha hai.rukiye hum puchhte hai.(he knok on door)baba kya hua or kitna smye lagega. Bahar sab apna sabr kho rae hai.

Hearing hs voice both broke deir kiss nd parted frm ech othr. Both panting heavily nd try 2 grab air 2 gt breath normal bak. Maan tryng 2 mov nd she hugged hm insanly,nd he resipocrate d hug.

Geetakshi:main apko ab kai nahi jane dungi.

Inside Geetakshi is not in mood 2 leave him at any cost as she get him back wid a long endless wait and outside Aditya pleads nd called him out,coz Karanveer gt mor suspecious wid evry passing seconds…

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PART – 28ALL turnd desperate 2 know what happned inside exactly. Maharaj Karanveer almost loosing his patience. Aditya getting numb and inside Geet was in no mood of pausing her romantic moments. Somehow Maan managed 2 made her understood.’Geetakshi abi mujhe jane do anyatha sabko sandeh ho jayega’,he req 2 her.’nai main apko jane nai dungi.apko pata b hai yaha kya ho raha hai? Yuvraj pitaji mera vivah balpurvak us rajkumar Someshwar se karana chahte hai.nai hum apko nai jane denge’,she hugged him more tightly.

Maan cupped her face and made her luk at him.’Geetakshi dekho meri taraf(she luk at hm wid her teary eyes.Maan felt pain seeeing her dizzy eyes coz of tears.)Geetakshi tum meri takat ho meri himmat ho,agr tum aise tut jaogi to main kaise ladunga itni badi ladai?’

Geetakshi stunned hearing his words.’ladai?kis ladai ki baat kar rahe hai aap?’,she ws in confusion.

‘Geetakshi mahaguru ne kal hume humare janam ka sara satye bataya tha.humara janam ‘ uddeshye ki purti hetu hua hai.hume milke 1 hoke Takshak ka vinash krna hai.’,he explained her.

‘Takshak kintu Yuvraj ye kon hai or hume iska vinash kyu krna hai?’,she bcm more curious 2 know d truth.

‘Geetakshi wo sunargarh ka raja hai,1 rakshas hai.uske paas kai kali shaktia hai. Usne is prithavi pe atank machaya hua hai,usi k vinash hetu Mahaguru ne mahayagye kia tha or usse 1 pavitr atma ka janam hua kintu isse pehle ki wo atma koi aakar le pati,Takshak k senapati Kapali ne Takshak ki us kali shaktio ki prateek us kali talwar se us aatma k do hisse kar diye.or unhi do hisso me se 1tum ho or dusra main.Geetakshi humara milan to atal hai.isliye tume darne ki koi zarurat nahi hai.’,he told her evrythng,but Geetakshi ws not satisfied wid his explainantion. She ws hell scared of loosing him.

‘mujhe kuch nai pata main apko kahi nai jane dungi’,she ws stick 2 her decision.

‘Geetakshi ain kahi tumse durr nahi ja raha hu.or main vachan deta hu aaj raat ko main tumse milne avashye aaunga’,atlast he made promise of coming bak.

‘aap sach keh rae ho na?(he nodded yes)ap apka vachan bhulenge to nai…’,b4 she cmpletes Maan slammed his lips on hr petal 1 2 made her mouth shut. She parted her lips,allwd him 2 deepen d kiss. Both’s tounge played wid each othr. He relish ech nd evry corner of hr mouth nd suck hr sweet honey juice. Both partd 2 catch deir breaths. He luked at her wid hs hesterical eyes nd made her blushed. Her cheek turned crimson red. Maan hold her chin nd raised up little.

‘kitna bolti ho tum?par koi baat nai ab mujhe pata hai tume chup kaise krwana hai.(he rubbed his thumb tenderly on her lower lip.Hs touched made her shiver badly)Geet ab to main chahta tum aise hi bolti raho or main aise hi tume chup krwata rahu.’, he said huskily and evry fibre of her body shurrded wid pleausre. She shied more nd hide her face in hs rock hard chest.

‘ab hum or pratiksha nai kr skte dwarpal darwaja tod do.’,Karanveer lost hs all patience and ordered his attendent 2 broke d door of Geetakshi’s room. They followed his intructions and was about 2 put force on door,bt it was open with a jerk. All were amused seeing elder saint.

‘maharaj ye aap kya kr rae hai?’,he que bossily.

‘gurudev aap aa gaye…hehehehe’,Aditya feeling so relaxed as he come out b4 deir truth unfolds in front of all.

‘kyu rishivar ap to jante hi the,kintu maharaj kya kar rahe the?’Maan stare Karnveer and made him felt guilty.

‘shama keejiye guruji wo main…aap to samjh sakte hai meri bachhi itne varsho k baad mili hai uski surakha ko lekar thoda vyakul ho gaya tha.kintu main apse is vyvhar’ k liye shama mangta hu.aap krodhit na hoiye.’Maan chuckled secreatly. Karanveer joind his hands and apolozise. He was about 2 bend on his feet 2 repent on his deed,bt Maan stop him in btwen. ‘ye aap kya kar rae hai. Hume apse koi shikayat nahi hai.or ab apko chinta karne ki b avshyakta nai hai. Rajkumari bilkul theek hai.aap chahe to mill skte hai.’

a wide smile creept on evry face.

‘aap stye keh rae hai.meri putri ko hosh aa gaya?kya main dekh skta hu use?’,his heart ws jumping in happiness as his daughter regain her concious bak and alrite now.

‘maharaj wo apki putri hai,apko usse milne k liye kisi ki aagya ki avshyakta nai hai.ab hume aagya deejiye.’he asked 4 permission bt Karanveer denied.

‘nai guruji apne jo kiya hai uske badle jo b karu wo kam hai,kam se kam kuchh samye to seva ka mauka deejiye’,he req.

‘kintu?’,Maan pretending as he dont want 2 stay here.

‘guruji mana mat keejiye apki badi kripa hogi. Sevak guruji k aram ki vyvasth karo abhi’,he compell him and do all arrangement of both’s stay in Palace.

PART – 29 GEETAKSHI is much bette then before. Her parents saw her giggling for the first time since she entered in the Palace. They never saw her as happy as she is today. Both were overwhelemd and wants to show their gratitude towards the saint,so they make sure both saint and his student feel comfortable here.ADITYA TO SERVANTS:ab kripya aap log prasthan(get out)kare. Guruji k dhyan ka samay ho gaya hai.Servants nodded and leave them alone. As they left Aditya locked the door immediately and glared Maan furiously.

MAAN:kya kya hua? Aise kyu ghur raha hai mujhe?

Aditya reached to him and punched hardly in his abdomen. Maan’s eyes popped out with shock and pain.

MAAN:are hua kya hai?

ADITYA:hua kya hai? Mann kar raha hai teri jaan lelu. Tujhe sirf Geetakshi se milne bheja tha.kya kar rha tha tu andr?bahar maharaj meri jaan kha rahe the or ander tu premalaap krne me vayast tha.

He glared him more.

MAAN:to main kya krta?Geetakshi mujhe ane hi nahi de rai thi.(he punched him 1 more time)dekh ab marna band kar wrna main b marunga.

ADITYA:tu muhe dara raha hai?


ADITYA:chal maar.

Maan punched him back and both start fighting with each other. Hearing strange noisy sound coming from their room servants knock and enquired whether evrythng alrite or not.

ADITYA:ha ha sab theek hai aap jaiye.

MAAN:ab bas kar abi main thak gaya hu.

Both panting heavily.

ADITYA:main bhi.

Both falls on bed and gave rest 2 their bodies. Aditya turns 2 him,b4 he said Maan strt talking.

MAAN:bas kr or kitna ladega?

ADITYA:main lad nai raha sirf puchh rha hu aage kya krna hai?

MAAN:filhaal to apki behan ka hukum pura krna hai.


MAAN:ha usne raat ko milne bulaya hai.

ADITYA:abhi?pagal ho gaya hai bahar itne sainik khade hai kisi ne tujhe rajkumari k kaksh ki or jate dekh liya to museebat aa jayegi.

MAAN:parwah nahi.vachan diya hai to pura to krna hi padega.

ADITYA:karo jo jee me aaye wo karo. Main hu hi yaha sab jhelne k liye. Tum dono premalap karo or main maharaj k swalo k jwab dunga.

Maan smirked and get ready 2 meet her. Aditya falls on his back. Maan jumped off from the window and stand on d shed outside. He climbing frm 1 shed to another 1,hiding himself from the eyes of guards who are roaming from here and there and securing the Palace from enemies. Geetakshi was in his wait. She also roaming impatiently here and there,when a strong pair of arms grabbed her from back side. Before she made any noise her mouth is shut by a rough palm. She whimpering and not able to move from his grip. She tapped her foot on his foot and nudge on his abdomen. His grip loosen and she come out of his grip. She turned angrily to him,and slapped Maan who is alredy moaning in pain.

GEETAKSHI:or karo mazak.maine nahi kaha tha aise achanak hamla karne ko.

MAAN:ufff tum dono aaj mere pet k pechhe kyu pade ho pehle us Aditya ne mujhe mara or abhi tumne.

GEETAKSHI:tum ho hi isi layak.kisne kaha tha aise achanak se mujhe pakadne ko. Seedhi tarah tumhara koi kaam hota nahi hai.

MAAN:kya karu?tumhe dekhte hi shrarye jo sujhti hai.dil pe kabu nahi rehta or galtiya hone lagti hai.

Maan wrapped his arms around her waist and glued her back 2 his chest and buried his face in cork of her deligate neck. He nuzzled her neckline made her tremble with pleasure. Maan brushed his lips first,then taste the soft flesh of her neck,digging his sharp teeth hungrily. A moaned escaped from her mouth. Maan licked his bite mark and sooth her pain. He leave a wet trail of wet kisses on her neck and her nape,sending her a ripple of pleasure. Geetakshi cllosed her eyes and turned in his embrace. She hugged him anticipatedly and push him more to her. Maan’s hand stroking her back in a seducing way.

There clossness were senced by Takshak aka Someshwar. His meditation broked and all lamps of his room turned off in 1 go.

KAPALI:ye kya hua maharaj?

TAKSHAK:ye sanket to nishit hi humari barbadi ka ishara hai. Iska ek hi arth hai Maan yaha hai Geetakshi k paas. Nahi hum aisa kabhi nahi hone denge yadi un dono ka milan ho gaya to humari mrityu nishchit hai. Kaise bhi karke hume unhe ek hone se rokna hoga. Chalo humare sath.

He moved 2 Karanveer’s room and awaked him.

KARANVEER:kya hua maharaj?itni raat hume jagaya kya baat hai?

TAKSHAK:hume sochna mili hai ko Maan yaha aa chuka hai.

KARANVEER:apko glat sochna mili hai kyunki wo yaha aake apni maut ko dawat kabi nahi dega.

TAKSHAK:or yadi main ye baat sabit kar du to?


TAKSHAK:humne suna rajkumari ka swasth ab pehle se behtar hai,unka upchar jis guruji ne kiya hai hume unse milna hai or wo abhi.

KARANVEER:kintu raat k is samye hum unhe tang nahi kr skte.

TAKSHAK:ap kevl chaliye baki jo b hoga main sambhal lunga.

KARANVEER:theek hai aap tassali kar leejiye.

All moved towards the room where both saints were sleeping…

PART – 30KARANVEER reluctantly moved with Takshak aka Someshwar as they all persumed him,towrds d room,where Saint rested. He hesitate alot as this ws nt the correct time 2 disturb such a heveanly soul. But he was provoked by Takshak constantly so he knok and disturb Aditya. Aditya alrmed with the knock sound on the door at this time. He was in dilemma what 2 do now. Outside Karanveer’s guard conti.tapping d door. Aditya ans dem from inside without openinflg d door.Karanveer:guruji darwaja kholiye hume abi bade guru se milna hai.

Aditya:maharaj shama kare kintu wo to so chuke hai ab aap subah aaiyega.

Karanveer:nahi guruji humara unse abhi milna aati aavshyak hai.

Aditya:abi to sambhav nahi hai kyunki main unki neendra(sleep mode)me khalal nahi daal skta.

Karanveer:theek aap kivat(door)kholiye,hum swayam unhe jaga lenge.

Now Aditya gone completely.he knows now he cant able to stop hi anymore. He turned silent and start thinking how he informed Maan. However he can recall him through telepathy,but it can b possible only wen he is alone. In case if Pure Soul’s both part r together den no 1 can made contact wid them,coz in that time period,both parts r connected with each other or in a process of connecting with each other.

Aditya thot:unke milan ka jo dinn Mahaguru ne bataya tha wo aa chuka hai,is samaye main unke milan ki kriya ko badith(disturb) karne ka paap nai kar skta.lekin unhe is khatre se aagah krna b avshyak hai.

He was so lost in the stroam of his thots wen Karanveer’s pawn broke d door forcefully. All came inside and saw Aditya without old saint’s costume. All r in shok.

Takshak:dekhiye maharaj dekhiye ye usi Maan ka sathi hai humne to apse pehle hi kaha tha.ab to apko vishwas ho gaya na?mujhe pura vishwas hai ki Maan is samye rajkumari k kaksh me hai.

Karaveer fumed furiously at his defeat. He is also angry on himslf that he was fooled by Maan so easily.

Karanveer:bandi bana lo ise or Maan ko b.

Adity alerts instantly. He knows dre is no benefit of arguing wid him right now. As his Pawn moved 2 get him,Aditya transformed in a bird and flew away from d window. It happen so fast that all cant understands at 1.

Takshak:maharaj hume Maan ko bandi bna lena chahiye.

Karanveer nodded in yes and all moved towrds Geetakshi’s room. All entred inside forcily and found the room empty. No1 is there at all. Meanwhile Karanveer hear the tapping of horces. He peeing ouside from the window and found Maan is on his horse with Geetakshi,and on another1 Aditya. Both ran there horses in full speed. Karanveer provoked by dis incident. He orderd his all pawn 2 arrest both at ny cost. All nodded and ran behind dem. Takshak himslf followed both. He doesnt want both get consummate at any cost. All ran on their horses. Both Maan nd Aditya entrd in a deep dark jungle.

Aditya:Maan paschim dish me 1 gufa hai tum2 wahi pe jake chhup jao tab tak main tumhara roop dharan kar k inhe dokhe me rakhta hu.

Maan:nai Aditya main tume aisa kabi nahi krne dunga.yaad hai na guruji ne kya kaha tha.unhone kaha tha ki galti se b kabhi kisi or manushye(human being) ka roop mat dhran karna warna tum apni sari shaktiya kho baithoge wo b humesha k liye.

