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MAAN SINGH KHURANA – Crowned Prince of Khurana Empire, having a dynamic personality who attracts any one easily. He

beliefs only himself. Having a lot of attitude and lives at his own rules. Khurana’s eldest son age 26 years and Chairman of

Khurana Empire.

GEET HANDA – Sweet and bubbly girl. Daughter of late Viraj and Divya Handa. She love to make happy around her. Respect

and believe in Indian traditions and values. Age 23 years. 



ANNIE aka Anvesha Khurana – 3rd child of Abhinav Khurana. Very confident girl. Age 23 year old. She is a owner of Dream

Fashion House. She is a best frnd of Geet Handa… love Geet and her elder brother Maan Singh Khurana. 



SAVITARI DEVI – Eldest person of Khurana family. Having a gr8 personality. Loved her all grand children and Geet too. 



SUNAINA KHURANA – Step mother of MSK nd second wife of Abhinav Khurana. She having two children Karan and Anvesha. 



KARAN KHURANA – Second child of Abhinav Khurana 24 year old. Very arrogant and stubborn. Engaged wid Natanya

Rathore. MD of Khurana Industries 



NATANYA RATHORE – Daughter of Manthan Rathore(owner of rathore industries). Very hi-fi and irritating element to others. 



SAMEERA KHANNA – 24 year old, very modern girl and Love interest of MSK. 



ARJUN OBEROI – Very handsome and rich businessman of Mumbai. He is a hoteliar.age 27 year. 



TEJVEER AKA TEJI SINGH – Geet’s maternal cousin. A rich bussiness tycoon lived in Paris wid his wife and brother.he is very

stubborn and over protective for his family. 



PARMINDER AKA PUMMY – a very caring and sweet wife of Teji. 



LAKHVEER SINGH AKA LUCKY – a fun loving guy who loves his family and younger brother of Teji. 



ADITAYA AKA ADI -one man army and left hand of MSK. 




YASH – I wonder who???



 Today nothing new is happend. As usual Doctor came daily to see his patient. The room is filled with the same silent and dullness. Doc check the pulse first. Again his forhead filled with many lines. A girl wearing a black jeans nd red tshirt having a long hairs seems very tenced. Dont know what happend to the girl. She looked at doctor with a great hope. May be this time he gave some hope or improvement news about the girl who half laid on a bed in a cream coloured suit,like a stone. Her eyes are open but no sign of life seemed in them. Her cute face looks very dull. Her long hairs tide carelessely. She continously looking only at the pics hanging on wall opposite to her. Neither she moves nor she utter any word. She is cmpltly silent. She is not more than a vegetable,totally dependent on others. For her day or night both are same because she doesnt able to senced any thing. She dont able to listen what’s going on around hr. She caught some where in her own thoughts. Dont know when she will come out from them. 


The girl who was standing near her was her  sister in law(nanad) and from past  6months,she take care of her and desperatily waitng to hear her bhabhi’s voice once again. She is very concerned for her. She can do anything to made her alright. But her all tries fails. She change many Doctors. Arrange India’s bestest treatment for her but all in vein. As she doesnt respond to any treatment. Her dull and dry eyes have no expressions. She cant see her like dat as she is her only best frnd. She wants to see her like b4 at any cost.


 ANNIE:-kya baat hai doc aap pichhhle kai dino se roz aa rahe hai lekin Geet me koi improvement kyu nai ho rahi hai?


 She is very curious nd worried.


 Doc:-dekhiye maine pehle b apse kaha hai jab tak ye royengi nahi tab tak humare kisi bhi treatment ka koi fayada nahi hoga.kuchh b  kijiye lekin inko rulaiye. Agar ye aisi hi rahi to hume drr hai ki kahi inhe…


 But befor he compltes Annie stops him as she doesnt wanted to hear more bad news,sply for Geet,to whom she love more dan anyone.  She is not only hr bhabhi,but her childhood frnd too. With whom she share all hr happiness,worries and best moments of life. But from past 6 months she missed her so much. There are many members in a family,but Geet is d only one she relied fully. Annie is very strong girl who owned a Fashion company at her own. Her perfection and hardwork gave new heights to her company and name in Fashion World. But she still defeated when she look at Geet.


 ANNIE:- pls doc aise mat boliye. Kuchh nahi hoga ise.


 DOC:- maine kuchh new medicines likh di hai.inhe de dijiye baki jaisi bhagwan ki marzi.


 He left with servant. Annie sat in front of her. But Geet cant see her for once. Annie cupped her face.


 ANNIE:- idhar dekh meri taraf. Itna naraz hai mujhse? Pichhle 6 mahine se teri aawaz sunne ke liye taras gayi hu. Dadi bhi us dinn  se…(she stopped. Tears rolled on her cheeks continously) dekh bahot ho gaya tera ab. Bahut seva karwa li tune mujhse. Lekin ab  main thak chuki hu. Kab tak tu or dadi aise hi mujhe sataoge. Pls ek baar mujhse baat karle. I promise main teri har baat manungi. Tu  jo kahegi wahi karungi bas ek baar kuchh to bol de.


 But Geet still looking only at the hanging pics and said nothing. Annie rested her head on her shoulder. She is still crying at her  miserable condition. Dont know when she got in sleep… But Geet cant sleep properly from last six months. That day change her life completely. Geet is very bubbly and fun loving girl. Love everyone and always tries to make everyone happy around her.When she talks all around her mesmerized. No one can ever think that the same fun loving girl ever converts into a live dead


Today Khurana Mansion is decorated like a beautiful bride.All servants busy in doing a lot of work. Savitri Devi aka dadima doesnt want 2 take ny chances. All pillars covered wid flowers and lights. Path of mansion 2 main gate fully covered wid orket flowers. All members of Khurana family desperately waiting for him. Geet is too desperate 2 meet him aftr such a lon…

g time. Maan is comin back from Howards University after 10 years. Dadima and Sunaina are getting busy in
giving instructions 2 every1. Karan is sent to recieve him. He is waiting for him on deir private halipad. Anytime Maan’s jet lands on dere. Today Geet take off from Khurana Company. She is a 20% partener in Khurana Empire nd handles d marketing Department. She looks very eleagnt in red coloured khadi silk suit. Her simplicity increased her beauty more and more. She had done post graduation in management(MBA). Her parents Viraj Handa and Abhinav Khurana r best friends from childhood. Aftr dere death in plane crash,wen she was only 15,her massi decided 2 tuk her away with her 2 Paris. But Geet is vry closed to dadimaa and Annie. So she decided to stay in KM. Dadima tuk Geet away with hr and take care of her all needs. Dadima loves her like her own grandchildren. Annie too started her business recently. But in
happiness 2 meet her brother after such a long time. She too decided to stay at home. Geet look at hr wrist watch again n again.
Annie noticed hr impatientness nd teased hr.
ANNIE:Geet baar2 ghadi dekhne se wo tej nai chalne lagegi.Geet feel embarassed.GEET:Annie ki bachhi baut bolne lagi hai tu.ANNIE:achha to main kya jhoot bol rai hu? Subah se dekh rai hu teri in bechain ankho ko,kitni besabri se kabi ghadi to kabi gate ko dekh rai hai.Geet ran afte hr.GEET:tu ruk main tujhe batati hu.Annie aage aage or Geet pechhe pechhe.ANNIE:to main kya jhooth bol rai hu.wrna har time kam krne wali miss handa ne aaj off kyu liya hai.GEET:wo to tune b li hai.ANNIE:maine to bhai k liye li hai or tune?Geet stop running as she had no ans. Annie came nd slammed hr shoulder wid hr shoulder.ANNIE:bol na.

GEET:Annie kuch b.

ANNIE:ab mujhse to chupa mat.i kno u love him sooo much.ye jo teri bholi 2 aankhen hai na,sb bol deti hai..bachpan se dekh rai hu
tujhe.tu kb kya mehsoos krti hai sb pata chal jata hai muhje.

GEET:10saal ho gye Maan ko dekhe,pata nai ab kaise honge.

ANNIE:vry smart handsome nd dynamic.meri is doll k prince charming.(Geet blushed)lo tune to abi se shrmana b shuru kr diya.tb kya hoga jb Bhai tere samne honge.

Geet trembled wid d thot of meet wid hr childhood nd only love MSK. Meanwhile dadi came dere.

Dadima:bachho ab shararte chhodo Maan ka jet land ho chuka hai. Karna unhe leke pahunchte hi honge. Annie blink hr lft eye to
hr. Aftr few mins a trail of lavish cars stops at KM.frm first car guards came out nd open d door of second car.frm 3 nd 4car many high profile staff members nd few more guards came out. Frm sec car a vry handsome young man wid a dynamic personality in a black trousers with white shirt nd pure black leather jacket wearing shades on eyes with little spykes came out.he hvng a killer looks 2faints all d grls around hm. He is very eye catching frm tip to toe. MSK entred in KM followed by Karan guards nd staff members.
many hiered staff standing between d path to KM 2 welcmd hm nd showered flower patels on hm. He reached 2 d enetrance hall. Dadima cm wid pooja thal nd do arti. Maan touched hr feet nd hugged hr. She seemed so happy 2 c hm again aftr 10 years. She kissed hm.

Dadima:kaise hai humare bete?apko dekhne k liye hm kbse taras rhe the.

MSK:main b dadima ap sabko bahut miss krta tha.

He entered inside nd meet Sunaina.

Sunaina:kaise ho beta?

MSK:f9or aap?

SUNAINA:hm b thek hai.

Meanwhile Annie jumped nd hugged hm tightly.

ANNIE:wlcm bak hom bhai.

He hugged hr bak.

MSK:maine sabse zada to tujhe hi miss kia.

ANNIE:Waise koi or b hai jisne apko bahut miss kiya.(she show hm Geet)guess who is she?

MSK:who is she?

ANNIE:bhai mazak chhodo.

MSK:bt i m serious.

ANNIE:bhai ye Geet hai.

MSK coldly:kon papa k frnd ki beti?
Hello geet.

B4 she said nything 2 hm he movd 2 stairs.

MSK:i m vry tired so sham ko milta hu sabse.

Suddenly a knock on door broke Annie’s sleep nd she came out 4om hr past memories.

Sunanina:beta kya aap yaha hai?

Annie stands nd made Geet laid
properly,covrd hr nd switch off d light nd came out.

SUNAINA:beta hum apko kb se dhund rahe hai.chaliye dinner lag chuka hai.

ANNIE:aap chaliye mom main aati hu.

SUNANINA:theek hai pr jaldi ayega.

Annie nodded yes.Sunaina lft frm dere. Annie went to Dadima’s room 2 check hr. She is sleeping.

ANNIE:sister dadima ne soup piya?

NURSE:ji maine soup b de diya tha or medi b.

Annie sit near hr nd caress hr cheek lovengly.

ANNIE:pls dadima kam se kam aap to theek ho jao.

PART – IIIAnnie wnt to dinner table. Karan and Sunaina wtng fr hr. She sat wid dem. Servants strt serving food to dem. Karan is looking very disturbd. Sunaina askd hm wats d matter.

SUNAINA:kya hua Karan beta aap bahut pareshan lag rahe hai?
KARAN:mom aaj subah fir se Rathore uncle ka phone aaya tha. wo puchh rahe the ki hum logo ne kya decide kiya shadi ko lekar.Annie got angry.ANNIE:are isme puchhne wali konsi baat hai.itni b common sence nai hai unme? Hum jinn halat se guzar rahe hai,aise me hum shadi k bare me soch b kaise skte hai.Karan too get frustrated.KARAN:to tum kya chahti ho ki ab is ghar me sab jeena chhod de?ANNIE:Bhai aap itne selfish kaise ho skte ho? abi 6 mahine nai hue us hadse ko or apko apni shadi ki padi hai? Dadima ko pralytic attack hua hai us wajah se. Geet ne us din se ek shabd nai bola hai.aisi situation me aap ye sb soch b kaise skte ho?KARAN:maine pehle b kaha hai dadima ko hospital me admitt karo or geet ko pagalkhane me.Karan’s word raised hr anger 100 times.ANNIE:Bhai how dare u?khabrdar jo ye baat apne dobara boli to.ye ghar akele apka nai hai hum sabka bhi hai. Or raha swal Geet or dadi ka to unke medical expences main pay krti hu.so dis is none of ur business ki wo dono kaha rahenge or kaha nai.Sunaina seeing both create tension.so she intrupts.SUNAINA:karan pls beta shant ho jao.mr. Rathore se main khud bat kr lungi.nd Annie apne bade bhai ye bat krne ka ye konsa trika hai?ANNIE still boiling in angr:mujhe tameez sikhane k badle pehle bhai ko rishto ki kadar krna sikhaiye.

Annie left d dinnr widout eatng nythng. She went to hr room, feeling very lonly. Trying vry hard to divert hr mind.bt past injuries disturb hr alot. She saw a photo frame on hr study table. She picked dat nd hugged it.

ANNIE:main apko kabi maaf nai krungi.bahut bada dokha dia apne hum sbko.i’ll nver frgve u 4 dat.

She strt crying nd laid on hr bd. Slowly2 she caught in sleep…

“A White colourd Car running vry fast on lonly road. Hr speed increase more nd more. All tries bcmng failed to cntrl dat car.it seems dat d breaks of dat car r nt workng.it moves unctrolled here nd dere.it runs at vry hyper speed. Suddenly it falls in a deep KHAI nd blast cmpletly.”

NAHIII, Annies screams in dream nd wake up instantly due to fear. Hr body is cmpltly wet. She swetting badly.she hyperventilated. Sunaina came in hr room nd switch on d lights. She went near hr nd hugged hr. Annie’s eyes still filled wid fear. Sunaina tryng to calm down hr nd gave her water.

SUNAINA:beta r u alrite(she nodded yes) firse wai sapna dekha.(she nodded yes again) beta tu bhul kyu nai jati ye sb.kb tak khud ko takleef deti rhegi.jo hona tha wo ho chuka hai use
badla nai ja skta.beta jb tk tu apna dhyan dusri cheezo me nai lagaegi ye sapna tujhe aise hi darata rahega.

ANNIE:mom aap jo keh rahe ho wo mere bas me nahi hai.kaise bhul jao sb kuchh. Geet or dadima ki ye halat mujhse bardast nahi hoti. Unki ye halat mujhe baar baar sb yaad dilati hai.

SUNAINA:isliye to beta Karan bol raha tha ki ghar ka mahol badalne ki zarurat hai. Ek baar uske sujhav pe sock k to dekh.

ANNIE:pls mom aap bhi janti hai ki mera faisla badle wala nai hai.hm is topic pe pehle b behas kr chuke hai. Geet or dadima yahi rahenge mere paas isi ghar me.or ye mera akhri faisla hai.is topic pe ab or discussion nai hoga. Apko Karan bhai ki khushio ki itni hi
fikar hai to theek hai aap log jo karna chahte hai karie.leki meri dadima or meri best frnd yahi rahenge.

SUNAINA: ok ok calm down.ab tu subah subah gussa karke apna mood mat off kar. Kal raat ko b gusse me tune kuchh nai khaya
tha. Chal ab jaldi se fresh ho ja main breakfast lagwati hu.or ha bina khaye hi office mat chale jana.

She wnt outside. Annie got up nd went to washroom. Aftr getting change she went to see Geet,how she is. She sit near her. Due to
her new medicines she is sleeping calmly. Annie kissed on her forhead. Meanwhile her cell start ringing…

PART – IVAnnie’s phone ringing. She pick up d call, it was from Romeo, MD of Dream Fashion House.

ANNIE:ha Romio bolo kya baat hai?ROMEO:Annie sis tum kaha ho?ANNIE:ghar pe hu breakfast kar rai hu? Kya hua koi jaruri baat hai?ROMEO:Annie tum bhul gayi aaj hmari meeting hai Mr. Killawala k sath.ANNIE:oh yes wo to main bhul hi gayi thi. Romeo ek kaam karo tum ye meeting akele attend kar lo.ROMEO:nahi sis its not possible.bhul gai hume aaj unki factory jana hai.last time jo fabric aaya tha wo itna badia nai tha,isiliye ye meeting factory me rakhi hai. Is baar tm khud jake fabric check karna uske baad hi ye deal final hogi. Main 20min me waha pahunch raha hu tum bhi pahunch jao.ANNIE:theek hai Romeo main nikalti hu.Call cuts. She left from d home without eating anything. She is waiting 4 her shaffer but wen she is seeing she is getting late so she
decided to drive d car hr own. Romeo already reached to d factory nd waits 4 her. Aftr few min.she also reached to d factory. She ws just about to park d car in parking area. She by chance look someone who looks very familier
to hr. Sshe doesn’t believe on hr eyes. Howz it can b possible. Her mind ask again nd again. She followed him but soon he vanished frm her eyes. She immediately ran to meet Mr.
Killlawala. He greets her. But she was still thinking about dat person to whom she saw just a min ago.ANNIE:Mr. Killawala hum baki bate baad me discuss karenge. Abhi aap apne sare workers ko ek sath buliye.Both Romeo and Mr. Killawala r confused what she is talking about?ROMEO intrupts:Annie sis what r u saying? Hum yaha fabric dekhne aaye hai na ki workers.ANNIE:Romeo pls jo main keh rai hu wo karo. Mr. Killawala aap pls abhi k abi apne sare workers ko bulwaiye,mujhe unse baat karni
hai.Seeing no choice he agreed wid her demand. He summoned all d workers. He introdused Annie to his workers. All workers r confused.

ANNIE:dekiye main kisi ko dhoond rai hu,jise maine subah abi thodi der pehle parking area me dekha tha.so pls co operate wid me. Tell me yaha aise kitne workers hai jinke pas bike hai ya jo kisi k sath aaj bike pe aaye hai. Un workers ko chhodkar baki sab apne kaam pe laut jae. 50 workers stayed all others left. She enquired more. 40 more workers left. Only 10 remained. Annie asked their details. All 10 gave. Out of 3 match up with her requirments.

ANNIE:Mr. Killawala in 3 workers ki full details mujhe chahiye. Romeo still in confusion what exactly she wants to do. But he decide to keep quite nd wait 4 the rite time.

KILAWALA:ok miss Anvesha aap mujhe 10 min dijiye main puri detail nikalwata hu.

He gave hr all details regarding dat 3 workers.

ANNIE:Romeo abi time nahi hai tum ek kaam karo ye meeting tum kar lo mujhe bahut zaruri kaam yaad aa gaya hai. I need to go.

Annie left from dere. Romeo apolozise for the inconvience and go wid Mr. Killawala to attend d meeting. Annie straight go to the private dectative. She gave him all details and one pic.

ANNIE:ye insaan in 3 jagaho me se kahi pe bhi ho sakta hai. Mujhe is admi se judi har information chahiye.

DECTATIVE:dont worry mam apka kaam ho jayega.


She gave him a chekque. Nd went to her office. In her cabin she only thinks about morning incident.
Annie thought( aise kaise ho sakta hai. Kya wakiye me jo maine dekha wo sach tha ya sirf mera weham. O god pls meri help karo.) whole day she only think about dat man. She saw him in her thoughts again and again. Seven
days passed to dat incident. Today Annie came early in d office.

ANNIE: Tasha… Tasha.

She summoned her secratory. Tasha came inside d cabin.

TASHA:yes mam.

ANNIE:ek baat batao main tumhari secratory hu ya tum meri?

TASHA:mam aap.


TASHA:mam mera matlab hai ki aap mam hai or main apki secratory hu.

ANNIE:to mujhe meri appointments ke bare mein kon batayega?

TASHA:silly me,main bataungi mam.

ANNIE:to batao jaldi.

TASHA:oh yes silly me.
(She gave her all details of her today’s shedule) mam ye ek parcel bhi aaya hai aapke liye pata nahi kaha se. Confidential tha isliye
maine khola nahi.

ANNIE:theek hai main dekh lungi. Tum jao.

TASHA left from there…
guys finally i updated 3 parts altogether show me ur love for this ff …give me likes and comments if  i get 50 likes till tomorrow  i will try to give 2 more updates tomorrow which will clear ur alll doubts…i m sure u want to know where maan is…WinkLOL
PART – VAnnie opens d envelops. It was a

confendiential parcel frm d private dectative to whom she hired a week ago. He snd d full detail of dat person to whom she saw in a
parking area. She summoned Tasha in her cabin.ANNIE:Tasha meri sari meetings cancel kar do. Mujhe bahut hi zruri kaam se bahar jana hai.TASHA:lekin mam aaj to mittals k sath meeting hai or wo bahut zaruri hai.ANNIE:Tasha apolozise dem frm my side and do what i said to u.TASHA:ok mam.silly me.Annie lft d office. She sit in a car nd drive to d address gven by d detactive. She reached to a vry lower standard area. All people look at her car in amuzement. Annie stop the car nd askd about d address. One old man show hr d
destination. It was a very small and old house broken from many places. Its look lyk an old man who lost his all glory. She reached to dat house nd knocked on d door. A woman around 25year, simple looking,opens d door. Hr name is Radha.RADHA:ji kahiye.kis se milna hai apko?Meanwhile someone ask frm behind.YASH:kon hai bhabhi?This is d one fr whom she came here.ANNIE:namaste kya main ander aa sakti hu?RADHA:ji aaiye.

She came inside. Yash is busy in playing wid 5 year old Akash.

RADHA:ji kahiye apko kya kaam hai?

ANNIE:dekhiye aap log mujhe nai jante lekin main aap logo ko janti hu. Mera naam Anvesha hai. Dream Fashion House meri hi company hai. Apke pati mr. Sham Mr. Killawala ki factory me kaam karte hai na,main unhi ki client hu.

RADHA:oh achha,lekin ye abhi ghar pe nahi hai apko factory jana padega.

ANNIE:ji darhasal mujhe sham ji nahi Mr. Yash se kaam hai.

Radha getting confused.

RADHA:Yash bhaishab se. Lekin yash bhaisahab to us factory me kaam nahi karte.ye to dusri…

ANNIE:janti hu yash steel factory me kaam karta hai.


ANNIE:lekin mujhe inhi se kaam hai. Mr. Yash kya main aapse akele me kuchh bat kr sakti hu?

YASH:dekhiye aap kon hai main nai janta.par apko jo b baat karni hai bhabhi k samne bolie.

RADHA:koi bat nahi bhaisahab aap dono baat kijiye tb tk main chai nashte ka intzam krti hu.

She tuk her son inside wid hr.

YASH:boliye madam kya kaam hai apko mujhse?

Annie told him what she wanted hm to do.but he refused her proposal completely. Annie offers him high price money,bt he denied nd ordered hr to leave frm dere. Annie still hv a hop. She gve hr no to hm nd cam out.Yash closd d door. Radha cam out wid tea nd snacks.

RADHA:are wo chali gai?

YASH:ha bhabhi.

RADHA:ye ameer log bhi bade ajeeb hote hai.

YASH:chhodo bhabhi.

Annie knows vry well dat one dy he cme to hr as he realy needs money. Sham nd Radha hv a
child named Aksh suffered frm lungs infection. Dey need 2lakhs 4 his treatment. Hs condition trun worst evry dy. All tries of Yash nd sham to arrange money goes in vain. Today doc gave ultimatum to Sham if dey delayed more it will harmful 4 him, yash got to know about dis. Seeing no other option he decided to accept the proposal of Annie. He calls her immediately. She arranged a meeting and told him dat she is coming to meet him. Annie tuk Adi wid her nd went to him. She pick up Yash and all 3 went to safe and lonely place. Adi was in huge shock aftr looking Yash. Adi whispered to Annie.

ADI:Annie soch lo kya ye theek hoga?

ANNIE:Adi bhaiya mere paas dusra or koi option nai hai or iss kaam me apko mera sath dena hi hoga. Ye Dadima or Geet dono ki zindagi ka sawaal hai.

ADI:theek hai Annie main tumhare sath hu.

Annie show one pic to Yash.

YASH:ye to meri tasveer hai lekin yaad nahi aa raha kab ki hai.

ANNIE: ye pic tumhari nai mere bade bhai Maan singh khurana ki hai. Ab yahi banna hai tumhe. Tum taiyar ho MSK banne k liye?


ANNIE:MSK yani Maan Singh Khurana, Khurana Groups of Industries k chairman or mere bade bhai the.Ek car accident me 6 mahine pehle unki maut ho gayi. hume to unki laash tak naseeb nai hui itna bhayank blast hua tha. Is sadme se mera pura parivar bikhar gaya. Dhere 2 hum sb to sambhal gaye lekin Dadima or meri frnd Geet jo maan bhai ki patni thi aaj b us sadme se bahar nai nikal ske.ye khabar sunte hi dadima ko attack aaya or wo paralysics ka shikar ho gai.or Geet uski to duniya usi pal me tham gai hai. Us dinn se na to usne kuch kaha na react kia hai.na din ka hosh hai na raat ka. Na kuch sunti hai na kuch bolti hai. Agar kuch pata hai to sirf ek naam Maan. Pura dinn deewar pe lagi bhai ki
foolmala chadi tasveer ko dekhti rehti hai. Saanse chal rahi hai magar unka ehsaas nahi hai. Ek zinda laash bann gayi hai. Doc se bahut ilaaz karwaya lekin unka kehna hai jab tak wo royegi nahi wo theek nahi ho sakti. Isliye main chahti hu ki tum bhai k roop me uske samne jao taki wo

kuch react kare. meri Dadima or Geet ko theek karne k liye unka maan unhe lautana padega…
PART – VIYASH had many que.in his mind.

YASH:agar Geet Maan ki patni hai uss se itna pyar krti hai to aap samjh skti hai ki aage jakr kitni prob ho skti hai.ANNIE:dont worry bhai or Geet ka rishta ek normal pati patni jaisa kabi nai tha. Geet bhai se bahut pyar krti hai. Bachpan se hi bhai main or Geet ek sath hi khelte the. Fir bhai bahar padne chale gye. Geet unke intzar me jee rai thi. Lekin jab wo laute tb sb badal chuka tha. Maan bhai ki soch badal chuki thi. Unka behaviour Geet k liye totaly change ho chuka tha,coz wo ab Sameera ko chahne lage the.main or Dadi to Sameera ko bilkul pasand nai krte the. Maine Geet ko warn b kiya lekin wo masoom hamesha kehti k Maan ki dost hai so y should we nt accept hr. Firr ek dinn bhai ne Sameera k sath shaadi ki baat hum sbke samne rakhi. Dadi ne use reject kar dia or bhai ko dad ka diya promise pura krne ko kaha jo dad ne Geet k papa ko tb dia tha,jis din wo paida hui thi,ki Geet khurana khandan ki bahu or Maan ki patni banegi. Maan bhai naraz ho gaye. par dadi ki tabiyat ki wajh se unhe jhukna pada or na chahte hue bhi unhone Geet se shadi kr li. Dono shadi k bhandhan me bandh to gaye,lekin bhai ne Geet ko patni ka darza kabi nai dia. Ulta wo Geet se pehle se b zada naraz rehne lage.. Usse nafrat karne lag gaye. Sameera k sath shadi na hone ka zimmedar bhai Geet ko mante the. He nvr missed a chance 2 irritate and humilate her. Ek baar to unhone Geet k samne Sameera ko…(she stop suddenly remembering those painful memories nd closed hr eyes tightly). Geet chuchap sab sehti rai. Usne kabi family membrs ko ye show nai hone dia Ki bhai ka behaviour uske sath kaisa hai. Yaha tak ki mujhe b nai. Hume to sari sachhai tb pata chali jb shadi k 6 mahine baad hi bhai Geet or hm sabko chhodkar Sameera k sath rehne chale gaye. Sabne unhe samjha kr ghar wapis lane ki koshish ki,lekin wo sirf Sameera ka sath chahte the. Bhai ne Geet ko divorce dene ka mann bana lia tha. Fir wo manhoos dinn aaya. Us dinn bhai or Geet court jane wale the par kuchh baat ho gai or bhai akele hi chale gaye or fir bas ek call aaya jisne ye news di ki bhai ab iss dunia me nahi rahe. Unki car gehri khai me girne k baad buri tarah blast ho chuki thi. Ye news
sunte hi Dadimaa ko attack aaya or uske baad neck down pralysis ho gaya. Or Geet us dinn k baad aisi khamosh hui ki aaj tak boli hi
nai.YASH:to ab aap mujhse kya chahti hai?ANNIE:main in dono ko theek karne k liye tumhari help chahti hu.tum hi ye kaam kar sakte ho coz tumhari shakl hu ba hu bhai jaisi hai.Yash:lekin jhooth to jhoot hota hai ek dinn to samne aa hi jayega.ANNIE:DADI Theek ho jaye to unhe main sambhal lungi or Geet k theek hote hi main use yaha se kahi durr bhej dungi. Lekin usse
pehle tumhe Geet ko torture karna hai.Yash shocked what she is sying…YASH:matlab? Main kuchh samjha nahi.ANNIE:matlab tum b Geet se bad behave karoge jaise bhai karte the.use itna zada preshan karoge taki wo bhi bhai k bina jeena seekh le. Ek baar ye ho jaye firr tumhara kaam khatam. Fir kam se kam wo apni zindagi ek naye sire
se shuru kar sakegi. Or use b koi aisa milega jo use pyar karega she deserve best loving and caring man in hr life.YASH:or us Sameera ka kya? Maan k wapis aane k baad wo b to aayegi mujhe maan samjh kr mere pas.ANNIE:wo ab nai aayegi coz abi 2 hafte pehle hi usne India k mashoor hoteliar Deepak oberoi k iklote bete Arjun oberoi se engagement kar li hai.main to hamesha se janti thi ki use bhai se koi pyar nai hai. She is only after his money… Listen Yash ab se agle kuchh mahino tak tum Adi bhaiya k sath rahoge. Maan ko family walo k alawa agr koi janta hai to wo hai Adi bhaiya.wo tumhe MSK banne me help karenge. Or apni family ki tension mat lo unhe 10 lakh cash pahuncha diya hai or jaise hi kaam khatam hoga 50 lakhs or mill jayenge. Or ha ek or baad ab se
tumhe yash nai Msk banna hai to shave mat krna dont shave ur stuble okk.Annie whispered in Adi’s ear and left from there. And Yash moved with Adi…

PART – VIIAdi start his traning. He teach d way he should talk nd walk. What are hs lyks nd dislyks. Hs fav brands,hs eating habits nd most imp how to copy hs signature. Adi also told hm about hs company’s staff nd colouges. Spl trainers r

also hired to trained hm. On other hand Annie was desperately waiting 4 him to b turnd into a Msk as soon as possible. 3 months passed.Today all r very busy in KM as Karan’s wedding going to b take place. Karan nd Natanya r vry happy nd dere families too. Annie attends d weddng bt havng no intrst in dat at all. Many rich nd high profile people r cming to attend d ceremony. All r busying in gvng poses in front of cameras as all media came here to covered dis high profile wedding,nd taking d pleasure of such a grand ceromony. Adi also vry busy in dat. as he got little time he went to Annie nd told hr dat Yash is now ready to fit in shoes of Msk. Annie got a big relief listning dis news. Both decided to go Adi’s place as soon as dey gt rid of all dis. All night spend in entertaning d guests. Nxt day when doli came
in KM,Annie went to c Geet and Dadima. Sunaina ordered Karan nd Natanya dat dey also take blessings frm Dadima. Both go to hr nd take hr blessings by touching hr feet. Then dey cm out nd get busy in doing other rituals.
Annie go wid Adi to meet him. Wen she look at him she was in gr8 shock. She cant believe on
hr eyes. 4 a min.she also thought he is her bro Msk. He dressed up like Maan nd hs aacent totally changed.ANNIE:wow Adi bhaiya u hv done a marvellous job.(she take hs test and he succeded) wow ab koi nai keh sakta ki ye Msk nai hai.ADI:bs ab ye sochna hai ki ise ghar me entry kaise dilwani hai.coz sb puchhenge ki agr Msk zinda tha to ab tk ghar kyu nai aaya? Or pichhle 9 mahino se wo kaha tha?Annie:wo tension nai hai.maine soch lia hai wo kaise hoga. She told her plan to both nd go back to KM. In evng Yash came wid a hired actor. All people in KM got a huge shock seeing him. Dey just
cant believe dat he is Msk. Dat actor told dem dat he saved hm frm dat deep hollow in which hs car falled nd due to memory loss he doesnt able to tell nythng abot himslf. Bt now he remember everything. So he is dere now.YASH:mom main hi Maan hu apka beta.agr main mara hota to meri lash milti.lekn aisa nai hua. Coz main zinda hu.KARAN:hum ye kaise maan le k tmi bhai ho unke koi hum shakl nai?YASH:jo chahe puchh lo coz ab mujhe sb yaad hai.Dey asked many que& he gav correct ans to evry1. Meanwhile dont know how but his voice create som magic. Geet came down aftr such a long period, she moves on hrslf. All were surprized seeing her. She ran down nd
hugged Yash tightly.bt b4 dey could say smthng, she falls down on floor. “Geeet” All screams.
Annie came nd hold hr.ANNIE:Karan bhai GEET ko uske room me le chaliye.Karan nodded nd scooped her in his arms nd placed Geet in hr room. All family members
including Yash go dere. Annie called doc. Doc came. All r vry tensed,as she is still unconcious.DOC:kya hua tha?

Annie told him how she moved nd react aftr seeing hm. Doc check hr properly.

DOC:dekhiye ghabrane ki koi bat nai hai.infact dis is a good sign for us. Ye ldka Maan hai ya nai wo to pata nai lekn agr ye Geet k aas paas rahega to i m sure wo bahut jald pehle ki tarah normal ho jayengi. Maine injection de diya hai. Thodi der mein inhe hosh aa jayega. Ab main chalta hu.

Doc go from dere. All came in hall again.

KARAN:ab iska kya karna hai?

SUNAINA:isne jo b jawab diye wo sare sahi the.

ANNIE:mera ek sujhav hai ise yahi rehne dete hai. Sath rehne se do fayde honge. Ek to Geet
or Dadi ma theek ho jayenge. Dusra hume sath rehne se pata chal jayega ki ye asli hai ya nahi.

KARAN:aise kaise hum ise yaha rehne de sakte hai?

SUNAINA:nai beta Annie theek keh rai hai.

KARAN in angry tone:matlab ye yaha rahega?

SUNAINA:Ha jab tak sach ka pata nahi chal jata tab tak ye yahi rahega.

KARAN:theek hai rakho ise ghar par. Lekin office se ye durr hi rahega or ye mera akhiri faisla hai.

SUNAINA:ha ye theek rahega. To mr jo b ho tum,yaha reh sakte ho jab tak sach samne nai aata.

Annie sighd as her plan works…
All went to their rooms. Yash went to see dadima…

PART – 8Yash goes to Dadima. Her eyes clearly show how much happy she is aftr seeing him alrite. As she cant able to speak but her face

expressions shows everything. She tries very hard to speak.YASH:dadima pls aap khud pe zor mat daliye.main yahi hu apke pas or ab apke pas hi rahunga.(he hold hr hand in his own) i promise dadima aaj k baad main apko akela chhod k kahi nai jaunga.He caress at her forhead. Today Dadi felt so relaxed. Yash made her sleep again. When he came out Annie summoned him in her room.ANNIE:abi tak to sab theek hai lekin aage ki rah bahut mushkil hai so jo bhi karna soch samjh k
krna. Har kadam fuk2 kr rkhna hoga.YASH:aap fikar mat karie main apko shikayat ka koi mauka nai dunga.ANNIE:or ha ek or zaruri baat glti se b apni hadd par mat krna. Tum Maan bhai hone ka natak kar rahe ho,Geet k sath ek hadd me rehna.
Understood?wrna mujhse bura koi nai hoga.ab jao Geet k pas baitho.Yash moved to his room. Meanwhile Geet got concious nd gt feared not seeing hm in d
room. “MAAANNN”,she screams his name in fear. Yash is at d door. He hear her voice.he isntantly get inside.she breathed very hard. Yash went to hr and sat in frnt of her.YASH:what happened Geet?She immediately hugged hm. She crying conti. Yash feel very awkward as she hugged him very
tight.YASH:kya hua Geet,koi bura khwab dekha kya?She hugged him more tightly.GEET:ap pehle promise karo aap kahi nai jaoge.

YASH:ha Geet daro mat main yahi hu.ek kaam karo tum so jao.

But Geet dosnt want to leave him. Yash loosen her grip and maid her laid properly. As he start to move Geet hold his hand and put it under her head. Yash unwillingly sat dere again. She slept. Whole night pased but Yash was sitting near her head in d same position as Geet not allowed him to go. She still sleeping on his hand.

Yash thought:wah beta pehle hi dinn tera band baj gaya aage pata nahi kya kya hoga.

He again tries to move his hand nd finaly he sucessded. He came down nd greet evryone bt except Sunaina no one talk to him. Annie went to c Geet. Geet also wake up. Annie hugged her.

ANNIE’s eyes wet slightly c her normal after such a long time of nine months:i m vry happy to c u back.

GEET:main kaha gayi thi,main to hamesha se hi tere pas thi?

Annie realize dat may b she is nt remembering those painful 9 months.

ANNIE:achha ye bata b.fast me kya khayegi?

GEET:Annie Maan kaha hai?

ANNIE:hey bhagwan is ladki ki to sari baat bhai se shuru hokar bhai pe hi khatam ho jati hai. Meri maa bhai sbke sath neche baithkar b.fast kr rahe hai. Ab tu b kuchh kha le warna aaj main office bina khaye hi jaungi.

GEET:kyu bina khaye kyu jayegi?

ANNIE:coz tu nai khayegi to main b nahi khaungi.

GEET:tu kabi nai sudhregi hai na? achha main fresh hoke aati hu fir dono sath me b.fast karenge.

Geet went to washroom. Annie felt extreame happiness aftr such a long time. Both eat together…
One week passed. Slowly2 Geet start recovering. Yash still hav to prove Sunaina nd Karan so he decided to gave reception party
for Karan and Natanya. Both were in amuzement.

NATANYA:jab hum tume Maan veerji mante hi nai hai to tume kya zarurat padi hai ye sab karne ki?

YASH:ab tm dono mano ya na mano lekin bada bhai hone k nate mujhe tumhe kuchh gift to dena hi hai so i decided to throw a rocking party for both of u. Jisme mere or tumhare sare frnds invited honge.

Natanya want to said somthing but Karan stops her.

KARAN:theek hai hume tumhara ye gift manzoor hai.

Both go in dere room.

Natanya:Karan aap jante hai ki ye ek froud hai firr bhi apne uska proposal accept kar liya.

KARAN:jaan relax maine bhi use accept nahi kiya hai.lekin uske aane k baad se company ke shares ki value firrse bad gayi hai. To humare liye bhi achha hai ki ye yaha rahe or firr ghar pe rahega isme koi harm bhi nahi hai.

NATANYA: are you sure?

KARAN:Ofcourse dear. Waise bhi jab party mein or log iss se milenge to unhe bhi yakeen ho jayega ki MSK laut aaya hai. Or firr humari company k shares or up ho jayenge. So pls party me normal behave karna.

She hugged him.

NATANYA:ok as u said.

Both smirked…

PART – 9As per Annie’s instructions, Yash maintained proper distance wid hr,nd she doesnt feel awkward as she is use to wid dat kind of a coldness. So she nver complaints. Both were keep silent in their

room. Bt she had a relief dat Maan is perfectly fine nd Yash doesnt know on wat topic he made discussion wid hr. So both keep silent mostly. Wen Annie got to know abot d party she summoned hm.ANNIE:wat d hell r u trying to do? Ye party ka kya drama lagaya hai?YASH:aap hi ka kaam kar raha hu.Annie doesnt get hm wat he is trying to do.ANNIE:kya matlab?YASH:main ab Maan hu to us hissab se apne chhote bhai ki wedding pe use gift dena to banta hai na.bas isiliye ye party rakhi. Or Adi ne b bataya tha ki Maan ko parties ka bahut shauk tha.Annie agreed wid hm.ANNIE:yes u r rite.tum ye party kr
sakte ho. Party k sare arrangements main kar dungi. Or ha pls is party me bahut hi high
profile log aayenge so behave lyk a gentlman in frnt of dem.YASH:dont worry i’ LL handle.ANNIE:good ab tm jao mujhe abi or b kaam hai.Geet also kno abot party so she go to Annie to discuss wid hr.GEET:Annie main b teri help karungi party organize krne me.

ANNIE:nai Geet abi to tu puri tarah theek b nai hui hai or itna stress. No way.

GEET:pls Annie main bore ho jati hu pls.

Annie cant say no to her.

ANNIE:achha baba theek hai tu karle sare arrangements.

Geet felt happy

GEET:achha sun Maan ko mat batana ki sb maine kiya wrna wo gussa ho jayega.

Annie cupped hr face.

ANNIE:meri cutie ka hukum sar ankho pr.

Both smiled nd hugged. Geet get hrslf busy in d party’s arrangements. She make sure dat
Maan dont kno about dis as she doesnt want to make hm angry. She do best to make dis party rocking nd lavish. Bt Yash saw hr
working fr a party. On d day of party all dressed up so beautifully. All went to party hall in Grand Hotel,owned by Arjun Oberoi.

YASH:wow mam apka taste to bahot achha hai.itni shandar party to maine pehli baar dekhi hai.

ANNIE:first of all font call me mam here,ny1 can listen nd secondly,
ye arrangmnt maine nai Geet ne kie hai.or uska taste bahut classy hai. Ab suno aaj yaha bhai k frnds b aayenge to tumhe bahut sambhal kr rahna hoga. Or ha Sameera bhi aayegi aaj party me, coz ye hotel Arjun ka hai.

YASH:dont worry abot hr.waise is party me family k sare members hai par jisne itni mehnat ki hai wo khud gayab hai. I mean Geet kyu nahi hai is party me?

ANNIE:kyunki ye party Msk ki hai.

YASH in confusion:to?

ANNIE:actually shaadi k baad mom ne bhai or Geet k liye aisi hi party throw ki thi. Bhai k sabi frnds ko invite kia tha.(she start
telling hm what happened dat day…)
On dat day all friend of Msk and Sameera ws also invited by bhai in dat party. Geet also came to attend it. But seeing hr in his party
Msk’s blood start boiling. He dragged hr in a corner nd scolds her badly.

MSK:tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? Tumhari himmat kaise hui meri party mein aane ki.yaha mere sare friends aaye hai or tume dikha kar main humilate nahi hona chahta.

GEET:lekin Maan ye party to hmari recception ki khushi mein di hai.

Maan fumed more.

MAAN:mujhe or gussa mat dilao.tumse shadi karke waise hi meri zindagi kharab ho chuki hai.ab kam se kam kuchh pal to shanti se jeene do. Meri ek baat achhi tarah se samjh lo aaj ke baad meri kisi b party mein apni ye manhoos surat mujhe kabi mat dikhana ab dafa ho jao yaha se…

Annie turned silent for few moments…

YASH curiously asked more:Annie mam ek baat puccho aapse agar
ap bura na mane to?