Aditya:Maan behas mat karo.ye samye tark-vitark karne ka nahi.tum 2 ki suraksha meri zimmedari hai,iske liye shaktiya kya main apni jaan b de skta hu.ab or behas nahi tum abi ise leke niklo.

Maan:nai jayenge or sath me jayenge.

Aditya:Maan Mahaguru ne yaha bhejne se pehle kuchh or bhi smaran krwaya tha.aaj ke ye shan gaye to bahut bhari keemat chukani padegi wo b puri manav jati ko.


Aditya:lekin vekin kuchh nahi.or meri chinta mat karo.main tumhe vachan deta hu mujhe kuchh nahi hoga. Tum Geetakshi k sath us gufa me aasra lo,me prathkaleen tumhe aake milta hu.bharosa rakho aise khel maine bahut khele hai.ye mamuli se sipahi mera kuchh nahi bigad payenge.ab samye nasht mat karo or jao,dekho wo kisi b shan yaha pahunch skte hai.

Maan understood the demand of the situation and moved his horse towrds west direction. Aditya transformed himslf again and create the illusion of Geetakshi also so that all pawn consider him Maan and followed him only. Aditya ran his horse towards east direction and all pawn and Takshak himslf follwed Aditya. Aditya is very fast and cleaver. He also hide in a safe place. All r searching him blindly. On the other hands Maan safly hide with Geetakshi in a large den which is actually very beautiful from inside. Maan coverd its face with a large stone so no wild animal or any human came inside. It was very comfortable. There is one waterfall ozzing inside at 1 corner which is also a source of oxygen. Both felt safe and relaxed…

Part – 31WARNING – 18 +
PLS SKIP THIS IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE BUT PLS DONT LEAVE ANY HARSH COMMENT HERE.Maan hide with her in a cave. She felt very good as it was some kind of adventours trip for her. Inside nautr’s beauty attracts her more coz being grown up in open atmosphere of Jungle she loved it from her childhood. The greenry of plants and chilling sound of water fall form stones stroked her sences. It was very soothing 4 her aftr such a long time. Maan found suitable place where they can sleep. He sttled hey stack so she can laid on hard surface. Geetakshi bend down and dipped her legs in water she splashed water on her face. Maan came 2 her and mesmerised with her cute antics. He steps towrds her and sat beside her. She stole a glance and her eyes sparked mischeviously. She start splashing water on his face,due which is trance broked. ‘geetakshi kya kar rahi ho?’,he enquired.

Geet:apka muh na ganda tha to use hi dho rahi hu.

Maan glared her:mera muh ganda hai?

She nodded yes and splash more water on her face. He fumed more.seeing his recented mood she giggled more and stand up 4 running. Maan follwed her, she ran very face blindly due to which her foot twisted and she fells down.she screamed and Maan heart squeezed wid fear. He hold her firmly. She is soobing wid immence pain. He carefully hold her foot and gave a sharp jerk. A loud shriek come out of her mouth but soon her all pain gone away. Maan still feeling afraid 4 her.
Maan:ye sab meri wjah se hua hai.humesha main tumhe takleef pahunchata hu .

Hisbroken voice reflect his pain whch she cant bear. She rested her head on hs strong sholder and stroked her soft palm on his broad chest.

Geet:aap aise mat kahiye.balki apne to mjhe theek kia hai.sach me ab bilkul b dard nai ho raha hai.

She trying 2 composed him,but insted of dis her innocent touch made his wild. Her fingers brushed his tips and made him gave a throty groan. Maan hold her hand and kissed it. Den he lick her soft fingers with his warm tongue. This proxcimity made her valunerable and shy. She trying 2 made an escape frm dere,but Maan pulled her back. He scooped her and maid her laid on a hay stack bed he made for her. Geet shiverd wid strange fear. Maan luk in her eyes as he wants her approval b4 he proceed. Geet’s fear reflects on her face. Maan knows it was her frst time so he doesnt want 2 do hurry. He pushed him back as she doesnt gave approval. But Geet held his hand and made him stop near her. Dis signal ws ok 4 him he start slowly. He leaned over her face and strt sucking all d water droplets one by one,while his hand stroking her bare ar. He pulled down her duppatta and threw it away. Aftr sucking he kissed her lips gently and brushed conti,made her comfortable with him. She also responds him back. Maan hands stroked her flat belly and reached 2 d strings of her lower skirt. Maan nibbled her lower lip and made her moaned. Her lips parted and he thurst his tongue 2 relish her juice. His tongue toyed with hers. She hold his nape and pulled him more 2 her,so he deepen the kiss. While kissing he loosen her long skirt and pushed it away with his foot. She was in her inners only. Maan broked d kiss 2 grab some oxygen. Her chest is turn heavy and breath is halted. Maan removed his all barriers and burned her in d same fire of desire in whch he is burning. Seeing his naked form she shied furiously and her cheek turn crimson red. She closed her eyes and turned 2 another side. Maan caressed her silky back and kissed all over. He remove d last barrier btwn dem and threw it away. While caressing her back his hands reaced 2 d edge of her bossom. He feel a strong urge 2 feel her more,so he turned her 2 him again. Her taut peaks begging 4 his attention. Reading the silent lang. of her body he pace his actions. Maan lick her nipple and send her a ripples of pleasure. This was the new feeling like she is headed twrds a blind treasure,she had been waited for a long ago. Maan licked the pink hallow around b4 he fest her globe. He suck it until make it sour. Geet clenched his muscular arm tightly and moaned his name like a prayer. Her nails leaving a scratch marks on his arm. He made hand lock and quench his thurst. Aftr sucking 1 he switch 2 anothr one and pinching her nipples btwn his thumb and forefinger due to whcih she moaned louder but wid pleasure. She fist his hairs and pulled him more. Maan leaving her bossoms and moved down kising over her whole naked body. Maan parted her legs and caressed her inner thigh. Slowly 2 his finger reached to her forbidden area and made her eyes popped out. ‘Maan’… She utterd. Maan luk in her eyes. ‘shh kuchh nai hoga,tum mujhe mehsoos krna chahti ho na? Maan enquired and she nooded in a simple way. Maan kissed on her swaety forehead. He adjust himslf betwn her legs and grinned his m****** to tease her.

maan teased her and she glared him. ‘Maan’,she said agrily and he chuckled. She opened her mouth,but before she said anythng more Maan bend over her and took her alredy swallowed lips,due to his aggressive smooch,one more time. Maan fists her bossom and squeezed dem one by one,without leavng her mouth. He broke the kiss as he relish it. He enterd in her core and gave a sharp blow. She moaned much louder den before,in both pain and pleasure. She bleeds also. Maan knows its painful for her. He shudderd seeing oozing blood from her famine part. Tears falls from her eyes. Maan pulled her up and hugged her. He stroking her back gently and sucked her all tears. Maan’s eyes also shred some drop. The very strong knight who nver think for once before killing his enemy,today droopng his evr first tears,after he grown up. Geet saw his red eyes and forgot about her pain completely. She cupped his face and gulp his tears. ‘meri wajhse firrse…’, before he again start blaming himself for her pain,she sealed his lips with hers. Both kissed passionately one more time. She broked and whisperd in his ear while biting his ear lobes.’Maan aaj humare bech ko nai aa skta.aaj hume ek hona hai.mujhse mera haq mat chheniye.’,she bite the soft flesh of his ear lobes and fell on her back again. Maan thurst sharply inside her and rubbed in a pace. She moaning and wants more. Maan thursting in her until both exahust. he removed gently when both reachd to climax. Maan falls besided her and instantly pulled her on him. She was exahusted completely. Her deligate body bear so much today. Her face look pale and tired. Maan kissed on her face and asked how is she now. But insted of answering him she wrapped her arm around his waist and snuggled him more tightly. She confessed her love towards him. Maan also confessed.Maan:neend aa rahi hai?She only nodded as her eyelids getting heavier coz of effect of sleep. Maan cocooned her and both reached in their dreamland. Today they bcm one in all sences. When they sleep a light beam is occured from their bodies and coverd both from all side…

PART – 32BOTH bcom 1 tonight and slept in each other’s embrace,a white light beam occured from their bodies and spread all over. All lightened lights of Takshak’s palace turned off. Nature indicates him that he defeated against the battle of their love. Winds blowing madly. Light sparkled in sky and thundering sounds announced the news of his desaster. Takshak’s pawn cant able to move in such a bad weather. Heavy rain is falling which darken the darkness of jungle more black and scary. Aditya is got his signal of deir unison so he came back to his original form and jumped off from his horse and hide in large bushes.PAWNS:sarkar kuchh dikhai ne de raha is aandhi tufan me.

TAKSHAK(fuming fursiously,raised his sword and killed his own man in fit of his anger):nikammo ek kaam b theek se nahi kar skte. Mujhe wo dono chahiye wo b kisis b keemat par. Dhoondho unhe.

His remaining pawns scared and spread in whole jungle,however there is no use of searching,coz in heavy rain and stroam its almost immpossible,but for sake of their lives they ran far from his sight. Mahaguru and his all followers saw that light beam and bowed their head in manner of giving respect.

PRASHANT:badhai ho mahagur,pavitr atma ka mila purn hua.ab Takshak ka vinash nischit hai.

All face have widend smile of hope and joy. Mahaguru gave his thanx to god and blesse Aditya who gave his evrythng for pure soul.

MAHAGURU:apne stya kaha Prashant kintu abhi to sirf milan hua hai. Abhi unhe sampurn hona hai.


MAHAGURU:samye aane pe sare prashno k uttar mill jate hai.kintu itna jaan leejiye Takshak koi mamuli danav nahi jise marna chutkio me sambhav ho. Abhi to bahut pryas karna hai pavitr aatma ko.kintu ha ye shan prasnnta ka to hai,kyunki pavitr aatma apne sampurn hone ki or agrsar ho chuki hai.

Aditya also bowed and sleep calmly coz its too late for Takshak. Mahaguru send invisible shield for his safty sake. Takshak ran his horse insanly in their search. His blood is boiling coz he senced what had happened. His fist tighten on his sword and wants to kill both,was his only wish. Whole night spend but they unable to find them. Atlst all returns to Sunargarh. Takshak immedietly ran to his meditation room to awoke his devil god. He wants to plan his future acts and sol.of this prob.also.

TAKSHAK:jagiye kal dev jagiye.apka bhgat mushkil me hai meri sahayta keejiye. Pavitr atma ka milan ho chuka hai.

A voice echoed in whole room:tumhe chinta krne ki koi zarurat nai hai Takshak.abi sirf milan hua hai unhe sampurn hone me samye hai.

TAKSHAK:kya matlab?

Voice:matlab ye ki milan unka pehla kadam hai sampurnta ki or. Sampurn hone se pehle wo tumhara bal b banka nahi kar skte. Isse pehle ki wo sampurn ho unhe maar dalo. Or unke rajyo ko aapas me lada do. Sabhi rajyo me hahakar macha do or apne zulm ki taqak se prithvi ko tehas nehas kar do.

TAKSHAK:kaldev apki jai ho jo apne mera marg darshan kiya.ab mujhe pata hai mujhe kya karna hai.

He laugh loudly and evily..
Sun dawn,birds singing in happiness. Sky is cleared and al animals come out in their hebitate. MAAN half laid on his left side,gazing her sleeping holding his waist possesively. Her whole body have a marks of his possession. Maan stroking his long fingers in mane of her hairs. Feeling his touch she smile in half sleep state,to which Maan leaned on her face and gave a peck on her swallowed lips. Geet open her dizzy eyes which is still red. Both’s eyes met and they love to stare each other only. Suddnly she feeled shivered and realized that both were still naked. The very thought made her flushed and she hide her face and snuggled herslf more to him. Maan chuckled at her cute antics and kissed on her hairs. Maan raised himself and sat to stood up. Geet felt more shied in lack of his warmth. She clenched his wrist. Before she woke fully Maan scooped her in his arms. Geet encircled his nape and rested her another palm on his chest.

GEET:Maan ye aap kaha le ja rae hai maine to..

her eyes lowered and voice struck in her throat. She cant complete herslef due to the shurddred she feels in his proxcimity. The naked contact of their bodies filled her mind with wild thots and made difficult to resist. her every body part start reacting on his touch. Maan read the silent lang. of her body. Her every ounce wants him as desperately as he wants her,but he knew she was not ready for next passionate round as her famine part is still aching and red with his passion. Maan kissed her and entred in water pool with her. He made her stand on her feet. Pool’s water is warm enough to sooth her pain. She feels relax and fresh. He cupped water and drop slowly2 on her face and shoulder.

MAAN:abi b dard ho raha hai.hai na?

his voice is heavy with conccern and care. Geet know what he is feeling now so she nodded no and hugged him in anticipation. He too cocooned her lovingly and both felt calm…

HeartPART – 33HeartGEET’s soft palm roamed on Maan’s back seductively. Her every gesture told him that she wants him,more than anything,so too Maan. His erection teasing between her thighs and a groaned sound escaped from her throat. Geet kissed on his chest and he hissed in his mouth. Maan pulled her more if it is possible and her curves rubbed,sending him ripples of shudder through his spine. Geet leave a trail of wet kisses on his neck and Maan going insane. His every effort of controling himself,seemed waste in her proxcimity,sply when she proved his desires. Maan tilted her head back and leaned on her deligate neck. He bite and she moaned in pain.he lick her immeditaely brushed his lips towards her clevages. He suck her soft skin and bite harshly,to which she fists his hairs. Maan lifted his head up and took her swallowed lips. He nibbles her lips one by one but tenderly. He licked them and she clenced his shoulder. She wants him to deepen the kiss but Maan do opposite. He parted with her and come out of water. He dressed up and also drapped her. His fingers teased her skin and she hugged him. Maan chuckled seeing his affects and covered her fully in her saree. He lifts her up and took her out. Maan sat and stretched his legs. she was laying on him,resting her head on his chest. Both’s heartbeat is fastened then normal. Both were silent and lost in thoughts. Maan broke the silence.

Maan:kya soch rai ho Geetakshi?

she was lost deeply in her thoughts. Maan rubbed his palm on her arm and shake her to bring back her sences.

Geetakshi:yuvraj wo pitaji…

Her voice is broken and tears of pain poured down from her eyes,rolling on her cheeks and ended on his chest. Maan lifted her chin up and glance in her red teary eyes.

Maan:tume yahi chinta hai na ki hum dono k hi mata pita ne humare vivah ko sweekar nai kia hai?(she nodded yes.Maan wiped her tears and cupped her face lovingly)chinta mat karo,mujhe pura vishwas hai wo hume or humare ko jarur apna lenge.

Geetakshi whimpered:or agar nahi apnaya to? Yuvraj main apke bina nai jee skti.or jab tak bado ki sweekrati nai milti humara vivah sampurn nai hoga.is rishte ka koi matlab nai hai jab tak wo log hume nahi apnate.(she snuggled him more)yuvraj mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai.

Maan try to make her mind change:Geetakshi tum bewajh darr rai ho aisa kuchh nai hoga.or firr tum kyu bhul rai ho hume to bhgwan ne ek hone k liye hi banaya hai.ghbrao mat hume koi alag nai kar skta.

Geetakshi:leikin yuvraj..

She is not convience at all. Her heart scared from strange fear of sepration. She arguing with him but he put his finger on her baby pink lips and shut her mouth.

Maan:bas maine kaha na kuch nai hoga.jab tak hum sath hai,darna to us Takshak ko hai,jiska anth ab nishchit hai. Bahut atyachar kar liye usne par ab or nahi.

Maan cocooned her and she trying to make her belive on his words. Meanwhile Takshak execute his plan. He send his men in all 4 directions who start killing innocent people,coz every dyieng person’s soul is absorbed by Takshak which make him more powerful. He also create mess between Aryanagar and Pratapgarh. He filled Karanveer’s ears,due to which he attacks on Aaryanagar with his full armed force. When Darn go to know about Geetakshi’s being kidnapped by Maan he also filled with rage. He wants to teach him lesson so he also joined Karaveer with his men. Digvijay also alerts. He orderd his armed forces to cover bounderies of Aryanagar. Karanveer moved with a full force towards Aryanagar. In only 2 days both forces are came across each other. Maaneet were still hiding in cave unaware from this truth. Aditya searching them when he got to know about this war. Coz if it happened,not only innocent people is diying but also the power of pure soul is harmed indirectly.

Aditya:mujhe kaise bhi karke Maan or Geetakshi ko dhoodna hi hoga kyunki agar ye yudh hua to manvta ka hanna hoga or pavitr aatma ki shakti ka bhi. Takshak un dono ka milan rokne me asfal raha hai isliye usne ye chal chali hai.

Prityusha:to ab hum kya karenge?

Aditya:kaise bhi karke unhe samye rehte yaha Aryanagar ki seema par lana hoga isse pehle ki bahut der ho jaye.

Prityusha:wo dono ye jante b nahi hai ki yaha kya ho raha hai.

Aditya:Prityusha tum chinta mat karo,hum un dono ko avashye hi dhoond lenege. Tum chalo mere sath.

Both were feared and concernd for Maaneet. Both ran in a jungle were both were staying carelessly,lost in each other.

MAAN:nai Geetakshi tum ye sab karne ki zarurat nahi hai.

GEETAKSHI:nahi yuvraj hume ye karna hi hoga. Main sari manavjati ko bewjh saza bhugatna k liye nahi chhod skti.

MAAN’s voice is broken and refleted his pain. His eyes were wet at the corner:ruk jao Geetakshi.ye in logo ki chal hai. Yahi chahte hai ye..

PART – 34Maaneet was unaware about the distruction Takshak made to world,sply to their countries people. Aditya and Prityusha run and search them in whole jungle. When he cant found them coz now both are connected so it is difficut for an normal human being to search them without their accord. Aditya knew it so he sat,folded his legs in posture of meditation and consentrate his mind power. He is searching the direction in which energy level is at its peak,and he sucedded it. In west direction of the jungle energy source is very high that normal being even cant able to enter that side. Aditya ran with Prityusha. After reaching there he hold her hand coz without him,she cant able to enter in the den where they hide.

Aditya:Prityusha kuch b ho jaye mera hath mat chhodna,wrna is jagah ki urja tumhare shreer ko nuksaan b pahuncha skti hai.

She nodded and tighten her grip. Aditya enterd inside and scan the whole place. Maaneet was sitting in a corner peacefully in each other’s embrace,lost in each other’s eyes. Aditya grinned seeing love birds. He cursed himself 4 intrupting their momnt,but his responsibilities forced him to do so,he reached to them and coughed lightly. His cough sound broke their trance and both looked in the direction of sound coming. Both stands up and Maan went to him and both Maan and Aditya hugged each other. Geetakshi too hugged Prityusha. Now Adi leave her hand as now there is no danger to her life.

Maan:tum theek ho?

Aditya:ha or yaha ka urja ka star dekh k lagta to hai kaam ho gaya hai.

Hearing him Geetakshi flushed furiously and Maan stare him angerily.

Maan:pitna hai? Chal ab ye bta bahar kya halat hai?

Aditya mad long face:Yuvraj khabar achhi nahi hai.

Maan:kyu?kya baat hai?

All 4 get tensend.

Aditya:yuvraj Takshak ne aap dono k pita ki purani dusmani ka fayda utha k dono rajyo me jung chhed di hai.or maharaj Karanveer apni puri sena k sath Aryanagar k rajye ki sema tak aa pahunche hai. Unke sath Geetakshi k baba b apne kabile k sabi aadmio k sath aa chuke hai. Kisi b shan yudh shuru ho jayega or lakho begunah masoom mare jayenge.

Maan’s fists tighten in anger. His nostril flufffered and eyes turn red in anger. He roared.

Maan:Takshakkk.bahut ho gaya ab tera ant nishchit hai.

Aditya:Maan Geetakshi jaldi chalo isse pehle ki anarth ho jaye.

Maan:main seema shetr jaunga. Aditya tum Geetakshi or Prityusha ko lekar kisi surakshit sthan pe chale jao.

Geetakshi cm closer to him and gripped his fluttred biceps:Maan hum apke bina kahi nai jayenge.or aise to bilkul nai.

Maan caressed her cheek:nai Geet waha khtra hai,or main tumhe nai kho skta.

Geetakshi:ap kuch b boliye main nai jaungi..

Maan:Geet baat ko samjhne ki koshish kyu nai kar rai ho?

Geetakshi dont want to hear him and hugged him in anticipation.

Aditya:Maan Geetakshi theek keh rai hai.tum ye kyu bhul jate ho wo tumhara hi adha hissa hai jiske bina tum adhure or or tumhari shkti bhi. Geetakshi koi aam ladki nahi hai wo tumhari takat hai,bhulo mat.

Geet tilted her head back to glance his face. Maan lovingly stroke her cheek and nodded yes. All 4 leave that place and ran their horces in full speed towards Aryanagar. Both’s sides forces are ready to fought with each other when Maan made entry with Geetakshi. Takshak’s eyes sparked.
Maan req.to both. But no1 is ready to hear him. Takshak who was still in pretext of young princess suggest Karanveer asked for Geetakshi. Karanveer and Darun both agreed without aware of his dangerous plans.

Karanveer:Yuvraj hum ye yudh rok skte hai agar tum Geetakshi ko hume lauta do to.

His words fall on their hearts like a thunder light. Maan cant even imagine of what he said so easily. Both saw each other.

Darun:ha agar Geetakshi wapis aa jayegi to yudh ruk jayega anyatha hume humara kaam karne do.

Maan:ye kabi nahi hoga.(He hold her more closer to his hard frame) Geetakshi meri patni hai or main use kisi b keemat par apne se alag nahi hone dunga.

Geet was in turmoil looking at the large of people,in which many of are her own.

Karanveer:to firr ye yudh b hoga.

Digvijaye.Maan apne jo galti karni thi kar di ab hume humara kaam karne deejiye.

Maan:pitaji maine koi galti nahi ki aap log kyu nahi samjh rae hai dushmani or ladai se kisi ko kuch nai milega.

Karanveer:Maan aap ja skte hai yaha se. Darun yudh ka shankhnaad ho.

Darun was about to blow sea shell when Geetakshi screamed and stops him.

Geetakshi:ruk jaiye baba. Aap logo ki jo b shrat hai mujhe manjoor hai.

She parted from Maan at the very moment. Maan’s eyes were widened in shock. Geet step forwrd but Maan clenched her wrist firmly. His jaws clenched and shouders stiffened.

Maan:nai Geetakshi tume koi zarurat nai hai inki baat maane ki.

Geetakshi:nai Maan main hum dono k liye puri manav jati ka sarvnash hone nai de skti.

Maan:Geet ye in logo ki chal hai..

Maan’s heart is bleeding. He wont allowed her to go. How he tolrate his life slipping from his hand.Geetakshi:Maan humara pyar itna swarthi kaise ho skta hai.ki hum apne sukh k liye nirdosh loko k prano ki bali dede. Boliye yuvraj hai apko ye manjur? Is yudh me jo log mare jayenge kya unk parivaar ki cheekhe sunne k liye aap taiyar hai?

Maan’s eye turn wet at corners:Lekin Geet main tumhe b nahi kho skta.is samsya ka koi na koi samadhan hum nikal lenge.

Geetakshi:kya samadhan hai yuvraj batiye.dono or humare apne hai kisse ladenge aap? Hai aap me itni shakti ki aap itni jaano ki mritu ka bhoj seh sakenge.

Geetakshi’s voice is broken. Her silent eyes have the same pain from which Maan is suffering,but she is bearing it silently for the life of numerous people.

Geetakshi:pitaji..baba aap yudh rok deejiye main aapke sath lautne k liye taiyar hu.

She wincing in pain,but except Maan,Aditya and Prityusha no one hear her silent cry. Geetakshi leave Maan’s hand and start moving ahead taking small steps with a heavy heart. When she snatch her hand Maan feels as his life is slipped from his hands. But he was helpless. Geetakshi’s words made his mouth shut. Neither he able to stops her nor he able to bear her sepration. Geetakshi reached to Karanveer and he gripped her tightly. Maan tighten his fist as much,that his own nails tored the skin of his palm. Karanveer ordered his forces to move back. All turned. Slowly 2 she was going out of his sight. Digvijaye also moved back. Maan only saw her going far away. With horse’s tapping dust cloud create and blurred his vision. In few moments his Geetakshi is going seprated from him. Whole area is empty and Maan falls on his knees. His whole body is stiffned and every ounce of his body shuddred in anger and frustration. He never felt as weak as he felt right now.. His whole world is destroyed just in few seconds. Maan roared in frustration loudly. Aditya clenched his shoulder but he is loosing his control. He jerked his hand and moved to his palace. Aditya followed him. He reaced to his practise room and searching his sword with his rage filled eyes. He fistened his sword and step very fastly in unknown direction. Aditya cleenched his fluttering arms and stop him.

Aditya:Maan kaha ja rae ho?(but he doesnt say any word only glancing him with his fire spitting eyes)Maan maine kuch puchha tumse? Kaha ja rahe ho?

Maan:khtam kar dunga main us Takshak ko. Bahut ho gaya lekin ab bas.aaj uski mritu nischit hai.

Maan moving again but some how Aditya suceeded in overpowering him.

Aditya:ruk ja Maan tujhe Geetakshi k nirnye ka sammaan krna hi hoga.

Maan:isiliye abi tak chup tha par ab nahi.

Aditya:Maan kyu nai samjh rae ho yahi to Takshak chahta hai ki tum ana aapa kho do or koi galti kar baitho.mat bhulo ki pavitr aatma hone k nate is pure sansaar ki suraksha ka bhar tum dono k kandhe pe hai. Tum dono sirf apne bare me nai soch skte. Geetakshi k balidan ko yu bekar mat jane do.

Maan frustratingly:to main kya karu aise hi hath pe hath rakh k baitha rahu?

Aditya:nai Maan nai.maine aisa kab kaha hai.lekin aise jaldbazi me nahi. Takshak koi sadhran dushman nahi hai bahut hi chalak,dhurt or shaktishali hai.

Maan:to main usse darta nahi hu.

Aditya:pata hai par hume Mahaguruji k paas jana hai wahi humara margdarshan karenge. Tu pehle shant ho ja.kyunki ye krodh teri shaktio ko or kam kar raha hai. Shant ho ja.

Aditya somehow calmed him for a while. All 3 went to Mahaguru. In between Takshak execute his another plan. He and his men come to their original form and killed many men of Karaveer force in order to kidnapped Geetakshi. He also injured Darun and Karanveer and took her away from their safty. She hell cried for help but he is very strong. Now Takshak is sucessded in clenchin one part of soul in his powerful paws. He threw her in dark room of his and laughed evily.

Takshak:humne to socha tha ki tumse vivah karenge or chunargarh ki maharani banayenge lekin is kambhakat Maan ne tume ab humare layak nai chhoda.

Geetakshi glared him:Geetakshi to sirf or sirf Maan ki hai or usi ki rahegi.tumne ye sochne ki galti b kaise ki?

Her words towred his anger and he squeezed her cheeks inside harshly:bahut abhimaan hai na apne pyar par.ab dekhta hu wo kaise bachata hai tujhe.dhyan se dekh ye mera mahal hai yaha charo or mere shaitan sipahi hai. Maan yaha aane ki sochega b to main uska wo haal karunga ki uski ruh kaamp uthegi.

Geetakshi still staring him furiously:jo krna chate ho kar k dekh lo lekin ab tumhara ant nischit hai.

Takshak fists her hairs and pulled her head:main kal teri bali dunga apne kaaldev ko or uske baad koi mujhe maar nahi payega.bas kuchh shan bache hai tere paas.

He threw her and locked her room with his powers…

PART – 35 (LAST PART)Maan complled by Aditya. They were about to reached to ashram when Mahaguru himself came there. He odered Maan to come with him to his father. Maan obeyed him unwillingly. All moved to Digvijaye’s court. Seeing saint with Maan,Digvijaye come and touched his feet. Mahaguru blessed him.

Maan:Mahaguru maharaj Karanveer Geetakshi ko apne sath le gaye hai.

Mahaguru having a tense lines on his forehead:vats baat sirf itni nahi hai,usse adhik khatarnak ho chuki hai.

Digvijye:gurudev aap kon hai or yaha aane ka apka prayojan kya hai?

He enquired suspeciously.

Mahaguru:maharaj Digvijaye main kon hu wo mahatvpurn nai hai. Mahatavpurn ye hai ki tum ye jano ki jisne tumhe apna pita banne ka sobhagye dia hai wo kon hai.(Digvijaye stare him confusingly)hairan mat hoiye maharj. Aapke ghar us pavitr aatma k ansh ne janam liye jiske hatho Takshak ki mrityu likhi hai.or us aatmma k dusre ansh k roop me janam liya hai maharaj Karanveer ki putri Geetakshi ne.aap log jitna chahe koshish kar le inhe prithak nai kr payenge. Vidhata ki marzi k aage apki ichha ka koi maan nai hai. Maan or Geetakhsi 1 dusre ka abhinn ang hai. Aap logo ne jo kia hai uska bhugtan sare sansar ko krna padega ab.