ANNIE:ha puchho.

YASH:lekin apko ye sab pata kaise chala.apne kaha tha ki Geet kabi kisi se kuchh nahi kehti thi yaha tak ki apse bhi nahi.

ANNIE:Geet kuchh nahi batati thi ye sach hai lekin main sab janti thi. Wo meri best friend thi isiliye main us par nazar rakhti thi. Us dinn bhi jab bhai use daant rahe the main wahi thi. Chhupke sab dekh rahi thi.

YASH:apne Maan ko roka nahi?

ANNIE:kaise rokti. Geet kuch batati to main bech me padti. Anyways i think ab tumhe bhi Geet se waise hi behave karna shuru kar dena

YASH:lekin Geet abhi bhi beemar hai aise me mentaly torture karna kya theek hoga?

ANNIE:i know she is weak,dats y i m asking u to start it now. wo jitni jaldi bhai ke moh se bahar aa jaye wahi achha hai uske liye.

YASH:theek hai jaisa aap chahti hai waisa hi hoga.

PART – 10

ALL r enjoying d party. Sunaina take Yash 2 stage were she wants 2 test hm,wheader he recognize d guest or not.Bt Yash is a real player.He was fully trained 4 dese kinds of bouncers. He greet all d guests hmself wid
deir identies. All3Sunaina, Karan and Natanya were amuzed seeing dat he actually knows evryone personaly. Suddenly he saw Sameere coming towrds d stage. Sunaina wants 2 grab d situation. She wanted 2 know now what he do. How he reacts? She cm nd gave gift 2 newly wed.

SUNAINA:Maan beta ine to aap achhe se jante hi hai to introduction ki koi zarurat nai hai.

Yash’s eyebrow notted.

YASH:ise main kaise bhul sakta hu.

He grabbed hr arm nd take hr to another side.

SAMEERA:How dare u touch me?

YASH:to ab tumhe mere chhune se b prob hai? Pehle to tumhe mera touch bahut achha lagta tha ab kya ho gaya?

He hold hr waist nd dragged against hm.

SAMEERA:I dont know k tm kon ho. Or agar abhi k abi tumne mujhe nai chhoda to tumare liye achha nai hoga.

Yash looked in er eyes angerily.

YASH:kya karogi?

SAMEERA:tumhe shayad pata nai lekin ye hotel mere fiance ka hai to main bahut kuchh kr skti hu.

YASH:itna hi pyar tha mujhse jo 6 mahine bhi nai lage naya rishta jodne me?

SAMEERA:tm Maan nai ho jo mujhse aise swal kr rahe ho. Or agar 1% main maan b lu k tmhi
Maan ho,to jab tm shadi kr skti ho to main bhi engagement kr skti hu. Kam se kam Arjun tumhari tarah double standard maintain nai karta.

YASH:lekin kya wo ye janta hai ki na jane kitni rate or dinn b tumne meri baho me kate hai.

He smirked. Sameera got angry too.

SAMEERA:bahut bolte ho. Bt 4 ur kind information he know eyerythng. Now leave me rite now.

Yash loosen hs grip over hr. She threw hs hand 4m hr nd left frm dere. Annie saw all dis. She steps towards hm.

ANNIE:ye sab kya…kya kar rahe the tum?

YASH:Annie mam aap b impress ho hi gai na meri performance se?


YASH:mtlab ye ki Sameera ko dekh kar Maan kaise react karega yahi apki mom dekhna chahti thi to maine unhe dikha diya.

ANNIE:tum uske sath jaise bate kr rahe the 1pal k liye to laga jaise bhai ko hi dekh rahi hu.

YASH:ab isi baat k to paise le raha hu.agar ab b Maan na lagu to kya fayda itni traning lene ka.

ANNNIE:wow ab mujhe pura yakeen hai ki jo main tumse krwana chahti hu tum wo kr sakte ho.

YASH:thank u.

Meanwhile hr phone start ringing. Annie ans d call. It ws frm Romeo.

ROMEO:Annie sis 1 emergency hai,wo hmare client hai n Mr. Mittal wo kal Paris ja rahe hai isiliye jo meeting kal honi thi wo aaj or abi krni padegi.

ANNIE:lekin aise kaise wo time change kr skte hai?

ROMEO:Annie bat ko smjho wo paris ja rahe hai wo b 1 mahine k liye. Agr aaj meeting nai hui to baat 1 mahine tak tal jayegi. Maine Pandeyji ko b inform kr dia hai wo pahunchte hi honge.main b pahunchne wala hu tm b pls
pahuncho.adress maine sms kr dia hai tumhe.ok bye.

Annie cuts d call nd dialled 2Adi nd inform hm dat she is leaving due to sm urgent work so he reched to d party as soon as possible. Coz she wnts to make sure if he done ny mistake Adi cover up immediately.

ANNIE:Yash mujhe 1 bahut impo.meeting k liye jana padega pr tm tension mat lena.maine Adi se baat kr li hai wo bas aate hi honge tab tak concious rehna.

He nodded. She left d party hall. All enjoying d party nd danced wid deir partners. He feels alone nd awkward. He scanned evry where. Suddenly he saw Geet,who dressed soo beautifully nd luks vry eligant in white shifffon saree. Hr innocent face attracts ny1. She is trying 2 hide hrslf behind ! pillars. She luks worridely evrywhere,as she also had a fear if Maan caught hr he scolds hr badly. Both’s eyes met she afraid alot nd try 2 escape frm dere. Yash remembered Annie’s instruction. So he ran aftr hr nd grabbed hr arm nd dragged forcly in2 d party hall. Geet begged.

GEET:Maan pls mujhe jane dijiye.main apki party kharab karne nahi aayi thi.

He pulled hr towards hm.

YASH(rudly):do u think i m a fool.tume samjhaya tha na meri parties se durr rehna. Firr kyu ayi tm yaha? Or to or ye ghatia party b tumne hi arrange ki hai. Tumne kya socha ki mujhe pata nai chalega.

Her eyes turn wet.

GEET:i m sorry Maan i dnt wnt 2 hurt. Main to sirf Annie ko help kr rai thi.i evn dnt wnt 2 cm in d party lekin mummyji ne kaha ki aaj ki party me sare family members ko hona chahiye. Trust me Maan main b yhi chahti thi ki yaha se jitni jaldi ho sake chali jao taki apko koi takleef na ho.

Yash:ye acha hai1 to galti karo or firr bahana bana do.

Geet:main janti hu tm mujhse bahut nafrat krte ho.isliye meri kisi b baat ka yakeen nai karoge(tears rolled on hr cheeks). Lekin trust me Maan maine kabi tume hurt krna nai chaha.aaj b agar tum mujhe na dekhte to
main yaha nai hoti ghar chali gayi hoti. Tum mujhse nafrat krte ho lekin main to tumse pyar krti hu or kabi wo kaam nai karungi jisse
mere pyar ko takleef pahunche. U hates me but i love u.

Geet’s tears make hm uncofrtable.He melts nd freed hr instantly. ‘

PART – 11

Yash freed Geet. Geet moved from dere,but stopped by Yash. (music starts). All couples came on the dance floor but spot light covers

only Yash nd Geet. Yash pulled Geet towards him. He put his one hand on her waist nd crushed her in his fingers. He feeled her soft skin and she feels sensation running in her body. This was the first time when his touch doesnt hurt her. He rubbed his palm very softly on her waist and hold her
hand in his another hand. Both looked in each other’s eyes. Dance started…SHOLO SI SHOLO SI TERI ANKHO KI YE ROSHNI,
MERE LIYE HAI BAS MERE LIYE..(2)Yash nd Geet dancing passionately. Dere bodies rubbed against each other in very arousing way.SAMJHO MERA JO ISHARA HAI…
TUJHKO PATA HAI SAB TERE LIYE HAI…Maan twist hr and den bang her 2 his chest.Both completely lost in each other…HAS K DIKHA DO DEEWANE KO,
MERE LIYE HAI BAS MERE LIYE HAI…Yash lifts her rotate her so passionately. Both forgot evry thng. People around dem start
moving frm d dance floor as dey covers d whole floor. Dance floor was on fire with d heatness and temptation they create wid their dance moves. She trembled with his touch on her body everywhere as his hands explore her every where. Both completely lost in each other. Every eye in the party stuck on them. Both hyperventilated. Suddenly Yash
got his concious that what he is actually doing. He just not supposed to do that,he realized.He leave his grip over her and free her. He left the Geet and party hall immediately and go outside to calm down himself. He trail his fingers in his hairs and trying to come out from the moment. He is very confused why he do that. He caught her to torture her then
why he danced with her like that. Why her tears disturbs him so much. All questions made him mad and caught in his own thought he walked uncounciously and hit with Adi.ADI:are Yash tum yaha kya kar rahe ho party to andar chal rahi hai na?Yash doesnt gave any answer. Adi gave a shake to him. He got stabled.YASH:ha wo ander kuch acha nahi lag raha tha to main bas hawa khane chala aaya tha.Adi smiled.

ADI:ab agar hawa kha li ho to kya hum andar chal skte hai? Dekho pareshan mat ho main aa gaya hu na ab tumhe pareshan hone ki koi
zarurat nahi hai.

Both came in party hall. Geet was still standing at the dance floor as she was still caught in that magical moment. Spot light was only on her. Yash look at her. Adi was very confused looking Geet in the party. Suddenly Yash look
upwards and the view filled his heart wid fear. Reason is a very heavy Chandelier was just a few inches far from Geet’s head. without wasting a sec he ran to her and pulled her from dere. He envoloped her in him and fallen on d dance floor nd Chandelier too falls near dem nd broken in many pieces. Geet saved as she enveloped inside his arms. All
lights turned on immediately. Sunaina Karan and Natanya reached to dem. Sunaina hold Geet and Yash get up in anger nd called d manager.

SUNAINA:beta aap doni theek to hai na?

Geet nodded but Yash is boiling. Both manager and Arjun came dere. Yash is fuming and caught
d collar of Arjun.

ARJUN:Maan pls relaxed,it was just an accident nd apolozise for dat.

Yash’s eyes turn red in anger.

YASH:accident hai ha.or sorry bol k tumhari resposibility khatam ho jati hai. Adi seeing he is getting out of cntrl.he trying to calm down hm bt he is boiling in anger.

ARJUN:i kno Maan k galti humari hai,lekin shukr hai ki sb theek hai.

YASH:Agar aaj waqt pe nai aata to wo chandelier Geet pe gir jata.use kuchh ho jata to kon zimmedar hota?

ARJUN:Maan she is alrite na?

YASH:tumhare staff ki laprawahi ki wajah se aaj meri patni ki jaan ja sakti thi. Tumhare liye ye mamuli baat hogi lekin mere liye nahi hai.
Or tumhe main chhodunga nahi.

He was very angry and not listining to any one. Suddenly Sunina called him.

SUNAINA:Maan chhodiye unhe idhar aaiye.dekhiye Geet k pau me chot lagi hai.ise jaldi doc k pas leke jana hoga.

Yash forgot his anger listening about Geet’s injury. He leave Arjun nd came to c her. A piece of glass pierced in hr foot,when Chandelier falls on floor. Her foot is bleeding
badly. Yash forgot all other things except her injury. He immediately wrapped his henky around hr wound. Then he scooped her in his arms and walked out from the party…

PART -12

GEET is in his arms. At dis moment she forgot all about her pains. She only wants to stay forever like dis. Yash’s heartbeat is running very fast,which is feeled by her too. This was the first time when she feeled his concern for her. She actually love her pain and injury,coz of her pain hr Maan take so much care of her. He made he

sit in a car comfortably and called d doc. He ordered him to reached KM as soon as possible. He was really worried for her.GEET:Maan tum pls party me wapis chale jao or guests ko attend karo,main ghar khud chali jaungi.YASH:party ko sambhalene k liye mom or Karan hai.main tumhe aisi halat me akela nai chhod skta.GEET:Maan main theek hu.YASH:ha wo dikh raha hai kitni theek ho.pau se itna khoon beh raha hai or keh rai ho theek hu.GEET:lekin Maan.YASH:koi behas nai bola na hum ghar ja rahe bas.He drive madly to reached to KM. within 15Mins dey were at home. He took her in his arms. Geet felt very awkward. Yash enters in
KM. All servants were shocked seeing d view.NAKUL:suraj lgta hai main spna dekh raha hu. Zra mujhe chunti to kaat.(Suraj pinched him) aooouch main sach me jag raha hu.

SURAJ:ha yaar aaj suraj kidhar se nikla tha.

NAKUL:lgta hai sir k sar pe jo chot lagi hai usi ka hangover hai.wrna bechari humari Geet madam ki kismat itni achhi kaha hai. Saab to
us chudail Sameera k chakkar me pad ke sabko dukh dene me hi mast hai.

SURAJ:bhagwan kare jo dekh rahe hai wo hi sach ho.

He enterd in their room nd made her sit on a bed..he called Doc again,bt his phone is out of coverage area. He tensed more. He take first aid box nd put her foot on his thigh. He opened d wrapped henky very slowly and carefully. It was cmpltly wet wid hr blood.Her wound is still bleeding. He start cleaning hr injury wid fresh cotton. Suddenly he noticed,a very small piece
of chandelier was pierced in her skin,it dig deep inside. He look at her. The pain she feels is clerly visible on hr face. Hs hands shivering while taking out d piece. It was realy tough coz as much he tries to draw it dat piece go more deep inside. Due to which hr pain
incresed more and more. But she doesnt complaints 4 once. He take a long breath,calm down hmslf nd focused on dat piece. Finally he
sucedded in taking it out. It was very painfull so she cleanched hs shoulder tightly. Yash got it dat she is in pain. Geet too realized dat she is supposed to b not allowed to do dat so she leave him immediately. Yash clean hr wound with antisecptic. It realy burns but she is concious now so she tightly clenched d bed sheet wid both hands nd closed hr eyes. Tear drop rolling on hr cheeks whch made him restless. He carefully bandaged hr wound.Yash now trying to bcm hard again wid her and behave dat he doesnt care 4 her. He gave her medicine but rudely.

YASH(rudly):ye medi. rakhi hai ise kha lena.

She feels d cold vibes again so she denied to take it.

GEET:mujhe nahi chahiye.i m fine.

YASH:theek hai khani hai to khao nahi khani mat khao. Who cares.

He placed d medi on side table nd reached to washroom 4 a change. Wen he came out he realize dat she do not touched d medi.it was
as it is there on table. Geet tries to stand on herself,but she gt imbalanced coz of her foot injury.
Yash instantly hold her and save hr from falling down. He bend little and put his arm bneath her
legs and lift her up in his arms.

YASH:kaha jana hai?

She doesnt look at him coz she is angry wid his twisting behaviour.

GEET:Maan mujhe neeche utaro main khud ja sakti hu.

YASH:ye mere swal ka jwab nai hai.maine puchha kaha ja rahi ho?

Geet give up.

GEET:wshroom. Change krna hai.

Yash took her to washroom and made her stand outside.

YASH:dekho abi tumhara pau pe zada zor dalna theek nai hai.tm change kar k aa jao main yahi bahar tumhara wait kar raha hu.

Yash waits for her.when she came out he again took her in his arms and made her laid comfortably on a bed. Then he placed a pillow
beneath her injured foot and covered her properly.

YASH:ye medi kha lo wrna dard ki wajah se puri raat so nai paogi. Pls.

he requests very politly so Geet melts immediately. She take medi. Due the affect of medi. She slept soon. But Yash not. The image
of that Chandelier falls on Geet made him restless. He tries realy hard to get rid of all this but all in vein. The very thought trembled him badly. What if he not reached at d right time? What if that Chandelier hit her? Many questions stroked his mind. He was very curious to know wheather it was just an accident or a full proof plan…

PART – 13YASH was vry disturbd. He cant sleep 4 a minute. The thought of dat moment throbbed his heart badly. He got up and check hr again and again to make sure dat she is alrite. He analyises the situation.

Yash thought:ye sirf ek hadsa tha ya fir sochi samjhi sazish. Lekin Geet to party me aane hi nai wali thi to kya ye Maan ko marne ka plan tha. Kahi Maan ka accident b to 1 planned murder to nahi tha. Or agar aisa hai to kon ho skta hai in sab k pichhe. Koi business rival ya koi aisa dushman jo Maan se nafrat karta hoga. Ya firr koi family member. Lekin ye sab to Maan k apne hai. Kahi Geet ne hi to Maan se badla lene k liye ye sab nai kiya. Lekin agar wo aisa karti to wo khud kyu waha marne k liye khadi rehti… Ufff ye sab kitna uljha hua hai. Ya firr kahi aisa to nahi k main hi ovr react kar
raha hu. Calm down yaar calm down. Filhaal to ye soch subah Annie ko kya jwab dena hai. Use ye sab jab pata chalega to wo hazar swaal karegi khas kar k jab baat Geet ki ho to wo bilkul bardasht nahi krti.He tenced more. In his deep thoughts whole night spends. He dont know when he got in sleep. When he awaked he scanned whole room. His eyes searching for Geet but she was not dere. He stands immediately and checked
her in washroom. Bt she was not dere. Den suddenly his eys catch some unusual on pillow which he placed underneath hr foot. He chek nd realized d blood stains r still wet. This view make him mad. He went to door to c her but b4 he open d door Geet enter in d room wid a mug of coffee in hr hand.GEET:good mrng Maan.Yash fuming in tension. He clenched her arm very hard.YASH:kisne kaha tha tumhe ye coffee banane ko. Jo kaam theek se kr nai skti wo krti hi kyu ho? (she is getting scared seeing him in anger again)kitni baar samjhana padega ki mere liye
kuchh krne ki koshish mat kia karo.mujhe ye sab pasnd nai hai. Lekin nai koi b baat tumhari samjh me ek baar me kaha aati hai. Nakul…Nakul (he shouts,and Nakul came inside)NAKUL:yes sir.YASH:ye coffee le k jao or ise nali me fek do or jaldi mere liye new coffee bana k lao.(He turns2 Geet)or tm chup chap jake bed pe baitho koi zarurat nai hai faltu k kaam karke ye jatane ki k tume meri kitni parwah hai.He leave hr nd go to wash room. Annie listen all dis. She came inside nd hugged Geet. Annie is very worried,till she know about d last night incident.ANNIE:tu kaisi hai theek to hai na tu?pata hai meri to jaan hi nikal gai thi jab subah bhabhi ne bataya to?tujhe lagi to nai na.

Annie checked hr to make sure dat she is fine. Geet trying to calm down her. She cupped her face.

GEET:Annie calm down dekh main bilkul theek hu or tere samne hu.tu shant ho ja.

At d same time she recieved a text msg on hr mobile,send by Yash.

Annie thought:Yash to ghar me hi hai fir usne msg kyu kiya.

She read d msg in which Yash told her to check her foot. Hr foot may b bleeding. Annie immediately look at hr foot.

GEET:tu kya kr rai hai?

ANNIE:tu chup reh mujhe dekhne de.

Yash was rite. Bleeding starts again. Annie called d doc. Doc came nd treat hr. He also gave hr injection.

ANNIE(worridly):doc Geet ki bleeding baar2 shuru kyu ho jati hai?

DOC:actually inke pair me jo cut laga hai wo kafi bada hai or thoda sa bhi stretching hone pe bleeding shuru ho jati hai. So its better ki
ye zada bhag daud na kare.coz zada chalne firne se pair pe zor padega

ANNIE teased hr:are doc ye kya keh dia apne. Kabi bandariya ko shanti se baithe dekha hai. Wo to bas idhar se udhar kudti rehti hai.

Geet slap on hr arm:ruk tu tujhe abi batati hu.

ANNIE:dekha bhagne daudne ki taiyari kar li isne.

All in d room laugh together. Doc left.

ANNIE:suna tune bandaiya ab agar bed se uthi na to main teri tange tod dungi.

GEET:samjh gai meri ma, lekin tange mat todeiyo.

Natanya fuming in hr room. Karan saw her.he hold hr frm hr shoulder.

KARAN:kya hua jaan aaj subah2 gusse me kyu ho?

NATANYA:kyunki iss ghar me humari koi aukat nai hai.

KARAN(confused):ab kya hua?

NATANYA:jisse dekho jethaniji ki aaobhagat karne me laga hua hai. Hum to jaise is ghar me hai hi nahi.

B4 he ans Sunaina listen hr talk nd intrupts.

SUNAINA:dekhiye beta agar kisi ek member ko puchha ja raha hai to iska ye matlab nahi ki bakio ki value kam ho gayi hai. Geet ko chot lagi hai apko pata hona chahiye isliye shikayat karne k bajaye family members ke sath adjust karna seekhiye.

She left and Natanya fuming in anger. Karan trying to calm down her.

KARAN:clm down jaan bs 1 bar is duplicate k khilaf saboot hath lag jaye fir ye sab roz 2 k tamashe band ho jayenge.

NATANYA:i tell u Karan do smthng realy fast or we lost evrythng.

KARAN:chill i m searching d clues.once i got some strong proof against him and he is finish…now smile pls.

Natanya smiles weakly…

PART – 14
Annie came out nd gave hm a sign to came
out wid her. Yash followed hr. Both went to
Annie’s room. Annie’s eyebrow notted.

ANNIE:Ye sab kaise hua? Geet waha kya kr rai
YASH:believe me mam main b nai janta ki Geet
waha kaise aai. Apke jate hi maine Geet ko
wha dekha to socha us se rudly behave kru
jaise apne kaha tha.
ANNIE:ha to rudly behav krne ko bola tha wo
dance floor pe kaise pahunchi.kuchh idea hai
kal kya ho skta tha(she is fuming)tumhara kya
gaya,dost to meri ghayal ho gayi hai.sirf
tumhari laparwahi ki wajah se aaj use itni
chot aai hai. I want clear explanations u hawa
me bate krke mujhe behlaane ki koshish mat
YASH:mam main use waha sirf dantne k liye hi
le gaya tha,lekin fir music shuru ho gaya or
hum dono sbke beech me fas gaye. Fir main
badi mushkil se nikala Adi sir ko dhundhne k
liye or unke aate hi hm party me wapis a gaye
or tab maine dekha ki wo Chandelier Geet k
sir pe girne wala hai or maine unhe bacha
liya.ab agr main waha ladta nai to sabko trust
kaise aata ki main Msk hu. Adi se puchhiye
maine kitni achhi performance di waha.
Den he shut hs mouth. Annie is silent. He is
confused,dont get what she is thinking rite
ANNIE:Theek hai ab tum jao(he wnt to
door)or ha meri baat yaad rakhna Geet k sath
hadd me raha karo.samjhe tum.
He nodded yes nd wnt out. The whole day
Yash was busy in finding d answers of his
questions. He spend whole day in study
without eating ny thing. In eveningg he went
to his room when he entered she served him
a coffee. He worried for hr nd in pretext of
anger he again show hs care.
YASH:tumhe k baat smjh me nai ati mujhe
tumhri hath ki coffee nai peeni to fir kyu
baar2 kitchen me chali jati ho?
GEET:Maan pls gussa mat karo ye coffee maine
nai banai Nakul ne hi banai hai.main to sirf
lekr aai hu.
YASH:maine kaha tha lane k liye?(Geet nodded
no.) to firr kyu gai thi bahr.
He feel realy bad whenever he scolds hr lyk
dat so after scolding hr he realy need a break.
To calm down hmslf he wnt out. Geet wnts to
say sorry to hm
GEET thougt( geet tu b na ek to maan ne
waise hi subah se kuch khaya nai hai uperse
tujhe b wai kaam krne hai jo unhe achhe nahi
lgta sari galti meri hi hai main hi umaan ko
pareshan krti rehti hu)
geet came out tnd seek fr hm,bt she doesnt
found hm.
GEET:Natanya tumne Maan ko dekha?
Natany showing attitude.
NATANYA:jethani ji mere paas or b kaam
hai.veerji k aage pechhe daudna to apka shuk
hai.fir koi fayda nai hone wala.
Geet got dat she dont tell anythng so she
moved frm dere.but Natanya stops hr.
NATANYA:waise pakka to nai pata pr veerji
shayad Terrace pe hai.
GEET:thank u.
She left without ansng hr. Geet too go to
terrace nd looking for hm here nd dere. But
Maan ws nt dere. On other hand Yash ws also
looking fr hr. He came out in d lawn hope may
b she is here to take fresh air.
“MAAANNN”,sud denly he hear d scream of
Geet. He look here nd dere bt she ws nt at all.
Den he looks upwards & hs eyes came out. Hs
heart sinks, feet freeze in fear. He feels as sm
one takng hs lyf out of hs body. D view ws
realy horrible to hm. Geet was hanging wid d
edge of d railing of d terrace. He collect hs all
nrgy nd ran 2wrds terrace. Geet’s grip bcm
loosn. Hr hands strt sliping frm d railing she
hold. Yash reaced to hr nd hold hr arm on
time b4 its too late. Hr body weight ws totally
hr hnds nd she hanging,so its vry difficult fr
Yash to pulld her up. In dis process of pulling
her up Geet’s arm scratched wid d edge of
railing sevral times. After his endless tries
finaly he sucedded in pulling hr up. Geet was
so feared nd feeled vry insecured,so she
hugged hm to calm down hrslf. Yash was too
in same condition. He embraced her to make
sure to hmself dat she is safe now. Both’s
breath get harder. Meantime Natanya, Sunaina
and some servants also came dere. But yash
doesnt want to seprate hr frm hmself so he
stayed in d same position. More than Geet,he
wants to assured hmslf dat she is alrite.
SUNAINA:o my god beta ye sab kaise hua,aap
theek to hai na?akhir yaha ho kya raha hai koi
batayega mujhe.
YASH:agar aaj main waqt pe nai aata to Geet
neeche gir jati.
SUNAINA:geet beta aap terrace pe kya kr rai
thi or aap neeche kaise girne wali thi?
Geet was still in panic.bt she explain.
GEET:mumma main Maan ko dhundte hue
chhat pe aai thi,fir pata nai kaise main waha
latak gai.aise laga jaise kisi ne mujhe push kia.
Yash’s ear wide open.
YASH:tmse kisne kaha ki main terrace pe hu?
GEET(innocently ):Natanya ne.
All eyes turned to her. Natanya feel nervous.
NATANYA::maine to bas yu hi bol dia tha…
Yash gave a furious look to her…
PART – 15
YASH was in extreame anger. He fult to hit hr
YASH:jb tumhe pata hi nai tha ki main kaha hu

to tmne Geet se jhooth kyu bola?
Natanya trembled with fear. Dont know what
to say to him.
SUNAINA:ha beta apko jab pata hi nahi tha ki
Maan kaha hai to apne Geet ko terrace pe kyu
NATANYA:mumma maine to aise hi Geet ko
talne k liye bol diya tha..
She get numb nd cant able to face d anger in
Yash’s eyes so she ran frm dere.
SUNAINA:Maan beta aap Geet ko kmre me le
jaiye,unhe aram ki zarurat hai. Or ha beta pls
ye sb Annie ko mat bataiyega wo khamkha
aape se bahar ho jayengi.
Geet nodded yes. Yash take her to room. She
is still in trauma. Suddenly he noticed scratch
marks on her arm.
YASH:Geet tumhe to bahut chot lagi hai.
Geet saw her arm.
GEET:nai Maan its ok ye to mamuli si khronch
hai.main theek hu.
Yash gave her water to make her breath
normal. Then he hold hr arm,clean hr injury
mark nd rubbed an ointment on hr injury nd
blow on it. Geet saw hm lovengly. Yash
noticed her love for hm in hr eyes. He realize
dat he had to step back now. So he leave hr
immediately nd went out. But now one thing
is confrmd to hm dat some one wants to kill
her. Two inncidents back to back take place. It
was definately not a co incidence rather dan a
full proof planned action. His tension increses.
He wants to know who is responciple for dis.
What he/she wants exactly. What was d main
motive of a killer. Next day he went to Grand
Hotel where killer first attack on hr. He waits
fr Arjun Oberoi. Manager informed Arjun
about his arrival. At the same time Sameera
was wid hm. Both came down, sameera
holding hs arm tightly. Both smiled alot while
talking on some topic. Yash noticed both and
Yash thought(Ye Sameers hai jiske liye Maan
ne apna sab kuchh chhod diya tha, yaha tak ki
apne parivar ki b parwah nai ki jo sse itna
pyar karta hai. Ek taraf wo masoom hai jo
bina kisi aas k use deewano ki tarah chahti
hai or ek taraf ye hai jise uske jane ka afsos
tak nai hai)
ARJUN nd SAM cm to hm arjun greet maan.
ARJUN:hi Maan aaj yaha kaise?
YASH:arjun tm abi k abi apne maintainance
staff ko yaha bulao. Mujhe unse puchh tachh
krni jaruri hai.
ARJUN(unwilling ly):Maan tm ab tk usi baat ko
pakad kr baithe ho. Relax yaar it was just an
Yash look furiously at hm.
YASH:it was not an accident.it was a planned
incident. Tm seedhi tarah se help kr rahe ho
ya firr main police ka sahara lu. Meri ek
complaint or puri police force action me aa
jayegi. Uske baad tumhare hotel ka kitna nam
kharab hoga wo tum b jante ho.
ARJUN:ok main bulwata hu yaha sabko.
He ordered his manager to call the workers
right now. All workers came there. Yash start
his investigation. He asked many questions
from all.
YASH:us dinn chandelier ki saaf safai kisne ki
Worker: sir us dinn Raghu ne ki thi.
YASH:to raghu kaha hai?
Worker:sir wo to us dinn se kaam pe aa hi
nahi raha hai.
ARJUN:what? Wo kaam pe aa hi nahi raha
magar kyu?
Worker:pata nahi sir usse contact nahi ho pa
YASH:Or ab hoga b nahi. Ab to wo bhag bhi
gaya hoga. Lekin mujhe uska add chahiye.
Manager:yes sir abi deta hu.
Yash take d address nd reached dere. Raghu’s
house is locked nd no one near around know
where is he rite now. Yash go to police and
asked for help but not officialy. Police men
came with him and broken the locked door
and start searching may b they got some clue.
After searching whole house,they got a chit
nd Geet’s pic from dere. In a chit there is a
message to kill her. Except this chit there is no
clue of killer.
Inspector:mr. Maan raghu jb tk pkda nai jata
kuchh theek se kah nai ja skta.waise maine
apne admi laga diye hai.i hope wo jldi hmari
pakad me hoga.
YASH:insp. Kya main wo chit le skta hu?
Insp:lekin aap kya karenge?
YASH:main unhe mila k dekhna chahta hu.kya
pata insabke pichhe koi bahut nazdeeki ho.
Insp:theek hai aap le jaiye.
He gave dat chit to him. Yash take the chit wid
hm and went to KM. Now he wnts sm
documents written by d family members.so
he can match it with everyon’s hand writing.
But now d prob is dat frm where he get d
written documents of everyone. He went to
store room where may b he got smthng. He
start hs search. It was vry huge room filled
wid junk nd dust. It is just lyk a searching a
pin from hey stack. 2 to 3 hours spend in hs
search,he found ntng. Suddenly he saw an old
cabinet. He moved to dat. May b he got
smthng frm dere. It was locked. Bt he brokd d
seal. All boxes r empty except one. He opn dat
1 nd he found is shocking. It was a pink
coloured cover private diary of Geet…
PART – 16
Yash wants to read the diary. He open it,but
then he hear some noise outside. So he closd
it nd hide it. He came out to check who is

outside,but no one is dere he wnt to Maan’s
study room nd hide the diary in almirah with
other files nd reached to dinnin table as all
other members r waiting for him. He saw
Geet is busy in serving to everyone wid the
servants. That thng made him anger,coz she
was injured nd nt fine,moreover no one cares
fr that except Annie who came to help hr.
Bcoz of Annie’s presence he is unable to react
so he swallowed his anger at d moment. Aftr
dinner he desperately waiting for her in their
room. He wants to assured himself that she is
is fine. When Geet came he asked sevral
que.frm her.
YASH:kaha thi tum?kabse tumhara wait kar
raha hu.
GEET:main wo kitchen me…
B4 she completes Yash intrupts.
YASH:kitchen3 or kuchh ata hai tumhe?mere
paas or bhi kaam hai lekin tumhe kya farak
padta hai.
GEET(confused): par maine kiya kya hai?
He hold hr arm tightly.
YASH:ye medi jo ki tyu rakhi hai kon khayea
ise. Agar takleef bad gayi to sab mujhe hi
sunayenge ki dhyan nahi rakha.or wahi tum
chahti ho.ghar walo k samne mujhe bura
sabit karna chahti ho.
GEET:nai Maan main bas medicine khane hi
wali thi.
YASH:jab sone k baad?
GEET:nai bas abi.
YASH:To khao mahurat nikalwana padega
Geet take hr medi,as she dont want to make
him more angry.
YASH:or ab so jao main study me ja raha hu
mujhe kaam hai.
He went to study room. He was very curious
to know about the written material of Geet’s
diary. He take d diary nd sat on chair,relaxed
himslf,open its first page nd start reading:-
DATE: 10 JAN 2010:
” aaj main bahut khush hu. Kya mehusu kar
rahi hu use lafzon me bayan kara bhi mushkil
hai.aaj 10 saal baad mera Maan mera pyar
wapis aa raha hai. Na jane ab kaisa dikhta
hoga.. In 10 saalo me har pak sirf usi ka
intzaar kiya hai. Aakhirkaar mera intezar
khatam hoga. Maan bhi to mujhse mllne k liye
utna hi bechain hoga jitni main hu. Babaji ye
10 saal to fir bhi jaise taise kat gaye lekin ye
chand ghante mujhse bardasht nahi ho rahe
hai. Kab beetenge ye pal…(he turn next page)
kya ye wahi insaan hai jisse maine pyar kiya
tha. Maan ne to mujhse pehchanne se bhi
inkar kar diya. Kya sach me use kuchh bhi
yaad nahi hai ya sirf wo mujhw sata raha
hai.pata nahi lekin uska ye behaviour meri
jaan le raha hai. I hope ye sab ek mazak ho…”
(entry ends… He trun more pages)
DATE:- 19 APRIL 2010:
“aaj jane anjane maine mere Maan ka dil
dhukha diya. Maan mujhe pasand nahi karta
or Dadi maa Maan ko shaadi k liye pressurise
kar rahi hai,jo theek nahi hai. Maine toDadima
ko manane ki kitni koshish ki.lekin unhone
Uncle or Dad ke vachan ka wasta deke mujhe
chup karwa diya. Babaji ab main kya karu.
Kyunki main janti hu Maan mujhe kabhi nahi
apnayega wo sirf or sirf Sameera ko chahta
hai. Or ye baat wo mujhe saf saf bol chuka hai
ki meri uske liye koi value nahi hai. Aaj mujhe
aisa lag raha hai jaise main un dono ke beech
me aa gayi hu. Maine to hamesha hi Maan ki
khushi chahi thi or aaj main hi uske dukh ki
wajah bann gayi hu. Maan se judai to main
seh bhi lungi lekin uski aankho me jo nafarat
hai mere liye use sehan karna mere bass mein
nahi hai.”
(he turns more pages)
DATE: 15 MAY 2010
“aaj humari shaadi hai or main janti hu maan
ne dadi maa ki beemari ki wajahse ha to keh
di hai lekin wo mujhe kabhi apni patni nahi
manega. Na jane is unn chahe rishte ka kya
anjaam hoga. Babaji aage ab jo bhi hone wala
hai sabb aap par chhod diya hai mere Maan
ko sukun or mujhse himmat dena taki main
uski nafrat ko sahan kar paau…
Jaisa ki main janti hi thi Aajse har roz mujhe
Maan ki nafart sehni hai or hua bhi wahi…
Maan ne kamre me aate hi puri sej tehas
nehas kar di or meri baju itni buri tarh mod k
mujhe kamre se bahar nikal diya. Usne saaf
keh diya hai ki use meri shakal se meri har
baat se, yaha tak ki mere saaye se bhi nafrat
hai…or aaj k baad yahi nafrat wo tohfe ke
roop me mujhe har roz dega…lekin galti uski
nahi hai maine hi uski zindagi tabah kar di
he cant read out full page coz ink was
splashed badly. May b bcoz of d tears she
drop on dat day while writing the entry…
PART – 17
Yash trails his fingers on d pages as he tries
to wipe out hr tears,soak hr pain. He turn
more pages nd start reading again.

DATE: 25 JULY 2010
“yu to Maan mujhpe hr roz hi gussa krta
hai,har roz hi apni nafrat ka izhar krta
hai,lekin aaj kya hua mujhe samjh nhi aaya.
Shayad aaj meri galti itni badi thi ki Maan ne
mujhpe hath utha diya wo b pure office staff
k samne. Mana maine Sameera se jhagda kia
tha,lekin main b kya karu hu to Maan ki patni
hi na or ek patni kaise apne pati ko kisi or ki
baho me bardasht kr sakti hai.bas yai glti ho
gai mujhse jo apne jhoothe rishte se umeed
laga baithi thi or Sameera ko bura bhala keh
dia. Mujhe pe khud pe kabu rakhna chahiye
tha.na main Maan ko gussa dilati na wo
mujhpe hath uthata…
(reading dis Yash’s fists tighten nd he
slammed it on a desk vry hardly. He cant able
to read it full on. He closed hs eyes nd turn
more page)
DATE:17 NOV 2010.
aaj humare rishte ki katvahat sabke samne aa
hi gai. Maine kafi koshish ki or Maan ne b ki
sach samne na aaye,pr mere sath ek hi chhat
k neeche rehna ab uske bs k bahar tha. Thak
chuka tha wo ye sab brdasht krte 2.isliye usne
faisla liya tha ki ab wo is un chahe rishte ka
bojh or nai uthayga. Isliye usne gharwalo se
keh dia ab use is jhooth se mukti chahiye.
Dadimaa bahut naraj ho gai.unhone bahut
samjhaya dant se b or pyar se b,or jb Maan
nai mana to dadima ne use ghar se hi nikal
diya.or ye sb meri wajh se hua.na main uski
zindagi me aati or na ue ghar chhod k jana
padta. Kyu babaji or kitni baar main dusro k
dukh ka karan banti rhungi.aaj pura parivar
sirf meri wajah se Maan se durr ho gaya hai.
(almost on evry page ink is spreading nd
word r nt clearly visible)
DATE: 20 DEC 2010.
Ye dinn to main kabhi nahi bhul paungi. Mere
na chahte hue bhi mumma mujhe us Samera
k ghar le gai Maan ko manane k liye. Main
door open tha to hum bina knock kiye hi
ander chale gaye or wo hi meri glti thi. In
ankho ne jo manzar waha dekha,bhagwan na
kare aisa manjar kabhi kisi b patni ko dekhna
pade. Maine dono ko jiss halat me dekha use
bayan karna mere liye mumkin nai hai. Sachai
ka pata hona or use face karne me farak hota
hai. Aaj maine usi sach ka samna kiya.
(she stops her entry there. He moved further)
DATE: 18 MAY 2011.
Finally aaj wo dinn aa hi gaua jab Maan ko is
jhooth se aazadi mill jayegi. Thodi der me wo
mujhe lene aane wale hai hai uske baad ek
signature or humara rishta hamesha 2 k liye
khatam ho jayega. Aaj humara divorce hai. Iss
ek saal me maine Maan ko bahut dukh
pahunchaya hai lekin aaj use divorce deke
main uski or baki sabki zindagi se hmesha 2 k
liye chali jaungi. Babaji ne agar us accident
mein mere mom dad k sath mujhe b apne
paas bula liya hota to itne bure halat paida hi
nahi hote. Lekin koi baat nahi jo us dinn
adhoora reh gaya tha wo aaj pura jayega.
Divorce papers pe sign karne ke baad waise
bhi meri zindagi mein kuchh reh bhi nahi
jayega. To main bhi wahi chali jaungi apne
mom dad k paas…
He turns many pages but this was her last
entry. There is no more entries in the diary.
Then he remembered that Annie told him 18
may was the date of Maan’s accident and
after his accident,.Geet become statue and
stop responding to any thing. That why she
doesnt made any entry in her diary,becoz she
lost her concious after listening the news of
Maan’s death. He closed his eyes for
once,feeling her pain and meseries. This
made him very much restless. He again hide
the diary and ran to his room…
When he entered in his room he saw she is
sleeping like an innocent baby. In her sleep
mode she looks very cute and as much
innocent,more than any child have. Her legs
are folded may be she feels cold. Yash moved
to her very slowly,dont want to make any
noise which disturb her sleep. He covered her
properly with the blanket laid besides her…
 PART – 18
YASH sit near her,gazing her face continously.
He put aside the hair flicks coming on her
beautiful face. He tries vry hard but cant cntrl

on himsel so he bend on her nd kissed on her
forhead first. Then he bend on he1 eyes and
kissed them one by one. As he tries to soak
those tears,which she drops on those painful
days. He lovengly caressed on her cheek and
said to her…
YASH:Geet tumne jitni takleef sehni thi seh
li.lekin aaj k baad i promise tumhari aankh se
ek bhi aansu girne nahi dunga or na hi kisi ko
b tumhe nuksaan pahuchane dunga. Ab to
hawa ko b tume chhune se pehle meri izzazat
leni hogi.so jao u r safe…
Then he go back to his couch and tries to
sleep. Next day he get up early in the
morning. He look at her. She is sleeping
calmly. So he went to the KM’s gym room,
where he trying to pacify his anger by hitting
a punching bag badly. The thought of her
pain and thret of killer both blow on his head
like a hammer. He want to know d name of
that person at any cost,who wants to kill her.
Finally when he get tired,he stops punching
and dried his sweat with a towel and reached
to his room. He was in his lowers only. When
he get inside,Geet was not dere. Her dress
material laid on the bed. Geet too finished
showering and wrapped herself up in a
towel,with her hair still dripping and the
towel wrapped around her like a strapless
dress. She stepped out into the room. He
already searching for her in a room and when
she came out he look at her. His eyes stuck on
her. Forgot about all things he get busy in
adoring her beauty. The way he look at her
make her feel very strange. His eyes filled with
hysteria. He wants her right now. Wants her
with him in a bed. Lust swarms in his blood.
Slowly slowl he steps forward towards
her,and she steps back and tagged against
the wall. He coverd her from both sides. She
stared at him with her big brown eyes. Her
lips are doddering. She feels his warm breath
against her cold sikn. She raise her hand to
touch him,but he clapsed her wrist in his
hand pinning it to the wall beside her head.
She raised her other hand but it was met with
much the same treatment. “MAAN” she
moaned. “Shhh”, he whispered staring right
back at her. The dark intensity of his eyes
make her fall for him. But she still triyng to
free herslf as she feels very awkward. As She
wriggled trying to get her wrist out of his
hand lock, her towel was sliding off and a
little her cleavage was already exposing,as
she is completely naked underneath her
towel. He noticed the slight panic in her eyes
and then looked down at where she was
staring at. He wants to protect her so he
pressed his body against hers. She gasped at
the sudden contact,feeling his erection
against her soft one though they have clothes
between them. A shudder ran through his
body when he felt her soft curves against him
and he couldnt help but noticed her natural
beauty. Her large eyes seemed dazed. A drop
from her wet hair fell onto her face and he
traced its path down on her delicate face with
his eyes. The drop hung at her lips,her supple
pink lips which were slightly parted at the
moment. He could refute the attraction he
was feeling for this girl. He couldnt help but
think how those soft, juicy lips would taste.
“Maan ye aap kya…”,her sentence was
interupted by his lips as they claimed hers.
“Ummm”.she struggled against his lips but
when his hands let go of her wrists and
travelled down her body, slipping underneath
the towel, squeezing her waist and she lost
herself to him. A wave of pleasure surged
through her when his lips sucked snd bite
her lower lip and his fingers dug into the skin
of her waist. Feelings whe she buried from a
long time,forcing her to respond. He didnt
know what he was doing. She tasted soo
sweet,her lips felt like heaven below his as he
probed seeking entry into her mouth. Slowly
he felt her arms wrapping around his neck
bringing him een more closed as she parted
her lips to allow him in. Their lips parted
reluctantly,onl y because they were out of
breath. They still have lost in each other. The
kiss had just pressed on somthing buried
deep inside.somethin g neither was quite
ready to accept just yet. His hands moved
from her waist to her towel,securing it
behind her so that it wasnt falling any more.
For a few moments they driffted off in each
other’s eyes,but reality struck too soon. She
walked off to the bed to pick up her clothes,
she take and went straight, without looing
him for a sec to the washroom.
PART – 19
GEET ran to washroom and locked the door
from inside. She tagged her back against the
door she closed her eyes tightly. Her