Digvijaye get more confused:arthat?

Meanwhile his 1 courtier bring message of Karanveer’s arrival.

Mahaguru:unhe ander le aaiye.(his sender go to bring them in court)ab aap dono jane ki apne kitni badi galti ki hai.

Maan suspeciously:Mahaguru baat kya hai? Or maharaj Karanveer yaha kyu aaye hai?btayie na mahaguru Geetakshi theek to hai na?

Karanveer and Darun both came inside in injured condition. Maan’s heart sinked more as he is somwhere got a instinct that she is in danger.

Digvijaye:Maharaj ye apki halat kisne ki?

Karanveer:maharaj hume takshak ne murkh banaya.wo rajkumar k bhes me tha or hum use pehchan na ske. Jab hum Geetakshi ko lekar laut rae the to usne beech rah me hi uska apharan kar liya.

Hearing this Maan’s anger reached to cloud 9. His rage towered and he wants to destroy everything there. Aditya read his mind and clenched his both arms.

Maan:Aditya chhod do mujhe.

He wriggling badly and giving tough time to Aditya.

Mahaguru:dekh liya ap dono ne apni jidd ka nateeja.ab wo Geetakshi ki bali dekar or shaktishali banega.

Maan kicked him away and ran outside but Mahaguru stops him.

Digvijaye:hume shama kare gurudev.hume gyat hota to aisa kabi nai hota.

Maan:aap 3 ki jidd ki wajhse aaj meri Geetakshi us rakshas k kabze me hai.agar use kuch ho gaya na to main is puri duniya ka nash kar dunga.

Mahaguru:shant Maan shant. Takshak Geetakshi ko tabi marega jab use marna hoga.na usse pehle na uske baad. Or ye mat bhuliye ki apka kaam duniya ka nahi Takshak ka nash karna hai. Maan har burai me achhai chipi hoti hai. Aap dono ka milan avshyak tha taki aap dono k milan se us bhikri hui urja ko ekatrit kiya ja sake jo pavitr aatma k do hisso me batne se bhikhr gai thi. Lekin Takshak k vinash k liye apka sampurn hona zaruri tha jo ab ho chuka hai.

Aditya:wo kaise mahaguru?

Mahagur:tyag,balidaan or neeswarthta hi prem k sarvochh gun hai.jis pyar me tyag or tapsya na,oor jo dusro ko kasht deke paya jaye wo prem sachhe artho me prem nai keval vasna hai. Geetakshi ne Maan se prathak hokar dusro k prano ki raksha ki hai isliye ab ye dono sampurn ho chuke hai.

Maan:mahaguru ab ye batiye ki mere liye kya aagya hai?

Mahaguru:kal amavas hai or kal theek madhye ratri me jab kali shaktiyan apne charam pe hoti hai usi shan Takshak Geetakshi ki bali dega. Or wahi shan uski mrityu k liye bhi nischit hai.

Aditya:arthat hume Geetakshi ko b bachana hai or Takshak ko b usi samye marna hai.

Mahaguru:kal wo tantrik pooja karega or ye pooja nirvighan karni hoti hai.

Maan:to hum ye pooja kabi puri nai hone denge.

Mahaguru:ha lekin aap ye karye akele nahi kar skte. Aarynagar or Pratapgarh ko hath milana hoga.

Karanveer:hume manjoor hai.apni putri k prano ki raksha hetu jo b karna pade hum kare.

Digvijye:ji gurudev aap jo aagya denge hum waisa hi karenge.

Darun:or meri b puri sena is kaam me sehyog karegi. Geetakshi meri bachi hai use wapis lane k liye jo b karna pade hum karenge.

Mahaguru:to ab yojna suniye.

Mahaguru told them his plan all nodded and agreed. With sun’s dawn all 3 forces moves towards chunargarh. Takshak awares of it that tey all came to rescue her,so he create numerous hurdles like his giants fighters and invisble pawn came to obstruct his way. But all are prepared for this. Maan,Aditya and 3 kings killed all the giant fighters one by one. Maan’s sword shine like a sun and when he attcks to someone opponent dies in one force. Next they face is invisible pawns of Takshak. They are not visible so Maan’s many fighters suffered by this. Seeing no way he raised his magical sword and digg it in earth due to which a sparkling light beam occured and all invisble pawn turn visble to every1. Now it bcom easy for all 2 killed them.

Maan’s forces now able to killed Takshak’s pawn. They all cut dem in2 pieces nd moved towards his palace. Bt still he is very far away from deir reach. Next hurdle is they have 2 face force of dead people. Suddenly Maan’s side horces stopped as earth explode many dead people outside. They all r vry scary,having no pieces of flesh on dem. All dead army having an sharp weapons. They attack on dem. Many pawns of Maan died in dis bt dey dont give up.Dey broked dem more nd move on. Slowly slowly Sun is settled down and Darkness arrived. D complete black night. Wind oozing madly and all night beasts come out 4 their prey. Their snoaring sound thunder the jungles violently. The jungle they have to go throw seemes very scary but they ran without taking a break. In mid of the jungle all lost as dont know which direction they have to go. Suddnly Maan rememberd he got an pearl when he was wandering to collects things for sake of Geetakshi’s life. He threw that pearl in air. That pearl create enough light to which all his men able to see the way ahead. All moved frequently so that they can reached to Takshak as soon as possible. With in few hours they are in front of Takshak’s dark palace,surrounded by many evil creatures. His every pawn have an evil power. Dark shadown gave protectin to his palace. Time is passing very quickly and Takshak started his pray inside. He sat opposite to havan kund and putting some wired thing like ashes,bones and blood of human being. Geetakshi was standing there with her hands and legs tied with a chain. She made her face in disgust seeing all his inhuman activities.. He also chocked her mouth by stuffing a piece of cloth in it. Whole room is filled with wired and scary material.moreover the havan kund blow smoke which made her suffer more. Here she breath heavily there Maan also feel suffocation and cant able to breath properly.Aditya:Maan kya baat hai?

Maan:pata nahi saans nai le pa raha hu.

Aditya:iska matlab Takshak ne apna anushthan shuru kar dia hai. Maan Kapali or uske baki saniko ko hum sambhal lenge tum jald se jald Geetakshi k paas pahuncho.

Maan:lekin Aditya..

Karanveer:Yuvraj humari chinta mat karo hum yaha sab inhe rokte hai tum Geetakshi ko bachao kyunki agar use kuchh ho gaya to hum tum dono ko kho denge or samaj apni kiran ki akhri umeed.

Maan nodded and moved inside. Aditya follwed him so he can moved quickly. Aditya killed every black pawn who came to obstruct Maan’s way. The whole place filled with the sowrd clashes and lightining occured from it. Maan entered inside. Suddnly a cut mark automatically occured on his arm. He start bleeding,cant understand how he get injured without hurting with anything. Aditya saw the mark and worried more.

Aditya:Maan jaldi karo.uska anusthan pura hone wala hai.lagta hai usne Geetakshi k shrre ko ghav diya hai isi wajhse tume chot aai hai.

Maan fumed more and cut every pawn into pices which com to fought with him. Finaly he entered in the cave where he is doing his black pry. Geetakshi was bending down on her knees and her head is settled on a sil. Her arm is also bleeding as Takshak cut it to drop her blood drops in havankund. Takshak was standing near her to cut her head and drop it also in kund as last aahuti. Maan jumped as a lion on his prey. He kicked him off and Takshak slipped far away from them. Maan quickly freed her from all chains and opend her mouth so she can breath normally. Meanwhile Takshak hurt him wid his black sword. Maan nd Geetakshi both get a huge cut mark on their back. As both r connected,so any of dem is hurted,sec.1 is also going through wid d same pain. ‘Maaannn’,Geetakshi screamed in terror seeing Maan’s injury she dont evn realise dat she also having d same cut mark,but cant bear hs injuries. Maan stables hmself nd attach on him with his sun shine sword. Both attacks on each other furiously. Sometime Takshak over powered him nd somtime Maan. Both kicked punched nd attack on each other wid dier full forces. Bt it mst be ended soon or else time has pass of killing him. Maan kicked him on his abdomen nd made him fall down. Takshak is laying on his back and put hs foot on hs chest putting pressure so dat he won get up again. Maan stabbed his swrod in his abdomen in order 2 kill him,bt he dnt evn get a scar. Maan sw hm astonished nd he laugh madly. Maan again do repeat hs action bt result is zero. Maan do it sevral times bt nt sucded at 1ce. Maan ws so confused y he cant able 2 kill hm,coz he is d 1 who take birth 2 kill him.Geetakshi sw all nd cm 4wrd 2 hm. She hold hs hand nd gripped sword wid Maan.both glance each other and smiles. ‘nai nai’,Takshak pleades. Both Maaneet togthr holding a sword stabbed in him,nd dis time he died nd soon his sinful body burns itslf. As his life ends his whole palace strt falling. Maan lifts her nd com out safly. All his pawns also vanished nd dey sucdded in ending d life of evil1 nd blessd d humanity wid peaceful life.

HeartEPILOGUEHeartMAANEET come outside safely nd Takshak’s whole palace sabotage nd coverted into a dust only. All 3 kings hugged deir childern.

Digvijaye kissd on hs 4head:aaj tune mera sar garv se uncha kr dia.ab main tere hath me Arynagar ki bagdor nischint hokr de skta hu.

All hugged each other 1by1. Karanveer 2 seemed happy seeing hs daughtr alrite. Mahaguru appeared dere nd all bowed. He blessed all sply Maaneet.

Mahagur:aaj se tum 2 k jeevan ka naya adhyaye prarambh hota hai.

Karanveer:chale putri?

Maan::par kaha?

Darun:apne pita k ghar or kaha.

Maan:lekin ab to aap sb jante hai..

All 3 smiles mischeviously.

Karanveer put hs hand on his stiffed shoulder:beta hum sb jante hai.lekin smaj k kuch niyam hote hai.isliye agar Geetakshi chahiye to apne pita se kaho,baarat leke aao or le jao apni dulhan ko.


Maan is confused and all laugh loudly.

Digvijaye:arthat putr ab hum khud ap 2 ka vivah karwayenge or pure maan smmaan k sath Aryanagar ki hone wali maharani ko lekr aayenge.

Both flushed and glance each other b4 their parents tuk them away. Aftr doing all prepration both get married wid all rituals. She was luk like an Angel. Her Demon’s Angel in hr red bridal wear,and Maan is her king now,luking vry desireable. She shied as hr mind filled wid wild fantcies seeing hm in white lowr(dhoti) nd cream turban only. His bare musculine chest,broad shoulders,dark intense eyes nd killer smile on hs perfect m-shaped lips made her panting heavily. All rituals r done step by step nd aftrwrds both take blessing of deir elders. He tuk hr awy 2hs state. Where a huge grand wlcm is given 2 both. 2day deir is officaly frst night. Maan entrd in deir rum. She ws sitting on a huge bed in hs wait.maan st near hr nd lifted hr chin,luking at hr cherry red cheeks nd plum lips whch gve hm opn invitation. Maan graspd hr tightly nd she resipocrate. Maan made hr laid nd slowly2 remove hr jwellery frst,den hr cloths. She gasped evry time hs fingers teased hr bare skin. Maan kissed on evry bit of hr skin he bit hr neck nd squeezd hr bossoms trndrly. She 2 clenchd hs bak nd kissed on hs face all ovr. Maan tuk hr lips nd relish it fully taking hs time. Geet respond in hungr match wid hm. Now Maan held hr waist nd entrd wid a shapr thurst. She moand loud in pleasure clenching hs bare sholders. He rubbd inside hr while endevoring hr mouth. She pleads 4 mor nd mor. Maan thurst 1 lst time b4 dey went 2 deir climax. Both panting heavily.he rested hs hs head on hr chest nd she stroked hs hairs lovingly. Both complete each othr. Nxt day both do kul pooja nd Maan now sat on d seat of king. He set up his rules 4 d welfare of his states nd all other states which he won 1 by 1.

Days strt passing,nd wid evry passing day deir love blossom mor. Geetakshi gave birth 2 twin babies,1grl nd 1 boy. Whole state is dancing in joy.wid d arrival of prince nd princess together,Geetakshi’s parnts nd Darun also arrived 2 c deir grand childrn. All showred deir love on both babies. Both r just luk a lyk Maaneet.deir eyes nd nose r lyk deir mothr nd chin,4head nd lips r lyk Maan. Digvijaye arranged namkaran pooja 4 both nd named dem Akshit nd Sukanya. Both were sleeping camly in laps of deir parents. Next 7 days whole state ws in festive mood. Ech nd evry person get gifts frm deir king.

Maan played all d roles sucessfully wid Geetakshi besides him. He trnd in2 a best son,best husband,best king moreover best human being who tuk care of his people very well. Geetakshi is like a support system 2 hm.when evr he feels low she bcm hs strength. As his father died,he broked,bt Geetakshi nvr allowed hm 2 feel shattred. She always reminds hs duties 2 hm. Meanwhile Aditya also gt married wid Prityusha nd blessed wid a baby boy named Surya. When Akshit turnd 10year dey send hm and Surya 2 mahaguru so he will teach him evrythng abot his life. Maan arrangd evrythng 4 Sukanya at home. Both kids obeyed their parents and always do act like they accept from them. On evry face of life both go hand in hand.

After ruling of 80 years sucessfully Maan handover his kingdom to his son Akshit. Who is also very brave and kind like his father. Maaneet kwants to finish their all duties b4 they leave this world. Being an pure soul both knows now their time is come. Both dies on a same time. All were gloomed,but both only leave their bodies. Their souls combined again,when Akshit do antim sanskar(funeral) and reached to sky. The white beam bcm star and shine in sky forever.

Aksit and whole state bowed seeing that star who shine bright and passed the message to everyone,that evil ends 1 day. Only truth and love r required to lead a peacful life…

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“It often occurs that pride and selfishness are muddled with strength and independence. They are neither equal nor similar; in fact, they are polar opposites. A coward may be so cowardly that he/she masks his/her weakness with some false personification of power. He/She is afraid to love and to be loved because love tends to strip bare all emotional barricades. Without love, strength and independence are prone to losing every bit of their worth; they become nothing more than a fearful, intimidated, empty tent lost somewhere in the desert of self.”
“Nobody sees anybody truly but all through the flaws of their own egos. That is the way we all see …each other in life. Vanity, fear, desire, competition– all such distortions within our own egos– condition our vision of those in relation to us. Add to those distortions to our own egos the corresponding distortions in the egos of others, and you see how cloudy the glass must become through which we look at each other. That’s how it is in all living relationships except when there is that rare case of two people who love intensely enough to burn through all those layers of opacity and see each other’s naked hearts.”


Glitter Text Generator

 MSK:- Ruthless and Hardcore Bussinessman of Edmonton. The most eligible bachlor of town. Craze of girls but he is crazy for his Business. He loves only his ego and Position. He only wants to accuire no 1 position in his Life for which he can do anything.
GEET HANDA:- Most beautiful girl of bussiness world. Very egoistic and bull head. She only loves her bussiness and rank 1. She wont share these two things with any one. Maan’s biggest Rival and Competitor. Both querrls always to let each other down. Always indulge in chasing the position of no 1.
SAVITRI KHURANA:- Head and Strength of Khurana Family. Very sinceare and intellactual. She is the one who bound her family unite.
DEV KHURANA- Hottest Hunk of town. Sibbling of MSK. Calm and down to earth. He handle everything after analyzing calmly. He is an obediant to his elders and respect to his Dadima Savitri and elder brother Maan.
MEERA KHANNA:daughter of Family friend of Khurana’s. Doc by Profession.
PART – 1Edmonton is the northern most North American city with a metropolitan population over one million and is a cultural, governmental and educational centre. But it also known for its two big names of cooperate world. Maan Singh Khurana,ruthless and egoistic. Every girl had a dream of him but Maan is obsessed for his business only. He wants to win the race from his biggest compititor, Geet Handa. Another big name of Ego. As much beautiful she looks,the same she is insane for her business. Her life only revolve around her business.Dont assume that their is an some kind of ancestornal rivalry which both following. Though it was old but not as old. It all started between then at the tender age of 14. When MSK is not MSK,just Maan,fragile and happy going student. He too knows how to smile and when her beauty aint blossomed as it now. She was like a rose bud,innocent and insecured. The day she enroled in his class,their competition starts,which gradualy turned into a rivalry.Both wants to make otherone let down. Today both going to bid for a biggest institute near river and also a dam on it. It was a huge contract full of profit which both cant denied. The one who sucedded wwill grab the position of NO.1.’Dev make sure that we will win this contract at every cost.i dont wanna gave any chance to that b****.’ he glanced towards his younger sibbling. Swathed in a tuxedo,emphasize every maginificant inch of him. His dark eyes were warmed by the anger rosed in his blood,everytime he think about Geet Handa. Banging the wall with his fist furiously he commands him. Dev nodded and left to change quickly.Dev Maan’s younger brother never ever disobeyed him. He is like a puppet of Maan’s hand. Maan’s every word is god’s order to him. Both reached to office and waiting for the result.Same with other one. Geet was no exception. Elegantly dressed up in black office attire,she reached to her office and all staff were on remand. Pinky greeted her and she signaled her to came in her cabin. Very often she open her mouth. Her gestures are enough to told her staff what she desired for.

‘mam we have done it as u said. Now just waiting for results only.’ Pinky is shivering like a dry leaf in front of her.

‘i only want my win understood. That son of a b**** will not leave a single chance of making mock of me if i loose and if it is happened then you know what will i do. Now get out.’,She said with a dominance. There is so much anger in her beautiful hazels. She cant tolrate his name even. Since childhood both were running after no.1’s position which is oftenly changes it place. But this time deal is much bigger than any other wins.

In evening results declared and stunned every name of business world. Govt.employee,the contractor himself was confused. Coz both bidding figures were accurately same. The whole team talk and take decision which is neither imaginable nor exceptable for these two.

Both reached and gave a deadly glare as they gonna kill each other right now. Every fibre of both were burned in anger. They headed away as their followers pushed them.

‘look Mr. Khurana and Miss. Handa you both were bid a same quotation so in this case,as we all know you both were known for your perfection,our team decided that we gave this contract to both of you. You both do work on this as a team not a rival.’ Contracctor said with a smile. Everyone start gossiping. No one is there sit in a hall who wont aware of their ‘love for each other’ Evil Smile

First both glared each other then towards the officer. Both stood up at the same time and shout on him.

‘what the hell is this. I will prefer die,rather than working with him/her.’,Both said together and leave without thinking much.

Dev from his side and Pinky and Adi for her side first settled the contractor that they will make them stand gave one day to them. Then they followed both.

At home Maan threw his shirt and tie and went to gym area to clamed his frustration. That words piercing his ears like an arrow. Dev changed and joined him in gym area.

‘bro pls cool down and think once again. It was not a small deal.’ Dev said softly to convience him.

‘no way with that b**** i wont do any thing.’ he said rudely.

‘i know bro u hate her but ye b to socho agr hum backout kar jayenge to ye deal use mill jayegi. Ap ye har bardasht kar loge?’,Dev knocked his ego. He knows how to make him agree at this moment.

His fists tighten and nostrils fluffered in frustration. He punched hard the bag. ‘i wont tolrate her for a sec and you want me to do a whole project with her?’ his dark eyes emitt fire,even his own sweat was burn like a lava.

‘pls bro aap sirf contract sign kar lo or ek meeting kar lo. As aap MD ho apke jana zaruri hai uske baad Geet se deal main kar lunga. I promise apko use face nahi karna padega.’ Dev gave him options.

On other hands Geet drank endlessly. She was so much frustrated with the incident that even liquior is not able to calm her today. Adi and Pinky,the only two have some authority to takl with her went to her place. They too act like Dev. Boost her against Maan so that she convienced to sign the deal but she was hell out of her mind. Both shattred when she moved to her room and bang its door forcily. Now both have waiting for morning to know her decision. On the other hands Maan was also silent. Dev too confuse regarding his state of mind.

PART – 2MAAN AND GEET both were fuming and not ready to bear each other’s faces for a sec. Dev somehow manage to sign a deal.’bro aap sirf deal sign kar lo. Uske baad to apko business tour pe jana hi hai. Pls bro pls dont loose this big opportunity for your rivalry.’Dev knocking his senses and makeup his mind to sign a deal.Maan wont want to see her but he also wont denied that this oppurtinaty is realy fruitful for him. So heavy heartedly he gave his yes for a meeting. Next day Dev contact with Adi and set meeting for both in evening. Adi fixed the meeting in a hotel because he know that both were deniying going each other’s place.In evening Maan went to the venue with Dev for a meeting to negotiate the terms and condition regarding this project. But from Geet’s side only Adi and Pinky came. Maan felt insulted,and Dev trying to calm him. Adi apolozise on her behalf,but it aint enough to calm his hurted ego. Though Dev discussed all the terms earlier on phone,and they came to sign the papers just to complete the formilaties.Geet’s absence clearly hit his big fat ego. How dare she ignored him? No one can avoid MSK. Maan instantly snatch the files from the hands of Dev and leave glaring all. Dev and other two turned scared seeing his gestures which were the clear sign of silence before destruction.Maan drove madly towards Handa mansion. After crossing few singnals he was infront of a large luxurious house. He fussily come out of his white Audi and moving inside. But electronic gate wont allowed him inside. Security guard came and inform him that she is not at home. Maan asked about her and he leaked the information by mistake.

Maan moved hurriedly from there. He drove his car on a endless lonely roads. Driving for next 3 hours,he reached to the deserted place which is very far away from the city. His car stands infront of very old style but lavish villa. It was in between the surroundings of nature. As far anyine’s sight go only mountains and greenry of nature is viewed. Dim lights on the gate looks like two moons of a dark night.

There is all around darkness and lonliness. Maan glance the ares with his red shot eyes. He rushed towards the gate where keeper trying to stop him and he just punched him hard. Maan knock him out in single punch and waved inside without any hurdle. Coz whole villa is empty. Except this gate keeper no more servant is there. Cleaning staff came,work and leave after they done. But its night,so no other life is available there. Maan kicked the entrance door of villa and entered inside.Only one lamp shade is glowing in a large hall,which is decorated with many expensive but old fashioned things except theblack coloured curtains covring the large windows. Maan scanned the whole place with his furious eyes and moved ahead. Soon he find her in her private bar,where she is gluping glass after glass of her fav liquior brand. Her intoxic eyes tells him that she was not in her sences. But same with the Maan.Liquior stole Geet’s senses and anger take away Maan’s sences. Both were out of mind this moment. Maan wants to each her a lesson for humilating him. Like a wild thunderstrom he waved towards Geet,who sat on a small stool in her pure black net nighty.

Black this is the only colour he always found in Geet’s all clothes. Except the school dress,she never wear any other colour then black.’it might be her favourite only’,suddenly this strikes in his mind,while staring her but she was unaware of his presences. His eyes lingured on her curvious body.Geet tilted up her head and both glance each other. Maan fumed and banged the file in front of her.’what the hell are you doing here?’,Geet yelled over him,clearing her eyes to viewed him clearly.Maan clenched her arm firmly and pulled her upto him. Geet is wriggling but Maan is very strong for her delicate body specially when she is not in her senses. When all her tries get fail,she raise her hand to slap him but he clasped her wrist in his hand. He clenched her another hand which she is trying to moved to his cheek. Maan pushed her behind and tagged her against the wall behind her. He pinned her both wrists besides her head.’what are you think of yourself? I too hate you still i came for meeting. But you send your employees ha. When MSK is came then how dare you avoid me.’ Maan’s anger is on peak and he spitting it on Geet.Geet trying to shove him away as Maan is applying more pressure on her body to control her actions. Geet stared him back.

‘Leave me alone you jerk. Tume yaha nai aana chahiye tha.’ she retrot strongly,

‘you invite me here by insulting me.’ Maan mummered angrily. Somehow she manage to freed her hand and slapped him which rose Maan’s anger to worst. She was not in her all senses. She only wants to stay alone on this day. But Maan’s presences proved her to worst.

Due to the effect of liquior she lost completely. But still she not forgot their relation of hatred towards each other. Both spitt their rage on each other.

The next he do was not expected for her. Maan slammed his lips on her petal ones. Geet’s stubborness and annoying behaviour made him more aggressive. Geet struggling against his lips.and his hands let go of her hand and automatically travelled down her body slipping inside her nighty and felt her creamt bare skin in his palms. Maan squeezed her harshly and bite her lips,seeking entrance in her hot mouth. Geet winced in pain and he grabbed a chance to deepen his wildness.

GEET’S body betraying unbelievably and unexpectedly she kissed him back with the hunger match him. She lost herself in his wild touch. But Geet is aint less. She bite his tongue and turn him grew wilder.

A wave of pleasure surged through her,when his lips sucked and bite her lower lip and his fingers dug into the skin of her waist. This something which she never felt before. Both were losting themseleves in each other.

He didnt know what he is doing and why but she tatsed so sweet. Her lips beneath his seems like a heaven. He wants more possession on her. Next he felt her arms wrapping around his neck bringing him even more closed. This kiss has just pressed on something buried deep inside both. Something neither was quite ready to accept just yet.


She sucked at him as if she were drinking from him and her body shuddered between his legs. Both parted and hyperventilated badly. He could see the rise of chest pressing against his chest. His hand moved upwards,slowly as he atared at her full bossoms in the half light. Shaking he pushed down the stuff,exposing a small hard pink nipple. He had never seen anything so beautiful,he thought. Maan cupped her bossoms,feeling the friction of the nipple in the centre of his palm.

Geet moaned and left her neck. Her hands went to his crotch. She stroked and grabbed at him through his pants. He pulled down her whole stuff further,exposing more of her warm skin. Her movements become more frenzied and she made louder frustrated breathy noises. Maan freed her from her all stuff in hurry. Both going restless with each passing moment.

Their conciousness leave them alone with their untamed desires. They were out of control and flowing with their wild passion. The two who always indulge in their work will unaware of this passion. They only knew number game. Always using their mind and body for their office work only.

This was both’s first kiss which lignite fire of desire in both and now they loose all control over them. Till date they only found pleaure in their chase of making money and name. Pleausre can also found in this form was a complete surprize for both.

Geet also want to feel him without any barrior the same way Maan feels her. She was struggling with his pants. Maan too getting restless to buried himself in her. He undid and kicked his pants off,let it landed on floor following by his shots.

The night air was shockingly cold on the hot skin of his shaft. Geet took him in her hand an he gasped loudly in a quite roo. while kissing her naked form hungrily. This bizzare night of his life,this exhaustation,the absolution of pleasure is the totality of their desires.

She took hold of his length with her cold hands but soon she warmed both. She straddled him guiding him into her. He pushed against her. She seemed impossibly hot to him. He slid into her and it seemed like the most senstion of his life and his thoughts were silenced in a cresting wave of pleasure rise like atide of ice through him,touching every nerve. He was enveloped buried in her heat,searing impossibly hot against him. Her eyes half closedd in bliss and lust. Her body in the candle light seemed beautiful beyond imagination.

He let his gaze explore her writhing milk white skin. How deep he was buried with in her but his desires not calmed yet. Geet gripping his wrists to the point where it was beginning to hurt. She moan loudly,echoing in the silent villa. Her nails dig into his skin and his movements increased even more. She threw her head back,yelping from the back of her throat and buried her face under his jaw. He felt his own orgasm creasting through him. It blocked his sences. She screamed against his neck and he felt his own moaning echoing her involuntarily. Her legs were shuddring,slowly lossing her grip around him. He removed from her but she threw herself forward onto him,baring her teeth in him. Pain shot through Maan and he pushed her back. She landed heavily against the harwood floor. Maan reached tentively to his neck and winced as his fingers came into contact with a stinging welt.

Geet was exhaust,tired and intoxic. Maan sat beside her and soon falls on his back. Both were exhaust. As soon her breath calmed she slept. Maan also need sleep so he too slept next to her.