heartbeat running realy very fast. Dont know
whats going on with her. Truely speaking she
get feared alot deep inside,as she was not
mentaly prepared for this. She still feeled his
breath on her bare cleavage. She rums the
water and splash it on herself. She actually
wants to splash the image of that moment
which she experienced right now. She doesnt
want to create any imposible hpoe to hrslf. On
the other hand Yash desperately wants to talk
to hr. He is concious dat may b his action hurt
hr. So it is vry necessary for him to confirm
whether she is fine or nt. Geet dressed up
and came in room bt she doesnt want to face
hm so she ran in full speed to outside… On
breakfast table Sunaina told evryone abot
tommorow’s pooja.
SUNAINA:kal Abhinav ki punye tithi hai so
ghar me pooja rakhwai hai. Isliye aap sab
apne subah k kaam ko rest dede to time se
pooja k liye taiyar hokar usme baithenge. Ok
every one?
All nodded yes. Yash is busy in observing her
only with his theif eye. Geet looks stable. So he
decided to gave her som time. The whole day
spend but they both not came face to face for
once. She is sitting in a hall with Sunaina,
discussing about the pooja’s preprations.
Meantime Sunaina’s phone is ringing. She ans
d call and get tensed. Geet notice her tension.
GEET:mumma kya baat hai aap tension me lag
rahe ho kya hua?
SUNAINA:beta wo humari frnd hai na Mrs.
Thakhur(she nodded yes) she is hospitalized.
GEET:mumma apko jana chahiye unko
SUNAINA:geet beta jana to hum b chahte hai
lekin samjh nai aa raha kaise jaye. Kyunki abhi
hume market bhi jana hai. Panditji ne pooja k
liye jo jo saman chahiye uski ek list bhijwai
hai wo sara saman abhi lana hai. Ye kaam
hum servants pe nahi chhodna chahte.
GEET:ha to koi baat nahi.mumma aap chale
jaiye or pooja ka saman main le aaungi.
SUNAINA:nai beta aap abi puri tarah se theek
nai hue hai.aisi halat me hum apko kaise bhej
skte hai.
Geet convined her:mumma i m alrite,main ja
skti hu.dekhiye ab mera pair bilkul theek
hai.dard b nai hai.
SUNAINA:r u sure beta?
GEET:ha mumma aap list mujhe de dijiye main
market chali jati hu.
SUNAINA:theek fir ap Maan k sath chale
GEET:nai muma main khud se ja skti hu u dont
Sunaina gave her list nd wnt out. Geet go to
her room nd get ready. Yash came inside d
room and saw her. She is ready to go market.
YASH:kahi ja rahi ho?
She get numb.
GEET:ha wo main market ja rahi hu(she
thought:hey babji ye kaha se aa gaye). Kal
pooja hai na usi ka saman lane jana hai.
YASH:theek hai chalo.
GEET:Maan tum b sath chaloge?
GEET: kyu?
YASH:kyu ka kya matlab?
GEET:nai mera matlab hai yahi paas me hi jana
hai to tumhe takleef uthane ki kya zarurat
hai.or waise b tum bore ho jaoge.
She tries to avoid him.
YASH:geet maine kaha na hum dono ja rahe
hai matlab dono ja rahe hai.ab batao kaha
jana hai.
GEET(she give up):theek hai chalo lekin fir tum
baad me ye nahi bologe jaldi karo jaldi karo.
Shopping me time lagta hai..
YASH:ha nai bolunga. Tum aram se karna. ab
She nodded. Both sit in his car and reached to
the main market. She buy all the necessary
things. Yash is only busy in staring her and
adoring her beauty. Both reached to car. Yash
sit inside. Geet again check the list and realize
that she forgot to buy the Kesar,which is very
GEET:Maan ek miute ruko main abhi aayi.
YASH:Geet kaha ja rahi ho?
GEET:Maan main kesar lena bhul gai bas abhi
lekar aati hu.
YASH:theek hai chalo.
GEET: are Maan bas 2 min lagenge aap
baithiye main lekar aati hu.
She went to buy kesar,and he bcom
impatient. After 10 minute when she not
returned his patience give up. He came out
from the car and start searching her. Her
absence made him made. He look here and
there in whole market but she is nowhere. His
heart sinking. Many bad thought caught him
immediately and he was right. Bhe closed his
eyes and tring to concentrate what to do. By
chance he hear her scream callin his name,
“MAAANNN”. He got straight in the direction
of her voice. He saw two goons dragged her
forcefully with them. One of them is trying to
shut her mouth with his hand so she dont
make any noise…
PART – 20
GEET struggles to free herself from the grip of
goons. But in front of their man power she
cant able to do so. Yash ran after her. Both

goons stopped seeing him there in front of
them. Geet’s eyes filled with glitter as she had
a full confidence that now she is safe. Yash
fuming and warned them.
YASH:leave her or i will kill u both.
GOON 1:wahi ruk jao warna iske liye achha
nahi hoga.
He put his sharp knief on her deligate neck.
He looks furiously to both. He steps towards
YASH:i said leave her. Agar use kharonch bhi
aayi to main tum dono dono ko jaan se maar
Geet struggles more and goons tighten their
grip due which shirt of her suit torn from
shoulder side little bit. This turn Yash into a
wild beast. His fists cleanched tighten. His
nostrails fluffed. He jumped on both as lion do
to hunt his prey. Geet is now free from their
grip. She tagged to the near by car as she
knew her suit is torned. Yash brutualy beat
them both together. But ione of them hit on
his arm with his sharp knief. But he dont gave
up and beat both continously. When they
dont sucedded and found difficult to over
powered him,both ran for their life and
esscaped from dere in few moments. Seeing
his injury Geet forgot about her suit and ran
to him. She start crying. Yash console her and
embrace her in his arms.
YASH:shant ho jao Geet kuchh nahi hua hai.i
m fine.
Yash loosen the hug and immediately remove
his shirt and make her wear as he is verry
concious for her and dont want to make her
fun in front of others. She is still crying seeing
his injury and bandaged it with her henky.
Yash take her to the car and both drived back
to the KM. Geet immediately take him to their
room as she doesnt want to let this know to
anyone. Both get inside and Geet locked the
door. Then she made her sit on a bed and
bring first aid box.. She sat in front of him.
First she clean his injury, his injury gave pain
more to Geet than him. Her face shows her
feelings very clearly and Yash realy enjoy her
care for him geet very carefully clean his
injury with her soft fingers. Her touch gave
him a pleasure. He completely forgot about
his pain and get busy in gazing her. He is very
relaxed acs she is alright and with him. She
rubbed an ointment very softly on his injuries.
He feeled her soft fingers on his wound. She
bandaged his wound very carefully not
wanting to hurt him more. Tears rolling on
her cheeks. Yash noticed her tears. He pulled
her chin up.
YASH:kya hua Geet? Tum ro kyu rahi ho?
He cant see her in pain. Her tears prooves
much more painful to him than his wound.
GEET: i m sorry Maan,aaj meri wajah se tumko
itni takleef ho rahi hai.sab meri galti hai. Jabse
main tumhari zindagi mein aai hu sivaye
takleefo ke aur kuchh nahi mila hai tumhe.
She wants to move from there but Yash stops
her by holding her hand and made her
snuggle with him. He pulled her chin up.
YASH:geet meri taraf dekho(she looked at
him) geet tumse kisne aha ki meri takleeef ki
wajah tum ho. Janti ho agar aaj tumhe kuchh
ho jata to main khud ko kabhi maaf nahi kar
pata. Ye to achha hua main time rehte waha
pahunch gaya. Jab main tumhe puri market
me dhundh raha tha or tum mujhe kahi nahi
deekh rahi thi tab mujhe takleef hui thi. Kitna
darr gaya tha bata nahi sakta. Tumhari safty
ke liye aise hazar zakham bhi kha sakta hu.
GEET:lekin Maan…
Before she completes her sentence Yash
placed his fingers on her soft supple pink lips.
He mesmerized with the touch of her lips,he
feels underneath his fingers.
YASH:shhh maine kaha na main bilkul theek
hu.ab bilkul nahi rona. He cupped her face
wiped her tears with his thumbs. He
completely lost in her again. He came very
close to her eyes and kissed on them one by
PART – 21NOTE:GUYS I KNOW THIS PART GAVE A LITTLE SHOK TO U AND MAY B MANY OF U DONT LIKE DIS. BUT IT WAS MY REQ T ALL OF YOU DONT REACTS NEGATIVELY. I WROTE WHICH I FELT IS NECESSARY. I WANT SOME MORE PATIENCE FROM YOU ALL. PART NO – 23 WILL GAVE ANS TO YOUR ALL QUERIES. YASH / MAAN MYSTERY IS GOING TO B REVEALED SOON IN PART 23 SO TILL THEN PLS WAIT AND PLSSS DO COMMENT…I M WAITING :*YASH pinned hr 2 matress,seeing hr hystericaly. Geet felt shivering wid dis proxcimity. Hr heart strt beatng fastr nd staring at hs sharp face. “Geet”,she heard hm moan hr name nd evry hair on hr body stud up as termor of pleasure. Hs grip around hr tightend as pushed hm closer gluing hs chest 2 hr. Hr breath halted as hs hands reachd undr hr shrt caresing hr bak,pulling her closr.her arms automatically went around hs shouldr nd she dug hr nails gently in hs skin.”Maan”,she mummerd hs name undr hr breath. She pulled hrslf closr 2 hm digging hr nails furthr in hs skin. Hs lips drew patterns on hr neck nd den hr collarbone slowly. He bite hr neck and mark his possession on her. She was his only.’Ahh’a moan escapd frm her lips as he cvrd hr hr body wid his. His hand slippd out of hr shrt nd movd 2 slide d shrt of hr shouldr. His hands pulld hr shrt furthr down exposing mor of hr chest nd hs lips movd 2 devour hr exposed clevage,where he sucked nd kissd hr skin nd den bite hr again.hs hands slid bak in hr shrt struggling 2 undo hr b**. She felt his erection from d barriors. He adjust between hr legs nd strt grinding hs manhood on hr sensitive area widout removing hs nd hr clothes. She hit wid hr frst orgasm. He ants 2 move on bt stopped hmslf at sudden wen he noticed slight panic in hr eyes. He stop his moments nd laid half on hr. She ws in trauma wat happnd wid hr rite now.
GEET enquired:Maan wat we hv done rite now?do we made love?She ws so scared. Yash undrstnd hr condi.nd removed himslf from hr. He raised hmslf nd said sorry 2 hr,nt 4 loving hr bt she felt bad dats y. He apolozise nt 4 falling 4 hr bt coz she dosnt like hs touch may b. Both felt awkwrd now. At d same momnt Geet heard knok sound on deir dur. She sttld her clothes nd wnt 2 open it.SUNAINA:Geet beta hum ap 2 ko yaad dilane aaye the ki kal puja me aap 2 ko hi baithna hai as Maan is hs elder son. So get ready early in d mrng.ok beta.GEET:ji mumma.mumma ab apki frnd kaisi hai?She askd politely.SUNAINA:wo ab thek hai beta.jaldi hi unhe discharge b mill jayega.achha ab jaldi keejiye dinner b lag gaya hai hum sb aap 2 ka wait kr rae hai.aa jaiye.She left. Both change deir clothes nd joind other at dinner table. Geet still felt vry strange. Hr body reactions were out of her mind. Maan sit on head chair. Nxt chair ws empty 4 Geet,bt she changed it wid Annie,2 avoid ny contact wid hm until hr mind gt bak stable. Annie nvr say no 2 hr so she changed happily. While eating annie noticed her strange behaviour,and suddnly noticed a bite mark on her neck which is still red nd showing d possesion of hm ovr hr. Annie’s eyes filled wid anger. She wants 2 react as hr anger reached on cloud nine,bt in d presence of all she cant do dis. She try nd cntrolled hr anger.

ANNIE:Maan bhai apse kuchh baat karni thi to kya aap mere room me aayenge dinner k baad wahi baithkar aaram se discuss kar lenge.

SUNAINA:kya baat hai beta?

ANNIE:kuchh nai mumma bas 1 impo.business talk hai jo bhai se karni zaruri hai.ok as i finished i leave.bhai pls cm fast.

Annie leave frm deir nd roamed in her whole room. She fumed badly. Yash only tensed 4 Geet. Coz he dont know what is running in her mind. He knows it ws all new 4 her and may b she is not ready. After dinner Yash moved 2 Annie’s room…


ANNIE is fuming. Yash came inside. As she looks him she steps towards him and without utter a single word, Annie gave a tight slap on his cheek. Yash was in shock why she slaps hm.

YASH:maine kiya kya hai?

His words increase her anger and she slaps him again. She stare him in anger.

Annie:kiya kya hai? Aakhir tumne apni aukat dikha hi di na.

Yash still in confusion.

Yash:lekin mera kaoor kya hai?

She gave him one more slap.

Annie:how dare u touch her? Tume warn kiya tha maine ki galti se b Geet k nazdeek mat jana,fir tumhari himmat kaise hui ye ghatia harkat karne ki? Mana kiya tha maine apni hadd paar mat karna.

Now he got day why she is in sooo much anger and at dis moment he have no ans to her questions. Y h do this? Y he start loving her so much inspite of hate, y her pain becom his own. Y he bcom restless when she is out of his sight. Why why? He dont even know hmslf den wat he say to hr. Annie point a finger on hm.

Annie:bolo hai koi jawab. Anyways ab tm yaha nai reh sakte. Ab main tume Geet k sath ek pal k liye bhi nai rehne dungi chahe kuchh b ho jaye.

At d same moment,b4 Yash said nythng, Geet enters in hr room. She was so worried

Geet:Annie, Maan jaldi chalo achanak se dadima ki tabiyat bahut kharab ho gayi hai.

Without saying anythng both went wid hr to dadima’s room. Sunaina, Natanya, Karan and Doc was alredy dere. Doc is busy in examined her.

Annie:doc kya hua hai?dadima to recover kr rahi thi.

Suddenly she utter a word.


Yash went to hr nd take hr hand in his own.

Yash:dadima main yahi hu apke paas.

Annie:doc baat kya hai?

Doc:theek se to nahi kaha ja skta,lekin koi mansik pareshani hai. Inhe khush rakhiye. Ghar me aisi koi b baat nahi honi chahiye jisse inki tabiyat bigde.

Sunaina:dont worry doc aisa hi hoga.

Doc:inke liye wahi achha hoga.maine med de di hai ab main chalta hu.

Doc went.

Sunaina:lagta hai mummy ji Maan ko lekar tense hai.

Yash:dadima ab to main aa gaya hu ab kaisi tension. Dekhiye bilkul theek thak apki nazro k samne hu(dadi gave smile little) ab aap aram kariye main yahi hu apke pas.

Geet:maan aap so jaiye main rukti hu dadima k paas.

Annie:ha yahi teek rahega.

Geet stay wid her and all others left. Annie stop Yash in corridor.
Annie:is time main tumhe ghar se nikal nahi rahi hu coz dadima ki jindagi ka sawal hai. Lekin meri mazburi ko meri kamzori samjhne ki bhul mat karna. Filhal main tumse koi behas nahi karna chahti,but frm now my eyes is always on u.ek galti and u and ur family pay for it. Tumhara wo haal karungi jo tumne kabhi sapne me bhi nahi socha hoga.

She gave him a last warning and went to her room. Yash too go back to his room. But dere he cant sleep for a single sec. He realy want to c her rite now at any cost. Inspite of her all warnings his heart want her. He wants to b close wid her. So wne he cant resist anymore he went straight to Dadima’s room. Dadimaa is sleeping calmly and geet half lain on floor resting her head on bed. She was in a deep sleep. Yash came to her and check her. She had a minor temprature. Yash immediately lift her and snuggle with him so tightly and take her to their room. Yash made her laid on a bed and covered her properly with blanket. He sit near her watching her angelic face. He caress lovenly on her cheek and she smiles in sleep,may b recognizing his touch in sleep ttoo.. In a sleeep mode she looks more beautiful. He gazed her with naughtyness in his eyes. He wants to kiss her. He bend over her and kissed o her eyes one by one,then he moved down and gave a soft peck on her rose petals lips. His body trembled with her contact.

Yash (thought): nahi mujhe khud pe kabu rakhna hoga.or uske liye achha hoga ki main yaha se uth jau. Coz agr Geet zada der samne rahegi to kuchh b ho sakta hai.

So he stood up and go back to his couch and slept.
Next day both get up erly as Sunaina instruct dem and came down for pooja. All family members were present for pooja vidhi. Panditji came and start d rituals. Sunanina orderd Yash and Geet to sit on main position. This made Natanya mad. She feel insulted on dat time she said nothing but after dat she went to her room and start fighting with Karan. Why they always taken for granted and all dat. Karan too got angry as he convinced with her and decided to talk to his mother on this matter…

PART – 23

ANNIE was sooo worried from last night. So

she take off from office and decided to spend

whole day with Geet. In after noon Romeo

called Annie.

ANNIE:hello Romeo…

ROMEO:Annie aaj tum office kyu nahi aayi?

ANNIE:bas aise hi mood nahi tha. Tum batao

kyu phone kiya?
ROMEO:tum bhul gayi aaj tumhe New York

jana hai. Mr. Stephen ki company k sath

meeting hai deal k liye.

ANNIE:O wo…ha wo to main bilkul hi bhul

gayi thi. Romeo main nahi ja sakti. Ek kaam

karo ya to meeting cancel kar do ya tum chale
ROMEO:nahi Annie ye bahut he important deal

hai. Tumhara pahunchna bahut hi zaruri hai.

ANNIE:I dont care.main Geet ko chhod k kahi

nahi jaungi
Geet sits beside her. She hear her

conversation with Romeo. So she snatch her

mobile and start talking with him.

GEET:hello Romeo.

ROMEO:hi Geet kaisi ho?

GEET:main theek hu.tum batao kya baat hai?

ROMEO:Geet tu samjhao na Annie ko. Kitni

impo.deal hai or ye jane se mana kar rahi hai
GEET:tm tension mat lo ye jayegi. Tickets ghar

bhijwa dena.ok.

ROMEO:ok sis.

Call cuts

ANNIE:main tujhe chhod k kahi nahi jaungi
samjhi tu
GEET:ye kya baat hui. Main kya chhoti bachhi

GEET:chup ek or lafz nahi.hum abhi teri

packing karenge or tu jayegi.

Annie shut hr mouth.but deep inside she ie so

worried considering her security. So she

called Adi and told him everything.

In evening Adi came to KM to meet her. Nakul

inform Annie about Adi’s arrival. She called

him in her room. Adi came.

ADI:Annie aise pareshan hona band karo or

apne kaam pe focus karo. Yash is my

ANNIE:Adi bhaiya aap jante ho na usne kya

kiya.uske baad main use Geet k sath akela

kaise chhod du?

ADI:Annie meri baat suno tume or Geet ko

maine apni behn manta hu. So trust me main

apne hote hue tum dono k sath kuchh galat

nahi hone dunga. Tum fikar mat karo main

baat karunga usse and believe me prob solve

ho jayegi.

Adi wentout and asked about him from

Nakul. He told him dat Maan is on Terrace. Adi

go there to meet him.

ADI:hi yaha kya kar rahe ho?

YASH:Adi aaj yaha kuchh baat hai?

ADI:ha baat to hai. Or wahi main jaan na bhi

chahta hu ki kya hai? Kya main jaan sakta hu

jo Annie ne mujhe bataya wo sach hai?.

YASH:to usne tumhe bhi bata diya.

ADI:or kya karti bechari. Fikar hai use Geet ki.

Kyu kar rahe ho ye jaan sakta hu? Kyu khel

rahe ho us masoom k jazbato k sath. Sharam

nahi aayi ye sab karte hue. Ab bolo chup kyu

ho?(he hold his collor ) bolo kyu?

Yash frustrated and snap back.

YASH:kuchh galat nahi kiya hai maine,kuchh

galat nahi kiya hai.

ADI too snap back:u mean ye sab sahi hai?

YASH:he sahi hai. Patni hai wo meri. Use

chhune ka pyar karne ka pura haq hai

mujhe,or duniya ki koi takat mujhse ye haq

cheen nahi sakti.tum or Annie bhi nahi.

Adi stared in anger nd clap to make fun of



apko apni shaadi or apki patni yaad aa gayi
Uss waqt kaha tha ye pyar jab apne shaadi ki

pehli hi raat us masoom ko dhakke maar kar

kamre se bahar nikal diya tha.(Maan shocked

how he know) Chonkiye mat ye baat mujhe

isliye pata hai kyunki dadimaa ne mujhe ek

file study mein rakhne ko bheja tha isliye

maine us dinn sab dekha jo or kisi na nahi


Us wqat kaha tha ye pyar jab har roz aap use

torture karte nahi thakte the. Uske zazbato ka

iss rishte ka mazak bana kar rakh diya tha tab

to aapko wo 7 phere yaad nahi aaye. Ye wahi

Geet hai Maan sir jise pure staff k samne apne

thappad mara tha,wo bhi us do kodi ki

Sameera ke liye. Tab apko apna rishta yaad

nahi aaya Mr. MAANN SINGH KHURANA. har roz

maine or Annie ne Geet ko ghut ghut kar

jeete hue dekha hai use apke liye tadapte hue

rote hue dekha hai or aaj apko apna pyar

yaad aa gaya hai…wow…

PART – 24

Maan listen him without saying any word coz he is guilty and have no ans to his allegations.ADI continousely show his anger to him.ADI:main janta hu aaj main apni aukat se bahut jada bol gaya hu or iska anzam kya ho sakta hai uska bhi andaza hai mujhe. Lekin koi b wajah sach se badi nai ho skti or aaj main sahi hu or aap galat. Aapka us dinn accident na hota to apne to Geet ko apni zindagi se nikal kar bahar fenk hi diya tha. To firr aaj aisa kya ho gaya hai ki jiss chehre se apko duniya mein sabse jada nafrat thi wahi aaj apko sabse jada pyara ho gaya hai(Maan looked down). Maan sir batao ye sab kyu? Kyunki Sameere ne apko chhod diya hai. Usne apke pyar ka mazak bana diya,isliye ab apko Geet chahiye. Geet apki physical need hai.Listen to this Maan realy got angry and shout again. But Adi didnt feared frm this.MAAN:ADII…ADI:chillaiye mat. Chillane se sach jhooth or jhooth sach nahi bann jata hai,or agar aisa nahi hai to durr rahiye Geet se. Kyunki main nahi chahta ek baar fir uska dil tute. Apne halat se samjhota kar chuki hai. Chalta hu sir lekin jane se pehle ek aakhri baat kehna chahta hu ek baar apne ander jhank kar dekhiye or firr faisla keejiye ki kya aap uske layak hai?Adi came down. Geet went to him with a cup of tea.

GEET:Adi bhaiya aap yaha main apke liye chai leker aa hi rahi thi.

ADI:nahi Geet chai ka mann nahi hai abhi.main bas ek zaruri kaam se aaya tha. Ab chalta hu.

Geet noticed lines occured on his forhead.

GEET:Adi bhaiya kya hua? Kuchh kaha kya Maan ne?

ADI:nahi Geet aisi koi baat nahi hai. Bas office ka thoda tension hai or kuchh nahi. Tum itna mat socha karo. Main ek baar dadi ko dekh kar aata hu firr ghar bhi jana hai.

He went to Dadimaa’s room. Geet went to terrace to know what happened between them as she senced some trouble. Maan was lost in his bitter words. Adi was right and he is guity. He always treated her like an animal. She is nothing for him. Geet came closer to him. Maan was busy in thinking about his sins.. Geet touched his shoulder to made him realize about her presence. As she touched his shoulder he came out to real world and turned to her. Geet saw tension on his face.

GEET:Maan kya hua?

She asked worridely. In deep inside Maan was very scared. The thought of loosing her made him insecured. He instantly embraced her tightly. Geet shocked at his sudden action, but said nothing to him. Maan feels that all doing conspiracy against him. At this moment everyone seems enemy to him, he feels that every one is trying to snatch her from him.

MAAN (thought): tum sirf meri ho Geet,sirf meri. Or duniya ki koi taqat tumhe muhse juda nahi kar sakti. Firr wo chahe Annie or Adi hi kyu na ho.

Geet trying to loosen the hug but as much she tries, he tighten his grip more over her. He doent want to let her go away from him. He wants to make sure to himself tat she is with him and always stay with him. The warmth of her body made him comfortable. Geet doesnt understand why he react like that. But she got it tha fact that right now her Maan needs her so she hugged him back to make him calm down. Both stay in the same position for a very long time. Both loosen the hug. Geeet caressed his cheek lovengly.

GEET: Maan tum theek to ho na? Kya hua hai?

Maaan was not in condition to explain her anything.

GEET: Maan are you alright?

He nodded yes.

GEET:to firr hume neeche chalna chahiye. Annie bas jane hi wali hi ek baar usse puchh lu use meri zarurat to nahi hai. Sab theek se rakha bhi hai ya nahi.

She start movin from there. But Maan stops him by holding her arm.

Maan: mat jao Geet. Ruk jao mere paas, hamesha k liye.

Geet stop. She saw a strange fear in his eyes for the first time. Becasue before this she only saw anger in his eyes. She stops and Maan again hugged her tightly…

PART – 25NAKUL came to inform them that Annie is about to left the home and she summoned both. Geet and Maan came on the main gate of KM. Annie waiting for both.GEET:Annie sara saman rakha na tune? Teri aadat hai bhulane ki.ANNIE:ha meri maa sab rakh liya hai,bas jane se pehle tujhe dekhna chahti thi.GEET:sunn waha apna dhyan rakhio or pahunchte hi mujhe phone zarur kar dio,tu hamesha bhul jati hai or main yaha pareshan hoti rehti hu.ANNIE:achha dadi amma main pakka phone kar dungi or sunn uchhal kudd mat kario.teri chhot abhi bhari nahi hai.GEET:ok boss.

Both laughed and hugged each other. Maan staring both lovengly. Annie loosen the hug and go to him. She hugged him too. Maan shocked.

ANNIE:bhai is pagli ko apko sounp k ja rahi huiska dhyan rakhna.

Maan nodded yes. Annie sit in a car and left frm dere. Maan and Geet came to hier room. Maan was confused what happened to her. Why she behave lyk that. But soon his focus shifted to Geet again. He is vry worried fr hr. Stil he have no clue about the culprit who wants to harm her. He is very confused at the moment. Next day he again go to police station and meet the S.H.O.

INSP:i m sorry mr. Khurana lekin na jane ye raghu kaha chhup k baith gaya hai. Wo humare case ki imp. kadi hai. Jab tak wo mill nai jata humare liye is case me aage badna mushkil hai. Anyways aap bataiye us note se kuchh mila aapko?

MAAN:ha bhi or nai bhi.

INSP:kya matlab?

MAAN:jaane dijiye aap nai samjhenge.i hav to leave now. Main Geet ko zada der tak akela nai chhod sakta.

INSP:dont worry hm puri koshish kar rahe hai mujrim bahut jald humari giraft me hoga.

Maan go to Adi and discuss him on this matter. He tells him everything. Adi agree wid his plan. Maan go back to KM. Sunaina was ready to go somewhere.

MAAN:mom aap kahi ja rahi hai?

SUNAINA:he beta achanak kuchh kaam aa pada hai or hame abhi isi waqt jaipur jana pad raha hai. But u dont worry hum 3 dinn me lautt aayenge. Tab tak aap sabka khyal rakhiyega,kyunki aap bade hai.

MAAN:ji mom.

SUNAINA:chaliye ab hum nikalte hai.
She left.

MAAN(thought):maan yahi sahi waqt hai Geet ko is ghar se durr le jane ka. mom or Annie dono hi ghar pe nahi hai. Wo agar yaha hongi to 100 rukawate aayengi. Lekin ab mujhe rokne wala koi nai hai. Jab tak asli mujrim pakda nahi jata main Geet ko is ghar me rehne nahi de sakta.

He went to Dadimaa and sit beside her.hold her hand in his own

MAAN:Dadimaa main aapse maafi mangne aaya hu.ek baar firr mujhe ye ghar chhodkar jana hoga. Lekin is baar baat Geet ki zindagi ki hai. Dadimaa Geet ki jaan ko khatra hai or uski jaan bachane ke liye bahut zaruri hai ki main ye ghar chhod du or Geet ko yaha se durr le jau. ( listing him she get worried) aap tenshion mat lo aapko mujh pe trust hai na? (dadimaa shook her head) to bas main wada karta hu ki Geet pe koi aanch nahi aane dunga or jaise hi main us insan ko pakad lunga jo Geet ko harm pahuchana chahta, main or Geet is ghar me laut aayenge. Ye wada hai mera aapse.

Dadima trying to raise hr hand to gave him blessings and permission both. Maan kissed on hr forhead. He came to hs room and start thinking what he do to leave the home. Meanwhile he listen some noise outside. He came outside to check whats going on. He saw Natanya make some issue and scolds Geet. Maan fists tighten. He came down and shouts on her.

MAAN:Natanya how dare you? Tumhari himmat kaise hui Geet se aise baat karni ki. Mat bhulo wo tumhari jhethani hai. Kya itni b tameez nai sikhai tumare parents ne ki bado se kaise baat karte hai.

GEET:Maan jane do.shant ho jao.

KARAN too intrupts:baat to aage bad chuki hai.ab is ghar me ye admi nai reh skta.hm nai mante ki ye Maan bhai hai.

GEET:Karan ye tum kya keh rahe ho?

NATANYA:Karan bilkul sahi keh rahe hai.ab ye behrupiya yaha nai reh skta.

MAAN got his point to leave the KM:to theek hai main b ab is ghar me ek pal bhi nahi rukunga.

GEET:Maan kyu baat ko bada rahe ho. Calm down pls.

MAAN:nai Geet ab hum is ghar me nai rahenge.kya tum aise ghar me rehna chahti ho jaha tumhare pati ki koi izzat na ho.

GEET:Maan geet to wahi rahegi jaha uska Maan rahega. Tum yaha rehna nahi chahte to hum aaj hi ye ghar chhod denge. Both go back to their rooms and take their belongings and left the KM. Both came outside.

GEET:Maan hum kaha ja rahe hai?

At d same time Adi came to dem.

ADI:mera ghar pe Geet.

GEET confused:lekin adi bhaiya hm apke ghar kaise reh skte hai?

ADI:ek traf to bhaiya bulati ho or pucchti ho ki bhai k ghar kaise reh skti hu. Mana mera ghar is mahal k samne jhopda hai,lekin ap dono k rehne ka intzam to kr hi skta hu.

GEET:Adi bhaiya mera wo matlab nai tha.

ADI:to firr chalo mere sath.

Geet look at Maan fr aproval. Maan shook hs head. All 3 left nd reached to Adi’s home. All 3 entr in d home. Geet scanned d whole house as it is new fr hr…

PART – 26ADI made dem sit in a hall….
ADI:Maan sir Geet abeap dono yhi beitho,main bs abi aata hu.He go straight to d master bedroom of hs home. He collect all hs belongings and packed dem in one bag and came out.ADI:geet aaj ye room tmhara hai. Aap dono apna saman set kar lo. Tb tk main dusre room me shift ho jata hu.Both go inside the bedroom. Geet unpacked their bags and get busy in setting dem in wardrobe,nd Maan is busy in staring hr. After doing her job she went to kitchen. Kitchen was open and attached with the main hall. She start searching the tea,sugar etc to make tea for her and Adi and coffee for Maan. Adi hear the noise and came out.ADI: are Geet tum kaam kyu kar rahi hu. Mujhe batao kya chahiye main bana deta hu.GEET:Adi bhaiya mujhe bhi ye sab kaam aate hai. Or aap bhi ek baat sunn lo hum dono iss ghar mein ek hi shart pe rahenge ki aap mujhe koi b kaam karne se mana nahi karoge.aaj se ghar k sare kamo ki zimmedari meri hai suna apne.ADI(smile):ok ok as u wish.

GEET:ab jaldi se kitchen k sath mera intro karwaiye.

Adi shows her all necessary items. She made both tea and coffee. All three enjoyed after that she get busy in preparing dinner. While doing dinner Maan discuss about the activities take place in office. Adi gave him each and evry single detail. After dinner Maan and Adi get busy in future actions and she is busy in Kitchen. When all 3 tired, they went to their rooms. Maan change his clothes and laid on a bed to relax himself. Geet too go to washroom for a change. She came out and pick up the pillow and blanket and start moving from the room. Maan totall get confused.

MAAN:hold on Geet kaha ja rahi ho tum?

GEET:bahar hall me.

MAAN:ha wahi puchh raha hu bahar kyu ja rahi hu?

GEET(innocently):sone. Maan ye humara mansion nahi hai. Khud hi dekho yaha couch nahi hai. Or waise bhi Adi bhaiya se kya chhupa hai wo to sab jante hai humare bare me. Unke samne hume pretend karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai. KM me to ghar walo ki wajah se ek hi room share karna padta tha,taki sab normal dikhe. Lekin yaha aisi koi prob nahi hai. Yaha hum freely reh sakta hai. Isliye tm yaha bed pe so jao coz sofa tumari hight k hisab se chhota hai. Main bahar sofe pe so jaungi.

MAAN(hesitately):Geet main kya soch raha tha…wo hum ek hi bed pe…

But b4 he complete Geet intrupts in between.

GEET:wahi to main keh rahi hu Maan.i know hm ek hi bed pe nai so sakte.isiliye main bahar ja rahi hu. Gd nyt Maan.

MAAN:Geet Geet meri baat to suno…

Bt she left without listining hm and close d door. Maan patted on his forhead. He feels very sad. He wants hr but fails to convience her. He laid on bed and stare d celieng above make bad faces.
(tere bina tere bina lagta nahi mera jiya…
ab tere siva chale meri saanse na re na…
ek pal ki bhi juadai ab sahi jat nahi…(2)
marna jo chahu agar to maut bhi aati nahi…
Har dua meri lagti beasar…
Shamo sehar dhundhe tujhko nazar…,)
he rotate frm 1 end to another. Hr absence is untolrable fr hm. He was very use to c hr. So he decided to bring bak hr in room. Maan came out. There ws dark completely,bt he decided nt to switchon d lights as he doesnt wnt awake hr. He reached to d sofa,saw hr sleeping covred hr face wid blanket. He listen d snoring sound underneath d blanket.

MAAN(thought):Geet aaj kharate kyu maar rai hai? Bahar thand hai shayad isliye.ab main iski ek nai sunuga.ise andar le jata hu.chahe subah mujhpe kitna hi naraj kyu na ho.

Maan bend placed his hand underneath her and lifts hr up wid using extra muscle power dis time.

Maan(thought):ye Geet kyu kya ho gaya.ye itni bhari kaise ho gayi,abi kuchh dinn pehle to iska weight itna nai tha.koi baat Maan adat daal le baad me asani hogi. Abi pehle ise andr to le jao.

He step forward to hs room. At d same moment Adi shout loud as he is worried why he is in air. He start wriggling in Maan’s arm. Maan lost his balance and both falls down on floor. Geet too listen the noise sounds coming frm outside. She came out from another room and switch on d lite. D view shocked hr cmpletly. Maan laid on floor and Adi laying on him and Maan’s hand wrapped around his waist. Her mouth wide open and eyes poped out. Maan read hr mind and expressions,so he trying to clear hr doubts immediately. He stood up immediately.

MAAN:geet jaise tm soch rai ho waisa kuchh nai hai. Main to pani peene bahr aaya tha or adi neend me chal raha tha to hum dono takra gaye or hm nechhe gir pade… Waise Geet sofe pe to tm so rai thi na fir andr se kaise aai?

GEET:ha main sone to aai thi pr bahar Adi bhaiya pehle hi baithe the to unhone kaha ki wo mujhe thand me yaha sone nai denge.isliye unhone blanket or pillow leke mujhe apne room me bhej diya.isliye main waha sone chali gai or Adi bhaiya yaha so gaye. Lekin Maan peene ka pani to maine rakha tha.

MAAN:ha wo maine dekha nai tha.

Adi groaning in pain:haaye.abi aap dono ek kaam karo,pls dono jake so jao isse pehle ki mera kuchh or tut jaye…

PART – 27ADI still feeling pain in hs back. At d same time his phone start ringing. Both Maan and Geet got concious that who calls him at 2 am. Adi saw his phone it was a call frm Annie. Adi too get concious,dat not to talk b4 both….
ADI:ek imp call hai main abhi aata hu.Both maaneet gave suspecious look. Adi noticed botn’s expression and went out to avoid their que. And ans d call.ANNIE(worriedly):hello adi bhaiya.ADI:ha Annie bolo itni raat ko phone kyu kiya?ANNIE’s voice flattered:bhaiya maine KM call kia tha.to Nakul se pata chala ki bhai or Geet dono ghar chhodkar chale gaye hai.bhaiya main ab kya karu,Geet ka phone b nai lag raha hai.ADI:Annie annie relax. Calm down. Maan sir or Geet ie time mere ghar pe hai or bilkul theek hai,so dont worry at all.ANNIE:apke ghar pe hai dono?

ADI:ha wo sab jab tum aaogi samjha dunga filhal itna jaan lo dono theek hai or mere sath hai mere ghar pe so dont worry.(Adi’s back is still aching) ahhh…

ANNIE:Adi bhaiya ap karha kyu rahe ho?

ADI:wo isliye Annie coz tumhare bhai ne mujhe abi 2 neeche gira diya hai.

ANNIE:what? Aap kya bol rahe ho?

ADI(laugh funily):hehehehe,Annie tm to Maan sir ko janti ho jab unhe koi cheez pasand a jati hai to fir wo or kuchh nai sochte bas usi cheez ko hasil karne me lage rehte hai.

ANNIE(confused):ha lekin iska apke girne se ka sambandh hai?

ADI:coz Maan sir ko raat k do baje Geet pe pyar aa gaya or wo use lene bahar hall me aaye. Bt my bad luck. Geet ki jagah main so raha tha. Andhre me unhone Geet samjh kar mujhe utha liya or firr hum dono neche gir gaye. Or meri back ki band baj gayi hai.(listning this Anie LOL)haso haso tum bhi haso band to mera baj raha hai. Agar Maan sir aise hi uncntrol hote rahe to mera pata nahi kya kya or tutega.

ANNIE:ok ok relax.bhaiya moov laga lo aram aa jayega.achha bhaiya ek baat batao apko kya lagta hai. Maan bhai kya sach me Geet ko chahne lage hai?

ADI:Annie jitna main Maan sir ko janta hu us se to yahi lagta hai,or aaj raat ke baad to mujhe or bhi yakeen ho gaya hai… Hayeee

ANNIE:bas i hope ke ab dono jaldi se paas aa jaye. Ok bhaiya ab main rakhti hu aap yaad se dava laga lena warna aise hi haye haye karte rahoge.

ADI:ok u take care.

Call cuts. He go inside and locked the door. Meanwhile Geet patted on his back and he shout in fear.

GEET:Adi bhaiya chilla kyu rahe ho main hu.

ADI(sighd):geet kya kar rahi ho tumne to mujhe dara hi diya tha.

GEET:ho gayi apki important call?

ADI:ha ho gayi.

Geet handed an ointment in his hands.

GEET:to ab ise lagaiye subah tak aaram aa jayega.

ADI(smiles):thanku Geet.ab tm jao or aram karo.gd nyt.

GEET:gd nyt Adi bhaiya.

She went to his room. He too go to sofa fr sleep…
Next day aftr having a brkfast Adi went to office. Maaneet was all alone at home. Maan wants to spend some quality time wid her as today no one is present to disturb dem. Bt Geet was busy in doing some house hold work as there is no domestic help available. She have to done all work at her own. Maan is getting frustrated so he decided to help her in work so it can finished early. Geet was in kitchen. He went to her.

MAAN:kya kar rahi ho?

GEET:Maan vegetables cut kr rai hu lunch or dinner k lie.

MAAN:geet main kya soch raha tha abi kuchh din main ghar pe hu to kaam me tumhari thodi help karwa deta hu.mera b time paas ho jayega.(GEET laughed)kya hua isme hasne wali konsi baat hai? Ek to main tme hlp kr rha hu or tm mera mazak uda rai ho.

GEET:sorry Maan lekn tmne baat hi aisi ki,ki main khud ko rok hi nai payi. Maan ye tumhare office ki koi presentation nai hai jo tm minto me sabko impress kr loge. Janab ye kitchen ka kaam hai. Achhe achho ke paseene nikal jate hai yaha.

Maan feels underestimated:achha ye baat hai to theek hai tm mujhe koi ek kaam do or main use karke dikhaunga.

GEET:Maan ye tumse nahi hoga.

MAAN:or agar kar diya to?

GEET:nai hoga.

MAAN:lagi shart.

GEET:ab isme shart kaha se aa gayi?

MAAN:kyu darr gayi?

GEET:ji nahi main kyu darungi bhala?

Maan gazed her notily. He steps towards her and she feels her breath caught in her lungs.

MAAN:koi b ek kaam do or agar maine use kar diya to jo bolunga wo tum karogi.