PART – 3”INTOXICATION”of Anger or of Alcohal,whatever the reason,always spoil mind. Maan and Geet,today both committ something which might not be acceptable for them.Alarm of Maan’s watch buzzed sharp at 4am. The change in silent room was so sudden,and he felt dizzy. He glance his watch,which reminds him of his flight and tour of 4 months. He get up quickly and pick up and his clothes scattred on floor. Maan dressed up again and reached to exit. Suddenly his feet rooted and he slanted his neck to glance back.Geet was still slept naked on floor. His fists clenched hard and he closed his eyes in frustration. The seconds stretched out as he stood staring down at her and then he slowly stepped ahead.’okay’,he rumbled in a dark,graveled voice running one hand through his hair. He wont bothering abandon her but felt restlessness. He placed his arms beneth her creamy white legs and lift her up in strongs arms.He moved here and there carrying her,seaking for her bedroom. He find one room opened filled with darkness and dullness. Black and white are the only shades,abandoned with all other colours. Maan placed Geet on bed and tugged her under soft duvet. He wasnt ready to look to close at how he felt about Geet. So much happened between them last night.
With a cold look he turned his back on her and hurried away,leaving all the memories of last night behind here. He made a call to Dev and gave him instructions before leaving. Maan catch his flight and leave Edmonton for next 4 months.4 months passed at a great pace. In his absence Dev handle the office and followed his all instructions. He act on Maan’s accord and hadle the project with Geet. Mostly Dev meet with Adi and Pinky who worked on her tunes. Dam’s construction starts after the approval of Dev and Geet. Both do meetings calmly because Dev was not violent like his elder brother. He mostly trying to handle the situation cooly. So if Geet get hyper on any issue he just trying to find the solution insist of querrling with her.The day come when Maan came back from his 4 month business tour. Dev himself went to airport to receieve his brother.’howz our project doing Dev?’ Maan asked sternly on the same time he saw his brother.’bro everything is going on ur accord. Baki detail aap office chal k dekh skte hai?’ Dev hold his breath and his blood run cold to think of his reactions.Maan furiously moved with his gurads towards his office. Whole staff is paniced because their Devil is returning. Forgive is the word which not found in his dictionary.All greeted him and he avoid all. Maan is entred in his cabin like a wild wind and claimed his chair. Its not just a chair but a symbol of his power. Maan scanned his table and summmoned is secratory. She shuddred badly but run to his cabin. He glared her with his big eyes and asked for the details. She gave all the reports on the every project their company were handling.

Maan listen silently and call Dev inside. Dev gave the file of xyz project which his company is handling with Geet’s comapny as joint venture.

‘bro this is the file you asking for. Everything is going fine and if you want to visit to site you are most welcome. Everything is just superb but one problem occured. I do meeting with Geet when it is necessary but from past 2 weeks she wont show any intrest in any meeting. Infact she even dont coming to her office. Dont know how i will manage because her opinion and approval is also required.’ hearing Geet’s name from Dev’s lips put a fury unlike anything Maan had ever known ih his blood,violent and raging,seething beneath the surface of his skin.

‘Dev stop talking like a kid. Think before speaking to whom you are talking. I am MSK and i wont need any b****’s opinion for my project. Understood?’ Relaxing his hands and tilting his head slightly to the side,Maan careful to keep his anger under tight control.

‘i am sorry bro but we cant make all decisions at our own. She is our partner in this project so her approval is also necessary at every point. Dam and Institute both are need to be perfect.’ Dev trying to put some brain in him,though he is aware of his ego and temper. His voice is lacking confidence out of fear of his anger.

Maan banged his both hands on the table and stood up. He glared Dev furiously,blood rushing through his veins at high pace. His flamin eyes told Dev to made an escape right now.

Dev left the cabin. ‘Now what are you waiting for?’ He showered his anger on his secratory and she also take a long step to leave his cabin. His nostrils fluffered and he fists hard the edge of his table.

Remaining day passed and whole office on edge of his anger. Yelling and scolding are his hobby and he wont spare anyone,not even his own sibbling. Perfection is his need.

In evening both made a move towards KM. Someone is desperately waiting for Maan. An old and elegant looking lady,having a wide smile on her wrinkled face welcomed Maan whole heartedly. She is Savtri devi,second major share holder in Khuran Group of Industeries. She is the one who not only take care of her grandchilderen but also strengthen the KGI after the death of her husband and son.

Maan hugged her back and she kissed on his forehead. She is only one having a place in Maan’s heart. If he can listen to anyone after himself was his Dadima,to whom he is soft and calm.

Dadima is very happy to see him back after such a long time.

Dadima herself prepared food of his choice. Dadima send both to fresh n up. Meantime she ordered servants to prepared dinner table. Maan and Dev came and all 3 sat to take their meal.

‘Maan bete apne hum apse bahut zaruri bat karna chahte hai.’ Dadima said stressing her words. Her face is stern.

Maan glanced her and asked for the reason. ‘kahiye dadima. You wont need permession.’

‘Maan bete hum chahte hai aap shadi kar leejiye… Or ha is baar hum apka koi bahana nahi sunege.’ Dadima said strongly.

‘dadima aap janti hai meri priority sirf or sirf mera business hai..’ Maan present his point of view.

‘ha to humne kab kaha ki aap shadi k bad ghar baith jaiye. Dekhiye bete hum ab bude ho rae hai or isse pehle ki humari aankhe band ho jaye hu aap dono ko settle karna chahte hai. Aap dono achhe se business handle kar rae hai. Now its you get settle in your personal life to. You are elder so i starts from you.’ Dadima trying to mould him with her emotional talk.

Maan lost in thought session for few sec then he glances both dadi and Dev. ‘ok as you wish.’ he said shortly.

‘thank you so much beta. Aap nahi jante apne hume aaj kitni badi khushi di hai. Apko pata hai humne to apke liye ladki b dhoond li hai. Mr khanna ko to aap jante hi hai.’ Dadima’s face turn glowed with extreame happiness.

‘the famous surgen of the town.’ Maan asked while eating his food.

‘ha woi. Unhone apni beti Meera k liye apka rishta manga hai.’ Dadima told him about the girl she choose for him.

Dev’s ears and eyes open wide at sudden hearing her name. ‘Dadima you mean Meera Khanna who studied with me in school?’ he asked curiously and his voice fummbles.

‘ha Dev bete wahi. Ek to hum unhe bachpan se jante hai to koi problem bhi nahi hogi. She is very sweet and down to eart person. Just perfect for our family. Kya khyal hai apka?’ Dadima asked to Dev excitedly.

‘Dadima main kya bol skta hu bro se puchhiye.’ He said meakly.

Dadima glanced to Maan.’its fine dadima jab apko pasand hai to i dont mind. Waise b mujhe koi farak nahi padta. Meri priority business thi or woi rahegi. Do whatever you want and tell me whenever you need me for rituals.’ Maan said coldly showing no intrest in his weeding. He only said yes for his grand mother’s happiness.

PART – 4MAAN freak out everytime the matter reveloves around Geet. This project is very important for both,the reason he cant avoid her.From past two weeks she avoid came to any meeting. Only gave instructions through video calling or phone. Sometimes she send instructions to Adi and Pinky and they act to her accord. Last time when they met both were furiously angry and end up in,what is beyond imagination.Now Maan’s anger again towered,and the reason was same. Geet’s absence considered as insult for him. He called her and reluctantly but Geet not attend his call which make him insane.Maan threw his mobile on wall in anger. Dev feared always of his this behaviour. ‘bro pls let me handle this,like before. I will go to her place and do the meeting.’ Dev suggest but Maan’s glare made him shut. Dev was aware of Maan’s expression.’that bloody ***** will never change.’ Maan mummered,gritted his teeth in anger.

Maan was all set to confront Geet,but Dadima’s summon shattred his all plans. She wants him in KM on time in evening.

Maan obeyed her and went to KM on his order. Maan and Dev get surprize seeing Meera in KM. Dadima introdused her to Maan. She came with her father. Maan met with him too. Dev smiled wide seeing her after such a long time.

Meera and Dev both were studying together since school time. Meera went and hugged him.

‘long time’, Meera said with a smile.

‘you was always busy.’ Dev said meakly.

‘doc jo bnna tha. Dev you dont how how it feels when you saw a smile on your patient’s face.’ Meera continues with her talk and Dev only listen her peacefully. Soon their chat disturbed when Dadima called both.

Meera know Maan but not as much. Now her father choose him for his daughter and she accept his decision happily. Dadima and her father Mr. Khanna wants both to talk before they set their alliance.

All three leave two souls alone. Meera is Gayneocologist by profession and Maan is hard core businessman. Both’s profession front were very opposite to each other so they dont have any topic of intrest.

Being rude and arrogant Maan doesnt initate for any conversation. But Meera was happy going girl so she started at herself.

‘Hi Maan. So howz your life going on?’ She asked politely.

‘gossping about my personal life is wont liked by me.’ irritation had surging to his feet.

‘i just asked casually,but if you wont like then its ok.’ surprizingly shocked by his ans she first composed herself and trying to be cool with him.

‘look their is no topic between us on which we can talk. Our lifes are completely differet from each other. Our priorities are different. I agreed for this alliance just because my Dadima want me to get settled on personal front. But trust me i wont need any body.’ his rude and cold ans shaken her for a moment and force her to think once again.

‘so what do you want now?’ Meera asked directly. She knews there is no space of materiaalism between them.

‘nothing but i am confortable getting married to you. You are a Gayneocologist and understand the the meaning of professionalism. Atleast you wont irritates me for my time. We both gave space to each other.’ Maan said straight forward and cleared his intentions. His hard voice supporting hi very much.

Meera digged in deep thought when all 3 came back again. Dev’s eyes scanning her gestures. All are waiting for their ans. Maan gave his approval for alliance. Now its Meera’s turn. She think deeply and said yes. Dadima and Mr. Khanna both turned extreame happy. Dev congratulate his elder sibbling and to his childhood friend.

‘i think ab hume engagment ki rasam jaldi hi ka leni chahiye. Hum apne kulguru ji ko in dono ki kundalia bhej denge or wo jo b date bolenge uspe in dono ki engagement kar denge.’ Dadima said happily. Her eyes sparked with the happiness she got. Maan was amused seeing his dadi as much happy.

Soon they leave. Dadima kissed on his forehead. ‘today i am so happy. Atleast you agred with me.’ Dadima’s every getures expressing her feelings.

‘Maan you have taken a right decision. Your one decision gave so much hapiness.’ Maan analysing his decision and felt glad to make his Dadima glad.

Next day Maan is getting ready for his office when he recieved a call from his assitant. He called him on constrution site.

Maan get ready and he reached directly to the site.

‘good morning sir. Achha kia aap aa gaye.’ Maan’s assitant welcomed him.

‘what so good about this? Tell me fast.’ Maan said with a dominance and his eyes were furious like always.

‘sir dam ka aam to super fast ho raha hai par ab hume Institute ka kaam b stat karna hai or…’ He hesitate in proceeding his talk.’or kya Mr. Sharma?’ Maan asked strongly.’or uske liye sir blue print ready ho chuka hai. Ab bas apka or Geet madam ka approval chahiye.’ he tell him.’show the prints.’ Maan commands and he gave him the prints.Maan scanned and its look perfect to him. ‘start the work soon.’ he ordered him. He glance at him and scann some tense lines on his face. ‘any problem?’He gulped hard and searching for the right words. ‘sir there is a problem.’ his voice died inside his throat seeing his glare.

‘what?’ his tone is so harsh.

‘sss sir wo Geet mam ka approval bhi bahut zaruri hai and…’ He scared of his reaction. So his courage is broking. ‘sir Geet mam ne is design ko reject kar dia hai.’ he said in one go and bowed his head in fear.

Maan’s eyes turn furious red,nostrils fluffered hard,fist tighten and forehead narrowed. ‘this woman. Brainless freak.’ he gritted in his mouth. Blowing out a hard breath. ‘call that *****’

His assistance do arrangements and finally he able to talk to her on video chat. Geet was sitting drapped in black cloak. Both gave cold vibes to each other.

‘what you want mr. MSK?’ she asked rudely.

‘why you reject the designs?’ he retrot back.

‘simple. I wont like.is this clear to your pea size brain?’ she taunts.

Maan fumed. ‘look…’ he was about to burst but she cuts him.

‘u look mr. Arrogant. This project is mine too and you wont take all the decisions at your own. We are not going to proceed on this designs.’ she said angrily,and with a cold look,she turned her back on him and hurried away,her movements wooden with fury as her low heels clicked ominously against the floor. Maan watched her until she disappered. Maan watched her carefully and and shut down the screen of his laptop.

‘sir does she agreed to you?’ his assistant asked worridly.

Maan glance him and leave the site in hurriedly. He immediately called Dev and told him everything. Dev get tensed holding his forehead between his thumb and two fingers.

‘sharma are you mad? Cant you tell me this before telling to bro. Now only god knows what he is going to do.’ Dev knows Both already hates each other and now this disagreements leads to worst. He get scared of his brother’s reaction. Maan and Geet both were are those chemical of chemistary which are not meant to be stay together.

Dev called Maan but he rejects his calls. ‘pls bro dont take any haste decision in your aggression.’ Dev wants to talk him before they came face to face.

Maan was on the way. During chat he recognise the place. He knew where she was now. She was staying at the same place where they both done their last encounter. Roads were smooth and long. His blue audi chacing race with wind and.cold wind flewing his hairs.

Few moments later his car stoped in front of her villa. He stepped out out of the car and moved ahead fearlessly. Seeing him gurad scared deep inside remembring his punch which make him taste the dust of road.

‘pls sir,you dont have a permission to go inside.’ his said meakly.

Maan gave a stern look and he leave his way. Maan flewed away,but he informed Geet before he entered inside. Geet ordered her maid locked the door but she getting late and Maan entered inside. Except Geet,these two lifes were existing there.

Seeing him at the door Geet moved ahead towards her room. Her maid politely trying to stop him but a a tornado like Maan wont stop by anyone. He also followed her. Geet shut her door but Maan held it in between. He forcily pulled to another side.

Geet was so fragile comparative to him. Finally she give up and Maan entred with a force. Geet glared him and Maan shut the door behind him. He also locked it and when Geet came forward to objects,Maan grasped her arm and swung her to face him.

‘back off you ********.’ Geet yelled and Maan grasped her both arms. Geet weltering in his grip for freedom and he pulled her more to himself. His warm breath is fanning on her cold face. Their struggles leads to worst. Both take a tired breaths. Geet dont in a mood of giving up and Maan forcing her to stay. Soon Geet lost her concious and faints on Maan.

Maan turn stunned and frustrated both. He lifts her up and leave her on her bed before leaving her place.

PRECAP:- ‘leave me alone’, Geet said with a dominance.

‘from now you only going to listen to me and do what i told you.’ Maan snap back to her.

PART – 5Maan and Geet both struggling with each other. Maan grasped her both arms. Geet weltering in his grip for freedom and he pulled her more to himself. His warm breath is fanning on her cold face. Their struggles leads to worst. Both take a tired breaths. Geet dont in a mood of giving up and Maan forcing her to stay. Soon Geet lost her concious and faints on Maan.
Maan turn stunned and frustrated both. He lifts her up and leave her on her bed before leaving her place. Geet’s annoying behaviour always stole his patience. He leave her only like that and waved out. As soon he left Geet’s made Maria entered and saw her uncouncious. She immediately called her doc and summoned her on this place.Maan’s car lancing the cold wind blowed against him. He was hell angry and dont having a valid reason for his recent. Meantime his cell buzzed and he recieved a call from Dev.’bro where are you?’ he sounds very tensed,knowing his brother’s attitude and rage very well.’coming back. Is anything urgent?’ Maan asked stiffly.’nai bro. I am worried. Sharma told me that you again having an argument with Geet over the designs of Institue.’ Dev talk very carefully,knowing how is brother reacts on Geet’s name.

‘ya you know her. That ***** only wants to spoil my work thats it.’ Maan fumed and his nostrils fluffered.

‘bro pls calm down and bring those designs with you. I have a solution. Please give me one chance may i able to sort out this matter.’ Dev wants to make thing smoother between them till this deal ovr at least. He knows both and how their mood swings.

Maan cuts the call and glanced in his car. Then he only realized that in hurry he forgot the file there only. He turned around his car and drove back to her villa. His fear allowed his easy entry. Making his wayhe reached to a hall area and start searching his file. Lack of servants increased his work.

While searching he hear some whispers from Geet’s room and he reminds last he was there in her room so may be his file was there. Maan rush to her room and saw doc attending the Geet with her nurse. She again drip a bottle of glucose to her.

Tense lines accquiring the place on her forehead,while giving injection to her. Maria standing next to her with a tray carrying her instruments.

‘doc,is evrything alright? She is fine na?’ Maria asked in a hope but her feared eyes showed her tension regarding Geet.

She turned around realeas her breath and glance on her face. Meanwhile Maan also came fully inside. Maria’s heart skipped many beats. Doc looked at him with anger and tension. ‘aap?’ she asked suspeciously.

‘i m MSK…’,Maan is only able to introduced his identity and Doc start scolding him.

‘what kind of a husband you are? Your wife is pregnant and vanished throughout.’ Doc scold him and Maan’s doubt shaped. He was doubted on her when he saw her on video confressing and here doc confirmed it.

Before Maan’s anger burst on Doc Maria intrupts. ‘excuse me doc he is not mam’s husband.’ she cleared as she too aware of his temper and specially of Geet.

‘oh i am sorry Mr. Khurana. So what relation you have with her?’ she asked,because she wants to talk someone regarding her.

‘leave this and first you tell me how moth pregnant she is?’ Maan smirked silightly when doc asked about their relationship. He can ans her better on some other ocassion but today he wants to confirm his all doubts.

‘she is three months pregnant.’ she told and paused for few sec glanced her back.

Maan’s brows raise and eyes widened. He lifted his shoulder in a shrug. He assured now the baby she concieving is his. This was never expecting by him. He felt as his body loosing all controls and he gonna fall any moment. Cant able to understand how he react now. His biggest rival,to whom he love to hate,now carring part of his in her. At his silence,doc moved past him and unblocked his door,mumbling under her breath. ‘Mr. Khurana please come with me. I need to talk to you.’ she said wearily.

‘wh-what happened doc?’ his lips twisted with a sad posture.

‘i am worried if she wont change her routine,she might be loose her baby. I really need to takl someone who take care of her in such a delicate situation. Mr. Khurana i really need to talk to father of a child or someone to whom she listen.’ her voice was meak and face tensed.

‘is anything serious?’, with in a second he starts feeling for that small life which is his part. Maan have no only feeling for Geet that is hatered but for that unseen life he feels concerned. This is a very amusing feeling for him that his offspring going to take birth just in few months. Many strage feelings vibrating inside her and he wont able to handle them all. What happened to him,he wanna asked to himself. He have no heart. No humanity no soft corner then why he wants safty for his baby?

He wants the baby alright at any cost. This is something which belongs to him and he cant denied. Love,affection,care these words are not found in MSK dictionary,but today he proved wrong just in a sec. The baby,he dont even know about exactly,to whom he never feels and most important he hate its mother most turn very important in his life. ‘Tell me doc,i am the father of a baby.’ Maan said strongly sending her an impatient look.’oh now i got why she avoid you. You both wont married yet?’ Doc glancing in his care filled eyes and he nodded slightly not intrested in giving ans her extra questions. ‘than Mr. Khurana mark my words,if she carry on her life like this,i mean drinking and exhausting herself unnecessarily then my dear i am afraid you both loose the baby. So pls make sure she wont drink and stressed herself for any reason.’ She said with cold look. Her eyes narowed and face bone streteched.’this damn girl will gonna kill my baby,but i wont allowed her.’ he mummered in his mouth.Doc leave with her nurse and Maan bang the railing outside in frustration. He introgate Maria hardly and she confirmed that the baby belongs to him only,because Geet had no one in her life. Now it become very necessary for Maan to make sure she wont take a single sip of alcohal. He was waiting for her to regain her concious.After two hourss Geet get back her concious. First she scanned the whole room wanna make sure that the Devil went away,but her mouth twished when she found sitting him in her bedroom.Geet’s temper raised at his glimpse. She fists her sheeet seeing him again and shout loud as she can. ‘what the hell are you doing in my bedroom?’ Geet triyng to get up but her limp body wont supports her and she again falls on her bed,but Maan supports her and save her from falling force fully. Geet hates his touch and flinch off his hands from her. Maan is stubborn too so he grasped her both arms and sat opposie to her making her glance in his eyes. Geet is weltering. ‘leave me u jerk. What you want?’

‘stopit. Stop your nonsence and listen to me evry carefully. I know you are pregnant,and this baby is mine. So from now you can only follow my instructions. I wont allowed you to harm my baby’ Maan frustrated at her stubborness and revealed everthing on her. Geet was in shock. She never wants anyone to know about her baby. But today her cold hearted enemy knows everything. The truth she hiding from past 3 months now revealed to him. She scared for once but then stabled herself and shove him away.

‘stop claming my baby ok? Sp**** donate karne se koi baap nahi bann jata. You have no right on my baby.’ she shot back. A sharp sound of anger coming from her throat.

Maan clamped his fingers on her arms and and squeezed her inwards. He pulled her her near more. Both’s beats were raised and eyes spitting fire on each other. ‘i dont give a damn care what you thought. Truth is that the baby belongs to me only and i want saftey for my baby. But your good habbits will harm my offspring so i wont alowed you to take any haste decisions understood.’ she can hear the gritting of his teeth. Maan still having no concern for her. He wants his baby’s saftey but unintentionally he hurtin Geet in his hard grip which indirectly causing harm to baby’s health.

‘ye mera baby hai. Its all mine. Or iske liye kya karna hai kya nahi wo sab main soch lungi. Tume to aaj se pehle pata b nahi tha. Us raat humare bech jo hua wo meri kamzori thi,that i allowed u to touch myself. Agr main chahti to is bachhe ko abord kar skti thi. Bacha rakhna nahi rakhna this all decisions are taken by me only. So you just keep yourself away. This baby is mine and i wont allowed anyone to interfare in my life. Specially a jerk like you.’ irritation had her surging to her feet. Her anger again start exausting her. Maria came inside and pleads for mercy to Maan.

‘sir pls leave mam you are hurting her. Pls look at her,her breath again going uneven.’ Maria tensed again.

Unwillingly Maan leave her and moved out of her room. Geet’s body temprature raise suddnely. Maria made her laid again and massaged her feet. She making her body relaxed and making her mood composed.

Geet was in frustration because after even her all tries he got to know about her baby. Geet is very possesive for her baby and dont wanna share it with anyone.

Maan reached KM and Dev asked where he was all the day? He is scared of his aggressive decisions. Maan ignored him fully. Irritation had him surging to his feet,pacing the corridoor from one end to other. He straight went to his room,loosen his attire and threw them here and there. His blood is boiling. ‘She could have been tell me before. Why she wont told me what was happening.” slumping back in his chair,Maan thinking about his baby only.

B]PRECAP :- Maan lancing the water of pool pacing his hands in water and splashed it out.
he clamping her waist and pulled her more to him. Her soft palm roaming over his bare chest,make him groweld. Geet’s arm snaked on his body and encircled his neck. He leaned and slammed his lips nibbling them hungrily.



1.why Maan and Geet hate each other so much?

Ans.Guys dont made so much assumptions. They just love to each other because both are same and equal in their intellecutual ability. Baki jo hidden hai wo slowly slowly reveal ho jayega.

2.why Meera agreed to marry Maan?

Ans. Meera is complete positive character. She is also focused on her carrier only and have no spl dreams regarding her personal life. She accepted for her family sake.

3.Is dev love Meera?

Ans. Guys wo apko sath k sath pata chalta jayega.

4. Why Dev wont voice out? Is something fishy running in his mind?

Ans. Dev is complete positive character. He is very obdient and never argued and voice out in front of Maan. Maan’s every order is lasts for him,wheather he like or not.

I hope i cleared many doubts. Still if you have any asked me i will clear those next timeSmile

PART – 6Thundering of clouds is much louder then ever which threaten any normal human being. Clouds were dark and lightned in between. Though rain’s drop is still far away from kissing the dark roads of Canada,but its sign show clearly. It can falls any time. Maan went near window and open it to length. Clouds thundering and Maan stare at them. The sound is not much different from his anger. He is boiling,reason still unaware. Soon he is going to be a father,so shall he celebrate with the news or repent on his deed beause the his offspring growing the womb of his biggest cold heart enemy. Maan wonders when she have no emotions,which he observed since he knows her,then why she turn so obsessive for a baby,which was his part. Geet was right what if she dropped it in early stages then why she didnt do it exactly. What she want in pretext of her pregnancy. Does she is planning to use his baby as her weapon against him or something more weired. Maan never trust on her intentions. He hate her and believing on Geet is next to impossible for him. Why he trust her. She is his enemy and do anything to hurt him. Whatever the reason was no matter. Right now if any thing is required attention was her health. It is very necessary for baby’s health to keep her away fromher bad habbits which is quite a toughest task ever. Geet can live without anything but not without alcohal. She drinks endlessly. On the day when both get intimated,Geet was not in her full senses.Maan’s mind is also thundering with these thoughts. Suddenly he grab a keys and moved out of his room. Dadima saw him waving out. She summoned him but he was lost in his thoughts. Ignoring any sound Maan sit in his car and race it on empty streets. Rain start falling and died its drop against the strong body of his car. His opened roof car not saves him from drenching,least he care about that. After few mins he was again standing in front of Geet’s villa. His never ending questions,doubts and restlessness bring him here again. He gave a jerk to his over tensed muscles and step inside.
He walked into the villa and looked through out. Maan hear some noise coming from the baar of the mansion. He take a strog steps there. Maria is pleading to Geet for not intaking alcochal.’leave me Maria. You know if i wont take it i wont able to sleep. My thoughts hunted me to death. Pls only one shot.’ Geet said frustratingly.’mam why dont you understand. If anything happened to this baby you will die. I know mam aap e sadma bardasht nahi kar payegi.’ She mummered in her mouth tensly.Maan overheard their convo. He went near them and signaled Maria for leaving. She is moving having fear of him,but Geet stops her.’Maria tell this moron leave my house right now.’ Geet gritted her teeth in anger. Her eyes shots spark to Maan’s sight.

‘Maria leave,i will handle her.’ Maan glared her back and commands her. Maria pissed off between both. He step forward towards her. He hel her tightly in anger. ‘stop it and listen to me.’ Maan roared and she glared him back. Geet trying to flinch off him but unable to do so. He lifts her up,though she trying hard but Maan overpowered her in a swift moment.

Geet waving her legs for freedom but his grip is very strong. She punched his chest too,hardly effected him. He take her to her room and kicked off the door behind with his leg and pushed her against the bed.

Geet trying to sat back but he hovered over her. Maan clutched her both wrists and made her pinned to mattress. Geet tilting her head and pushing him away. Maan is so aggressive this time and Geet’s behaviour annoyed him and turn him more aggressive. Seeing her out of control he too loose his control and slammed his lips on her. He was wilder then ever. This searing passion wasnt new,but it was at its peak right now. She experienced the same when last they were as close as this very moment.This desire and passion controlling her sences. Her body changes forced her to respond. Her mind wants her to shove him away but her body melting in his desire. Geet placed one hand across her lower abdomen,though she didnt fear him physically. No that had never been the problem. She feared the things he could do to her. She doesnt want any one can come closer to her. But this moment her heart turn so vulnerable to him,so fragile and easily broked if not teated with care.He felt her going limp. He broke the kiss and glance in her eyes.
 Her breathing getting harder and throat dried. Her chest falling up and down in a pace moment. ‘let me drink.i want to sleep.’ her voice lowered,deepened,while the look in her eyes went darker,her lids are heavy as she held his stare,daring him to look away.’you bet,you will.’ Maan whispered in her ear. The heat in his eyes deepened,turning them a darker brown,the skin stretched over his cheekbone flushed with color. He start placing untamed kisses on her neck and locked her hand. He knows its very necessary to make her exhaust,so she will sleep peacefully may be he wasnt sure but he wants to.Her eyes closed,tears that she couldnt hold in leaking from the corners. They were hot with emotion,with straved desires that were so tired of being hungry. Of being denied. “why do you have to be so provoking?””i havnt even started.” the sound rigid and strained like his body. She felt his heat shift closer,and opened her eyes. He bend on her face,until she could feel the physical heat of his body,the warmth of his breath..salty sweet like his taste. So close she could see the shadow of stubble on his chin,the sexy crinkles at the corners of his choclate brown eyes. She found herself swaying towards him.WARNING – 18 +

Maan took her lips and nibbled them harshly. She moaned and he invade to taste her mouth and she clenched his hair in her fists pulled him to her. Maan’s hand slipped down and start stripping off her nighty. Geet start unbuttoning his shirt. Both turn agressive and want each other. She supports him and he turn her naked. She murmmered at his touch. He said nothing in responce,only dipped his head to her neck to drag kisses along he column of her throat. One hand gently kneaded her breast,while the other began to venture lower,moving along the elegant curves of her waist and hip and thigh. He pulled down her lower garment. Geet raise and her cold fingers were struggling against the button of jeans. Maan helped her and kicked of his pants and shorts in a swift moment. Maan joined her naked. Both’s body feel each other. He moved his lips over her n***** and suck them hard. He bit them hard again and again causing Geet to moan loudly at his every bite. He kissed sucked nibbled every portion of her bossoms. She could feel is hunger. His sharp nails were scratching her almost everywhere. But she liked it. She like his wildness,his passion and his desire for her. She wanted him to never stop. Now he headed to increased her pleasure. He kissed her inner thighs and slowly twirled his tongue around her core,elicting a groan from deep inside her. Her fingers fell to the sheet,convulsing on it,then relaxed,the gripped it again. He quickly inserted one of his fingers inside her and made her moan in pleasure. He slightly curved his finger inside her,rubbed her soft spot for a few seconds before adding another finger to it. She hit her orgasm. Seeing her shattred ,he couldnt hold back any onger. He entered her while she was still recovering after her first orgasm. He wasnt gentle with her,he didnt understand that at all. He had always been rough with Geet. He went all out with her,plunging into her completely in one go,claming her as his own. He thursted into her again and again as wildly and roughly as possible. They were both pushed higher and closer to that ultimate pleasure. She hold onto Maan tightly while his hands moved towards Geet’s nip*** to give her the final push. He pinched them hard into the last final time,before they shattred completely into each other arms. He made her exhaust but it wasnt end there. Maan wants her body leave all her energy.