Geet’s eyebrow notted:achha theek hai to tum ek kaam karo us bowl me sukha atta rakha hai use gunnd k dikhao tab tak main ye sari vegetables kat leti hu.

MAAN:itna simple sa kaaam ye to main chutki mein hi kar dunga.

GEET:dekhte hai…best of luck…


GEET take vegetables and sat on dining table and got busy in cutting them. Maan gave a look to flour bowl.
MAAN(thought):maan beta tune challange to kar diya hai lekin ye kaam karega kaise.He thought for a few moments, then he put a jar full of water in it. Flour turned into a mudd like mess. It looks like a keechhad. Maan irretatiely put his hand in the bowl and start mixing it. Wet flour bcom sticky and glued to his fingers. He irretates more. So to get rid from that he put more water in the bowl and make it hell. Geet came to kitchen to see how he is doing and she gave euuu look to him.GEET:Maan pls stop. Ye kya kiya hai tumne?She look at his face. Maan also placed some flour on his face too. It was stick to his raw stuble. Geet patted her forhead. She takes the bowl from him.GEET:Maan chhodo ise.MAAN:are Geet bas hone hi wala hai.GEET:he wo dikh raha hai. Pura keechhad bana diya hai. Aise na ye agle do saal mein bhi nahi gunda jayega. Maine kaha tha na ye tumse nahi hoga lekin tumne sunn na to hai nahi na. Ab chhodo ise or hath dho lo,chalo.

She runs the water and help him in removinging the sticky flour from his fingers.

GEET:Maan ruko.

He look at her in confusion. Geet placed her hand on his cheek and wash out the floor stick to his stuble. Her cold fingers on his cheek gave pleasure to him. He had a strong urge to take her hand and kissed on it. Geet broke his fantasy.

GEET:Maan tum jao baitho. Main ye sab mess theek kar ke aati hu.

He feels disappointed.2 hours passed. After that she get busy in cleaning the clothes. Maan again intrupts.

MAAN:Geet abi ye kaam to easy hai. kapde to washing machine ne dhone hai. Or itna to main kar hi skata hu. Tum tab tak koi dusra kaam kar lo.

GEET:Maan are you sure.

Maan nodded yes. Geet gave him clothes and powder and went to do some other works. Maan put all clothes in Machine tank and read the instruction of using it but he forgot the instruction of using the powder. Look at the numbers of clothes he put half pack in it and start the machine. with in a few minutes whole bathroom filled with washin powder leather and bubbles.. Machines vomits all the extra soap and bcoz of rotation,bubbles born more and more. Geet came to see the situation and she feels to cry.

GEET:Maan ye kya kiya hai tumne?

MAAN:kapde dho raha hu or kya.

GEET:kapde dho rahe ho?(He nodded yes and Geet fumed) kapde dho raha ho ya sara bathroom. Pura jhag jhag kar diya hai. Maan pls tum rehne do. Abi ye sab saaf karne me pata nahi kitne ghante jayenge.

MAAN:main saaf karwata hu tum tension mat lo.

Geet eyes wide open.

GEET:nahiii. Bilkul nahi. Ab tum kisi b kaam me meri help nai karoge.

MAAN:lekin Geet itna sara kaam tm akele kaise karogi?

GEET:Maan tm sach me meri help karna chahte ho na?(he nodded yes) to pls sirf ek kaam karo.


GEET:yahi k tum kisi b kaam ko krne me meri koi hlp mat karo. Yai meri sabse badi help hogi.(Maan made baby face) Maan tm jakr TV dekho tb tk main ye sab saaf krti hu.

Maan went out. Geet get busy in dong cleaning all tis. She really get tired after doing lot of work today,thanks to Maan’s help,her work load getting doubled. So she felt sleepy. Her body aching badly so she sat on sofa and cought in deep sleep immediately. Maan came out from his room to c her. She is half laid on sofa resting her head on back. Maan simply lost in her. He adore her innocent beauty. He sat near her nd gaze her continously. He want to assure that she is in deep sleep. He put her hairs strands behind her ears,brushing her cheeks. In this Maan’s fingers caress her cheek,feeling the soft shining skin of hers. She too feels the warmth of his fingers, his touch. Maan scooped her and take her in to their room and made her laid her comfortably.

MAAN:i m sorr Geet. Jane anjane aaj maine tumhe bahut tang kar diya. Lekin mera maqsad tumhe pareshan karna nahi tha. Main to sirf tumhare sath kuchh waqt bitana chahta tha. Jo pal hum sath milke khoobsurat bana sakte the sab meri wajah se barbad ho gaye. But i promise you i filled our life with the trail of pleasure moments. When we are together we dont need anyone around us. He kissed on her face every where…


TWO days passed. Today Adi is at home coz of weekly off. So he decided to do some houshold work with Geet,coz he is habtual to these works. Maan is not at home as he is going to investigate about raghu and the real culprit,afer lunch. In evening Adi was busy in watering his garden with pipe. Maan still not came back,and Geet need something. So she came ou to ask fr…

om Adi. She called him. Adi was completely lost in his own world,so when she call him suddenly,he moves with watering pipe to her. The pressure of water is soo high. As a result Geet drenched completely from tip to toe. Both’s mouth open wide. She look at herself first den gave a furious look to him. Adi scared as she look him.GEET(angrily):Adi bhaiya ye kya kiya apne.ADI:i m so…sooorry Geet maine jaan k nai kiya ye.His voice flattered.GEET:rukiye aap aaj apko chhodugi nai.aap or Maan dono bas mujhe tang karne me lage hue ho.She start running after him. Adi too start running to save himself fron her anger. Adi aage age or Geet uske pechhe. Both ran in whole house here and there. But no result. After 15 minutes both get tired and their breth get harder. Both hyperventilated.GEET:Adi bhaiya stop for a minute. Pehle pani peeyenge fir continue karenge.

ADI agreed. Both stop there cat and mouse chase for few minutes as they need some water. Geet went to fridge and take a botle of juice and drink half of it.

ADI:geet mujhe b pass karna pls.

Geet pass him a bottle of juice, adi drink the remaning juice. Its taste is realy very bad.

GEET:Adi bhaiya ye juice ka taste bahut ajeeb tha,kadwa kadwa.

ADI:ha maine bhi aisa kadwa juice aaj tak nahi piya.

GEET:ADI bhaiya apne pehle mujhe bheega diya fir paglo ki tarah doda rahe ho,or ab ye kadwa or ghatia juice pila diya. Sab galti apki hai ab bacho aap.

She again start running after him,and they continue until Maan came back home. When he came back he saw whole house is completely messed up,as Geet threw many items on Adi to hit him. But Adi runs realy very fast to save him. He still holds the juice bottle in his hands. Suddenly Maan noticed somthing strange in both’s behaviour. He hold both in his each hand.

GEET(in intoxication):maan dekho na Adi bhaiya ne mujhe bheega diya,or ab wo ghatia wala juice b nai de rahe hai.

ADI(in same condition as she in):nai maan sir ye meri bottle hai main nai dunga.

He had hicupps too.

MAAN:Adi ek min muje wo bottle do.

Adi:nai dunga aap Geet ko de doge.

MAAN(angrily):adi do idhar.

ADI(scared):deta hu sir.

Adi passed bottle to him. Maan recognised d bottle.

Maan(thought):o my god isme to maine koniac rakhi thi,Geet se chhupakar. Lagta hai in dono ne ise juice samjh kar pee liya hai.

Both Geet and Adi are very tired now and after drinking alchohal,both’s eyes getting heavier. They dont able to stand properly and fall on him.

MAAN(thought):lagta hai ab in dono ko mujhe hi sambhalna padega. Pehle adi ko uske room me chhodkar aata hu firr Geet ko le jaunga.

He made her sit on sofa and gave her instruction of not going anywhere till he came back. Geet nodded yes yes like a good student. He take Adi to his room made him laid on his bed and covered him.

ADI:gd nyt Maan sir.

Maan:gd nyt Adi.

He turn off the lights and came out. Then he went to Geet,scooped her and went to their room. He made her sit on a bed and start searching some fresh clothes for her as her clother are still wet. He take his long shirt for her. When he came to her,she will dancing on bed.

MAAN(worriedly):geet came here otherwise u will fall down.

But she cant get him as she is not in her. Maan grab her aram and dragged her towards him. Geet imbalnced and going to fall but he hold her on time. She wrapped her arams around his neck and looked lovengly to him.

GEET(innocently):Maan mujhe na kuchh kehna hai.

MAAN smiles on his innosence:bolo kya baat hai.

He made her stand on floor.

GEET:Maan us dinn tumne mujhe kiss kiya tha aaj main tumko kissy karu?

O what a chance he got. His princess wants to kiss him. The very thought increase his heartbeat. He feels goose bumps inside. She gave a cute childish smile to him,which make him more crazy.

GEET:main na aaj tumko kissy karti hu.

Geet first kissed on his forhead, then on his eyes one by one, then on his both cheeks. Maan really enjoyed this moment. Then she get closer to his lips. Maan is ready for this,she come more closer, but before she kissed on his lips,she lost her concious completely and fall on his chest. Maan shake her but she faints now…

MAAN(thought): my bad luck…phewww…


MAAN made her laid on bd,nd sat near hr. He ws worried if he nt change hr clthes,she must catch cold. But one truth is here dat inspite of being husband nd wife,det wer still strangers to each other. He knows he had a full rite to do dis,but he aware of d distance between dem,whch is actully made by hm. So may b she is nt accepting dis. He dosnt wnt to hrt hr mode…

sty nd hr feelings. He had to wait fr d rite moment,until she accept hm again as hr husband nd gave hm a rite on hr body. So now he ws in dialamma what to do as except hm no one is dere who help hm changing hr cloths. He sat in frnt of hr nd pulled hr up nd tagged hr to hmslf nd switch off d lites. First he pulled off hr shrt. Den he moved hs hands on hr back upwards nd opend d knot of hr bra nd pulled it off too carefully. Aftr dat he immediately placed hs shrt on hr. Wen he was surw dat she was now covered wid hs shrt,he made hr laid properly. Den he moved his hand to d lastic of hr salwar. He loosen it nd pulled off it too. Aftr dat he covered hr wid his soft duvet. He pickd up all hr wet clothes nd put dem fr cleaning. He too feel vry tired now,so he change hs clothes and ladi next to hr. Both slept on d same bed for d first time in d marriage of almost two years. Bt he made proper distance. Bothsleep calmly. But as clam as dis nite may b next mrng wouldnt…
Next day Geet wake up early in d mrng. Hr head is still aching badly due to hangover. Slowly slowly she got hr full concious,and she suddenly realized she is naked completely inside his shirt.she look at herslf nd got dat she only wear his shirt. Den she saw him slep beside her,bare chest. She wants to remember what happened last nite. Bt all memories r faded nd mixed up in hr mind. She only remember sm flashes of last nite incident, how she was inludge in a fight wid Adiand den she drank smthng. As much she try to remember her head ached more. Last flash she remember of lastnitewas how desperate she is to kiss him. Den she look at his face. And her lip marks on his face strenghten hr doubts. She hold hr head,as she feeling guity. She knew vry well dat hr Maan dsnt love her. Nd whatever happend last nite ws nt for hr. She know dat Maan only love Sameera,so he also concidered last nite,nthng mor den a big mistake. She got up immediately and went to wshrum nd sit ina showr,as she tries to wash d moments of last nite. She cried alot. Den she took all hr energy nd aftr taking a bath she wear hr cloths nd without looking at hm fr a single sec she went out,as she dont hv a courage to face hs anger nd frustration.she is vry disturbed. Adi too got up nd came out. He also feels d same head pain lyk hr, adi wishd hr Gd Mg,bt she lost in hr own wrld so she cnt hear hm. On d other hand Maan too wake up nd start patting hs rite side,searching hr actually.bt he found it empty. He stood nd chek d whole room.bt she was nowhere. He wants to c hs angel’s face,so he called hr from his room.. Adi gave a shake to Geet to bringhr back frm hr thoughts. Both hears Maan’s voice. Geet get more nervous. She doent wnt to go near hm,so she avoid hs summoned.
ADI:Geet kya hua jao dekho na kya baat hai? Maan sirbula rahe hai.GEET(annoyenglily):Adi bhaiya pls aap jake deko kya baat hai main kam kr rai hu,ADI:achha thek hai,main hi puchh leta hu kya bat hai.Maan watng fr hr,so he hide behind d door.at d momnt Adi entred in d room widout noticing,Maan hold hm frm behind. Adi screams at hs sudden attack. Maan too disappointed to c hm so he threw hm on ground again. Adi groan in pain nd Maan fumed.MAAN:Adi maine Geet ko bulaya tha tm kyu aa gye?ADI:maan sir aap agr isi trah romantic hote rhe to,i guess mujhe apne lie hospital me ek room book krwana padega, hayee hayee.

MAAN:Adi Geet kaha hai?

ADI:wo kam kr raihai isliye usne mujhe bhe dia.

MAAN:jao or abi Geet ko yaha bhejo.i wnt to c hr only.

Adi wnt out nd told hr. Bt she denied again and snd hm back to Maan. Maan desperately waitng fr hr. Dis time Adi is too vry concious. He peeped frm outside nd caled hs name b4 he enters d room.

ADI:Maan sir main hu firse.

And he entered d room.

MAAN:Adi i want Geet use bhejo.wo kyu nai aa rai hai.

ADI:Maan sir wo kaam kr rai hai bahut busy hai isliye usne bola hai apko jo b kam hai aap mujhe bata do main usko bata dunga.

Maan feel sad nd fall on bd. Adi came to him.

ADI:sir ek baat bolu?

MAAN:ha bolo.

ADI:Sir aap Geet se pyar krne lage hai to pls use bata do. Kyunki pati patni k bech itni sari duriyan unke rishte ko kamzor kr deti hai.

MAAN:Adi kehna to chahta hu lekin aise nai. I want to make dat moment very spl and memorable for us. Or mujhe pata hai ki mujhe ye sab kaise karna hai. Main aaj raat ko hi Geet ko apne dil ki baat bol dunga…


MAAN dressed up nd came out fr brkfst. Geet served both,bt avoid ny conversation wid Maan. Maan too feel sm unusual in hr behaviour bt he ignord as he is focusing on hs evng’s plans. Aftr brkfst both Adi & Maan leave d hom. Maan pland s dinnr date fr hr & explain Adi evrythng. He ordrd hm dat he snd hr in d evng to d plannd destination. Adi was happy fr both. He wn…

t to office nd Maan go to dod preprations. Geet was vry distrbd nd scared. She knows Maanblame hr fr evrythng nd she hd no couragge to tolrate hs angry eyes nd bad behaviour any more.GEET(thought):nai ab main maan k sath nai reh skti. Wo tujhe kabi maaf nai krega. Or jab tk main uski ankho k samne rahungi uski frustration or badegi.or main use or dard me nai dekh skti.acha yai hoga main uski zindagi se kahi durr chali jao.tabhi wo chain se jee payega.Tears rooled on hr cheeks. She stick to hr decision,so she paked hr all belongings nd leave d hom. In evngwen Adi came bak,he found hom empty. He is getting vry tensed nd calld Maan immediately. He told hm about hr exitence. Maan too getting vry tensed nd many bad thoughts caught hm. He drive fast nd reached to hom. Adi gave hm a note,which he found in their bedroom,on side table. In which she wrote a msg fr Maan:
“Maan man tumhe or tklef nai dena chahti,isliye hamesha k lie tmari zindagi se ja rai hu.kal raat jo b hua mujhe yaad nai hai,lekin pls us baat k liye mujhse nafrat mat karna. Goodbye”these lines hithm lyk an arrow. He got to realize hw mch she suffered only bcoz of hm. Knowngily or unknowningly,how many times he tortured hr n past two years.MAAN(thought):o god ye maine kya kr dia.apni hi duniya apne hatho se ujad di hai maine. Wo maasoom sb bardasht krte krte itna thak gai ki aaj glti na hote hue b usne khudko kasoorwar mankr khud ko or mujhko itni badi saza de di.He closd hs eyes. Hs eyes trnd wet. Adi ws scared mor fr hr coz he knew dere r lot of dangers waitng fr hr outside.

ADI:Maan sir ye time jazbati hone ka nai hai hme Geet ko kisi b keemat pe dhundhna hi hoga,wo nnai janti lekin hm to jante hai ki uski jaan khatre me hai or agar kisi b tarah ye baat us insan tk pahunch gai ki Geet akeli hai to kuchh b ho skta hai.

Maan too realized d seriousnees of d sit.he stabled hmslf.

MAAN:dont worry Adi hm Geet ko dhundhenge kisi b keemat pr.ek baar to maine use khud se durr kr diya tha.lekin ab main hm dono k bech kisi ko nai aane dunga.

Both start hr search. Geet was uncounciously wlking on a lonly road,lost in hr own thoughts. Dont know where to go or wat to do. A sharp beam is cming really vry fst towrds hr. This beam is coming frm d truck wch is cmig realy very fast. Tha driver gave horn to alert hr. Bt she cant get it as she was caught in hr own painful memories. Truck runs at vry high speed,due to whch it is uncntrolable fr driver too. Truck is just few inches away frm hr,it was just about to hit hr but she was dragged by on time by a some strong hands. Truck passed away nd she was saved. She came out to real world and look at d person who just save hr life. She look at thouse dark black eyes,filled wid lot of attitute and confidence. His care in his eyes,tension lines on hs large tample which is covered wid his black straight hairs,are clearly visible to her. Befor she asked anythng or gave any answer to hs questions,she lost hr concious and faints in hs strong arms wrapped around her. Dis made him ore worried.he cant c hr in dat condition. He pated her face but no result. So he lifts hr in hs arms and put hr in hs lavish black BMW. He take hr to his place nd maid hr laid on a vry lavish bed comfortably nd cvrd hr in hs duvet.. He immediately summond d doc as he dont want to take any chance wid hr. Doc came nd start treating hr. He was very worried fr Geet. He cant c hr in any pain. Hs mind filled wid both anger and fear. Fear for her saftey sake nd fr those who are responsible fr hr painful condition.

DOC:dont worry Mr. Kapoor,she is alrite. Bas weakness hai.may b inhone subah se khuchh nai khaya hai or shayad kisi bat ka stress hai. But dont worry agle 5-6 ghanto me hosh aa jyaega.

STRANGER:thanx doc.

Doc left. He call hs assistance.

SHARMA:ys sir.

HE:ye Geet ka pasport hai uske saman se mila hai. Mere private jet ko ready karwao or geet ka paasport or visa ka kaam karwao. And do it really very fast.main geet ko lekar apne private aerodrome pe ja raha hu. Ye sab kaam karwake seedhe wahi par aa jana hm aaj hi India chhodkar wapis jayenge.

SHARMA:dont worry sir aap jo bole wo na ho aisa hua hai kabi.lekin sir mam abi behosh hai,aise me unhe out of India le jana kya theek hoga?

HE:iski tension tm mat lo.Geet ko main sambhal lunga.lekin ab main ise ek or pal b yaha rehne nai dunga.hum aaj infact abhi ye desh chhodkar ja rahe hai. Sharma hum log aaj hi nikalenge. Sari packing ho gayi hai tum jaldi ye sab karwa k waha aa jao.ambassy me meri baat ho gayi hai.ab jao or jaldi waha pahuncho hume wapis ghar b jana hai Geet ko leke…

PART 32MAAN & ADI searched fr hr evrywhere. Hr absence made hm gttng mor tensed. Evry passed sec.increase hs worries 100 times higher. He just want hr in frnt of hs eyes. Dey check at all possible places bt found nthng. Around 1am both came bak empty hand. Dey jst entered in d hom. Aftr 5mins Annie was dere too. She dont know about Geet’s absence. She was really vry happy…
,as she is going to meet hr brother aftr such along time. Wid hr entry she jumped to Maan nd hugged hm tightly. Maan ws vry cnfusd seeing hr lyk dat.ANNIE:bhai kaise ho aap?i m soo happy to c u.Maan ws in shock.how she knew about hm.he lookd at Adi in anger.ADI:i m sorry Maan sir lekin mere pas or koi chara hi nai bacha tha.aapki harkato ki wajahse Annie bahut zada pareshan thi or kisi b keemat pe Yash ko Geet k sath rehne nai dena chahti thi.waqt ki nazakat ko dekhte hue mujhe Annie ko sara sach batana hi pada.Annie loosen d hug.ANNIE(in angry tone):bhai aapne hm sbke sath ye sb kyu kiya?zinda hone k bawjood aap ghar kyu nai aaye?bolo bhai kyu kiya apne hum sabke sath aisa? Apke bina hm kaise jee rahe the iska andaza b nai hai apko?or jb maine apko dhundha tab b aapne jhooth bola kyu bhai kyu?

MAAN:Annie mere pas or koi rasta nai tha.

ANNIE:aisi konsi majburi thi jo apko apne hi parivar k pas lautne nai de rai thi?batao?

MAAN:Annie us dinn jb main Sameera k paas laut rha tha tb mujhe realize hua ki car ki breaks fail ho chuki hai.mere lakh koshisho k bawjud b car bekabu ho chuki thi. Khudki jaan bachane k lie mere pas ek hi rasta bacha tha ki main chalti car se hi kudd jau,or maine wahi kiya. Chalti car se kudd gaya or ja ke khai ke sire pe gir gaya or mera sir seedha ek ped se ja takraya.mera pura shareer puri tarah ghayal ho chuka tha,firr main behosh ho gaya. Jb hosh aaya to main Shyam bhai or Radha bhabhi k ghar pe tha. Wo log mujhe bacha kr apne sath le aaye the. Lekin sir pe chot lagne ki waah se mujhe kuchh b yaad nai tha. Sb yaade dhundali ho chuki thi.apna naam tk yaad nai tha.Unlogo ne tb mera naam Yash rakh dia. Unlogo k sath maine zindagi ka ek naya chehra dekha. Wo log itni gareebi me b khush the. Unke pas kabhi kabi khane k b paise b nai hote the.uske bawjood unhone mere ilaaz me kabi kami nai aane di. Wo simple rehte the lekin unki soch ne mere sochne ka nazariya badla insaan mehnge or stylish kapdo se nai apne kaam se uncha hota hai,ye mujheus parivar ne sikhaya. Acci se pehle main srf dikhave ki duniya ko,paiso or style ko hi zindagi manta tha lekin us parivar ne mujhe sikhaya ki insani rishte jazbato se jiye jate hai na ki dikhave or paiso se. Unke sath maine chhoti2 bato ko njoy krna seekha. Unke pyar or seva ki wajah se main theek ho raha tha. Dheere2 mujhe sab yaad aane laga tha or jis din mujhe sb yaad aaya mere acci ki 5 mahine beet chuke the. Main seedha Sameera k pas gaya use ye batane k liye main zinda hu or theek hu.lekin jb main waha pahuncha or jo maine dekha use dekhkr mere pairo talo zameen khisak gayi. Jise main is duniya me sabse zada chaha tha wo aaj kisi or ki baho me apni khushiya dhoond rahi thi.us ek pal me mere sare sapne bikhar gaye.mujhe laga sb khatam ho gaya hai.kyunki jise maine chahta tha wo mujhe g mahino me hi bhul chuki thi or na sirf itna balki meri jagah kisi or ko de chuki thi.tb sirf yai laga ki ab main Maan bankr kya karu.kya reh gaya hai jise hasil karne k liye main Maan banu.isliye Yash k rroop me hi ek aam admi ki zindagi jeena shuru kr diya.lekin ek dinn tmne mujhe dekh lia or tb mujhe dadi or geet ki sit.ka pata chala. Main shayad na b lautta lekin sham or radha ka karz chukane k liye mujhe Maan banna pada.

ANNIE(fuming):Sameera 3 bas wahi ek thi apki zindagi main. Apka pariwar apke liye koi mayne nai rakhta ta hai na? Tabi apne apne pariwar ki khushio k liye lautna zaruri nai samjha. Or jab laute tab b apne Adi bhaiya ko sach bataya lekin mujhe nahi.

MAAN:main to srf undono k ilaz k liye mana tha.socha tha wo theek ho jayengi to apni usi zindagi me laut jaunga.lekin Adi ne mujhe pehle hi hafte me pakad liya or apne shak ko yakeen me badalne k liye usne ek trap bichhaya or main fas gaya or fir mujhe sach ugalna pada,believe me Annie maine Adi ko b khud kuchh nai bataya. Annie i love u or maine b apni family ko bahut miss kiya lekin mujhe jo chot dill pe lagi thi uske baad kisi se nazare milane ki himmat nahi ho rahi thi.kaise aata tum sabke samne.jis Samera k liye maine tum sabko chhoda tha aaj usne kisi or k liye mujhe chhod diya hai isliye main aaya hu…ye guilt mujhe tum sabke paas aane se rok raha tha.lekin dadi or sham bahi k bete ki tabiyat ki wajhse main wo sb bhul kar firse Maan bann ne ki himmat ki…

PART  33ANNIE still not satisfied with his explanations. She still have many questions in hr mind….
ANNIE:or bhai Geet? I mean aap sirf dadi k liye laute. Kya aapke dil mein Geet k liye thodi si b jagah nahi hai?MAAN:hai,infact aaj sirf wahi ek hai jiske naam se ye dil dhadkata hai.lekin us wqt aisa nai tha. Mujhe yahi lagta tha ki mere acci. Ke pechhe bhi Geet ka hi hath hai or wo ye sab natak tum sabki sympathy hasil karne ke liye kar rahi hai,isliye jab tmne mujhe Adi k paas traning k liye bheja,to un 3 mahino me maine Geet par nazar rakhi or uske sabi docs se bhi meeting ki jo tumne in 6 mahino me change kiye the. Fir jab mujhe vishwas ho gaya ki wo sach me sadme me hai tab maine Adi se kaha ki wo ab bol de ki main ghar lautne k liye ready hu. Ghar aaya to Geet k kareeb kab aa gaya pata hi nai chala.Suddenly Annie realize Geet was not there.ANNIE:bhai Geet kaha hai? Baato baato mein main ye to bhul hi gayi ki mujhe ussse bhi to milna hai. I missed hr so much. Bhai Geet so rahi hai kya?Her questions shaked him and he realized d demand of the current situation. Both Adi & Maan looked each other faces,as they dont have any answer to her ques.* * * * * * *

Its around 3 am. Geet got her concious. She sit in a car mutly next to that stranger. Both reached to aerodrome. All formalities had done. He take hr to his private jet. Tears rolled down on hr cheeks as she is leaving all her relations behind forever. Both sit inside. She is still crying. He console her.she rested her head on his chest and he embraced her tightly. Jet take off…

* * * * * * * * * * * *

ANNIE:Geet kaha hai bhai bolo na?aap chup kyu ho?

MAAN:Annie Geet kaha hai ye to hume b pata nai hai.

ANNIE(tensed):kya matlab k apko nai pata geet kaha hai?

Maan told hr everything. Annie got a big shock and fell down on sofa. Maan hold her. Adi gave hr a water.

ANNIE(impatiently):bhai geet ko dhundho.pata nai kaha hogi.

MAAN: Annie calm down,hum itni der se Geet ko hi dhund rae hai.achha ek baat bato Geet k dost kon kon hai kyunki Geet ko sabse zada tum janti ho.

ANNIE: bhai mere alawa Geet ka koi dost nahi hai.wo bahut reserved nature ki hai,kisi k b sath jaldi khul nahi pati hai.bhai yaha aisa koi nahi hai jiske pas wo ja sake. Bhai apne mandiro ya gurdwaro me check kiya?

MAAN: nahi waha to nai kiya.

ADI: lets go Delhi k sabi dharmik sthano ko bhi check karte hai.

MAAN: hum ye alag alag directions me dhundhege.

All three went to search her. They moved their cars in Delhi everywhere. Check all spritual places but no result. At 8 am all came back to Adi’s place empty hands. All three are very worried. Many bad thoughts swimmed in their minds. Annie’s anger grew more.

ANNIE: maine kaha tha na apse apke bharose use chhod kar ja rahi hu uska dhyan rakhna. Lekin nai itna chhota sa kaam bhi aapse nahi hua. Aaj Geet pata nahi kaha hai,kis haal me hai.or ye sab sirf apki wajhse. Pehle aapne apni us Sameera k sath milkar us bechari ko itna pareshan kiya,uss se b apka mann nahi bhara tha jo ye kiya uske sath. I told u bhai agar meri dost ko kuchh bhi hua to main aapko kabi maaf nahi karungi.

She moved from there in anger. Maan have no ans to hr assicuations. Adi went behind her.

ADI: Annie pls gussa mat karo or meri baat dhyan se suno.

ANNIE: bhaiya mujhe kuchh nai sunna mujhe sirf Geet chahiye thats it.

ADI: Annie main manta hu tumhara gussa jayaz hai, lekin iss tarah ek dusre par ilzam laga kar to problem solve nahi hogi na isliye pls shant ho jao. Dekho iss time Maan sir bahut pareshan hai aise mein hum unn par ilzaam lagayenge to wo or pareshan ho jayenge. I know k Geet ke liye tumhara concern bilkul jayaz hai lekin iss tarah se Maan sir pe gussa dikha kar Geet nahi milegi… Achha hoga ki hum ek dusre ko blame karne ke bajaye ye soche ki aage hume kya karna hai… Aage ki strategy decide karte hai tabhi koi result aayega.

ANNIE: Adi bhaiya Geet theek to hogi na?

She looked at him in great hope.

ADI: dont worry Annie humari Geet ko Kuchh nahi hoga…

He patted on her head lovengly and gave her a moral support…

PART – 34ADI trying to convience her.ADI: Annie Maan sir or Geet dono ek dusre se ko chahte hai. Dono ke bech me misunderstanding ho gayi hai wo b kyunki
conversation gap hai isliye…so its very important k dono ki galatfahmi ko durr kiya jaye. Maan sir or Geet dono is time emotionally
weak or disturbed hai. So its very important k hum samjhdari or thande dimag se kaam le. They both need us. So calm down.ANNIE:ok bhaiya main abb gussa nai kahrungi lekin Geet…what abut her bhaiya?ADI:sochte hai…kuchh na kuchh to sochna hi padega.All 3 sitting together and thinking what to do next. Annie travelling from one corner to another. Meanwhile her stare stuck on a old
newspaper. One of its headline attracts her attention suddenly. She grabed the newspaper and read it carefully. Adi & Maan look
hr in amuzment. Annie immediately call Romeo. He picked up d call.ANNIE:hello Romeo.ROMEO:hi Annie how r u?nd where are u?ANNIE:romeo main indai me hu.lekin abi ye sab chhodo.mujhe ek favour chahiye…tumhe abhi k abhi mera ek kaam karna hai.ROMEO:bolo Annie kya baat hai?ANNIE:Romeo Mr. Kapoor indino India me hai.

ROMEO:kon wo Kapoor empire k malik to nahi jo world k top most Richest persons me gine jate hai?

ANNIE:ha wahi.Romeo pata karo wo is time kaha hai. I need all information regarding hm.

ROMEO:ok Annie mujhe thoda sa time do main abhi sari info nikalwata hu.

He cuts d call.

MAAN:kya hua Annie kon hai ye Mr. Kapoor and Y r u so curious too know about hm?

ANNIE:bhai ye humari last hope hai,hmne delhi ka chhapa chhapa chhan mara lekin Geet ka kuchh pata nai chala,pr ab lag

raha hai pata chal jayega,bs aap thoda patience rakho. Romeo ka call aata hi hoga uske baad sab clear ho jayega.Romeo call back and gave her all d information he collects.ROMEO:Annie Mr. Kapoor pichhle dino India me the. Par pata chala hai wo kal raat ko hi wapis chale gaye. Kisi ko theek se pata
nahi hai ki kya baat hui hai. Annie sab theek hai na?ANNIE:Romeo thankyou soo much.dekho ab meri baat dhyan se suno,ek or kaam hai jo tume karna hai.Annie gave him instruction,what he have to do now.MAAN:Annie yaha main Geet ko leke pareshan ho raha hu or tm bahar jane k plans bana rahi ho.ANNIE:bhai mujhme na aapse jada akkal hai or Geet ki fikar bhi.ADI:lekin Annie bataogi tum kya karne ki soch rahi ho?

ANNIE:Adi bhaiya ye dekhiye Mr. Kapoor aap kaise bhul skte hai inko(Adi take a deep thought). Are bhaiya ye Mr. Kapoor hai.

Now Adi got dat who is he.

ADI:oh ab yaad aaya. U mean Geet inke sath hai?

MAAN(still in confusion):koi mujhe batayega kon hai ye or geet se kya lena dena hai iska…

He is fuming,feeling jealous with him.

ANNIE(with a smile):bhai ye mr. Kapoor hai geet ki massi ke bade bete. Mr. Tejveer Kapoor. Paris k rishest bussiness tycoon.

Bhai hum Geet ko sb jagah dhoondh chuke hai lekin wo nahi mill rahi iska seedha matlab yahi hai ki Teji veerji use apne sath
Paris le gaye hai. Romeo ne mujhe bataya hai ki wo kal raat ko hi nikale hai.MAAN:par ye sirf ek andaza hai.kya pata Geet yahi hui to?ANNIE:bhai hum Geet ko Paris me dhundhte hai or yaha ka intzam bhi main karke jaungi…i m sure bhai Geet Paris me hai. Adi
bhaiya, Maan bhai pls aap log apni packing kar lo coz maine Romeo se bol diya hai wo humari tickets confirm kar de. Ye ek
business tour hai isliye Visa ka prob b nai hoga. Maan bhai aap embassy me call karo or ye kaam pura karwao tab tak main baki
ki tayiyari karti hu.In eveng Romeo nd Tasha came to Adi’s place.ROMEO:ye lo sis tickets tumhare jane ki sari taiyari ho gayi hai.raat k 8 baje ki flight hai.Annie:thanx Romeo. Achha mere Paris k staff ko inform kar diya hai na ki main aa rahi hu.ROMEO:dont worry Annie.meri baat peter se ho gayi hai maine use bata diya hai ki ab tum apne Paris wale office se hi operate
karogi. Isliye use Mansion ko b rehne k liye ready karne ko bol diya hai.u dont worry at all.ANNIE:Romeo ek kaam or hai tum dono se.tm dono pechhe se Geet ko dhumdhne ka kaam jari rakhna. Ye ek private dectative
agency ka no hai zarurat pade to inki help b le lena. Lekin ek baat ka dhyan rahe ye baat sirf hm 5 k bech hi rehni chahie.TASHA:dont worry mam aap befikar hoke jaiye.ANNIE:Or ha ek or baat mere is trip ke bare me ye Geet k gayab hone k bare me meri family me se b kisi ko kuchh pata nahi
chalna chahiye. Romeo tum jo b kaam karoge bahut hi carefully karna or Tasha tm Dadi ko dekhne k bahane ghar jana or waha
ki sari reports mujhe batati rehna,both nodded yes.ROMEO:dont worry Annie main sab sambhal lunga…jaisa tum chahti ho waisa hi hoga…
PART – 35In PARIS : 2 pm
A lavish Royals Royace stop in front of palace lyk mansion. Electric gate opens nd car entrd in d mansion. Immediatly a srvnt rush to opn d door of car. Geet nd Teji came out frm d car. It was a huge white modern terracotta roofed villa built on various level with a profusion of flower draped balconies, balustrades and floor of ceiling windows enjoy…
ing dramatic view of rocky coast above which dey were perched,of looming mountains and a breath catching expanse of azure water.
She hesitated to go inside. Teji cm to hr nd huggd hr.
TEJI:kya soch rai chal andr ye tera ghar hai samjhi.GEET(hesitately):lekin veerji main yaha achanak aise…TEJI:kaha na ye tera ghar hai ab chal andr.Both entrd.it was lyk a heaven.wid d entranc she saw a big hall attached wid marble stairs and pillars covered wid creep. Each nd evry corner decorated wid expansive items. Bneath stairs there is musical fountain,which looks very beautiful. Suddenly a grl wearing vry loose top of pink nd white colour wid black slackes rush to Geet nd hugged hr warmly. She was vry excited nd happy to saw hr aftr sch a lng time. Geet too huggd hr bak. She is a wife of Teji named Pammi.PAMMI:Geet kaisi hai tu? I m so happy to c u dere.apni shadi k aad aaj dekh rai hu tujhe. Tujhe to humari yaad ati hi nai.

GEET:nai parzaiji aisi bat nai hai..

PAMMI:rehne de 2 sab pata hai mujhe. Bt i m so happy ki iss aar ye tujhe leke aaye hai.mujhe tujhse bahut sari bate krni hai…actully busy hone ki wajahse teri shadi me b hm aa nai paye the…

This topic hurts hr nd Teji noticed it so he intrupts their convrsation.

TEJI:are Pammi sari bate kya darwaje pe hi krni hai ab to ye yai hai krte rehna bate.filhal isko iska room dikha de.thak gayi hai itne lambe safar k baad.

PAMMI:i m sorry main b na jhali hu bato me sb bhul jati hu.chal Geet tu aram kr le pehle tb tk main lunch lgwti hu. Suniye, aap b fresh ho jao.

Pammi take hr to a beautiful nd lavish room. There ws a enormous bed covered wid dark satin sheet,only half aware of d exclusive wood. D array of sft furnishing defined deir status nd taste.

PAMMI:Geet tu frsh ho ja tb tk main baki kaam dekh leti hu.

She came out nd went straight to hr bdrum,where Teji tryng to get out of hs tight fit black taxedo. Pammi helps hm. She huggd hm.

PAMMI:jaanu i miss u soo much.

TEJI(smiles):me too sweethrt.

Pammi loosen d hug:suniye apse kuch puchhna hai.

TEJI:geet k bare me?

PAMMI:ha wo aaj mujhe kuch bujhi2 si lagi.maine jb use pehle dekha tha to wo hr wqt muskurati rhti hai lekn aaj uski ankhe udas si lagi. Kya baat hai.

TEJI(fumed):kuchh theek nai hai pammi. Ye to rabb ka shukr hai ki main waha time pe pahunch gaya wrna unlogo ne to koi kasr nai chhodi thi meri behan ki jaan lene me.

PAMMI(shocked):aise kyu bol rahe ho janu?

Teji told hr evrythng what happnd dere nd how he saved hr frm acci.

TEJI:Pammi isliye main nai chahta ki waha ki koi b baat uske samne ho.

PAMMI:aap fikr na karo main uska pura dhyan rakhungi.

TEJI:achha ye batao wo nalayak kaha hai?

PAMMI:aap b na hr waqt us bechare k pechhe pade rehte ho…

TEJI:pechhe na padu to wo nalayak koi kaam na kare. Tumne to use sar pe chada k rakha hai isiliye mujhe sakht hona padta hai.

PAMMI:arre bab lucky is time kaha hoga,office gaya hai.

TEJI:pammi ab ek kaam karo jaldi se lunch lagwa do,fir mujhe office b jana hai.

PAMMI(made golguppa face):ye kya baat hui abi aaye ho or aate hi jana hai.

Teji hld hr frm bak nd whisper in hr ear:to kya hua raat to apni hai.

Pammi blush,loosen his grip over hr nd wnt out.

In INDIA :6:30 PM
ANNIE:Romeo koi b baat ho mujhe cntact kr lena or Tasha b careful while attndng my prsnl calls,coz ghar se call tumare pas hi aynge(both nodded yes. She trnd to Maan & Adi) aap dono ki packing ho gai?

MAAN:ha ho gai hai.

ANNIE:to chale?

All 3 wnt to Airport at 8 pm sharp dey catch d flight. Plane take off. Maan was vry dstrbd inside. He really hope dat in Paris he must found hr safely. He closed his eyes nd c hr face in hs thoughts.

MAAN(thought): pata nahi kaisi hogi. Mujhse baat karegi bhi ya nahi or main kya kahunga us se. I just hope wo ek baar bas ek baar meri baat sunn le. Geet main aa raha hu.

At the same moment Geet too open her eyes as she hear his voice. She whispered “MAAN”.

GEET sitting in a garden area all alone,coz she wants to b spend sm time alone. Pammi too allowed her,dont want to force her for any thng. She was reading a magzine. Meanwhile, Villa’s electric doors open again. A very good looking guy wearing lather sports jacket and denim jeans enters inside on a sports bike and moved to parking area. After parking …

hs bike he came straight to Geet. He smiles,looking at her. But Geet was still in confusion who is he? She actually cant recognize him.GEET:aap kon hai? I m sorry maine aapko pehchana nahi.He was her second elder brother Lakhveer Kapoor,popularly know as Lucky.LUCKY:most of the time log mujhe yahi kehte hai (he joked)Pammi too came to join them.PAMMI:Geet budhu pehchana nahi? bhai hai tera Lucky.

Geet’s mouth wide open. She smiles and rush to him and hugged him as both see each other after very long time.

LUCKY:kaisi hai meri chhutki?

GEET:main theek hu veerji aap kaise ho?

LUCKY:ekdum mast.

GEET(explains):wo veerji aapko bahut saal pehle dekha tha na isliye.aap to teji veerji ki shaadi me bhi nahi aaye the.

LUCKY:tab mere exams the na to veerji ne kaha functions se zada zaruri exams hai,isiliye nahi aaya tha…par koi baat nahi ab to tu aa gayi hai to hum sab milke khub enjoy karenge…ghumenge firenge jaise bachpan me karte the… Achha ye bata akeli aayi hai ya Maan b aaya sath me?

His words gave lot of pain to hr,as she hd no ans to hs que. Pammi undrstnd hr situation. She gav a sign to Lucky,dat he dont talk nythng about Maan. Lucky gt nd tried to change d atmosphere whch gt serios suddnly wid d discussion of hs name.

LUCKY:parzaiji veerji aa gaye ya abi office me hi hai?

PAMMI:ha bs aane hi wale hai.

LUCKY:ha or aate hi pehle meri clas lenge. Geet tujhe yaad hai kaise mujhe dante the wo silsila abi tak chalu hai.

Geet smiles little bit. Both feel good seeing hr smile.

PAMMI:ha to aise kam mat kia kr na k unhe gussa aaye. Chal ab change kr ja…or Geet tu b andr aa ja bahar thand badd rai hai tujhe sardi lag jayegi.

GEET:przaiji aap chalo main aa jaungi

PAMMI:achha theek hai pr jaldi aajaio.

She nodded yes.nd both Pammi nd Lucky wnt inside. Geet sit all alone. Cold breeze start blowing. She feels shiver in hr body. So she stand up to go inside. Suddnlu she feels a coat draped around hr from behind. She look bakside nd sw Maan standing dere. She bcom dumb struck lookin hm dere. She trnd to hm.

GEET:Maan tum yaha?