As soon her breath get back settle again,Maan took her again for another passionate ride. They did it three times continously. Finally her body turn limp. She wont even able to move an inch. Maan covered her and automatically she slipped in his arms. Soon her lids turn heavy and she slept soon peacfully…

PART – 7Maan spent the rest of the night with her emotions careening between frustration and the churning,aching feeling in her gut that she had screwed something up. He wake with the first ray of sun shine and leave her alone with her lonliness and never ending darkness.Geet wake up still bound in droziness. She had feaver and her whole body is aching,not able to move properly. Maria came to see her. She covered her body with pure silken black nighty and gave her lime juice as per daily routine. She gave medicines to Geet. Daily the routines repeates except Maan’s involvement in her life. Geet’s head is not aching after many days. Her body is stiffed due to his roughness,so this is normal.In KM,Maan take a bath,washing out her fragrance with water,which is scenting his body. He went office and buried himself in work. Might water gave him relief of her scent but not from her thoughts. The moments of last night unknowingly making him restless. He wonder why his mind again and again diverting towards his biggest rival. It was not the first time when he his only thinking about her. The day she entered in his school,ruling over his mind. Day or night he just only thinking of defeating her. Win over her is the only aim of his life but this feelings,this is something new. Her apetite body,her perfect curves,soft smooth skin everything about her intoxicated him. He hate this tormenting flows of new developed desires. He always ignored his all desires except of leading bussiness world. He hates her and no one can change this universal truth,then what is inside him boiling now. He wants her. Wants to see her naked underneath him.Knock on his door and he his mind diverted for a while. His assistant Sharma enter to discuss about the designs. He reminds him that Geet rejects the previous one. Maan again boiled up in anger. His hatred overpowered his all new developed emotions.

‘where is Dev?’ he mummered.

‘sssir wo Geet mam se baat kar rae hai.’ he revealed and Maan rushed out banging his door behind. He entred like a stroam in Dev’s cabin while he was busy in conviencing Geet. Maan snatch the phone and take call.

‘what’s wrong with you ha? I wont change the design ok.’ he roared in fury.

‘fine and i make sure you will not able to work on that. Dont forget mine permission is also necessary for this project.’ she retroted back more louder then him and both threw their phones in mutual feeling of anger.

‘bro main baat kar raha tha na. Atlest we can ask the reason of her rejection.bro pls cool down and think wisely. Main use convience karne hi wala tha. Bro pls can you please forget you personal rivalary for this project.’ Dev softly shake his sences. Maan only see her rejection but dont try to find out the reason.

Maan glared Dev and he shut his mouth. ‘i can halde her at my own. No one can interfere between us. I know her since childhood. She only reject my approval to let me down. There is no other reason.” Maan argued. His ego hurts once again. He wont even try to make her understand. Once again his anger travelled him to her.

She was working on her laptop when he invade her room and grabbed her. Maan pulled her up and tagged against the wall. Geet’s eyes turn furious at his sight. He locked her from both sides,pinned her both hands besides her head. He is very harsh,always be. She is ghasping and Maan’s warm breath caressing her furious red cheeks. Both glancing in each other’s eyes. She is panting heavily so is Maan.

‘what is your problem? We both agreed to work together then why you wont cop up. Look i wont tolarte your face for long,so its better we finsih this project as soon as possible. Can you use your tiny brain for a change and let it finsih wisely.’ he gritted while spitting his anger filled words. He loved to hurt her,but this time he is struggling with himself too. He wants rid from the attraction he just feels these days. Maan is fooling his head only.

‘mujhe b koi shuk nahi hai tumhara chehra dekhne me. Lekin design main approve nahi karungi.’ Geet snap back strongly.

He threw her on bed and leaned over her. ‘chahti kya ho? Tell me.’

Geet shove him away and bring the blue prints. ‘see this. According to this the main gate of institute open here towards the main road of high way,where all the time heavy vechiles ran.’

‘so what? Ye isliye hi idhar rakha hai taki students aaram se travel kar ske.’ Maan argued.

‘but this not a normal road. This is a highway you creep. What if any vechile crush any student running at a high speed? Accidents bta k nahi hote life me. We cant take chance with the safty of students.’ Geet stick to her views and pointing out his mistake.

so from which side you want the exit,miss intelligent?’ He sracasmly making mock of her.’this way. This raod is small and no heavy duty came here. We made exit from this side.’ Geet pointing towards the another side on the print. Side by side she also objects some more changes for the betterment of the students.’are you crazy Geet? If we made these all changes then budget will go over our assumption.’ Maan argued more.’no issue but i dont take any chance of a child. Every student have many relations in his/her life,and dearth torned all of them. But you will never understood this.’ Geet aint less. She equally snap back with his every obejection with more determination.Maan first ever saw her getting as emotional for something,else she is famous for her ruthlessness and stone hearted person. ‘now you getting so much emotional,but that is not my concern. Which i bother is bussiness. Pure bussiness and i work on the rules of gaining profit.” Maan said coldheartedly.

‘i too love my bussiness only but this time it involves the safty of many innocent lives and we cant play with them. Tume profit hi chahiye na milega. Bas mujhe do dinn do main usi budget me naya blue print ready kar k dikhaungi.’ Geet stared in his fire emitted eyes reflecting her confidence.

‘done only two days you have.’ Maan accepted and both glared one more time before he leave the villa of Geet.

Maan went away for a very short period as soon the darkness covers the whole sky Maan arrived back. As he was afraid of,Geet again sitting in her bar. Maan snatch the glass from her hand. Geet made a disgust face seeing him back again.

‘aaj dinn me apni shakal ek baar dikha di thi kafi nahi tha jo raat b khrab karne chale ho.’ Geet threw her bitterness in for of words and blood surged through him boiled again. He only came to get her parted from her drinks.

‘i equaly hate you but mine offspring is breathnng inside you which forced me to see your bitch face again and again.’ Maan is more harsh then her.

‘this baby only belongs to me ok. Now get out of my house.’ she cautioned in a louder voice. But her eyes wont able to hide the fear she had of loosing the baby.

Maan pulled her to him.’you wont deserve anyone in life. By mistake one relation is attached with you but still you wont care of that too. Get up i wont allowed you to gulp this poision. Till my baby arrived safly you are not going to drink alchohal’ Maan taunts her without thinking how much his words pierced her soul.

‘yes you are right i wont deserve anyone. Just leave ok. I can take care of myself and my baby.’ Geet hurted badly with his words. Though they always use this slang in thier converstation but this time he said something which hurts her badly. A warm tear drop made an escape from her almond eyes,unknowingly without taking her permission. Geet is strong enough. She never showed her fears and sore to anyone sply to her enemies. Todays he said which made her weep. Geet quickly wiped off her tears not want to present herself weeker in front of him. She removed her stare in some other directiom.

Maan loves to hurt her,not today. Her few drops make him weltered too. He cursed himself for saying those harsh words and still he dont know the reason of this attraction. He glance her and quickly made a move towards her. Maan lifts her up in his arms and took her from there. Geet is wriggling and waving her legs frequently in his arms. Much she tries much he snuggled her more firmly.

‘what you want jerk?’ she roared squeezing his mouth inwards.

‘i told you already.’ Maan confirmed shortly.

‘oh so tonight again you going to slept on me.’ she said ragefully.

‘mujhe koi shok nahi. But if you want i gave u another option. We can talk for whole night,till you get your sleep.’ Maan stared her intensly and his breath fanning her lips make her shiver. He can feel every little movement done by her body.

‘we not talk if u remeber. We only fought.’ Geet reminds him in a mocking way.

He freed her and locked her room from outside. Geet patting the door sharply. ‘you monster open my door.’ Geet roared like a lion.

‘i will gave you two options when you make your choice tell me. I ‘ll open the door.’ Maan smirked and leave after teling his decision. Geet fumed and panting heavily. She threw many thing on dead door to blow out her anger,which have no use.

‘what the hell he is think of himself. How dare he locked me in my own villa.’ Geet is roaming pacely in whole room. She wants peace but his presence and actions spoiled everything. She felt irritation. now.neither she can sleep nor she can do to threw him out of her house.the option given by him is not liked by her in both choices she had to bear him which is most difficult for her.

Maan came out to inhale some fresh air. Bounded by jungle all around this place is proving very solaceful to his soul

Maan went near the pool and dropped his clothes. He try swimming to realx his tensed muscles. He is lancing the water of at full pace. Maan swimmed in whole pool. Geet is not letting him live in peace. Deeply inside he wants her. Lust swarmed in his body at he desired her underneath him. Every part of her tempting him immensely.
PART – 8Geet is fuming in her room. She is hell angry on him and his dominance,he showed on her. Geet is loosing her temper every moment. Even after breaking so many precious thing of her room she wont get solace. She is halted badly. Her body is burning with anger and she went to her window,from where she get the view of Maan coming out of the pool. Water droplets caressing his perfect abbs. Maan stroke his fingers in his messy hairs.Geet’s body changes these days make her wilder in other sensec. Her aptite body mesmerized her. She cant able to miss his glimpse. A moment before she was burning in anger but now she is burning in the aroused temptation. She gasped. She wants him,even after their rage and rivalary. Maan slanted his neck and glance her standing in the window. He chuckled seeing her rooted there. Maan stretched himself gave her the access view of him. He knows how to seduse her,sply when she have no control over herself.Maan is seducing her,but in reality he himself already seduced by her. These days she tempted him unbelievably. Maan moved towards her room. He unlocked her room and entred like a wild wind. Her room was messier then before.

Maan glance all around and then to her. He rushed towards her and clenched her both wrists. “look into my eyes. I wont came to harm you. Just leave your alchohal for next 6 months.” he whipered huskily in her ears. His lips caressing her lobes. Geet clenched her eyes in anticipation. His voice sent her a ripples of sensation. Maan leaned over her shoulder and kissed there.

 WARNING :- 18+

They were soo much involved in devouring eachother n lost their all concious.their bodies moved rythemically

Maan devour every bit of her n geet glaze him intoxcidly.the way he sucked her every femine part shuddered her voilently underneath him n then they were indluged in each others arms whole night n the room was full with there moans..

After two days Geet gave him new blue prints as she promised of. Maan trying to find any flaws in it,to let her down,but even after analysing for an hours he found no mistake in that. Reluctantly he passed the print and Dev make sure to start work as soon as possible. Dev himself visit site and scann the work in his supervision.

When Dev was busy at the site,Maan get himself engrossed in Geet. Their desires of having each other getting worst by every passing day. Their Dark Temptaion spell bound both. They both wont get enough of each other.

23 days passed,from the day construction start on the institute and gradually he become addicted of her. Every time every sec he just cant stop thinking of her and same with the Geet. Where they are just lost in their dark tempted world,Dadima was busy in the prepration of his marriage. Everyone is busy in their world and Dev is all alone. He is for eveyone but no one is for him. Daily he killed his wishes and happiness,but not showed to anyone only for the sake of his brother’s happiness.

Meera came to meet Maan on Dadima’s request. Dadima wants both spend time to know each other better. Meera set her schedule for him. Dadima also convience Maan and he agreed for his happiness. Dadima planned dinner date in some high profile hotel where they get full privacy. Both went on the venue but the moment he start talking,his phone buzzed. Geet calling him. She is getting impatient without him. Maan excused Meera and answer her call. Geet’s voice and accent told him her state of mind. Though he answer her in recentful manner but deeply inside he too wants to be with her only.

Maan lost his mind again. He cut her call and ordered Dev to be there on the place of his date with Meera. Dev get confuse why he calling him there plus he doesnt want to face her too. Dev try to denied but Maan commands him with dominance. Dev was not far away from the place so he reached with in 15 mins. In this meantime Maan wont talk her for once. He is only roaming in his wait as soon he came,Maan made an excuse of urgent work and handover Meera to Dev.

“bro is waqt kaha ja rae hai? Main chala jata hu meeting k liye.” Dev suggest politely.

Maan gave him a dreadful glare. “when i told mera jana zaruri hai that means its urgent and only i can handle that.” his voice his hard and cold.

“par bro what i will do here with her?” Dev objects his helplessness.

“cant you able to entertain your childhood friend for once?” Maan taunts. He make a move with him and apolozise. “Meera sorry but have some urgent work. Dev will drop you at home.” he told his order and leave. Not even wait for her reply. Both looking him leaving in pace moment.

“i am sorry Meera. Bro aise hi hai. Zarur koi important kaam hoga so please dont mind.” Dev apolozise on his behalf.

“its ok Dev. Shall we leave?” Meera is little bit disappointed with his rude and unmatured behaviour.

“ya sure.” Dev agreed and both start walking. Both were silent for a while but in their route Dev start his music player and she enjoyed. A smile crept on both’s lips.

“your fav song right?” Dev asked softly.

“wow how did you know that?” Meera asked in amusement.

“dont forget once upon a time we studied together.” dev teased her with a smile and lightened her mood. She hit him with his elbow. Now she completly get comfortable with him.

“have you take your meal?” she asked casually.

“not yet.” Dev told.

“then stupid why you told me there. Maine b kaha khuchh khaya hai.” she said pouting.

“hungry?” he asked and she nodded frequently. Dev smiles and turned around his car to some outlet where both enjoyed like they do in their shcool time. Meera completely forgot about Maan and his behaviour.

On the other hands Maan drove his car pace fully to reach Geet as soon as possible. He knows if he wont reached on time,Geet get out of control and no one can composed her. His fear was right. Maan’s absence making her mad and she throwing and breaking things in her mansion. Maria get scared of her anger. She only prayed for Maan to come on time and handle her or else she harm herself and baby.

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