Maan com closr to hr nd placed hs finger on hr soft supple pink lips to shut hr mouth. He looked in hr eyes. Den he snaked hs arm on hr waist nd pull hr closer. He gazed hr lips. Geet’s breath get harder. He placed hs anoth hand half coming on hr neck nd half on hr cheek. He start pulling hr towrds hm. Then he leaned ovr hr lips. Geet closed hr eyes. Maan took hr lips in hs. He suck and bite hr lips. Geet completely lost in hm.
Bt hr fantasy broked soon wid d sound of Teji’s porch. He arrived home. She open hr eyes and looked all around,bt Maan is nowhere.

GEET(thought):ye sab main kya soch rai hu. No i have to forgot hm. Wo sab main bahut pechhe chhod aayi hu. Ab mera or Maan ka koi lena dena nai hai. Mujhe strong hona hi hoga.aaj ke baad main aisa koi khyal nai aane dungi apne dimag me…

She lost in hr thoughts nd sddnly shocked by d touch on hr shoulder.

TEJI:kya hua Geet tu dar kyu gai?

GEET:kuchh nai veerji bas aise hi kuchh soch rahi thi.

TEJI:ab tu ye sochna vochna chhod.tu ab apne bhaiyo k sath hai hai to sochne ka kaam hm karenge tu sirf apni zindgi njoy kr(he draped hs blazer to her,to save hr frm cold) ab chal ander warna sardi lag jani hai tujko.

He take her inside. Geet went to her room. Nd Teji too go to his room for changing his clothes. All came to dinner table. All enjoying the meal and Lucky trying every possibility to make her happy. They all talk casually. Geet feels good with them and smiles little bit, as Lucky is very funny. They all three make sure not to discuss any thing about Maan or his family. Aftet meal all went to their rooms. Geet laid on bed but cant able to sleep properly, she is very disturbed inside… But she decided do stick on her decision.

Flight land on airport. Maan, Annie and Adi cme out aftr cheking process. Dey all welcmd by hr company’s MD, Mr. Peter Rodriks. He make sure dat dey all feel comfortable. A luxuarious Bentely waiting for dem. All 4 sit nd travelled to Annie’s mansion in Paris. Paris is 1 of d most bautiful city of France. Dey all explore d aura of dis city. Wid in 45 mi…
ns day all reched to hr mansion. All entered and relaxed demselves on couch.MAAN:Annie Paris to aa gaye,ab aage kya plan hai?ANNIE:Geet ko dhundhenge or kya.( she turnd to Peter) Peter have do me a favour, (she gave him a pic of Geet) she is my frnd named Geet. Nd i hav a doubt dat dese days she is staying at Kapoor Villa,owned by d rich business tycoon Mr Tejveer Kapoor. U hav to find out all info.about hr as quick as possible.PETER:but mam its nt soo easy. Hs villa is surrounded by many security guards approx 100 security guard r always on work. Mam wo koi kille se kam nai hai. Its very impossibe to peep inside.ANNIE:i dont wnt any excuses. I only wnt result at any cost. By hook or by crook do what i said. Find out she is dere or nt nd wht hr daily routines…on wat ocassions she came out of d house. I dont mind how much money or time is required bt i wnt ans of all ques.PETER:ok mam i try my level best. He left nd all 3 went to deir rooms and do some rest as dey all were very tired. Peter was very tensed how he can do this.1 day is passed bt he found nothng. He use his contacts nd luckily he found som1 who can do dis work. Actually Kapoor Villa’s cctv chked evry month,so evry month company snd 1technision fr checking all d camers. Peter bribed that technician. He agreed nd go to Kappr Villa. He chekd all the cameras and also tried to find out where is she. Meanwhile all family memebers came for breakfast. Techanisian match the Geet’s face wid the pic and make sure that she is d same girl whom he is searching. They all talking.

PAMMI:suniye main kya soch rahi thi ab Geet b yaha hai to kyu na ghumne chale.

TEJI:good idea. Pammi tum Geet k sath chali jao or dono apne liye shopping b kar lena.

PAMMI:kyu aap nai chaloge?

TEJI:jaan samjha karo office me aajkal kaam bahut hai.or jab se tumne concieve jiya hai meri help karni b bilkul band kr di hai.tm ek kaam karo Lucky ko sath le jao.

GEET’s ear open at d talk of Conceving hr:kya parzaiji ne conceive kiya kab?mujhe to apne bataya hi nai. Congrats veerji. (all smiles and she felt so happy for both)

PAMMI:ha main batane wali thi,par bato bato me yaad hi nai raha.

She hugged hr as she sit next to her.

GEET:konsa mnth hai?


Meanwhile Lucky came to join them.

TEJI:Lucky ek kaam hai tujhse.

LUCKY:hukum karo veerji,banda hazir hai.

TEJI:sunn aaj tu office se off lele or Pammi or Geet ko ghumane le ja sara dinn ghar pe bore hoti rehti hai…waise to Pammi ko akele bhej deta lekin is time pe main koi chance nahi lena chahta to sath hoga to mujhe tension nai hogi.

LUCKY:theek hai veerji main le jaunga.

TEJI:or sunn wapsi pe shoppng b krwa dio dono ko.

LUCKY:changa veerji.tussi fikr na karo main Summer Paradise Mall le jaunga,waha se jo shoppn krni hai kr lenge dono.

TEJI:ab khush Lucky jayega dono k sath.

PAMMi:lekinLucky tu waha jaldi jaldi chalo aise nai bolega ladkio ko time lagta hai shoppng me.

LUCKY:promise parzaiji main koi shikayat nai karunga. Waise b chhutki itne salo baad aai hai.so nythng fr hr.

Dat technician listen evrythng. He wnt out nd call Peter to gav hm all info he collects. Peter immediatly calls Annie.

PETER:hello mam.

ANNIE:ha peter hav u got smthng.

PETER:yes mam apka kaam ho gaya hai?

ANNIE:good,kya info. Hai?

PETER:mam jis grl ki pic pne di thi wo kapoor villa me hi hai. nd 1 mor impt.news mam today she is going to Summer Paradise Mall wid hr family in evening.

ANNIE(wid a big smile on hr face):gd job Peter.well done.

PETER:thanx mam.

She cuts d call nd rush to Maan & Adi. She ws vry happy nd cant able to handle hr happiness. She jumped on maan nd hugged him.

MAAN(in amuzement):kya hua Annie tum itna uchhal kyu rahi ho?

Annie’s eyes sparkel in happiness.

ANNIE:Bhai guess what, Geet yahi hai Paris me.mera guess sahi nikla.

Listen to this both Maan nd Adi get excited. Maan’s heart jumping in happiness.

MAAN:tu sach keh rahi hai na. Geet yaha hai Paris me?(Annie nodded yes) to fir main abhi jaunga use wapis lane.

Annie hold his arm and stopped hm.

ANNIE:bhai control ot thoda akkal se kaam lo. Agar hum waha jayenge to Geet se milna to durr ulta Teji veerji apne ghar me ghus aane ke ilzam me hum sabko jail ki hawa khilwa denge.

MAAN:geet meri patni hai or uss se milne se mujhe duniya ki koi takat nai rok sakti.uske bhai b nahi.

Annie gave a llok to him:Bhai, Geet aapse naraz hai or ho sakta hai uske bhai bhi ho,aise me hum waha jayenge t khamkha tamasha ho jayega.

MAAN:to tum kya chahti ho main hath pe hath rakh k baith jau…

ANNIE:nahi bhai maine aisa kab kaha. Main sirf ye keh raha hu ki aapko pehle Geet se akele me baat karni chahiye,taki aap khul k apne dil ki baat use bata sako.Maan:or bina waha jaye ye kaise hoga?ANNIE:hoga or wo b aaj hi. Suniye Geet apni family ke sath shopping ke liye Summer Paradise Mall jane wali hai.tu hum wahi use gherenge.MAAN:hmm good idea. Theek hai to firr yahi karte hai.(He smirked and thought): Geet aaj to tumhe mere samne aana hi hoga…

PART – 38LUCKY tak dem to all beautiful places,like beaches,movies and fare,where dey njoyd most. Playing games nd rides take dem to dere childhood. All really njoying aftr vry lng time. At 6 pm dey wer reched to Mall. Maan too came wid Adi nd Annie. Now all 6 were in a Mall. Maan,Annie nd Adi strt srchmg hr in a maal….
PAMMI:Geet tu b dekh le tujhe kya 2 chahiye.GEET:parzaiji mujhe kuchh nai lena aap apni shoppng kr lo.PAMMI:aise kaise nai lena.aaj hm srf teri shoppng k liye hi aaye hai. Ek kaam krrte hai main apni traf se tere liye kuchh select krti hu tu dusri shop se try kr. Nd no excuse xhal ja dekh le jo pasand aata hai lele. Is mall me indian outfits b milte hai.GEET:ok parzaiji.All went to diffrnt directions. She searching somthng suddnly one strong hnd clsd hr mouth nd dragged hr to lonly place. Dis side of d mall is unde cnstucton. So no one came dere except workers. But luckly dey were all wnt fr tea break. So dis time except dem no one is here. Geet was scared as she dont know who dragged hr & y. Maan loose hs grip nd freed hr. She gt a relief nd trying to scold d one who dare to misbehave wid hr,bt as she trnd to hm, hr heartbeat get faster instantly. She cnt believe on hr eyes. Fr once she thoght it ws hr imagination again bt reality hit soon,wen Maan hld hr face lovnly.MAAN:Geet tm aise bina bataye kaha chali gayi thi,pata hai main kitna darr gaya tha. Kitne bure bure khyal aa rahe the.

GEET:Maan tum yaha…

MAAN:main tume ghar wapis le jane aaya hu. Ghar chalo Geet.

GEET:nai Maan main ab wapis nai jaungi. Main wo sab bahut pechhe chhod aai hu. Maan meri waha koi zarurat nai hai.

MAAN:kisne kaha tmse ki waha kisi ko tmhari zarurat nai hai. Geet waha Annie, Dadi, Adi or sabe zada mujhe tumhari zarurat hai. Geet jaise tm soch rai ho waisa us dinn kuchh nai hua tha. Maine srf tmhare kapde change kiye the wo b lights off krke. Agar maine aisa nahi karta to tumhe thand lag jati. I dont have any other option except this. Geet apne dimag se ye bekar k weham nikal do or pls ghar chalo.

GEET:Maan us dinn kuchh nai hua tha yahi achha hai hum dono k liye. Kyunki jo mera nai hai use lene ka b mujhe koi haq nai hai. Mere dil pe jo bhoj tha aaj achha hua tumne hata diya.

She start moving frm dere but Maan stops hr by holding hr arm. Geet’s breath struck in hr lungs. Every erogenous cell in hr body reacted to hs touch. He pulled hr towrds hm.

GEET:Maan chhodo mujhe.

MAAN:nai chhodunga.tm aise nai ja skti mujhe chhod kr.

Geet trying vry hrd to free hrslf. She wriggle in hs strong grip.but all in vein as hs grip is vry tight. Even air cant able to pas through dem.

GEET:kyu nai ja sakti?

MAAN:coz “I Love You.”

dat is wat she always wntd to listen frm hm. Hr body trnd weak frm d valvety caress of hs voice. He is d only one whose face swimming in front of hr eyes evry min of evry day. But she dont wnt to hurt hrslf again nd agin by giving hrslf any false hope.

GEET(snap):no u dont.

She made to sweep away frm hm,bt strong fingers were suddnly clamping aroud hr waist.


GEET:Maan stop it. in sab bato ab koi matlab nai hai.

MAAN:mtlb to hai Geet coz main janta hu tm b mujhse utna hi pyar karti ho jitna ki main tmse krta hu.

GEET(tonting):pyar,Maan jise tm aaj pyar ka naam de rahe ho na wo pyar nai tumhari zarurat hai. Aaj Sam tumhe chhod ke ja chuki hai to tume mujh pe taras aa gaya hai.


GEET:yes Maan u dont love me. Tumne hamesha se hi srf Sam ko chaha hai.

MAAN:Geet she is my past jo beet chuka hai. Or tm mera aaj or ane wala kal ho. I love u only.

GEET:Maan ye pyar us wqt kaha tha jb Sam k liye tumne mujhe mara tha. Jab tm mujhe humilate krne ka ek b muuka miss nai krte tha.

Maan’s eyes lowerd immediately. He loose hs grip over hr.

MAAN:GEET pls kya tm mujhe maaf nai kr skti?

GEET:Maan main kon hoti hu tmhe maaf krne wali. Mera haq to tmpe kabi tha hi nai.

MAAN:pls Geet aise mat kaho.

GEET:no Maan u r not mine. Tm hamesha se srf us Sam k the. Jante hi jab maine tume uske sath us halat me dekh tha,jo shayad duniya ki koi b patni brdasht nai kr skti us waqt mere dill pe kya beeti hogi iski andaza hai tumhe. Us time marna chahti thi main lekin maut ne b apnane se mana kar diya. Maan hmesha maine tumari takleefo k liye khud ko zimmedar mana hai…lekin ab main wo bhij or nai utha skti…pls Maan meri or tumari diniya alag hai hum kabi ek dusre k liye bane hi nahi the..

PART – 39MAAN had no answer to her accusations. He tring to convnience her,but it was not so easy dis time. She made hr mind strong….
Maan:Geet main janta hu jo maine tumhare sath kia wo galt hai lekin jaise wo sab sach tha waise hi ek sach ye bhi hai ki aaj meri zindagi mein tumare siva or koi nai hai or na koi hoga.main tmse bahut pyar karta hu.Geet:Maan sirf ek baat ka jawb do agar main b kisi or admi k sath srf ek raat guzar kr aau or bolu k mujhse galti ho gai mujhe maaf kr do aage se aisa nai hoga tab tum kya krte?The vry thought of imagine hr wid ny1 else killed hm. He clenched his fist in anger. He bcom mute coz he cant able to imagine dat thing den how he tackle if it happens in reality.Geet(tears rolled on her cheeks):chup kyu ho gaye Maan bolo tab kya karoge tum? Apnate mujhe? Nahi na… Khair chhodo tum sirf meri ek baat ka jawb apne dil pe hath rakh kr dena… Sach bolna Maan agr tumara acci nahi hua hota or Sameera aaj b tumhari life mein hoti to kya tm aaj mujhe manane aate?She threw bouncer on him and he had no answer to her…
On the other hand Adi, Annie, Pammi,and Lucky were worried for Geet and Maan.Annie:Adi bhaiya bahut der ho gayi aapne Maan bhai ko dekha?

Adi:nahi Annie main b itni der se Maan sir ko hi dhundh raha hu,ek to waise bhi yaha log itne ajeeb hai aade se jada ko to english hi samjh nai aati or mujhe french.

Annie: bhaiya ab kya kare? Bhai ka phone bhi nahi lag raha hai.

Adi:tum tension mat lo.ek kaam karte hai alag2 directions mein dhundte hai,tum udar dekho main iss tarf dekhta hu.

Annie nodded yes and both start searching him. Pammi & Lucky are too worried for Geet.

Pammi:Lucky pata nahi ye ladki kaha chali gai hai mera mann bahut ghabra raha hai.use to yaha ke raste bhi malum nahi hai,upar se uska phone b not reachable aa raha hai.

Lucky:parzaiji tussi fikar na karo. Yahi hogi. Kisi shop me hi hogi. 1 kaam krte hai aap us taraf dekho main idhar dekhta hu.

Pammi:theek hai.

Dey were too start searching her. All 4 looking fr both maan geet. Meanwhile Annie nd Lucky hit badly wid each other both get imbalanced nd fall down. Annie is laying on hm. Both’s eyes lockd.

Annie(fuming):kya batameezi hai ye. Dekh k nai chal skte?

Lucky:excuse me mam aap b to dekh k chal skti hai na. Dont blame me only,glti apki b hai.

Annie:how dare u? Tumhare jaisa ghatia insan maine aaj tk nai dekha. Ek to glti krte ho or upar se argument kr rahe ho,bajaye apolozise krne k.

Lucky:apolozise ain kyu karu.ek to aake mujhse takra gayi,uparse mujhi ko mafi magne ko bol rai hu..forget it.

Both arguing in d same laying position. All by passers stare dem continously.. Annie realize y dey all staring dem as she was laying on hm.

Annie:Mr tumse to baat karna hi bekar hai. Tumhari to koi izzzat hai nai lekin meri hai. Mujhe uthna hai hato yaha se.

Lucky:waise upar mere tum chaddi hui ho or mujhiko hatne ko bol rai ho?

Annie’s anger grew more. She is trying to stand up frm him very hardly both trying to stand up,but d floor was slipry there,so both get imbalanced again and fall down. This time he was on her. Annie’s anger reached to 7th cloud.

Annie:how dare u tum se zada ghatia insan maine aaj tak nahi dekha.

Lucky:dekhie floor slippry hai meri koi glti nai hai.

Annie:khub janti hu main tumhare jaise awara ladko ko.lekin mr. tum shayad abhi mujhe jante nahi ho dekho main ab tumhara kya haal karti hu.

Lucky:tumhe jo karna hai kar lo lekin pehle uth to jaye. Haaye rabba kya museebat gale padd gayi hai.

Annie: how dare u call me a museebat?

Lucky:to or kya pari bulau. Jab se mili ho do baar gira chuki ho.

They r busy in arguing… Meanwhile mall’s staff memebers came to help them. Both stood stand properly with their help.

Annie show him a finger.

Annie:aaj k baad galti se b mere samne aane ki koshish b mat karna warna tumhara wo haal karungi ki tum soch b nahi sakte.

Lucky:mujhe b koi shok nahi hai tumhari shakal dobara dekhne me…pata nai kaha kaha se aa jate hai.

Both gave a angry look to each other and left in opposite directions…


MAAN feelng vry awkward. He hd a sol.of almost evry pro.bt this time he feels vry hlpless. He hd no ans to hr que. Actualy he is vry cnfusd wht to say,coz she is rite. If Sam didnt ditch hm,dn he will stayB wid hr always.

Geet:bolo Maan jawab do.main du is swal ka jawab jo bolne me tm jhijak rahe ho. Maan agar Sam tumhe cheat na krti to tum mujhe divorcee deke kab apni zindagi se fek chuke hote hai. Maan i m only a compromise fr u,nthng mor den else. Tm pehle hi kafi compromise kr chuke ho.ab main nai chahti k tm halat se or samjhota karo. Main tumhe azad krti hu iss rishte se. Tm apni zindagi jee lo Maan.She lft hm. Pammi & Lucky were worried fr hr. So she go to dem.Pammi:Geet kaha thi tu,pata hai kitna ghbra gaye the hm.tu theek to hai na.Geet:pls parzaiji kya hm ghar ja sakte hai ab?Lucky came to dem.Lucky:chhutki tu kaha chali gai thi?pura mall dhundh k a raha hu main.

Geet:ha veerji wo main bs…thoda shop me hi time lg gaya pr kuchh pasand nai aya to aa gai.

Pammi:koi bat nai Geet nai psnd aaya to kal kisi or mall me chalenge.waise maine tere liye kafi dresses li hai.

Geet:veerji,parzaji ghar chale,i feel tired.

Lucky:parzaiji chutki lgta hai thak gai.so i think we shold leave.

Pammi:koi gal nai geet hm ghar hi chalene ab.

Lucky take dem hom. Adi&Annie still dont find hm.
Annie:bhaiya, bhai ka kuchh pata chala.

ADI:nai Annie maine sab jgah chek kr lia hai,Maan sir kai nai hai. I thnk wo nikl gaye hai.

Annie:phone b switch off aa raha hai ab kya kre?

Adi:ek kam krte hai unhe bahr dhundte hai. Its around 7:30pm wen Adi nd Annie came out nd strt srchng hm. Maan is vry distrbd. He kno dat he hurts hr alot nd hr blames r rite,bt now he jst only kno 1thng nd dat is he love hr nd want hr at any cost. He dont wnt to kno wat is right or wat is wrong.fr hm,she is hs wife,hs love. He ws walking on a road lonly nd reachd to a small bridge with vodka in hs hand.
Bakgrd song:
he sat on a bridge with tears in hs eyes…

(he wrapped hs arams arond hm as,he feeling hr in hs embrace)


(maan drinks alot and laid on d bridge)


(he looked wherevr fond only hr image,sawing hr on evry place)


His eyes only srchmg her. He start walking again bt unable to walk as he drank tooo much,so he fell down on d side of a road & faint dere. Adi & Annie both searchng hm evrywhre. Suddnly Adi saw hm lying on a road.

Adi:annie,stop d car wo dekho Maan sir.

Annie stops the car.both went to hm brng bak hom. Next day when Maan wakeup,hs head aching badly. He raised and sat on a bed. Both Annie Adi sit near hm. As he wakeup Annie went outside and brng 1 vodka bottle for him and gave it in his hands.

Annie(angrily):agr kal koi kasar reh gai ho to ab puri kr lijiye.

Adi:Annie plss. Sir ka sar pelhe hi dard ho raha hai.

Annie:to isme kiski galti hai?

Maan:Annie,,i m sorry.maine jaan ke ye sab nai kiya.

Adi:lekin sir aap yu bina bataye kyu chale gaye? pata hai main or Annie pure do ghante tak apko dhundhte rahe. Hum kafi ghbra gaye the.baat kya hai sir, apki baat hui kya Geet se? kya kaha Geet ne?

Maan:baat to ho gayi Adi lekin Geet ne sath aane se saaf mana kar diya hai.bahut naraz hai mujhse. meri shakal bhi nai dekhna chahti.

Annie:to or aap usse kya expect kr rahe the ki wo apko dekhte daudkar aayegi or apko gale laga legi.shukar kariye usne aapse baat kr li.

Adi:pls Annie calm down.

Annie:Adi bhaiya aap mere bajaye bhai ko samjhaiye. Geet ka aisa react krna normal hai.lekin iska ye matlb nai hai ki haar maankr sharab ka shara lia jaye. Bhai ne jo Geet k sath kia,uske bad to Geet ko bear baar me hi ghar basa lena chahiye tha. Bhai agr sach me Geet ko chahte ho na to pehle uska dill jeeto,jis dinn use apke pyar pe yakeen aa jayega wo aankh band kr k aape sath aa jayegi. Jab nasha utar jaye to sochna is bare me. Adi bhaiya main office ja rahi hu mujhe late ho raha hai. Peter ka phone aaya tha office me kuchh prob ho rahi hai. So i have to rush there. Bye boys…

She lefts.

PART – 41

Annie go to her Paris’s branch. Her staff is waiting for her. As she entered all greet her. She straight go to her cabin and asked for the staff meeting. Peter follow her instructions.
Maan is still suffred form headache. Adi gav hm lemon juice nd medi. Wen he got sm relief,he gt redy to go to Annie’s office. Both Maan nd Adi reached there. She ws in meetng wid peter nd othr managers. Maan nd Adi entrd in confrens room. Both caefully listn d discussion of d prob.faced by hr fashion house dese days.

Maan:Annie tumhari prob ka sol.hai mere paas. So guys u all leave now.

Except Adi nd Peter all other staff members leave d hall.

Annie:boliye bhai kya karna chahiye?

Maan:Annie tumhara profit graph pichhle 6 mahino me neeche isliye aa gaya hai coz EXOTICA ne mrket hit ki hai.

Annie:i jst cnt believe dis. Abi us company ko market me aaye ek saal bhi nai hua or Paris me mujhe loss b shuru ho gaya.

Pater:mam actually EXOTICA FASHION WORL, Mr LUKHVEER KAPOOR ka hai. Halaki ye Kappr empire ka hissa nai hai,indepentent hai,bt in Paris evrybody knows dat Mr. Lukhveer is Mr. Tejveer’s youngr sibling. So dey hav d sme faith on hm too.

Annie’ nd Maan’s all sences strt workng instantly listing dis,dat Lukhveer is Tejveer’s youngr sibling.

Maan:kya kaha Peter ye EXOTICA Lukhveer ki company hai?

Peter:yes sir ye unhi ki copmany hai.

A huge grin cm on his face.

Annie:bhai r u alrite? Y r u smiling?

Maan:i m happy coz ab tere sath2 mera prob b solve ho jayega.

Annie:wo kaise?

Maan:Annie first told me hav lukhveer ever seen u befor?

Annie:i dont thnk so coz i dont seen hm yet. But wat ur point bhai?

Maan:Annie make him your business partner.


Maan:trust me Annie its a best option fr both of us. He is new in dis line.u offer hm fr merging both companies wid 50%partnership. U got two benifits instantly. First ur strong compititor bcm ur frnd so no compition at all. Secondly in your absence he will take care of ur staff nd business. As we know he is vry capable it will surely benfited you + bcoz of hm i got a way to reach hr.

Annie:wow bhai play very smart. Ek teer se do nishane.

Maan:now u got it.

Annie:what if he denied?

Maan:i dont thnk so.if he had a true business sence he will never refuse dis offer.

Annie:one more thng,what if he knew about our relationshp. As i m ur sis, he will surely hates me too for this…

Maan(intrupts):dont take tension fr dat. 1 ur fashion house is not d part of Khurana Legacy. Secondly if ever he heard ur name frm Geet,to b no prob.coz u run ur business by d name Anvesha. Nd Geet always called u Annie. So he cant able to found d truth.

Annie take a deep thought.

Annie:Peter fix my meeting wid hm as soon as possible..

Peter:sure mam.

Peter arranged meeting for both.
Next day she get ready to go to Lucky’s office as his office was choosed for the meeting.

Maan:Annie, adi r u ready guys?

Annie:yes bhai.(she turned to Adi) bhaiya ready?

Adi:yes i ready,lets go.

Maan(with smile):best of luck guys.

Annie too pass a smile and both left. On the definate time both reached to his office. His office was in multinational building on 75th floor.

Annie: Adi bhaiya ap chaliye main car park kr k aati hu.

Adi;ok annie jaldi aana.

He came out of the car and she moved the car to the parking area. Adi reached to 75th floor. With his enterance he saw a very cute girl,eating chips coming to hm.

Pinky:excuse me who r u and to whom u r looking for?

She asked him,while eating her chips continously. Adi is completely mesmerized with her sweet voice and her childish behaviour. He cant able to utter a single word and get busy in adoring her. Pinky pinched him as he gazed her continously. Adi’s fantsy broked.

ADI:aaaooouuccchhh,,bahut zor se lagi.

Pinky:aise ghur ghur k kya dekh rahe ho kabi chips nai dekhe kya?

Adi(he laugh funnily at her stupid que):hehe…hehe…hehehehe

pinky gt angry.

Pinky:shut up.

Adi(scared):so…sooo…soorrry miss. Waise apka naam kya hai?

Pinky:kyu meri complaint karoge?

Adi:nai mam main bhala apki complaint kyu karne laga?

Meanwhile one staff person came to her and gave her a file.

Suraj:Pinky mam ye file complete ho gayi hai jo sir ko aaj ki meeting k liye chahiye thi.

Pinky:thank god ye sir k aane se pehle complete ho gayi.Sir ka abi phone aaya tha wo bas pahunchane hi wale hai.

Adi(thought):pinky…wow what a sweet name…

PART – 42

adi gazed her continuesly

Pinky:dekho Mr. tm kon ho mujhe nai pata,lekin jaldi batao tm yaha yu aaye ho? Coz Lucky sir kabi bhi yaha aate hi honge.Adi:-actually hum bhi…B4 he completes, pinky intrupts while eating his chips.Pinky:hm bhi?aaye to akele ho or khud ko kisi king ki tarah hum 2 kr rahe ho?Adi:Pinkyji aap mujhe kuchh bolne dengi to main kuchh bolunga na.

Pinky’s mouth wide open.

Pinky:hwww u kno my name also how? R u a sm kind of a spy?y r u peeping here? Tell me fast what r ur intensions or i’ll call security.dey will handle u better.

Adi got dumb struck. Dont able to say smthng as she showers many que on him.
Annie reached to lift. She gets in. There r many prsons in d lift. But all r gone outside on diffrnt floors one by one. Only 2 remain inside d lift. Nd wen both turn to each other. Both shout isntantly.

Annie & Lucky:-tum yaha b,kya rahe ho?

Annie:daat deni hogi tmhari besharmi ki. Mera pechha krte2 yaha tak aa gaye.

Lucky:excuse me. I think tumne kuchh zada hi galatfehmi paal rakhi hai apne bare me.

Annie show hr finger to him.

Annie:dont try to b smart ok.tum jaiso ko main achhi tarah janti hu.tumhare to muh lagna hi bekar hai.

Lucky got angry. He steps toward her. Annie scared inside and steps back. She tagged to the wall of lift. Lucky came more closer to her .she ttrying to hit him bt he clench hr wrist nd pinned it beside her hand. She raised her another hand,but it get d same treatment. She wriggle badly to free herslef.
Both’s faces come vry close. She can feel his warm breath on her calvic bone.

Lucky:kya janti ho mere bare me? Ladki ho isliye abi tak chup hu,lekin tum to sir pe hi chadti ja rahi ho.

Annie(her eyes filled wid fear):dekho tum jo kr rahe ho wo theek nai hai.

Lucky:abi tak to maine kuchh nai kiya hai. Kya keh rai thi mere muh nai lagna chahti. Chahu to abi tumhara ghamand tod skta hu. Lekin main un awara ladko jaisa nai hu jaisa tum mujhe samjhti ho. Main yaha isliye hu coz mera office hai yaha. Samjhi tum.

B4 she can react or said anythng he leave her. And on 70th floor he steps out from d lift. Annie take a relif breath,as she was really scared. 75th floor came . She steps out and went to his office. When she entered in his office,she saw Adi arguing with some girl. She went to them.

Annie:kya hua Adi bhaiya?

Pinky:ye apke bhai hai?

Annie:ha hai tumhe koi problm hai?

Pinky:nai mujhe koi problm nahi hai. Bas apne bhai se kahiye ye humhare office me tank jhank na kare.

Annie:listen sweety myslf Anvesha,the owner of Dream Fashion House. Today we hav a meeting with Mr. Lukhveer Kapoor.

Pinky:oh sorry mam. Aaap aaiye sir bas aane hi wale hai.tab tak aap chaliye main apko confrence room me le chalti hu. Annie nodded nd Pinky take them to confress hall. She made them sit comfortably there. And wait for him. Meanwhile Lucky entere in a hall. Both get shocked seeing each other again. But before they both get involved in their favourite fight pinky wished him and gave her introduction to him.

Pinky:good mrng sir.

Annie:tum yaha kaam karte ho?

Pinky:mam aap jante hai sir ko? Yahi hai mr Lukhveer Kapoor yaha k owner or sir ye hai Miss Anvesha, owner of DREAM FASHION HOUSE.
Both shocked more.

Annie & Lucky both thought: o God to ye hai wo jiske sath mujhe meeting karni hai… I just cant believe this.

Adi and Pinky confused with their expressions and behaviour.

Pinky: sir meeting shuru kare?

Lucky sit on his seat.

Lucky (thought): haye o rabba ye kaha fasa diya mere ko. Ye pagal ladki ab mujhe or pagal karegi.

Annie (thought): bhai i kill you. Aapki wajah se mujhe aaj is batameez ke samne baithna padd raha hai. Ghamndi kahi ka. Akad to aise raha hai jaise kahi ka nawab ho. Idiot.

Lucky: so Miss Anvesha bataiye kyu milna chahti thi aap?

Annie maine proposal file bhijwaayee thi. I think aapke paas itna time nahi tha ki aap use padd pate.

Lucky: maine apka proposal achhe se padd liya hai. Ab aap bataiye ki main apka proposal kyu accept karu?????

Annie (thought): idiot kuchh zada hi bhav kha raha hai. Agar Geet or bhai ki zindagi ka sawaal nahi hota na to ek deti isko mujhse aise baat karne ke liye…

PART – 43LUCKY askd y she wnts to merge hr company wid hm. B4 dis metng dey fought mny times. Annie knew it ws vry dificult to convnce hm. Bt she hd to do dis at ny cost. ANNIE (thot):bhai k liye kaise b krk is sadu ko manana hi padega.LUCKY:Miss apne bataya nai.ANNIE:mujhe ghuma fira k bat krni aati. Straight forwrd 2 reasons hai agr tm 1acha businesman ho to tm mera proposal refuse krne ki glti kbi nai karoge. Resn 1 u r new in dis field nd i m d champion of dis fld. So if we played lyk a competitor we both face losses on sm faces bt if we wrk togethr we can rule dis market. Second reson i m oferng u 50%prtnrshp. U hav equal share in our merger company and share equal status wid me.Lucky:hmm nt a bad idea. Bt iye to hui mere benefits ki bat wat abot u?

Annie:same as u. End of compititor nd 2ly i hv mny branches in diff countries,due to whch my Paris branch suffers dese days as load of work is increase on me,so i want som1 who is capable to share my resposibilites. I saw ur work nd u r able to handle perfectly in my absence too.

Lucky take a deep breath:luk miss Anvesha,dis matter needs proper discusion so i dont take ny decision in hurry. Pls gave me sm time to think abot dis properly. Today neither i m saying yes nor no. Wait unitl i hav decided smthng

annie:ok u tak ur time.next time we can talk wen u take decision(she stands nd moved to Adi who ws busy in staring Pinky) lets go Adi bhaiya.

Both leave d hall. She went home. Maan desperately waiting fr hr. As she entrd in d main hall area Maan showers many que.on hr.

Annie:relax bhai mujhe saans to lene do.

Maan:ok i m sorry. Achha ab bata kya hua meeting me?

Annie burst out:bhai wo Lukhveer ek no ka Sadu, Akdu, Batameez, or Muhphatt hai. Pata nai khud ko kya samjhta hai. Baat to aise krta hai jaise kahi ka shenshah ho. Mann to kiya ek maru kas k.( Maan look at Adi,askng hm y she is in so bad mood) bhai ab us lofar ne kuch bola to main uska sar tod dungi.

She is fuming nd both lookd hm worridly. Maan take a newspaper nd blow air on hr wid it.

Maan:Annie clm down,otherwise face pe wrinkle aa jayenge. (she look angrily to hm) ok ok f9 ab khul k bata ki kya hua?

Annie:apka sala na sach me sala hai,idiot kahi ka.

Maan:Annie usne koi batameezi ki tell me? ( hs quedragged hr to d momnt wen he pinned hr against wall nd came vry closer to hr.their lips were just a finger apart frm ech other. D vry thought raised hr heartbeat. Maan shake hr shoulder) bol na kuch kia kya usne?

Annie(came to real wrld):nai bhai aisi koi baat nai hai.bs wo apni krna chaht hai.usne kaha hai soch k batayega.

Maan take a relief breath:ha to usme glat kya hai.time to lega na itna bada decision lene se pehle. Itni si baat or tu itna gussa ho gai.

Annie:baat srf itni nai hai.

Adi laugh funnily:hehehe…heheheh


Adi:sorry sir.

Maan:Annie saf2 bata baat kya hai.

Annie patted hr foot:ahhahh ye sare boys ek jaise hote hai AKDU or DUMB.

She lft nd straigt wnt to hr rum nd shut d door so strongly.

Maan:Adi tmhe kuch smjh me aaya ki ye aise kyu behave kr rai hai?

Adi:sir apko nai aaya t mujhe kaha se aayega.

Maan:ye ladkiya b na badi ajeeb hoti hai,koi b baat seedhi kyu nai krti.

Adi:bilkul sai kaha apne sir.ladkiya hoti hi aisi hai bas apni marzi krti hai.

Maan’s eyebrow notted:Adi Annie or Geet k alawa kitni ladkio ko jante ho?

Adi feeld trapped so widout facng hm or gvng any ans he ran to hs rum.

Maan:ye ho kya raha hai?Geet mujhse naraz hai use kaise manau wo hi pata nai hai upar se ye dono itna weired bhave kr rae hai.

In kapoor Villa:at dinnr table
Lucky:veerji apse kuchh puchna tha.


Lucky:veerji mujhe ek comp.merge krne ka offr aya hai to usi k liye apki salah chahiye thi.

Teji:sunn Lucky ye busines tera hai independently.tu iska aage kaise badna hai kaise fayda lana hai wo sb tujhe hi sochna pdega. Lucky apne deci. lena sekh sari zindgi main ungli pkad k nai chalaunga tujhe.

Pammi:Lucky jo b dec.lo sare posiblites ko mind me rakh k lena.

Lucky nodded. Aftr dinr he movd to hs rum.He pasng b4 Geet’s rum.he peep nd saw lights ws on,while she ws layng.

Lucky(tht):lgta hai so gai hai main lite off kr deta hu.He entrd in hr rum nd wnt to hr.

Lucky:ye chutki b na abi b bachi hi hai.Duvet side pe padi hai or ye aise hi so gai hai.Pehle isko covrd kr deta hu wrna thand lag jani isko.As he giving duvet on hr,he hear som voice.She ws whisprng smthng in a sleep.She whispr only1 name agin nd again nd dat is MAAN.Suddnly he saw a pic beneath he hnd.He tak it out vry carefuly widot waking hr.Lucky sw d pic.

Lucky:to ye hai Maan.jisk wajhse aj meri behan ki ye halat ho gai hai.

Suddnly he hear hr whisper again”I love u maan” she said in sleep. Lucky put dat pic again beneath hr hand. He trn off d lite nd came out. He too laid on hs bd nd thnk abot hs strnge dy. Both Annie & Lucky only sw d flashes of elevator moment nd bcm mor restles.

Annie:use aisa nai krna chaiye tha.

Lucky:mujhe aise nai krna chaiye tha…

PART – 44NEXT day Lucky discussed on d proposal wid hs superior staff. Dey widly discussd on all d points,terms nd condition. Aftr a vry lng discussion Lucky take hs decision. On d other hand Annie, Adi nd Maan r also waiting for hs ans. Lucky ordrd Pinky to arrange a meetng wid Anvesha. She calls in company’s office nd set a meetng fr both. D meetng ws set on day aftr tomm…
orow. All 3 hopes fr d best. Annie do complete all d paper work. On d definate day Lucky arrived in hr office wid Pinky. Adi & Annie is in confrnce hall. Lucky & Pinky reachd to join dem. seeing Pinky Adi’s eyes sparkld. He feels goosebumps inside.Adi (thot):o God pls ye merger krwa do. Maan sir k sath2 mera b beda paar ho jayega. Meeting strtd. Dey talk on all professonls issues nd wen both agreed wid all issues. Lucky say yes to hr proposal.Lucky:miss Anvesha i m rdy fr dis merger. Annie gav papers to hm.Annie:Mr. Lukhveer agr ap rdy hai to paper formalities compl.kr lete hai. Ye papers ap read kr k sing kr do.Lucky read all d terms & condton carefuly nd sign d papers. Both shake hands as professionals do, lucky feels d softnesss of hr fingers again. Adi wnt to Pinky.

Adi:congrats Pinkyji. Ab to sab sath hi kaam karenge.

Pinky:same to u.nd Mr. Adi i also want to say sorry to fr dat day.maine kafi misbehave kia apke sath.

Adi put hs glasses up:koi baat nai apne jaan bujhkar thodi na kia tha.

Lucky recutantly leave hr hand

Lucky:Pinky lets go. Anvesha ji baki ki formalities hm kal puri kr lenge. Chalo Pinky ab hme chalna chaiye.

Pinky:yes sir.

Both wnt out nd moved towrds lift. As he lft Maan entrs in d hall nd huggd to Annie.

Annie:congrats bhai atlest ek step to hum aage bad gaye hai.

Adi(wid a large smile):congrats Sir.

On other hand Lucky thot abot hs past behaviour.

Lucky (thot):Lucky tune uske sath bahut bad behave kia hai. U must apolozise fr ur behaviour.

Lucky:Pinky tm chaalo main bs abi aaya.

Pinky:pr sir aap kaha ja rahe hai?

Lucky:Pinky bs do min tum jake car me baitho.main yu gaya or yu aaya.

Pinky moved in lift nd he moved towards d meetng rum. Wen he entrd in rum he saw Annie wid Maan. She still hanging wid his neck. Adi notcd hm nd trying to alrt both. Lucky gt a huge shock seeng d view.

Annie:bhai ab dekhna sab theek ho jayega.

Adi:shh…shhh…shhh Maan sir… Wo Lucky…

Annie:dont worry abot hm bhaiya use main sambhal lungi.

Lucky claps. All shockd seeng hm dere.

Lucky:mindblowing dat deni padegi tumhare shatir dimag ki. So it was all a big plan of both of u.meri behan ko tang krne me koi kasr reh gai hogi,jo ye ghatia chal chali tm dono ne.

Annie trying to explain bt no use.

Annie:pls Lukhverr jasia tm soch rahe ho waisa kuch nai hai.

Lucky:galt to main ab tk samjh raha tha.main to yaha tmse apolozise krne aaya tha.us dinn se is guilt me tha ki main tumse kuchh zada hi rudly behave kiya.mujhe aisa nai krna chahiye tha.lekin agr mujhe pata hota ki tm Maan ki behan ho to jitna kia wo b kam lag raha hai.

Annie:pls Lukhveer hmari baat to suno?

Lucky:taki tm mujhe or dokha de sko.ye mrgr b tm logo ne dhokhe se kia. Lekin ye mat sochna k tm apne plan me kamiyab ho gaye ho.main ye deal aj balki abi cancel krta hu.

Annie:Lukhveer bewakufi mt karo. Deal cancel krne ka matlab smjhte ho.i wll sue u.

Lucky:dikha di na apni okat. Zada se zada kya kr logi court claim kr lo jo kr skti ho. Aisi lakho compania main apni chutki k sar se vaar k fenk skta hu. Lekin tme ab use or hurt krne nai dunga.

He just abot to leave bt Maan stops hm.

Maan:ek min Lucky pehle meri baat sunn lo uske baad tm jo faisla loge mujhe manzoor hoga (he stops) lukhveer main janta hu meri wajah se Geet ko bahut dukh pahuncha hai or tumhari jagah koi b or bhai hota to wo b aise hi react karta. Lekin Lukhveer trust me i really love her. Main uske begair nai jee sakta. Main janta hu era gunah bahut bada hai lekin mere liye na sahi apni behan k liye hi sahi kya tum mujhe ek or mauka nahi de skte. Ye deal geet ya tumhe dhokha dene k liye nahi ki thi balki isliye ki thi taki main ek baar Geeet se mafi maang saku or use apne dil ki baat bata saku. Geet is time bahut naraz hai,lekin sach yahi hai wo aaj b mujhse bahut pyar karti hai. Pls just once trust me ind i ll promise main Geet ko dobara kabhi hurt nai karunga.

Lucky was very upset right now. He was not in dat condition to take any decision or to react. He leave the office without saying any thing…

PART – 45LUCKY is fuming. He wnt to hs hom nd straight movd to hs rum widout talking to ny1. He threw hs jacket in angr on floor nd fall on hs bed. He is vry cnfusd.cant able to undrstnd how to react. Wat is rite wat is wrong. He is tryng to analaze d situation….
Lucky (thot):kya karu kuch smajh nai aa raha hai. Kya ek chance de du use,lekin usne jo kia uske baad kya use ek or mauka dena theek hoga kya. Agr dobara usne Geet ko hurt kia to. Lekin in sab me ek sach ye b hai ki chutki b to usse bahut pyar karti hai. Akele me use miss karti hai. Maan ki aankhe jhoothi nahi lag rahi thi. Hayye rabba mujhe sahi rah dikha.Meanwhile Geet came inside hs room.Geet: veerji kya baat hai aaj aap bina kisi se baat kiye seedhe apne room me chale aaye. Apki tabiyat theek nai hai kya?Lucky get up nd made her sit wid hm.Lucky:idhar aa baith mere paas.(She sits wid hm) tu meri fikar na kia kar main bilkul theek hu.

Geet: veerji koi pareshani hai?

Lucky: na na aisa kuch khas nai bas ek dost ko lekr thoda sa soch raha tha.

Geet: dost ko lekar? Kya hua apke dost ko?

Lucky: meri ek dost hai wo ek ladke se bahut pyar krti hai,lekin us ldke ne uska dil tod diya. By chance aaj main us ladke se mila. Wo ladka apne kiye pe pachta raha hai or meri dost se mafi mangna chahta hai.wo chahta hai ki is kaam me main uski maddat karu. So now i m confused how deal wid dis matter.

Geet: veerji aapki frnd kya abi b us ladke ko chahti hai?

Lucky: ha bahut chahti hai lekin gusse ki wajah se man na nai chahti,isliye usne us ladke ki baat sunn ne se saaf inkar kar dia hai.

Geet: but veerji how u can say dat he is changed now?

Lucky:chutki even i m nt sure abot hm.bt i feel dat.

Geet:den its vry necessry dat u make sure dat he is comp.changed . Nd wen u confrmed den take a step to sort out d matter between dem.

Lucky: u mean mujhe use ek chance dena chahiye?

Geet nodded yes.

Geet: ab aap jada pareshan mat ho.ab chalo jaldi se fresh hoke neeche aa jao sab apka wait kar rahe hai. Aap aise ghambheer achhe nai lagte ho.

Lucky (wid smile):tu chal main 5min me fresh hoke aata hu.

Geet went.
In Anni’s mansion all 3 sit in a sad mode and thinking wat to do now as dere plan ends b4 it started. All hopes were seems dim. At d moment Annie’s phone start ringing. She ignores it.

ADI: Annie pick up d phone may b its urgent.

Annie: Adi bhaiya i m in no mood to talk to anyone.

Adi ans d call on he behalf.
Adi: hello.

Lucky:hello! Can i talk to miss Anvesha Khurana?

Adi:ofcourse sir abi baat krwata hu. (he paas d phone to hr) annie Lukhveer ka phone hai baat krna chahta hai tumse.

Annie nd Maan both chrged hearing hs name.

Annie: hello Lukhveer.

Lucky: Anvesha main kal tumse or Maan dono se milna chahta hu bata do kab mill skte hai.

Annie:kal subah 11 baje office aa jao.


He cuts d call.

Maan:kya hua kya kaha usne?

Annie:bhai wo hm dono se milna chahta hai kal subah 11 baje office aa raha hai. I hope k sab theek ho jaye.

Next day dey all 3 desperately waitng for him. He too arrived in hr office sharp 11 o clock. He came in hr cabin and sits in frnt of Maan.

Annie:so kya socha hai ab kya karna chahte ho?

Lucky:apna faisla batane se pehle main Maan se akele me baat krna chahta hu.

Annie: nai tume jo b bolna hai mere or Adi…

But b4 she cmpelts, Maan stops hr.

Maan:ek min Annie agr wo mujhse akele me baat krna chahta hai to mujhe manjoor hai. So pls guys leave us alone.

Annie made bad faces. Recutantly she leave d room. But both Annie nd Adi peeping from outside.

Maan:bolo Lukhveer kya baat krna chahte ho?

Lucky:Maan gol2 ghumana mujhe nai aata.seedhi baat ye hai ki itna sab kuchh ho jane k baad main tumpe trust kaise kr lu? I mean jo past me hua wo future me fir nai hoga iski kya gurantee hai?

Maan:luckhveer main srf itna janta hu ki main Geet se bahut pyar karta hu or use hasil karne k liye kuchh b kar skta hu kisi b hadd ko paar kr sakta hu.

Lucky: apni jaan de skte ho?

Maan:zarurat padi to b wo b kr skta hu.

Lucky:theek hai. Den shoot urself(he paas a pistol to hm) main b to dekhu tum kitne sachhe ashiq ho.

Annie watchng all dis from outside. She came inside to stop hm.

Annie:bhai dont do dis nonsense, r u mad Lukhveer agr bhai ko kuchh ho gaya to firr kya fayada yakeen karne ka?

Lucky: is pistol me 6 rounds hai. 3 empty hai or 3 loaded. Maan ko y baar khudko shoot krna hai agr uska pyar sachha hai to use kuch nai hoga.

ADI: no sir its a gamble. Aap aisa kchh nai karenge.

Lucky:Maan koi zabardasti nai hai. Tm bakout kar lo main chala jata hu.

Annie:bhai ye pagalpan hai dont do dat.

Maan pick up d pistol. Adi and Annie worried alot. Dey trying to stop him at ny cost. It was a madness. Bt Maan decided to do dis to prove hs love.

Maan: Annie Adi ye mere pyar ka imtehan hai,waise b Geet k bina iss zindagi ka koi matlab nai hai. So stay away.
Maan put d pistol on hs tample. He press d trigger. Annie close hr eyes as she scared sooo much.Bt dis round was empty……

PART – 46MAAN press d triggr lst tim. Adi & Lucky saw hm. It was safe too. He is safe. Annie ran too her brother nd hugged hm tightly. Lucky came too hm. Maan loosen d hug. Lucky show dem all 6 bullets. All 3 saw him in amuzment….
Annie:iska matlab pistol khali thi?Lucky:ha,main to sirf Mann ko check kar aha tha ki ye chhutki k liye kis hadd tak ja skta hai. Main shakal se thoda bewakuf lgta hu lekin hu nai jo apni hi behan ki jaan ki jaan le lu. Tumne sahi kaha tha Maan she loves u alot.Maan:iska mtlab tumne mujhe maaf kia?Lucky:ha.or ab main wada krta hu ki geet ko manane me main logo ki help zarur karungaLucky and Maan hugged each other.

Adi:chalo guys ab ye socho k geet ko manaya kaise jaye?

Annie:uske liye bas hume in dono ko paas lana hoga. I mean kuchh aisa krna hoga jaha dono jada se jada time sath spend kar sake.

Lucky:dont worry ye responsibility meri. Main chhutki ko office join karne k liye convience kar lunga. Ek baar wo join kar legi to fir to dono ko kafi time ek sath hi spend karna padega.

Annie:ye theek rahega.maine new office b dekh lia hai jaha humara pura staff ek sath kaam krega. To main waha ka kaam krwati hu or tm geet ko manao.


He wnt to his office nd told Pinky to go to new office nd check out all d works. First she wnt to her office to complete d remaining formalities. Adi was very happy dat now he got a chance to spend time wid her. Both wnt to d buliding where dey hv to setup dere new office. Adi relly njyng her company.he feels all thngs seemsbeautiful around hm. He experienced many new feelings which he never felt b4. The whole day spend but dey sucedded in completing all d work.

In Kapoor Villa:

in evening Lucky trying to convience Geet.

Lucky:veerji main kya soch raha tha aaj companies merge ho gayi hai. Do dinn me new office me kaam b shuru ho jayega.mujhpe work load thoda badd gaya hai. To main soch raha tha kyu na Geet b mere sath office join kar le.

Geet:veerji main kya karungi apke office me?

Lucky:kyu tune MBA kiya hai management ki achhi samjh hai.

Teji:waise geet baat to Lucky sai kr raha hai. Isi bahane tu ghar se thoda bahar niklegi to mood b change hoga or tera time pas bhi ho jayega. Sara dinn ghr me bore hoti rehti hai. Baki koi zbrdasti nai hai agr mann nai hai to rehne de.

Lucky:achha sunn ek bar chal k dekh to le agr achha nai lagega to mat chalna dobara.

Pammi:Geet Lucky sai keh raha hai ek baar jake dekh to sahi.kya pata achha lage.

Geet agreed. Next day both get ready to go fr new office. Dey reached there.

Lucky:geet tu chal main ye sare papers leke k aata hu. Geet noddded yes nd wnt to lift no.2. Lucky collect hs papers nd moved in lift no.8. Geet shocked seeing Maan in d same lift.

Geet:Maan tm yaha kya kr rahe ho?

Maan:wahi jo tum kr rae ho.

Geet:mera pichha krna chhod do Maan.

Maan:sorry Geet lekin wo to possible nai hai. Coz ab hm dono ko sath kaam krna hai to milna to padega hi.

Geet:sath kaam wo b tumhare?ye galatfehmi kyu hai tumhe?

Maan(grinned):shyad tume pata nai hai luckhveer ne jis company k sath merging ki hai wo Annie ki hai to ab hume sath hi kaam karna hai.

On other hands Lucky wnt to hr cabin.

Lucky:Anvesha Maan aa gaya?

Annie:bhai bs aane hi wale hai or Geet wo kaha hai?

Lucky:wo aai nai?mujhse to pehle lift me gai thi.(both tenced fr hr)

in lift:
Geet:oh to ye sb tumara plan hai.lekin isse koi fayda nai hone wala.i m leavin rite now.

She trying to go iutside but suddnly lift struck between two floors,so no use of pressing ny button.

Geet:ye lift ko kya ho gaya?

She try hardr bt no use. Maan came near to her. Suddnly all lites turn off too. Geet scared soo much & turned hr face in Maan’s chest. Light prob was faced by d whole building. On d other hand Annie ws scared too as she also afraid wid drkness. She too hugged Lucky very tightly. He was in shock at hr suddn touch.

Lucky:wat happened Anvesha?

He is vry confusd how to react.

Annie:pls Lukhveer do smthng.mujhe andhere se bahut darr lgta hai.

Lucky:tme b chhutki wali prob.hai? (Annie nodded yes) ok relax dont worry main yahi hu tumhare pass.

He undersatands hr problem. So to make her feel comfortable he embraced her. He feels the warmth of her body,which makes hm restless. It was the new feelings which he never felt before. It was third time when they were as much close to each other…

PART – 47ALL staff members were also feels irretation with dis power cut. They can never faced dis prob. b4….

Pinky:Adiji ye kya ho raha hai? Electrictity se related sare kaam apke under the na. Lgta nai hai apne apna kaam theek se kia hai.humare pichhle office me aisa kabi nai hua.Adi:Pinkyji mera b ye first experience hai. Or meri koi galti nai hai. I think fuse udd gaya hai wo b puri building ka to pls aap shant ho jaye lite aati hi hogi.Pinky:o God ab ye lite pata nai kb aayegi.Pinky is fuming on Adi. In Lift Geet had a vry bad conditon. She was scared alot. So she huggd hm tightly. Maan too embraced hr in his arms. Geet’s face rubbd on hs bare chest exposing frm his open buttoned shirt. He feeld d warmth of her in his arms,softness of hr skin beneath hs fingers trailing on her waist.Maan:daro mat Geet main hu tumhare paas or hamesha rahunga.so calm down. She trnd hr face buried in his hrdend chest. Her soft rose petals lips touched on revealingpart of hs chest. He bcom restless. He wants to feel her more. He loosing hs cntrl. Geet too losing hrslf in him. His touch makes hr restless too. Maan buried hs head in hr neck nd touched hs lips on her neckline. He taste her flesh. Geet made a gultural sound deep in her throat,clawing at his back with desperate nd greedy hands. She gave a tortured groan a low sound from deep inside her. She wanted him. She forgot about her fear completely. He kissed gently first,bt soon it converts into a passionate one. He made a trail of wet kisses from her neckline to her lips. She pushed hm mor closr to hr nd closed hr eyes. Hs fingers explores hr,and know wen his hands slipped inside hr shrt nd feels hr bare soft flesh beneath hr fingers. Maan took hr lips wid hs. But b4 she respond in d same hunger matching wid hm,light turn on nd lift strated again. Geet got hr concious nd push hm away. She feels vry embarassed. Hr mind scolding hr fr hr shameless behaviour. She wants to ran away frm here. As d doors of lift open she steps out immediately without seeing him for a single sec. She ws in extreame anger. Anger of giving herself so easily. On the other hands wen cabin’s lights on, Annie feels vry awkward and embaressed. She leave him immediately. She stroke her hairs behind.

Annie( not facing him): i m sorry. Wo ek dum se andhera ho gaya to..main thoda darr gayi thi…

Lucky trying to behave normal.

Lucky:its ok Anvesha. R u ok now? (she nodded yes)I thnk mujhe Geet ko dhundhna chahiye pata nahi kaha reh gayi.

Suddnly Geet steps in cabin angrily.

Geet: Lucky veerji mujhe apse ye umed nai thi sab jante hue bhi aap Maan k plan me uska sath de rahe ho mere khilaf. Yaha tak ki jhoot bol k mujhe yaha b le aaye.

Lucky:Geet tu galat samjh rahi hai ek bar meri bat to sun.

Geet:veerji mujhe kuchh nai sunna. Main yaha kaam nahi karungi i m leaving now.

Annie:geet ruk ja tujhe meri kasam hai. (geet stops immediately. Annie came in frnt of her. Hold her from hr arms. And placed hr palm on hr cheek) Geet koi tujhe dhokha nai de rha hai. Aaj tera gussa hm dono ki dosti se bada ho gaya hai. Lukhveer tujhe yaha srf isliye laya hai coz use apni behan ki or mujhe meri best frnd ki help ki zarurat hai. Jab humari companies merge hui thi wo janta b nai tha ki main Maan ki sister hu,so dont blame him. Geet is time pe work load zada hai so we both need you. Lekin agr teri lyf me hum dono ki koi value nahi hai to tu ja sakti hai.

Geet bcm emtionaly confused. She wants to deny her bt its getting harder for her. She cant say no to Annie. Annie make distance nd trying to move but Geet stops hr,holding her arm in her hand.

Geet:i m sorry Annie maine kisi or baat ka gussa tum dono pe nikal diya. Dont worry main jo ho sakega wo help karungi.

Both smiled and hugged each other. Both Lucky and Annie pased wicked smile to each other. Maan etered in cabin too. Lucky broke the silence.

Lucky:lo Maan aa gaya. I think ab hume in dono ko inke cabin or responsibilities de deni chahiye.

Annie:yes u r rite. Chal Geet tujhe tera cabin dikhati hu.

Annie and Geet went out. Both Maan and Lucky take a relief breath,as she convienced to work with him.

Lucky:aaj to baal baal bach gaya. Shukar hai Anvesha ne sambhal liya. Warna mujhe manji daal k Kapoor Villa k samne bitha dena tha Teji veerji ne.

Maan:dont worry Lukhveer. Geet ko manane mein mujhe ab zada time nahi lagega. Use apna pyar accept karna hi hoga. Main b dekhta hu kab tak wo apne dil ki awaz ko unsuna karti rahegi.

Lucky: maan lets go. I ll show ur cabin.

Both went outside too..

PART – 48The whole day pass calmly. In evening Annie moved wid Maan nd Geet wid Lucky. At home both Pammi & Teji egrly waitng for her. Both askd excitedly howz her day in office. She is vry tired but she share hr experience wid dem.

Pammi:achha sunn aaj to tu is suit me office chali gai,but from now u wear those dresses whch i brought fr u.Geet:no parzaiji i m not comfortable in dose types of dresses. Dey r very short.Pammi:koi chhote nai hai. Main konsa tujhe two piece me jane ko bol rai hu. (she turns to Teji). Pls asked her,she is not listning to me.u compel hr.Teji:chutki listen to me once. She is rite. Bacha u r now in PARIS, a city know for its fashion,morover u r wrkng for a Fashion Company. So b dressed up according to d lyfstyle to whom u belong now.Geet:but Veerji u know na main bachpan se hi suits pehnti hu.

Teji:dekh bachha teri parzai b to wstrn outfits pehnti hai kya wo exposive hai?nai na.ek baar wo jo dresses lai hai try to kr le.

Geet:ok veerji.

Next day Pammi gave her new outfit fr office. She hesitated alot,bt havng no choice so wore dat. She dressed up in Black skin fit jeans wid red cloured top,hving a haultr neck nd mega cut sleeves. In hr new look she seems like a cute bt sexy doll. Both Teji and Lucky’s mouth wide open wen she came out frm hr rum. Teji huggd hr.

Geet:veerji bahut ajeeb lg raha hai.i look wierd.

Teji:kisne keh dia.u look vry beautiful.i m sure jo b tujhe dekhega dekhta hi reh jayega. God bless u.(he kissed on hr frhead)

Lucky:ha bhai aaj to kaiyo ka bura hal hone wala hai.(sply Maan ka. He whisperd) chale chutki?

she nodded yes. Both reached to office. All staff membrs get busy in staring hr. Even a boy named Arush,who is a new joining,start feeling a crush on hr. ‘so pretty’,he whispered. Maan ws busy on phone at d time wen she enterd,so he cnt c hr. She wnt to her cabin. Few hours spend. Maan wants to c hr,coz he dosnt saw hr since mrng.

Maan (thot):kaise jau uske cabin me.bina wajah jaunga to bhadkegi.kya karu-2.

He thot continously.suddnly he got an idea. He went in hr cabin. At dat time she ws busy on phone,shwing hr back to hs side. He got a huge shock seeng hr in westrn cloths. Hr curves looks more visible in hr skimpy outfit. He lost completly nd forgot evrythng.Coz it was may b hs dream. He just cant believe on hs eyes. Dat she is d same grl who always hesitated frm dat kind of clothes.he pinched hmslf. Ouuuchhh,a sound came frm hs mouth. No its true,he thot. Meanwhile a peon entred in hr cabin.

Peon:mam apne bulaya?

She truns to dem. Maan’s remaining sences lost too.he gt busy in adorng hr. He stare hr conti.

Geet:ha ye file Adi sir ko deni hai.

Peon:ok mam.

Suddnly she saw hm dere too.

Geet:Maan tm yaha?koi kaam hai?

He came to real wrld.

Maan:ha wo main Peon ko kbse bula rha tha,ye sunn nai rha tha isliye ise bulane mujhe yaha aana pada.

Geet sw him suspeciously.

Maan(thot)dhatt teri ki kya soch k aaya tha or kya bol raha hu. Geet aise shok laga laga k pagal kr degi.

Peon:lekin sir apne mujhe bulaya hi kab?agr ap bulate to main furan hazir ho jata.

Maan stare hm in anger:to kya main jhoot bol raha hu.jao apna kaam karo.

Peon:ok sir.

Peon go outside bt Arush entrd at same time.

Aarush:mam ye new design ki files dekhie.

Geet:Arush ye file Lucky sir ya Annie mam ko do.mera kaam Marketing issues dekhna hai.

Arush:sorry mam apko diturb kiya. Aap b itne stylish ho mujhe laga aap dekh loge to achha hota.

Maan’s eyebrow knotted nd ears open.

Geet:its ok Arush go nd gave dat file 2 one of dem.

Arush:mam aap bura na mane to ek baat kahu?

Geet:ha bolo Arush.

Aarush:mam aaj aap bahut pretty lag rahe ho.

Geet:thanx. Now go back to ur work.

Maan is boiling in anger.how dare he adore hs wife,sply in frnt of hm. He wants to kick hm.

Aarush:theek hai mam main fir jata hu or ye file Lucky sir ko dikha deta hu.

Maan (thot):abe ja na.

He left d room.

Geet:Maan tume to peon se kaam tha wo chala gaya hai.now what u want?



He wnt closer to hr. .

Maan:wai jo tmne suna.

Hs arms snaked around hr waist nd pulled hr to hm.

Geet:Maan stop it.its an office.

Maan:ha to apni wife ko chhu raha hu.dekhta hu kon rkta hai mujhe.

Geet:Maan main pehle b bol chuki hu..

He instantly slammed hs lips on hr nd shut hr mouth close. Geet trying to push hm bak,coz she dosnt want to b feeld ashamed on hr behaviour. Maan’s grip ws so strong nd intence. She feels vry tough to cntrl hrslf,sply wen he is as mush close to hr.he suck hr lips one by one. Sddnly both hear a knok sound.it was Arush agin. Maan leaves hr. He opn d door nd left d canin in anger. Geet tryng to calm down herself aftr such a hot kiss session.

Aarush:mam ye file Adi sir ne di apko dene k liye.

Geet is stll nt in herslf. Maan’s insane actions made hr vulunerable.

Geet:thek hai rakh do.main dekh lungi.

Aarush:mam r u alrite?may i help u?

Geet:no its okk.u may go now.

Aarush:ok mam.

He left,but Geet ws still in dat moment…

PART – 49MAAN is fuming. Hr ignorance is nt bearable 4 hm. He fall on couch nd rested hs head on its bak nd closd hs eyes.Maan (thot):Geet tum kyu nai samjhti main tumhare begair nai jee skta. Nai bardasht kr skta …
koi or tumhe dekhe. U r only mine nd i want u back in my life at ny cost.In Lunch time,he again reached 2 hr cabin 2 talk 2 hr. Bt again he saw Arush around hr. She is explaining smthng 2him,coz Arush try 2 stay around hr at evry possible way.Maan’s anger reached2 cloud 9. He go nd slappd hm forcly. Both Arush nd Geet shocked at hs weired behaviour. He clenchd hs colar.Arush:wat happnd sir?Maan eyes trn red in anger:apna kaam karo samjhe. Dont trying 2 b ovr smrt. Do u thnk i m a fool. Subah se tumhe watch kr rha hu. agli baar agr Geet k aas paas b dikhe to wo is office me tmhara akhiri dinn hoga. Samjhe tum?Arush scared so much. He ran frm dere.

Geet:Maan r u mad? Y u slappd him widout ny reason?

Maan hold hr tightly:badi takleef ho rai tumhe?

Geet:Maan leave me.u hurting me.

He tightened hs grip more.

Maan:or jo takleef tumne mujhe di hai uska kya?subah se dekh raha hu,tumhare pas mujhse bat karne ka time nai hai,lekin us Arush k liye time hi time hai.

Geet:Maan u r sick.tum ye sochte ho mere bare me?

Maan:to or kya sochu? I can c how he luk at u.

Geet:Maan wo bachha hai. He is just 21.ho skta hai use mujhpe crush hua ho,uski age me hota hai. Bt it dosnt meant dat we hav an affair. Annie send hm 2 me coz he is new joining. I m only explaining hm. Lekin tm nai smjhoge. kyunki Msk ko logo ki feelings se koi mtlb nai hai unhe srf duniya ko apne hisab se rule krne ki adat hai. Tumhe Arush mujhe dekhe isse b prob hai or khud tum us Sameera k sath humare rishte ko rondh kar chale gaye the.tb 1 baar b socha tha ki mujh pe kya beeti hogi.bt f9 its ur thinking,jo chahe wo karo.

Maan realize hs mistake.he freed hr. Hs eyes lowred down.

Maan(thot):o shit ye maine kya kr diya.1 mor mistake. She is rite, Arush likes hr bt she dont. O god ab main kya karu?

He said sorry 2hr but she was in no mood 2 4give hm.

Maan:geet i m sorry.i dont want 2hurt u.

Geet:Maan pls leave.i dont wanna talk 2 u.

Maan:Geet pls dont get angry wid me.

Geet(snap):i said leave now.

Lucky hear deir querral. Maan leave d cabin. Geet falls on hr chair nd strt crying.Lucky came inside. He get closr 2 hr nd snuggle hr.Maan feels gulity 4 his behaviour. He tries 2 say sorry sevral times a day bt she avoid hm. In eveng he went home in angr nd strt hittng punching bag badly. Hr tears made hm mad &he wants 2 hurt hmslf 4 givng hr so much pain…

[(dil k jahan me ik aag si lagi hai,
ho dil k jahan me ik aag si lagi hai,
main hu tum hi ishq hai..
Tishnagi hai..
Dilnashi (16)](2)

He remembrd hr crying face nd bcm restless mor. He punched more hardly…

[Bayan karu main kaise,
jana sunau kaise,
tujhko dikhau kaise…
Dhadkan ki hulchal ko(2),
mane na kehna mera,
yara manau kaise,
kehde sambhalu kaise,
main is dil pagal ko(2)]

Maan(thot):Geet i need u.nai je sakta tumhare begair.pls Geet cm bk 2 me.(he closed his eyes,sawing hr anglic face in hs imagination)

[tu mera arman,
tu meri chahat,
tu mera pyar hai.
Ishq k tufan me ik aag si lagi hai,
main hu tum ho ishq hai…tishnagi hai…]

he bcme so impatient.dont know how 2tackle d sit.whch ws trnd mor worst by hmslf. Annie nd Adi 2 got angry wid hm. Dey 2 denied to hlp hm in ny wy. Next dy Maan tryng 2 apolozise 4 hs last dy’s behaviour,bt she ignored hm. Wenevr he trying 2 go near 2 hr she left d place. She stop talking 2 hm cmpltly. 1 whole week pased,bt she doesnt say a single word 2 hm. He get impatient to hear hr voice. She avoids hm,as he doesnt exists. Maan’s heart bleeds. He is gettng depressd wid hr behaviour. 2dy he decided dat he forced hr 2 talk 2 hm by hook or by crook. In eveng he wnt 2 hr cabin. She is just about 2 leave d cabin. Maan stops her. Geet trying 2 go outside but no use.

Maan:Geet aaj main tumhe bina baat kiye nahi jane dunga.aaj to tumhe mujhse baat karni hi hogi. Chahe danto ya chhilao lekin pls 1 baar mujhse baat karo.

Geet:Maan mujhe tumse kuchh nahi kehna.now pls leave my way.i have 2 go home.

Maan:nai pehle tum bolo tumne mujhe maaf kiya.

Geet:dont waste time Maan.let me go.coz ab humare bech baat karne ko kuchh nai hai and if u forced me,i lve dis office 4ever.

Maan gave her way and she went home. Aftr dinner she went to her room.Its 10:30 pm. Its raining outside. She reached 2 her room’s window 2 saw d view. Suddnly she saw maan standing on a road and drenched completely in rain. She made a call 2 him. He pick up d phone.

Geet(tensed): Maan what the hell are you doing in dis rain?

Maan:Geet jb tak tum mujhe maaf nai kar deti main yahi rahunga.

Geet:Maan ye kya bachpana hai?abhi ghar jao fauran.

Maan:first u tell me wheathr u forgive me or not?


Maan:to main yahi rahunga.


PART – 50

GEET irritated wid hs stubborn bhaviour.

Geet:Maan pagal mat bano.go bak 2hom.tm bheeg rahe ho.

Maan:Geet ya to aj is paar ya us paar. Ya to tm mujhe maaf krogi ya main isi trah barish me bheegta rahunga.Geet:Maan dont behave lyk a child.Maan:to thek hai pehle tm bolo tmne mujhe maaf kiya or ab tm mujhse baat krogi.Geet:ye time is tarah ka discussion krne ka nai hai.

Maan:matlab tm mujhe maaf nai karogi,to thek hai main b yahi khada rahunga.

Geet(fuming):thek hai jo jee me aye wo karo.

She clsd hr window nd wnt 2 washroom 4 change. Aftr changing clothes she went2 sleep. Rain falls conti. its around 2:30am wen she suddnly wake up wid d thundring sound of lightning.She scared so much nd ran 2 hr room’s window. She opend nd luk all around. Hr eyes srchng hm nd hoping dat he is alrite. He is no where.She sighd.

Geet:thank god Maan chala gaya.

she is just about 2 close d window again,bt sudnly she sw smthng. She opened d window fully again nd sw properly.hr fear cm 2 reality.d prsn who ws laying on a road is Maan,conti. drenching in rain. She screamed in fear.

Geet:maaannn…hey babaji ab main kya karu?(she thinks alot nd ran 2 Lucky’s room.She patted hs door badly) veerji darwaja kholo pls. Veerji pls kholo jaldi.

She patted continusly. Lucky wake up nd open d door. He was yawning.

Lucky:chutki kya hua,itni raat ko jagaya.sab theek to hai na?

Geet scared soo much. She sobbing conti.tears rolled on her cheeks.

Geet:veerji wo Maan…(Lucky take her inside nd cupped her face)

Lucky:chutki rona band kar.pehle shant ho ja or fir bata kya hua hai?

Geet:veerji wo Maan bahar behosh ho gaya hai.

She still sobbing while talking.

Lucky(in confusion):wat? Maan behosh ho gaya hai?(she nodded yes) lekin wo yaha kar kya raha hai?

Geet:wo yaha sorry bolne aaya tha.veerji ap wo sb chodo na pehle use yaha leke aate hai nai to use kuchh ho jayega. Veerji pls mere Maan ko bacha lo.

Lucky wiped her tears.

Lucky:tu shant ho ja pehle.main hu na kuchh nai hoga tere Maan ko.tu fikar na kr main lata hu use.

Geet:veerji main b chalungi.

Lucky:tu kaha chalegi.dekh use chupa ke lana hoga,coz agr veerji ko pata chal gaya to museebat khadi ho jani hai.

Geet:nai veerji main b chalungi.

Lucky undrstand hr situation nd agreed.he dont want 2 gain ny attention of Teji nd hs security guards so he take his car out of garage nd ordered d security guard 2 opnd d door.

Guard:sir is time?

Lucky:ha wo neend nai aa rai to drive pe ja raha hu.

Guard:ok sir.

Guard opnd d electronic gate. He drive madly nd wnt 2 d bakside of d Kappor Villa,where he is lying unconcious. Both came out of d car nd made hm laid on d back seat. Maan’s body is cmpltly frozed. Lucky drive back nd get inside d mansion again. But dis time Lucky stops d car in frnt of d main door. So he can take him inside,widout gaining ny1’s attention. Both take him 2 Geet’s room. Lucky made hm sit on a bed. Geet bring towel 2 dry hm.

Lucky:Geet iske kapde sare geele hai pehle ye sare nikalne padenge,warna ise thand lag sakti hai.(geet hesitated. She saw hm nd Lucky undrstnd her hesitation) achha sunn tu ise pakad main badlta hu.

Geet hold him frm bakside nd Lucky remove hs wet shrt nd vest nd threw it on floor.Geet rubbed towl on his bare body nd on hs hairs2 make him dry. Lucky made hm laid on hs back. he coverd hs body wid soft comfortr first,den he loose hs jeans nd rmoved hs all lower wet clothes 2. Maan is complty nude now underneath d soft comfrtr.Though room is vry hot but Maan shiver’s badly. Geet touched hs forhead.his body is vry cold.

Geet:veerji maan ka shreer to puri tarah thanda pad gaya hai.ab kya kare?

Lucky:dekh doc ko to bula nai skte or ab ise leke bahar b nai ja skte. Tu 1 kaam kar tu iske hatho pairo ki malish kar tab tak main iske liye hot black coffee bana kr lata hu.ise pila denge to better feel krne lgega.

Geet:veerji apko coffe banani ati hai?

Lucky:haaa.tu fikar na kr main bas yu gaya or yun aya tu bs iska dhyan rakh.

Lucky went 2 kitchen. Geet start rubbing hs cold hands.

Lucky:oye Lucky puttar tune keh to diya coffee bnayega.lekin coffee banti kaise hai.

Meanwhile Teji came in kitchen.

Lucky:veerji raat k 3 baje ap yaha kya kr rae ho?

Teji:oye ye to main b tujhse puch skta hu?

Lucky:wo mujhe thand lg rai thi to socha coffee bana lu.

Teji:tujhe coffee banani ati hai?

Lucky:ha veerji.

Teji:ha to bana fir khada kyu hai.

Teji take papdi,namkeen nd verity of chutny.mixed it properly.Lucky is very curious 2 kno what he is doing.

Lucky:veerji ye ap kya kr rae ho?

Teji:chat bana raha hu dekh nai rha.teri parzaiko roz isi waqt chahiye hota hai.

Lucky(laughd):heheh sahi hai ane wale baby ne apko sahi line pe laga diya hai.

Teji stare hm in anger nd went outside. Lucky make sure he is gone. Lucky thinks now wat 2 do do.he got an idea nd go 2 hs rum nd bring laptop.Its battery ws low so he tak chrgr nd strt it in kitchen 2 find d reciepe on net..

PRECAP???? Any gusses 😉

PART – 51GEET getting tensed mor by evry passing sec. Maan shivers bdly. She cant c hm in dat cndtion. She rubbed hs hnds nd feet conti.bt all in vein. Dere is no change in hs bad cnditon. Evn its gettng worst as tim…
e passes. Lucky search coffee in uncounted drawers of Kitchen. He found it wid gr8 difficulty nd trying 2make it. Aftr d endless efforts he is sucedded in making coffee 4 hm.Lucky:wah Lucky kapoor,finaly tune ye coffee bana hi li.bas ab ise Maan ko pilana hai.He moves uncounciously nd got struck in d wire of hs laptop. He fell down on floor badly nd his 4head hit wid kitchen’s drawer handle vry badly. moreover hs laptop dragged wid d wire nd fall on hs head. Lucky faints immediately. Geet gt worried more. She went 2 search hm. First she go 2 hs room nd check hm in room nd in washroom too bt he is nowhere. She wnt 2 kitchen. As Lucky was behind d cabinet table situated in d middle of d kitchen so she cant c him dere too. She searched him in whole Mansion but dere is no sign of hm anywhere. Meanwhile Teji sw hr he asked hr wat she doing so late so she made excuse 2 hm nd wnt to hr room.Geet(thot):hey babaji ab main kya karu? Lucky veerji ka to kuchh pata nai hai,or Maan ki tabiyat b bigadti ja rahi hai.mujhe Maan k pas jana hoga wo akela hai.

She ran to hr room nd locked it. She gave one mor quilt to hm,bt he shivers lyk b4. Geet bcm numb.

Geet:ab main kya karu na ise chhodk kai ja skti hu na doc ko bula skti hu kya karu(she spins in whole rum) maan ki shivering to band hone ka naam hi nai le rai hai.

She rubbed hs hnds again. Sudnly she got an idea. She talking to hrslf.

Geet:soch kya rai hai Geet,iske alwa ab tere pas koi dusra option na hai.its not a time to save ur modesty.u hv to do it.agr Maan ko kuch ho gaya to tu kabhi khud ko maaf nai kar payegi.

She saw hm.hs lips start trning blue due to extreame cold he feels. Geet came in action quickly. She caressed hs cheeks nd whisper”Dont worry Maan main tume kuchh nai hone dungi.” She strt unbuttoning hr night dress’s shirt. One by one she strip off hr all clothes. Den she ripped back d both duvet for hm to climb in. She slipped quickly in nd laid over hs frozed body. She pulled hr over hs shivering body to gave d warmth of hr body to hm. She feels vry awkward but hvng no choice except dis,dat she gve wrmth of hr bdy to hm. Eve through hs fogged senses he recognised a deep sensuality. Her body give warmth to hm,to ease nd cmfort hm,penetrate his shuddering body. Inside d both duvet both were completely nude. Dere bodies r in soo close contact fr d first time. She rubbed hs hardend cold chest wid hr soft palm. Hs breath was rapid,but gradually it slowed nd bcm stedier nd hs shiver began to subside. When she felt dat his body’s shivering slowed down,she stop rubbing his chest. He is sleeping calmly. she felt sleepy too,so she rested hr head on hs chest nd slept on hm. Both slept calmly. Today dey do nthng bt still bcom two bodies one soul. She is relaxed coz she knew he was safe,hr love was safe. She knew she take a rite step. Stripping clothes b4 hm is nt so easy fr hr bt today she dsnt hesitated doing it so easily. Its around 8 am wen Maan wake up. He feeling much better den last nite. Den he realize dat hs love laying on hm nd mor over she in nude like hm. She is still sleeping. Maan feels her body touching hm in very arousing way. Wen she was this close to hm it was was easy to carried away. He realize how hs manhood gettng hardend against hr soft nd sensetive areas. He raised upwrds very carefuly nd rested hs head on bed’s back. He do it vry carefully so she dont disturbd nd wake up, he dont mind staying like this forever with her. He gazed her angelic face nd adore hr silk like skin. her lovely face nd bright complexion made him mad. He kissed on hr head. as she is on hm hr warm breath teased hm more.

Maan:Mrs. Khurana ap chahe kitna hi mana kyu na kare but truth is dat u love me more than anyone else,even more than urslf.nd vry soon u hv to admit dis.

He entangeled hs hands in d mane of hr hairs.Suddnly she too wake up by hs touch. Maan remove hs hand. She looked up nd seeing hm alrite. A smile came on hr soft lips. She 2 raised hr body and caressed hs cheek frst dn kissed on hs face evrywhere.

Geet:Maan tm theek ho? Pata hai main kitna darr gai thi pls aisa pagalpan fir mat karna.agar tumhe kuchh ho jata to?

Maan:to? Tume kya farak padta Geet? Bolo? chup kyu ho?

His questions shaked her concious. She get back to reality world. Now she feeling very embarassed. She slipped from him and covered herself in a satin sheet immediately and ran to washroom to avoid to face his gaze, his touch and his questions.She bang d door nd tagged her back to its door nd closed her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her.

Geet(thot):kyu babaji kyu ho raha hai ye sab mere sath?

She is very confused nd disturbd.many que banging hr head nd she unable 2 find d ans.

PART – 52MAAN worried fr hr,d way she ran without answering hm. Maan get up nd dressd up. In washroom Geet feels d sensation running through her spine….
Geet (thot):hey babaji or kitna imtehan loge mera. Main jitna usse durr jana chahti hu wo mere or kareeb aa jata hai. Kyu main hr baar uske samne bebas hu jati hu. Kyu Maan k samne mujhe kuch or nazar nai aata. Mujhe Maan se dur rehna seekhna hi hoga. Lekin kal raat k baad ye or mushkil hoga.She closed her eyes nd rubbed her palm on her bare arms, remembering hs touch on hr. Maan patted on d door of washrum.Maan:Geet r u alrite? Geet pls talk 2 me 4 once.His voice sounds so low,and his concern shows for her. He feels guilty. Bt b4 she ans he listen patting sound on d main door. He went to open d door. Its Lucky outside. Maan opens d door. Lucky came inside quickly and locked the door.

Lucky:shukar hai rabb ka jo tu theek hai.

Suddnly Maan notiiced scar mark on hs frhead.

Maan:Lucky ye frhead pe kya hua?

Lucky: are mat puchh yaar.kal ki raat badi ajeeb th.bs ye samjh le teri seva ka fal hai.


Lucky:matlab baad me samjhio. Abi chal. Annie ka phone aaya tha.pata hai bechari kitni pareshan hai.(Maan’s eyebrow notted listning soft concern 4 Annie) chal na soch kya raha hai?

Maan:lekin Geet?

Lucky:use main bta dunga.abi chal isse pehle ki veerji ko sab pata chal jaye.dekh maine sare arrangement kar diye hai tere nikalne.pls abi chal.

Maan:to? Main nahi darta veerji se. Apni patni k paas hone me kya galat hai?

Lucky:abe mere baap tu bahut bahdur hai,lekin main nai hu. Pls meri or Geet ki watt mat laga. Pls maan ja mere liye na sahi Geet k lie hi maan ja.

Maan:ok fine lets go.

He look back at d door of washrooom. He wnts to c hr,but situation not allowed hm so he escaped wd hm without knowing her. Aftr few min. wen she came out her eyes strt srching hm. But he is no where. She feels disturbed. His absence made her mad. She calls hm but he didnt ans hr any call. She get ready and reached office. All staff were present except Maan. He was not in hs cabin. Geet getting tensed more,wants to know how is he now. She askd to all, Lucky, Adi and Annnie. But no one gave hr satisfactory ans. Whole day she only thinks about Maan. She want to go and see hm but her mind remindsher about her decision of staying away frm him. She cant even sleep properly. Two days passed bt Maan not came to office. Geet doesnt said anything but deep inside her all sences and her all body parts missed him alot.Week ends. Sunday came and all njoying their holiday. Lucky noticed hr sadness. He calls Maan nd told him about her. Maan’s first plan sucedded. Now its time to take step two. He told him what he supossed to do now. Lucky follow hs instructions and reached to her. She ws sitting in lawn area.

Geet:veerji aap?

Lucky:Geet chal fatafat se ready ho ja tujhe abi ek pool party me jana hai mere sath.

Geet:veerji mera mann nai hai aap chale jao.

Lucky:dekh tu nai chalegi to main b nahi jaunga.

Geet:pls Veerji mujhe force mat karo.

Meanwhile Pummi and Teji came and join them. Lucky asked them to compell her for pool party.

Teji:bachha chali ja.aaj waise b off hai to thoda njoy krna seekh life ko.

Pammi whispered:Geet ha kar de. Ye pool party hai.aisi parties me bade hot hot ladke aate hai.

She teased her.

Geet:parzaiji aap b na..

Both laughed.

Pammi:chal i hav smthng for u.

Geet:parzaiji ab aap kya pehnane wale ho?

Pammi:to chal to sahi.

Geet go with her. She gave hr outfit fr party. Geet do tantrums first bt Pammi wins over her.Lucky and Geet went to destination. Geet stared him in anger.

Geet:veerji aapne to kaha tha ki aapke dost ki party hai par ye to Annie ka ghar hai.

Lucky:ha to Annie b meri dost hi hai or uske ghar party hai. Ab chal nakhre na kar. Pool side pe sab wait kar rahe honge.

Both went to pool area. All are enjoying dere. Almost every memeber of their staff were present there. All boys wear vest with knee length knickers and some girls in shorts and tshirt,some in swim coustume and some in two piece only. Adi is busying in serving Pinky only. Maan is in pool. Seeing Geet he came out from the pool. He wear only his trunks. Geet’s eyes glued to his wet, hot, and sexy musculine body. He tangled his fingers in his wet hairs. Geet eyes rotate with the water droplets playing on his toned body. Her heart fluttered in her chest seeing her hot husband,who looks more desirable with wet look…




PART – 53GEET tryng vry hrd to cntrl hr feelngs nd nt to luk at hm.bt hr all body parts denied hr order. It ws only hr head she was tryng to fool,bcoz hr heart filled wid desires. Maan too bcm dumb struck, looking the petite figure of his wife in a sleevless red top and black leggings. Hr all curves were clearly outlined by the clinging clothes. He let hs gaze sweep over t…

he graceful line of hr neck and shoulder. He found hmself havng to clear hs throat b4 he sy smthng. Both rooted and lost in each other. Meanwhile Annie came to them and hugged both Lucky and Geet one by one. Maaneet came out of their fantasy. Annie broke the silence nd invite Geet to play water volley ball, but Geet denied. To whch maan taunts hr.Maan:rehne do Annie Geet k bas ka nai hai.hum 3 khelte hai.Annie:bhai dont underestimate her.Maan:main wahi keh raha hu jo sach hai.

Annie:bhai apko nai pata geet champion hai villy ball ki.

Maan:Annie wo thi…ab nai hai. Waise b MSK se muqabla krna hr ek k bs ki baat hai.

Geet fumed as she felt insulted wid MAAN’s challange.

Geet:Annie apne bhai se kaho ki pehle khel k dikhaye u khade 2 apni shekhi na bghare.

Maan:to dekh lete hai kisme kitna hai dum.

Geet look in his eyes:done.

All 4 get in pool. Geet & Annie on one side and Maan & Lucky on one side. Game started. All 4 playing so well. No one is ready to step back. Almost one hour is passed. Annie gave a signal to Lucky.

Lucky:guys i m tired,i need a break.

He came out frm d pool.

Annie:main b thak gayi hu me too going.

She left too, both Lucky & Annie go far away frm d pool & Adi joined dem.

Adi:hey guys kya lagta hai baat banegi?

Annie:pata nai Adi bhaiya,ye dono to game aise khel rahe hai jaise koi jung ho.

Lucky:lets c what happend.

In pool:

Maan:Geet agar tm b thak gai ho to ja skti ho.i cn undrstand. Tm haar maan skti ho.

Geet(stared in anger):apni baat karo Mr. MaanSingh Khurana. Game is not over yet.

Geet pulled off hr top. Her wet body looks more sexier in her silken bra. Her curves draw his all attention. She stroked her fingers in her messy hairs nd gave a jerk to pull dem behind. She bend slightly to hit d ball towards him. Her clevage clearly visible to him now. Maan’s eyes glued on her chest area. He bcm numb. At d same moment Geet push d ball bt Maan is not concious. As a result ball hit on hs head and Geet wins the game. She grinned and showed him thumb down. Maan got angry nd band hs fist on the edge of the pool,due to whch hs hand start bleeds. Geet cant cntrl seeng him in pain,so she reached to him. She takes his hands but he snached it back.

Geet:Maan khoon nikal raha hai kya kar rahe ho,dekhne do mujhe?

Maan:kyu,chot to mujhe lagi hai tumhe kya farak padta hai.

Geet:Maan pls behas mat karo. Y r u hurting urself?

Maan:first ans my que. Y my pain distrubs u alot. U want to break all relations between us,then y u came all the time when i got hurt.

Geet:Maan kisi galatfehmi me mat rehna. Maine aisa isliye kiya kyunki mujh me insaniyat hai. Tumhari jagah koi or b hota to main uski bhi help karti.

Maan gazed her. She had never seen him look so wild or so untameable. She didnt know what galvanised her into what happened next. Maan wrapped his arm around her soft waist and tagged her aginst his hardend chest. He bend on her soft rose petal lips and kissed her pssionately. Geet stunned with his insane action. She tryng to push him,but Maan pulled her more closer. All 3 were in huge shock seeing dis.

Annie:bhai aaj pakka pitenge.

Lucky’s voice shudders:Maan ka to pata nahi lekin main aaj pakka maar khane wala hu.

Annie:bhai to baat karne wale the na ye kya honsi baat ho rahi hai.

Adi:Maan sir kabi nahi sudherega.
Geet wriggle to free herself. But Maan tryng to invade in hr mouth. He moved hs hands on her bare back. His touch drive her to insane and very soon she give up and start responding him to hunger meet him. She wrapped her arm around his neck. She pulled his head and parted her lips to allow him deepen the smooch. He explore her mouth. his tounge toyed with hers. He suck and bite her lower lip. She wanted him too, maan’s hand start moving towards her eager breast and cupped in his hands, he rubbed them gently. But now both need oxygen as they were indulge in this for more than 15 mins. Both get seprated reluctantly… Their breaths getting very harder this time..



PART – 54MAANEET’s breaths vry hard. Chancing a glance at him,she noticed that his eyes wer fathomlessly dark. His eyelids heavy frm d heat of hs desire. Hs mouth wasnt derisive at all. D full lower lip ws taut.as if he was having som inner battle 4 contrl. His eyes narrowed as he searched hr indignant features. Her eyes luked like smoky sapphire and her mouth was pink and…

swollen frm the mutual fierce hunger. Maan freed hr and whisperd in her ear.Maan:meri jagah koi or hota kya tab b tum aise hi respond karti or kya use apne itna kareeb aane deti.bolo na Geet. Jitna chahe na kar lo lekin hum 2 jante hai ki tm mujhse kitna pyar karti ho. Tumhari ye jo bholi si aankhe hai na inhe jhoot bolna nahi aata.Maan leave her and came out of d pool. Annie,Lucky nd Adi were in huge shock what dey hav seen rite now. Deir mouths wide open and eyes popped out. Maan came 2 dem.Maan:Lucky Geet ko tumhari zarurat hai use ghar le jao.

Maan went to his room. Lucky reached 2 pool nd dragged her out. He wrapped hr in a towel. She was completely numb.

Annie:Geet r u alrite?(she nodded yes) Lucky i think she need som rest.

Lucky:yes u r rite.chutki chal ghar chale.

Lucky take her 2 Kapoor Villa. Geet went 2 hr room. She bcm silent. A strong strom of feelings is running in her. She touched her lips,still feeling his lips dere. In eveng wen all sit on dinner table,suddnly Teji noticed her.

Teji:Geet ye kya hua tujhe?

Geet:kuchh b to nahi veerji.

Teji:nahi kuchh to hua hai. Ye tere lips me swelling kyu aai hui hai?
(Both Geet’s and Lucky’s eyes popped out. Lucky whooping badly.) oye ab tujhe kya ho gaya. Pammi isko pani de.

Geet touched hr lips:veerji shayad allergy hai kisi cheez ki.

Lucky:o darne wali baat nai hai aise hi kuchh kaat gaya hoga.

Teji:main abi doc ko bulata hu.

Lucky feared more.

Geet:nai veerji doc ko bulana ki koi zarurat nai hai subah tak theek ho jaungi.

Teji:r u sure?

Geet:ji veerji.

Pammi:Geet dikh de doc ko kya baat koi badi prob. na ho.

Geet:nai parzaiji ap aise hi fikar kr rahe ho,main theek hu.

Pammi:ok as u wish.

Two week passed. All staff memebers wer busy in the prepration of d fashion show organised by dere Fashion House. In these two weeks Maan totally ignored her. Dey hardly talk only wen professionl coversation is required.He worried 4 hr all d time but dont allow hr 2 know. 1day b4 d show Geet take d responsibility nd check all d prepration done personally. Due2 which she is getting very tired nd slept in her cabin. Maan noticed hr frm d mrng,how she overburdened hrslf nd do only work widout eating nythng. He is vry disturbd deep inside. Bt as par hs plan he avoid going hr.His heart is paining nd now she is resting on hr wrking chair. Maan cant cntrl more nd went 2 hr. She is sleeping like a baby. He steps 2wards slowly widout making any noice. He gazed her angelic face nd adore her. Maan bend over her nd kissed on her lips very gently.

Maan:Geet,vry soon u except ur feelings, nd dats my promise 2 u.

He put her hairs behind hr ears and scooped her in hs arms. Meanwhile Lucky 2came dere.


Maan:shhh she is sleeping.

Lucky(whisper):Maan i know u worried 4 her.bt rite now apni amanat mujhe saup do coz tum to jante ho.u know what i mean.

Maan (nodded yes):theek hai main ise car me lita deta hu.firr tum le jana.

Lucky nodded. Maan take her 2 d car follwed by Lucky. He maid her laid comfortably on a back seat and Lucky take her home. Next day all dressed up in vry designer wear. Geet wear black saree wid red wrk on pallu and Maan dressed up in black taxedo wid slf design. Show is going rocking. All big name of fashion world present dere. Media covers d full show. Show ends at 1:30am. Lucky nd Annie still busy wid media nd othr famous personalities. Lucky worried 4 hr,so he went 2 Maan &Geet.

Lucky:Maan 1 favour karoge?

Maan:bolo kya bat hai.

Lucky:Maan Geet ko ghar drop kr do.

Geet:nai veerji main chali jaungi.

Lucky:dekh chhutki zidd na kar.mujhe or Annie ko kitna time lag jaye pata nahi. Adi pinky ko ghar chhodne gaya hai.or itni raat ko main tujhe driver k sath to bhejunga nahi.isliye zidd chhod or Maan k sath ja,taki mujhe b tension na ho.

Geet:lekin veerji.

Lucky:keh diya na Maan k sath jana hai to matlab jana hai(meanwhile Annie called hm) i hav 2 go,Annie cant handle it alone. Maan u take care of her.

Both silently moved frm d venue. Both stay silent in deir way. Suddnly car stop btwn d lonly road. Maan tries 2 strt but it not. He came out 2 chek d prob. He call 4 hlp,bt netwrk fails there. Gee2 came out frm d car,bt unknowningly in hr inosence she locked d car frm inside. She also 4got 2 take d keys. Wen Maan got 2 know,he get tensed more,as both r caught on dis lonly road widout any help and more over deir car luked 2. Now dey cant even sit inside d car.


PART – 55Maan is fuming but dont blame hr. Suddnly rain is started. Maan ran under d shadow of tree 2 save hmslf frm dreching in a rain. On d other hands Geet njoying rain nd strt playing wid raindrops. Maan stares hr giggling nd njoying. He hystericaly luk at hr wet avtar.

Maan:Geet come here,u will going 2 sick urslf.(Geet is lost in hr own tune.)Geet come here right now.Maan shouts,bt she annoyed him. Maan came 2 hr. He hold hr hand and dragged 2 otherside. But she rooted 2 her place. Maan look at her. She calld hm through signal 2 hr. Maan came closer 2 hr. He hold her waist in hs hand nd her hand in another1. He pushed her closer 2 hm. Geet gasped. Both strt dancing in a rain. Maan rotates hr nd lift hr. Both dance passionately nd lost in each other. Slowly2 he pull down hr. Geet moves frwrd bt he stops her and pulld hr closr. Geet’s chest rubbed against hm.She hld hs shoulder. She moved hr hand in hs hairs. Maan pressed hr more and took hr lips in his. Dis time she respond hm d way he demands. Both moved 2wards d car. She laid on car’s bonet and Maan bend on her,pinned her hand beside her head. He kissed her jawline first,den he follow a trail of wet kisses frm hr neck 2 hr clevage. She moaned hs name in pleasure. He nibbbles on d sensitive area of hr throat. Hs hands strt moving upwards frm hr waist. But soon reality struck hs mind. He realized wat he is doing,coz she is not accepting hm yet. He left hr immediately,calm hmslf and go bak in d shed of a tree. She too feels realy vry bad as he leave hr lyk dis. But she dosnt go 2 hm. Maan tryng 2 contact Lucky Adi and Annie bt failed. Some goons came dere nd start misbehaving with her,nd dis was deir biggest mistake. Maan furiously came dere. She hide behind him. Maan ordered hr 2 go away. She followed his instruction.Dey attak on Maan nd he beats all brutually,bt 1 of dem fired on hm. Luckily bullet only touched hs shoulder nd passed away. His shoulder bleeds. Geet screams in fear. Meanwhile police came dere and all goons ran away frm dere. Police chief enquires frm Maaneet,bt he protect hr.Maan:chief she dosnt knew anythng.she is just pasing frm dere nd seeing me in trouble,she came 2 help me.P.C:mam ur name?

Geet doesnt hear anything.she sobbing conti.seeing Maan in pain.

Maan:sir u dont kno hr? She is a sister of Tejveer Kapoor.

P.C:u mean TK?

Maan:ys sir.

He ordrd hs junor to drop hr at kapoor’s Villa. She doesnt want 2 leave him in dat cndition.bt Maan tel her wid hs eyes to go away. She left wid officer and chief admit him 2 hospital as he need medical attention. He inform Annie. Annie, Adi and Lucky reached to hospital immediately. Maan is fine now. Doc dressed hs wounds. He insist 4 discharge so dey allowed him. All 3 do cmplete d frmalities and take him 2 hom. Geet is goin mad. She wants 2 c hm at any cost. She get ready and reached to police station 2 enquired about d hospital in whch he admit. Aftr knowing d name of hospital she went there,but wen she reached there he is alredy discharged. She is going insane. Geet drive madly nd reached to Annie’s place. She entrd in d main hall where Adi, Lucky and Annie talking casually. All shocked seeng hr like dat.

Annie:Geet tu yaha? Kya hua?

Geet:Annie Maan kaha hai?

Annie:Maan bhai ghar pe hai.

Her fear clearly shows on hr face.

Geet:Annie mujhe Maan se milna hai kaha hai wo? Annie jaldi bol na?

Annie:calm down Geet.stairs se left room 1 room bhai ka hai(Geet ran to his room) Geet sunn to.

Lucky put hs hand on her shoulder:rehne do Annie,aaj use koi nai rok payega.

Geet entered in hs room,bt it was empty. Maan is nt dere. She is scared nd getting tensed more. She whimpring his name.

Geet:Maan maan…kaha ho tum.

Maan:main to kbse tumhare dil me hi hu Geet,bas tmhi samjh nai payi Geet.

She only hears his voice. She scanned whole room again,but he is no where.

Geet:Maan pls samne aa jao. I cant live without u.

Maan:Geet apni ankhe band karo or apne dil pe hath rakho,mujhe apne pas hi paogi.

Geet closed her eyes,imagine his face and open her eyes. Maan standing befor her. She smiled while sobbng nd hugged hm immediately. Maan too embrace her. She kissed on hs face everywhere.

Geet:I Love You Maan. I love you soo much.dobara aisa na karna.agar tume kuchh ho gaya to main b apni jaan de…

But Maan stops hr,placing his palm on her mouth.

Maan:shh(he wiped her tears & kissed on her eyes) maan ki jaan to uski Geet me basti hai.dobara aisa bolne ki sochna b mat.(both hugged each other) I Love You too jaan. Promise me dat u never leave me again.

Geet:nai jaungi.

Both kissed. Meanwhile all 3 came dere

Adi:ahhem ahhem.

Maaneet broke deir liplock nd gt sepratd.

Annie:dont worry bhai hmane kuchh nahi dekha.

Maaneet blush. Annie went dem nd hugged hr.

Adi:chalo bhai apna kaam to ho gaya.ab hm india wapis ja skte hai.

Lucky:nt so easy guys.abi sirf Geet mani hai Veerji nai.

All gettng tensed hearing dis.


PART – 56WARNING – 18 +…
GEET spend whole day vry sadly in hr rum,widout talking much 2family members. D only thng she wants 2 b wid hm. Single sce widout hm piercing hr lyk an arrow. She trying 2divert hr attention2 othr wrks,bt no use. she finds hr unable 2 do ny work. Its midnite,she is laying on hr bed nd trying2 sleep,but she only rotating on hr bed.Its11:55pm,she laid on hr bed wid eyes closed. Meantime som1 lifts hr up. She scared first bt wen shes aw dat she is in d arms of hr love she felt relax.Geet:Maan wat r u doing here? R u mad? Veerji ko pata chala na to museebat aa jani hai.(Bt Maan stay silent nd take hr 2 a terrace) Maan tum kya kar rahe ho chhodo koi aa jayega.Maan made hr stand on hr feet.Maan:shh Geet bas1 min aur.

He placed hs hand on hr eyes nd take her,few step 4ward where he planned a surprize 4 hr. He leave hr eyes. In front of hr dere ws a gorgeous wooden table wid white cloth nd 2chairs set up.d only light came frm d candels nd d large moon over head. A beautiful choclate cake of heart shaped nd rose petals around d cake made it more spl. He kissed on hr 4head and spoke Happy Birthday Geet. He took out a diamond ring frm his pocket and placed it on her slinder beautiful finger nd kissed it.”Maan”,she simply whispered wid tears of happiness threatening 2 fall frm her eyes.

Geet(hold his hand):Maan dis is my best b’day i hav ever had. Thanx 4 being wid me.par mujhe ye sab nahi chahiye.

Maan (cupped her face):to kya chahiye meri jaan ko?

Geet:just one promise “BE MINE FOREVR”. Never leave my side ever. I want only u for my whole life.

Maan:i wouldnt have a choice,coz my heart refuse 2 beat widout u. (She smiles through hr tears. He bring hr closer 2 hm nd kissing away hr tears.)ur cake is waiting love,lets go.

Maan lightenup d candels. She blew nd cut d cake. She take a piece nd put in his mouth. Maan bite it frm1 side nd Geet frm other. Maan naughtily gazed d cream on her lips. He bend on hr lips nd lick all d cream.

(Main to bas teri chaht me chahu rehna sada)

Maan’s lips trailed down d side of hr lips nd hs arm snaked on hr waist pulling hr closer.

(main to bs teri kurbat me chahu rehna sada)

sensing his intension Geet trying 2 escape but maan drgged hr and tagged 2 himslf.

(saya b tera main hone na du juda,maine tai kar liya…(2)

Geet trying 2 stop him,as he started 2 unbuttoned her shirt slowly… Maan wrapped hr in hs arms and nibbles on hr neck.

(tere ishq pe tere waqt pe bas haq hai ik mera,
teri rooh pe tere jism pe ik haq hai bas mera(2))

Geet(shily):Maan not here.

Maan:ofcourse not jaan.

He scooped hr nd walked 2 hr rum. Maan placed hr on a bed. He coverd hr body wid hs,unbuttoning d reminder of hr shrt. Slowly2hs hands trailed down hr body, caressing hr chest, her waist, hr thighs, while hs lips sucked and bite her passionately. “Maan”, she moaned wen she felt his hands kneading her bare breasts nd hs fingers lightly pinching hr erect nipples. Maan lowring hs mouth 2 hr callerbone,kissing and loving evry inch of hr skin. He took hr nipples in hs mouth. She squealed in pleasure as he gently bite hr nipples. He switchd frm 1 to another. His hands went lower down on hr body,pushing down hr inner while hs lips nipped nd sucked hers. Geet moved hr hands nd tried to pull his vest off. He raised hmself slightly helping hr 2take it off nd den pressed hs hard chest 2 hr soft1,feeling hr hardend nipples against hm. “GEET”, a deep moan escaped frm hs throat wen hr fingers caressed hs bare back stopping at d edge of hs shorts slowly pushng it down.Den she caressing hs bottom squeezing d strong muscles wid hr small hand.Hr touch making hs body ripple wid pleasure.He couldnt hld hmslf back any more wid hr torturous touches.As he pushed down hs shorts,She parted hr legs instinctively.

Maan:ready love?

Geet nodded wid smile nd he thrust into her wid full force.”MAAANN”, She screamed in pain as well as pleasure as he movd in hr. She dug hr nails in hs arms nd leave mny scratch marks. Hs hands movd undrneath hr archng hr up 2 meet hm,while hs dick grinded in2 hrs. He kissed hr 2 soath hr pain. Maan hide hs face in hr neck nd lick hr on whole nd den he moved 2 hr lips. He lick hr lowr lip and suck both1 by1. Maan kissed on hr face,on hr eyes nd on hr cheeks conti. Geet buried hr nails in hs bare skin. Maan too feels pain. Geet kissed on hs neck nd suck hs ear lobes. Hr hands moved to hs hairs & kissed on hs eyes & cheeks. Den she lick hs lips sencously. Both r untameable completly. He filled hr wid hs love over nd over again dat nite until he feeld dat she is tired.he removed frm hr nd laid beside hr. He pulled hr over hm nd covered both.

Maan:feeling tired love?

Geet:little bit.

Maan kissed on hr 4head gently.

Maan:come and sleep now.

Geet rested hr head on hs shouldr nd rubbed hs chest wid hr soft palm.

Geet:Maan i love u.
Maan:i love u too sweetheart.

He gently massaged hr bak 2 calm hr haltd breath. Soon she slpt in hs arms.

PART – 57WARNING – 18 +
(pls mujhe marna mat)

SUN lite cmes frm d window. Geet wake up,finding hrself widout clothes in hs arms. Maan is still sleeping. She raised up nd kissed on hs 4head. She placed hr palm on hs cheek lovngly.Geet(thot):i hv nevr thot of sleep lyk dis bt wid u evrythng seems so rite nd perfect. I love u maan.
She kissed on hs face everywhere. she rested hr head on hs chest,feeling soo good. Bt reality struck hr soon. She saw d watch. Its 7:30 am. Any time Teji can wake up. She came out of d bed dressed up,coverd Maan with duvet proprly and ran to terrace. She start collecting all d traces of last nite,b4 its too late. Meanwhile Lucky enters in hr room. Lucky saw Maan sleeping in hr duvet. He trun to other side.Lucky:haye o rabba,yahi dekhne baki tha svere2. Annie k chakkr me kya2 krna pad raha hai.Geet2 came wid all d items.she shocked seeng Lucky in hr room.Geet(trembled):veerji…a

ap subah2 yaha?Lucky take sm items frm hr as she overloded wid all d thngs.

Lucky:ha Annie ka phone jo aaya subah2.wo bechari pareshan ho rahi hai or ye janab yaha aram se so rahe hai.upar se phone b off hai tum dono ka.

Geet made baby face:veerji aap gussa ho rahe ho mujh pe?

Lucky melts immediately:o na na.main apni chutki pe gussa ho skta hu or wo b uske b’day wale dinn.(he hugged hr nd kissed on hr frhead) happy b’day chhutki.

Geet:thank u veerji.

Lucky:thanx baad me bolio,pehle isko utha coz Veerji uthte sar tujhe wish krne aayenge or isko yaha dekh liya to.

Geet:ok relax main uthati hu Maan ko. (She went to him d trying to wake up hm. He opend hs eyes,seeing Geet he pulled hr over hm.)Maan badmashi chhodo Teji veerji kabi b yaha aate hi honge. Lucky veerji is alredy here.(Maan saw hs back nd sat immediately.)Maan get up nd go 2 washrum quickly.

Maan(whisperd):Geet frst gv smthng 2 wear.i wore nthng.

She take hs clothes frm floor nd give to hm.maan dressed up nd hide in washrum. Teji nd Pammy both came to wish hr. Both wishd hr lovngly. Suddnly Teji saw a cake in Lucky’s hand.

Tejveer:ye cake kon laya?

Lucky:wo wo main laya tha veerji.

Teji:tu laya(Lucky gulpd hs saliva nd nodded yes vry frequently conti.) achha theek hai ab sunn aaj Geet ko shopping pe le jana or sham ko hm ek sath iska b’day celebrate karenge.

He nodded hs head like a puppet.Teji & Pammy went out. Both take a relief breath. He made hm escape safly. Maan wants to spend time wid hr. So in noon Lucky in pretext of shopping take hr out nd drop hr to hm. Maan take hr to

Annie’s private crouise. Geet felt so happy wid hm. Dey enjoy d view of sea frm ship’s deck.first dey do lunch,as he planed evrthng spl 4 hr. Den he take hr inside in a room decorated wid candels nd flowers. D smell of roses mixed
wid her smell invaded hs sences. Maan gav hr a packt nd sent hr to washrum.few mins later she came out in a thin white nighty whch showd hr curves nd jst abot came to hr mid thighs. Maan saw hr nd wished to grab hr rite now.
he slowly walked to hr wid a naughty gaze,whch made Geet shy. He brot hr closr,snaking hs hand around hr waist,mkng hr feel hs hrdnes. He stood gazing hr sexy form. Wid no mor tim waste he tuk hr lips nd explord hr mouth
wid hs tongue.he strt gntly bt seeng hr like dat,hs beast unleashd frm hm.he movd to hr neck nd follwd a trail of wet kisses.he bit hr.Maan slipd d nighty strp of d rite shouldr & kissed on hr bare smooth skin wildly.
he do d same with left side.she could feel d raw hunger in hs touch.he slipd hs hand undr hr nity strtd to caress hr innr thigh roughly.he touchd d silky matrial of hr panty. He whsiprd,”u r wet jaan”. Geet arousd & sd nthng.in a sec
he ripped it off nd felt d heat of hr. He strtd to caress it.she cudnt take it mor &wnted to feel hm now.dis urge made hr rip hs black shrt,leaving hm bare chest dat made hm luk mor desirive.she clingd hm tigltly,digging hr nails in
hs skin.she suck &licks on hs jaw line&rubbd hr lips to hs.dis made hm mor wildr.he tukd hr up nd laid hr on a bed,decorated wid rose petals.he came ovr hr. Hs lips movd 2 devour hr clevage.she felt hr lips on hr breast,
where he sucked hr,kissed hr &bite hr.she pushed both his pants nd shorts&he kicked dem off.he wntd to tease hr,so insted of entrng he grind hs manhud on hr sensitve parts.d naked contct of dere private parts mde hr crzy.
“Maan pls”,she said,wntng hm in hr rite now.hr hands clenchd d sheet tightly as hs lips played wid hr breasts,hs tongue flickng hr nipples&bitttng dm softly.he hld hr sholdr nd let hm in hr so gently.he remaind in hr 4 few sec
&thrust again & again. She reachd 2 climax.Vry slowly he slid out nd lay besides hr. Suddnly she came ovr hm nd kissed hm passionately. Hs arm went around hr circling hr waist pullng hr closer,letting hr head rest on hs
shoulder trying to calm her overly excited body…
PART – 58ITS 8 pm. Teji calld again & again. Lucky afraid of dis,coz he dont have ns 2 hs que. Lucky hv no idea where is Geet now….

ANNIE:Lucky ur mobile is ringing,y u dnt pick up ur call?LUCKY:agr phone uthaya to kal se kisi ko nzr nai aaunga.ANNIE:kya matlab?LUCKY:ye call veerji ka hai.uthaya to wo puchhenge Geet kaha hai.ab mujhe kya pata wo kaha hai? Maan 3 ghante ka bol k le gaya tha ab 3 k 6 ghante ho gaye or 2 ka kuchh pata nai hai.

ANNIE:or chhodo bakri kobhuke sher k pas.ab wo bina khaye use thodi na aane dega.

She taunts nd made hm mor confuse.

LUCKY:Maan man eater hai?

Anvesha patted hr head in frustration.

ANNIE:tumhara main kya karu?

LUCKY:hayye rabba ab main kya karu?

Both gt tensed. At 8:30pm Teji arrived in deir office. Both stunnd seeing hm dere. He angrily stard Lucky nd he trembld like a dry leaf.

ANNIE:veerji ap yaha?

Teji show hs hand made hr shut.

TEJI:Maan or Geet kaha hai?

LUCKY pretending:Veerji Maan yaha…

TEJI:dnt try 2 made me fool Lucky.itna bda nai hua hai abi.

Lucky’s eyes lowerd immediately.

ANNIE:veerji hum sach keh rae hai hume b nai pta wo 2 kaha hai.

In Crouise:

Maan ws half laying on bed nd she is laying on hm. He is vry much busy in entangling hs sleek fingers in d mane of hr hairs nd she rubbd hr palm on hs bare chest.

GEET:Maan kuch socha hai kya kehna hai veerji se.

She raisd up nd cm closr 2 hr face. He gazd hr naughtily nd tuk hr almost swallowed lips again. Both kissd 1 mor time. Both leav 4 inhaling sm air.

MAAN teasd:jaan filhal to tm ye socho ki ghar jake tume kya bolna hai,c its alredy 8:30.

Geet’s eyes widnd wid fear:omg its 8:30.cmmon Maan gt up.

MAAN:relax dnt gt hyper.gt ready nd i ll drop u just in 15 mins.

Geet kissd hm nd cm out of deir duvet. Both dressed up nd cm out of d ship. He tuk hr 2 d office. Both were happily entrd in Annie’s cabin widout having ny clue dat a big surprize is waiting 4 dem.

TEJI:wlcm bak Geet.

Both stunnd seeing hm. Geet’s body shivrd badly.

GEET:veerji…wo main apko.

TEJI:bs Geet mujhe jo jaana tha main jaan chuka hu.

He gv a glared luk 2 all 4 nd leave d office widout uttering a single word. She sobbd coz reluctantly she hurt hr brothr. He embrcd hr.

MAAN:pls dnt cry Geet(he wiped hr tears)sach to samne aana hi tha na.ab jb Teji veerji ko sb pta chal hi chuka hai to main unse abi bat karunga.

All 4 reachd 2 KV. Teji is fuming while roaming in main hall. Pammi is confusd,dnt kno how 2 react.

PAMMI:suniye 1 bar inki bat sunn to leejiye.

TEJI:kya suno?

MAAN:veerji i kno i hd do mny thng in my past whch is nt rite bt i assured u frm now i’ll do nthng whch hurts hr in ny wy.

TEJI:u said nd i belive…

He taunts.

LUCKY:pls veerji just listen 2 hm 1ce. He realy love chutki,dats y i decided 2 hlp dem both.

TEJI:iska pyar us waqt kha tha jb Geet ko isne mrne k liye akela chhod dia tha. India jane k bad mujhe sab pta chal gaya tha.

MAAN:veerji main manta hu jo kia hai maine wo mafi k layak nai hai,lekn main srf itna jnta hu,she is my life nd i cant evn stnds widout hr.

TEJI:Geet k liye kya kr skte ho?


TEJI:to theek hai agle 15 dino me tume bina Lucky or Annie ki help liye,bina apne priv.acc se paise nikale 100000 frank earn krne hai.

LUCKY:ye ap kya keh rae hai veerji?

TEJI:meri bat abi khtam nai hui hai.or agar ye fail hua to ise Eet ko bhul kr jana hoga na sirf Paris balki Frnace k kisi b shehr me ye mujhe nazar nai aana chahiye.

PAMMI:suniye ye aap kaisi sharte rakh rahe hai?

TEJI:maine koi zabardasti nai ki hai ye chahe to shart or Geet ko chhodkar ja skta hai.
MAAN:nai main apki shart puri karunga. Geet k liye agar mera pyar aise sabit hoga to aise hi sahi.

GEET:veerji Maan itni badi amount kaise arrange karega.ap jaan bujh kar use trap kr rae hai.

TEJI:Maan tm Geet ko yaha se le ja skte ho…(all r shokd hearing dis) lekin uske baad Geet ka iss ghar se or hum sabse har rishta khtam.

Geet ws in turmoil. How can she choose only 1. No1 can ans of dis que dat whch eye he/she loved most. She cnt bvelieve dat Teji said nythng lyk dat. Maan senced it.

MAAN:nai veerji mujhe apki hr shart manjur hai.

GEET:lekin Maan..

MAAN:nai Geet.

TEJI:to ab tab milenge jab shart puri ho jaye.

Teji left. Geet hugged hm.

GEET:Maan kaise hoga itna bada arrange?

MAAN:Geet mujhe humare pyar pe pura bharosa hai.dont worry i’ll manage.

ANNIE:lekin bhai unhone to apko kisi ki hpl lene se b mana kar dia hai.

MAAN:ab mere pyar ka imteha hai to mujhe hi dena hoga.

All r in worry,having no clue what to do…

PART – 59TEJI make sure dat Maan will nt able 2 arrange d amount. Times slipped frm hs hands lyk sand. All r in tension as unable 2 found d sol.of dis prob. 3 days left only frm d given time period. Lucky also offrd hm money secreatly,bt Maan denied. He dont wnt ny1’s hlp. 1 dy he walkd blankly on d small streets of Paris nd he gt 2 know abot d cage fight,whch is held unoffic…

aly or we can say its completly illegal,bt offrd prize money is 20 lakh frank,whch frcd hm. Lucky gt 2 kno nd scold hm 4 hs foolish act.’r u mad?aisi fights me jaan ka khtra b hota hai’,Lucky’s heart worried 4 hs safty.’do i hv ny othr opt?’Maan askd harshly.’ha hai…’but b4 he cmpletes Maan intrupts.

‘except taking ur hlp?’

‘no,but Maan..’Lucky ans in a low voice.

‘Lucky promise me dat u dont tell Geet nd Annie abot dis.’Maan assured dat he dont tell both d grls.

Maan wnt 4 fight. Annie nd Geet r worried as 2dy is d last dy. Both hv no idea where is he now nd wat going 2 do. Both confrnt Lucky. D hesiration of hs voice panicd both. Aftr strong interogation Lucky broked nd tell dem whole truth. Both 4cd hm nd he tuk dem both wher he is fighting. All crowed r indulge in hooting. D opponent fightr is profssional nt so easy 4 Maan. He beats Maan non stop. Geet cried seeing hs condition. She ran 2wrds cage nd pleads.

Geet:Maan pls stop dis nonsence.

But Maan ignored. Meanwhile hs opponent hit in hs abdomen nd Geet faints on d spot. Lucky nd Annie hold hr. Maan felt restless,he wnts 2 reach hr,bt according 2 d rules only 1 cn cm out. He collct hs all strength nd punch hs nose made hm bleeds. Aftr dat he dont gv ny chance 2 hm,nd beats hm wid punches nd kicked hs chest. He falls nd Maan wins. Cage opn he reachd 2 Geet,who is still in hr unconcious stage. Wen she gt concious found hr in KV. All r around hr nd Maan sits beside hr. He hd many scar marks on hs face nd body reveals frm hs shrt. Teji cm close 2 both nd gave hr hand in Maan’s hand.

TEJI:i m happy i lost d bet.now she is all urs.

He said nd vanishd frm d room.coz no1 is talking wid hm as all r angry on hm. Geet hugged Maan. She strt crying again,seeing hs injuries.

Maan:Geet pls dont cry.see i m compltly f9 or ab to sb prob b solv ho gai hai.

Geet:agr apko kuch ho jata to?

Maan:ha pr ab main theek hu so dont worry.

He wiped hr tears. Paami signaled nd tuk all othrs,out of d room. Seeing a chance,Maan trying 2 gt notty bt Geet stoppd hm.

Maan:Geet cmmon b a suppot,or waise b ab to high command ne b permission de d hai.

Geet:Maan hr wqt mazak.

Maan:achha abi meri baat suno sb log veerji se naraj hai.

Geet:ha to unhone kaam hi aisa kia hai.agr kuchh ho jata tumhe to.

Maan:nai Geet u all taking hm wrong. I do d same if i m on hs place. Trying 2 undrstand hs concern nd care 4 u.

Geet rested hr head on hs shouldr nd encircled hs arm:firr kya kare ab?

Maan:hm sbse baat karenge.

Maan convienced all. All realizes nd also apolozise 4 misbehaving wid hm. All issues sorted out. Both hugged.

Teji:Maan pta hai jb ye chhoti or yaha humare pass aati thi,tb apni hr chhoti se chhoti khwaish or takleef sirf mujhe btati thi. She fully relay on me only,coz she knew dat i m always available 4 hr.dats y i m possesive 4 hr,bt 2day i feel relaxed coz i knew she always stay safe besides u.

Maan:veerji i promised i nvr let u down. She is my responcibilty nd i dont do ny thng whch could condradict her wishes.

Annie:guys maine tickets confirm karwa liye hai. Kal subah humari flight hai so b ready all.

Next day all 5 r ready 2 leave Paris. Lucky is also coming with them. At the time of departure Geet’s emotion come out in frm of tears. Her oceaned eyes get wet and she hugged Teji tightly. Teji embraced her too.

Teji:Geet bacche aise thodi na rote hai.tujhe to khush hona chahiye to apne ghar ja rahi hai apne Maan k sath.

Geet:pr mujhe apko chhod k nahi jana hai.

Pammi:pagli aisa nahi bolte or firr Lucky to tere sath hi ja raha hai na India.

Teji wiped her tears.

Teji:now cmmon give me a smile.

She smiled in tears. Teji kissed her on her forhead. She hugged Pammi too.

Geet:veerji parzaiji ka khyal rakhna.

Maan:chale Geet?

She nodded yes. All met wid each other and went from there. Maan gave her side hug and both moved towrds plane. Flight take off on time. Geet sat besides him,encircling his arm and rested her head on hs chest. All are happy as they thought their problem solved completely……

PART – 60FLIGHT land safely on time. All clear cheking nd reachd 2 Adi’s place frst….
‘bhai y we came here instead of KM’,Annie inquired.’bcoz no1 excpt u knows my truth’,Maan luking tensed den b4. Hs ws worried 4 smthng.’dont worry wo to maine pehle hi soch lia tha ki kya krna hai.i hv ur all medi.reports whch easily prves dat u r MSK.so chill nd lets go.dadima hd waiting 4 so long’,Annie wants 2 go bak as soon as possible.All reachd 2 KM. Bf ny1 raised or blamed sm1 Annie tactfuly handle d sit.nd prved infrnt of dat he is d actual 1. Sunaina warmly wlcmd all.thogh Karan nd Natanya r nt so much happy bt dey also prtending. Maan nd Geet movd 2 met Dadima. She blessd both nd felt relief seing dem safe nd hppy. Lucky is abot 2 leave now.

‘where do u go?’Maan askd hm.

Lucky:rite now i must chek in sm hotel then arrange permant place 4 me.waise to veerji ka farm house hai bt i dont wanna stay alone dere.

Annie:lets go i ll drop u.

Adi:no need Annie.i ll drop hm.

Maan sw both’s faces:Adi i need 2 talk wid u so tn rehne do Annie chhod aayegi.

Adi:bt sir..

He stared nd made hm shut. Lucky leave wid hr. Maan gv sm wrk nd sent Adi 2 office. Aftr dat both movd 2 deir rum. Geet unpakd all d belongings nd Maan gazd hr conti.

Geet:Maan apne jaan k Adi bhaiya roka hai na?

Maan hugged hr frm bakside:ya. Tumne chehre dekhe the 2 k.ye Adi b na tum2ko leke mujhse b zada possesive hai.

Geet:Adi bhaiya aise hi hai.pr Maan apko fikr nai hoti.

Maan nuzzld hr nape:nai coz i trust both. Both love each othr so dere is no harm if dey spnd time 2gthr.or Lucky kafi cntrolld hai.

Geet nudge hs abdomn:or ab bilkul nai ho.bchpan me to bade shy the or ab dekho 1 no k beshrm ho gaye ho. Ab chhodo or kaam krne do mujhe.

She ws abot 2 go bt Maan grabbd hr.

Maan:main beshrm hu?(he askd huskily nd she nodded yes bt hr neck movd wid grt effort,as sm1 put weight on it)its all ur fault jaan den.

He clenchd her soft waist nd hs fingers snt hr ripples of pleasure. He allowd hs hysterical eyes scannd hr fully. She trembled seeing hm untamed. Maan leand ovr hr supple lips. Geet clsd hr eyes in anticipation,bt a disturbing knok on deir door broke deir trance. Maan hell irritates wid it,bt Geet pushd hm away nd opn d door. Sunaina ws dere,2 invite dem 4 dinner. Both movd wid hr. Aftr doing heavy convo wid evry1 on dinner table,Maan leve 4 hs rum. He is waiting 4 hr bt deir no sign of hr is seeing. Hvng no thr opton he strt reading. Geet cm nd tuk hk clothes nd movd in washrum. Wen she cm bak she heared hs babbling. He is reading smthng..
”koi unhe ye samjhaye ki wo apni jaan ki hifazat kiya kare,
kyunki saanse to unki hai lekin jaan wo jaaan to humari hai”

hearing dis Geet’s eyes popped out. She gt 2 know dat Maan is reading hr persnl diary. She jumpd on bed nd snatch it frm Maan,bt Maan quickly made a mov nd snatch it again frm hr.Geet glard hm.

Geet:Maan dis bad manners.gv bak it 2 me.dis is my persnl diary.or kisi diary chup k padna achhi bat nai hoti.

Geet ran behind hm,bt he is not an easy target. She ws seems like cry.

Maan:or agar na du to?

Geet:pls Maan ye glat bat hai.ye apko kaha se mili .gv bak 2 me.

Maan:nai dunga.abi meri jaan to mujhse kuch kehti nai,so uske dil ka haal jaane k liye to isika shara lena padega na.

Geet’s leg shivers:Maan apne kya2 pada?

Maan encircled hr waist nd taggd hr soft frame 2 hs hard 1.hr soft bossoms rubbed againt hm nd set hm on fire of desires.He put hr wet hairs behind nd take view of hr innocnt face.

Maan:wo sb jo kabi pas rehte hue b tumhari in ankho me dekh nai paya.

Geet lowrd hr eyes in guilt:Maan i m sorry i didnt meant 2 hurt u.

Hr voice is shuddring. Maan pulld hr chin up,made hr luk at hm.

Maan:nai Geet sorry to mujhe bolna chahiye apne hr gunah k liye.agar ye mujhe nai milti to shyad kabi ehsas nahi hota ki kitne gunah kiye hai maine. Or tum chup chap bina shikayat kiye ye sb sehti rahi. Kaise Geet? Kaha se lati ho itni himmat?

Geet:pyar hr cheez bardasht karne ki himmat de deta hai.(she rested hr head on hs chest nd wrappd hr arms around hs waist)maine humesha apki khushi chahi or aap khush the sam k sath.

Maan’s guilt increasd.He regrts more on hs past deeds. He loosn d hug 2 sw hr face. He cupped hr face nd kissed on hr 4head,eyes nd cheeks 1 by 1.

Maan:bahut bura hu na main.i torteurd u widout ny reason(Geet nodded no coz she smell his pain)

Geet:no Maan…

Maan:no Geet i am.(he tuk hr hand near hs mouth nd kissed tenderly)but i m thankful 2 ur god dat dey made met wid an accident.coz us accid.ki wajhse bahut kuch samne aa gay jo shyad mujhe kabi pta nai chalta.

Geet put hr palm on hs mouth:bs Maan main apko aise pain me nai dekh skti pls.mat yaad keejiye wo sb jisse apko takleef ho.

Hr caring nd soft touch melts hm away.he stops coz he knew hs pain proves mor painful 2 hr. He kissed her hand and embraced her possesivly…


MAAN bend nd tuk hr lips.He 4cd hr 2 mouth opn nd invaded in,taking hr tongue in2 hs mouth, caressing it hungrily wid hs own nd feeling hr stp struggling,he let go hr hands nd slowly placed dem ovr hs nek.She pulld hm close
slightly,nd dis little action of hrs made hm insane. He lost d last bit of hs slf cntrl.He grabbd hr waist,squeezed it nd taggd hr against d wall,pressing hs body2 hr mor firmly.Hs lips slammd down on hrs.She moaned,he twistd hs
tongue wid hrs nd pulld at it hungrily. He let go of hr tongue,nd strt sucking hr lips.Hs hands movd 4om hr waist ovr hr belly, brushing hr bossoms nd finally reachng hr face.He lickd hr lips wetly,hs thumb lightly grazing over her
bossoms.he pulld down her nity frm hr deligate sholdr,exposing hr body mor clearly.He plunderd hs tongue in hr mouth 4 d last time,b4 breaking d kiss.Both gaspd 4 air and lukd ech othr passiontely. Geet ws still pinned against
d wall,He smirked slightly, held d hand of a panting Geet nd Wid in a few sec,he turnd hr again nd burying hs head in hr nek,biting hr roughly.She archd hr head upwards giving hm mor access,as he placed kisses across hr neck and
shoulder.Geet groaned at his actions. He moved hr wet hairs 2 1 side,nd strokd her smooth back.She tried 2 call out 2 hm,bt hr voice chokd in hr throat nd all dat came out ws yet anothr throaty moan.He bit d sensitive flesh of hr
earlobe, sucking it in hs mouth,while hs hands reached in front nd strt undoing hr nity.Geet gaspd as hr nity landed at hr feet nd she stud wid hr bak glued 2 hr husband in only a vry revealing inners.He undid hr b**,nd threw it
on floor in hurry,2 release hr full bossoms,who were begging 4 hs attention. He turnd hr around nd carnally thrust hs lips in hr mouth. He licked hr lips wid hs hungry tongue,making hr chest movng up and down rapidly. She ran
hr fingrs in hs hair, as Maan bit hr lips,sucking dem desperately. He broke off,lift hr up in hs arms nd carrid hr 2 d bed.Maan njoyd d sight of hs blushy wife who now lay at d middle of hs bed.He bent dwn nd kissed hr 4head gently.
He movd hs wy dwn 2 hr eyes nd cheek,licking hr cheek,causing hr 2giggle.He movd dwn 2 hr nek,nd kiss her brutally.She breath heavily,as Maan’s lips devoured every inch of hr nek,shoulder nd calvic bone.He suckd hs way down
2 her cleavage.He kissing it nd den he moved down,kissd on hr belly. Geet arched hr back, rising nd falling sensuously on d soft bed.He dipped hs tongue in her belly button,making slow moving circles,made hr gasp nd moned hs
name.He movd up nd held her mounds in hs rough palms nd strt kneading dem,while Geet moaned loudly. He squeezed hr mounds, hard den slowly nd driving hr 2 d edge of escatasy. She slowly whispered,”Maan, Please!” “Sshh’
aaj humare beech mein koi nahin hoga sirf pyaar hoga” he replied huskily b4 dipping his head down nd kissing d valley betwn hr breasts. She moaned out softly as Maan movd 2 hr belly nd began 2 lick hr thoroughly.He paused 2
luk up at hr nd she ws already luking vry tempting.Maan slipped both his under pants nd hr panty off in a swift momnt nd cvrd hr undrneath hm. He lockd hr hands in hs. Maan bite hr lips nd she arched up feeling hs erction against
hr. He leve hr 1 hand, slippd dwn nd feeld hr ready wetness. She clenchd hs nape nd suck his jawline. Geet pleads mor. Wen he make sure dat she is ready 4 hm,he adjust hmslf nd thurst in hr. She moand loud and dig hr nails in
hs flesh. Maan do it in fast pace. She wrapped hr legs arond hm.. Tears of pleasure rolling ovr hr cheeks. Maan bend nd sucked all. He sealed hr lips 2 sooth hr pain nd slow down hs momnts wen both reachd 2 climax. Hr breath
haultd cmpltly so Maan parted wid hr nd slipped by hr side,covrd both wid a soft comfortr. Hr hairs r totlly mess nd hr bossoms nd lips swallowed completly. Maan turd on hs left arm nd gaze hr lovngly. She still panting heavily.
Maan tuk hr in hs embrace nd stroked hr back tendrly. He kissd on hr 4head gently.’Maan i love u,nvr leave me alone’,she said wid heavy breath.
Maan made hr met hs gaze. He kissed hs hand nd askd.Maan:i love u 2 jaan.bt y u said dis? Geet nobdy can seprate us,so pls stop scaring.Geet cuddle hm mor:Maan i just only kno dat i cant in a sit 2 loose u nywy.maine tume pane k liye bahut saha hai,par ab himmat nai hai.Maan storked hr body tenderly nd kissed hr sooth hr pain. He undrstand hr insecurity.

Maan:jaan i promise,i stay by ur side alwys.ab humare beech koi nai aayega.(he kissd hr mor)i thnk u need som rest now.

Geet ws abot 2 smthng bt Maan sealed hr lips wid his again nd made hr panting mor.

Maan:gud nite jaan or else u will regrt 4 tempting me so much.

Maan said wid a smirk nd made hr blush again. She hide hr face in hs chest nd slept soon in d warmth of hs arms…

PART – 62IN mrng Sunaina wait on dinning table 4 all d membrs 4 b.fast. All cm 1 by 1 except Maan nd Geet. Evn Dadi also join dem aftr such a long time as she is improving now. Annie cm in last.
She wish mrng 2 all nd tuk hr seat….
Annie:mom wat r we waiting 4? I m alredy late.mujhe office jana hai or Lucky ko b pick krna hai.
hurry up.Sunaina:beta b patient.Maan or Geet ko to aane deejiye lagta hai bhar rehkr sb manners bhul gai
hai aap.Annie smirkd nd sw hr watch.Karan:waise to bhai or Geet roz jaldi uthe hai aaj late kaise ho gaye?

Natanya:i thnk wo paris k time k hissab se abi adjust nai hue hai.

Annie giggled hearing dis.

Sunaina:wat so funny about dis?apki bhabhi sai to keh rai hai.

Annie:ya ofcourse(thot:ab inhe kon samjhaye puri raat jagne k baad koi itni jaldi kaise uthega.)

i think hume un love birds ko unke haaal pe chhod dena chahiye or b.fst krna chahiye.All gt shoked except Dadi,hearing Love Birds 4 maaneet.Karan:kya kaha LB vo b bhai or Geet?lagta hai tu b abi tak neend me hi hai.

Annie:vry funny.dheere2 khud hi samjh jaoge.

She eat nd ran 4 office,leavd all in amusement. She ws also in hurry 2 meet Lucky. Geet alwys felt

pleasnt in hs warmth. D mrng hd nvr felt dis peaceful nd perfect b4. She thot she ws still dreaming
dis kind of a feeling dat 2 in d mrng. She felt hs warm breath burning d cold skin off hr nek nd hs
muscular arms wrapped around hr. Hs legs cvrd hrs as she lay envelopd in hm. Hs smell filld hr nostrils nd hr heart
start beating fastr. Hs lips felt hr ears as he shifted hs head nd hr whole body is trembld wid hs s
oft touch. She trnd in hs arms staring at hs curved face. She allpowed hr fingers 2 lingr along hs jaw
line den hs lips. ‘GEET’,she heard hm moaning hr name. Hs grip around hr tightend as pulled hr
closr gluing hr chest 2 hs. Hr breath halted as hs hands caressing hr bak,pulling hr closr. Hr arms
automatically went around hs sholdrs nd she dug hr nails gently in2 dem. ‘MAAN’,she murmered
hs name undr hr breath. She pulled hrslf closr 2 hm,digging hr nails furthr in hs skin. Hs lips drew
patterns on hr neck nd hr collarbone slowly. He bit hr nek so gently. She fell on hr bak nd he movd
2 cvr hr body wid hs. Hr fingrs knotted in hs hairs,pulling hm closr 2 hr body. Hr legs wrappd nd
pulling hm closr. Hs lips movd 2 devour hr cleavage. She felt hs lips on hr cleavage where he suckd
nd kissd hr skin nd den bite hr again. Hs heart beating much fastr den evr. Both kissd passionatly.
Deri nakd body rubbed against ech othr in avry arousing way. Suddnly hs phone strt ringing nd
disturb deir passionate mrng. She tried 2 movd bt he ws in no mood of leaving hr,so he pulld hr again. Aftr answring a
call,he bite hr earlobes nd whisperd huskily.Maan:where do u go love?Geet:Maan pls let me go,c its alredy 10.

She pleads bt Maan ws nt in mood of leavng hr. He kissd on hr face evrywhere.

Maan:jisko jo sochna hai soche i dont care.

Geet:Maan tm bahot badmsh ho gaye ho.jane do mujhe.

Maan pinnd hr nd cm ovr hr:pehle hi bhot durr raha hu,nt ny mor.

Geet:Maan i need bath(hearing dis Maan cm out of deir duvet nd lift hr in hs arms)Maan wat r u

doing? Pls put me down.Maan nuzzzld hr sharp white nose:ahha. Abi tumi ne kaha na u need bath so lets go.He tuk hr 2 wshrum,where dey conti.deir love making while bathng. At 11:30am both cm dwn nd joid Dadi nd Sunaina.

Sunaina:beta aaj ap 2 kafi late uthe,tabiyat to thek hai na apki?

Maaneet looked ech othr nd she blushd.

Maan:mom wo travelling ki wajhse thoda tired feel kr rae the bas,isliye.

Sunaina:i kno beta.waise achha hua jo aaj ap office nai gaye hume apse party k bare me baat krni thi.

Maan:kaisi party mom?

Sunaina:beta ab jab aap laut aaye hai or sab theek ho gaya to duniya ko btane k liye ki MSK is bak 1

grand party Khurana’s style me banti hi hai.Sunaina:so Maan tell me about theam nd othr details u want in ur party.Maan(who is hell only busy in gazing hs wife only):mom discuss all dis wid Geet. Jo wo decide karegi

wo hi final hoga.Sunaina stunnd:ok beta as u wish. Geet beta aap humare sath chaliye ye party hum kal hi dena
chahte hai so bahut sari preprations karni baki hai.Geet nodded nd went wid hr.Maan(thot):ye mom b na humesha party k hi bare me sochti hai.or agar party thro krni hi thi to

Geet ko sath le jane ki kya zarurat thi. Chal Maan abi tu b office ka kaam dekh coz Geet ab jaldi se
free nahi hone wali..
PART – 63GEET gt hrslf involvd in party’s preprations,as dere is lot of wrk 2 do,bt dis idea of Geet is nt vry much liked by Maan. Only 5 hrs r passd nd he strt missing hr badly. He made plans 2 gt hr bak 2 hm,bt it fails wen he gt 2 kno dat she ws nt at home. Geet ws going 2 vanue 2 chek d preprations. Many bad thots clenchd hs mind. He drive madly in hurry 2 reach hr. He gt…

inside nd sw hr giving instructions 2 all bossily. He tuk a relief breath seeing hr alrite. Geet scaan d whole hall nd sw him dere. She cm 2 hm nd enquird.Geet:Maan aap yaha(widout telling hr or uttering a single word he tuk hr in hs embrace. Geet felt little embarssd,bt she also felt hs raised heartbeat wen she rested hr head on hs chest’s left side) Maan kya hua hai? Kuchh hua hai kya?Maan dont want 2 scared hr so he camposd hmslf:ha hai.subah se jo gayab hui ho 1 br b meri yaad nai aai.abi se apne pati se bore ho gai ho.

Geet pouts nd hit his chest softly:leave me i dont wanna talk wid u.

Maan:realy?(she nodded yes)firr to main bemaut hi maara…

Geet made hs stop in btwn:Maan pls apko pata hai mujhe aisi bate bilkul pasand nai hai.pormise aap firr aisi bat nai karenge.

Maan:1 shrt pe,dat u dont go nywhere 4 soo long widout informing me.

Geet:jo aagya patidev.

Maan chuckld:chale?

Geet:bs thodi der or firr kaam khatam kar k chalte hai hai.

Geet made sure dat all thing going 2 happn according 2 deir class nd status. Aftr dat both went 2 KM. Nxt day all went 2 vanue. Whole media is r available 2 covr dis high profile party by Khurana’s. All page 3 celebraties were presnt in d party. All were njoying d party so much. Maan is also busy in gazing hr wife who luks exceptionaly more beautiful in hr low waist white net sari. Hr sleek smooth waist,long hairs,almond eyes made mor difficult 4 hs all tries of slf cntrl. He used hs mind nd tuk hr far away at lonly cornr. He taggd hr 2 wall nd cvd hr wid hm.

Geet gaspd wid hs advancmnts:Maan stpit.ny1 cn caught us here.

Maan bnd on hr nek nd nibbles gently. Geet moaned.

Maan:ye tume itna khoobsurat lagne se pehle sochna chahiye tha. Geet lets gt out of dis party.

Geet:Maan if u 4gttn den let me tell u,mumma threw dis party 4 us,so we r nt allowed 2 go nywhere.(she smirkd nd gt out of hs grip) mr. Khurana khud pe kabu rakhna seekhiye.

Maan grabbd hr wrist nd stp hr he caressed hr bare arms. Sensation ran through hr spine nd hr whole body is trembled like sm dry leaf. He movd dwn,made hand lock,nd wrppd around hr. Geet 2 melts in hs touch.

Geet:Maan pls..

Maan’s nostril filled wid hr aroma. He kissd on hr sholdr. Meantime Annie arrivd dere.

Annie:ahem ahem(Maan leave hr) guys relax,dis is nt ur bedrum,so b social.

Maan(irritates):y u cm here?

Annie:mujhe b shok nai hai,bt u guys leave d party,nd mom send me in ur search. Geet lets go mom calling u both.

Geeet wnt wid hr nd maan growling in anger. He 2 reluctantly movd 2wrds party hall wen a familiar voice struk hs way. He lukd behind nd found Sam dere. He gv hr a disgust luk.

Sam:hi Maan how r u?(Maan tries 2 ignore hr,so he movd on bt she stps hm) pls Maan kam se km meri baat ka jwab to de hi skte ho.

Maan:i m nt intrsting in talking wid u at all.it all ovr btwn us.

Sam:oh realy?do u thnk so? Geet is nt ur choice Maan nd i knew it. Geet Sam kabi nai ban skti.

Maan:ya true i had many bad habbits bt now i m free frm all.nd yes u rite Geet kabi tumhari jitni ghatia ban hi nai skti.u kno smthng u r only my infactutation,whch strtd frm physical attraction nd end up wid intrcourse. Pyar kya hota hai uske mayne kya hai ye to maine Geet ko pane k bad jana hai. Geet ko paya to apnepan ka ehsas samjh aaya.wrna tuhare sath to main 1 fake world me hi jee raha tha. Tum me or Geet me utna hi fark hai jitna ki coal or diamond me hota hai.

Sam:common Maan dont lied,atleast nt frm urslf.we both kno she is only a subsitute 2 me,u need 2 satisfy ur physical needs.isi bat ka fayda uthaya hai us b**** ne.

Maan’s nostrils flufferd nd his hands cnvrtd in fists. Hs whole body is burning wid angr nd eyes trnd red.in rage of hs anger he slapped hr hardly.

Maan:how dare u talk dis 4 my wife.kisi k b bister pe girna tmara shuk hai meri Geet ka nai. Apni physical needs k liye to main tumare sath tha or tum b bade shuk se used hoti thi.dis is my last warning 2 u,stop intrfearing in my lyf.or agli bar agr meri Geet k liye kuch b galat kaha to yahi thappd tume puri duniya k samne marunga. He step 4wrd ns sw Geet. He terrfied hw he explain hr if she askd abot dis.

Geet:Maan ap kaha reh gaye the?chaliye mumma bula rai hai.all guests r waiting 4 u.

Maan sighd:Geet pichhe kuch drwaje khule hue the unhe hi band kar raha tha.

Geet:ok fine,bt lets move on or else sab yaha hi aa jayenge.

Maan nodded yes. Geet encircled hs arm nd both moved 2 party hall.

PART – 64MAANEET enters in party hall nd crowd cluster around dem. All wishd both. Being an socialite Maan gt seprated wid Geet bthe keep an eye on hr alwys. Annie draggd dem 2 Dance floor wid othr couples njoying dancing on a soft music. Maan firmly held hr waist,leaving no gap btwn dem. Maan nvr trn hs gaze off hr 4 a single sec. Sameera boiled seeing hm happy widout hr. S… he is fuming,coz 4 d frst time Maan slappd hr. She lft d party hall. All r enjoyng. Annie danced wid Lucky,bt Adi missd Pinky,so he also wnt outside 2 call hr. Aftr party all cm bak. Maan changd nd laid on hs bed thinking abot Sam’s alligations. Hr words echod in hs mind. Stroam of emotins violate hs thots.Maan:watevr she said is nt true. Kya main sach me Geet ko use kr raha hu.is she is my physical need only?no dat is nt true.i love hr 2 d core.

While thinking he sw Geet cming frm washrm. He instantlu closd hs eyes nd trnd 2 othr side. Geet cm nd laid besides hm. She slippd 2 hm. He is laying showing hs bak 2 hr. Geet restd hr chin on hs arm.

Geet:Maan so gaye?


Geet:party me to bade romantic ho rae the or ab ate hi so gaye.

Maan:Geet i m tired,tum b so jao.

Geet slipped bak nd slept on hr side,bt nt Maan. He ws disturbd. Nxt mrng wen Geet awakd nd found hm in hs office attire. Hr dizzy eyes luks more intoxicating. Maan turnd instantly avoiding eyes lock wid hr.She stud up nd huggd hm frm bak side.

Geet:Maan kahi ja rae ho?

Dis proxcimity wid hr made hm vulunerable. Hr soft bossoms rubbd hs bak nd he felt hs arousal. He tryng vry hrd 2 cntrl.

Maan:ha wo kafi time se office neglect kr raha hu,pr ab nai kr skta.

Geet:to muje kyu nai uthaya.apka b.fast?

Maan:Nakul la raha ha.(he trnd 2 hr nd caress hr cheek)tum so rai thi isliye uthane ka mann hi nai kia. Now listen 2 me carefully.apna dhyan rakna or idhar udhar kahi bina kisi ko bataye kai akele mat jana.

Geet:Maan ap to aise instructions de rae ho jaise main koi chhoti bachhi hu,jo bahar jaungi or kho jaungi.

Maan:Geet..(he embraced hr instantly)

Geet thot:ye Maan ko achank ho kya jata hai.kis bat ka darr hai unhe.mujhe unse baat krni hogo pr abi nai sham ko.(she ws thinking while Nakul cm wid hs b.fast. Both parted)Maan aap b.fast kro main fresh hoke ati hu.

Maan do hs bfst nd reachd 2 KGI. He entrd wid hs security guards all around hm. Hs whole staff threatend seeing hm. Aal stands nd greet hm. He ordr Adi 2 arrngd meeting wid senior staff. He wwant evry single detail of all d proj

hs co.handled in hs absence. Tdy whole staff ws on hs remand. Carelessness 2wrds wrk is nt bearable 4 MSK. He dont take relief breath nd nt evn allowd 2 othrs. Geet calld hm bt he ws busy in hs meetings,so he cant ans hr proprly.
She calld Adi 2 kno abot d sit.bt as usual hs phone is bsy coz aftr returning frm Paris,he found stick 2 hs mobile. Geet worried 4 hm. Maan cm vry late. Geet felt sleepy,bt she awakd hrslf. Both do dinner nd Maan slpt soon.
Maan make sure dat he gt hmslf busy all d time. He ovrload hmslf wid office wrk. 1 week ws passd,bt both nt get few sec alone 2 spend some time wid each other. Geet missed hr Maan,who pleased hr wid hs naughty acts.
Who alwys had time 4 hr. Although he cares 4 hr bt nt cm closr. Maan had guilt concious in hsi mind. He cant able 2 4gt Sam’s bitter words. Geet noticd hs changd behaviour nd decided 2 take charge in hr own hands.
Maan cm at 10:30. She was in washroom. Aftr taking a shower she wrapperd hrslf in towel like sm strapless dress nd cm out. Hr hairs r wet nd water droplets falling frm dem. Hr arouma filld hs nostrils nd hs eyes movd 2 hr.
He strt lossing hs cntrl seeing hr tempting look.Geet:so aa gaye aap.ab time mila hai apko ghar aane ka.so howz ur day?While talking she cm closr 2 hm.

Maan:ha achha tha.

Hs eyes struck on hr,nd he gazed hr widout a blink.

Maan thot:Maan contrl,or ye ghurna band kr.

Geet put hr finger on hs face. Hs skin bneath hr cold finger r on fire. She srtr roaming hr finger on hs face nd stop at hs lips. She tendrly rubbed hs lips. He cant resist hr sweet torture. He groan.



Geet:Maan i love u..

Hr sweet uttrng is enough 2 charge hm. He snuggled hr,burid hs face in hr neck nd strt sucking watr droplets frm hr bare sholder 1 by 1. Hr hands movd in hs hairs. Maan nibbld hr nek nd movd dwn 2 hr chest nd bit hr cleavages

geet moaned nd he cm bak 2 hs sences. Maan felt more guilty and leave her…
PART – 65MAAN is jst about 2 mov on,bt hs concious stps hm. He remvd hs hands off hr….

Maan:Geet go nd wear smthng or u’ll catch cold,as AC is on.He is tryng 2 gtup bt Geet clenchd hs wrist tightly, she sat opposite 2 hm. Geet caress hs cheek.’kb tak Maan?kb tk us Sameera ko ko humare pyar pe hawi hone doge?’,she askd in vry calmd voice.

Maan shokd.’ye tum kya keh rai ho Geet?’

Geet:ap ab b usi ki bato ko dil se lagaye hue hai,hai na?

Maan trying 2 being innocent:Geet i cant gt u wat r u saying?

He scared may she doubts on hm. He trying avoid luking in hr eyes,bt Geet turnd hs face 2 hr.

Geet:Maan luk in my eyes,did u find ny complaints or doubts? (Maan sw hr oceand eyes showring luv 4 hm. He nodded no)to firr kis baat k liye aap hm dono ko saza de rae ho? Maan Sam ne wo sb apse isliye kaha coz wo har chuki hai.

She cant able 2 accept d truth dat u r happy widout hr.Maan:iska mtlb us dinn..Geet:ha maine wo sb suna jo usne apse kaha.Maan u love me nd i kno dat,den y u allowed hr 2 spoil our life?Sam ko main jwb de skti thi pr usse pehle apne de diya.uska chaptr close ho chuka hai.

Maan snuggld hr:i m sorry Geet,mujhe usi dinn tume sb bta dena chahiye tha.

Geet luk at hm. Hr fingrs strokd hs hairs nd she kissed hs jawline.

Geet:Maan promise me ab ap use humare beech nai ane doge.

Maan loked hr hand wid hm nd kissd on hr face evrywhere. He slowly 2 leand hr on bed nd covrd hr wid hm. He tuk hr lips nd she respond d hungr matchd wid hm. Both toyed wid ech othr tongues,while hs hands movd 2 hr bak nd

loosn d knot nd slippd hr towel off on floor. Hs lips devour evry bit of hr skin. She also wants 2 feel hm as he do,so she freed hm frm hs clothes. Both lost in ech othr so much as both missd deir love momnts 4 so long. He thurst
deeper nd hardr as long as she gt exhaust. Both hyperventilated nd slept in ech othr’s embrace.
Next day Maan hd an imp meeting so he wnt office in hurry widout eating nythng. Geet fedup wid dis nd raechd 2 hs office in lucnh time. Maan ws nt in hs office. She infrmd dat Maan nd Karan both were at constrution site,so she
2 reachd dere. Both r on 5th floor. Geet tuk stairs nd reachd dere. Maan surprized seeing dere.Maan:Geet tm yaha?is evrythng alrite?Geet:ap bina kuchh khaye kyu aaye or lunch b nai liya,isliya mujhe yaha aana pada.ab chaliye ye kaam chhodiye or kuchh khaiye.

Maan:Geet i m busy..

Geet:shh chup maine kaha na pehle kuch khaiye.

Maan:ok f9 ab tumse kon jeet skta hai. Wait,i ll b dere in 10 mins.

Maan went 2 meet engineer. Meanwhile Karan came 2 meet hr.

Karan:bhabhi aap yaha?

Geet:ha wo Maan ne subah se kuch nai khaya hai to maine socha sath me lunch kr lete hai. Karan u also join us.

Karan:no no u both enjoy ur meal?

Geet:pls dont b 4mal.lunch time ho gaya hai so tum b humare sath hi kar lo.(suddnly she remembrd dat she 4gt hr mobile in car,so she went down 2 grab it. Maan cm aftr hs talk nd found 1 cement sill ws just a few inches away frm

Karan’s head. Maan pushd hm away,bt in dis he gt hs leg injured badly. Geet cm nd hr eyes frightend seeing dis. Karan nd other workrs rush 2 push aside dat sill frm hs foot. Geet sobbing conti. Karan nd other workrs maid hm laid in
car’s bak seat. He tuk hm 2 hospital.
Doc imeddiatly strt hs treatmnt. Geet’s heart bleeding seeing hm in pain. Aftr hs bandage done both went inside. Geet sit near hm. Tears rolling ovr hr cheeks non stp. Maan wiped hr tears.Maan:shh dont cry Geet pls.waise hi meri wajhse bahut ro chuki ho pls not mor.Karan:i m sorry bhai meri wajhse apko itni chot aai hai.

Maan:kyu tu koi gair hai.mera chhota bhai hai,tere liye to jaan b de skta hu.

Karan alredy infrmd Annie. She told Natanya and both reached 2 hosiptal. Annie worridly entr nd higged hs bro.


Maan:bas tu mat shiru hona,yehi abi tak chup nai hui hai.

Natanya ws hell worried. She hugged Karan.

Natanya:i m very worried 4 u.agr apko kuchh ho jata to?

Karan:bhai ne meri jaan bachai hai agar wo nai aate to wo sill mere upar girr jati.

Natanya felt guilty,coz of hr past behaviour.

Natanya:i m sorry veerji.maine humeha aap 2 ko galat samjha,agar aaj aap nai hote to…

She cant imagine nd leve hr talk in btwn.

Maan:its ok Natanaya.tume apni galti a ehsaas ho gaya yahi kafi hai mere liye.

Doc cm nd askd dem 2 leave hm alone. All cm out.

Geet:Annie u nd Natanya both go hom or Karan tm b office jao.main hu yaha Maan k paas.

Karan:lekin bhabhi agar kisi cheez ki zarurat padi to?

Geet:main hu na.main manage kr lungi.or firr Annie ko b to office sambhalna hai or Karan Maan ki absence me tume b office me hona chahiye.

Natanya:to 1 kaam karte hai main bhabhi k paas ruk jati hu mujhe to office b nai jana hai.

Annie:theek hai firr.

Karan:pr bhabhi agar apko kisi b cheez ki zarurat ho aap pls mujhe call kar k bula leejiyega.

Geet:dont worry.u go.

Both Annie nd karan leave from dere.

PART – 66BOTH Karan & Annie leave. Geet nd Natanya sitting outside d rom of Maan as he is sleeping coz of d effect of medi. Meanwhile Doc gv prescription of medi. Natanya went outside 2 brot all. Geet ws all alone. Wen aftr 15 mins
Natanya cm bak nd she found Geet no where. She askd frm Hosi.staff bt no1 hv ny clue abot hr. Natanya check in all rooms.,bt Geet is nt presnt in …

Hospital. She gt worried nd immediately informd Karan nd Annie abot dis.Karan:Natanya chekd again.Natanya:Karan kaisi bate kr rae ho maine achhe se do pura Hospital chek kia hai bt she is no where. Pure staff ko pata nai hai upar se bhabhi ka phone b switch off aa raha hai.

Karan:aise kaise wo gayab ho skti hai?

Natanya:Karan mujhe to baht ghbrahat ho rai hai.

Karan:dont scared Natanya,tm 1 bar firr chek karo tb tk main police ko leke waha pahunchta hu.

Natanya chekd nd calld hr again nd again,bt result ws same as b4.

Annie nd Lucky both reachd dere. Annie askd hr nd she told evrthng 2 dem. Karan also came wid police. At d sm momnt Maan regain hs concious nd hear evrythng. All strt searching hr…

Geet ws in an old godown. She opn hr eyes slowly2 nd found hrslf tied wid rope. Hr hand nd legs tied wid a strong rope. Hr mouth is also struvk wid old piece of cloth. She cant undrstnd wats going on. Who r dey nd y dey kidnappd

Suddnly she sw 1 familiar figure wid hr dizzy eyes. She raised hr head nd luk upwards. Hr all nerves shold seeing hr face. D coming 1 orderd 2 opn hr mouth.Geet(in shock):mumma aap yaha?Sunaina:i m sorry beta apko yaha aise lana pada,lekin hum krte b kya apne or koi rasta hi nai chhoda tha huare liye. Kitni bar humne apko marne ki koshish ki magar hr baar..(she grind hr teeth in angr)hr baar apke majnu ne apko

bacha lia. Party me aap par shendeliar girvaya, shopping area me humare goons ne apko uthane ki koshish ki, or terrace pe b humi the wo jisne apko dhakka dia tha,lekin apko Natanya ne waha bheja tha isliye sabne unhi pe shak kia.
Magar har baar wo Maan bech me aa gaya.Geet’s eyes widend wid shok:to iska matlab wo aap thi jo ye sab krwa rai thi..Sunaina:ha humi ne krwaya ye sb kyunki apke jeete ji sari property huare bachho ko kabi nai mill skti. Maan ko marne k baad hume laga tha ki sab humara ho jayega,magar wo budiya kuchh zada hi tez nikali.usne Maan k acci se

pehle hi will change kr di thi or sab apke naam kr dia tha.agar hume pta hota to hum Maaan k bajaye seedha waar ap par hi krte.Geet:Maan ko apne marne ki koshish ki(she luk at hr in disgust)Sunaina:ha wo b humi ne krwaya tha.ab aap chupchap in papers pe sign kr dejiye wrna Maan k liye achha nai hoga.abi to sirf uska pau tuta hai kahi aisa na ho wo khud pura khtam hi ho jaye.

Geet:kaise kr skti hai ap ye sb apne bete k sath?

Sunaina:he is nt my son.now shut ur mouth nd sign it.

She signld hr goon nd he opend hr rope. Sunaina passd papers 2 hr. At d same momnt Maan nd Adi enters in.

Maan:Geet sign mat krna.

All eyes movd 2 hm nd Geet smiles seeinh hr love ner hr.

Sunaina in amusmnt:aap yaha kaise pahunche?

Maan:y mom? Y u do all dis?just 4 d sake of property?1 bar kaha to hota main khushi se sab un 2 k naam kr deta.

Sunaina:Maan i m nt emotional fool(Maan trying 2 mov 2wards hr)stop dere or i ll shoot her.

Maan:ok relax main kuchh nai karunga bt plss Geet ko hurt mat kariye.

Sunaina signal nd her men held both Maan nd Adi. Sunania 4ced Geet 2 sign d papers or she will shoot Maan. Meanwhile Maan sw Karan nd Lucky,both were hiding behind d large boxes. All 4 talk through signals.

Lucky threw a stone on Sunaina’ hand,due 2 whch hr gun dropped on floor. Karan movd quickly nd tuk gun in hs hands. Maan freed hmslf nd Adi nd start beating all d goons. Lucky, Karan and Adi also help hm in beating goonns.
Annie nd Natanya 2 entrd nd Freed Geet b4 Sunaina coz any harm 2 hr. Police also came nd arrest all d goons.Annie sw hr mom,hvng hatred in hr eyes:i hate u mom,u ruined our life.Karan:y mom? We nvr evr thot dat u r behind all dis.

Natanya:mom apne to mujhe b fasane ki koshish ki.bhabhi ko dhakka apne mara or ilzam mujhe pe dal dia.

Karan:mom aaj main bhai ki wajhse hi zinda hu or ap unhi ki jaan lena chahti thi.i ll nvr 4gv u.

Geet rush 2 Maan nd hugged hm tightly. Maan 2 embrassd hr.

Maan:jaan r u ok?

She nodded yes and he snuggled hr mor. Police tuk hr away. Karan nd Annie went closr 2 hm nd apolozise 4 hdeir mother’s sins. Maan huggd both.

Maan:tm 2 ko sorry bolne ki zarurat nai hai tm pehle b mere apne the or humesha rahoge. Mom ki wajhse humare rishte pe kabi koi asar nai padega.

Geet:Maan ghar chale dadima pareshan ho rai hongi?

Maan:Lucky tm sabko leke KM jao mujhe police station jana hai kuchh 4malities hai jo abi karni hai.


PART – 67LUCKY tuk all nd reachd 2 KM. Dadima wlcmd all. All r sad nd disperced wid d deeds of Sunaina,sply Karan nd Annie cnt able 2 face Geet nd Maan. Maan came aftr doing all d legal 4malities. Dadi hugged hm,she ws soo worried 4
Maan assured dat he is f9. Maan went2hs rum. Geet ws roaming in hr rum.Seeing Maan she hugged hm in anticipation. Maan strokd hr bak,soothng hr pain. Geet is sobbing nd make hs chest wet wid hr warm tears.
Same Annie do wid Lucky.Both r in hr rum.Aftr cming bak Annie lockd hrslf in hr rum. Wid gr8 effort Lucky manage 2 entr in hr room. She cant able 2 undrstnd how she face hr bro nd Geet.’i m sorry Lucky bt pls dont hate me 4 dis’,she cried,hvng a strange fear of lossing hm.’no1 hates u Annie.or main to tumse pyar krta hu to tumse kaise nafrat kr skta hu.’,unknowingly Lucky confsd hs love 4 hr. Annie sw hm wid hr teary eyes.

‘lekn mom ne aisa kyu kia.ab main Geet or bhai ko kaise face krungi.’,Annie ws so much in depression. Lucky filld hr in hs embrace nd sooth hr pain.

‘jaise tu pehle face krti thi’,Hearing Maan’s voice both partd wid ech othr. Annie rush 2 hr bro nd he huggd hr.

‘Annie mom ne jo kia wo galat tha,lekin isme tera or Karan ka koi kasur nai hai.’,Maan tryng 2 cmposd hr.

‘Annie tu to meri best frnd hai.infact Maan se b jada close hai,to tere or mere rishte me to shikayat ki koi gunzaish hi nai hai.’,Geet said politly nd both huggd ech othr.Karan nd Natanya cme. Maan cmposd all make sure dat he dont

hav ny harsh feeling against hs sibblings. All r in vry sad mood nd eat vry little nd movd 2 deir rooms. Maan ws laying on bed lost in a very deep thot. Geet came nd laid next 2 hm. She movd 2 hm nd Maan pulled hr 2 hm. He
encircled hs arm around her waist nd hold hr possesivly.
Geet rested hr head on hs shoulder nd rubbed her soft palm on his chest.’Maan kya soch rae ho?’,she askd sencing hs tension.’kuchh nai,nothng spl’,he trying 2 avoid.

‘mom k bare me soch rae ho hai na?’,she reading hs thots

‘hmm.unhe ye sab karne ki zarurat nai thi.1 bar kaha to hota. Lekin in sabme saza sirf tume mili wo b meri wajhse.’,his pain filled eyes saye much mor den hs words.

‘nai Maan pls dont think like dat.its nt ur fault at all.’,she raised nd strokd hr hairs,made hm calm.

‘no Geet its all my fault,u kno Karan pe jo hmla hua wo actually tumhare liye tha,or wo…’ He held hs words,feeling guilty saying dis. Geet conti.strocking hs hairs wid hr soft fingers. Maan held hr hand nd kissed it.’Geet dat ws planed

4 u by Sameera’.Maan luked in hr eyes as he felt ashamed,coz of hm Sameera and his mom trying 2 harm Geet.’Maan pls dont again strt tortured urslf nd me also.its nt ur fault.unki soch agar galat hai hai to isme apka koi dosh nai hai.pr apko ye sb pta kaise chala?’,she want 2 know how Maan found all dis truth.’Geet tmpe ho rae hamlo ka mujhe pata tha,isliye India aate hi maine 1 guard ko hier kia taki wo tum pe nazar rakh ske or jab main tumhare paas na hou wo mujhe btata rae ki tm kaha ho.us dinn se wo tumahri hr momnt pe nazar

rakhe hua tha.tmpe hue hamle k baad usne investigate kia or pata chala Sameera ne bribe kiya ek workr ko wo sb krne k liye,abi wo ye sb mujhe btane hi wala tha ki mom ne tumhe kidnap kr liya.firr usne mom k gundo ka pichha kia
or mujhe bta dia ki wo tume kaha lekar gaye hai.
tab maine Karan Lucky or Adi ko confidence me liya.par mujhe ye pata nahi tha ki tumhare sath ye sab mom ne kia hai.’Maan said widout met hr gaze. He sw blankly on a roof.Geet trnd hs face 2 hr,’ab Sam jail me hai?’,He nodded.’to firr ap itne tensed kyu hai?Maan ab hume in sabse aage badna hoga,bhul jaisye ye in sab buri bato k bare me. Ab apki zimmedari pehle se b zada badd gai hai.apko sabko
sambhalna hai KGI ko KM ko Annie ko or hum sabko.’,she kissed on hs stuble cheek.Maan wrappd hs arm nd pulled hr mor. He gazd hr notilly’Annie ko to ab Lucky sambhalega. Adi ne b apno liye ladki dhoond li hai. Dadima ab theek hai or khush hai. Karan Natanya b normal ho rae hai,so…’Geet knotted hr
eyebrow nd Maan put hr down nd cvrd hr bneath hm. He kissd hr gently,as d stroam cont.2 rage outside,dey jst kissd,ech anticipating all d delight still 2 cm,she nipped hs bottom lip provocately.he cvrd both wid duvet,
he proceede 2 pleasure hr.aftr stri off,hr body wlcming hm smoothly.4 a while aftr dat 1sr long,slow thrust,he simply lay enjoying d feeling of hr slendr body bneath hs.she movd hr hips in an invitation,bt wen he finally mvd,
dere ws no urgency,d pace ws leisurely nd dey made love in a silence whch only servd 2 increase all d delicious sensations she ws experiencing.They hd met nd joind on evry lvl-physical,mental nd emotional.dere were no words 2describe such bliss,dat encompassd both body nd soul.he tuk hr in hs embrace nd both slept peacefuly.
Hs last thot b4 he2 fell asleep ws dat she ws evrythng he could hv hopd 4 nd mor,nd he owed fate a big gratitude 4 d chance meeting dat hd thrown dem 2gether.
EPILOGUEALL’S life goes smoothly. Annie nd Adi gt married wid deir beloved ones. All’s life run easy going. Sunaina nd Sam gt imprisonment 4 hr deeds. 5 years spend happily.Bright sunshine slanted through d glass windows,curtain s movd in d breeze. Geet ws still sleeping,laying on hr side. In d uncustomed silence he could hear hr quiet evn breathng. She awake nd see hs dark brown eyes,through

curtains of hr dark lashes. He smiled at hr nd caressing hs fingersin hr hairs.’gd mg love’. Returning hs smile little shyly,she ans,’gd mg’. Maan adore hr natrual beauty nd cant help it,he bend ove hr face nd kissed hr both eyes nd
cheek nd tuk hr lips,nd nibbed tenderly hr bottm lip,as pr hs daily routine. But frm past few months he do 1 mor thng. He movd 2 hr abdomen nd kissd on hr baby bump,coz she is 8moths pregnant. Geet bcm use 2 of hs touch nd
kisses bt still evrytime he share proxcimity,evry fibre of hr body trembles as it ws hr frst time. At d vry momnt both hear a disturbing knok on deir door. Maan stud up nd opnd d dur. Natna ws standing ws he 3 year old dadughtr
Alya nd Maaneet’s 4 year old son Saksham. D day she cnfrmed hr sec pregnancy,Natanya tuk Saksham’s all responsiblities ovr hr. Both kids jump on bed nd kissd hr baby bump 2 send deir love 2 coming sibbling. Geet embraced
both nd loved dem. Natanya passd a glass full of almond milk2 Geet.Natanya:chaliye uthiye or pehle isko peejiye.Geet made bd face again:cant u tired of dis?

Natanya:pls bhabhi grow up.ap aise tantrums karoge to bachho pe bura asar padta hai.firr ye 2 b muje tang krte hai.

Maan tuk both frm hr lap and siglnd hr 2 drink it. Both kids kissed hm wish mrng.

Saksham:papa aaj ap amusmnt park leke chaloge na?

He asked in hs cute voice. Alya placed hr tiny soft hands on hs cheek nd made hm face 2 hr.

Alya:bade papa meko b jana hai.

Maan kissd both nd assured dem dat he tuk both 2 amusemnt park aftr he cm frm office in eveng. Both smiled nd clappd,showing deir happiness.

Maan:Natanya Dadima or Karan Paris se kab laut rae hai?

Natanya:wo 2 dinn me aa jayenge.

Geet:Ayush or Piyush kaise hai?
(Ayush 5 year old son of Teji and Pammi; Piyush 3 year old son of Lucky and Annie.)

Natanya:bachhe bilkul theek hai bhabhi. infact meri to 3 se bat hui.

Maan:tumahari Sia se b bat hui kya?

Natanya:ha wo Karan or Dadima, Adi-Pinky se milne b gaye the to unhone baat karwai thi.abi bolne lagi hai wo,bilkul apni mumma Pinky style me non stop.

(Adi shiftd permanantly aftr maarigae 2 Paris& wrks wid Annie&Lucky)

All laughd.Geet insist Maan dat she 2 wants 2 c all kids.

Maan:Geet keep sm patience until my little Angel came 2 our lap.aftrwrds we all go 4 a long holiday,promise .Aftr 2 days Karan nd Dadima returs. Kids were happy 2 c dem bak. Days passing cm4tably ndfinally d day of hr delivery

came. Maan tuk hr 2hosp.immediately. Dadima nd Karan also went wid both. Natanya stays at home wid both kids. Geet ws in extreame pain. Maan hmslf felt hr pain nd hs body drenched wid sweat.Dadima:Maan beta relax.she is f9.Karan:bhai sb normal hai so need 2 worry at all.

Maan:bt she is in pain.

He said in weak voice. Maan roamed in tension,meanwhile Doc cm out wid a smile. All rush 2 hr.

Maan curiously:Doc howz she?and howz my baby?

Doc:dont worry Mr.khurana,she is f9 nd baby 2 and congratulation its a baby girl.

A wide smile came on all faces. Karan immediately in4md Natanya.

Dadima:hum mill skte hai?

Doc nodded yes nd all went inside. Geet ws laying,seems vry weak,bt hving a smile on hr face. Dadima kissd hr nd tuk cute little princess in hr arms. She ws sleeping calmly ndhr face seems vry Angelic. Karan bend nd kissd hr.

He placd small gold chain in hr nek. Maan sat besides Geet. She raised hrslf nd Maan hlp hr. Dadima gv hr 2 Maan,as he is getting desperate 2 c hs Angel. Dadi left both alone. Maan kissed Geet and hs daughtr tenderly.
Aftr 2 days she gt dischrgd nd came bak 2 KM. Natanya gv warm wlcm2 both. Saksham nd Alya r so excited 2 c hr. Both caressed hr cheek lovingly nd she also smiles bak in hr sleep,feeling d love of hr elder sibblings.Dadima:Maan beta kya naam socha hai apne inka?Maan:Diya. Just perfect 4 my cute little Angel. Al blessed d baby.

Maan tuk both 2 deir room. Geet placed hr in hr craddle. Maaneet luk hr sleeping calmly nd embraced Geet. She also hugged hm bak.tears of happiness poured frm hr eyes. Maan parted little nd wiped.

Maan:y dis Geet?

Geet:coz i m happy.u filled my life wid ur love nd brot 2 precious gifts 2 our life.i love u Maan.

Maan:i love u too jaan.U gave meaning 2 my life.


Both murmured nd smooched again.

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